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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Maxine Waters: Trump, Protesters ‘Should Be Ashamed’ — We Don’t Want Businesses ‘Opened Back Up’

Monday night on Spectrum News 1’s “Inside the Issues,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said President Donald Trump and the lockdown protesters should be ashamed of themselves for pressuring governors to reopen their states.

Waters said, “You know our governors are under great stress. The protests that have been organized, the protests trying to intimidate our governors to open up everything are protests where the people participating in that should be ashamed of themselves. They should not be encouraged in any way. They should not be encouraged from the top leadership of this country to go out and do that.”


Gregg Jarrett: Flynn judge wrong to allow anti-Trump former Watergate prosecutors to interfere in case

It’s a sure sign of desperation whenever lawyers try to raise President Richard Milhous Nixon from the dead.

And so it is that a group of former Watergate special prosecutors this week resurrected the Ghost of Watergate Past in a last-ditch effort to keep alive the federal court case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

The gang, adopting the sobriquet “Watergate Prosecutors,” asked permission from U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan to allow them to intervene in the Flynn case so they can – to put it bluntly – tell his honor how to think and what to do.

The judge issued an order Tuesday indicating he will soon accept “amicus curiae” (“friend of the court”) submissions in the case.


Ben Shapiro: Unjust Flynn prosecution shows Obama administration shattered rule of law

This week, former President Barack Obama reemerged from hibernation to lecture Americans about the threat to rule of law posed by the Trump administration.

After Attorney General William Barr announced that the Department of Justice would be dropping its case against President Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who had pleaded guilty to one count of lying to the FBI, Obama told his former aides, "our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk."

Obama explained: "There is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free. ... And when you start moving in those directions, it can accelerate pretty quickly as we've seen in other places."

In reality, of course, Flynn was never charged with perjury. He was charged with lying to the FBI in the course of an investigation – a separate and far lesser offense, particularly given the fact that his alleged lie was immaterial to any underlying crime.



Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) policy confirms that “Contact Tracing” data may be sent to the World Health Organization (WHO) and to law enforcement authorities “to place someone under quarantine or isolation.”

The Contact Tracing records, stored at the CDC and elsewhere, can also be sent to the Department of Justice, State Department, Department of Homeland Security, congressional offices, and to various medical and legal departments and contractors.

Democrats are currently seeking $100 billion in a bill that would authorize grants to conduct contact tracing at people’s homes.

Meanwhile, Americans are fearing the political implications of contact tracing, considering that Chelsea Clinton is on the board of trustees of one official contact tracing group that has accepted large sums of money from Bill Gates and George Soros organizations.

Alex Jones shows the video of Bill Gates predicting the bioweapon outbreak he has gleefully dubbed ‘Pandemic 2’.

HHS records show a System of Records Notice (SORN 09-20-0171) in the Federal Register marking the creation of the record system called “Quarantine- and Traveler-Related Activities, Including Records for Contact Tracing Investigation and Notification…”The records pertain to“Individuals subject to quarantine or isolation orders, ill travelers (i.e., passengers and crew), contacts of ill travelers, and/or individuals exposed or suspected of being exposed to serious communicable diseases.” The records include:“Passenger and crew manifests from conveyances carrying individuals subject to 42 CFR parts 70 and 71, case reports, illness response forms, medical assessments, medical records (including but not limited to clinical, hospital and laboratory data and data from other relevant tests), name, address, date of birth, and related information and documents collected for the purpose of carrying out agency responsibilities under sections 311 and 361-368 of the Public Health Services Act.” The records are being stored at: “Division of Global Migration and Quarantine, National Center for the Preparedness, Detection, and Control of Infectious Disease (NCPDCID), Coordinating Center for Infectious Diseases (CCID), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Road, NE., Building 16; MS E03, Atlanta, GA 30333. Records may occasionally be stored at Quarantine Stations located at key ports of entry and at contractor sites.”


Breaking: Republican Mike Garcia wins upset victory for California's seat in Congress

It's the first time in decades a California seat has flipped from 'D' to 'R'

After a drawn out election contest, Republican Mike Garcia won an upset victory in California's 25th district after Democratic California State Assemblywoman Christy Smith conceded the special election on Wednesday.

The seat had flipped from Republican control to the Democrats when Katie Hill won the seat in 2018. She resigned in disgrace after her "throuple" relationship made for sensationalistic headlines and great controversy in October.


Legislation is called the ‘China-Originated Viral Infectious Diseases’ Act

Two Republican Senators have introduced legislation titled the Stop COVID Act, (“China-Originated Viral Infectious Diseases”) to allow US citizens to sue the communist state over the spread of the virus in America.

“This would allow the insertion of COVID-19 as a ‘biological agent,'” to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, said co-author Senator Marsha Blackburn, noting that the law has previously allowed families of the victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia over it’s alleged role in the terrorist atrocity.

“What we are doing is giving the individual citizen the right to hold the Chinese Communist Party legally responsible for the act that they have committed,” the Tennessee lawmaker commented in an interview with

When asked about the origin of the coronavirus, Blackburn said she would not rule out the Wuhan lab leak theory.

“We’re going to leave it to the intel community and Five Eyes to say exactly what happened here,” Blackburn said, adding “[China] had 3,000 cases on their hands before they said anything about this.”


CIA 'believes China pressured WHO to publicly downplay the risk of coronavirus in January while Beijing hoarded medical supplies'

The CIA believes that China pressured the World Health Organization into delaying public warnings about coronavirus early in the outbreak, according to a new report.

A CIA report says China threatened to stop cooperating with the WHO's coronavirus investigation if the organization declared the outbreak a global health emergency, according to Newsweek.

The alleged delay came at a crucial time in January, as the virus was spreading around the world undetected and China was stockpiling medical equipment and protective gear made in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The shock allegation comes as more than 82,000 Americans have died of the virus that originated in Wuhan, China last year, and the claims are likely to further fray tense relations between Washington and Beijing.

The contents of the the CIA document, called 'U.N.-China: WHO Mindful But Not Beholden to China,' were confirmed to Newsweek by two U.S. intelligence officials.

It is the second Western intelligence report to indicate that China strong-armed the WHO into downplaying the risks of the epidemic, after a German intelligence document reported by Der Spiegel suggested that Chinese leader Xi Jinping personally pressured WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.


FBI appears to confirm Saudi Arabia's suspected ties to the 9/11 attacks by ACCIDENTALLY revealing the name of diplomat who 'helped the attackers'

The FBI has accidentally revealed the name of a former Saudi Embassy official who is suspected of helping two Al-Qaeda hijackers in the 9/11 terror attacks.

According to Yahoo News, the mistake was made in a recent filing in response to a lawsuit from families of 9/11 victims who have accused the Saudi government of being complicit in the terrorist attacks.

In the document, which was filed in April but unsealed last week, lawyers forgot to redact Mussaed Ahmed al-Jarrah's name. He was assigned to the Saudi embassy in Washington, DC, in 1999 and 2000.

Authorities suspected that al-Jarrah, whose whereabouts are currently unknown, instructed two people to assist Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar settle in the US ahead of the attacks.

Al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar participated in the hijacking of the American Airlines plane that flew into the Pentagon, killing 125.


Finally Some Good News for a Change!

STIMULUS......where did most of it go

Disgusting & sickening!

Unbelievable, if true.

American population: 330,483,530

Stimulus bill: $2,000,000,000,000.00

1. Dividing the cost by every person in America = $6,051.74 (man, woman, child). On Average, there are 2.63 persons in each U.S. Household. That would have been a check for $15,916.07 for every household in America, on average.

2. Oh, wait! The final bill passed by the Senate was for $2.2 trillion, so every Citizen could have received a check for $6,657 and the average household, $17,508.

3. Think about it. The government could have given every person over $6,600 and every household on average over $17,500, but instead will give $1,200 to each adult under a certain income (not every man, woman & child).

Where did the majority of our tax dollars go?

Take a look at the amounts below! WHAT do they have to do with COVID-19 in the stretchiest of thinking?

$300,000,000.00 for Migrant and Refugee Assistance pg. 147
$10,000.00 per person for student loan bailout
$100,000,000.00 to NASA, (they want to get off the planet!)
$20,000,000,000.00 to the USPS,
$300,000,000.00 to the Endowment for the Arts
$300,000,000.00 for the Endowment for the Humanities/ because no one even knew that was a thing
$15,000,000.00 for Veterans Employment Training
$435,000,000.00 for mental health support
$30,000,000,000.00 for the Department of Education stabilization fund/because that will keep people employed
$200,000,000.00 to Safe Schools Emergency Response to Violence Program
$300,000,000.00 to Public Broadcasting / NPR
$500,000,000.00 to Museums and Libraries / Who the hell knows how we are going to use it
$720,000,000.00 to Social Security Admin / but get this - only $200,000,000 is to help people. The rest is for admin costs
$25,000,000.00 for Cleaning supplies for the Capitol Building / I kid you not, it's on page 136
$7,500,000.00 to the Smithsonian for additional salaries
$35,000,000.00 to the JFK Center for performing Arts. Ditto on when are we going to use it? It's just mostly for DC and NYC elites, anyway.
$25,000,000.00 for additional salary for House of Representatives (THE BEST EVER!!!! They snuck it in....perfect).
$3,000,000,000.00 upgrade to the IT department at the VA
$315,000,000.00 for State Department Diplomatic Programs (the same Deep State that keeps stalling efforts to get us out of the Mideast wars)
$95,000,000.00 for the Agency of International Development
$300,000,000.00 for International Disaster Assistance
$90,000,000.00 for the Peace Corp pg. 148
$13,000,000.00 to Howard University pg. 121 (WTH?)

Hey! are ya mad yet?

$9,000,000.00 Misc. Senate Expenses pg. 134
$100,000,000.00 to Essential Air carriers pg. 162 This of note because the Airlines are going to need billions in loans to keep them afloat. $100,000,000.00 is chump change
$40,000,000,000. goes to the Take Responsibility to Workers and Families Act. This sounds like it's direct payments for workers. Pg. 164
$1,000,000,000.00 Airlines Recycle and Save Program pg. 163
$25,000,000.00 to the FAA for administrative costs pg. 165
$492,000,000.00 to National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) pg. 167
$526,000,000.00 Grants to Amtrak to remain available if needed through 2021 pg. 168 (what are the odds that doesn't go unused)
Hidden on page 174 the Secretary has 7 days to allocate the funds & notify Congress
$25,000,000,000.00 for Transit Infrastructure pg. 169
$3,000,000.00 Maritime Administration pg. 172
$5,000,000.00 Salaries and Expenses Office of the Inspector General pg. 172
$2,500,000.00 Public and Indian Housing pg. 175
$5,000,000.00 Community Planning and Development pg. 175
$2,500,000.00 Office of Housing

Bernie Sanders Says Chances Are ‘Very, Very Slim’ That He Runs For President Again

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders all but shot down the possibility that he will run for president again, suggesting that another politician will take his place as the progressive choice.

Sanders spoke Monday about the 2020 presidential election and his support for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The self-described democratic socialist also appeared to put a cap on any future political ambitions.

“I think the likelihood is very, very slim at that. I think next time around, you’re going to see another candidate carrying the progressive banner,” Sanders said during a Washington Post Live event when directly asked if he wants to run for president again.

When the host pointed out that Sanders did not “fully close the door” on the idea, the lawmaker repeated that the chances are near zero.


The Dishonest Media!

Hogan: Stay-home order will be lifted Friday evening

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced the stay-home order will be lifted 5 p.m. Friday and the state will move to a safer-at-home advisory.

"The fight against this deadly disease if far from over. But because of incredible courage you have shown and the extraordinary sacrifices you have made, Maryland, and our nation, can now at least begin to slowly recover," Hogan said.

Hogan has said the recovery plan has four essential building blocks that must happen to reopen the state: expanded testing, increased hospital surge capacity, increased supply of personal protective equipment and a robust contact-tracing operation.

Hogan said Maryland has achieved the 14-day trend of plateauing and decreasing numbers of hospitalizations and deaths.

"Today, I am pleased to announce that Maryland has achieved the 14-day trend of plateauing and declining numbers," Hogan said. "This allows us to cautiously and safely begin Stage One of the recovery plan."

Last week, with the four building blocks for recovery in place and after a week of encouraging numbers, Maryland's Coronavirus Recovery Team unanimously recommended revised guidelines to allow for elective medical procedures and increased number of outdoor activities, Hogan said.Hogan said Maryland has achieved the 14-day trend of plateauing and decreasing numbers of hospitalizations and deaths.

"Today, I am pleased to announce that Maryland has achieved the 14-day trend of plateauing and declining numbers," Hogan said. "This allows us to cautiously and safely begin Stage One of the recovery plan."

Last week, with the four building blocks for recovery in place and after a week of encouraging numbers, Maryland's Coronavirus Recovery Team unanimously recommended revised guidelines to allow for elective medical procedures and increased number of outdoor activities, Hogan said.


Tucker: Inside the Democrats' $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill

Speaker Pelosi’s Coronavirus Bill Includes Billions For Eligible Illegal Aliens

Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced her party’s coronavirus relief package, which includes billions of dollars in carve-outs for eligible illegal aliens, grants to sanctuary cities and other protections for the undocumented community.

House Democrats released the HEROES Act on Tuesday, a bill that provides $3 trillion in stimulus funds to state and local governments, along with other industries affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The legislation — which was not negotiated with the GOP or the Trump administration — includes $500 billion for state governments and $375 billion for local governments.


Hogan to lift some coronavirus restrictions, but Baltimore mayor says local officials may move more slowly

Gov. Larry Hogan is expected to announce Wednesday the relaxing of some restrictions on business and gatherings as hospitalizations due to the coronavirus pandemic have reached a plateau, but Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young said local officials don’t yet feel comfortable reopening.

As part of his three-stage plan to reopen the economy, Hogan last week began to loosen some restrictions, including permitting elective medical procedures and recreational activities such as boating and golfing.

The next steps in the first stage of the governor’s reopening plan include reopening certain small businesses, curbside services, limited-attendance outdoor religious services, limited outdoor fitness classes and car washes. A spokesman for Hogan would not confirm Tuesday what activities will be relaxed next.

At a news conference Tuesday, Young said not all county executives “feel comfortable” yet with reopening.


First televised Baltimore mayoral debate to air on WBAL-TV Wednesday

The six leading Democratic candidates for Baltimore mayor will face off on television for the first time Wednesday, providing them a major platform to pitch themselves to voters right as ballots are mailed out.

The debate — which was recorded remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic — will be broadcast at 8 p.m. Wednesday on WBAL-TV 11 and Maryland Public Television.

Former Mayor Sheila Dixon, City Council President Brandon Scott, former Deputy Attorney General Thiru Vignarajah, former Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith, former U.S. Treasury official Mary Miller and Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young are scheduled to participate.

“As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, we felt it was crucial to provide a platform for our viewers to hear from the candidates,” Dan Joerres, WBAL-TV 11 president and general manager, said in a statement. “There is no question that this in one of the most important mayoral elections in the history of Baltimore City."


5 Things in House Democrats’ New COVID-19 Bill That Should Be DOA

House Democrats have released a completely unserious proposal to respond to the public health and economic crisis the nation is confronting as a result of COVID-19.

Spanning more than 1,800 pages, the bill represents a partisan laundry list of mostly bad policies, calling for trillions of dollars of additional deficit spending on handouts and items unrelated to the crisis.

Lawmakers should focus on the task at hand and respond directly to the public health crisis and its related effects, not abuse these unprecedented circumstances to push through partisan priorities that would derail the recovery.

Lawmakers must work together to create the conditions to safely reopen America, removing barriers to working, creating, and trading, and to enable American society to rise up again and drive the economic recovery.

1. Extending the $600 unemployment bonus: The bill would extend the misguided and harmful $600 unemployment bonus through January 2021, with an additional extension possible through March of next year.

It’s one thing to provide short-term and targeted unemployment benefits during forced shutdowns, but providing a year’s worth of unprecedented additional unemployment benefits—up to an extra $30,000 or more per worker—would be devastating to our economy, potentially even threatening our ability to combat COVID-19 and Americans’ supply of essential goods and services.

Using taxpayer dollars to pay unemployed workers more than employed workers is incredibly unfair to the hardworking Americans who continue to work each day—and wholly un-American.


Let's Not Waste a Crisis

Former Barack Obama adviser Rahm Emanuel, during a recent interview, reminded us of his 2008 financial crisis quotation, “Never allow a crisis to go to waste.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a wonderful opportunity for those of us who want greater control over our lives. Sadly, too many Americans have already taken the bait.

We’ve allowed politicians and bureaucrats to dictate to us what’s an essential business and what isn’t, who has access to hospitals and who hasn’t, and a host of minor and major dictates.

Leftist politicians who want to get into our pocketbooks are beginning to argue that the COVID-19 pandemic is the best argument for a wealth tax.


Judge in Transgender Athlete Case Dictates Politically Correct Language

A federal judge in a high-profile Title IX case has ordered lawyers representing three girls track stars to refer to two biological males who outraced them as “transgender females.”

The lawyers from Alliance Defending Freedom who represent the three high school girls filed a motion Friday arguing that the judge should recuse himself because he has shown that he is unable to be impartial.

Selina Soule, Alanna Smith, and Chelsea Mitchell argue in the case that being forced to compete with biological males who identify as girls poses significant, unfair physiological advantages to them.

District Judge Robert Chatigny’s insistence that the three girls’ lawyers use specific language that all but endorses the other side in the case prejudges those who maintain that Title IX protections shouldn’t be extended to those who “identify” as girls or women.


What will reopening look like in Maryland? A guide to Hogan’s coronavirus recovery plan

Maryland isn’t yet in a position to lift coronavirus-based restrictions, but Gov. Larry Hogan has outlined an eventual plan for how it would work.

What are our current restrictions?

Phase one of the recovery plan has not yet begun. Maryland’s stay-at-home orderremains in place, though the Republican governor has made some adjustments.

Schools and many stores and workplaces remain closed, and residents are urged to stay at home except for essential travel to go to an essential job or to get food or supplies.

Gatherings of more than 10 people are still prohibited, restaurants are not allowed to offer sit-down service and non-essential businesses are not allowed to be open.


Democrats' coronavirus bill would eliminate states' voter ID requirement

Tucked inside House Democrats’ new coronavirus bill is language that would create a loophole in states’ voter ID requirements, allowing people to cast ballots without having to prove who they are.

While the crux of the bill, revealed Tuesday, is a massive injection of taxpayer aid for states, localities and federal agencies dealing with the virus, Democrats also tackled some of their long-standing political goals.

One section of the bill would require states to allow at least 15 days of in-person early voting before Election Day this year, and to also allow voting by mail for any reason, overriding states that have more limited policies.

The new bill would also require that absentee ballots be counted if they arrive up to 10 days after Election Day.

And the legislation says that states that require voter IDs to cast a ballot must allow voters to meet the requirement by self-certifying to their own identity.

More here

Three senior staffers out at Harford Community College for improperly speculating about other employees

HARFORD COUNTY — Three senior level administrators no longer work at Harford Community College (HCC) after using official e-mail accounts to "speculate" about the "employment status" of lower level employees at the institution amidst an era of unprecedented turnover at the institution.

The Cecil Whig and The Bargaineer have obtained a recent e-mail from HCC President Dr. Dianna Phillips to HCC employees confirming that the administrators were let go. Reporters also obtained a copy of the e-mail between administrators that clearly showcased what a former employee called a "hit list."

Documents show the staffers were: Senior Associate Vice President for Administration Kathleen "Katie" Callan, Director of Finance Beth Fetcho, and Vice President of Marketing, Development and Community Relations Brenda Morrison.

“On Friday, January 3, 2020, I learned of an incident involving three senior-level administrators who made improper use of their official College email accounts to speculate about the employment status of various Harford Community College employees,” read the letter. “I immediately launched an investigation, which has now concluded. Effective immediately, these administrators no longer work at the College. The details of their separation are a personnel matter, I am unable to comment further.”


A viewer writes: This Katie Callan is slated to be Ocean City's next HR Director.

Taphouse, We're Excited For You Too & Everyone Else Doing The Same

It looks like Ocean City is finally on track to open up. Now let's see what Hogan says at 5 PM tonight.

Nikki Haley: US Must 'Stop Being Naive' About China

Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina and U.S. ambassador to the U.N., said Friday said America has to “stop being naive” about China, warning that the communist country has “a full strategy in place” to cement itself as dominant world superpower.

In an interview on Newsmax TV’s “Greg Kelly Reports,” Haley said that in her U.N. role, “I saw how they work. They absolutely know what they’re doing.”

“We have to stop being naive thinking that they're going to become more democratic if we’re nice to them,” she said. “That's not going to happen. It's a communist regime, they want to be communist.

“They have a full strategy in place and that strategy is they're building up their military. ... They're stealing $50 billion or more of intellectual property from us a year. They want to become a surveillance state."

She added that China invests “all over the world” with a purpose: to run up the debt of a country. In this fashion, she said, "they can turn around and say, ‘Give us your utilities, we want to put in military installations.’

“And more than that, the most important thing President XI [Jinping] is saying [is] that anyone that comes and does business in China has to work with the Chinese military,” she said.


Ben Shapiro scolds CBS reporter for 'dumba-- question'

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro did not mince words Tuesday in response to a fiery exchange between President Trump and CBS News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang over the administration's ongoing touting of the amount of coronavirus testing in the U.S. compared to other countries around the world.

"This is all insanity... the media have lost their minds," the "Ben Shapiro Show" host said.

During Monday's news conference at the White House, Jiang asked Trump why he compared the rate of coronavirus testing in the U.S. to that of other countries.

"You've said many times that the U.S. is doing far better than any other country when it comes to testing. ... Why does that matter? she said. "Why is this a global competition to you if everyday Americans are still losing their lives and we're still seeing more cases every day?"

Shapiro blasted Jiang's question as "utterly stupid, truly idiotic" and a "typical gotcha question."

"It's a dumba-- question," he continued. "Of course, we should ask China! This is China's damned fault!" Shapiro said.


Eggers: ‘Fair to Assume’ Illegal Aliens Will Get Mail-in Ballots in California

Government Accountability Institute Research Director Eric Eggers, author of Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election, says it is “fair to assume” that many illegal aliens will receive mail-in ballots in California for the 2020 election thanks to a plan by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D).

In an exclusive interview with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Tonight, Eggers said California’s automatic voter registration coupled with providing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens opens its elections to a host of fraud.

That fraud, Eggers expects, will be exacerbated by Newsom’s statewide mail-in voting plan for the 2020 election.

“This is really where the left shows a level of hypocrisy, which they’re not regularly held to account,” Eggers said. “What if the ballots go to illegal immigrants that willingly or unwillingly ended up on the voter rolls and maybe they just don’t even know they’re not supposed to be casting ballots? Because remember, elsewhere in California and elsewhere nationally, it is legal for noncitizens to vote in certain local elections.”

“Basically, what you’ve got is this hodgepodge of a lack of oversight, lacks regulation, and confusion by the general public,” Eggers said. “And oh, by the way, there’s a global pandemic, so many people are focused on other things at the moment. And so … here come all the ballots, and yes, many of the people that will get the ballots will be legal voters, but many of those ballots will end up somewhere other than in the hands of legal [voters], and that’s exactly where the recipe for fraud can occur.”

“The only person standing in between a noncitizen or an illegal alien just getting their driver’s license and the voter rolls is a DMV employee,” Eggers said. “You’ve got these people … often times are confused or coerced by political operatives and told to register to vote. … The DMV officials are prohibited by law from giving real guidance on should you check the box and register to vote or not.”

More here

WALSH: We Are Never Going To Be Completely Safe. We Have To Learn To Live With That Reality.

A recent CNN headline claims that “68% of Americans say a vaccine is needed before returning to normal life.” This, as expected, is fake news. The actual data shows that 68% of Americans believe a vaccine is a “very important” factor when they “think about their willingness to return to normal activities.” Obviously there is a clear and significant difference between “very important factor” and “needed.”

Still, this is troubling because it does show that many Americans seem to be at least hoping that they can wait until a vaccine arrives before they get back to living their lives. Even more so, it shows what the media wants us to think we think. What we can take from this headline is not that nearly 70% of Americans think a vaccine is absolutely necessary, but that CNN thinks we should think that a vaccine is absolutely necessary.

Notice the massive shift that has occurred, and not just in polls and CNN headlines. We were originally told that we needed to shut down for about two weeks. “15 days to slow the spread” was the slogan. But the interesting thing about “15 days to slow the spread” is the part where it says “15 days” and also “slow the spread.” It is well past 15 days now, and the spread has been slowed. “Flatten the curve” was the other motto, and we’ve done that too. The only places in America that haven’t flattened the curve are the places that never had a curve to flatten. Yet much of the country is still locked down. And the states that open are condemned as havens of ignorant, reckless, grandma-killers.

What happened?


‘The Price Is Right’ Donates Nearly $100k To Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood

As both lives and livelihoods are lost during the COVID-19 pandemic, the popular game show “The Price Is Right” donated nearly $100,000 for the abortion giant Planned Parenthood in the latest primetime special “The Price is Right At Night.”

“The longest-running game show in television history aired Monday evening with regular host Drew Carey joined by Emmy-winning host of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ RuPaul,” reports Fox News. “The famous drag queen was on hand to help raise money for charity, with the show promising to match all the contestants’ prize winnings with a donation to Planned Parenthood.”

“Contestants won big during the special, totaling $97,266 in prizes,” the report continued. “This meant that the same dollar amount is now going to the organization as a charitable donation.”

More here

L.A. County could keep stay-at-home orders in place well into summer, depending on conditions

Los Angeles County’s stay-at-home orders will “with all certainty” be extended for the next three months, county Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer acknowledged during a Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday.

Ferrer later added that even if the orders remain in place through the summer, restrictions will be “gradually relaxed” under a five-step plan.

“We are being guided by science and data that will safely move us forward along the road to recovery in a measured way—one that allows us to ensure that effective distancing and infection control measures are in place,” Ferrer said, adding that the county is counting on the public’s compliance with the orders to be able to relax restrictions.

Testifying before the Board of Superviros, Ferrer stressed further progress will be guided by efforts to contain the virus. Los Angeles County is now the Calfornia epicenter of the coronavirus, with more than 1,300 deaths so far.


Gov. Larry Hogan To Address Marylanders At 5 p.m. Wednesday

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Gov. Larry Hogan will address Marylanders at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 13.

Hogan is expected to give an update on Maryland’s roadmap to recovery and he could lift some coronavirus-related restrictions as the state’s hospitalizations have remained flat for over a week and took its biggest drop Monday.

Hogan Could Make Decision This Week About Whether To Begin First Phase Of Reopening Plan

Last week, the governor said he could make a decision this week on whether to start the first phase of Maryland’s reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m not committing to it because the numbers could spike back up and we could say, ‘Sorry, we’re not moving forward,'” he said.



We got this!

Joe Biden: No plans to resume campaigning: 'This is not politics. This is life'

Joe Biden has no foreseeable plans to resume in-person campaigning amid a pandemic that is testing whether a national presidential election can be won by a candidate communicating almost entirely from home.

The virtual campaign Biden is waging from Wilmington, Delaware, is a stark contrast with President Trump, who is planning travel despite warnings from public health experts about the coronavirus’ spread. It also intensifies the spotlight on how Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, will manage his campaign, with some in his party fretting that his still-developing approach isn’t reaching enough voters.

For now, Biden and his aides are brushing back hand-wringing from Democrats and mockery from Republicans who argue that the 77-year-old is “hiding in his basement.”


McConnell: There’s No Pressure To Negotiate On Pelosi Relief Package

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced a $3 trillion fourth coronavirus relief package Tuesday, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is in no hurry to see it come to the floor of the Senate.

Speaking to reporters late Monday, McConnell says he feels no pressure to negotiate with Democrats on the 1,850-page HEROES Act, which contains everything from a student loan bailout to a $375 billion relief package for states and cities with existing debt problems, as the Daily Wire reported Tuesday. The bill also contains a $25 billion bailout for the United States Postal Service, $175 billion in payouts to healthcare providers, and millions to purchase laptops and other items for House Members who need them to vote remotely.

The bill also provides an additional three months of $1,200 stimulus checks for most taxpayers.

Republicans, McConnell said, are still “assessing what we’ve done already,” and will wait to see what impact the CARES Act and other coronavirus spending bills have on the existing economic situation before deciding what further relief might be necessary, Politico reports.

“I’m in constant communication with the White House and if we decide to go forward we’ll go forward together,” McConnell added.


And Last Sunday The State, (Attorney General Frosh) Wanted Me Arrested & Thrown In Jail!

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Feds Arrest Professor For Allegedly Hiding Funding From Communist China. Another Professor Pleads Guilty To Similar Charge.

Federal law enforcement officials arrested a professor at the University of Arkansas for allegedly concealing his involvement in a program that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses to steal intellectual property from U.S. institutions.

“Simon Ang of the University of Arkansas, was arrested on Friday and charged on Monday with wire fraud,” The New York Times reported. “He worked for and received funding from Chinese companies and from the Thousand Talents program, which awards grants to scientists to encourage relationships with the Chinese government, and he warned an associate to keep his affiliation with the program quiet.”

The Times reported that Ang’s alleged concealment of his financial agreement with the Chinese allowed him to secure funding from U.S. government agencies that ban people who receive funding from China.

If convicted, Ang faces up to 20 years in prison.

The New York Times added that also on Friday “Dr. Xiao-Jiang Li, a former professor at Emory University in Atlanta, pleaded guilty … to a felony charge of filing a false tax return that omitted about $500,000 that he received from the Thousand Talents program.

In January, federal law enforcement officials arrested a top Harvard scientist, Dr. Charles Lieber, for allegedly lying to the U.S. government about his involvement in the Thousand Talents program.


Tim Scott Says ‘Goalposts’ For Flattening The Curve Keep Moving

Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott said at Tuesday’s Senate hearing that while America has done a “pretty good job” of flattening the curve of the coronavirus outbreak, the “goalposts” for moving beyond lockdowns have kept moving.

Adverse effects of continued lockdowns are being ignored, Scott said.

The senator added that “when we set out to flatten the curve by taking aggressive, unprecedented measures like staying-at-home orders and mass small business closures, we didn’t set out with the goal of preventing 100% of fatalities. That would be unrealistic. It is impossible.”

“And we didn’t set out to keep quarantines in place until we found a safe and effective vaccine. That would take too long,” he said.

The “whole point” of flattening the curve “was to make sure that we did not exceed hospital capacity. So, while I respect the need for caution, we are too often presented with a false dichotomy — either saving our economy or saving lives,” Scott continued.


Pelosi sneaks tax cut for the wealthy into Democrat stimulus bill

Amid government orders shutting down employment, more than 30 million people in the United States have lost their jobs. Entire industries are months, if not weeks, away from permanent collapse. Disproportionately hurt are low-income workers, more than half of whom report having someone in their household lose a job or take a pay cut as a result of the coronavirus. Nearly 2 in 5 lower-income earners say someone in their household has lost a job outright, and fewer than 1 in 4 have at least a three-month rainy day fund.

In evaluating our spending and re-opening measures, these are the workers and families we must prioritize. After all, higher-income earners are the ones who can disproportionately work from home and already have ample savings. Yet House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has prioritized giving the wealthy a tax cut in the form of a 'temporary' elimination of the state and local tax deduction cap.


House Democrats set vote on $3 trillion coronavirus wishlist

House Democrats will force a vote Friday on a $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill drafted largely without Republican input — an effort the GOP has already said would be DOA in the Senate.

The more than 1,800-page bill is widely considered a Democratic opening shot to create pressure on the GOP-held Senate to negotiate a fifth large COVID-19 deal.
The Heroes Act would be the largest coronavirus bill — exceeding even the $2 trillion package that passed in late March.

“The Heroes Act focuses on three pillars, opening our economy safely and soon, honoring our heroes, and then putting much-needed money into the pockets of the American people,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a short statement Tuesday afternoon.

“We can all agree we must open our economy as quickly as we can, but we must do so based on science and data. The key to opening the door is testing, tracing, treatment, and social distancing. and we must do so in a way that reaches all Americans in a way that addresses the disparities we have seen so that we can assess the full extent of the coronavirus and defeat it,” she said.

Provisions include another round of direct payments of up to $1,200 per person — including for each dependent child — up to $6,000 per family, according to a Democratic fact sheet.



To Serve And PROTECT?

Adam Schiff's pathological lying heart of darkness

Now that the wholly fabricated case against Gen. Michael Flynn has been dismissed and the 53 transcripts of 73 witnesses who were called to testify against President Trump on Russia collusion have been released, the scope of Adam Schiff's treachery is more clearly than ever blowing up in his face.

He appears not to realize that fact just yet as he is tweeting and making public statements condemning Attorney General Bill Barr for the Flynn dismissal despite the volumes of proof that Flynn was set up and framed by the same crooks who set up and framed Donald Trump. He is still claiming that the transcripts prove Trump's guilt when in fact they prove exactly the opposite. He continues to attack Trump for addressing these revelations while COVID-19 is still ravaging the elderly in nursing homes, as if the two issues were related. His tweet on Sunday:

@Adam Schiff: Over 70,000 Americans dead. More than 20 million newly unemployed. No national testing and trace strategy. What was the President's message to the nation. That I am "dirty" and "going down." I have said he's unfit for office, and every day he proves me right."