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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Notice Of Closed Session

Salisbury City Council Work Session Agenda 2-20-17

The above file is an updated Agenda. The below file includes the old agenda with packet for the meeting.

Honest MSM?

For Those Who Missed It!

The President's briefing meeting with America!

Molly Explains Who She Is & What She Stands For

Joe Albero, just to clarify since you and your "supporters" don't understand the truth- this is who I am.

I am employed at Delmarva Public Radio as an ad copywriter (oh wow I do have a job, look at that)

I have had 8 poems and 1 short story published in various respectable literary magazines and I was nominated for the AWP National Poetry Award.

I'm a survivor of bullying and a suicide attempt. Yes, I suffer from mental illness (depression) that doesn't make me "stupid" or "crazy"

I am a survivor of rape.

I graduated from SU in December with a chord of honor for being Vice President of the german club (a language in which I am proficient)

I am a feminist, I did vote for Obama and then Hillary and I want to do something meaningful with my life. I want to help people, so I organized the No Ban No Wall No Registry rally because I believe in a welcoming and loving America.

My family supports the rally and has been a huge help in its growth.

I'm not the sad little girl you and your anonymous subscribers have painted me as with borderline illegal hate speech and violent threats on your blog.

Hide behind your computer and mock me and my family and my rally all you want, I just wanted to clear some things up for you next time you write more of you "news"

-Molly Likovich.

Delmar Pizza Closed Their Doors Today

Here Are The Salisbury Anti Trump "Misfits" You'll See At The Rally This Weekend

Question Of The Day 2-15-17

Today's Survey Question 2-16-17

1) Will you be attending the Anti Trump Rally Saturday in Downtown Salisbury from 1 to 4 PM?

2) Are you Liberal or Conservative?

Molly Comes Clean And I'm Asking Our Viewers To Back Off SU & DPR

"I am employed at Delmarva Public Radio as an ad copywriter (oh wow I do have a job, look at that)"

I just received another message from Molly, which said...


There is a typographical mistake in the previous note that I sent you. I do not work for DPR but instead am a copywriter at another radio station.


Publishers Notes: I had a wonderful conversation this morning with DPR, Delmarva Public Radio. They informed me that this Molly person does not work for DPR and were quite baffled as to why they were receiving such difficult calls and e-mail messages about her. When they learned we had published the story about Molly writing me they immediately investigated it and learned she has nothing to do with their organization and was not employed there.

They made contact with Molly and asked her to please contact me to clear this matter once and for all. Hence Molly's message above.

Now I'm not sure how Molly can claim she made a "typographical error" as to where she works and she did not attempt to correct it until asked but I'd say this woman has some very serious issues and I hope she seeks help to address them. It should be noted that we had been informed a family member of Molly's may work at SU.

Nevertheless, Salisbury University and DPR have nothing to do with Molly and I am politely asking each and every one of you to please back off and stop disrupting their business. It's the right thing to do. 

Thank You, Joe Albero

Will You Return? Delmar Pizza Reopens After Backlash

We are open!

We want to inform our customers that we were able to gather a small staff and we are now open. We will do our best to provide good service with our limited staff today.

BREAKING NEWS: Hispanics Refuse To Show Up For Work Today On The Eastern Shore

Thousands of Hispanic workers didn't show up for work this morning here on the Shore and companies are truly feeling their loss. Multiple chicken processing plants are allegedly at a stand still today as Hispanics want to make a statement against President Trump about deportation and their fear of staying in America.

One has to wonder, will they have jobs tomorrow, or will they be in welfare lines and applying for food stamps should they lose their jobs.

Salisbury Maryland Anti Trump Rally's Leader In Her Own Words

Molly Gets Salisbury Police To Shut Down Roads In Downtown Salisbury Saturday & More

10:30 Mass At St. Frances de Sales 2-12-17

This image was taken moments ago of the St. Frances de Sales parking lot. Mass has started and I'd say the impact of Father Chris LaBarge decision to support the Anti Trump Rally has impacted the Church, (as a whole) quite severely. Father LaBarge needs to stay out of politics if he wants the Church to survive. 

A Big Question for City Hall...

By Thornton Crowe

Mayor Jake Day and his group have forward this affordable housing deal to Salisbury citizens under this guise of gentrification of our flailing downtown without looking at some particulars which is alarming to say the least.

As many know, the two-hour free lot as well as the lots behind the Cannon Building and District court were all sold for a pittance to a local developer for this housing but one thing Day hasn't answered is this:

Where is everyone going to park?

Claiming he only had to provide half a parking space (per person) to residents as per his comments in a meeting last week, it is unsettling that Day fails to see that everyone working at the courts as well as litigants also have park downtown five days a week! With the city leasing the top floor of the parking garage and the county having parking behind the government building, that leaves very little left for people who need to be downtown for court business, much less workers or shoppers.

Furthermore, they claim it's to bolster business in the area through eateries and the like... where are those workers and patrons going to park? Mars?

Imagine during the winter months when its dark before court recesses and you're going up the stairwells in the lone parking garage? Is this safe? Does that make you a target for crime? Absolutely. Hence, this big plan was not thoroughly thought out.

A good friend always used to tell me that IQ doesn't necessary correlate into Common Sense. I'd say Jake Day is a perfect example of exactly what he was talking about. It doesn't take an Oxford education to see the myriad of issues and potential unnecessary danger posed to people working and patronizing the downtown area yet, it seems to be missed completely by the political bourgeois at City Hall.

How can the downtown become a place where people want to gather and spend money when they're put in harm's way? Common Sense dictates Section 8 housing has never been known for being safe. Look at any of those 'areas' in Salisbury and you'll find crime is a regular smorgasbord to get the clue on that one. However, Day continues to bury his head in the sand and pimp this balderdash about crime being down in Salisbury. Mind you, his argument is based on failure to report by our local media more than actual fact seen through the police reports shown here on Salisbury News.

So, Mayor Day, how say you? What are you going to do with all the people who need to drive their cars to the inner city for business? It's not like you have a subway system... so what say you?

"Mix Up" Is Putting It Mildly Ms Molly

Some of you may have read Joe Albero's post claiming I'm a liar because I had a mix-up when listing my place of employment. Because I know that blog has no intention of portraying any of us honestly, I'll say my piece here: I work as a freelance writer for a radio station that recently changed ownership to Rothschild Radio, however it used to be owned by Delmarva Broadcasting, not to be confused with a different station of a similar name-Delmarva Public Radio. In a message to Albero I mistakenly typed the latter as my place of employment, forgetting the company's name change. That's on me-I made a mistake. I however did not "lie" and WBOC did not bump our segment because of a personal blog. I spoke with WBOC and they simply said there was a change in the schedule. This happens at news stations sometimes, it's nothing personal against me or any of the other female activists who appeared in that video segment with me. I hope that clears up some things for those of you willing to see both sides of the story.

Editors Notes: First of all, it's been over a year since the company was purchased, LIE #1.

"Honestly", I have published everything YOU have either sent me or posted on Facebook without editing anything. To try to suggest to others that I am not honest proves LIE #2 from you.

Image above, my President Trump never raped anyone, LIE #3. 

Have at it Folks.



Fight At UMES Last Night


As Seen On Facebook

My thoughts, restaurant closes because of immigrants. Then they open....maybe because of post on facebook. Tomorrow when you are open do I have to worry about my food? Immigrants mad you reopened? Not coming back. My choice.

Salisbury Mayor & Police Preparing For The Worst

The mere fact they are planning to close streets in Downtown Salisbury and are dedicating so many additional Police Officers tells us they are being proactive. Why, because LIBERALS have a proven record of becoming violent. However, unlike Baltimore, this is the Eastern Shore and the outcome could in fact be scary.

We at Salisbury News have openly requested that Conservatives ignore this event and let the Molly's of the Shore blow off some steam and get their 15 minutes of fame. I have also asked other organizations to do the same, God Forbid something or someone NOT affiliated with their group/cause get out of line.

Nevertheless, we are continuing to learn that other outside organizations and even bikers are planning to attend and support their new President. 

So people, WHY TAKE THE RISK. Anyone who thinks this will be educational for their children and want to bring them to this event, you should be charged with child abuse if something happens. 

So you also know, the Sheriffs Department is also on call and may even show their presence at this event as well. Everyone attending this event should shake each and every one of these Officers hands and thank them for their service. 

For those of you who continue to ask if I will be attending, the answer is absolutely not. Will we have people there, absolutely. However, I will NOT be egged on by these unstable Liberals or anyone else. It's NOT safe to be there and I for one am not stupid. Besides, I think ALL of you know I support President Donald Trump.

Update On Anti Trump Protest In Salisbury, Maryland

See, this is a peaceful protest, but this is also a community event with food, activities, and performances. I have booked this venue through the mayor and city police department, same way anyone having an event downtown would. So the fact that 'Resist the Resistance' thinks that they can crash an event and venue that they did not receive permission to be at is just kind of droll to me. They say we're entitled 'snowflakes' and that our protest is 'pointless and dumb' and that we're going to 'cause chaos' so their idea on how to combat that, is to: 1.protest, and 2. cause chaos by trying to crash an already booked event.

James Yamakawa FYI, my brother-in-law and his two kids are coming in from Towson that morning and will come to the rally. Towson as we all know is close To Baltimore, which means we will now be accused of bringing in outside agitators.

Editors Notes: James, If you think by even the slightest chance there might be a confrontation, WHY would you even consider and even go so far as to invite children? 

Holly J Baldwin Anyone tying to "resist" the messages that will clearly be on display at a community event focused on unity will look foolish and crass. The vision is obviously coming together, and an atmosphere filled with warmth and welcome, much like a celebration of diversity, will disarm and confuse them, and obviously send a positive message out into the city. Most citizens of the city aren't interested in seeing any of their neighbors targeted, or hurt in any way. It's a small minority who are agitating. Stay the course, focus on outreach to the community and perception will work itself out.

Editors Notes: You talk about unity, how can you be going to a RESIST rally and speak of UNITY?

Donald Ross It is good that police will be there. Keep those phone cameras hot and ready. Don't get sucked in if they try to rouse your anger. Stay positive, focused and on point.

Editors Notes: Paranoid much?

Ron Pagano I don't ever recall a time when there were refugees FROM the US, unless we count those slaves who escaped to Canada during the Civil War. Were there any refugees from the McCarthyism era, or the Japanese WWII internment? This is a time that will live in infamy, when people were leaving the US in order to protect themselves from harassment, injury, and/or death! Steve Bannon must be very proud of his Catholic faith and his ties to the right-wingers in the Vatican.

Editors Notes: These are not refugees FROM the United States, they are ILLEGALS/REFUGEES from other countries.

Ron Pagano It seems that they are the only ones talking with words that incite. Do they have a permit? Suggestion: Don't get into a shouting match with these folks! We are all passionate about what we believe and there will always be someone who can shout louder than you. Talking calmly, without inciting someone, is the way we get our message across, while frustrating their intent to cause a confrontation.

Editors Notes: I have personally witnessed you at these rallies and you are far from quiet and calm. Your rallies in D.C., it was your peaceful left wing members who set a limo on fire. In Baltimore, well, we don't even have to go there, do we.

Ron Pagano Of course, this is "fake news"!! (sarc) No one in their group will accept facts presented to them. They are too enraged by the doublespeak of Trump, insulting and demeaning the news media, as well as our judiciary. I have never heard comments come from a President that have been so divisive, misleading and without a foundation in truth. As bad as Nixon was in private, he never acted like that in public. Trump has no filter, and as a result, neither do many of his supporters!

Editors Notes: Today we will deliver a video of many of the "Fake News" brought on by the liberal media. TRUTH is, Trump wants to rid of ILLEGALS in the U.S..

Ron Pagano Have the police been informed of their intention to disrupt what has been planned as a peaceful rally/protest? They should be aware of it so they are prepared to haul off anyone causing a disturbance. My response to anyone causing disruption is, "I will persist!" Thank you, Molly, for all your work!

Editors Notes: You will persist?

Susan Doyle Likovich I will contact them tomorrow.

Editors Notes: Will you be doing this on County time?

Matt Heim You should let them know about the comments made by Duke Brook on the Resist the Resistance page. They were particularly inflamatory and he has an afternoon radio program on 92.7 fm. They can't do anything about his rhetoric, but it would be good to monitor his broadcast to see what kind of flames he is fanning.

Editors Notes: Is freedom of speech only for the Liberal Party?
Jackie Wellfonder
It was wonderful to just receive some kind words, support, and encouragement from colleagues here at SU. It's hurtful when people think they can threaten and scare you and potentially affect your employment. Grateful to be in an environment where diversity and freedom of thought is encouraged.

Editors Notes: It's not always all about you Jackie. Please provide ANY such mentioned and alleged threats, or is this just more "Fake News". 

Molly, you have done a superb job of consistently defying the negativity and continuing to emphasize the message of peace and unity! Really looking forward to hanging out with a couple hundred amazing friends next weekend!! 

Editors Notes: One has to wonder how many hundreds of conservatives will also be attending. I mean, your group didn't have to attend the Presidential inauguration, why are you people so pissed off?

You call this peaceful?

Is racism why Adele beat Beyoncé at the Grammys?

(CNN)Even Adele thinks Beyoncé should have won the album of the year Grammy over her.

When the British pop star tearfully accepted the ceremony's top award Sunday night, she shined a spotlight on the woman she said she has loved since she was 11 years old.

"The artist of my life is Beyoncé, and this album to me, the 'Lemonade' album, was just so monumental," Adele said.
Certainly for her diehard fan base known as the Beyhive -- and for many music critics -- Beyoncé's "Lemonade" was a creative masterpiece.

But with its racial themes and imagery, some are questioning if the project was "just too black" for Grammy voters.

State Police Make Two Arrests In Connection With Wicomico County Homicide

(Salisbury, MD) – Maryland State Police arrested two men in connection with the murder of James Edward Joyce in Wicomico County.

The accused are identified as Keone Davis, 18, and Da’Quawn Waters, 18, both of Salisbury. They are charged with first and second degree murder, and other related criminal charges. They were arrested without incident on Friday evening and later transported to the Wicomico County Detention Center.

Members of the Maryland State Police Gang Enforcement Unit and the Maryland State Apprehension Team assisted the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit and officers from the Salisbury City Police Department with the arrest of the two men on Friday, February 10, 2017 in the 500 block of Emory Court in Salisbury. Both men were wanted on outstanding arrest warrants for gun violations.

Using information gathered throughout the investigation, Davis and Waters had been identified as suspects in the homicide. Charges were authorized after consultation with the Wicomico County State’s Attorney’s Office. Investigators believe the victim was the intended target during the home invasion.

The victim, identified as James Edward Joyce, 31, of Salisbury, was pronounced dead while in route to Peninsula Regional Medical Center on December 26, 2016. The autopsy report ruled his death as homicide by gunshot wound.

Joyce’s mother, Hilda Barkley, 56, of Salisbury was also a victim of the shooting. She sustained two gunshot wounds during the incident. She was treated for her injuries at Peninsula Regional Medical Center and later released.

On Monday, December 26, 2016, shortly after 9:30 p.m., police officers from the Salisbury City Police Department were flagged down in the area of the 700 block of Baker Street in Salisbury by an individual who reported the shooting inside a nearby two-story apartment on Baker Street in Salisbury. The Maryland State Police Homicide Unit was called by the Salisbury City Police Department to lead the investigation.

While police continue the investigation, anyone with information relevant to this incident is urged to contact Crime Solvers of the Lower Eastern Shore at 410-548-1776. A reward of up to $2,000 is offered for information that leads investigators to the arrest of other suspects in this case. Callers may remain confidential.

The investigation continues…

Da’Quawn Waters (L)            Keone Davis (R)


Joe is this even legal?  Can they just make food in a restaurant and sell it on the street?  Don't they have to be able to keep it either warm or cold.   I don't know about this.  It doesn't sound like it is an actual food truck but just a restaurant that will bring food.   What about all the businesses  that are on the plaza?  Why not eat there? 
From what I have read today it looks more like a  Pro Muslim rally.

Welcome To The Salisbury Zoo, Courtesy Of Salisbury University


Yes, There Are Some Pussy Hats In Salisbury

The Liberals claimed they'd have 295 people attending, that was a LIE. There are a TON more Trump supporters at this event. THANK YOU Republicans! What an awesome sight!

From The Delmar Pizza Facebook Page: STOP Telling Us It's Not True!

We will be closed today.

Due to the “Day Without Immigrants protest” being held nationwide we are regretfully informing our customers that we are forced to close today . We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate your long standing patronage. We will be reopening for normal hours of operation tomorrow.


Molly Likovich
1 hr ·

I just spoke with WBOC our story got bumped from tonight, it might air tomorrow at 7pm, but no set confirmation time as of now; it's not unusual for this to happen with community pieces. We still had a successful radio interview today and The Daily Times will be at the rally, see you all Saturday!

We must give WBOC credit where credit is due. Molly was proven to be a LIAR today, someone who can never be trusted. WBOC doesn't want to look like fools and they made a smart corporate decision. 

We will have yet another article tomorrow morning on this individual and the event. Let me just say this. If I were you I'd stay very clear of Downtown Salisbury on Saturday. 

Irresponsible Misfits, Love Thy Neighbor, Hate Thy Laws

More to come.