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Friday, December 30, 2016

Registration under way for St. Paddy’s Day run/walk

Registration under way for St. Paddy’s Day run/walk

Registration is now under way for MAC Incorporated’s 18th Annual St. Paddy’s Day 5K Run/2-Mile Walk, to be held Saturday, March 18, 2017, at the Salisbury Elks Lodge.

The scenic course will wind through the Salisbury zoo and park.

Check in and late registration will begin at 2 p.m.; the run/walk will step off at 3 p.m. The cost is $25 for walkers; $25 for runners in advance and $35 the day of the race. The first 200 registrants are guaranteed an event T-shirt.

Overall awards will be presented to the top three male and female finishers; awards also will be presented to the top three finishers in the various age divisions. New this year will be prizes awarded to the top three walkers.

An awards party following the race is free to participants; guests can attend the after-party for $5, $15 for families of three or more, and children under age 5 will be admitted free. The party will feature food, door prizes, a 50/50 raffle and auction.

The theme of the run/walk is “Racing For a Reason.” All proceeds will support MAC Incorporated programs and services for family members, caregivers and those living with Alzheimer’s Disease. For race information, call 410-742-0505, ext. 118; email; or visit

MAC Incorporated, the Area Agency on Aging, is a private, nonprofit organization serving senior citizens in Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester counties. MAC’s mission is to provide options which promote dignity, health and independence for an aging population.

Tricia McCauley case: Disturbing details emerge in Washington, D.C. yoga teacher's death

WASHINGTON -- A man accused of killing a Washington yoga instructor and actress who went missing on Christmas told police that the victim killed herself after they had sex, according to court documents.

Adrian Duane Johnson, 27, was arrested late Monday night. Police said he was found to be using a car belonging to the victim, 46-year-old Tricia McCauley. McCauley’s body was found inside the small vehicle, tied up and wedged between the rear and front seats and concealed from view, according to documents filed Wednesday in D.C. Superior Court.

Police said McCauley was strangled and beaten to death. Prosecutors say she had also been the victim of a sexual assault, reports CBS affiliate WUSA9.


Canadian man punches cougar to save his dog

Will Gibb says he didn't realize it was a cougar that had caught his beloved pet husky by the neck until after he pummelled the wild animal in the head.

"I wasn't really analyzing it too much at the time," Gibb said. "All that was going through my mind is that I had to protect my dog.

"It was just very instinctual. My dogs are like my children."

The Red Deer man was meeting a friend for coffee at the Whitecourt Tim Hortons on Dec. 26, when he let his two dogs Sasha and Mongo out into the parking lot for a short run.

Within seconds, he said he heard Sasha, the female of the pair, start yelping.

A cougar had emerged from the woods nearby and pounced, he said.

"She (Sasha) was crying out in pain and distress so I went running," said Gibb, a 31-year-old technician. "And I saw something wrapped around her so I ran up and punched it in the side of the head.


New York Woman Sues State Over Gun Confiscation

A woman from New York is suing the state because she never received legal counsel following the wrongful confiscation of her firearms in 2015.

Donna McKay checked herself into a hospital in April of last year when she suffered an anxiety attack after taking cold medicine. She was mistakenly placed on a list of people who had been involuntarily hospitalized, which, under New York’s SAFE Act, made her subject to firearm confiscation.

While the state eventually returned her property, she was forced to defend herself at the hearing and is still listed on the FBI’s list of people prohibited from purchasing firearms.

“No one facing federal and state disqualification from the ownership, use, and possession of firearms should represent themselves at a license hearing,” Paloma Capanna said in a prepared statement about the suit she has filed on behalf of Donna McKay.

According to the New York Law Journal, Yates County Court Judge W. Patrick Falvey said medical records clearly indicate that McKay voluntarily entered hospitalized care, circumstances that do not constitute “commitment.”


Lower Shore Suicide Grant Will Help Fund Health Trainings

SNOW HILL – The Worcester County Health Department, in conjunction with other health providers in the tri-county area, received a state grant in recent months to reduce and prevent suicide.

Jackie Ward, health planner with the Worcester County Health Department, said the health department acted as a facilitator for the Lower Eastern Shore Suicide Prevention Coalition (LESSPC), a group which the agency is a part of, to apply for grant money from the Rural Maryland Council, a state agency that addresses the needs of agrarian communities.

The LESSPC, a group of health providers with a common goal of reducing and preventing suicide in the Lower Shore, will use the $28,000 in grant money to fund six behavioral health trainings, including safeTALK, Mental Health First Aid, Youth Mental Health First Aid, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills and a pilot program entitled Signs of Suicide Prevention Program, which will educate middle school students in Worcester County about suicide.


How PolitiFact Slants Its Truth Ratings Against Republicans

In the last article, we that showed top fact-checking website PolitiFact generally rates Republicans as less honest than Democrats and their style betrays the need to constantly explain why Republican statements that seem true are actually false. While this approach gives us some insight into how PolitiFact skews against Republicans, another important component is which facts they choose to check.

It is extremely hard to pin down exactly which facts PolitiFact declines to check. We could argue all day about individual articles, but how do you show bias in which statements they choose to evaluate? How do you look at the facts that weren’t checked?

Our first stab at this question came from asking which lies each candidate was famous for and checking to see how PolitiFact evaluated them. These are necessarily going to be somewhat subjective, but even so the results were instructive. With Donald Trump, we discovered the lies that were best-known were usually checked and frequently re-checked later on. All but one was marked as “False” or “Pants on Fire”.


Governor Of Washington State grants reprieve in child killer's death sentence

Gov. Jay Inslee granted a reprieve Thursday to a Bellingham man who was sentenced to death for the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl.

Inslee formally granted the reprieve to Clark Elmore on Thursday, and cited as reasons a "lack of clear deterrent value, high frequency of sentence reversal on appeal, and rising cost," The Bellingham Herald reported.

In 2014, Inslee announced a moratorium on executions in Washington state. Elmore is the first of Washington's death row inmates to exhaust his appeals.

Elmore killed his girlfriend's daughter, Kristy Ohnstad, in a van south of Bellingham in 1995. He raped her, choked her, drove a metal skewer through her skull, beat her and dumped her body in the woods.


White House On Defense After Being Exposed as Architect of Anti-Israel U.N. Action

Senior Obama administration officials are scrambling to provide explanations after multiple reports, including in the Washington Free Beacon, identified the White House as being a chief architect of a recent United Nations resolution condemning the state of Israel, according to conversations with multiple former and current U.S. officials.

On the heels of the hotly contested resolution, which condemned Israel for building homes in its capital, Jerusalem, senior Obama administration officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden, have been identified as leading the charge to ensure the anti-Israel measure won approval by the U.N. Security Council.

The administration’s denials of this charge broke down during the past several days as multiple reporters confirmed the Obama administration worked behind-the-scenes to help shape and forward the resolution.

The Free Beacon disclosed on Monday that Vice President Joe Biden phoned Ukraine’s president to ensure that country voted in favor of the resolution. While the White House issued multiple denials, further reports from Israel and Europe have confirmed a phone call between the leaders did in fact take place.

It also has come to light that Kerry held a meeting in December with senior Palestinian diplomat Saeb Erekat. Documents believed to have been leaked by Egypt confirm that Kerry and Erekat discussed forwarding the resolution, a charge that senior White House officials continue to deny.


Under Armour data shows what Marylanders ate the most of on Christmas

Marylanders enjoyed turkey, cake, cookies and more on Christmas, Under Armour Inc. data shows, but the sportswear maker also finds that the state's residents make time throughout the year to work off those extra calories.

Under Armour collected data through its MyFitnessPal application, which has more than 190 million users worldwide. The data found Maryland accounted for about 3 percent of the nearly 800 million workouts logged in the U.S. in 2016. Maryland also ranked among the top 10 states for most workouts logged.

Of the workouts logged in Maryland, 3.5 million were running and 3.1 million were walking. Users logged 2.6 million training workouts and 1.2 cycling workouts.

Under Armour did not disclose how many Marylanders use the MyFitnessPal app.


Queen of England: I Follow Christ, And 'Find in Him The Guiding Light' of My Life

Elizabeth II, who has ruled as the Queen of England and Supreme Governor of the Church of England for nearly 65 years, said in her Christmas message for 2016 that although Jesus Christ lived in obscurity for most of his life, "billions of people," including herself, "now follow his teaching and find in him the guiding light of their lives."

In her videotaped speech, released on Christmas Day, Queen Elizabeth said, "When people face a challenge, they sometimes talk about taking a deep breath to find courage or strength. In fact, the word ‘inspire’ literally means ‘to breathe in.' But even with the inspiration of others, it’s understandable that we sometimes think the world’s problems are so big that we can do little to help."

"On our own, we cannot end wars or wipe out injustice, but the cumulative impact of thousands of small acts of goodness can be bigger than we imagine," said the Queen.

"At Christmas, our attention is drawn to the birth of a baby some 2,000 years ago," she said. "It was the humblest of beginnings, and his parents, Joseph and Mary, did not think they were important."

"Jesus Christ lived obscurely for most of his life, and never travelled far," she said. "He was maligned and rejected by many, though he had done no wrong."

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Town Offering Free NYE Rides

OCEAN CITY — The Town of Ocean City’s Transportation Department will offer free bus service from 6 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 31 to 6 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 1.

On Dec. 31, bus services will run every 20 minutes from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and every 10 minutes from 6 p.m. until 4 a.m. on Jan. 1. Buses on New Year’s Day will also run every 20 minutes from 4 a.m. until 7 a.m., at which time they will resume a normal winter service schedule of every 40 minutes.

The Coastal Highway Bus Route goes from South Division Street at the station between Philadelphia and Baltimore avenues to the north-end station at 145th Street near the Delaware line with stops every two blocks. The bus only stops if customers are waiting or passengers chime in to exit the bus. All buses are heated, well lighted, clean and comfortable. Stay at your favorite restaurant or establishment, movie, private party or the celebration at Northside Park as long as you want. The bus will be at your closest stop within 20 minutes.


Dershowitz on Obama: 'He Hurt America So Badly'

Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz says that although he and many other liberal Democrats supported President Obama's domestic policies, Obama “will go down in history as one of the worst foreign policy presidents ever.”

“He will go down in history, President Obama, as one of the worst foreign policy presidents ever,” Dershowitz said during a Monday interview on Fox & Friends. “What he did to Syria, and what he was partly responsible for happening in Aleppo, creating a vacuum for Russia. …

Dershowitz was particularly upset with Obama for abstaining from a vote on a recent United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel for constructing settlements on land it has occupied since the 1967 Six-Day War.

In doing so, Dershowitz said, Obama “stabbed” the longtime U.S. ally “in the back”.

Obama “called me into the Oval Office before the election and he said to me: ‘Alan, I want your support. And I have to tell you, I will always have Israel’s back.’

“And he just stabbed them in the back," Dershowitz said.

Dershowitz also accused Obama of pulling a “bait and switch” by telling the American public “that ‘this is all about the settlements deep in the West Bank’.

“And yet he allowed his representatives to the UN to abstain (which is really [a vote] for) a resolution that says Jews can’t pray at the Western Wall, Jewish students can’t go to Hebrew University, Jewish and Arab patients can’t go to Hadassah Hospital, Jews can’t live in the Jewish quarter where they’ve lived for thousands of years,” he said.

“And he’s gonna say: ‘Whoops, I didn’t mean that.’ Well, read the resolution. You’re a lawyer. You went to Harvard Law School!” Dershowitz exclaimed.


Trump populism comes to Canada

Canada's answer to Donald Trump is a pediatric surgeon and former cabinet minister who, like the U.S. president-elect, is railing against immigration and political elites.

Kellie Leitch, 46, has vaulted to the front of the race to lead the opposition Conservative Party by pushing a hard-right "Canadian values" platform that taps into discontent over the sluggish economy and Canada's acceptance of 37,000 Syrian refugees.

Leitch is ahead of about a dozen candidates in the most recent opinion polls on the Conservative leadership election, scheduled to be held on May 27, 2017. The candidate chosen by party members will be their flag bearer for the October 2019 general election, against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberals.

"Elites pretend this isn't an issue, but Canadians want to talk about it (immigration)," Leitch said in an interview last week from her farmhouse in rural Ontario.

She has professed admiration for Trump's embrace of the ordinary voter, and acknowledged similarities in their agendas.

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Death Of Md. Man After Struggle With Police Ruled Accidental

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The death of a 21-year-old man after a violent encounter with Baltimore County police in September has been ruled accidental.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner determined that Tawon Boyd’s death was likely caused by drugs, according to a report in The Baltimore Sun.

“It is unlikely that restraint by law enforcement caused or significantly contributed to his death based on the reported circumstances and timeline of the restraint,” medical examiners wrote. “Since his death most likely followed from complications of intoxication with a drug (N-Ethylpentylone), the manner of death is best certified as accident.


County Offices New Year’s Holiday

Salisbury, MD … All County offices will be closed Monday, January 2, 2017 in observance of the holiday.

Berlin Prepping For New Year’s Eve Celebration

BERLIN – With a countdown clock and a ball drop, Berlin will feel a bit like Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

For the seventh year in a row, Berlin will host a New Year’s Eve ball drop to ring in the new year. Outdoor bars, food vendors and festivities will bring an air of excitement to downtown Berlin.

“We’ll provide the entertainment,” said Ivy Wells, the town’s economic development director. “All you have to do is come on down.”

The celebration, which runs from 10 p.m. to 12:30 a.m., has become a popular event in the historic town. Wells expects thousands to attend.


New Study Blows the LID Off of ‘Black Lives Matter’ Narrative

The Black Lives Matter movement claims to have been started to combat police brutality. But it quickly became violent and advocated for the murders of police officers… and around the country, officers have become targeted in ambush-style attacks. In addition to the violence, millions of dollars in property damage has been caused, all in the name of Black Lives Matter, who claim that racist cops shoot black men for no reason. But a new study blows a huge hole in that claim.

It turns out, black officers are more likely to shoot black suspects than white officers are.

The study examined 2,699 fatal police killings between 2013 and 2015, and white officers are not more likely to kill their black suspects. “When either the violent crime rate or the demographics of a city are accounted for, we find that white police officers are not significantly more likely to kill a black suspect,” said John R. Lott Jr. and Carlisle E. Moody, of the Crime Prevention Research Center, the co-authors of the study.


Grandma grabs shotgun to protect 8 grandchildren

The only thing a Midwest City grandmother was concerned about on Christmas Eve was protecting her eight grandchildren from an armed intruder.

"All the time I was thinking, 'If he points at one of my grandkids to shoot them, I'm going to jump in front of the bullet if I can,'" Sherione Johnson said.

William Jefferson broke into Johnson's Midwest City home and was set on taking her vehicle, which was parked in her driveway that morning. She was cooking Christmas Eve dinner when the suspect came in and asked where the keys were.

"He said, 'You going to be first,' pointing at me," Johnson said. "Then he said, 'Then you, you, you."


Why The Democrats Haven’t Changed A Bit Since The Days Of Slavery

Democrats want us to think that they’ve gone from hardcore slave drivers fighting for their right to own another human being to these kind, caring, open-minded liberals who wouldn’t even sneeze in a black person’s direction without permission.

The truth is that nothing has changed.

This meme proves that their desires have remained unchanged since the days of slavery. In fact, it’s gone national. Regardless of skin color, Democrats want you to be a slave to the government.



During the night, Dfc. Warren Scott Hogan incurred a few issues causing some concern, however we’ve just been advised that his current condition has improved and now listed as serious. As Dr. Scalia said during the yesterday’s press conference Hogan suffered a devastating injury and faces additional surgeries and a long recovery period.

We have also been contacted by numerous persons on how they could help Scott and his family. In addition to prayers, for those who are interested the QAC FOP Lodge #108 of which Scott is a member has started a “GoFundMe” account at to aid the Hogan family.

What Has Led To Campground Popularity Trend?

BERLIN – The people.

That, Alan and Judi Jefferson say, is what got them hooked on camping. These days they’re regulars at campgrounds like Frontier Town and Tom’s Cove.

“Camping people are the friendliest people on earth,” Judi Jefferson said. “I may not know their names but they know us by our dog and the site we always camp.”

As plans for campgrounds at both the Bay Club and the former Pine Shore Golf course have surfaced in recent weeks, local residents have voiced numerous concerns over the projects. While they’re thinking about traffic impact and environmental damage, what many are not considering is why campgrounds like those at Castaways and Frontier Town are so popular. According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), 2016 marks the eighth consecutive year of growth for the RV industry. The organization reports that nationwide the industry has an economic impact of $50 billion and contributes close to $6 billion in taxes. But just what draws people to motorhomes?


Clearance Sale

The Newspapers Bully Senator Jeff Sessions

When Congress returns in January, the Democrats will be gunning for several of President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet nominees. The left has already launched negative narratives on several, especially Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, Trump's pick for attorney general. Not only are the left-wing news media giving oxygen to these vitriolic attacks but in some cases they are the very authors.

On the front page on Christmas Day, both the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post published "profile" stories on Sessions obsessing over racial matters. The Times headline promised an exploration of his "thorny history on race."

Times reporter Del Quentin Wilber set the stage, saying: "As a boy, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III began each day before dawn, boarding a segregated bus to his all-white school. En route he and his classmates passed the bus ferrying black students in the opposite direction. The day ended when he sat down to dinner each night with his father, an avowed segregationist."

And just like that, Sessions has a racist past.

Wilber admitted, "By all accounts, Sessions has enjoyed lifelong friendships with African Americans, is respected by former black employees and has even earned recent praise from a top black state legislator." But even so — he just couldn't leave it there..

More here

Obama Trump Debate

New Rule Uses Social Security Records to Block Second Amendment Rights

The Social Security Administration, or SSA, issued a new rule that will block certain Social Security beneficiaries from buying guns. The new policy will classify these beneficiaries as “mental defectives” receiving disability insurance or Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, benefits. This new policy is in-line with the White House’s promise to deliver new gun control policies through executive action.

The rule was proposed back in May of this year and will take effect on Jan. 18, 2017. The controversial new policy is part of the White House’s Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence and Make Our Communities Safer plan.

“On Monday, Barack Obama’s SSA issued the final version of a rule that will doom tens of thousands of law-abiding (and vulnerable) disability insurance and SSI recipients to a loss of Second Amendment rights under the guise of re-characterizing them as ‘mental defectives,'” explains the NRA-ILA. “The SSA, for the first time in its history, will be coopted into the federal government’s gun control apparatus, effectively requiring Social Security applicants to weigh their need for benefits against their fundamental rights when applying for assistance based on mental health problems.”

“The Social Security rule is the final version of a proposal that we reported on earlier this year,” reads the statement. “Public outcry against the proposed rule was fierce, and the comment period drew over 91,000 responses, the vast majority of them opposing the plan.”


Report: Property values rise in Maryland

For the fourth year in a row, property values rose in Maryland. While they are still not back to what they were before the housing crash, realtors said things are certainly moving in the right direction.

A new report from the Department of Assessments and Taxation shows some homes have gone up in value, signifying what some are calling a continued rebound in the market.

"I have to say that 2016 caught me by surprise, that it was a fantastic year," said Ashley Richardson, a Baltimore-area realtor.

Richardson said it comes as no surprise that home values have increased all over the state, but warned with higher values, come higher consequences.


Eleven Great Thomas Sowell Quotes

Legendary economist, author, and social theorist Dr. Thomas Sowell submitted his final column Tuesday after 25 years in syndication.

“Even the best things come to an end. After enjoying a quarter of a century of writing this column for Creators Syndicate, I have decided to stop. Age 86 is well past the usual retirement age, so the question is not why I am quitting, but why I kept at it so long,” Dr. Sowell wrote.

For more than fifty years, Dr. Sowell has published books and journals on race, economics, cultures around the world, and government policy. He has inspired generations of conservative activists with his humor and ability to condense complex matters into relatable lessons.

A self-proclaimed Marxist in his twenties, Sowell served in the United States Marine Corps. (during the Korean War). He earned his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, his masters from Columbia University, and his Ph.D from the University of Chicago. It was at the University of Chicago, under the tutelage of Milton Friedman, and after his short stint as an economic analyst at the U.S. Department of Labor, where Dr. Sowell lost faith in government institutions’ ability to effectuate positive outcomes in society.

Dr. Sowell has taught economics at Cornell University and UCLA and has been a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University since 1980.

Dr. Sowell’s books, columns, and photography can be found at his website Below are a handful of the most influential quotes from America’s great living philosopher.

1. The Welfare State:

He Set Up A Booby-Trapped Box For Revenge On Package Thief, Then Records As She Runs Up To Porch [VIDEO]

Mail delivery is a blessing. It has completely changed the world and how we spend out time. No need to go Christmas shopping anymore, just hop on the computer, go to Amazon, order the gift you’re looking for and BOOM! It’s right there at your front door. Sometimes, it can even be there the very same day your ordered it…

But that doesn’t mean that you are safe from thieves that stake out homes looking for packages to steal from porches. In fact, here is one guy that got so furious over his packages being stolen right off his front porch, that he actually set a shotgun shell surprise for the next low-life that tried to steal his property — and he made sure to catch it all on film for the police to review.

Jaireme Barrow took a fake package he had made and set it with a blank 12-gauge shell so that if a thief tried to run off with his package, he or she would be met with a load POP!

Just as he planned, it didn’t take long for a woman to be caught heading up to the door and picking up Barrow’s package — but before she could make good on her thievery, a loud BANG came out of nowhere!


Why The New York Times’ Resolution For More Accurate Reporting Is Doomed

The problem with these mea culpas and modified, limited hang-outs is that anyone familiar with the history of The New York Times has seen this movie before.

The election of Donald Trump supposedly shocked the leadership of The New York Times into self-reflection, if not an outright reassessment of the way it reports on America and its politics. This resolve is already melting away, if the early results are any sign.

Noting the “unexpected” election result, the NYT’s publisher, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., and its executive editor, Dean Baquet, wrote to readers that they would: “rededicate [them]selves to the fundamental mission of Times journalism. That is to report America and the world honestly, without fear or favor, striving always to understand and reflect all political perspectives and life experiences in the stories that we bring to you.”

As New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin observed, “Had the paper actually been fair to both candidates, it wouldn’t need to rededicate itself to honest reporting.” This, perhaps, is why Baquet went further in an interview with NYT media reporter Jim Rutenberg: “If I have a mea culpa for journalists and journalism, it’s that we’ve got to do a much better job of being on the road, out in the country, talking to different kinds of people than the people we talk to — especially if you happen to be a New York-based news organization — and remind ourselves that New York is not the real world.”

Moreover, the paper’s public editor, Liz Spayd, reported on the “searing” level of reader dissatisfaction with the NYT’s election coverage. She wished “someone from the newsroom was on the line with [her], especially to hear how many of the more liberal voters wanted more balanced coverage.”

BOOM: Trump Publicly DESTROYS Obama for Taking Shots at Him

Right now, the Obama administration is supposed to be facilitating a smooth transition to the Trump administration. And for a while, it seemed like it might go well — Obama and Trump met in the White House, had an amicable meeting and both spoke about the need for a smooth and easy transition. But Obama was quick to go back on his word — and Trump is firing back.

Obama began criticizing Trump, but when he bragged in his exit interview about how he could have run for a third term and beaten Trump, Trump had enough. He quickly responded on Twitter:

Leaving aside that Trump decided to retaliate with the insult of choice from a third-grader in 1992, he has a point. Obama is not behaving in a professional or appropriate manner. George W. Bush was silent about Obama, rarely speaking about his policies or his presidency. Obama really should channel Bush here, because no one likes a bitter, petty loudmouth who can’t give up his time in the spotlight.

WCSO Press Release Dec. 30, 2016

Incident: Driving While Impaired

Date of Incident: 30 December 2016

Location: Route 13 and Pollitt Dr, Fruitland, MD

Suspect: James, M. Winn, 24, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 30 December 2016 at 226 AM, a Deputy was patrolling on Rt 13 in the area of Pollitt Dr. The Deputy observed a vehicle commit numerous traffic violations. The Deputy stopped the vehicle and identified the driver as James Winn. Winn, who advised that he had been drinking, failed field sobriety tests. After the investigation, Winn was arrested and cited with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and other citations. Winn was later released. 

Charges: Driving under the influence, Driving while impaired, Failure to obey traffic control device, Exceeding maximum speed, Negligent driving

US Government Attacks Drudge Report?

A tweet from conservative media icon Matt Drudge's verified Twitter account Thursday night appeared to accuse the government of interfering with his website,, just hours after the Barack Obama administration announced new sanctions against Russia over election hacking.

"Is the US government attacking DRUDGE REPORT? Biggest DDoS since site's inception. VERY suspicious routing [and timing]," the tweet to Drudge's 457,000 followers read. There were no other tweets from the account at the time.

A large-scale distributed denial of service attack, or DDoS, can cause major Internet disruptions. In the past, such attacks have shut down major websites such as Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Tumblr, and Reddit. The attack sends a server many illegitimate requests to make it hard for real requests to get through, effectively shutting down the site.

Drudge Report was down briefly around 7 p.m. EST, but working hours later. The top headline read: "MOSCOW MOCKS OBAMA 'LAME DUCK'" Meanwhile, the conservative Washington Times wrote: "Matt Drudge suggests U.S. government cyberattack on Drudge Report website. DDoS attack comes same day Obama announced countermeasures against Russia for hacking of Democrats."


OC: Five face charges in sexual assault

After an investigation that carried into the fall, the Ocean City Police Department has released details of a Memorial Day weekend sexual assault that involved five men attacking a 17-year-old girl in a midtown hotel room.

Charges were filed for the suspects in late November.

The investigation began after June 14, when a Worcester County Sheriff’s deputy arrested Erick Humberto Ramirez, 20, of Silver Spring, Maryland on drug charges and police confiscated his cell phone.

On it, deputies found a number of video recordings showing five men, including Ramirez, assaulting an unconscious girl.

Detectives were able to identify Ronaldo Emmanuel Ramirez, 19, and Elmer Enrique Casco-Hernandez, 20 of Silver Spring and Kevin Jonathan Caceres, 20 and Anthony Benjamin Alvarenga, 20, of Rockville, Maryland as the four men in the video.

The videos show the suspects undressing the victim and assaulting her. Other clips show Ronaldo Ramirez allegedly raping the girl.


More US troops commit suicide than die in combat in the war on ISIS

Suicide, not combat, is the leading cause of death of soldiers deployed to the Middle East to fight ISIS.

Of the 31 troops who have died since December 27, 2014 when the campaign began, 11 were suicides, reports USA Today. Eight died in combat.

The other deaths were a result of accidents, illness or injury and, one case is being investigated.

Combat fatalities as a result of direct contact with ISIS have been limited, according to the outlet, thanks to airstrikes and drones that have killed 50,000 ISIS fighters.


Professor Who Attacked Ivanka on Flight Gets BAD NEWS! [VIDEO]

You really don’t want to piss millennials off. The asshat professor who confronted Ivanka Trump with his attorney husband on a JetBlue flight is finding that out the hard way. Right Wing Millennials have started a petition to have him fired from his job at Hunter College where he teaches urban studies. Over 5,000 people have signed the petition that states he is not of fit character to be teaching young people. I would have to wholeheartedly agree with that premise… twice.

There is simply no excuse for what Matthew Lasner and Dan Goldstein did to Ivanka and her children last week, and one of them was carrying their child as they did it. The men were escorted off the plane and put on the next available flight. Goldstein told Ivanka her father was ‘ruining the country’ and demanded to know why she was not flying private. She was taking an interim flight with family members to get on a private flight bound for Hawaii to celebrate the holidays. Lasner, later tweeted: ‘My husband expressed his displeasure in a calm tone, JetBlue staff overheard, and they kicked us off’. However one hour before that he wrote on Twitter: ‘Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial. My husband chasing them down to harass them’. They are liars and bullies, plain and simple.


Obama Drops 502 Refugees on Nebraska in Final Weeks Before President Trump

President Barack Obama’s deputies have dropped 502 additional refugees into Nebraska during the first three months of FY 2017, according to the Department of State.

The refugee resettlement rate for FY 2017 to date is significantly higher in Nebraska than it has been during any other year in the more three decades the state has participated in the federal refugee resettlement program.

The highest previous annual resettlement of refugees in the state since FY 2003 occurred in FY 2016, when 1,441 refugees were resettled. The highest previous annual resettlement of refugees in the state since FY 2003 occurred in FY 2016, when 1,441 refugees were resettled.


Police use of Tasers down in Maryland, up in Baltimore

The small girl waving the large butcher's knife was terrifying her mother.

But Radiance Pittman's terror quickly turned to panic when her bipolar 14-year-old daughter — still dressed in her school uniform — stopped threatening to cut herself and started threatening the police officers who had cornered her in the kitchen of her Baltimore home.

So when the sudden crack and pulsing buzz of a Taser erupted in the crowded kitchen and sent two electrified darts at the girl, Pittman instinctively screamed, "Nooo!"

She believed the officers she had called to help the distraught teen had shot her instead.


Governor Larry Hogan Appoints Robbyn Lewis to Maryland House of Delegates

Lewis to Represent District 46, Baltimore City

Governor Larry Hogan today announced the appointment of Robbyn Lewis to the Maryland General Assembly. The governor appointed Lewis to the House of Delegates following the recommendation of the Baltimore City Democratic Central Committee. Lewis will replace Delegate Pete Hammen, who has accepted an appointment by Mayor Catherine Pugh as the chief of operations for Baltimore City.

“I am confident that Ms. Lewis is prepared to use her experiences and expertise to be a strong advocate for her constituents in the House of Delegates,” said Governor Hogan. “I offer her my sincere congratulations and look forward to working with her this session to change Maryland for the better.”

Lewis will represent District 46, serving Baltimore City. She is currently a special assistant to the Maryland Health Exchange and is the principal and founder of Sustainable City Solutions, Ltd., an advocacy group that provides technical expertise on public health, land use, and environmental sustainability issues. She has previously served as a consultant for the Maryland Environmental Health Network and the Baltimore Tree Trust, as well as the chair of the Greening Committee for the Patterson Park Neighborhood Association.

Ocean Pines House Fire Leads to Investigation

The Worcester County Fire Marshal’s Office this week is investigating a fire which was reported in Ocean Pines.

The Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department was alerted to a report of the fire at approximately 6:30 pm, Wednesday, Dec. 21, in the 1300 block of Ocean Parkway. Upon the arrival of the fire department the blaze was extinguished. Fire damage was reported in a bedroom and smoke damage was reported throughout the house, according to fire authorities.

No injuries were reported. The house was owned and occupied by Christian Anthony. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Deputy Fire Marshals Christopher Vieira or Robert Korb at (410) 632-5666 or .

The Office of the State Fire Marshal is an agency of the Maryland Department of State Police. They are responsible for statewide fire, arson, and explosive investigations, enforcement of the State Fire Prevention Code, coordination of fire prevention efforts, and the collection of fire incident data.

Obama Organizing HUGE “Muslim” Surprise For Trump Once He Enters White House

Just as expected, Obama is flooding the US with as many Islamic refugees as he can get brought in here before he leaves. It’s meant to flip Donald Trump off as he enters the White House. So far, the number is double what it was this time last year. It should be zero as far as I’m concerned. We should put a moratorium on refugees until a system is in place that can adequately vet and track them.

As of late December, the Obama administration has reportedly been authorized to resettle only 85,000 refugees, despite having asked Congress to set aside enough money for an additional 25,000. I expect that Trump will at least partially stop the flow of these planned for refugees, if not halt them altogether. Jeff Sessions would put a stop to it and so would a number of others on Trump’s team. Obama hopes to deliver a huge Muslim refugee surprise to Trump when he enters the White House… but it may be the Muslim refugees and Obama that get a surprise instead.


California Democrats legalize child prostitution

Beginning on Jan. 1, prostitution by minors will be legal in California. Yes, you read that right.

SB 1322 bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution, or loitering with the intent to do so. So teenage girls (and boys) in California will soon be free to have sex in exchange for money without fear of arrest or prosecution.

This terribly destructive legislation was written and passed by the progressive Democrats who control California's state government with a two-thirds "supermajority." To their credit, they are sincere in their belief that decriminalizing underage prostitution is good public policy that will help victims of sex trafficking. Unfortunately, the reality is that the legalization of underage prostitution suffers from the fatal defect endemic to progressive-left policymaking: it ignores experience, common sense and most of all human nature — especially its darker side.

The unintended but predictable consequence of how the real villains — pimps and other traffickers in human misery — will respond to this new law isn't difficult to foresee. Pimping and pandering will still be against the law whether it involves running adult women or young girls. But legalizing child prostitution will only incentivize the increased exploitation of underage girls. Immunity from arrest means law enforcement can't interfere with minors engaging in prostitution — which translates into bigger and better cash flow for the pimps. Simply put, more time on the street and less time in jail means more money for pimps, and more victims for them to exploit.


Trump Just Put The FEAR Of God In “Sanctuary Cities” – They’re Left With ONE Choice

President-elect Donald Trump has made it clear that he will be going after sanctuary cities after his inauguration and he’s not playing around.

In fact, one “sanctuary county” has already started going after illegals because it was so terrified of Trump’s threat to strip their federal funding.

Suffolk County, New York has not detained any individual wanted by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement for two years, according to Long Island Business News. This will change under Sheriff Vincent DeMarco, who will not require a warrant to turn wanted individuals over to ICE officials.

“I do believe this is good public policy because it focuses on criminals,” DeMarco said, according to Breitbart. “We’re talking about people who entered the country illegally and have committed crimes and have been convicted of crimes.”

The new regulations will place a 48-hour detainer on all inmates wanted by ICE.

“I opposed open-ended detainer requests because, among other things, they placed an enormous burden on local government to spend millions on incarceration to cover unfunded mandates,” Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone told Newsday. “However, Suffolk County works closely with federal law enforcement, and a limited, 48-hour detainer represents a step in the right direction.”


Report: Kellyanne Conway Struggling To Find Private School In D.C. For Her Children

Kellyanne Conway is struggling to find a private school in Washington that will let her children in, a new report claims.

According to Page Six, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager — who is a mother of four — “is worried that establishment elites are so prejudiced against President-elect Trump that she won’t be able to get her kids into private school.”

Conway is reportedly asking “everyone with connections to DC schools” for help.

“I would not characterize myself as ‘worried’ so much as amused by the silence and sighs on the other end of the phone when friends and allies have made preliminary inquiries on our behalf,” Conway told Page Six Wednesday. “For some, there is a comfort in sameness.”


White House bars Russian diplomats from Md. riverfront compound

CENTREVILLE, Md. (AP) — Russian Federation diplomats will no longer have access to the swanky riverfront compound on Maryland’s Eastern Shore where they played tennis, went sailing and enjoyed respite from the nation’s capital.

As part of the move to punish Russia for its role in hacking the Democratic National Committee and influencing a United States election, President Barack Obama on Thursday announced sanctions that include shuttering the compound.

The 45-acre retreat was purchased by the former Soviet Union in 1972 and is situated on the banks of the Corsica River. Russians will be denied access to the compound beginning at noon Friday.


Gay Schoolteacher, Partner Accused of Sexually Abusing 8 Boys Kill Themselves

An elementary schoolteacher and his partner engaged in ongoing sexual contact with eight underage boys over several years and then killed themselves when discovered, according to documents released by police in South St. Paul Minnesota Tuesday.

South St. Paul police have wrapped up their four-month investigation into 4th-grade teacher Aric Babbitt and Matthew Deyo last week, filing a redacted 134-page case report detailing illegal sexual activity including “anal sexual intercourse” between the two men and a number of schoolboys.

Police were tipped off by a 16-year-old boy and his parents who reported “an ongoing sexual relationship” with Babbitt and Deyo. The boy told police that Babbitt had been his former elementary school teacher, and that Babbitt had agreed to mentor him when he came out as gay to his family. He said that Babbitt gave him gifts of underwear and yoga shorts and also requested photos of him, before moving on to sexual activity.

After obtaining a search warrant regarding criminal sexual conduct and possession of child pornography for Babbitt and Deyo’s residence, police searched the house and confiscated several computers, phones, tablets, cameras, and hard drives.


Mainstream Media BUSTED In LIE About Japanese Pearl Harbor Visit – It’s Disgusting

Liberals seem to be genuinely concerned about “fake news” when it comes from small conservative-run blogs, but what about the blatant lies that come from “trusted” sources like those in the mainstream media?

The silence is deafening.

The Wall Street Journal did a Q&A piece regarding President Obama’s disgraceful visit to Pearl Harbor with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The Federalist Papers Project reported on the disgusting misrepresentation of reality and it will leave you shaking your head and wondering who you can really trust. They covered the first question answered, regarding whether Abe was the first Japanese leader to visit Pearl Harbor since the deadly attack in 1941.

According to the WSJ coverage, Abe was the first Prime Minister to visit Pearl Harbor with a United States President and visit the USS Arizona memorial, which commemorated the American sailors and Marines killed in the Japanese attack.

The next question asked, “was there some confusion about that,” to which WSJ explained that Japanese officials mistakenly put forward Abe’s trip as a first for a sitting Japanese leader since WWII.

Not long after, media reports came to the fore from the 1950s which showed that, in fact, three Japanese prime ministers made visits to Pearl Harbor during that decade, including Prime ministers Shigeru Yoshida, Ichiro Hatoyama, and Nobusuke Kish, Abe’s grandfather.

WSJ reported about what the Japanese prime ministers did during their visits:


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As we have traditionally done over the many years we have been here we will deliver our 13th annual New Years Day Post. 

Leaked Document Shows Americans Who REALLY Is Behind Cowardice Israel SNUB

After eight years I do not think that anyone is surprised that our nation’s relationship with Israel is not the best it has been in a while. In fact, there has been a real struggle there in recent times. And the reason for these strained relations can ultimately be be brought back to our current president, Barack H. Obama. He has definitely changed the dynamics of the relationship between America and the Middle East.

The situation in the Middle East is complex and dangerous. I don’t pretend to understand its complexities or have a solution for the struggles there, but I can not understand why Israel has been treated the way it has in the past eight years.

From The Daily Caller:

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry allegedly gave a Palestinian delegation his word that the U.S. would not impose a veto prior to the passing of a UN resolution against Israeli settlements, a “leaked transcript” claims.

Kerry, along with White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice, reportedly told the Palestinians Dec. 12 that they wouldn’t veto the resolution as long as its wording was balanced, Egyptian news site Al-Youm Al-Sabaa reports, according to Haartez.

The report cites a “leaked transcript” from the meetings composed by the Palestinian delegation. The U.S. Department of State denies the existence of such a document. Chief Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat described the transcripts as “fabrications” when he commented on the alleged leak Wednesday.

Just a few more days and we will have a new president. It is definitely going to be an interesting four years. But maybe it will be an improvement? After the conversation on Twitter between Trump and Netanyahu I have high hopes.


Obama Helps Put 3 Christian Holy Sites Under Muslim Command- In Under 3 Days

When Obama became President for the first time 8 years ago we knew it would be bad, when he became President again in round 2 we knew things were only going to get WORSE.

However, now that it’s nearing the very end of his time in the White House and as Commander-in-chief he’s REALLY acting out and isn’t even TRYING to hide his wicked intentions now. I don’t doubt that there are some of us that didn’t see it coming this far. We knew he was evil…but may not have realized it would come to this extent.

Last Friday Obama and his lame duck administration sat idly by as as the UN Security Council pulled the rug out from under Jews, Christians and those that support them, and left them flat on their faces to eat dirt.

They did this through ‘Resolution 2334’ granting control of Jewish and Christian holy sites to Palestinians. Of these Palestinians, 80% are Muslim.

Yes, that’s right. Obama cleared the path for Muslims to take over and command Jewish and Christian holy sites…

I’ll give you a moment to digest that…


Thank God Its Friday 12-30-16

What will you be doing this weekend?

Obama administration announces controversial Utah and Nevada national monuments

The Obama administration designated 1.6 million acres of Utah and Nevada as national monuments Wednesday, including one controversial area of Utah that is rankling congressional Republicans.

The White House announced the 1.35 million-acre Bear Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah and the 300,000-acre Gold Butte National Monument just outside of Las Vegas. The two desert monuments have long been discussed as possible monument designations, and President Obama said it was time to protect important Native American spaces and natural wonders.

He said the areas contain cultural artifacts, including rock art and archeological sites, and lands that Native Americans consider sacred.

"Today's actions will help protect this cultural legacy and will ensure that future generations are able to enjoy and appreciate these scenic and historic landscapes," Obama said.


Blood Banks Face Shortages, New Screening Rules

There's typically a shortage of both blood and platelets during the holiday season. But, tighter testing for a rare complication of transfusions makes the need for platelets even more urgent, experts at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas say.

Platelets are a component of blood that are essential for clotting.

The complication, called transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI), is the leading cause of death due to transfusions, the experts said.

"One reason the supply of blood platelets has decreased is that we now have additional required testing of platelets after donation," said Dr. Thomas Froehlich, medical director at the Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Blood and platelet shortages are traditionally common during the holidays. The shortages put cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, trauma victims and people with health issues that require routine transfusions at risk.

If you would like to donate blood, contact a blood center in your area for information.


Coffee vs. Tea: Is One Better for Your Health?

A hot cup of coffee can perk you up in the morning. A soothing cup of tea can help you relax after a stressful day. And the latest research about the health benefits of each might help you feel a little better about them, whichever beverage you drink.

After years of studies that seemed to swing between dire warnings and cheery promises about what our favorite caffeinated beverages do and don’t do, much of the recent science regarding coffee and tea is generally positive.

The WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer recently took coffee off its list of suspected carcinogens, and some research suggests it could help keep colon cancer from coming back after treatment. Other studies suggest drinking coffee might stave off Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Various studies have pointed to tea drinkers having lower odds of skin,breast, and prostate cancers. Researchers are still trying to pinpoint the exact ways that happens. But tea, particularly green tea, is rich in compounds like antioxidants, which can limit cell damage and boost theimmune system; and polyphenols, which have been shown to lowerblood pressure and cholesterol. It also may help stave off Alzheimer's disease through a polyphenol known as EGCG, which prevents the formation of plaques that are linked to that brain-damaging illness.

Is one better for you than the other?


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Police: Suspect Dead After Targeting Armed Gun Store Owner

An armed, Mableton, Georgia, gun store owner shot and killed one of two suspects who allegedly ordered him to the floor Monday morning during a burglary gone wrong.

The incident occurred at Dixie Gun and Pawn just as the store was opening for the day.
Store owner shoots, kills one of two armed robbers who entered Cobb County Gun and Pawn shop. @wsbtv

According to Action News 5, store owner Jimmy Groover said that “two men wearing masks came in with guns drawn, demanding that he get on the floor, while shouting they were going to kill him.” But Groover was wearing a handgun on his hip, and according to Fox 13 Memphis, “Police said [Groover] pulled out his gun and fired, hitting one of the gunmen.”