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Monday, September 05, 2016

EpiPen alternative costs pennies in Mexico

McALLEN — A life-saving medication that costs more than $600 is the United States is only a few cents in Mexico.

The EpiPen’s controversial price hike from about $100 to more than $600 in just a few years is drawing many Rio GrandeValley residents to seek relief in Mexico, where medication is easily accessible.

Nuevo Progreso is a Mexican medical destination, with tourists from near and far making the trip to the tiny border town. An array of street promoters greets tourists as they enter the country, promoting anything from Viagra to Xanax to Lipitor.

However, the EpiPen, which is used to treat extreme and possibly fatal allergic reactions, is highly sought there but is not available.



Anonymous said...

C'mon... I'm sure that if you were enrolled in the ACA (Obamacare), this drug would be practically free.

Anonymous said...

They rip off Americans to fund other people.

Steve said...

Like I've said before, they were $20 in 1994 without insurance. On the Eastern Shore.

Anonymous said...

I get plenty of meds south of the border at a fraction of the cost.

Anonymous said...

The pens are mandated in public schools, that is where they are going to make their fortune.

Anonymous said...

My cancer meds are cheaper at the Vets. It is the exact same drug I am taking, my dogs vet prescribes them for "Buddy", and I get them at Walgreens.

Anonymous said...

On Line Canadian Pharmacy is an alternative to all your med needs.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of public schools, they have catalogs from preferred vendors for health care items that the school nurses stock in their offices. Some (all, really) of the prices are outrageous. A box of 100 regular band-aids is $18. A bag of cotton balls is $9.00. And this is the cheap stuff.
Somebody needs to fix this kind of waste. I hope that you're reading this, Mr. Culver.