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Friday, November 18, 2016

Natural Greens Decorations Workshop to Be Held at Pemberton Historical Park

Natural Greens Decorations Workshop to Be Held at 
Pemberton Historical Park

Christmas is Coming & The Goose is Getting Fat – and it’s time to begin making decorations for the Holidays! Which means it’s time for the Natural Greenery-Making Workshop at Pemberton Historical Park. Once again Westside Historical Society and Pemberton Hall Foundation are inviting the public to join in this annual “make your own traditional wreath” event. Members of the two historical societies will be teaching this Eastern Shore traditional craft, and will supply participants with an assortment of local greens and the basic forms for wreath-making. Cost is only $15 for each wreath, swag, or other decoration participants choose to create! Participants should bring their own ribbons, fruits, or other decorations they choose to use. Some folks like to make table decorations, and if that is your goal, you should bring your own container. Light refreshments will be available. This is a fun way to get into the Holiday Spirit! Come join us!!

The workshop will be held in the Education Building (large barn-like building) at Pemberton Park and will begin at 10, lasting until 3 pm. While we do not pre-register, the workroom space is somewhat limited and you might experience a short wait for worktable space. For questions, contact us at 410-742-4182 or 410-726-8047, or email or .

Event Date is December 3, 2016

Judge awards damages of $36M in Bobbi Kristina death case

ATLANTA (AP) — A judge in Atlanta on Thursday ordered Bobbi Kristina Brown's partner, Nick Gordon, to pay $36 million in a wrongful death case, her estate's lawyers said.

Brown, the daughter of singers Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, was found face-down and unresponsive in a bathtub in her suburban Atlanta townhome in January 2015. Gordon, who also lived there, and a friend were listed on the police report as being in the home when investigators arrived there.

The wrongful death suit said other people were there when Brown was initially found unresponsive. She was in a coma for six months before dying in hospice care at age 22 on July 26, 2015. Her death was similar to the way her mother died and drew worldwide headlines and the frenzied attention of the tabloids.


Houston man , 78, arrested after mooning woman

A 78-year-old in a cowboy hat was arrested for stripping his pants and mooning a woman outside a hotel after she declined his sexual advances, authorities said.

The man identified as Robert Scott, of Houston, lurked around the Double Tree Hotel in Kenner, La., was booked with sexual battery and obscenity after he mooned a 29-year-old woman Saturday, according to the Kenner Police Department.

The unidentified woman told officers she was attending a seminar for aspiring models inside in the hotel, then stepped out to grab lunch around 1:13 p.m., Lt. Brian McGregor of the Kenner Police Department told the Daily News.

The woman said she was sitting outside eating lunch when Scott approached her wearing a cowboy hat, black shirt, police said.


Delaware State Police Announces Crime Mapping

Engaging the communities we serve is vital to crime prevention. Crime mapping is one tool that serves that purpose and is an extraordinary example of DSP’s effort to leverage technology to improve services to better inform the public. A mutual benefit where residents are better informed and encouraged to be vigilant is a win, win. Like a virtual neighborhood, it is an opportunity to lend a hand for community members who want to see what is going on locally in their own community. It helps to reduce misinformation when people have real time data and facts. Mapping data can also act as a deterrent to crime and serve as a safety measure in community policing to make people more engaged, aware and cautious.

The Delaware State Police is providing access to this website which makes crime information available to the public. The mapping service allows residents to analyze interactive maps of recent crime activity near their neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and places of interest.

Joe Biden offers frank analysis of Democratic election losses

Vice President Joe Biden talked about why Democrats lost the presidential election -- saying bluntly that the party had collectively overlooked key constituencies, particularly rural, working-class Americans.

“We lost because of awful lot of hard-working Americans who live in areas where we did not pay much attention to,” he said at a reception celebrating a Hindu festival. “Barack Obama won these people. They are not racist. They did not vote for the Democrats this time.”

Globalization, Biden said, has fundamentally altered the economic outlook for these voters -- especially blue-collar white American men -- who are feeling left behind by the political process.

“For the first time in recent memory, this is one section of American population where the life expectancy has gone down,” he added. “It is white American men between the age of 40 and 55. They have the highest suicide rate in America. Because they do not know how to deal with this new incredible change that is taking place in the world.”

“Remember, we won these same people,” Biden continued.


USPS Takes In More Revenue, Needs To Spend More On Workers And Vehicles

Here’s the problem that the U.S. Postal Service has with making money: it’s delivering more packages to quench our thirst for online shopping, but carrying more packages means that the service needs more and upgraded vehicles, and to pay more people to deliver those packages. If the USPS simply reported its profit and loss, it would have had a $200 million profit for fiscal year 2016, but things are not that simple when you’re a quasi-governmental agency. 

Free Thanksgiving meals offered in Berlin, Ocean City

Two local churches will host free Thanksgiving meals along with fellowship next week.

Berlin’s First Baptist Church will offer Thanksgiving dinners for its 30th year on Williams Street.

“It is an opportunity to share Thanksgiving with someone else and quite often people who live here are lonely so you are keeping them company,” said Sharon Parsons, church officer manager and a Thanksgiving volunteer since 2001.

About 40 volunteers and the church family provide turkeys and side dishes. The traditional dinner includes dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce, she said.

“There is so much joy in helping someone,” Parsons said. “We see it all come together and it is very rewarding.”

The volunteers cook Thanksgiving at their homes or come in to help prepare food before setting up the tables and serving guests in addition to clean-up duties.


Should Your Job Be A Factor In How Much You Pay For Auto Insurance?

While many consumer advocates believe that drivers’ auto insurance rates should be based on factors that only relate directly to their activity on the road, many states allow insurers to use a wide variety of considerations — including education, marital status, homeownership, and occupation — to help set those rates? With one state looking to halt the use of occupation data, we wanted to know what our readers think. 

Your Thanksgiving Feast Will Cost Less This Year

After the average price of Thanksgiving dinner topped $50 for the first time ever in 2015, consumers are getting a break this year: the American Farm Bureau Federation says the average cost of a feast for 10 people will be $49.87, a $0.24 drop from a year ago.

The Federation, an agricultural trade group, looked at prices for turkey, bread stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls with butter, peas, cranberries, a veggie tray, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and coffee and milk — all in quantities capable of feeding 10 people with plenty of leftovers.

The star of the meal is about $0.30 cheaper per whole turkey (for a 16-pound bird) than it was in 2015, and should cost you about $22.74 this year.


Local family draws support following several tragedies

After the Byrd family experienced three deaths in the last two years, mounting debt rendered them unable to buy gravestones for the departed, but a recently launched gofundme campaign seeks to remedy the situation.

Salisbury resident Dr. Cynthia Byrd, executive director of the Julia A. Purnell Museum in Snow Hill, said the string of tragic family events began when her younger sister, Christina Johnson, was diagnosed with cancer in 2011.

“She passed away in Dec 2014 from ovarian cancer,” she said. “My husband and I adopted her two young daughters.”

As it turned out, fate had a few more tragedies in store for the Byrd family, most of whom live in Folkston, Georgia.

“At my sister’s memorial, my mother told me she had not been feeling well,” she said.


Morgan Stanley to Expand Operations in Baltimore City, Plans to Create 800 New Jobs

Global Financial Services Firm to Lease More Than 250,000 Square Feet in Baltimore

Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC, a leading global financial services firm, is expanding its operations in Baltimore City and plans to create as many as 800 additional jobs over the next four years. The company currently has approximately 1,000 employees at offices on Thames Street at Harbor Point, and plans to create the new jobs at that location and a new location at 100 South Charles Street. With more than 250,000 square feet of space between the two locations, Morgan Stanley’s Baltimore offices will contain a wide variety of roles across multiple divisions.

“Morgan Stanley has established a strong footprint in Baltimore over the past decade, successfully expanding our local operations in partnership with the city,” said Sheila Welch, managing director, head of global workforce strategy at Morgan Stanley. “The firm is pleased to move forward with this new strategic initiative and continue growing our presence in the area.”

Founded in 1935, Morgan Stanley has become one of the world’s leading financial firms. Headquartered in New York, the company has more than 55,000 employees in 43 countries, spanning six continents. Morgan Stanley provides a variety of services including investment banking and wealth management to corporations, governments, institutions, and individuals worldwide.

“It is a tremendous win for the state and for Baltimore City that a global company like Morgan Stanley is continuing to grow its business here in Maryland,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “This expansion and the many new jobs being created underscores the promise we made to make our state more competitive and business-friendly, while creating new opportunities for all Marylanders.”

Donations to Planned Parenthood, ACLU, NRA spike after election

Several organizations have seen a spike in donations and support in the week since the election, both nationally and in Maryland.

Those groups include Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Rifle Association.

On one hand, some organization leaders said the support has been out of concern about what a Donald Trump administration could bring. Others attribute it to a kind of celebration for the incoming administration.

The surge in online volunteer applications started within 24 hours of the election at Planned Parenthood of Maryland, according to president and CEO Karen J. Nelson.

Usually it's eight in a week. In those first 24 hours, Nelson said they got 64.



The Maryland State Police, Trooper 4, Worcester County Sheriff's Department, Berlin Police and Ocean City Police are currently on Rt. 50 near the last entrance of the Riddle Farm searching for an individual with guns drawn. Trooper 4 is circling the entire area but we have not been informed as to what is going on. More to come...

UPDATE: They are looking for a female with short brown hair, wearing light colored pants and a dark brown shirt.

UPDATE #2: We've just been informed law enforcement has suspended the search for the individual. 

UPDATE #3: We're told the woman murdered someone. It turns out it was attempted murder.

Originally posted at 12:57

Google’s Eric Schmidt Wore ‘Staff’ Badge at Hillary Clinton Election Night Party

Hacked memo revealed Schmidt was working directly with the Clinton campaign

Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, Inc., was spotted at Hillary Clinton’s “victory” party last Tuesday wearing a staff badge, according to a picture recently submitted toPolitico.

Google came under fire earlier this year for allegedly altering search results to paint Hillary Clinton in a more favorable light than Donald Trump. Schmidt stated at the time that Google did not pick sides in the presidential race.

“We have not taken a position on the American election and nor do I expect us to,” Schmidt said at the time.


COUNTY EXECUTIVE ANNOUNCES Contractual Law Saves County Taxpayers Dollars

SALISBURY, MD - November 18, 2016 - One of my goals as County Executive has been to run this county more like a business. I promised to review how we are doing business in the county and make some changes that make good economic sense.

For example, let’s look at our Legal Department. Having the best legal advice is critical to ensuring that everything we do complies with the law and is fair and responsible.

For decades, the county relied on one attorney, who worked as a contractor and billed the county for the number of hours he worked on county business.

Shortly after our first County Executive was elected in 2006, he decided to create a Department of Law, inside the government office building where the county attorney was hired as a county employee. That office grew into three full-time attorneys and two full-time staff members by the time I took office.

Shortly before I was elected County Executive, then County Attorney Ed Baker announced he was planning to retire.

As we searched for Mr. Baker’s replacement, we also sought ways to save money. The growing cost of salaries and benefits in that department was getting expensive. In 2015, the county spent $430,542 on the Legal Department ($302,977 in salaries and $127,565 in benefits).

So we looked for a better way.

Baltimore Police Crime Scene Tech Arrested In Raid


Baltimore Police say officers arrested a crime scene technician in a west Baltimore raid Wednesday.

The raid in the 1600 block of Ashburton Street was led by the police office of professional responsibility. The targets were Timika Jones--the crime scene technician--and boyfriend Clarence Jones Jr.

Both were in the home when the warrant was served. Police say they found two handguns, a capsule machine and $100,000. In a vehicle rented by Timika Jones, they found 125 gel capsules containing suspected heroin and $5,000 in cash.


White House Backs Navy’s New Enlisted Ranking System Following Protest

The White House is standing by the decision of U.S. Navy leaders to “modernize” the service’s enlisted ranking system after thousands of individuals petitioned President Obama to roll back the changes.

The Navy announced in September that it would eliminate its 91 enlisted ratings titles, subjecting sailors to job classification similar to the the Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force. The review of the service’s job titles was ordered by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, who wanted to ensure that the Navy and Marine Corps titles are gender neutral.

The new enlisted rating system sparked massive criticism from current and former service members on social media, with more than 100,000 individuals signing onto a White House petition demanding the Obama administration restore the 240-year-old enlisted ranking system.

The White House responded to the petition this week, standing by the Navy’s argument that the new system will allow sailors to more easily enter the civilian workforce after retiring from the military and describing the outrage as “friction” typically caused by cultural changes.


Md. Man Charged With Aiding ISIL Argues Freedom Of Speech

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Harford County man charged with aiding ISIS wants a judge to throw the charges out.

WJZ”S Alex DeMetrick reports his lawyers are arguing his right to freedom of speech is being violated.

It was postings on social media that brought the FBI to Mohamad Elshinawy’s front door in Harford County last year.

Charging documents allege he pledged allegiance to ISIL and called himself a soldier of the state.


N.C. Liberals: Out for the Count

If you can’t win the election, steal it! That’s been a strategy of some on the Left for decades, and in North Carolina, plenty of voters are wondering if the same hijinks are taking place in the hotly-contested race for governor. For conservatives, who watched incumbent Pat McCrory (R) take a sizeable lead well into the counted precincts, it was a shock to see the last minute, inexplicable surge for his opponent, Attorney General Roy Cooper. Later, voters learned that because of some “technical glitches,” a heavily Democratic Durham County had petitioned to stay open later -- a clear advantage for the trailing liberal. An emergency appeal to the state Board of Elections demanding that polls stay open an extra hour was granted, resulting in a flood of last-minute Cooper ballots.

As if that weren’t fishy enough, the county already has a history of foul play. “A Superior Court Judge was recently quoted as saying, ‘Durham historically hasn’t figured out how to carry out an election properly.’ Also, the State Bureau of Investigation has opened up an investigation of the processing of provisional and absentee ballots.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only inconsistency in an election separated by barely 5,000 votes. “In the final days of the campaign, the NAACP won a court order for thousands of North Carolinians to be reinstated on voter rolls,” Bloomberg pointed out.


Changing #MannequinChallenge for the better. #BacktoWork

My Friend Bobby Hammond Paying It Forward Again

I stopped in WalMart earlier to pick up a few items and I happened to come across Bobby Hammond buying out all the children's winter coats to donate to his Church for the winter. There's a second cart loaded with them too and they're even hanging over the sides.

"Never Forget Where You Come From" Folks. I'm voting this guy in as President of the "What A Guy Club"!

Florist Puts the Petal to the Mettle

Same-sex marriage isn’t about building homes -- it’s about destroying them. Ask Barronelle Stutzman. The Christian florist has been struggling to hang on to a lot more than her business for following her faith on marriage. Three and a half long years into her legal battle to preserve Arlene’s Flowers, Barronelle took her turn at the Washington Supreme Court yesterday, where she hoped to undo the damage done by a lower court that found her guilty of “discrimination” for politely declining to make the arrangements for the same-sex wedding of a longtime gay customer.

Although she was more than willing to sell the couple flowers, Barronelle carefully explained that using her talents to celebrate the union was a violation of her biblical beliefs. “I waited on Rob for nine years and created flowers for him on all types of occasions, but when it comes to my faith, marriage is between a man and a woman, and that’s where the line is drawn. I cannot create something for him in good faith; I wouldn’t be honoring God’s Word.”


The Price Is Riot

No wonder there are so many anti-Trump protests. Apparently, there’s good money to be made in joining them! Barely a week after his election, Donald Trump is already creating jobs. Thanks to Planned Parenthood Action, Americans can make a good living joining their phony demonstrations against the president-elect. Craigslist ads like “STOP TRUMP -- up to $1,500/week. Hiring immediately. Call today, start tomorrow! $15-18 hourly rate + bonus + overtime, up to 77 hours per week!” have been running in major cities like Denver and Philadelphia for weeks. Clearly, the end of the election has only been the beginning of another phase of manufactured outrage.

“I wouldn’t be shocked that this group is going the extra mile to undermine the legitimate transfer of power,” said former senator Scott Brown, who watched the marches sweep through his own city of Boston. “It comes to question whether they are using taxpayer money appropriately or even legally. This goes above and beyond their duty and ability to provide services for women.”

Of course, questions have been swirling around Planned Parenthood’s use of taxpayer dollars for years. And while it’s illegal for Cecile Richards’s group to spend a penny of the government’s money on political advocacy, a full bank account certainly gives them the flexibility to. The reality is this: Any group that can afford to spend $30 million influencing an election doesn’t need a half-billion in taxpayer assistance. For too long, Americans have been on the hook for the group’s corruption while women who need honest and safe care take a backseat to Planned Parenthood’s politics. (And unpopular politics at that!)



More Stagflationary Signals Emerge As Philly Fed Misses

Philly Fed missed expectations, dropping modestly from 9.7 to 7.6 in November.

The number of employees has now contracted for 10 straight months and while new orders were marginally higher, theoutlook for business tumbled to 9-month lows, which combined with the highest prices paid since July 2014 flashes a loud stagflationary warning that all is not well.



After the first round of votes were counted, Hillary and Donald were deadlocked.

Instead of going through a recount, they agreed to a week-long ice fishing contest to settle the election. Whoever caught the most fish at the end of the week would be the President.

They decided that a remote frozen lake in northern Wisconsin would be the ideal place. No observers on the fishing grounds, but both would need to have their catches verified and counted each night at 5 pm.

After Day 1, Trump returned with a total of 10 fish, Hillary came back with nothing.

Day 2 finished, and Trump caught another 20 fish, but Hillary once again came back with nothing.

That night, Hillary and her cronies got together and accused Trump of being a “low-life, cheating’ son-of-a-gun.” Instead of fishing on 

Day 3, they were going to follow and to spy on him and figure out how he was cheating.

Day 3 finished up and Trump had an incredible day, adding 50 fish to his total !

That night, Hillary and her democratic cohorts got together for the full report on how Donald was cheating. Hillary stood up to give her report and said, “You are not going to believe this, he’s cutting holes in the ice!”

And this story, ... tells you all you need to know about the difference between a successful businessman and a career politician!

Ted Nugent on Donald Trump win

Breaking down President-elect Trump's immigration agenda

Trump vows to deport criminal illegal immigrants; Judge Jeanine Pirro and Dr. Sebastian Gorka weigh in on 'Hannity'

Maryland State Troopers Help Deliver Baby On I-695

(Baltimore, MD) – Two troopers from JFK Barrack helped a mother deliver her baby boy on the side of the road on I-695 last night.

At 10:45 p.m. last night, a motorist pulled onto the shoulder of I-695 where First Sergeant Edward Luers and Trooper First Class Zachary Mills, from the JFK Barrack, were working overtime at an I-695 construction site. The driver of the vehicle exited and ran over to the troopers in their patrol cars to alert them his wife was having intense labor pains.

The troopers immediately called for emergency medical service personnel and ran to the wife to administer aid. They recognized the mother’s labor pains were becoming worse. Subsequently, TFC Mills placed himself in a position to assist with the delivery. With one push, the baby boy was delivered into the arms of the trooper.

The baby was swaddled in towels the family had with them and placed upon the mother’s stomach. Five minutes later, EMS arrived and assisted the newborn and his family with transportation to Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore.

Maryland asks EPA to step in to reduce smog from Midwest

BALTIMORE (AP) — Maryland officials are seeking federal help in reducing the pollution that blows in from the Midwest.

The Baltimore Sun reports ( state environmental regulators filed a petition Wednesday asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to crack down on 19 coal plants in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia whose emissions they say make Maryland’s air unhealthy to breathe on hot summer days.

The plants have spent billions of dollars on technologies to reduce pollution, but state environment secretary Ben Grumbles says they’re not using them every day during the summer, when the heat and sunshine cause the pollutant ozone to form and make air quality its worst.


Hannity: kellyanne conway 'fires back at protesters' President-elect Trump speaks out

Old Car Lovers - The Ultimate Man Cave

Lake Okoboji is a popular vacation and recreation spot in northwest Iowa, including an amusement park named Arnold’s

Park. It has an array of beautiful old cars in it, along with recreations of storefronts much the way Arnold’s Park looked in the ‘50s and ‘60s. The Roof Garden was a well-known dance hall, drawing people from long distances to dance to big-name rock & roll bands. It's worth your time to watch:


UMass Students Occupy All Campus Toilet Stalls To Protest For More Gender Neutral Bathrooms

This is so great. You really can’t make this stuff up. These students are choosing to protest. They have apparently caught the protest fever. But they can’t seem to come up with a worthy cause to protest. They have decided to jump back to the gender neutral bathrooms debate. They are occupying…. wait for it……. the campus bathroom stalls. All the bathrooms are being occupied as they boycott class to make a statement.

I know you are probably thinking this has to be a joke, right? That is what I was completely convinced was the case. But after some research it turns out this is completely true. They are boycotting. And the very best part is this….. they are calling it…. wait for it, drum roll please, a shit-in. I kid you not.

The “Shit-In at Whitmore” demonstration began Monday morning at the Whitmore Administration building (which the activists have nicknamed “Queermore”), and organizers intend to have students continue occupying stalls in the building’s male and female restrooms until their demands are met, though the Facebook event specifies a Friday afternoon ending.

The primary goal of the protest is to convince the administration to convert additional bathrooms on campus into gender-neutral facilities by changing the signage, which the group believes will promote “trans inclusivity and safety on campus,” but GLU has also articulated two additional demands, pledging to continue obstructing toilets until all three are met.


Appeals court blocks "Making a Murderer" subject's prison release

MADISON, Wis. -- A federal appeals court has blocked the release of a Wisconsin inmate featured in the Netflix series “Making a Murderer.”

A federal judge told Wisconsin prison officials on Wednesday that they must release Brendan Dassey by Friday. But state attorneys subsequently rushed to file an appeal with the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago seeking to block the release.

The appeals court on Thursday ordered Dassey should remain in prison pending the resolution of the appeal,reports CBS affiliate WDJT.

Dassey’s attorneys posted a statement online Thursday saying they were “disappointed more than words can say” with the appellate decision.


Hogan Administration Announces New Phase of Statewide Customer Service Initiative

Agency Customer Service Plans, Public Online Survey Provide Renewed Focus on State Employee Customer Service

Governor Larry Hogan today announced the next phase of the administration’s statewide Customer Service Initiative, an ongoing program launched in June 2016 to foster improvements in customer service across Maryland state agencies. The initiative focuses on three core deliverables: a renewed focus on a strong service culture in state agencies, improved customer service training for Maryland’s 50,000 state employees, and the establishment of new service performance metrics.

This new phase of the initiative includes the completion of individual agency customer service plans, as well as a public online survey that all Maryland citizens can use to provide feedback about their experience with state government.

“Marylanders deserve the best possible customer service from their state government, and our goal is to provide exactly that,” said Governor Hogan. “This initiative will ensure that Maryland citizens always come first in this administration. These new accountability tools will help our agencies and state employees improve the services they provide and continue to change Maryland for the better.”

Paddy Power owes Trump betters $5 million, paid out early on Clinton win

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power is regretting its decision to pay out early to customers who had bet on a Hillary Clinton win in the U.S. presidential election.

Donald Trump’s shocking victory has cost the bookmaker nearly $5 million.

CNBC reports that in October, Paddy Power paid out £800,000 ($992,528) in bets place on Clinton after a series of negative news stories threatened to derail Donald Trump's campaign.

As Trump’s poll numbers continued to collapse, the bookmaker referred to Clinton as a “nailed-on certainty to occupy the Oval Office.”

“Should Trump upset the odds and become 45th President,” Paddy Power announced at the time, “it will trigger the biggest political payout in bookmaking history and leave Paddy Power with some very expensive pie on its face.”


Soros spends millions to bury Republicans, elect liberal prosecutors

Republican Matthew McCord was feeling pretty good about the $12,000 he had raised for his campaign for Henry County district attorney when he was blindsided by a September surprise.

New York billionaire George Soros dumped $147,000 into Georgia Safety & Justice, an independent-expenditure committee registered on Aug. 26, aimed at defeating Mr. McCord and electing his opponent, Democrat Darius Pattillo.

After recovering from the shock, Mr. McCord, a former prosecutor in Clayton and Newton counties, did what he thought was best for himself and the party: He dropped out of the race, allowing Mr. Pattillo to run unopposed.

“It was horrible,” said Mr. McCord, a lawyer in private practice in McDonough. “They rented space, they had a staff, they were using a Washington, D.C.-based PR firm. So what I knew was they could say whatever they wanted to say about me. It didn’t matter if it was true, and I would have no way to respond.”


At least 1 killed, 6 wounded in shooting at toddler's birthday party in Tennessee

At least one person was killed and six were wounded in a shooting at a child’s birthday party in Tennessee on Thursday night.

Fox 13 Memphis reported that the shooting occurred in Dyersburg and one woman was dead. Another victim was airlifted to Regional Medical Center in Memphis, according to Mayor John Holden.


Video: Teacher calls black students the N-word

BALTIMORE - Video published by civil rights activist Shaun King shows a teacher disciplining a black student, then yelling at others using the n-word and claiming they "were going to be a bunch of broke a** n****** who get shot."

The video was shot Wednesday at Harlem Park Middle School in Baltimore, Md, according to a statement released by officials.

The teacher is "no longer employed" by Baltimore City Public Schools, according a statement they released to WBFF, Fox45 News in Baltimore.

(WARNING: Video contains explicit language)


Here He Comes

Mob Of Anti-Trump High School Students BRUTALLY Beat 15 Yr-Old Trump Supporter

This is getting out of hand… someone is going to get killed if this keeps up. In Rockville, Maryland, high school students walked out during a so-called peaceful protest over Donald Trump being elected our 45th President. Let’s put aside for a moment that if I caught my child doing this over ANY election, they’d be grounded into the next century. These kids went even further and savagely beat a 15 year-old for supporting Trump and wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap. You people do realize this is only going to make Trump more popular, right? Those who didn’t support him, will support him just because of this kind of crap.

Four teens punched and savagely kicked this boy… all because of a political statement that was harmless. The kid did not fight back, I guess he couldn’t. Police have at least one of the attackers identified, reports say. The 17 year-old suspect is not in custody, but has been interviewed by officers. And why in the hell isn’t he in custody for assault? If this had been reversed politically, you can bet the kid would be in handcuffs. He is facing assault charges… but he should be in jail over this.


Ga. Bill would place Restrictions on Burqas

Women would be barred from wearing burqas and veils while posing for photos on Georgia driver’s licenses under legislation filed for the upcoming session of the General Assembly.

House Bill 3, filed by state Rep. Jason Spencer, R-Woodbine, would also subject female Muslim garb to the state’s anti-masking statute — which originally was aimed at the Ku Klux Klan.

The need for the changes are unclear. Bert Brantley, the commissioner of the state Department of Driver Services, said wearing burqas in state license photographs is already prohibited.

“We have agency rules against any kind of facial covering,” Brantley told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We have to be able to see from below the chin to above the eyebrows.”


A Growing Group Of Doctors Are Big-Money Prescribers In Medicare

The number of doctors who each prescribe millions of dollars of medications annually in Medicare's drug program has soared, driven by expensive hepatitis C treatments and rising drug prices overall, federal data obtained by ProPublica show.

The number of providers who topped the $5 million mark for prescriptions increased more than tenfold, from 41 in 2011 to 514 in 2015. The number of prescribers — mostly physicians but also nurse practitioners — exceeding $10 million in drug costs jumped from two to 70 over the same time period, according to the data.

Most of the doctors atop the spending list prescribed Harvoni or Sovaldi, relatively new drugs that cure hepatitis C. Other providers on the list prescribed pricey drugs to treat cancer, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Medicare's drug program, known as Part D, covers more than 41 million seniors and disabled people. In 2015, it accounted for $137.4 billion in drug spending, before factoring in rebates from drug companies. That was up from $121.5 billion a year earlier.

"The trends in this space are troubling and don't show any signs of abating," said Tim Gronniger, deputy chief of staff at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal agency that runs Medicare. "It's going to be a pressure point for patients and the program for the foreseeable future."


Final Duck Call: Duck Dynasty Will Wrap After Season 11

The Robertson family is about to say farewell to the Duck Dynasty TV series as they have announced the 11th season will be their last.

The Robertson’s made the announcement in a video that aired after theason season 11 premiere on November 16.

The final episode of the series is slated for April 12, 2017 although the family will appear in a series of holiday specials for the A&E Network.

"May God bless each and every one of you," Si Robertson says towards the end of the video announcing the final season.


Put Wednesday Night Aside For A Fantastic Meal

On Wednesday nights, A Touch of Italy in Ocean City has their Chicken Parmesan on special for only $12.00. Folks, not only is this the very best Italian Restaurant I've found so far on the shore, the food is out of this world. 

All you have to do is look at the portions you get, (photo above) to realize this is an incredible deal. I can assure you, 95% of the people going there will walk out with 50% of what they were served, so you really get two meals out of it. 

The sauce is absolutely fantastic and the service we have received every time we've gone has been top shelf. 

I can't stop there. Wait until you see the incredible selection of Italian Deserts, Cheese selection, Oils, Sausages and so on. We were drawn to their Deli area where we each purchased several home made specialties. 

Take your significant other out for a special evening next Wednesday night and you'll come back here thanking me. It's well worth the trip.  

Shuckin' Good Oyster Fest

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Sneak Peek: An Exclusive Look Inside Perdue’s Chicken Farm

Food journalist Mark Schatzker visits a Perdue hatchery and chicken farm with Perdue’s vice president Bruce Stewart-Brown to find out why Perdue is going antibiotic-free.


Illinois Pension Funding Ratio Sinks To 37.6% As Unfunded Liabilities Surge To $130 Billion

As we've noted before, Defined Benefit Pension Plans are, almost by definition, a ponzi scheme. Current assets are used to pay current claims in full in spite of insufficient funding to pay future liabilities: classic Ponzi. But unlike wall street and corporate ponzi schemes no one goes to jail here because the establishment is complicit. Everyone from government officials to union bosses are incentivized to maintain the status quo - public employees get to sleep better at night thinking they have a "retirement plan," public legislators get to be re-elected by union membership while pretending their states are solvent and union bosses get to keep their jobs while hiding the truth from employees.

That said, certain states are better at the ponzi game than others and the great state of Illinois, we must say, is one of the best. As we noted a few months ago, Illinois governor Bruce Rauner even admitted to being a willing participant in his state's pension ponzi warning that should his largest public pension fund do what it should have done long ago, it would put a big dent in the state's already fragile finances and lead to "crippling" pension payment hikes. But, if you ignore the problem then surely it will just go away...good plan.



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Atlanta Man Jokes About Voting For Trump. Gets Shot To Death

Mitchell Mormon Jr. was gunned down outside of a popular, Atlanta, Georgia, bar early Sunday morning shortly after entering into an argument over Donald Trump’s immigration plan.

Shaunita Walker, who had accompanied Mormon on a date Saturday night, was also injured in the shooting and explained to WSBTV how the murder happened.

According to Walker, Mormon and the shooter began arguing outside the bar, Church, after the shooter made an inappropriate comment about Walker.

Mormon reportedly joked to the man — whom Walker identified as Hispanic — that he had voted for Trump and that he would be deported within the next week.


Don't Miss The Fights Tomorrow Night

Shale oil in Permian’s Wolfcamp formation called biggest field in U.S.

In a troubled oil world, the Permian Basin is the gift that keeps on giving.

One portion of the giant field, known as the Wolfcamp formation, was found to hold 20 billion barrels of oil trapped in four layers of shale beneath West Texas. That’s almost three times larger than North Dakota’s Bakken play and the single largest U.S. unconventional crude accumulation ever assessed, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. At current prices, that oil is worth almost $900 billion.

The estimate lends credence to the assertion from Pioneer Natural Resources CEO Scott Sheffield that the Permian’s shale could hold as much as 75 billion barrels, making it second only to Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar field. Irving-based Pioneer has been increasing its production targets all year as drilling in the Wolfcamp produced bigger gushers than the company’s engineers and geologists forecast.

“The fact that this is the largest assessment of continuous oil we have ever done just goes to show that, even in areas that have produced billions of barrels of oil, there is still the potential to find billions more,” Walter Guidroz, coordinator for the geological survey’s energy resources program, said in the statement.


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Man fatally shot by brother on South Carolina hunting trip

A man mistook his own brother for a small animal and fatally shot him during a family hunting trip in South Carolina.

Scott Pickle shot what he thought was a coyote or small doe on Saturday evening, only to find his older brother Brian Pickle, 30, dead in the woods with a gunshot wound to the head, police said.

The two brothers were 'best friends' who moved in together three years ago, according to Brian's obituary. No charges were immediately filed.

The brothers, who lived at the same address in Atlanta, Georgia, were accompanied by their father Gregory Pickle, of Illinois, during the hunting trip in South Carolina.

They were on land leased for hunting and Scott was in a rush to take the shot around 6pm because nightfall was coming, Union County Sheriff David Taylor said.

Brian died from a gunshot wound to the head, according to coroner William Holcombe, who told the Atlanta Journal Constitution: 'It was a family hunting outing turned horribly tragic.'

Taylor said: 'We see these types of accidents all too frequently.'


'Presidential' Temperament: Screaming Obscenities and Throwing Objects in Election Night Meltdown

The mystery of Hillary Clinton, milk-carton missing on election night, appears solved.

A Tuesday of catharsis for Donald Trump voters turned into an evening of rage for Hillary Clinton. The Democratic presidential nominee, anticipating the postelection reaction of many of her supporters, began shouting profanities, banging tables, and turning objects not nailed down into projectiles.

“Sources have told The American Spectator that on Tuesday night, after Hillary realized she had lost, she went into a rage,” R. Emmett Tyrrell reports.

“Secret Service officers told at least one source that she began yelling, screaming obscenities, and pounding furniture. She picked up objects and threw them at attendants and staff. She was in an uncontrollable rage.”

Tyrrell’s reporting indicates that Mrs. Clinton’s mental state made it impossible for her to address her supporters on election night as custom requests. So, instead, Podesta gave a rah-rah speech on a boo-hoo night to cover for the absence of the first woman president, her fireworks, and her victory speech shout-outs to the mothers of the Black Lives Matter martyrs.

“She is not done yet,” Podesta claimed. Tyrrell’s reporting indicates that, indeed, Clinton remained far from done.

“Her aides could not allow her to come out in public,” he writes. “It would take her hours to calm down.

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[ Now what was that discussion about Donald Trump and the nuclear codes? --Editor ]

Scenes Of Panic In India As Gold Price Skyrockets After Currency Ban

Chaos in the Wake of the Ban

Here is a link to Part 1, about what happened in the first two days after India’s government made Rs 500 (~$7.50) and Rs 1,000 (~$15) banknotes illegal. They can now only be converted to Rs 100 (~$1.50) or lower denomination notes, at bank branches or post offices. Banks were closed the first day after the decision. What follows is the crux of what has happened over the subsequent four days.

Today India is on the verge of a major social-political crisis, unless either the government backs off from the decision of banning the currency or some real magic happens. There is chaos in the streets and daily life is slowly but surely coming to a full halt.

What Modi did was not only heavy-handed, hugely arrogant, and of no value, it has been very badly implemented to boot — as everything in India always is — and carries the real potential of escalating and snowballing into something horrific. They could have seen that this was not going to end well by simply using primary school math.


Soros, Liberal Billionaires Meet in DC to Plan War on Trump

One of the Soros' favorite causes is stoking racial division

George Soros and other far-left billionaires began a three-day conference with Democratic Party activists and leaders to plan a war against President-elect Donald Trump.

Soros, along with the other far-left billionaires who make up the “Democracy Alliance” (DA), are meeting for a three-day investors conference at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC.

“This is our first time to gather and talk since the cataclysm of Election Day,” the conference agenda notes.

DA President Greg LaMarche, formerly Vice President and Director of U.S. Programs for the Soros-founded Open Society Foundation, held a panel discussion with “four of the most thoughtful leaders of the Progressive community” on Sunday, the first day of the conference.

SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry, Center for Community Change President Deepak Bhargava, and Demos President Heather McGhee were part of the panel along with Van Jones, a longtime Democratic activist and CNN analyst who recently suggested Donald Trump’s election was due to a “white-lash.”

“The 2016 election has upended much of what we thought we knew about American politics,” the agenda says.


Industrial Production Contracts For 14th Straight Month - Longest Non-Recessionary Streak In 96 Years

Industrial Production fell year-over-year for the 14th straight month - the longest period of contraction without a recession in 96 years. Against expectations of a small 0.2% rise in October, Industrial Production was unchanged (and manufacturing missed expectations).

This is the biggest 2 year decline in industrial production since August 2008...