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Saturday, December 30, 2017

LOOK How Much We’ll Save If Trump Cuts Aid To Countries That Oppose Us At UN

The United Nations general assembly recently voted 128-9 to condemn President Trump’s decision to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by moving our embassy to that location. The anti-Semitic UN decided to pronounce that this was a bad move, and vote against it.

Just a couple of notes, though. One, we aren’t going to decide where our embassies are located based on what makes the United Nations thinks, and two, a lot of those nations are financially reliant on the United States. Too much so to be complaining about something inane things like here we put our headquarters.


OH COME ON! Farmer’s Markets Now Being Called Racist!

For those of you who are keeping a list of things that were deemed racist in the year of 2017, we have one more thing to add before the new year is upon us: Farmer’s Markets. You know, those outdoor markets where your mother sells her squash and your neighbor sells her jam? Apparently they’re not racially inclusive enough for liberals, who think that anything a white person enjoys is racist.

“Just Green Enough: Urban Development and Environmental Gentrification,” is an anthology created by many professors, including San Diego State University geography professors Pascale Joassart-Marcelli and Fernando J. Bosco, who claim that farmer’s markets are racially exclusive and account for “environmental gentrification.” You know, because we can’t do anything without “gentrifying” something.


Suggestions for Liberals in 2018

Because Democrats have beenwandering aimlessly since the 2016 election, I thought it would be helpful to give them somesuggestions to help them get out of their funk in my fourth annual “Suggestions for Liberals” column. So here goes:

We reap what we sow.

The 1960s Sexual Revolution is why there is a #MeToo movement. We are reaping the toxic side effects from thehighly sexualized cultureyou created. As much disdain as you have for moral absolutes, understand they exist for good reason. Rather than being morally honest with yourself, you’veweaponized your newfound principles for political purposes. Moreover, youhave the audacity to appoint yourself as judge and jury over this monster you created.Please know that conservatives have no interest in your fake “moralawakening.” It’s your problem. Fix it.

Quit howling overtax reform.

While it’s not perfect, the GOP’s $1.5 trillion tax overhaul is a historic victory for Americans and should be celebrated.Even left-leaning groups like Tax Policy Center [TPC]confirm the bill helps the vast majority of taxpayers. And the evil corporations getting big breaks may end up hiring some of your snowflake sons and daughters, so lighten up.If you are not interested in having more of your money, give it back. Better yet, act like a conservative and donate it to charity.

Choose a side.


WHOA! If New Law Passes Some NFL Fans Will Be REFUNDED If Players Kneel During the Anthem

This is what the world has come to. Regardless of whatever Colin Kaepernick’s football legacy turns out to be, there is no doubt about the impact of his extra-curricular activism. Remember when GQ named him citizen of the year? Because there’s nothing that says outstanding citizen more than dividing the country along racial lines. I thought we were past that as a country.

A recently proposed law in the state of Indiana is going to give the opportunity for Indianapolis Colts fans to get a refund of their tickets if any of the Colts take a knee for the anthem. I think this is an awful law. If this passes, it will be a tragedy for individual liberty in the country. We don’t need government stepping in to “solve” this problem. It should be hashed out between consenting parties. The NFL should make it mandatory to stand for the anthem with suspensions or fines for players who don’t comply, or they should just get play the anthem before the players come out on the field. Problem solved.

The very worst thing that grinds my gears the most is the idea of a “there ought to be a law against that” mentality we have in this country. We already have too many laws, we don’t need any more. In fact, we could do with a harpooning of the bloated whale that is the book of laws in this country. It should be diminished by at least 90%. This is what the founders had in mind when they wrote the 9th and 10th amendments to the Constitution.


Actress Celebrates Young Son Disrespecting National Anthem- She’s PROUD Of Him

Actress Debra Messing is shaping up to be an awful parent. She is teaching her son to believe movements that were started on lies and propaganda. She shared an Instagram image where her son doesn’t stand for the national anthem at a hockey game they were attending together.

The vapid “Will & Grace” star expressed her affirmation of the decision in the social media share. She paraphrased their conversation in the text portion of her Instagram post.

Messing wrote that her son Roman asked her if he could sit down for the national anthem to show solidarity or something.

“Whose crying?” she wrote. “I’m not crying.”

The post ended with a hashtag #BLM. Gosh lady, you are teaching your son that this country is inherently racist, that black people are being hunted by cops in the country, and that your son should feel guilty only for the color of his skin, as if he had anything to do with past or injustices in the country. What an awful mother. This kid deserves better.


Dem Judge Jailed For Lying To FBI Resigns Over Sex Scandal- Now Running For Congress

A former Philadelphia judge named Willie Singletary has been in the public eye for quite a while and unfortunately for him, it’s not all been good. First, he was forced to resign after it was discovered that he sexually harassed a city cashier and sent her pictures of his genitals. He was suspected, and forced to resign after an investigation revealed some unsavory details.

Following that, he was jailed for lying to the FBI during an investigation into whether his office was running a “ticket fixing scheme” that was said to benefit the rich in the community. Despite being cleared of the charges, he was caught in a lie that landed him in prison for 20 months. The traffic court that he presided over was later abolished by voters.


State Department DROPS THE HAMMER On Huma Abedin – Hillary Panicking…

After being found by the FBI, approximately 2,800 work documents related to Hillary Clinton are set to be released by the State Department today.

During her time as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton used a private email server to conduct government business, and at one point her aide Huma Abedin uploaded thousands of those documents to her estranged husband’s laptop.

Huma’s husband, the sex pervert Anthony Weiner who is currently serving jail time for his escapades, had his laptop taken by the FBI during their investigation. A court battle will finalize in the next few hours and will result in the release of those 2,800 Hillary-related documents that were taken from Weiner’s computer. According to the group Judicial Watch, which focuses on government transparency, the documents will be released thanks to their efforts to see them released to the wider public with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, has been making the media rounds this week.


This Video Explains Trump's Economics And Why The Globalists Hate It

Student Debt Slavery: Bankrolling Financiers On The Backs Of The Young

Higher education has been financialized, transformed from a public service into a lucrative cash cow for private investors.

The advantages of slavery by debt over “chattel” slavery – ownership of humans as a property right – were set out in an infamous document called the Hazard Circular, reportedly circulated by British banking interests among their American banking counterparts during the American Civil War. It read in part:


For China, Debt Disaster Lurks in the Shadows

Analysts with the proper degree of skepticism about China’s boasts of soaring economic power note that official reports from the Communist regime cannot be trusted. Another, less widely understood problem is that China’s rulers might not know how unstable their economy really is because a sizable portion of Chinese debt lurks off the books in the “shadow banking” industry.

Reuters took a deep dive into shadow banking on Thursday, beginning with the story of a family hoodwinked out of its combined fortune by a high-yield “safe investment” that turned out to be a dodgy investment fund. In essence, China’s central government decided to limit the amount of debt fueling its economy, but people wanted to borrow more, so a huge amount of “shadow loans” were made with dubious business plans.

Many of these plans are far too complex to be fully understood by the people buying into them. Their complexity is one of the reasons they can evade regulators, but it also means these shadow loans and investment plans have a lot of moving parts, and if any element of the financial plan fails, the whole thing blows up..

More details here

Move Over, 'Despacito.' These Videos Also Ruled YouTube In 2017

By now, most of the world has caught wind of "Despacito," from Puerto Rican singers Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. The mostly Spanish-language hit topped the Billboardcharts and, according to YouTube Rewind's latest list of most popular videos, was also crowned as the most-watched YouTube video of 2017 — nay, of all time — with 4.7 billion views.

But break out YouTube's top videos by country and you'll find a very different picture of what's popular. In Kenya, it's a dancing president. In Thailand, a singing oyster (yes, you read that right).

This month, YouTube Rewind released its list of top 10 videos for some 40 different countries. The videos are ranked not only by view count but also by how much they're liked, commented on, shared and how much time viewers spent watching them.

Here are a few of our favorite videos from the places we cover in our blog.


No 'Easy Answer' To Growing Number Of Stray Dogs In The U.S., Advocate Says

Author Peter Zheutlin never wanted a dog, let alone a rescue. He had always believed, as a lot of people do, that rescue dogs are damaged goods.

Now Zheutlin can't imagine life without a dog, and he's become so driven by the issue of stray dogs that he's written two books about it. He tells Here & Now's Lisa Mullinsthe number of stray dogs has "cascaded out of control" in some parts of the U.S.

"People are often very often surprised when I tell them that the picture ... of dogs running on highways and so forth, this is not just a third world problem — that exists here in the United States," says Zheutlin, author of the new book, Rescued: What Second-Chance Dogs Teach Us About Living with Purpose, Loving with Abandon, and Finding Joy in the Little Things.


NOI 12/28/17 Wicomico Dwelling Fire South Division Street


Date:   12/28/17           
Time:  2:09 p.m.
Location / Address:  712 S. Division St., Salisbury, Wicomico Co.
Type of Incident:  Fire
Description of Structure / Property:   1-1/2 story wood frame single family dwelling
Owner / Occupants:   Jay Winik (Owner)  /  Daryl Johnson (Occupant)
Injuries or Deaths:   None
Estimated $ Loss: Structure:  $50,000                      Contents: $10,000
Smoke Alarm Status:  Present and activated
Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status:  n/a
Arrests(s):   None
Primary Responding Fire Department:   Salisbury
# of Alarms:  1     # Of Firefighters:  30
Time to Control:  60 minutes
Discovered By:  Occupant
Area of Origin:  Void space between first floor and attic

Preliminary Cause:   Accidental, electrical branch failure

FCC approves 1st Power at Distance Wireless Charging

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Wednesday for the first time approved a device that can recharge electronics up to three feet away.

The Energous Corporation’s Watt Up device lets users charge their electronics, regardless of the manufacturer, without being connected to the charger through the use of radio frequencies.

According to the company, Watt Up underwent months of rigorous testing to make sure that it met consumer safety and regulatory requirements prior to the FCC's approval.


Cuomo: GOP Tax Law Potentially ‘Unconstitutional,’ ‘Double Taxation’

Thursday on CNN’s “New Day,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) said the Republican tax law could be unconstitutional “double taxation.”

Cuomo said, “One of the devilish things in the bill, they eliminate the deductibility of state taxes, and it is a mouthful but what it says is up until now, over 100 years, you pay the local tax and state tax and deducted that from your federal tax, and they are eliminating that. You are now paying two taxes. You pay a tax to the [state] or local government, and then the federal government taxes that tax. It happens to occur coincidentally only in blue states only Democratic states.”

More here

Can America Survive as a Post-Christian Nation?

We’re giving man back to his human nature. 

If I had to pick one of the most under-appreciated and under-reported stories of 2017, it would be that a post-Christian America is a more vicious America, and that the triumph of secularists is rendering America more polarized, not less. Remove from the public square biblical admonitions such as “love your enemies” and the hatred has more room to grow. When the fruits of the Spirit — love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control — wither, then the culture is far more coarse. 

Not everyone’s missing the story, of course. Both Ross Douthat and The Atlantic’s Peter Beinart have written powerfully on the topic, with Beinart noting how the rise of a post-Christian Left has mirrored the rise of a post-Christian Right. Beinart’s conclusion is correct:


California Supreme Court Set For Ruling That Could Cut Pensions For Public Workers

For decades now public pensions have been guided by one universal rule which stipulates that current public employees can not be 'financially injured' by having their future benefits reduced. On the other hand, that 'universal rule' also necessarily stipulates thattaxpayers can be absolutely steamrolled by whatever tax hikes are necessary to fulfill the bloated pension benefits that unions promise themselves.

Alas, that one 'universal rule' may finally be at risk as the California Supreme Court is currently considering a case which coulddetermine whether taxpayers have an unlimited obligation to simply fork over whatever pension benefits are demanded of them or whether there is some "reasonableness" test that must be applied. Here's more from VC Star:

At issue is the "California Rule," which dates to court rulings beginning in 1947. It says workers enter a contract with their employer on their first day of work, entitling them to retirement benefits that can never be diminished unless replaced with similar benefits.

It's widely accepted that retirement benefits linked to work already performed cannot be touched. But the California Rule is controversial because it prohibits even prospective changes for work the employee has not yet done.


18 States will raise their Minimum Wage on January 1

While the White House and members of the GOP package the sweeping tax code overhaul as a win for the average American, low-wage workers may be hit the hardest.

This setback comes as the U.S. minimum wage has remained stagnant over the last decade. The last time the federal minimum wage increased was in July 2009, from $6.55 to $7.25. However, now 18 states are taking matters into their own hands, raising the minimum wage, effective January 1, 2018.

Ten states are doing so as the result of legislation over the last few years. Eight states will have smaller inflation-adjusted increases.
4.5 million workers

Left-leaning think tank Economic Policy Institute estimates that the increases will benefit 4.5 million workers. In the absence of Congress raising the wage floor, states and cities are tasking themselves with paying the lowest rung of workers a bit more.

“Increasing the minimum wage is a crucial tool to help stop growing wage inequality, particularly for women and people of color who disproportionately hold minimum wage jobs,” according to EPI economic analyst Janelle Jones.

Though the economy has been humming along, wage growth is lackluster and low-income workers have been disproportionately affected.

“For much of the past three decades, the wages of those at the bottom of the wage distribution have failed to keep up with overall economic gains. Most of the wage increase has occurred among the top half of the wage distribution, especially since the 1990s,” said UMass Amherst economics professor Arindrajit Dube.


Huma Abedin's cousin convicted in fraud case

A first cousin of Huma Abedin, a former aide to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and soon to be ex-wife of disgraced former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, was convicted Tuesday in a fraud case involving fake emails.

Omar Amanat, 44, and his colleague Kaleil Tuzman face more than a decade in prison after a jury in New York City found the pair guilty of cooking the books and defrauding shareholders of the technology company Kit Digital between 2010 and 2012.

Amanat’s brother, Irfan Amana, was also arrested in the United Arab Emirates and faces charges of fraud with the same tech firm, the New York Post reported.

"The evidence of their criminal schemes was so overwhelming that Amanat actually tried to fool the jury by introducing fake emails into the record as exculpatory 'evidence' in this trial," Acting Manhattan U.S. Attorney Joon H. Kim said in a release.

More here


       STATEWIDE (December 29, 2017) – With the arrival of the highly anticipated New Year, State Fire Marshal Brian S. Geraci is suggesting that Marylanders should attend public fireworks displays. “I would suggest the safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend one of the public fireworks displays offered throughout the state.” stated Geraci.  To help Marylanders enjoy a safer start to the New Year, the State Fire Marshal offers several ways to enjoy fireworks while avoiding injury:
  • Consider attending a professional public fireworks display instead of taking the chance on a potential injury from a private display.  Leave fireworks to the professionals.
     For those individuals who insist on the use of consumer fireworks:
  • Purchase the fireworks in the location where you intend to discharge them. Check with the local municipality to determine what fireworks are considered legal for use in that area.
  • Read and follow label warnings and instructions.
  • Do not allow small children to use fireworks.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages while using fireworks.
  • Have a bucket of water or hose available
  • Fully extinguish the remains of fireworks in water before disposal.

“Fireworks have been a long tradition of New Year’s celebrations.  Please make safety your number one priority so everyone can enjoy the holiday season.” adds the State Fire Marshal. “By acting responsibly, we can help eliminate fireworks injuries and property damage in the great State of Maryland.”

Marie Harf: Obama Should Get Credit for ISIS Defeat

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” former Obama State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said the “strategy” that led ISIS’s defeat was “laid out during the Obama administration by military commanders.”

She added, “President Trump has loosened the rules of engagement. He has allowed the military to use more bombs for example and so I think that has helped. But for me, the bigger question is what is the strategy going forward?

More here

Laid Off American Workers Get Their Day in Court Against Out-sourcing Firm

American workers suing an India-based out-sourcing firm accused of discriminating against its U.S.-born employees, while favoring Indian nationals, will get their day in court thanks to an Oakland, California federal judge.

This week, a California federal judge not only refused to throw out a case against Tata Consulting Services (TCS), one of the largest out-sourcers in the U.S. of American jobs, but he also turned the case into a class-action lawsuit, according to Bloomberg.

The case was brought against TCS in 2015 by American workers who said they experienced an anti-American bias at the company, which they say overwhelmingly favors imported workers of Indian descent.

Brian Buchanan, one of the American workers suing TCS in the class-action suit, said he had nearly 30 years of experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry when he and roughly 400 American workers were laid off by Southern California Edison after TCS was contracted to out-source the Americans’ jobs to cheaper foreign workers.


Former Butcher Shop Owner Charged In Meat Theft Case

BERLIN – A former butcher shop owner was formally charged with theft of meat from an Ocean City grocery store last week.

In August, the Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) began an investigation into the alleged theft of large quantities of meat from the Acme grocery store in the resort by former Berlin Council member and Berlin Butcher Shop owner Lisa Hall. According to OCPD officials at the time, Hall was suspected of buying cases of various meat products from the Acme in Ocean City and then repackaging it and reselling it retail at her Berlin shop, which violates health code rules that govern food-selling operations.

However, in August it came to light Hall was allegedly picking up meat orders from the Acme store in Ocean City and not paying for them. In those cases, store cashiers, uncertain if Hall had made prior payment arrangements, allowed the butcher shop owner to leave the store with large meat orders without paying for them.

Last week, roughly four months after that investigation began, Hall was formally charged with four counts of theft less than $1,000 and one count of theft scheme from $1,000 to under $10,000. The four theft counts include incident dates of Aug. 14, Aug. 18 and Aug. 19. The theft scheme charge shows a date range from Aug. 14 to Aug. 19. A preliminary hearing date has been set for Jan. 11.


Hypocrat of the Day

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told CNN’s New Day on Thursday morning that President Donald Trump’s new tax reforms are “a dagger in the heart of New York and California” because they cap the state and local tax (SALT) deduction.

Cuomo told CNN that Republicans had said: “Let’s pillage the blue [states] to give to the red.”

Currently, the SALT deduction allows federal taxpayers to deduct the taxes they pay to state and local authorities from their federally taxable income. That has insulated wealthy taxpayers in high-tax states (typically governed by Democrats) from the profligacy of their state and local governments, because they have been able to share the burden of paying for those high taxes with everyone else in the country, to the tune of nearly $100 billion in 2015.

That has led Cuomo and California’s Governor Jerry Brown to attack the new tax law.

More here

Firefighter paramedic union contract issues goes to vote

Although a labor contract was signed this year, Ocean City voters will decide on Nov. 8, 2018 whether the local firefighter/paramedic union should be able to turn to binding interest arbitration when contract negotiations reach an impasse.

On March 2, the International Association of Fire Fighters turned in a petition to put binding interest arbitration on the ballot, thus allowing voters to decide whether an independent arbitrator could settle labor disputes between the city and the union.

Less than two weeks later, the City Council and the fire union signed a deal that included the contentious new schedule that both parties battled over in 2016. That impasse inspired local union President Ryan Whittington and other members to launch the petition.

The schedule implemented in November included two 10-hour day shifts and two 14-hour night shifts, followed by four days off. That replaced the longstanding practice of 24 hours on, 72 hours off.

Union members also received a $50,000 bonus on Oct. 1, to offset any costs of switching to the new shift. On average, the bonus breaks down to $1,282 per employee. Employees were also eligible for a short time to enter the city’s deferred retirement option plan, which is eligible for employees that had earned 25 years of service for pension benefits.


'Never-Trumpers' Crash and Burn

The #Never-Trump Republicans, who were a formidable force in 2016, even after the mogul became the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, are a much-reduced group now. And those who have not either reconciled themselves to the 45th president or resolved to support Democrats (at least until Trump is deposed from leadership of the GOP) have a very bleak future.

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post, considered an ultra-partisan writer as recently as 2012, is one of the most resolute #Never-Trumpers, and is also very angry about the apostasy of her fellow Republicans who are newly minted nationalist-populists now that there is power to be pursued that way. So when she discusses what people like her should do in the next presidential contest, she’s not sanguine about the reconquest of her old party:

"A Trumpized party has made its choice and will, with the encouragement of state TV (Fox News), in all likelihood be willing to go down with the Trump ship, blaming the Never-Trump movement and/or media if he fails."

Beyond that, Rubin’s not sure she wants to associate with these people:

"Why would an anti-Trumper want to run under the banner of a party of quislings who accommodated themselves to Trump, ignored reality, engaged in conspiracy theories and failed to defend democratic institutions?"


White Marlin Open anglers land in MD District Court

Ocean City’s White Marlin Open didn’t pass without a measure of controversy itself, last year’s tournament results were still working their way through the appeals system.

In June, District Judge Richard Bennett ruled in favor of the White Marlin Open in the ongoing lawsuit between the tournament and last year’s presumed winner of more than $2.8 million in prize money, finding the tournament complied with its obligations and the angler, Philip Heasley, failed to satisfy tournament rules.

This order made no determination on what would happen to the prize money, which would come later.

According to tournament rules, all anglers winning more than $50,000 in prize money, as well as any crewmember registered to the vessel where the winning fish was landed, may be required to take and pass a polygraph test. The polygraph provision of the rules has been in place since at least 2004.

Heasley landed a 76.5-pound white marlin for what appeared to be the winning catch last year, but he and three other people were required to take the test. Three passed, but Heasley did not, according to court documents.

The tournament then allowed Heasley and the crew to take additional polygraph tests to qualify for the prize money, which resulted in the same determination.

The tournament ruled to withhold the prize money and Heasley sued.

“Ultimately, this court concludes that Mr. Heasley’s arguments are without merit,” the judge declared.


Fatality Rt. 50 @ Seminole Blvd

Date and Time: 12/29/17 at 2013 hours
Location: Route 50 at Seminole Blvd, Salisbury, MD 21801
Vehicle(s): 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis

Driver: Larry Jerome Pender

On 12/29/2017 at 2013 hours troopers from the Salisbury Barrack were dispatched to a motor vehicle collision involving an overturned vehicle. During the investigation it was determined that Larry Pender was operating a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis traveling west bound on Route 50. The driver was unable to maintain control of the vehicle and it traveled into the median and collided with a tree. The vehicle traveled through the median and overturned several times as it crossed the east bound lanes of Route 50. The driver was ejected as a result of the collision and suffered fatal injuries. Based on the investigation conducted at the scene, it is unknown if alcohol was a factor in the collision but it is believed that speed was a factor for the collision.

Route 50 was closed for several hours while troopers investigated the crash. The Maryland State Police were assisted with the investigation by the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, Salisbury Fire Department, and the State Highway Administration.

'Accept the Will of the People on Migration, Culture, or Hit the Road': Orbán Tells Europe's Leaders

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Europeans are “asserting their will” by supporting leaders who reject mass migration and support Christian foundations, and gave a warning to politicians who deny the “natural order of democracy”.

The conservative Fidesz party leader told Kossuth Radio’s listeners that 2.3 million Hungarians took part in the national consultation against the George Soros-backed pro-mass migration plan, and Mr. Orbán now intends to spend the next few months convincing his opponents that Europe is right to protect her borders and her culture.

Asked by the 180 Minutes host what made him think that after two years, since the migrant crisis, progressive leaders would listen now, Mr. Orbán said: “Because in the meantime elections are being held in Europe.”

Those who argue for a “mixed population” and to “abolish societies based on national and Christian foundations” in favour of living in multicultural societies “are continually losing ground in national elections”, he observed.


Ocean City turns on offshore wind turbines

An ally of the effort since 2013, rendering likened to ‘visual pollution’ on shore

The view of waters off Ocean City remains clear, while the possibility of electricity-generating wind turbines jutting up from the horizon is somewhat less so, as local government continued its effort either to kill the idea or push the turbines farther offshore and out of sight.

Ocean City government made an abrupt about face during a late March public comment session held at Stephen Decatur Middle School with the Public Service Commission when Mayor Rick Meehan, after viewing a new rendering of what the turbines could look like from the shore, came out against the development.

Previously, Ocean City had been an ally of the effort.

In 2013, the General Assembly passed the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act, which would create an 80,000-acre wind energy area between 10 to 30 miles off Ocean City’s coast. The wind energy area is divided into two lease areas, one closer to Delaware and the other near Ocean City.

US Wind’s first proposal put the first line of 187 turbines 12 miles off the beach to generate 750 megawatts of power. The turbines would be approximately 480 feet tall and would have two red lights that would blink at night.

Deepwater Wind, the other candidate, proposed 15 wind turbines offering 120 megawatts that would be off the coast near 145th Street.

“I do support the initiative,” Meehan said. “I met with both US Wind and Skipjack to talk about their companies and the project, but I hadn’t seen the renderings.”


Tonight Is The Last Night You'll Ever Be Able To Enjoy This Christmas Display In Pittsville

Located on Parker Place in Pittsville after 20 years of entertaining tens of thousands of people the Morrison Family will retire it for good.

They'll be open until 9 PM tonight where they'll serve hot chocolate and popcorn, (no charge). Stop by and thank Bill and Ginger. 

GO HERE to see more.

Doh! Russia Loses $45 Million Satellite

A $45 million Russian satellite was reportedly lost as a result of a programming error which left the rocket carrying it operating from the wrong coordinates.

The Guardian reports that the details behind the loss of a Russian satellite worth 2.6bn-rouble or $45 million have been revealed to be caused by improper coordinates programmed into the rocket carrying the satellite. Russian space agency Roscosmos stated last month that they had lost contact with the weather satellite, known as the Meteor-M, shortly after it’s launch from the new Vostochny Cosmodrome in the east of the country. It was discovered that the rocket had been programmed with the wrong coordinates that directed the rocket to leave from the Baikonur Cosmodrome instead.


Worcester Not Among Jurisdictions Accepting Prepaid Taxes

BERLIN — While about a third of the jurisdictions in Maryland have decided to allow residents to prepay 2018 property taxes to take advantage of the property tax deduction in advance of sweeping federal tax reforms, Worcester County is not following suit. At least eight counties in Maryland, including most recently Wicomico, are allowing residents… 

Iran cities hit by anti-government protests

Anti-government demonstrations that began in one city on Thursday have now spread to several major cities in Iran.

Large numbers reportedly turned out in Rasht, in the north, and Kermanshah, in the west, with smaller protests in Isfahan, Hamadan and elsewhere.

The protests began against rising prices but have spiralled into a general outcry against clerical rule and government policies.

A small number of people have been arrested in Tehran, the capital.

They were among a group of 50 people who gathered in a city square, Tehran's deputy governor-general for security affairs told the Iranian Labour News Agency.

The governor-general of Tehran earlier said that any such gatherings would be firmly dealt with by the police, who are out in force on main intersections.


New State Scoring System ‘Not Good News’ For Worcester

SNOW HILL – Changes in legislation could mean an increase in costs associated with transportation projects for Worcester County.

During a meeting last week, county staff provided the Worcester County Commissioners with an update on changes associated with a bill passed by the legislature earlier this year. The bill (Senate Bill 307, Chapter 30 of the Acts of 2017) requires that the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) develop a project-based scoring system for major transportation projects.

“It’s not good news…,” said Ed Tudor, the county’s director of development review and permitting. “It seems like it’s gotten much more complicated than it used to be unnecessarily.”


‘Death to the Dictator! Death to Rouhani!’: Thousands Protest the Government in Iran

Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Iran over the past few days, speaking out against both the “hardline” government of the ayatollahs and the supposedly “moderate” secular government of President Hassan Rouhani.

“Death to the dictator!” and “Death to Rouhani” are chants heard in at least eight Iranian cities, and the movement appears to be spreading.

The UK Daily Mail reports protesters surrounding an Iranian mullah, a powerful member of the theocratic ruling class, and changing “Mullahs, be ashamed and leave Iran!” in his face.

One of the big protests was held in Mashhad, which is considered one of the holiest sites in Iran and in all of Shia Islam, as it contains the shrine of a revered 9th Century imam.

On Friday afternoon there were reports of protesters filling the streets of Qom, Iran’s spiritual center, and chanting: “We don’t want an Islamic republic!” Another protest chant, “Iran is haphazard without the Shah,” seems calculated to annoy the mullahs and ayatollah. These are remarkable gestures of defiance against Iran and the revolution of 1979, which is officially regarded as a sacred event.

One brave woman expressed her defiance by standing up without a veil or headscarf:

Probation, Fine For Dune Joy Ride

OCEAN CITY — A Federalsburg man, charged in November with drunk-driving and other counts after an early morning joy ride through the dunes in north Ocean City, pleaded guilty last week to driving under the influence and was placed on probation and fined.

Around 5:50 a.m. on Nov. 5, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers responded to the beach at 99th Street for a reported SUV stuck in the dunes. Upon arrival, OCPD officers located a Ford Explorer with significant body damage stuck in the dune. The driver, later identified as Daniel Silvers, 47, of Federalsburg, was the sole occupant and was still in the vehicle.

The investigation revealed the vehicle entered the beach at 118th Street and traveled south, damaging the dunes, snow fencing and other property in its path, before coming to rest in the area of 99th Street. Silvers was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and driving while impaired, failure to stop after an accident involving property damage and failure to locate and notify the owner after an accident involving property damage.


Klein: Defund the U.N.’s Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Agency to Pay for the Border Wall

A significant portion of the projected costs for President Donald Trump’s proposed border barrier with Mexico could be covered with the money saved if the U.S. stopped funding the scandalous U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which ministers to so-called Palestinian refugees.

The U.S. is UNRWA’s single largest donor, providing about $300 million annually. Defunding UNRWA would save the U.S. upwards of $3 billion over the next ten years.


Middle School Launches Home Visit Program

POCOMOKE – A new initiative is bringing teachers into the homes of their students in Pocomoke.

This school year Pocomoke Middle School launched the 100 Home Visits program. It’s designed to build stronger relationships within the school community.

“It’s an initiative started by Pocomoke Middle School this year to improve relationships with students, teachers and parents,” Principal Matthew Record said. “We wanted to reach our parents where they were and not always have them come to us.”

According to teacher Jennifer Smith, any interested teachers or administrators can make a home visit. During the visit, educators can share concerns, praise or just get to know a student and their family better.


Cotton: We Should Support the Iranian People’s Protests

Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) issued a statement of support Thursday for Iranian citizens protesting the regime, condemning the government's "hateful ideology" as more committed to regional conflicts than the needs of its people.

Hundreds of citizens protested Thursday in Mashad, Iran's second-largest city, over high prices and economic mismanagement. According to Reuters, they shouted slogans like "death to (President Hassan) Rouhani" and "death to the dictator."

"Even after the billions in sanctions relief they secured through the nuclear deal, the ayatollahs still can’t provide for the basic needs of their own people—perhaps because they’ve funneled so much of that money into their campaign of regional aggression in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen," Cotton said. "The protests in Mashhad show that a regime driven by such a hateful ideology cannot maintain broad popular support forever, and we should support the Iranian people who are willing to risk their lives to speak out against it."

More here

Gun Control Fail: Baltimore 'Killings per Capita' Rate Breaks Record

Baltimore has an “assault weapons” ban, a “high capacity” magazine ban, a handgun purchaser fingerprint requirement, and a record rate of “killings per capita.”

The previous record was 55.35 homicides per 100,000 residents. The Baltimore Sunreports that 2017 set a new record rate of 55.8.

As of December 28, Baltimore had witnessed 343 homicides in 2017. That is slightly short of the record 344 witnessed in 2015, yet the homicide rate is higher this year because the city has fewer residents.

The highest number of homicides was 353, which was the total of deaths in 1995. But even then, the rate of “killings per capita” was lower because the city “had some 100,000 more residents.”


Just think, these weapons require no food, no sleep, no healthcare... and they don't have gender issues!

Elizabeth Warren Pokes The Donald Over “Science,” The Internet Pokes Back

What would 2017 be without one final Twitter jab at President Donald Trump courtesy of Massachusetts U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren?

It is no secret that Trump’s administration, which in 2017 has managed to trigger unprecedented heights of progressive outrage, views human-driven climate change theories with skepticism. From Trump’s decision to back out of the Paris Climate Accord to Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s legal onslaught against those Trump installed to run the Environmental Protection Agency, there has been no shortage of hand-wringing over the future of Planet Earth.

Enter Warren, for one last hurrah — only this time she may have gotten more than she bargained for when it comes to opining on what constitutes fact-based science and what does not.


Republican Lawmaker DROPS NUKE On Kneeling NFL Players

Many conservatives in the United States have just about had it with the kneeling NFL players, and it would appear that Republican lawmakers are feeling the same way. In fact, one has proposed that the Indianapolis Colts would have to refund the tickets of anyone who left the football game as a result of the players kneeling.

Rep. Milo Smith (R-Columbus) claims that his bill would players who feel disrespected by the national anthem protests to receive a refund for the cost of their ticket after leaving the game.

“To me when they take a knee during the national anthem, it’s not respecting the national anthem or our country,” he said. “Our government isn’t perfect, but it’s still the best country in the world and I think we need to be respectful of it.”


Subject: Classified Huma Abedin Emails Found On Anthony Weiner's Laptop Discussing Hamas, Israel And Palestinian Authority

This afternoon, the State Department has just released the infamous batch of work-related emails from the account of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin that were discovered by the FBI on a laptop belonging to Abedin's estranged husband, and convicted pedophile, Anthony Weiner near the end of the 2016 presidential campaign.

As you may recall, the discovery of these emails on Weiner's computer is what prompted Comey to re-open the Hillary Clinton email investigation roughly 1 week prior to the election, a decision which the Hillary camp insists is the reason why they lost the White House.

Of course, while the Hillary campaign attempted to dismiss the emails as just another 'nothing burger', the Daily Mail reports that aninitial review of the 2,800 documents dumped by the State Department reveal at least 5 emails classified at the 'confidential level,' the third most sensitive level the U.S. government uses.

The classified emails date from 2010-2012, and concern discussions with Middle East leaders, including those from the United Arab Emirates, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas - which was declared a terrorist organization by the European Court of Justice in July. Large portions of the 2,800 page release were redacted prior to release by the State Department.



Want A Pop?

Pop, soda pop, soda or soft drink – they all mean the same. All of us remember the long, hot days of summer when there was no air conditioning to go into to get some relief from the ever-present heat. So, we got our relief from the ice cold treat of a cold soda. Some of us went “scavaging” bottles for their deposit value, which was usually two cents. Since the cost of a drink was a nickel, three bottles returned for deposit would get a fresh bit of cooling liquid and a piece of penny candy to boot.

The soft drink has been with us over 100 years. Coca-Cola was originally made with cocaine, thence its name. I can imagine why everyone loved it. It was touted as a cure-all. While it didn’t cure anything, you didn’t really care after drinking a Coke. It is said that it was a particular favorite with Queen Victoria of England. Alas, the good times were over when the government put a halt to anything made with a forbidden drug. Many of the most popular “soft drinks” of the day were victims of this new law.

I have tried to list every soft drink bottled in Salisbury, but I am sure there are others. Many are familiar to you; many are not, since they were produced for such a short time. To qualify, the bottle has to say “Salisbury, Md.” on it. There are many that were bottled by another bottler, so it is impossible to research the label. One of the hardest is Chuk-ker. It has on the bottle that it was bottled by the Chuk-ker Beverage Co., Salisbury, Md., but I have never seen any other reference to or listing for this company.

With $100 Million Grant, Sesame Workshop Reaches Out To Refugee Kids

In January, Sesame Workshop and the International Rescue Committee will start work on what they're calling "the largest childhood intervention in the history of humanitarian response." Funded by a $100 million grant from the MacArthur Foundation, the project aims to reach 9.4 million Syrian refugees and local children in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria through a new, regional version of Sesame Streetand related activities.

The show will be distributed via television, the internet and mobile phones, with related content given to childcare centers, to clinics and directly into the hands of parents and other caregivers in their homes.

Sherrie Westin, Sesame Workshop's executive vice president of global impact and philanthropy, spoke to NPR's Ari Shapiro about the program. Here are highlights from the interview, which has been edited for length and clarity.

On reaching a refugee audience:


Niagara Falls is a frozen winter wonderland right now (PHOTOS)

While most of Ontario is under an extreme cold alert, the effects have resulted in some pretty incredible photo opportunities.

Especially at Niagara Falls, which currently looks like a frozen winter wonderland.

As of this morning, it felt like -19°C in Niagara, which has helped transform Niagara Falls into a frozen spectacle.

Because of this, there has been a steady flow of intrepid visitors eager to check out the incredible sight, who apparently appear to be unfazed by the cold. Many of the visitors took to social media to share their photos of the winter scene, which includes vast sections of the Canadian side of Niagara Falls appearing almost frozen in time.

In case you don’t feel like trecking out into the cold but want to see what all the fuss is about, check out these incredible photos of the icy Niagara Falls below.


Wicomico County Officials Respond to Severe Cold Weather Threats

Salisbury, MD - “Wicomico County officials are monitoring the severe cold weather currently gripping the area, which is expected to continue into the near future,” says County Executive Bob Culver. “We want county residents to know what resources and actions are available to them to stay safe,” Culver continues. Officials remind residents to:

· Call 211 to find out about available resources for people without heat or who are homeless.

· Dress warmly and in layers whenever going outside, and limit time outside.

· Exercise caution when using space heaters and fireplaces to avoid house fires and carbon monoxide poisoning, and do not use ovens or grills to heat inside.

Wicomico County Health Department Health Officer Lori Brewster states, “If staying warm at home is an issue, or if you are homeless, go to public buildings such as shopping centers and libraries during business hours to get relief from the cold.”

Aaron Balsamo, Director of the Humane Society of Wicomico County, adds, “Bring animals inside and provide them fresh water and extra food during this extreme weather.”

County officials will be monitoring for power outages and will open warming centers should the need arise.

For more information about cold weather safety and local shelters, visit the Wicomico County Health Department’s website at, our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter @WicomicoHealth.

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