Saturday, March 28, 2015


180,000 illegals gain management and professional jobs since 2012

The share of all unauthorized immigrant workers with management and professional jobs grew to 13% in 2012 from 10% in 2007 — an overall increase of 180,000, according to new data from the Pew Research Center.

Meanwhile, the share with construction or production jobs declined to 29% from 34%.

“In a reflection of changes in the overall economy since the Great Recession, the U.S. unauthorized immigrant workforce now holds fewer blue-collar jobs and more white-collar ones than it did before the 2007-2009 recession,” Pew says.

Despite these advances, undocumented workers’ representation among all white-collar occupations remains low — just 2%. Agriculture has replaced construction as the industry with the largest share of undocumented workers. Sixteen percent of all ag workers were undocumented as of 2012, the most recent year for which data was available.

That compares with 12 percent for construction. In 2008, according to Pew, they comprised 14 percent of the construction industry and just 13 percent of farming.

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Lawmakers Gasp as Democrat Goes After GOP Colleague’s 18-Month-Old Son During Racism Lecture

Audio and video has emerged showing Indiana state Rep. Vanessa Summers (D-Indianapolis) going after one of her Republican colleague’s 18-month-old son in attempt to make a point about prejudice during a recent House floor debate over the state’s controversial “religious freedom bill.”

While making her case against the Religious Freedom Restoration Act earlier this week, Summers said of GOP Rep. Jud McMillin’s young son, “I love his little son, but he’s scared of me because of my color — and that’s horrible.”

Lawmakers could be heard gasping and groaning at the comment.

“It’s true,” Summers said defiantly. “And that’s something we are going to work on. … I asked him please, ‘Introduce your child to some people of color so he won’t live his life as a prejudice person.’ I would like for you all to not vote for this bill.”


Gun control group petitions station to fire pro-gun reporter

Organization delivered petition with more than 6,300 signatures calling for the station’s general manager to fire the reporter

For the better part of two months, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has led an effort to get Emily Miller fired from her job as chief investigative correspondent for the Washington, D.C. area Fox affiliate because of her pro-gun stance. The group raises the question that if she advocates for a topic that she covers, how does she remain fair and objective?

CSGV delivered a petition Tuesday with more than 6,300 signatures to WTTG Fox 5 calling for the station’s general manager to fire Miller.

Ladd Everitt, communications director for CSGV, described the event to in an email: “The general manager wouldn’t come down to talk to us and accept the petition. We left it with their guy at the front and he assured us it would be delivered.”

“We got a very positive reaction from locals and one woman even stopped, took a photo of us, and said something about working with Emily at ABC and how her friends there would love the picture,” he added.

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National Aquarium's Living Seashore exhibit to open May 12

Visitors to the National Aquarium will have the chance to get their hands on jellyfish, stingrays and other creatures native to East Coast waters starting May 12.

That's when the aquarium's newest exhibit, Living Seashore, opens to the public. The $5.5 million exhibit showcases aquatic life found along the Atlantic Coast, all while weaving in messages of conservation.

Th display features two touch pools swimming with rays, skates, horseshoe crabs and jellyfish. When it opens, Living Seashore will be one of only three aquarium exhibits in the country that allows visitors to touch jellyfish.



Call in the FBI and DHS. Surround Los Alamos Labs with tanks. Lock the place down

“The combined death rate from scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough and measles among children up to fifteen shows that nearly 90 percent of the total decline in mortality between 1860 and 1965 had occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread immunization. In part, this recession may be attributed to improved housing and to a decrease in the virulence of micro-organisms, but by far the most important factor was a higher host-resistance due to better nutrition.” —Ivan Illich, Medical Nemesis, Bantam Books, 1977

Albuquerque Journal, 3/20 reports:

2.3% of kids in Los Alamos public schools don’t get vaccinated. Their parents have received exemptions.

That’s the highest rate of non-vaccination in the state.


City Of Salisbury- No Trash Removal On April 3rd


Nearly every aspect associated with it is tyrannical.

Drivers as well as their passengers in Topeka Kansas will soon be subject to a new policy requiring everyone to put their hands up during police stops.

Police say they are implementing this policy because “we all want to go home to our families, and this makes it safer for us to approach vehicles to gain that compliance. It gives us a chance to survive these encounters.”

However, the implications regarding this practice are horrid, and many residents are up in arms about being forced to be up in arms.

“Every day somebody’s getting shot by a police officer, and it’s like ‘oh my goodness, will I be next?’, or will I be okay?” said one resident.


Spring Events In Berlin


Gamers, church groups and businesses threatening to pull conventions out of Indianapolis

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed into law on Thursday a measure that allows businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers in the name of “religious freedom.”

The bill has sparked an uproar among gamers and church groups that hold their conventions in Indianapolis and businesses that are threatening to pull out of the city.

Even the NCAA — which is less than two weeks from hosting its men’s basketball Final Four in Indianapolis — was critical, saying the organization is “committed to an inclusive environment where all individuals enjoy equal access to events” as it hinted the bill could damage the city’s reputation as a host of major sporting events.

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Sorry Gays, You Don’t Have The Right To Be Free From Discrimination

This week, Indiana became the latest state to sign a religious freedom bill into law. The legislation protects a private citizen’s or private business owner’s right to act according to their religious beliefs when deciding with whom to associate and do business.

Gay activists are incensed at this move, not because it targets them, but because it doesn’t. Indeed, there is no language in the bill stipulating anything one way or another in regards to gay people; it simply affirms the rights of private individuals and companies. Gay tyrants have only turned it into an “attack” on them because they demand, as per usual, special treatment and exemptions.

Despite everything they’ve ever claimed, they aren’t looking to be treated like everyone else. They want their rights enshrined in a special place, above, beyond, and transcending those of normal folk.


Babysitter has SEX with 11-month-old Baby – and Then Texts Pictures to Boyfriend

In a disgusting act of twisted perversion, a 29-year-old baby-sitter of an 11-month-old baby not only *allegedly* sexually abused the child, but took photos and texted them to her co-pedophile boyfriend. The despicable story doesn’t end there, either. They had plans for another little one that were just as heinous. More from Daily Headlines:

What a sick sad world we live in. When are we gonna have stronger punishments and more awareness for the real evil and that is pedophilia

HUFFpo reports:

Ashley Dack, 29, of Texas, was babysitting young children when she sexually abused the 11-month-old baby and took photos of the acts.

According to court documents, Dack sent the photos via text message to her boyfriend, 37-year-old Patrick Schuneman.

Schuneman allegedly replied: “incredible” and “best ever seen. Thank you.”

Investigators said that they found graphic photos and text messages, including an extremely worrying exchange that revealed how the pair was planning to kidnap and sexually torture a young girl in Dack’s car.


Unbelievable: Judge Convicts Christian For Voicing Bible Verse

It’s important to understand that the UK does not have the same heritage of religious freedom as the U.S. Still, it is an important, civilized part of the Western world- which makes this recent report by WND all the more troubling:

A Christian street preacher convicted and fined by a U.K. judge, who also serves with an Islamic Shariah court, is guilty of having breached the public order by his choice of Bible verses.

Michael Overd, a former British paratrooper who has been street preaching for five years, was convicted this week of delivering “homophobic sermons” over a loudspeaker in Taunton, Somerset, last summer.

Overd faced two charges relating to claims by homosexuals he had offended them and another of causing “racially aggravated” harassment targeted at Muslims, the BBC reported. He was found guilty of only one of the “homophobic” charges.

Overd, 50, was fined $300 and ordered to pay compensation and costs totaling $1,800 at Bristol Crown Court.

“I have been ordered to pay compensation for causing ‘emotional pain’ to someone who approached me aggressively demanding to debate the issue,” said Overd. “There was no harm, injury or theft, just a simple disagreement over theology which I have now been fined for.”


Boston cop fighting for life in a coma after driver shot him

Police have identified the suspect who allegedly shot a police officer eye during a vehicle stop, sending him into a coma where he's now fighting for his life.

Officer John Moynihan, 34, was attacked when he pulled over suspected gang members in Boston, Massachusetts, on Friday evening.

The suspect, identified as 41-year-old Angelo West, was shot dead by other officers at the scene in Boston on Friday evening after he opened fire. A female bystander was shot in the arm.

West allegedly shot Moynihan 'point blank' and emptied his revolver in the unprovoked attack, police said, according to the Boston Globe.


Traffic Stop Leads to Drug Arrest

Lewes - The Delaware State Police have arrested a 21 year old man on several drug charges following a traffic stop early this morning in Lewes.

The incident began this morning, Saturday, March 28, 2015, at approximately 1:30 a.m., after a Delaware State Trooper on routine patrol on westbound SR24 just west of Mulberry Knoll Road, Lewes, observed a silver Honda Accord without its license plate light illuminated. The trooper activated the emergency equipment on his patrol vehicle and conducted a traffic stop of the Honda. As the trooper made contact with the operator of the vehicle, later identified as Nicholas T. Exler, 21, of Lewes, he immediately could detect the strong odor of marijuana coming from inside of the car. The trooper then had Exler exit his vehicle and upon conducting a pat down search of him, located a large bundle containing 130 baggies of heroin stamped with the word “Fire” or “Fat Boy” on them, in the cargo pocket of his pants. The trooper also located 3.8 grams of marijuana and 6.3 grams of cocaine inside of a plastic bag tucked into the rear of Exler’s pants, as well as over $275 in suspected drug sale proceeds. A subsequent search of Exler’s vehicle was then conducted at which time the trooper located a black BB gun which resembled a Glock semi-automatic hand gun under the front passenger seat.

Nicholas Exler was arrested and transported to Troop 7, Lewes, where he was charged with Possession with the Intent to Deliver Cocaine, Possession with the Intent to Deliver Heroin, two counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance in a Tier 1 Quantity, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Driving with an Expired License, and Failure to Have a License Plate Light. He was arraigned at JP Court 3 and committed to the Sussex Correctional Institution for lack of $14,300.00 secured bail.

'Drunk' driving Secret Service agents may not have actually been drunk

WASHINGTON (ABC News) - New documents obtained by ABC News reveal conflicting accounts by top Secret Service officials about whether two senior agents were drunk when they drove into the White House complex.

It all started with an allegation -- via anonymous email -- that Secret Service agents were “extremely intoxicated” as they drove through an active crime scene set up just outside the White House complex on the evening of March 4.

But documents obtained by ABC News show that two senior Secret Service officials who believed the two agents involved in the now infamous incident were not intoxicated, based on their interactions with the agents that evening. The agents, Marc Connolly and George Ogilvie, had been accused of driving through the crime scene near a White House gate while possibly under the influence of alcohol after attending a retirement party for a colleague.


Hey, Pretty Boy: Do You Actually Know What’s In The News?

When "NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams crashed and burned over all the tall tales he had told, there must have been mirth in the hallways at ABC.

In the highly competitive world of TV news, finding the right anchor is crucial to a network's brand. After running through a few pretenders, ABC had finally filled the iconic Peter Jennings' seat on "World News Tonight" just months earlier with David Muir. ABC was perfectly poised to snatch the top spot from NBC.

During his first six months as "World News" anchor, the newly minted Muir had beaten Williams only a half-dozen times. But after Williams' fall from grace, ABC sailed to the most-watched evening news program.

ABC executives could go for long lunches and look forward to cashing their bonus checks. Muir is young, dashing -- one of People magazine's 2014 "Sexiest Men Alive"! -- and the proud recipient of the Walter Cronkite journalism award.

The vanquished Brian Williams had told most of his fictions off air. The only thing ABC execs had to worry about with Muir was that the new guy would tell fairy tales ON AIR, which is so much less important.


Four (Black) Cops Killed in Seven Days — Where’s the Outrage?

Wednesday, March 4: Fulton County police detective Terence Avery Green was killed, shot in the head by a suspect. According to WXIA-TV, Atlanta: “Police responded to a shots fired call early Wednesday. They were told the suspect was possibly intoxicated. Neighbors said the man was going from house to house, banging on doors and firing a long barrel gun. …

“(Fulton County Assistant Police Chief Gary) described the situation as an ambush, saying the officers ‘were trying to do their job, they were trying to protect this neighborhood from someone who was shooting. And they had no other option but to do their job. And the way it appears to me, they were ambushed without warning.’ …

“Green was a veteran officer with nearly 22 years of service. He is survived by his parents and his four sons.”

Thursday, March 5: Officer Robert Wilson III, while on duty and in uniform, walked into a game store to purchase a gift for his son. Two men robbed the store, and shot and killed Officer Wilson. According to CNN: “Wilson was standing at the counter across from employees at the GameStop store when two brothers, Carlton Hipps and Ramone Williams, walked in carrying guns, police said.

“They allegedly stuck up the store with at least five patrons and two employees inside.

“‘They said they thought it was going to be an easy target,’ said police spokesman Capt. James Clark. … Wilson confronted (the suspects), and a firefight broke out, police said.

“The officer, an eight-year veteran, stepped away from others in the store to keep them out of the crossfire, police said after watching the store’s security camera footage.

“He was a hero and a warrior, Clark said. “He fought until the very, very end, firing at both of them.”… Within 30 to 40 seconds, 50 shots fell, he said. …

“Wilson was 30 years old. In addition to his son, he leaves behind a 1-year-old daughter. His son turns 10 on Monday. The game was also going to be a birthday present.”


Mathias pushing for study on Wallops’ future capacity

Following a similar measure approved last month in Virginia, State Sen. Jim Mathias (D38) is sponsoring a Senate joint resolution that encourages NASA to take steps to allow the launch and landing of commercial vehicles and spacecraft at Wallops Island.

“The resolution would urge NASA to perform an environmental impact study to have booster rockets launched and landed,” Mathias said, “which puts us on a footing for contractual work. Right now it’s all unmanned.”

The move by both states is in response to a similar study nearing completion for the launch facility in Cape Canaveral, Fla., according to the resolution’s text. It also states this study is a necessary step in getting FAA approval for launch or landing permits.


Traffic Stop Leads to Drug and Gun Arrest

Bethel - Delaware State Police have arrested a Laurel man after he was found to be in possession of a gun and drugs during a traffic stop yesterday afternoon.

The incident began on Friday, March 27, 2015 at approximately 1:20 p.m., as a Delaware State Trooper on routine patrol on Bethel Road west of Woodland Ferry Road, Bethel, observed a white Jeep with a loud muffler traveling in an eastbound direction. The trooper began to follow the vehicle, and as they reached the intersection of Woodland Ferry Road, the operator of the Jeep made a sudden U-turn in the middle of the intersection. The trooper then activated his emergency equipment and conducted a traffic stop of the Jeep.

The trooper then made contact with the operator of the vehicle, later identified as Garrett L. Hill, 21, of Laurel, DE, and while speaking to him he observed several knives inside of the vehicle, as well as inside of Hill’s wallet as he was retrieving his identification. Hill was then asked to exit the vehicle and upon conducting a pat down search of him, the trooper located two more knives. A subsequent search of the Jeep was conducted at which time the trooper located a fully loaded SAR 9mm handgun in between the driver’s seat and center console of the car. He also located a digital scale, 6.5 grams of marijuana, and rolling papers inside of the vehicle’s center console.

Garrett Hill was arrested and transported to Troop 5, Bridgeville, where he was charged with Carrying a Concealed Deadly Weapon, Possession of Marijuana, two counts of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Improper Turning of a Vehicle within an Intersection. He was arraigned by Justice of the Peace Court 2 and released on $6050.00 unsecured bail.

Salary lag front-and-center issue for ‘16 school budget

By increasing their commute, Worcester County teachers could earn more money in neighboring counties immediately.

That was the reality presented by Superintendent Dr. Jerry Wilson during the Board of Education’s budget hearing on Tuesday.

Board of Education employees in the county are on a step program for raises. With each year of experience or certification earned, the employees should move one step annually. Employees starting with more advanced degrees move along a different step scale.


News Flash

SBYNews is getting reports that 5 Pocomoke City Police cars are patrolling the town of Snow Hill last night. It is our understanding that these officers have been ordered to leave their jurisdiction by the Chief of Police, Kelvin Sewell, and aggressively patrol a town 15 miles outside of their jurisdiction. This is too bizarre to believe, but multiple reports cannot be denied.

Somebody has some explaining to do as the the citizens of Pocomoke City have been left unprotected while the Chief of Police has lost his marbles!

You won't see this reported anywhere else. We will stay on top of it and report what we find out. Stay tuned.

Obedience School Sues Yelper For $65K Over Negative Review

A few months ago, a Virginia woman began taking her dog to obedience class, and when the training wasn’t what she expected, she requested a pro-rated refund and wrote a negative review of the school on Yelp. Now she’s facing a $65,000 defamation lawsuit.

The Washington Post reports on this lawsuit, the latest in a string of legal actions filed by businesses against customers who vent on Yelp and other online review platforms.

In this case, the customer says she was expecting that the $175 training program would help her socialize her puppy so that it possibly be used as a therapy dog. However, she claims that the conditions of the school were not conducive to this goal so she requested a partial refund.

“In a nutshell, the services delivered were not as advertised and the owner refused a refund,” she wrote in her Yelp review, which has since been removed from the site.


School named after war hero forces child to shave off military-style haircut

Adam Stinnett looks up to his older stepbrother – a soldier in the U.S. Army. So when it came time to get a haircut, the seven-year-old told his mother he wanted a basic military-style cut. And that’s exactly what he got – high and tight – just like his stepbrother.

Adam got his haircut on March 8. On March 9, his mother got a letter from the principal of Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School in McMinnville, Tennessee.

It seems they were not all that thrilled with the second grader’s new hairdo. The principal told Amy Stinnett that her son’s haircut was distracting – and needed to be fixed.


Church Of Scientology Calls New HBO Documentary 'Bigoted'

The Church of Scientology is famous for its efforts to silence its critics, but it has not blocked an upcoming HBO film that turns a harsh light on the powerful organization and its leadership.

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, directed by Academy Award-winning documentarian Alex Gibney, will debut Sunday over the vigorous objection of Scientology officials.

For the film, based on a book by Lawrence Wright, Gibney dug up extensive archival footage of Scientology's founder, the late science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Gibney explores Hubbard's somewhat bizarre beliefs, including his theory that humans are immortal spiritual beings called "thetans" that can roam the universe and that become incarnated in different bodies over billions of years.


Police Departments Open Up 'Safe Lots' For Craigslist Transactions

The online classified site Craigslist updated its safety page this week, encouraging users to make exchanges at local police stations. Some police departments across the country are already offering up their headquarters as voluntary "safe zones" for Craigslist deals.

Sebastian Rivera likes to ride BMX bikes. And when he's customizing his ride, he says he'll hop onto Craigslist to look for free stuff or to trade bike parts with people in his area.

"It's pretty easy, as long as like I get the person's number or I get their Facebook ... another way to communicate besides Craigslist," Rivera says.

As we talk in downtown Hartford, Conn., Rivera echoes what a lot of people have told me: Be cautious with anonymous online deals — get as much information as you can about the person you're dealing with and always meet in a public place.

Now, the Hartford Police Department is hoping the public's place of choice will be aparking lot right outside its headquarters.


Audit: Md Misallocated $28.4 Million For Flawed Health Exchange

Maryland misallocated $28.4 million in federal money for its flawed health care exchange and should pay the money back, according to a federal audit set to be released Friday.

The audit by the inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services found that Maryland misallocated costs to federal grants instead of the Medicaid program in 2013 and 2014, failing to use updated estimated enrollment data when it became available.

"The state agency misallocated these costs because it did not have adequate internal controls to ensure the proper allocation costs," the audit said.

In a response included in the audit, the state said it believes it complied with guidance from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


Nine Billionaires Are About To Remake New York's Public Schools

Hedge-fund manager Whitney Tilson stands at a Harvard club podium in midtown Manhattan, facing a room full of investors eating eggs and bacon, and eager to learn more about charter schools. The walls of the wood-paneled room are lined with the portraits of Tilson's Harvard forefathers. Above the podium where Tilson stands hangs an ornamental gold ship, swaying. In the corner of the room is a large screen, on which the logos of the day's sponsors, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation, float like guardian angels. Two large stone fireplaces dominate the west end of the room. Their exaggerated mantelpieces are each decorated with two empty crests and a laurel—symbols of power drained of any purpose.

Tilson begins an enormous PowerPoint presentation, speaking of the inequities black and Latino children face in the public school system. "Your entire prison population is in these red bars," he explains, showing red bars indicating the high percentage of poor black and Latino children who could not read at a fourth-grade level. No such children, nor their parents, seemed to have been invited to this presentation.

Despite the role poverty plays in determining whose kids gets stuck in those red bars, Tilson declares to the room of Ivy League investors, "This is not rocket science. Notice on my list there's no #5, no Spend More Money. You get new facilities and smaller classrooms but nothing changes. Nobody believes anymore that if you give us more money we'll solve all the problems."

Something Is Rotten in the State of New York



Where is it?
In Wicomico County, there were many post offices in 1891. Most of these were situated in rural country stores. The owner was declared the postmaster and received a portion of the receipts generated by the mail. It is amazing to realize in this day and age that some of these post offices generated less than $30 annually for the storekeeper. This was in addition to his income from groceries, etc.

The listed post offices in 1891 were at Allen, Athel, Barren Creek Springs, Bivalve, Capitola, Collins Wharf, Fruitland, New Hope, Nanticoke, Pittsville, Parsonsburgh, Powellville, Riverton, Salisbury, Sharptown, Twilley, Tyaskin, Walston, Wanamaker, Wango, Whayland, White Haven and Whiton. The spelling is as it appears in the directory, so do not blame me. I do know that Athel is supposed to be Athol and Parsonsburgh is Parsonsburg.

By collecting post cards, I have been involved with other collectors that collect post marks from as many Maryland or Wicomico County Post Offices as possible. Since this list is from 1891, there were some Post Offices that had been discontinued by that time. There are also some larger Post Offices that had not materialized by 1891. Hebron is one that comes to mind. That is the year that the railroad came through Hebron and a post office quickly followed.

Another post office that came after 1891 and has since disappeared is the one at Roaring Point. It was probably in Harry Willing’s store. The store still remains, but is unoccupied today. Only the Campground remains where once a thriving tomato cannery and two oyster houses kept business in the area humming.

The listing for Wetipquin is under their former name of Wanamaker. Mardela was listed as Barren Creek Springs. Anyone who knows where the following are, please comment as to their location: Capitola, Collins Wharf (was it anywhere near where Collins Wharf Rd. is now?), New Hope, Twilley, Whayland and Whiton. Twilley may have been near Pittsville. There is a Whiton Rd. between Willards and Snow Hill. Also, Capitola Rd. is on the west side of the county. These may be clues as to their locations, but I am not sure. Any help?

Officer who died in crash had blood alcohol level of .07

PALMER PARK, Md. (AP) — Prince George’s County Police say an officer who died after crashing his cruiser had a blood alcohol concentration high enough to have been charged with driving while impaired.

Officers said in a news release Friday evening that speed may have also contributed to 26-year-old Officer Brennan Rabain’s death on March 7.

Investigators had reported the Rabain was off duty and driving his girlfriend home when he spotted a speeding car. Police said Friday that Rabain reached a speed of 106 mph during the pursuit. Officers say Rabain lost control of his car, which off the road and crashed into a wooden fence.


Liberals At An Obama Speech

They say Republicans wear tin foil hats. Well, Liberals wear these glasses that make everyone gay, everyone one color, every enemy a foe, every sky a rainbow, every lie a truth, every electric chair a throne, every crook a preacher. 

It's your turn, what else do they see?

Head of House Benghazi probe says Hillary Clinton wiped email server 'clean'

Hillary Clinton wiped her email server "clean," permanently deleting all emails from it, the leader of the House committee investigating the 2012 terror attacks in Benghazi said Friday.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said the former secretary of state has failed to produce a single new document in recent weeks and has refused to relinquish her server to a third party for an independent review, as Gowdy has requested.

"While it is not clear precisely when Secretary Clinton decided to permanently delete all emails from her server, it appears she made the decision after October 28, 2014, when the Department of State for the first time asked the secretary to return her public record to the Department," Gowdy said in a statement. “Not only was the secretary the sole arbiter of what was a public record, she also summarily decided to delete all emails from her server ensuring no one could check behind her analysis in the public interest.”


Vice to Start Daily Newscast on HBO

HBO and Vice Media announced an expansion of their partnership on Thursday, including the launch of a daily Vice newscast on the pay cable outlet.

Vice already airs a weekly news show on HBO, a more personal-style look at the world's hot spots than traditional news outlets. That Friday night program, which currently airs 14 times a year, will expand to 35 episodes a year over the course of the new four-year agreement.

HBO and Vice offered few details about the daily newscast, other than to say that it will draw on 30 global bureaus and "feature the original on-the-ground reporting viewers expect from Vice." It will begin sometime this fall and be shown on the main HBO network, but Vice spokesman Jake Goldman said a time slot had not been set yet.


Snow Hill Easter Celebration Today!

Ex-Airline Inspector: Nobody Safe From Suicidal Pilots

A former airline safety inspector says if a commercial pilot wants to commit suicide by crashing his jet, there's little anybody can do to stop him.

"If somebody's intent on committing suicide or whatever and they [are locked] in the cockpit, it's very, very difficult to prevent it," John Goglia, a 50-year air safety veteran, told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.


Foster Kids put on too many Psych Drugs

Many children in foster care are being overmedicated with antipsychotic drugs they may not really need, or the drugs are being given incorrectly, according to a government review obtained by CBS News.

The report by the Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services looked at concerns surrounding the use of these powerful drugs in children on Medicaid. Many children on Medicaid are in the foster care system.

"Psychotropic drugs are being used in these children, and we don't really know what the side effects are in children this young," said CBS News correspondent Anna Werner. "There's not a lot of research because you can't really test these drugs on children."

The report looked at a class of prescription medications called second-generation antipsychotics. Five of the drugs -- aripiprazole, olanzapine, paliperidone, quetiapine fumarate, and risperidone -- have been approved by the FDA for use in children to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and irritability associated with autism.


Petition: Bring Charges of Treason Against Barack Obama

A fresh petition on the White House’s website is calling for treason charges to be brought against President Obama. The petition, which is quickly gathering signatures, mentions three primary reasons concerning why Obama ought to be charged with treason.

This seemingly comes in response to one started just several days before, calling for 47 Republicans who sent a letter to Iran to be charged with the same. It outlines three principal arguments for the treason charges: conceding war-making powers to foreign matters, refusing to ensure America’s borders and giving support and comfort to the enemy. That attempt has thus far garnered over 260,000 signatures. Turnabout is fair play it’d seem.

Essentially, he attempted changing foreign policy behind President Bush’s back. As Headline Politics reported, President Obama is in fact just as guilty, perhaps more so, of the same act of treason under the very definition used by liberals against his Republican coworkers.

This new petition has just received 16,000 signatures as of this bill, a far cry from the 100,000 that would actually urge the White House to issue a response.


Pa. media doesn't report this about Perdue's hexane pollution: By Ray Wallace

For five years, Maryland-based chicken seller Perdue has been seeking approval for a soybean-crushing factory in Pennsylvania. Instead of properly disposing of large amounts of waste hexane gas, Perdue wants its factory to save money by releasing that dangerous neurotoxin into the air of the Susquehanna Valley -- one of the already most-polluted areas in the U.S.

For five years, Susquehanna Valley media has NOT reported:
The millions of pounds of waste hexane gas that Perdue soybean factories have long been releasing into Virginia and Maryland air.
The nonstop harm being needlessly done to Virginia and Maryland air, food, water, farms, businesses, schools, churches, and families.
The fact that -- after Perdue executives publicly boasted not being afraid of breathing hexane -- they are now planning to safely move 150 executive offices out of Maryland and far away from their own Maryland hexane pollution. 

Bingomania Returns to the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center on Saturday, May 9

SALISBURY, Md. - Bingomania, the Eastern Shore’s largest bingo cash prize event, returns to the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center on Saturday, May 9. Doors open at 5 p.m. for early bird games and regular games begin at 7:30 p.m.
Admission to Bingomania includes all regular and special games, including the Jumbo Jackpot Game. Regular game payouts are $500 while special games will pay out $1000. The Jumbo Jackpot Game pays a maximum of $10,000 depending upon attendance.

Increase your chances of winning and help a local food bank at the same time by bringing three non-perishable food items to the game. Those that do will receive three additional cards for the first early bird game.

Tickets are $45 per person in advance and $55 per person at the door, fees may apply to ticket prices. Tickets are on sale now at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center Box Office (500 Glen Ave., Salisbury, MD; M-F, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.), online at and by phone at 410-548-4911.

All proceeds benefit the Mardela Middle and High School Bands. For more information contact the Mardela Band-Aides at 410-677-5170.

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New Homeowner Has To Sell House Because Of Comcast’s Incompetence, Lack Of Competition

Only months after moving into his new home in Washington state, Consumerist reader Seth is already looking to sell his house. He didn’t lose his job or discover that the property is haunted. No, Seth can’t stay much longer because no one can provide broadband service to his address; even though Comcast and CenturyLink both misled him into thinking he’d be connected to their networks and in spite of the fact that his county runs a high-speed fiberoptic network that goes very near to his property. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Well Played Honey!

Can’t Pay Your Student Loans? In Some States It Might Cost You Your License To Drive Or Work

In addition to causing irreparable damage to their credit scores, student loan borrowers who default on their debts face a much more devastating and counter-intuitive danger: the lost of their driver’s or occupation licenses, including those used by nurses, doctors, teachers and emergency personnel

Bloomberg reports that 22 states currently have laws on the books giving authorities the power to revoke these privileges from consumers who are more than 270 days behind on paying their student loans.

While it might make sense to punish borrowers who don’t keep up with their obligations to repay debts, taking away their ability to get to work or to actually perform their job duties, seems to perpetuate an environment in which consumers already have few options to get out of debt.

With delinquencies and default rates on the rise, according to reports from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, more and more consumers face default and the real possibility of losing their licenses. Last year, reports found that nearly one in three borrowers are at least 90 days behind on their student loan payments.

According to Bloomberg, since 2007 Montana has suspended the driver’s licenses of 92 people, while Iowa suspended the licenses of more than 900 residents. The Iowa licenses were reinstated in 2012 after the state moved its student loan portfolio out of state.

As for occupational licenses, Bloomberg found that more than 1,500 professional licenses for nurses, teachers and others have been revoked in Tennessee because of student loan defaults.

Student loan debt collectors say the threat of taking away consumers’ ability to legally drive or work often propels them to deal with their debt.


Ghani warns ISIS is coming to Afghanistan 'like a dangerous virus

Afghan president Mohammed Ashraf Ghani told the U.S. Congress on Wednesday that the ISIS terror army has begun to infiltrate his country 'like a dangerous virus,' and warned his fellow Muslims not to be romanced by its 'anger and hatred.'

Ghani said Afghanistan is the new 'frontline' for the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, which has been 'sending advance guards to southern and western Afghanistan to test for vulnerabilities.'

So far, he told a joint meeting of Congress, 'Afghanistan's people have rejected the allure of violent Islam. But sooner or later extremism will come knocking at our door.'

He urged people in 'Muslim majority countries' to challenge Islamist terrorism 'from within the religion.'

'Silence is not acceptable,' the Afghan leader declared.


Motorist-Hostile Committee Kills Speed Camera Repeal, Reform Bills

The House Environment and Transportation Committee voted down Four bills that would have reformed aspects of speed and red light camera programs, while approving a bill which would authorize a $500 photo-ticket for a third type of photo ticket.

Committee Voted Down Repeal of SHA Speed Cameras
The Environment and Transportation committee voted down a bill which would have ended the SHA's speed camera program, with a 17-2 Vote. See Vote Count Here

The National Motorists Association (NMA) had supported the bill, noting in their testimony that over half of workzone accidents are actually caused by worker's own equipment. The NMA also noted that "A 2012 legislative audit of the Maryland State Highway Administration’s speed camera program found that the state’s “SafeZones” program had failed to adequately test the equipment and that the state flouted its own law regarding a requirement that speed cameras be independently certified. It’s clear that poor administration of the state’s various speed camera programs has led unfair treatment of countless motorists and represents a violation of the public trust." The NMA is the only nationwide organization dedicated to protecting motorist rights.


Mitt Romney pokes fun at Obama, jokes about Hillary Clinton's emails

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney poked fun at Barack Obama's penchant for golf, Hillary Clinton's emails and even discussed One Direction on the Tonight Show.

In the interview with Jimmy Fallon, Romney talked to his 'reflection' in the mirror and cracked jokes at the President's expense and at his own failed attempt to reach the White House.

Earlier this year Romney declared he would not be running for the presidency again, which gave him free rein in the interview.


MEMA Works with Local and Federal Partners to Secure $2.4 Million in Funding for Mitigation Projects Around Maryland

REISTERSTOWN, Md. - Federal funds made available as a result of Hurricane Sandy will help pay for eight disaster mitigation projects around the state, Maryland Emergency Management Agency Executive Director Clay Stamp announced today. MEMA worked with local officials to prepare grant applications to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which approved the projects in February.

“These projects will help to keep communities resilient by reducing flood risks and ensuring power to critical facilities,” Stamp said. “I would like to thank the property owners, local officials, our federal partners, and Governor Hogan for his leadership in helping to make these worthwhile projects a reality.”

Two of the projects will provide generators for critical infrastructure to remain operational during power outages. Five of the projects will elevate 15 residential properties two feet above base flood level, while the final project will purchase and demolish two residential structures in a flood zone.


Should the U.S. Move Away From Fee-for-Service Medicine?

Paul B. Ginsburg says fee for service pushes up costs; Richard Amerling says it leads to better care

Fee-for-service medical care, in which providers charge fees for specific services, is a prime battleground for policy makers in health care.

If providers stand to make more money the more tests and procedures they perform, critics of the system say it’s no wonder that health-care costs have skyrocketed in recent years.

Efforts are under way to reimburse providers based on the value, not the volume, of care—including paying doctors to keep patients healthy. Medicare plans to shift 50% of its payments to such programs by 2018.


How women should take compliments

When it comes to the role of women, and even the topic of compliments toward women in society, there appears to be a significant generational gap. What seems equally prominent is the cultural and regional gap about complimenting women.

If an urban female student had the misfortune of needing to take a pit stop on Interstate 70 in my town, she would be shocked. Young men in greased clothes (and some with questionable dental hygiene) would whistle at her, call her pet names and openly gawk at her figure as she tried to pump gas at our main station. Disgusted, she would return home to her feminist book club and tell stories of the primal men who objectified her and cared little for her intellect.

She would call them “animals governed by their sexual urges,” or she might simply say they were rude and uncouth. At the same time, the men at the gas station would return back to the garage or the farm and tell their buddies about some “stuck-up yuppie” who couldn’t take a compliment and who was probably “one of them damn hippies down in Warshington who’s ruinin’ America.”

Drones Will Look For Stray Dogs In Houston


Drones, as low-cost flying machines, make great rescue tools. They can look and go places people can’t--or at least can’t go safely--and with infrared cameras, they can sometimes see beyond what human eyes can. In Houston, the World Animal Awareness Society plans to use them to track stray dogs, combining a drone's utility as a mapping device with its rescue abilities.

While the world has never been better documented than it is today, maps are static, which make them inaccurate at best for tracking transient populations. Counting the homeless populations in dense cities like San Francisco, even with hundreds of human volunteers on foot, is an incredibly hard undertaking with imperfect results. Mapping, counting, and tracking stray dogs before the advent of drone technology would have been impossible to the point of laughable, especially in such a vast city as Houston.


Can’t slow down on the road? Soon, your car can do it

WASHINGTON — Are you tired of getting speeding tickets, but you just can’t seem to drive as slowly as the signs instruct? Technology might, once again, be your best friend.

Engadget reports that Ford’s new Intelligent Speed Limiter will use a camera mounted on the dashboard to look for speed-limit signs and adjusts the speed accordingly.

The switch for the limiter is on the steering wheel, and you activate it like you would cruise control. Also, it also displays the speed limits and other warnings from road signs (no passing, etc.) on the dashboard.


Hispanic Activists Want Tougher Immigration Laws

HOUSTON (FOX 26) - Pedro Rivera is 53 years old, Hispanic, and a retired military man. He's also part of a growing number of Hispanic Texans pushing for stronger immigration enforcement, including the passage of SB 185, which would stop cities from implementing policies banning local cops from asking immigration-related questions.

“I'm an American citizen and I believe in the rule of law,” Rivera said. “And being Hispanic, I should not be granted special privilege in avoiding the law. We need officers to have all the tools available to them to keep us safe. That includes asking the question, when you're being detained for a crime or being arrested for an offense, ‘ are you here illegally? Are you a US citizen?'”

Rivera is working with Maria Espinoza, director of the Remembrance Project. Espinoza's Houston-based organization works with families of Americans killed by people in the United States illegally.

“This is a new initiative,” Espinoza said, of an effort to recruit Hispanic conservatives to speak out in support of SB 185.

Espinoza's new group, which isn't exclusive to people of Hispanic origin, traveled to Austin last week and asked lawmakers to stop Texas cities, like Houston , from adopting their own immigration related policies. It's not a new fight. The Texas Senate actually passed a similar measure in 2011. It prompted protests, then stalled before becoming state law. Espinoza says a lot has changed in four years.

“We have more Latinos who are behind this issue and also law enforcement,” she said. “We have (four) sheriffs who testified with us to remove sanctuary city policies.“

More here

Md. Bill Would Add School Funds To Address High Enrollment

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland House Speaker Michael Busch is backing a measure to boost school construction money for counties experiencing high student enrollment growth.

The measure outlined Friday is sponsored by two Montgomery County Democrats: Del. Sheila Hixson and Sen. Nancy King.

The bill would provide roughly $20 million annually to be divided among counties where student enrollment growth exceeds 150 percent of the statewide average over the past five years. Counties with an average of more than 300 re-locatable classrooms in the past five years also would be eligible.


REDNECK CENSUS FORM Check appropriate box

First name:
[_] Billy-Bob
[_] Bobby-Sue
[_] Billy-Joe
[_] Bobby-Jo
[_] Billy-Ray
[_] Bobby-Ann
[_] Billy-Sue
[_] Bobby-Lee
[_] Billy-Mae
[_] Bobby-Ellen
[_] Billy-Jack
[_] Bobby-Beth Ann Sue
Age: ____ (if unsure, guess)
Sex: ____ M _____ F _____ Not sure
Shoe Size: ____ Left ____ Right
[_] Farmer
[_] Mechanic
[_] Hair Dresser
[_] Waitress
[_] Un-employed
[_] Dirty Politician
Spouse's Name: __________________________
2nd Spouse's Name: __________________________
3rdSpouse's Name: __________________________
Lover's Name: __________________________
2nd Lover's Name: __________________________
Relationship with spouse:
[_] Sister
[_] Aunt
[_] Brother
[_] Uncle
[_] Mother
[_] Son
[_] Father
[_] Daughter
[_] Cousin
[_] Pet
Number of children living in household: ___
Number of children living in shed: ___
Number of children that are yours: ___
Mother's Name: _______________________
Father's Name: _______________________
(If not sure, leave blank)
Education: 1 2 3 4 (Circle highest grade completed)
Do you [_] own or [_] rent your mobile home?
(Check appropriate box)
Vehicles you own and where you keep them:
___ Total number of vehicles you own
___ Number of vehicles that still crank
___ Number of vehicles in front yard
___ Number of vehicles in back yard
___ Number of vehicles on cement blocks
Firearms you own and where you keep them:
____ truck
____ kitchen
____ bedroom
____ bathroom
____ shed
Model and year of your pickup: _____________ 194__

Boardwalk Display Changes Eyed To Clarify Enforcement

OCEAN CITY – Proposed changes to the section of the City Code regarding display of outdoor merchandise on the Boardwalk aims to clarify confusion and allow for easier enforcement.

Last week the Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing concerning proposed changes to the City Code involving outdoor display of merchandise standards for properties fronting the Boardwalk.

The first proposed change was amending the title of the Boardwalk Development Association (BDA) to the Ocean City Development Corporation Boardwalk Committee (OCDCBC) due to the association joining forces with OCDC.

The main issue was OCDCBC had proposed to scratch, “Properties with a 32-foot setback from the Boardwalk are allowed a 12-foot display area adjacent to the building. The display area within the setback may not exceed 30 percent of the setback display area; the allowed amount of merchandise may be displayed no closer than 10 feet to the Boardwalk” and “Properties with less than a 32-foot setback from the Boardwalk area are allowed an 8 foot display area to the building. The display area within the setback may not exceed 30 percent pf the setback display area; the allowed amount of merchandise may be displayed no closer than 10 feet to the Boardwalk.”


Police now say California woman's kidnap report was a hoax

VALLEJO, Calif. (AP) — Investigators in Northern California say they were suspicious from the start of a boyfriend's report of the violent abduction of his girlfriend for an $8,500 ransom, yet had to take it seriously for the two days she was missing.

But on the same day Denise Huskins reappeared 400 miles away in Southern California, police revealed Wednesday that they had no evidence of any kidnapping, and instead believe the entire affair was a hoax concocted by the couple.

"It was such an incredible story, we initially had a hard time believing it," Vallejo police Lt. Kenny Park said of the abduction report from Aaron Quinn. "Upon further investigation we couldn't substantiate any of the things he was saying."

The investigation will now turn to Huskins, 29, and Quinn, 30, to determine whether they did anything illegal, Park said. He would not say whether the two may have had any accomplices.

The day began with what seemed to be a happy ending when Huskins showed up unharmed outside her father's apartment.


Veterans Appreciation Day

Why more U.S. colleges will go under in the next few years

When officials at Sweet Briar College announced earlier this month that the Virginia women's’ school would close at the end of this year, the news drew the attention of countless national media outlets and panicked alumnae looking for ways to save the school.

After all, how often does a “rich girl’s school,” as one student described Sweet Briar in the New York Times, just suddenly shut down?

It’s pretty rare for a more than 100-year-old school with a national reputation for a beautiful campus, close-knit community and accessible professors to just up and close. In the 10 years leading up to 2013, five nonprofit colleges and universities closed a year on average, according to a study from higher education researchers at Vanderbilt University. But the trend is likely to accelerate in the coming years, as colleges cope with lower tuition revenue due in part to lackluster enrollment, student worries about employment prospects and being saddled with debt after graduation.

“We expect that there will be more college closures over the next three to four years,” Susan Fitzgerald, a senior vice president at Moody’s. “I don’t think it’s going to be a landslide of college closures, but we are coming through a very tough period of time.”


Beef & Beer Fundraiser

It looks like this for-profit college could be in financial trouble

Apollo Education Group, the parent company of The University of Phoenix, announced its second-quarter earnings this morning, and things don't look great for the for-profit college.

The company's shares fell 16% to $23.39, on news that total enrollments were down 15% and revenues were down 14%.

Apollo Chief of Staff, Mark Brenner, acknowledged the declining enrollment numbers and said that it was a challenging quarter and that certain changes should be made to improve the downward trend.

"I think what we've learned over the last couple of quarters we need to continued to invest in creating a better student experience, we need to have the best online classroom for students ... and we need to provide outsize value for students and align all of the curriculum and all of the teaching to career relevant outcomes for students," Brenner told Business Insider.


Gay country star Steve Grand: ‘99% of the hate I get is from other gay people’

Steve Grand has claimed that the majority of hateful comments he gets online come from people in the gay community.

Grand shot to fame with the release of his gay-themed single All American Boy in 2013. Following one of the most successful Kickstarter music campaigns in the crowdfunding site’s history, he released his anticipated debut album last week.

In a new interview, the openly gay singer has revealed that “99% of the hate” that he gets online is from gay people who appear to think that he is trying to represent the entire gay community.


Thoughts From A Retired Person's Perspective

1. I'm not saying let's go kill all the stupid people. I'm just saying let's remove all the warning labels and let the problem work itself out. 

2. I changed my car horn to gunshot sounds. People move out of the way much faster now. 

3. You can tell a lot about a woman's mood just by her hands. If they are holding a gun, she's probably ticked. 

4. Gone are the days when girls cooked like their mothers. Now they drink like their fathers. 

5. You know that tingly little feeling you get when you really like someone you've just met? That's common sense leaving your body. 

6. I don't like making plans for the day. Because then the word "premeditated" gets thrown around in the courtroom a lot. 

7. I didn't make it to the gym today. That makes 1,500 days in a row. 

8. I decided to change calling the bathroom the John and renamed it the Jim. I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning. 

9. Dear paranoid people who check behind shower curtains for murderers. If you find one, what's your plan? 

10. Everyone has a right to be stupid. Politicians just abuse the privilege.

Governor Hogan Announces Supplemental Budget Supporting Maryland State Police

Actions Will Provide Funding For 100 New Troopers, Reopen Annapolis Barrack

Today at a swearing-in ceremony for Colonel William M. Pallozzi as superintendent of the Maryland State Police, Governor Hogan announced the administration’s plan to introduce a second supplemental budget, which, in part, will add funding for 100 new Maryland State Police troopers and reopen the barrack in Annapolis.

The announcement reaffirms the Hogan administration’s commitment to making sure that the Maryland State Police remains among the most effective, trusted, and respected police forces in the United States.

The supplemental budget will provide an additional $6.8 million to recruit, train, and equip 100 new troopers. These troopers will be added through two classes, the first of which is scheduled for graduation this year. It will also provide an additional $1.4 million to reopen the Maryland State Police “Barrack J” in Annapolis that was closed by the previous administration in 2008. The governor has instructed Colonel Pallozzi to begin the process of restoring “Barrack J” to an operational state within the next few months.

“I am honored to watch Colonel Pallozzi be sworn in as the next superintendent of the Maryland State Police,” said Governor Hogan. “He’s a man of experience and integrity, and under his leadership, the Maryland State Police will now be able to employ the full range of their law enforcement capabilities and develop a more unified approach with their local and federal counterparts. It is our duty to provide the State Police with the manpower and resources they need to do their jobs and protect the people of Maryland. By reopening the Annapolis barrack and increasing the number of Maryland state troopers, we will have a greater police presence on our roadways and in our local communities.”

Currently, the authorized size of the Maryland State Police is 1,556 men and women in uniform. The actions taken through the supplemental budget will bring the force to 1,656 troopers - a level not seen for more than a dozen years.

“I am humbled by the trust Governor Hogan has placed in me and honored to have the privilege to lead the sworn and civilian employees who make up one of the finest law enforcement departments in the nation,” said Maryland State Police Superintendent Colonel William Pallozzi. “I am grateful for my career as a state trooper and look forward to the opportunity I have to continue to serve with our troopers as we work to protect the people of Maryland. Governor Hogan’s announcement today regarding additional personnel and resources is a clear and welcome indication of this administration’s commitment to public safety and to the Maryland State Police.”

The Maryland State Police is an essential component of public safety and crime control:

In 2014, Maryland state troopers made more than 19,000 criminal arrests and recovered almost 2,000 illegal guns.

The Regional Automated Property Information Database coordinated by the Maryland State Police assisted in the arrests of more than 1,700 criminals and the recovery of $6.7 million worth of stolen property in 2014.

The Maryland State Police Aviation Command completed its transition to the new helicopter fleet ahead of schedule and last year flew 2,200 patients to lifesaving care. It also helped to find 123 lost or missing people in 2014.

The internationally accredited Maryland State Police Forensic Sciences Division Crime Laboratory analyzed 21,139 cases last year, 72 percent of which were for local police departments in the state.

19 Photos Sure to Make You Cry

State Dept's Jen Psaki: Bowe Bergdahl Swap ‘Absolutely’ Worth It

Governor Hogan Announces Supplemental Budget Supporting Maryland State Police

Actions Will Provide Funding For 100 New Troopers, Reopen Annapolis Barrack

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Today at a swearing-in ceremony for Colonel William M. Pallozzi as superintendent of the Maryland State Police, Governor Hogan announced the administration’s plan to introduce a second supplemental budget, which, in part, will add funding for 100 new Maryland State Police troopers and reopen the barrack in Annapolis.

The announcement reaffirms the Hogan administration’s commitment to making sure that the Maryland State Police remains among the most effective, trusted, and respected police forces in the United States.

The supplemental budget will provide an additional $6.8 million to recruit, train, and equip 100 new troopers. These troopers will be added through two classes, the first of which is scheduled for graduation this year. It will also provide an additional $1.4 million to reopen the Maryland State Police “Barrack J” in Annapolis that was closed by the previous administration in 2008. The governor has instructed Colonel Pallozzi to begin the process of restoring “Barrack J” to an operational state within the next few months.


2016 brawl breaks out on Senate floor

Paul lashes Cruz, Rubio for ‘dangerous' and ‘reckless' positions on government spending.

The 2016 Republican nomination contest spilled onto the Senate floor Thursday, turning a marathon budget debate into a battle over which candidate is prepared to lead the country at a time of war.

Four GOP senators are trying to gain the upper hand on the commander-in-chief test — Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham — and their competition was on vivid display as the Senate took up a Rubio plan to pump tens of billions of dollars more into the Pentagon budget. Paul blasted the idea because the new spending wasn’t offset by other cuts. And caught in the middle was Cruz, who’s pitching himself as a fiscal conservative who can appeal to the hawkish and libertarian wings of the GOP but ultimately sided with Rubio and Graham.


Woolly Mammoth DNA Successfully Spliced Into Elephant Cells


A group of researchers are getting closer to bringing the extinct woolly mammoth back to life. Geneticist George Church’s lab at Harvard University successfully copied genes from frozen woolly mammoths and pasted them into the genome of an Asian elephant.

Using a DNA editing tool called CRISPR, the scientists spliced genes for the mammoths’ small ears, subcutaneous fat, and hair length and color into the DNA of elephant skin cells. The tissue cultures represent the first time woolly mammoth genes have been functional since the species went extinct around 4,000 years ago.

The research has not yet been peer-reviewed or published in a scientific journal “because there is more work to do,” Church told the U.K.’s Sunday Times, “but we plan to do so.”


DEA agents had ‘sex parties’ with prostitutes hired by drug cartels

Drug Enforcement Administration agents allegedly had “sex parties” with prostitutes hired by local drug cartels overseas over a period of several years, according to a report released Thursday by the Justice Department’s watchdog.

The report did not specify the country where the parties occurred, but a law enforcement official familiar with the matter identified it as Colombia.

Seven of the 10 DEA agents alleged to have participated in the gatherings — most of which took place at an agent’s “quarters” leased by the U.S. government — admitted to having attended the parties, the report found. The agents, some of whom had top-secret security clearances, received suspensions of two to 10 days.


The Words Hillary’s Supporters Won’t Let You Say

Do you work in the media and have the gall to think that the entire Webster’s dictionary is at your disposal? Think again, you sexist.

When it comes to reporting on Hillary Clinton, George Carlin’s “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” have turned into “Twelve Words You Can Never Say About a Powerful Politician.”

“We will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism,” the pro-Hillary group HRC Super Volunteers warned The New York Times’ Amy Chozick Wednesday.

Here are the words that you can’t use to describe Clinton:


Yup. Nothing polarizing about this.


I usually pair this with the term “cold.” As in, “Cold War.” Or, “cold, loveless marriage.”


Like when chicks say “I’m not looking for anything serious.” Or, you know, “I’m on the pill.”

Or when, you know, Bill pretended he was crying about the death of Ron Brown when actually he was laughing.

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