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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Chinese Company Interested In Buying Yahoo

The CEO of the Chinese Internet company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. says he would be "very interested" in buying Yahoo Inc.

Jack Ma made the statement in response to a question during a speaking engagement at Stanford University on Friday, said John Spelich, a spokesman for Alibaba. Ma also told the audience that prospective buyers had approached Alibaba to discuss a possible purchase for Yahoo, Spelich said late Saturday. The spokesman did not identify the prospective buyers.

Brooke Mulford The Builder

The Daily Times Inside Connection With The Board Of Education Continues

No, you won't find this information on the Board of Education Website. Why, because the Daily Times has a special connection through marriage in which they get exclusive information held back from the rest of the public. The idea that the below information can only be achieved through an outlet you have to PAY for is a monopoly, proving government and liberals are nothing but scam artists, forcing you to have to pay for information coming from sources that support your every want and need.

"Parkside High, in conjunction with the family, is holding the celebration of Davis’s legacy in education on Oct. 5 at 7 p.m. in the Parkside High School Auditorium. All school and community members are welcome to attend."

Its kind of like when the Daily Times begs for inside information a day before any one else because it takes them a day to go to press. To me, the important thing is to get the information out there to everybody. The Wicomico Board of Education does not give Salisbury News or any other Blog ANY information. Then again, look at who's attached to the above information and perhaps you/we can better understand.

U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski Makes History

Maryland's Senior Senator Inducted Into National Women's Hall Of Fame

Maryland's senior senator made history this weekend.
Sen. Barbara Mikulski was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame Saturday. The other inductees included an equal rights champion, a pioneering chemist and the first woman to enter the Boston Marathon, a group of women who ignored the notion of impossibilities, 11 News I-Team reporter Deborah Weiner said.
"For many of us on the stage, and certainly for myself, what we knew was when people told us 'No, you can't do this, why are you doing this -- you're just going to cause trouble -- why don't you stay home, why don't you shut up, why don't you sit down,' well you know what, it just didn't work out that way," Mikulski said in her induction speech.

Public Housing, Not Prison Camps

In the debate over a basketball court in an Annapolis neighborhood, two strains of thought have emerged.

The first is understandable if oversimplified, while the second is more interesting and more disturbing.

The first is this: The old basketball court was linked with crime and drugs, so the Landex Cos. had good reason to tear it out and refuse to let a new one be built.

The second line of reasoning goes like this: These people live in public housing, so they should just shut up.

Superficially, both are about a basketball court in Annapolis Gardens, a community of 150 homes off Admiral Drive. But this is really part of a larger debate about the role and future of public housing.

There are huge problems that haven't been solved for decades: inter-generational poverty, broken families, a cycle of dependence on government.

That doesn't mean people have to be treated like prisoners while they're living there.

Yet many readers of my column and stories in The Capital have suggested residents have no right to complain about Landex's reversal on the court - or about anything, really.

"If you want a basketball court save up your money and move to a community that has one," wrote one reader on "It is not the responsibility of the taxpayers to fund your recreation."

Said another: "If you don't like that, you're free to get a job and find housing using your own money."


Pioneering Denmark Distinguishes Itself By Starting Fat Tax

No more noshing Danishes for you, Danish people! Denmark is instituting the world's first so-called "fat tax," involving a price increase on foodstuffs that are high in saturated fats in an effort to deter citizens from buying them.

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The Government Did Not Pay $16 A Muffin

WASHINGTON - The Justice Department inspector general's office now says the U.S. Government did not pay $16 for each muffin at a legal conference after all.
The earlier report caused a major stir, but it appears that it was a story that was too good to be true.
A spokesperson for the IG's office has now backed down on the $16 muffin cost, but the office remains critical of the amount paid for the food and beverages.


Maryland To Begin Installing 'Bicycles May Use Full Lane' Signs

WASHINGTON - New signs about bicycles will be popping up on roads around Maryland soon.
The Maryland State Highway Administration is working on designs for a new sign that says bicycles may use full lane.
Why the change?


Salisbury Woman Arrested After Domestic Altercation

Location: Sports at the Beach, 22518 Lewes-Georgetown Highway, Georgetown, DE
Date of Occurrence: Saturday, October 1, 2011 at 4:30 p.m.
-47 year old Salisbury, Maryland man
-Merri D. Wagner, 42, Salisbury, Maryland
Charges and Arraignment Information:
-Aggravated Menacing
-Possession of a Deadly Weapon during the Commission of a Felony
Arraigned at JP Court 3 and then committed to the Sussex Correctional Institution for lack of $7000.00 secured bail.
Georgetown, DE- Delaware State Police detectives have arrested a Salisbury, Maryland woman after she confronted her husband with a gun during a domestic altercation in Georgetown yesterday afternoon.
The incident occurred at approximately 4:30 p.m. after state police were called to the Sports at the Beach Complex located in the 22000 block of Lewes-Georgetown Highway, in Georgetown, DE, for the report of a domestic incident involving a gun. Upon their arrival, troopers learned that Merri Wagner, 42, of Salisbury, MD, who is employed as a security guard for the Sports at the Beach, had been involved in a domestic altercation with her husband in a room at the complex. During the altercation, Wagner produced an SCCY Generation 2 9mm semi-automatic handgun from her waistband and pointed it at her husband. He then grabbed Merri Wagner by the arm and attempted to wrestle the gun from her. As this was occurring a single round from the gun was discharged, however, nobody was struck. The victim was then able to wrestle the gun from Merri Wagner.
Merri Wagner was arrested and charged with the above list of crimes. She was arraigned at JP Court 3 and then committed to the Department of Correction for lack of bail.
A mug shot photo of Merri Wagner is not available at this time.

Zion Fall Festival


Welcome All! Fall on Delmarva! Love it; eighty degrees and high humidity Friday and sixties over the week end. The thing we absolutely know about Delmarva weather, we absolutely don’t know! But hey kids get up each day and thank the Lord for what you do have and keep on keeping on! Tough times never last but tough people do. Let’s Rock!

Politics: Our next 9-12 meeting is the first Thursday of October, the 6th. Millsboro fire hall 7pm. Thanks to all of you who have contacted us and have said summer is over I am ready to attend some of these meetings and see what’s up. Again it does not matter your party, it just matters that you like smaller government, less taxes, and how you can have better control over your decisions and money, if that is you, you are welcome. Parents, if you can not make it but your kids are old enough to drive send them. I am happy to see the younger people there who will represent the next generation. If they need a face to introduce them call our office and I will be sure I meet them there and show you and or them around. CALL 302-629-4344. Update: Russ Murphy is home from the hospital, in therapy and doing well. Thanks to all for prayers and please continue to do so.

About young people, we need them to hear both sides and give them the power to choose. A lady who works with us is taking a college course and the general question asked was if you had a choice of all government control, free enterprise and very little government control, or a mix with government being the larger in control and just a little free enterprise which would you choose? The majority answered, and mostly late teens, majority government and a little free enterprise! REALLY? Where do they get this thinking? Mainly from the main stream media and colleges! I would be curious to ask that same group if the same majority of kids would vote for that if the government choice all across the country is, you need to wear the same clothes to school, and when you go to Micky D’s you must eat a turnip and mustard sandwich no burger it is bad for you and because we are smarter then you ; that is the final answer! Would you be happy with bigger government then? Just saying… Ask your kids that question! As Fred would say the only one who would be happy with that is the guy on sling blade!

Health and Wellness moment: Thanks for the interest in our last article regarding your nutrition and increasing your health and income. Call if you missed it or have further questions. CALL 302-629-4344.

Speaking of health how is your low back? Do you know low back pain hits nearly every American at some time? Why? What causes this for no apparent reason? Three primary reasons: Take our simple test. 1) Poor flexibility in your hamstrings; if you can’t stand straight with legs locked, bend at the waist and touch the floor, you have a 90% chance of back pain. 2) Weak abdominal muscles; if you can’t do 30 bent knee sit ups in 60 seconds, 90% chance of having low back pain. 3) Increased abdominal girth, for every 5 lbs. over weight gives you 90% chance of low back pain. So! How many people do you know have one of these things, two or even all three? I know not YOU but if you know any of those people have them give us a call, we help those people daily! CALL NOW 302-629-4344.

So how about you? Need money? Better health? Thinking about getting involved with helping to change direction of this country? As always my friend you can continue to do what you’ve been doing and expect a different change or you’ve been given the authority to make a change, will you use it? The choice as always is up to you!

Yours in all areas of life,
Dr. Michael A. Triglia
A.A.S., B.S., D.C

** Dr. Triglia is a Doctor of Chiropractic and CEO of Peninsula Chiropractic Center 26685 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, Delaware. 19973. If you would like to set an appointment or a complimentary consultation CALL NOW 302-629-4344. Remember tell a friend auto accident is 100% covered by Chiropractic. Worker compensation certified. CALL NOW 302-629-4344

Latino Students Withdraw From Alabama Schools After Immigration Law Goes Into Effect

Scores of immigrant families have withdrawn their children from Alabama public schools, according to state education officials, after a court ruling upheld the state’s new anti-immigration law.

The law, which was approved by the state legislature and is widely backed by voters, allows police to check for papers and detain undocumented residents without bail. It also mandates that public schools share with authorities the citizenship status of all newly enrolled students.

The law went into effect Thursday.


Google Buzz: The Search-Engine Giant Is Now Brewing A Beer

Furthering their quest for world domination, Google embarks on its next logical venture: launching a limited-edition beer.

Partnering with craft beer favorite Dogfish Head, the search giant has created URKontinent, a beer named after the original supercontinent, reports the Huffington Post. Dogfish Head founder and President Sam Calagione calls the beer “a valentine to boot-strapping entrepreneurs in all kinds of industries all over the world.”


Ranked: Jobs With the Most (and Fewest) Smokers

Miners, food service workers and construction workers are more likely to smoke than adults in other industries, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported on Thursday.

In an analysis of 2004-10 data from a national health survey, the CDC found that 30% of workers in mining and an equal proportion of workers in hotel and food services reported smoking. An estimated 29.7% of adults working in construction smoked.

The overall adult smoking rate in the U.S. is 19.3%.


5 Weird Things People Are Stealing While The Economy’s In Bad Shape

Robbing a bank is so unoriginal. Because of a combination of an economy in horrific shape and the rising monetary value of certain goods, materials, and, believe it or not, creatures, many thieves are choosing unusual targets to steal, and then flip them for a quick profit.

Cellphone Carriers Keep Personal Data Up to 7 Years, Report Says

A document obtained by the ACLU shows for the first time how the four largest cellphone companies in the U.S. treat data about their subscribers' calls, text messages, Web surfing and approximate locations.

The one-page document from the Justice Department's cybercrime division shows, for instance, that Verizon Wireless keeps, for a year, information about which cell towers subscriber phones connect to. That data that can be used to figure out where the phone has been, down to the level of a neighborhood. AT&T has kept the same data continuously since July 2008.


Battle of the Sexes: How Men and Women View Money

The old adage, "men are from Mars and women are from Venus," may especially hold true when it comes to their views on finances. The way men and women manage, view and process the information they receive about money, seem to be in two different universes, according to two personal finance experts.

Ramit Sethi, author of I Will Teach You to be Rich recently conducted a survey called "13 Stunning Differences in How Men and Women Think About Money," that surveyed 1,167 of his blog readers on their attitudes toward finance.


Fla. Primary Move: "It Messes Everything Up"


The key battleground state of Florida decided Friday to move up its Republican presidential primary to Jan. 31, snubbing party rules and triggering angry responses from traditional early voting primary states which will now likely move up their primaries to stay ahead.

The move thwarts efforts by both major political parties to delay presidential primaries and caucuses. Their aim has been to avoid a repeat of the 2008 scenario, when states jumped ahead of each other in attempts to increase their influence in the process.


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