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Thursday, October 01, 2020

Black Chairman of Proud Boys Speaks Out after Liars Joe Biden and Chris Wallace Call Them White Supremacists

For months now violent leftists, antifa terrorists and Black Lives Matter have been torching businesses, terrorizing communities, shooting cops, looting stores and rioting in cities across America.

But at Tuesday night’s debate Chris Wallace demanded that President Trump denounce white supremacist violence in our streets. And Joe Biden added that Trump needed to condemn the white supremacist Proud Boys group.

On Wednesday Proud Boy International Chairman Enrique Tarrio, an African-Hispanic American, spoke out against the smear that Proud Boys is a white supremacist group as Joe Biden claims.

Joe Biden, Chris Wallace and the media are LYING TO YOU!

Leftist Former CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo Wants to Watch His Political Opponents Get Lined Up Against a Wall and Shot in the “Revolution”

Former Twitter CEO and multi-millionaire Dick Costolo admitted on Wednesday night that he wants to murder those people he doesn’t agree with politically.

Costolo tweeted this out on Wednesday night.

Seagram’s heir sentenced to prison in branded sex slave case

A wealthy benefactor of Keith Raniere, the disgraced leader of a self-improvement group in upstate New York convicted of turning women into sex slaves who were branded with his initials, was sentenced Wednesday to almost seven years in prison in the federal conspiracy case.

Seagram’s liquor fortune heir Clare Bronfman was taken into custody to begin her 81-month sentence immediately after her appearance in federal court in Brooklyn.

Bronfman, 41, admitted in a guilty plea last year that she harbored someone who was living in the U.S. illegally for unpaid “labor and services” and that she committed credit card fraud on behalf of Raniere, leader of the group called NXIVM.

At trial, prosecutors told jurors the 60-year-old Raniere’s organization, NXIVM — pronounced NEHK-see-uhm, operated like a cult whose members called him “Vanguard.” To honor him, the group formed a secret sorority comprised of brainwashed female “slaves” who were branded with his initials and forced to have sex with him, the prosecutors said.

Bronfman’s lawyers argued she deserved leniency because she had no direct involvement in the most disturbing allegations and has a health condition that could put her at greater risk for a coronavirus infection if incarcerated.

The defendant had long been affiliated with NXIVM, giving away tens of million of dollars to bankroll Raniere and his program of intense self-improvement classes. She also paid for lawyers to defend the group against a lawsuit brought by its critics.

State Lawmakers Vow To Pursue Stronger Legislation After the chaos in OC

The resort area’s representatives in Annapolis have vowed to pursue even stronger legislation aimed at thwarting some of the behavior associated with the pop-up car rally that inundated Ocean City again last weekend.

State Delegate Wayne Hartman (R-38C), who represents Ocean City and Worcester County, was on the front lines for much of the weekend, riding along with the Ocean City Police Department on Friday and the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday. Hartman said in a taped message what was displayed in pictures and videos of the unofficial event did not do it justice.

“It’s hard to describe and hard to imagine what happened in Ocean City and how intense it was and the magnitude of it,” he said. “It was typical for 12 to 15 law enforcement officers to be dispatched to a particular site to disperse crowds. More often than not, those law enforcement officers were met with rocks, water bottles, beer cans and fireworks being shot at them.”

Hartman, who was instrumental in getting the enhanced special event zone legislation through the General Assembly last winter, vowed to go back to the drawing board this year.


Hollywood celebrities fuel Texas Democrats' fundraising push in bid to turn Lone Star State blue

Hollywood celebrities are flocking to support Texas Democrats, urging their fans to chip in $38 to help turn the Lone Star state blue in the November election.

The group of celebrities, which includes Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amy Schumer, Mark Ruffalo and Pink, asked for supporters to chip in $38 for Democratic causes in Texas to buoy Biden's chances of securing the state's 38 electoral votes -- one of the biggest delegate prizes on Election Day.

"There’s no debate: If we #TurnTexasBlue, Trump is through. $38 for 38 electoral votes. Match me:," they tweeted, sharing a message that has gone viral across social media.

The "Turn Texas Blue" campaign began percolating on social media ahead of the first presidential debate.

According to an aggregate of polls from RealClearPolitics, Trump is leading Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden by 3.2 percentage points in Texas, and incumbent Republican Sen. John Cornyn is polling ahead of his Democratic challenger, M.J. Hegar, by more than 8 percentage points.

Berlin Ethics Commission investigates conflict of interest complaints after Austin Purnell appointment

The town’s ethics commission on Wednesday dismissed complaints filed regarding a recent planning commission appointment.

The Berlin Ethics Commission met Wednesday to review five complaints filed regarding the appointment of Austin Purnell to the Berlin Planning Commission. Purnell was nominated by Mayor Gee Williams and approved by the town council on Monday.

“The ethics commission unanimously voted there was no violation,” Town Administrator Jeff Fleetwood said.

"Purnell is the son of a sitting councilman and works with his father, who is heavily involved in local real estate." said one of the citizens. She went on to say, “Austin Purnell’s position on the planning commission would always be suspect in any decisions that were made whether he recused himself or not.”

“Under the manipulative hand of Mayor Williams, the elected leadership of Berlin has routinely failed the taxpayer,” another citizen said. He then added, “Today the appointed members of the ethics commission fell in line with their appointer’s wish, a local developer/councilman gets another ‘in’ and the taxpayer will again be left to suffer the consequences of poor leadership.”

Williams, however, maintains that he would not have nominated Purnell for the position if there was any question regarding ethics.


California GOP lawmakers demand Newsom cancel $35M voter outreach contract awarded to Dem consulting firm

California’s secretary of state has reportedly awarded a $35 million voter outreach contract to a consulting firm with close ties to the Democratic Party. Now, California Republicans are calling upon Gov. Gavin Newsom to cancel the contract for compromising the integrity of the 2020 presidential election.

The California agency responsible for overseeing elections awarded the contract last month to SKD Knickerbocker, a Washington, D.C.-based public affairs firm whose managing director is Anita Dunn, a senior advisor on Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and White House communications director under President Barack Obama.

Under the terms of the “Vote Safe California” contract, the money was intended to help counties prepare for the November election amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. California’s budget allows the money to cover costs like ballot printing, mailing and postage, extra staffing, and outreach, among other needs, the Sacramento Bee reported.

But the nature of the contract and the process by which it was awarded to SKD Knickerbocker – who have openly declared themselves on “Team Biden” – has come under some scrutiny.

Ocean City PD to expand despite budget challenge

Resort officials this week approved the recruiting and hiring of 10 new full-time police officers for the Ocean City Police Department, acknowledging the challenge will likely be how to pay for them.

During Tuesday’s work session, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) Chief Ross Buzzuro and OCPD Captain Mike Colbert came before the Mayor and Council seeking approval to hire 10 new full-time sworn officers. Buzzuro said the number of full-time officers has been stagnant for as long as he has been chief in 2013, while the town’s offseason special events have multiplied and in-season crowds have increased.

Buzzuro also said with police departments all over the country under increased scrutiny, the challenges in recruiting summer seasonal officers has increased in kind. His recommendation was to beef up the full-time year-round police force and scale back somewhat on the seasonal officer program.

“We’re seeing increased difficulty with the seasonal officer program,” he said. “We’ve seen a decline in applications in recent years, especially with the challenges facing police departments all over the country.”

Buzzuro said the department would like to add more full-time police officers over time and reduce the reliance on the seasonal officer program.


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says NYPD officers not wearing masks should face ‘penalties’

New York City police officers who don’t wear coronavirus masks should face “penalties,” according to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“Our officers should be held to the same standard as all citizens, all public standards,” he said at a news conference Wednesday. “If they don’t, there should be penalties.”

Despite the statement, de Blasio said most police officers do wear masks on the job in the Big Apple. But the New York Post reported that at the same time the mayor made that statement, more than 30 officers in the building’s hallway were not wearing masks.


Council Votes 4-3 To Lift Boardwalk Mask Requirement In Ocean City

The majority of the Ocean City Council voted not to extend the Boardwalk mask requirement for another 30 days, but the mayor’s declaration of a state of emergency will remain in effect.

At the close of Tuesday’s work session, City Solicitor Heather Stansbury pointed out Mayor Rick Meehan’s declaration of a state of emergency, including the amendment requiring the wearing of masks on the Boardwalk, was set to expire. The council needed to take action on the Boardwalk mask requirement specifically and the state of emergency declaration in general, or the directives could simply expire.

While the key COVID-19 metrics appear to have stabilized, some on the council believed it was time to simply let the Boardwalk mask requirement expire. However, Meehan urged his colleagues to extend it another 30 days.

“I’ve been up there and I think the large majority are wearing masks,” he said. “I think we’re sending the right message. We’re going to see a lot of busy weekends in October, and I just think we should keep this directive in place.”

Councilman John Gehrig said the mask directive was largely hollow because it wasn’t being enforced to a large degree.

Meehan said the directive should probably be extended if only for appearances.

House Democrats’ stimulus bill includes stimulus checks for illegal immigrants, protections from deportations

A stimulus package proposed by Democrats in the House of Representatives includes a number of items that will benefit illegal immigrants -- including an expansion of stimulus checks and protections from deportations for illegal immigrants in certain “essential” jobs.

The $2.2 trillion bill includes language that allows some illegal immigrants -- who are “engaged in essential critical infrastructure labor or services in the United States” -- to be placed into “a period of deferred action” and authorized to work if they meet certain conditions.

It also grants protections to those employers who hire those undocumented immigrants, ordering that “the hiring, employment or continued employment” of the defined group is not in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act. That lasts until 90 days after the public health emergency is ended.

A Democratic description of that part of the bill says that “such workers are deemed to be in a period of deferred action and to be authorized for employment, and employers are shielded from certain immigration-related violations for employing such workers."

Fredericksburg’s Slave Auction Block Will Be Moved to a Museum

In early June, officials in Fredericksburg, Virginia, removed a stone block that commemorates the auctioning of enslaved people from a public sidewalk. Now, reports Cathy Jett for the Free Lance-Star, the controversial artifact is set to go on view in a local museum with added contextualization.

The 800-pound block of sandstone once stood at the corner of William and Charles Streets in the city’s historic center. Beginning in the 1830s, enslavers routinely auctioned off groups of enslaved African Americans near the site.

As Michael S. Rosenwald wrote for the Washington Post in June, the block and its painful history have been the subject of debate for decades. This year, the stone came under renewed scrutiny as protests against racial injustice and police brutality swept the country. During marches in Fredericksburg, protesters reportedly spray-painted it and chanted, “Move the block!”

City officials voted to remove the stone last year. But lawsuits and the Covid-19 pandemic delayed the actual event until this summer, notes Jett in a separate Free Lance-Star article. In the coming months, a temporary panel called “A Witness to History” is slated to be installed where the block once stood.

Per the Free Lance-Star, the stone will go on display at the Fredericksburg Area Museum (FAM) by mid-November at the earliest. Eventually, the museum plans to feature the block in a permanent exhibition about Fredericksburg’s African American history.

Ocean City Special Event Zone Tuesday, October 6 to Sunday, October 11

With thousands of car enthusiasts in our resort community this week, Ocean City will be designated a Special Event Zone beginning Tuesday, October 6 through Sunday, October 11, during the Endless Summer Cruisin’ event.

The Special Event Zone reduces established speed limits in the zone and increases fines for violations. Additionally, legislation signed in 2020 allows for increased penalties for specific motor vehicle violations. Similar to a Construction Zone, violators will face increased fines or, in some cases, arrest.

During this time frame, citizens should expect to see a large police presence as officers from multiple allied agencies will be assisting the Ocean City Police Department. Officers from the Ocean City Police Department, Maryland State Police, and the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office will be strictly enforcing all traffic laws. In addition, significant traffic congestion, and alternate traffic patterns is anticipated throughout the weekend.

Spectators are urged to keep the sidewalks clear for pedestrian traffic and should not incite the spinning of wheels or “burn-outs” by motorists. Officers will enforce all laws for spectators who incite drivers, as well as enforce the violations with the driver. Further, with high pedestrian traffic expected, pedestrians are urged to Walk Smart! and always use crosswalks when crossing roadways. Wait for the signal to change and be sure that drivers see you while crossing.

For more information on the Ocean City Special Event Zones, visit

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Fifty Years After the Beatles Broke Up, Trove of Memorabilia Goes on Auction

If you’ve ever dreamed of wearing a pair of John Lennon’s iconic round glasses, now’s your chance—as long as you have $50,000 or so to spare.

A half-century after the Beatles’ breakup, Sotheby’s is auctioning a wide-ranging collection of objects related to the beloved band, including a set of the signature Windsor spectacles.

The 63 lots up for auction span the Beatles’ career, starting before John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr began playing together in Liverpool in the late 1950s and early ’60s and continuing through their rise to superstardom.

Among the items featured are a signed, seven-inch vinyl record of the band’s first single, “Love Me Do”; fan club newsletters; posters; and royalty statements.

The glasses, which are expected to sell for between £30,000 and £40,000 (roughly $38,700 to $51,650 USD), may have been Lennon’s first pair in that style. He gave them to his housekeeper, Dorothy “Dot” Jarlett, in 1965. At the time, the musician was wearing contact lenses during public appearances; he only began wearing glasses publicly the following year.


Governor Hogan on COVID-19’s Impact on Maryland’s Budget: “The Biggest Fiscal Challenge We Have Ever Faced”

Governor Larry Hogan today issued the following statement after a meeting of the Board of Revenue Estimates:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented fiscal crisis for state and local governments nationwide, which according to Moody’s Analytics will face $500 billion in shortfalls over the next two fiscal years, with more than 4 million jobs at stake.

“Today’s revenue estimates are still nearly $1 billion less than what was budgeted prior to the pandemic. Because of our early and aggressive actions, Maryland’s fiscal situation remains challenging, but is significantly less painful than it could have been.

“Nearly six months ago, after dire projections by the Bureau of Revenue Estimates, I immediately implemented a budget freeze and directed the Department of Budget and Management to make recommendations for budget cuts in all state agencies. In addition, the Board of Public Works unanimously approved a series of targeted reductions. And, unlike many states, we were able to keep more than 70 percent of our economy open throughout the entire crisis.

“With this public health and fiscal crisis far from over, it is no time to declare victory. Though we are in a better position both economically and health-wise than much of the country, this is still the biggest fiscal challenge we have ever faced. We will continue to plan for the worst, press Congress to act on additional relief, and make the tough decisions necessary to balance our budget.”

NYC vote counters can’t even keep track of their tablets: DOI probe

Here’s one more thing the Board of Elections can’t count!

The Big Apple’s scandal-marred elections agency failed to keep track of the thousands of computer tablets it uses for poll books, to train staff and to transmit unofficial results on Election Night, The Post has learned.

The Department of Investigation audit uncovered the startling failures in March 2020 as they inspected the Board of Elections headquarters and borough offices, the documents, obtained under the Freedom of Information Law, show.

Only the BOE’s Brooklyn operation kept track of the Apple iPads it was assigned as part of the $24 million effort to digitalize Gotham’s old-school poll books, which voters must sign before casting their ballots.

An official at the Queens office guessed they kept 800 of the ‘poll pads’ on hand — but had no hard count, the DOI reported.