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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Grassley Asks Feinstein Again For Unredacted Accuser’s Letter

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley again asked Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein to share the unredacted letter Christine Blasey Ford gave to California Democratic lawmakers that contains her allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Senate Judiciary Republicans are preparing for testimony from Kavanaugh and attempting to persuade Ford to give her testimony on Monday. Ford’s attorney Debra Katz initially claimed Ford was willing to testify, but now says her client wants a law enforcement investigation into the matter before she testifies. The bureau has declined to do so.

Ford accused Kavanaugh of an attempted sexual assault more than 35 years ago at a Montgomery County residence she is unable to identify. Kavanaugh has denied this allegation ever took place and is ready to testify in his defense next week.

Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley sent a letter Wednesday to the Committee’s Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein asking for a copy.


Louisiana Attorney General Encourages Jeff Sessions to Break Up Google, Facebook

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry will reportedly encourage Attorney General Jeff Sessions to break up Big Tech companies like Google and Facebook during a meeting next week.

“My opinion is you are not going to fix this legislatively,” declared Landry during a radio interview with News Radio 710 KEEL, in Shreveport. “You are going to have fix this like we always fix monopolies in this country. You are going to have to take an antitrust suit.”

“I think it’s an antitrust issue,” he continued. “I think the companies are too big and they need to be broken up.”


Evacuation Entitlements if the Military Tells You to Go

When and what the military will pay if it tells your base or command to evacuate?

With hurricane season in full swing, it's a perfect time to talk about when and how the military may pay travel expenses if you are instructed to evacuate.

Many folks have questions about when and how the military might reimburse for evacuations. I've pulled together information from the Joint Travel Regulations (it has a whole chapter on evacuations), the Defense Travel website, various service instructions, plus interviewed a few folks who have been ordered to evacuate for past situations. I learned a lot -- hopefully you will, too!

Note: This article speaks specifically to evacuations from locations within the continental United States (CONUS) for limited-duration events like a storm.

First things first: The military will not pay for any expenses unless the evacuation is ordered by the appropriate military authorities. If you choose to leave without a military order, you will not be reimbursed for any expenses incurred until such an order is given.


NFL and tolerance of free speech?

NFL "Refresher"  NFL History...history not often reported or leaked to the ticket holders.

* In 2012 the NFL had an issue with Tim Tebow kneeling before each game to pray,
they also had an issue with Tebow wearing John 3:16 as part of his eye-black to avoid
glare, and made him take it off.

* In 2013 the NFL fined Brandon Marshall for wearing green cleats to raise awareness
for people with mental health disorders.

* In 2014 Robert Griffin III (RG3) entered a post-game press conference wearing a shirt
that said "Know Jesus Know Peace" but was forced to turn it inside out by an NFL uniform
inspector before speaking at the podium.

* In 2015 DeAngelo Williams was fined for wearing "Find the Cure" eye black for breast
cancer awareness.

* In 2015 William Gay was fined for wearing purple cleats to raise awareness for domestic
violence. (Not that the NFL has a domestic violence problem...).

*In 2016 the NFL prevented the Dallas Cowboys from wearing a decal on their helmet in honor
of 5 Dallas Police officers killed in the line of duty.

* 2016 the NFL threatened to fine players who wanted to wear cleats to commemorate the
15th anniversary of 9/11.

So tell me again how the NFL supports free speech and expression. It seems quite clear
based on these facts that the NFL has taken a position against any action by NFL players
demonstrating RESPECT for any issue: For God, social causes such as mental health,
cancer, domestic violence, for cops killed arbitrarily for being cops, or for the Memory of 9/11...

BUT they will allow demonstrations of DISRESPECT for our National Flag, our National
Anthem, for America , and for the American People, if it will help mollify a particular Group
and its supporters. That is who and what the NFL now has shown itself to be.

Obama 2012 Campaign Manager: Embracing Socialist Label Is 'Harmful to Democrats'

Jim Messina, President Barack Obama's 2012 campaign manager, said on Wednesday that it is "harmful" to the party when Democrats embrace the socialist label.

"I think it's really bad politics and harmful to Democrats," Messina said. "Democrats need to focus on bread and basket issues to make the economy better, not labeling ourselves socialists or communists or anything else. We've got to stay focused on what makes people's lives better, and this is a side show."

Axios reporter Alexi McCammond said Republicans weaponize the move by some Democrats to embrace the socialist movement.

"I think they are, though. The Democratic leaders here in Washington are pushing for the people, which is a pretty run-of-the-mill, you know, kitchen table issues thing," McCammond said. "I think we are seeing how Republicans are weaponizing this democratic socialist movement, to your point. That is something Democrats will be worried about."


More Yale Freshmen Identify As LGBTQ Than Conservative, Survey Finds

Queer freshmen greatly outnumber conservatives at the university, according to a survey

A Yale Daily News survey of freshmen students at that university found that more students of the class of 2022 identify on the LGBTQ spectrum than as conservative, and that queer freshmen even outnumber other sizable demographics in the class, such as Protestants and Catholics.

The paper’s survey, the results of which are composed of 864 respondents, or just over one-half of the freshman class, found that only nine percent of respondents identified as “somewhat conservative,” with one percent identifying as “very conservative.” LGBTQ respondents, on the other hand, greatly outnumberd conservatives in total: According to the survey, “nearly 5 percent [of respondents] identify as gay and just over 9 percent as bisexual or transsexual. Three percent opted not to answer, and the remaining 8 percent identified as asexual, ace spectrum or questioning their sexual orientation.”

This combined demographic outnumbers even Protestants and Catholics, whom the survey identified as 16 percent and 15 percent of the incoming class, respectively.

A 2018 Gallup poll estimated that 4.5 percent of all Americans identified as LGBTQ.

Liberal students in the class of 2022 also greatly outnumber conservatives on campus, according to The Daily News‘s findings.


Andrew Gillum Heavily Bankrolled by ‘Black Political Power’ Group Complaining Too Many ‘White Men’ Hold Office

NEW YORK — One of the primary donors central to funding Andrew Gillum’s recent meteoric rise is The Collective, a little-known but increasingly influential political organization seeking to build a “black political power” movement while complaining that there are too many “white men” holding public office.

The organization runs a “Black Campaign School” where The Collective’s co-founder says they train people on how to build a political movement in America’s “heightened, almost racist environment.” He charged that this environment has spiraled into “white supremacy” under the tenure of President Trump.

The Collective PAC, based in Washington, D.C., reportedly spent nearly $2 million to aid Gillum, Tallahassee’s mayor, in his successful primary fight for Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial nomination. The money reportedly went to fund television and radio ads and get-out-the-vote drives, playing a key role in helping Gillum defeat his contenders, some of whom were better-funded and had more statewide name recognition.


Rosenstein reportedly discussed wearing 'wire,' invoking 25th Amendment against Trump

The Trump administration was rocked Friday afternoon by a bombshell report saying Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein last year suggested secretly recording President Trump to expose chaos in the White House and enlisting Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

Rosenstein adamantly denied the accusations.

“The New York Times’s story is inaccurate and factually incorrect,” he said in a statement to Fox News. “I will not further comment on a story based on anonymous sources who are obviously biased against the department and are advancing their own personal agenda. But let me clear about this: Based on my personal dealings with the president, there is no basis to invoke the 25th Amendment.”

In another statement, he said emphatically, “I never pursued or authorized recording the president, and any suggestion that I
have ever advocated for the removal of the president is absolutely false."

But the Times report is sure to roil a White House already suspicious of some elements within the DOJ and FBI, as Trump complains regularly about the Russia probe he calls a "witch hunt." Rosenstein oversees that probe.


Pelosi: Dems Will Win House Because Some Republicans Aren’t ‘Going to Fight Us’

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) revealed on Monday evening that she thinks Democrats will take back the House this year in part because there are some establishment Republicans who are not interested in fighting Democrats to keep control of Congress.

When Christiane Amanpour asked Pelosi in an interview that aired on PBS about whether Democrats can take back the House of Representatives, Pelosi said that Democrats “would win overwhelmingly” if the election were held today.

“But I do think that there are Republicans out there who… I’m not saying they support us, but I’m saying they’re not going to fight us,” Pelosi added after predicting that “so many excellent women candidates across the country” are leading the way for Democrats.


Democrats accused of trying to bury Ellison abuse allegations with sluggish probe

Democrats taking to the airwaves to denounce Judge Brett Kavanaugh have been considerably less focused on their own abuse investigation into Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison.

The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party said a month ago it would investigate after a former girlfriend accused Mr. Ellison of emotional and physical abuse, but since then the party has said nothing as the probe fades largely from view.

That’s undoubtedly by design, said Larry Jacobs, professor at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota, who characterized the investigation as an exercise in damage control aimed at providing the party with political cover if more allegations erupt.

“I think of this not as an investigation to uncover facts and make a public release that would hurt the Democratic Party before the election,” Mr. Jacobs said. “That’s not what this is. This is closer to political insurance in case there are revelations that become a kind of October surprise for Ellison and then hurt the entire DFL ticket.”

Karen Monahan, the Sierra Club organizer who levied the abuse allegations Aug. 12, weighed in Friday by accusing state Democrats, including DFL chairman Ken Martin, of working behind the scenes to squelch support for her.


President Trump Supporters Line Rt. 50 In Ocean City Maryland Today

If you were heading into Ocean City today for Sunfest, you couldn't miss this large group of people supporting President Trump. The horns were honking like crazy in support of this group and President. Worcester County has the greatest group of Republicans I've ever seen. Cool stuff and great job!

Mac Donald: Students Taught ‘Absurd Ideas,’ Bombarded with ‘White Privilege, Toxic Masculinity’

Heather Mac Donald — the New York Times bestselling author, Manhattan Institute fellow, and City Journal contributing editor — joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday to discuss American academia and society at large’s “diversity delusion.”

The concept lends its name to Mac Donald’s new book, The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture.

“From the moment a student steps on campus, he’s being bombarded with seminars in white privilege, toxic masculinity. Students are taught these absurd ideas that the enlightenment is somehow a source of oppression for minorities,” she told Breitbart News Deputy Political Editor Amanda House.

House started the interview by listing current events showcasing the overriding focus on “racism” and “sexism” as a driving force in American society.

“It’s completely delusional, Amanda. And you can add to that the idea that one of Judge Kavanaugh’s former clerks was flashing a white supremacist hand signal during last week’s confirmation hearings,” Mac Donald explained, laying out her thesis. “This is all a product of academic identity politics. From the moment a student steps on a college campus today, he is inundated with the idea that America is profoundly racist and sexist.”

“It’s that lunatic idea that is fueling the campus free speech crisis, and it’s now jumped the boundaries and is pervading American society in general, leading to racial tensions, gender tensions, and a massive assault on meritocracy,” Mac Donald said of the idea that women and minority students are victims of “lethal bigotry.”


Four Characteristics of the Liberal Mind that Are Destroying Society

Conservatives often blame liberals for the breakdown in society today. After all, liberals challenged an order that existed and replaced it with a situation that is now unraveling.

This unraveling can be traced to the efforts of liberal activists to influence legislation and elections and to liberal control of the media that shape the debate.

The fragmented and polarized state of society is proof that something has gone terribly wrong.

However, it is not only the activism that has caused the social decay of institutions, manners and communities. It is a mindset that determines the course of their action. Understanding the characteristics of the liberal mind helps people grasp the nature of the crisis.

More here

"Leaking Like Mad": FBI-DOJ-MSM Collusion Went Far Deeper Than Previously Known

The FBI's coordination with the mainstream media surrounding the 2016 US election - a "media leak strategy" which was first first revealed Tuesday, goes far deeper than first reported, according to Fox News, which obtained "new communications between the former lovers."

A December 15, 2016 email appears to discuss a "political" leaking operation, in which others were "leaking like mad" amid the Trump-Russia probe.

“Oh, remind me to tell you tomorrow about the times doing a story about the rnc hacks,” Page texted Strzok.

“And more than they already did? I told you Quinn told me they pulling out all the stops on some story…” Strzok replied.

A source told Fox News “Quinn” could be referring to Richard Quinn, who served as the chief of the Media and Investigative Publicity Section in the Office of Public Affairs. Quinn could not be reached for comment.

Strzok again replied: “Think our sisters have begun leaking like mad. Scorned and worried, and political, they’re kicking into overdrive.”

In one passage, Strzok apparently misreads a reference to "rnc" as "mc," and then, realizing his error, blames "old man eyes."

It is unclear at this point to whom Strzok was referring when he used the term “sisters.” -Fox News


Scientific studies behind Michelle Obama school lunch program retracted

We all know that the nutrition industry has more than its share of fakes, charlatans, and snake oil salesmen. But it was thought that scientific studies published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) had the advantage of being peer-reviewed and critiqued by objective experts.

That may be so. But the scandal involving one of the most popular – and most published – nutrition researchers in the world should make us question everything we've been told about how to eat healthy.

JAMA announced that it is retracting (removing from publication) six studies on nutrition by Cornell University food scientist Brian Wansink. That brings the total number of studies by Wansink that have been pulled to 13. And there are 15 other studies by the good doctor that are under review.

Cornell announced that Wansink is resigning his post at the end of the term. But the damage he has done to the credibility of the nutrition industry – and the social sciences in general – is only beginning to be understood.

It isn't so much that Wansink's conclusions are wildly off base. It's that he fudged the stats to achieve the result he wanted.


Manafort Indictment Also Implicates Tony Podesta, The Clinton-Connected Superlobbyist

Two lobbying firms, including one owned by Democratic superlobbyist Tony Podesta, knowingly worked with Paul Manafort at the direction of the Ukrainian government, according to an indictment released Friday by the special counsel’s office.

The indictment, which was released ahead of an expected plea deal for Manafort, the former chairman of President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, says that as a part of his “lobbying scheme,” Manafort solicited two lobbying firms in February 2012 to lobby on behalf of then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

“Various employees of Companies A and B understood that they were receiving direction from MANAFORT and President Yanukovych, not the Centre, which was not even operational when Companies A and B began lobbying for Ukraine,” reads the indictment. The Centre is a reference to the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, a Brussels-based non-profit that the government says was used to support Yanukovych.

Company A has been identified as Mercury Public Affairs, a lobbying shop operated by former Minnesota Republican Rep. Vin Weber. Company B has been identified as Podesta Group, the firm that Tony Podesta founded with his brother, John, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


10 Years After The Crisis... They're Doing The Same Thing & Expecting Different Results

“Holy Crap– turn on your TV! This is crazy!”

It was Sunday, September 14, 2008. Exactly 10 years ago to the day.

My friend Jeff called me and told me to turn on the television - where I saw dozens of people on the streets of Manhattan filing out of a skyscraper carrying boxes full of their office junk.

They were all employees of Lehman Brothers, one of the largest investment banks in the world.

Lehman was hours away from filing bankruptcy in what would go down as THE biggest bankruptcy in US history.

The next day the US stock market tanked. And for most of the next several weeks, all global financial markets were a roller coaster of surreal panic and chaos.

I don’t know if you can remember the general mood back then. I can. It was fear.

People were terrified of what was happening in the economy. The real estate market had dried up. The stock market had crashed. Some of the most hallowed financial institutions in the world went bust in the blink of an eye.


David Stockman Exposes The "$20 Trillion Elephant In The Room"

That US stocks returned to record highs last month - picking up steam even as the world teetered on the bring of another debt crisis - has prompted even the most tenacious bears to recalibrate their forecasts, an effort, we think, to appease investors and clients who are luxuriating in the seemingly unstoppable gains of what is now the longest bull market in US history.

But while the wash of record returns (on paper, at least) has helped assuage the nagging doubts of many a "rational" investor, others are clinging ever-tighter to a pragmatic - if uncomfortable - realism. And one of the most strident voices among this group has been David Stockman, formerly the director of the OMB under Ronald Reagan and now the author of Stockman'sContra Corner.

In a recent interview with Sprott Media in Vancouver, Stockman reiterated that he remains a skeptic, particularly in an era where central banks (thanks to their $20-trillion-plus aggregate balance sheet) have destroyed price discovery and contributed to the blowing of a debt bubble that - when it finally pops - will make the aftermath of the financial crisis appear tame by comparison.


Eric Holder rips White House 'occupant' Trump, says MAGA slogan 'rooted in fear'

Former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. gave a scathing speech Saturday at the Human Rights Campaign dinner in Washington, calling President Trump an “occupant” of the White House whose administration is guilty of “rampant corruption,” “stunning incompetence” and “shameful intolerance.”

Mr. Holder, a Democrat who served under former President Barack Obama, said the Republican Party is “shamefully complicit” for not holding the Trump administration accountable for its purported misdeeds, joking that “perhaps they are just too busy figuring out how to make America great again,” referring to Mr. Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan.

“Every time I hear that phrase I wonder when exactly do they have in mind?” Mr. Holder said. “What time do they want to wind the clock back to? What century? What decade? What year? Certainly it was not when people were enslaved. Certainly, it was not when segregation was the law of the land. Certainly, it was not when women were disenfranchised. Certainly, it was not when the LGBT community was routinely stigmatized.

“This sort of thinking, this ‘Make America Great’ mindset is not only flawed, it’s rooted in fear,” he said. “And it favors an imagined past over a realistic future.”


Sen. Lindsey Graham Questions Validity Of Sexual Assault Allegations

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham questioned the Democrats’ motives in regards to the recent allegations of sexual misconduct surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Sean Hannity’s show Monday night.


Ocean City Plans First Storm Drain Cleaning Project In 30 Years

OCEAN CITY — Some of Ocean City’s chronic flooding issues could be soon relieved with an extensive project to clean the town’s vast storm drain system on tap.

The debate on the storm-drain cleaning project began last week during the Coastal Resources Legislative Committee, or Green Team, meeting and carried over to Monday’s Mayor and Council meetings. During those two sessions, it was learned the town’s drainage system had not been thoroughly cleaned since September 1985 following Hurricane Gloria.

In the three decades since, the town’s storm drains have steadily clogged to the point they are contributing somewhat to the town’s chronic flooding problem in some areas. Public Works Director Hal Adkins said this week the town’s storm drain system is vast with about 46 miles of pipe, 2,400 catch basins planted in the roadways throughout the town and 330 outfalls into the coastal bays.

“The last time we did any extensive storm drain and catch basin cleaning was in September 1985 right after Hurricane Gloria,” Adkins said. “We did it that time out of necessity. After the storm, some areas of Baltimore Avenue downtown were under two feet of sand. That’s how much sand ended up in the drainage system during that storm.”


Largest City in Area in the United States

Although New York City is the most populous city in the United States, Yakutat, Alaska, is the largest city in area. Yakutat includes a whopping 9,459.28 square miles (24,499 sq km) of area, composed of 1,808.82 square miles of water area and 7,650.46 square miles of land area (4,684.8 sq km and 19,814.6 sq km, respectively). The city is larger than the state of New Hampshire (the country's fourth smallest state). Yakutat had been founded in 1948, but in 1992 the city government was dissolved and it combined with the Yakutat Borough to become the country's largest city. It's now officially known as the City and Borough of Yakutat.


The city lies on the Gulf of Alaska near the Hubbard Glacier and is surrounded by or is nearby the Tongass National Forests, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, and Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. Yakutat's skyline is dominated by Mount St. Elias, the United States' second tallest peak.


An Interesting Facebook Comment

Michael Murray How about doing a story on Henry and Shelly from the Holly Center being escorted off the premises for allegedly staling a brand new boiler and a truck?

REVEALED: China & ANC Communists to Split White Land in South Africa

Globalists ready to pillage the country

Simon Roche,, gives an update on land theft and white genocide by the BLF (Black First, Land First), EFF & ANC in South Africa and plans by corrupt politicians to sell stolen land to the communist Chinese government.

A Viewer Writes: Gunshots

Did you hear about gunshots (maybe shotgun)in the Schumaker - Parkside area during the night?

Jeff Sessions: ‘Listen To The ACLU, Antifa, Black Lives Matter’ If You Want More Chicago Shootings

Attorney General Jeff Sessions drew a parallel between a recent increase in Chicago violence and groups like the ACLU, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter.

During remarks at the Valor Survive and Thrive Conference in Waukegan, IL on Wednesday, Sessions quoted a study by University of Utah researchers that showed a link between the decline of stop-and-frisk policing and violent homicides.

“After the consent decree pushed by the ACLU went into effect in 2016, these stops declined by 75 percent,” Sessions said. “Chicago police made 24 percent fewer arrests in 2016 than they made in 2015, and about half as many arrests as they made in 2011.”

The dangers, Sessions noted, were “immediately obvious,” but not “to the politicians, the media, or the activists.”


Main St. Gym Event In Ocean City

Ocean City MD….…       
                                     Who IS  the Baddest Son-O-The Beach?…Maybe, the better question is, Who is the baddest  “Daughter of the Beach”?  Either way those questions will be answered  Friday Oct 12th at the O.C Convention Center when fighters from Main St. Gym,  Baltimore Boxing, Ocean City Fight Club, Mack Lewis’s Gym of Baltimore and more, lace up the gloves and let the leather fly in the Baddest Son -O-The Beach, Fight Fest. 
                 Sponsored by Pohanka of Salisbury  and sanctioned by  USA Boxing, the night  boasts a lineup that includes a bout with former Baltimore Raven’s Running Back, hard hitting Walter “Duke” Sanders, as well as the much anticipated ladies battle between OC. Fight Clubs Lupe  Ayalaaldana  and Marine Sargent, Lisa Bodenberg, of Baltimore Boxing.  Other local fighters that will be rumbling in the ring include,  Main St Gym Heavyweight Thomas Mottinger, a 3 time Golden Gloves Champion,  lightning quick  rising star, Erick  Acosta, a student of Bennett High school and 152 lb. Markeese Hines.  Ocean City will also be well represented with O.C Fight Club’s own, Omar Serrano and Simone Serrano. 
              Don’t miss this, edge of the seat, action packed event, jammed with power punching, blazing speed and fighters with the heart of a gladiators.
     A full cash bar will be on hand and open for the event as well as snack foods. 
       As an added special treat, arrangements are being worked on to bring in 5 time World Champion Vinny Paz, subject of the movie ‘ Bleed For This. Vinny was in attendance last week in Glen Burnie and is working to rearrange his schedule to attend this event as well.   

              When the last punch is thrown everyone is heading down to Buxy’s Salty Dog Saloon at 28th St. for the “After Fight Party” and to meet the fighters.   
  Other sponsors include: D.W. Burt Concrete, Yard Designs, Atlantic Physical Therapy,  Charm City Boxing &Promotions, Rices Pest Control, Robinson’s Family of Businesses,  Chesapeake Paving, Peninsula Printing Inc.  R.E.W Materials, Snowden Lane Partners Investments. Salty Dog Saloon. 

  V.I.P.Tables of 8 persons are available for $400 and  general tables for $300 as well as theater seating for  $50 Ringside, $35 Prime, and $25 Gen Admission
Call the O C Box Office at 410-289-2800 for Ticket information

Can Jake Day Explain His ZERO Waste Festival Numbers Please?

Illegal Aliens Arrested in Slaughterhouse ICE Raid to be Deported, Owner Faces Jail

At least four illegal alien workers at a Tennessee slaughterhouse will likely be deported after they were sentenced, while their employer is set to face jail time.

Illegal aliens Evelio Alejandro Bravo-Arreaga, Fidel Silva-Silva, Antonio Garcia-Martin, and Mateo Gomez-Pablo were sentenced this week following an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid at Southeastern Provision in April, as Breitbart News reported.

Each of the illegal aliens is likely to be deported, as they were sentenced to time served and given a year of court-ordered supervision, WATE ABC6 reported.


The Real Story of Orthomolecular Medicine in the White House

(OMNS Sept 19 2018) In the fall of 1960, shortly before the first debate with Vice President Richard M. Nixon, Senator John F. Kennedy grew so exhausted from campaigning that he was slurring his speech. Life magazine photographer Mark Shaw suggested an appointment with Max Jacobson, MD. At the appointed time, Kennedy slipped away from the Secret Service at the Carlyle Hotel and took a cab to Jacobson's office.

Upon hearing his medical history and what medications he was taking, Dr. Jacobson gave Kennedy his first treatment, an intramuscular injection of vitamin B-complex, A, E, D, B-12, plus 10 mg. of amphetamine to counter the fatigue brought on by his hectic campaign schedule and adrenal condition, as well as an intravenous injection of calcium and vitamin C. Kennedy responded that his muscle weakness had disappeared and he felt calm, cool and very alert.

Had never looked so healthy
After the first debate with Kennedy, Nixon commented that he had never seen Kennedy looking so healthy. The same could not be said for Mr. Nixon. Nixon's mother called to ask if he was feeling all right. On the other hand, JFK responded so well to Jacobson's treatments that he asked the doctor to move to Washington. Max turned him down. The Kennedys wanted Max exclusively to themselves but Max was unwilling to abandon his busy private practice, especially his two hundred multiple sclerosis patients with nowhere else to turn.

Instead, they worked out a deal. Mark Shaw, who piloted his own Cessna, offered to fly Dr. Jacobson to the Kennedys whenever needed. Over the next few years, Shaw would fly Dr. Jacobson to Washington DC, Palm Beach, Hyannis Port, and Glenora (the Kennedy's farm in Virginia). Shaw became part of the Kennedy inner circle, those very few cognizant of the President's serious infirmities who helped keep his need for treatment a secret from the public. For his trips to the Kennedys, Dr. Jacobson had a medical bag disguised as a briefcase.

When Mark Shaw was assigned to photograph the Kennedys for Life magazine, his black and white photographs of Jack and Jackie Kennedy playing with their young children on the windswept lawns and beaches in Hyannis brought a level of intimacy not before seen of a world leader. Shaw dedicated his book, The John F. Kennedys: A Family Album, to his friend, Dr. Max Jacobson. In the copy he personally gave to the doctor, Shaw penned below the inscription: "To Max, who alone understands and time will give perspective."


Children are slashed in Shiite Muslim ceremony for Ashura

Celebrations of the holy Muslim day of Ashura is continuing around the globe, with sacred self-flagellation rituals leaving worshippers covered in blood.

The holiday is celebrated by Shiite Muslims, and mourns the death of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, on the battlefield in the 7th Century.

The gory ceremonies, which sees males of all ages cut themselves across the scalp, or whip themselves with blades attached to chains, are meant to commemorate Imam Hussein's violent end.


Trump: Iraq & Afghanistan Wars “The Worst Single Mistake Ever Made In The History Of Our Country”

President says middle east quagmire worse that US Civil War

During an interview with The Hill Wednesday, President Trump pinpointed the US invasion of the middle east as more catastrophic even than the US Civil War, calling it “The worst single mistake ever made in the history of our country.”

“The worst single mistake ever made in the history of our country: going into the Middle East, by President Bush,” Trump said.

“Obama may have gotten them (U.S. soldiers) out wrong, but going in is to me the biggest single mistake made in the history of our country.” Trump added.

“Because we spent $7 trillion in the Middle East,” Trump continued.

The President suggested that because of the monumental quagmire of the wars, there has been a knock on effect on every policy proposal.

“Now if you wanna fix a window some place they say, ‘oh gee, let’s not do it. Seven trillion, and millions of lives — you know, ‘cause I like to count both sides. Millions of lives.” Trump declared.

Trump went on to suggest that Bush’s wars in the middle east were worse than the Civil War:


Communist China Moves To Control Billions Through "Social Credit"

In a chilling but unsurprising move, Communist China seeks ultimate control over the population by introducing a scorecard which will supposedly keep the public in check. The big brother system will monitor all citizens 24/7 and keep a “score” of their activities.

The Communist Party’s plan in China is for every one of its 1.4 billion citizens to be at the whim of a dystopian social credit system, and it’s on track to be fully operational by the year 2020.

According to, an active pilot program has already seen millions of people each assigned a score out of 800. Those people will either reap the benefits of having a high score or suffer the consequences of a low social score. Depending on which end of the scale they sit, their behavior could see them punished.

The data is combined with information collected from individuals’ government records, which include medical and educational, along with their financial and internet browsing histories. Overall scores can go up and down in “real time” dependent on the person’s behavior but they can also be affected by people they associate with.

“If your best friend or your dad says something negative about the government, you’ll lose points too,” the ABC reports. The Chinese will be assumed guilty by association and no longer able to speak out about their own oppression.

Participation in the “social credit” system was first announced in 2014 and is mandatory. The government is attempting to control the actions of the public in a bid to reinforce the notion that “keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful,” according to a government document.


Meeting Materials - 9-24-18 - Council Meeting

Attached is the Agenda Packet for Monday’s Council Meeting, which is posted on the website at the link below.

It Ends After This Weekend

Funny How Some Won't Get It

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It is what it is but there's no denying we are in fact Delmarva's news leader. 

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Dairy-allergic teen died after classmate stuffed cheese down his shirt

A UK teen with a severe dairy allergy died after he was apparently “chased” with cheese by a classmate — who then hurled it down his shirt, a London coroner’s court heard this week.

The 13-year-old boy — Karanbir Cheema, who went by Karan — had the allergic reaction in June last year at the William Perkin Church of England High School in Greenford, the UK’s Telegraph reported.

At the time, paramedics rushed an unconscious Karan to a local hospital, but he never regained consciousness, and ultimately died about two weeks later.


Friday, September 21, 2018

Tinder is addictive as it's inspired by a psychological experiment

Tinder is addictive because it was inspired by a 1940's psychological experiment that turned pigeons into 'gambling fanatics'.

Tinder executive Jonathan Badeen has admitted basing the dating app's famous 'swipe' mechanic on a classic experiment he studied at university.

In the experiment, American psychologist B.F. Skinner conditioned hungry pigeons to believe that food delivered randomly into a tray was prompted by their pecking.

The pigeons began pecking more in the hopes of earning extra food, essentially turning them into 'gamblers'.

When users swipe right (signalling an interest in the dating app profile) or left (no interest at all) it reinforces a similar behaviour to the psychological experiment.


Fmr Scalia Clerk Expects "Compelling Evidence" To Exonerate Kavanaugh Next Week; Feinstein "Will Soon Be Apologizing"

Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be exonerated of wrongdoing and will be confirmed to his post on the US Supreme Court, according to Ed Whelan - a former clerk to USSC Justice Antonin Scalia and current president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC), a conservative think tank.

Amid a series of cryptic and not-so-cryptic tweets in the last 48 hours, Whelan says: "By one week from today, I expect that Judge Kavanaugh will have been clearly vindicated on this matter. Specifically, I expect that compelling evidence will show his categorical denial to be truthful. There will be no cloud over him."

By one week from today, I expect that Judge Kavanaugh will have been clearly vindicated on this matter. Specifically, I expect that compelling evidence will show his categorical denial to be truthful. There will be no cloud over him.


Soros Money Behind ‘Black Political Power’ Outfit Supporting Andrew Gillum in Florida

NEW YORK — Billionaire George Soros is a financial contributor to The Collective, a little-known but increasingly influential political organization that says it is seeking to build a “black political power” movement in the U.S., Federal Election Commission records show.

The Collective was one of the primary donors central to funding Andrew Gillum’s recent meteoric rise in the Tallahassee mayor’s successful primary fight for Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial nomination. It reportedly injected nearly $2 million into Gillum’s campaign, funding television and radio ads, get-out-the-vote drives, and playing a key role in helping Gillum defeat his Democratic opponents, some of whom were better-funded and had more statewide name recognition. The group announced plans to continue backing Gillum during the current general election campaign.

A closer look at The Collective’s individual donor list for the 2017-2018 cycle finds that Soros provided $70,000 in December 2017. Planned Parenthood, alsofinanced by Soros, is listed as providing $12,500.


A 71-year-old woman has been charged with first degree murder for 2012 death of her husband, age 65

A 71-year-old Virginia woman has been arrested and charged with the 2012 murder of her husband.

Janet P Winslow of Farmville was taken into custody in connection with the death of Ernest Winslow, 65, by the Buckingham County Sheriff's Office on September 13.

The sheriff's office received new information that prompted additional investigation into the six-year-old murder case, and led to Ms. Winslow's arrest.

Ms Winslow has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the case, Buckingham Sheriff William G. Kidd Jr announced on Thursday.

The crime carries a minimum sentence of five and a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison.

Mr. Winslow died in his Curdsville-area home in 2012, authorities said.

The investigator did not elaborate on the cause of Mr Winslow's death.


Virginia poultry plant investigated after 50 workers sickened with rare infectious disease

Health officials are investigating a poultry plant in New Market, Virginia, after 50 employees were recently sickened by Psittacosis, a rare illness humans typically contract through infected birds.

The infectious disease, "caused by infection of the respiratory tract (throat, windpipe, and lungs) with Chlamydia psittaci,” most commonly affects those who care or clean up after infected birds, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


An Armed Pregnant Women Defended Herself, Now She Faces 24 Years in Jail

Last December, Krissy Noble (then going by her maiden name Tran) shot and killed a man who broke into her apartment and attacked her. She was 11 weeks pregnant at the time.

As ABC News described the incident:

[When her attacker was] inside, the man tackled her and began trying to cover her mouth with his hand, which she thought smelled of chemicals, the report states. He then started hitting her in the face with his fist.

After she was able to break free, Noble grabbed a pistol off the coffee table and shot the man three times before running to her neighbor's apartment and telling her to call 911, according to the report.

Noble told police that "she feared not only for her safety but for the safety of her baby, and felt that she had no other option in this situation, according to the report.

Authorities have ruled that Noble’s use of force was justified, however she now faces 24 years in jail for her actions. Why? She previously pled guilty to a felony marijuana charge.

As she told ABC 13:

"Right now I'm looking at the max, 24 years, that's my baby's life. I mean, I'm going to miss 24 years of my child... I won't even, I won't even know my child, I'll miss out on everything.”

The tragedy of Nobles’s story has several layers.


Pictures of the Cape Fear River rising over the past few days..

The Dangers of 'Believe Women'

I have a message for virtue-signaling men who’ve rushed to embrace #MeToo operatives hurling uncorroborated sexual assault allegations into the chaotic court of public opinion.

Stuff it.

Your blanket “Believe Women” bloviations are moral and intellectual abominations that insult every human being of sound mind and soul.

A certain class of never Trump-harumphers are leading the charge on behalf of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s memory-addled partisan accuser Christine Blasey Ford—who cannot recall the year she was allegedly traumatized, where it happened, who threw the party that paralyzed her for nearly four decades, how many were in attendance during her claimed assault, how she got there, or how she left.

No matter! Bush campaign hack-turned-ABC News analyst Matthew Dowd doesn’t need any data to analyze. “Enough with the ‘he said, she said'” storyline,” he declared this week. “If this is ‘he said, she said,’ then let’s believe the she in these scenarios. She has nothing to gain, and everything to lose. For 250 years we have believed the he in these scenarios. Enough is enough.”

Clinton/Kerry flack Peter Daou echoed the unthinking sentiment: “To everyone on the right who says I’m being selective, I BELIEVE WOMEN whether the accused is a Republican or Democrat. And yes, that includes all the names you’re throwing at me. My default in these situations is to BELIEVE WOMEN.”

Ivy League poobah Simon Hedlin asserted: “Accusers go public not because of any supposed benefits but despite the immense costs.” He argued: “When somebody is credibly accused of sexual misconduct, the default should be to believe the accuser.”

That is a dumb and dangerous default. The costly toll of “believing women,” instead of believing evidence, can be seen in the hundreds and hundreds of cases recorded by the University of Michigan Law School’s National Registry of Exonerations involving innocent men falsely accused of rape and rape/murders.


When will Democrats wake up and resist the socialists' scheme to take over their party?

When President Obama embraced “Medicare for All” earlier this month, it was a remarkable moment. Not because the proposal will be adopted (it won’t) or because the price tag would bankrupt the nation (it would).

Rather, it was a remarkable moment because a former American president played the role of enabler for the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

Indeed, Obama’s endorsement was a moment of great celebration for an organization that for years has plotted to hijack the Democratic Party and use it as a parasitic host to remake the nation.

Here’s how.

Back in 2012, the Vice Chairman of DSA Joseph M. Schwartz and fellow Political Committee Member Jason Schulman published a strategy document that presented their dream of a socialist America and the political path to get there.

The dream was to abolish privately owned businesses, from small mom-and-pop stores to large corporate enterprises.

“Wealth,” they explained, “is a social creation and should be controlled by society as a whole.”


This happened in Salisbury

Lisa Michelle Fish is with Cayla Tucker and 3 others.
21 hrs

FYI for Friends in Salisbury...
This took place off Old Ocean City Rd where it connects with Beaglin Park!!!

I had an incident today where there was a guy walking around my truck that was sitting in the driveway and when I knocked on the kitchen window and got his attention he smiled and waved and walked around to the front of the house, I opened the front door, braced it with my foot and body and asked if I could help him, he stated he worked for Comcast and was doing “Spot checks” on the inside house lines. I questioned what he was looking for in my truck, where his Comcast vehicle was and asked for his Identification he replied his vehicle was down the street and his ID was not necessary so I told him I would call Comcast & I needed his ID because no one notified us of any “Spot checks” he again said his I’d was not necessary and he just needed to come inside to check lines it would just take a minute as he started walking towards the door I again demanded his ID and told him I’d call Comcast to verify, he took off running. I did not get a license tag but here’s a description of him & his vehicle:
White Male, short brown stringy hair, mustache & goatee, red plain T-shirt, blue jeans carpenter style shorts, about 5’5”-6’ middle 30’s
He jumped in an older beat up small 2 door black truck possibly a Ford Ranger, I could not see the tag he was parked too far away and I ran out of the house without my phone!

I notified the Sheriff’s department and they took a report! Be aware, The sheriff’s department said they’ve had several calls about this happening in the area!!

WHY CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD’S HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS WERE SCRUBBED: Faculty Approved Racism, Binge Drinking and Promiscuity

On Monday Sept. 17th, Christine Blasey Ford’s high school yearbooks suddenly disappeared from the web. I read them days before, knew they would be scrubbed, and saved them. Why did I know they would be scrubbed? Because if roles were reversed, and Christine Blasey Ford had been nominated for the Supreme Court by President Trump, the headline by the resistance would be this:


And it would be an accurate headline. That’s why the yearbooks have been scrubbed. They are a testament to the incredible power these girls had over their teachers, parents and the boys of Georgetown Prep, Landon and other schools in the area. In the pages below, you will see multiple photos and references to binge drinking and the accompanying joy of not being able to remember any of it.

These yearbooks are, therefore, relevant to the national investigation now being conducted in the media, in homes, and in the halls of Congress. And they should not have been scrubbed. If Brett Kavanaugh’s yearbooks are fair game, so are these.

And you will wonder while reading them, why the hell did the faculty approve of these yearbooks? Why did the parents take out paid ads in these yearbooks? Animal House had nothing on the infamous “Holton party scene”.

WooHoo! MAGA!

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved an agreement allowing Duke Energy to reduce electric rates.

It is estimated that by 2020, Duke’s 800,000 Indiana customers will see an average rate reduction of 5.6 percent. This means Hoosiers could save an average of $7.33 per month, or more than $85 a year in utility costs.

According to Duke Energy, reduced rates come as a result of the new federal tax law. While savings will vary from household to household, Duke has reported that most savings will begin this year and the utility has already started reflecting the lower federal tax rate in consumer bills.

For more information, click here

2020: Terry McAullife Not Ruling Out POTUS Run

Former Virginia governor and Clinton loyalist Terry McAuliffe is reportedly not ruling out running for president in 2020.

While visiting Iowa on Tuesday, McAuliffe told the Associated Press, “I don’t rule anything out.” He said that he will focus on the 2018 midterm elections and then “make some tough decisions through the ned of the year and into the first quarter of next year.”

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews earlier in the year, McAuliffesaid “you’d have to pick him up off the floor” after Matthews asked what McAuliffe would do if Trump invaded his personal space.


BREAKING NEWS: EXCLUSIVE, Major Drug Bust In Ocean City Involving Johnny Harrison

I think we ALL know how well the "Good Ol' Boys" can keep things quiet, especially when it comes to one of their own. Nevertheless, SBYNews has always been the leader in exposing the biggest news on the Shore.

Johnny Harrison, son of John Harrison, (Harrison Hotels) in Ocean City home in South Point was raided early yesterday morning in which they found a boat load of drugs and more. 

Sources claim it is the biggest raid in Worcester County's history allegedly involving plants, drugs and lots of money. It's my understanding another individual, Michael Cluster was also arrested. 

While it is never our intent to harm anyone, it is what it is in this case. We deliver the facts and truth while the rest of your media keeps their mouths shut and covers up this kind of crap. I would've exposed this yesterday but had to await confirmation, which I just received. Let's see if it hits your 5 or 6 PM evening news. 

This is being posted at 3:16 PM on Friday September 21st 2018. 

Disgraced Broward County Sheriff Fundraises for Democrat Andrew Gillum

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum is taking criticism for accepting fundraising help from disgraced Broward County Sheriff Steve Israel.

The Sun Sentinel released a report showing that Israel was supporting Gillum via ” a fundraising breakfast” for him in Fort Lauderdale.

Andrew Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack–who was slain the February 14, 2018, Parkland high school shooting–responded by partially blaming his daughter’s death on Israel’s lack of “leadership.” His observation is based on the fact that one of Israel’s deputies, Scot Peterson, arrived at the scene of the shooting roughly 90 seconds after it began but did not enter the building the building to confront the gunman.


The drive to sink Kavanaugh is liberal totalitarianism

If Senate Democrats and their media allies manage to destroy Brett Kavanaugh, they will bring America one step closer to a new, liberal style of totalitarianism.

I don’t use the “T”-word lightly. I’ve spent years pushing back against those who fling it about in free societies like ours. But totalitarianism doesn’t require cartoonish, 1984-style secret police and Big Brother. The classical definition is a society where everything — ethical norms and moral principles and truth itself — is subjugated to political ends.

By that measure, the Democratic campaign to block Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, based on a hazy, uncorroborated, decades-old assault allegation, tends toward the totalitarian. Certainly, it has many of the elements of abusive politics that Americans normally associate with foreign lands untouched by the light of liberty and reason:

An (initially) anonymous accusation, surfaced at the 11th hour, seemingly calculated to strike terror into the hearts of Kavanaugh and his family members and supporters? Check! That came in the form of Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s cryptic statement last week, confirming that she had “received information from an individual concerning the nomination” of Kavanaugh but declining to offer any details.


Sources: Nellie Ohr Is Refusing To Appear For Congressional Deposition

Nellie Ohr, the wife of Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, is refusing to appear before Congress for a closed-door hearing that was scheduled to take place this Friday, sources tell The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Ohr, who worked for Fusion GPS, the firm behind the Steele dossier, was scheduled to appear for interviews during a joint session with the House Judiciary and House Oversight & Government Reform committees. But two congressional sources said that she is not cooperating with the requests and will have to be subpoenaed to compel her appearance.

The sources also said that former FBI general counsel James Baker is not cooperating with the committees’ request for an interview.

“The Committee continues to seek the testimony of Nellie Ohr and Jim Baker and will compel their testimony if necessary,” an aide to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte told TheDCNF.


Tonight At Trader Lee's

Service with a smile!! Rita will be bartending tonight (and every Friday) @ Trader Lee's, stop by and say hello! It’ll be a fun night with music by The Swell Fellas, and The Rouge Citizens

'I should have fired him before I got here': Trump regrets not axing James Comey right away

Donald Trump said Tuesday that his main regret from the James Comey saga is failing to fire him months earlier than he did.

The president cut loose his FBI director in May 2017, a decision that led to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller following a series of media leaks by a disaffected Comey.

'If I did one mistake with Comey, I should have fired him before I got here. I should have fired him the day I won the primaries,' Trump told The Hill.

'I should have fired him right after the convention, say, "I don’t want that guy." Or at least fired him the first day on the job. ... I would have been better off firing him or putting out a statement that I don’t want him there when I get there,' he said.


Senate Judiciary Twitter Account Drops Fact Bombs On Democrats

The Senate Judiciary Committee struck back at Democrats Thursday for suggesting Republicans are stifling further investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after he was accused of sexual assault in high school.

California researcher Christine Blasey Ford alleged Kavanaugh attempted to forcibly take her clothes off while he was drunk at a party in high school. She alleged Kavanaugh’s friend, Mark Judge, was in the room at the time and witnessed everything. Ford is calling for an FBI investigation into the incident before she will agree to testify to her charges in front of the Judiciary committee.

Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island alleged that GOP members of the committee are misdirecting Americans about the committee’s activity relating to an investigation into Kavanaugh. The GOP “wants to hang Dr. Ford out there on her testimony alone without any benefit of corroborating evidence.”


Breaking News: Rod Rosenstein, the official who appointed Robert Mueller, once proposed secretly taping President Trump and removing him via the 25th Amendment.

Mr. Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, made these suggestions in the spring of 2017 when Mr. Trump’s firing of James B. Comey as F.B.I. director plunged the White House into turmoil.

He made the remarks in meetings and conversations with other Justice Department and F.B.I. officials. Several people described the episodes, insisting on anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.


Dem Leader Tells Crowd: “Vote early and often – whatever you can get away with”

“I shouldn’t say that, but I really don’t care”

A St. Clair Democrat leader told a crowd to “vote early, vote often, whatever you can get away with” during a rally in Caseyville this past weekend.

“J. B. Pritzker, he’s going to win. He’s going to win big,” says the announcer. “But he won’t win if we don’t get out and vote. We need the early vote. Like I say, we can play East St. Louis, vote early, vote often. Whatever you can get away with. I shouldn’t say that, but I really don’t care.”

The remark prompted outbursts of laughter from some in the crowd.

The video was posted by the Illinois Republican Party.


In Big Win for Trump, U.S. Sanctions Cripple Iranian Oil Exports

By Javier Blas (Bloomberg) — Aggressive and undiplomatic, certainly, but also extremely effective. With nearly 50 days to go before new U.S. oil sanctions against Iran enter into force, President Donald Trump has already managed to crush the country’s petroleum exports, dealing severe economic damage to Tehran.

Iranian oil exports have plunged about 35 percent since April, the month before Trump ripped up the diplomatic deal that Barack Obama negotiated to curtail Tehran’s nuclear program and announced new oil sanctions.

“Iranian oil exports are coming down pretty hard,” said Roger Diwan, a veteran oil analyst at consultant IHS Markit Ltd.


Farm Workers Voted 5-1 to Leave Union

California farm workers voted out their union by a 5-1 margin in 2013, but state regulators withheld those results until a federal court ordered them released.

Employees at Fresno-based Gerawan Farming voted overwhelmingly to cut ties with the United Farm Workers union in a decertification election five years ago. The extent of the union's defeat, however, was not known until Tuesday when the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) finally released the results. The ballots cast showed that 1,098 employees voted to leave the union, while only 197 voted to stay—a margin in excess of the 640 ballots the union sought to disqualify, which played a major role in the ALRB decision not to tally the vote.

Gerawan said allowing the public and workers to know the results of the secret ballot election gives a clear picture of a workforce at odds with union leaders, leaving "no doubt what our employees want." The company called on the ALRB to affirm the right of its workers to decertify UFW as its collective bargaining representative.


Dem Sen pops off on men: ‘Just shut up!’

“I just want to say to the men in this country, just shut up! And step up. Do the right thing for a change.”

Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono apparently doesn’t care much for the opinions of men when it comes to sexual harassment.

Speaking to reporters today, the angry Hawaiian popped off, telling men to “just shut up.”


Question of the Day

CIA Sources Killed After China Allegedly Hacked Hillary’s Emails

Did China use Hillary’s hacked emails for assassination list?

This is a scandal so huge that it could blow all of the other Clinton scandals totally out of the water. It is being alleged that 18 to 20 CIA sources were either killed or imprisoned in China from 2010 to 2012 because the Chinese were reading all of Hillary Clinton’s emails as soon as they were sent or received.

Attorney General Frosh Reminds Marylanders of Federal Law Allowing Free Credit Freeze and Thaw

BALTIMORE, MD (September 20, 2018) - Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh is encouraging Maryland residents to take advantage of a new federal law effective September 21, 2018, that gives consumers the right to place a freeze on their credit reports and temporarily or permanently remove the freeze without charge.

"There have been hundreds of millions of personal data records lost or stolen due to data breaches over the last 10 years,” said Attorney General Frosh. “Placing a freeze on your credit is one of the most effective methods of protecting yourself and your children from becoming victims of identity theft.”

Read more in the full press release: