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Friday, December 02, 2011

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Nowkopinme

The Office of Personnel Management is still stinging from last winter's commuting disaster following an afternoon snowstorm. Now it's taken steps to prevent a rerun.

Director John Berry says OPM will make federal office closure decisions earlier. OPM rolls out four options for dealing with extreme weather or disasters such as earthquakes. During the day, OPM can call for staggered departures with or without a deadline. In extreme cases, it can order everyone to leave at once. Or, you might be asked to shelter in place. OPM will provide kits containing water, dried food and a whistle.

Why Fish Is Good For Your Brain:

Study suggests it can make Alzheimer's far less likely
Fatty acid found in fish and seafood boosts memory function by 15 per cent
Fish-rich diet important for maintaining optimal brain health and preventing onset of dementia

Eating oily fish such as salmon and trout can significantly improve your memory say scientists.

A new study found that a fatty acid found in fish and seafood can boost memory function by 15 per cent.

Scientists are now highlighting the importance of a fish-rich diet for maintaining optimal brain health and preventing the onset of dementia.


Eric Cantor Supports Marilyn Tevenner

President Obama's nominee to head Medicare Services gets unexpected support from one of Congress' top Republicans, the Associated Press reports. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor tells reporters Marilyn Tavenner is "eminently qualified" to run Medicare and that he expected "great things" from her. The White House announced Tavenner's nomination last week to replace current Medicare chief Donald Berwick. He had run into a wall of opposition from Republicans and couldn't even get a hearing in the Senate. Tavenner is currently Medicare's principal deputy administrator. As head of Medicare and Medicaid, the former nurse would head the effort to put in place the new health overhaul law to cover the uninsured.

16th Holiday Gift Bazaar Benefits University Galleries

SALISBURY, MD---International and domestic artworks are spotlighted during Salisbury University Galleries’ 16th annual Holiday Gift Bazaar, November 7-December 14, in the Atrium Gallery of the Guerrieri University Center.

This season’s bazaar features hand-printed cards, jewelry, prints, paintings, and other arts and crafts. These works come from local artists and international artisans. The items are acquired from the artists themselves or from members of the Fair Trade Federation.


Who'll Get The Stamp

Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama are among those being considered for the Postal Service's first 'living persons or recently deceased' postage stamps. Washington Post reports that former president Bill Clinton, comedian Jerry Lewis and Baltimore Orioles great Cal Ripken have received the most nominations from customers by mail. Customers voting through Twitter and Facebook favor Lady Gaga. The Postal Service waved a rule in September that requires all people on stamps to have been dead at least five years. They're trying to drum up interest and sales in light of Postal's financial distress.

Pentagon Official Calls for F-35 Production Slowdown

A top Pentagon official is calling for a production slowdown for the costly F-35 fighter jet after fatigue testing exposed potential cracks in the design.

In an interview with AOL Defense, U.S. Navy Vice Adm. David Venlet said it would be "wise to sort of temper production" of Lockheed Martin's Joint Strike Fighter, calling initial assumptions about the design a "miscalculation."



Friday Interview: Jack Abramoff, Still Hustling

The notorious former lobbyist and convicted felon is on a well-received rehabilitation tour. But what, exactly, does he think he did wrong?

Since being released from prison in 2010, Jack Abramoff -- "One of the world's most famous lobbyists and former Washington power players," as his Twitter bio puts it -- has been back in the public eye. First there was his work-release stint at a kosher pizza parlor. Then, last month, he released a memoir, Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption from America's Most Notorious Lobbyist, in which he details his sordid career of influence-peddling and calls for reforms to clean up a system he has belatedly concluded is corrupt from top to bottom.

Bank Exec Accused Of Using Shotgun To Evict Restaurant Owners

A senior vice president of an Annapolis bank wielded a shotgun last month while trying to evict the tenants of a Prince Frederick restaurant, according to state police.

No one was injured Nov. 8 when CommerceFirst Bank Chief Lending Officer Thomas Bolander entered the former Jasper's American Grill with the unloaded weapon and ordered tenants to stop what they were doing and "Get the (expletive) out," court documents said.

According to police, an employee of the restaurant was able to disarm the now-former bank employee and restrain him until state troopers arrived to take control of the scene.

"I still can't believe this happened. … This was a bank official," said Fred Rosenthal, the restaurant president. "If you have a dispute, you sit down (and talk it through) … or you go to court. That is the way business should work. You don't pull a gun."


States Need To Do More To Keep For-Profit Colleges Honest

According to a report, for-profit colleges are making things tough for students by charging exorbitant fees, engaging in high-pressure recruiting efforts and supplying degrees that don't do as much for students as promised. The report contends more oversight from state governments could better protect students from the institutions.

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Ron Paul on Newt Gingrich Getting a Free Ride And Why Herman Cain Should Drop Out Of The Race

As always, Ron Paul is the man of calm and reason. In the clip below, he wonders why there hasn't been more focus by mainstream media on Newt Gingrich flip-flops and tells us why Herman Cain should really drop out of the race.


The Wolf Pack

The other night I was watching a debate on TV about the federal budget debt. Each one of the panelists spoke in terms of “we.” We need to do this or that – and so on. This has become normal speech even though it betrays something very abnormal about our society. What I mean is, the causal acceptance of collectivism.

I’m in my mid-40s. I can remember a time when commentators spoke of the debt, the military – and so on.

Today, it is all our debt, our “troops” – and so on.

The individual no longer matters. It’s all we all the time – even though it’s (as always) a certain few such as Mitt Romney (or Newtie or Barack or your local would-be Barack or Newtie) who so naturally and casually presume to represent we. And for the most part, we let them get away with it. We do not challenge the premise. It is taken as a given that we need better schools. More police. Or “fiscal discipline” . . . to be provided for, of course, with your money and mine.

It is just a question of how we will achieve this


The SDR: The Same Demented Regime

It’s fascinating to watch things play out as we rapidly approach the final rounds in the end game of the great game. The great game is of course the never-ending global struggle for power and dominance. The current entrenched powers that be have been in their positions for a very long time and they have no intention of giving up that role. What the moral and decent percentage of humanity need to understand in no uncertain terms is that these folks and their minions have no conscience. They could care less how many starve to death, get blown to bits in war or waste their lives away in front of the television set watching Snookie on the Jersey Shore. In fact, I am certain that they totally get off on these things. Degrading humanity into an animal-like state clearly appears to be their aphrodisiac. Notice how the media encourages people to go out and trample each other for a $2 waffle maker on Black Friday. The scenes of people running into Wal-Mart or Best Buy in the early morning hours when they should be at home with their families having conversation after Thanksgiving dinner reminds me of scenes of cattle being shuffled into a sorting pen. Actually if you look at this video the cattle appear much more civilized [17] (just go a minute and a half in). I think the second step after one sees the insane matrix we are trapped in is to free yourself from it mentally and emotionally. It is the mental and emotional control that they are really after. That is the most powerful and effective tool of control so don’t give them the satisfaction. Try to buy local and support your communities. It may cost more but in that case just buy less. You will feel good about it. More specifically, anything encouraged by the mainstream media, like spending money you don’t have on superfluous items made in China with slave labor and sold to you at a giant tax dodging corporation should be avoided if possible.

With that out of the way, on to the main topic of this paragraph. The good ol’ SDR. I will tell you one thing right now. When TPTB progress to talking about IMF rescues and SDRs we are the end of the line boys and girls. This is the LAST play they have in the conventional playbook. For those that are unaware, this is what the SDR is according to the IMF itself:

The SDR is an international reserve asset, created by the IMF in 1969 to supplement its member countries' official reserves. Its value is based on a basket of four key international currencies, and SDRs can be exchanged for freely usable currencies. With a general SDR allocation that took effect on August 28 and a special allocation on September 9, 2009, the amount of SDRs increased from SDR 21.4 billion to around SDR 204 billion (equivalent to about $328.3 billion, converted using the rate of August 31, 2011). For an SDR factsheet go here [18].

So here is what I think they may try to do. The guys who really pull the strings, whoever they may be, absolutely understand everything. They know fiat money that they can create and distribute at will is the source of total power and they will never willingly give that up. They also have known for a long time that the fiat dollar reserve floating exchange rate system was inevitably going to blow up on itself. It has become readily apparent since 2008 that we are at that fork in the road, which is why the whole SDR concept has gotten more play. It seems that the intent of TPTB is to somehow shift the SDR into the world’s reserve asset. The purpose of this might be to devalue all of the world’s major Western currencies at once while also shifting the blame away from sovereign governments and Central Bankers. At the very least, it would be a way to achieve a massive stealth devaluation of the U.S. dollar. For example, if the SDRs were suddenly declared the world’s reserve asset and were therefore needed to conduct global trade in commodities for example, the dollar’s purchasing power would plunge. We could no longer just create dollars out of thin air and directly buy the world’s resources. We might need to exchange our national currency into the new reserve asset (SDRs) to then buy things. So there would be direct and drastic consequences if we continued to great create unlimited dollars, just like all other countries around the world face today. While this is actually the way it should be, the problem is that this is a bankster plan at the highest levels. First, they would introduce this SDR and then once faith in national Western currencies’ purchasing power cratered and faith was lost TPTB would use that as an excuse to eliminate all national currencies and move to a global fiat currency that they of course control the distribution of. Problem, reaction, solution. This is the central planning bankster’s ultimate wet dream. Remember this is exactly what they have done with the euro. It is no secret that they knew from the beginning that the euro currency in its current form would blow up. That was part of the calculation. Once the crisis hit, they would then consolidate power in a Euro fiscal Union with centralized control of everything. If they pull that off successfully the next stop will be the global currency, with the bait being the SDR. This should be quite transparent at this stage if you are paying attention.


Cell Phones Are Tracking Devices That Governments, Police, Big Corporations And Stalkers Can Use To Easily Track Your Movements

If you regularly carry a cell phone around with you, you might as well say goodbye to your privacy. The truth is that any cell phone you buy is going to track you wherever you go 24 hours a day. Just as you leave "footprints" wherever you go on the Internet, so also your cell phone is constantly recording wherever you go in the physical world. Most people do not realize this, but the reality is that cell phones are tracking devices that governments, law enforcement authorities, big corporations and even stalkers can use to easily track your movements. If you do not know about this yet, then you are going to be absolutely amazed by what you are about to read. Not only do cell phones track you wherever you go, they can also be used to listen to your private conversations even when they are turned off. We live in a brave new world, and there are a lot of control freaks out there that love to monitor where we go and what we do. Unfortunately, it seems like every time technology advances, we lose a little bit more privacy.

Eventually, we may wake up someday in a world where there is absolutely no privacy left.
On Black Friday, two U.S. shopping malls started actively using the FootPath Technology tracking system to monitor their customers.

This system captures the unique identification number that is assigned to each phone, and thus it enables the malls to constantly monitor what stores their customers enter.

The malls are putting up signs that warn customers about this system and that instruct them that they can "opt out" by turning off their cell phones.

But should we really have to "opt out" in order to maintain our privacy?

A new article posted on CNN described the "test" that will be running for the rest of the year at these malls....


THE 1%

ALERT: Part Of Route 9 To Be Closed To Traffic This Weekend

A section of Route 9 between Harbeson Road and Gravel Hill Road will be closed to traffic starting at 7 a.m. Friday, Dec. 2, until 5 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 4, for repairs to a bridge over Beaverdam Creek.

The Best Places For Single Moms To Meet Men

Where to find the right guy for you.

Now that I think about it, in my pre-marriage and BC (before children) life, I never had to try very hard to meet men. I would just go about my regular professional and social life and men would be there. Voila!... Plenty of boyfriends. And eventually a husband.

But now that I'm divorced and a single mother, I don't have much of a social life. Finding quality, eligible men feels more like a pipe dream. Meanwhile, my expectations and standards for a potential boyfriend are much higher now that I have children. And at my age I have a low tolerance for losers.

To make matters worse, I'm self-employed. I'm not in a career where I can meet people in offices, at lunchtime restaurants, or at after-work events. It's a pretty insular existence. And with the high price of babysitters, it takes a heck of a lot for me to leave the house. One disappointing night is instant justification to not bother again.

In need of a dating pick-me-up, I turned to a few experts for some pointers on where single moms should go to meet suitable men. Let's face it, as mothers, we don't have the time or patience for dead ends. We need hot spots that can land us some hot results.

The first stop on my fact finding mission was Delaine Moore, a divorce and dating coach and founder of She shared her three top picks:

1. Online. "With over 50 million people now online dating, there's no excuse not to be a part of the action! You can multitask and scope for dates, all from the privacy of your home. This one was my saving grace," says Moore. There are sites specifically aimed at parents, she adds. Score! Except I haven’t warmed up to online dating. Call me old school or call me scared, but I’m just not ready to go there.


US Manufacturing Growth Speeds Up In November

The pace of growth in the US manufacturing sector in November reached its strongest rate since June, a survey has indicated.

The Institute for Supply Management said its index of factory output rose to 52.7 from 50.8 the month before.

The ISM's index of new orders also rose from 52.4 to 56.7, its highest level since April. But the employment gauge fell to 51.8 from 53.5.


Lawsuit: Hershey School Rejects HIV-Positive Boy

A private boarding school connected with the Hershey chocolate company says it was trying to protect other students when it denied admission to a Philadelphia-area teenager because he is HIV-positive.

The AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit on behalf of the unidentified boy in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia on Wednesday, claiming the Milton Hershey School for disadvantaged students violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Fox News Studio In Manhattan Gets 24/7 Protection By NYPD

The NYPD provides Fox News's midtown Manhattan studios 24/7 protection, The Daily Beast reports, more than any other media organization in the city.

ABC, NBC and CBS pay for their own private security details whereas, according to one security expert, Fox News's around-the-clock protection by the boys in blue costs city taxpayers at least $500,000 a year.

The Silver Bear Cafe

The first ever GAO(Government Accountability Office) audit of the Federal Reserve was carried out in the past few months due to the Ron Paul, Alan Grayson Amendment to the Dodd-Frank bill, which passed last year. Jim DeMint, a Republican Senator, and Bernie Sanders, an independent Senator, led the charge for a Federal Reserve audit in the Senate, but watered down the original language of the house bill(HR1207), so that a complete audit would not be carried out. Ben Bernanke(pictured to the right), Alan Greenspan, and various other bankers vehemently opposed the audit and lied to Congress about the effects an audit would have on markets. Nevertheless, the results of the first audit in the Federal Reserve’s nearly 100 year history were posted on Senator Sander’s webpage earlier this morning.


Ron Paul Soundly Defeats Obama For These Eleven Reasons

Establishment political personalities are quick to claim poor "electability" to diminish Ron Paul’s chances because they presume that Paul holds no positive advantage in a head-to-head matchup against Obama in the general election. That’s an apparent premise of their calculation.

This is either a sublime miscalculation or a profound deception. If Ron Paul can win the Republican nomination, the path to the White House could seem downhill by comparison. Why?

Unprecedented debt circumstances demand an unprecedented reimagining of US government priorities and obligations. The U.S. national debt is categorically unsustainable and literally, it’s now mathematically impossible to repay, too. That the debt, banking, and finance system is increasingly proven to be a rigged Ponzi scheme in mainstream media only underlines Ron Paul’s tenured criticism of the oligarchical Federal Reserve System itself. Further, increasing numbers of voters awaken daily to the direct correlation between endless foreign interventionism and that categorically unsustainable debt that vexes the nation.


Family Of Bronze Star Recipient Appealing For Death Benefits After Pentagon Decision

Senator says U.S. Army is off base with decision to refuse paying death benefits to family of Bronze Star recipient Capt. Samson Luke, who served in Iraq twice, because the veteran died in his home a few miles from his base.


Okla. Teacher Accused Of Photographing Girls In Lingerie Arrested

A third-grade Oklahoma teacher who resigned this week after parents accused her of dressing their daughters in lingerie and photographing them at a Christmas party was arrested on Thursday.
Kimberly Crain, 47, of Shawnee will face charges of manufacture of child pornography and lewd acts with a child, said District Attorney Richard Smothermon. He said she will be arraigned Friday and that he plans to request $1 million in bail.

Magic Johnson, Stan Kasten Teaming Up To Bid On The Dodgers

Magic Johnson told Bill Plashcke of the Los Angeles Times that he’s putting together a group to buy the Dodgers.

His group includes Stan Kasten, the former president of the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals, and Mark Walter, chief executive of Guggenheim Partners. To the extent that Major League Baseball has a say in who buys — and they will, although less than usual given the bankruptcy auction backdrop — having Kasten on board is pretty big. He’s a favorite of Selig’s, who put Kasten together with the Lerners in Washington when they bought the Expos/Nationals.


Ron Paul Comes Out Swinging Against Newt Gingrich

Rand Paul Single Handedly Stops Amendment That Would Have Allowed The Government To Detain American Citizens Indefinitely

Last Night, Senator Rand Paul prevented the passage of an amendment that would have further eroded Americans’ constitutional rights. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal 2012 (S.1867), amendment No. 1274 would have allowed the U.S. government to detain an American citizen indefinitely, even after they had been tried and found not guilty, until Congress declares an end to the war on terror.

“Suspicion of committing a crime should lead to your attempted prosecution. If the evidence does not support conviction, it would be against everything we believe in and fight for in America to still allow the government to imprison you at their whim,” Sen. Paul said. “Tonight, a blow was struck to fight back against those who would take our liberty.”

The amendment would have passed by voice vote, but this tactic was blocked by Sen. Paul’s objection. He then forced a roll call vote, in which the amendment was defeated, 41-59.

Sen. Paul earlier this week introduced an amendment to formally end the war in Iraq. Despite the fact that troops will be removed from Iraq at the end of this year, the amendment failed 30-67.


Can Congress Steal Your Constitutional Freedoms?

Can the president use the military to arrest anyone he wants, keep that person away from a judge and jury, and lock him up for as long as he wants? In the Senate's dark and terrifying vision of the Constitution, he can.

Congress is supposed to work in public. That requirement is in the Constitution. It is there because the folks who wrote the Constitution had suffered long and hard under the British Privy Council, a secret group that advised the king and ran his government. We know from the now-defunct supercommittee, and other times when Congress has locked its doors, that government loves secrecy and hates transparency. Transparency forces the government to answer to us. Secrecy lets it steal our liberty and our property behind our backs.

Last week, while our minds were on family and turkey and football, the Senate Armed Services Committee decided to meet in secret. So, behind closed doors, it drafted an amendment to a bill appropriating money for the Pentagon. The amendment would permit the president to use the military for law enforcement purposes in the United States. This, of course, would present a radical departure from any use to which the military has been put in the memory of any Americans now living.



India-based Jasco Nutri Foods announces plans for Maryland location, potential for 100 new jobs; Maryland companies Electro-Media Design and CyberPoint International announce joint ventures

NEW DELHI, INDIA (December 2, 2011) – Wrapping up a six-day trade mission to India in the Indian capital of New Delhi, Governor Martin O’Malley today addressed the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) – the oldest and largest business organization in India – and joined in the signing of an agreement that would create an India-Maryland Center in Maryland. The Center would be operated by FICCI and seek to boost trade between Maryland and India. FICCI officials also announced that the business organization would lead a delegation to Maryland in April 2012 and focus on establishing partnerships in biotechnology, renewable energy and infrastructure.

“Our mission to India has been a great success in terms of the new partnerships we’ve established, the new doors we’ve opened for job creation, trade and investment, and the many Maryland companies who have signed deals with our Indian partners,” said Governor O’Malley. “We look forward to moving forward on a Maryland-India Center to increase imports and exports between our two regions, strengthen ties in shared industries like biotechnology and IT, and welcome an Indian delegation to Maryland next year.”

“The signing of the agreement with FICCI and Maryland will foster greater cooperation between the private sectors of our two regions,” said Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Secretary General of FICCI. “FICCI also plans to set up an India Center in Maryland which will be a place for businesses from India and Maryland to interact and offer connectivity and facilitation for networking for joint ventures, tech transfers and co-production across sectors.”

As part of today’s events, Governor O’Malley announced that Jasco Nutri Foods, an India-based manufacturer and exporter of organic food products, plans to invest $10 million in opening a facility on a 1,500 acre location yet to be determined in Maryland. The plans for the location will be finalized over the next two months, but the new facility could generate up to 100 jobs when operational.

CyberPoint International, LLC, a Baltimore-based global provider of cyber security products, solutions, and services, and Appin Security Group, a leading global information security solutions and training provider in New Delhi, announced today they have signed an agreement to jointly develop new enterprise-level security solutions for mobile devices. Building on the collective strengths of their existing products and services, CyberPoint and Appin will collaborate on critical research and development aimed at filling some of the critical enterprise-level security gaps in the commercial mobile marketplace. The deal is expected to create new jobs in both Baltimore and New Delhi, and generate new revenue opportunities valued at $10 million.

And, Electro-Media Design Ltd., a Gaithersburg-based company that specializes in consulting and design services in event technology and acoustics for meeting and entertainment facilities, is partnering with ITC Hotels, one of India’s premier hotel chains, to provide contemporary design services for TC’s conference, event, and entertainments venues for their new properties and existing hotels, supporting ITC’s sustainable and green practices. Electro-Media first connected with ITC at HITEC, or the Hotel Technology Show, in 2010 and subsequent assistance from the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development helped to establish the partnership.

“We are delighted to partner with and support ITC Hotels in their development of truly world-class event and entertainment venues in their Luxury Collection properties,” said Jeff Loether, President of Electro-Media Design Ltd. “We see win-win opportunities to realize advanced design concepts leveraging the considerable resources of India’s media content creation community even beyond India’s borders. We are grateful for the assistance from Maryland’s Division of International Investment and Trade in developing this opportunity.”

Treasury Developing Global Tracking System For All Financial Transactions

At a speech today at the “The Macroprudential Toolkit: Measurement and Analysis” Conference held in Washington D.C., and hosted by the OFR and the Financial Stability Oversight Council, Treasury Secretary Geithner hinted at the global reach LEI will have:

The OFR will collect and make available, to regulators and to the public, more and better financial data.

It will seek to better measure and analyze factors affecting financial stability.

It will report to Congress and to the public on its analyses of significant market developments, potential threats to financial stability, and appropriate policy responses.

And it will collaborate with regulators, industry, the academic community, and foreign policymakers and institutions to establish global standards for financial data. The Legal Entity Identifier project, which precisely identifies the parties to financial transactions, will help regulators, risk managers, and market participants all better understand risks and exposures across the financial system. We are pleased that U.S. leadership has helped give a strong start to the LEI project, whose framework was recently endorsed by the G-20.


Senator Brinkley Announces Exploratory Committee For U.S. Congress

Republican leaders lineup behind David Brinkley for the newly-redrawn 6th Congressional District

December 1, 2011 (Frederick, MD)
- State Senator David Brinkley announced today the formation of an Exploratory Committee to support his candidacy for the United States House of Representatives in the newly-redrawn 6th Congressional District.

"I am grateful for the outpouring of support for my candidacy from state elected leaders with whom I have worked over the years," Brinkley said.

The announcement was made following recent public reports that incumbent Congressman Roscoe Bartlett may not be seeking reelection.

A partial list of the Committee co-chairs include State Senators George Edwards, Chris Shank, Joe Getty, Alan Kittleman, J.B. Jennings and Minority Leader, E.J. Pipkin; State Delegates Wendell Beitzel, LeRoy Myers, Don Elliott and Kelly Schulz; and Montgomery County Republican Central Committee Chair Mark Uncapher.

"I served with David for four years in the House, and now in the Senate, and I have witnessed firsthand his conservative leadership, superior constituent service and tireless work ethic. He is the best candidate to represent the new 6th," said Senator Chris Shank of Washington County.

Delegate Leroy Myers, Chairman of the Western Maryland State Delegation, said, "Senator Brinkley understands the issues facing rural Maryland, is a valued member of our caucus, and will take renewed energy and fiscal discipline to Washington."

Kelly Schulz, the recently-elected Delegate and former Frederick County Republican Party Chair added, "I have worked with David on both political and public policy issues. He is well respected by his colleagues and city and county leaders. He is a proven leader on economic issues and has a long track record of getting things done in Annapolis. I fully support David Brinkley to be our next Congressman."

David Brinkley served as vice chair of the local Republican State Central Committee, was elected to two terms in the Maryland House of Delegates representing Frederick and Washington Counties, and was recently re-elected to his third term in the State Senate representing Frederick and Carroll Counties.

David is a certified estate and financial planner and a small business owner. He is a former volunteer EMT and firefighter with the New Market District Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company. He was born in the City of Frederick and has undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland. He has two children and lives in Frederick County. He is a member of Grace Episcopal Church.

The Union Boss, Who Visited Obama Regularly, Speaks

In early 2009, then-Service Employees International Union President Andrew Stern visited the White House more often, 22 times, than any other person who had to log in, according to White House.

Stern, who has left the SEIU, is today out with an op-ed in the WSJ dissing free markets and hailing the centrally planned segments of China's economy.

He writes in an article titled, China's Superior Economic Model:

Last month, the China Daily quoted Orville Schell, who directs the Center on U.S.-China Relations at the Asia Society, as saying: "I think we have come to realize the ability to plan is exactly what is missing in America."...As Andy Grove so presciently articulated in the July 1, 2010, issue of Businessweek, the economies of China, Singapore, Germany, Brazil and India have demonstrated "that a plan for job creation must be the number-one objective of state economic policy; and that the government must play a strategic role in setting the priorities and arraying the forces of organization necessary to achieve this goal."

The conservative-preferred, free-market fundamentalist, shareholder-only model—so successful in the 20th century—is being thrown onto the trash heap of history in the 21st century.

What does Stern want to replace free markets with? Central planning, of course:


Senator Brinkley Announces Exploratory Committee For U.S. Congress

Republican leaders lineup behind David Brinkley for the newly-redrawn 6th Congressional District

December 1, 2011 (Frederick, MD) - State Senator David Brinkley announced today the formation of an Exploratory Committee to support his candidacy for the United States House of Representatives in the newly-redrawn 6th Congressional District.

"I am grateful for the outpouring of support for my candidacy from state elected leaders with whom I have worked over the years," Brinkley said.

The announcement was made following recent public reports that incumbent Congressman Roscoe Bartlett may not be seeking reelection.

A partial list of the Committee co-chairs include State Senators George Edwards, Chris Shank, Joe Getty, Alan Kittleman, J.B. Jennings and Minority Leader, E.J. Pipkin; State Delegates Wendell Beitzel, LeRoy Myers, Don Elliott and Kelly Schulz; and Montgomery County Republican Central Committee Chair Mark Uncapher.

"I served with David for four years in the House, and now in the Senate, and I have witnessed firsthand his conservative leadership, superior constituent service and tireless work ethic. He is the best candidate to represent the new 6th," said Senator Chris Shank of Washington County.

Delegate Leroy Myers, Chairman of the Western Maryland State Delegation, said, "Senator Brinkley understands the issues facing rural Maryland, is a valued member of our caucus, and will take renewed energy and fiscal discipline to Washington."

Kelly Schulz, the recently-elected Delegate and former Frederick County Republican Party Chair added, "I have worked with David on both political and public policy issues. He is well respected by his colleagues and city and county leaders. He is a proven leader on economic issues and has a long track record of getting things done in Annapolis. I fully support David Brinkley to be our next Congressman."

David Brinkley served as vice chair of the local Republican State Central Committee, was elected to two terms in the Maryland House of Delegates representing Frederick and Washington Counties, and was recently re-elected to his third term in the State Senate representing Frederick and Carroll Counties.

David is a certified estate and financial planner and a small business owner. He is a former volunteer EMT and firefighter with the New Market District Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company. He was born in the City of Frederick and has undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland. He has two children and lives in Frederick County. He is a member of Grace Episcopal Church.

Central Banks' Latest Move Shows Desperation

The coordinated swap line bailout by the Federal Reserve Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank, and the Swiss National Bank [37]- and China’s reduction of reserve requirements by .5% [38] – shows desperation. (For background on swap lines, see this [39], this [40] and this [41].)

The Street notes [42]:

Don’t get flustered by the terminology of “dollar swap lines” above. Here’s a more simple explanation: Central banks around the globe have acted in desperation to boost liquidity in the system, which has sparked a rally in equities.

In a separate article, The Street points out [43]:

What’s great for the banks isn’t so good for everyone else, though. Investment strategists already are noting the desperation of the move, adding that flooding the banking system with liquidity doesn’t do anything to solve the real problem of ballooning, unmanageable debt levels.

Ron Paul said [44] today:

The Fed’s latest actions in cooperating with foreign central banks to undertake liquidity swaps of dollars for foreign currencies is another reason why Congress needs enhanced power to oversee and audit the Fed. Under current law Congress cannot examine these types of agreements. Those who would argue that auditing the Fed or these agreements with central banks harms the Fed’s independence should reevaluate the Fed’s supposed independence when the Fed bails out Europe so soon after President Obama promised US assistance in resolving the Euro crisis.

Rather than calming markets, these arrangements should indicate just how frightened governments around the world are about the European financial crisis. Central banks are grasping at straws, hoping that flooding the world with money created out of thin air will somehow resolve a crisis caused by uncontrolled government spending and irresponsible debt issuance. Congress should not permit this type of open-ended commitment on the part of the Fed, a commitment which could easily run into the trillions of dollars. These dollar swaps are purely inflationary and will harm American consumers as much as any form of quantitative easing.

The Fed is behaving much as it did during the 2008 financial crisis, only this time instead of bailing out politically well-connected too-big-to-fail firms it is bailing out profligate government spending. Citizens the world over deserve better than this. They deserve sound money that cannot be manipulated and created out of thin air by central planners who promise printed prosperity. Fiat money caused this European crisis and the financial crisis before it. More fiat money is not the cure. The global fiat currency system has proven itself a failure, we need real monetary reform. We need sound money.


Geithner To The Inflationary Rescue!!

The heavy US muscle is rolling in to make sure Europe gets its inflationary money printing act together.

The Treasury has just announced that Secretary Tim Geithner will travel to Europe December 6-8, 2011.

On Tuesday, December 6, the Secretary will arrive in Frankfurt, Germany, for meetings with European Central Bank President Mario Draghi and Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann. In the afternoon, he will meet with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble in Berlin.

On Wednesday, December 7, Secretary Geithner will be in Paris, France, to meet with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Finance Minister Francois Baroin before traveling to Marseille, France, for a bilateral meeting with Spain’s Prime Minister-elect Mariano Rajoy Brey who will be in France for other meetings.


Greatest Card Trick Ever

Somerset County Sheriff's Office Press Release 12-2-11

Luke Chau Tran of Pocomoke, arrested 11-26-11 on a warrant regarding failing to appear in court. Tran was held on a $500.00 bond.

Toby Marrell McCullum of Princess Anne, arrested 11-28-11 on warrants regarding assault 1st and 2nd degree, and reckless endangerment. McCullum was held on a $10,000 bond.

Timothy Ray Warren of Princess Anne, arrested 11-28-11 on warrants regarding violation of probation, and failing to pay court fines. Warren was later released on a $1,165.00 unsecured bond.

Damian Lamont Tull of Salisbury, arrested 11-29-11 on a warrant regarding contempt. Tull was held on a $25,000 bond.

Steve Eugene Lowe 1st of Westover, criminal summons served for burglary 2nd. Degree, burglary 4th degree, and theft less than $1,000.00. Lowe was released on signature pending court actions.

Charles Michael Sims of Wenona, arrested 11-30-11 regarding driving on a suspended driver’s license, driving without a license, and displaying an expired registration plate. Sims was released on signature pending court actions.

Ex-business partner: Accuser Never Mentioned Cain

Despite alleged 13-year affair, 'His name has never come up'

The female bodybuilder who once ran a bicycle business with latest Herman Cain accuser Ginger White says the Atlanta woman never mentioned the Republican presidential candidate, who she says was her lover for 13 years.

"His name has never come up," said Kimberly Vay, who told ABC News that she and White were former business partners.


Ohio Homeowner Captures And Hogties Burglar

ATHENS, Ohio (AP) - An Ohio sheriff says he doesn't plan to pursue charges against a homeowner who subdued and hogtied a burglar.

Athens County Sheriff Pat Kelly tells WBNS-TV ( the homeowner had a right to protect his property and himself. Kelly says that's what authorities believe the homeowner did Thursday when he chased the burglar and tied up the man's hands and feet.



“Never miss a good chance to shut up.”― Will Rogers

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”― Will Rogers

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”― Will Rogers

“All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that’s an alibi for my ignorance.”― Will Rogers

“When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging.”― Will Rogers

“Everyone is ignorant, only on different subjects.”― Will Rogers

“Always drink upstream from the herd.”― Will Rogers

“Common sense ain’t common.”― Will Rogers

“A fool and his money are soon elected.”― Will Rogers

“The more you observe politics, the more you’ve got to admit that each party is worse than the other.”― Will Rogers

The End Of GM - Again?

George Orwell's Guide To The News

The Western mainstream media falsifies the news resorting to euphemisms, half-truths and lies in the best (worst) style of George Orwell’s novel 1984. We all live in the unreal world of “Newspeak” used by the Global Power Elite to control our minds.

Man gets confused when things that happen around him and to him, or which are done in his name, cannot be properly grasped, understood or made sense of. Normally, such confusion leads to inaction. If you’re lost at night in the middle of a forest but you can still see the stars, then a bit of astronomical knowledge will at least quickly tell you which way is north. But if it’s cloudy or you’re ignorant of the constellations in starry heaven, then you might as well light up a fire and do nothing until dawn…. You’re Lost!

Today, mainstream media coverage uses programmed distortion, confusion, even outright lying when its Money Power masters order it to support the “official story” on any major political, economic or financial process. When looked at closely, however, the “official story” of things can be seen to be inaccurate, misleading, often hardly believable if not downright stupid.



Caption This Photo 12-2-11

Agents Search Home Of D.C. Councilman

Federal agents are at the home of D.C. Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr., who has been accused of misusing more than $300,000 in city funds on personal expenses. Thomas remains at his home during the search.


Federal Jury Sides With City In ADA Lawsuit

A federal jury yesterday found in favor of the town and the Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) in an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) suit, ruling a former OCPD officer had not proven his diabetes was at the heart of his alleged wrongful termination.



(Lusby, MD) – One year ago, a 41-year old woman, found dead inside her car in a parking lot of a state park, prompted a homicide investigation in Calvert County and police continue to search for clues.

On the one year anniversary of Sandra Renee Long’s death, state police handed out fliers and spoke with hunters who frequent the Calvert Cliffs State Park, where Long was found. Investigators continue their search for new leads and any matches to the evidence collected from the crime scene that day.

On November 30, 2011, at approximately 2:45 p.m., an emergency phone call was received by the Calvert Control Center. The call came from a group of three hunters who discovered Long, apparently unconscious and unresponsive in the front seat of her parked car, a silver 2009 Ford Focus with Maryland tags. The car was parked in a lot bordering Calvert Cliffs State Park, at the intersection of Camp Canoy Road and H.G. Trueman Road in Lusby.

Long, of the 11,000 block of H.G. Trueman Road in Lusby, was pronounced dead at the scene by EMS personnel and taken to the Office of the State Medical Examiner for an autopsy. Results revealed the cause and manner of death was homicide due to blunt force trauma. A motive has not been determined.

Investigators from the Calvert County Investigative Team, the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit and the Calvert County State’s Attorney’s Office immediately initiated a death investigation. State police crime scene technicians processed the scene for evidence.

Police are asking anyone who may have seen Long on the morning of Monday, November 29 or Tuesday, November 30, 2010, or who may have information regarding this case, to please call the Maryland State Police at the Prince Frederick Barrack at 410-535-1400.

The investigation continues…

No Santa? No Way! News Anchor Sorry For Dashing Kids' Dreams

Warning: If there are any Santa-loving wee ones peeking over your shoulder, this would be a good time to send them on their way.

Shortly after airing a news segment aimed at helping parents curb their kids’ high-budget Christmas expectations, WFLD anchor Robin Robinson decided it was the perfect time to cut to the chase and advised parents to just tell kids there’s no such thing as Santa.


What Is Fiat Money?

A Short Primer

The term "fiat money" − more correctly "fiat currency" − is becoming more wide-spread than it was seven years ago when we put out a movie called FIAT EMPIRE. I certainly didn't invent the term, so I am just going along with the economic jargon as best I can. But for anyone that doesn't understand what fiat currency is, it's reasonably simple. Here's a primer.

Fiat currency is PAPER currency that is issued by government "fiat" or decree. The reason it's issued by government decree, or fiat, is because ordinarily no one would accept or use it because it can no longer be REDEEMED for gold or silver. After all, it's just PAPER. "Redeem" simply means the act of taking your PAPER currency into your local bank and having them give you GOLD or SILVER in exchange for it. In other words, the bank will redeem specie as evidenced by your paper. They will give you the amount of gold or silver specie written on the FACE of your paper bill (its "face value"). If the face of your paper bill says "$10 Silver Certificate" (instead of 10 dollars or 10 Federal Reserve Notes) the bank will give you 10 "dollars" worth of silver.

So how much silver is this? Well, it depends on the current definition of the "dollar" when you try to redeem your silver.



An elderly man suffered a massive stroke. The family drove wildly to get him to the emergency room in short time. After what seemed like a very long wait, the ER doctor appeared wearing his scrubs and a long face.

Sadly, he said, "I'm afraid Grandpa is brain-dead, but his heart is still beating."

"Oh, Dear God," cried his wife, her hands clasped against her cheeks with shock. "We've never had a Democrat in the family before!"

One Week From Today

Friday, Dec. 9, at 8 p.m. on ABC the local Mardela Family will be featured.

Rule Would Allow Campaign Donations By Text Message

New method is designed to encourage youth participation
You can text FOOD to give money to UNICEF or text AFRICA to support the International Rescue Committee. Soon you'll be able to contribute via text to a Maryland politician, state officials say.

Regulations to allow campaign contributions by text message are winding their way though a state approval process, and the system is expected to be in place early next year. The new method of giving is intended to encourage younger, tech-savvy donors to get involved in campaigns.


Unemployment Falls To 8.6 Percent

The unemployment rate fell last month to its lowest level in more than two and a half years, as employers stepped up hiring in response to the slowly improving economy.


Chinese Companies Prepare To Move To Dodge U.S. Solar Tax

Chinese solar manufacturers are considering shifting production to other countries to avoid tariffs that may result from a trade complaint.

LDK Solar Co. and JA Solar Holdings Co. said today they may move some manufacturing operations if the U.S. imposes duties on solar products imported from China. Suntech Power Holdings Co., the world’s largest solar-panel maker, said the trade dispute would be “extremely damaging to the entire U.S. solar industry.”

The statements, made during conference calls with analysts today, show that Chinese solar companies are developing strategies to avoid potential duties, and that the complaint may not provide U.S. manufacturers the relief they are seeking.


Winterfest Attendance During Holiday Weekend. Largest In Decade

Last weekend, Ocean City’s 19th annual Winterfest of Lights welcomed more guests to its 125th Street location than it had during the same Thanksgiving holiday weekend crowd in the past 10 years.


Obama Invokes Cold-War Law To Unmask Chinese Telecom Spyware

The U.S. is invoking Cold War-era national-security powers to force telecommunication companies including AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. to divulge confidential information about their networks in a hunt for Chinese cyber-spying.

In a survey distributed in April, the U.S. Commerce Department asked for a detailed accounting of foreign-made hardware and software on the companies’ networks. It also asked about security-related incidents such as the discovery of “unauthorized electronic hardware” or suspicious equipment that can duplicate or redirect data, according to a copy of the survey reviewed by Bloomberg News.

The survey represents “very high-level” concern that China and other countries may be using their growing export sectors to develop built-in spying capabilities in U.S. networks, said a senior U.S. intelligence official who asked not to be named because he wasn’t authorized to speak on the matter.

“This is beyond vague suspicions,” said Richard Falkenrath, a senior fellow in the Council on Foreign Relations Cyberconflict and Cybersecurity Initiative. “Congress is now looking at this as well, and they’re doing so based on very specific material provided them in a classified setting” by the National Security Agency, he said.

Dozens of Companies


How Can I Make A Scammy Contractor Refund Me Or Replace My Roof?

Austin thought he was being sensible and avoiding scammy contractors when storms hit his area and his roof needed replacing. He turned down one contractor who just didn't look professional, but the contractor he ultimately chose screwed him over while looking nice and professional. He paid for a roof replacement back in September, but the company stil hasn't showed up at his house. He's run through all of his legal options and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and now doesn't know where else to turn.

More »

City Of Salisbury Puts Stop Work Order On Downtown Contractor

The City of Salisbury has chosen to put a stop work order on the renovation job next door to my building until ALL parties have resolved this issue.

Mankiw: Print Money, Here, There, Everywhere

Harvard professor and the world's greatest economic textbook salesman,Greg Mankiw, has a solution for all the economic ills in Europe, the United States, and although he doesn't mention it I'm sure he thinks it could also work in Zimbabwe: PRINT MONEY.

If I understand the news coming out of Europe correctly, the new head of the European Central Bank is offering a simple deal: If fiscal policy becomes hawkish, monetary policy will be dovish. In other words, as government spending is cut to put European governments on a sounder financial footing, monetary policy will do its best to ensure that any adverse impact on aggregate demand is kept to a minimum.

That seems a sensible compromise, given all the competing risks. Indeed a similar deal might well make sense for the United States...My more conservative friends argue, based on monetarist principles, that a dovish monetary policy risks future inflation. In my view, however, there are bigger risks than inflation just now. They include prolonged high unemployment and meager growth.


New Absentee Voting Rules Weighed For OC

(Dec. 2, 2011) The Ocean City Council is considering whether to make it easier for vacationing resort residents to vote via absentee ballots in the municipal elections in October every other year, but only up to a point.


Joint Investigation Culminates In Bank Robbery Arrest

Locations/Dates of Occurrences:
M&T Bank, 15 West Lea Boulevard, Wilmington, DE
Friday, October 28. 2011 at 2:05 p.m.
Friday, November 25, 2011 at 11:15 a.m.

WSFS Bank, 2005 Concord Pike (Fairfax Shopping Center), Wilmington, DE
Monday, November 28, 2011 at 1:25 p.m.

Defendant/Charges/Bond Information:
Lamont T. Brown-28 of Wilmington, DE (Photo Attached)
Robbery First Degree (3 counts)
Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony
Possession of Firearm/Ammunition by Person Prohibited
Committed to HRYCI on $125,000 Cash Bond

Wilmington-Delaware State Police and Wilmington Police Department Detectives have arrested a 28 year old Wilmington man in connection with three bank robberies that occurred in October and November.

On Tuesday, November 29, 2011 robbery detectives charged Lamont T. Brown-28 of Wilmington with Robbery First Degree (3 counts), Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony, and Possession of a Firearm/Ammunition by Person Prohibited. Brown was committed to HRYCI on $125,000 Cash Bond.

Through cooperative investigation and information sharing involving the Delaware State Police and Wilmington Police Department, detectives were able to connect Brown to the robbery that occurred on Monday, November 28, 2011 at the WSFS Bank, Fairfax Shopping Center, and also link him to two additional robberies at the M&T Bank located on West Lea Boulevard, Wilmington that occurred on October 28 and November 25, 2011. In each incident, the suspect would enter the bank, approach the teller, and present a demand note for money. The suspect then fled the bank on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Released: 120211 1130


DSP News Release: Troopers Investigate WSFS Bank Robbery

· WSFS Bank, 2005 Concord Pike (Fairfax Shopping Center), Wilmington, DE

Date of Occurrence:
· Monday, November 28, 2011 at 1:25 p.m.

· 25 year old female employee

· Black male, 25-30 years of age, 6’0” tall, 160-180 lbs, average build.
· Surveillance photo’s not available at this time.

Wilmington-Delaware State Police Robbery Detectives are investigating the robbery of the WSFS Bank located in the Fairfax Shopping Center which occurred yesterday afternoon.

The incident occurred at approximately 1:25 p.m. as a male suspect entered the WSFS Bank located on Concord Pike. The suspect approached the bank teller and presented a demand note for money. The teller complied and turned over an undisclosed amount of cash to the suspect. The suspect fled on foot through the parking lot.

If anyone has any information in reference to this incident, they are asked to contact the Robbery Unit at Troop 2 at 302-834-2630 Extension #6 or Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333. Information may also be provided via the internet at

Send an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

Bono Talks to TIME's Rick Stengel About the Global Fight Against AIDS

In commemoration of World AIDS Day, this year marking the 30th anniversary of the identification of the first cases of the disease, singer and activist Bono sat down with TIME's managing editor, Rick Stengel, to talk about the global fight against HIV/AIDS.


MDGOP Announces Hiring Of Executive Director

ANNAPOLIS - Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, Alex X. Mooney, announced the hiring of David A. Ferguson to serve as the next Executive Director of the Maryland GOP.

Currently, David is the principal of Ferguson & Associates, a full-service marketing, advertising and public relations firm headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia and Montgomery, Alabama. Ferguson & Associates works with small businesses, public figures, community and sports organizations, educational institutions, as well as Republican and conservative nonpartisan candidates for public office. He has managed several small businesses under the banner of David Ferguson Enterprises.

At 23, Ferguson was the youngest major-campaign manager in America when he led now-Governor, Dr. Robert Bentley's, campaign to a surprise victory in Alabama's 2010 Republican Primary. Since his days as a College Republican, he has managed and worked on campaigns at numerous levels.

Mooney, said, "David's understanding of business management, fundraising, and the political environment makes him an excellent choice to lead the day-to-day operations of the Maryland GOP. I look forward to serving with David as we go onward as a united party."

Ferguson said, "I am thankful for the new and exciting opportunity to work with the Maryland Republican Party. Despite the challenges we face, I have promised to lead an effective organization that will communicate a conservative vision of lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, and creating the best environment in America to live, work, and raise a family."

Ferguson is replacing interim-Executive Director State Delegate Justin Ready. Ready temporarily served in the capacity vacated by Kim Jorns, who now serves as the Executive Director of the Michigan Republican Party

“MDGOP activists and party officers greatly appreciate Del. Ready’s willingness to step in and help us make solid progress the last half of this year. We wish him well as he prepares for the upcoming Legislative Session in House of Delegates,” concluded Mooney.

Thank God Its Friday 12-3-11

What will you be doing this weekend?

The Dangers Of Fishing

Biden: Not 'Closing The Door' On A Presidential Run

Vice President Joe Biden may be focused on President Obama's re-election, but he has not ruled out his own presidential bid in 2016.


Today's Top News 12-2-11


The U.S. Senate took aim at the Iranian central bank in an effort to choke off oil exports, while the European Union stopped short of targeting crude as it tightened sanctions intended to curb Iran’s nuclear program.

Herman Cain told a New Hampshire newspaper that ending his Republican presidential campaign is “an option” he is considering, as he continued to face questions about the latest allegation of sexual indiscretion lodged against him.

The first attempts to prevent a payroll tax cut from expiring Dec. 31 fell short in the U.S. Senate, even as House Speaker John Boehner expressed confidence that Congress would extend the tax break and unemployment benefits.

Russian voters may inflict the first major electoral setback on Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in a parliamentary vote this weekend, which may prompt the premier to fortify his hold on power and boost public spending.

Argentine capital flight accelerated to the fastest pace in at least four years last quarter as investors concerned about inflation and a weakening peso pulled cash out of South America’s second-biggest economy. Capital flight totaled $8.4 billion in the July-to- September period from $6.1 billion in the previous quarter.

Sweden is enjoying its lowest borrowing cost ever relative to Germany as investors reward the biggest Scandinavian economy for cutting its debt to less than half Europe’s average and enforcing discipline at its banks.

AOL Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Armstrong said he’s aiming to get at least 10 percent of revenue from mobile advertising in the next year and a half, up from a “tiny” portion now.

Payrolls climbed 120,000, after a revised 100,000 increase in October, with more than half the hiring coming from retailers and temporary help agencies, Labor Department figures showed today in Washington. The median estimate in a Bloomberg News survey called for a 125,000 gain. The unemployment rate declined to 8.6 percent from 9 percent.

AP Top Stories

To the dismay of many Republicans, you won't find a presidential candidate anywhere at this year's Republican Governors Association meeting, a conference crawling with conservative mega-stars.

Hundreds of thousands are without power in California. A wind gust reached 123mph in Colorado. The powerful winds that tore across Western states Thursday created a path destruction that closed schools, left neighborhoods with a snarl of downed trees and power lines, and prompted some communities to declare emergencies.

The Obama administration this week unveiled sweeping changes to federal tribal-land leasing rules that had not been touched in 50 years. Obama nominated a Native American to the federal bench, signed a law renewing the Indian Health Care Act and settled a tribal royalty’s lawsuit that had dragged over three administrations.

A U.S. House committee voted to subpoena former MF Global chief Jon Corzine to testify before Congress.

The trustee liquidating Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc's brokerage unit asked a bankruptcy judge for permission to set aside $18.3 billion of assets to be returned to customers beginning early next year.

The US military handed over control of its former Iraq HQ Camp Victory to the authorities there, as troops prepare to leave by the end of the year.

Meet Five Big Lenders Profiting From the $1 Trillion Student Debt Bubble (Hint: You Know Some of Them Already)

As the student movement grows and rallies around the country, we look at the lenders raking in cash off the backs of the U.S.'s students.

Underneath the now-iconic red sculpture at Liberty Plaza, now cleared of tents and ringed by barricades plastic-cuffed together, several “students” stood draped in fake chains over their caps and gowns, brandishing debt bills instead of diplomas.

They might have been performing, as part of a press conference unveiling a national student debt refusal pledge, but the dramatization of what happens upon graduation to many of America's students was spot-on. Despite a few moves by the Obama administration in past years and even recent months to lessen the burden of student loans, many graduates are still saddled with more debt than they can conceivably pay back and have little hope of finding a good job in the current economy.


A Comment Worthy Of A Post 12-2-11

Joe, as a County employee, I would like to add to your post and all the comments above. I am a firm believer in running our local government offices and services like a business would. There is far too much waste in our County government that gets over looked day after day and year after year. Here are my thoughts on the County's inefficiencies.

1. Employee performance reviews - the County does review its employees' performance, but that's as far as it goes-There are no adjustments either way. Job descriptions are not modified, salaries are not compensated (up or down) and workforce is not adjusted (until budget woes arise). The County needs to use those reviews to discover inefficiencies, promote a productive work environment and reward hard work. What happens when they don't praise those who work hard and punish those who strive to work as little as possible is those hard workers will become lazy because they see that there is no reward for overachieving and no penalty for slacking thus further promoting inefficiencies in our local government. I'll tell you this, there were certainly a few people that got laid off that worked way harder than those still working for the County.

2. Raises - No COLAs! Raises should not be given across the board just because you survived another year working the same exact job at the County. For example, if an employee is hired at $40K and retires after 25 years of service with a 3% COLA every year they will be making over $83K by the time they retire. There are actually people who just retired from the County who's job description DID NOT CHANGE OVER 25 YEARS!!! Don't you thing a few things changed since 1985?? Raises should be earn and not given! I work hard every day and go above and beyond my job description, but I've yet to see a raise since I've been with the County. Do I deserve a raise? I think so, but I'm happier to simply have a job. But if the County ran like a business then I, and others like me, could receive a raise despite poor economic conditions.

3. Holidays - Black Friday and the Birthday holidays are absolute BS! If you want those days off then use your vacation time. Again, most businesses don't do this, why should the County be an exception?

4. Budget surplus - since the executive form of government has been in place and Pollitt has been in office, a budget surplus has become nearly non-existent! The economy is partially to blame; however, our government leaders have the 'if we have it we must spend it' mentality. Now we've hit times like this and our reserves are blown. Coupled with over paid staff, surplus workforce and the incredible ability to pay entirely too much on frivolous project, we get put into a severe budget jam. = And this week Pollitt discovered that there is a POSSIBILITY of a budget surplus and wanted to hand out bonuses? Money just burns a hole in his pocket! I don't even want his $200 if its going to cost me my job when budget cuts come again next year. Businesses don't operate with a zero budget, why should the County? SAVE MONEY RICK! Again, this is coming from a County employee and I still think it's crap! I truly see the big picture and I don't perceive myself as a "whiny County employee." Honestly, if I had the personal funds, the time and didn't fear getting fired I would run for County Executive. I'd even donate the difference between my current salary and the $85K executive salary back to the County but the County is so screwed up that it's apparently not "allowed."

Okla. Teacher Accused Of Photographing Girls In Lingerie Arrested

A third-grade Oklahoma teacher who resigned this week after parents accused her of dressing their daughters in lingerie and photographing them at a Christmas party was arrested on Thursday.

Kimberly Crain, 47, of Shawnee will face charges of manufacture of child pornography and lewd acts with a child, said District Attorney Richard Smothermon. He said she will be arraigned Friday and that he plans to request $1 million in bail.


Manhattan Twentysomething Uses To Feed Herself

There are a number of ways to deal with the problem of being young and broke in a large, expensive city. A 24-year-old woman who has trouble paying her bills could move to a cheaper apartment. She could eat rice, lentils, and ramen instead of takeout. She could take on a second part-time job. Or she could join and find men to go on a few dates with her, paying for her meals at nice restaurants. That's one way to save money on food.

Eventually, she even cut back on breakfast and lunch, and only ate on her dates' dime. Business Insider estimates that she consumed more than $1,500 in food and drinks each month.

She gave up on this dubious money-saving scheme because she now has a regular boyfriend, who presumably feeds her.


New York Court Ruling: Corporations May Pick Americans' Pockets

On Monday, New York's highest court, the Court of Appeals, overturned a ban (lasting since 1846) prohibiting the state from giving gifts of money or credit to corporations. From Reuters, David Jay Johnston reports on how the ruling allows corporations to reach their hands into tax payers' wallets.

Read the transcript (below) or watch the video HERE.

Edit Draft The Australian Reports Of Second Explosion In Iranian City Of Isfahan

While this story has not been caught by any of the major wires, The Australian's Jerusalem [5]correspondent Sheera Frankel reports something quite disturbing: "All eyes on Israel after second Iranian blast. CLOUDS of smoke billowed above the city of Isfahan - evidence that the latest strike against Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program had hit its target." We will report more if this story is confirmed by any other news agencies because if true it means that at this point things behind the scenes are no longer happening in the shadows.


Farmers Market Extended

The market is being extended for a couple of weeks. The market has
relocated to the parking lot where they hold the Park n Flea on Baptist
St. Fresh lettuce, sweet potatoes, turnips, seafood, farm fresh eggs,
baked goods, honey, jams and jellies are still available.

Google Reportedly Testing The Waters Of Speedy Delivery Service For Online Shoppers

Watch out, Amazon, there's a new kid on the retail block and it comes with a familiar name tied to it: Google is said to be discussing a new service with various retailers that would offer web shoppers super speedy delivery.


States Seek Drug Tests For Welfare Recipients

Atlanta - At least 36 states across the U.S. are proposing laws that would require applicants for and recipients of a variety of public aid programs to undergo drug testing in which they would have to provide a urine sample. Several states, including Arizona, Florida, Indiana and Missouri, have already passed such laws.

Participation in government assistance programs is nearing, and in some areas, exceeding record highs.

Over 45 million U.S. citizens, or about 15 percent of the population, now receive food stamps, according to numbers released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in October. This is the largest number of food stamp participants recorded since the beginning of the program.

The proportions of those receiving food stamps are even higher in certain states, especially southern ones, with a high level of poverty.

Most of the current proposals for drug testing focus on recipients of cash assistance through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

But some states are also looking at requiring applicants to undergo drug testing in order to receive food stamps, heating assistance, unemployment assistance or Medicaid.


Fire In Parsonsburg

Manure shed fire on Hammond School Rd in Parsonsburg. This was called in by a
pilot either going into or leaving Salisbury Airport.

Fill In The Blank 12-02-11

I DISLIKE my job because ____!

Charge Dismissed Against Former Governor’s Campaign Manager

A Baltimore City Circuit Court judge on Thursday threw out a second major charge in the conspiracy case against former Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich’s (R) campaign manager in his 2010 bid to retake the governor’s mansion.

Judge Lawrence Fletcher-Hill ruled that state prosecutors had not elicited enough evidence for a jury to weigh if Paul E. Schurick had obstructed justice in a criminal probe of whether Schurick had ordered Election Day robo-calls to suppress black voter turnout.


Privatized Traffic Law Enforcement Has Familiar Problems With Red-Light And Speed Camera Ticketing

In ancient times, rulers relied on a practice now known as "tax farming" in which tax collection was outsourced to other groups or individuals who maintained order in particular areas and passed on revenue to the monarch. The abuse that resulted from this system is thought to be one reason for the fall of the Roman Empire.

In modern times, governments are again turning to private companies to enforce certain laws and charge fees. A new report by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, titled Caution: Red Light Cameras Ahead; The Risks of Privatizing Traffic Law Enforcement and How to Protect the Public details how as many as 700 communities across as many as 28 states contract out to private companies that install and operate automated red-light or speed cameras and then send tickets in the mail to the owners of cars caught on film for legal violations. According to the report, one in five Americans live in a jurisdiction that outsources traffic ticketing this way.

Drivers are finding this out the hard way by receiving steep tickets in the mail from a ticketing vendor. Drivers have sometimes felt unjustly fined if they were turning right at a red light or another maneuver they believe no human police officer would ticket them for. The industry claims that the cameras prevent crashes and save lives, and some studies suggest they do, but other studies find that red-light cameras increase injuries.


Berlin Hears No Dissenters To Alcohol Plan

The town’s decision to expand the area where people can sell and drink alcohol during town events met with no opposition Monday. “The purpose is to make this much more practical in its enforcement,” said Mayor Gee Williams of the change to existing town code. A public hearing to discuss the amendment brought no criticism, only questions.



For the past several years Rick Pollitt has cut the County’s budget while whining incessantly that he has to because there is not enough money to fully fund schools, road repair or routine upkeep of the Courthouse (just look at the peeling paint, etc.). But now he wants to give County employees a Christmas bonus – over $100,000 total – and says there are ample funds to do that despite the recent estimate by his staff that he will have to cut the next budget by about $7 Million due to insufficient revenue.

If your child has dilapidated or missing textbooks or the County can’t repair your road, please attend County Council meeting next week and ask Mr. Pollitt’s representative, Sharon Morris, to explain why that bonus money can’t be better spent for those needs. And be sure to thank the Council members (except Ms. Hughes) who told Mr. Pollitt to forget about any more bonuses.

When Rick starts agitating once again to kill the tax revenue cap, remind him of his bonus play this year as well as those secret bonuses that he gave to a select group of County employees during his first term in office – and why the County still has a “public information officer.”

Thanksgiving Patrols Net 34 For DUI

Thirty-four people were cited for driving under the influence in Delaware over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Police officers from around the state conducted a series of sobriety checkpoints, DUI, seat belt and aggressive saturation patrols.

Cain: Wife Didn't Know About Friendship With Ginger White

Herman Cain revealed Thursday that his relationship with Ginger White -- who he characterizes as a "friend" to whom he gave money for "month-to-month bills and expenses" -- was unknown to his wife Gloria until Monday, when White came forward accusing the Republican presidential candidate of a 13-year-long extramarital affair.

In an interview with New Hampshire's Union Leader, Cain acknowledged that Gloria "did not know that we were friends until she (White) came out with this story."

AG Biden Won't Pursue O'Donnell Perjury Probe

Former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell is blaming politics for Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden's refusal to investigate a former O'Donnell campaign worker for possible perjury.

O'Donnell asked Biden's office earlier this year to investigate David Keegan Jr. for perjury, claiming that an affidavit he signed alleging campaign improprieties contained false information and was not properly vetted by a Washington, D.C.-based group that filed a complaint against O'Donnell with the Federal Elections Commission.

Student Arrested For Burping, Lawsuit Claims

(CBS/AP) ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - A 13-year-old was handcuffed and hauled off to a juvenile detention for burping in class, according to a civil rights lawsuit filed against an Albuquerque public school principal, a teacher and a city police officer.

The suit was filed Wednesday, the same day the district was also sued by the family of a 7-year-old autistic boy who was handcuffed to a chair.

$1 Million Gift Announced For Richard A. Henson Medical Simulation Center

SALISBURY, MD---Salisbury University officially opened its new Richard A. Henson Medical Simulation Center during a festive ribbon-cutting on Thursday, December 1. The ceremony was marked by the announcement of a $1 million gift for the center from the Richard A. Henson Foundation, Inc.

“Mr. Henson was a community benefactor and champion of higher education. I think he would have been an enthusiastic supporter of this project,” said SU President Janet Dudley-Eshbach. “We are grateful to the Henson Foundation for maintaining his vision and commitment to progress and innovation, particularly in the sciences.


Student With HIV Sues Private Residential School For Denied Admission

(CNN) -- A 13-year-old Pennsylvania boy is suing a private residential school for discrimination after it refused to admit him because he has HIV, his attorneys said.

The eighth grader, whose name wasn't disclosed in a federal lawsuit filed in Philadelphia, alleges that the Milton Hershey School in Hershey, Pennsylvania, "violated multiple anti-discrimination laws that protect the rights of people with HIV to remain free from unwarranted discrimination."

Crofton Father Pleads Guilty In Stabbing Wife, Daughters

A Crofton man pleaded guilty Thursday to slashing the throats of his wife and two teenage daughters last summer.
Julio Cesar Esquetini, 50, pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree assault and one count of child abuse in the county courthouse in Annapolis. But a state doctor found Esquetini not criminally responsible for the attack and a county judge had him committed to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene indefinitely.

Today's Survey Question 12-2-11

Should Salisbury follow Berlin with drinking alcohol on Main Street?

Angry Farmers Dump Deadly Cobras On Tax Office Floor

Two farmers, including a snake charmer, were so angry at tax officials in northern India that they dumped dozens of snakes, including four deadly cobras, on the floor of the tax office, The Guardian reports.

The snake charmer says the farmers on Tuesday were protesting alleged demands for bribes by officials in exchange for tax records in Basti, 185 miles southeast of Lucknow, the British newspaper says.

"Snakes started climbing up the tables and chairs," said a local official, Ramsukh Sharma, according to the newspaper. "There was total chaos. Hundreds of people gathered outside the room, some of them with sticks in their hands, shouting that the snakes should be killed."