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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Keep Praying For Brooke


Wicomico County Budget Session

Monday, May 22, 2017
Government Office Building
125 N. Division Street, Room 301
Salisbury, Maryland 21801



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the County Council of Wicomico County, Maryland, will hold a special Legislative Session to discuss land acquisition on Monday, May 22, 2017, at 9:30 a.m., in the Government Office Building, Room 301, Salisbury, Maryland. Following the Legislative Session, the Wicomico County Council will hold an Open Work Session followed by an Administrative Closed Session in accordance with Section 3-104 of the General Provisions Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

City of Salisbury Council Meeting Agenda & Packet for 5-22-17

Suspect Arrested For Murder In Wicomico Co.

(Salisbury, MD) – Maryland State Police arrested a suspect early this morning in connection with the murder of a man in Wicomico County.

The victim is identified as Migail B. Hunter, 41, of the 1000 block of East Road, Salisbury, MD. He was transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center for injuries where he later succumbed to his injures. The victim was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore for autopsy.

The accused is identified as Latoya B. Elzey, 26, of the 1000 block of East Road, Salisbury, MD. Elzey is charged with first degree murder, second degree murder, first degree assault, second degree assult and reckless endangerment. Elzey also had one outstanding warrant for unauthorized taking of motor vehicle. Elzey was taken into police custody without incident and is currently waiting to be seen by the District Court Commissioner in Wicomico County.

Shortly after 1:00 a.m. this morning, troopers from the Salisbury Barrack were dispatched to the 1000-block of East Road, Salisbury, MD, for a reported stabbing. Troopers met with several witnesses and Elzey who resided with the victim. Hunter had sustained what appeared to be a single stab wound and was transported by EMS personnel to (PRMC) where he later succumbed to his injuries.

The preliminary investigation indicates Hunter and Elzey had an altercation that became physical. This physical altercation resulted in Hunter being stabbed.

Maryland State Police Homicide Unit investigators responded to conduct the investigation. State Police crime scene technicians spent the morning processing the scene for evidence, after a search warrant was obtained. Investigators continue to interview neighbors and family members. A member of the Wicomico County State’s Attorney’s Office responded to the scene and continues to work with investigators. Investigation continues.

Horror at Hartley Hall: A Nursing Home Supposedly for Women?

By Constance Remington
Staff Writer for Salisbury News

One would think in a nursing home, everyone - staff and patients, alike - would be safe. We foolishly hold this false sense of security because much of our local media never bothers to report the incidents that happens within the walls, using the guise of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy as some excuse not to relay the horrors some face in these institutions.

Hartley Hall, a non-profit, private nursing home/rehabilitation center nestled in Pocomoke, Maryland had an incident on May 9, 2017, which shows how the negligent press and local law enforcement are failing to warn and keep the community safe from harm. The incident involving the nursing home staff member and a 46 year old male patient in for supposed 'short-term" rehabilitation, where he sexually assaulted the nurse leaves a particularly disturbing taste due to the fact the facility (on the website) boasts the following:
"It was founded by the local chapter of Soroptimist, for the purpose of providing housing and basic care for elderly ladies of the community." 
From Harley Hall's Website

Upon investigation of this organization, it was found the Soroptimist is a global organization whose mission is: "...working to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment."

Further down, the first Quick Fact on the organization's website states: "One in three women have been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in their lifetime." 

How is it, a nursing home touting this type of background comes to have a male sexual predator in the same area as elderly women patients; cared for by a staff consisting mostly of women? 

The incident is a horrific nightmare for any female, much less one who is tasked to care for such an individual. "The patient forced his penis her mouth," explained one source who witnessed the event. "...she is so traumatized that now, she won't even [as of Saturday] leave her home to go out in public."

Over the weekend, the same source indicated many female workers called out sick because there was no security to keep them safe from further incident. "The Pocomoke police refused to arrest this patient," stated the source, whom while wasn't the direct victim was also traumatized by the event and feared for their own safety. "Everyone is scared to death because the men who work there leave on Friday afternoon so many had no choice but to call out."

By not having adequate staffing coverage, the nursing home patients are at serious risk of assault with no one (or very few) people there to help them ward off an attacker. Therefore, the question has to be asked, why didn't the police arrest this patient immediately regardless of his medical situation or at least, post a 24 hour/7 day detail until he was ready to be taken to central booking and held in the Snow Hill's holding facility until the June court appearance (and beyond)?

The scary fact is the perpetrator is still at Hartley Hall and the big question is, why?

click to enlarge
If he's well enough to assault staff and puts other patients at risk, then clearly he's well enough to go down to the police station and be booked. A criminal case has been filed for Fourth Degree Sexual Contact and Assault (both Misdemeanor charges but still criminal all the same) so why aren't the police putting this man in custody?

Not only is this absurd and a damning commentary on  our justice system and an disconcerting cautionary tale for people in the medical profession as it clearly shows how law enforcement is failing to protect citizens even after incidents occur. Furthermore, it also leaves our most vulnerable population - elderly women - in grave danger with no recourse or defense. This is no laughing matter for anyone because at some point or another we may be subject to the same predicament.

With the way our local media fails continuously to report on these hotbed issues, one has to wonder, how many other incidents such as this falls through the cracks? And, furthermore, why isn't anyone doing anything proactive rather than reactive to these types of dangers the elderly face?

Shouldn't our police and media be concerned to the point of action? 

Shouldn't our legislators be held accountable for how these types of incidents go unchecked without removing dangerous people from our area nursing homes? Is it really just about the 'money factor' (this facility states on its front page it does take Medicare, Medicaid and will arrange for third-party bill) and nothing more?

How many people have to be assault and sexually violated before it becomes an out front issue?

Hartley Hall Horror Update Pt. 2

Last evening, editor Joe Albero received word from Jim Mathias about the situation at Hartley Hall reported on Monday morning here on Salisbury News.

His message goes as follows:
Good evening.
As a result of your post, Monday May 15, 2017, and my concern for the public's safety, I contacted the Acting Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. This acton caused the Office of Health Care Quality to survey Hartley Hall on site today, May 16, 2017. As a result, the Office of Health Care Quality is conducting an investigation as empowered by their federal authority. The final report will likely be issued in approximately two weeks, and will be a public document. I will keep you advised.
We will keep you all abreast of additional actions and information as they come available.


Total Bullsh!t

Salisbury Ranked 7th Fastest Growing Job Market in America, Fastest Growing City in Maryland, Only Place on the Peninsula Adding Population

Salisbury –
According to statistics released by the United States Census Bureau this month, Salisbury is now the fastest growing city in Maryland, as well as the 7th fastest-growing job market in the entire nation, according to the United States Conference of Mayors and the Council on Metro Economics & the New American City.

U.S. Census Bureau statistics report that from 2010 to 2016, the City of Salisbury added 3,381 permanent residents, while the rest of the Delmarva Peninsula—meaning the remainder of Wicomico County outside of City limits, Worcester County, Somerset County, Talbot County, Caroline County, Kent County, Dorchester County, Queen Anne’s County, and southern Cecil County—lost 463 permanent residents.

“Population growth cannot occur without job growth,” said Mayor Day, “and the numbers reflect a significant, steady increase in our population. Salisbury is the only place on the peninsula that people are moving into, and we’re the fastest growing municipality in the State—which is in direct relation to the growth of our job market.”

The 2015-2017 GMP and Employment Report from the United States Conference of Mayors and the Council on Metro Economies & the New American City places Salisbury at 7th in the nation in job growth, with a 4.2% increase in employment in 2016. Milken Institute recently recognized Salisbury as one of the “Biggest Gainers Among Large Metropolitan Statistical Areas,” showing Salisbury’s 39-spot rise on their list. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s Monthly Snapshot Report of its 5th district’s economy—a region encompassing the entirety of South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland—Salisbury is outpacing the entire 5th District with a 2.3% gain in Total Employment Performance year-over-year.

All of this exciting news comes as the City of Salisbury rolls out its “Growing, Building, Working” campaign both in print and online. The ad push will spread the news of Salisbury’s exponentially expanding job market and resurgent economy through the eyes of real business owners and citizens.

BREAKING: Leslie Lewis Removed As Finance Director of Wicomico County

County Executive Bob Culver lost confidence in Leslie Lewis and asked for her resignation yesterday and she refused to give it. Leslie was then terminated as she is an at will employee for the County. Her replacement will start on Monday. 

After the last Council Meeting it became very clear to everyone there were some very serious issues. Onward and upward. 

Today's Front Page of the Washington Post: THE PAINFUL TRUTH ABOUT TEETH

You can work full time but not have the money to fix your teeth – visible reminders of the divide between rich and poor

Two hours before sunrise, Dee Matello joined the line outside the Wicomico Civic Center, where hundreds of people in hoodies, heavy coats and wool blankets braced against a bitter wind.

Inside, reclining dental chairs were arrayed in neat rows across the arena’s vast floor. Days later, the venue would host Disney on Ice. On this Friday morning, dentists arriving from five states were getting ready to fix the teeth of the first 1,000 people in line.

Matello was No. 503. The small-business owner who supports President Trump had a cracked molar, no dental insurance and a nagging soreness that had forced her to chew on the right side of her mouth for years.

“It’s always bothering me,” she said. And although her toothache wasn’t why she voted for Trump, it was a constant reminder of one reason she did: the feeling that she had been abandoned, left struggling to meet basic needs in a country full of fantastically rich people.


Poll Says Blacks Less Likely to Have Enough for Retirement

Older white Americans are nearly twice as likely as African-Americans to say they've saved enough for retirement, a new poll found.

The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey also found that African- Americans and Latinos have less financial security than whites and will rely on fewer sources of income during retirement.

The retirement savings gap between white and other minority groups extends beyond pensions, 401(k)s or other retirement accounts.

The survey shows older white Americans are also more likely to collect Social Security benefits, inherit money from their families or receive income from the sale of a home or other physical assets.


If You'd Like To See Why The Wicomico County Finance Director Was Let Go...

What's Local Media Not Telling You?

For a spiffy, shiny news anchor set, they certainly don't produce a whole lot of substance, do they?

By Thornton Crowe

This week alone, our local media has failed to deliver timely news on a couple of serious situations happening on the Shore. While they tout they are "Delmarva's News Leader" their actions fall grossly short on their moniker's promise.

First, the Hartley Hall incident which was reported to them around the incident date (May 9th) was completely ignored. Instead, even when posted here, they didn't cover it in their newscasts on the 15th or the 16th. While I personally can't stomach local news and avoid it at all costs, I did watch the first five stories of WBOC and WMDT to see if they would pick up the story and I wasn't disappointed. They once again failed to report it even though it was the (and still is) number one news item here on Salisbury News.

Second, on Monday there was a tragic accident at a well known intersection on Route 50 and Sixty Foot Road. This, too, wasn't even covered on Monday night's broadcasts but it was here within an hour of the event.

Why do local businesses continue to advertise on these stations is a mystery. Local people are better off just watching Dog the Bounty Hunter or Dance Moms than watching the local news broadcasts because they're not reporting on anything but human interest stories. Stories about the manager of the now-debunked Christian Bookstore are of interest, but certainly don't warrant being the first news story of the night. What are these news directors on when they make such idiotic decisions is another mystery because clearly, even the bleed, leads doesn't apply to any of our local news outlets except Salisbury News.

Their negligence isn't just local news, they've also been a part of the Trump-bashing witch hunt that frankly, most viewers are getting sick of hearing about. They fail to understand that the vast majority of voters on the Eastern Shore voted for Donald Trump; therefore, they're kind of biting the hand that feeds them. It doesn't make any sense to alienate their viewership by bashing the very person said viewers voted for unless they have a political agenda to push!

Journalism is not about pushing agendas, it's about reporting facts in a fair and balanced manner.

If they missed these two big stories on Monday, just imagine all the other news worthy things you aren't getting from their broadcasts. Maybe if the community demanded better from them, they'd up their game. Until then, I guess locals who aren't fortunate to have cable or satellite and no internet connection will just have to live in a fantasy-driven bubble propagated by a severely negligent local media [sic]!

The choice is really up to viewers and sponsors: just how much BS they will continue to be fed before they take a stand and demand better coverage of the Shore's news items. Honestly, the best thing going for Draper and WMDT's owners is their re-run stations (MeTV and AntennaTV). Other than that, they're a huge fail.

Hartley Hall Nursing Home Post Garnishes Almost 20,000 Views So Far 5-18-17


Horror at Hartley Hall: A Nursing Home Supposedly ...
May 15, 2017, 119 comments

Staff from Harley Hall wanted attention, they got it. Keep in mind, "entry" means these are only the people who came to Salisbury News to specifically view this article. Far more people viewed it in general. 

The Administrator at Harley Hall, (according to one source) stated "when he finds out who started contacting Salisbury News they will be handled personally by him and will not have a job at Hartley".

They went on to say the State was there and saw first hand there are issues. "He's been seen coming to the hallway completely nude after being supervised. And he just laughs at us while he's standing there naked". 

Clearly there are problems they have yet to get under control. The Worcester County Sheriff's Department has an Officer walking through the facility during the day shift but not the evening shift. Keep in mind, however, this is a private business that would require the facility to hire security and is not the responsibility of the Worcester County Sheriff's Department. 


A Special Education teacher at Wicomico High School is on administrative leave pending the outcome of judicial proceedings on criminal charges. According to Maryland Judiciary case records, Lynn Jensen was charged Wednesday, May 17 with sex abuse of a minor and 4thdegree sex abuse.

The safety of our students is our highest priority each and every day, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Donna C. Hanlin said. The school system is working cooperatively with law enforcement on its investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office.

Principal Don Brady informed school families of the arrest in a call home Wednesday:

“Good evening Wicomico High School parents and guardians.

This is Mr. Brady calling to inform you that local law enforcement has charged Lynn Jensen, a teacher at Wicomico High School, with sex abuse of a minor. On the afternoon of Thursday, April 27th, the administration received information which resulted in our immediate notification of district administration, law enforcement and Child Protective Services. Ms. Jensen was placed on administrative leave that same day and is no longer teaching, pending the outcome of the judicial process as well as the school system's administrative investigation.

Every day, you trust your children to our care, and our number one priority is the safety of our students and it is a responsibility that we do not take lightly. Please be assured I will always take immediate action anytime there appears to have been a violation of the trust between students and educators. Please take time to speak to your child about this matter. If any student or parent has information about this situation, please contact the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office. In addition, the school will have counselors available to meet with any student who needs or wants support. In the meantime, if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.”

Accident At Sixty Foot Road and Route 50 (5-15-17)

Station 7 in Pittsville has been dispatched to a MVC with injury. Station 8 in Willards  has been requested to send an additional ambulance 

Westbound Route 50 is being shut down for an undetermined amount of time.

Traffic camera Link HERE

What's Happening? 5-17-17

Sound off!!  Let us know what is going on in the area.

Whites banned from cafe designated as nonwhite ‘sanctuary’

College provost: 'Nothing more important than being a multicultural campus'

American University in Washington, D.C., has reportedly banned white students from using its new “student lounge” for the spring semester, according to the College Fix.

The lounge, which is called “The Bridge,” opened just six weeks ago. It is planned to be “a community space that student organizations can use however they would like,” with open mic nights, slam poetry and “other student initiated programming,” Darcy Frailey, associate director for facilities and other event services, told the Eagle, American University’s student news site. The lounge seats 80 people and features large working tables, comfortable sofas and chairs, coffee tables, a television and a large stage for events. School officials said they plan to hire students who qualify for the federal work-study program to work at “The Bridge.”

The ban comes just after campus officials discovered bananas hanging in nooses with the letters “AKA” and the word “Harambe” scribbled onto them. “AKA” is short for Alpha Kappa Alpha, a black sorority. The May 1 incident led to a 50-student protest Friday that blocked traffic in a parking garage. The student crowd chanted “We can’t breathe,” a reference to black New Yorker Eric Garner, who died on July 17, 2014, after he was arrested by police.

“Do I not pay? Do I not pay for tuition?” junior Romayit Cherinet called to the crowd of protesters. “Do I come here and try as best as possible to ignore these racist ass white people? To ignore the microaggressions every single day?”


Professor: "Some White People May Have to Die" to Solve Racism

Blacks may need to 'kill white people in self-defense'

A Texas A&M professor says that “some white people may have to die” in order to solve racism and bring about true equality.

Professor Tommy Curry expressed his frustration during a podcast that the movie Django Unchained made killing white people look fun, when in reality it should be part of a serious discussion.

Curry referenced black civil rights leader Robert F. Williams and slave rebellion leader Nat Turner because they “thought about killing white people as self-defense” and this “tradition” is still very “relevant.”


What Would You Tell Your Spouse?

I Stand Behind My President


5/17/17 2:48 PM 800 S Salisbury Bv Rape By Force 201700021546 Clrd By Arrest

Publishers Notes: It's been reported this was around the Red Door area and allegedly involved a sex offender. You just keep believing Boy Mayor Jake Day and Police Chief Duncan, rapes are down, according to them! Have you seen enough yet people?

For Those Interested in the Real Rough & Tumble World of Politics

Many have been curious about this Roger Stone character. He has quite the talk around DC and with good reason. His unabashed demeanor is something he never apologizes for. On Netflix, the documentary, Get Me Roger Stone is good for those who are interested in the behind the scenes in campaigns and just what pollsters do for a living.

It's all about the packaging, folks.

Here's the Trailer. Hope you take the time to watch this intriguing documentary!

Victims in fatal Route 50 accident had deep love for family

The only sign something was awry on Ramblewood Drive in Cape St. Claire Thursday afternoon was a small green vase filled with flowers, placed beneath a tan mailbox.

On the post above the white, pink and yellow petals was a nameplate, with "Skidmore" in blue paint. The property behind the mailbox was well-maintained, and the house itself was quiet, with the lights inside turned off.

Robert Skidmore lived in the tranquil Cape St. Claire community for about 15 years, his relatives said. On Wednesday, Skidmore was killed in a motor vehicle collision on Route 50.

The accident claimed two lives. Skidmore, 66, was a grandfather of four and a successful businessman who co-founded an energy efficiency business 25 years ago, according to his daughter, Shelly Skidmore.

The second victim was Laura Ashley Murphy, 22, of Salisbury. Murphy was just starting a family of her own. She was engaged to Ryan Ellis, and the two had a child together, 11-month-old Maxwell Adrian Ellis.


Power Outage In South Ocean City 5-19-17

What's the Difference?

Democrat Resistance Camps & Hitler Youth Camps:


Maryland school system posts 80 percent increase in reports of sexual harassment

More than 200 incidents of sexual harassment of students were reported in Montgomery County’s public schools in the last academic year, a one-year jump of more than 80 percent, according to new data from the Maryland school system.

The numbers show that reports of such misconduct — including inappropriate physical contact, written messages and verbal remarks — rose for a third straight year, to 214 in 2015-16. That was 96 more than the previous year’s total.

School officials said Wednesday they plan to look into the issue and will move to a new process in the next school year that will provide clearer data on serious incidents, including sexual harassment.

“We’re still in the very early phases of what this could mean,” said Derek Turner, spokesman for the school system.


Increase In Deportations In Maryland Since Trump Has Been In Office

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Locked up and facing deportation. That’s the harsh reality for the more than 400 immigrants picked up daily since President Donald Trump took office.

Dozens are in Baltimore.

There’s been an increase in arrests, and an increase in fear for some of Maryland’s immigrant populations.

There have been 41,000 immigrant arrests nationwide so far. Nearly 11,000 of those have no criminal history.

Like Jesus Pereza, who’s locked up in Baltimore and waiting to face a judge.


Relatives Of Last Man Lynched In Md. On Noose Incidents: ‘The Message Is Stay In Your Place’

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Recent incidents of nooses found on college and school campuses are disturbing more than students and parents.

Alex DeMetrick reports, for two Eastern Shore men, a noose is a powerful reminder of the last lynching in Maryland.

The historic jail in the Eastern Shore town of Princess Anne represents a painful history for Kirkland Hall and Henry Armwood. Both are distant relatives of the last man lynched in Maryland.

It was 1933. George Armwood was jailed for allegedly attacking a white woman. A mob formed outside the jail, before storming inside with battering rams.


Trump: 'Single Greatest Witch Hunt' in American History

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Thursday to blast the probe of possible ties between his campaign and Russia, calling it "the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!"
His tweet came on the heels of a shot at Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent for the White House, and his predecessor, Barack Obama.
With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special councel appointed!
Trump's Twitter salvo came after the Justice Department appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special counsel to lead the investigation.

iMueller will have sweeping powers and the authority to prosecute any crimes he uncovers.

The surprise announcement to hand the probe over to Mueller, a lawman with deep bipartisan respect, was a striking shift for Trump's Justice Department, which had resisted increasingly loud calls from Democrats for an outside prosecutor. It immediately escalated the legal stakes — and the potential political damage — for a president who has tried to dismiss the matter as partisan witch hunt and a "hoax."


Developing: A car in New York's Times Square has struck several pedestrians 5-18-17

It was not immediately clear how many people were injured.

Photos on social media showed a car with a smoking hood slightly overturned on a barrier at the corner of 45th and Broadway. A New York police spokeswoman said she had no immediate information.

Inmate who lived upstanding life after he was mistakenly freed wins release

(CNN) —A Colorado man who was sent back to prison after being mistakenly released was told by a judge Tuesday that he is a free man.

Rene Lima-Marin was serving a 98-year prison term for robbing two video stores in 1998. He was released, improperly, in 2008, but was re-arrested in 2014, when authorities realized the mistake. In a 165-page decision, Arapahoe County District Court Judge Carlos Samour Jr. said "it would be utterly unjust to compel Lima-Marin, at this juncture, to serve the rest of his extremely long sentence"

In the six years that Lima-Miran was free, he found a job, got married, started raising a family, and purchased a home, said his attorney Kimberly Diego. "His case was unique in that sense," she said. "Not all people who are rehabilitated behave that way."

Lima-Marin was called an "asset to society" and an "outstanding citizen" who worked with young people encouraging them to make good decisions, per the judge's ruling.


Baltimore Police Curbing Illegal Dirt Bike Riding On City Streets

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– With the weather warming up, Baltimore City police are warning of the uptick in illegal dirt bikes cruising city streets.

Last month, a number of shops also reported having several bikes stolen.

Police say six stolen dirt bikes were recently recovered, three of them were found thanks to tips from the public.

It’s a huge win for police, but authorities are well aware much more work needs to be done to keep them off the road.


WATCH: CNN Devotes 2 SEGMENTS to Trump’s ‘Executive Privilege’ for Eating 2 Scoops of Ice Cream

I don’t actually understand why CNN is making such a big deal out of how much ice cream Donald Trump eats. We’re on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea, but these “journalists” are talking about something so irrelevant that it would have been forgotten about within an hour of being announced.

The only people who actually care about this is those so desperate to disparage Trump that they are grasping at anything that could make him look bad.

It’s really sad.


Thornton: The difference between Trump and the other dopes in DC is if anyone around him needed an extra scoop, not only would he give them both his scoops, he'd buy the person a Baskin Robbins store so they'd never be without ice cream ever again. See the difference?

SU Student Wins 100k On Ellen Show

Today, Ellen asked Daquan Mincy to come and spin “Ellen’s Wheel of Riches” for a chance to win a prize! 

Daquan is a full-time grad student at Salisbury University and is getting his Masters in Education. Not only is he a full-time student, he also works part-time as a special education teacher and grad assistant. 

Daquan comes from a single-parent household and is the first person in his family to go to college. He strives to be a positive role model for disadvantaged youth and help them go to college. 


WCSO Press Releases - May 16, 2017

Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 10 May 2017
Location: 34000 block of Old Ocean City Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: David Kenneth Baker Jr., 37, Pittsville, MD
Narrative: On 10 May 2017 at 9:32 AM a deputy arrested David Baker in connection with an assault. According to the female victim in this case, she advised an argument began with her boyfriend, David Baker, and it escalated when Baker allegedly assaulted her. According to the victim, Baker struck her in the head and knocked her to the ground. The victim further stated that Baker continued to kick and punch her while she was on the ground.
Upon arrest the deputy transported Baker to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Baker in the Detention Center in lieu of $10,000.00 bond.
Charges: Assault 2nd Degree and Reckless Endangerment 

Incident: Assault / Child Abuse
Date of Incident: 10 May 2017
Location: 5798 Tiffshawn Court, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Brian Eugene Mattingly, 45, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 10 May 2017 at 12:53 PM, a deputy arrested Brian Mattingly following an allegation of an assault. According to the complainant in this incident, Mattingly was involved in an altercation with his 15-year-old son that turned physical. Mattingly stands accused of slamming a door on his son’s arm and then placing him into a choke hold. During the investigation, the deputy observed signs of injury on Mattingly’s son that corroborated the account.
The deputy transported Mattingly to the Central Booking unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Mattingly in the Detention Center in lieu of $15,000.00 bond.
Charges: Child Abuse, Assault 2nd Degree and Reckless Endangerment 

Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 12 May 2017
Location: 100 block of Olney Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Tyler Downs Truitt, 32, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 12 May 2017 at 6:00 AM a deputy arrested Tyler Truitt in connection with an assault. During the investigation, the deputy learned that Tyler allegedly assaulted his live-in girlfriend during an argument. Tyler reportedly threw his girlfriend down to the ground and began beating her in what was described as continuously.
The deputy observed signs of injury to the victim that corroborated the account.
Truitt was transported to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Truitt in the Detention Center in lieu of $30,000.00 bond.
Charges: Assault 1st Degree, Assault 2nd Degree, Reckless Endangerment and False Imprisonment 

Incident: Burglary
Date of Incident: 12 May 2017
Location: 30000 block of Old Ocean City Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Gregory A. Smith, 37, Pittsville, MD
Narrative: On 12 May 2017 at 4:27 PM, a deputy met with a resident from the 30000 block of Old Ocean City Road in Pittsville. According to this subject, he was home when a subject later identified as Gregory Smith, entered his residence without permission through the rear door that Smith forced open. During the subsequent investigation, the deputy learned that Smith had entered the residence because Smith was looking for the complainant’s housemate. According to the complainant in this case, Smith searched the entire residence for the subject that Smith was looking for, including the complainant’s bedroom. The complaint told the deputy that Smith ultimately left and told the complainant to let his housemate know that Smith was looking for him.
Smith was located and placed under arrest. Following his arrest, Smith was transported to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Smith in the Detention Center in lieu of $15,000.00 bond.
Charges: Burglary 4th Degree and Malicious Destruction of Property 

Incident: Driving While Suspended
Date of Incident: 14 May 2017
Location: Wicomico County, MD
Suspect: Dennis Dwayne White, 47, Pittsville, MD
Narrative: On 13 May 2017 at 11:02 AM, a deputy responded for the report of a vehicle in a ditch in the 8000 block of Pittsville Road in Pittsville. Upon arrival, the deputy located a 1993 Ford F350 RV stuck in the ditch and identified the operator as Dennis White. During the ensuing investigation, the deputy was told by White that he had swerved to miss both a turkey and a deer before driving into the ditch. The deputy also learned that White was knowingly driving on a suspended license. After the vehicle was towed out of the ditch, the deputy learned that the Ford RV was both unregistered and uninsured.
The deputy issued traffic citations to White for Driving Suspended, Driving Uninsured and Operating a Vehicle without a Current Registration and the Ford RV was towed from the scene.
The same day at 1:14 PM, White was found to have driven the same vehicle into a ditch on Bethel Road. This time, the deputy placed White under arrest and transported him to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner for a second round of charges that included Driving Suspended, Driving Uninsured and Operating a Vehicle without a Current Registration. White’s vehicle was impounded and taken to a tow yard at the direction of the Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, Wicomico County Animal Control responded to the scene to pick up seven Chihuahua dogs that White had in his vehicle.
Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner released White on a $3,000.00 unsecured bond.
On 14 May 2017 at 11:22 AM, a deputy observed White driving again, this time in the 6000 block of Powellville Road in a different vehicle from the previous day. The deputy placed White under arrest again for Driving While Suspended and also discovered that this vehicle that White was operating was both unregistered and uninsured.
The deputy transported White to the Central Booking Unit again where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner again. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner released White on $3,000.00 unsecured bond.
Charges: Driving Suspended, Driving While Uninsured, Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle and Driving Without Current Registration Plates

King: Hillary Has More Links With Russia Than Trump

Downplaying "desperate attacks against Donald Trump," Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., said there ise "probably more evidence of links" between Russia and the Hillary Clinton campaign than there are with President Trump.

"There is probably more evidence of links between Russia and the Clinton campaign than anyone even could imagine between Russia and people involved in the Trump campaign," Rep. King told Sunday's "The Cats Roundtable."

Rep. King added there is "no basis" for the narrative against President Trump, pointing to past connections of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, which also do not prove any collusion.

"If you are going to be accusing the president of the United States of treason, you better know what you are talking about," Rep. King told host John Catsimatidis.


[Flashback: Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal]

New group in Maryland is recruiting Muslim candidates to run for office

A newly formed political action committee based in Potomac says it will train 30 Muslim Americans to run for state and local offices in Maryland in 2018 and also will recruit hundreds of other candidates across the country.

“If we are not at the table of democracy, we may end up on the menu of authoritarianism,” said Hamza Khan, a longtime Democratic activist in Montgomery County who is executive director of the Pluralism Project. “By training Muslim candidates in the skills they need to run for and win political office, we intend to empower Muslims to take back control of their narrative in the American experience.”

Khan announced the recruitment of the 30 Maryland candidates on Monday but would not identify them or say which offices they will seek.


Maryland comptroller: Casino money for schools was a 'lie'

(WBFF) -- Maryland Casinos are on pace to have a record year in 2017, generating nearly $2 billion in revenue.

Maryland voters approved casinos thinking much of the revenue would go to educating our kids. So, if casinos are going gangbusters, why can’t schools like Baltimore City pay their bills?

It’s one of the main questions we get from viewers who call our hotline or send us an email. Project Baltimore looked into it and found out all the money is going to educate our kids. But there’s a catch that Annapolis didn’t tell you about.


Trump lights White House blue in honor of law enforcement

President Trump lit the White House in blue Monday night in honor of Peace Officers Memorial Day.

The move kicks off Police Week, which honors the 118 officers who died and 66 others who were injured in the line of duty in 2016. Those numbers were up 40 percent from 2015.

Trump visited the U.S. Capitol earlier Monday to pay tribute to all law enforcement officers and gave remarks at an event held on the west lawn of the building.


New Owner Of Gander Mountain Releases Updated List Of 63 Stores Staying Open

Outdoors and hunting store Gander Mountain found a new owner after filing for bankruptcy in March, and what remains of the brand will become part of the Camping World chain of RV dealerships and camping supply stores. It’s a messy, painful process and the list of which Gander Mountain locations will remain open continues to change, based on the latest list released by the company’s new owners.

Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis originally estimated that he would keep open between 17 and 70 stores, and the tally as of right now is 63 stores, with more leases reportedly under negotiation. Some stores on the original re-opening list have been removed, notably the Palm Beach, FL location, where Lemonis says that the city will not allow Camping World to sell RVs.