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Monday, July 24, 2017

Wisconsin robbers facing murder charges after heist death

Two men accused of robbing a Wisconsin fast-food restaurant are facing murder charges after a bystander suffered a fatal heart attack during the incident.

The charges against the alleged robbers, Xavier Fleming, 25, and Nicholas Ivy, 32, were included in court documents filed in Dane County Circuit Court, Wisconsin, on Monday.

Documents claim the two men continued with the heist after 56-year-old contractor Christ Kneubuehl collapsed as a result of a 'medical emergency' after being forced to help them open the safe inside a Madison Culver's store in the early hours of June 27, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

Kneubuehl was in the restaurant with his crew at the time. Members of his crew told police Kneubuehl agreed to help the men break into the safe to ensure everyone's safety, but he then suffered a heart attack.


Man Jumps From Rt. 50 Ocean City Bridge

Around 2:30 AM this morning a man jumped from the Rt. 50 Bridge in Ocean City, Maryland.

We're told the Fire Department, Coast Guard, Police and DNR were called in to rescue the man. A ladder was needed to get the man into the rescue boat. 

Three arrested after young Alabama mom is found murdered

Two males and one female have been arrested in connection with the murder of a young mother who was found dead on the side of a road.

Jennifer Raven Nevin, 23, was found dead around noon on Monday in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, spurring investigators to swiftly arrest and charge the three suspects, including one teen, in the murder.

Charged with murder are Koran Rashad Lewis, 23, Vida Milagros Confetti Duena, 20, and Kendrick Ky'Andre Marshall, 16, who can be charged as an adult under Alabama law.


Damage In Stevensville After Possible Tornado

STEVENSVILLE, Md. —Crews in Queen Anne's County are investigating a number of reports of damage in Stevensville after severe weather swept through the area Sunday night into Monday morning, including reports of a tornado touching down.

Much of the reported damage is focused in the "Bay City" area of Stevensville, just across the Bay Bridge.

Some viewers called 11 News reporting damage to homes, including roofs blown-off.


MSP DUI Arrests 7-17-17 thru 7-23-17 (Berlin Barrack)

Florida woman who claims she was raped relives the horror

A woman claiming she was kidnapped and raped by a couple on their honeymoon said she isn't sure if she will ever recover from the traumatic incident.

The alleged victim was driving out of a supermarket parking lot in Coral Gables,Florida, earlier this month when she said Rashada Hurley, 32, flagged her down for directions and hit her over the head, WKMG reported.

When she regained consciousness, Timothy Lowe, 37, was driving her car to a motel, where the newlyweds then took turns raping her before she escaped by running into the street naked, she said.

'This is definitely a life-changing situation... I don't know how I'm ever going to get over this,' the woman said.


Trump Is Looking to Stop Mueller; The Left Prepares for Full Chimp Out

If God is truly great, Trump will fire Mueller, seize his documents, and have him arrested for colluding with the media and plotting a coup against the President. If chaos is truly set to rain down upon us, like the ash at Pompeii, we will need Trump to start taking militant action against his enemies.

This is the end game now -- just 6 months into his Presidency.

You know it's war, especially since he stopped the CIA project to arm and support ISIS in Syria. I know you cucks will say "they were moderate rebels." Bullshit. They were ISIS. Now be quiet about it.

Reports are swirling tonight, after another leak out of Mueller's stupid investigative committee suggesting they were widening their probe into Trump's business, the President's lawyers are now looking to stop him.


Road Repairs Begin In Salisbury Maryland

Can You See Me Now?

Fooled Me


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Troopers Seek Public’s Help in Identifying a Subject

Millville, DE- The Delaware State Police are asking for the public’s assistance in attempting to identify a male subject who exposed himself in a Millville pharmacy.

The incident occurred on Saturday, July 22, 2017, at around 4:45 p.m. when a black male subject entered the Walgreens pharmacy located at 34960 Atlantic Avenue, Millville. The female employee was stocking candy when a black male was noticed lingering in the isle. The male then started to ask questions about candy prices and acting suspicious. A few moments later, the male suspect stood at the end of the isle exposing his genital area while touching himself. The male subject then fled the business in an unknown direction.

The black male suspect was described to be in his 30’s wearing a tan t-shift with a picture of a woman on the back also wearing green basketball style shorts.

If anyone has any information on this incident or the suspect, they are asked to contact Sgt. N. Oldham at Troop 4 at 856-5850. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333 or via the internet at

Minor Injuries Reported When Crop Duster Attempts Landing At Airfield In Worcester County

(BERLIN, MD) — No serious injuries were reported by the driver of an ATV who was struck on the ground after pilot attempts landing at an airfield in Worcester County.

The victim is identified as Drew Eckman, 23, of Berlin, MD. Eckman was transported by the pilot of the crop duster to Atlantic General Hospital where he received medical treatment for injuries sustained in the incident.

The pilot of the plane involved is identified as Christopher Bunting, 25, of Berlin, Maryland. No charges are pending at this time. Bunting did not sustain any injuries in the incident.

The plane involved is a 1976 Grumman Agcat biplane. The plane is owned by Ocean Aerial Ads, Inc. in Berlin.

Shortly before 11:00 a.m. today, Maryland State Police at the Berlin Barrack responded to Atlantic General Hospital for the report of a victim, Eckman, who was reportedly struck by an aircraft at Bunting’s Airfield in Berlin, Maryland. Eckman advised police he had just completed an inspection of one of the crop dusting planes at the airfield where he was operating a Honda, Foreman all-terrain vehicle on the sole runway of Bunting’s Airfield. Eckman told police the plane, operated by Bunting, had just touched down on the runway when he was struck and thrown from the ATV.

The preliminary investigation indicates Eckman noticed the plane at the last moment as he attempted to get out of the way as he was crossing over the runway. He was subsequently struck and thrown from his ATV. Eckman advised that Bunting, the pilot of the biplane, exited and immediately transported Eckman to the hospital.

State Police notified officials from the Federal Aviation Administration who responded to the scene. There was nothing suspicious noted about the incident and at this time no charges are pending.

The investigation continues…

Critically Missing Juvenile Chloe Davis

Salisbury City Flag Changes!

When did this happen and why? Where was the public forum? Where was the public consulted at all? Powerpoints aside, did Jake Day bother to consult with anyone before making such an asinine decision? Just another example of how this city government is a huge, pathetic joke.

click to enlarge
This is open to the public for comment. Does anyone else know when this took debate took place?

Mayor Day Spin-Jobs Citizens Not to Trust Crime Reporting Sites?

By Thornton Crowe

In an astounding fashion, our illustrious mayor Jake Day was caught telling voters on Facebook that they shouldn't trust places like for crime reports because the crime in Salisbury is at its lowest?

In last week's article, I reported the rapes alone for the first six months of 2017 are more than the entire 2016 calendar year, but Day claims crime is down? It would seem our mayor is, once again, pitching snake oil laced fairy and unicorn dust. He actually wants you to also ignore the Salisbury Police blotter which reports area crime.

A mute couldn't miss the escalation of incidents throughout the City, along the Mayor's push for Section 8, low income housing in the downtown area, so why is he now suddenly in some denial over crime numbers? Does he see the crime spree to be a bad reflection on him and his lack of governance oversight? Of course, it does as with all the other things going wrong before our very eyes.

Jobs leaving the area and businesses shuttering -- and we're not talking chains like Wendy's and Radio Shack, but businesses like the computer store that closed, citing high taxes and too many regulations to stay afloat. And who could possibly forget the never-ending Main Street escapade where contaminated soil (where a gas station once stood) caused road work to move at a slower than glacier speed! What about the chain-linked fence fiasco that's caused such a stir? Day is starting little piddles everywhere like a puppy who needs to be house-broken!

Therefore, when the following email was forwarded to me, all I could do was let out a hearty laugh at his audacity to suggest that all those 'other websites' were somehow lying fabrications about Salisbury's crime statistics when they gather their information from the same police action reports you see here on Salisbury News. The absolute ego-maniacal stance is stunning when you really think about what he's telling us here in this big long-winded ode. He actually thinks he's a better expert than folks who deal with this type of data, day-in and day-out. This is much more than a mere mental issue, it's downright pathological.

It's kind of like the whole housing values have gone up $133K since he became mayor thing he wrote in the Rotary newsletter...

Here is the whole email forwarded to me from editor Joe about this rather rambling soliloquy (lasting a whopping 3 pages) that demonstrates the complete fairy tale world our mayor resides. It reminds me of the Elmer Fudd cartoon where he puts his finger in one hole to stop the water from leaking only to have twenty others start spewing water!

"And crime is not up in our city. It is at its lowest point in recorded history?" Really, Jake? Are you serious? Is this what you expect everyone to believe? What's next? Are you going to claim the FBI is wrong when they don't mirror your crazy dream about Salisbury's crime problem?  You cannot be serious, because if you are, we'd better call one of those EMTs and have them take you to that special place at PRMC for a 30-day eval.

It's not by happenstance that Day, like so many Democrats, fails to embrace his own responsibility for 'fake news.' Instead, he runs around town telling everyone he meets that all those who don't share his day trippin' fantasies must be liars and blocks those same 'naysayers' on Facebook!

Some mayor, right? He doesn't represent everyone - just the ones who thinks he's neat-o coolio! And here you thought Democrats were politicians for the People...surely you were grossly mistaken! Indeed.

Road Rage On The Salisbury Bypass (Shot by Paintballs)

The Week In Review

The below posts with today's date were the most 
popular posts last week.

A Viewer Writes: SFD A Class Act?

Click on image to enlarge.

I think not. Doesn't the City of Salisbury have an SOP in regards to social media (see City of Salisbury Fire Department Policies and Procedures, 120-02 Computer Use, Section VI, point B - attached)? Do rules apply to some and not others? Sure seems that way from what I am seeing. In addition, these men are supposed to be representing SFD in a positive light and things like this are circulating around the internet? They are supposed to be leaders in the SFD.

They have done nothing but slander the men and women that decided to separate. They have belittled and degraded them on social media and in the local news outlets. Independent Company 13 has managed to stay quiet and persevere through all this mental abuse; that speaks volumes of the characters of their membership. Company 13 members are the kind of people we need to be ensuring our safety as county residents, not these jerks who think they can do and say as they please even if it is against policy.

For the record, I am choosing not to post my name for fear of retaliation by these jerks. I am not a member of any fire department. I have been following this situation from the beginning, due to living in the county and I support my volunteers 100%. They are the real class acts. Looking forward to your chicken again this weekend!!

Joe, Have you seen this video? Cathy’s Pet Salon… the lady is hitting one of the dogs with a stick!


Keri Lynn Harding July 8 at 7:12pm · Hebron, MD · For all of my dog owner friends...would you allow the doggie daycare to "correct" your dog by hitting them with a wiffle bat? And I mean not just a tap on the butt...

Dear Rise Up Coffee: YOU SUCK! 7-20-17

This is outrageous!

I have to first be honest with all of you, I do not patronize this business. However, who the hell do these owners think they are. You can have girls working there with their Daisy Duke shorts with their butt cheeks hanging out but God Forbid someone support JESUS. We're told the man was asked to remove the cross around his neck and his hat, (above). 

With over 52,000,000 hits, let this karma come back and bite you over such a decision. You will feel the impact immediately and NO, no two weeks notice from us either. You'll feel the impact immediately. 

Rise Up Coffee Responds.......7-20-17

MSP DUI Checkpoint / Saturation Patrol (Salisbury Barrack)

Sad Waitress Gets $0 Tip On $187 Bill, So She Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

When I was a teenager, I started out babysitting. Then I worked at a gas station pumping gas. But my real work began as a waitress… and it was back-breaking, foot-killing work. But at the time, the pay wasn’t bad. This was before the IRS clamped down on tips, like they do now. So, I can relate to this waitress in Colorado. On a ticket order for $187.43, the diners stiffed her on a tip. She took this issue to Facebook and let ‘er rip. I don’t blame her in the least.

Taylar Cordova took a picture of the receipt and posted it on Facebook. She followed it up with a passionate and articulate commentary on what it takes to work as a waitress. Waiters and waitresses count every penny they get in tips. It’s the difference between paying the bills and going without. The good ones are worth their weight in gold and they know when to be there for you and when to go away. They are there to cater to every order and need of the customer. All they ask in return is fair compensation for making the meal enjoyable and worry-free. When you chintz on a tip, it is a very selfish thing. Even now, when we go out, we tip between 25 and 50% of the meal. At the very least, you should tip 15% – this is a person that doesn’t ask anything else from you and they serve with no complaints.


Introspection is needed

By Thornton Crowe

Yesterday, here on Salisbury News, many people from both perspectives weighed in on a young man named Jaquan Griffin and his death on Sunday morning at an area Denny's. He died because his alleged cousin shot him. Today, Griffin was due in court for illegal firearm charges (among other things) and yet, many in the area sought to vilify anyone who pointed out this inconvenient fact; leaving hate comments by the hundreds, largely due to their personal pain for their loss.

It may be a bitter pill to swallow but Griffin, like so many youth in our culture, has not had a pristine past with the law. His open case is an example of a wayward soul who didn't stay out of trouble. Many can speculate anything from his parents onward as to the reason he was in the wrong place at the wrong time on Sunday morning, but really, all conjecture is meaningless.

In the many rejected comments, people claimed he was a child of God and is interesting because in spite of this 'zen,' the rest of their comments were littered with hate/threat-filled profanity and racism as if somehow white people were the reason for his plight. Now, those claiming to be 'religious' and believing in a higher power, they seem to forget one thing:

A Viewer Writes: Wicomico County Detention Center, (WCDC)


Wcdc is a filthy corrupt institution there is bed bugs, crabs, spiders, legionnaires disease. The medical staff tells inmates that the bed bug bites and spider bites are due to hard water and that it is just a rash. They are giving inmates antibiotic creams to clear up bites to cover up the problem. They have recently locked down female block to cover up the fact that there is crabs running rampant in that part of the jail. Medical is also denying people prescribed medications. The kitchen is under feeding inmates and not giving them other drinks that are listed to be given to inmates. Such as coffee to force them to buy commissary. Roberts controls the kitchen and the commissary. Therefore lining her pockets with money. There is so much corruption in that jail its not funny. I would not be surprised if funding is being embezzled. The corruption goes all the way to the top of the chain. There is no way the director does not know whats going on. To be a leader you must lead by example. Even if the director isn't involved. If they turn blind eyes to corruption it allows corruption to run a muck. Therefore all are to blame because no-one is doing anything to end the corruption. We need to rattle the cages and ask for wcdc to be investigated under a microscope. The inmates may have broken the law but are human beings and do not need to be treated like animals. These peoples rights are being violated. If we truly live in a country that prides itself on equal rights. Then we need to protect these peoples right even if they are inmates. Please take what I'm saying seriously and help raise awareness to what is really happening in that corrupt joke of jail. They do not follow institution standards and make up the rules as they go. There is a due process to follow and they are not following the standards in place to protect the populations rights. Again here my plea to raise awareness to this serious problem. For the pen is mightier than the sword. Thank you for your time and God bless you.

Glove Found Inside Cake Purchased From Acme

The Infamous Bat Proudly Displayed On Their Own Social Media Site

While their Facebook Page has now been taken down, (just hours ago) before we posted yesterday's video there was 15,000 views, now it has over 83,000 views. Clearly this has become a major topic and has been shared 1,400 times. 

Agree or disagree with this form of discipline, clearly people are very upset. Even though other local news outlets have been informed of this matter and even tagged on Facebook, they, (once again) remain silent. The almighty advertising dollar is mightier then the sword/bat. 

According to numerous comments on Facebook, the Salisbury Police were called and the SPD stated no laws were broken.

Are Women in Salisbury Really Safe?

The Salisbury Police Department and Mayor Jake Day would like you to think so... but if you do, the facts show you're living in a dream world!

By Thornton Crowe

In a statement a few months back when Salisbury News reported a gang rape of a grandmother, Day stated on his Facebook page that women were safe here and the woman's story was just a lie. However, now, statistics show that in just six months of 2017, Salisbury has surpassed the total rapes reported in 2016 (12 rapes from this period).

We're looking at 13 rapes at this point as of a count of postings here on Salisbury News. On June 20, 2017, another rape was reported, before that, on June 14th another another and then one around May 30th was reported here but nowhere else, leaving one to wonder why this is so unreported. That's three in just a month's time, so why isn't this a concern to anyone else?

No statistics were available as of yet for Salisbury University for years 2017 or 2016 but the 2015 numbers were high at six forcible rapes given the school's size. One has to remember most date rapes are never reported to authorities for fear of retaliation and public scrutiny. Also keep in mind, it was reported a few months ago, these SU stats are not included in the City's and vice versa - due to SU having it's own police force.

In truth, it's the ultimate war on women, isn't it?

Prostitute Confronts Man In Salisbury Maryland

It was 4:00 AM at the old Daily Times parking lot across from PRMC when a prostitute confronted a man for sex. He was in complete disbelief as this is not the Salisbury he had known for decades. Salisbury has become a complete cesspool in so many ways. 

A Viewer Writes: John Cannon's Motives?

Looking for some clarification. With everything going on currently between the City and the County Council, I am beginning to wonder where John Cannon's true support lies. Does he have the best interests of the County residents in mind or is he simply trying to line his pockets by keeping Jake Day happy? It seems he is always at odds with Executive Culver instead of trying to work with him. It's obvious that he is only looking for votes to replace Culver and is constantly allowing Jake Day and the City to dictate what the county does. He was elected to establish what is best for the COUNTY not the CITY OF SALISBURY. It's common knowledge that John Cannon has several rental properties located within city limits. Does this create a bias when it comes to him being on the county council?

In addition, I am not trying to beat a dead horse, but he recently sent a letter to Executive Culver in regards to the new Fire Station 13. Does anyone else find it fishy that he would request the home and work addresses of those members to determine whether or not they will be able to respond to an emergency when it happens. Is this standard practice or a standard request from all county fire stations? Just think it is a little bit far reaching especially when the council has already been provided with a membership list for this new station. In addition to that, why does he still continue to fight this new station when its on record the failing response times for SFD? THIS WOULD MAKE A HUGE BENEFIT TO THE COUNTY RESIDENCE AND ALSO TO SFD DUE TO LIMITING THE AREA THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR but that would go against Jake's agenda so that wouldn't be a good idea.

Can anyone shed any light on why Mr. Cannon seems to support the City more that the County he was elected to represent?

It's 1:40 AM On OC Boardwalk...7-22-17

Do you know where your thugs are?

WCSO Press Release 7-18-17 (38 Pounds Of Marijuana)


Incident: Possession with intent to distribute marijuana
Date of Incident: July 17, 2017
Location: Hampshire Street @ Rt 13 Salisbury, Maryland
Suspect: Phillip George Dyce, black male, 55 years old, Salisbury, MD.
Narrative: On July 17, 2017 a Deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team (CAT) conducted a traffic stop in the area of Hampshire Street and Rt. 13 in Salisbury, Maryland. During the course of the traffic stop, a K-9 scan was conducted around the outside of the vehicle, which resulted in a positive alert on the vehicle. During a search of the vehicle, Deputies located a wooden crate. Inside of the wooden crate were (34) heat-sealed plastic bags containing marijuana. The total weight of the seized marijuana is approximately (38) pounds. This marijuana is high grade marijuana with an estimated street value in excess of $150,000. The driver, Phillip Dyce of Salisbury, MD, was arrested and released to the Wicomico County Detention Center where he is pending a bond review in District Court.
Charges: Possession with the intent to distribute marijuana, possession of marijuana over 10 grams

Maya Rockeymoore, wife of Rep. Elijah Cummings, considering run for Maryland governor

Maya Rockeymoore, the head of a public policy firm in Washington who is married to Democratic U.S. Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, says she is considering a run for Maryland governor.

“I’m seriously looking at this race because I have a bold vision for a better, stronger Maryland,” Rockeymoore said in a statement issued to The Baltimore Sun Tuesday afternoon. “As a proud progressive who has dedicated my adult life to advancing the well being of kids, families, communities, and the environment, I firmly believe that Maryland is ready for a different kind of leader, one who can offer real solutions, forge a path toward inclusive growth, and stand up to Trump’s regressive agenda.”

Rockeymoore, who holds a doctoral degree in political science, is president of Global Policy Solutions, which is described as “a social change strategy firm dedicated to making policy work for people and their environments.”


A Viewer Writes: Seems a bit narrow if you are driving a big truck or pulling a camper

This is a new roundabout in Maryland. The proposed roundabout in Salisbury won't have the luxury of having such a huge center portion as there's just not enough room. School buses are yet another problem.

Another One Bites The Dust

I believe it was WBOC who did a story the other day on just how incredible these reflectors are, even knowing we had published numerous images of them on the side of the roads.

They went into detail of just how great the adhesive is and how wonderful it was that the Salisbury Fire Department had really done their homework. Heck, they even went on to say how all of them are holding up great.

I wonder, do any of you realize just how ignorant the local media has become. Have you noticed how they'll take the word of just about anyone out there and gospel? No investigative reporting whatsoever. If it's in a press release it has to be true, right?

New Development Coming To 500 Riverside Drive In Salisbury

I think once you take a good look at this photo you'll see that even if they put a roundabout there, it's going to be a very tight circle.

Nevertheless, if you aren't subjected to driving through this area, it's a major problem during rush hour. More interesting is how ALL OF A SUDDEN someone is interested in developing the center open area in the image above. It would be bad enough to place residential there but that's not the case. The proposed development is a commercial center.

OK, so why do I have a problem with this. Well, have you ever seen rush hour or any given busy time on Riverside drive? You tell me how ANYONE is going to be able to pull out of that center and turn left onto Riverside Drive. It will literally be impossible.

Back in the day when you had Tim Spies, Debbie Campbell and Terry Cohen on Council, they'd demand a traffic study because they know darn well this will create major traffic problems. However, the Good Ol' Boys are behind the scenes on this one, (once again) and the rubber stamp Mayor and Council will do anything to move forward with anyone interested in developing the Downtown area. 

Perhaps I'm completely wrong. Perhaps the fact that Jake Day insists, (to the state) that Salisbury is a bicycle friendly City and soon enough we'll see less and less cars on the road, call me stupid. 

Finally, I have to wonder, (and hopefully so will you) how much of that land is being turned over to the City for the newly proposed roundabout. One hand washes the other, right?

Sen. John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer 7-19-17

Arizona senator John McCain's office announced Wednesday night that he has brain cancer after doctors found a tumor following a procedure to remove a blood clot above his left eye.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic identified the tumor, which was associated with the blood clot, as an aggressive form of cancer called glioblastoma.

Treatment may include a combination of chemotherapy and radiation, according to Senator McCain's statement.


Please Pat Us On The Back

Publishers Notes: What you'll read below was put out by some pansy liberal city employee who clearly has never pulled a weed OR ever used Roundup spray. While the city's code and compliance people fine YOU for not pulling the weeds on your properties, the city has ignored their own property for decades and now wants to brag that they are doing incredible things that YOU have actually been paying severe taxes for anyway. But don't mind me, pat them on the back for doing what they are paid to do anyway. You know, everyone gets a trophy.

Help us show some love, Salisbury! We're going to begin sharing pictures of the fine work our Public Works/Operations crews do with a post we're calling "Transformational Thursdays!" Every Thursday, we'll highlight something around the City that your Public Works crews have cleaned up, squared away, and made tight & tidy.

Today's post highlights the removal of tall grass and weeds from the median of E. Main St. At a glance, this might not seem like the biggest task in the world, but multiply this work over 350+ lane miles of streets in temperatures nearing 1,000 degrees (well, it feels like it...), and it's work most of us are happy to see done from inside our air-conditioned cars as we drive past.

So take a moment, leave a like, and say thanks to our men and women out there working to make the City beautiful every day! We'll go first: THANK YOU, SALISBURY PUBLIC WORKS!