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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Super Bowl Funnies

Todd Starnes
At this point the only thing that could save Denver is President Obama pulling out his pen and ordering Seattle to redistribute some of its points.

BREAKING NEWS: Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead

Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in a New York City apartment Sunday from an apparent drug overdose, law enforcement sources tell

Today's Survey Question 2-2-14

Who's going to win and... 
what's the final score going to be?

How Liberal or Conservative Is Your State?

Pop culture and media may tilt left, but Americans were much more likely to self-identify as conservatives rather than liberals in 2013, according to a Gallup poll released on Friday.

The poll—part of Gallup’s “State of the States” survey that randomly samples 178,527 adults living in all 50 states and the District of Columbia—found 38 percent of Americans say they are conservative, while 34 percent claim to be moderates, and 23 percent are liberals.

That’s a slight shift from 39 percent of Americans identifying themselves as conservatives in 2012, with 35 percent saying they were moderates and 22 percent were liberals. Gallup attributed part of the uptick with more Democrats embracing the term “liberal” and liberal ideologies.

Happy Ground Hog Day!

Your Prediction?

Wicomico's Rudderless Ship - Letter to the Editor

Hello Joe, I've been watching some re-runs of Gilligan's Island recently. In the introduction it shows the boat in a storm with the Skipper and Gilligan  both turning the helm trying to control the boat. No matter what they do the boat crashes anyway. Well after reading your article about a leading county employee having some alcohol issues it struck me that this is the same problem we've been having in Wicomico County. We are a leaderless county with major problems with the people at the helm. 

The Skipper, like our County Exec, is a very likeable guy. However, no mater what the Skipper tries to do he simply can not get his boat off the island. Just as our County Exec has tried for years to get this county going in the right direction he has shown that he has simply not been able to accomplish the task. And it's not like he hasn't had the tools.

When the citizens voted in a Democrat as County Exec to control the everyday functions of the county they also elected a super majority Republican County Council as a system of checks and balances. It should have worked out real well. However, instead of acting as a system of checks and balances our super majority council has given our County Exec everything he's wanted for years in 4-3 votes in throwing every kind of life-jacket  to him in the form of new taxes, increased taxes new and increased fees and spending. 

Our County Exec has even received more funding (life-jackets) than he's requested with extra funds for education. Our boat is now sinking deeper into the sand. In one episode it shows the Skipper and Gilligan trying to patch the holes in the boat with some crates that floated up. Didn't work. 

In Wicomico County our County Exec is going to try and shore up the recent 3.4 million dollar revenue shortage by merging funds from Transportation into the General Fund. This reminds me of what I recently wrote about the Governor taking funds from our Teacher's Pension Fund then putting it into the General Fund to be transferred to the Rapid Rail Fund.  Again I expect another 4-3 vote but there will come a time, and I believe it will be soon, when the life-jacket locker will be empty. I know Mr. Pollitt is counting on the disparity grant to help him but I wouldn't count on it. It looks like the Governor is leaving the kitty with very little in it when he leaves. I also believe Mr. Pollitt is looking for new revenues in a county gas tax and perhaps a county sales tax. Let's see how Mr. Conway and Cane will vote on this. How do you readers believe they'll vote on these issues?
There is also an area of leadership that I would like to comment on. This is when you have to do something that you really don't want to do. If Mr. Pollitt has a member of his staff who is having problems with alcohol then it's up to him to see that this person gets the help he needs. There is no shame in this. Alcohol can have serious consequences. If his staff member had cancer there is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Pollitt would be one of the first to offer assistance. I've had personal experiences in the military where some of my men have had problems in this area. After proper help each one of these men returned back to do duty to continue their naval career. I truly hope that if this problem exists in his staff that he steps up and takes appropriate action.
As I've said before, this election should be about issues in our County and State. Let's make it so. What issues do you want to be addressed in this coming election? Put them in Salisbury News and let everyone read and comment on them.
John Palmer, Delmar, Md.

Golden Corral In Salisbury Flips The Bird To A Homecoming Soldier

So was going to throw James McCreary a welcome home dinner at Golden Corral in Salisbury tonight. I made plans OVER a month ago and signed a contract with Golden Corral to have the banquet room with a projection screen TO WELCOME HOME OUR SOLDIER!!! 

Decorations, and countless money later...Golden Corral calls me A HALF HOUR AGO and tells me that my party of 35+ will have to be maneuvered into a "corner around the fire place" and that they would try to "get us as close together as they can" with no projection screen, and we can't decorate because Tuesday night is movie night for kids. 

I was promised a banquet room with projection screen for our party and the ability to come in early and decorate and do a powerpoint presentation. Now, our dinner reservation wasn't even until 7 pm, which leaves an hour into dinner service (of which I have been told movie night had been slow lately, and my reservation was absolutely in line and ready to go) ... but NOW they will not honor my contract that THEY APPROVED A MONTH AGO. 

They even went so far as to say that the owner just cannot honor my contract because an hour of kids movie night in both rooms is more important than a contract and a party of 35+ people. Oh and to those who aren't aware that comes to a bill of almost $500.00+ that Golden Corral has lost from us because they have acted in such a heinous nature. 

Where is customer service? Where is honoring a contract? Where is your pride in welcoming back an american soldier??? 

So, with that said, my family, my extended family and my friends will now be celebrating OUR SOLDIER'S COMING HOME @ FLAMING GRILL in Salisbury tonight at 7 pm. Flaming Grill was so gracious and actually excited to help us out in any way possible and are allowing us to come in early to decorate and everything! So Shame on you Golden Corral, shame on you for nearly wrecking a welcome home party for OUR SOLDIER.... you will no longer be receiving any of my business or my family's business ever again.


A Letter To The Editor: Wicomico High School

We'll I'm about to do some ranting... My daughter stayed after school for tutoring... My daughter went to the office to make a call to John (no cell phones in school) she couldn't reach him so she called meat work and I called him to get her... When he arrived 20 mins. after my phone call to him. He noticed Makalea and several other students standing outside. Makalea said the lady in the office said they had to leave the office area. It was the end of the day they need to wait outside. I say what the HELL!!! I am so sick of that school!!!

Mr. Albero, It was 20 degrees outside when I picked her up. Her ears were really red. There is no sense in those kids being made to stand outside in weather this cold. Makalea also said they said it was no warmer in the office area. The office area has no wind chill. I think these people need to wake up before someone's child gets hurt.

Where's The Quotes From Your County Executive?

It is commonly known "the buck stops here" and in this case that would be County Executive Rick Pollitt himself. Instead, in today's Daily Times article referencing the almost $3.5 million shortfall there's no mention of Rick Pollitt.

Instead they say, “Nobody’s come to me and said, ‘Well, this happened in Sussex County,’ ” he said. “We have a number of very astute people scratching their heads.” Strausburg said. 

According to the Daily Times Strausburg also said, It’s too early to say how the budget proposal will shape up until a couple more months of jobs data become available, Strausburg said. But he isn’t optimistic about an upswing, adding that the county is likely to begin by assuming the $3.5 million isn’t returning.

I'll give Jeremy Cox credit, his article is fair, to a point. According to newspaper journalism and protocol they are to deliver facts and not opinion. Therefore Jeremy can only publish what he has learned through research and or what he has been told through his interviews. 

This is the difference between main stream media reporting and Blogs. In our case we not only deliver facts, we share our opinion as we see it. Hence the multiple articles we regularly provided on this topic. Through our own experts, (yes, I'll call them experts because we were right and they were wrong) because we've been calling the County Executive out on this for years. We knew this double dip recession was heading our way years ago, yet the Executives Office claimed we didn't know what we were talking about.

Because there is an election coming up, the Daily Times has NO QUOTE from the County Executive, once again creating a cushion of no accountability in the eyes of their readers. This makes Strausburg the FALL GUY and I guess that's why he gets paid the big bucks.

In the end you have to wonder, how is it Salisbury News saw this coming many miles away and knew a crash was about to happen, yet THEY are all scratching their heads and they are actually the ones who get paid the big bucks to make sure this doesn't happen? 

To the County Council they're thinking, when we have a tax increase it will actually be a small undertaking, no big deal. Wouldn't it be great if every small business had a lifeline to charge back all of your mistakes on the entire County, instead of taking a loss. I have to wonder, IF it were possible for small businesses to screw up and charge it back on the taxpayers, how would those taxpayers react? In other words, let's say you had a small business, you screwed up by $3.5 million and you charged it back to your NEIGHBORS and you had to face them every day. Every time you went to the grocery store or your spouse and people started looking at you, knowing times are already THAT TOUGH.

Come on people, why don't you hold your elected officials accountable in that way? I want to challenge the 5 year limit to live in the County because you and I both know, someone truly qualified to run the County will not move here and sit back for FIVE years in the HOPE they'll get elected. 

I created a Post the other day simply suggesting I might challenge this statute. I didn't say I was going to run. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. I simply asked, what do YOU think. Hillary Clinton came from Arkansas and all of a sudden ran for New York State Senate after only one year of being a resident there. You can run for State Senate but you can't run for County Executive, does this make ANY sense to you? I simply think this law is flawed and custom designed to keep the Good Ol' Boys locked in.

Wicomico County needs someone in the Executive's Office who doesn't scratch their head. You need someone who will LAUGH at the thought of pay increases during such harsh financial times. Did YOU know that even AFTER the shortfall was finally recognized that your County Council voted to hire a THIRD County Attorney??? I'd bet 99% of you didn't even know there was a second one on board already and now they want a THIRD and are getting it.

Now, how many of YOU are sitting there scratching YOUR heads right now?

Here's My Thoughts On The Minimum Wage On The Eastern Shore

Dear Mayor, County Executive, Council Members, Delegates, Senators, Congressmen and Governor,

I address you today as a business owner, property owner and taxpayer in the state of Maryland.

I spent many years in PG County and Anne Arundel County before retiring here on the Eastern Shore. Many of us chose to retire here because of the serenity, low taxes and a far lower cost of living.

Over the years I have seen Wicomico County dramatically raise taxes to hopefully buy their way out of this horrible recession. It has failed. I have witnessed an incredible decline in jobs and industry as well as good paying jobs disappear and there is no sign of recovery.

I have Family living on the Western Shore, beyond the Bay Bridge. The recession never truly hit that area as property values are almost normal, (pre recession) yet our property values have dropped, (in all honesty) around 50%. Our foreclosure rates are the highest in the state and unemployment, (depending on who's lying to us) is critical.

Creating a demand to increase the minimum wage here would certainly be the final existence of many honorable small businesses, therefore I offer the following advice.

Since we live in a liberal controlled government in this state and there's little doubt we'll see the minimum wage increase to the new Federal Standards, why not enforce such an increase DEPENDING on the SIZE of the business. In other words, I think we can ALL agree that WalMart has played a HUGE role already in closing many of our incredible small Mom and Pop shops, (such as Hardware Stores and so forth) so why not hit them up with such an increase and leave the small businesses alone. 

You need only look at the Maryland Emission Stations to get a CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of the difference between the Eastern Shore and the Western Shore. Because we have so few residents here, we are NOT required to have a Maryland State Emission Test on our vehicles annually like you require elsewhere in the state. 

There IS a difference, especially in income here on the Shore. I'm suggesting if a business has 50 or more employees, raise the minimum wage. If they do not, do not force such a mandate. At least try opening your minds and be creative for once. 

Employers on the Eastern Shore would be the hardest hit in the entire state. We provide more agriculture jobs and chicken industry jobs. The Seafood industry would be hard hit as well. Yet I'd love for all of you to tell me of all the people on the Western Shore who are making minimum wage in the first place, where are they. Two bedroom apartments out there start at $1,700.00 a month and go up from there, depending on the area. 

So while this minimum wage increase may sound good and some are pounding their chest, we the citizens of the Eastern Shore who know we'll be hit the hardest simply aren't as stupid and you Western Shore people hoped we were.  We're not interested in food stamps and government hand outs. We're proud people, business owners and residents of God's Country. We're peaceful people, for now. 

If our Representatives do not wish to consider and or impose such an idea, well, I strongly suggest each Eastern Shore resident treat those coming from the other side of the Bridge with complete disrespect as this is our little part of the world, one in which many good people are desperately trying to survive and salvage our investments. I should add, many of which are being forced out of business BEFORE a minimum wage increase hits. Two can play the game Ladies & Gentlemen. It's our Shore and you can't have it any more.


Joe Albero
Salisbury News

Wicomico's Operational Budget - Out of Sync

Wicomico residents are falling behind.  Economically - our geographic area is currently experiencing a Depression(see Wicomico Economic Data Chart below)  Notice - that over the course of the past 12 years - (FY2000 - FY 2012) - the total number of Income Tax Returns have grown by 5,632.  Of that amount - the number of Non-Taxable Income Tax Returns have grown by 3009.  Thus, our state/local income tax base has only risen by 2623 returns - although our county's population has increased by approximately 15,748 residents.  Even more revealing is that last year - (2012) - the number of Taxable Returns being filed diminished dramatically from 36,647 in 2011 to 33,083 in 2012.

What is Happening

Our local area workforce has dwindled dramatically and not kept pace with the population growth.  SBYnews has been reporting this information monthly for several years now.  The workforce decline has resulted in diminished federal, state, & local income tax revenues, and, a sign of a very weak local economy

Take a look at these results another way - Maryland has an income filing threshold.  Essentially, if a resident falls below a certain income threshold, they are not legally required to file a Maryland return.  Some individuals still do file a return, but usually for the purposes of claiming a refund on withholding payments or to claim the Earned Income Credit.  Over the past fiscal year - (2011 - 2012) - the total number of Taxable Income Tax Returns being filed diminished by 3564.  The relationship in per capita revenue growth to our local governments operational budget growth should be a linear relationship - in order for our citizens income growth to keep pace with government growth. 

Comparison - Wicomico Operational Budget to Per Capita Net Taxable Income - (FY 2000 - FY 2012) 

A comparison of Wicomico's fiscal operational budgets from FY 2000 - FY 2012 - ($77,556,731 verses $113,344,787) - reveals that the County's Operational Budget has risen by 46% while the population Per Capita Net Taxable Income has risen by only 13.2%.  Thus our residents are being squeezed or in Chicago politics terms - 'shaken down'.  If the County's operational budgets were to be held to a linear relationship standard - then Wicomico's total operational budget for FY -2012 should have been $87,794,219.  As one can easily tell - this simply isn't happening and thus Wicomico residents - on the whole - have fallen behind and continue to suffer financially.  What you are experiencing are the consequences of  run-a-way government spending.


Rick Pollitt Wants To Poison The Taxpayers

What the hell is going on with Wicomico County? Is Joe Holloway the only person they could contact on the County Council that has a functioning brain cell? At least he knows a lot more research needs to be done before jumping into this fiasco. Maybe he realizes there will be lawsuits coming down the pike. Poisoning the tax payers is not a way to raise property tax revenue.

A few years back the county had the opportunity to turn methane gas created in the landfill, into electricity and they opt to lease the land to some company rather than generate the revenue for the county. They weren't sure it would be feasible. NOW they are spending $27,000 to some consultant out of Virginia to help draft a request for bids for a vaporization plant that will cost $75 MILLION to build, in a county that is down 3.5 million in property tax revenue. Vaporizing trash! There is not one plant like this in the entire United States. Sound familiar?  Wicomico County wants to play with our lives and livelihood using us as guinea pigs, at our expense. Not only our financial expense, the expense of our health and the health of the surrounding farms. This plant will cause more deadly pollution on the West side of Salisbury than any they claim chicken manure causes. Of course, they're saying chicken growers can bring their manure to them for disposal. WHY would they do that when Perdue is already converting manure to fertilizer pellets?

On one hand they're saying they'll be using carbon monoxide and hydrogen to incinerate the waste which will reduce air pollutants. On the other hand, the final step, will kill us. DIOXINS and OTHER harmful contaminants that are not listed, will be produced in this final step.

Our elected officials went to New Jersey to hear more about this disastrous plant. Did they ever think to ask, if this is such a great concept WHY isn't New Jersey using it? Instead, New Jersey pays to have their trash hauled down here to our landfill.

Oh and one minor detail, tipping fees for the landfill will be increased.

Wicomico wants to be the first. First at what? Seeing how many people and how much food you can kill off of the surrounding farms with Dioxons and other contaminants?

Did the county take into consideration our Organic growers that pay a small fortune for certification? How can they be certified organic when the county willfully pollutes the air with harmful and deadly contaminants? Will Rick Pollitt and his band of fools be the first to eat foods grown in the area of this proposed killer plant?

From the World Health Organization: In terms of dioxin release into the environment, solid waste incinerators are the worst culprits due to incomplete combustion.

It is estimated that 90% of human exposure to dioxins is through the food supply. Consequently, protecting the food supply is critical. Contamination of the food can occur at any point from "farm to table". The safety assurance of food is a continuous process that begins with production and ends in consumption. Good controls and practices during primary production, processing, distribution and sale are all essential to the production of safe food.

Haven't we learned from our returning Vietnam Vets? Since the County wants to partner with an already interested partner, WHY doesn't the INVESTOR put up the $27,000.00 to the consulting firm creating the RFP?

The whole thing stinks, literally. Here we go with yet another unproven Waste Water Treatment Plant project and this Council and Rick Pollitt think the taxpayers are actually going to fall for it. We may be nicknamed "slower lower" but one thing is for sure, we're NOT one of Jerry's Kids. Demand this project come to an end, including the spending of $27,000.00 to draft the RFP. For Crimminy Sake, we pay an incredible amount of salaries just in the Executives Office alone and he better have someone who can handle such things when they are needed, especially with THREE attorneys on board. 

You people really need to get rid of Rick Pollitt.


HANOVER, N.H. – President Obama’s longtime buddy, unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, Thursday night told debate opponent Dinesh D’Souza and an audience at Dartmouth College that the Constitution is an outmoded document and it ought to be changed.

Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, were the main founders of the domestic terror group the Weather Underground, which was assigned responsibility for dozens of bombings aimed at destroying the defense and security infrastructure of the U.S.

D’Souza is the maker of the movie “2016: Obama’s America,” which is the second-highest grossing political documentary of all time.

Read more

Petition Aims To Halt Local Man’s Deportation

OCEAN CITY — While immigration reform was a significant pillar of President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, a local case of an undocumented illegal alien and single father taken into custody in Ocean City in early 2013 and now facing yet another deportation hearing continues to plod forward this week.

On Feb. 5, 2013, Noe Parra-Manrique, an undocumented Mexican living and working in construction in the resort area, was pulled over by Ocean City Police for missing a screw on the license plate of his work truck. The single father of a 6-year-old girl, born in the U.S., had just dropped off his daughter with a babysitter and was heading to work. The subsequent investigation revealed Manrique had been driving without a license and he was taken into custody and transported to the Public Safety Building where it was determined he was also undocumented.

About an hour later, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials arrived and transported Manrique to the Worcester County Detention Center. Manrique was held in Snow Hill overnight and was questioned for eight hours the following day. Finally, after the babysitter confirmed Manrique was the father of a local girl, it was determined he was eligible for release on an immigration bond. Thirty-six hours after last seeing his young daughter, Manrique was sent home with a misdemeanor traffic charge, but he was also put into deportation proceedings.


Funny How Rick Pollitt Was Town Manager Of Fruitland, Yet He Lived In Allen

The more you dig into this 5 year minimum residence to file for Wicomico County Executive, the more you learn just how hypocritical Rick Pollitt and the RULES are. 

We've seen Zoo Directors come in from all over the Country. Public Works Directors, Fire Chiefs and Superintendents of Wicomico Schools from all over the Country.

I'm confident that someone from outside Wicomico County with the right background can do a great job running a failing County. 

In the mean time, create rules, (like Rick Pollitt has) to make sure only the Good Ol' Boys stay in secured power and run the County any way they see fit. Hey, it seemed to work just right for Rick when he was Town Manager of Fruitland but lived in Allen. DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO. 

Recruiting In The Early Days Of MSP

Local Restaurant For Sale

While Mr. Paul's Restaurant has delivered fantastic food and service, Paul says he wants to retire at 75. 

The business is up for sale for $1,500,000.00 and will remain OPEN until a buyer can be found. 

A Letter To The Editor: Overhead Bridge


Maybe you can help me with something. I’m driving down Rt.13 this morning, and I notice something. The sidewalks adjacent to the “Overhead Bridge” have not been cleared of snow. First of all… WHO is responsible for this property? Why is it, that as a citizen of Salisbury, I’m threatened with fines if I don’t clear snow from my sidewalk and whomever this property belongs to is not? In my neighborhood no one even uses the sidewalks. Everyone walks down the middle of the street. This actually infuriates me, especially when said individuals refuse to yield. But that’s another story for another day. The fact is a lot of people walk up and down Rt.13 and have had to deal with trying to get up and over this bridge through the snow. So again… who is responsible and why hasn’t the City Of Salisbury slapped them with a fine?

U.S. Sued Over Unarmed Mom's D.C. Killing

WASHINGTON — The family of the young, unarmed woman shot to death by federal agents in the shadow of the Capitol will file a $75 million lawsuit against the U.S. government, WND has learned.

Attorney Eric Sanders informed WND he has filed the multi-million dollar claim against the U.S., the uniformed division of the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Capitol Police for “numerous intentional, grossly negligent and reckless actions of police officers, supervisors, managers and other related employees.”

Miriam Carey was shot to death Oct. 3, 2013, by federal officers after a car chase that began at the White House and ended about a block from the Capitol.
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Now Let's Talk About Ocean City And The Minimum Wage Proposal

This morning I touched on how I felt a minimum wage increase would impact the Shore. Well here are some FACTS you aren't aware of in Ocean City.

Like many of YOU, we have had children who got their first jobs in Ocean City. Not one of ours were ever paid minimum wage! 

What Governor O'Malley and Jim Mathias haven't educated YOU on is this. Locals are paid more because they speak good english. Because they show up for work on time and are REWARDED with additional pay when an employer can depend on them. Hmmmm, interesting IDEA!

What you don't know is this. The foreign workers get less pay and in most countries where they come from, minimum wage HERE is a small fortune, it's true. Here's the deal though. Guess what, their employer doesn't have to pay medicare, Workers Comp, Social Security, unemployment taxes and so forth. Ocean City employers make a small fortune off the foreign workers.

The BIG problem there is, OUR money isn't REINVESTED back into our economy as the majority of the foreign income goes back to THEIR Country. 

Now, considering the Eastern Shore CANNOT provide enough employees to fill ALL of the positions in Ocean City, this is the ONLY way businesses can survive there. It still does NOT mean that IF they were to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour that we'd have enough people here on the Shore to fill those positions.

Ocean City Employers already take care of the locals, income wise. Raising the minimum wage 30%+ will actually cause more harm than it will do good there. If you've raised your kids right, they'll do just fine without the help of the government intervening.  

BREAKING NEWS: Longtime Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman To Retire

California Congressman Henry Waxman, a key architect of ObamaCare, announces he will not seek re-election in the fall after serving 40 years in office.


Imperial Gallery Restaurant Closing

It is with a heavy heart that we must tell you that the Imperial Gallery Restaurant will be closing it's doors on February 22, 2014. Sadly, after 34 years in Salisbury, we have decided to sell our business. The restaurant will be closed for a couple months and opening up under new owners and a new name. This will be a new restaurant with their own food recipes. The Imperial Gallery was opened in 1980 by my parents Cheng and Kwei Sun. We have enjoyed making memories with so many loyal customers. We just want to thank the community for their loyal patronage over the years. We will be honoring all gift cards until February 22nd and the new owners will also accept them for 30 days after they open.

Many thanks,

Wendy and Lewis Sun

Global Warming

Another bit of irrefutable evidence of global warming this morning on Delmarva!!!

Fountains Files Lawsuit Against Rotary Club

The Fountains has the guts to sue the Wicomico Rotary Club. 

The Fountains double booked their facility on the day of the Rotary fund raising event for 500 people. They expected the event to be set up and decorated fifteen minutes before it was supposed to start, when they knew it usually takes 8 hours. 

They forced us to move the event two weeks before the event to Dove Pointe. Now they are suing the club for the entire contract and keeping our deposit!! 

They expect this community to support them?

Another Business Closing In Salisbury

Be here tomorrow morning and see who will be closing their doors. 

Road Conditions Went From Horrible To Great

Now that we have announced Wicomico County Schools being close again tomorrow, the images above should give you an idea as to how things look out there. 

Mind you, as the day went on and the sun came out things got a whole lot better, hence the last photo taken around noon today. I didn't even think of taking pictures of Rt. 50 because it was perfectly clear by noon. 

I'm sure the side streets are as rough now as they were in the above image because the snow got packed down and you know what's underneath. 

I will say, if the Mayor wanted to make a lot of money and tick off a lot of citizens he'll be out there tomorrow morning writing citations all over the place because most sidewalks I saw today were not cleared. I say that because many of these kids have to walk to school, (not tomorrow) and it won't be pleasant. I saw MANY people walking down the streets, even on Rt. 50 below.
Now you have to ask yourself, will Ireton go after Perdue for not clearing the sidewalks? If he does, well, he better go after the Police Department too because they didn't clear their sidewalks either. 


ANNAPOLIS, MD  -- Governor O’Malley released the following statement on President Obama's State of the Union address:

“President Obama’s focus on strengthening and growing our middle class tonight was right-on. In Maryland, we share many of the President’s priorities, including expanding opportunity, creating high-paid and high-skilled jobs, and lifting more people out of poverty by raising the minimum wage.”

“The only way we will grow our economy is by growing our middle class. It’s time for the Republican Congress to acknowledge this fundamental truth and work with the President to move our country forward.”

I Want To Publicly Thank Mike Lewis And Matt Maciarello

Years ago there were some issues interfering with Matt's daily work between the Blogs. When a press release would come out, some got the information, some didn't.

To be fair, Matt and Mike got sick and tired of dealing with the bickering and instead relied on a new system. The States Attorney's Office  worked out a deal with the County in which they would send the County all press releases and the County would then forward them to the County's e-mail list. 

In the beginning we, (Salisbury News) was on that list. After a brief period I had noticed we hadn't seen anything in quite a while, yet press release information was popping up elsewhere.

I first contacted Jim Finneran and then Wayne Strausburg in the County Executive's Office and they both stated very clearly, you are on our mailing list. I told them I can't be because I'm not getting anything. A year later I confronted Wayne again and complained and he again stated we were on the list, it was complete BS. He knew it and I knew it as well.

Yesterday I was in a conversation with Matt and he politely said, well, since you don't publish our press releases... I said, Matt, I don't get your press releases. He said, yes you do, I know you are on our list. While Matt could see my name on the press releases that were being sent out, none of them were coming to me. Perhaps they misspelled my name or e-mail, I don't know. 

Soon after I had been given the honor of getting a State Press Pass I sent a letter to Rick Pollitt, Wayne Strausbury, Mike Lewis and other Department Heads asking we be afforded the opportunity to get back on their press release list. Within five minutes of it going out Sheriff Lewis sent me a message back telling me we had been placed back on their direct list and we have been publishing WCSO information ever since. However, the County Executive NEVER responded. 

It seems there are a select few REPUBLICAN Department Heads who understand the importance of INFORMING the public and then there are others who seem to be above the peasants of their empire. 


News spread last summer that the Disney Channel was planning to introduce a lesbian couple for the first time on one of its children’s TV programs. That’s exactly what happened during Sunday’s episode of “Good Luck Charlie,” when a child with two mothers was prominently highlighted.

The scene featured Charlie, the main character, sitting in the living room with her father Bob (played by actor Eric Allen Kramer) and her mother Amy (played by Leigh Allyn Baker) discussing a play date that was set up with Charlie’s friend Taylor.

When Amy told Bob that Taylor’s parents would also be joining them while the girls played, the two began debating Taylor’s mother’s name. Both said they had individually met the woman, but while Amy said her name was Susan, Bob remembered meeting a parent named Cheryl.

WBOC Says We'll Get At LEAST This Tonight

Forgive me if I'm a bit skeptical. Did they buy a new piece of equipment this week that can help them get that much closer to reality? Or is this just another expensive guessing game? 

How much snow do YOU think we'll get overnight?

Maryland Approves New School Discipline Regulations

Maryland education leaders approved the most sweeping changes in decades to state discipline policies Tuesday morning, culminating a four-year effort intended to reform approaches to student punishment, increase time in school and end racial disparities in suspensions.

The Maryland State Board of Education’s action — approved in a 10-0 vote with one abstention and one member absent — comes at a time when school officials nationally are reconsidering their disciplinary measures. Three weeks ago, Obama administration officials called for a broad rethinking of student discipline and issued the first set of federal discipline guidelines for the nation’s schools.

The new regulations in Maryland do not ban principals from imposing suspensions but establish a more rehabilitative philosophy in schools and reserve the harshest penalties for the most severe offenses. They also expedite appeals, add educational services for suspended students and require plans to eliminate disparities. 


Former States Attorney Davis Ruark Once Told Me He Could Get A Grand Jury Indictment On A Slice Of Bread

I've been getting quite a few comments, (probably one person though) asking me why I haven't done an article on yesterday's Grand Jury indictment on former Volunteer Treasurer Kenny Gaskins. 

Look, if ANYONE knows about these kind of proceedings, I DO. Just because there are charges against someone doesn't mean they did what they're being CHARGED with. 

Especially when they are talking about a theft scheme $1,000 to $10,000, theft scheme less than $1,000, and four counts of theft less than $100.

Someone is out for blood. Could there be some wrong doing, absolutely. However, until this goes to Court and we see the evidence involved, I've got better things to do. 

Maybe us taxpayers should file criminal charges against the Fire Department for STEALING GAS when they run out for lunch and dinner in million dollar pieces of equipment. I'd bet a million bucks you burn more gas than this guy will ever get charged or convicted with.

Shooting In Salisbury East Church Street

Shooting 900 blk E Church. 1 adult male struck in leg. Non life threatening injury. Dets investigating. Call Crime Solvers 410-548-1776

Columbia Mall shooting: Dubious claims from the anti-gun lobby

Vinny DeMarco, a progressive lobbyist for sin taxes and gun control issued this disingenuous and misleading statement on the tragic shooting at the Mall in Columbia this past weekend.

Marylanders To Prevent Gun Violence joins all Marylanders and Americans in holding in our prayers the victims of yesterday's shootings at the Columbia Mall. We also commend the Howard County police and other first responders for the great and heroic work they did yesterday to save lives. Based on what we know, this tragedy could have been much worse. The shooter bought the shotgun he used at a gun store in Rockville, MD in Decemeber [sic] of 2013. This was after Maryland's new Firearm Saftey [sic] Act of 2013 went into effect on October 1. As a result, the shooter was not able to buy an assault weapon or a magazine that could fire more than 10 bullets at one time. We will never know how many lives were saved because he could not buy an assault weapon such as an AK-47. We hope this will inspire other states and the federal government to also ban these weapons of mass destruction.

A close read of this statement reveals either one of two things. Vinny the gun grabber has no idea how the guns he banned actually work, or he is deliberately misleading the public.

DeMarco is conflating the two types of ammunition. Shotguns don’t use magazines to hold ammunition. That’s like saying football is played with a hockey puck.


First Lady Michelle Obama Sent Me The Following Message Today

From Michelle Obama
To Joe Albero

Joe --

Earlier this month, because of what you did, it became illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against the up to 129 million Americans living with pre-existing conditions. Young Americans are able to stay on their parents' health care plans as they get on their feet, and we can now know that our insurance companies won't put lifetime caps on our coverage.

You should be so proud of that. That happened because you organized, you talked to your friends and neighbors, and you chipped in what you could, when you could, to elect Barack and a Congress who supported his agenda.

Today, I'm asking you to do it again.

So before Barack gives his State of the Union address tomorrow, chip in $10 or more and help protect Obamacare 

Thank you so much,


Delegate Seeks To Reduce Road Rage

ANNAPOLIS — There's hope for the perpetually late drivers of Maryland whose blood boils at the sight of a slow car in the left lane.

If it's up to Delegate Patrick Hogan, and if a bill he has sponsored succeeds, the state will ask slowpoke drivers to slide to the right so others can pass.

The title of his legislation? The Road Rage Reduction Act of 2014.

With the bill, the Maryland State Highway Administration would post signs along all roads of more than two lanes in each direction telling drivers to clear the way of any vehicles that might be bearing down on them.

Salisbury City Councilwoman Laura Mitchell To File For Wicomico County Council

Along With Ernie Davis and McKinley Hayward, Salisbury News has learned from a very reliable source that Laura Mitchell will also be filing to run for Wicomico County Council very soon.

Here we go Folks. They want to control the City and County but we've got a MAJOR surprise for Mrs. Mitchell, one in which I believe she will NOT survive in the political arena. I'm just going to sit back and wait for the perfect moment and then WHAM!

Mrs. Mitchell has been accused of living in Section 8 style housing in Moss Hill and as we have reported in the past is living off Food Stamps, (EBT) as well. Is this the example we want to set for the City and County? Time will tell.   

A Letter To The Editor: SBY Wal Mart North---Senior Citizen Approached For Her Money!


I was over at Wal Mart North today around 1 pm standing in the
Customer Service line when an employee came back with the
info. below. If you would --- please post on your SBY Blogg Site to help make people aware-----especially the Senior Citizens ----as to what is happening as this may or may not be reported in the News. Hopefully it will be.

An elderly lady was approached in the store by a man & told to hand over all her money or get hurt. She gave it to him & off he went leaving her standing there shaking . The Store had one Security Guard on duty & he was at lunch when this happened. They had a
description & people were looking for him throughout the store.


For one night, an awards show understood what it meant to appeal to the masses. And then the 2014 Grammy Awards fired off a culture war missile aimed at those who believe in a traditional definition of marriage.

While the Oscars routinely go political and the VMAs pull out all the shock stops, the annual Grammys telecast eschews overtly dividing moments. Assuming you don't mind musical genre mashups worth rubbernecking over.

Tonight, LL Cool J emceed another Grammys telecast aimed at the widest audience possible until rappers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis sang Same Love while 33 couples--both straight and gay--got married.

"This song is a love song not for some of us, but for all of us," said Queen Latifah who officiated the live wedding in front of a church-like setting complete a gospel choir. "Strip away the fear, underneath it's all the same love."

Salisbury City Council Meeting Cancelled Tonight

Shanie Shields, Jake Day and Tim Spies have all called in to say they cannot make it to tonight's Council Meeting. Therefore the meeting has been cancelled.  

Outrageous Gay Marriage Performance At The Grammy's Last Night

LBGT Mafia Holding Grammys Hostage By Performing On-Air GAY WEDDING

First they hijack the Rose Parade by sticking a Gay wedding among the floats ruining a time honored American tradition. For their next act of cultural apartheid, the producers of the Grammys, who are probably Gay themselves, are throwing in 34 couples of varies ages, races and sexual orientation to make a heavy handed political statement right in the middle of an award show.

It’s absolutely ridiculous.

I guess enjoying the musical talents of the top performers in the world is asking too much. These know-it-all elites feel the need to force feed a particular agenda down our throats.

I’m clicking the remote to Animal Planet. I just hope they don’t stick a Gay wedding there too.

NY Times reports at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, pop’s megastars will compete for the music industry’s most prestigious trophy, and put on flashy performances that are sure to ricochet through social media.

But the producers behind the program, which is to be broadcast live by CBS at 8 p.m., are hoping that the biggest show-stopper of the night will be a much more solemn event: an on-air wedding of 34 couples — gay, straight, old, young, of many races and many colors. The ceremony will be part of the hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s performance of their Grammy-nominated song “Same Love,” which became a marriage-equality anthem last year just as that issue was drawing intense national attention.


Publishers Notes: I didn't watch it. Did this really happen?

BREAKING NEWS: Fire Marshal Threatening To Completely Shut Down Riverside Drive Condos

Talk about interesting! This week we exposed two stories about the sprinkler system bursting at the new condos on Riverside drive and damaging numerous condos. The first story HERE showed not only photos, it included actual VIDEO proving what these condo owners were experiencing. 

The second story HERE showed how one of the units was actually condemned. BOTH stories came directly from people who lived in these units. 

Now, GET THIS. The Condo Association is now claiming that Salisbury News LIED. Oh, it gets even better. Guess what happened next. If you guessed that they had ANOTHER pipe burst AGAIN from freezing you'd be right. Yes, on Thursday it happened again.

So we published our story early in the week and we criticized WBOC, WMDT and the Daily Times because they had NOT covered the story. Well, give them some credit because they actually, (or should I say, finally) showed up THURSDAY to do a story. WMDT was first to arrive and when they came into the lobby the Condo Association threw them off the property. 

Some time later, somehow, WBOC was able to get in and actually started filming in one of the condos when in walks the condo Association demanding they get off the property.

Salisbury News has now come to learn that there is an investigation going on right now through the Fire Marshal's Office. It's been reported there was an issue with the sprinkler system before they got the final OK to start selling units and from what we've heard, (not confirmed) some are saying someone just signed off on it and it actually may not have been corrected. 

Nevertheless, get this. Because there is NO fire sprinkler system in operation at this location, IF the Condo Association does NOT do a "Fire Walk" in the complex every 20 minutes, 24 HOURS A DAY they want every single person removed from the building. Again, from what we've been told the Fire Walk has not been done properly and the Fire Marshall was called in once again and gave a final warning. 

Someone else called me today and informed me that former Salisbury Firefighter, Council President and Mayoral Candidate Gary Comegys now lives in the complex. This person flat out said to me, I wonder why Comegys boys at the Fire Department couldn't turn off the water? 

Salisbury News has learned the Condo Association will hold a meeting in reference to this situation at the Wicomico Library on Superbowl Sunday. Stay Tuned! 

I'd LOVE to know how Salisbury News could have LIED to anyone, since BOTH stories came directly from owners of the units in the building. We provided photos AND video.