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Monday, July 22, 2019

Strategic Medicine: Researchers Develop ‘Trojan Horse’ Drug That Tricks, Then Kills Cancer Cells

EVANSTON, Ill. — The same tactics used by the ancient Greeks thousands of years ago in battle are being applied by researchers at Northwestern University to fight cancer today. A newly designed drug delivery system is capable of disguising chemotherapeutics as fat, a favorite snack of cancerous tumors, creating an effect likened to the “Trojan horse” tale heralded in Greek lore.

Ever since the ancient Greeks snuck their way into the city of Troy inside a giant wooden horse disguised as a gift, the tale of the Trojan horse has been considered a classic example of strategy and cunning over brute force. Now, researchers are hoping to use a bit of deception in the fight against cancer.

In order to develop this delivery and targeting system, researchers engineered a long-chain fatty acid capable of binding itself to drugs at both ends. The fatty acid, with drugs in tow, is then hidden inside a protein found in human blood that carries fat molecules throughout the body.

Essentially, tumors are “tricked” into inviting the chemotherapeutics inside, allowing the drug to destroy them from the inside out. After making it inside the tumor, the hidden drug activates and kills cancer cells. This innovative delivery method is also lower in toxicity, thus causing less harmful side effects than most other chemotherapy treatments available today.


SAT Adversity Score Is unAmerican

Trump: ‘I Don’t Believe’ the ‘Squad’ Are ‘Capable of Loving Our Country’

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and the other three freshmen members of the so-called “Squad” have had their love of America called into question by Donald Trump.

The president took to Twitter on Sunday morning to query their loyalty, saying they should apologize to the U.S. as well as Israel for their confrontational behaviour, adding America will not be destroyed by their invective.
I don’t believe the four Congresswomen are capable of loving our Country. They should apologize to America (and Israel) for the horrible (hateful) things they have said. They are destroying the Democrat Party, but are weak & insecure people who can never destroy our great Nation!

Betcha’ Didn’t Know: Firearm Homicides Plummeted over Last 25 Years

Despite endless gun violence reports put forward by the establishment media, the dirty little secret is firearm homicides have plummeted over the past 25 years.

Yet most Americans, particularly Democrats, believe firearm murders have risen period.

Washington Post analysis shows Democrats, followed closely by independents, are more apt to believe firearm murders have increased. And this feeds the Democrat psyche which is already more prone to support an expansion of gun control laws.

But the reality is that the high water mark for firearm murders was 1994 while 2017, the most recent year with complete data on incidents, shows a sharp drop. There were “16,136 [firearm murders] in 1994” but only “10,982” in 2017.

And if looked at in terms of the murder rate, instead of simply the raw murder numbers, the drop in firearm homicides is even more evident.



President Trump will lose the 2020 election if the five things covered here are allowed to continue.

They include illegal immigration and widespread censorship of conservative voices by the tech giants. If Trump does nothing to stop the censorship, the tech giants will succeed in stealing the election, which will catalyze a civil war as pro-America patriots, fed up with all the cheating, fraud and hatred of the Left, activate the Second Amendment to defend their nation against the treasonous traitors at Google, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants.

(Google has now joined forces with communist China and is openly engaged in treason against the United States of America. Trump must seek mass arrests of Google executives and charge them with treason.)


Nadler Beats Impeachment Drum Ahead of Mueller Testimony: Substantial Evidence Trump is Guilty of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) beat the impeachment drum on Sunday ahead of Mueller’s testimony to Congress this week.

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller is scheduled to testify to the House Intel and House Judiciary Committees on Wednesday for a total of 5 hours.

Nadler said during his appearance on ‘Fox News Sunday’ that the evidence shows Trump is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

“The [Mueller] report presents very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors,” Nadler said.


Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Republican Opponent Raises Concerns About Pattern of Traffic Violations

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar was arrested for failing to show current driver registration during her 2018 congressional campaign, marking the latest in a pattern of traffic incidents that include an arrest for driving without a license and two apparent driver’s license suspensions. Her Republican opponent believes these traffic violations point to deeper issues that should concern the voters.

In the case of State of Minnesota vs. Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, filed on Oct. 25, 2018 in Hennepin County Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown court, Omar was convicted of Failure to Display Current Registration — Expired Plates, a petty misdemeanor.

Omar was convicted on November 16, 2018, shortly after her election to U.S. Congress. The October 4, 1982 birth date of the convicted person matches Congresswoman Omar’s birthdate.

“The lack of reporting is concerning. I get it, the district has been a Democratic district for a little while, but at what point is the press required to do their job and actually inform the people of character concerns?,” Danielle Stella, Omar’s 2020 Republican challenger, told The Epoch Times, referring to the failure by the media to report on Omar’s traffic troubles.


REVEALED: The Democrats' Blueprint To Steal 2020 From The Voters Of America

The Democrats intend to steal the presidency in 2020.

It is the only way they can “win.”

They’ve learned this. They’ve lived it. And without a decisive turnout in 2020 they believe they have mastered the process.

If you thought that Bush vs. Gore, or the Georgia and Florida 2018 recounts were ugly, keep your powder dry. 2020 will be the worst yet.

All the signs point to this, assuming they can actually find a candidate.

Once they do however, the largest scale assault on our free elections ever attempted will be unleashed.

Here’s three strategies they are implementing or have implemented


Remember: Tlaib Interrupted A Trump Speech To Business Leaders... All In The Name Of 'Doing Her Part'

An August 2016 video of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) being escorted out of then-candidate Donald Trump's speech has resurfaced on social media. The video shows security guards removing Tlaib from the speech after interrupting the Republican nominee.

"You guys are crazy!" Tlaib yells at people in the audience.

It turns out Tlaib penned an opinion piece in the Detroit Free Press after the disruption took place to explain her actions.

According to Tlaib, she felt compelled to disrupt Trump because of his "hate-filled rhetoric and tactics." She and 12 other women made a commotion during Trump's speech to the Detroit Economic Club in August 2016.


Creepy Joe Biden Plants a Wet One on Granddaughter’s Lips at Nevada Rally (VIDEO)

Some things never change.

Joe Biden was in Nevada for the State Democrat Party’s Brew and National Views Event on Saturday.
The former vice president gave an hour-long speech where he trashed Trump and promised to bring back the failed Obama agenda.

But before he got started ripping Trump he planted a wet one on his granddaughter’s lips.


REVEALED: Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book — 93 Pages of Contacts, Including Top Politicians and Hollywood Elites

A federal judge on Thursday denied bail to wealthy sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein who sought to be released from custody on a $100 million bond.

Epstein’s lawyers asked that he be kept in his $77 million Manhattan mansion with an electronic trafficking device as he awaited his trial.

Epstein was arrested two weeks ago and indicted on one count of conspiring to commit sex trafficking.

The case against the multi-millionaire could possibly expand to involve several top politicians and Hollywood elites.

Epstein’s former house manager tried to sell his black book of contacts years ago. Gawker got a copy of the book and published the 93 pages of contacts in 2015.

The book contains entries for Alec Baldwin, Ralph Fiennes, Griffin Dunne, New York Post gossip Richard Johnson, Ted Kennedy, David Koch, filmmaker Andrew Jarecki, and all manner of other people you might expect a billionaire to know.


Richard Pryor’s daughter, Rain Pryor, to run for council seat in Baltimore: report

Rain Pryor, daughter of the late comedian Richard Pryor, spent part of her 50th birthday last week filing paperwork to run for a city council seat in Baltimore, according to a report.

Pryor, who filed as a Democrat, says she’s running because she opposes what she described as the “My way or the highway” approach of incumbent Councilman Ryan Dorsey, the Baltimore Sun reported. Dorsey is also a Democrat, completing his first term in office, according to the paper.

Pryor also told the Sun she became frustrated from battles with local school officials after her daughter dealt with bullying in elementary school.


Alcohol tainted with methanol suspected of killing at least 19 people in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has issued a national alert about tainted alcohol after 19 people were confirmed to have died over the past few weeks from methanol poisoning. The government says several alcohol brands have been tainted with methanol, a poisonous alcohol found in solvents and antifreeze.

Since early June, 14 men and five women across Costa Rica have died from methanol poisoning, according to the Ministry of Health. They ranged in age from 32 to 72. Seven of the deaths were in the San Jose province, which includes San Jose, the most populous city in Costa Rica.

The Ministry of Health said information on the deaths is "preliminary" and an investigation is ongoing.


Iran Caught Smuggling Nuke Materials Out of U.S.

An Iranian national was caught by the Trump administration attempting to smuggle materials that can be used to enrich uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon, out of the U.S., according to the Justice Department.

Behzad Pourghannad allegedly attempted to smuggle carbon fiber out of America and ship it to Tehran. Pourghannad was arrested in May 2017 in Germany and later extradited to the U.S. He arrived in America on Monday. On Tuesday, the Justice Department unsealed a three-count indictment charging Pourghannad and two others in the plot to export the sensitive nuclear materials.

Ali Reza Shokri and Farzin Faridmanesh, the two alleged conspirators, remain at large.


White House Petition Demands Investigation Into Ilhan Omar’s ‘Illegal Citizenship Status’

A new petition on the White House websites is demanding the Trump administration investigate freshman Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar amid widespread allegations that the Muslim lawmaker married her brother to skirt immigration law.

The request titled, “We The People, call on Congress to immediately start an investigation into Ilhan Omar’s illegal citizenship status,” was posted on on July 15.

You can sign the petition HERE.

“Newly uncovered evidence strongly supports claims that state Rep. Ilhan Omar may have married her brother,” the petition states. “Omar may have married her brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in order to aid Elmi in obtaining U.S. citizenship.


Kid selling 'ICE COLD BEER' gets police attention

BRIGHAM CITY (KUTV) - A boy in Brigham City, Utah had a marketing strategy so good people called the cops on him.

The boy seen in a picture posted to Facebook by the Brigham City Police Department shows him holding a sign that says "ICE COLD BEER" but in small letters above "BEER" it says "ROOT."

Yes, the kid is selling root beer.


Trump’s noble fight against ‘liberal paper straws’ and nanny state tyranny

Washington, D.C., is a hot and swampy place to live. Making matters worse, it’s almost impossible to cool off with an ice-cold drink — unless you’re willing to taste flakes of cardboard, that is.

Effective January 2019, D.C. banned plastic straws, threatening business owners who dare offer functional plastic products with an $800 fine. This has forced most local businesses to use awful, ineffective paper straws. D.C. is just the latest of numerous cities and localities to pass similarly absurd, paternalistic policies banning plastic straws.

Thankfully, President Trump is standing up for the rights of ALL Americans, and doubling down on the fight that matters — against the nanny state and the tyranny of the paper straw.



Donald Trump made a surprise appearance at a wedding that had a theme -- Make America Great Again.

The wedding went down Saturday night at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in Bedminster, New Jersey.

There was no doubt about it ... there were chants "USA, USA, USA," and "Trump, Trump, Trump."

You see the President kiss the bride and wave hello to the crowd that is cheering him on. At various points during the evening, various people from the wedding party wore "MAGA" hats and even posed with Trump.


"This is an orchestrated, communist assault on America to destroy America's borders

Question Of The Day

So...What did you do over the weekend?

HOCOPO: Press Release from doorbell video in Woodbine shooting

Howard County police are learning more about the death of a man in Woodbine who was shot and killed by a resident whose house he was trying to enter. Detectives have reviewed the resident’s doorbell camera video and are releasing updated information about the circumstances of the event.

In the video, which cannot be publicly released at this time, Gerardo Espinoza is seen banging on the front door of Charles Dorsey’s home in the 14000 block of Carriage Mill Road around 1 a.m., July 21. The audio reveals that Espinoza is shouting profanity and threats, including “I’m going to f--- you up,” and “You want a piece of this s---.” Dorsey is heard yelling back from inside the house for the man to leave, while his wife is calling 911.

The video then shows Espinoza jostling the door handle in an attempt to get into the house. After a moment, the door releases and Espinoza is shot. Dorsey is heard on the video shouting, “He pushed the door open, he pushed the door open.”

Detectives have learned that Espinoza had been staying at a friend’s house in the neighborhood and may have been drinking before the incident. They are investigating the possibility that Espinoza may have mistakenly gone to the wrong house.

Police are consulting with the state’s attorney’s office about the details of the case. No charges have been filed at this time. The investigation is ongoing.

President Trump says He Doesn’t Have a Racist Bone in His Body

Dr. Kessler: The left sees political correctness as 'established religion,' shuns dissenters

Left-wing Democrats have caused American politics to be dominated by political correctness and patrol those who dissent from their norms, according to Dr. Charles Kessler.

The left thrives on P.C. culture and uses it as a type of moral compass, Kessler, a professor of government at Claremont-McKenna College in California, claimed in an interview airing Sunday on "Life, Liberty & Levin."

"What you see in the phenomenon of political correctness -- which is so powerful -- in a way, it came from the universities, but now it is utterly dominating American politics too," he said.

"If you look at the Democrat presidential candidates, if you look at the 'squad' in Congress, their agenda is driven by political correctness, and political correctness means you hate and cannot tolerate the imperfection -- the moral imperfection -- of your fellow Americans."

Nodding to Hillary Clinton's monikers for supporters of President Trump, Kessler claimed many liberals see "deplorables" and "irredeemables" as people, "who have not evolved."


ACLU, ADL Oppose 'Terrorist' Designation for Antifa

A bill to designate Antifa members as "domestic terrorists" has been proposed by Republican senators, but two activist groups, the American Civil Liberties Union and Anti-Defamation League, are opposed, The Washington Post reported.

"It is dangerous and overly broad to use labels that are disconnected [from] actual individual conduct," ACLU National Security Project Director Hina Shamsi told the Post. "And as we've seen how 'terrorism' has been used already in this country, any such scheme raises significant due process, equal protection, and First Amendment constitutional concerns."

The ADL warns the GOP bill might permit law enforcement to label all counter-protesters of white supremacists as Antifa and taken advantage of expanded investigative authority under domestic terrorism law.


Gulf Cartel Leader Caught Sneaking Across Texas Border

Federal authorities arrested a leading lieutenant with Mexico’s Gulf Cartel in Texas after he illegally sneaked across the Rio Grande to enter the United States. Law enforcement agents with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) had their sights on the cartel cell leader for some time in connection with multiple drug shipments allegedly linked to him.

U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested Rene “El Diablo” Garcia Cantu near La Paloma, Texas, after he illegally entered the country in a remote rural area. During a background check, agents determined that Garcia Cantu is the target of an ongoing DEA investigation into the Gulf Cartel and their marijuana smuggling operation.


Alleged ISIS Sniper Entered U.S. from Kazakhstan on ‘Diversity Visa Lottery’

A man charged with joining the Islamic State (ISIS) as a sniper and firearms instructor originally came to the United States through the “Diversity Visa Lottery,” a program responsible for bringing more than half a million randomly chosen foreign nationals to the country in a single decade.

Ruslan Maratovich Asainov, 42-years-old, was charged last week in a Brooklyn, New York, federal court for aiding ISIS in 2013 when he allegedly traveled to Turkey and Syria to fight for the terrorist group.

Asainov, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency has confirmed, first arrived in the U.S. through the Diversity Visa Lottery in February 1999.

The Visa Lottery randomly gives out about 55,000 visas every year to foreign nationals from a multitude of countries, including those with known terrorist problems — such as Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and Uzbekistan.

Requirements for foreign nationals to win the visa lottery are low, with the foreign national only needing a high school education and two years of work experience.


Georgia state Rep. Erica Thomas backtracks on racism accusations

Georgia state Rep. Erica Thomas, who asserted in a tearful Facebook postthat a white man at a Publix grocery store told her to "Go back to where you came from!" seems to be less sure that the Friday encounter was exactly how she remembered.

After reaffirming to reporters Saturday that a white man had verbally accosted her and her daughter telling them to "go back" to where they came from in a racially charged tirade, Thomas was interrupted by the accused man himself, Eric Sparkes, who had a very different story to tell. Sparkes accused Thomas of faking the story for political purposes, saying he was, in fact, a Cuban American Democrat who was simply irritated that she brought so many groceries to the express checkout lane.

Thomas rebuked Sparkes' version of events, however, in an interview later in the day on Saturday, saying, "I don't know if he said 'go back,' or those types of words ... I don't know if he said 'go back to your country' or 'go back to where you came from,' but he was making those types of references is what I remember."


Sanders campaign will cut hours to pay staffers $15 minimum wage

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced this weekend he will cut staffers' hours so that they can effectively be paid a $15-an-hour minimum wage, prompting mockery from critics who say the move is more evidence that Sanders' plan to raise the national minimum wage is hypocritical and would only lead to less work and more unemployment.

The Washington Post first reported last Thursday that Sanders' field staffers were upset that Sanders championed a $15 minimum wage on the campaign trail, and made headlines for railing against major corporations who pay "starvation wages" -- even as his own employees made "poverty wages."

In response, Sanders told The Des Moines Register he was "very proud" to lead the first major presidential campaign with unionized workers, but also "bothered" that news of the internal strife had spilled into the media.


Commissioner's crime plan focuses on gun violence, micro zones

BALTIMORE —Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison released his crime plan Thursday that establishes new, focused patrol areas and requires patrol officers to make regular contact with known gun offenders who are on parole.

One thing that's different from years past is that there is now both a crime plan and a five-year strategic plan that goes beyond law enforcement.

"This is a five-year strategy to improve our department and improve our foundational structure of our department to bring it to good performance, and really get performance," Harrison said. "And there is the crime reduction plan based on where crimes are occurring, when they are occurring, specifically to days of week and times of day so we can deploy there."

Harrison said on Thursday, the public will notice the effects of the plan.


Baltimore Police Say Deputy Commissioner Was Robbed At Gun Point in SE Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City Police have confirmed Deputy Commissioner Daniel Murphy and a woman were robbed at gun point Friday evening near Patterson Park.

Officials say the couple was approached by four men in a white SUV around 9:00 p.m. in the 2200 block of East Pratt Street while they were walking.

Two African-American males exited the vehicle, brandished a gun, and demanded their property. A purse, wallet, cash and cell phones were taken.


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