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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Maryland’s Minimum Wage to Rise 50 Cents to $8.75

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland’s minimum wage and the state’s gas tax are going up. Here’s a look at some new laws that take effect Friday.


Maryland’s minimum wage will rise from $8.25 to $8.75. It’s the latest bump scheduled to take effect since lawmakers in 2014 approved increases over several years from $7.25. It is scheduled to go up to $9.25 next year and reach $10.10 in July 2018.


The state’s gas tax will rise nine-tenths of a cent to 33.5 cents. Lawmakers approved several increases in 2013, with regular hikes to adjust for inflation. The state’s gas tax has gone up a dime since 2013, when lawmakers approved the first increase in 20 years from 23.5 cents.


A state-sponsored retirement savings plan goes into effect. IRAs will be created for private-sector employees without access to a workplace savings program with their employer. Employees would need to make the contributions and can opt out of the program. The law applies to employers using an automated payroll system who don’t already offer a retirement program.


Salisbury City Council Meeting Canceled For June 27, 2016


The vote was 4 to 2, Matt Holloway, John Hall, Erine Davis and John Cannon voted yes in favor of it and Marc Kilmer and Joe Holloway voted no. Larry Dodd is on vacation. Joe Holloway desperately attempted to put the vote on hold until the full Council could vote on it, being it will become a multi million dollar yearly expense on taxpayers. Like every other free giveaway it starts out much smaller and then the cost starts to rise every year after. 

The next time the people in BOLD (above) run for office, be sure to vote for whomever is running against them. 

BREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Cecil County States Attorney Arrested In Ocean City

Cecil County States Attorney Ed Rollins was arrested this week at the Clarion Hotel in Ocean City for Indecent Exposure

Two women from Pennsylvania, (along with many other witnesses) witnessed Rollins and a female giving him oral sex and or masturbating at the beach front hotel.

Other guests from the hotel could easily view what was going on as well as people on the beach. Some even took pictures, (above).

This didn't happen just once. Witnesses have stated it happened Wednesday evening around 5 PM as well as two additional times on Thursday. 

Ocean City Police had nothing to go by as they hadn't seen anything until one woman allegedly said, just stand there and watch this. I'll start stroking my hair and he'll go right at it. Low and behold she started stroking her hair and away Rollins went as Police witnessed it themselves. Rollins was arrested immediately. 

Another witness stated that the female in Rollins room had her head in his lap, "if you know what I mean" right in front of the whole world. People were very upset as there are thousands of children visiting Ocean City and frontal nudity is not taken lightly here. 

Mind you, this is a STATES ATTORNEY. We have not been able to find the charges on Maryland Case Search but we have in fact confirmed the information from the proper authorities. 

Should Mr. Rollins be found guilty he would more then likely be inducted into the sex offender registry in Maryland. One can only hope he is removed from his position immediately as States Attorney. Pictures do not lie and there are plenty of them.

Originally posted at 6:00 PM on 6-24-16

A Viewer Writes: Salisbury Christian School

How about the story of the headmaster of SCS being suddenly fired and escorted out of the school by police. The board refuses to say why and states that he resigned suddenly .. He was given a choice resign or be fired. He says he was fired ...Why cant parents know what he did.. ? Was it a financial, legal, moral infraction? Something that put our children in danger?? We have no idea and the board wants to keep this quiet!!!!!

Wicomico County Youth & Civic Center Gets Liquor License

Last night the Liquor Board gave their permission to the County to start serving liquor at the Civic Center. 

Officer Caesar Goodson acquitted of all counts

Judge Barry Williams hands down verdict Thursday morning

Baltimore police Officer Caesar Goodson was acquitted Thursday of the most serious charges among the six officers charged in Freddie Gray's death.

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams announced his verdict Thursday morning on the following seven counts:

Second-degree murder, depraved heart: NOT GUILTY
Manslaughter: NOT GUILTY
Second-degree assault: NOT GUILTY
Vehicular manslaughter (two counts): NOT GUILTY
Reckless endangerment: NOT GUILTY
Misconduct in office: NOT GUILTY


Salisbury News Exclusive: Wor Wic, The HIGHEST Grades You'll Ever See From A Community College

While the Wicomico County Council wrestles with how much money to give to WOR WIC Community College for their free tuition, little is known or being said about just what the money will be used for. 

In a news cast Thursday evening on WBOC TV, (the group that is planning to open the cannabis, (pot) growing operation on the west side of Wicomico County) announced that they were working closely with Wor Wic Community College. There should be a lot of questions asked about this project. 

Will Wor Wic be starting a course to teach students on how to cultivate the mighty weed? Will there be a course offered on the financial aspects of how to get around the federal banking laws? After all it is still against federal law for banks to do business with cannabis growers forcing the growers to deal with mostly cash. 

Although the Feds do not actively go after banks that do, many banks are reluctant participate for more reasons than one. Banks are not just worried about prosecution but also reputation, risk and increased regulatory scrutiny. 

If the cannabis growers want to help fund this project, will they show up with a bag of cash? This should raise a lot of concern for the Wicomico County Council. Wicomico County already funds WOR WIC almost $4.5 million dollars a year. 

The new tuition plan will drive up full time enrollment which will in turn drive up the counties contribution responsibilities. Sort of a vicious circle. 

Should Wicomico County taxpayers be saddled with the additional burden of funding a free college tuition, especially one of such questionable ethics. Connect the dots.

Fruitland Home Owner Vs Eastfield HOA


While many taxpayers of Wicomico County may not know that over four million of their taxpayer dollars go into supporting the local community college, an even bigger surprise would be for them to know just what some of those funds are used for. 

Seems as though a few years ago WOR WIC took as a donation a money hemorrhaging golf course now known as Ocean Resorts. 

After a couple of bankruptcies, forclosers and auctions, the last owners saw the writing on the wall took a nice tax deduction. They found a bunch of suckers (that being the people that are supposed to look out for us) and unloaded one of the biggest losers on the Eastern Shore by donating it as a gift to WOR WIC. 

Now in all fairness it's well known that golf courses are tough. Too many of them and it cost a lot for upkeep and manage. The great recession took away many of the players who just didn't have the money to spend. It has been admitted by some staff members at WOR WIC that this is the gift that keeps on taking, or in other words, a money pit. 

But wait, why not use it as a teaching tool. Sure we can teach golf course management or teach a few students to cook for the large crowds that will flock there on weekends. Maybe teach someone to plant a little LEGAL grass, (for now) and with some real creative accounting we can make it look like it pays. The other benefits that it can afford will be the level of smoozing that can take place by playing a few rounds with the players from around town and talk them into giving even more of the taxpayers dollars away. 

All of this is complete bullsh!t. As you well know, WOR WIC could partner with most any of the golf courses in the area to provide the same level of learning without owning a golf course. After all, they are getting ready to partner with a cannabis growing operation. If it will work for that, why not the golf experience. 

By the time you read this the Wicomico County Council will be getting ready to vote on whether to give free tuition at WOR WIC. Let's hope they keep the taxpayers in their thoughts and vote no. 

Note the pictures were taken one beautiful Saturday morning just a few days ago at approx. 9 am temp 81 degrees with maybe 12 cars in the parking lot. Thanks Again WOR WIC!

When we said follow the dots yesterday, we meant it. Local special interests are putting their hands into all kinds of things, even day time man caves. Now I want you to THINK. THINK about what would happen if let's say I decided I've had enough. Let's say I walked away from putting out news and information every day. THINK about just how badly your local media is screwing you by covering these things up and conveniently not telling you who the PLAYERS are OR where your tax dollars are going. It should be yet another very interesting Council Meeting tonight, just as it was two weeks ago. 

Queston For Father's Day

What is/was your favorite quote your father said to you?  Share his words of wisdom with us!

MSP In Princess Anne Need Help To Identify This Person

Investigators from the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barrack are attempting to identify the subject noted within the photographs attached to this post. The subject in the photograph is wanted for questioning regarding a theft of property which occurred on June 18, 2016 at a residence in Crisfield, Maryland.

The subject appears to be a white male, approximately 40 years of age, and wearing what appears to be a womans bathing suit or lingerie. Viewers able to identify this subject are asked to please contact the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barrack at 443.260.7700.

Why Alcohol At Wicomico County Civic Center

Yesterday we published a story announcing the sale of alcohol at the Civic Center. There were quite a few comments that just weren't accurate so I'm taking this opportunity to update the public on factual information to settle these rumors.

I'll start with this. When you compare the Civic Center to the Shorebirds Stadium, the Shorebirds have about 5,000 seats. The Civic Center has the same but can expand to almost 6,500 seats in all. As you know, the Shorebirds are a public venue just like the Civic Center.

Some commenters implied that people go to these events and get drunk. Well, if you want to go to a ball game and spend some $8.00 for a beer and you buy enough to get drunk, well, you're just plain stupid. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but come on people, that's just ridiculous. They are very few and far between.

When we look at a Civic Center event like a concert, most are not going to get up from their seats during the concert and get a beer. They paid good money to see a show and they are going to watch that show. 

Mind you, there are intermissions but the most you'll be able to purchase at one time is two beers. They will cut off all liquor sales at the last intermission, (so you know). ALL employees are currently going through state sponsored classes and will be on their toes. There will be a Family section at the Civic Center where no alcohol will be allowed. 

As for different acts demanding the sale of alcohol in order for them to consider coming here, it's the promoters that push such demands. All of these acts/events have sponsors, (like Jack Danniel's, Budweiser, for examples). Some people are under the impression that these acts get on a plane or bus and travel to let's say the Civic Center just to hold a concert/event. That's not necessarily true. What happens is, the promoters line up different venues throughout each region. You'd be amazed at how many places like the Civic Center there are within a 4 hour radius for these promoters to consider. The ones that sell alcohol are the ones that get chosen FIRST because they can get a percentage of the alcohol sales as part of their contract agreement. Hence why the Civic Center doesn't get the majority of big acts/events that they could.

Deputy fire marshal facing felony assault, gun charges

A Worcester County Deputy Fire Marshal, Rodney Sharpley, 53, of Pocomoke was arrested early last Wednesday morning after brandishing a gun in the direction of police officers who were investigating a complaint involving a juvenile.

Pocomoke police officers arrived on scene late Tuesday night to hear a witness’s account of a juvenile girl being seen running down the street in a bra and shorts while her mother chased her, the report said.

Police went to the girl’s house for a welfare check and she answered the door. To stop dogs from barking, the police and the juvenile walked to the end of her driveway to talk about what happened.

According to the juvenile, Sharpley and her mother were consuming alcohol the entire evening before an argument ensued and she retreated to her bedroom.

Police said Sharpley broke into the girl’s room and they got into an argument. The juvenile reportedly fell to the ground and Sharpley ripped off her shirt, police said.


A Big Snow Job?

By Thornton Crowe

Back in 2012, Republicans were not enchanted with Romney. Fact is, many voted for old Mitt because they were stuck with him! 

We all knew he was more liberal than conservative in every way possible. Things like the Romneycare disaster in Massachusetts while he was governor and other inclinations led us to believe he was more Democrat 'Lite' than a real conservative. However, from the previous three years prior, we saw the Democrat dominated DC establishment pass insane (and unconstitutional) legislature like Obamacare without so much as reading the bill in its entirety. People wanted this practice to stop because these Omnibills contain other nuisance laws and regulations which have proven to be economy killers.

Along came Paul Ryan - the dazzling Congressman from Wisconsin. He had the appeal of visual similarities to Reagan and his conservative views were supposedly legendary on the Hill. We saw promise and many probably wished he was the headliner on the ticket. He made voting for Romney a little less problematic. He seemed like the golden boy next door who had a small town mentality. Claiming Atlas Shrugged was one of his all-time favorite books while professing his adoration of its author, Ayn Rand, he had us believing that he truly looked to limit governmental inference in our lives.

Fast forward to the present...

After becoming the supposedly reluctant Speaker of the House, he has turned into every American citizen's nightmare. Surely, Ayn is rolling in her grave at the thought this faker would ever quote her work as his inspiration as he's a polar opposite of everything she professed and held dear!

Ryan has participated and proposed more legislation that has further damage Americans' livelihoods, restricted freedoms and now, has us facing a literal invasion of unvetted Muslims into our communities. No secret is many top intelligence officials have vehemently warned that ISIS has infiltrated these refugees, ready to bring out about America's demise yet, he refuses to halt this migration. Last week, he lied to O'Reilly and us about a pause on migration from Somalia as well as Syria. Then there was his support for Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which has led to millions of jobs to leave America for foreign lands; putting millions out of work at a time when people are struggling to meet the cost of living increases. The latest dagger is, when the barrel prices fell, Ryan sided with Obama to impose an additional cost of $10 to pay for an international green slush fund, which would keep our gas prices high regardless of oil's market price!

To make matters even more worse (if they could be), when one really investigates Ryan's associations - namely his wife, we find she's actually a very successful (and rich) Democrat lobbyist. Now, how can a man sleep with a special interest opponent every night and then turn around and represent the American people in an unbiased, fair manner?

In essence, Ryan has made his intentions (and his corruption of self interest) quite clear and revealed, he's a man with a price tag - open to the highest money bidder. Sound familiar?

What's brought to light the real hypocrisy of Paul Ryan is one candidate: Donald Trump.

Trump's campaign, has exposed all the 'career' politicians who do not put Americans first. He has ripped away their disguise and revealed who they really are. Unfortunately, even our own governor has proven to not be on board with making Americans first and foremost with his refusal to support Trump - a provocative move that will surely lose many votes for Hogan in his next election.

This last week in the most underhanded manner, Ryan now threatens to 'sue' Trump over the Muslim ban (which is temporary only to find a way to vet people before they enter the US). Interesting, if he had been this vigilant against Obama, chances are Americans wouldn't be experiencing this downturn economy or being gunned down in nightclubs. Yet, Ryan doesn't seem to embrace the traitorous tones of his actions against Americans. He now has opened up the floodgates and, personally, I wonder if we the people should sue him!

Ryan has proven to Americans without any doubt, he is more establishment-based and voting for his own self-interests than that of the Americans he's sworn to represent. His capitulation to Obama's various green initiatives (which are just code for World Order political grabs) and other Americans last legislation, has proven Paul Ryan is not only a traitor as a faux Conservative, he's a sham and the ultimate con artist. He is a man never to be trusted with a position such as Speaker nor should he even be in Congress.

Enters Paul Nehlen, who, like Trump, is a Wisconsin native billionaire who got fed up with DC elites and their treasonous maneuvers that work against Americans. There have been many ups and downs in that primary which will only be settled on August 9th when Wisconsin heads to the polls. However Ryan's lead may be in the press, many voters weighing in are unimpressed with their once golden boy and looking at his challenger in a more serious light. Locals are not the only ones promoting Nehlen as people from all over the country have been donating to his campaign so he can win in the primary - which will bounce Ryan from Congress altogether in January 2017. Perhaps it's Ryan who is not who Americans are as his

We'll have to see as the summer moves forward towards the General how this will shake out. The DC Establishment is head over heels in soap opera antics to try to thwart it's own candidate, in spite of Trump's massive popularity! In fact, his un-adoring fellow Republicans may be just the reason for his popularity because he gives Americans a real choice this election:

Do you want business as usual corruption in DC (the establishment) or do you want a candidate that loves his country so much he would put up with all this mess to save it (the outsider)? The choice is yours.

How say you...

Do You Remember Your First Job, What/Where Was It?

I am so proud of my Grandson. The day after he got out of school he was hired to start his very first, (on the books) job. At 15 he is scheduled to work full time, (40 hours a week) and he's loving it. I gave him two choices. Either you fish and crab all summer or you get a job. He chose the job.

Do you remember your first job? Where was it? How old were you? I was 13 years old and I worked for the Bowie Race Track cleaning the grandstands. Hey, it was work! 

Do You Really Want To Follow Your Liberal Leaders?

A Viewer Writes: City needs money

The city must be in need of money, because during the rain today they issued warnings on the E side.

One example is my neighbor who got a warning for the small amount of grass in her sidewalk cracks.

But as you can see in the other photos - for years, they have done nothing concerning the condition of the property around the corner.

Mini landfill, over growth, and a dead tree waiting to fall on a passerby.

This came from Jeff Trivitts at Irish Penny. He has done this at Going Nuts, Outback and another place.

Dems stage election-year sit-in on guns, GOP unmoved

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats carried a remarkable House floor sit-in into a second day, disrupting the business of Congress with demands for gun-control votes in an unruly scene broadcast live to the world. Republicans branded the move as a publicity stunt before summarily adjourning the chamber until after the Fourth of July.

Even after the House adjourned around 3:15 a.m. EDT Thursday, and Republicans streamed to the exits, Democrats stayed on the House floor, shouting “No bill no break!” and waving papers with the names of gun victims written in black. Rep. Maxine Waters of California said she was ready to stay “until Hell freezes over.”

Gradually the Democrats began to wind down their protest, but a core group lingered, some wrapped in blankets or resting on pillows. With a crowd cheering them on from outside the Capitol and many more following the theatrics on social media, Democrats declared success in dramatizing the argument for action to stem gun violence.


Photo of little girl standing on toilet goes viral for unusual reason

A Michigan mom thought her daughter was just being funny when she was standing on their toilet.

But when Stacey Feeley's 3-year-old daughter explained what she was doing, Feeley broke down, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

Feeley says her daughter was actually practicing a lockdown drill, hiding from a potential attacker.

She posted the photo on Facebook with the following caption:

"Politicians - take a look. This is your child, your children, your grandchildren, your great grand children and future generations to come. They will live their lives and grow up in this world based on your decisions. They are barely 3 and they will hide in bathroom stalls standing on top of toilet seats. I do not know what will be harder for them? Trying to remain quiet for an extended amount of time or trying to keep their balance without letting a foot slip below the stall door?"


Republican Operatives Launch All-Out Effort To Unbind Delegates, Deny Trump Nomination

If you think that Donald Trump already has the Republican nomination locked up, then you don’t understand what is going on behind the scenes.

It has long been my contention that the elite will move heaven and earth in order to keep Trump from ever setting foot in the Oval Office. One way that they could try to do this is by attempting to deny him the nomination at the Republican convention next month. Over the past couple of days, the Washington Post, CNN and a whole host of other mainstream news outlets have been reporting on a new “last-ditch effort” that has been launched by Republican operatives to get the Republican convention Rules Committee to unbind all of the delegates and allow them to vote however they want. As you will see below, they can do this, and if they get enough votes they will do it.

This current effort is different from what we have seen so far during this campaign season, because it is actually being organized by the delegates themselves. The following comes from the Washington Post

Dozens of Republican convention delegates are hatching a new plan to block Donald Trump at this summer’s party meetings, in what has become the most organized effort so far to stop the businessman from becoming the GOP presidential nominee.

The moves come amid declining poll numbers for Trump and growing concern among Republicans that he is squandering his chance to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton. Several controversies — including his racial attacks on a federal judge, his renewed call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States and his support for changing the nation’s gun laws — have raised fears among Republicans that Trump is not really a conservative and is too reckless to run a successful race.


Man accused of holding wife captive in Salisbury apartment

SALISBURY, Md. (AP) — A Maryland man is accused of holding his wife captive for nearly three months in the couple’s Salisbury apartment.

Court documents show 51-year-old Michael David Austin has been charged with false imprisonment and reckless endangerment.

Records say Austin’s wife states that her husband had kept her locked inside their apartment since March 26. His wife told police that Austin would lock the door from the inside and outside when he would leave for work.


OC Police go for stronger power

The Ocean City Police Commission has fast-tracked an ordinance that would grant police officers the power to penalize more severely civilians who ignore a direct order to cease and desist disruptive behavior.

After studying the resort’s and Maryland’s laws for a month, Capt. Kevin Kirstein proposed that the City Council create a new ordinance that would make it unlawful for people to continue unlawful or disruptive behavior after receiving first warning from the police.

The wording of the proposed ordinance makes it “unlawful to fail to obey a police officer’s order to immediately cease and desist while committing any offense which is classified as a municipal infraction upon such order from a police officer.”

In other words, only the police would be able to impose immediate fines, or even arrest perpetrators. Code enforcement officers, like building inspectors, would not have the same authority.


Disney finally putting up fence around gator-infested lagoon

Disney World officials on Friday finally put up a fence along a lagoon they have long known was infested with alligators, but only after one of the beasts killed a 2-year-old boy as he played in the water.

A temporary barrier of wooden posts connected by heavy rope was installed along the Seven Seas Lagoon shoreline where a gator snatched away little Lane Graves on Tuesday evening.

Workers also put up signs that read: “Danger. Alligators and snakes in area. Stay away from the water. Do not feed the wildlife.”

The Orlando-area resort had known for decades about the alligator issue — and was even sued in the 1980s about the lack of warnings after another child was attacked — yet there were only “no swimming” signs in place at the lagoon.



Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby: Resign Your Office

As of Thursday morning, Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby is batting 0-3 in the Freddie Gray cases. If she had an ounce of decency and a smidgeon of professionalism she would ask that the three remaining prosecutions be dismissed and would resign her office.

Caesar Goodson, the Baltimore police officer who drove the van in which Freddie Gray was injured and subsequently died, was acquitted Thursday on seven felony counts and one misdemeanor. Add this to Officer Edward Nero’s acquittal on all counts a couple of weeks ago, and William Porter’s case ending in a hung jury last December and Mosby has more than a little egg on her face. Goodson’s case was the lynchpin of the misguided and politically-motivated prosecution of the six officers, and his acquittal throws Mosby’s effort in to complete disarray.

Judge Barry Williams, who has presided over each of the three cases tried so far, had no kind words for the prosecution of these officers as he rendered his not-guilty decision on Thursday. And to say that he offered no encouragement for a different result in the next three cases to come before him, and retrial of the hung jury case, would be an understatement. (Full disclosure: The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, of which I am chairman, is supporting the Baltimore officers financially).

But Mosby’s discomfort pales in comparison to what she has done to six hard-working and honorable police officers and their families, whose lives and careers she attempted to destroy for her own political gain.

And her discomfort pales in comparison to what she has done to the taxpayers of Baltimore for the expenses of her pandering to the radical black community — not to mention the $6 million of taxpayers’ money paid to Freddie Gray’s family.

And it gets worse, much worse.

More here