Sunday, February 07, 2016

I Had A Dream...

Stolen Car in Salisbury

Please be aware that 427 Pinehurst was broken into this morning between 8am and 9am and their keys in the house were taken and their car was stolen. It is a white Kia Soul. Please contact SBY police dept of you might have seen anything this morning. (410) 548-3165

(Above is a photo of a vehicle similar to the one stolen this morning.)

The Classiest Debate Moment That No-One Noticed – Never Leave A Good Man Down…

Few people will talk about this, and fewer will even want to acknowledge it, but what Donald Trump did before the debate even began shows the measure of a real man’s worth.

At the beginning of the ABC debate, each of the candidates were being introduced in a specific order. The first name called to the stage was Chris Christie. The applause was loud and lingered through the time when Martha Raddatz called the second candidate Ben Carson.

Dr. Carson did not hear his name called (easy to understand why when you listen to the video) and stood in the entry-way. The moderators, with their backs to the candidates, didn’t notice his absence and called the third name on the list, Ted Cruz.

Ted walked past Dr. Carson and onto the stage. Carson remained in the awkward, and embarrassing position, ‘no-mans-land’, on-camera but out of sight of the live audience.

What happened next shows the remarkable character of Donald Trump.

The fourth name called was Donald Trump, but by then the back-stage crew and candidates were aware of Dr. Carsons’ position. Trump slowly approached, and then realized the embarrassing position of a fellow candidate hanging in the wind.

Trump showed his leadership by standing right next to his friend, and not walking onto the stage.


SPD Press Release 2-7-16 - (Home Invasion Investigation)

SPD Press Release 2-7-16 - (Pedestrian Hit and Run Investigation)

A Viewer Said...

"I think most viewers are OK with the idea that the professional weather forecaster is going to be wrong about  two thirds of the time based on the limitation of the technology their disposal"

Would you agree with that?

Publishers Notes: I explained to this viewer, (who does not have children) that there are tens of thousands of people out there that absolutely depend on an accurate forecast, especially parents. 

When a weatherman states there will be a light dusting on the grass but nothing on the roads, parents can easily believe there will be school tomorrow. There's no need to make contact with someone to take care of the kids.

The next morning, (5 AM) you get a robocall from the school stating they are closed. Now you are pissed, your boss is pissed because you have to stay home. Businesses depend on these forecasts. 

We called out WBOC because, (like you) we're tired of these ridiculous screw ups every single year. Last year we had an almost blizzard, (by eastern shore standards) and even SBYNews called it while WBOC said, (once again) there'd be a light dusting. We have NO experience at this kind of stuff but when push comes to shove, SBYNews is more accurate?

On the day that the snow DID stick to the roads and Dan said it wouldn't, they admitted on each broadcast that "social media" was cracking on Dan, meaning Salisbury News. They all tried to make a JOKE out of Dan's screw up but I'm sure many of our readers picked up on what they were doing and got a laugh out of seeing their tails between their legs. Brian said, well you can't get it right all the time. OH YES YOU CAN, especially the day it IS snowing and you people are still saying it's not going to stick to the roads. 

By the way, is everyone now noticing the repeat commercials on WBOC, (filler commercials). Now they're advertising for sales positions to sell commercial space. Helicopter is gone, new faces on a regular basis. The ship is sinking and I'm not so sure they're going to recover this time. Businesses are sick of spending thousands of dollars on commercials that people are muting or fast forwarding through.

Salisbury City Council Meeting Agenda & Packet - Monday, February 8, 2016

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Do you agree or disagree 
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Fun Question Of The Day 2-1-16

LaVoy Finicum takedown - shot by shot

WARNING: This video is graphic


There are 3 videos below . Click the title above if they fail to load.

BREAKING NOW. ..Rolling out..
Posted by Lee Arthur Rice II on Sunday, January 31, 2016

BREAKING NOW...More military assets...a sign of peaceful resolve. ...RIGHT????
Posted by Lee Arthur Rice II on Sunday, January 31, 2016

BREAKING NOW....Straight talk...the Truth...
Posted by Lee Arthur Rice II on Sunday, January 31, 2016

Should Wicomico farmers give up raising chickens and just sell food at farmers' markets?

Marc Kilmer, Wicomico County Council
Should Wicomico farmers give up raising chickens and just sell food at farmers' markets? That's what someone suggested last night during our council meeting. There was a group of citizens at our public comments section raising concerns about chicken houses being built on West Road. These residents have legitimate issues, and the council is working to update our zoning laws. But there is also another group using this matter to advance an agenda that involves ending large-scale poultry operations here. People last night said they like family farms, but when a family farmer spoke up to explain the realities of his poultry operation, he was heckled. As I said last night, the council has to find a way to address the legitimate concerns of people who live next to chicken houses, but our laws must allow farming to remain viable here. I'm fine with farmers raising food for the farmers' market, but that type of farming is simply not going to provide the economic activity to our area that poultry farming does. I think that's a reality that most people in Wicomico County understand.

Wicomico, Worcester, Somerset & Delmar Schools Closed Today 2-5-16

Question Of The Day

Today's Poll Question 2-6-16

Do you think women 
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BREAKING NEWS; Bishopville Accident With Two Fatalities

Bishopville fire/EMS responding to Rt. 113 and Bishopville Road. 
Serious motor vehicle accident with intrapment involving a propane tanker. Reported confirmed fatality. Hazmat requested for a propane leak. Now advising 2 fatalities.


Critics say school program promotes segregation

A ‘blacks only’ dorm for 40 African-American students is being enacted at the University of Connecticut.

The dorm, which opens this fall, is supposedly intended to help the school pool resources for an African-American student program called the ScHOLA2RS House, but critics blasted the housing plan for promoting segregation.

“Forget about this nonsense and just treat students without regard to skin color,” Roger Clegg, president of the Center for Equal Opportunity, said. “If there are students of color who are at risk or who could use some access to special programs, that’s fine, but schools shouldn’t be using race as a proxy for who’s at risk and who’s going to have a hard time as a student.”


Cruz to Supporters: Pray 'That We Might Pull Back From The Abyss’

( – Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) asked supporters at a rally in Iowa City, Iowa on Sunday to “pray every day until election day,” asking God to “awaken the body of Christ that we might pull back from the abyss.”

“The third and final thing I want to ask of each of you is that you pray,” Cruz said as he concluded his remarks. “That you commit today every day from now to election day to lift this country up in prayer."

“To spend even just one minute a day saying, ‘Father God, please, continue this awakening. Continue this spirit of revival. Awaken the body of Christ that we might pull back from the abyss,’” Cruz said.

More here

Maryland chicken farmers seek relief from new manure rules

ANNAPOLIS | Small Maryland farms are pleading for relief from the state’s new chicken-poop regulations, saying it’s too much of a burden for them to have to store and dispose of excess waste.

The farmers are chafing against Gov. Larry Hogan’s rules, imposed last year, to cut phosphorous runoff into the Chesapeake Bay. The manure from chicken operations is a major source of that runoff, but small contract farms say they can’t handle the burden and are asking the costs be foisted onto someone else.

Carole Morison, a chicken farmer from Pocomoke, was under contract with Perdue Farms for 23 years. During that time, all the chickens she raised on her farm came from Perdue, but the company did not pitch in to get rid excess waste.


Deadly Batch Of Heroin Laced With Painkiller Hitting Md. Streets

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A dramatic surge in heroin deaths is happening across the country. Health officials warn it’s because of a lethal new trend–spiking heroin with powerful painkillers.

Dozens of Marylanders have already died.

Christie Ileto has more on the deadly drug mixture.

Health officials say that combination is deadly. And it’s not just happening in one part of Maryland, but across the state.

State health officials say a deadly batch of heroin is hitting Maryland streets. The already potent drug is now being laced with fentanyl–a powerful painkiller.


DC bill would pay people stipends not to commit crimes

WASHINGTON (AP) — They say crime doesn't pay, but that might not be entirely true in the District of Columbia as lawmakers look for ways to discourage people from becoming repeat offenders.

The D.C. Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a bill that includes a proposal to pay residents a stipend not to commit crimes. It's based on a program in Richmond, California, that advocates say has contributed to deep reductions in crime there.

Under the bill, city officials would identify up to 200 people a year who are considered at risk of either committing or becoming victims of violent crime. Those people would be directed to participate in behavioral therapy and other programs. If they fulfill those obligations and stay out of trouble, they would be paid.

The bill doesn't specify the value of the stipends, but participants in the California program receive up to $9,000 per year.


NBC Comedy Suggests Jesus Was Gay -- Would They Dare Say It About Muhammad?

Wow. NBC went there. The freshman comedy Superstore went out of its way to offend Christians by having characters opine on Jesus’ beliefs about gays – including suggesting that Jesus Himself was gay! 

To set the scene, in the episode “Wedding Day Sale,” Glenn, the religious store manager, enlists the help of Mateo, a gay employee, in creating a special gay wedding section. 

Glenn explains, “I just want everyone who comes into this store to feel accepted,” which is a fine sentiment and a great way for a manager to treat his customers. But it leads to this discussion about Jesus being pro-gay marriage, pro-gay adoption, and maybe was even gay himself – a statement that FINALLY makes Glenn uncomfortable. 

Today's Poll Question 2-3-16

Should Movies 
With Smoking Scenes 
Be Rated 'R'

Salisbury’s Best-in-Maryland Drinking Water to Compete for National Title

Salisbury – Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce that the City’s drinking water, which was awarded Best Tasting Water in Maryland by the Maryland Rural Water Association, will compete for the title of Best Tasting Water in America at the National Rural Water Association’s “Great American Water Taste Test” competition on February 10th, in Washington, D.C.

Every year, state affiliates of the National Rural Water Association hold local contests to select a state-level winner. A gallon of each state’s winning water is then sent for judging as part of the NRWA’s annual Rural Water Rally. A round of tasting is held, and a panel of judges selects five finalists. The final five samples are judged by a V.I.P panel at the Rural Water Luncheon on the final day of the rally. Entries are judged on clarity, bouquet, and taste.

Salisbury’s water brought home the Best in Maryland trophy last May. Judges for the “Toasting the Tap” competition evaluated samples from around the state, grading each on taste, appearance, and odor. Salisbury’s winning sample was collected from the Paleo Water Treatment Plant on Scenic Drive.

Salisbury has 11 wells which draw from the shallow unconfined Coastal Plain aquifer. The City’s water treatment process includes aeration, pre-chlorination, filtration, iron removal, disinfection, corrosion control, and fluoride addition. Last year the City produced over 2 billion gallons of clean, drinkable, delicious water.

2015 marks the third time Salisbury’s water has been recognized as the Best in Maryland, having previously taken the trophy in both 2008 and 2009.

Trump Says Cruz 'Stole Iowa,' Calls for Caucus Results to Be 'Nullified'

 Donald Trump unleashed a flurry of tweets this morning accusing Sen. Ted Cruz of committing voter fraud in Iowa.

Trump called for a new election to be held and for Tuesday's votes for Cruz to be "nullified."

Ben Carson's campaign slammed Cruz after the caucus, accusing them of spreading a false rumor to caucus-goers that Carson would be dropping out of the race.

Carson said on Fox and Friends yesterday that his wife was at a caucus precinct where this went on.


Only On The Shore

Do You Get It?

If You Thought Crime Was Bad In The Past...

You can now expect crime to skyrocket. A hit of heroine had been $5.00 but that has changed. That same hit is now $20.00. The dealers suckered all their customers into a cheap high and now that they are addicted they raised the price. 

Now these addicts will have to steal 4 times what they used to. Quite frankly you should expect crime to not only go up, it's going to become far more dangerous. 

You just call Fox News for another interview Sheriff Lewis and keep those dealers pumping everyone up with this crap. In the mean time we'll buy more locks and guns to protect ourselves.

I can remember a day when the Sheriff said, no one wants to deal drugs in his County because he was so tough on crime. 

Lock and Load Ladies & Gentlemen.

A Viewer Writes: Overdoses

3rd or 4th call for an overdose I have heard today........just today.......since about 9:45am

What's With These Commercials Being Repeated Over and Over Again On WBOC

When you can't sell local commercials on local television, stations fall back on national ads that pay far less then what they sell you on a local level. This is why you are seeing so many commercials of the protective pads, (just like Grandma used to have) for your dining room tables. 

Another thing you should take notice of is the REPEATS of local commercials over and over again. Once again, they repeat because those time slots have not been filled/sold and they get major discounts for ads that run at random. Those random ads fill in for slots that have not been sold. 

So what does this tell you. Well, it tells you that your local stations are failing to sell new ads because advertisers are starting to realize people are either muting these commercials or they are fast forwarding them and they are not getting the return on their money like they used to. 

You might also notice how many FILLER commercials WBOC is running for their new radio station. You know darn well they wouldn't be filling in their prime time commercials that can be sold for actual money verses running their own promotions and I think you'll agree with me, there's a LOT of them. 

I called a local Car Dealer and asked WHY these type of businesses run so many ads when you know people aren't watching their commercials. Their response was, we don't do it any more unless we're running a special sale. They went on to say, you are right, advertising ON LINE gives us a far better return.

When I had retail businesses in the past and I ran commercials, we always went for the filler spots because they were not only a lot less money. In many cases we'd end up on a Redskins game or an Orioles game where they hadn't sold the slot. If you paid for that spot it would cost you a small fortune. 

On January 1st 2016 we shared with all of you our traffic. Love me or hate me, we deliver more local on line traffic then anyone else out there. We also deliver far more news and information each and every day. Considering our ads are only $100.00 a month, the word is quickly spreading and businesses are doing far more research and changing the way they advertise. 

And what do you have to lose, ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Try us, I think you'll like us very much.

Survey: 1 in 4 Federal Employees Say They Will Consider Quitting If Trump Elected

One in four federal employees say they would consider leaving their jobs if GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is elected president, according to a new survey.

The trade publication Government Executive reports that a survey of federal employees found that 14 percent said they would consider leaving the federal service if Trump were elected. Another 11 percent said “maybe.”

Democrats and Democrat-leaners were more likely to say they would bail on their job if Trump were elected — 26 percent of whom said they would definitely leave compared to 4 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaners. Another 16 percent of Democrats and Democrat-leaners said they would “maybe” leave compared to 4 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaners.

Just 48 percent of Democrats and Democrat-leaners said they would definitely remain in government if Trump were elected. Eighty-nine percent of Republicans and Republican-leaners said they would stay if Trump were elected.


Congressman Cummings Has Hours To Decide Whether To Run For Senate

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Will he or won’t he? A high stakes political waiting game is underway involving whether Congressman Elijah Cummings will give up his Congressional seat to run for Senate. He’s got just 48 hours to make up his mind.

Meghan McCorkell has more as the deadline looms.

We spoke with Congressman Cummings’ spokesperson, who says he will file before the Wednesday deadline but won’t say what he’s filing for.

A Congressman for 20 years, Cummings is often in the national spotlight and is the ranking member on the House Oversight Committee.

“Government is about the business of serving people and helping them live better lives, not hurting them,” Cummings said.


Groundhog Day 2016

No Shadow, Early Spring.

Do you buy it?

‎BREAKING‬: Sen. Ted Cruz has won the GOP Iowa Caucuses.

Click to enlarge

BREAKING NEWS: Martin O'Malley to announce he's suspending presidential campaign

Martin O'Malley, the two-term governor of Maryland whose presidential campaign has struggled to gain traction, will announce Monday night that he is suspending his campaign.

Multiple sources close to O'Malley's campaign said the Democrat will make the announcement at around 10:30 p.m. Eastern time.

The announcement comes after O'Malley barely registered in the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses, failing to meet the low expectations set by polling in the weeks before the contest. The Democrat did not receive the 15 percent threshold of caucus goers needed to be considered viable in many precincts.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Mike Huckabee has also suspended his 2016 presidential campaign.

SPD Press Release 2-1-16 (Assault Investigation/Arrests)

A Viewer Writes: Keenwick On The Bay: UPDATE

I just heard on my scanner of a structure fire in Keenwick On The Bay off Rt. 54. They called into Ocean City asking for support with Ocean City's fire boat. Response back was fire boat is unavailable.

When 'Free' Windows 10 Becomes Expensive, You Should Fear This

Here is a date which should worry you: July 29th 2016. This is the date Microsoft MSFT +6.33% will start charging for Windows 10. Here is another date which should worry you more: July 17th, 2017. Why? Because it just made July 29th, 2016 one heck of a lot worse…

July 17th, 2017 is at the heart of perhaps Microsoft’s most disingenuous attempt yet to force users onto Windows 10. It has tried numerous tricks like automatically downloading Windows 10 on your computer and placing it in a secret folder (even if you declined the upgrade), and gradually reducing the ease of saying no with malware-like pop up choices such as ‘upgrade now’ or ‘upgrade tonight’ (see below).


An Ex-Governor Sits, Alone and Unrecognized, at Gate C5 of Des Moines Airport

Martin O’Malley sat by himself Thursday at Gate C5 in the Des Moines International airport, rather hunched over.

His entourage, a single aide, had walked away and everyone waiting for the flight to Chicago ignored the former governor of Maryland who’s running to become the next U.S. president.

Maybe they didn’t pay attention to him because he wasn’t as striking at 8 a.m. as he is on TV, when his hair is combed just right, he is wearing a flashy necktie, and he looks perfectly tanned. Or maybe it is because his campaign is flagging. He is polling at just 3% of likely voters in Iowa, according to the most recent NBC/WSJ/Marist poll.

Maybe people just didn’t recognize him.


Everyone Was A Winner In Iowa, Except The Losers

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Twitter Wipes Out More Than 100K Accounts Linked To ISIS

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Twitter going to war against ISIS. Terrorists are using the social media site to recruit and inspire potential attackers. Now the company is cracking down, wiping out thousands of accounts linked to ISIS.

Rick Ritter has more on the efforts to step up security.

More than 100,000 accounts–all suspended–after pressure from both the White House and governments nationwide.

They’ve flooded the web with their heinous acts of terrorism, now ISIS takes a major hit on social media.

On Friday, Twitter suspended at least 125,000 accounts related to the terrorist group–all of these in the last few months.


Insiders Predicted That Bernie Sanders Would Be No Threat to Hillary Clinton

The stunning virtual tie between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in Iowa came after months of mainstream media pundits and leaders of the political establishment confidently predicting that Sanders would be no match for Clinton’s electoral machine there — or anywhere, for that matter.

“For now, Hillary Clinton has nothing to worry about as she prepares for the Iowa caucuses,” Bloomberg political reporter John McCormick wrote last May. “Despite a wave of influence-peddling allegations involving her family’s foundation, her prospects for winning the first-in-the-nation presidential contest remain undamaged.” McCormick cited a Quinnipiac poll showing Clinton capturing 60 percent of the vote in Iowa to Sanders’ 15.

Quinnipiac promoted this poll as definitive in the race. “One thing is obvious about Iowa Democratic Caucus participants: They are loyal as the day is long, at least when it comes to Hillary Clinton,” said Peter A. Brown, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. “There is no candidate who appears to have the political and financial resources at this time to successfully take her on.”


Bill Would Require Courts To Tell Abusers To Give Up Guns

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Judges would be required to inform domestic violence abusers they are prohibited from possessing firearms, under a measure coming before Maryland lawmakers.

The bill would require courts to order people convicted of a domestic related crime punishable as a misdemeanor to transfer all firearms in his or her possession to a federally licensed firearms dealer. While Maryland law currently prohibits firearm possession by a person convicted of a crime of violence, abusers often aren’t ordered to do so, and may not follow through on their own.

More than a dozen states have strengthened laws to keep firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers in the last two years. It has been a rare area of consensus in the nation’s debate over gun rights. Lawmakers and governors of both parties have supported bills stripping gun rights from those convicted of domestic violence-related crimes or who are subject to protective orders.


"Gotta Cover our ass." - Connecticut State Police

Refresh of Fager’s Island finished, will open Feb. 11

It’s unusual, and a little unnerving, to see Fager’s Island on 60th Street completely deserted.

Since Jan. 3, the Ocean City landmark has been closed to undergo what owner John Fager calls “an interior refresh.”

Functionally, it means fresh coats of paint, new flooring, a revamped VIP area, a new main bar and some upgrades to the outdoor bars; but to the casual observer not many of the changes will be obvious.

“This is the longest we’ve been closed in 40 years,” Fager said. “It was time for some upgrades.”

The main bar has been pushed out six inches, which provides a surprising amount of space for bartenders, and is awaiting a new bar top. The floor under the bar has been completely replaced, owing to decades of drips, drops and spills. The bar fixtures are all cantilevered, which means no legs on sinks or basins eating up space or tripping up bartenders. The lines servicing the taps and dispensers are now moved inside the bar itself to save space.


A Stunning Announcement Was Just Made About Fox News That Will Enrage The Liberal Media

After several days in the vortex of political passions stirred up by the feud between Fox News and Donald Trump, the former will finally have something a lot less controversial to talk about.

When the January ratings are released Wednesday, Fox News is expected to be the number one cable network in America for the 14th straight year, Adweek has reported. Fox News, launched in 1996, has been on top since January 2002, the first time it surpassed CNN.

In light of the achievement, Adweek released a snippet of an interview it had in November with Fox News CEO & Chairman Roger Ailes, in which he reminisced about a phone call from News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch that led to the founding of the channel.


County, resort hoping for recycling law relief

Ocean City’s discontinuation of its recycling program in 2009 to save millions in equipment and collections costs, could open some special events organizers to fines of $50 a day, unless Worcester County and Ocean City are exempted from a state recycling mandate passed in 2014.

Now working its way through the General Assembly are cross-filed bills from Sen. Jim Mathias, Delegates Mary Beth Carozza and Charles Otto that would relieve the county — and through it, Ocean City — from that obligation.

The measures would allow Worcester County to be exempted from statewide mandates to provide dedicated recycling containers and collections for special events held on public property.

The county commissioners voted unanimously on Tuesday to send a letter of support to Mathias, Carozza and Otto along with a suggested amendment further exonerating the county from the recycling plan.


Chinese Defector Reveals, Beijing’s Secrets

U.S. intelligence is debriefing brother of former presidential aide, translating documents

defector from China has revealed some of the innermost secrets of the Chinese government and military, including details of its nuclear command and control system, according to American intelligence officials.

Businessman Ling Wancheng disappeared from public view in California last year shortly after his brother, Ling Jihua, a former high-ranking official in the Communist Party, was arrested in China on corruption charges.

Ling Wancheng, the defector, has been undergoing a debrief by FBI, CIA, and other intelligence officials since last fall at a secret location in the United States, said officials familiar with details of the defection who spoke on condition of anonymity. The defector is said to be a target of covert Chinese agents seeking to capture or kill him.

Among the information disclosed by Ling are details about the procedures used by Chinese leaders on the use of nuclear weapons, such as the steps taken in preparing nuclear forces for attack and release codes for nuclear arms.

Other secrets revealed included details about the Chinese leadership and its facilities, including the compound in Beijing known as Zhongnanhai. That information is said to be valuable for U.S. electronic spies, specifically for cyber intelligence operations targeting the secretive Chinese leadership.


Homeless Vet Forced From Shelter And Freezes To Death… Just Across Town ‘Refugees’ Get Free Housing And Food

Liberals have created a situation that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. Refugees who are flooding into host nations at an unprecedented rate are demanding housing, food and free education all while increasing the crime rate and refusing to follow the laws.

If this isn't bad enough homeless veterans who have sacrificed their lives and mental health are cast out onto the streets. Where are their advocates? Liberals don't seem too concerned with the military and the men and women who serve them and have shown utter contempt towards them time and again.


Documents Reveal Obama Deliberately Kept Congress in Dark Over Debt Ceiling Plans

The Obama administration deliberately withheld information and kept Congress in the dark on how it was going to prioritize payments if the debt ceiling was not raised, according documents subpoenaed by the House Financial Services Committee.

The documents reveal that the Obama administration directed the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to prioritize Social Security, veterans’ benefits, and principal and interest payments on the debt over other government obligations in the event that the debt ceiling was not raised.

While the administration was directing the New York Fed to prioritize payments, officials were telling the American people that prioritizing payments was “unworkable” and that they never made a decision to do so.

The Obama administration directed the New York Fed to keep the plan to prioritize payments a secret so that it would “maximize pressure on Congress” in order to support its “no negotiation” position on raising the debt ceiling.

The New York Fed objected to keeping the public in the dark and encouraged the Treasury to reveal their secret plan in order to prepare financial markets for a debt ceiling event. The Federal Bank of New York called the Treasury’s approach to this situation as “crazy, counter-productive, and adding risk to an already risky situation.”

“Rather than choosing the responsible course of action advocated by the Federal Reserve to ensure that the private sector was as prepared as possible for a debt ceiling event, Treasury opted instead to conceal its contingency planning from Congress and the public to advance the Administration’s political ends,” the committee wrote.

More here

Local lawmakers weigh in on state agenda, FY’17 budget

With the introduction of the Gov. Larry Hogan’s budget and the first hearing on a proposal that would pave the way for the eventual construction of a third crossing of the Chesapeake Bay, the local shore delegation seems to have picked its issues for the first part of the session.

The governor’s budget, which must be submitted by the third Wednesday in January, proposes a $42.3 billion spending plan with a projected $449.5 million left in the reserves at the end of the year.

“My take on the budget is it’s building from last year. It’s a continuation of funding our priorities, with education at the top of the list,” Del. Mary Beth Carozza (R-38C) said.

According to Carozza, the governor set aside $6.3 billion for K-12 education, which, she said, is an increase of about $140 million from last year.

Unfortunately, for Worcester County, that money won’t be flowing into public schools here. School Superintendent Dr. Jerry Wilson said under the spending plan and due to the nuanced nature of funding Worcester schools, the local district will actually see a minor budget decrease.


Police kill transgender man who gained viral fame last year with service dog

Arizona police shot and killed a transgender man who gained viral fame last year after uploading a video showing his service dog calming him during a meltdown.

The 24-year-old, who had Asperger’s syndrome, was legally known as Danielle Jacobs, but identified as Kayden Clarke and hoped to transition from female to male, friends told the Arizona Republic. Police were at his home Thursday morning after being alerted to a suicidal email he had sent out,according to the Associated Press.

A pair of officers tried to talk to Clarke through an open doorway as a third officer retrieved a “less-than-lethal option,” a Mesa police spokesman said Friday, according to video uploaded by the Republic. Clarke came to the door with a large kitchen knife in hand, said the spokesman, who referred to Clarke as a woman.


Bipartisan Support Builds for Occupational Licensing Reform

Senators on both sides of the aisle touted the benefits of reforming occupational licensing requirements at a Senate Judiciary hearing on Tuesday, saying the requirements kill jobs, increase income inequality, and reduce choice and innovation for consumers.

The number of occupations affected by licensing has increased over time, leading some to question whether certain jobs should be held to these restrictions.

“There are head-scratching examples of requiring licensure without an obvious reason,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D., Minn.) said. “Someone should not have to pay fees and pass a multiple-choice test to become a tour guide. Similarly, although hair braiders neither cut hair nor use chemicals, many states require them to obtain a cosmetology license.”

Research from the Institute for Justice found that in the 1950s only 5 percent of the workforce was required to obtain a license. Today, that portion has grown to 20 percent.

Sen. Mike Lee (R., Utah) said that there are a growing number of cases where licensing regulations have been expanded so far that they harm competition, leaving consumers with higher prices and less choice.

More here

NOAA study suggests rapid rise in ocean temps

Fish that were down there, may be coming up here and fish that were here, may be going up there. That, at least, is what some scientists are saying is a symptom of a new finding by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: ocean temperatures along the East Coast may be warming more quickly and severely than previously predicted.

In addition to the scientific studies supporting that conclusion, fish and other sea life appear to be moving north with the temperature shift.

The findings, published in a Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans article on Jan. 8., indicate water temperatures in the U.S. Northeast Shelf will increase at double the previously conjectured rate and three times the global average.

The Northeast Shelf is the designation of the large marine ecosystem that extends from the Gulf of Maine to Cape Hatteras and contains a mix of temperate waters and warm eddies spinning off the Gulf Stream.


Heroin: Blame It On America

Any politician who claims to care about the drug overdose deaths sweeping the nation, but does not demand that we build a wall, deport illegal aliens and end the anchor baby scam, is a liar.

In 2014, more people died from drug overdoses than any year in U.S. history: 47,055. That's more than die in car accidents -- and it's not even close.

This is a huge, horrible problem -- and it's a problem caused entirely by the fact that Mexico is on our southern border.

The diverse, hardworking people of Mexico manufacture the majority of heroin in the U.S. and import "nearly all" of it, according to a 2014 Washington Post report.

The media and political class respond to this fact by asking themselves: How do we blame this on Americans -- preferably white males?

Even as Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the head of Mexico's largest drug cartel, is all over the news boasting, "I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world" (The New York Times, Jan. 10, 2016), we're informed, Hey, don't blame Mexicans! It's America's appetite for drugs that's driving the narcotics trade!

Mexicans aren't at fault for dumping these poisons on our country because ... it's the 14-year-old American kid's fault for getting addicted! Hucksters of cigarettes, subprime mortgages and fake weight loss pills should try that argument. We're just selling what Americans are buying!


Boy, 8, with gun tries to rob West Palm Beach grocery store

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. —The state announced Friday that it will not pursue charges against an 8-year-old boy who tried to rob grocery store with handgun.

The incident happened Wednesday night at the King Foods in the 1000 block of 36th Street in West Palm Beach.

The attempted robbery was captured on the store's surveillance cameras.

The boy is seen walking into the store wearing a bike helmet and baggy clothes.

He walked down an aisle, then to a checkout register.