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Utah Police Body Cam Captures K9 Attack On Suspects Face After He Surrendered! (Warning Graphic)


Salisbury Bar/Restaurant Has Liquor License Suspended Very Soon After Opening

The new bar/restaurant called "Social" has already had their liquor license suspended after someone took a martini glass and broke it, then sliced someone's neck almost killing them. We're told it was a life threatening injury. 

This establishment has a particular licence in which they must serve 51% food and 49% alcohol. After reopening under this new name they now have less tables to serve food to customers and could be setting themselves up for regular inspections by the Liquor Board. 

The Ireton Administration has kept this incident quiet and I'm checking on the Salisbury Police Department calls for service to see just how we missed it when it happened. 

Look, bars have always had issues but when you enter a business that has a reputation in which someone could be killed, that's a problem. Insiders tell us that no one saw anything, typical. In the mean time someone almost got killed and the Administration and Media have kept this very quiet. 

It's a shame that THIS is the kind of reputation the Salisbury Downtown Bars are going to get. Bar owners are going to have to get a handle on this stuff immediately or I can assure you, the entire Downtown Bar atmosphere will come to an immediate end. 

Let me close with this. When I ran for Mayor, I proposed encouraging a weekend Downtown Bar Experience. HOWEVER, my proposal was the CLOSE OFF the Plaza on Friday and Saturday nights and have it secured by Salisbury Police Officers checking ID's and a small cover charge to afford these services. Ireton needs to get a handle on the lack of protection for innocent people encouraged to come Downtown all over his Facebook page. 

Somerset County Hearing on poultry farms

The Somerset County Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a meeting on Thursday May 7 at the County Government Office building at 11916 Somerset Avenue in Princess Anne, Maryland. The meeting starts at 7 pm. The meeting is not open to public comments, unless the commissioners decide to open it. What is at stake is the Right to Farm Law for Somerset County. The Back Bone Corridor group and Kathy Phillips have brought in many special interests groups (from out of state) to challenge the development of poultry farms and the building regulations that govern them. These groups have only one goal and that is to destroy family farms and put us out of business. This is a very real and serious threat to Family Poultry farms not only in Somerset County, but also throughout the Delmarva Peninsula. What we need is a large, very large turn out of Family Poultry Farmers and friends for this hearing. Speaking is not necessary; your mere presence will speak volumes. I am asking everyone who farms to turn out for this hearing. What is at stake is your ability to build poultry houses and in reality your constitutional right to use and enjoy the property that you own and wish to have for future generations of you family. Please try to take time out to join us. Forward this email to any one who may be interested.

Conservatives Make Environmentalists Cause of California Drought

California's Central Valley—one of the nation’s densest agricultural areas— is so parched that many roads and bridges have begun to buckle for lack of water underground to hold the land in place. Farmers have uprooted trees to conserve water for other crops. Private wells that supply drinking water to poor neighborhoods, like those in East Porterville, have run dry, forcing residents to rely on donated bottled water.

To explain this slow-motion catastrophe, conservatives don’t acknowledge the obvious—the historically low snowpack from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which flows into the state's second-largest river, the San Joaquin—to explain Californians' troubles. Rather, they blame a three-inch-long endangered fish called the delta smelt. Or, more to the point, they blame environmentalists’ silly, civilization-destroying causes, such as trying to prevent extinctions and staving off the collapse of ecosystems.

To explain this slow-motion catastrophe, conservatives don’t acknowledge the obvious—the historically low snowpack from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which flows into the state's second-largest river, the San Joaquin—to explain Californians' troubles. Rather, they blame a three-inch-long endangered fish called the delta smelt. Or, more to the point, they blame environmentalists’ silly, civilization-destroying causes, such as trying to prevent extinctions and staving off the collapse of ecosystems.

Fox News, National Review, American Thinker, Town Hall, Breitbart, and Reason have all suggested that environmental policies have exacerbated the perilous lack of water in California, and that liberals are trying to hide it by shifting blame to agriculture. Carly Fiorina, a possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate, charged that the drought is a “man-made human tragedy” brought on by “overzealous environmentalists.” A recent Wall Street Journal editorial argued, “The liberals who run California have long purported that their green policies are a free (organic) lunch, but the bills are coming due.” The WSJ blames drained reservoirs and aquifers on resource misallocation, not necessarily the low snowpack.

Here's how the fiscal conservatives would address this “manmade drought”: Build more water storage and infrastructure, from aqueducts to dams, to drain more runoff from rivers before it flushes into the ocean (these don't come cheap; one proposed project to build two 35-mile tunnels from Sacramento River would cost $25 billion). But first, they would need to roll back environmental regulations that prevent more water from being diverted for human activities, instead of leaving the water to nourish a once-rich ecosystem that’s deeply threatened. They are so dogmatically opposed to environmental regulations of any sort that they've seized on this protected fish and California's terrifying drought in their wider campaign to undermine the legislative successes of the environmental movement. One of the laws under attack: the decades-old Endangered Species Act, which regulators used to label the delta smelt as “threatened” in 1993.


Sheriff Shoots Real Estate Agent as She Shows House, Then Walks Away Because 'He’s the Sheriff'

Victor Hill gives no reason as to why or how he shot the real estate agent and simply leaves.

Gwinnett County, GA —
Clayton County Sheriff, Victor Hill, has not been charged with a crime and was allowed to leave the scene after shooting a woman in the stomach on Sunday.

According to Gwinnett County Police Sgt. Brian Doan, Hill accidentally shot a woman at a model home located at 2567 Britt Trail Drive in Lawrenceville at around 7 p.m. Sunday.

The woman Hill shot is in critical condition at Gwinnett Medical Center. She was the real estate agent who was showing the home. How someone can “accidentally” shoot a woman as she shows a house remains a mystery.

When police arrived on the scene they said Hill refused to cooperate with the investigation and did not give a statement nor answer any questions. Citing the fact that he was the sheriff, Hill simply left the scene.

Let that sink in.


The Best and Worst Places to Grow Up: How Your Area Compares

Children who grow up in some places go on to earn much more than they would if they grew up elsewhere.
Wicomico County is very bad for income mobility for children in poor families. It is better than only about 14 percent of counties.

Location matters – enormously. If you’re poor and live in the Dover area, it’s better to be in Somerset County than in Kent County or Sussex County. Not only that, the younger you are when you move to Somerset, the better you will do on average. Children who move at earlier ages are less likely to become single parents, more likely to go to college and more likely to earn more.

But even Somerset County is below the national average. Every year a poor child spends in Somerset County subtracts about $40 from his or her annual household income at age 26, compared with a childhood spent in the average American county. Over the course of a full childhood, which is up to age 20 for the purposes of this analysis, the difference adds up to about $800, or 3 percent, less in average income as a young adult.

The Serious Steps We're Going to Have to Take to Share the Wealth

As of right now, the owning class once again enjoys concentrated wealth.

The postwar boom was a time of broadly shared prosperity, when working- and middle-class people not only enjoyed steadily increasing incomes but were also able to accumulate lifetime wealth. The measures that made possible this wealth-broadening included expansion of homeownership under a reliable, well-governed system of mortgage finance; the development of a retirement system, with Social Security complemented by private pensions; debt-free higher education; and rising real wages. Each of these instruments interacted with the others.

Today, these mechanisms have all gone into reverse. Meanwhile, the capacity of the already-rich, the parentally endowed, and the well-situated to accumulate financial wealth has only intensified. Wealth inequality gets less attention than income inequality, but it is every bit as important. And the two are related. Wealth helps generate income and the capacity to earn income. Decent income increases the capacity to save and to amass wealth. As public systems for wealth-broadening collapse, private wealth within families provides asset endowments to the young and positions the next generation to become upper-income earners like their parents.

Economist Thomas Piketty called overdue attention to wealth extremes in his celebrated book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century. Assembling more than two centuries of data from several countries, Piketty demonstrated something close to an iron law of capitalism: The return on capital tends to exceed the rate of GDP growth. Thus, as a matter of simple arithmetic, wealth becomes ever more concentrated. But the most interesting and least developed part of Piketty’s book was his discussion of the mid-20th century—an anomalous period when wealth and income became more equal.


Attorney General Loretta Lynch Meets With Family Of Gray And Officials

Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged Tuesday to improve the city's police department after meeting with the family of a man who was fatally injured in police custody.

"We're here to hold your hands and provide support," Lynch said in a meeting with faith and community leaders, including members of Congress.

The new attorney general met privately at the University of Baltimore with Freddie Gray's family, days after the state's attorney charged six police officers involved in Gray's arrest. Gray's injury in police custody and death a week later sparked protests and riots that prompted Maryland's governor to bring in the National Guard.

Lynch was joined by the head of the Civil Rights Division, Vanita Gupta, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services Director Ronald Davis and Community Relations Service Director Grande Lum.


States Struggle to Pay for Police Body Cameras

As the nationwide push intensifies for police to wear body cameras, states and cities have encountered one consistent roadblock to adopting the technology: the cost.

The price of a single camera ranges widely, from less than $100 to more than $1,000, based on the size of the purchase (larger police departments often get a discount) and whether the deal includes data storage services. But managing and storing the video costs many times the price of the cameras themselves. And because the technology is so new, it’s likely that it will have to be replaced fairly quickly, which would require additional expenditures.

In a survey of 40 police departments by the Police Executive Research Forum conducted last fall and released this year, nearly 40 percent of departments without body cameras cited cost as the primary barrier to using them.

President Barack Obama has called for $75 million in new federal spending to help pay for 50,000 police body cameras for local police departments. States are struggling with whether cameras should be worn all the time and whether the video should be a public record, which also can affect costs. As of April 20, 34 states were considering 117 bills related to police body cameras, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). So far, only a handful of states have figured out how to pay for them.

“They (cameras) can be a really great tool if implemented correctly,” said Lindsay Miller, a senior research associate at the police forum, a membership organization of police and government officials, academics and others who work in the field. “It’s not as easy as sticking a camera on an officer and sending them out in the field.”


PUBLIC NOTICE: Time Changed For Today's Budget Session And Additional Date Added

Baltimore Booters

Councilman Forgets to Turn His Mic Off

Say NO to Hillary Clinton in 2016!

Change for Life Baby Bottle Campaign

The Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center is holding its annual Change for Life Baby Bottle Campaign from Mother's Day, Sunday, May 10, until Father's Day, Sunday, June, 21.

If you or your church would like to take part, bottles to be filled with change over the course of the month may be gotten from the Center by calling 410-546-5433. The Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center is located at 1300 South Division St., Suite C, Salisbury, MD.

FIESTA Ladies Night Out!

This Event is Selling Out Fast!
Don't miss our great Ladies' Night dinner events at SoBo's... Held monthly, there is always a different theme!  A four course dinner is paired with featured cocktails and wine.  The cost is only $45 per person, plus tax and tip.  Our May event will help support Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore.  

Thursday, May 19th ~ 6:30pm
Reservations... 410.219.1117

Mother's Day Brunch Buffet

Call today for reservations... 443.260.2337

Of Course Democrats Deserve the Blame for What’s Happening in Baltimore

If a person happens to point out that Baltimore’s criminally inept government has been run exclusively by Democrats since 1967 (with one Republican mayor since 1947) and features not a single city councilor who isn’t a liberal, he may be called a lazy apparatchik. Because not everything, you see, is reducible to mere party politics.

Now, if an economic renaissance sparked by the progressive policies of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake had lifted Baltimore from poverty, I imagine Democrats would be eager to claim credit for the accomplishment. Entire political debates are predicated on the effectiveness of partisan ideas. We blame presidents for recessions they probably have little to do with, yet according to liberal pundits, the party overseeing a city riddled with poverty, failing schools, high crime rates and racial tension bears no responsibility for what’s happening.

The president disagrees. Sort of. After a night of violence and looting in Baltimore, Barack Obama spoke to the press and said that “we, as a country, have to do some soul-searching” — by which he meant “they,” as in conservatives, need to get on board.

Obama said that solutions to mend Baltimore’s suffering are sitting right there in Washington — unpassed because of ideologically inflexible Republicans. “And there’s a bunch of my agenda that would make a difference right now,” Obama claimed before going on: “Now, I’m under no illusion that out of this Congress we’re going to get massive investments in urban communities, and so we’ll try to find areas where we can make a difference, around school reform and around job training and around some investments in infrastructure in these communities and trying to attract new businesses in.”

What piece of legislation have Republicans obstructed that would have helped keep families together in Baltimore — right now? Which proposal would have created jobs to turn the city around? What law has Obama lobbied for that would have made Baltimore’s police department — which has been answering to one party for decades — more compassionate or effective? Is there a criminal-justice reform effort that Obama’s been spearheading all these years that we’ve all forgotten about?

Yes, the war on drugs is a disaster. But Democrats are complicit in that war, too. And Democrats are also in charge of a city school system that has huge failure rates, despite the fact that Baltimore’s school district also has consistently ranked in the top five among the nation’s 100 largest school districts in spending per pupil. Like most big city districts, there is no accountability. It’s Democrats who consistently sink conservative education reform ideas (ones that in many cities are popular among African-American parents) for their union patrons.


Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Liberal Calls For Burning Businesses in Baltimore To Get Them ‘Out of Our Communities’

In a spectacular display of ignorance, a man identified as “Brother Rose” spoke at the Baltimore rally yesterday preaching that people need to kick businesses out of the communities. “Let’s burn something that doesn’t benefit us, but benefits you, but is in our community.” You’re gonna sit there and tell me not one person has ever shopped at the CVS that was destroyed? You’re gonna tell me not one person has received vital medications through that CVS? Oh, but it gets even better below.

During a large rally in front of Baltimore’s City Hall, a young man introduced as “Brother Rose,” in winding and sometimes incoherent speech, praised the burning of a CVS store at the corner of Pennsylvania and North Avenues. “America didn’t care until we started affecting things they profit from… What we saying, ‘Let’s get you out of our communities.’”

He also said, “Without us running (unintelligible) Mondawmin Mall [the site of mass looting on Monday], taking back from the stores that have taken our dollars for how long, and not giving back to the community in any type of way. We made a statement. The world heard us then. They heard that the youth of Baltimore are going to get justice by any means necessary.”

He also advocated shutting down restaurants and businesses that were protecting their investments. “If they protected themselves against you, protect yourselves against them. Don’t spend your money there. Don’t give them no reason to be in your neighborhood. Kick them out.”

It was unclear how his grand plan would allow neighborhood residents to get desperately needed vital goods and services.


A Viewer Writes: Police car in ditch

Police car just flew off of the RT 50 bypass and landed in the ditch behind UPS.

Just watched it happen.

It Looks So Real


Posted by Mavi Kocaeli on Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dear Al Sharpton: You Lying, Race-baiting, Hobbling Bag of Human Feces…

Hey Al! Looks like you’ve finally made your way down to Baltimore. I don’t blame you. Gotta make them dollar, dollar bills! All those unpaid back-taxes really add up.

So I want to make it clear that I don’t begrudge you one bit for trying to make a living. Heck, I don’t even mind your show at MSNBC. The mere blooper-reel has gotten more play in the Crowder household than anything else on Cablenews in the last decade. For that, I have to thank you. Matter of fact, I actually use your reel to defend our president!

See, many people attack President Obama, under the guise of him being useless to anyone without his teleprompter. I say that’s unfair, when there are people like you out there who are of no use with a teleprompter.

With that out of the way, can I make one request? Just one. When choosing your career path and method of income, do you think that maybe, just maybe, you could try to not profiteer off dishonest, divisive racism? I know I’m asking a lot, but if you consider my request, I think you’ll see where I’m coming from. Allow me to explain.


There Is No More Doubt: I Have the Proof That Ties Obama and the Democratic Party to the IRS Scandal

The IRS scandal just won’t go away – kind of like Watergate. The media knew about Watergate for months. It simmered and boiled, then it turned into a bigger-than-life scandal that destroyed Richard Nixon’s presidency.

Could that be how the Barack Obama IRS scandal is playing out?

Up until now, no one has been able to tie the IRS scandal to the Obama White House or the Democratic Party.

That just changed.

We’ve seen in the media that 6,400 of Lois Lerner’s missing emails have been found.

We’ve seen in the media that the IRS is once again trampling on the rights of taxpayers by dramatically cutting customer service, while lavishing IRS employees with bonuses.

We’ve seen in the media that the IRS is back to its old tricks, still trying to hurt conservative fundraising organizations – most recently challenging the tax-exempt status of Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS.

But the revelations I’m about to unveil make all that look like child’s play. An IRS scandal involving nameless faceless Tea Partiers, or billionaire Super PACs, or generic taxpayers is not the stuff that brings down a presidency. 


Baltimore firefighters blast POTUS’s ‘one fire’ lie; which of the 159 ARSONS was he talking about?

President Obama claimed that there was only one fire set during the Baltimore riots. Apparently, he should have learned about it on the news first.

The Baltimore Sun reported that on Monday night alone, those “peaceful protesters” who “did it the right way” set 159 fires. Also 20 police officers injured and 235 arrests were made.

Those fires included 15 buildings and 144 vehicles set ablaze. The Sun reported:

Violence ruled Baltimore Monday night, after the funeral of Freddie Gray, with numerous fires breaking out around the city, several shootings were reported, and city schools and business closed. Gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency, and will set up his department at an office in Baltimore.

So, he was only off by 158 fires. I guess that’s withing the margin of error?


MSP DUI Press Release 4-27-15 thru 5-3-15 (Berlin Barrack)

Grandfather Was Killed By A Man Looking To Kill “Anybody Who Wasn’t Black”

Hate begets hate… a 22 year-old named Jeremiah Bell got up Sunday morning and decided he was going to attack anyone he found who was not black. So, he grabbed his aluminum baseball bat, slung it across his shoulders and went for a stroll. It didn’t take him long to find Armando Barron, a Hispanic 54 year-old grandfather. Bell beat him to death in front of witnesses – specifically a six year-old girl. There was no sign of mental incompetence, yet a judge has put the case on hold while Bell is evaluated. He’s not insane – he’s stuffed with hate and evil. He knew exactly what he was doing.



Hundreds of Maryland Students Participating in National Bike to School Day, Wednesday, May 6;
Drivers Urged to Be Aware of Increased Bicycling Activity Around School

(May 5, 2015) – Bike to School Day events on Wednesday, May 6 raise awareness for the need to create safer routes for bicycling and walking, as well as the health and environmental benefits of biking. The Maryland Department of Transportation’s State Highway Administration (SHA) praises schools who will participate in National Bike to School Day and urges drivers to be alert for bicyclists around schools during arrival and dismissal times. Several Maryland schools will host events, supported by Maryland’s Safe Routes to School program, which provides funding to support walking and bicycling to and from elementary and middle schools.

“Bike to School Day provides the perfect opportunity to explore an alternate form of travel that has both environmental and health benefits,” said SHA Deputy Administrator Douglas Simmons. “The Safe Routes to School program and Bike to School Day events bring together parents, school administrators and teachers, along with other community groups and agencies to improve the safety of children who walk or bicycle to school.”

Green Party Moves On From Gay Marriage to Three-Way Marriage

British progressives must feel that their homosexual marriage victories are sufficiently consolidated. Already they are moving on to the next step:

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has said her party would consider allowing polygamous marriages and civil partnerships in the UK.

Speaking in a Q&A session with PinkNews readers, the Green leader responded to a question from Redfern Jon Barrett, who asked: “As someone living with his two boyfriends in a stable long-term relationship, I would like to know what your stance is on polyamory rights. Is there room for Green support on group civil partnerships or marriages?”

Bennett responded: “We have led the way on many issues related to the liberalisation of legal status in adult consenting relationships, and we are open to further conversation and consultation.”

Translation: “You bet!”

Next the Green Party will support marriage to goats. Why not? As our TV sets have spent the past few years drumming into our heads, no one should be judged by “who they love.”


Md. man gets $130,000 electric bill

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. (WJLA) -- A man has reached out to 7 On Your Side after a dispute with Pepco over an electric bill of $130,000.

“I’m going to have to get an advocate and get some help. I said I’m going to have to call 7 On Your Side and they said 'you do what you have to do.'” Joseph Joy, had that conversation with a Pepco customer service representative. He has spent the last few weeks disputing a bill that didn’t seem quite right.

“I’m just thinking Pepco is doing something wrong in my house,” added Joy.

Joy lives alone in his modest Capitol Heights home, which – according to online statements – uses about 685 kilowatt hours a month at about $85. But in March what was an $85 bill, became $130,000. In that time, Pepco said he used 936,446 kilowatt hours.


Today's Survey Question 5-5-15

Take A Wild Guess how many homes WBOC had to go to in order to find County residents to act as if they are really concerned about Salisbury providing Fire/EMS services?

The way we see it, they could have been providing a multitude of people truly concerned now for WEEKS but that's not been the case because it's fabricated. 

Let me tail off this article the way WBOC should have tailed off theirs. 

County Executive Bob Culver has assured ALL County residents, Fire and EMS services WILL be provided no matter what happens. 

Allowed to Stay: Obama Illegal Alien Rapes 10 Year Old Girl In New Orleans

Liberals love to frame illegal immigration as a moral duty but far too many forget the real-world consequences of allowing millions of illegal aliens entry into a country that requires strict security screening to simply fly into U.S. customs. According to a report from Fire Andrea Mitchell, one such recipient of Emperor Obama’s unilateral and illegal amnesty raped a 10 year old girl.

Is this the “change” Obama promised?

Hermes Rivera an Obama Illegal or ‘dreamer’ as Democrats like to call them admitted to having sex with a 10 year girl in New Orleans back in early April. Hermes Rivera is yet another illegal alien that shouldn’t have been in this country in the first place. Not only did Hermes Rivera get here because of the open borders policy of both the Democrats and Republicans, but he was never deported because of Obama’s executive order amnesty.

A man living in Kenner has been charged with three counts of aggravated rape against a 10-year-old girl after the victim was seen in a video claiming they “made love,” police said.

The mother of the girl found the cell phone video on Thursday, April 16, 2015. It was recorded by her daughter. On it, the victim alleged that she and her mother’s boyfriend had “made love” three times.

After confronting her daughter, police said the 10-year-old victim told her mother it happened in their bedroom.

25-year-old Hermes Rivera admitted to police that he had sex with the victim three times between March and April 3, 2015.


Baltimore PD Press Release 5-5-15 (Gun Arrest)

1600 W North Ave by BPD G697

New Ransomware will lock your PC, demand $700

CINCINNATI, Ohio (Scripps) -- Thousands of people are turning on their PC these days, only to find their screen locked.

And a pop up demands money, a lot of money, to unlock it.

It's no joke, and it is something you need to know about it before it happens to you.

Don Daniels turned to a local computer repair firm, hoping they could rescue his laptop from someone trying to extort hundreds of dollars from him.

"You feel robbed," he said


Dear Baltimore Family and Friends: Y’all Bein’ Played!

Though you have not confronted me or organized an intervention, I know many of you do not understand why I dislike Obama, vote Republican and joined the Tea Party. Y’all think, Obama is black, we’re black – so, what is my problem?

Dad told me that grandmother, 101 years old when she passed, cried when Obama was elected. I get that and totally understand. Still, I could not go brain-dead and hop on the elect-the-first-black-president bandwagon. As a matter of fact, I was stunned by how alone I was in considering who Obama was as a candidate and what he planned to do if elected.

Democrats and the media sold Obama as America’s Great Black Hope. They protected him by hiding Obama’s anti-American friends and writings.

I learned that Obama is another standard “liberal” Democrat con artist, only more extreme; sure to continue the Democrats screwing of black folks.

For those unfamiliar with political terms, in a nutshell, “liberals” are those who believe that man can perfect himself and is capable of controlling everything. Ninety-nine percent of the time, liberals reject God’s laws and question His existence. “Conservatives” tend to be God fearing (reverencing) folks. I’m a conservative Republican.


Horseshoe Casino mum on curfew losses, plans to pay workers' full salaries

When the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore opened in August, it was never supposed to close. Ever.

But like other businesses caught in last week's curfew, the 24-hour gaming venue closed by 9 p.m. from Tuesday through Saturday. Baltimoreans were required to be off the streets from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. to keep unrest surrounding Freddie Gray's death at a minimum.

Along with the rest of Baltimore's hospitality sector, the Horseshoe took a hit from having shorter hours. Noah Hirsch, the casino's vice president of marketing, declined to quantify the amount of business lost as a result of the curfew, but it came as the South Baltimore gaming venue continues to fall short of its revenue projections.


A kind of long read, but WOW!

Fred Reed (born 1945 in Crumpler, West Virginia) is a writer and was formerly a technology columnist for The Washington Times. He has also written for The American Conservative and Additionally, he has spoken at one American Renaissance conference and currently writes for Taki's Magazine.

A former Marine and Vietnam War veteran, Reed is a police writer and an occasional war correspondent. He currently writes weekly columns for the website Fred on Everything. His work is often satirical and opinionated.

Reed notes that his columns are often provocative and calls himself, "an equal-opportunity irritant." His output does not fit into conventional political classification (although he does embody many libertarian philosophies); it includes attacks on feminism (generally the province of the right), George W. Bush (generally the province of the left), Israel (though not of Jews in general) and evolution (generally the province of religious fundamentalists).

Many of Reed's articles speak of a yearning for a simpler time and urge the reader to forgo the pursuit of money and comforts in favor of a cultured life of the mind. Reed currently lives in Mexico.

Berlin Holds Second Annual Touch A Truck Day

Children of all ages get to see, touch and explore their favorite vehicle

Mayor Gee Williams announced today that Berlin is holding its second annual Touch A Truck Day on Saturday, May 30, 2015 from 10 am – 12 pm in Berlin’s Stephen Decatur Park on Tripoli Street.

“This is a great family friendly event featuring Police, Fire, Electric, Water Resources and Public Works vehicles,” said Mayor Gee Williams. “Everyone will have the opportunity to learn all about the equipment they like the most.”

Several Town Departments and the Berlin Fire Company are joining together to hold the free event, which includes a police vehicle, bucket truck, digger derrick, vacuum truck, camera truck and garbage truck, along with a fire rescue squad vehicle and ladder truck.

In addition to getting a chance to touch their preferred vehicle, people attending the event will see employees from the Town and the Fire Company using the equipment.

“We’ll be setting a pole and demonstrating how we locate cables,” stated Electric Utility Director Tim Lawrence. “There will be lots of information about how to be safe around electricity as well.”

Hamburgers, hotdogs, sodas and snow cones will be available for sale throughout the event. The rain date is June 20, 2015.

Dogs Found In Eden Area: UPDATE

I live in Eden and these two have shown up at my house. There's another one, but that one went down the street before I knew they were lost dogs. We live by the highway and we are scared if they go away that they will get ran over. 410-603-7408

Troopers Investigate Threat Made to Millsboro Elementary School

Millsboro, DE – The Delaware State Police are currently investigating a threat that was made to a Millsboro Elementary School earlier this morning.

The initial investigation has determined that the incident began this morning, Tuesday, May 5, 2015, at approximately 9:50 a.m., after an unknown person called the main office of East Millsboro Elementary School, located at 29346 Iron Branch Road, Millsboro, and threatened to harm the children at that school. As a precaution, Indian River School District had all students throughout the district come back into their respective schools and a low-level lockdown was instituted while detectives conducted their investigation. Troopers also responded to schools throughout the Indian River School District as a precautionary measure.

The school resumed normal operations at approximately 12:20 p.m. after it was determined the threat was not credible. Troopers will; however, maintain an increased presence at the schools for the remainder of the day.

The investigation into this incident by the Delaware State Police is continuing.

If anyone has any information in reference to this incident, they are asked to contact Detective J. Hudson at 302-732-1500. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppersat 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

"Take Over" Buffalo Wild Wings for United Way!

Come "TAKE OVER" Buffalo Wild Wings in Salisbury THIS WEDNESDAY to benefit United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore!  Turn in the voucher below (or take a picture with your phone) and Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 20% of your check directly to United Way.  See you there!

Woman tells Fox News she saw police shoot black man in Baltimore

The Pretend Invasion of Texas That's Driving the Web Crazy

From July 15th to September 15th, over a thousand armed American soldiers will maneuver through the Southwest United States as part of a vast operation with a single motto: "Master the Human Domain." Internet conspiracy theorists wait their whole lives for a moment this rich.
"JADE HELM 15" is a real military exercise cooked up by the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC). It's also, if you ask a certain cohort of internet dweller who thinks each day will be the one when Barack Obama personally carries away his guns, the first phase of martial law in America. When I was first forwarded this slideshow—apparently a preliminary briefing on Jade Helm marked marked "For Official Use Only"—the conspiracy theorists were the only ones talking about the exercise. considers this the beginning of the end:
With September of 2015 consistently being warned of as a potential timeframe for the global collapse and World War 3, are these exercises more proof that something huge will happen near that date or just more ongoing drills as posse comitatus no longer applies upon American soil and America turns into a 'no longer' invisible dictatorship?
The site adds that FEMA-operated "death domes" are already being erected across Texas to prepare for civilian abductions during Jade Helm. InfoWars, the New York Times of right-wing paranoia, notes that "Although nations can benefit from joint drills, the exercises also serve to blur the lines of national sovereignty, slowly leading to the formation of a North American Union." is equally suspicious:
For years now, our veterans, Christians, patriots, gun owners, constitutionalists, pro-life advocates, small government supporters, small businesses, real journalists in the press, anti-corruption activists, anti-UN Agenda 21 advocates, anti-global warming supporters, anti-war patriots, anti-criminal immigration supporters, have all been targeted by this administration as enemies of the United States, even within government documents. Are we supposed to trust that they have pure intentions now?

Viral Video: U.S. Soldier Refuses To Give Up

CPT Sarah Cudd from Public Health Command, Fort Knox is only 1 of the 46 candidates who earned the EFMB yesterday at Fort Dix, NJ..27 April 2015. This is her last few seconds of the 12 Mile Foot March. The Foot March is the last event of the Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB), and must be completed within 3 hours. If you want it, you have to go get it. Watch this video. This EFMB candidate wanted it, and she got it. It took heart, guts, determination, falling down and getting up, and a little motivation from the crowd to get across the finish line. Check this out.

Contrary to Goals, ER Visits Rise Under Obamacare

Three-quarters of emergency physicians say they've seen ER patient visits surge since Obamacare took effect — just the opposite of what many Americans expected would happen.

A poll released today by the American College of Emergency Physicians shows that 28% of 2,099 doctors surveyed nationally saw large increases in volume, while 47% saw slight increases. By contrast, fewer than half of doctors reported any increases last year in the early days of the Affordable Care Act.

Such hikes run counter to one of the goals of the health care overhaul, which is to reduce pressure on emergency rooms by getting more people insured through Medicaid or subsidized private coverage and providing better access to primary care.

A major reason that hasn't happened is there simply aren't enough primary care physicians to handle all the newly insured patients, says ACEP President Mike Gerardi, an emergency physician in New Jersey.

"They don't have anywhere to go but the emergency room," he says. "This is what we predicted. We know people come because they have to."


Detained for Open Carry, Portland, Maine

Baltimore’s Mayor Floundered, While Maryland’s Governor Led

Bill Clinton saved his presidency by heading to Oklahoma City after the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building there 20 years ago. Former Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco declined to run for a second term after the botched response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. And last year, in a blatant misunderstanding of his job description, Missouri governor Jay Nixon prematurely pushed for “a vigorous prosecution” in response to last summer’s police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

The stakes for elected officials are never higher than crisis situations where public safety is on the line, and the past couple weeks, Maryland governor Larry Hogan has demonstrated remarkable leadership, street smarts, discipline, and operational and political savvy in coordinating the state’s response to the rioting in Baltimore. His actions in large part prevented Maryland’s largest city from destroying itself. “Governor Hogan [had been] on the job for 90 days, and he was able to help bring it together,” as Fox News contributor Dana Perino put it.

The state’s role in a disaster is indeed to “help bring it together.” It is the linchpin that coordinates the work done by local elected officials, public-safety agencies that are first on the scene, and FEMA and other federal departments and agencies that are dispatched for large-scale responses.


Bill Clinton defends foundation against allegations of wrongdoing

Bill Clinton has defended his family foundation, saying it was 'absolutely not' a mistake to do business with foreign donors from questionable countries like Saudi Arabia.

The Clinton Foundation is currently causing trouble for his wife Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, with critics drawing attention to the millions the non-profit has accepted from foreign governments.

Before entering her name in the ring, Mrs Clinton left the foundation with many questioning whether she was trying to distance herself from the non-profit.

Following a wave of criticism, the foundation will now only be accepting money from six Western governments but Clinton says the move is not an acknowledgement that they had done anything wrong.


Calvert County deputy intentionally run off road, fires shots

WASHINGTON – A Calvert County Sheriff’s deputy fired several shots Monday after his patrol vehicle was intentionally struck twice by another driver.

Around 3:10 p.m., deputies and Maryland State Police were called to Route 261, west of Quail Drive, for a report of a deputy-involved shooting.

According to the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, a patrol vehicle being driven by Deputy First Class Richard Wilson was struck by a pickup truck, left the road and skidded backwards through a fence.

The driver of the pickup truck then drove off the road and intentionally struck Wilson’s vehicle again, and accelerated to push the vehicle down an embankment.


Where has our military gone?

While this may take a several minutes to read and absorb, it's well worth the time!

I don't know who wrote this...but I believe
it to be true, it is so very sad! It has been growing as we
have tried to make war more diplomatic and more a policing
action than the terribly violent survival act it should be
reserved to be.

Warrior leaders of General Patton’s or
General LeMay’s stature are no longer wanted. The
fundamental job of the military, "kill bad people and
break their things," has become seriously hampered
critically now by "rules of engagement"
who’s guiding logic is political, not successful,
combat. If the US military is ever defeated, it will be
because it is running the best Day Care centers in the
world. We used to go to the Officers Club or NCO Club Stag
Bar on Friday evenings to have a drink, smoke, and swap lies
with our comrades.

Having a drink with friends is now
frowned on. Smoking causes cancer and could "harm
you." Bars are seen as ‘sexist.' Our
personnel have quit patronizing their clubs because what
happens in the club is now fodder for a performance report.
In fact, now we don't have separate clubs for the ranks.
Instead we have something called "All Ranks Clubs"
or "Community Clubs." They're open to men and
women of all ranks. But no one is there. I wonder

The latest brilliant thought out of Washington is that the
operators ("pilots?") flying remote pilotless
aircraft in combat areas from their plush desk at duty
stations in Nevada or Arizona should draw the same combat
pay as those real world pilots actually on board a plane in
a hostile environment while being shot at. More politically
correct logic? They say that remote vehicle operators are
subject to the same stress levels as the combat pilot
actually flying in combat.'re bull-shitting

Where are the people like the dynamic leaders of the past, such as
Robin Olds, Doolittle, Patton, Ike, Boyington, Nimitz, etc.?
They are identified and forced out, that’s where they are going.

This administration doesn't want those kinds of leaders
anymore. Division commanders don't run Divisions and
Corps commanders don't run Corps. They are managed by
selected high ranking admins with other esoteric goals in
mind. Can you imagine someone today looking for a LEADER to
execute that Doolittle Raid and suggesting that it be given
to a daredevil boozer -- his only attributes: he had the
respect of his men, an awesome ability to fly, and the
organizational skills to put it all
together. If someone told me there was a chance in
hell of selecting that man today to run that mission today,
I would tell them they were either a liar or dumber than hell.

We have lost the war on rugged individualism and that,
unfortunately, is what fighting forces want to follow; not
because they have to but because they respect leaders of
that ilk. We've all run across that leader that made us
proud to follow him because you wanted to be like him and
make a difference.

We better wake the hell up! We're asking our young men and
women to go to really crappy places; some with unbearable
climates, never have a drink, and adhere to ridiculous regs
that require you to tuck your shirt into your PT uniform on
the way to the porta-potty at night, in a blinding dust
storm, because it's a uniform.

FDNY accused of 'lowering their standards' after decision to allow woman to join despite failing crucial fitness tes

A probationary firefighter is set to graduate from the New York Fire Academy without having passed a controversial physical fitness test, leading to complaints in the department.

The New York Post reports that Rebecca Wax, 33, will become the first firefighter in several years to enter the New York Fire Department having failed the Functional Skills Training test.

'They’re going to allow the first person to graduate without passing because this administration has lowered the standard,' an unnamed source told the paper.

'We’re being asked to go into a fire with someone who isn't 100 percent qualified. Our job is a team effort. If there’s a weak link in the chain, either civilians or our members can die.'

The FST is an obstacle course consisting of drills that include moving a large tire several feet and placing a heavy ladder on a wall while in 50 pounds of gear and an oxygen tank.

The test was dropped as a requirement for graduation late last year by Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro.

According to Sarinya Srisakul, president of United Women Firefighters, the test had been used for years as a training exercise, and became a requirement only in 2008.

The Forest Hills Ledger reports that Srisakul, herself a firefighter in Jackson Heights, Queens, also noted the department constantly amended the required pass times.


Boehner: 'Giving People Medicaid Is Like Giving Them Nothing'

(CNSNews) - Under Obamacare, more people may be insured, but that isn't helping them much, House Speaker John Boehner told NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday.

"You know why there are more people insured?" Boehner asked host Chuck Todd. "Because a lot more people are on Medicaid.

"And giving -- you know, we expanded Medicaid in a big way. And giving people Medicaid insurance is almost like giving them nothing. Because there aren't -- you can't find a doctor that will see Medicaid patients. And so where do they end up? The same place they used to end up, in the emergency room."

Currently, 30 states, including the District of Columbia, have expanded Medicaid; 17 states have refused to do so; and four states are considering an expansion of their Medicaid rolls.

More here

Sessions: TPP Opens Immigration Floodgates, OK's Future Obama Changes

President Obama's bid for fast track trade authority along with a huge Asian trade deal fell into further trouble Sunday night when a key Republican senator charged that the deals open the door to more immigration and let the administration make future changes without congressional approval.

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions delivered the bruising blow when he raised five questions about the Trade Promotion Authority speeding through Congress and the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal that TPA would help push.

"The president has circumvented Congress on immigration with serial regularity. But the TPA would yield new power to the executive to alter admissions while subtracting congressional checks against those actions," said a "critical alert" dispatched by the senator's office. It was provided in advance to Secrets.

Despite promises by the administration and two House committee chairmen pushing TPA and TPP that immigration would not be changed, Sessions and several outside groups said Obama could change immigration policies between trading partners at will without any congressional oversight.

"The plain language of TPA provides avenues for the administration and its trading partners to facilitate the expanded movement of foreign workers into the U.S. -- including visitor visas that are used as worker visas," said the Sessions alert.

The bases of that charge is a phrase in TPP calling it a "living agreement." Sessions and others contacted by Secrets said that means that they can be changed after Congress approves them, and also that countries can be added in the future, including China.


Baltimore harbor water is still disgusting, probably won't be ready for swimming or fishing by 2020

The chances that you will be able to swim and fish in Baltimore's harbor by 2020 are looking slimmer than ever as high levels of fecal bacteria, excessive nutrients and algae blooms continue to plague the harbor waters.

The Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore Inc. and Blue Water Baltimore gave the harbor an overall F in their 2014 Healthy Harbor Report Card. The report ranked the water quality in the Baltimore harbor, the tidal Patapsco River and the watersheds that feed the Patapsco. The Gwynns Falls watershed was the only area that scored above an F with a D-minus.

“It’s incredible that we finally had a water body that scored higher than an F,” said Adam Lindquist, who manages the Waterfront Partnership's Healthy Harbor initiative.


Fire At Ruth's Chris Steakhouse In Berlin

The Worcester County Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating a commercial structure fire located at 11501 Maid at Arms Lane, Berlin, Maryland in Worcester County. 

At approximately 3 pm on May 4, 2015 the Berlin Volunteer Fire Company was alerted for a reported outside fire at the above mentioned address which is the location of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Upon their arrival, they observed smoke extending from the front door of a two story commercial building. Upon further investigation, fire had extended into an exterior wall. The fire was quickly extinguished and contained to the vehicle of origin. No injuries were reported. The Berlin Volunteer Fire Company was assisted by the Ocean Pines, Ocean City, and Showell Volunteer Fire Companies when the incident was upgraded to a commercial structure fire. 

The fire originated in a mulched area on the exterior of the building and extended into an adjacent exterior wall. The Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse was closed for the remainder of the day and hopes to reopen on May 5, 2015. The cause of the fire is listed as accidental. Anyone with additional questions is asked to contact Chief Deputy Matthew Owens at 410-632-5666 or by email at


A picture online showed a white Baltimore business owner with friends standing guard in front of his establishment, protecting his livelihood from looters. The men were armed with ax handles and a big dog. The image gave me a queasy feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I sympathize with the business owner.

Baltimore’s wacko liberal mayor ordered police, “let them loot, it’s only property.”

Therefore, the business owner has every right and even a responsibility as a “man” to protect his property. Yes, despite our wimpified country, I believe testosterone managed responsibly is a good thing.

My concern is how the Left’s attitude that white lives don’t matter is affecting national race relations.

Blacks, whites and national race relations are merely pawns in the Left’s chess game to nationalize (government control) America’s supposed evil racist police departments.


Cardin, Mikulski, Sarbanes Host Roundtable on Community Unity at Greater Baltimore Urban League

BALTIMORE – U.S. Senators Ben Cardin and Barbara A. Mikulski and Congressman John Sarbanes (All D-Md.) today led a group of clergy, business and community leaders in a roundtable discussion on Senator Cardin’s End Racial Profiling Act of 2015, federal legislation that would prohibit discriminatory racial profiling nationwide by all levels of law enforcement, and other ways to better address the needs of Baltimore’s urban communities. The elected officials and faith, community and business leaders shared their ideas on addressing the myriad challenges faced by Baltimore’s urban communities, including unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, and lack of access to health care, child care and educational opportunities. Participants shared their perspectives on ways to rebuild trust between Baltimore communities and law enforcement, spur community investment, reinvigorate Baltimore businesses and better educate and support the city’s youth.

“Senator Cardin convened today’s forum to make sure we’re in touch with faith-based groups who are very close to the ground,” said Senator Mikulski. “I’m so proud of them. Every day they’re leading the way – saving souls and saving lives. We are listening to them and getting their advice on tackling short-range problems like summer camps and summer jobs, and long-range problems like education, housing and health care. I join my colleagues in fighting for justice and jobs. And I support Sen. Cardin’s bill to end racial profiling, which is discrimination plain and simple. Families in their own communities should not have to fear they will be singled out because of their race, ethnicity, religion or national origin. When we say ‘justice for all,’ we must mean it.”


A Viewer Writes: Look at today's WBOC Website. 4 MD stories are from Apr 29 & 30

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