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Friday, October 11, 2019

Bus Driver Fired........

West Wing Reads

Ukraine Smoke and Mirrors

“Democrats and the media for three years used a fog of facts and speculation to lull America into forgetting there was never a shred of evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. They flooded the zone with another flurry of scattershot claims in their campaign against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Republicans might bear these tactics in mind as they confront the left’s new impeachment push,” Kimberly Strassel writes in The Wall Street Journal.

There are numerous, grave problems with House Democrats’ impeachment push, including the whistleblower’s secondhand information and potentially major conflicts of interest. “But what matters more is the accuracy of the complaint itself,” Strassel says.

“The real news of the past few weeks has been the steady accumulation of evidence that its central claim is totally wrong.”

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“I’ve been in an auto parts factory for 50 years. Times in the U.S. have never been better,” auto parts executive Shahid Khan says. Khan “said the current manufacturing landscape looks a lot different than previous conceptions, giving him confidence in the future of the field,” Kevin Stankiewicz reports for CNBC
“Improving access to affordable and high-quality childcare is the mission of the president's daughter and adviser, Ivanka Trump,” Kera Mashek writes for FOX4KC. Yesterday, Ms. Trump hosted a roundtable with Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, where she toured the Guadalupe Center childcare facility.
“It shouldn’t be news to anyone that the move by House Democrats to impeach President Trump has never been a serious exercise in loyalty to the Constitution. But it’s nice to see that some liberals are admitting it openly,” Eddie Scarry writes in the Washington Examiner. One example: A New York Times op-ed from yesterday, where Cornell law professor Josh Chafetz blurted out—“perhaps inadvertently”—that impeachment “will have been a waste if it isn’t done before the 2020 election.”

Man once accused of putting toddler in oven now charged with pouring boiling water on child

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A Florida man who was arrested in 2018 for putting a three-year-old girl in a hot oven has been arrested again after allegedly pouring boiling water onto a three-year-old boy for accidentally urinating on the floor.

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office said that 47-year-old Terry May has been arrested on charges that he poured boiling water on a three-year-old boy.

A judge issued a warrant last week on a charge of child abuse causing great bodily harm. He was taken into custody on Thursday morning.

Deputies said that the three-year-old boy's daycare instructors noticed a burn mark on the child's back. An investigation was launched and revealed that May poured water onto the child after the child accidentally urinated on the floor.


Dover Man Sentenced to Over Nine Years in Federal Prison for Heroin Possession and Illegal Gun Possession

WILMINGTON, Del. – United States Attorney David C. Weiss announced that Kenneth Holland, 49, of Dover, was sentenced on September 23, 2019, by U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika to 110 months in federal prison for possessing heroin with the intent to distribute and for being a felon in possession of a firearm.
According to court documents, over the course of approximately four weeks in September and October 2018, Holland sold heroin on at least six occasions.  He also illegally sold a handgun.  On October 10, 2018, Holland was arrested.  Law enforcement found over 10,000 baggies of heroin and an AR-15-style semi-automatic assault weapon in Holland’s car upon his arrest.
Holland’s arrest and conviction was part Operation Blue Hen—a prolonged campaign between March and September, 2018 by the ATF to remove illegal drugs and guns from Delaware cities.
In total, Operation Blue Hen resulted in 15 arrests;
  • The seizure of 9 firearms;
  • The seizure of 768 grams of crack cocaine;
  • The seizure of 864 grams of methamphetamine; and
  • The seizure of 37 grams of heroin.
U.S. Attorney Weiss commented on the sentence, “The Defendant repeatedly chose not only to sell heroin, but also worked to illegally arm others with firearms – including an assault rifle.  The substantial sentence imposed sends the message that people who put drugs and guns onto the streets will face serious consequences for their actions.”
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“ATF”) Wilmington Field Division investigated the case with the assistance from the Dover Police Department.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Jesse S. Wenger prosecuted the case.
A copy of this press release is located on the website of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Delaware.  Related court documents and information is located on the website of the District Court for the District of Delaware or on PACER by searching for Case No. 18-CR-96-001-MN.

Child Charged With Felony For Pointing ‘Finger Gun’ in School

A 12-year-old girl was hauled from school in handcuffs and charged with a felony for allegedly pointing her fingers in the shape of a gun at classmates in Overland Park, Kansas.

The child was arrested on Sept. 18 after she, “unlawfully and feloniously communicated a threat to commit violence, with the intent to place another, in fear, or with the intent to cause the evacuation, lock down or disruption in regular, ongoing activities,” according to court documents reviewed by the Kansas City Star.

While school officials and authorities have reportedly declined to discuss the case, citing privacy laws, a source familiar with the course of events shared them with the Star.


Trump on Biden: 'only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama's ass'

CIA "Whistleblower" Said To Have Worked With Biden When He Was VP

There has been much speculation since it was revealed that the CIA employee who lodged a whistleblower complaint over President Trump's request that Ukraine investigate former Vice President Joe Biden had a "professional relationship with one of the 2020 candidates."

As the Washington Examiner's Byron York reported, a source told him that:
"The IG said [the whistleblower] worked or had some type of professional relationship with one of the Democratic candidates."
And now, as The Washington Examiner reports, according to intelligence officers and former White House officials, the 2020 Democratic candidate with whom the CIA whistleblower had a "professional" tie is Joe Biden.


Fire department Dispatched to Bj's on the water

OC fire EMS on the scene BJs on the water, 75th St. Reported building fire. Heavy odor of smoke. Building being evacuated at this time.

Reported fire under the building. 

Get the Popcorn!… Biden Just Tossed Obama Under the Bus, “Obama White House Approved Hunter Biden’s Position”

Obama and Joe Biden — Best of Friends… Until they weren’t.
It looks like the Bromance is over.

The Joe Biden campaign defended drug addict Hunter Biden’s gig as a board member of Ukraine’s Burisma Holdings.

Joe is famous for getting the prosecutor fired who was investigating his son’s Ukrainian business dealings.

Today the Biden Campaign tossed Barack Obama under the bus — blaming Obama for approving Hunter Biden’s position.


Charles Barkley Blasts ‘Idiots’ for Criticizing NBA over China Controversy

Former NBA star Charles Barkley has come out against the “idiots” criticizing the NBA over the China controversy, and defended the league by pointing out the “billions of dollars” that are at stake.

Despite China’s long history of human rights abuses, the TNT sports commentator and former Houston Rockets star called critics of the NBA, “jackasses.”

Not only are critics, “idiots” and “jackasses,” but they are also “hypocrites,” as far as Barkley is concerned.

The former player spoke out on the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday evoking Colin Kaepernick.


Subtropical Storm Melissa Will Bring Coastal Flooding and Gusty Winds to Parts of East Coast into This Weekend

Nor'easter Now Subtropical Storm Melissa
Meteorologist Danielle Banks has the latest on the nor’easter, which is now Subtropical Storm Melissa. The storm is bringing heavy rain, wind and high surf along the East Coast.

At a Glance
  • Subtropical Storm Melissa is meandering off the Northeast coast.
  • This system is producing coastal flooding, beach erosion, rough surf and rip currents along the Eastern Seaboard.
  • Gusty winds will also affect parts of the Northeast.

Subtropical Storm Melissa formed late Friday morning and is moving slowly and close enough to the East Coast to bring impacts to the Eastern Seaboard, including coastal flooding, high surf and gusty winds.

The center of Melissa is located just over 200 miles south of Nantucket, Massachusetts.


DC Council approves 'emergency' bill to rename Columbus Day 'Indigenous Peoples' Day'

Washington, D.C. city council members rushed to approve legislation renaming Columbus Day "Indigenous Peoples' Day" this week before its Oct. 14 commemoration, citing similar moves by several states and a slew of cities in recent years.

The D.C. Council invoked a special provision for emergency legislation Tuesday that allowed the bill's sponsors to force a vote without the standard process involving committees, multiple votes and congressional approval. Another bill in the works would make the change permanent -- the emergency bill will be in effect for "no longer than 90 days" after Mayor Muriel Bowser signs it.

"Columbus Day was officially designated as a federal holiday in 1937 despite the fact that Columbus did not discover North America, despite the fact that millions of people were already living in North America upon his arrival in the Americas, and despite the fact that Columbus never set foot on the shores of the current United States," at-large Councilmember David Grosso said in a statement Monday. "Columbus enslaved, colonized, mutilated, and massacred thousands of Indigenous People in the Americas."


WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: The Real Ukraine Scandal Leads to the Clinton Foundation

Trump is not getting thrown out of office. Not with his remarkable record of economic success for the average American worker. Not going to happen.

63 million Trump voters will insure that never happens. We have your back, Mr. President.

President Trump has the highest approval rating among Republicans in history. 95%. No one is impeaching this president.

Now, let’s discuss why this is happening.

Trump touched the third rail of Democrat/Deep State/DC Swamp politics. He asked Ukraine’s President to investigate massive Democrat corruption and theft of taxpayer money.


How School Vouchers Help the Community | The Larry Elder Show

A Viewer Writes........

I hope things are going well… I trust you had a successful season with the new venture.  I must say I was not surprised by what happen yesterday at SMS.  My spouse teaches at the elementary level, even with kids that age discipline is completely out of control.  I thought you would find this information from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) interesting.  If you follow the use-of-force continuum and the officer was required to use a Chemical Agent to eliminate the threat the next level of force, as defined by the NIJ would have been lethal force.  The other interesting fact is all of the schools have camera systems.  But, when these events occur the response is “that camera is down”.  Please stay on top of this, if you don’t no one will!
An example of a use-of-force continuum follows:
  • Officer Presence — No force is used. Considered the best way to resolve a situation.
    • The mere presence of a law enforcement officer works to deter crime or diffuse a situation.
    • Officers' attitudes are professional and nonthreatening.
  • Verbalization — Force is not-physical.
    • Officers issue calm, nonthreatening commands, such as "Let me see your identification and registration."
    • Officers may increase their volume and shorten commands in an attempt to gain compliance. Short commands might include "Stop," or "Don't move."
  • Empty-Hand Control — Officers use bodily force to gain control of a situation.
    • Soft technique. Officers use grabs, holds and joint locks to restrain an individual.
    • Hard technique. Officers use punches and kicks to restrain an individual.
  • Less-Lethal Methods — Officers use less-lethal technologies to gain control of a situation.
    • Blunt impact. Officers may use a baton or projectile to immobilize a combative person.
    • Chemical. Officers may use chemical sprays or projectiles embedded with chemicals to restrain an individual (e.g., pepper spray).
    • Conducted Energy Devices (CEDs). Officers may use CEDs to immobilize an individual. CEDs discharge a high-voltage, low-amperage jolt of electricity at a distance.
  • Lethal Force — Officers use lethal weapons to gain control of a situation. Should only be used if a suspect poses a serious threat to the officer or another individual.
    • Officers use deadly weapons such as firearms to stop an individual's actions.

California Hit By Dual Shock: LA Gas Prices Spike Above $5 As Residents Learn Solar Panels Don't Work In Blackouts

Millions of Californians may have just suffered an unprecedented, induced blackout by the state's largest (and bankrupt) utility, PG&E, just so it isn't blamed for starting even more fires causing it to go even more bankrupt... but at least the price of gas is soaring.

According to Fox5NY, citing figures from AAA and the Oil Price Information Service, the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in Los Angeles County was $4.25 on Wednesday, 4.5 cents higher than one week ago, 57.6 cents more than one month ago and 37.1 cents greater than one year ago. It has also risen 86.4 cents since the start of the year. What is more troubling is that as California gas prices reached the highest level in the state since 2015, some Los Angeles area gas stations are charging more than $5 a gallon.

The gas price spike started last month after Saudi Arabia oil production facilities were attacked, and accelerated after three Los Angeles-area refineries slowed or halted production due to maintenance issues and no imported gasoline was available to make up for the shortfall, according to Jeffrey Spring, the Automobile Club of Southern California's corporate communications manager.


Salisbury Chamber of Commerce To Sell Building Downtown & Perdue Loses Tons Of Chickens Due To Water Main Break

The Chamber of Commerce in Downtown Salisbury is bailing Downtown Salisbury right away. Their building is up for sale and they are claiming they are going to downsize. I have been informed by a very reliable source today that there are many businesses Downtown who are fed up with the construction and failed promises from Mayor Day and they too are considering relocation. It is my understanding the Chamber more then likely will not remain in Downtown Salisbury.

To top it off, Perdue lost tons of chickens yesterday due to the water main break. The rusty water contaminated everything and they lost a lot of money yesterday. To top it off, the Downtown Perdue plant remained closed today because they had to completely scrub down the rusty water stains from that water main break.

All news you have not heard from your local media but I'm sure, (just like every other story we publish) you'll hear about all of this in the coming days from your waste of mainstream media news sites. 

Treasure hunters uncover pristine gold coins in wreckage of ship that sank in 1840

Treasure hunters have struck gold while diving a wreck thought to have sunk with tens of millions of dollars worth of currency.

The Steamship North Carolina, a 200ft long side wheel steamer, sank on July 25, 1840, after colliding with her sister ship, the Governor Dudley, 20 miles off the South Carolina coast.

And while all passengers and crew were able to escape from one ship to the other, their cargo was lost – including a hoard of gold coins.

Now, after months of archaeological field work, divers from Blue Water Ventures International (BWVI) and Endurance Exploration Group have confirmed the presence of gold at the wreck site.


Democrats turning California into a third-world hellhole: Going without electricity edition

Democrats are turning California into a third-world hellhole without electricity, water, and freedom.

Due to Democrats' love for trees, at least 800,000 Californians will be without power for several days. Instead of properly managing California forests to reduce the chances of big fires, Democrats are saying Californians have to go without lights, refrigerators, and air-conditioning. Democrats could also avoid this by not making the power company financially liable for all forest fire damages, but since PG&E is a company, not an illegal alien, the Democrats couldn't care less about doing what's best for California.

While they try to blame climate change and the infrastructure, the reality is that neither of those has caused any significant changes in the last ten years — but now, suddenly, due to Democrat policies, Californians have to start living in the 18th century.


George Bush & Ellen Are Friends?

How Prison Crushes Ex-Offenders With Debt

Prison makes it nearly impossible to hold onto savings and earn money. But it's a great place to take on debt.

Creditors don't push pause while someone's incarcerated. And because many people don't have the money for lawyers or bail, those costs turn into debt owed to family and friends after release.

In Marc Wilson's case, he had assets and plenty of savings before his seven-year prison sentence for drug trafficking began. By the time he was released in March 2019, he had nothing — except around $50,000 in delinquent child support.


Cops & Courts – October 11, 2019

Naked Guy Streaks Through Parking Lot
OCEAN CITY — A Dagsboro man was arrested on indecent exposure charges last weekend after allegedly running naked through an uptown convenience store parking lot.

Drunken Tirade Arrest
OCEAN CITY — A Pennsylvania man was arrested last weekend after allegedly falling down while intoxicated and damaging vehicles before assaulting an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer attempting to take him into custody.

Arrest In Downtown Fracas
OCEAN CITY — A Pennsylvania man was arrested on multiple charges last week after allegedly bashing in the door of a downtown residence and threatening his friends with a knife during an argument.

Probation For Pier Incident
OCEAN CITY — One of two men arrested in July after an altercation on the Ocean City Fishing Pier involving a gun and a knife was granted probation before judgment last week, while the other’s trial has been postponed until December.


NPR Poll: More Americans Trust Trump Administration Than Congress, The Media

A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll released Thursday shows that more Americans trust the Trump administration than the media and Congress as a whole.

"The poll of 1,123 Americans was conducted with live telephone Oct. 3 through Oct. 8, 2019," according to NPR and asked a series of questions related to President Donald J. Trump's presidency. When asked, "How much do you trust Congress: A great deal, a good amount, not very much, not at all?" 66 percent of Americans said they trust Congress "not very much/not at all." 31 percent said they trusted Congress a "great deal/a good amount."

When asked the same question regarding trust about the media, 69 percent said they trusted our news "not very much/not at all." 29 percent of Americans said they trusted the media.


Trump Rally In Omar's District


Biden Campaign Throws Temper Tantrum over Peter Schweizer NYT Op-ed

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign sent a scathing letter to New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet for running an op-ed by author and Breitbart senior contributor Peter Schweizer, which laid out the former vice president’s pattern of corruption and calling for the federal government to investigate his dealings in both China and Ukraine.

The Biden campaign sent its letter to Baquet Wednesday, expressing outrage for printing “a baseless conspiracy theory” and calling Schweizer, author of the book Secret Empires, a “right wing polemicist.” While half of Schweizer’s op-ed in the Times addressed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao’s China ties, the Biden campaign did not seem to take issue with that particular coverage.

In the op-ed, Schweizer wrote this:

A Viewer Writes.......WCSO Crimes reported at Schools

Check this out to see the calls to the schools on Beaglin Park

Editor's Note: There are also several other calls to Schools/College that are not on Beaglin Park Drive. This list is for September of 2019


AOC spent $312 on styling at upscale Washington hair salon

Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has reportedly spent over $300 on her new hairstyle at an upscale Washington salon.

Ocasio-Cortez, 29, spent $80 on a haircut and an additional $180 on low lights at the high-end Last Tangle salon in the district. If she tipped the customary 20%, her bill would have totaled $312 for a single hair style.

The freshman congresswoman from New York has made waves supporting socialist ideals since assuming office in early 2019. Despite fighting for inflated government-mandated minimum wages and promoting the "Green New Deal," Ocasio-Cortez expressed disappointment when she did not receive a congressional raise to her $174,000 salary this summer. She also stated that luxury apartment should be a "basic right" in a social media video posted this summer.


ICE director says new DNA tests helped bust 1,000 fake families at border

The acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says DNA testing this year helped detect more than 1,000 fake families crossing the southern border.

"We are utilizing DNA sampling right now in the border environment trying to ferret out the false families," Matthew Albence said Thursday in the White House press briefing room.

DNA testing began in May as a pilot program amid a surge in Central Americans seeking asylum. Due to a 1997 legal settlement, children must be released after 20 days of detention, which resulted in the release of many family units.


University of Delaware to Close Confucius Institute Amid China Tensions

The University of Delaware announced this week that it plans to end its ten-year partnership with the Confucius Institute, an off-shoot of the Chinese government. It joins 20 other American universities who are ending their relationships with the Chinese organization.

According to a student newspaper report, the University of Delaware announced this week that it plans to end its relationship with the Confucius Institute in 2020. The institute has been accused of bribing American colleges with funding in exchange for control over the discourse and messaging on China.

Despite concerns that the closure of the University of Delaware’s Confucius Institute, Associate Deputy Provost Ravi Ammigan claims that will not lessen resources for international students or students looking to study abroad.

“I don’t believe the UDCI situation will decrease service to international students,” Ammigan said in a short comment. “OISS ranks 19th globally for international students. I think that’s very telling.” This suggests that more universities around the country can suspend their relationship without risking the loss of student resources. In fact, more than 20 American colleges and universities have recently ended their relationship with the Confucius Institute.

Breitbart News reported this week that Senator Josh Hawley has continued his call for a federal investigation into the Confucius Institute.


A clerk at a Kentucky hotel turns the tables on an armed man

Fenwick Residents Blast Proposed Wind Farm Deal; Transmission Project At State Park Questioned

FENWICK ISLAND — A proposal last week to swap an area of the Fenwick Island State Park to the developer of a proposed offshore wind farm in exchange for millions of dollars in amenities has rankled homeowners in the neighboring community.

One week after proposal to swap an area of the Fenwick Island State Park to the developer of one of Maryland’s two offshore wind projects for an onshore power station in exchange for millions of dollars in amenities at the otherwise quiet park, a coalition of homeowners has fired off a letter to state officials seeking to have the project derailed.

Last week, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) Division of Parks and Recreation announced a proposal which, if approved, would allow the Danish company Orsted to construct an onshore power transmission station in the Fenwick Island State Park in exchange for amenities in the facility including new restrooms, lifeguard housing, pavilions, a visitor’s center, a nature center and other facilities. Orsted is one of two companies that hold permits for future wind energy farms approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission.


Eric's Downtown Barber Shop Forced To Relocate Because Of Parking & Construction

Video of the day: What a REAL border wall looks like!

When President Donald J. Trump promised to build the wall, many Americans didn’t realize the terrible shape our border security infrastructure was in. Politicians from both parties had ignored our southern border for years, failing to give our law enforcement officers the tools they needed to do their jobs safely and effectively.

The old barriers along our southern border were built to defend against vehicle crossings—and not much else. Over the years, many miles had fallen into disrepair.

Under this President, comprehensive technology—including a real barrier that stops all forms of smuggling—will keep America’s borders safe, strong, and secure!


(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits against the State and Treasury Departments seeking documents related to consideration by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) of investments in the U.S. by two companies tied to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden – Ukraine’s Burisma Holdings and China’s Bohai Harvest RST (BHR).

The Judicial Watch lawsuits were filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia after the State and Treasury Departments failed to respond to June 24, 2019, FOIA requests for CFIUS records related to investments by the Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings LTD or any of its affiliated entities and records related to investments by the Chinese company Bohai Harvest RST or any of its affiliated entities (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:19-cv-02960)), (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of the Treasury (No. 1:19-cv-02961).


Major teachers union suffers loss following 2018 Janus Supreme Court ruling

The American Federation of Teachers has lost 76,000 members over the last year, a 4% decline for the now-1.7 million member union, one of the largest covering public sector workers. The decline has translated to $18 million loss in dues revenue for the union.

The drop in membership happened in the first year following the Supreme Court's 2018 ruling in Janus v. AFSCME, which said that public-sector employees cannot be forced to join or otherwise support a union. A substantial portion of the teachers the union represented decided to opt out.

In a recent Labor Department filing, the union reported just 3,000 "agency fee" payers, down from more than 85,000 the previous year. Agency fee payers are people who not members of a union but are covered by a collective bargaining contract which requires them to pay a union a regular fee. Janus said public sector workers can no longer be forced to pay those fees.


Gabbard Threatens to Boycott Next Presidential Debate

Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard threatened to boycott the October debate after accusing the Democrat Party of "trying to hijack the entire election process."

The Hawaii congresswoman alleged that the Democrat National Committee has attempted to rig the primary process in an attempt to cull the crowded primary field. Gabbard, whose underdog campaign rose in the polls following her performance in the July debate, said she is willing to forgo the next televised debate to pressure the party into remaining neutral in the nominating process.

"In order to bring attention to this serious threat to our democracy and to ensure that your voice is heard, I’m seriously considering boycotting the next debate on October 15th," Gabbard said. "I’m going to announce my decision within the next few days."

Gabbard claimed voters from Iowa and New Hampshire expressed to her their concern that the DNC and corporate media are rigging the competition.

"There are so many of you that I have had the opportunity to meet in Iowa and New Hampshire who have expressed to me how frustrated you are that the DNC and corporate media are essentially trying to usurp your role as voters in choosing who our democrat nominee will be," Gabbard said.


RELATED:CLICK HERE to view video message from Tulsi Gabbard

'Play hardball': New York Times columnist calls for Giuliani to be arrested

A Cornell law professor encouraged the House to start arresting people close to President Trump to force the White House to comply with subpoenas.

Law professor Josh Chafetz wrote an op-ed in the New York Times on Thursday titled, "The House Can Play Hardball, Too. It Can Arrest Giuliani." Chafetz said House Democrats should respond to a recent defiant letter by White House counsel Pat Cipollone by resorting to tactics that have not been used in generations.

The House should threaten to use "its sergeant-at-arms to arrest contemnors [that violate subpoenas] … especially when an individual, like Rudy Giuliani, is not an executive branch official," Chafetz writes.


Travel Advisory In Ocean City

Thank God It's Friday

What will you be doing this weekend?

Pocomoke High School's LEAD program honored by Ravens

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. —A new organization at a Worcester County school is in the spotlight for making a difference in the community.

This Baltimore Ravens is honoring a student-led group at Pocomoke High School called Leadership, Education and Awareness About Disabilities (LEAD).

"We basically just inform people about different disabilities and, like, how we can, like, make them more normal and fit in a little bit better," junior Bethanni Russell said.

Pocomoke High School teacher Rebecca Stevens said she's the parent of two special needs children, so she recently started LEAD at the school.


Political Memes

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