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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Kayla Deer Dunson

Vitamin D and the coronavirus pandemic: Should you take it?

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has some looking for ways to keep their immune systems in tip-top shape, and there’s evidence that the supplement vitamin D can help with exactly that. But should you take it? And what about its effect on COVID-19?

“It’s important to keep in mind that there are no clinical studies that show the effectiveness of vitamin D or any other supplements or vitamins to treat coronavirus,” Dr. John Whyte, the chief medical officer of the health care website WebMD, told Fox News.


For the First Time in History of Minnesota, Muslim Call to Prayer Will Be Blasted Over Outdoor Speaker Five Times a Day Throughout Month of Ramadan

Socialism, Sharia law and Islam are creeping in while we are all distracted with authoritarian Coronavirus lockdown orders.
For the first time in the history of Minnesota, the Muslim call to prayer was broadcast over an outdoor speaker placed over the rooftop of Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque in Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.
The “adhan” will be broadcast five times a day throughout the month of Ramadan, which began Thursday night.
“This is a historic moment tonight for us to be celebrating the first call to prayer, adhan, in a major city in the United States,” said Sheikh Abdisalam Adam, board chairman of Islamic Civic Society of America & Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque, the Sahan Journal reported.

NEW COURT FILING: Following Release of Brady Documents that Exonerate Gen. Flynn — MOTION FILED TO DISMISS ALL CHARGES

Brady documents were finally disclosed by the DOJ in General Michael Flynn’s case today revealed exculpatory evidence that exonerated General Flynn.
The documents are filed under seal, but attorney Sidney Powell said it reveals Flynn did not commit any crimes.

“The enclosed documents were obtained and analyzed by USA EDMO in March and April 2020 and are provided to you as a result of this ongoing review; additional documents may be forthcoming. These materials are covered by the Protective Order entered by the Court on February 21, 2018,” Shea’s letter to Powell states.

Hillary Clinton Tries to Dunk on President Trump’s Comments About Injecting Disinfectants… And it Backfires Bigly

The liberal Trump-hating media, including the Drudge Report, is pushing the nonsense that President Trump proposed injecting Americans with disinfectants.
And like clockwork, Pelosi, Biden, Hillary and other Democrat mouthpieces pushed dangerous misinformation claiming Trump told Americans to drink bleach and inject their lungs with Lysol.
President Trump never said anything of the sort, but that didn’t stop old, bitter loser Hillary Clinton from jumping in and spreading the lie.
“Please don’t poison yourself because Donald Trump thinks it could be a good idea,” Hillary Clinton said on Friday.

Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden Still Owns Ten Percent of Chinese Firm BHR

Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s second son, still owns a ten-percent stake in Chinese company Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), an investment firm he co-founded with funding from the Bank of China, noted Peter Schweizer, president of the government accountability Institute, senior contributor to Breitbart News, and author of Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite.
In episode 17 of the Drill Down, entitled “Hunter Biden’s Chinese Fortune,” Schweizer noted that Hunter Biden has not divested from BHR despite his father’s presidential campaign.

Rep. Harris Issues Statement on Paycheck Protection Program Improvements for Seasonal Businesses

WASHINGTON, DC: The Small Business Administration has announced that small seasonal businesses applying for Paycheck Protection Program loans can be evaluated on their business activities from February through June of 2019, rather than their operational capacity in February of this year. This is critical for seasonal businesses, who often are not fully operational in late winter.

Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. (MD-01) issued the following statement:

“I am pleased to announce that the Administration has agreed to consider the seasonal operation of many small businesses when determining eligibility for the Paycheck Protection Program. Many small businesses are seasonal, and their activity increases from April to June. Considering activity from that period is a more accurate reflection of their operations, instead of during the winter months immediately preceding the COVID pandemic. I understand the seasonal business cycle on the Eastern Shore, and raised this issue with the Administration. This new guidance should help our local employers pay employees and cover expenses until businesses are allowed to reopen, hopefully on a regional basis.”

'Now I know the horror they are living': Head nurse at Brooklyn hospital tells how she went from treating COVID-19 patients to becoming one herself and was successfully treated with plasma infusions

The chief nursing officer at Mount Sinai Brooklyn has revealed how she went from treating COVID-19 patients to becoming one of them herself - spending seven days in hospital after developing bilateral viral pneumonia in both of her lungs.

Claudia Garcenot spoke about her harrowing ordeal with New York magazine Friday, stating: 'Before my hospitalization, I thought to myself: 'This has to be the worst thing in the world'. But what I thought it was, was nothing compared to the reality of it'.

Garcenot, who is aged in her 60s, tested positive for the coronavirus late last month after feeling a tightness in her chest.

She told New York magazine that she spent a week isolated at home, before she eventually decided to head to the emergency department at Mount Sinai Brooklyn.

A chest X-ray revealed that Garcenot had developed bilateral viral pneumonia in both of her lungs - but she was still not admitted to the facility.


Slapped Down: California's Background Check Law on Ammo Sales Blocked by Federal Judge

Gun owners in California rejoice. At least part of your state’s anti-gun agenda has been blocked by a federal judge. The new law on background checks for ammunition sales has been put on hole, with Judge Roger Benitez ruling that the law was “onerous and convoluted.” This was a law years in the making, passed by a 2016 ballot initiative. It was supposed to go into effect July of this year. Stephen Gutowski of the Washington Free Beacon has more:

"The experiment has been tried. The casualties have been counted," Benitez wrote. "California’s new ammunition background check law misfires and the Second Amendment rights of California citizens have been gravely injured."

The ruling dealt a blow to one of the strictest gun-control measures in the country and could provide new clarity on the extent to which voters and state governments can curtail gun rights.

The case was filed by NRA affiliate the California Rifle and Pistol Association and three-time Olympic gold medalist Kim Rhode. They claimed the state's ban on carrying ammunition across state lines, coupled with the requirement that all sales be subject to a background check—unlike most other states which only require checks for gun sales—made it far more difficult to legally purchase ammunition in the state. The system had a 16.4 percent false-positive rate with an appeals process that forced residents to wait months to correct those problems. The National Rifle Association, which helped fund the suit, celebrated the ruling.

Millions Of Now-Unemployed Americans Are Making More Money Than They Did When Working

More than 26 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment benefits in recent weeks, and a lot of them will now be bringing home much more money than they did while they were actually working. Needless to say, this is going to create a perverse incentive for people to stay unemployed for as long as possible. Just think about this for a moment. If you could earn more money sitting on your sofa gobbling down chips and watching Netflix, what possible motivation would you have to go back to work? Many low paid workers are going to want to ride this gravy train all the way to the end, and as you will see below, this is already causing big problems for businesses all across America.

So how did we get to this point?

Well, the Democrats pushed extremely hard to get a provision into the CARES Act that would give unemployed workers an additional $600 a week on top of any normal unemployment benefits. The following comes from USA Today

The CARES Act includes a $600-a-week bonus until July 31 for those registered as unemployed. The $600 is issued in addition to the standard unemployment benefit, which varies by state and by individuals’ record of previous earnings.

This means that for the next several months, unemployed workers all over America will be bringing home at least the equivalent of $15 an hour based on a 40 hour work week, and some Republican members of Congress were very concerned about this…

Some Republican lawmakers warned about this unintended consequence of the relief bill when it was being drafted, noting that $600 a week amounts to $15 an hour, more than twice the federal minimum wage. That’s in addition to state unemployment benefits, which vary widely, from a maximum of $235 per week in Mississippi to $795 per week in Massachusetts.

Despite those concerns, the CARES Act easily sailed through both chambers of Congress, and now we are stuck with it.


CNN slammed for treatment of Biden sexual assault allegations after old Larry King clip surfacesCNN, which has already drawn fire for its reluctance to cover a claim of sexual assault against Joe Biden, failed to uncover its own archive footage in which his accuser's mother called into Larry King's old show in what some critics are calling "journalistic misconduct". The Intercept reported earlier that Tara Reade said her late mother once called into CNN’s “Larry King Live” to discuss her daughter’s “experience on Capitol Hill,” where the alleged encounter with Biden took place. Reade didn’t recall other information, such as the date or even year and The Intercept managed to dig up a transcript of the call, but not the video. Tucked away among hundreds of thousands of hours of old archive footage was the long-forgotten clip which came to light Friday. But rather than CNN's team of investigative reporters, it was the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters, a conservative group that seeks to expose liberal bias, who exhumed the footage from its own vault.

CNN, which has already drawn fire for its reluctance to cover a claim of sexual assault against Joe Biden, failed to uncover its own archive footage in which his accuser's mother called into Larry King's old show in what some critics are calling "journalistic misconduct".

The Intercept reported earlier that Tara Reade said her late mother once called intoCNN’s “Larry King Live” to discuss her daughter’s “experience on Capitol Hill,” where the alleged encounter with Biden took place. Reade didn’t recall other information, such as the date or even year and The Intercept managed to dig up a transcript of the call, but not the video.

Tucked away among hundreds of thousands of hours of old archive footage was the long-forgotten clip which came to light Friday.

But rather than CNN's team of investigative reporters, it was the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters, a conservative group that seeks to expose liberal bias, who exhumed the footage from its own vault.


Why can’t people people get unemployment benefits - the answer

‘I am in tears over this’: Marylanders struggle to claim unemployment benefits. The state says help is on the way.

The Facebook group is part therapy, part primal scream, illustrated by screenshots showing hundreds of calls to the Maryland Unemployment Insurance office and emoji — often, the ones for “loudly crying” or “on fire."

“I am in tears over this. I am about to give up,” one poster despaired.

“I been trying to get my money for three weeks," wrote another. "What is going on with this system?”

With hundreds of thousands of Marylanders out of work because the coronavirus has shut down or slowed businesses, navigating the system to get unemployment benefits has become a full-time if unpaid job.


Man who confronted Chris Cuomo says the host was like a 'boiling pot'

The Long Island bicyclist who got into a verbal spat with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Easter Sunday said the host was like a 'boiling pot' as he was confronted for not self-quarantining.

David Whelan claimed that he had decided to go on a bike ride near where Cuomo is building his new home because he grew up in the area.

'I go by, down the trail that runs past where his new structure is being built and there's a bunch of people there,' Whelan told Fox News. 'I've been riding for seven or eight miles, take a little break, and am just walking. And a woman says "May I help you?" I said "No, I'm just looking".'


ER Physician Drops Multiple COVID-19 Bombshells

Ex-Intel Officer: Brennan Ignored Evidence that Russia Favored Hillary Clinton

John Brennan, while serving as CIA director under former President Barack Obama, dismissed intelligence that Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win the U.S. presidential election in 2016, an ex-intelligence officer argued in an op-ed published on Wednesday.

Ignoring objections from CIA analysts, John Brennan, the CIA director turned NBC and MSNBC contributor, “suppressed” intelligence that Russian President Vladimir Putin favored Clinton, Fred Fleitz, who served as the White House National Security Council chief of staff in 2018, wrote in the editorial carried by Fox News.

Nevertheless, a bipartisan report issued by the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday backs the U.S. intelligence community’s assertion that Russia meddled in the 2016 election to help then-candidate Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton. American intelligence officials reached that conclusion during the Obama administration.

The Senate report ignored revelations recently declassified by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General (IG) that a Russian disinformation campaign attempted to tarnish Trump, the same man that intelligence officials and the Senate panel claim to be favored by Putin.


Only 15% of Eighth Graders Know Much About U.S. History

Only 15 percent of eighth graders in the United States scored at or above proficiency level in U.S. history on the 2018 assessments known as the Nation’s Report Card, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) revealed Thursday.

Eighth graders in the United States once again showed a decline in U.S. history and geography test scores, and made no progress in civics, according to the assessment results.

Scores in U.S. history and geography plunged between 2014 and 2018. Approximately 43,000 eighth graders took the assessment in early 2018.

Peggy G. Carr, associate commissioner of assessment at the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) also said in a statement, “These assessments challenge students to show their knowledge and skills as they prepare to become full participants in American democracy.”

U.S. Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos called the results on the Nation’s Report Card “inexcusable.”

“And only 15% of them have a reasonable knowledge of U.S. history,” she added. “All Americans should take a moment to think about the concerning implications for the future of our country.”


Publicly-traded companies have 2 weeks to give back loans intended for small businesses

The Treasury Department is asking publicly traded companies who received loans from a fund intended to help small business recover from the pandemic to return the money by May 7 or face consequences, according to new guidance issued on Thursday.

The department said it was "unlikely that a public company with substantial market value and access to capital markets" could prove that a federal loan was necessary for it to stay afloat.

The request from the Treasury Department came after large companies who took loans from the program were criticized heavily as the fund ran out of money — and many small businesses, which the money was intended to help, were unable to get a loan.

Large companies were able to access the funds through a loophole in the restrictions that was meant to save the loans for small-business use only.


Conservative Watchdog Claims Anti-Trump Group Violated Tax Laws

A high-profile progressive organization, known for its fiery ads against President Donald Trump, may have violated its tax-exempt status by blurring the line between nonprofit and political activities, according to a complaint filed Thursday with the Internal Revenue Service by a conservative watchdog group.

The Patriots Foundation, a Republican-leaning ethics organization based in Iowa, says American Bridge 21st Century Foundation, a nonprofit, is primarily a political organization, in violation of tax laws. The group also raises questions about a $2.7 million investment in a for-profit company co-owned by its founder, David Brock, a Democrat operative and former Clinton associate.

American Bridge has a super-PAC arm that can spend unlimited sums to influence elections. But the primary purpose of nonprofits organized under section 501(c)4 of the tax code like American Bridge cannot be politics. The complaint quotes material given to potential donors to the nonprofit arm in 2017 saying the organization’s mission is “to take on Donald Trump.”

Groups like American Bridge do not have to disclose their donors, which is why they are sometimes called “dark money.”

The complaint also alleges that American Bridge has made improper payments that benefited Brock.


Hillsdale College Launches K-12 Classical Ed Series for ‘Common Sense’ At-Home Learning

Hillsdale College and its Barney Charter School initiative have launched a series of more than 40 free YouTube videos for parents and their children engaged in at-home learning during the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

The video series is specifically focused on at-home learning during this time and is based on an American classical approach to education.

In one of the opening videos, Dr. Kathleen O’Toole, assistant provost for K-12 education at Hillsdale College, said, “Classical education, at its root, is common-sense education.”

O’Toole said the purpose of the series is to show parents, guardians, or other caretakers of children that teaching expertise is not required for children to achieve academic success.

“You have already within you the things that you need to help your children continue to make progress at home,” she explained.

In addition to addressing the concept of at-home learning and parenting for academic success, the Hillsdale video series covers the topics of phonograms, Latin, Singapore Math, science, classical literature, composition, history, grammar, physical education, and more.

Newly Filed Court Documents Have ‘Exonerating Evidence’ for Michael Flynn

New documents filed under seal in federal court include “exculpatory information” about former White House National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Michael Flynn, according to a report.

The documents were filed by the Justice Department on Friday and allegedly include “exonerating evidence” for Flynn, an FBI official familiar with the situation told The Federalist’s Sean Davis.

The documents also allegedly show “evidence of malfeasance by the FBI” during its investigation of Flynn and will “reflect poorly” on the FBI. It is not clear when the documents may be unsealed and made available to the public.

According to the FBI official, FBI general counsel Dana Boente led the charge internally against DOJ’s disclosure of the new materials. Boente had personally signed off on one of the surveillance warrants against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.


Watch – Founder of Africa’s Dancing Pallbearers: ‘You Have to Say Goodbye with Happiness’

The founder of a dance troupe in Ghana that has become world-famous for dancing with coffins at funerals said in an interview published Thursday his business caters to the idea that people prefer to say goodbye to their loved ones with joy.

When contacted by the Argentinian media outlet Infobae, John Telewa, a representative for the founder of Pallbearing Dancer Benjamin Aidoo, revealed the group had received dozens of interview requests since video of their performances became a global meme.

The pallbearers gained international recognition in 2017 when they were filmed doing flamboyant coffin-carrying dances at funerals. Yet since the rising number of deaths caused by the Chinese coronavirus, the meme has come back into fashion as families employ pallbearers to replicate the dance.

(You must see this video..)

Americans only eat 59 percent of the food they buy

Americans only eat 59 percent of the food they buy, according to a new study, which says they spend more each year on wasted food than property taxes, gasoline, or new clothes

A new study suggests American food consumption may be three times more wasteful than past research had showed.

The study was conducted by Zach Conrad of the Department of Health Sciences at William & Mary University, who found the average American consumes only 59 percent of the food they pay for on any given day, with the rest going to waste.

This waste amounts to around one pound per person each day, with an estimated daily cost of $3.62, more than three times the $1.07 figure a 2008 study of American food waste reached.


Cuomo’s Decision to Hire McKinsey Raises Concerns over Firm’s Chinese Communist Ties

McKinsey & Company, a corporate consulting service with a long history of working closely with the communist regime in China, is advising the New York state government response to the coronavirus crisis, per public reports and confirmation from the governor’s office.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, has regularly name-checked the corporate consulting company at his press conferences detailing his state’s handling of the pandemic.

New York, including Cuomo himself, is actually using McKinsey data to compile modeling on the spread—infection rate—as well as the mortality rate of the virus in the state. Slides from Cuomo’s press conferences discussing the threat of coronavirus in New York actually cite McKinsey as the source of the modeling data the state government is using.

At this stage, it is unclear exactly what McKinsey is doing for New York state. Cuomo’s office has not returned multiple requests for comment.


[Cuomo: Coronavirus Came to NY from Europe, Not China]

True the Vote Sues Nevada to Protect Voters’ Rights

Asks court to stop Nevada secretary of state from imposing universal mail-in voting by administrative fiat

True the Vote has filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada on behalf of three registered Nevada voters asking for declaratory and injunctive relief to halt the secretary of state’s imposition of an “all-mail election” (Stanley William Paher, et al. v. Barbara Cegavske, in her capacity as Nevada Secretary of State and Deanna Spikula, in her official capacity as Registrar of Voters for Washoe County (No. 3:20-cv-00243)). The lawsuit argues the secretary of state’s mail-in-balloting plan violates both the Nevada and United States Constitutions and that imposing an “all-mail election” would lead to widespread election fraud.

On March 24, 2020, supposedly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske bent to demands by Democrats and state administrators and announced a plan essentially to abolish in-person voting and conduct, instead, an “all-mail election” for the June 9, 2020 primary election. According to the plan, all active registered voters in Nevada automatically will be mailed a primary-election ballot for mail-in voting. Voters are not required to take any action or steps, such as submitting a mail-in-ballot request application, in order to receive a ballot in the mail.

True the Vote claims specifically that the secretary of state’s plan to impose universal mail-in voting (“all-mail” voting) violates citizens’ right to vote because it:

(Read more here)

Pelosi Pushes Cheat-by-Mail: ‘Every Person Registered to Vote Should Receive a Ballot’

Friday on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said “much more than” the initial $400 million for a vote-by-mail initiative will be included in the next coronavirus stimulus bill to enable “every person registered to vote” to receive a ballot at home.

When asked about President Donald Trump not favoring bailout funding for the post office, Pelosi said, “The post office has over 90 percent favorability among the American people. They depend on the post office as a public institution. Seniors now are getting — they have always been getting their medicine by mail for a long time now and now even more urgently...

“Let me tell you another reason he might be against it. We have to save the lives and livelihood of the American people. We also have to save our liberty, the life of our democracy. Voting by mail is central to this in any event, but at the time of the coronavirus, very essential. We had $400 million in CARES one. We have to have much more than that in CARES two so people can vote by mail.”


Chicken Truck Load Sale TODAY in Delmar

The Clinton Foundation and the WHO Formed an Agreement which was Against US Tax Law and Should Have Cost the Foundation Its Tax-Exempt Status

The Clinton Foundation was so corrupt and yet it remains untouched by the American justice system. Its actions with the WHO alone should have cost the foundation its tax exempt status.

The Clintons took part in numerous activities around the globe that always seemed to benefit the Clintons. In 2004, for example, the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) signed an agreement with the WHO which was promoted as helping people in Africa with HIV/AIDS assistance:

The Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) and the World Health Organization (WHO) announced today that they have agreed to jointly provide technical assistance on scaling up national HIV/AIDS care and treatment programs to developing country Member States of WHO.


COVID-19 Statistics in Maryland 4-25-20

Number of confirmed cases: 17,766
Number of negative test results: 71,357
Number of confirmed deaths: 797
Number of probable deaths: 78
Currently hospitalized: 1408
Acute care: 870
Intensive care: 538
Ever hospitalized: 3,760
Released from isolation: 1,165
Anne Arundel1,430(62)8*
Baltimore City1,791(72)6*
Baltimore County2,387(69)10*
Prince George's4,795(162)11*
Queen Anne's52(3)
St. Mary's124(6)

Data Not Available
By Age Range and Gender
Age Data Not Available
Male:8,268 (412)33*
Gender Data Not Available:
By Race and Ethnicity

African-American (NH)6,314(301)23*
Asian (NH)344(29)2*
White (NH)4020(296)44*
Other (NH)657(10)
Data Not Available3,857(117)9*

Donald Trump: Joe Biden ‘A Sleepy Guy in the Basement’

President Donald Trump on Thursday said he could not predict the future of the election but acknowledged that the campaign had already changed dramatically.

“I can’t tell you what’s going to happen,” Trump said. “We have a sleepy guy in the basement of a house that the press is giving a free pass to, who doesn’t want to do debates because of Covid.”

Trump questioned whether Biden would actually be the nominee of the Democrat party.

“They’re keeping him sheltered because of coronavirus and he’s not moving around too much,” Trump said, adding, “Whether or not he’s going to be the nominee, I don’t have any idea.”


This Is Me

USDA terminates Chinese-owned Smithfield farm aid contract

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Agriculture terminated a $240,000 purchase contract with Chinese-owned Smithfield Foods that had been awarded under the Trump administration’s agricultural trade bailout program, a move taken at the company’s request, a department spokesman told Reuters on Friday.

The move comes weeks after Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, one of the country’s biggest farm states and the biggest hog-producing state, slammed Smithfield for receiving what he said was aid from the USDA that was meant to help American farmers hurt by China’s trade tariffs.

“Smithfield requested to terminate their contract awarded under the Food Purchase and Distribution Program. USDA has agreed to the termination,” Tim Murtaugh, a spokesman for the USDA, told Reuters.

Murtaugh said the transfer of funds for the food purchase contract had not yet taken place, and that Smithfield’s request to cancel the contract was received on Nov. 13.


Very Cool

Potential Wuhan Coronavirus Treatment Uses UV Light to Disinfect Lungs

Maybe Trump missed his calling as a medical researcher. The president was roundlycriticized for pondering whether or not UV light or other disinfectants that have proved effective at killing the Wuhan coronavirus on surfaces could somehow be administered inside the body to treat patients suffering from the disease. During Thursday's coronavirus task force briefing, President Trump asked White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx whether sunlight has been explored as a possible treatment for those suffering from disease, specifically the coronavirus.

"Not as a treatment," Dr. Birx answered the president. "I mean, certainly fever is a good thing when you have a fever. It helps your body respond. But not as, I have not seen heat or ..."

The president cut her answer short. "I think that’s a great thing to look at," the president interjected.


"They Demand Unemployment" - Biz Owner Shocked At Angry Response When She Tells Staff Their Paychecks Will Resume

A number of years ago, we first introduced the topic of a 'welfare cliff' at which more work was punished - i.e. the 'generosity' of the package of welfare benefits creates a perverse incentive not to work any harder...

As we wrote at the time, one of the tragedies of America today is that so many adults of sound mind and body do not support themselves and their families. It’s a tragedy not because they suffer material want; indeed, relatively few suffer so, because government assistance satisfies many of their material needs.

It’s tragic because one of the keys to human happiness is earned self-respect, which requires, as Charles Murray has written, making one’s own way in the world. The vast majority of poor people don’t want welfare; they don’t want handouts; they want a good job with which they can support themselves and their families comfortably.

The tragedy of the American welfare system is that it traps so many people in dependency on government, by hindering them from getting on and climbing up the job ladder, and thereby earning self-respect and happiness.

Our fear now, confirmed by excellent research from Kathy Morris & Chris Kolmar at, is that the 'generosity' of the CARES Act (and the fact that politicians are loathed to remove any policy that could possibly make their voters upset) has the potential to create an entire new generation of welfare serfs, subsisting on significant welfare benefits with no incentive to 'get back to work', even after the lockdowns are lifted.

DoubleLine's CEO Jeff Gundlach appears to agree...


Miami University will close its Confucius Institute

OXFORD, Ohio-- The Confucius Institute, a Beijing-based nonprofit organization aimed at promoting the study of Chinese language and culture, opened a center at Miami University in 2007. The university will close the institute June 30.

The Confucius Institute at Miami University (CIMU), which is funded jointly by Hanban, Liaoning Normal University in Dalian, China, and Miami, has focused on language courses, martial arts courses that lead to certification, non-credit cultural and language programs and courses, and showcasing students’ knowledge and skills in cross-cultural programming.

Miami’s Global Initiatives programs will re-focus efforts on a more comprehensive strategy for international student support that is more inclusive and provides a more diverse range of programming to share languages and cultures with the campus and community and to enhance the student experience.

While other universities have reported a perceived lack of academic freedom with their Confucius institutes, that has not been the case with the CIMU.

Miami’s Global Initiatives program believes it can more effectively provide cultural, intercultural and global learning programming and support through an international student center. This will be administered through the office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) in the space where the CIMU now resides.

With a new center, current efforts will be formalized in a centralized location for advising, co-curricular programming and more opportunities for domestic students to connect with international students, faculty and staff.


WTH?… Joe Biden Calls Coronavirus a Wake-Up Call on Climate Change and Climate Justice

There is ABSOLUTELY NO connection to the Wuhan Coronavirus and global warming but that won’t stop the left from pushing socialist climate plans in the face of the tragedy.

Commie Pope Francis and UN Secretary General Anotonio Guterres also called for a “green recovery” in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

ut why?
Does anyone think there is any link between a cave bat virus and global warming?

These globalists never take a day off.

President Trump is working around the clock to combat the coronavirus, focusing on expanding testing capacity, mobilizing the private sector to meet challenges, protecting workers’ paychecks and safely reopening jobs across America.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, isn’t taking this seriously at all. He says he believes all of this is a “wake up call” … for climate change and climate justice. Huh?

JOE BIDEN: “COVID is shining a bright light on the structural racism that plagues our laws, our institutions and our culture,” Biden said last night in a virtual fundraiser. “And it’s a wake up call, a wake up call to action to climate change overall and to climate justice.”

This is the kind of nonsense you hear in the halls of Berkeley, not the grocery stores of Scranton. Only a Washington politician would view a deadly global pandemic and millions of Americans artificially out of work as a “wake up call” for climate change justice. The last thing American families need right now is Joe Biden looking to use their suffering to make the dreams of SJWs come true.


Cuomo, de Blasio, and New York City Owe Trump an Apology

Many Americans have witnessed daily briefings in which New York State's governor, Andrew Cuomo, makes repeated demands of the President and exploits his moment in the sun by condemning the President and even maligning him. Instead of constantly complaining, it's about time Cuomo apologized to President Trump and to those Americans across the country who specifically helped NYC during her time of need. It is not President Trump who has fallen short in doing his job, rather governor Cuomo and his side-kick Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York City.

Three weeks ago Cuomo was demanding ventilators, masks, gowns, and hospital beds. He made no demands of himself, rather of the President. But now many are asking why the governor had not spent his many years in office accumulating the supplies needed for the emergencies and epidemics that surely transpire. In President Trump's desire to help the country and specifically the state where he was born and raised, Mr. Trump did not haggle over the question of whose responsibility it is to take care of state needs, but instead dove headlong to supply what New York needed. While Cuomo spent his days grandstanding and pontificating, and alternating his made-for-TV attire between informal leather jackets one day, blazers the next, presidential suits, and then sweaters, Mr. Trump was marshaling and corralling every force in this country and around the globe to provide the needs of New York state. Cuomo always looks well rested while Mr. Trump, the heroic workhorse, looks exhausted. We now know why: one is playing soap-opera governor while the other is a minute-by-minute, indefatigable President.


The 1 certain victor in pandemic war: Big Government

Pat Buchanan predicts never-ending bailouts & annual budget deficits of $1 trillion-plus

"War is the health of the state," wrote the progressive Randolph Bourne during the First World War, after which he succumbed to the Spanish flu.

America's war on the coronavirus pandemic promises to be no exception to the axiom. However long this war requires, the gargantuan state will almost surely emerge triumphant.

Currently, the major expenditures of the U.S. government, as well as a growing share of total federal spending, are Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

None of these programs will be curtailed or reduced this year or next. And if the Democrats win in November, the nation will likely take a great leap forward – toward national health insurance.

Republicans are calling for a suspension until 2021 of payroll taxes used to finance Social Security and Medicare. While that would provide an economic stimulus, it would also blow a huge hole in federal revenue and further enlarge the deficit and national debt.


New York golf pro and his teacher girlfriend are killed in Mexico after gunmen fired 20 bullets into their jeep during intense fighting between drug cartels

A couple who were killed when their Jeep was shot up during a gun battle in Mexico on Monday have been identified as a golf pro from New York state and his teacher girlfriend.

Pat Landers, 32, of Baldwinsville, New York, and his girlfriend, Karla Baca, died in the fatal shooting, in Juarez, Mexico, police said, according to KTSM.

Landers, a father of one, and Baca were driving down the street in a black Jeep with New York plates when the daytime shooting occurred.

Police said that at least 20 shots were fired at the Jeep during the incident.