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Friday, February 28, 2020

Schoolboy, six, died of an infection 'after his father sexually assaulted him with a stick as punishment for eating a piece of cake' on Missouri camping trip

A father is accused of killing his six-year-old son by sexually assaulting him with a stick on a camping trip as a punishment for eating a piece of cake without permission.

Mauricio Alejandro Torres is alleged to have attacked his son Maurice 'Isaiah' Torres, leaving the youngster with a bacterial infection. He died of septic shock the next day.

The 50-year-old was said to be camping with the boy in Missouri on March 28, 2015 and assaulted him for eating a piece of cake without permission, according to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.


CT scans may help doctors diagnose coronavirus patients four DAYS faster than the CDC's test by revealing lung damage

CT scans may be faster than nasal and throat swabs at diagnosing coronavirus, a new study suggests.

Doctors from The Mount Sinai Health System in New York were the first in the US to analyze lung scans of patients in China with the highly contagious disease.

They said they were able to identify specific patterns in the lungs as markers of the virus, also known as COVID-19, as it developed over the course of about two weeks

The researchers say these quicker diagnoses could help keep patients isolated in early stages of the disease, perhaps even before symptoms appear and when it may not show up on other scans such as chest X-rays.


Twice-deported illegal immigrant suspected of killing three people in California

A twice-deported illegal immigrant accused of murdering three people is on the run in California.

Three bodies were found in a Perris, California, cemetery, and the Riverside County sheriff said 33-year-old Mexican national Jose Luis Torres Garcia is the primary suspect in what appears to have been an execution-style killing. He is on the run and considered armed and dangerous.

"At this time, we believe this person acted alone in the homicide. He should be considered armed and extremely dangerous," Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco told the public. "Do not make contact with him. Notify law enforcement immediately."


Top Marine Corps official orders removal of all Confederate symbols from bases worldwide as over a third of active-duty troops claim to have witnessed racism in the military

The Marine Corps top commander called on his senior officials last week to review the removal of Confederate symbols or Confederate-related paraphernalia from bases worldwide.

A spokesperson for Commandant General David Berger confirmed on Wednesday that a directive was sent to his senior staff ordering that all Marine Corps installations remove symbols related to the Confederate States of America.

It is not known when they need to be removed by, and the exact types of symbols to be stripped were also not identified.

The order comes after a recent poll revealed 36 percent of active-duty troops in the U.S. military have witnessed white supremacy and racism in their ranks.


A Zoo Comment And My Reply

Jim said...

If it has been over a year, why havn't the animals already been removed. 

And Joe, if your wife was the vet how did she let 5000 animals die? Or is a vet tech someone not responsible for the care of the animals. I am sure I am missing something there, as well as 5000 seems like a high number. What kind of animals? Just curious.

My Wife was not there 24 hours a day and being the Vet Tech wasn't her only responsibility. Each Zookeeper, (at the time) worked a particular exhibit for six months and then transferred to a different exhibit for another six months. If the particular inexperienced Zookeeper didn't inform my Wife there was a question about the health of a particular animal she couldn't know something was wrong.

I can tell you a story in particular that really pissed me off. One of the Zookeepers was working a duck exhibit. When his six months was up and my Wife walked into that exhibit for the first time she found a mummified scull and bones of an exotic duck with an egg inside its body cavity. That means that duck had been dead for over a month and while the duck exhibit was small, clearly the drinking buddies of the former Director didn't do sh!t to clean or care for the animals. That's just SICK when someone is being paid and they ignore such mentioned animals.

That being said, my Wife complained to deaf ears for over a decade, hence why I personally went to the Mayor with documentation. The staff at the Zoo hate me because I called these a$$holes out and ultimately over time they've all been removed with the exception of a few. That Zoo should've been shut down years ago. If ALL people knew what goes on there they'd force it to be shut down.

So let's look at their current situation. No accreditation with the AZA, meaning the only oversight that held them even slightly accountable is gone. The Mayor now claims it doesn't mater, they don't need the AZA because he's spending millions on bike paths and couldn't care less of the gem of Salisbury, the Zoo. Do you not worry about these animals at this point?

The Zoo has always known in the past that they are in a flood plain. Hundreds of animals, (yes hundreds) have died by drowning, especially the Prairie Dogs. Jim, my Wife tried but couldn't save these animals and it broke her heart as she raised many, (if not most) of these animals at home when they were infants. The former Director insisted on putting sand in the soil and every veteran Zookeeper there begged him not to do so. The problem was, when it floods the burrows would collapse each and every time drowning hundreds of animals over the years. He was a very young a stupid Director but he was an a$$ kisser to the Mayor. 

Shall I go on Jim???

Naomi Seibt Talks Climate Realism with Dana Perino on Fox News Channel

3rd patient in Maryland now being tested for possible coronavirus

A third patient in Maryland is being tested for possible coronavirus, state health officials say, a day after Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced two people who had recently traveled to China have undergone testing for the virus.

As with the two patients Thursday, the third patient met the criteria from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be tested for the new virus, known as COVID-19. This means the CDC will examine their cases and determine if they actually have the virus.

It’s unclear if the third patient recently traveled to China. Charlie Gischlar, a Maryland Department of Health Spokesman, told WTOP that two of three patients now under investigation traveled internationally. “At this time, we have no additional information about the third case,” he said in an email.


State-run Cuban newspaper lauds 'unstoppable' Bernie Sanders after he voiced his support of Fidel Castro

US Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has received a glowing report in a communist Cuban newspaper after he praised some of former dictator Fidel Castro's social programs in a TV interview.

Communist Party newspaper Granma referenced in its report the US Senator's praise of 'some of the social programs implemented by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro' including its 'progress in education and Cuba's role in 'sending doctors worldwide'.

Senator Sanders has been vocal in his praise for parts of Cuba's history of late, insisting communist dictator Fidel Castro's regime was 'not all bad' and praising his health care system during the 1980s.


CDC: More Than 4 in 10 Americans Are Obese

In a sign that suggests America's obesity epidemic is far from under control, a new government report shows that more than 40% of people in the United States are obese.

And almost 1 in 10 is severely obese, the researchers added.

"Over the time period from 1999 to 2018, the obesity prevalence increased about 12% — from 30.5% of Americans to 42.4% of Americans. Severe obesity almost doubled," said study author Dr. Craig Hales. He's a medical epidemiologist with the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Much more than just a cosmetic issue, obesity is associated with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, fatty liver disease, sleep apnea, arthritis, gallbladder disease and more, according to the U.S. National Institute for Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.


Globalist Response to Coronavirus: Open America’s Borders to the World

Globalist ideologues, bureaucrats, and elected Democrats have said the United States’ response to protecting American citizens from the coronavirus should be to keep America’s borders open to the world.

While the deadly coronavirus spreads across the globe, The Atlantic writer James Hamblin wrote this week that the U.S. should actually consider opening its borders:
Italy, Iran, and South Korea are now among the countries reporting quickly growing numbers of detected COVID-19 infections. Many countries have responded with containment attempts, despite the dubious efficacy and inherent harms of China’s historically unprecedented crackdown. Certain containment measures will be appropriate, but widely banning travel, closing down cities, and hoarding resources are not realistic solutions for an outbreak that lasts years. All of these measures come with risks of their own. Ultimately some pandemic responses will require opening borders, not closing them. At some point the expectation that any area will escape effects of COVID-19 must be abandoned: The disease must be seen as everyone’s problem. [Emphasis added]
To the contrary, President Trump’s administration has imposed a travel ban on China where not only are Chinese nationals barred from entering the U.S. at this time, but foreign nationals who have recently visited China as well.


A Viewer Writes.......Price Gouging

Price gouging on eBay for a $1.99 N95 mask .... $44.99 shipping.

"This land is your land this land is my land....." long as you pay the "govment"

Hi Joe,
Just curious on how others interpret this?

The Best Is Yet To Come - Trump 2020

Ohio market owners charged with running $10M food stamp fraud scheme

Two Somali specialty market owners in Ohio were recently charged with running a $10 million food stamp fraud operation.

Hassan Nuriso and Abdurahim Nuriso, former owners of Towfiq Market in Columbus, Ohio, were charged by a federal grand jury with conspiring to fraudulently redeem benefits over a nine-year period, according to WCMH.

“It’s very clear in all the regulations what you can and can’t do,” Assistant U.S. Attorney David Bosley said about the case. “You can’t give food stamps for cash, you can’t buy items that are not allowed under the food stamp program, you can’t buy things that aren’t food, and you can’t give credit.”


Some Democrats fear Trump outreach to black voters might just work

Some Democrats are worried that the Trump campaign's outreach to black voters is working.

"It keeps me up at night," HIT Strategies partner Terrance Woodbury told the Washington Post. "The Trump campaign recognizes that while the Democratic Party is spending a significant amount of resources and effort to persuade white, suburban women back into their coalition, the Trump campaign has found a very susceptible and very different swing voter in black men."

President Trump won 13% of black male voters and 32% of Hispanic men but only 4% of black female and 25% of Hispanic female voters, according to 2016 exit polls, and campaign events in minority neighborhoods have brought in mostly men, Republican officials told the Washington Post.



The Milwaukee man who killed five co-workers at a beer company’s corporate office is a black Elizabeth Warren supporter, providing a clue as to why the mass shooting disappeared from the discussion so quickly.

51-year-old Anthony Ferrill showed up at the MillerCoors facility from where he had been fired earlier in the day wearing his uniform and carrying a silenced gun.

He proceeded to gun down five colleagues before turning the weapon on himself.

It subsequently emerged that Ferrill was an African-American Elizabeth Warren supporter (presuming that Ferrill shared the same political beliefs as his wife, who took a selfie with Warren at a rally last year).


The Politics of a 'Fear Pandemic'

Democrat Party leaders Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi are in a quandary.

They have to decide which of the headline tragedies today make for better political fodder — do they keep feeding the coronavirus fears, or do they put that on pause and politicize the Milwaukee murders in order to advance their gun-confiscation agenda?

Yes, their political modus operandi is just that causticly crass.

It follows the model perfected by Barack Obama and his then-chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, who openly declared, “You don’t ever want a good crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” And that is exactly what they did in 2008, when Obama used a pandemic of financial fear as his ticket to the presidency. At the time, even Bill Clinton admitted that the Democrats were responsible for that crisis because they resisted “efforts by Republicans in the Congress … to put some standards and tighten up a little on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.” Clinton himself had loosened up those standards 10 years earlier, with disastrous financial consequences but fortuitous political consequences.

My point is not to re-litigate how the Democrats used that “fear pandemic” to ensure Obama’s election but to say they are experts at converting tragedy into political triumph. Their current “Hate Trump” platform is constructed on their perennial political foundation of fear, anger, and division.


Illness forces the Pope to cancel an event in Rome a day after showing solidarity with coronavirus sufferers and shaking hands with congregation at weekly audience

Pope Francis has been forced to cancel a planned Mass in Rome with other clergy after suffering a 'slight illness'.

The Vatican said the 83-year-old pontiff had a 'slight indisposition' that meant he did not attend an event at the St John Lateran basilica in Rome on Thursday morning.

A spokesman said Francis would continue with the rest of his day's business, but preferred to stay within the Vatican rather than travel across the city.

There was no word from the Vatican about the nature of his illness, but the pope was seen coughing and blowing his nose during the Ash Wednesday Mass.


Green New Deal: $75,000 per house in first year, $40,000 after

The Green New Deal is going to put a lot of Americans in the red.

According to a new analysis, the liberal plan backed by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will cost households an average of $75,000 in the first year and $40,000 extra every year after.

The study of 11 states found that the initial year of the program will be especially high because businesses and households will have to get new equipment. The price tag includes increased costs for electricity, upgrading vehicles and housing, and shipping.


McConnell slams Schumer for 'partisan political attacks' with coronavirus

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Democrat leader has launched political attacks against the White House over the funding for coronavirus, calling for bipartisanship.

“As the administration did take action, to the apparent puzzlement of basically everyone, including his fellow Democrats, the Democrat Leader began launching partisan political attacks at the White House instead of working together to get this done,” the GOP leader said Thursday.

The Kentucky Republican said Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer urged the funding request, but when it arrived, he began saying it was too little too late.


Tebow Would Rather Be Known for Saving ‘A Lot of Babies’ than ‘Winning the Super Bowl’

Former NFL player Tim Tebow recently said that he would rather be known as someone who saves babies, than for being a Super Bowl champion.

The current Double-A baseball player spoke at a banquet for Kansans for Life and said that his pro-life activism “really does mean a lot more than winning the Super Bowl,” National Rights to Life News reported.

The Heisman Trophy winner related the story about his own mother’s decision not to abort him even though doctors said the pregnancy could “cost her life.”

“You see, my mom 32 years ago had doctors tell her she needed to abort me because if she didn’t, it was going to cost her life,” Tebow said. “And they didn’t even believe that I was a baby. They thought I was a tumor.

“When I was born, they found out the placenta wasn’t actually attached,” Tebow continued. “So, the doctor looked at my mom after 37 years of being a doctor and said, ‘This is the biggest miracle I’ve ever seen because I’m not sure how he’s alive.’… I’m so grateful that my mom trusted God with my life and her life."

More here

The Highest-Stakes Moment Brings the Worst Debate

The debate would have been only marginally less incoherent, noisy, and grating to the ears if CBS had broadcast two hours of static.

The last debate before the South Carolina primary featured so much shouting, you would think that the candidates had just been told their microphones weren’t working. This could well be the last debate for some of these candidates, and Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren have rapidly shrinking paths to the nomination. Every candidate was itching to interject, interrupt, shout over, and have a dramatic moment.

If the polls are accurate, South Carolina will end with a Joe Biden win or a Biden tie with Bernie Sanders, and Sanders set to do well in most or all of the Super Tuesday states. Last week’s debate was Get Shorty. The mission of everybody on that stage tonight who wasn’t named Bernie Sanders was to go on stage and beat the tar out of Bernie Sanders. Bloomberg is not on the ballot in South Carolina, and he’s won no delegates so far.


In Depth: Maryland Leaders and the History of Corruption

BALTIMORE (WBFF)--One the most notable Baltimore City leaders to get caught up in corruption is former Mayor Sheila Dixon.

In 1987, Dixon won a seat on the Baltimore City Council representing the 4th Council District, where she served twelve years. In 1999, Dixon was elected president of the city council, the first African-American woman elected to this position.

In 2003, she won her re-election race for president of the Baltimore City Council, defeating her nearest competitor and she became Mayor of Baltimore in January 2007 when then-Mayor Martin O'Malley resigned after being elected Governor of Maryland


Ilhan Omar claims Pence 'enabled the worst HIV outbreak in Indiana's history'

One of the more vocal anti-Trump lawmakers in D.C. is criticizing the president's decision to tap Vice President Mike Pence to head the government's team responding to the coronavirus.

Rep. Ilhan Omar slammed President Trump's decision to select Pence to lead the effort, citing his failure to respond quickly enough to an HIV outbreak that infected 126 people in rural Scott County, Indiana, in 2015.

"Let this sink in: Mike Pence, who enabled the worst HIV outbreak in Indiana’s history, is leading the coronavirus response," tweeted Omar on Thursday. "A real public health professional must step up to handle this. This is not a drill — lives are at stake."


Collins: Dems Don’t Want to Acknowledge ‘Coup Attempt’ from the FBI

Thursday during an appearance on Fox News Channel, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), formerly the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, emphasized the threats of not putting into place FISA reforms, which is being held up by congressional Democrats.

The Georgia Republican congressman, who is running for U.S. Senate, accused his Democrat colleagues of playing “games.”

“[T]hey’re wanting to play games with the FISA,” Collins said. “I mean there are certain provisions that we do need to extend, and those are things like roving wiretaps, things that we’ve been dealing with that deal with terrorists around the world so that we can keep safe. But what they don’t want to deal with is the actual FISA process and FISA court itself, which — because they don’t want to acknowledge the Horowitz report."

He went on to add that Democrats are reluctant to acknowledge the need for changes to the FISA process because it would “acknowledge” the attempted “coup” against President Donald Trump.

More here

Mark Hamill hopes 2020 Democratic nominee will pick Michelle Obama as running mate

Actor Mark Hamill implored whoever wins the 2020 Democratic nomination for president to consider making Michelle Obama his or her vice presidential pick.

"I hope whoever becomes the Democratic presidential nominee will consider @MichelleObama as their running mate," Hamill tweeted Wednesday. "#DreamTeam2020."

Obama has brushed aside suggestions she might run for president.

"There’s zero chance,” she told the National late last year.


Cuccinelli: Trump’s ‘Public Charge’ Ensures New Immigrants No Longer Burden American Taxpayers

President Trump’s newly implemented “Public Charge” rule ensures that American taxpayers are no longer burdened by a massive inflow of legal immigrants who cannot support themselves, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli says.

In an exclusive interview with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Daily, Cuccinelli said Trump’s initiative to more effectively regulate legal immigration to the U.S. now requires that legal immigrants prove their ability to support themselves financially before they are given permanent residence.

“What it means is that people who apply today and after for a green card … we will filter through their ability to stand on their own two feet economically, whether it’s earning their own way or whether they have family that supports them who commit to doing so … to make sure that the American taxpayers aren’t going to be bearing the burden of new immigrants,” Cuccinelli said.

“The law we’re working from was passed in 1996 and signed by Bill Clinton. Steny Hoyer voted for it, Chuck Schumer voted for it.."


'Stink like dead skunks'| Odor from hemp farm dividing Maryland neighbors

Maryland legislators are considering banning hemp farms within two miles of residences, but agriculture supporters cry foul.
ANNAPOLIS, Md. — A surprising side effect of the CBD oil craze has left farmers who grow the oil-producing plant in Baltimore County, MD feuding with their neighbors.

"Hemp fields stink like dead skunks!" claimed one neighbor of a farm that grew hemp outside Baltimore during the summer and fall of 2019.

"Many of my neighbors complained of allergic reactions, eye irritation, headaches and nausea," the woman said to WJZ in Baltimore. "We need to change Maryland law to stop this nightmare."

As a result, Maryland's legislature is now debating a proposed ban on growing industrial hemp -- used in the production of CBD oil -- within two miles of homes.


Thank God It's Friday

What will you be doing this weekend?

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Political Memes

Friday Morning Funnies

Chicken and Dumpling Dinner!!! Tonight In Delmar

Delmar VFW Post 8276 at 200 W.State Street DELMAR, MD invites the public to A chicken and dumpling dinner this Friday Feb. 28 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Menu includes Chicken and Dumplings, green beans,mashed potatoes gravy and pickled beets. Cost: $12.00. Carry outs may be ordered in person only after 5:00 PM.

Proceeds benefit the many local charities and organizations supported by the Delmar VFW.



read the newspaper ad ..

Ms. Sally Mulligan of Coral Springs in Florida read it, and decided to apply for one of the jobs that most Americans are not willing to do.

She submitted her application for a job in a Florida lemon grove, but seemed far too qualified for the job. She has a liberal arts degree from the University of Michigan, and a master’s degree from Michigan State University.
For a number of years, she had worked as a social worker, and also as a school teacher.

The foreman studied her application, frowned, and said, "I see that you are well educated, and have an impressive resume. “However, I have to ask you,
have you had any actual experience in picking lemons?”

"Well, as a matter of fact, I have," she said. "I've been divorced three times, owned two Chryslers, voted twice for Obama, and once for Hillary.”

She started work yesterday.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VΙrus you've heard all month! Kinda.

California Monitoring 8,400 People for Coronavirus Symptoms

California is monitoring 8,400 people for coronavirus symptoms, the US's most populous state revealed in an update on the outbreak, the Financial Times reported Thursday.

They represent residents who arrived in California from domestic commercial flights, officials said at a briefing on Thursday afternoon, according to the Times.

So far, 33 people in the state have tested positive for coronavirus, with five of them having been moved out of the state.

But California has only about 200 test kits, a number Governor Gavin Newsom described as "inadequate." Still, he said, officials had been in touch with federal agencies - such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - that will be sending new test kits in coming days.


Judge Approves Nation’s First Supervised Safe Injection Site in Philadelphia

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that the nation’s first supervised safe injection site can open in South Philadelphia, and operators of the site say it will be ready to open as soon as next week.

Organizers with Safehouse, a nonprofit organization formed to open the injection site, is expected to announce more details about its plan on Wednesday, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

The opening of the site will end a two-year battle between the nonprofit and the government.

Safehouse had argued that the site would provide a safe space for people who are addicted to drugs to use them under medical supervision, have enough resources to revive them should they overdose, and provide resources for treatment.


AP Confirms: Democrats Are Lying to the Public About Coronavirus

An Associated Press fact check confirms what Breitbart News reported earlier this week: that Democrat presidential candidates are falsely claiming that President Donald Trump cut funding and personnel needed to fight coronavirus.

On Tuesday, Breitbart News fact-checked “mostly false” claims by former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg during the Democrat debate in South Carolina. Bloomberg claimed that Trump had “fired” a pandemic specialist at the White House, and “de-funded” the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The implication: Trump was to blame for the spread of coronavirus — even though there have been just over a dozen cases and no fatalities in the U.S.

The truth: the pandemic specialist had left voluntarily during a reorganization of the bloated National Security Council (NSC), and the CDC cuts — as the agency wound down its Ebola response — were only proposed, not enacted.

The AP confirmed Thursday, in an article titled “AP FACT CHECK: Democrats distort coronavirus readiness,” that much of what Democrats are saying about Trump’s response to the coronavirus challenge is simply not true:


Governor Hogan Announces Additional Steps to Protect Marylanders From Coronavirus

Will Include $10 Million in Emergency Funding in Supplemental Budget, Details Statewide Preparedness Efforts Underway, Encourages Marylanders to Use 2-1-1 Hotline for Questions and Concerns, Discusses Coordinated Response with Vice President Pence

ANNAPOLIS, MD—At a press conference today at the State Emergency Operations Center of the Maryland Emergency Management Agency, Governor Larry Hogan provided an update and announced additional steps the state is taking to protect Marylanders from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and prepare for any potential outbreak. Prior to the press conference, Governor Hogan convened a meeting with senior Cabinet officials and spoke to Vice President Mike Pence, who is leading the federal response. 
“While there is currently no immediate public health emergency here in Maryland, based on the latest guidance from the CDC and our federal partners, we want our citizens to know that all levels of government are working together proactively and taking every possible precaution to respond to threats of public health,” said Governor Hogan. “We will continue to track this and will be receiving almost constant, up-to-the-minute information. The public should be assured that our state’s preparedness builds on decades of planning, experience, and expertise gained from previous and ongoing public health events. I would encourage all Marylanders not to panic, but to take this seriously and to continue to stay informed.”
Joined by senior Cabinet officials, the governor announced that he will submit a supplemental budget that will include $10 million for emergency coronavirus preparedness expenses. While there are still no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Maryland at this time, two patients have met the criteria for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) testing. The governor stressed the importance of heeding the CDC’s guidance that local schools, businesses, and communities should be prepared for closures and disruptions to daily life.
In addition, the governor encouraged Marylanders to visit for the most up-to-date information, and to dial 2-1-1 to talk to experts about any questions or concerns. 
The governor also announced that in addition to convening his full Cabinet tomorrow, administration officials will provide a detailed briefing to members of the General Assembly, as well as the Comptroller, the Attorney General, and the Treasurer. 

Statewide Preparedness Efforts Continue
In January, Governor Hogan directed all state agencies to take every precaution and mobilize whatever resources are necessary to address COVID-19. Pursuant to his direction, the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) continues to coordinate with the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and all state, federal, and local partners to lead response efforts, all with the goal to minimize risk to the public. 
MDH is engaged in regular communications with clinicians and health care providers across the state, working with local hospitals to develop comprehensive hospital surge plans to be activated if necessary. The department’s preparedness and response team is inventorying available resources at hospitals, local health departments, federally qualified healthcare centers, long term care facilities, dialysis centers, and other healthcare partners. MDH’s infectious disease experts are providing weekly briefings to all local health departments and healthcare facilities across the state.
MDH has worked with the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to provide guidance to school systems across the state, and is coordinating with colleges and universities to address concerns with student and faculty populations. In coordination with the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), MDH is actively engaged with travelers to ensure they have the information they need and are following CDC guidance to protect the safety of these travelers and the public. 
Potential alternative housing, support and transportation are being developed should some Marylanders impacted by the virus not be able to recover at home.  
Additionally, state agencies are participating in daily briefing and coordination calls with federal partners at the CDC, the U.S. Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, and the Department of Defense. Frequent calls are held with neighboring states to coordinate case surveillance, investigation and response activities (including senior health officials, epidemiologists and public health emergency preparedness directors).

What can Marylanders do to prepare?
Though the public health threat here in Maryland and across the United States remains low, you can take very basic steps to help keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.
  • Stay informed — Visit for the most recent general updates and for the latest information on COVID-19 in Maryland.
  • Practice everyday actions to promote good health and prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, including COVID-19:
    • Wash your hands frequently with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap and water
    • Cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing
    • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
    • If you are sick, stay home from work or school
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Build a preparedness kit for your home in case you are sick with any respiratory virus and need to stay at home. See for details. Examples include:
    • Pain relievers, fever reducers, decongestants, and cough drops
    • Alcohol–based hand sanitizer
    • Thermometer
    • Facial tissues, paper products
    • Nonperishable food
    • Extended supply of prescription medications
    • Diapers or pet supplies if needed
  • There is no vaccine to prevent COVID-19, but you should get a flu shot — it’s not too late. It will not prevent COVID-19, but getting a flu shot will help keep you and your loved ones healthy as we continue to see widespread flu.
Visit for up-to-date information and resources, including the latest information on COVID-19 status in Maryland.

Misinformation concerning ICE operations generates unnecessary fear in local community

DENVER — Misinformation and rumors concerning U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) presence in neighborhoods conducting enforcement operations continues to be promoted without merit by those with political agendas. Allegations that ICE is violating its sensitive locations policy are completely false.
“Let me be very clear, ICE does not conduct patrols, raids, or sweeps looking for illegal aliens. Individuals and groups making such accusations are doing nothing but fearmongering and in turn, putting the public and our officers at risk. ICE strictly conducts targeted enforcement actions and continues to focus its limited resources first and foremost on those who pose the greatest threat to public safety,” said John Fabbricatore, acting field office director, ICE ERO, Denver. “Our officers are professionals who uphold the law as written by Congress. If anyone has an issue with the law, they need to take it to their Congressional representative and stop directing their frustrations with the law at federal employees.”
ICE encourages public leaders, advocacy groups and the community to share accurate information to ensure the safety of both those utilizing public transportation and those charged with ensuring their safety while aboard.
ICE makes targeted arrests every day; ICE does not conduct “raids”
  • ICE does not conduct raids or sweeps and does not operate roadblocks or checkpoints. The use of these terms evokes images of indiscriminate targeting of neighborhoods and spreads fear in immigrant communities.
  • ICE focuses its limited resources, first and foremost, on those who pose the greatest threat to public safety and border security, and our officers make arrests every single day.
  • ICE does not target aliens indiscriminately; the agency conducts investigations and gathers intelligence on specific individuals and targets them for immigration enforcement.
  • Targets are often those who were arrested on local criminal charges or have blatant disregard for U.S. immigration laws. The agency’s arrest statistics clearly reflect this. Nationally, approximately 90 percent of all people arrested by ICE during fiscal year 2018 either had a criminal conviction, a pending criminal charge, had illegally re-entered the United States after being previously removed (a felony charge) or were an immigration fugitive subject to a judge’s final order of removal.

A Guide: How To Prepare Your Home For Coronavirus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is telling Americans that they should be prepared for the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak in their community.

But what does preparedness look like in practice? The short answer: Don't panic — but do prepare.

That "means not only contingency planning but also good old-fashioned preparedness planning for your family," says Rebecca Katz, director of the Center for Global Health Science and Security at Georgetown University. In other words, what you'd do in case of a possible hurricane or another natural disaster.

We spoke with Katz and other health experts about common-sense things you can do to be ready should the virus hit where you live.


Hearse stolen outside Pasadena church with woman's corpse inside crashes on 110 Freeway

PASADENA, Calif. - A hearse that was stolen outside a Pasadena church with a woman's corpse inside was involved in a short pursuit before it crashed on the 110 Freeway Thursday morning, officials said.

Shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday, a mortician parked an SUV customized for mortuaries outside Saint Anthony Greek Orthodox Church located in the 700 block of Rosemead Boulevard to deliver another body for an upcoming memorial service. While inside the church, someone stole the customized black Lincoln Navigator SUV, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.

Officials say the deceased body inside the hearse was not connected to the church.


Parents Organize to Fight Back

Brian was a 15-year-old big man on campus. Good-looking and witty, he had a way with the girls, and the guys thought he was fun too.

But Brian’s party spirit included consuming lots of alcohol. Soon he was smoking pot, and then even that was not enough. In a few months he was not only using hard drugs but selling them, too.

For a while he was able to maintain his charm and respectful attitude at home. Inevitably, his personality and health quickly plummeted along with his school attendance and grades.

Thankfully, his parents finally recognized the problem before it was too late and enrolled Brian in a private residential drug-rehab clinic.

The reality that Brian had become a secret addict under their noses crushed his mom and dad. They felt guilty, helpless, and heartbroken.

On their knees before God, they pledged to do everything possible to help their son and committed to change their lives so they could be a bigger part of his.

When they called the clinic to arrange a meeting and seek reconciliation with their beloved boy, they were told that they could have no contact.

As a physician, Brian’s dad asked to review the medical records and speak to the doctor so he might understand the treatment. He was flatly turned down.


Accused serial killer healthcare worker tied to a THOUSAND unexplained deaths of elderly patients is indicted on additional murder charges

An immigrant healthcare worker has been indicted on two further counts of capital murder in North Texas after previously being charged with smothering almost a dozen elderly women to death.

A Dallas County Grand Jury on Tuesday indicted Billy Chemirmir, 47, on murder charges in the deaths of Leah Corken, 83, and Juanita Prudy, 82.

The two women lived in The Tradition-Prestonwood in Dallas and died suddenly in the summer of 2016.

Court documents claim that Chemirmir smothered the women to death with a pillow.

Chemirmir is suspected of being involved with more than 1,000 unexplained deaths in Texas.

The Kenyan, who worked as a home healthcare aide, was initially charged in 2018 with the murder of 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris.


Immigrants to comprise highest-ever percentage of electorate in 2020

Immigrants who became U.S. citizens will make up 1-in-10 American adults eligible to vote in the November election, the highest percentage ever, according to a report released Wednesday.

A new study by nonpartisan think tank Pew Research concluded approximately 23.2 million immigrants, or naturalized citizens who were born outside of the United States, will be able to vote in the presidential election, as well as state and local elections this year. That figure is nearly double the 12 million immigrants who were eligible to vote in 2000. It has climbed over the past two decades and stood at 20.6 million in 2016.

As the number of immigrants eligible to vote has increased through the years, so has the percentage of immigrants within the eligible voting population. In 2000, 6.2% of voters were born outside the U.S. That percentage has grown with every presidential election cycle to 9.8% in 2020.


Lori Loughlin’s lawyer says new evidence proves innocence in college admissions scandal

The lawyer for Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband claim new evidence exonerates the couple in the “Varsity Blues” college admissions scandal.

The “Full House” actress’s defense has hinged on the argument that she believed the money she paid to the sham charity of scandal’s mastermind, Rick Singer, were truly donations–and not bribes.

Notes from Singer’s iPhone released in Boston federal court Wednesday appear to back up that claim, according to Loughlin’s lawyer, Sean M. Berkowitz, according to ABC News.

Singer–who pleaded guilty to racketeering and fraud in the scandal–complained in his notes sent to his lawyer that he had argued with FBI agents over the phone after they instructed him to accurately describe where payments to him were actually going–what he described as a “fib.”


Word On The Street Is There's Something Serious Going Down In Crisfield

Would anyone else in the know like to elaborate?

Lawsuit: University of Maryland fed gluten to student with celiac disease

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — A student who has celiac disease says in a lawsuit that a Maryland state university deliberately served her food containing gluten.

The lawsuit from Allegany County native Hannah Smith said the University of Maryland, College Park, violated the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 by serving her food with gluten at least three times in the span of an academic year, news outlets reported. The lawsuit was filed Feb. 20.

Smith was diagnosed as a teen with celiac disease, an autoimmune disease that can damage the body's intestinal walls and cause long-term health complications. A gluten-free diet is one way to treat the disease.

The lawsuit said Smith and her father spoke to the university about her dietary needs before committing for her to live on campus. Students who live on campus are required to buy a meal plan.


Bill passes that would allow classes about Bible to be taught in W.Va. schools

CHARLESTON, W.Va (WCHS / WVAH) Several bills have made their way through the West Virginia Legislature this session, but one sparked a lot of controversy Tuesday.

Delegates passed House Bill 4780 that would allow classes about the Bible to be taught in schools across the state.

After a lengthy debate, the delegates voted to pass the bill about elective classes on the Old and New Testaments. Some said the Bible has had a major historical impact, and it should be taught to students. But others said the classes would discriminate against students who practice other religions or no religion at all.

"If we're going to teach the Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, why not teach the Quran as well?" Nasir Abdussalam of the Islamic Association of West Virginia said.


Bernie Sanders keeping key indicator of heart health secret, cardiology director says

Sen. Bernie Sanders has withheld a key measure that could indicate how healthy his heart is, according to a leading cardiologist.

After the Vermont senator claimed last week that his team released the "full report of that heart attack" he suffered earlier in his campaign as well as letters from doctors outlining his health, the president of the American College of Cardiology reviewed the letters and said they omit a "standard" indicator of heart health.

The indicator, called the left ventricular ejection fraction, measures how much blood volume the heart pushes out with one heartbeat and correlates with the risk for future cardiac-related incidents.


Public schools are teaching our children to hate America

“A government is like everything else: to preserve it, we must love it.”

When he was young, Thomas Jefferson carefully copied those words — a quote from the great political philosopher Montesquieu — into his “commonplace book,” the private journal he kept as a student for future inspiration.

“Everything, therefore, depends on establishing this love in a republic,” the passage continued. “And to inspire it ought to be the principal business of education.”


'No enforcement mechanism': Georgia lawmaker introduces bill to crush sanctuary cities

A Republican lawmaker in Georgia introduced a bill that would force local governments to transfer detained illegal immigrants to the custody of federal law enforcement.

House Bill 915, introduced by Rep. Philip Singleton, would require local police to turn undocumented immigrants they arrest over to federal immigration authorities.

“There is a sanctuary city portion of our code that prevents it in the state of Georgia, but there is no enforcement mechanism,” Singleton said Monday on Fox & Friends. "Our own statistics say that over 1,500 people that went into the system in November were repeat-offender criminal aliens. About 14% of those were sexual assault, about 10% for murder, and about 8% for rape."

So-called sanctuary cities are municipalities that have indicated they will not help Immigration and Customs Enforcement or any other federal agencies find and detain immigrants who have entered the country illegally.


2020’s Property Taxes by State

Depending on where you live, property taxes can be a small inconvenience or a major burden. The average American household spends $2,375 on property taxes for their homes each year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and residents of the 27 states with vehicle property taxes shell out another $441. Considering these figures and the rising amount of debt in America, it should come as no surprise that more than $14 billion in property taxes go unpaid each year, the National Tax Lien Association has found.

And though property taxes might appear to be a non-issue for the 36 percent of renter households, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We all pay property taxes, whether directly or indirectly, as they impact the rent we pay as well as the finances of state and local governments.

But which states have the largest property tax load, and what should residents keep in mind when it comes to meeting and minimizing their tax obligations? In search of answers, we analyzed the 50 states and the District of Columbia in terms of real-estate and vehicle property taxes. We also asked a panel of property-tax experts for practical and political insight. Read on for our findings and a full description of our methodology.


A Viewer Writes.....

Numerous teens from North Dorchester Middle School and other schools were arrested for fighting while on a school bus trip to Ocean City

Missing Dog In Salisbury: UPDATE

Trump campaign to open urban field offices as part of massive effort to win black votes

President Trump is opening 15 urban campaign field offices in an aggressive bid to improve his performance with black voters, who for decades have been an overwhelmingly Democratic constituency.

Sleek and situated in retail shopping districts to generate foot traffic, this unique collection of regional “community centers” is a critical component of the Trump campaign’s multimillion-dollar strategy to double in 2020 the 8% support the president received from black voters nearly four years ago. Senior Trump campaign officials unveiled office design mock-ups and fresh “Black Voices for Trump” merchandise during a Wednesday briefing for reporters.

“You’re never going to get the votes you don’t ask for,” said Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and close adviser. “Last time, it was, ‘What the hell do you have to lose?’ Now, we’re going to show them what they’ve gained from President Trump and what more they can gain if they get four more years.”


State Police Investigating Hate Graffiti In Wicomico Co.

(SALISBURY, MD) – Maryland State Police are investigating the origin of racist comments found last night etched in a restroom of a commercial establishment in Wicomico County.

Shortly before 9:30 p.m. yesterday, Maryland State Police from the Salisbury Barracks responded to a bar/restaurant in the 1400-block of South Salisbury Blvd., after the business owner called to report racist comments found in the women’s restroom. Troopers responded and initiated an investigation.

The preliminary investigation indicates multiple racial epithets were scratched into bathroom stall doors/walls. The epithets were placed so they would immediately be seen upon entering the restroom.

The Maryland State Police investigation is continuing. Anyone with information about the person or persons responsible for this is urged to contact Maryland State Police at the Salisbury Barracks at 410-749-3101. Callers may remain anonymous.

The Salisbury Maryland Mayor Jake Day Is An Idiot!

The mass majority of the animals at the Salisbury Zoo are in what is called the SSP program. Meaning, the Zoo does NOT own these animals. They are owned by the AZA. The AZA can and will ultimately remove these animals because Salisbury has had below par employees for more then a decade and Directors are a total joke. No one wants that job because the Zoo is so screwed up and the City won't pony up the funding to maintain the Zoo. 

For those of you who are unaware, many years ago I delivered to the former Mayor Barrie Tilghman FIVE THOUSAND necropsy reports, (same as an autopsy, except for animals) of animals that had died at that Zoo. My Wife was ultimately retaliated against after serving as the Vet Tech for 18 years. The Mayor had a chain of commend in which my Wife was not allowed to bring this information to the Mayor, so I did. Five Thousand Animals Ladies & Gentlemen! The Zookeepers were the Directors bar drinking buddies and he refused to hire people with degrees in Zoo keeping.

Anyhow, getting back to Jake Day, his message above is just stupid. Now it's a mater of AFFORD!If in fact there's any truth to them losing their accreditation a year ago, why wasn't the public made aware of such major information? Insert foot in mouth Jake. 

To be so childish to state the accreditation is of "no value" shows just how immature he is. So know this people. The majority of animals, (especially after the AZA reads his message and this post) will be removed from the Salisbury Zoo and all you'll have left is Canada Geese and Chipmunks. Way to go Mayor Jake Day, you're an Idiot! 

He will spend MILIONS on bike lanes no one is using but he won't support or provide funding to keep up the biggest "gem" Salisbury has.

Tuesday's Muppet Debate

Pro-abortion politicians kill vote to protect pain-capable preborn babies and abortion survivors

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act both died today on the Senate floor. The two bills were blocked after short debate because the motions to proceed failed to reach the required cloture — or 60 votes — in favor of moving the legislation forward for actual votes.

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act was introduced by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and would have protected preborn children in the U.S. from abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The United States is one of only seven countries in the world, including China and North Korea, that allows elective abortion after this point.

According to a 2020 Marist poll, 55 percent of Americans support banning abortion after five months. This includes 45 percent of self-identified pro-choicers. A WomanTrend poll from 2017 found that 78 percent of Millennial voters, 67 percent of women voters, and 70 percent of African-American voters all support abortion bans after five months.