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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Maryland COVID-19 Data 5-17-2020

COVID-19 Statistics in Maryland

Number of confirmed cases : 38,804
Number of negative test results : 156,122
Number of confirmed deaths : 1,876
Number of probable deaths : 116
Currently hospitalized : 1,460
Acute care : 898
Intensive care : 562
Ever hospitalized : 6,993
Released from isolation : 2,816
Cases and Deaths Data Breakdown:
Parenthesis = Confirmed death, laboratory-confirmed positive COVID-19 test result 
Asterisk = Probable death, death certificate lists COVID-19 as the cause of death but not yet confirmed by a laboratory test
NH = Non-Hispanic
By County
Anne Arundel2,856(134)8*
Baltimore City3,798(195)8*
Baltimore County4,624(232)18*


Prince George's11,316(408)21*
Queen Anne's125(10)
St. Mary's313(11)

Data not available
By Age Range and Gender


Data not available
By Race and Ethnicity
African-American (NH)12,052(777)39*
Asian (NH)752(67)5*
White (NH)8,058(779)56*
Other (NH)1,852(23)2*
Data not available7,183(76)7*


More to come.

If This Is The Truth, I Give Up!!!!!

This Governor Hogan is a mental nut case and is a part of the left wing agenda to destroy America as we knew it. 

Retirement Money

Has any retired person out there gotten their $1,200.00 check yet.

Wicomico County Ready To Open Outdoor Seating For Bars/Restaurants

Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver said this morning the County is ready for bars and restaurants to reopen with at least outdoor seating. He hopes Mayor Day will work with the County to move forward in this direction and he also stated he's looking forward to stage II to open indoor seating in the near future with restrictions, of course. The County will hold meetings today with the liquor board to make sure they're on board as well. 

As for Worcester County, they too have plans on multiple meetings this morning to develop their plans to move forward. What I can tell you is that there are many bars/restaurants preparing to do exactly what I attempted to do last weekend and create outdoor seating off their designated liquor license plat. Of course we would have social distancing to create a safe and healthy environment. 

I will create a new post hopefully today updating all of you as to what becomes of these meetings today. Enjoy this beautiful day. 

My Message To Governor Hogan & Elected Representatives

Mary Beth Carozza We are pushing for outdoor seating and other outdoor commercial activities! Local decisions!

PUSHING is one thing but let me assure you, the county has put up every possible road block to make damn sure we can't open and I'm talking about EVERYONE! I have the perfect situation for outdoor seating and now they want planning and zoning involved, fire marshal, health department, you name it and guess what, some of those departments haven't met since January. We all chose to give this TWO MORE WEEKS, that's it. We are ALL going to lawyer up together as one and fight this BS. ADULTS have the right to choose what they can and can't do. This virus is a load of crap. There are far less deaths in the United States the first FOUR MONTHS of this year then there have been in the past FOUR YEARS and I'll add there's FIVE MILLION more people! Yeah, something your mainstream media is HIDING! Enough is enough of this crap. I am a proud CONSERVATIVE and I want to GO BACK TO WORK and EARN my keep! I do NOT want my government supporting me NOR do I want them CONTROLLING me. TWO WEEKS GOVERNOR HOGAN!!!!!

Chinese CBS Reporter Drops Face Mask, SCREAMS at Trump for Telling Her to ‘Ask China’ About the Coronavirus

Doubtlessly implying some kind of racist motive, Weijia Jiang dropped her face mask and screamed at President Trump this afternoon in the White House Rose Garden, forcing an early ending to the press event.

Towards the end of the presser – the first in a week – President Trump called on CBS’s Weijia Jiang who asked the President why he was treating coronavirus testing as a competition between countries.

The President had never implied it was a competition, but had repeatedly put the U.S.’s number one in testing status into context with other countries.

Nevertheless, Jiang – the same reporter who alleged a White House staffer used the phrase “Kung Flu” but quickly went silent when she was asked to reveal who – attempted to excoriate him and the White House Task Force for daring to place the U.S. at #1.

“Why is this a global competition to you when Americans are losing their lives every day?” asked Jiang.

POTUS rebuked her: “Maybe that’s a question you should ask China,” he began to reply.

“Why are you saying that to me, specifically?” she cried, to which the President responded: “I’m saying it to anybody who would ask a nasty question like that.”

At that moment the President tries to move on, only to be told by CNN’s Kaitlin Collins that she too was waiting for Trump to answer to Jiang’s outburst.

At this point Jiang dropped her face mask and began shouting across the lawn in the President’s direction.

More here

"It's Time!"

To All Of Our Valued Customers At Caribbean Joe's

We'd like to apologize to our loyal customers for the confusion yesterday.

We were pro active ahead of time and submitted for the approvals in which we were told were legal and compliant as we did not want to break or violate any laws.

It was our understanding that the bar/restaurant could not open but we could sell carry out and give our customers the option to take their food and beverages to go or we could provide picnic tables outside of the licensed area giving them an option to sit or leave. No different than buying food on the boardwalk and sitting down on a bench to eat it.

We were pretty proud of ourselves as we had hoped to set a positive example first and foremost, creating a safe environment while providing food and beverages in a healthy social distance way.

We provided picnic tables 12 to 15 feet apart so you could take in some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine and take out products if you so choose. We even had a local musician donate his time to play acoustic guitar for free, 15 to 20 feet away from any tables as he too was just excited to get out and finally play. Our staff was wearing gloves and masks and we provided hand sanitizer for our customers protection and convenience.

To our surprise it had come to our attention just moments before opening yesterday we received a phone call, (which we greatly appreciate) there was some confusion that we were being viewed at the a state level that we were about to violate Governor Hogan's Executive Order in which we never intended to do.

With all of the confusion we volunteered to pause until there was a clear direction of how we can all provide services in a healthy environment, practicing and following all of the recommendations by the governor.

We commend the Governor for his leadership and understand that it has to be an extremely difficult decision in his hands. Proceeding in any direction is going to have consequences good and bad either way.

We are all in a catch 22 situation. If we open up too soon and don't practice social distances we are increasing our risk of exposure and at the same time if we don't open up all of the businesses and employees are going to suffer and go broke.

I want to thank the Worcester County Liquor Board, Health Department and States Attorney's Office for being flexible working with businesses and community trying to find a balance accomplishing both legal safe policies while also attempting to open up our lives moving forward in the healthiest way possible.

We are encouraged and look forward to Governor Hogan's update on Phase 1 this Friday and hope it will include inside and outside seating for restaurants.

Stay Strong, Stay Safe and Stay Positive.

A Viewer Writes: Concerned Teacher in Wicomico County

This is the second year our county has hired a person to give professional development to us in writing. Most of us felt we learned alot the first year. We found Ms. Curran to be rather political with a tendency to be rude but we were learning about writing so we kept our focus on writing since we care about our students and want to learn. This year we saw the consultant teach writing mini lessons again just like she did the first year. There was nothing new. Exactly the same I guess one difference was at one point she wanted us to teach the mini lessons for her instead of her teaching them for us. I am not personally intimidated in teaching in front of my peers but I know many teachers were. We did feel that we were already doing this with our reading coaches during the coach cycles. Doctor Hall told us it would be good for us to get out of our comfort zones which I think we all agree is good but we do wonder what Ms. Curran is being paid to come watch us teach for her. She even came and watched many of us teach for what they called walk throughs. Is this the best use of funds to pay her to come into our classrooms for ten minutes then move to other classrooms? Is she our supervisor? Again we are doing this with our coaches and we are observed by our administration. Those that had walk throughs have said they received no feedback. We are trying to understand the point.

Teachers talk. We talk across schools and across counties. Many of us are concerned but we can't complete evaluations honestly because we are usually in small groups during sessions so we feel obligated to give positive feedback. I have tried to complete them honestly but many fear they will be looked down on if they do. We have heard complaints that this particular consultant makes sexist comments in front of students against men. Personally, I have taken offense to these comments. I found them to be unprofessional. Admittedly, I have not heard all the comments that teachers have shared, but even if some are accurate, this is a concern. Teachers at my school and other schools have shared that she has been aggressive with them with her remarks and tone. She has even been heard talking about sex in front of teachers at different schools. Many do not feel comfortable with her or feel they can grow professionally with her since she is unpredictable. It seems she has a pattern of this in nearby counties or at least that is what we have heard. Should we reach out to the counties she has been to and ask? Are our students safe with Ms. Curran? Are we? Are our funds? Many of us have wondered what to do about our concerns but since our county supervisor seems to be close friends with her we do not know how to best approach Doctor Hall. It seems like it could be a conflict of interests for the reading supervisor to be close friends with the person who is getting paid alot of money from our county since it is probably the supervisor who decides who will be the consultant for our county. Now we are hearing that the consultant is doing more professional development virtually. More money to this one consultant who repeats the same presentations.I do not speak for all teachers in the county. Just for many teachers who talked to me about their concerns and I have my own. Like I said i think most of us learned alot the first year. But is this necessary or actually good for our county to continue with one person who comes and spends full days sometimes doing nothing but watching us teach? I wondered if anyone else is feeling like this? Or if anyone knows how we as teachers can express concerns without fear of our principal or supervisors being upset with us. Should we contact the union with our concerns? Are administrators at all concerned too? Are the reading coaches? Are the Board members? Parents? Or just us? I am just asking.

Georgia prosecutor called Ahmaud Arbery shooting a ‘justifiable homicide’

A Georgia prosecutor who recused himself from theAhmaud Arbery case waited to bow out until after he told cops the killing was “justifiable homicide” — and sent them a five-point letter outlining why the suspects should not be charged, according to reports.

District Attorney George Barnhill told police after the Feb. 23 fatal shooting that there was insufficient evidence to charge the two white men, Gregory McMichael, 64, and his 34-year-old son, Travis McMichael, after they chased down Arbery and gunned him down with a shotgun, according to a statement released Saturday by the Glynn County Police Department.

“Detectives met with DA George Barnhill Sr. of the Waycross Judicial Circuit the following day and reviewed their findings with him,” said the statement, published Saturday by The Brunswick News. “DA Barnhill, Sr., advised the detectives before noon on Feb. 24, that the act was justifiable homicide and for detectives to continue their investigation and provide him with lab reports and any additional information.”

Barnhill recused himself from the investigation on April 6 because his son is a prosecutor in the Brunswick district attorney’s office, where Gregory McMichael, a former cop, also worked as an investigator.


County Wants To Allow Restaurants With Outdoor Dining To Begin Service

SNOW HILL – The Worcester County Commissioners voted unanimously Thursday to send a letter to the governor seeking permission to allow outdoor dining throughout the county.

The commissioners will immediately work with the Worcester County Health Department on creating social distance protocols and sanitary measures to ensure the greatest level of safety. These measures will be included in the letter sent to the governor’s office.

The commissioners held an emergency meeting today via Zoom to discuss a number of relevant matters after Gov. Larry Hogan moved the state into the first phase of his reopening plan. The commissioners first voted unanimously to allow, as Ocean City did one hour before, lodging rentals throughout the county to resume.

Whether the commissioners even need to seek the governor’s permission to allow outdoor dining is unclear at this time, but the commissioners were united in the desire to send a letter to the governor first before allowing outdoor dining at establishments set up for it throughout the county.


I'll Wait...

Maybe After Watching This People Can Understand What Us Bar/Restaurant Owners Are Going Through

House OKs proxy voting during coronavirus pandemic

The Democratic-held House on Friday authorizedproxy voting for the first time in its history, due to the coronavirus pandemic — disregarding Republican claims that the change is unconstitutional and unwise.

The reform was adopted in a near-party-line 217-189 vote, with all Republicans opposed and joined in their nay votes by three Democrats and Libertarian Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan.

Under the new rules, lawmakers can vote on behalf of up to 10 colleagues if they have written letters authorizing them to do so.

Democrats said it was a reasonable and temporary measure to ensure sick and vulnerable colleagues have a say in legislation during the the crisis.

But Republicans argued that in practice, the reform will allow party bosses to gain more control. Many Republicans said the change was unconstitutional, and could trigger a legal challenge.

“Aren’t we proving today that we don’t need a virtual Congress?” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

“We can continue to work in a safe and effective manner… Remote voting should be the final and last option.”