Monday, April 20, 2015

A Letter To The Editor: Rescuing White Doves

Hi Joe,

My name is Kelley Van Ess, I own White Wings of Eden MD. For the past month or so I have gotten so many calls of beautiful white doves that need rescuing. Someone in the area is releasing doves that are not the proper type of bird to be released in the wild, they do not have the homing ability that my birds have bred in them.

If anyone knows who is releasing these doves Please tell them to Stop. They will not survive in the wild.

Thank you.

SPD Calls For Service April 17th, 18th and 19th 2015

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Manager Steps Forward! Explains 'Strategy'

Country Music Star Garth Brooks Had One of the Best Moments of the ACMs — and It Involved Veterans

Country singer Garth Brooks, who was honored with a milestone award at the 2015 Academy of Country Music Awards Sunday, sang a song that honored U.S. military members for their service.

Introduced by Taya Kyle, the wife of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, Brooks sang “All-American Kid” while some service members filed through the audience to stand in the aisle and on the stage of the 50th anniversary of the awards.


To Protect & Serve?

For The Record: MDE Permits, Licenses, Certifications Applications and Issuances

The following are partial lists by county of permit, license, and certification applications and issuances as well as other permitting activity at the Maryland Department of the Environment. For more information on these permits, please contact Amanda Degen at (410) 537-4120.
Applications Received 03/16/2015 – 04/15/2015

  • PERDUE AGRIBUSINESS LLC – 6906 Zion Church Rd, Salisbury, MD 21804. Application received for Installation of one (1) boiler rated at 32.659 million Btu per hour, fired by natural gas with No. 2 or No. 6 fuel oil as back up and one (1) baghouse to control particulate matter emissions from conveyances feeding grain to the existing soybean processing plant.
  • ROYAL FARMS STORE – 101 Salisbury Blvd, North, Salisbury, MD 21801. Application received for GP for (1) Motor Vehicle Refueling Facility
  • ROYAL FARMS STORE #167 – Route 50 & Walston Switch Rd, Parsonsburg, MD 21849. Application received for GP for (1) Motor Vehicle Refueling Facility
  • STONETECH, LLC – 7190 Brick Kiln Rd, Salisbury, MD 21801. Application received for 2015 045-0152 Renewal SPTO for (1) 400 TPH Crusher


  • ROUTE 50 DINER INC – 12806 Ocean Gtwy, Ocean City, MD 21842. Application received for GP for (1) Charbroiler/Pit Barbecue Installation

April 2015 WCRC Meeting

Monday, April 27th 6:30PM Social Half-Hour 7:00PM Meeting

Fellow Republicans,

Join us at the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce at 144 E. Main St in Salisbury, MD for this month's meeting.

Featured: Maryland General Assembly 2015 Legislative Session Wrap-Up Forum featuring 37-B Delegate Carl Anderton Jr., 37-B Delegates Christopher Adams and Johnny Mautz, 37-C Delegate Mary Beth Carozza and possibly Senator Addie Eckhardt.

Other items on the agenda:
WCRC Scholarship Presentation
Sarah Lake Rayne with a 1st Saturday Presentation

Also, feel free to join us for Hapy Hour starts at 5:00PM at Cellar Door Tavern which is located at 111 Camden St on the Downtown Plaza - you may enter at the Gateway Building from the Library parking lot.

We look forward to seeing everyone!


Shawn Jester, President
Muir Boda 1st Vice-President

Publishers Notes: WHAT: Mrs. Liberal Phone Spoof Queen. Why don't they just rename this group the Wicomico County RINO Club, WCRC. 

Salisbury Fire Chief Rick Hoppes to Discuss Lack of Fire Service Agreement at Monthly Mayor’s Roundtable

Salisbury - Mayor James Ireton, Jr. is pleased to announce that Chief Rick Hoppes will give a presentation on Fire Service in the City and County at the monthly Mayor’s Roundtable discussion, to be held tomorrow, April 21st, at 6:00 p.m. in room 306 of the Government Office Building, Downtown.

Promptly at 6:00, Fire Chief Hoppes will discuss the current lack of a ratified, functioning Fire Service Agreement between the City and Wicomico County, and potential solutions already put forth by the City.

In addition to an update on the Fire Service Agreement, attendees will hear a brief presentation on renewable energy initiatives from SolarCity.

Citizens and members of the press are encouraged to attend. For more information, contact the Mayor’s office.

CNN report shows the truth behind races killed by police

BREAKING NEWS: US warship heading to Yemen

The USS Theodore Roosevelt is heading to the Arabia Sea off the coast of Yemen to join other American warships prepared to intercept any Iranian vessels carrying weapons to rebels, Navy officials say.

A Letter To The Editor: Fire Service Agreement Solution

Fire Service Agreement Solution

Recently this has come to the forefront as a major issue. The ultimate solution should be that each property receives the best, most responsive fire protection and that everyone, municipal residents and county residents, should equally pay for the cost based on a fair evaluation of the cost of service. This is my position as Salisbury Taxpayer and Wicomico County Taxpayer.

The best and most equitable solution would be for a “Fire Tax District” to be created. Simply put we would take those properties within the boundaries of a Municipal Fire Service and use a formula based on square footage, number of floors, rooms, occupancy capacity and one or two other standard value estimating items to determine Fire Protection Cost to each property.

The other part we need to discuss is that each property, under the Fire Services Agreement, should be assigned to the geographically closest Fire Department.

This formula would likely have to see approval through the Maryland State General Assembly and adjustments made through the State Tax Assessment Office where the Fire Protection Cost would need to be added to the Tax Bill of those properties as specific line item. Each Municipality should create an Enterprise Fund for their Fire Departments where all funds are earmarked for the Fire Departments. This would not affect the Revenue Cap and the offset for Municipal residents can be made on their County or Municipal Tax.

This creates a balanced and fair approach to the situation. Those who receive Fire Protection from a municipality have a line item on their tax bill. Municipal Residents will no longer have to subsidize the cost of Fire Protection for County Residents. Furthermore, as a citizen I believe this is not a partisan issue and my expectation is that elected officials must professionally and responsibly negotiate a fair and equitable solution.

Muir Boda
Salisbury, MD Resident


CAROLINE COUNTY, MD (April 20, 2015) – Gary Greenwood (62) plead guilty in Caroline County Circuit Court to charges of 1st Degree Malicious Burning and False Misleading Information. Sentencing is as follows: Five years imprisonment with all but eighteen months suspended on the 1st Degree Malicious Burning charge, ten years with all ten years suspended on the charge of False Misleading Information, five years supervised probation, he was ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution to the insurance company and $178.50 in court costs. His wife Holly Greenwood (56) charges were placed on the Stet docket.

A three and a half year intensive investigation by the Office of the State Fire Marshal and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms culminated into Arson 2nd Degree, Malicious Burning 1st Degree, Malicious Burning Fraud, Theft Scheme and (2) counts of False/Misleading Information charges against Gary Greenwood and (2) counts of False/Misleading Information charges against Holly Greenwood.

On July 1, 2011, Deputy State Fire Marshals and Special Agents with the ATF investigated a four alarm blaze at the Stop & Go Mini-Mart and gas station located at 521 & 523 South Main Street in Federalsburg. The blaze was called in at approximately 3:50 a.m. by a passerby. The fire heavily damaged two connected masonry structures. The 50’ x 70’ structure housed the Stop & Go Mini-Mart and the 45’ x 50’ structure was vacant and advertised for lease. Gas pumps and fuel tanks were not compromised during the fire. An estimated 75 firefighters from 8 fire companies took approximately one hour and 30 minutes to control the 4 alarm blaze. One firefighter from Federalsburg VFC received a small laceration near his eye and was transported and released from Nanticoke Hospital in Seaford, DE. Damages estimates for both structures and contents are $400,000.

A 120-pound woman ate three 72-ounce steaks, plus sides, in 20 minutes

The Big Texan restaurant in Amarillo, Tex., has something called the “72oz Steak Rules“: If a customer can consume a steak that size in an hour, plus sides consisting of a shrimp cocktail, baked potato, salad and a roll with butter, without getting up from the table or receiving any help, he or she gets the $72 charge refunded.

Turns out, quite a few folks have brought a Texas-sized appetite into the place and accomplished that feat, including some competitive eaters. Joey Chestnut, the reigning king of competitive eating, had held the crown for fastest time, but a relatively slight woman named Molly Schuyler demolished it last year, polishing off the entire meal in under five minutes.

Then she immediately started on another 72-ouncer, but Schuyler, a 34-year-old mother of four, took her time with this one, completing the meal in just under 10 minutes. “If there’s a zombie apocalypse, I want to stay away from this girl,” restaurant owner Danny Lee told the Amarillo Globe-News.


JUST IN: Baltimore police suspend 6 officers after the death of a man in police custody

BALTIMORE —Baltimore police have suspended six officers after the death of a man in Baltimore police custody.

Freddie Gray, 25, was critically injured after his arrest April 12. He died early Sunday morning at Shock Trauma. According to the family's lawyer, Gray suffered a severe spinal cord injury.

This has become a national story, another case in which an encounter with police has led to a death, raising questions about police conduct.


Marco Rubio Already Has $40 Million Behind Him

Less than a week after announcing his 2016 campaign for president, Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida doesn't need to worry about money.

It's as good as in the bank.

"Marco Rubio will have the resources necessary to run a first-class campaign, that's already been determined," said billionaire Florida auto dealer Norman Braman, a former Jeb Bush supporter who is now one of Rubio's highest-silhouette donors.

Annandale Capital founder George Seay, who is hosting a Rubio fundraiser with the moneyed Dallas elite at his 7,000-square-foot, seven-bath home on Tuesday, said: "Marco has had zero trouble raising money."

At least seven other Rubio mega donors say their candidate has already received monetary commitments in excess of the $40 million he will likely need to battle through a presidential primary season that will feature a crowd of seasoned Republican candidates with strong financial backing.

Rubio's whirlwind money-raising comes after a network of Senator Ted Cruz super PACs raked in $31 million following Cruz's announcement in March that he was seeking the Republican presidential nomination.

More here

Julia Glanz Hired As New Assistant City Administrator

2015 — Assistant City Administrator

Mayor Jim Ireton continues to hire his friends to work directly in the Mayors Office with very little to no experience. Julia is yet another person Jim has hired from his campaign staff. I know for a fact that after all the interviews were complete, Julia was NOT the front runner for this position, yet she was Ireton's choice in the end.

The Assistant Administrator position is not something to take lightly. Considering IF Jim Ireton and Tom Stevenson were away  from the City, the Assistant is in charge. Keep in mind as well, Department Heads also answer to this person.

Julia, (within Twitter posts) is what some would now call a normalphobe. She's anti republican and supports all liberal women for government positions. I'll just leave it at that.

MSP DUI Press Release 4-20-15 (Berlin Barrack)

A Way Out for Christian Wedding Businesses?

Radical activists in the gay community have put pedal to the metal to force gay acceptance from Christians — making not only their position but also their tactics anti-Christian.

They are deliberately targeting the Christian wedding industry — the cakemakers, the caterers, the quaint bed-and-breakfast owners, and the like. They are headhunting Christians who refuse their business on moral grounds by slapping them with lawsuits or "human rights" complaints.

Fascists would appreciate these tactics.

A textbook case of left-wing entrapment came with Robert and Cynthia Gifford, owners of an inn near Albany, New York. A lesbian activist called to request a gay marriage at the inn, and she recorded the phone call. When Gifford said no, the activist filed a complaint with the blue state's "Human Rights" bureaucrats. The Giffords were fined $13,000 — including $3,000 to the lesbian activist couple for their "mental anguish."

There are other examples around the country. In the days to come there will be many more. This is orchestrated, and vicious.

What are Christians to do?

Enter Father John Zuhlsdorf, a priest and blogger in Madison, Wisconsin. He has arrived at a solution for all these lawsuits that could turn the issue completely on its head. He counsels a big Yes for any gay-wedding requests, with a few promises written into the contract (with Catholic touches in this example).

Tell them that the food and services will be just fine. "And then inform them that all of the money that they pay for the services will be donated to a traditional pro-family lobby. If it is something like catering, where your employees have to be there to provide services, tell them that all your people will smile, be professional, and every one of them will be wearing crucifixes and have the Holy Family embroidered on their uniforms. Then show them pictures of your uniforms. When the truck pulls up, speakers will be playing 'Immaculate Mary.' Show them the truck and play the music."

If they're appalled, then say, "Oh, you would be offended by that? I'm so sorry. You approached us because we are Christians. Right? We are happy to provide services for you and we are grateful that you chose to come to our Christian catering business. We just want to be of help.

More here


Wicomico County Sheriff's Office


To help combat young driver crashes, the Maryland State Highway Administration Safety Office in partnership with the Wicomico Highway Safety Task Force is hosting a “Mock Crash” at Wicomico Senior High School on Friday, April 23, 2015 at 8:00 a.m. This event will show the effects of drinking and driving and of not wearing a seat belt.

In a “Mock Crash” two cars are placed as if they have crashed and local agencies such as the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, Salisbury Police Department, Salisbury Fire Department and Maryland State Police Aviation respond as if the crash is real. Students will get to see what really happens at a crash scene. They will even see a crash victim taken away in a hearse.

Immediately following the crash, there will be an assembly in the auditorium where speakers, Sheriff Mike Lewis, Assistant Chief Jimmy Gladwell of the Salisbury Fire Department and Suzanne Elzey will speak about how crashes have impacted their lives.

There are many proms coming up soon. The hope is that this demonstration will have an impact on the students who watch it and the ones who hear about it from their friends.
(picture of the 2013 Mock Crash)

Releasing Authority: Captain Babe Wilson

Charges in another fatal police shooting case

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The video from the camera attached to the officer's stun gun shows how David Kassick died, authorities say: two bullets, four seconds apart, fired into his back as he lay face down.

Two months before a police officer was captured on video shooting a South Carolina motorist eight times in the back, Kassick was killed by a Pennsylvania officer who is now charged with criminal homicide.

"I think it would be impossible not to see some similarities between the two, inasmuch as the manner in which both individuals are shot," said Christopher Slusser, a lawyer working for Kassick's family who has viewed the video.


Food Supply Threatened as Sun Drives Temps Downward

The researcher behind a controversial book and documentary warning of a great global cool-down, and not the man-made warming that most scientists predict, says the proof that he's right is coming soon in the form of devastating crop failures caused by a cyclical solar chill that is already underway.

"It's going to take the first major crop damage before people wake up and see that climate has changed," said John L. Casey, on Newsmax TV's "Midpoint".

Casey, author of "Dark Winter: How the Sun is Causing a 30-Year-Cold Spell," which has now been turned into a documentary, said he has come in for heavy criticism from the scientific community because his theory contradicts

"And that was fully expected," said Casey, president of the Space and Science Research Corporation and a former White House national space policy adviser. "Every time someone confronts the dogma of the day, they get ignored, they get ridiculed, they get attacked."

He said that "eventually, hopefully, everyone comes around and says, 'Aha, I see the light,' " predicting that agricultural distress induced by cold will be the turnaround point in this debate.

Civilization has to prepare for the scarcity that will follow, he said.

"That adaptation is going to be, what do we do with less food?" he said. "Because clearly the new cold air is going to start damaging crops a little — perhaps a lot — and then during the worst of it, in the late 2020s and 2030s, we're going to have very substantial global crop damage.

"These events are really going to change us," he said, "not to mention the major earthquakes and volcanos that for some reason always follow these major cold eras."


Maryland Moves Forward on Clean Air Regulations to Reduce Pollution From State’s Coal-Fired Power Plants and Protect Public Health

Department of the Environment submits emergency action that implements new requirements to ensure public health protection; action could become effective as early as May 2

Baltimore, MD – The Maryland Department of the Environment today proposed regulations to reduce air pollution from the state’s coal-fired power plants and ensure the immediate public health benefits of protecting Marylanders from breathing unhealthy levels of ozone air pollution.

The proposed regulations would implement for this summer’s ozone season the immediate public health protections contained in a previous proposal. The Department of the Environment will also initiate a process to determine the best approach to ensure longer-term air pollution reductions to protect public health while promoting a healthy and sustainable economy. The public health protections associated with these long-term emissions reductions will be equal to or greater than those in the previously proposed regulations.

“Clean air is crucial to the health of Maryland’s citizens,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “We can cut smog and protect jobs at the same time, and that’s great news for the state and the hardworking people who live here.”

First Poll Shows Rubio Now Beating Bush in Florida

AUSTIN, Texas — Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is surely smiling this morning after the first poll in Florida since he announced he is running for president showed that he had received a substantial bump in his numbers. Rubio’s surge was so substantial, in fact, that he is now one point ahead of former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL), as opposed to a 12-point deficit from a poll at the beginning of the month.

The poll in question was conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research from Tuesday to Thursday, after Rubio’s announcement Monday evening in Miami. Among 400 registered Republican Florida voters, Rubio won 31 percent of the votes, just past Bush’s 30 percent, as reported by Politico’s Marc Caputo.

Seventeen percent were undecided.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who got into the race officially last month, received 8 percent, and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who announced a week before Rubio, received 7 percent. Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) earned 2 percent, and the remainder of responses went to “other.” (Mason-Dixon did not poll the other potential candidates by name.) The poll’s margin of error was five percent.


Bundick enters Alford plea deal on remaining 61 counts

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The woman accused of setting more than 60 fires on the Eastern Shore made a move in court some might find surprising.

Tonya Bundick was expected in court Monday morning for a jury trial on just count 53 – just one arson – but instead, no jury was needed. Bundick entered an Alford plea on all remaining 61 counts. That means she is not saying she is guilty but is pleading guilty because she knows that the commonwealth has enough evidence to find her guilty. Of the 61 counts, 52 were felonies and nine were misdemeanors.

Bundick will serve seven years for this plea but when you add that to the seven and three and a half year terms she was already sentenced to for previous charges — that is a total of 17 and a half years behind bars.

Off-Duty Officer's Car Stolen With Child Inside

An off-duty police officer with Maryland Capitol Police became the victim of an automobile theft Saturday while his special-needs child was inside the car

Authorities said the car was taken from the 1500 block of Homestead Street just before 3 p.m.

Investigators said the officer was unloading items from his personal vehicle when the thief fled with the vehicle and the child.

Officials said the officer fired a shot in the direction of the vehicle while it was being taken.


Rogue Conservative Group Promising ‘Shot Heard Round the World’

They’ve stood by and waited while establishment Republicans staged a noisy First in the Nation Leadership Summit in New Hampshire which drew 19 presidential hopefuls and a crush of media this weekend. Now they are ready to rumble: a feisty group of Granite State conservatives will move in. Literally. On Sunday, the 603 Alliance - activists loyal to founding principles and the Constitution - will stage a daylong summit in the very same hotel. They intend to winnow out the authentic conservative candidates - with much ado.

“On April 19, in the city of Nashua, New Hampshire, the live-free-or-die state, there is going to be a loud bang very much like the shot heard around the world made on April 19, 1775 in Massachusetts,” the group sternly predicts.

Past elections, they say, have taught them that “splitting their votes among numerous conservative candidates enables the moderate establishment to cruise to victory, and that only a consolidating effort on their parts will result in a victory for a conservative candidate.’

Read more

Obama Mum on Drowned Christian Migrants

The prime minister of Italy, with President Obama at his side, downplayed reports Friday that Christian migrants were targeted for death by Muslims who threw them overboard and drowned them in the Mediterranean Sea during a recent crossing from Libya.

At a joint White House press conference, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said in response to a reporter’s question that there is “not [a] problem of clash of religions in Italy.” Mr. Renzi portrayed the problem as a lack of stability in Libya that is prompting illegal immigration to Italy.

“The problem is not a problem of clash of religions,” Mr. Renzi said through an interpreter. “It’s a problem of human dignity. We are absolutely committed to solve this problem, and I am confident if this become a priority …”

The U.S. reporter who asked the question directed it at Mr. Renzi. Mr. Obama, who sometimes offers answers to questions posed to his foreign counterparts at joint press conferences, remained silent on the subject.

Police in Sicily reported Thursday that Muslim migrants had thrown 12 Christians overboard during a recent crossing from Libya.


Why Satire, Not Scandal Could Derail Hillary's campaign

Republicans are the usual targets for caricature on popular US comedy show Saturday Night Live (remember Tina Fey as Sarah Palin?). But comedienne Kate McKinnon's impersonation of Hillary Clinton last week gave Fey a run for her money.

On the eve of Clinton's announcement, one biting SNL skit imagined what Mrs Clinton's announcement video might sound like. "Citizens, you will elect me," McKinnon barked. "I will be your leader!" The satirical message was simple: Hillary Clinton believes she is entitled to the presidency.

In 2008, it was widely perceived that Mrs Clinton's sense of entitlement cost her the White House. So this time round, she is making a concerted effort to appear "normal". After announcing her candidacy, Mrs Clinton and her entourage took a 1,000 mile road-trip in a van she dubbed the "Scooby Doo van" (presumably named after the "Mystery Machine" driven in the classic children's cartoon). En route, she made a pit stop for a chicken burrito bowl at a Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant.

But her efforts backfired. Mrs Clinton didn't shake hands with any of the employees – or leave a tip. Believe it or not, this story received around four days of press coverage in America.

On arriving in Iowa, at least one of Mrs Clinton's meetings appeared to have been "staged", with Democratic supporters posing as average Iowans. And film footage of her leaving one such event showed the "Scooby" van "idling" in a handicapped-parking zone. This led one conservative website to crow: "Elderly Presidential Candidate Uses Handicap Parking Spot on Campaign Trail."


Reports From Israel Reveal Startling Rerun of History

They call it the “Kaduri Revival” and reports over recent months have confirmed the teachings of one of Israel’s most venerated rabbi are leading Jews time and again to accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

And face persecution.

Baptist preacher and radio host Carl Gallups says the situation facing Messianic Jews right now in Israel is “reminiscent of what we read about in the New Testament – in the early days of the church.”

There, he said, Jews accepting a Christian faith were persecuted.

And today, they “are facing the same hardships and persecution the early church faced,” he said.

But Gallups believes one of the least-reported aspects of this discussion is the rise of Messianic Judaism in Israel.

Gallups' book, “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah: The Story of Yitzhak Kaduri and His Prophecies of the Endtime” is about Israel’s most venerated spiritual leader, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, who died in 2006 at the age of 108, leaving behind a message for his followers declaring that the name of the Messiah was Yehoshua – the formal name for Yeshua, or Jesus, in Greek.

Gallups says this shocking revelation was covered up by the media – and if he didn’t tell the story, no one else would.

“I wrote the book because I knew this story had to be told,” Gallups said. “It appeared that the mainstream media in the U.S., as well as in Israel, was not going to report upon the well-known fact that the most venerated rabbi in Israel’s modern history had left a note behind saying that Jesus was the real Messiah.

Besides leaving the note, he had also left a double handful of his Yeshiva students who are now professing Jesus as Messiah and Lord and revealing that Kaduri showed them these things in his private teachings.”

More here

Texas companies seek approval to probe for oil off Maryland coast

Three Houston, Texas companies have applied for federal approval to conduct seismic surveying offshore Maryland, said Catherine McCall, coastal and marine director with the state Department of Natural Resources.

A Texas company plans to notify local sailing clubs in coming months if its permit is approved to search for oil miles off Maryland's coast, said Richie Miller, executive vice president of Spectrum Geo Inc.

Spectrum would identify for sailors buoys that mark underwater tow cables equipped to emit sound waves in search of oil, a process called seismic surveying.

"We would have fliers with all these sailing clubs: This is what a tail buoy looks like. It's not an ocean buoy they can tie up on," Miller said.


Poland Summons U.S. Ambassador Over FBI Head's Holocaust Remarks

WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland has summoned the United States' ambassador in Warsaw over an article written by a top U.S. intelligence official on Poland's alleged responsibility for the Holocaust during World War Two, a foreign ministry spokesman said on Sunday.

The article by FBI director James Comey, published in the Washington Post earlier this week, prompted an outcry in Poland and drew condemnation in the media and from politicians.

A foreign ministry spokesman said on his Twitter account that the U.S. ambassador would be summoned to the ministry over the article, and that Poland would demand an apology.

Comey said in the article: "In their minds, the murderers and accomplices of Germany, and Poland, and Hungary, and so many, many other places didn’t do something evil. They convinced themselves it was the right thing to do, the thing they had to do."

Poland says the passage wrongly implied it was complicit in the Nazi genocide of European Jews.


Walker Shines in New Hampshire

He’d been speaking for a little more than ten minutes, telling stories about his battles in Wisconsin to a crowd of Republicans nodding their heads in enthusiastic agreement. Then, in the middle of an extended passage on the United States’ role in the world, Walker invoked “what makes us arguably the greatest nation in history.”

Arguably? At a Republican gathering in the Obama era?

He didn’t pause and no one seemed to notice. After more than two-dozen speeches here over a long weekend that served as the unofficial start of the New Hampshire primary process, the audience probably assumed that Walker had given the nod to American greatness without any qualifier, as had virtually every other speaker.

It was the only hiccup in a very strong speech. Walker guided the crowd through a brief history of his tenure as Wisconsin governor, punctuating the story with suggestions about what his reforms in back home might mean if he were to attempt something similar as president. “Washington is 68 square miles surrounded by reality,” he said, adapting a popular conservative appraisal of Madison.


Democrat Club friends and campaign workers that Jim Ireton has hired

Sarah Meyers
Curator of Poplar Hill Mansion
" before working briefly in politics as a Constituent Liaison for State Senator Jim Mathias. She joined the staff at Poplar Hill Mansion in July of 2013." Also helped get Jim Ireton and Laura Mitchell elected.

Ben Rayne (Husband of Sarah Rayne)
NSCC Code enforcement officer
Helped get Jim Ireton and Laura Mitchell elected.

Chris Demone
Mayor's PIO
Democrat Friend that also helped Jim on his campaign.

Julia Glanz
Asst. City Administrator
Democrat friend who worked on Jim Ireton's campaigns.
Democrat Club Board member and now Democrat Central Committee Member

Mayor's Office
If you look at the two positions of Administrator and Asst. City Administrator it clearly states that the Asst. City Administrator is no a menial position. It appears the position is responsible for more than what the City Administrator does.

Tom Stevenson
City Administrator

The City Administrator reports to the Mayor and is responsible for the daily management and administration of city policies and procedures. The City Administrator prepares the annual city budget, supervises special projects, handles complaints from the public, and advises the Mayor and City Council of any problems or concerns.
Julia Glanz
Assistant City Administrator

Under the direction of the City Administrator, the Assistant City Administrator assists in the day-to-day operations of the City of Salisbury government. The Assistant City Administrator coordinates activities of departments; develops and administers policies, programs and projects; serves as the City Administrator’s chief assistant including acting as City Administrator in his/her absence. Additionally, the Assistant City Administrator assists with the development of the annual Capital Improvement Plan and the budget and provides oversight for collaborative partnership organizations for special projects and initiatives. Functioning as Executive Assistant to the Mayor, the Assistant City Administrator also prepares grant applications and may administer grant funded programs.

Chris Demone
Public Information Officer

Under the direction of the Mayor’s Office, the PIO performs comprehensive coordination of all social, print, and digital media for the City to include: Production of press releases, public relations media releases, special brochures and similar material. The PIO is also the point of contact for the public regarding City programs and informational requests.

Here's what gets me the most. Do you hear the Daily Times, WBOC or WMDT giving Ireton a hard time for hiring INEXPERIENCED people in these type of positions, yet they go after County Executive Culver like there's no tomorrow. You just keeep electing people who aren't qualified and watch your taxes continue to go UP while your property values goo DOWN.  

Salisbury McDonald's Now Serving Rocky Road

While McDonald's north uses these rocks as a part of their landscaping, now they are using them to fill all of the pot holes found throughout their parking lot. 

One of the holes, (top picture) is impossible to miss and there's a very good chance your car will bottom out, it's that deep. These pot holes didn't happen overnight. 

Just another example of how even businesses in Salisbury just don't give a crap any more. 

FBI admits flaws in hair analysis over decades

The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000.

Of 28 examiners with the FBI Laboratory’s microscopic hair comparison unit, 26 overstated forensic matches in ways that favored prosecutors in more than 95 percent of the 268 trials reviewed so far, according to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and the Innocence Project, which are assisting the government with the country’s largest post-conviction review of questioned forensic evidence.

The cases include those of 32 defendants sentenced to death. Of those, 14 have been executed or died in prison, the groups said under an agreement with the government to release results after the review of the first 200 convictions.


Liberty Brothers Radio at Sugar Pine Mine in Oregon: Oath Keepers Welcome

Some un-American Americans just don’t get it.

OMG! they shriek — these miners would dare oppose federal authority– OMG!

Contrary to the intent of this nation’s founders, some people advocate blindly following whatever statute the force of government declares to be “the law”. Some people do not see any value in questioning authority. Right here in America, to this day, exist some people who think the government did nothing wrong when it burned to death over eighty men, women, and children at Waco, Texas over an illegal “law” regarding guns. The idiotic zealots of the ATF and FBI and elements of the U.S. military totally failed to read the Second Amendment of the highest law of the land, which clearly notes that any law about guns proffered since the Second Amendment was ratified is an “infringement” of the very law they swore an Oath to protect and defend. Did I make myself clear? Let me repeat — the Constitution forbids any restrictions about any arms We The People can bear. It does not make exceptions regarding how many bullets-per-minute a gun can fire, or how long or short a gun barrel must or must not be. It simply says, “…shall not be infringed.” Yet the ATF had a problem with the Constitution and murdered more than eighty church members in a fiery death with rampant gruesome cruelty. They even shot those who tried to run out of the burning church to escape the fire.

So the ATF and FBI revealed why unchecked government “authority” was prohibited by our Constitution’s authors and the several States which ratified it. And yet some Americans to this day insist that We The People are not to question authority.

Even now there is an Internet chorus of lame-brained quasi-Americans who are spreading lies about the Oath Keepers who are standing to protect property rights for some miners in Oregon. I will not link those here because they don’t deserve the clicks, but I can tell you that some of the rumors are very nasty, and some even wish death upon the Oath Keepers who are helping protect lawful property rights from an insane government mechanism called the “BLM”. They are pumping outright lies and vicious rumors onto the Internet, and have the gall to accuse Oath Keepers of violating “the law” by standing up for the miners’ property rights and for the right to due process.


Advertised county tax hike jumps to 15.7 cents for ‘16

Last week as the County Commissioners decided to put off the amount they were considering raising taxes to meet an expected $22 million shortfall, the magic numbers were 6.7 cents per $100 and 14.4 cents per $100 of assessed value. This week, as they finalized the advertisement, those numbers increased.

The county is required by law to advertise any proposed increase to the tax rate above the constant yield rate, or what the government is able to collect year over year to bring in the same amount of revenue. This year, the constant yield rate had been determined to be 77.55 cents per $100 of assessed value, an increase from last year’s rate of 77 cents even.

To fund absolutely everything at the requested levels, the county now reports and will advertise a jump of 15.7 cents. Several high-ranking officials within the county have said this large of an increase is unlikely.



Country Inn & Suites located in Salisbury, MD is currently looking for a Part-Time Front Desk Associate. Approximately 16-20 hours per week. Applicant must love to be in the Customer Service Field. This position will require some over night hours and weekends. Please apply in person at: 1804 SweetBay Dr. Salisbury, MD 21804

Critics: NLRB May Gut ‘Right to Work’ Laws

The federal government’s top labor arbiter may use its regulatory power to force non-union employees in right to work states pay union dues.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) put out a call for legal briefs on Wednesday asking labor law scholars to weigh in on whether unions should have the ability to extract dues payments from non-members. The announcement drew immediate criticism from right to work activists.

“It is unfortunately not surprising that the Obama NLRB is now actively working to undermine the 25 state Right to Work laws. Its ‘call for briefs’ signals this NLRB’s intention to reverse over 60 years of Board precedent to give union bosses an unprecedented tool to eviscerate employees’ Right to Work protections,” Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Committee, said in a release.

“Right to work” laws ban coercive dues systems in which employees must join a union and pay dues as a condition of employment. The laws have passed in 25 states and are spreading in traditional union strongholds: Wisconsin, the birthplace of public sector unions, passed such a law in March, just two years after similar regimes were implemented in Indiana and Michigan.

Unions have fought the law in courts in nearly every state that has adopted the measure, arguing that since labor groups negotiate wages and benefits on behalf of all workers, non-members are “free-riding.” In most cases, those challenges have not prevailed in state or federal courts. Unions in Indiana, for example, filed a flurry of lawsuits intended to block the implementation of the state right to work law. Federal Judge Phillip Simon tossed them out of court in 2013.

“None of the legal challenges launched by the union here to attack Indiana’s new Right to Work law can succeed,” he wrote. “The electorate can ultimately decide whether [lawmakers’] judgments are sound, wise, and constitute good governance and can express their opinions at the polls and by other means. But those are questions beyond the reach of the federal court.”


University Wants Teens For Late-term Abortions

Officials at the University of Hawaii have begun recruiting children as young as 14 years old to be part of an “experiment” with late-term abortions, and a team of pro-life lawyers is raising questions about the legality of the strategy.

According to a report from LifeNews, the study being done by Bliss Kaneshiro and Kate Whitehouse at Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu already has been launched.

The report says the randomized trial will have experimenters give to abortion patients – or deny them access to – oxytocin.

The drug often is used to minimize blood loss, the report said.

The plan is raising eyebrows on several fronts.

“This study is reminiscent of Nazi concentration camp experiments. I pity the poor women who are being treated like lab rats, especially those who are denied the drug to reduce hemorrhaging,” Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, told LifeNews.

“I have read too many autopsy reports of women who bled to death during abortions to think this is anything but immoral and ghoulish.”


‘Make Sharpton Pay His Taxes Fast’

Now YOU can help force Al Sharpton to pay his back taxes.

Attorney General Eric Holder announced last fall that after six years of serving the whims of President Obama rather than as the representative of the American public and rule of law, he would step down. He promised to stay in office until a successor could be found and was hopeful that by February he would be in the private sector.

Mr. Obama, after reportedly consulting with Al Sharpton, nominated Loretta Lynch for the position in November. Ms. Lynch has served as U.S. attorney in New York. Her nomination must meet with the approval of the Senate.

It is now approaching late April but there has still been no vote on the Lynch nomination. Five Republicans have publicly stated they will support her, which means her approval is likely though by the slimmest of margins. The only remaining question is when.

Enter the Rev. Sharpton. Mr. Sharpton and his National Action Network claim to be organizing the Approve Loretta Lynch Fast. In addition to being a clever name, the fast is intended to bring attention to the plight of poor Loretta Lynch by its participants refusing food.

There is a rub however. It seems, Mr. Sharpton himself hasn’t committed to fasting. He’s asking supporters of the National Action Network to instead. But wait, it gets better. It seems his supporters are going to “take turns” fasting as long as it takes to bring the Lynch nomination to the floor of the U.S. Senate. Take turns? Is that kind of like dieting two days a month?

Let me suggest an alternative course of action...

The ‘Worst Place To Work’ In Federal Government

(CNSNews) – According to a 2014 survey by the Office of Personnel Management, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was ranked by its employees as the worst place to work among the government’s 37 large departments or agencies, Congress was told Thursday.

The department, which includes agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), received an index score of 48 on global satisfaction in 2014, compared to a score of 62 in 2010. Last year’s score marks the lowest ranking of any government department that year.

Global satisfaction measures areas such as happiness with employees’ job, pay organization and whether they would recommend their department as a good place to work.

In her testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee Thursday, Catherine Emerson, chief human capital officer for DHS, blamed the department’s dropping employee moral on sequestration, financial struggles and the recent threat of a DHS shutdown last February.

More than an hour into the hearing, Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) was the first congressman to ask whether DHS’s low morale had anything to do with the recent surge of illegal aliens crossing the southwest U.S. border and President Barack Obama’s string of executive immigration policies, which include granting temporary amnesty to the vast majority of illegal aliens currently living in the United States.

“I have worked with a number of immigration agents, and they feel like they are a racehorse that is being kept in the stable, and they never get out of the gate to be able to run, and that is the morale issue that I hear from people on the ground and from my prior life in law enforcement,” Buck said.

“If people have a mission and a mission statement, and they’re frustrated…they’re obviously attracted to the agency, because they wanted to work on that mission, and if they’re frustrated in that sense, it seems to be that would be part of the morale problem. Any opinion on that?” he asked.

Read more..

Man Dies, One Week After Being Rushed To Hospital After Arrest

The man whose injuries suffered in a confrontation with Baltimore City Police last weekend has died.

A spokeswoman for Shock Trauma says Freddie Gray has died one week after he was rushed to Shock Trauma.

His death occurs a week k after Baltimore police said four officers on bike patrol arrested him.

Police say Gray tried to run away, but a minute later, officers were able to catch and arrest him. Police say at 8:54 a.m., Gray was placed in a prisoner transport wagon bound for a police station but 30 minutes later, an ambulance was called for transport from the station house.


A Letter To The Editor 4-20-15

I went to 3rd Friday this last, meeting and greeting with Gov. Hogan and Mr. Culver and delegates Adams and Anderton, among others, and observed the following.

“Echelon” is gone, and a new restaurant is there “Under new management”. Starts with an “S”, I think… nobody but bartenders in there, even with a Plaza packed with people right outside. I expressed my note of this to my 25+ Y.O. daughter, and she followed up with a response that took me incompletely by non-surprise! She said, “Unless you’re one of the “Downtown In- Crowd”, you can’t do crap in the downtown area”.

I want everyone reading this to think about that for more than a moment.
In order to get a new business in this downtown, one must not have any business sense, experience in the bar or entertainment business, or, for that matter, any business at all! All you need is to be an “In” crowd member! Well, isn’t that special!

What downtowns in America are oriented around the Bar scene? Can anyone think of one? I can’t. Restaurants and bars where I come from feed off existing crowds who come to a place for a reason. After all, everybody gets hungry and thirsty wherever they are, but that is the point I’m making. When people get hungry and thirsty, and they’re home, they will most probably make a ham sandwich and grab a beer from the fridge, not run to a downtown area! If they are at work, they will grab a half hour lunch , but not have a beer. People go to downtown areas to shop for things for their households; clothing, furnishings, antiques, unique foods, oddities and such. Nobody “goes out drinking” anymore with all the concentration LEO’s have on DUI’s. To have a successful lot of high end bars and restaurants, you need a large customer base. Everybody will have a meal and two beers, but no one will drink three! Downtown shoppers have the day off and disposable income in their pockets because their spouses or themselves have good, steady jobs or a well -earned retirement package. Not a whole lot of college students.

So, now we have many high end restaurants opened up on the plaza, and 2 or 3 Bridal shops. Let’s see, The original and best loves are Market Street Inn, (Go, Brooke!) Add the Cellar Door and Roadie Joes,, but all of a sudden in 8 months or so, there’s the Brick Room, Echelon, Whatever they named the old fire station band place, and whatever high end restaurants across town that are already established. What else is there? A pizza shop, some art storefronts that only open for a few hours a day or two every other month, if at all, the Health Department, the GOB, some lawyer offices and the court houses, (real crowd pleasers, there), the Chamber of Commerce, Whiting Turner Construction, Gillis’ office, and Barbara Mikulski’s office.

Wait right here ‘til I get back! Does that sound like fun or what? Oh, and we get to pay to be there or get fined if our appointment goes overtime. Bonus!
I have never been so glad in my life that I’m not a Democrat Piece of “In Crowd”.

There is only this much room in this town for high end restaurants, and then, there ain’t no more.

When Wicomico County has no jobs, and the unemployment rate is highest in the state, and the County, I really don’t see where the sustainable income for all these bars is coming from. Bottom line, there are no high end, disposable income jobs coming to Salisbury, and most of what was here has gone. Liarton surely isn’t working towards getting any manufacturing, shipping, or warehousing jobs here. Nobody is going anywhere to shop without disposable income.

Wicomico (and the State) needs to attract lots of good paying companies to get our unemployed back in the work force manufacturing quality products. That is how to “Revitalize” a downtown and shrink ghettos. Opening up countless high end restaurants just won’t do it.

Carly Fiorina: Pro-lifers Are Winning on Abortion

Likely Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said Thursday that pro-lifers are ascendant on the abortion issue and urged them to take their case to voters next year, The Hill reported.

Recent polling data from Gallup indicates growing dissatisfaction with abortion law, much of it coming from Americans supporting greater restrictions on the procedure.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO, who said this week that she is 90 percent certain to run in 2016, said it is important that abortion critics "engage in persuasive conversations, conducted in an empathetic and reasonable tone."

"We are winning on this issue and so we have to keep going," Fiorina said at a gala hosted by the Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-life group.

The event — which was attended by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other lawmakers — also paid tribute to Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst, who received extensive support from the right-to-life movement in her race last year.

Fiorina said she has repeatedly been confronted by people who attack the Republican Party on abortion but have no idea how extreme Democrats' abortion orthodoxy has become on the issue.

At a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor on Thursday, Fiorina blasted Democrats for supporting a platform she described as "any abortion, any time, at any point in a woman's pregnancy for any reason to be paid for by taxpayers and now, some would like to add, to be performed by a non-doctor."

More here

EPA Tells Kids to Avoid Baths

Parents across America who struggle to keep their young rambunctious kids clean now have a new obstacle: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

As part of its effort to help save the planet from the dangers of taking too many baths, the EPA’s WaterSense program is trying to convince kids they should avoid bathtubs in favor of showers, which it says is a far more efficient use of water.

“To save even more water, keep your shower under five minutes long—try timing yourself with a clock next time you hop in!” the “WaterSense for Kids” website says.

In addition to convincing kids to stay away from the tub, the EPA’s website instructs children to be careful not to give plants or the yard too much water, to ask parents to use car washes that recycle used water, and to avoid using hoses whenever possible. The EPA even suggests kids conduct experiments with parents to test toilets for leaks.

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Gov. Rick Scott: Obama Using 'Soprano' Tactics to Punish Florida

Florida Gov. Rick Scott tells Newsmax TV that the tactics used by the Obama administration to punish Florida for not expanding Medicaid are similar to what one would see on "The Sopranos," and are the reason for the lawsuit he is filing against the White House.

The decision by the Obama administration to withhold federal funding for hospital visits for low-income Florida residents is "outrageous," and in fact means that "they're not worried about poor," Scott told J.D. Hayworth on "America's Forum" on Friday.

The Republican governor is filing a lawsuit against the administration for withholding $1 billion from the Sunshine State, money that is supposed to go into a low-income pool to help pay for hospital visits.

"We have an existing program that was started by the federal government in 2006," Scott said. "They are saying they're going to walk away from that program, step one, unless we expand Obamacare."

The administration's position, the Florida governor says, is "a complete violation of what [Chief] Justice [John] Roberts said in '[National Federation of Independent Business] vs. Sebelius' — he said that the federal government, particular the Obama administration, cannot use holding tactics to coerce the start to expand Obamacare.

"And that's exactly what they're doing," Scott said.

"If you look at what he's doing here, it sure looks like he's going to use all of his bullying tactics," he said. "This is like 'The Sopranos' — we don't have a choice."

The Florida Republican contends that "our state has the right to make our own decisions."


The End of the License Plate

Until recently our auto travels — in public — have been essentially private. Scattered individuals may have observed our locations at given moments, but the bulk of our public movements have been practically obscure. Nobody collected data in a systematic or useful way, and our movements were lost to history.

That is no longer true. Public and private entities are scanning license plates, snapping photos of our cars, and storing the times and locations where they appear. Close correlation between license plate numbers and particular drivers means that databases of mundane information about auto movements also reveal quite sensitive information about doctor and psychologist visits, business meetings, trysts, gatherings of legal advice and participation in political advocacy. License plates and cameras are, as I testified to Congress more than a dozen years ago, "Big Brother infrastructure."

License plates are a once-sensible administrative tool that today undercuts privacy. It's possible to protect privacy and administer traffic laws at the same time, but it's not going to be easy.

Surveillance cameras are catalyzing this conversation about "privacy in public," but the root of the problem is the lowly license plate. It's an administrative tool from a bygone technological era that has new consequences in the digital age — new, strongly negative consequences for privacy.

If a law were proposed today requiring people walking on sidewalks to wear name tags, Americans would strongly reject such an attack on the freedom to move about anonymously.

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O’Malley: ‘I’m Not Sure Why’ More Democrats Aren’t Challenging Hillary

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley swiped at Hillary Clinton on “Face the Nation” Sunday for being a follower on issues, while wondering why more Democrats aren’t challenging her for the nomination.

O’Malley told host Bob Schieffer he’s “not sure why” more Democrats aren’t challenging Clinton. Former Sen. Jim Webb, Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee are considering runs against Clinton.

“Do you think having more candidates is good for the Democratic Party?” Schieffer asked.

“You mean more than one?” O’Malley responded.


Marco Rubio: Being Gay Is Not a Choice

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio says he does not believe sexual orientation is a choice for the "enormous majority of people."

The Florida senator's comments came Sunday on CBS's Face the Nation, where he said that it should be up to states rather than the Supreme Court to define marriage and that he considers marriage to be between a man and a woman.

"I also don't believe that your sexual preferences are a choice for the vast and enormous majority of people. In fact, the bottom line is, I believe that sexual preference is something people are born with," Rubio said.

He and other Republican presidential hopefuls have faced questions in recent days about their positions on same-sex marriage as the nation's top court prepares for what is expected to be a broad ruling on the constitutionality of the issue in June.

Americans support the right of same-sex couples to wed, 55 percent to 42 percent, according to a Gallup poll in May 2014, reflecting sweeping movement in public opinion over nearly two decades. Republican support has also grown, but stands at just 30 percent, according to the poll.

In an interview with Fusion published Wednesday, Rubio said he would attend a same-sex wedding.

“If it’s somebody in my life that I care for, of course I would,” he said. “I’m not going to hurt them simply because I disagree with a choice

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Tim Tebow Expected to Sign With Eagles, Sources Say

PHILADELPHIA (TheBlaze/AP) — A month after a reported workout with the Philadelphia Eagles came and went with barely a whimper, quarterback Tim Tebow is expected to sign a one-year contract with the team on Monday, according to three people familiar with the deal.

The people spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Sunday because the contract hasn’t been finalized. Tebow hasn’t played in the NFL since 2012 with the New York Jets. He was released by the New England Patriots before the 2013 season.

After he was cut, Tebow vowed to “remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback.” Since then he’s worked as an analyst for the SEC Network and ESPN.


Veterans urge military to bring dogs home to retire

Former Marine Corps Sgt. Deano Miller pauses in his war story, choking back tears.

"They said they'd give us time to say goodbye. They didn't," Miller says, looking down at his yellow Labrador. "It was like I was abandoning my best friend and he couldn't understand why."

Miller and his explosives-sniffing dog Thor spent every day of their 2010 tour in Afghanistan together. But when the tour ended in November 2010, Miller returned to the U.S. while Thor worked four more years before his retirement. The pair reunited in May.

There are more than 1,775 military working dogs detecting explosives, going on search-and-rescue missions, and guarding troops. In an average year, 300 to 400 dogs retire and are adopted. If they're not adopted, they are left in a kennel.

Some are adopted overseas and have to be flown home — at a cost to the adopter that can be thousands of dollars.

Miller wants the military to pay for transportation back to the United States.


The Royal Flush

House Gift Tax Bill Seen as Guarding Against IRS Targeting

Legislation passed quietly by the House on Wednesday to shield large donors from paying gift taxes on contributions to certain political groups was seen by conservatives as a way to prevent the IRS from targeting tea party and related organizations.

"If the law is clear, everyone knows what the rules are and can follow them, and I think that’s a better situation," Elizabeth Kingsley, an attorney at the Harmon, Curran, Spielberg & Eisenberg law firm, told Politico.

Kingsley was among a group of conservative and liberal nonprofits and lawyers who sent a letter to House lawmakers supporting the bill.

The letter argued that "application of the gift tax to 501(c)(4) donors raises serious constitutional questions, and threatens to hamstring smaller or start-up citizens’ groups," Politico reports.

Kingsley said the bill equalized the playing field for donors, since the vagueness of the current law impeded cautious donors — and aided those who were more comfortable with making larger donations, according to the report.

Proposed by Illinois Rep. Peter Roskam, the Republican chairman of a House subcommittee that oversees the IRS, the bill specifically state that the federal gift tax does not apply to groups registered under sections 501(c)4, (c)5 or (c)6 of the tax code.

The classifications encompass a broad range of both liberal and conservative groups, Politico reports.

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Delmarva Chicken Industry History Documentary Premieres Planned

World Premieres of New Documentary on History of Delmarva’s Chicken Industry
Cluck, Pluck, and Luck Planned for Salisbury, Maryland and Georgetown, Delaware

After nearly a year of research, interviews, production, and editing, the new documentary about the early years of Delmarva’s chicken industry soon will be premiered at two locations.  These showings are open to all.   

Produced by 302 Stories, Inc. and  Berkana, Center for Media and Education, Inc., this hour-long documentary will show highlights of the early years of the local chicken industry, from its improbable formation in the 1920s through the 1960s.  Photographs, early motion pictures, and interviews with persons knowledgeable about the early years are sure to make this an interesting and entertaining film. 

Cluck, Pluck, and Luck will be shown for the first time on Thursday, April 23 at 7:00 p.m. in the Wicomico Room of the Guerrieri University Center on the  campus of Salisbury University.  Hosted by the Edward H. Nabb Center for Delmarva History and Culture, the viewing is open to the general public.  Parking is available in Dogwood Parking Lot D off of Dogwood Drive.  Seating is limited to the first 150 people who arrive.

The following Monday, April 27, the documentary will be shown at 6:30 p.m. in the Theatre of the Arts and Science Center on the campus of Delaware Technical and Community College at Georgetown.   Hosted by Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc., this showing also is open to the general public.  Seating is limited to the first 350 persons to arrive.

The production of this documentary has revealed a lot about the early years of Delmarva’s chicken industry, with much of the information not previously captured by historians. 

This documentary should be of interest to anybody on Delmarva, whether they are long-time residents,  veterans of the chicken industry, or persons just curious about the history of this hugely important local industry.

No reservations are needed and it is first come-first admitted.

Lottery Security Director Accused Of Winning The Lottery Fraudulently

Remember last fall, when lottery officials were trying to locate the mysterious man who bought the winning ticket in the multi-state Hot Lotto game? That situation was strange enough, with the winner or winners trying to remain anonymous and waiting a very long time to come forward. Now the situation has become even weirder, with the lottery’s former security director accused of winning the game fraudulently. 

Group Of Doctors Want Dr. Oz Removed From Columbia Medical Faculty For Promoting “Quack Treatments”

Citing what they call repeated “disdain for science and for evidence-based medicine,” a group of physicians has written a letter to Columbia University asking it to remove TV’s Dr. Mehmet Oz from his faculty position there. 

Don’t Be Shocked When Lowe’s Won’t Sell You A $2,999 Fridge Mistakenly Priced At $298

No matter how many times we remind everyone that stores are generally under no legal obligation to honor a pricing mistake, some folks still seem to think that a retailer must make good — and lose hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars — on something as obvious as a decimal error. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Daily Times Delivers Inappropriate Funeral Images

I have been receiving phone calls all morning about how the Daily Times published what everyone is saying are inappropriate funeral images of the entire Todd Family funeral yesterday. 

Image after image they show open caskets and images of mourning and emotional people.

The question is, do YOU feel it is inappropriate? Do you feel this is going too far? I know for me personally, when I go and mourn someone at a funeral I do not want someone taking pictures. To me, it's a deeply personal grieving experience not meant for cameras and video.

The Week In Review

The below posts with today's date were the most 
popular posts last week.

Lifestar Operating Illegally In Maryland? PRMC May Have Some Explaining To Do!

At first, when I witnessed this Lifestar vehicle in a Salisbury parking lot I was somewhat ticked off because the spaces are not only tight in this parking lot, (across from PRMC) you can see where they didn't properly park in their space. Meaning, unless you had a motorcycle, you were not going to fit into the next space. 

As I looked further I noticed their expiration date sticker scratched off their tag. Considering I used to live in New Jersey, I knew that you also have to have a sticker on your front windshield, so I looked. Wouldn't you know it, it too is expired. 

So I started doing more research and I came to learn that this company allegedly no longer has an Office in New Jersey. Then I learned not too long ago one of their fleet of ambulances had been pulled over for their dead tags and received a citation. Clearly the company didn't care or respect the law because they are still operating what appears to be illegal non registered vehicles in Maryland. 

Now, what you should know is that this company, (Lifestar) holds an EXCLUSIVE contract to transport PRMC patients. You would think that a company as large as PRMC would make sure the service companies they hire are operating legally. Clearly that is not the case. 

Check them out for yourself. The next time you see a Lifestar Ambulance, look at their tags. See for yourself that they are not current. Heck, take a picture of each one and send it to us. Let's see just how many of these vehicles are running around Wicomico County. 


Rick Pollitt's Residence
 Lee Beachump's Residence

You know, like the Solar Panels that were recently installed by SOLAR CITY on Waller Road at the Transfer Station. 

OK, so perhaps you're a bit confused at this point. Well, Solar City installed the massive project on Waller Road. What you DON'T see in the first two images are the BRAND NEW Solar Panels on the ROOF of Rick Pollitt and Lee Beachump's homes, ONLY because Google hasn't done a recent update on their properties. 

HOWEVER, I encourage ALL of you to not only look up their addresses but strongly recommend that you take a ride to BOTH of their homes to see the brand new solar panels that this very same company conveniently installed on their personal homes. 

In fact, take a picture and send it to us and we'll update the article to show how nice they look. 

You see Ladies & Gentlemen, THIS is what you won't get from the rest of your local media. Heck, you have to wonder if Rick had been reelected, would he have an incinerator installed in his back yard too?

I'm calling for a FORMAL investigation by County Executive Bob Culver and our States Attorney Matt Maciarello to assure us taxpayers these residential Solar Panels are on the up and up. I want to see FAIR pricing, FAIR financial arrangements, (if at all) and no favoritism or I want charges filed against BOTH these men. 

Heck, as much money as I have, even I don't have solar panels on ANY of my properties. SOMETHING STINKS REALLY BAD HERE!

UPDATE: We're being told that former County Executive Rick Pollitt may NOT have solar panels on his roof. While we have three reliable sources who did state he does have them on his property, they may be wrong. We'll keep you updated.