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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Perseid Meteor Shower 2013: Watch online

The Perseid meteor shower is hitting its peak this weekend, and you can watch the action live, right here.

Sky watchers who want to see nature's fireworks show in person should plan to look to the heavens between 10:30 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. PDT, but the online telescope is offering an early sneak peak at the annual August meteor shower beginning at 4 p.m. Pacific time.

The live video feed, which you can see above, will be streamed from the website's telescope in the Canary Islands.


**Traffic Advisory** Troopers Investigating Multiple Vehicle Crash with Injuries, Bridgeville

DSP News Release: Troopers Investigating Multiple Vehicle Crash with Injuries, Bridgeville

Location: Seashore Highway (SR404) in the area of Dublin Hill Road, Bridgeville

Date of Occurrence: Sunday August 11, 2013 at approximately 6:25 p.m.

Bridgeville, DE- The Delaware State Police are currently on the scene of a multi-vehicle crash on Seashore Highway (SR404) in the area of Dublin Hill Road West of Bridgeville.  Emergency crews are on the scene at this time and the roadway has been closed.

Commuters are advised to seek alternate routes until the investigation is complete and the crash is cleared.

Further information will be released at a later time.

Popular Singer Eydie Gorme Dies at 84

LOS ANGELES – Eydie Gorme, a popular nightclub and television singer as a solo act and as a team with her husband, Steve Lawrence, has died. She was 84.

Gorme, who also had a huge solo hit in 1963 with "Blame it on the Bossa Nova," died Saturday at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas following a brief, undisclosed illness, said her publicist, Howard Bragman.

Gorme was a successful band singer and nightclub entertainer when she was invited to join the cast of Steve Allen's local New York television show in 1953.


Breaking News Aircraft Into The Water

Fire units from Wicomico County are being called to assist Dorchester County in the area of Wharf Road with an aircraft into the water.

UPDATE: All subjects appear to be OK and all responding units have been canceled.

Immigration Campaign Passes By Some In GOP

BEL AIR, Md. (AP) -- Immigration advocates are swarming the country this month, trying to persuade House Republicans to pass a comprehensive overhaul. It was hard to tell at the town-hall meeting that second-term Republican Rep. Andy Harris held recently in this town northeast of Baltimore.

The overflow crowd in the board of commissioners meeting room was overwhelmingly white and older, and booed loudly when one audience member asked Harris to support a path to citizenship for immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally.

Loud applause followed as Harris shot the idea down, calling it "a nonstarter" that's "not going anywhere fast" in the House.



In a desperate bid for attention,, the property recently passed up by Jeff Bezos in his new purchase of the Washington Post, has announced that it will “no longer refer to Washington’s NFL team as the Redskins.” Which, presumably, is designed to make Redskins owner Daniel Snyder cry tears of salty disappointment as he wipes them away with $100 bills. David Plotz, editor of Slate, breaks the bad news:
This is the last Slate article that will refer to the Washington NFL team as the Redskins. For decades, American Indian activists and others have been asking, urging, and haranguing the Washington Redskins to ditch their nickname, calling it a racist slur and an insult to Indians…. Why, then, has nothing changed? Because the choice of the team’s name belongs to one person, Washington owner Daniel Snyder.

Same Sex Couples

The Pentagon is carving new lines between gay military couples who are married and those who are not. Officials are considering ways to give health care, housing and other benefits to same-sex spouses of military members by the end of this month. But the Defense Department may reverse course on a plan to provide benefits to gay partners who are not married. The Associated Press has seen a draft DoD memo. It says the Pentagon is considering giving gay service members up to 10 days of leave so they can travel to states where they can marry legally. Earlier, officials said they would let gay partners receive limited benefits without a marriage license.


A video posted this week to YouTube shows what appears to be a police officer in Eugene, Ore., striking a 10-year-old boy in the head.

The incident, which reportedly took place on Sunday, was caught on camera by an outraged bystander.

The Eugene Police Department explains that the officer was simply reacting to being bitten on the hand.

Replacement Bennett Middle School Project Well Underway In Fruitland

The construction site for the replacement Bennett Middle School on South Division Street in Fruitland is busy with equipment and workers, and the school project is on schedule for the planned August 2015 opening.

"We were able to start working in the spring a little sooner than planned, so despite all the wet weather, we're still ahead of schedule and we're moving forward very aggressively," said Dr. John Fredericksen, Superintendent of Schools. "We had a good couple of months here of just preparing the site, moving earth, and setting up the stormwater management and erosion control, all of which had to be done prior to the start of any actual construction. By the end of the summer, people will be able to start to see the outlines of the new school when they drive by."

Site preparation work was done throughout March and April and into late spring to prepare sediment and erosion control measures (including four drainage ponds and swales) required for construction. Early work required prior to the start of building construction included protecting areas that will serve as submerged gravel wetlands, and installing perimeter fencing, security gates, a parking area for construction worker vehicles, and an access road to the construction trailer.

The extremely wet weather this summer briefly slowed down some work on the site, but the project continues to be ahead of schedule. The building pad is 100% done, and in the gym area at the northwest corner of the school, the footings are in and block work is underway. The slab for the gym area will be poured soon, and structural steel will begin to rise in the near future. Preparation for the geothermal wells is underway. The well drilling for the geothermal system has begun.

Each day, some 50 to 60 people report to work at the BMS site. They represent trades including mechanical, electrical, concrete, masonry, geothermal and HVAC. Many of these workers are local.

"This is an important project for the students and families served by Bennett Middle, for the school staff, and it's also important for the local economy for all of the work it's generating," Dr. Fredericksen said.


A cafe owner was just dealt a heapin’ helpin’ of social media wrath because of the following photo she posted on Facebook:

Seems Lorraine MacDuff, owner of Rainy Days Caffe in Lake Stevens, Wash., didn’t like that two customers failed to clean up after their kids, according to KOMO-TV, and so she posted the photo on her Facebook page that called out the customers.

MacDuff told KOMO that she asked the messy party to leave because one child was screaming and yelling, although they could return without their kids, she added.


Obama Holding Press Conference Now

To view the press conference click HERE


Officer: 'I punched him in the face and I will do it again'

A mob of nine black people attack two off-duty cops visiting Green Bay. Downtown. At night. Happened last month.
Green Bay cops show up. No one is arrested. The off-duty cops – from Minneapolis – do not like that. They accuse Green Bay cops of running a “clown show.”
“I’m not trying to be an a****** here,” said the Minneapolis cop in a dashboard cam video. “But we get jumped by nine f****** black guys and we’re the problem? We’re two small white guys and you got a crowd of black guys up there.”

The Minneapolis cops did something that apparently is just not done in Green Bay. They fought back. The mob was “doing their monkey thing,” said one of the cops. “We’re police officers. I punched him in the face and I will do it again.”

The Minneapolis cop used a racial slur. It is not known whether that was before or after they called Green Bay police a “clown show.”



Salisbury, MD -- Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt is pleased to announce that he has been invited to be among a small delegation of local government executives to visit Taiwan, September 1-7, 2013. County Executive Pollitt and other elected officials are being hosted on the trip by the government of Taiwan through the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Washington, DC to promote cultural exchange and economic development opportunities with the U.S.

“My office believes that by meeting with the officials from our Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan External Trade Development Council, the County Executive will understand our trade policy and promote business opportunities and products to us,” said Lester Yang, Consular Division Officer for the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, “The reason we invited him is because we want to strengthen the bilateral relations between Maryland and Taiwan. One of our aims here is to encourage the bilateral economic, cultural, and educational exchanges between our two sides.”

County Executive Pollitt commented, “I am extremely honored and excited by the opportunity to represent my county, my State and my country in Taiwan in the pursuit of improved cultural understanding and economic relations. I have already been briefed by our Maryland Department of Business & Economic Development and will spend the next few weeks intensely preparing for the trip. Maryland is one of only 13 states with official representation in Taiwan and I expect that will greatly enhance our chances for a successful mission.”

The Taipei Economic Cultural Office selected officials from California, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia. Delegation stops include a visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

County Executive Pollitt considers the opportunity to travel to Taiwan a continuation of his Build A Bridge to Business economic growth plan that began earlier this year to spur economic development by improving the county’s competitive position, encouraging entrepreneurship, encouraging businesses to thrive and attracting new businesses to the county. Within the first six months of 2013, those initiatives, at the local level, included the phasing out of the Inventory Tax over five years, the Automatic Manufacturer’s Tax Exemption and, at the state-level, the Property Tax Rate Decoupling legislation Pollitt spearheaded as President of the Maryland Association of Counties.

“The core of our new Visioning process and our commitment to expanded economic development is in the elimination of traditional boundaries of thought and geography that only serve to limit our potential success,” Executive Pollitt said. “My trip to Taiwan is a perfect way to jump-start the effort.”

The delegation trip is paid for and sponsored by the Taipei Economic Cultural Office in Washington DC. Taiwan is the second largest consumption market for U.S. agricultural products per capita. In 2012, Maryland’s exports to Taiwan reached $125.8 million, a 41 percent increase from 2011. Taiwan is Maryland’s 24th largest export market in the world, and 8th largest export market in Asia.


Sheriff's Department Busy This Morning At Park Wood Apartments

SFD Calls For Service 8-8-13

  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 23:08:36 Nature: Sick Subject City: Salisbury
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 23:03:56 Nature: Intoxicated Subject City: Salisbury
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 22:58:04 Nature: Automatic Alarm Address: 600 Beam St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 22:58:01 Nature: Automatic Alarm Address: 610 Beam St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 22:57:58 Nature: Automatic Alarm Address: 600 Beam St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 22:32:44Nature: Overdose City: Salisbury
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 18:22:24 Nature: Pi Accident City: Salisbury
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 18:22:23 Nature: Pi Accident Address: 31795 Mt Hermon Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 17:49:42 Nature: Chest Pain City: Salisbury
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 17:34:31 Nature: Sick Subject City: Salisbury
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 17:22:06 Nature: Sick Subject City: Salisbury
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 16:23:16 Nature: Medical Assist Address: 200 Civic Ave Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 15:36:57Nature: Difficulty Breathing City: Salisbury
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 12:09:16Nature: Ems Assist City: Salisbury
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 12:04:03Nature: Maternity Patient City: Salisbury
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 12:01:12 Nature: Pi Accident Address: N Salisbury Blvd and liberty St Salisbury, MD 21802
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 10:48:15 Nature: Sick Subject City: Salisbury
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 09:02:37 Nature: Sick Subject City: Salisbury
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 08:20:41 Nature: Auto Accident Rescue Address: Parker Rd and heather Glen Dr Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 05:01:04 Nature: Automatic Alarm Address: 1418 Ballinadee Dr Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday August, 8 2013 @ 02:44:43Nature: Difficulty Breathing City: Salisbury

Speed Camera On Old Ocean City Road

A Viewer just called in to warn the public of a red Ford Escape with a speed camera east bound near Beaver Run Elementary.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Bill Clinton is headed back to the White House — just for a day — and Oprah is coming, too.

Clinton and Oprah Winfrey will be among 16 people that President Barack Obama will venerate later this year with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the White House announced Thursday. They'll join other prominent people to be honored this year, including musicians, scientists, activists — even an astronaut.

Fifty years ago, President John F. Kennedy created the modern version of the medal — the highest honor the U.S. bestows on civilians — with the stroke of a pen to an executive order. In the five decades since, more than 500 people have been recognized for contributions to society of all stripes.


Moms Hold Breastfeeding Protest At BWI

A group of mothers staged a protest at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport on Wednesday morning over policies about breastfeeding on planes.

The group said it is angry over what it considers the poor treatment of a Laurel mom during a recent American Airlines flight.

That woman said a stewardess asked her twice to cover up her 5-month-old son when she was feeding him.


State Opens Call Center To Assist With Health Care

Maryland has opened a call center to help residents learn more about health care reform.

The center opened in Baltimore Wednesday.

It will include bilingual staff to help residents and small employers with health coverage options. It also will have staff available to help explain financial assistance options.


Male-To-Female Transgender ABCNews Editor Decides He's a Guy After All, Will Switch Back

If this sounds weird, it's not. It's weirder. Apparently he had a bout of amnesia and completely forgot his last fourteen years of living as a (sorta) woman. He actually accused his wife of having faked his gender transformation.

It's kind of like a version of Total Recall you don't really want to see. Quaid, get your ass to Forever 21.
ABC News editor Don Ennis strolled into the newsroom in May wearing a little black dress and an auburn wig and announced he was transgender and splitting from his wife. He wanted to be called Dawn.

But now he says he suffered from a two-day bout of amnesia that has made him realize he wants to live his life again as Don.

“I accused my wife of playing some kind of cruel joke, dressing me up in a wig and bra and making fake ID’s with the name ‘Dawn’ on it. Seriously,” Ennis wrote in an e-mail to friends and colleagues Friday, explaining his shock after he woke up from what he called a “transient global amnesia” last month.

“It became obvious this was not the case once I took off the bra — and discovered two reasons I was wearing one,” he said, referring to his hormone-induced breasts.


Israeli Technology

TEL AVIV, Israel - The Israelis are developing an airport security device that eliminates the privacy concerns that come with full-body scanners. It's an armored booth you step into that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have on your person.

Israel sees this as a win-win situation for everyone, with none of this crap about racial profiling. It will also eliminate the costs of long and expensive trials.

You're in the airport terminal and you hear a muffled explosion. Shortly thereafter, an announcement:

"Attention to all standby passengers, El Al is proud to announce a seat available on flight 670 to London . Shalom!"


Obama Asks Public Schools To Ignore Bad Behavior By Black Students

Barack Obama's "African American Education Initiative" creates a new Federal bureaucracy. One of its goals will be to stop disciplinary action against black public school students who misbehave.

Back in 2007 I had two white female public school teachers tell me why Barack Obama was desperately needed as president. They said that black male students have no male role models. If only Obama was elected, black male students would improve their behavior and academic performance, they claimed.

In many major cities, black academic performance has actually gotten worse since Obama took office. We have also seen the dramatic nationwide rise of black teen mob violence under the Obama administration.


SFD Calls For Service 8-7-13

  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 23:32:01 Nature: Automatic Alarm Address: 936 James Ct Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 22:39:01 Nature: Back Pain City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 22:29:44 Nature: Sick Subject City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 22:21:45 Nature: Pi Accident Address: 2400 N Salisbury Blvd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 22:21:42 Nature: Vehicle Fire Address: Salisbury Byp and n Salisbury Blvd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 21:43:09 Nature: Difficulty Breathing City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 21:23:30 Nature: Abdominal Pain City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 20:56:44 Nature: Unconscious Subject City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 20:32:31 Nature: Stroke City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 20:32:29 Nature: Automatic Alarm Address: 821 E William St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 20:26:44 Nature: Odor Investigation Address: 233 Dove St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 17:36:50 Nature: Chest Pain City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 17:31:43 Nature: Abdominal Pain City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 17:29:59 Nature: Subject Fallen City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 16:32:48 Nature: Intoxicated Subject City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 16:30:43 Nature: Hemorrhaging City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 15:48:07 Nature: Utility Pole Address: Dykes Rd and s Division St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 15:34:31 Nature: Emergency Unknown City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 15:23:33 Nature: Pi Accident City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 14:28:27 Nature: Difficulty Breathing City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 12:52:37 Nature: Pi Accident Address: Airport Rd and walston Switch Rd Salisbury, MD 21802
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 12:52:32 Nature: Pi Accident City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 11:55:49 Nature: Chest Pain City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 10:18:22 Nature: Chest Pain City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 07:02:05 Nature: Chest Pain City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 06:03:22 Nature: Difficulty Breathing City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 03:33:39 Nature: Pro Qa Ems City: Salisbury
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 01:06:28 Nature: Automatic Alarm Address: 200 Columbia Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Wednesday August, 7 2013 @ 00:46:32 Nature: Difficulty Breathing City: Salisbury

Wendy Riley, Wicomico County Court Administrator

Citation Number: 000000HH42329


Violation Date: 02/27/2013 Violation Time: 12:56 AM
District Code: 02 Location Code: 03
Officer Name:JOHNSON, M
Officer ID:6164

Address:3748 GARDENDALE DR
City: EDENState:MDZip Code:21822

Charge: Article:TASec:21Sub-Sec:902Para:B1Code:
Location Stopped: SB RT 13 RT 513
Contributed to Accident?: NO Personal Injury?: NO
Fine: 0 Related Citation Number: 0HH42328
Vehicle Tag: 948M518 State: MD Vehicle Description: 07LINC

Disposition Information
Disposition Date: 08/06/2013
Contributed To Accident: NO Personal Injury?: NO
Sentence Date: 08/06/2013
Sentence Time: Yrs:00Mos:00Days:000Suspended Time: Yrs:00Mos:00Days:000

Costs: Fine: 250 CourtCost: 30 CICF: 35
Suspended: Fine: 0 CourtCost: 0 CICF Cost: 0

Councilman Seeks Crackdown On Beach Drinking

OCEAN CITY – An Ocean City councilman is calling for a campaign to remind Ocean City visitors there is to be no booze permitted on the beach.

At this week’s Mayor and Council meeting, Councilman Brent Ashley said he came across a group of men last weekend loading a large cooler of beer into their car at a local shopping center. He asked where the party was and they responded they were going to the beach. Ashley reminded the men it is illegal to drink alcohol on Ocean City’s beaches and they replied they do it all time while hiding it from the lifeguards.

Ashley then called Ocean City Beach Patrol Captain Butch Arbin, who told Ashley alcohol is by far the biggest problem on the beach, and although lifeguards keep an eye out for it, people hide alcohol or disguise it.


News Around Salisbury Today

Oh, your going to LOVE what I'm about to tell you.

OK, the top Executives at PRMC have been in a corporate meeting all morning to discussing the "warning signs" and possibility of employees joining a Union. 

Many have asked why the article never made it in the Daily Times. I was told PRMC allegedly asked them to remove it because they simply want the topic to die. I'm sure they were afraid the DT's might actually break a record and get more than 12 comments on the subject. 

OK, on to another topic. Remember the 8.5% pay increase study we published about. Wait til you hear this. 

The STUDY compared areas like this: City wise, WILMINGTON, ANNAPOLIS. County Wise, BALTIMORE, ANNE ARUNDEL, HOWARD, MONTGOMERY. Heck, most of those Counties are in the top 5 income level in the entire State. 

Oh, I loved this. They compared Zoo salaries as well, even though the Zoo Staff got a massive pay increase as well as a major STEP increase, they compared us to the NATIONAL ZOO, BALTIMORE ZOO AND PHILADELPHIA ZOO. 

Mind you, NONE of the actual figures were provided in this study, so it's more like one of those, YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO TRUST US ON WHAT WE DELIVERED YOU. 


Any Questions?

FEMA Scrambles To Stockpile Food Reserves

In recent years the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has beenregionalizing disaster supplies and rapidly procuring hundreds of millions of ready-to-eat meals, blankets, and body bags. Coupled with the Department of Homeland Security’s suspiciously massive purchases of ammunition, firearms, and riot gear, it is becoming increasingly clear that the U.S. government is positioning itself in advance of an as of yet unknown widespread calamity.

The stockpiling of supplies often considered prepper staples has been occurring since at least 2008, and has increased in scope and velocity throughout the last several years. In fact, the government has been buying so many supplies and in such large amounts that shortages have affected the world’s leading manufacturers to the point they’ve been forced to suspend shipments to retail customers of survival foods and ammunition.


Colo. Town Poised To Declare Open Season On Drones, Issue Drone-Hunting Licenses

Deer Trail, Colo., is poised to fire a warning shot at the domestic drone industry.

The small town of fewer than 600 people will become the first in the nation to encourage its residents to shoot down the unmanned vehicles if a drone-hunting ordinance passes at Tuesday night’s town council meeting.

In preparation for Tuesday night’s vote, at least 157 people already have signed up for a “drone hunting license,” which costs $25, according to Denver television station CBS-4.


Salisbury Council Vice President On Food Stamps

Its been reported last week Laura Mitchell spent $271.00 (+or-) on groceries at Sam's Club and paid for it with Food Stamps.

I'm sorry Ladies & Gentlemen but as long as I have known Mrs. Mitchell she has not held a full time job and completely depends on her income from the City Council. 

Flip burgers, iron shirts, ANYTHING but be a public figure sucking off the taxpayer dole because your just too lazy or busy to do REAL work. Laura also lives in the subsidized housing section of Moss Hill.

It's been rumored her Husband lost his job at SU for allegedly the same reasons he lost a previous job. 

Come election time we'll be opening up with some major information about Mrs. Mitchell, all of which will end her political career. 

To those liberal readers who want to come back here with comments feeling sorry for Mrs. Mitchell, don't even waste your time. She makes me sick, as an American.


Talk about a load of crap. 

Wicomico County has made a joke out of the above title. Last year the cameras raised some $49,000.00. Sheriff Lewis, Rick Pollitt and John Fredericksen sold the package on the County Council it was "for the kids".

Well, let's take a look now at just where that $49,000.00 went. The funding went to new computers for the Sheriff's Office vehicles. It went towards a K-9 and of all things it went to purchase new uniforms for the Police.

Nothing, not one penny went to the Board of Education. I guess like the Fire Department, "Big Toys For Big Boys" is now the Sheriff's Office motto.

We were sold a bill of goods, just like Keno, Lottery and Gambling money was to go to education. How's it working for you Wicomico County!

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 8-7-13

"Comments on a blog start conversations and get people thinking about things they might not otherwise consider. I would like to know who paid for the ad in Metropolitan (the front page is a paid ad space as are the "stories"?"

This is on the inside back cover, a very expensive location. This reader, (above) is very wise. How much did this ad cost the City?

Why Did Cops Kill This 95-Year-Old In Walker?

A 95-year-old man who served his country during World War II is now dead after police stormed his retirement home with riot shields, Tasered him and shot him with bean bag rounds – all because he adamantly refused to undergo high-risk surgery.

U.S. Army Air Corps veteran John Wrana, who was honorably discharged as a sergeant after he served in the India-Burma campaign, used a walker because family members said he was “wobbly” on his feet, according to the Chicago Tribune. The elderly veteran was shot down by enemy fire during the war.

On July 26, a doctor reportedly told Wrana if he survived surgery, he would likely be put on life support. The elderly man refused the operation, and paramedics attempted to involuntarily transport him for medical treatment. He was sitting in a chair, holding a cane and a shoe horn when police arrived at the Victory Centre senior living facility located just south of Chicago.

Read more

OMG, Downtown Salisbury Has Been Revitalized

Salisbury Mayor James Ireton, Jr. is pleased to announce that the first of the new Salisbury bike racks will be installed downtown on the Plaza. Join Mayor Ireton on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 10:30 am in front of Main Roots Coffee for the unveiling. 

This Salisbury bike rack is one of 6 that are planned to be installed in the downtown area. Salisbury
is working diligently to become a “bike friendly” city. There are a number of projects in the works to make Salisbury more bicycle accessible, especially to Salisbury University students. 

“The City of Salisbury is excited to be installing the first Salisbury bike rack on the Downtown
Plaza. This rack is in close proximity to the new Camden Spine Route bike path which will be constructed shortly. Additionally, the City has applied for funding to provide additional bike racks in the downtown area,” said Amanda Pollack, Acting Director of Public Works. 

Matt Drew, co-founder of Bike-SBY said, “Bike-SBY supports efforts like this to make our city
a more Bicycle Friendly Community. Since May 2013, Main Roots has supported cycling by participating in Bike-SBY's Bicycle Friendly Merchant program. Customers who ride their bikes to Main Roots get a 15% discount on purchases, and this incentive helps promote cycling in our  community. Adding bike racks in front of businesses will bring more cyclists downtown and promote the area as a destination for merchants and customers.”

INTERESTING FACTS...........The Democrats And Their Influence On Crime!

The United States is 3rd in Murders throughout the World.

But if you take out Chicago , Detroit , Washington DC and New Orleans , the United States is 4th from the Bottom for Murders.
These 4 Cities also have the toughest Gun Control Laws in the United States .

ALL are controlled by Democrats

Does this tell you anything?

Salisbury Council President Jake Day Wants The Public To Be Enthusiastic And Optimistic About THEIR Plans For Downtown

In this months Metropolitan Magazine they interviewed Jake Day about Downtown Salisbury. You know me, I can't resist.

Let's start off by asking each and every one of you what you actually KNOW about Jim Ireton and Jake Day's plans for Downtown Salisbury. You see, Jake likes to pull answers that sound good out of his hat. He said, I want it to be a safe, diverse place where people live and work. Hey Jake, No Crap! Man, you really have me impressed already. 

So Jake, do tell us, WHY ISN'T IT ALREADY? Can you blame it on the property owners who invested millions of dollars in the first place. Is it THEIR fault? Oh, but you and Jimmy will fix that and do us all a favor for once, right?

The problem is and will always be, the City is run by a school teacher who has been a government employee his entire life. They want to sell off parking lots for 10 cents on a dollar and build 500 subsidized housing units because they feel it will revitalize Downtown, BS! This coming from a group of Idiots who keep hiring Firefighters, yet there's rarely a fire. A group of Idiots who won't INVEST in the Police Department who is completely understaffed and responding to 60,000 calls a year while the Fire Department rarely has more than 12 fire calls a year. Yeah, I want to be enthusiastic and optimistic about Jake Day and Jim Ireton just because they want me to be, not.

Jake wants Downtown to be safe, that's what he's quoted as saying. OK Jake, why don't you look at the calls for service in Downtown. You know what Jake, Downtown has fewer calls than ANY other area in the City. So why are you trying to impress upon the public Downtown isn't safe? Better yet, WHY does the public have the impression Downtown isn't safe, when it is. I can answer part of that Folks. 

About a year ago I mentioned the homeless sleeping on the Plaza. We confronted the Mayor and he responded by saying he would be violating their rights if he removed them and the City could get sued. Interesting, I'm sure their lawyers are lining up and can't wait for you to make a move. The City can't even manage this problem, how can you ask us to be enthusiastic and optimistic?

When your Mayor and Council President can't even impress upon the public their creative ideas and how they plan on getting it done, well, I give up right there. I asked early on in this Post,  what do you actually KNOW about Jim Ireton and Jake Day's plans for Downtown Salisbury. Can you tell us? Or does it all just sound good that they want it "safe". They don't want to tell you an actual plan because if they did you'd come to learn whatever it is they plan on doing is going to cost YOU millions of dollars. They ran an election on sound bites. 

So how do you revitalize Downtown Salisbury. You do so by offering incentives. You do so by marketing great opportunities businesses had no idea we offered. I said it during my campaign. Our taxes are very low here. The County has started to remove the inventory tax and that's a great start. Heck, SU and UMES are buying up almost everything available close to them and it comes off the tax roll. Offer incredible tax incentives in which businesses would love to revitalize a building if they got tax breaks over time. Better that we get something, rather than NOTHING. 

Provide better Police presence and you start by hiring more Police Officers investing good money after good money. Encourage more Volunteer Firefighters and less paid Firefighters, this way it doesn't actually cost you money to hire new Police Officers. CLEAN UP DOWNTOWN first and make it BRIGHT. Be PROUD of what you have and when people drive by at night they can see the incredible architecture. Show the tax paying public YOU as a City are serious about investing into Downtown. Think about it Folks, just how many years have we heard Barrie Tilghman and Jim Ireton's BS about revitalizing Downtown! How's it working for you after 16 years?

INSTEAD, the taxpayers have invested, (recently) over $1,000,000.00 in the Salisbury Zoo, which is FREE to anyone who wants to go. The Zoo isn't bringing in any income to the City like Downtown Salisbury does. Your Mayor and Council President are clueless. They don't want to show you any RELIEF in your taxes. They don't want to be challenged, (especially by me) into bringing incentives and businesses to Downtown Salisbury because that's the answer. 

To those of you who want to say I'm only bringing the City of Salisbury down, sometimes you have to bring something to its knees and hit rock bottom before you can build it back up again.  I'm not just critical, I offer solutions in this article as well. YOU have every right to offer your opinion in comments. However, I have invested 9 years of my life bringing these kinds of things to your attention. YOU need to start participating and take your City back. You have no idea how important your comments are. These people need to know how we feel about these feel good words and lack of action. They need to know you can't take any more tax increases any more. If you can't be at a City Council Meeting, be heard right here and now through comments. If you think for a second it isn't read directly by them your sadly mistaken. 

We have people who serve our country every day and unfortunately many of them die for YOUR rights. All you have to do is comment. No one is asking you to sign on a dotted line and risk your life. Agree or disagree, start making a difference right here and now. 


Rookie New York City police shot and killed an armed teen in the South Bronx early Sunday after the suspect was seen chasing and shooting at another male and refused to drop his weapon, the New York Post reports.

The suspect, 14-year-old Shaaliver Douse, had already been charged with attempted murder in a different incident, but that charge was dropped in May.

A pair of rookie cops—26 and 27 years of age—heard shots around 3 a.m. and ran to investigate, police said. They observed Douse, of the South Bronx, chasing and firing at another person. 


Study Claims Salisbury City Employees Underpaid By Some 8.5%

With the average City Employee sticking with the City for more than 10 years, (three years higher than other comparable municipalities) perhaps the new study reports didn't take into consideration we're on the Eastern Shore and not around the Washington/Baltimore Beltways.

The study also used Ocean City, another out of line comparison. 

Mayor Ireton stated he was surprised the percentage findings weren't higher. That's because you're a Liberal Mayor and you've never been in the private business sector. When you're someone like Jim Ireton who has spent his entire career working for government, of course you want more pay.

We shouldn't be comparing the City to private business, ever. We also shouldn't allow studies wherein places like Rockville and other municipalities providing government jobs never got hit by the recession in the first place. 

People take jobs with municipal government for two main reasons. Health insurance and job security. Unfortunately for people like Lore' Chambers, Larry Dodd and many others got screwed by the current Mayor, many made a bad investment working for the City. We could also add ALL of the Council Members who had their health insurance taken away by Barrie Tilghman and the City Council simply out of spite. 

And where might the City Employees go if they're not satisfied with their pay here on the Eastern Shore? NOWHERE! Why, because your Mayor can't help make Salisbury an attractive place for businesses to relocate, creating high paying jobs. 

The study doesn't say that City Employees are underpaid. Instead it says the City could lose people to other jobs elsewhere. You gotta LOVE those liberal studies. So the LANGUAGE the Mayor wanted is there to demand a $748,000.00 pay increase overall. 

So lets look at this professionally. IF you have an average of employees staying with you for more than 10 years, your not going to lose them in masses. IF you don't have high paying jobs elsewhere, employees aren't going to leave. 

Now, all that being said, has the City fallen way behind in pay increases, yes. Should the City start looking at slight pay increases, yes. You have some damn good employees working for the City and they should be rewarded. IF the Mayor and Council would have sold the old Fire Station for what it's really worth, we'd be that much closer to these increases NOT coming out of the taxpayers pockets. IF the Mayor and Council would have refused the additional $500,000.00 for the Zoo, you'd be that much closer again. Parking Lots, EDU's and the list goes on and on, all of which YOU will have to pay for in tax increases again. 

Mayor Ireton is screwing up the City and bringing it to its knees because he has NO EXPERIENCE. 

Yes, it was your election to lose.

Driver Says He Did All He Could During Florida School Bus Beating

(CNN) -- The windmilling fists and stomping feet rain down blows on the 13-year-old boy.

Trapped on the floor between the bus seats, he cries out as he receives fierce punch after vicious kick from the three bigger, older youths.

As the relentless assault unfolds, the driver of the Florida school bus alerts the dispatcher, pleading for aid.

But he doesn't physically step in to help.

The bus driver, at least according to his school's policy, did nothing wrong.


House Of Delegates Car On N Division


“Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their own appetites…in proportion as they are more disposed to listen to the counsels of the wise and good, in preference to the flattery of knaves. Society cannot exist, unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere; and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without. It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”
Edmund Burke

“He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.”
Edmund Burke

“Never despair, but if you do, work on in despair.”
Edmund Burke

“If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.”
Edmund Burke

“It is a general popular error to imagine the loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for its welfare.”
Edmund Burke

“People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.”
Edmund Burke

“It is not what a lawyer tells me I may do; but what humanity, reason, and justice tell me I ought to do.”
Edmund Burke

“The use of force alone is but temporary. It may subdue for a moment; but it does not remove the necessity of subduing again; and a nation is not governed, which is perpetually to be conquered.”
Edmund Burke