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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MD COPS Memorial Walk 10/15/11

The Maryland Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) will be in Ocean City, MD this weekend for their Annual Seminar. As part of this event, they will hold a Memorial Walk to honor fallen officers Saturday 10/15/11. The event will begin at 11 am and will be held in front of the Grand Hotel (2100 Baltimore Avenue Ocean City, MD 21842).


Tip Leads To Burglary Arrest

Defendant: George A. Schroeder, 40, Millsboro, DE
Date of Arrest: Saturday, October 8, 2011
Charges and Arraignment Information:
-Burglary 3rd Degree
-Possession of Burglary Tools (2 counts)
-Attempted Theft
-Criminal Mischief
Arraigned at the Sussex County Court of Common Pleas and released on $11,000.00 unsecured bail.
Georgetown, DE- Acting on a tip Delaware State Police detectives have arrested a Millsboro man for the burglary of the Delux Dairy in Seaford last month.
George A. Schroeder, 40, of Millsboro, was arrested on Saturday, October 8, 2011 after he turned himself in at Troop 4 in Georgetown.  After receiving a tip from the public, detectives were able to positively identify Schroeder as the suspect who broke into the Delux Dairy located in the 10000 block of Concord Road in Seaford, DE on September 24. During the burglary, Schroeder attempted to pry open a cash machine located inside of the store, but was unsuccessful.
George Schroeder was charged with the above list of crimes. He was then arraigned at the Sussex County Court of Common Pleas and released on $11,000.00 unsecured bail.

Yulia Tymoshenko Sentenced To Seven Years In Prison

The former Ukrainian prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, has been sentenced to seven years in prison after being found guilty of abusing her office in a case her supporters claim is politically motivated.

Judge Rodion Kireyev said Tymoshenko had exceeded her powers when she signed a 2009 deal with Moscow that left Ukraine paying a high price for Russian gas.

At the end of an hours-long reading of the verdict, he ordered her to repay the state gas company, Naftogaz, 1.5 billion hryvnia (£120m) in damages.

The trial, which began in May, has been criticised by the Ukrainian opposition and EU leaders.

Oil Spill Is New Zealand's 'Worst Maritime Disaster'

Oil leaking into the sea has increased by as much as ten-fold, with the government calling it New Zealand's worst ever maritime environmental disaster

Fears that New Zealand could face a large-scale environmental crisis have escalated as the oil leaking from the container ship Rena into the sea off the Tauranga coast increased by as much as ten-fold.

The news came as the vessel's remaining crew were evacuated following a mayday alarm amid heavy swells.

The New Zealand environment minister, Nick Smith, said the fresh release of oil into the sea meant the Rena spill was the country's most serious ever maritime environmental disaster.

Speaking at a media conference on Tuesday afternoon, he said the consequences had been "inevitable" since the ship ploughed into the Astrolabe reef in calm waters in the North Island Bay of Plenty last Wednesday morning.


Campaign Grows To Oust Murdoch

Shareholder service advises ousting Rupert Murdoch, two sons and 10 other directors from NewsCorp board

The shareholder-led campaign for an overhaul of Rupert Murdoch'sNews Corporation is gathering momentum, with a call from the advisers Institutional Shareholder Services for 13 of the company's 15 directors to be voted off the board.

ISS, whose 1,700 clients include pension funds, trade union funds and asset managers in the United States and around the world, issued a condemnation of the media conglomerate's executive and independent directors on Monday.


Transportation Study Finds Support For Higher Fees For Gas Guzzlers, Opposition To Gas Tax Hike

Marylanders agree that the state’s roads need work. According to a study to be presented at Morgan State University’s National Transportation Center Symposium today, residents say the best ways to raise new money to fix the problems are raising inspection and licensing fees for vehicles with the worst gas mileage, and then for other motorists. They also favor directing general obligation bond money toward roads, not just money from transportation revenues.

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Protesting In America !

Biggest Four UK ISPs Switching To 'Opt-In' System For Pornography

Subscribers to four of the UK's biggest internet service providers will have to "opt in" if they want to view sexually explicit websites, as part of government-sponsored curbs on online pornography.

The measures will be unveiled on Tuesday as David Cameron hosts No 10 meeting with the Mothers' Union, a Christian charity. At the government's request the group's chief executive, Reg Bailey, led a review in tandem with Department of Education staff into the commercialisation and sexualisation of children. The Bailey report earlier this year produced a raft of proposals to shield children from sexualised imagery.



This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I’ll never look into your eyes…again

The Doors – The End

Two Political Parties For The Prices Of $1,188,644,055

The next time someone tells you that political party X is not entirely purchased by Wall Street, specifically Goldman, Merrill (aka Bank of Countrywide Lynch) and Morgan Stanley, or that Barack Obama is not the most "gifted" politician in history, show them the following infographic...

Hit And Run, YOU Make The Call...

Not long ago I was sitting in my Downtown Office and we heard a bang. I could see people outside my window instantly start ducking and looking around up towards the Plaza.

I grabbed my camera and headed outside. However, I couldn't see anything. Then people started pointing towards a car sitting at the red light. I started snapping pictures and someone said there was a flat tire on the other side of the car. So I crossed the street and was able to snap a shot of the car, noticing the front right tire was indeed flat.

As soon as the light turned green the driver took off and just kept driving down the road on the flat tire. When I walked beck to the Plaza people were standing next to the brick wall that the driver hit. You can see where them struck the wall, then they backed up and pulled away.

Now, here's the deal. The vehicle is owned by Salisbury Driving Academy. It had a student driver and an instructor of 30 years as a passenger. That being said, if YOU had a student strike an object, would YOU instruct them to drive away, (hit and run)? Would you then, (knowing the tire is now flat) allow them to drive that very same vehicle all the way from the end of the Downtown Plaza all the way back to their Office at Parsons Road on a flat tire??? Well, that's what they did.

Then of course there's the technicality of, who's at fault, the driver or the instructor?

The Salisbury Police instructed them to return to the scene and it took them quite a while to do so. In fact, they returned in another vehicle and get this, they did so with the student driver driving, NOT the instructor.

The instructor seemed quite upset and said, who called the Police. The Officer replied telling him several people witnessed it and he replied, who. They simply stated, look, they even have pictures of it. The instructor said, there's no pictures of us. OK big guy, well, here they are!

So, would YOU consider this a hit and run? Would YOU hire this instructor to educate YOUR child? I'd say its time to retire and hang it up because in my eyes he instructed the driver to do EVERYTHING wrong.

YOU make the call.

New Posts to fall below.

Iowa Caucuses Key

For some time it seemed that the Iowa caucuses would be unimportant in the 2012 Republican presidential primary. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), especially after her big win at the Ames straw poll, appeared to be a shoo-in. Burned by his loss in 2008, Mitt Romney was determined not to expend much effort there. But a lot has changed since August.

A new NBC-Marist poll highlights the dangers for both Bachmann and Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Romney is leading among caucus-goers with 23 percent, followed by Herman Cain at 20 percent. Far behind is Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) at 11 percent. More than a dozen points behind Romney, Bachmann and Perry each draw 10 percent. Much can happen before January, and unless it does Bachmann and Perry could very well find that their presidential runs end in Iowa.

TSA On Lookout For Big Hair And Snow Globes

(CNN) -- The sign at the airport was so ridiculous, I thought it was a joke."Please be advised, snow globes are not allowed through the security checkpoint," it read.

That was followed by an image of a snow globe with a Christmas tree on the inside and one of those big red "not allowed" lines going through the middle. Underneath the picture read: "Your safety is our priority." Apparently, this ban has been around for a while, but I guess I was too busy taking my shoes and belt off to notice.

Over the years, Transportation Security Administration officials have taken away my deodorant, my toothpaste, even my nose hair trimmer in the name of safety. Now it seems as if they are going after Christmas -- one snow globe at a time.

Rihanna Named “Esquire’s” Sexiest Woman Alive

And She’s a Fan of Chris Brown’s Music?
Hard to deny that Rihanna’s sexy. To Esquire magazine, though, she’s not just sexy — she’s the Sexiest Woman Alive for 2011.
The magazine bestowed the title on Rihanna on Tuesday, but according to the singer herself, she’s not so sure it applies. “At the end of a concert, I don’t feel I’ve been this sexy thing. Really, I don’t even think about it,” she tells Esquire. “Unless it’s for a song that really calls for it, like ‘Skin’ or ‘S&M’ or when I cover [Prince's] ‘Darling Nikki.’” Rihanna says there’s a specific sequence in her concert called “Sex,” and, she says, “that’s the only part that’s deliberate.” Speaking about her concerts as a whole, she adds, “Honestly, even if it comes across sexual…it’s never deliberate in the rest of the show…I could see ‘What’s My Name?’ — the dancing is pretty sexy. ‘Rude Boy.’ But I don’t know. I guess people find different things sexy.”

10,000 Free Round-Trip Tickets to Japan

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Japan, this may be your chance.
In a desperate attempt to lure tourists back to a country plagued by radiation fears and constant earthquakes, the Japan Tourism Agency’s proposed an unprecedented campaign – 10,000 free roundtrip tickets.
The catch is, you need to publicize your trip on blogs and social media sites.
The number of foreign visitors to Japan has dropped drastically, since a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami triggered a nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Power plant in March. Nearly 20,000 people have been confirmed dead, while more than 80,000 remain displaced because of radiation concerns. In the first three months following the triple disasters, the number of foreign visitors to Japan was cut in half, compared with the same time in 2010. The strong Japanese currency has made matters worse.

3 Amish Men Accused Of Cutting Others' Beards

Three Ohio Amish men remained in police custody Monday after allegedly assaulting other members of their local community in part by forcibly cutting off hair and beards -- a particularly egregious offense in Amish society.

Lester Mullet, 26, Johnny Mullet, 38, and Levi Miller, 53, were arrested last Friday, according to Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla.

Additional arrests are expected, Abdalla said.


Are Donor Contributions To The U.N. Smart Investments For The U.S.?

Is the multibillion-dollar U.S. annual payout to the United Nations a good investment? The Obama administration says it is a smart move. The facts, however, suggest otherwise.

The smart investment claim was made most recently by Esther Brimmer, Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs, the branch of State that includes U.N. oversight, during last month’s opening session of the U.N. General Assembly.

While arguing that “the U.N. helps sustain the global economic landscape that U.S. companies depend on,” Brimmer also declared that “the U.N. spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year procuring goods and services from American companies. They spend more money here than in any other country in the world -- more than $1.5 billion last year alone.”


Bombshell: State Department Outsourced Tar Sands Pipeline Environmental Impact Study To "Major" TransCanada Contractor

The game was rigged: entire environmental impact statement should be invalidated.
The State Department assigned an important environmental impact study of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline to a company with financial ties to the pipeline operator, flouting the intent of a federal law meant to ensure an impartial environmental analysis of major projects.
The department allowed TransCanada, the company seeking permission to build the 1,700-mile pipeline from the oil sands of northern Alberta to the Gulf Coast in Texas, to solicit and screen bids for the environmental study. At TransCanada’s recommendation, the department hired Cardno Entrix, an environmental contractor based in Houston, even though it had previously worked on projects with TransCanada and describes the pipeline company as a “major client” in its marketing materials.

While it is common for federal agencies to farm out environmental impact studies, legal experts said they were surprised the State Department was not more circumspect about the potential for real and perceived conflicts of interest on such a large and controversial project.


Seattle "Superhero" Arrested For Assault


SEATTLE - Instead of the bad guys, it was Seattle's most prolific self-styled superhero that ended up in handcuffs.

Police officers arrested the 23-year-old man who calls himself Phoenix Jones early Sunday after he was accused of assaulting several people with pepper spray. He was booked in county jail on four counts of assault, with arraignment set for Thursday, police said Monday.

Jones, who wears a black mask with yellow stripes and a bulging muscle bodysuit, said he was only trying to stop a street brawl.

"Just because he's dressed up in costume, it doesn't mean he's in special consideration or above the law. You can't go around pepper spraying people because you think they are fighting," said Seattle police spokesman Det. Mark Jamieson.


BREAKING NEWS: Senate Defeats Obama Jobs Bill

Obama's jobs bill fails to get 60 votes needed to advance in Senate despite the support of nearly all Democrats.
From Fox News

Issa to Holder: Time to 'Come Clean'

Despite a federal holiday, the lawmaker leading a congressional investigation into "Operation Fast and Furious" launched his latest salvo Monday against Attorney General Eric Holder, insisting it's time for the nation's top cop to "come clean to the American public about what you knew, when you knew it, and who is going to be held accountable."
"Whether you realize yet or not, you own 'Fast and Furious,'" Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said in a letter to Holder. "It is your responsibility."


BREAKING NEWS: Senate Passes China Currency Bill

Senate approves sanctions on China for manipulating currency, but the bill is unlikely to advance in the House.
From Fox News

Waitress Receives Tip To Lose A Few Pounds Instead Of Actual Money

Here's a tip, diners: Your server deserves money for bringing you your food, not your snide scrawling suggesting changes in appearance. One waitress in Washington D.C. was unlucky enough to receive just such an insulting "tip."

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Its A Wonderful Life

Yes, You Are Spending More Time At The Office

If it seems like you’re spending more time working since the recession began, two things: You likely aren’t imagining it, and you likely aren’t alone.

A new survey of more than 300 companies in the United States and Canada finds that nearly two-thirds of employers say their workers have been asked to put in more hours than normal over the past three years.


Ohio's 'Joe The Plumber' Plans To Run For Congress

Republicans approached Wurzelbacher hoping to capitalize on his fundraising capabilities

Joe the Plumber is plunging into politics.

The Ohio man who became a household name after questioning Barack Obama about his economic policies during the 2008 presidential campaign has filed paperwork to run for Congress.

Samuel "Joe" Wurzelbacher's statement of candidacy filed with the Federal Elections Commission last week says he plans to run as a Republican in Ohio's 9th U.S. House district. The filing means a campaign committee can raise and spend funds on Wurzelbacher's behalf.


Warren Draws $3 Million in First Weeks Of Senate Bid

(Reuters) - Democrat Elizabeth Warren raised $3.15 million in the first stage of her bid for the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts, the former Obama administration official's campaign said on Monday.

More than 11,000 individuals in Massachusetts alone gave to Warren's campaign, and the vast majority of the contributions were $100 or less.

The fundraising haul, which only covers a portion of the third quarter, is a strong start for Warren, who would face Republican Scott Brown in November 2012 if she wins the Democratic primary in September.


Exonerated Of Murder, Boxer Makes His Debut At 52

The television crew had him up at dawn doing the Rocky fandango, dashing up the 72 stone steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and dancing around in triumph like another over-the-hill, underdog pugilist who had made it big.

Cliché or not, it is hard not to imagine the familiar trumpet score along with the thwock, thwock, thwock of fists on punching bags as Dewey Bozella trains for one of the least likely boxing matches in history.


The Shoe Is Now On The Other Foot In Salisbury Politics

Do you have any idea just how much fun I could have putting up picture after picture of situations in which we saw 3 to 2 or even 4 to 1 votes on all sorts of questionable and challenging votes in the City of Salisbury in years past.

Today the tables have turned and I have to be completely honest with you, it's enjoyable to see these positive changes. I watched the SAPOA people sitting in the back of the room last night and every time there was a vote they all huddled together and started laughing over the 3 to 2 votes.

Even Muir Boda was sitting there with them laughing away as if this was a joke.

Laura Mitchell used words like, haste, disgust, this strips the mayor of power and even went on to suggest the work session was underhanded. Council President Cohen really smacked Mitchell in the face, (very politely, mind you) by clearly stating they had a choice of a morning meeting or an afternoon meeting and Mrs. Mitchell chose the morning meeting, yet bitched about it last night, saying it was an inconvenience for her. Mitchell went on to say "we're endangering separation of power". Good Lord, who fed her that line of crap!

Shanie stated she has never had a problem getting information from the City Attorney in 6 years. I GUESS NOT, Shanie was part of the Dream Team and could have access to inside information not afforded to other Council Members for years. She said, "I've always had a good working relationship" and that's what you have to have. So Shanie, I guess if you're NOT in the click, you still expect others OUTSIDE the click to have a "good working relationship" and its their fault if they don't. Very interesting.

The move made last night doesn't take power away from the Mayor, not one bit, not one ounce. The move simply places the COUNCIL full access to all information, the way it should be. So don't be fooled by any one's statements suggesting anything different.

For those of you who are awaiting the next slick move, THERE ARE NONE. Paranoia has set in for a select few, especially SAPOA. Kris Adams, (President of SAPOA) is digging her hole deeper and deeper as a spokesperson for the rental industry. Might I suggest she step away from ANY public comments claiming she's not there as the President of SAPOA. Come on Kris, who do you think your fooling. Now I know where the Adams Family comes up with the titles, "The Other Salisbury News, The Other Kris Adams". It's ALL coming together now.

BREAKING NEWS: Slovak Parliament Rejects Euro Rescue Fund

The Slovak parliament on Tuesday rejected an expanded euro rescue fund, but is expected to pass the measure later in the week.
From Fox News

NYTimes Sues The Federal Government For Refusing To Reveal Its Secret Interpretation Of The PATRIOT Act

We've been covering for a while now how Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall have been very concerned over the secret interpretation the feds have of one piece of the PATRIOT Act. They've been trying to pressure the government into publicly explaining how they interpret the law, because they believe that it directly contrasts how most of the public (and many elected officials) believe the feds are interpreting the law. While the two Senators continue to put pressure on the feds and to hint at the feds' interpretation, just the fact that the government won't even explain its own interpretation of the law seems ridiculous.

Given all of this, reporter Charlie Savage of the NY Times filed a Freedom of Information Act request to find out the federal government's interpretation of its own law... and had it refused. According to the federal government, its own interpretation of the law is classified. What sort of democracy are we living in when the government can refuse to even say how it's interpreting its own law? That's not democracy at all.


Doug Taylor is now the new Somerset County Administrator by a 3-2 vote.

Boston Police Arrest Occupy Protesters

Police said they would forcefully vacate both 'Occupy Boston' camps if activists do not leave a second encampment, a spokesman said.

Boston Police moved in on a patch of the Rose Kennedy Greenway between Congress Street and Pearl Street at approximately 1:20 a.m. on Tuesday morning and began arresting activists participating in the "Occupy Boston" protests downtown.

On Monday, the protesters faced an ultimatum by Mayor Tom Menino: return to your original occupation in Dewey Square, or face eviction by the police. Protestors had expanded to the second, new camp site between Congress and Pearl.

Protesters expected police action at midnight, but the bell tolled 12 without any stir.


Michael Douglas To Play Liberace In HBO Biopic

'Behind the Candelabra' will also star Matt Damon as flamboyant entertainer's lover

HBO says Michael Douglas is taking to the keyboard for its upcoming biopic of legendary pianist Liberace.

"Behind the Candelabra" will be directed by Steven Soderbergh. It will also star Matt Damon as Scott Thorson, the younger live-in lover of the flamboyant entertainer, to be played by Douglas. HBO made the announcement Tuesday.

News Ben & Jerry’s Becomes First High-Profile Company to Support Occupy Wall Street

This weekend, the board of directors of Ben & Jerry’s published a statement of solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, saying “The issues raised [by the protesters] are of fundamental importance to all of us,” and that they “support this call to action and are honored to join you in this call to take back our nation and democracy.”

With this statement, Ben & Jerry’s became the first large company to publicly step out in favor of the 99%. It’s not entirely surprising—the ice cream maker, which brings to mind tie-die t-shirts, The Band and older bearded men smoking weed, has been socially active since its inception in 1978, and has retained that as part of its image even after being bought by Unilever in 2000.

In their statement they said:

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It's Hard To Be A Racist

Years ago it was easy to be a racist. All you had to be was a white person using some of the racial epithets that are routinely used in song and everyday speech by many of today's blacks. Or you had to chant "two, four, six, eight, we don't want to integrate" when a black student showed up for admission to your high school or college. Of course, there was that dressing up in a hooded white gown. In any case, you didn't have to be sophisticated to be a racist.

Today all that has changed. Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., pointed that out back in 1994 when the Republican-led Congress pushed for tax relief. Rangel denounced Republicans' plan as a form of modern-day racism, saying, "It's not 'spic' or 'nigger' anymore. (Instead,) they say, 'Let's cut taxes.'" That means the simple use of the N-word is not enough to make one a racist. If it were, blacks would be the nation's premier racists. Today it's the call for tax cuts that makes you a racist. That's why the "tea" party, short for "taxed enough already," is nothing more than organized racists. What makes tea partyers even more racist is their constant call for the White House and Congress to return to the confines of the Constitution.


Millions To Lose Unemployment Benefits If Congress Doesn't Act

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Millions of unemployed Americans are waiting for Congress to do something other than trade barbs over their job creation plans.

If lawmakers don't act soon, the jobless see their unemployment checks start to disappear come January.

More than 6 million Americans are set to lose federal unemployment benefits in 2012, with 1.8 million running out in January alone, according to new figures from the National Employment Law Project.

President Obama's $447 billion American Jobs Act would extend the deadline to file for federal unemployment benefits for another year. Though the Senate is expected to take up the controversial jobs bill on Tuesday, it's unlikely to get very far.

A Backlash Against Rising State Fees

Want to renew your driver’s license, go to a state park, or sue someone in civil court? Chances are you’ll pay higher fees for those and other government services than you would have just a few years ago. Raising fees — instead of taxes — is one budget tactic many states have used to weather the weak economy.

A backlash against fee increases is underway, however, as Republicans at the state level turn tea party enthusiasm against the rising cost of government transactions. In New Hampshire, Republicans succeeded in rolling back fees that went up during the recession. Florida’s Republican governor, Rick Scott, wants to do the same, at least for certain vehicle-related fees. Meanwhile, a wider effort from California to West Virginia is aimed at changing both language and legalities so that “fees” and “taxes” are treated as one and the same.


My Laid Off Co-Worker is Better Off Unemployed Than Working - 99 Weeks Off, Same Income!

I bumped into an old co-worker at the gym.  We used to be shift supervisors together back in the day.  Our professional paths meandered in different directions over the years but we’ve always kept in touch.  It turns out, he was just let go and after expressing my concern, he actually joked,I’m better off actually. You’d never believe it but the difference between me working and being on unemployment for the next 2 years is like $100 a month.  Why should I bother?”  He was pretty candid and admitted, “I never thought I’d be ‘that guy‘ taking advantage of the system, but seriously, who the hell’s going to work 40 hours a week for 25 bucks?”


US Ties Iran To Plot To Assassinate Saudi Diplomat

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Justice Department on Tuesday accused elements of the Iranian government of being involved in a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States, and Attorney General Eric Holder said the U.S. would hold Iran accountable.

Two people, including a member of Iran's special operations unit known as the Quds Force, were charged in New York federal court. Holder said the bomb plot was a flagrant violation of U.S. and international law.

"We will not let other countries use our soil as their battleground," Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney in Manhattan, said at a press conference in Washington with Holder and FBI Director Robert Mueller.


Obama Is Upset

Aimless Obama walks alone ... The reports are not good, disturbing even. I have heard basically the same story four times in the last 10 days, and the people doing the talking are in New York and Washington and are spread across the political spectrum. The gist is this: President Obama has become a lone wolf, a stranger to his own government. – NY Post


Wicomico County Executive, Its All About Control

Click on image to enlarge.

Its not easy being a City Council or County Council Member. The pay sucks, the attacks from citizens and the media sucks but quite frankly there's a reason why there's so many problems.

When you listen to Candidates campaign they are forever telling us they want to be accountable. They claim they want open government. However, once they get elected it becomes more about power and control.

It also becomes a game of who can keep what from the public. What's more concerning is the word protocol. Salisbury and Wicomico County have spent many years creating rules and legislation making every attempt to keep the public, (you know, us taxpayers) from actually knowing what's really going on.

I can tell you first hand that I have personally gone to these elected officials with a ton of damning topics, all of which were swept under the rug and that is what started and created Salisbury News.

Its letters like the one above that fear them most. Letters NOT intended for the MSM or Blogs, yet some how, some way these messages and information make its way in the mail or even hand delivered to me personally. WHY, because SOME people care enough to want to publick, (us taxpayers) to know just what's really going on behind PROTOCOL doors.

The "chain of command" is exactly what got former Mayor Barrie Tilghman in so much trouble with the Blogs and ultimately media. More importantly it caused serious damage in her political career. Allow me to explain.

The chain of command system works like this. As an employee you see a problem that needs immediate attention. You go to your supervisor with the complaint. If they feel it worthy of bringing it to the next level they go to their boss. IF their boss chooses to DROP it completely, it stops right then and there. Now, you can make a formal complaint and put your job on the line by demanding it go to your Boss' Boss. (yes, there are that many levels and you've yet to reach the Mayor or County Executive. If the highest boss decides it will be dropped, the Mayor or County Executive NEVER come to learn what the situation actually is. Well, let's just say for the record they can claim they never knew.

More importantly, as a taxpayer, holding a public official accountable is the key to open and honest government. We have seen enough of this crap wheras our local leaders get too big for their britches and scare the crap out of employees from ever saying a word. Then someone like me who receives such information gets a taget on their back and the next thing you know someone like, oh, let's say the Sheriff then starts withholding information too. Are you getting my drift? More and more we're becoming more like a communist country with dictators sending out letters like the one above, God Forbid they're actually accountable.

Oh well, you take a look at the message and make your own call on its intent. In my opinion, I want my County Council People and Employees NOT to be afraid. This is NOT a private company. It's a company, (if you will) owned by you and me. Oh sure they've got an 800 number. That's so they can get the heads up before the preverbial sh!t hits the fan and for NO other reason. They want time to cover things up and a head start.

Caption This Photo 10-11-11

Fall Job Fair - This Thursday!

Find your next employee at the 6th Annual Fall Job Fair, hosted by the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce and the One-Stop Job Market. This year's job fair will take place on Thursday, October 13, 2011 at the Centre at Salisbury mall from 3:30 to 7:00 pm.

New Nobel Laureate Warned Against Obama Stimulus Package, Calling It Surprisingly Naïve

No matter how skeptical one is of the authority of experts, its hard to avoid paying at least some attention to the people who award the Nobel prize especially when they give one to someone who tends to support some things one tended to believe already.

10,000 Finance Jobs To Vanish From Wall Street

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The New York state comptroller expects Wall Street to lose 10,000 jobs by the end of 2012.

The job losses are projected to occur in New York City's securities industry from now through December, 2012, according to Eric Sumberg, press spokesman for state comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.


Wicomico County Sheriff's Office Press Release 10-11-11

Incident: Burglary
Date of Incident: 7 October 2011
Location: Magnolia Dr. and Winterborn Ln., Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Ernesto L. Colon, 19, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 5 October 2011, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office began an
investigation into a burglary that occurred on Magnolia Drive. A bicycle, a video game system and coins
were stolen in that incident. The investigation continued and on 7 October 2011 another burglary was
reported on Winterborn Lane. A window was damaged in this burglary. The investigations led to the
arrest of the suspect, Ernesto L. Colon.

The deputy transported Colon to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of
the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner placed a $50,000 bond
on Colon.

Charges: Burglary (5 counts)
Theft (2 counts)
Malicious Destruction of Property

Incident: Burglary
Date of Incident: 8 October 2011
Location: Longridge Rd., Parsonsburg, MD
Suspect: Kyle Lucas, 25, Snow Hill, MD

Narrative: On 8 October 2011, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office began an
investigation into an attempted burglary that occurred on Longridge Road. Several motorcycle parts were
stolen in that incident. The investigation led to the arrest of the suspect, Kyle Lucas.

The deputy transported Lucas to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of
the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner placed a $25,000 bond
on Lucas.

Charges: Attempted Burglary
Malicious Destruction of Property

Incident: Fireworks Violation
Date of Incident: 7 October 2011
Location: Cherry Walk Rd., Hebron, MD
Suspect: Ricky Hill, 19, Mardela Springs, MD

Narrative: On 7 October 2011 a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office responded to a complaint of shots fired. An investigation revealed that there were no shots fired, but fireworks had been discharged, causing the noise. The above suspect, Ricky Hill, and two juveniles were charged with discharging and possession of fireworks without a permit.

Charges: Possession of Fireworks
Discharging Fireworks

Protesters Arrested In Senate Building

Capitol Police moved swiftly to stop protesters unfurling banners at a U.S. Senate office building in Washington, D.C.

Members of the Occupy DC protest, a demonstration that arose out of the larger Occupy Wall Street protests, marched on the Hart building on Tuesday morning.

Protesters gained entrance to the Hart building's atrium and dropped two banners, one reading "End War Now" and the other "People for the People."

BREAKING NEWS: Feds Thwart Iran-Tied Terror Plot

Federal agents have disrupted a plan to commit a ‘significant terrorist act’ against Saudi, Israeli targets in D.C.

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Today's Top Stories 10-11-11


A group of executives advising President Barack Obama on jobs is recommending an initiative to attract $1 trillion in foreign direct investment within five years and upgrade the nation’s transportation and energy infrastructure.

Herman Cain’s newly energized candidacy is reshaping the Republican presidential primary race and creating a new hurdle for Texas Governor Perry as he tries to catch frontrunner Mitt Romney.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Russia is nearing an agreement with China to supply natural gas to the world’s biggest energy consumer.

ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet warned of threats to the financial system as the conflict among political leaders intensified over how to extricate Europe from the debt crisis.

Indonesia’s central bank unexpectedly cut its benchmark interest rate for the first time in more than two years to spur growth as the global recovery weakens and inflation slows.

Indonesia’s central bank unexpectedly cut its benchmark interest rate for the first time in more than two years to spur growth as the global recovery weakens and inflation slows.

The bond market indicator that has predicted every U.S. recession since 1970 shows the economy has about a 60 percent chance of contracting within 12 months.

Wells Capital Management is among investors buying bonds of localities whose credit ratings have been cut more than two levels in so-called super-downgrades, betting they’ll recover from the worst financial conditions in 26 years and avoid defaults.

Brazil’s retail sales in August fell the most since March 2010, providing further evidence that growth in Latin America’s biggest economy is slowing. Yields on interest-rate futures fell.

Multivitamins and some dietary supplements, used regularly by an estimated 234 million U.S. adults, may do more harm than good, according to a study that tied their use to higher death rates among older women.

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Mitt Romney and Barack Obama never met to discuss the federal health care law, but Romney's advisers did. New records reviewed by NBC News's Michael Isikoff point out that "White House officials had a dozen meetings in 2009 with three health-care advisers and experts who helped shape the health care reform law signed by Romney in 2006."

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was found guilty of abuse of office and sentenced to seven years in jail, in a trial widely condemned in the West as politically motivated.

Investigators have been infiltrating Muslim student groups at Brooklyn College and other schools in New York City, monitoring their Internet activity and placing undercover agents in their ranks.

Worried about its dwindling numbers, the Roman Catholic church in southern India is exhorting its flock to have more children, with some parishes offering free schooling, medical care and even cash bonuses for large families, church officials said.

A miniature airborne drone has helped archaeologists capture images for creating a 3-D model of an ancient burial mound in Russia, scientists say.

Greece should receive a vital lifeline next month in order to avoid bankruptcy, its international lenders said.
Corporate failures may be about to pick up again, with some big-name companies among those struggling for survival. Companies in a range of businesses, including hair salons, restaurants, renewable energy, and the paper industry, have tumbled into Chapter 11 in the past few months.

President Obama's jobs bill, facing a critical test in the Senate, appears likely to die at the hands of Republicans opposed to stimulus spending and a tax surcharge on millionaires.

The Net Worth Of GOP Presidential Contenders

Romney outearns them all, but all have comfortable fortunes set aside

Judging from the net worths of the nine leading Republican presidential nominees, politicians need to be wealthy to run for high office. By most Americans’ standards, all nine are considered rich. The wealthiest candidate, Mitt Romney, is worth somewhere between $190 million and $250 million. Those on the lower end of the spectrum, such as Rick Santorum and Rick Perry, are still worth at least $1 million. The wealth of these politicians has been amassed in several ways.

Some have made money in traditional ways. Romney made the majority of his fortune at management consulting firm Bain & Company, rising through the ranks to the top job, and at private equity firm Bain Capital, which he co-founded. Herman Cain made his money working as CEO of Godfather’s Pizza.


Gov. Chris Christie to endorse Mitt Romney today, NBC News reports

Electric Company Repossesses Michigan City's Street Lights

If you can't pay your utility bill, chances are the power company will just turn off your electricity until you can. But when it came time for the city of Highland Park, MI, to settle its $4 million debt to DTE Energy, the repo man came calling.

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Volunteer Rescue Squad Fundraiser Shut Down In Va.

A volunteer rescue squad needs money for equipment and supplies for its ambulance after a weekend fundraiser was shut down.

Members of the Fredericksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad set up its fundraising signs and collection nets at a half dozen storefronts as part of its annual drive with a goal of $20,000 over the weekend. Before noon Saturday, police went to the squad’s headquarters and informed them they were breaking a city ordinance prohibiting panhandling and dangerous solicitation.

After calling off the collections, they learned they could have continued if they stayed away from the street.


Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012

Globetrotters Introduce Class of Newcomers, Highlighted by the Tallest Pro Basketball Player, the Shortest Globetrotter Ever, and the Team’s First Female in 19 Years

(PHOENIX, Oct. 11, 2011) – On the heels of signing one of the most extraordinary rookie classes in team history, the Harlem Globetrotters will bring their 2012 World Tour to the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center in Salisbury on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. 

Tickets to see the world’s most famous basketball team will go on sale on Monday, Oct. 17, at 10:00 a.m. Tickets start at $21.00 and are available at,, the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center box office, or by phone at 410.548.4911. Information on group and scout tickets can also be found at

The outstanding rookies include Paul “Tiny” Sturgess, the world’s tallest pro basketball player at 7-8, Jonte “Too Tall” Hall, the shortest Globetrotter ever at 5-2, and Fatima “TNT” Maddox of Temple University, the team’s first female player since 1993 and ninth female in team history. 

The new Globetrotters also feature the top three finishers from the 2011 College Slam Dunk Contest, including the reigning champ Jacob “Hops” Tucker. At 5-10, Tucker sports a 50-inch vertical leap, and his YouTube videos have garnered well over four million views.  Tucker joins slam dunk runner-up John “Jet” Williams of UNC-Asheville and semifinalist Darnell “Spider” Wilks of the University of Cincinnati.

The 2012 rookie class has a total of three seven-footers including 7-4 Jermaine “Stretch” Middleton, the third-tallest player in team history, and 7-foot Anthony “Biggie” McClain. At 7-8, Sturgess becomes the tallest Globetrotter ever after a career at Mountain State University (W.Va.). He is the 19th internationally born player in team history, hailing from Loughborough, England.

“The Globetrotters are excited to welcome a new generation of stars to carry on the storied tradition of the world’s most entertaining basketball team,” said Globetrotters CEO Kurt Schneider. “This year’s rookie class features some of the most talented and promising players from across the world.”

Current Globetrotters stars Special K Daley, Big Easy Lofton, Flight Time Lang, Dizzy Grant, Scooter Christensen, and many others will team up with the world class rookies for nearly 270 games on the North American portion of the World Tour, bringing the Globetrotter magic to over 230 cities in 46 states, the District of Columbia, and five Canadian provinces.  

Player rosters in each city will vary and are subject to change.

Marylanders Want Wind Power, Even If It Costs More

Most Marylanders are in favor of paying $2 more a month for greener electricity produced through offshore wind, according to a new poll conducted by Gonzales Research.

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While I applaud Americans rights to protest, listening to this group talk with enthusiasm saying, "I just got the call and got in the car and ran right up here". Clearly there are just too many democrats out of work and they want to join those Wall Street attention grabbers too. However, they want to BLAME it on the rich. Do they not live in America?

Much has been said about these protesters being better off if they were spending their time and energy looking for jobs, I say BS. Yes, I disagree with even Andy Harris on this matter. THE JOBS AREN'T THERE MY FELLOW AMERICANS!

A gallon of pain is now anywhere from $35.00 to $55.00 at Lowe's and Home Depot. HELLO! We just learned that the Lowe's in Seaford will now be closing at 7 PM instead of 9 PM. When we asked what the Salisbury store would be doing they stated they would soon be following suit too.

You can CLAIM the economy isn't as bad as it truly is. You can watch the Stock Market rise and fall but let me assure you Idiots playing the stock market right now, you're being taken for a RIDE. The ONLY people making money right now are the rich. They know when things will rise and they know when it will fall. I've been trying to tell you for YEARS now, they will take until you are broke. Then they will get you to borrow until you can borrow no more. They will take your homes and everything you've ever owned and then you will become just like these people above, all the free time in the world to go protest in the middle of the day to bitch because the wealthy 1% are making too much money.

Well, what is right and wrong here? In my honest opinion, I do not believe those protesting on Wall Street truly know what they're doing. I also believe its pure luck they're on the right track but like anything else in America, too many of these people wouldn't know how to stand up for themselves properly if they were smacked 20 times in the face.

Organizing and protesting is your right. However, even this group can't make up their minds as to what they want to stand for. Each one has a different sign and a different message. A couple of weeks ago they were protesting for the Postal Service. However, only one or two actually works there.

Find a cause, LEARN IT WELL and if you want to stand up for your belief, so be it. However, make up your freakin minds. REALITY is, big box stores are hurting in a very big way. Don't believe me, go to Home Depot or Lowe's ANY time, day or night and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Our Congress and Federal Government has failed ALL Americans. Well, 99% of them anyway. That's a solid enough number for me to believe things are and have been heading in the wrong direction. When I see so many people on the Downtown Plaza so thick that you can't walk or drive through it, well, then I'll believe Americans truly understand what we're up against. However, these mini groups that are sitting by the phone week after week for that ONE protest call, I'm just not impressed at all.

County Council Member Bob Caldwell Passed Away This Morning

Salisbury News will provide more information later this morning. Our condolences to the Caldwell Family.

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The National Archives Opens New Building This Weekend

The National Archives will open its brand-new personnel records facility in St. Louis, Mo., this weekend. The 2.3 million square foot records center opens its door on Saturday. It already holds more than 100 million military and civilian personnel files for vets and former federal workers, who left government before 1973. Inside you'll find state-of-the-art preservation laboratories, public research rooms and meeting spaces. Visitors can also get copies of their own personnel files. The agency is celebrating the opening by making putting some famous records on display, including military records for Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix and Army General George Patton.

Expect Protesting In D.C. To Last For Months

If you work in or around Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Washington, D.C., expect the recent protests to last for months. United States Park Police have offered the protestors a four-month extension to their demonstration permit. Protesters, who say they're against war and corporate greed, have accepted the offer. Protesters, who have already spent four days camping at Freedom Plaza, must adhere to a stipulation of the permit: Protestors have to make room for other uses of the Plaza. One upcoming event is the dedication of the Martin Luther King memorial

Should Companies Use Credit Checks to Screen Job Applicants?

It is a harsh catch-22, particularly in today's moribund economy: many companies routinely rule out job applicants who fail a credit check. That means that unemployed people who can't pay their bills may actually be too poor to get a job.

Critics, from labor unions and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to advocates for the unemployed, say the use of credit checks makes it hard for people who are struggling to turn their lives around and that it should be treated as discrimination. They have been pushing for state laws and federal policies to bar pre-employment credit checks; this week they scored their biggest victory yet when California enacted a law restricting the use of credit reports in hiring.