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Friday, January 27, 2017

I am! How about you?

Donald Trump, Revolutionary

Within four hours of becoming president of the United States, Donald Trump signed an executive order intended to limit immediately the effects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in ways that are revolutionary.

With the stroke of a pen, the president assaulted the heart of the law that was the domestic centerpiece of his predecessor’s administration. How did this happen? How can a U.S. president, who took an oath to enforce the laws faithfully, gut one of them merely because he disagrees with it?

Here is the back story.


The Maryland counties with the most millionaires

Montgomery County is all about the money.

More millionaires filed taxes in the county than any other jurisdiction in Maryland in 2014, the latest year for which data is available.

The county's more than 3,200 millionaires surpassed Baltimore County, which was second in the state, by almost 2,000. The average income for a million-dollar filer in Montgomery County that year was $2.5 million, according to a Business Journals analysis of tax filings in the state.


Gee, I Wonder Where They Picked Up This Story???

No mention that a Police Officer was somehow involved and the reporter sounds like he's 12 years old. You're welcome WRDE. Way to cover the TRUTH up. 

I love how they interviewed someone who believes he has the answer on how to resolve the 25 MPH speed zone. OMG, some people actually go 30 to 35 MPH!

These people actually get rewards, (trophies) for these Eastern Shore stories. ROTFLMAO

Teen forced to pee in bucket in school awarded $1.25 million

SAN DIEGO -- A jury has awarded $1.25 million to a former San Diego high schooler who was denied a bathroom break and forced to urinate in a bucket.

The girl, then 14, used the bucket in a Patrick Henry High School supply room in 2012. A teacher had denied her request to leave a 25-minute class, believing it was against school rules.

Her lawyer said that, after the incident made headlines, the girl was mercilessly teased, traumatized and attempted suicide.

She sued the teacher and the San Diego Unified School District.


Worth Repeating

Tostitos Fights Drunk Driving With New Bag Design

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Tostitos is looking to have a big impact during this year’s Super Bowl, and not just as a halftime snack.

The chip maker announced they are partnering with Mother’s Against Drunk Driving and Uber to create “alcohol sensor bags”, which can tell if you have been drinking while watching the game.

The bag is not a breathalyzer and won’t give you an exact measurement of your blood alcohol level, but will instead detect traces of adult beverages in your breath.



Man Gets 6 Years Behind Bars for Fatal Ocean City Fight

OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) — A Sparrows Point man is expected to serve six years behind bars following a fight in Ocean City that left one man dead.

Worcester County State’s Attorney Beau Oglesby says 21-year-old Darren Beattie was sentenced to 10 years in prison but will only have to serve six years unless he violates probation upon his release.

Prosecutors say Beattie got into a fight on May 29 with 31-year-old Ryan Shupert of Lutherville. Shupert died of his injuries two days later at a local hospital.

Beattie, who was convicted in November, will also have to pay a fine and undergo a mental health and substance abuse evaluation.


Obama’s Sick Secret Guest In WH Just Exposed On Visitor Log Trump’s Team Uncovered

As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama promised that his administration would be the most transparent in history – and such a statement has become something of a punchline in hindsight. Even the far-left Washington Post had to admit that his administration has objectively been the most secretive in the history of the presidency.

Now after he’s out of office, more details about his presidency are being made public. We learned that right before leaving office, his final action was to discretely release $221 million to the Palestinian Authority that Republican members of Congress had been blocking.

The Palestinians weren’t the only Muslim government Obama was aiding behind the scenes. As we all remember, Obama signed the Iran Nuclear Deal into law, all while Iran’s Supreme Ayatollah was calling for death to America. Now, something suspicious was noticed in the White House visitation logs relating to that deal…


Scam Using Fake Companies and False Documentation to Defraud Car Dealers and Lenders

Leader and Two Co-Conspirators Admit to Their Roles in Six Year Scam Using Fake Companies and False Documentation to Defraud Car Dealers and Lenders

Created Shell Companies, Submitted False Documents, Including Bank Account Statements, Tax Documents, Pay Stubs, and Car Titles in Loan Applications to Purchase Vehicles and Launder Money

Baltimore, Maryland – Sean Stanley Jackson, age 44, of Baltimore, pleaded guilty today to wire fraud and money laundering charges as the leader of a scheme to defraud auto dealers and lenders in Anne Arundel, Howard, Baltimore and Montgomery counties. Co-defendants Erika Patrice Ryles, age 35, of Baltimore; and Walter Jermaine Perry, III, age 39, of Owings Mills previously pleaded guilty to their roles in the scheme.

The guilty pleas were announced by United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein; Acting Special Agent in Charge Thomas J. Holloman of the Internal Revenue Service - Criminal Investigation, Washington, D.C. Field Office; Chief Terrence B. Sheridan of the Baltimore County Police Department; and Commissioner Kevin Davis of the Baltimore Police Department.

According to their plea agreements, from January 2010 to February 2016, Jackson, Ryles, and Perry conspired to make false representations on loan applications to lenders in order to obtain loans to purchase vehicles from dealers, for which they were not financially qualified. Jackson and his co-conspirators organized and registered shell entities, including The Black Group LLC, which they used to make false representations in loan applications. For example, the conspirators falsely represented that The Black Group was a legitimate, thriving business with millions of dollars in annual revenues. To support their false representations, the defendants created fake documents, including paystubs, bank account statements, utility bills and corporate tax returns and schedules for the shell entities, which they submitted with auto loan applications, and to banks and other lenders.

Is your child struggling at school? Feed them kale

Feeding your children kale, spinach and red meat could help them to get an A, new research suggests.

College students who are iron deficient perform significantly worse than their healthy counterparts, scientists have found.

But eating foods that are full of the nutrient could help to boost their mark by one entire letter, experts believe.

And exercising at the same time provides an even bigger increase - aiding fit teenagers in their quest to attend the best universities.


BREAKING NEWS: Serious Accident In Worcester County

Newark Fire EMS dispatched to the area of Worcester HWY and Cedartown Rd. in the area of the Vo Tech school. Motor vehicle accident with injuries. Vehicle overturned. Use caution and expect delays.

Maryland Couple Accused Of Taking Bribes For Army Contracts

BEL AIR, Md. (WJZ) — A Bel Air husband and wife have been indicted by a federal grand jury on conspiracy and bribery charges related to contracting at the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command headquartered at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

A superseding indictment filed Jan. 15 says 42-year-old John Kays and 41-year-old Danielle Kays steered $21 million in subcontracts to MJ-6, LLC, an Ohio-based company formed by 42-year-old Matthew Barrow and his wife. In return, authorities say Barrow paid the Kays about $800,000.

Money the couple allegedly used to buy two new cars, a power boat, jewelry, to throw a pool party at their country club and to pay credit cards.

“If the decision maker is compromised because they are worried about how much money they are going to get in their own pocket, then they are less worried about whether the tax payers are getting their money’s worth,” said Rod Rosenstein, United States Attorney for the District of Maryland.



Build The Wall

Bill Introduced To Allow Third-Gender Option On IDs

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Democratic lawmakers on Thursday introduced a bill supporters say would make California the first state to add a third gender option on state identifying documents.

State Sen. Toni Atkins’ bill would add a non-binary gender marker option for driver’s licenses, birth certificates, identity cards and gender change court orders. The San Diego Democrat says SB 179 would also simplify the process for changing one’s gender on those documents.

Transgender people face discrimination in their everyday lives when they use IDs that do not match the gender they appear to be, Atkins said. The legislation would help transgender people and those who do not identify as either male or female to obtain official documents that match their gender identity, she said.


Another 512 Refugees Brought in on Wednesday

Bureaucrats at the State Department brought in another 512 refugees to the United States on Wednesday, according to the department’s interactive website.

The continued influx of refugees may be an attempt by the bureaucrats and their allies at the voluntary resettlement agencies (VOLAGs) to test President Donald Trump’s resolve to deliver on his campaign promise to suspend resettlement of refugees from Syria and other countries hostile to the United States.


Police Uncover Major Drug Ring at Kennedy Shriver House

Cape Cod police have arrested three as part of a major drug bust at the home owned by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver family located in Hyannisport, MA.

According to the Barnstable Police Department, the home was being used to traffic fentanyl.

Suspects Troy Monteiro, 29, Trevor Rose, also 29, and Ariel Price-Perry, 26, were able to gain access to the home by way of the property manager, unbeknownst to the Shrivers.

Drugs were buried at a nearby beach. Detectives say they seized $40,000 worth of fentanyl.

The three suspects are being held on $100,000 bail.


Cummings: Trump Offered Support For Family Of Aide Hurt In House Fire

Rep. Elijah Cummings says that during a call from President Donald Trump, Trump asked about the congressman's special assistant, Katie Malone, who was injured in a fire at her home this month that killed six of her nine children.

"The president, one of the things he said when he first called was 'How's Katie?'" Cummings said.

Cummings said he expressed that one of Malone's chief concerns was making funeral arrangements.

"He said that he really wanted to make some type of contribution to help her out and her family and he expressed his sincere sympathy," Cummings said.

Vice President Mike Pence has also called, Cummings said. He also thanked congressional colleagues for their continued support.

Trump also wants to meet with him to discuss the price of prescription drugs, Cummings said Thursday at his Baltimore office.



Message from the Executive Director

On its last day, the Obama Administration announced a civil rights review of public transit in Maryland. As part of its investigation, the Department of Transportation will examine whether Gov. Larry Hogan violated the rights of African Americans by killing the Red Line, a 14-mile train line proposed to connect neighborhoods in East and West Baltimore, a potential link to new jobs and economic opportunity for city residents.
Gov. Hogan scrapped plans for the Red Line in 2015 and redirected funds to highway, road and bridge projects in other parts of the state in suburban communities. In a letter sent to Hogan last week, the agency said its investigators found that the decision to cancel the Red Line was made by Hogan’s office without any input from the state’s transportation agency.

When Gov. Hogan spoke at the National Urban League’s annual conference in August he said his urban agenda is, "about rebuilding, revitalizing and transforming this entire city.” But his actions tell a different story. From Hogan’s decisions on funding for public safety, totransit and budget cuts to development and education, far too often Baltimore gets the short end of the stick. Budgets are about priorities. With every decrease in funding or program cut, Hogan is letting us know how much he really cares about Baltimore.

Chuck Conner
Executive Director

Right For Life March Isn't Just For Women

WOW, what a spectacular event. Men, women and children as far as the eye can see coming together for incredible, peaceful and respectful fellowship. One of the greatest parts of this experience is the youth, including college students.  

Main Stream Media Mind Control

Greenpeace activists released from jail after crane protest, cost company nearly $500,000

D.C. Superior Court documents indicate Greenpeace protesters who climbed a crane Wednesday cost a construction company and workers a lot of money.

The seven activists who climbed the 270-foot crane, spent one night in jail and were released Thursday night after a court appearance.

On Wednesday, they allegedly broke into a construction site near 15th & L Streets NW around 2:48 a.m. They then climbed the giant crane, eventually hanging a banner that read: “Resist” from it in protest of President Donald Trump.

Clark Construction is working with other companies to build a new office and retail development called Midtown Center on the property.



In one of the largest organized marches in the history of the world, tens of millions of Shia Muslims made an incredibly heartening statement, by risking their lives to travel through war-stricken areas to openly defy ISIS. This massive event that would have undoubtedly helped to ease tensions in the West was almost entirely ignored by corporate media.

Women, men, elderly, and children made their way to the city of Karbala on Sunday and Monday last week for the holy day of Arbaeen. Arbaeen is the event which marks the end of the 40-day mourning period following Ashura, the religious ritual that commemorates the death of the Prophet Mohammad’s grandson Imam Hussein in 680 AD.

As the Independent reports, massive crowds paid homage to the shrines of Imam Hussein and his half-brother Abbas in Karbala, where they were killed in a revolt against the Umayyad ruler Yazeed in the 7th century AD when they refused to pledge allegiance to Yazeed’s Umayyad caliphate.


$1.1 million pot bust leads to arrest of 2 people, 249 pounds of marijuana seized in Md.

HARTFORD COUNTY, Md. (ABC7) — Two people were arrested in a $1.1 million pot bust and police confiscated 249 pounds of marijuana and additional goods in Hartford County, Maryland, according to a release on Friday from police.

Harold Junior Morris III and Sherrie Lyn Miller, his girlfriend, were arrested following an investigation by authorities that began in 2016.

Morris and Miller were charged with possession with intent to distribute large amounts of marijuana, possession of marijuana, and possession not marijuana (mushrooms), according to police. The couple was later released on $50,000 bond while they await trial.


New Bill Would Classify Homelessness As Medical Condition

HONOLULU (AP) — As an emergency room doctor, Hawaii Sen. Josh Green sees homeless patients suffering from diabetes, mental health problems and an array of medical issues that are more difficult to manage when they are homeless or do not have permanent housing.

That’s why Green says he wants to homelessness classified under Hawaii state law as a medical condition.

If homelessness is a disease, he reasons, then doctors should be able to write prescriptions for the cure: Housing.

“It is paradigm shift for sure, but the single best thing we can do today is to allow physicians and health care providers in general to write prescriptions for housing,” Green said.


SALISBURY MSP DUI Arrests 1/13/2017 to 1/20-2017

MSP Salisbury Barrack arrested to following subjects for DUI 1/13/17 to 1/20/2017:
  • Rottecus Harold Wharton 29yoa VA Beach, VA
  • Javier A. Alvarez 45yoa Salisbury, MD
  • Bryan J. Cooper 25yoa Willards, MD
  • Shawn Lornell Schoolfield 26yoa Salisbury, MD
  • Yutima Lekerra Barkley 26yoa Berlin, MD

The price of admission to the press: You can't riot while you're working and expect your pass to protect you

The first time I got a press credential, in the mid-1970s, my boss made sure I knew having it was a privilege, not a right. “Don’t do anything that will make me ashamed of you,” he warned. I’ve kept those words in mind over the past 40 years, though I might not always have lived up to the standard he set. It’s something the current crop of young journalists might want to ponder.

Since then I have covered wars, riots, trials and crime scenes, always reminding myself that I was a spectator, not a participant. In Poland, I was chased down by riot police who didn’t care that I was a reporter. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and paid for it.

In El Salvador, I came upon the bodies of six Jesuit priests, two of whom I knew well, who had been murdered hours before. I wrote the story, and kept my personal feelings out of it.


US Navy To Go Full Star Trek With New Laser Weapons

U.S. spaceships might not engage in galactic combat in the near future, but the Navy is preparing to deploy a futuristic and powerful laser weapon on its ships within the next two years.

“We’re doing a lot more with lasers,” said Rear Adm. Ronald Boxall, director of the Surface Warfare Division, at the Surface Naval Association national symposium earlier this month.

Unlike traditional naval guns, Laser Weapon Systems, known as LaWS in military jargon, are measured in kilowatts as opposed to caliber. The Navy plans to test fire a 150 kilowatt laser weapon off a ship within a year. “Then a year later, we’ll have that on a carrier or a destroyer or both,” said Boxall.

The 150 kilowatt weapon is a massive upgrade from the 30 kilowatt AN/SEQ-3 (also known as the XN-1 LaWS) currently deployed on the USS Ponce. The AN/SEQ-3 was first deployed in 2014, and is available to the ship’s commander as a defensive weapon to shoot down incoming missiles, drones, boats and other potential threats.


March For Life LIVE

GO HERE to watch this event live, as well as the size of the crowds.

Trump Calls for Major Investigation of Voter Fraud

How $1B vanishes from Md.'s budget

In less than six months, more than a billion dollars of expected tax money evaporated in Maryland, upending rosy talks of tax cuts and launching partisan spending fights.

Where did the money go?

The stock market gains of a tiny number of ultra-wealthy people did not generate as much tax money as state budget forecasters predicted.

When forecasters are this wrong about the financial fortunes of the state's top taxpayers, Maryland's governor and General Assembly have to cut the budget by tens of millions of dollars.


How Much Longer Can The Market Go Without A Correction

With the recent performance of the S&P, in which there has not been even a single 1% drawdown since the election, not only is complacency raging but some traders have forgotten what it even means to experience a modest 5% correction, let alone a 20% bear market. How much longer can this go on?

For the answer, we turned to a recent report by InvesTech, according to which as the table below shows, a 5% correction has occurred about once every seven months in an ongoing bull market.

Ignoring that the current bull market is already more than twice the average length of past bull markets with no 20% correction since the financial crisis, the frequency of corrections has been roughly in line with historical norms.

Until recently. As the next chart shows, we are now 11.2 months removed from the bottom of the last correction. Which, to InvesTech means "


IRS Scam Call


I just got called by a scammer in the 315 area code, showing up as Adams, NY, (outside of Watertown) telling me in an urgent sounding recording that I or my attorney needed to call a number he gave to deal with IRS prosecution against me.

Of course, it's all baloney, but some people might be sucked in. The IRS NEVER calls any taxpayer for any reason, unless they're returning a call that a taxpayer made, which would be a small miracle if it actually happened.

Please inform your readers that with tax time preparation underway, these scammers will be out there to take advantage of anyone they can.

Publishers Notes: The IRS will NEVER contact you over the phone, PERIOD. 

Snickers Will Air The First Live Super Bowl Ad

Although the championship game is played out on the field, every year the Super Bowl provides another chance for intense competition in the form of advertising one-uppery. This showdown will be no different: after Hyundai announced it would film its Super Bowl ad during the game and air it directly after, Snickers says it will air the first live ad in the history of the NFL championship.

Mars Inc. will produce the 30-second spot in real time while New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons players take a break, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Actor Adam Driver will star in the western-themed ad, which will be another installment in Snickers’ “You’re not you when you’re hungry” series where famous people are transformed into famous cranky people when they’re cranky. It’s unclear who Driver will turn into — perhaps a combination of Kylo Ren from the new Star Wars films and his cowboy-hat wearing Al Cody from Inside Llewyn Davis?


Justin Tucker hits a 75-yard field goal in Pro Bowl practice

Justin Tucker has proven consistently over the years he’s good from long range.

Yesterday at Pro Bowl practice (where itsmells like updog), he showed what kind of range he actually has.

Via ESPN, the Ravens kicker posted video on Twitter of himself hitting a 75-yard field goal, which even though it was off a tee and with a bit of a tailwind and against no rush was still very impressive.


ABC News apologies make covering Trump ever tougher

The “A” in ABC now stands for “apology.”

Just as the alphabet network’s news division was high-fiving itself about landing the first Oval Office interview ith President Donald Trump, ABC found itself in the awkward position of issuing several public apologies related to its coverage.

The timing of the mea culpas couldn’t be worse — journalists everywhere are fighting accusations by White House and Trump supporters that the mainstream media is dishonest and spreads “fake news.”

The first blow came late Tuesday when executives at ABC News apologized for a misleading edit of a quote from former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer — that portrayed him as being harshly critical of President Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer.


Changes to the DC MARCH FOR LIFE

“We are pleased and honored that senior White House, Congressional leaders and a special guest will now be participating in March for Life activities. To account for increased security at the March, times for our Rally and Masses for Life have changed.

· Doors at the DC Armory will now open at 6 AM, with the Rally at 7 AM and the Mass at 8 AM.

· Doors at the Verizon Center will now open at 6:45 AM; the Rally will start at 7:15 AM and the Mass at 8:30.

· The Adult and Family Rally will begin at 8 AM at St. Matthew’s Cathedral; the Mass will take place at 9 AM.

“This will allow for plenty of time for all to fully participate in the March.

“Also, please be aware that due to heightened security, new security check points may be in place for the March itself, and groups headed directly to the March should be in place before 10:30 AM.”

This update can be found here:, along with a link to items that are now prohibited at the March downtown, including backpacks:

Mike Pence Will Make History as First Administration Official to Attend 'March for Life'

For the 44th time since Roe v. Wade made abortions a federally protected right, pro-life activists will gather on the National Mall for the annual March for Life.

As in years past, Americans from all walks of life — and from all 50 states — made plans to travel to Washington in order to speak for the unborn. And, also as in years past, most were prepared for the usual lackluster coverage of the event from most major media outlets.

But as the 2017 March for Life loomed closer, rumbles began to come from within the Trump administration that suggest that the media's blackout of the largest pro-life rally in the country might soon be a thing of the past.

First, Trump advisor — and the first woman to successfully manage a presidential campaign — Kellyanne Conway announced that she planned to attend the event.



President Trump Orders the Execution of Five Turkeys Pardoned by Obama

 In another sweeping move aimed at undoing the perceived damage done by the Obama administration, President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday directing the Department of Justice to revoke all sixteen Thanksgiving Day turkey pardons issued by the former president during his eight years in office.

“After reviewing the decisions made by the previous administration, President Trump has determined that a number of turkey pardons issued by Barack Obama were done so in a manner that was both deceitful and hazardous to the American people,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced on Tuesday. “This morning, the president once again used his executive powers to see to it that justice is served and that the surviving creatures will be destroyed.”


Six Shot at Chicago Vigil for Gunshot Victim

Six people were shot in Chicago on Wednesday night at a vigil for another gunshot victim, police have said. The wounded victims ranged in age and included a 12-year-old girl. All six of the wounded are being treated at local hospitals. The shooting occurred about 8 p.m. in a restaurant, and a witness told reporters that the shooters came through an alley and opened fire on the mourners. The suspects, according to community activist Jedidiah Brown, were members of a gang who found out about the event, which was planned to memorialize Jamayah Fields, 20, who was shot and killed on Monday. The victims were family members of the Fields.


For the past two months, Democratic leaders have been reportedly discussing ways to approach the presidency of Donald Trump and have largely landed on a conclusion: fight him at every turn in a ‘not-now-not-ever’ opposition.

Politico reported that it conducted interviews with about two dozen Democrats in office who were willing to discuss the internal debate.

It apparently did not take very long for these politicans to determine that a working relationship with Trump was not possible, though Washington Gov. Jay Inslee told the magazine that there was a “grace period.”

Sen. Kirsten GIllibrand, D-N.Y., is credited so far with voting the most against Trump, voting against three of four Trump Cabinet-level picks.

Dozens of House Democrats boycotted Trump’s inauguration, highlighted by Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., who questioned the legitimacy of Trump’s election win.

Of course, there are drawbacks about being the opposition party and some interviewed have concerns that 10 Democratic senators are up for reelection in 2018 who work in states that Trump won.


Wicomico Recreation’s Youth & Adult Chess Tournaments return Feb. 3 and 4

Salisbury, MD – Be the first to shout "Checkmate!" at Wicomico Recreation's annual Youth & Adult Chess Tournaments at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center. The youth tournament will be held Friday, Feb. 3, followed by the adult tournament on Saturday, Feb. 4.

Play will begin for the youth tournament, for ages 5-18, at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 3. Registration is $7 in advance or $12 at the door, with day-of registration starting at 5 p.m. Youth players are guaranteed four matches, and there will be multiple age divisions.

Play will begin for the adult tournament, for ages 19 and older, at 8:30 a.m. Feb. 4. Registration is $12 in advance or $17 at the door, with day-of registration starting at 8 a.m. Adult players are guaranteed three matches, and there will be rated and unrated divisions.

Players are encouraged to bring their own chess sets and clocks. Awards will be given to first, second and third place winners.

Registration is available at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center Box Office (500 Glen Ave., Salisbury; Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.) or online at ;

For more information, contact Allen Swiger at or 410-548-4900 x108.

Can Sobriety Tests Weed Out Drivers Who've Smoked Too Much Marijuana?

For decades the same test has been used to convict drunk drivers.

Police ask a driver to stand on one leg, walk a straight line and recite the alphabet. If the driver fails, the officer will testify in court to help make a case for driving under the influence.

But defense lawyers argue, science has yet to prove that flunking the standard field sobriety test actually means that a person is high, the way it's been proven to measure drunkenness.

So, as attorney Rebecca Jacobstein argued to the Massachusetts high court, the tests shouldn't be allowed in evidence.

"If there's reliable science, reliable science gets to come in," Jacobstein argued. "It's just that unreliable science does not."

Prosecutors like attorney Michelle King don't agree. They argue that rapidly advancing science does prove field tests' reliability.


Virginia Teen Admitted to All Four Military Service Academies

A Virginia high school senior is "feeling amazing" after he was accepted to each of the nation's four military service academies.

Timothy Park of Fairfax, Va., said he is leaning toward West Point Military Academy in New York, but he has not made his final decision.

"I'm feeling absolutely amazing right now," the 18-year-old Trinity Christian School student told WUSA. "It's so exciting."

Park was accepted to West Point, the Naval Academy (Annapolis, Md.), the Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, Colo.), and the Coast Guard Academy (New London, Conn.). Each of the four academies offered Park a full scholarship.


California withdraws bid to allow Illegals to Buy Health Insurance

Lawmakers in California have halted a first-in-the-nation effort to expand access to its health care exchange to undocumented immigrants living in the state.

At the behest of the state legislature, Covered California, the state's insurance exchange, withdrew its request to sell unsubsidized health plans to people who are here illegally. The withdrawal was first reported by the Sacramento Bee.

Under the Affordable Care Act, people who cannot prove they are in the country legally are barred from purchasing coverage on the exchange.

Immigrants in this situation had pinned their hopes on the state's request for an exemption from that rule, submitted last fall to the federal government. Had it been approved, undocumented Californians would have been allowed to buy Covered California plans and join the roughly 1.3 million other people currently enrolled in the exchange.


Skyrocketing Heroin Deaths Spark Crack Down On Doctors Who Dole Out Painkillers

Deaths from fentanyl-laced heroin in the first half of 2016 doubled

Gov. Larry Hogan is launching new actions to fight the opioid epidemic in Maryland and is pushing lawmakers to limit the prescribing of opioid painkillers.

Officials announced a fresh $4 billion in funding for treatment programs for heroin and opioid addiction during a press conference Tuesday at the Anne Arundel Medical Center. An anti-heroin command center will also be created through an executive order. Hogan, a Republican, previously increased funding for treatment beds as part of his efforts to combat opioid-related deaths, which reached record highs in 2016. The efforts are part of the 2017 Heroin and Opioid Prevention, Treatment, and Enforcement Initiative, a program aimed at tackling drug addiction in the state, reports WJLA.

Hogan is also expected to press the legislature for a bill placing limits on the number of opioid prescriptions a doctor can write. Many medical professionals argue against this kind of crack down, but studies show a direct link between dependence on legally prescribed painkillers and heroin abuse.


Teacher Suspeneded Over Faux-assassination of Trump


Former Clinton Superdelegate Chaka Fattah Begins 10-Year Prison Term

Former Rep. Chaka Fattah (D., Pa.), who was a superdelegate for failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has reported to prison to begin his 10-year sentence stemming from numerous corruption charges.

Fattah reported Wednesday to the Federal Correctional Institution-McKean in western Pennsylvania near the New York border, CBS Philly reported.

In June 2016, Fattah and four associates were convicted on 29 corruption charges after misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars from federal, campaign, and charitable sources.


Vast Majority of Voters Say Trump Right: DC Establishment Screwing Americans

New poll shows citizens desperate to Make America Great Again

Most US voters are in agreement with newly-inaugurated President Donald Trump’s contention that the Washington DC establishment benefits political insiders more than American citizens.

A recent poll from Rasmussen Reports says 72 percent of “likely US voters” agree with a remark the president made during his inaugural address, stating that, “For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost.”

The president’s speech outlining he would hand over more control of the government to the people continued: “Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered but the jobs left and the factories closed.”

“The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories. Their triumphs have not been your triumphs. And while they celebrated in our nation’s capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land.”


Child Abuse?

Al Gore Dodges a Question About Why His '10 Year' Warning Was an Inconvenient Falsehood

Al Gore had predicted, in his highly disproven Inconvenient Truth, that we had only ten years to figure out the climate change disaster, before the sea levels engulfed the coasts and the temperatures rose so much that we would all face annihilation. That was over ten years ago. So, while at the Sundance Film Festival, Gore was confronted about this "ten year" lie, and he dodged the question. Not only did he dodge it, but he did so while getting into a gas-guzzling SUV in the middle of a snowy winter.


This Poor Child, Do You Feel Her Pain?

ISIS Unveils Weaponized Drone Program in New Video

ISIS supporters on social media were boasting that the terror group now has an air force after the Islamic State released today their first video showing weaponized drones being used against Iraqi forces.

ISIS has previously used drone photography in videos to capture aerial shots of battles, and they have also been using drone IEDs that have progressively gotten more advanced.

The 38-minute video, posted on YouTube and other content-sharing sites, had been teased for a day with a trailer released by ISIS. It largely features suicide bombers in vehicles, including one young teenager who can barely see over the wheel of the armored car. ISIS uses drone photography to follow the suicide bombers and film the attacks from the air.


Matt Walsh: Hey feminists and ‘transgenders’, you need to get your stories straight

I have long said that feminism and “transgenderism” are on a crash course. They cannot really coexist under the umbrella of the same ideology. Liberalism cannot put forward the notion that a woman’s reproductive organs afford her certain entitlements and special rights while at the same time putting forward the notion that a woman’s reproductive organs are not essential aspects of her womanhood. Liberalism especially cannot claim that men have no business formulating opinions about women’s issues due to our lack of a vagina while at the same time claiming that men can actually be women despite our lack of a vagina.

Either a woman’s anatomy means something or it doesn’t. Either men can intrude into spaces that are uniquely feminine or they cannot. Either our bodies are inherent to our identity or they are not. It’s impossible to answer “both” to any of these questions. It’s even more impossible to answer “both” to all three of them.

So, what’s it going to be? If the feminists are right about everything, then the “transgender rights” advocates are wrong about everything. And if the “transgender rights” advocates are right about everything, then feminists are wrong about most things. And, at any rate, their movement is entirely moot. If men can be women and women can be men and our bodies are incidental shells arbitrary containing our true identity, an identity that is fluid and changeable from moment to moment, then it makes no sense to me an activist for women’s issues. There can be no women’s issues because, in effect, there are no women. There are just people who happen to have a certain shell, but the shell doesn’t matter.

Which is it, liberals? Choose. You can’t have it both ways. You can be wrong about one or wrong about both (bingo), but what you cannot be — what you absolutely CANNOT be — is right about both.

To see more from Matt Walsh, visit his channel on TheBlaze.

Days Into Trump Admin, Corrupt Employees Are Already Being Fired At The VA

Days into Donald Trump’s administration, heads are finally beginning to roll at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Two notoriously corrupt employees in Puerto Rico were fired this week, indicating that more may be on the way.

One is the hospital’s CEO, DeWayne Hamlin, who offered an employee $305,000 to quit after she played a role in exposing his drug arrest.

“Mr. DeWayne Hamlin was removed from federal service effective January 20, 2017,” the VA said. Jan. 20 was Inauguration Day.

Under former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald, the agency ignored years of evidence about shoddy work ethic, theft and whistleblower retaliation. The VA finally began a months-long investigative proceeding last year, after an outside agency, the Office of Special Counsel, prodded VA leadership.


Thank God Its Friday 1-27-17

What will you be doing this weekend?

A Viewer Writes: March For Life

There is no denying many women (and men and children) flocked to DC for the Womens’ March on Saturday, January 22, 2017. Many similar marches were held in other cities around the nation adding to the number of women who wanted to ensure that the ideals and rights for which they have fought, over the years, will not be taken away by the newly elected President and his administration.

I understand that fear can be a powerful motivator. I imagine it was a similar kind of fear that caused some concerned women and men to found the March for Life, which is an annual event that occurs in Washington, DC on or around the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion on demand. In the early 1970’s, these “anti-abortion” people feared that abortion on demand would lead the deaths of many innocent babies and to a lack of respect for the sanctity of human life. When we look at our inner cities and even other areas of our nation where people kill one another over clothing or gang initiations or how someone looked at his girlfriend, it is hard to deny that human life does not have the same value it once did. When the lives of the most innocent are expendable, why not the lives of those who are not so innocent?

Just as the Womens’ March drew hundreds of thousands of people to Washington’s Mall, similar numbers will come together on Friday, January 27th for the March for Life. The March for Life has been held each year since 1974. Even if we take the lowest 5 years of attendance, the average crowd would be about 67,000 people (the highest 5 years of attendance would average 440,000, but I’ll use the lowest numbers to make my point). This is the 44th annual March for Life. 67,000 people, from around the nation, have traveled to DC for this event EACH YEAR for the past 44 years. You might think, how can that possibly be? Wouldn’t I have heard about this on the news? How can the largest and longest annual gathering in our nation go unreported year after year? If you are intellectually honest, you already know the answer to that question, an agenda-driven, mainstream news media.

I have attended the March for Life many times and can tell you that the crowds are very similar to what you may have experienced if you were at the Womens’ March. For those who don’t believe me, I challenge you to head to DC’s Mall mid-day on Friday to see for yourselves. Even if you think your crowd was bigger, please remember that this is an annual event that has been going on for 44 years. I hope this is the year the mainstream media gives the March for Life the attention it deserves as the largest and longest running peaceful protest in our nation.

Unhinged liberal gets violent with conservative student: ‘Why the f*** are you filming me?’

A member of a liberal student group at West Virginia University got violent with members of a conservative group on campus — and a video of the altercation is quickly gaining attention.

The video contains two clips: The first shows members of the conservative Turning Point USA chapter being told to leave a meeting of the college’s Left Alliance on Wednesday. A Turning Point member replies, “That’s real inclusive. We just wanted to learn more about your organization, but if you’re gonna force us to leave—” A bearded member of the Left Alliance wearing a baseball cap then says, “Yeah, you guys should go.”

But the second clip shows that same bearded student from the Left Alliance lunging toward a female conservative student outside the meeting, getting in her face and loudly asking: “Why did you film our f***ing meeting?”


New York Times Quietly Runs Stunning Correction On Editorial Attacking Electoral College

The New York Times quietly issued a major correction to an editorial attacking the electoral college in December, admitting it has in fact defended the electoral college at a time when it was politically expedient for Democrats.

The paper ran the editorial calling for an end to the electoral college in December, when Democrats were harping on the fact that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton beat President Donald Trump in the popular vote, and calling for reforms to make the system more “fair.” Obviously seeking to avoid the editorial position as politically motivated, the editorial emphasized what turned out to be a false claim that the paper has opposed the electoral college system for 80 years.

The piece links back to two other editorials criticizing the electoral college as evidence the board has opposed the system ever since Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt beat Republican Alf Landon in the 1936 presidential election. That position has remained constant regardless of the political outcome, the board wrote, noting an editorial on the system in 2012 that states it “needs to be abolished.”


Senator Eckardt, District 37 Weekly Wrap-Up

Senator Adelaide Eckardt, District 37
Legislative Weekly Wrap-Up
January 25, 2017

Governor Hogan - Integrity in Government Initiative
Last week, Governor Hogan held a Press Conference outside the State House announcing his efforts to restore Maryland’s faith in state government. Hogan introduced the Public Integrity Act, Legislative Transparency Act, Liquor Board Reform Act of 2017, and Redistricting Reform of 2017. The goal of this platform is to bring transparency and accountability to all of Maryland. I have highlighted the importance of each act below. 

                                      Public Integrity Act of 2017
The Governor’s proposal works to solve corruption among state and local governments. This act establishes common sense restrictions that prohibit legislators from pushing legislation that directly helps their employer or company. This act also gives the State Ethics Commission oversight over all registered lobbyists, consultants, and elected officials.
Legislative Transparency Act of 2017 (SB 253)
Under this act, Governor Hogan has committed to reserving $1.2 million dollars in FY 2018 budget to fully fund video livestreaming of all meetings in the General Assembly. Citizens will be able to watch their lawmakers make decisions and vote in the legislature and/or committee.
Liquor Board Reform Act of 2017
The Governor’s proposal also increases transparency within local liquor boards. Liquor board applicants would be required to complete criminal background checks. Also, this reform would fully remove the role of political party central committees from the liquor board nominating process. This is a key piece of legislation as many local liquor boards are ran by the party in power.
Redistricting Reform Act of 2017 (SB 252)
Finally, at the press conference, Governor Hogan revealed legislation that would act on the recommendations of the bipartisan Redistricting Reform Commission. This commission was developed by Governor Hogan once he took office in 2013. The Governor is committed to addressing gerrymandering districts within the state and ensuring there are always free and fair elections in Maryland.
Eastern Shore Delegation
The Eastern Shore Delegation heard presentations from Dr. Karen Salmon, State Superintendent of Schools, and Eastern Shore Superintendents. We were able to discuss school funding, state testing, possibility for school bus seat belts legislation, and community service learning hour requirements. Dr. Karen Salmon provided information on the Kirwan Commission that is reviewing the current education funding formulas for the state. Funding is a concern for many of the Eastern Shore Superintendents. Hopefully the commission will provide recommendations that brings fairness to school aid statewide.

The Eastern Shore Superintendents spoke to the Delegation about required local and state testing. A majority of the Superintendents present support the current required state testing, but are not in favor of more mandated state testing. The Superintendents believe additional state testing would reduce the amount of time teachers have with the students.

A closely debated topic that may come up this General Assembly is the use of seat belts on school buses. The Superintendents understand the need to keep students staff, but want to ensure the issue of liability for the bus drivers is discussed before legislation is developed or passed. We will be following this issue closely.

Please do not hesitate to contact my office with your thoughts or concerns for this General Assembly. I look forward to hearing from you.

Pink Ribbon Bingo

Women Supporting Women hosts 16th Annual Benefit

Women Supporting Women will host the 16th Annual Pink Ribbon Bingo at the Salisbury Moose Lodge on Thursday, March 9, 2017. Doors will open at 5:00 PM, and games will begin at 6:30. Prizes will be overflowing with Pampered Chef and Thirty One goodies. Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Other activities include a refreshment sale, 50/50 raffle, and two special games. No one under the age of 18 will be admitted. For more information or tickets, please call WSW at 410-548-7880.

Governor Larry Hogan Announces Public Charter School Act of 2017, Funding for Classroom Innovation

Administrative and Legislative Action to Close Achievement Gap, Ensure Equitable Education Opportunities

Governor Larry Hogan today announced new administration initiatives to continue expanding and improving education opportunities for students in Maryland, which include the Public Charter School Act of 2017 and increased funding to encourage innovation and creativity in the classroom. The governor’s fiscal year 2018 operating budget, which was introduced earlier this month, includes a $6.4 billion investment in K-12 education, fully funding the aid formulas and providing record funding for the third straight year.

“I believe that every child in Maryland deserves access to a world-class education regardless of what neighborhood they happen to grow up in,” said Governor Hogan. “The proposals we are announcing today ensure that we will continue to increase the choices available to Maryland families and provide high-quality education for all Maryland children.”

Building on the Hogan administration’s record of innovation and support for non-traditional ideas to improve access to quality education, the governor today introduced the Public Charter School Act of 2017, legislation that would create the Maryland Public Charter School Authority, an independent public charter school authorizer. Public charter schools authorized by this new entity would have increased autonomy and would be exempted from certain aspects of local laws.

Unlike other states with highly effective and expansive public charter school programs, Maryland’s program is missing key hallmarks, most notably an independent charter school authorizer and autonomy in regards to budget and staffing. Maryland’s current public charter school law is restrictive, vague, and has consistently rendered the state unable to compete for millions of dollars in federal charter school grants.


Duh, Where'd Da Ball Go?

The Meaning of America First

As the patriotic pageantry of Inauguration Day gave way to the demonstrations of defiance Saturday, our new America came into view. We are two nations now, two peoples.

Though bracing, President Trump’s inaugural address was rooted in cold truths, as he dispensed with the customary idealism of inaugurals that are forgotten within a fortnight of the president being sworn in.

Trump’s inaugural was Jacksonian.

He was speaking to and for the forgotten Americans whose hopes he embodies, pledging to be their champion against those who abandon them in pursuit of higher, grander, nobler causes. Declared Trump:

“For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered, but the jobs left and the factories closed.”

Is this not true? American wages have stagnated as scores of thousands of factories were shut down or shipped abroad. Five of the six wealthiest counties in the U.S. today, measured by median household income, are the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

Inaugurals should lift us up, wailed the media, this was “dark.”