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Obama Amnesty Excuse Exposed as Fraud: 2012 Deportations Down 50% from G.W. Bush Average

Illegal immigrants take the train to America.

The Obama administration is floating a rationale through the media that Congress has not provided the resources to enforce immigration laws as justification for the expected pronouncement by President Barack Obama by the end of summer to grant legal status to millions of illegal aliens.

Josh Lederman reported for the AP on Wednesday:

“…as a self-imposed, end-of-summer deadline to act approaches, Obama’s lawyers are carefully crafting a legal rationale they believe will withstand scrutiny and survive any court challenges, administration officials say.

“The argument goes something like this: Beyond failing to fix broken immigration laws, Congress hasn’t even provided the government with enough resources to fully enforce the laws already on the books. With roughly 11.5 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally — far more than the government could reasonably deport — the White House believes it has wide latitude to prioritize which of those individuals should be sent home.”

That excuse is a fraud.


State Park Ranger Found Unconscious in Patrol Car With Beer Between His Legs

A California state parks ranger is on administrative leave following a rather hilarious and compromising photo taken August 15.

The officer, Tyson Young, has been stripped of his peace officer status as well.

According to the anonymous source who took the photograph, Young was parked irregularly along State Route 254, aka the “Avenue of Giants” in Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

When the anonymous man stopped to make sure everything was okay, he saw the officers head slumped against the window. Immediately he reached through the open window and tried to wake the officer.
“I shook him, really shook him,” the man said. “And then I saw the beer between legs.”

After not being able to wake the officer, the man dialed 9-1-1 and then snapped this epic photo.

The Covert Origins of ISIS

President Obama: GOP ‘Says No To Everything’

President Barack Obama used his Labor Day speech on Monday to slam Republicans for opposing an increase in the minimum wage, equal pay for women, affordable health care and more.

“Republicans in Congress love to say ‘no.’ Those are just facts, they’re facts of life. They say ‘no’ to everything,” Obama said to the crowd gathered at Milwaukee’s Laborfest.

The president began to outline his goals for working-class families, saying that he has “put [his] money down” on the middle class.

“I want an economy where your hard work pays off with higher wages, and higher income and fair pay for women, and workplace flexibility for parents, and affordable health insurance and decent retirement benefits,” Obama said. “I’m not asking for the moon, I just want a good deal for Americans.”


I'd Dump the Israelis Tomorrow --Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer Tells Congress

Dems believe climate change more dangerous than ISIS beheadings

Democrats believe global warming poses a bigger threat to the United States than Islamic State terrorists, a new Pew Research Center poll revealed.

Just 25 percent of Republicans polled called climate change a major threat to Americans, while 68 percent of Democrats agreed with the statement, according to the Pew Research Center.

When asked about Islamic State terrorists, 65 percent of Democrats were worried about the group – fewer than those concerned about global warming. Meanwhile, 78 percent of Republicans called the Islamic State the No. 1 threat to the U.S. – a 13-point partisan difference.

S&P Tops 2000 But Weary Consumers On Strike: The Recovery Delusion Gets Obvious

The sheep have been told their confidence is at a 7 year high by the propaganda peddlers working at the behest of the oligarchy. The sheep are also told that 10 million jobs have been added since the GOTUS played his first round back in 2009. The sheep have been told the record highs in the stock market prove that all is well. If the .1% are doing fantastic, some of the wealth must be trickling down. The sheep are told that QE and ZIRP were really to save Main Street and not the bonuses of Wall Street (at record highs by the way). The sheep are told to fear ISIS, Iran, Assad, Putin, and China. The sheep are told U.S. energy independence is just around the corner and to ignore the fact that gas prices have tripled since in the last ten years. The sheep are told drones will keep them safe and the DHS militarizing the police is just for their safety and security. The sheep are told guns are dangerous in their hands, but not in the hands of the government. The sheep passively eat their iGadgets and barely bleat while being led to the slaughter house.


Salisbury News Delivers Investigative Reporting On HOW YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE SPENT: Part 21

Still no new expense postings from the Wicomico County Executive's office. Last post was in May as we reported last week. What are they hiding? Oops, forgot there's an election coming up. Wouldn't want the taxpayers to REALLY know where their tax dollars are being spent. 

Now for the Wicomico County Board of Education. This week we will post some of the expenses that were made in June, July & August. As they say it's all for the kids, just wonder which kids are eating all this food in the summer months

6/2/12 Amy Kenney Outback $100 
6/2/12 Amy Kenney Sobo's Wine Bistro $100 
6/2/12 Amy Kenney Texas Roadhouse $50 
6/5/12 Amy Kenney Sobo's Wine Bistro $50 
8/8/12 Amy Kenney Sage Diner $135 
6/14/11 Amy Mensack Famous Dave's $65.20 
7/7/11 Amy Mensack East Side Deli $46.33 
6/6/12 Amy Mensack Rise Up Coffee $25.00 
8/17/12 Amy Mensack Chick Fil-A $28.44 
8/24/12 Amy Mensack East Side Deli $213.62 
6/5/12 Barbara Parsons Classic Cakes $95.00 
6/14/12 Barbara Parsons Roly Poly $19.50 
8/20/12 Barbara Parsons Bob Evans $103.93 
6/4/12 Barbara Jenkins Denny's $63.76 
6/4/12 Barbara Jenkins Golden Corral $348.66 
6/5/12 Barbara Jenkins Little Caesar's $100.00 
6/6/12 Barbara Jenkins Pat's Pizzeria $15.87 
6/7/12 Barbara Jenkins Rt 12 Pizza $85.00 
6/11/12 Barbara Jenkins Chick Fil-a $90.50 
6/28/12 Barbara Jenkins Uno's $140.08 
6/28/12 Barbara Jenkins Uno's $268.10 
8/13/12 Barbara Jenkins Dunkin Donuts $37.96 
8/15/12 Barbara Jenkins Panera Bread $25.88 
8/23/12 Barbara Jenkins McDonald's $91.92 
8/31/12 Barbara Jenkins Brew River $129.80 
6/3/11 Cathy Townsend Domino's $21.19 
6/5/12 Carol A Harrington Subway $303.00 
6/7/12 Carol A Harrington Golden Corral $25.00 
7/2/12 Carol A Harrington Chick Fil-a $11.95 
7/2/12 Carol A Harrington Chick Fil-A $33.11 
8/17/12 Carol A Harrington East Side Deli $300.05 
8/20/12 Carol A Harrington Panera Bread $153.89 
8/25/11 Carroll Nichols Zia'a Pastaria $368.55 
7/28/11 Laura Bounds Panera Bread $157.11 
8/11/11 Laura Bounds Panera Bread $201.18 
8/15/11 Laura Bounds Subway $89/97 
8/16/11 Laura Bounds Panera Bread $31.56 
6/28/12 Laura Bounds Panera Bread $65.85 
7/31/12 Laura Bounds Little Caesar's $50.00 
6/1/11 Linda Stark DeVage's $72.54 
6/21/11 Linda Stark DeVage;s $69.35 
7/7/11 Linda Stark DeVage's $38.51 
7/19/11 Linda Stark DeVage's $127.17 
8/12/11 Linda Stark DeVage's $71.75 
6/4/12 Linda Stark DeVage's $98.84 
7/20/12 Linda Stark Acorn Market $46.09 
7/24/12 Linda Stark Acorn Market $42.62 
7/26/12 Linda Stark DeVage's $56.43 
8/13/12 Linda Stark Goin' Nuts Cafe $220.35 
8/31/12 Linda Stark DeVage's $31.67 
6/6/12 Liza Hastings Sobo's Wine Bistro $150.00 
7/3/12 Bridgit Reynolds Taylors BBQ $436.00 
6/7/11 Brian D Ashby Dayton's $71.95 
8/30/12 Brian D Ashby Sage Diner $71.39 
6/8/11 Carol A Harrington Olive Garden $60.00 
6/9/11 Carol A Harrington Subway $262.00 
8/2/11 Carol A Harrington Delmar Pizza $50.00 

We know that school doesn't close until the middle of June. But were all these charges to feed the kids? We'll be bringing you more info on summer time munches next week cause today's list is only the tip of the iceberg.


The Fruitland City Council is planning to change the current noise ordinance. The only way the citizens would know is if they attend the council meetings. Did they make any kind of public announcement to let the citizens know? No. The "elephant" in the city is the Fruitland Sports Complex. When this area started out it was surrounded mostly by farmland. Years later a developer bought a large area to build houses on. Most people know this development as Nina Lane. Everyone who chose to buy houses in that development knew the sports complex was there. Two of the city council members live in that development. Due to this, they should excuse themselves from voting on the noise ordinance.

These fields are home for the Fruitland Little League, Fall Ball and Fruitland Falcons. Have you looked at how these organizations have improved this complex? Fruitland Little League and Fruitland Falcons have installed lighting and electric score boards without it costing Fruitland citizens anything. They want to move the time in the morning from 7am to 8am and at night from 10pm to 9pm. The next City Council meeting is Sept. 9th at 7:30pm. They are scheduled to vote on this. Please come out and voice your opinion. This could be a problem for our ball parks. Sometimes our games start early and end late. It seems like Fruitland wants to run everyone away from here instead of coming up with ways to bring people and businesses here. First the water rates, followed closely by the taxes and now the noise ordinance.

Congressman Andy Harris' Wife "Cookie" Laid To Rest

She was the wife of a United States congressman, but carved out a solid reputation of her own.

Sylvia "Cookie" Harris is being fondly remembered as kind, caring, compassionate; a loving mom and devoted pro-life activist.

Family and friends gathered in Baltimore at the Cathedral of Mary our Queen to say a final farewell.

Archbishop William Lori celebrated Monday's funeral mass.

"Cookie is the most outgoing person I know, very interested in taking care of all life from conception to the grave," said longtime friend Isabel Blevins. She was "very concerned about issues that affect the poor and women and i'm honored to know her."


Larry Hogan on Education

Feeling Worthless? The 10 Majors Most Likely To Lead To Underemployment

When it comes to worthless majors, it is no secret that "liberal arts" are at the top of the heap. This is the conclusion of not just the real world: a recent survey of 68,000 workers bysalary information firm PayScale  confirmed as much when asking the humanities majors themselves, and where employees with degrees in fields like English, general studies, and graphic design were among the most likely to report feeling "underemployed" at their current jobs.

Also, that the list was topped of by Criminal Justice majors probably speaks more about the current captured state of US crony capitalism than anything else. But what is surprising is that graduates with more "practical" degrees in fields like business administration, ranking second in terms of pay dissatisfaction, also said their jobs didn't put their education, training or experience to work as much as they should. In other words, Wall Streeters thought they were underpaid. Actually did we say "surprising"... scratch that.


Hussman: 'QE Is Not Life Support' for US Economy

The widening gulf between Wall Street and Main Street, in which one prospers while the other slowly withers, can be laid precisely at the feet of the Federal Reserve, according to perma-bear fund manager John Hussman.

Hussman, founder of the eponymous Hussman Funds mutual fund family and a frequent central bank critic, says in his latest market commentary that years of suppressing interest rates by the Fed has produced an economy in which financial transactions are the major source of growth.

"So what we now have is a financial sector amped up on more than 4 trillion tablets of amphetamine, and a real economic sector that remains at year-to-year growth rates that have historically marked the border between expansion and recession," he writes.


Aviation Majesty

For WW II aviation buffs, this is something to see. If you couldn't be in England July 12-13 at The Imperial War Museum in Cambridgeshire to see it in-person, watching this 2:30 minute video might send chills up your spine.


The Best Way For Students To Avoid High Fees With Campus Banking Products Is To Barely Use Them

All around the country, new and returning college students are being handed IDs they can use as debit cards or they’re being told they can have their aid disbursals deposited straight onto a school-branded card. It all seems incredibly convenient, especially for those who have limited experience handling their own finances, but these school-backed banking products are rarely the best available options for students, who could end up being nickel-and-dimed into debt.

A newly released study [PDF] by our colleagues at Consumer Reports examined the terms and average costs of campus banking products offered by nine different financial firms and once again found that these products full of high, varying fees that can quickly deplete financial aid funds.


How ISPs “Compete” With Municipal Networks: Lobbying and Campaign Donations That Block Them

Say you’re mayor of a small city. Your city is small enough and far enough away from other cities that the big cable companies don’t want to spend what it would cost to run wires through your town, because the amount they will make in return isn’t worth it. That’s reasonable, from a business perspective. So you and the residents of your city get together and come up with a plan to make a public broadband utility instead. Makes sense, right? You’d happily pay someone else to do it for you, but since they don’t want to take your money you’ll do it yourself. Only — surprise! In come those self-same cable companies to block you from doing that, too, and they get your state’s legislature and governor to pass a law against you for good measure, so you can never try again.

That’s the story of municipal broadband in many parts of the country. Twenty states have some kind of law in place that either prohibits or restricts public broadband utilities from operating or expanding.

In a lengthy feature, the Center for Public Integrity reports on just how heavily involved companies like Comcast and AT&T are in stifling the expansion of municipal broadband. The telecom and cable companies wield outsized power in state-level governments, the report finds, and can make things very difficult for anyone who stands against them.


DOJ To Give Money From Bank Of America Settlement To Liberal Activist Groups

DOJ To Give Money From Bank Of America Settlement To Liberal Activist Groups Judicial Watch reports that the Department of Justice is giving liberal activist groups money from a $16.6 billion settlement with Bank of America.

The groups benefitting from the lawsuit, according to Investor’s Business Daily, are the National Council of La Raza, Operation Hope, National Community Reinvestment Coalition, and Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America. The money also went to “delinquent borrowers” in Chicago, Oakland, Detroit, Philadelphia, and other major “Democrat strongholds.”

“This is a wealth redistribution scheme disguised as a lawsuit,” Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, told The Daily Caller. “And who benefits from the distribution? Interest groups the administration relies on, outside interest groups, allies and politicians in communities trying to benefit as well.”

Fitton noted that these liberal groups are basically what’s left of the Association of Community Organization for Reform Now (ACORN) network, and that President Barack Obama has ties to ACORN.

“You have La Raza that’s getting money, their former head is at the White House in a top position whose funding from the Census has gone up immensely under the Obama administration,” Fitton said.
La Raza, Operation Hope, National Community Reinvestment Coalition, and Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America have all intimidated banks to give loans to minorities, even if they can’t afford to pay them back.

This is part of an ongoing scheme in which the DOJ puts the money it has gotten from bank settlementsin a slush fund and then funneled the money to liberal groups. Judicial Watch points out that liberal groups — many of which are the same ones benefiting from this lawsuit — also received money from multi-billion settlements from JP Morgan Chase and Citibank, as well as a $335 million settlement from Countrywide Financial Corporation.

“What we need is an honest Justice Department run by people who make a commitment to the rule of law rather using their power to extort and benefit more government and their political allies.” Fitton said. “This is no better than Tammany Hall.”

Makes Sense To Me

Would it Kill You to Hire More Black Cops? (Yes)

As the story of Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson's shooting of Michael Brown begins to look less clear-cut than we were led to believe by Brown's friend, Dorian Johnson, the "voices of oppression" on MSNBC now say the real issue is that there aren't enough blacks on the Ferguson police force.

As Brown may or may not have said seconds before his death: I give up.

If the Ferguson police are forced to hire more minorities and women for the sake of diversity, the one thing we can be sure of is that more black people will be murdered, raped and assaulted.

Someone's got to say it, so it might as well be me: I'm against more black people being murdered, raped and assaulted.

In a massive, detailed 2000 study of the effect of court-ordered affirmative action plans on police departments, economist John Lott found that the more minorities on a police force, the higher the rates of murder, manslaughter, violent crime, robbery and aggravated assault will be. Violent crime increased by a minimum of 3.3 percent every year after affirmative action policies went into effect -- and the spike in crime was highest in black neighborhoods.

The problem was not with black cops, Lott's study showed, but rather with the lowering of standards across the board, resulting in less-qualified officers of every race. To get more of MSNBC's "voices of oppression" on police forces, requirements are reduced for all recruits. (Just as quality declined at MSNBC when "voices of oppression" had to be added to their lineup.)


Monday, September 01, 2014


Coachella Valley High School has retired an Arab mascot the school has used since the 1920s, following complaints from the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) in November that the mascot was stereotypical and offensive.

At Friday's opening season opening football game, the "bearded, snarling mascot with a large hooked nose who wears a headscarf," was not present after nearly 100 years of its existence at the school, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The belly dancing genie which would normally appear during half-time was also retired.

The school's Arab mascot was created nearly a century ago as gesture of recognition towards the desert-like region's reliance on date farming, which is both a signature crop of the Coachella Valley and a traditionally Middle Eastern crop.


Another Ferguson? Wait, Wrong Race, No Interest

Why has there been no media interest in the police shooting of an apparently unarmed suspect in Salt Lake City?

Just two days after the shooting death of Michael Brown, an officer with the Salt Lake City Police Department shot and killed an unarmed 20-year-old. The Salt Lake City Police Department equips some of its officers with cameras. The department confirmed the officer who shot had a camera and that footage of the confrontation and shooting was captured, but they would not elaborate further, and the video of the encounter has yet to be released publicly. As with the Michael Brown case, this “lack of transparency” has caused some family members of the deceased to raise questions.

But what of the race of the decedent and of the cop?

The local newspaper, the Salt Lake City Tribune, reported the story this way:

“A wanted fugitive fatally shot by Salt Lake City police, who were looking for a man reportedly brandishing a handgun outside a convenience store, was unarmed and trying to comply with police orders when he was killed, his brother claims.

“Investigators, citing the ongoing nature of the investigation and need to protect evidence, remained mum on whether a gun was found at the scene of the Monday night shooting at a 7-Eleven store. … Police also would not discuss conflicting witness reports that Dillon Delbert Taylor, 20, appeared to have reached toward his waistband during the confrontation. …

“Taylor was facing a felony arrest warrant when police challenged him outside the store, court records confirm. But Taylor’s brother, 22-year-old Jerrail Pete Taylor — who court records show served time on a 2009 second-degree felony robbery count himself — insists that police did not mention the warrant when they approached him, his brother and a third man outside the store.



DeQuincy, LA — What many teenagers these days are considering a harmless prank, has landed one online gamer in more trouble than he could have ever imagined. In a Louisiana courtroom today, 15-year-old Paul Horner broke down in tears after a judge found the young man guilty on two counts of domestic terrorism and was sentenced to twenty-five years to life in federal prison.

Horner is the first person in history to be charged with what is known as ‘swatting‘, a growing trend in which a person anonymously files a false police report, such as a murder or bomb threat, in hopes of provoking the police to raid an individual’s home or business. Prosecutors in the case proved that Horner called in multiple false threats against rival online gamers, resulting in SWAT team raids of their residence.

“Swatting” is a new fad among gamers targeting those who “livestream“, broadcasting themselves and their game play live over the Internet to fans and in-game rivals alike. If a gamer is able to ascertain the personal information of a rival, by locating their IP and residential address, they will call in a dangerous threat to law enforcement and watch as the “livestreamer’s” house is forcibly entered by police.


Democratic Challenge

BREAKING NEWS: US military conducts operation against al-Shabaab in Somalia

U.S. military forces conduct operation in Somalia against al-Shabaab, Pentagon says.

‘Widespread Methane Leakage’ Coming From Hundreds Of Vents Off East Coast Ocean Floor

Of all the global warming gasses, methane is one of the very worst. Pound for pound, the Environmental Protection Agency says its effect on global warming is 20 times greater than that of carbon dioxide. And though its lifetime in the atmosphere is substantially shorter than carbon dioxide, it’s “more efficient at trapping radiation.”

Now scientists have determined that 570 vents, called seeps, are leaking methane gas in the most unlikely of all places: the ocean floor just off the East Coast. The findings, published on Sunday in Nature Geoscience, suggest they’re emitting as much as 90 tons of greenhouse gasses every year and appear to debunk earlier belief that there were only three East Coast seeps beyond the continental shelf.

And if there are more of these seeps — a lot more — it could represent a previously unknown source of damaging carbon emissions.


World is Listening

‘Infidels!’: Three Churches Were Vandalized in One Night. But It’s What the Graffiti Said That’s Worrying Some People

Police in Columbus, Indiana, are investigating three acts of vandalism against local churches that unfolded Saturday night — a series of crimes that constitute an apparent first in the city.

But it’s the messages that were spray painted on the buildings that have some wondering if the acts were pranks or part of a more serious and pointed effort to deliver a message to Christian leaders and parishioners, according to WTHR-TV.

Consider the message painted on Saint Bartholomew’s Catholic Church. It read, “Infidels!” and included a Koranic reference: “Qur’an 3:151.”


The Ride Back To The Western Shore On Labor Day

REVEALED: EPA developed secret map to claim oversight of puddles, ponds, and farm runoff

BISMARCK, N.D. — A map developed by the EPA and released to a U.S. House committee investigating controversial proposed water regulations should have citizens concerned, says U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer.

A farm group in North Dakota is calling the maps a “gall darn can of worms.”

“It is certainly alarming the EPA would develop these maps in secret and only release them after being confronted by members of Congress,” Cramer, a Republican, said in a news release accompanying his office’s release of the maps. “The EPA has been hiding information which could upset the public and jeopardize its massive power grab of unprecedented authority over private and public water.”

The maps were released by the EPA to the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, on which Cramer serves. One map shows perennial bodies of water in blue and intermittent bodies of water in yellow. A second regional map including North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah uses blue to show each state’s “wetlands inventory.”

On that map, nearly the entire state of North Dakota is in blue.

Critics of the proposed rule have suggested the EPA intends to use it to expand regulation far beyond permanent bodies of water to lands that hold water only some of the time.

“It doesn’t take much of a leap to conclude these highly detailed maps developed with taxpayer funds are for the purpose of enforcing this rule,” Cramer said.


Stuffed Dog Attacks Real Dog

ISIS in Mexico? Feds DENY watchdog group's claim that the terror group is operating in Juarez and plans 'imminent' car-bomb attacks on US targets

The Department of Homeland Security quickly denied claims on Friday from a watchdog group that the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has militants stationed in Juarez, Mexico who plan an 'imminent' attack against the United States.

A DHS spokesman was bewildered, telling MailOnline that 'we are aware of absolutely nothing credible to substantiate this claim' made by Judicial Watch, a center-right group.

'In Mexico?' the official said on the phone. 'I haven't seen that at all.'

An hour before Judicial Watch's report surfaced, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said publicly that his agency and the FBI 'are unaware of any specific, credible threat to the U.S. homeland' from the terror network.

And during a late-morning media briefing, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said flatly that 'the most detailed intelligence assessment that I can offer from here is that there is no evidence or indication right now that [ISIS] is actively plotting to attack the United States homeland. That’s true right now.'


1 Common Link Among World's Most Brutal Terrorists

Radical Islam expert Brigitte Gabriel says ISIS is capable of anything from shopping-mall shooting sprees to nuclear attacks in the U.S. and believes the best way to ward off calamity is for Americans to wake up their elected officials and demand they “throw political correctness in the garbage can” and confront the radical threat as it truly exists.

She also revealed the one common link motivating the worst terrorists in the world today: the words of the Quran.

Gabriel was a victim of terrorism in her native Lebanon. She is founder and president of and is author of numerous books, including “They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It.” She said the danger to the U.S. posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is significant but the threat is nothing new.

Female teacher who had sex with students sentenced to six months in jail

A 25-year-old former math teacher who had sexual contact with two students at a Tacoma high school has been sentenced to six months in jail.

The News Tribune reports that former Lincoln High School teacher Meredith Powell cried and apologized Friday in court.

Pierce County Superior Court Judge Frank Cuthbertson says he believes Powell is remorseful, which is why he suspended all but six months of a five-year sentence and ordered her into a sex offender program open to first-time offenders.


Lesbians Tend to Be Obese. Gay Men Tend to Be Toned. The Feds Have Paid Close to $3 Million Trying to Figure Out Why

Uncle Sam has been giving the National Institutes of Health millions of dollars to study how sexual minorities grapple with weight — “Why Lesbians Are Fat,” in blunt language — and the Washington Free Beacon’s Elizabeth Harrington has been tracking the project’s ballooning budget, from $1.5 million to $2.2 million to, as of her report Friday, $2.87 million.

What have taxpayers gotten for their money?

A handful of research papers delivering some small insights into homosexual health.

Gay and lesbian kids were up to 76 percent less likely than straight youth to play on a sports team, one paper reported, due largely to issues with “gender nonconformity and athletic self-esteem.”


Obama ISIS Strategy

Ruppersberger Defends Obama On ISIL 'Strategy'

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, on Sunday defended President Barack Obama’s much-criticized Thursday remark that when it comes to taking on the Islamic State extremist group in Syria, “We don’t have a strategy yet.”

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union,” the Maryland congressman said the Obama administration is working to develop a plan and that “when the time is right, we will do what we have to do.”

Ruppersberger said dealing with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, in Syria was very different than dealing with the group in Iraq, where “the government wants us to come in.” Syria, he said, has sophisticated air defense systems, and the United States has limited intelligence about potential targets in the war-ravaged country.


These Burglars Picked the Wrong Church to Rob Because the PASTOR WAS ARMED

When two copper thieves tried steal metal from the Greater Morning Star Baptist Church in New Orleans they got more than they bargained for as the pastor of the church was armed and in no mood to play games with thieves.

The pastor smashed one thief on the head and fired his weapon at the other. Naturally the police are now charging the pastor when all he was doing is rightfully defending his life and property.

A New Orleans pastor shot a burglar in the head Wednesday when two criminals reportedly tried to burglarize his church.

Pastor W.L.T. Littleton hit one suspect in the head and fired at another outside his Greater morning Star Baptist Church around 5 p.m., The Times-Picayune reports.

The investigation is ongoing, but according to church members, Littleton fired in self defense. Micquell Dillon, 25, said she heard eight gunshots, then saw Littleton in his Lincoln Navigator pursue two men in a pickup truck.

Police took possession of the bullet-riddled truck. It’s back window was shattered and there was a large dent in the truck bed, the Times reports. The wounded suspect, 50, was reported in stable condition at a nearby hospital. The other, 34, was arrested on charges of copper theft.


O’Malley Directs State-Run Jail To Cut Back On Immigrant Detentions

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has instructed a state-run jail in Baltimore to stop honoring federal requests to detain inmates beyond their scheduled release dates in order to explore potential immigration violations, unless there is probable cause that those who are being held have broken the law.

The new policy followed an opinion by the Maryland attorney general’s office that such detentions in local and state-run jails could be unconstitutional, in light of recent federal court rulings.

The decision, conveyed in a letter this week, was hailed Friday by immigrant-rights advocates, who said it should help scores of immigrants picked up for traffic violations or other minor infractions and then held for potential deportation.


Officials Say Illegals Enrolling in Local Schools are Older, Even With Gray Hair!

Now we have illegals in the 30s and 40s coming to the USA and enrolling in our local schools for Obama’s free education, so said a city mayor in Massachusetts.

The story comes from Lynn, Massachusetts mayor, Judith Flanagan Kennedy. She says that now that Obama has thrown open our borders and promised illegals all sorts of freebies, some of the “students” enrolling in her town schools are getting older and older.

The mayor of a city in Massachusetts has claimed that some illegal immigrants who have entered from Guatemala and are enrolled in public schools have greying hair and more wrinkles than her.

Judith Flanagan Kennedy, mayor of Lynn, said that many attending the schools are not children, but federal government will not allow officials to verify their ages.

One of the students was revealed to be 35 years old, while others are clearly much older than 21–the oldest at which you are entitled to attend public schools in Massachusetts–Ms Kennedy said.


Free Vascular Screenings for People 55+

The Guerrieri Heart & Vascular Institute at Peninsula Regional Medical Center will be sponsoring free vascular screenings for people 55 or older on Thursday, September 11, 2014. All screenings will be performed by Peninsula Regional medical professionals in the Medical Center’s Vascular Lab between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. A total of fourteen, 30 minute screenings sessions are available on a first come basis. Appointments are required.

The free screenings will include testing for carotid artery blockage, peripheral artery disease and also abdominal aortic aneurysm. The screening will be offered to individuals who exhibit at least three prominent risk factors or one symptom. Risk factors for vascular disease include smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, heart disease and a family history of vascular disease. Symptoms include leg pain when walking, numbness in the leg or foot, stroke-like symptoms (numbness, weakness, dizziness and difficulties with speech or vision), a family history of aneurysm and unexplained abdominal or back pain.

Those currently under a physician’s care for vascular or arterial health issues and those who have participated in this screening in the past are not eligible to participate.

If you are 55 or older, please call the Guerrieri Heart & Vascular Institute at 410-543-7123 to find out if you qualify for the free vascular screenings and to reserve a date and time.

Those who are unable to register for an appointment on this screening date may inquire about future screenings, which will be held the second Thursday of every other month at the Guerrieri Heart & Vascular Institute at Peninsula Regional Medical Center.

Militant Atheist Group Threatening To Sue School After Players Pray For Injured Teammate

The whiny atheists are at it again. The anti-Christian Freedom From Religion Foundation is pretending to be offended by a one-time occurrence of some teenage football players praying for their injured teammate.
According to Fox News,

The FFRF told the school district to “refrain from having a ‘volunteer team chaplain’ at Seminole High School.

The school district said the prayer was instigated by students and denied that a chaplain prayed with the team. School spokesman Mike Blasewitz told that the school doesn’t even have a team chaplain, contrary to the FFRF’s allegations.

If the FFRF goes ahead with a lawsuit against the school, they need to be called out as bullies. If they’re allowed to get away with it, they’ll succeed in attaching a stigma to Christianity as a bad thing, and eventually even things like mentioning a Bible verse or the name of God will be prohibited – with the exception of swearing, of course.


SFD Calls For Service 8-31-14

  • Sunday August, 31 2014 @ 23:11Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday August, 31 2014 @ 23:02Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday August, 31 2014 @ 23:02Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday August, 31 2014 @ 22:26Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday August, 31 2014 @ 22:04Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

When going to the movies used to be special

One of the things I miss about going to the movies are the theater palaces I went to. Places like the Loews Valencia in Queens and the Loews King in Brooklyn were magnificent spaces to watch a film. The atmosphere they brought made going to the movies a very special event.

From the smell of popcorn as soon as you walked into a great hall, to the ushers who showed you to your seat using a flashlight, and to the dramatic design on the walls and stage. Wow!

Those places are mostly gone now. Many of them have become churches and are touching lives in a different way.

What we’re left with (see below) are sterile multiplex theaters with absolutely no personality other than feeling like you’re sitting in a giant shoe box.


Labor Day, A Misnamed Holiday

No American holiday is as unusual as Labor Day. As legal holidays go,Labor Day isn’t very old. Whereas Washington’s Birthday (now Presidents Day), Independence Day, Thanksgiving and even Memorial Day (originally Decoration Day) go way back in history, Labor Day didn’t become a national holiday until 1895.

Another unusual aspect of Labor Day is that, for most Americans, it has acquired a meaning beyond that of an ordinary holiday. The first Monday in September has become the quasi-official end of summer and the beginning of fall. Before the 1890s, summer came to an end when the weather changed — sometimes as late as mid-October or even early November. Now most warm-weather institutions — community swimming pools, for example — end their season on Labor Day, no matter that the best summer weather may still be ahead. The day after Labor Day also used to signal the first day of the school year. Now many states open school doors in August.

The major proponent of Labor Day was Peter J. McGuire, whose name is not a household word, even in the homes of historians. The son of Irish immigrants, McGuire found his niche as a carpenter and became a leading force behind the trade’s unionization. It was a modest beginning on Aug. 8, 1881, when 36 delegates representing carpenters in 11 states came together to form the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. With McGuire as the principal administrator, the organization grew from a few members to 70,000 strong by century’s end.


California Teacher Keeps Job After Threatening to Stab and Shoot Students

Krisa Hodges, a teacher at Newark Memorial High School, not only exhibited disdain and hatred towards her students in her Twitter feed, which was brought to the attention of the school principal by a colleague, she also threatened to inflict physical harm upon them.Mercury News captured some of this teacher’ tweets prior to her account being deleted.

In one other tweet that Mrs. Hodges sent out that did not get screen captured, she said why she desperately needed Starbucks while referring to her students as a**holes. She tweeted, ““I am getting Starbucks for sure before school tomorrow. That way I’ll be refreshed AND have something to dump on the little a-holes.”

After an investigation, Hodges received a written reprimand, a disciplinary action that angered some parents who viewed it as not severe enough.


Peninsula Regional Medical Center Named 2014 Most Wired Hospital

Peninsula Regional Medical Center has been recognized for a fifth consecutive year as one of the Nation’s Most Wired hospitals, according to the results of the 2014 Most Wired Survey released in the July issue of the American Hospital Association’s Hospitals & Health Networks magazine. PRMC has been honored by the magazine with a Most Wired Award or Most Improved Hospital Award seven times in the 16 years of the survey.

Peninsula Regional was one of 375 United States hospitals to earn the 2014 distinction, and joins Nemours Hospitals in Wilmington, Delaware as the only recipients on the Delmarva Peninsula. Just six Maryland hospitals were presented with the honor this year.

PRMC was recognized for the acquisition, deployment, effective and often innovative use of information technology as a foundational element in the delivery of high quality and safe care to its patients. Those include statewide electronic initiatives to share health information and best practice solutions, using information technology ─ like PRMC’s Modified Early Warning System ─ to assess patient conditions, using a computerized medication entry and patient order system by physicians to reduce errors, and securely linking patients and providers with medical histories and medication records using online services like PRMC’s


Kraft American Singles Recalled

7,691 cases of four varieties on two "Best When Used By" dates included in the recall

NORTHFIELD, Ill. – August 29, 2014 – Kraft Foods Group is voluntarily recalling 7,691 cases of select varieties of regular Kraft American Singles Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product. A supplier did not store an ingredient used in this product in accordance with Kraft’s temperature standards. While unlikely, this could create conditions that could lead to premature spoilage and/or food borne illness; therefore, the company is issuing the recall as a precaution. Kraft has had no consumer illness complaints for this product associated with this recall. The affected product is limited to four varieties with "Best When Used By" dates of February 20, 2015, and February 21, 2015.

The affected product was shipped to customers across the United States. It was not distributed outside of the United States.


The Left’s Ridiculous Burger King Freakout

Burger King plans to merge with Canuck coffee-and-doughnut chain Tim Hortons and base the company’s headquarters in Canada, where it will enjoy the kind of reasonable corporate tax structure that Democrats continue to obstruct here in the United States. And the move has provoked a fresh round of moral panic, faux patriotism and confusion.

It’s doubtful, despite much wishful thinking, that there will be much of a real backlash. Nor should there be. Most obviously, the majority of fast-food customers are probably less inclined than the petitioners of to mistake high tax rates for patriotism. This kind of distorted understanding of national loyalty may work in populist politics, but not so much in markets. Few reasonable humans will meditate on Burger King’s corporate tax “inversion” — or even its Brazilian owners — as they wait for the frozen french fries to be dropped into the deep-fryer.

The four best-selling cars in America so far in 2014 are the Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, Honda Accord and Toyota Corolla. One of the best-selling cellphone brands is South Korean. And so on. Does a Whopper taste like a Whopper? That’s all that matters. And it’s all that should. Nothing really changes for the consumer.

Even among those who do pay attention, there will very likely be many who don’t believe that the purpose of a business is to placate the Obama administration or generate more revenue for government. The executive’s charge is to grow and sustain a healthy business, which this deal almost unquestionably does. Stockholders? According to TheStreet, the Brazilian equity firm that controls the company may make more in one day with the acquisition of Tim Hortons than it paid Goldman Sachs (and others) for Burger King four years ago. Sounds like a sweet deal.


Some Pooh-Pooh Hershey's New Logo


Hershey Co. unveiled new corporate branding Friday, including a new logo with a Hershey's kiss that was unpoopular with many Internet commenters.

Hershey dropped the "'S" on its name, going for a more streamlined "Hershey." It also dropped the silver foil wrapper from its iconic Hershey's Kiss.

And that's what raised the stink.

"The new #hershey logo looks remarkably like the poo emoji. Seems someone should have caught this earlier. #branding," said one tweet by @carryoncarrie


US Owes China

Only 28 Percent of ALS Ice Bucket Donations Used For Research

The "ice bucket challenge" to raise support for ALS research has gone viral in recent weeks, drawing celebrities, everyday people and even cartoon character Homer Simpson. But critics are now saying only a fraction of the money raised is actually going toward research.

The ALS Association was founded in 1985 to find a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as "Lou Gehrig’s Disease." So far, almost $100 million has been raised through the ice bucket challenge.

But critics point to a pie chart on the ALS Association's own website that breaks down how it spends the money it receives. According to the chart, 28 percent is spent on research.


Woman working 4 jobs to make ends meet dies while napping in car between shifts

A New Jersey woman who worked four jobs, who sometimes “wouldn’t sleep for five days,” according to a co-worker, died Monday while napping between shifts in her car on the side of the road.

Maria Fernandes died in her 2001 Kia Sportage after inhaling carbon monoxide and fumes from an overturned gas container she kept in the car, according to the New York Daily News.

The 32-year-old Newark woman pulled into a WAWA convenience store lot in Elizabeth, New Jersey for a nap early Monday. She left the car running. The carbon monoxide and gasoline fumes were the likely cause of death, authorities said.


Salisbury News Delivers Investigative Reporting On HOW YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE SPENT: Part 21

We will deliver this weeks information tomorrow at 9:00 AM.

MSP Press Release 9-1-14 (Berlin Barrack)

Case #:  14-MSP-028246      

Date: 8-31-14

Time: 1746
Location:  10320 Dinges Road, Berlin, Maryland 21811     

Crime: Burglary, Assault, Trespassing, MDOP
Accused:  Alonzo Antonio Baines (4-19-68)
Narrative:  On 8-31-14 at 1746 hours, the Maryland State Police Berlin Barrack responded to 10320 Dinges Road, Berlin, Maryland for a report of a domestic assault.  Investigation revealed that Alonzo Baines, forcibility entered the residence at 10320 Dinges Road without invitation, and against a “Do Not Trespass Order” which was issued by the Maryland State Police on 8/15/2014.  After entering the residence unlawfully, Baines proceeded to assault his ex-girlfriend and destroy property.  Baines was arrested by Maryland State Police shortly after the complaint was made.  The victim suffered minor injuries and did not require medical attention.  Baines has been charged with Burglary 1st & 3rd, Trespassing, and Assault 2nd. 

Disposition:  Held Worcester County Jail $10,000 Bond
Investigating Trooper(s):  Tpr. Moore #5995

A Gunman Would Be Stopped in His Tracks by This Teacher’s Simple Invention

After the massacre at Sandy Hook, seventh-grade teacher Celisa Edwards began obsessing over how to keep her students safe.Now she’s created a safety tool to stop them from getting in.
“I tossed and turned night after night and it came to my mind. It’s simple,” she said. “Just make it so they can’t get in.”

Edwards designed the Portable Affordable Lockdown System, also known as PALS. Running for about $70, it’s a steel rope encased in plastic that can be placed on a door handle and latched to the eye bolt of a classroom wall, according to WGCL.

She said it’s possible for school staff to secure a door in just seconds to keep an intruder from entering.

“I want this to be in every single school or classroom in America because it’s the only thing that’s quick and easy,” Edwards told the Gwinnett Daily Post. “Is it bulletproof? I don’t know. I know it’s better than a file cabinet and a desk. It’s better than putting myself and my children at risk.”