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Sunday, September 13, 2015

3 arrested after 'suspicious car' found in Pentagon's parking lot

ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA9) -- Three men were arrested after police found a "suspicious car" in the Pentagon’s South parking lot Sunday morning, according to Arlington County police.

Around 7:20 a.m., police say officers found three men passed out in the car. Police say the three men appeared to be drunk. There were wires hanging from the undercarriage of the car, police said.

A bomb squad was sent to check on the car and the individuals, according to police.

Metro tweeted that the Pentagon station was closed temporarily because of police activity.


Public Hearing Notice

Salisbury City Council Agenda & Packet For September 14 2015

Another Viewer Writes: Crab Picking Contest

Apparently someone was caught cheating they had claw meat in the container.

Baltimore's Newest Millionaires

Baltimore Mayor Admits $6.4M Freddie Gray Payout Was to Prevent More Riots

Cites "potential liability that could come with an unfavorable jury verdict"

The Mayor of Baltimore acknowledged in a press conference today that the taxpayer-funded $6.4 million dollar payout to the family of Freddie Gray was partly a measure to prevent further riots.

Baltimore was gripped by days of rioting at the end of April in response to the death of Gray, who died while in transport in a police vehicle. During the unrest, over 300 businesses were damaged and 27 stores looted, leading to the declaration of a state of emergency and the deployment of the National Guard.

“Faced with the prospect of significant legal expenses involved in an extended federal lawsuit as well as the potential liability that could come with an unfavorable jury verdict, our city’s attorneys came to the conclusion that the $6.4 million is in the best interest of protecting taxpayers,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.


Letter to the Editor --JiffyLube incident--it was ugly

Dear Joe,

This is what happened today. Your opinion? And this shouldn't happen to a poor old widder woman...

Today's mystery doesn't have an ending, at least not yet. However, there are numerous facts that lead to sound deductions at this point.

What am I talking about? A trip to my local Jiffy Lube for a simple oil change. I did not expect what happened after they pulled my old war horse of a truck into the bay and certainly not what occurred afterwards. Let's see if you concur with me as to what you should consider the outcome to be.

I'll start with the fact that I've been going to this same Jiffy Lube since at least 1988 with nary a problem. In and out, oil changes, filters changed, sometimes wiper blades, through 4 vehicles. It's simple, it's quick, that's why I use it. Now that I work from home, I don't have to drive much. When you talk about 20 miles a week with an extra ten a month to another store outside of the grocery store, it doesn't impact the truck too much.

Is the truck old? Yep, it is, It's a 2000 Ford F150 my husband bought years ago and about 2009 the engine was entirely refurbished. Has it has other issues? Yep, a few; tires, the radiator hose, and new starter and plugs, normal stuff for a vehicle that old.

Further disclaimer, when you have an older vehicle, before any drive, any trip, no matter how short (it's 10 miles to town), you do a pre-inspection, a "flight check" for any leaks of any kind beneath the vehicle. It's just something I've done for years and years, it's automatic, you just do. No drips, no leaks, no lights on the dash, and all the dials within levels, I'm good to go as along as no shudders or hiccups. The big old behomoth purrs in her own way, smooth to start, and runs well. The air conditioner has gone up, but the heat works, and the fan only runs on high, but really, what more can you ask for?

So I set off this morning, my stop was to get the oil changed to get ready for cooler weather. I pulled in, left it running as the gents with smiles came out to me as their only other customer was pulling out. I went to the waiting room area like I always do and watched them pull my truck in.

I got the normal spiel about all the services, opted to get the air filter changed, but no wipers, no transmission service, no, no, no, just the oil change with higher mileage oil. The bill was close to $90 which made me cringe but needed to be done.

They finished quickly, the hood was down, they were greasing up the fittings from below and then I saw people scrambling about the truck, looking beneath it, conferring with each other. I stood and looked, waiting for someone to come and tell me that something was wrong.

Then they just pulled the truck to the front, like right to the literal edge of the property at road's edge at the busy highway, keys in the ignition and left the door open. The girl came in and printed up the bill for me to pay. I paid, nothing was said about any problem.

I walked out and hopped into the truck, put my foot on the brake to start the truck and the pedal went right to the floor. I mean RIGHT to the floor. I pulled back and tried again, right to the floor.

I don't know why I repeated the process, I knew I had NO BRAKES, none. It wasn't that way when I pulled in less than 20 minutes before. I opened the door and leaned out and called back to the crew in the bay.

I said, "Hey, I have NO BRAKES, what's going on?"

BREAKING NEWS: Freddie Gray Trial to Stay In Baltimore

Judge decides the trial for 6 officers will stay in Baltimore.  Change of venue has been denied.

Judge rules it would be premature to move FreddieGray cases out of Baltimore without going through voir dire process first.

Judge Williams did not completely close the door on moving Freddie Gray cases out if Baltimore if juries can't be seated after voir dire 

Judge in Freddie Gray motion said you can't move trials based only on conjecture of potential jurors. 

A Viewer Writes: SU Student Housing Home Invasions

Have you heard anything about multiple home invasions at the off campus student housing on Onley Rd? my girlfriend was at my place last night and her roommates called this morning and said they had been robbed last night. the police told them that it happened to multiple houses. SU sent out an email about it this morning saying it was 4 black males with a gun.

Let's Play Connect The Dots.

When you start connecting the dots in this case you first recognize that Chris Demone, (close friend of Jim Ireton) is now renting Jake Day's home. I guess this means Jake is quite satisfied with the very people Jim Ireton chose to work for the City and isn't his own man after all.

Well, I'll let this Post take its own life from here on out.

Case Number:020300044242015Claim Type:CONTRACT
District/Location Codes:02 / 03Filing Date:07/29/2015Case Status:ACTIVE

Scheduled Events/Trial Information
Date:09/28/2015Time:09:00 AMRoom:03
Location:201 BAPTIST STREET SALISBURY 21801-0629

Complaint, Judgment, and Related Persons Information
(Each Complaint, Hearing, Judgment is listed separately, along with each Related Person)
Complaint Information
Complaint Status:ACTIVE
Status Date:07/30/2015Filing Date:07/29/2015Amount$150Last Activity Date:09/01/2015

Related Person Information
Connection to Complaint:ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF
Address:P.O.BOX 272
City:SALISBURYState:MDZip Code:21803-0272
If Person is Attorney: Attorney Code:000692Attorney's Firm:JOHN P HOULIHAN, P.A.

Connection to Complaint:DEFENDANT
Address:502 DRUID HILL AVE
City:SALISBURYState:MDZip Code:21804

Connection to Complaint:PLAINTIFF
Address:100 E CARROLL ST
City:SALISBURYState:MDZip Code:21801

Connection to Complaint:TRADING AS DEFENDANT
Address:502 DRUID HILL AVE
City:SALISBURYState:MDZip Code:21804

Democrats Urge U.S. To Take 100,000 Syrian Refugees

Two top Democrats have called for the U.S. to accept 100,000 Syrian refugees next year, or 10 times the number President Obama proposed this week, saying America should “do our part.”

Reps. John Conyers Jr. and Zoe Lofgren, who are the two top House Democrats on the committee dealing with immigration, also said the U.S. should take a total of 200,000 refugees, or nearly three times the number accepted in 2014.

“It is time for the United States to join the global community for a humanitarian response,” the two lawmakers said. “We should do our part by admitting 200,000 refugees, with 100,000 reserved for refugees from Syria.”

With as many as 4 million Syrians believed to have been displaced by a crumbling government and multiple rebellions, countries around the globe are trying to decide what they can do


OCPD Arrest Bowie Man for Breaking, Entering

OCEAN CITY, MD – : A Bowie man was arrested by Ocean City police after breaking and entering into an alcohol retailer, causing significant damage to a building and fleeing from officers.

On September 11, 2015, at approximately 1:15 a.m. Ocean City police responded to an alcohol retailer in the area of 114th Street after Ocean City Communications was alerted of a premise alarm at the business. As officers arrived, the suspect, later identified as Gregory D. Burley, 20, of Bowie, MD could be seen inside but quickly fled the scene on foot.

Multiple officers responded to assist in the search for Burley, including Maryland State Police troopers and Worcester County Sheriff’s deputies. Burley was ultimately located hiding under a minivan in a parking lot nearby. He was arrested without incident.

At the business, officers observed multiple broken windows, significant damage to interior walls and damage to an alarm speaker. A shopping cart was also full of various liquor bottles and multiple bottles were broken on the floor of the store.

Ocean City police have charged Burley with two counts breaking and entering, theft of less than $1,000, two counts of malicious destruction of $1,000 or more and making false statements to a police officer. Burley is currently being held at the Ocean City Public Safety Building pending an initial appearance before a Maryland District Court Commissioner.

A Viewer Writes: Remember this guy?

Saw this guy is now working for Red Door Sub Shop in Salisbury. He was cussing about the fact he lost his job at Pizza City for burning toilet paper. The guy he was talking to actually thought he was talking about toilet paper. Then this worthless American had the nerve to tell him it was the flag and pulled out his phone to show pics with pride. Needless to say the coward locked himself in a vehicle when I approached him with what I had to say. Just figured the people would like to know where he is now and he hasn't changed or learned his lesson as of yet.

Well, At Least Some Of US Will Never Forget

JUST IN: Over 60 dead after crane collapses on world’s holiest mosque in Mecca

At least 65 people have died after a crane collapsed on the Grand Mosque of Mecca on Friday, Saudi authorities say.

According to Saudi Interior Ministry, at least 154 more people were injured in the incident.

The tragedy comes ahead of the annual Hajj pilgrimage which is due later this month. Millions of Muslims from around the world will converge on the holy city between September 21-26.

Local media reports suggested that the accident occurred due to heavy rains the Kingdom. The governor of the Makkah region, the capital of which is Mecca, Prince Khalid al-Faisal has ordered the launch of an investigation into the causes of the accident.


9/11 Letter to the Editor

It seems that every generation has it's own national crisis. What I find interesting is that each generation responds differently to it's crisis. The responses tended to send a message and in fact created an image in the eyes of the rest of the world defining what the U.S. was made of.

When you step back and look at the responses of generations past it was clear that the message they sent let the rest of the world know without question that the U.S. had moxy. We had balls. The fire of freedom and liberty burned relentlessly in the hearts of Americans and everyone else around the world knew it.

The national crisis of my generation began with the attack on the U.S. on September 11, 2001 and continues today. Our response to the event which took place on 9/11 took too long to initiate because there were those among our political leadership who worried about what the rest of the world thought. Once retaliation started, our military men and women were put in harms way and were unnecessarily restrained by unreasonable rules of engagement similar to those that caused us to lose in Vietnam. Rules that our enemy doesn't adhere to but rules they know we follow. And they capitalize on that fact. We know this and yet we continue to follow the same rules and prosecute our military members for failing to follow them. "We are Americans - we don't torture" the liberals say...."We take the moral high road". Tell that to the thousands of Americans who lost loved ones fighting a war with their hands partially tied. Hey liberals...I have news for you! there is no fair fight! If you want to win, you do what it takes! How can any American watch the 9/11 memorial services and not become just as angry as we were when these events first unfolded?

We watch whats going on in the background right now and see that we are on the brink of signing an agreement with a nation that is known to sponsor the very same terrorists responsible for attacking our nation on 9/11 and who continue to attack us and our interests around the world everyday. We are agreeing to give them tens of billions of dollars they will no doubt funnel to the same terrorist organizations. What are these politicians thinking? 70% of Americans disagree with this agreement yet the politicians push forward with it. This failed foreign policy is the same failed policy that created the power vacuum in Iraq which brought ISIS to power creating a humanitarian disaster of biblical proportions in Syria and Europe.

The message being sent to the rest of the world by this Administration and the liberal minions that follow is this: We have elevated a nation of terrorists to what can be likened to the position of the bully on the playground. America, due to the actions and inaction's of Democrat/Liberal/Socialist leadership has been reduced to the sissy on the playground. Our 150 billion dollar lunch money is about to be handed over to the bully in order to postpone being beaten up one more day. Obama is going to sign it over stating as a reason that this is the only deal that can prevent war (his words). Guess what?!?! We are at war!! Let's get to the business of winning it! This is happening in the world theater. The same thing just happened on a local level when the playground rioting bullies in Baltimore just got 6.4 million in lunch money from liberal Democrat politicians in order to prevent further rioting. They've abandoned our police officers and our soldiers. They've left your cities in crime filled, bankrupt ruins. They have set policies that diminish our individual civil liberties. They have put our once great nation on the fast track to disaster.

To the liberal Democrats and RINO's know this. The fire of freedom and liberty still burns hot in the heart of the American Patriot. In case you haven't felt the heat, it's burning hotter everyday. Entertaining the decision to bring tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into our country was a mistake from which you won't recover. If you decide to make it happen, our nation won't recover. The majority of Americans know it and will eventually rise up against these types of decisions in ways not seen since the late 1700's. The American people pray that those in leadership positions reverse the direction in which our nation is headed and starts putting America first. Or is it too late?

BREAKING NEWS: Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake says she won't seek reelection.

[WATCH] Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake says she won't seek reelection. READ MORE ---->

Posted by WJZ-TV | CBS Baltimore on Friday, September 11, 2015

Substance Abuse

Judge Nap: Settlement for Freddie Gray's Family Means Cops Won't Get Fair Trial

Judge Andrew Napolitano said on "The Kelly File" that the decision of city officials in Baltimore to approve a $6.4 million settlement for the family of Freddie Gray means that the six Baltimore police officers who are charged in his death will not get a fair trial.

Judge Napolitano said that in every state, when there is a potential for civil and criminal litigation, the rule of thumb is that the criminal case goes first.

"You do not want to do something in the civil case that would prejudice the fairness of the criminal case," he explained.

Judge Napolitano said that the massive settlement is the city all but admitting liability for Gray's death, making it impossible to find an impartial jury.

"It's an example of a mayor misusing her office. It's an example of the mayor setting an atmosphere in which a fair trial is nearly impossible," Judge Napolitano said.


F*** Yo Flag Movement Calls For Black Lives Matter Violence On 9/11

Members of the Black Lives Matter splinter group Fuk Yo Flag are threatening violence on September 11 in videos and blog posts.

After posting a recent video that called for “open season on killing white people and cops,” a man who identifies himself as “King Noble, Black Supremacist” has put out another bizarre, expletive-laced video where he delivers a monologue of his contempt for both the American and Confederate flags, which he claims are symbols of oppression.

The video begins with Noble saying:

The orders have just come down from the head organizer of #FYF911 movement from Palmetto Star — the ratched revolutionary, too raw for TV — the order has come down to reveal the secret locaiton of FYF mobilization.

The event will be held in Stone Mountain. Get there. In Stone Mountain, you will witness the end of U.S. imperialist white supremecy. September 11th, Stone Mountain. Get there.


Oath Keepers Offers Kim Davis Protection From Further Imprisonment by Judge

In this video, (see below), Stewart Rhodes and some of the Oath Keepers national and local leadership discuss the real issues behind what is happening in Rowan County, Kentucky.  We have had boots on the ground there since last week and will continue to have a presence.  Stewart Rhodes reached out personally to Davis's legal counsel to offer protection to Kim, to ensure that she will not be illegally detained again. We would like to stress in the strongest terms possible that we are doing this not because of her views on gay marriage, but because she is an elected public servant who has been illegally arrested and held without due process.  


We believe Federal District Court Judge David Bunning grossly overstepped his bounds and violated Mrs Davis' due process rights, and in particular her right to a jury trial.  This judge has assumed unto himself not just the powers of all three branches of government, but has also taken on the powers of judge, jury, and "executioner."  What matters to us is not whether you agree with her position on gay marriage or her decision to not issue marriage licenses.  What matters is that the judge is violating the Constitution in his anger and desire to punish her for going against his will.  We are already being subjected to an unconstitutional imperial presidency, that grew exponentially under both Bush and Obama, expanding the claimed war powers of the president to swallow up our Bill of Rights and circumvent jury trial.  The result is an executive branch that claims the absurd power to declare any American an "unlawful combatant" on the say-so of the president alone.   

Now we see the rise of an imperial judiciary that not only legislates from the bench but is attempting to expand their "contempt" power to likewise swallow up our Bill of Rights and circumvent jury trial.   Both methods are used to allow the powerful office holder to merely point his finger and have his opponent thrown behind bars without a grand jury indictment and without being found guilty by a jury of their peers.  No innocent until proven guilty before a jury. Just "guilty" because the leader says so.  That is a dictatorship, whether done by a president or by a judge.  No one man should have that kind of power in his hands alone to decide guilt and impose a sentence of indefinite detention. Under our Constitution, that dictatorial power does not exist.  We must stand against this.  And so we will protect her and prevent it from happening again.     -  Stewart Rhodes
Comments? Please go to this article at the national website for Oath Keepers and leave your comments under the article there.  We appreciate your participation at our national site.
Thank You!   

Accident This Morning In Parsonsburg

Photo from the twitter account of Todd Dudek

Martin O'Malley: Lady Liberty should open arms to Syrian refugees

We must not forget what’s inscribed at the base of the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled...

Posted by Martin O'Malley on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wicomico Paddle Partnership River Clean Up 10/24

We've got the paddles and pdf's - now all we need is PEOPLE!

Wicomico Paddle Partnership
River Clean Up 

What better way to clean up our local waterway than to grab a net and a trash bag... hop on a canoe/kayak and start paddling!  The Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Environmental Studies Department at Salisbury University and the Salisbury City Public Works will be hosting an On-The-Water River Paddle Clean Up as part of an initiative ignited by the Beautification/Environmental Affairs Committee.   

Saturday October 24, 2015, 2-4pm

Launching and Docking from Riverside Boat Ramp -
538 Riverside Drive, Salisbury MD
  Networking at Brew River after 4pm

RSVP - Sophia Smecker at or 410-749-0144 

Deputies: Baltimore women stole more than $1,000 in merchandise from Mall In Frederick

Several Baltimore women were caught with more than $1,000 worth of stolen merchandise Sunday at Francis Scott Key Mall, according to sheriff’s deputies.

Each of the six women faces a maximum penalty of close to 35 years and $31,500 in fines if convicted of all of the six criminal charges they face, according to court records filed in Frederick County District Court. The thefts were reported at 5:26 p.m. Sunday, shortly after employees at DSW Shoes saw the women leave the store with several pairs of shoes without paying for them, court documents state.

Employees gave deputies a description of a car the women used, a white Nissan with New York license plates. A Frederick County sheriff’s deputy had the car stop at approximately 6:15 p.m. on Buckeystown Pike near Francis Scott Key Drive, according to the documents.


Mother: Fatal police shooting of daughter unjustified

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. —The mother of a woman fatally shot by Virginia Beach police said Tuesday that her daughter was not armed and the shooting was unjustified.

Gina Best of Columbia, Maryland, said her daughter, 28-year-old India Kager of College Park, Maryland, had been in Virginia Beach only a couple of hours before the shooting occurred.

"She was unarmed. She was completely innocent. They shot indiscriminately," Best told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

Kager and Angelo Delano Perry, 35, of Virginia Beach, died following an exchange of gunfire with officers Saturday night outside a convenience store, police said. Officers had received information about a person of interest in a homicide and as they approached a vehicle outside the store, someone inside fired at them, police said. The officers returned fire, killing Kager and Perry.


Daughter ‘pocketed’ dead mom’s Social Security for nearly 30 years

A shameless daughter pocketed her dead mother’s monthly Social Security checks for almost 30 years, The Post has learned.

When federal agents knocked on Chiquita McCullough’s door in September 2014 to investigate the $291,313 fraud, she acted as if her mom, Rose, was simply out.

“I asked for [her] mother by name, and McCullough initially stated that her mother was not there,” Social Security Administration special agent Lori Kleinman said in Manhattan federal court papers.

“I then asked where [her] mother was, and McCullough stated that her mother died in June. I then asked what year [her] mother died, and McCullough stated that she believed it was 1990.”


Group resettling Syrian migrants in Baltimore

BALTIMORE —As civil war rages on in Syria, millions of people are seeking refuge in other countries, including the United States.

The International Rescue Committee in Baltimore is responsible for resettling some of them.

"Though they have lost a lot their homes, sometimes family and friends, they come here with a burning desire to start a new life, and Baltimore has been a welcoming place for immigrants and refugees where they can do that," said Reuben Chandrasekar, executive director of the IRC's Baltimore branch.

The migration crisis in Europe isn't going away. Thousands are still fleeing from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in what's considered Europe's worst migration crisis since World War II.


Environmental groups push for moratorium on new Eastern Shore chicken houses

A coalition of environmental and public health groups are calling on Governor Larry Hogan to place a moratorium on new poultry houses. They say the runoff from these operations, plus cuts to water quality monitoring, could be disastrous for Chesapeake Bay clean-up efforts.

The largest source of pollution to the Chesapeake Bay comes from agricultural runoff. Seven groups, the Environmental Integrity Project, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's Center for a Livable Future, Waterkeepers Chesapeake, The Assateague Coastkeeper, Food & Water Watch, Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy, and The Maryland Clean Agriculture Coalition, want the governor to do more to about it.

The Environmental Integrity Project released a report, "More Phosphorus, Less Monitoring," Tuesday to along with their campaign. The report examined agriculture records and found that Maryland farmers are already over-applying poultry manure to their fields. These environmentalists say there are 200 new poultry houses permitted for construction across the Delmarva peninsula. If those houses are allowed to move forward, they fear pollution will only get worse.

Over 200 Maryland Corrections Officers Arrested… and They Still Have Their Jobs

Baltimore, MD — It was reported last week that over 250 Maryland corrections officers have been arrested since January of 2013 — and well over 200 are still employed by Maryland’s corrections department.

Many of the arrests actually involve on the job corruption, but most of the officers have yet to face any actual consequences from their employers. In one case where officers actually were prosecuted, 24 correctional officers at the Baltimore City Detention Center were convicted in a massive conspiracy case, along with a number of prisoners. That case involved corrections officers smuggling drugs into the prison and becoming very close with the inmates. On more than one occasion, male inmates who ran prison gangs impregnated female prison guards.

Stephen Moyer, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, actually defended many of the officers who were arrested, saying the charges against them were “pretty outrageous.”

Maryland prisons are notorious for their terrible living conditions and corrupt employees. The Baltimore City Detention Center was forced to close earlier this year because it was uninhabitable.


A Letter To The Editor 9-9-15

Joe, check this out. 

Super Giant awards customers with gas points to redeem at 2 Shell stations in Salis. one on College Ave. and the other North 13 near the mall. For the past month I was using the one on college Ave and Snow hill rd. Every time I went to use this station I had up to 70 cents off a gallon of gas. I would get 10 cents off I used my card. Their excuse was the computer was down. I had enough of their BS. This afternoon I used 13 N. and got credit for my 70 cents off a gallon. I have Super Giant Corp. 800 number and will report them Tuesday. All stay away Shell Station on SNOW HILL RD AND COLLEGE AVE.

Follow Up On Jiffy Lube Story

Okay folks, been a full day here, and I will post the blog with more info, but to follow up on the BRAKE issue with the truck and JiffyLube issue. Mechanic advised is OLD truck was rust spot but likely DINGED hard with grease wand and the flood-gates opened up. Luckily the other brake line is still okay and only had to replace the one (Honest mechanic--TY Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack of Salisbury).

While I will contact JiffyLube corporate office, I'm not asking for reimbursement of repairs. I'm honest, it's an old truck, it is. I am going to view the incident as a blessing because that brake line could have gone while I was driving on the road.

However, the LIE for me is an issue and giving me the bum's rush at the curb and running away is frightening when they knew the truck was no longer safe to drive.

The end result will not just be the loss of my custom since 1988 but others as this goes public. And apparently it's a popular post on Salisbury News. Warn others, be wary and never accept a lie.

Satire: North Dakota Names Landfill After Obama

The state of North Dakota has named a new publicly-owned landfill after President Barack Obama.

In an overwhelming 35-10 vote, the state Senate advanced a bill naming a 650-acre site currently under construction after the nation’s 44th president. Governor Jack Dalrymple is expected to sign the measure into law Tuesday.

When completed, the Barack Obama Memorial Landfill will be the largest waste disposal site in North Dakota, and the 17th largest in the United States. It will be especially rich in toxic waste from the local petroleum and medical industries.


MSP DUI Press Release 8-31-15 Thru 9-6-15 (Berin Barrack)

BREAKING NEWS: Judge Orders Defiant Kentucky Clerk to Be Released From Jail

The judge who ordered defiant Kentucky clerk Kim Davis to jail last week for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses has subsequently ordered her release from the custody of the U.S. Marshal.

“Defendent Davis shall be released from the custody of the U.S. Marshal forthwith,” read an order from U.S. District Judge David Bunning, according to BuzzFeed. “Defendant Davis shall not interfere in any way, directly or indirectly, with the efforts of her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples.”


Md. police chief commends officers after takedown goes viral

WASHINGTON — A Maryland police chief is praising his officers after their takedown of a man believed to be under the influence of PCP was recorded and posted online.

“I commend the officers for exercising extreme restraint,” said David Morris, chief of the Riverdale Park Police Department.

Morris said officers responded to a McDonald’s after they received a call about a man who appeared to be hallucinating, arguing with himself and throwing chairs.


JUST IN: Baltimore Reaches $6.4M wrongful death settlement with family of Freddie Gray

BALTIMORE – The city of Baltimore says it has reached a $6.4 million wrongful death settlement with the family of Freddie Gray.

Gray died in April after he suffered a critical spine injury while he was in police custody. Six Baltimore police officers face criminal charges stemming from Gray's death. Gray, who was black, was critically injured April 12 in the back of a prisoner transport van after he was arrested.


60,000+ sign petition to rename Ronald Reagan Airport

ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA9) -- More than 60,000 people have signed a petition to rename Ronald Reagan National Airport.

The petition, started by Credo Action, was created in reaction to criticism following President Obama's decision to rename Alaska's Mount McKinley to Denali, according to their website.

The petition urges people to, "Tell Speaker Boehner: Rename Ronald Reagan airport back to Washington National Airport."

The following was stated in the petition:


Muslim flight attendant says she was suspended for refusing to serve alcohol

A Muslim flight attendant says she was suspended by ExpressJet for refusing to serve alcohol in accordance with her Islamic faith.

In a bid to get her job back, Charee Stanley filed a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Tuesday for the revocation of a reasonable religious accommodation.

She wants to do her job without serving alcohol in accordance with her Islamic faith -- just as she was doing before her suspension, her lawyer said.

"What this case comes down to is no one should have to choose between their career and religion and it's incumbent upon employers to provide a safe environment where employees can feel they can practice their religion freely," said Lena Masri, an attorney with Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


lesbian impregnated with black man's sperm loses case

A lesbian who was accidentally impregnated with sperm from a black man has had her legal claim dismissed.

Jennifer Cramblett, 36, of Uniontown, Ohio, gave birth to her biracial daughter three years ago. She said a clerical error at the Midwest Sperm Bank of Downers Grove, Illinois, resulted in the unwanted appearance of the child. She later filed a legal claim and sought damages for wrongful birth and breach of warranty, saying she wants to ensure the sperm bank doesn’t make a similar mistake again.

Cramblett became pregnant within days of marrying Amanda Zinkon29, in 2011. Five months into her pregnancy, she called the sperm bank to reserve sperm from the same donor in hopes that Zinkon could also have a child

But Cramblett learned some disturbing news: She had been inseminated with sperm from the wrong donor. Rather than sperm from a man known as No. 380, a white donor with blond hair and blue eyes, she had used sperm from No. 330, a black donor. The sperm bank later apologized and issued a partial refund.


ISIS Declares A New Set Of Rules For Christians: If You Say The Name Of Christ, And We Hear It, You Will Be Butchered

ISIS has recently declared a new set of rules for Christians: if you say the name of Christ out loud, you will be killed. The set of rules also outlaws the displaying of Crosses and the building of churches. According to the report:
The Islamic State has issued a “safety contract” for Christians living in Qaryatian, Syria comprised of 11 specific commandments, including one which prohibits praying out loud to Jesus Christ under penalty of death. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Christians in the captured town will have to pay the jizyah or jizya tax imposed on non-Muslims, in addition to the other commandments issued by the extremist group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The watchdog group listed the 11 stipulations, which prohibit: the establishment of churches, the displaying of crosses, making Muslims hear Christian prayers or rituals of worship, the hiding of spies, offending Islamic religious beliefs, the carrying of weapons, the sale of pork or wine to Muslims, and failing to dress modestly. The list of rules concluded, “If they comply with these conditions, so they have are safe in their lands, money and souls, and they are not going to pay one-tenth except they bring money to trade from outside the IS territories not oppressor nor oppressed. None of them is going to be punished under a sin committed by another else of them. In case they violate the conditions of this writ, then ‘Islamic State’ is going to deal with them as they deal with people of war (warriors).”


100-plus Protest Islam In Schools In Bristol, Tennessee

More than 100 people gathered outside a middle school in Bristol, Tennessee, Friday morning to protest curriculum teaching children about Islam.

Under the state’s Common Core curriculum, seventh-graders are required to learn about the history of Islam and compare and contrast it with other religions, local NBC affiliate WCYB reported.

The curriculum is part of the Tennessee social studies standards, which are set by the State Board of Education.

“We can’t change that,” Amy Scott, principal of Vance Middle School said. “That’s not something we have control over. We do have a responsibility to teach it in a politically neutral and religiously neutral environment, and we do that. We take that very seriously.”

Members of the community held a silent and peaceful protest to raise awareness about the issue. Protesters said they are not upset with the school but want to see the state change the curriculum requirement, WCYB reported.

“This is when kids begin developing their own faith and character for the rest of their lives,” said Jane Thomas during the protest. “To me, it’s a very scary thing.”

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Kentucky clerk appeals order putting her in jail

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — A Kentucky county clerk has appealed a judge’s decision to put her in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Attorneys for Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis officially appealed the ruling on Sunday. The three page motion does not include arguments as to why Davis should be released but amends Davis’ earlier appeal of the judge’s order.

Davis objects to same-sex marriage for religious reasons and stopped issuing all marriage licenses in June after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide. Two gay couples and two straight couples sued her. U.S. District Judge David Bunning ordered Davis to issue the licenses and the Supreme Court upheld his ruling.


This Sent To Me By A Viewer...

I received this information some time last evening and found it very amusing. Let's take a look real quick and compare notes.

Salisbury News has PUBLISHED 713,309 comments. We have spammed, are you ready, 100,519 comments. Now I'd probably guess that we've simply rejected well over 500,000 comments over the years. 

I don't care who you are, WBOC, WMDT or the DT's, getting the community to participate in what you do proves the success of what you are providing. 

OK, putting egos aside, I received a phone call the other day saying this very same person was upset at Crisfield officials because they refused to recognize him as Main Stream media. Look, it only takes one glance at his article above to prove he is not. 

Labor Day, a day in America when an overly obese man sits back at his computer in his air conditioned affordable housing unit paying some $300.00 a month attacking the very people who pay the taxes so he can get a free ride and then gets pissed off when he CLAIMS he works full time as a main stream media source to public officials and then threatens them, (or anyone else) if he doesn't get his way.

It's a pretty sad state of mind when you feel you can actually go out in public and act like people love you when all the while they're thinking inside, well, you fill in the blank. 

When grooming goes too far

Everyone bites their nails, or picks a scab when they shouldn’t, or goes through periods when they just have to wash their hands one… last… time. As humans, we’ve evolved to view grooming as essential to our very survival. But how much is too much?

For millions of Americans, the impulse to keep clean, or, in a more modern sense, look as good as possible, becomes pathological, so that they can’t stop, and it all but takes over their lives. “People really want to stop, and they’re distressed by what they’re doing,” says Marla Deibler, the director of the Center for Emotional Health of Greater Philadelphia, which treats people suffering from pathological grooming disorders. “They become socially isolated, and it becomes very hard to live with.”