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Friday, November 15, 2019

5 Stages of Deer Hunting

Official Linked to ‘Spygate’ Hatched Plan for Biden to Force Firing of Top Ukrainian Prosecutor

A senior State Department official involved in events connected to the surveillance of the Trump 2016 presidential campaign was directly involved in concocting a plan to have Vice President Joe Biden force the firing of the top prosecutor in Ukraine, by threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, according to the impeachment inquiry testimony of George Kent, a senior State Department official.

State Department Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland worked with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt in late 2015 to create a plan to force the firing of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, according to Kent. Nuland was also among a network of Obama administration officials involved in the distribution and recirculation of the infamous Steele dossier, the document used by the FBI to secure a maximally intrusive spy warrant to surveil a Trump-campaign associate.

“My understanding is that the conversations that were near-daily between Ambassador Pyatt and Toria Nuland regarding what to do on the way forward then included pitching the office of the Vice President to push President Poroshenko to remove Shokin,” Kent told lawmakers on Oct. 15.


Ukraine and the fine hand of George Soros

There was a missing person in yesterday's testimony in the "impeachment inquiry": George Soros. One person who noticed was Joe DiGenova, who brought up the involvement of the Hungarian-born billionaire yesterday on Lou Dobbs's Fox Business Network show, only to be attacked viciously for daring to mention Him Who Must Not Be Named, on Mediaite by Reed Richardson, who called it a "bonkers conspiracy."
The husband-and-wife Trump defense team of Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing appeared on Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight to push an outlandish conspiracy theory about Ukraine, baselessly alleging that left-wing billionaire George Soros "controls a large part of the foreign service part of the State Department and the activities of FBI agents overseas."

Mark Steyn: Trump an 'inspirational' voice for a 'faint-hearted Republican Party'

Commentator and author Mark Steyn said Thursday that President Trump sounds like an inspirational voice to thousands of his supporters.

Steyn made the comment on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" while listening in on the president's rally in northwestern Louisiana, and added that Trump is energizing the GOP by fighting back against the Democrats' impeachment inquiry and any potential Senate conviction.

"The president, actually, in this circumstance is standing there and saying 'Go, bring it on' -- 'Even if you did that I'd still run next November and I'd win next November'," Steyn said in reference to the inquiry. "He's inspirational to a faint-hearted Republican Party. This is the way to do it. This is why people voted for him -- because your base wants a candidate that pushes back."

Federal Judge Slams Feds Over Indecision on Andrew McCabe, “This is Not a Hard Case!”

U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton blasted the Justice Department on Thursday for their indecision on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Walton, a George W. Bush appointee said, “This is not a hard case. I was a good prosecutor for a long time. Deciding whether or not you’re going to charge someone with false statements or perjury is not that hard, factually or legally — maybe politically, but not factually or legally.”

The hearing Thursday stemmed from a FOIA lawsuit filed by far-left watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington to obtain documents related to McCabe’s firing.

Recall, McCabe was fired in March of 2018 just hours before he was set to retire with full benefits and one month later, IG Horowitz released a scathing report on McCabe saying he ‘lacked candor’ (lied) several times, including under oath.


Most who illegally enter as families released without needing to claim asylum

More than 75% of the 473,682 people who illegally crossed the southern border into the United States as part of a family during fiscal 2019 did not seek asylum and were simply released into the country without the legal justification that they need to be here to avoid danger

Senior Homeland Security officials who appeared before a Senate committee Wednesday said only 105,000 of those arrested on the southern border in fiscal 2019 claimed they had a “credible fear” of returning to their home country, far fewer than expected. It's an indication migrants believe they can enter illegally and successfully remain without having to present a legitimate reason for doing so.

“The bottom line is we literally let hundreds of thousands of people in, and they didn’t even have to claim credible fear,” said Ron Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Wednesday.


Law Enforcement Leaders Announce Project Guardian-DMV

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – A new illegal firearms initiative announced today, Project Guardian-DMV, is designed to reduce violent crime and further enforce federal firearms laws across the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV).

The new initiative builds on the Justice Department’s national effort, Project Guardian, announced by Attorney General William P. Barr on Wednesday.

“Gun crime remains a pervasive problem in too many communities across America,” said Attorney General Barr. “The Department of Justice is redoubling its commitment to tackling this issue through the launch of Project Guardian. Building on the success of past programs like Triggerlock, Project Guardian will strengthen our efforts to reduce gun violence by allowing the federal government and our state and local partners to better target offenders who use guns in crimes and those who try to buy guns illegally.”

Project Guardian-DMV will localize the effort to the DMV region, and expands upon the current partnership between the U.S. Attorney’s Offices in the District of Columbia and the Eastern District of Virginia, the ATF, and Metro Police Department, and now also includes the U.S. Attorney’s Offices in Maryland and the Western District of Virginia, and the Virginia State Police.

“The public is on notice that we are deadly serious about illegal firearms offenses,” said G. Zachary Terwilliger, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. “Now with leadership of Attorney General Barr, all the tentacles of the Department of Justice, including the ATF and its Crime Gun Intelligence capabilities, and the amazing men and women in blue on the beat, we are doubling down on illegal firearms with Project Guardian.”


NOI 11/15/19 Wicomico Dwelling Fire Ayrshire Drive

new patch


Date:   November 15, 2019
Time:  11:02 a.m.
Location / Address:  6165 Ayrshire Dr., Salisbury, Wicomico Co.
Type of Incident:  Fire
Description of Structure / Property:  One story wood frame single family dwelling          
Owner / Occupants:   Michael Littleton
Injuries or Deaths:  None
Estimated $ Loss: Structure:  $1,500                      Contents: $500
Smoke Alarm Status:  Present and activated
Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status:  n/a
Arrests(s):  None
Primary Responding Fire Department:  Hebron Fire Department
# of Alarms: 1      # Of Firefighters:  15
Time to Control:  10 minutes
Discovered By:  Occupant
Area of Origin:  Bedroom
Preliminary Cause:  Accidental, careless discard of smoking materials
Additional Information:  

Atheist Group Demands High School Football Coach Stop Praying with His Team

A Missouri high school football coach has been attacked for 'illegally' praying with his team, in a recent complaint filed by an atheist group.

In October, the Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the Cameron School District in Cameron, Missouri, demanding that the district instruct coach Jeff Wallace and assistant coach David Stucky to cease praying with the players, Fox News reported.

“We ask that the district commence an investigation into the complaints alleged and take immediate action to stop any and all school-sponsored prayers or religious worship.” The group’s attorney, Christopher Line, also asked the district to relay how they intended to “remedy this serious and flagrant violation of the First Amendment.”

However, District Superintendent Dr. Matt Robinson replied by noting that the district had received no complaints from anyone in the Cameron community. Robinson went on to assure the atheist group that the district does not endorse any particular religion but that they would look into the complaint.


Criminal alien arrested for murder after ICE immigration detainers are repeatedly ignored by local law enforcement

When law enforcement agencies do not honor ICE detainers or simple notification requests, the individuals they release, who often have significant criminal histories, are turned out into an unsuspecting community, free to continue their criminal behavior and seek out new victims. Such is the case of Julio Cruz-Velazquez, a citizen of Mexico who is in the United States illegally and now charged with murdering a man, as he lay asleep in his own home, Nov. 3.
Julio Cruz-Velazquez has the aforementioned significant criminal history:
  • On Feb. 3, 2000, Cruz-Velazquez was encountered by Border Patrol and voluntarily returned to Mexico the following day. He reentered the United States illegally at an unknown location on an unknown date, without inspection.
  • Cruz-Velazquez was arrested three times from 2010-2012 by the Seattle Police Department on local charges including robbery and manufacturing and possessing a controlled substance. On all three occasions he was released prior to ICE having time to lodge a detainer.
  • On June 7, 2012, Cruz-Velazquez was arrested by the Seattle Police Department and charged with possession of a stolen vehicle. He was subsequently released on an unknown date, prior to ICE having time to lodge a detainer.
  • On Aug. 10, 2015, Cruz-Velazquez was arrested for failure to comply by the Seattle Police Department. He was released, yet again, without ICE having time to lodge a detainer.
  • On Nov. 16, 2015, Cruz-Velazquez was convicted of vehicle prowling and sentenced to 364 days in jail and 12 months community service. Cruz-Velazquez was later released on an unknown date.
  • On July 27, 2016, Cruz-Velazquez was arrested by the Seattle Police Department and charged with burglary and malicious mischief. He was released, yet again, without ICE having time to lodge a detainer.
  • On July 7, 2018, Cruz-Velazquez was arrested by the Tukwila Police Department and charged with rape and domestic violence. On July 9, 2018, ICE lodged a detainer with the King County Jail. The detainer was not honored and the King County Jail released him on an unknown date without notifying ICE.
  • On Jan. 4, 2019, Cruz-Velazquez was arrested by the Tukwila Police Department and charged with failure to comply and driving under the influence. On Jan. 7, 2019, ICE lodged a detainer with the King County Jail. The detainer was not honored and the King County Jail released him on an unknown date without notifying ICE.
  • On April 4, 2019, Cruz-Velazquez was convicted of assault II-domestic violence.
  • On July 10, 2019, Cruz-Velazquez was booked into the Nisqually Jail and charged with a community custody violation. The following day, he was released prior to ICE being able to lodge a detainer.
  • On Nov. 7, 2019, Cruz-Velazquez was arrested by the Seattle Police Department and charged with homicide. ICE lodged a detainer the same day with King County Jail.

'I’m embarrassed for you': Kellyanne Conway steams after clip of husband’s MSNBC commentary played

CNN host Wolf Blitzer pressed Kellyanne Conway to respond to her husband, George Conway’s MSNBC commentary on the impeachment hearings.

George Conway joined MSNBC’s coverage of the House impeachment hearings on Tuesday, despite saying that he does not want to be on television. Conway has been one of President Trump’s loudest critics for the past few years.

During an interview on Thursday morning, Blitzer asked Kellyanne Conway to respond to her husband’s commentary, including his opinion that Trump had used his office to “advance his own personal interest as opposed to the country’s.”


Press Release: Thanksgiving & Native American Heritage Day


Salisbury, MD ... Wicomico County Government Offices will be closed Thursday, November 28, 2019, in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday and Friday, November 29, 2019 in observance of Native Heritage Day.

Salisbury, MD ... On Thursday, November 28, 2019, the Newland Park Landfill, Convenience Center and Brush Pile, all external Convenience Centers, Whitehaven Ferry and Upper Ferry will be closed.

On Friday, November 29, 2019, the Newland Park Landfill and Convenience Center and the Upper Ferry and Whitehaven Ferry will be open; all external Convenience Centers will be closed.

For more information, please contact the Newland Park Landfill at 410-548-4935. Ferry information is available by calling 410-543-2765.

Browns' Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely; Steelers' Maurkice Pouncey gets 3-game ban

BEREA, Ohio -- Myles Garrett will not play again this season, and maybe longer.

The NFL announced Friday that the Cleveland Browns defensive end has been suspended for the rest of this season, including the playoffs should the Browns make it, and will have to meet with the commissioner's office before being reinstated in 2020.

Garrett ripped the helmet off Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and clubbed him in the head with it in the final seconds of Thursday night's game.

"Last night, I made a terrible mistake," Garrett said in a statement issued Friday. "I lost my cool and what I did was selfish and unacceptable. I know that we are all responsible for our actions, and I can only prove my true character through my actions moving forward.

"I want to apologize to Mason Rudolph, my teammates, our entire organization, our fans and to the NFL. I know I have to be accountable for what happened, learn from my mistake, and I fully intend to do so."
Garrett's suspension, which is at least six games, is the longest in NFL history for a single on-field incident.


Michael Bloomberg to launch $100 million digital anti-Trump campaign

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire media mogul who continues to weigh a run for the Democratic nomination for president, will launch a $100 million online ad campaign targeting Republican President Donald Trump, an advisor confirmed.

Bloomberg has not said whether he will run for president, but has qualified as a candidate to appear on the primary ballots of two states. The moderate former mayor of New York City would have a tough fight to win the primary that began in earnest in the spring and has allowed possible rivals to campaign for months already.

The online advertisements Bloomberg is funding, which have not yet run but are slated to begin Friday, will target four states: Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The advertisements are slated to run through the primary season, regardless of whether Bloomberg decides to run for president, the aide confirmed. The details were first reported by The New York Times.


White House releases transcript of Trump’s first call with Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky

The White House on Friday released the transcript of President Trump’s first call with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky — in which he congratulated him “on a fantastic election.”

The president had promised several times to release the transcript of the April 12 call, which he described as more important that the one about three months later in which Trump asked Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

That call prompted a whistleblower complaint that led Democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry. The probe centers on whether Trump abused his power by withholding almost $400 million in security aid to put pressure on the US ally.


Press Release for Alcohol Compliance Spot Check done on 11/06/19

Trump flips New York-based appeals court as Steven Menashi confirmed

With the confirmation of White House attorney Steven Menashi to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, another federal appeals court has a majority of Republican-appointed judges.

Menashi, whose nomination was vehemently opposed by Democrats and civil rights groups, was confirmed by the Senate, 51-41. Republican Maine Sen. Susan Collins joined Democrats in opposing the 40-year-old's nomination. The 2nd Circuit now has seven judges tapped by Republican presidents and six named by Democrats.

The 2nd Circuit is the second federal appeals court Trump has remade to have a majority of judges appointed by GOP presidents. In March, the president flipped the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals with the confirmation of Paul Matey.


DOJ sidesteps Supreme Court battle over illegal immigrant teen abortions

The Justice Department has decided not to appeal a court ruling that requires the government to facilitate illegal-immigrant teens getting abortions in the U.S., defying President Trump’s pro-life allies who had been calling for a fight all the way to the Supreme Court.

The decision was made last week, when Solicitor General Noel Francisco allowed the deadline to lapse without filing an appeal with the justices.

He’d asked for two extensions of time this fall, as he said the government was pondering its decision, but ultimately dropped the case, leaving in place a lower court ruling that granted class action status to illegal immigrant teens and ordered the government to facilitate abortions for those who request them.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Francisco and the Justice Department declined to comment on the decision.

But analysts said he may have been convinced to drop the case after gaming out possible outcomes at the high court — particularly the role of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, who participated in the case when it came through the federal appeals court in Washington, D.C.

Though the final decision would have been up to Justice Kavanaugh, it is standard practice for a justice to recuse himself from a case he had heard while on a lower court.

Curt Levey, president of the conservative court-watching outfit Committee for Justice, said that expected recusal would make this “not the ideal case” for a Supreme Court test.


US-born 'ISIS bride' Hoda Muthana isn't an American citizen and can't come back, judge rules

A woman born in New Jersey, who fled the United States to join the Islamic State five years ago, isn't an American citizen and won't be leaving the Syrian refugee camp where she resides, a federal judge ruled.

Hoda Muthana, the so-called ISIS bride, “doesn’t have a constitutional right to return to the United States because she is not a U.S. citizen,” Judge Reggie Walton of the District of Columbia District Court ruled Thursday.

Muthana, 25, left her family home in Alabama and dropped out of school in 2014 after making contact with ISIS fighters through social media. She was born to a Yemeni diplomat in 1994 and was issued an American passport despite eventual confusion about when her father's diplomatic post officially came to an end.


Missing Person In Salisbury

Meet Narwhal, the puppy found with a tail growing out of his head

TAMPA (WFLA) – A very special puppy from southeast Missouri is going viral for being a ‘unicorn.’

The puppy is affectionatly known as Narwhal has a tail growing out of the middle of his forehead.

The puppy was rescued by Mac’s Mission earlier this month.

Narwhal was recently taken to a veterinarian for x-rays and the tail does zero harm to the puppy.


Massive Google antitrust probe will expand into search and Android businesses

The 50 attorneys general investigating Google are preparing to expand their antitrust probe beyond the company's advertising business to dive more deeply into its search and Android businesses, people familiar with the matter tell CNBC.

The development comes as politicians on both sides of the aisle, including President Donald Trump, increasingly tee off on Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren has called for Big Tech companies to be broken up.

The attorneys general – who represent 48 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. – will write up subpoenas known as civil investigative demands, or CIDs, to support the inquiries, the people said. One of the people cautioned that the subpoenas may not be served imminently.

So far, the investigation has explicitly focused on Google's advertising business.


Steve Daines to Google: ‘Critical’ to Protect Americans’ Healthcare Privacy

Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) sent a letter to Google requesting answers on how it ensures Americans’ and Montanans’ private healthcare data.

Daines sent a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai requesting answers on how to secure Americans’ private data in the wake of a report that found that Google led a project code-named “Project Nightingale” to gain more control over Americans’ medical data. The report found that at least 150 Google employees had access to tens of millions of Americans’ personal data.

Daines wrote to Pichai:
[O]ne of my top priorities in Congress is upholding the privacy rights of Montanans, and all Americans, and ensuring there are robust safeguards in place to protect sensitive patient data. In light of recent reports regarding ‘Project Nightingale,’ I am concerned about how patient information is being collected and stored and believe it is critical that we ensure sensitive health data is handled properly and lawfully.
The federal government has opened an investigation into Google’s effort to collect the personal data of millions of Americans through its “Project Nightingale.”

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Don Trump Jr. thanks 'deplorables' after book tops NYT best-seller list

A new book by Donald Trump Jr. has topped the New York Times best-seller list.

The book, titled Triggered, explores "all the tricks that the left uses to smear conservatives and push them out of the public square, from online 'shadow banning' to rampant 'political correctness,'" according to its description.

"Thanks Deplorables!," Trump Jr. tweeted Thursday morning.

"Deplorables" is a reference to Hillary Clinton's characterization of President Trump's supporters as a "basket of deplorables" who should be shamed and dismissed.

The book beat out Mitch Albom's new recount of recent mission trips in earthquake-stricken Haiti and Fox News personality Brian Kilmeade's historical look at the battle at the Alamo in 1863.


Rand Paul May Force Vote to Compel Hunter Biden, Whistleblower to Testify in Impeachment Proceedings

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) says he's considering forcing votes on motions that would allow President Trump to call his own witnesses forward during an impeachment trial, Politico is reporting. The Kentucky senator has recently called for Hunter Biden and Eric Ciaramella specifically to testify in the impeachment inquiry.

(Via Politico)
Though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) urged Republicans on Wednesday to limit divisive votes to bring in witnesses, senators believe they will be able to offer their own amendments on the chamber’s impeachment resolution. Some Republicans also want the Senate to call the whistleblower.

“I believe very strongly the president should be able to call his own witnesses,” Paul told reporters on Thursday. “The rules that are put forward will be amendable, so yes I will consider strongly that the president should get his full due process, which to me means bringing in his own witnesses.”
"If you can't call Hunter Biden and you can't call the whistleblower, that's sort of a sham. That's not really even a trial," Sen. Paul recently said on NBC's "Meet the Press."


Southern border arrests drop for fifth straight month from high of 132K to 35K

The number of people arrested for illegally crossing the southern border from Mexico dropped in October for a fifth consecutive month, down 73% after hitting 132,000 arrests in May.

More than 35,000 people were apprehended by Border Patrol agents for illegally entering Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California between official crossing points last month, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said Thursday.

The number of arrests in October was down from around 40,000 in September, 50,000 in August, 71,000 in July, and 94,000 in June. CBP uses the number of arrests as an indicator of how many people tried to illegally enter the country, since it is not able to stop every person who tries.


Trump Admin Will Fight European Mandate that Jewish-Made Goods Carry ‘Warning Labels’

The Trump administration is preparing to go toe-to-toe with the European Union over the latter's recent decision to mandate that Jewish-made goods produced in contested areas of Israel carry consumer warning labels, a decision critics have described as reminiscent of Nazi-era boycotts, according to senior U.S. officials who briefed the Washington Free Beacon.

The European Court of Justice affirmed on Tuesday new laws mandating that Jewish-made products originating in disputed territories be labeled as coming from "settlements" and "Israeli colonies." Observers viewed the decision as a major win for the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. The labels are not being applied to Palestinian goods produced in the same areas, a point emphasized by legal experts who described the decision as part of a larger global effort to de-legitimize Israel and penalize Jewish manufacturers.


Fox News tops other networks in impeachment witness testimony coverage

Fox News led the way in viewership for the first public hearing in the House's impeachment investigation. William Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, and George Kent, the deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday.

Over the course of their 5 1/2-hour testimony, Fox News had an average of 2.88 million viewers, with 442,000 people in the key 25-54 age demographic, according to a CNN press release. Comparatively, MSNBC came in second with an audience of 2.7 million people. ABC News was the only other network to average more than 2 million viewers. However, they did win out in the key demo.


Secret Service: School Shooters Exhibit ‘Concerning Behavior’ Before Attacking

A U.S. Secret Service study examining school shootings between 2008 and 2017 shows that all shooters “exhibited concerning behaviors” prior to carrying out their attacks.

The study shows, “All attackers exhibited concerning behaviors. Most elicited concern from others, and most communicated their intent to attack.” Moreover, “Most of the attackers communicated a prior threat to their target or communicated their intentions to carry out an attack.”

How were the threats perceived? The Secret Service says, “In many … cases, someone observed a threatening communication or behavior but did not act, either out of fear, not believing the attacker, misjudging the immediacy or location, or believing they had dissuaded the attacker.”

On October 31, 2019, Breitbart News reported Andrew Pollack’s warning that “politically correct policies to decrease juvenile arrests” and other leftist school policies endanger children by ignoring or overlooking threats. Pollack’s daughter, Meadow, was killed in the February 14, 2018, Parkland, Florida, high school shooting.

The Secret Service study also notes that nearly all school attackers acquired their guns from home. The study notes that “many of the attackers used unsecured firearms, others were able to gain access to firearms that were secured in a safe.” This means point of sale of gun controls, like universal background checks, would not prevent school shootings, as so many of the attackers are getting their guns the way the Sandy Hook Elementary School attacker got his–by stealing them from his mother.

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Solicitor General Tells SCOTUS: Federal Law Does Not Allow DACA Work Permits

The nation’s immigration law does not allow the large-scale award of work permits to the huge class of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) migrants, the nation’s solicitor general told the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

“My final and critical point is that there’s no limiting principle” in the award of benefits — including work permits — to DACA enrollees, Solicitor General Leon Francisco told the court. He continued:

"The theory on which DACA rests effectively allows the government to create a shadow [Immigration and Nationality Act] INA for any category of aliens that it chooses to make low-priority targets, a shadow second-tier INA. And you, at the very least, need to locate something in the INA that confers that kind of broad and unfettered discretion. And there is simply nothing there."

This admission creates a problem for technology investors because it may lead to a rollback of several huge, wage-lowering visa-worker programs, including the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program used by Microsoft and many other corporations.


Baltimore mayor says high homicide rate is not his fault: ‘I’m not committing the murders’

Baltimore Mayor Jack Young said his administration doesn’t carry any responsibility for the increasing homicide rate in the city.

For the fifth consecutive year, Baltimore witnessed its 300th murder. Authorities confirmed the 300th murder on Thursday and noted the city is on pace to have its most violent year on record. The 300th murder in 2018 was recorded on Dec. 20, more than a month later than the city hit the bloody milestone in 2019.

In a press conference, Young said the violence isn’t the fault of his leadership. He noted that neither he nor Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison have committed any of the 300 murders that took place under their watch.


Schumer fumes as Senate confirms White House lawyer as appeals court judge

A White House lawyer won Senate confirmation as a federal appeals court judge Thursday despite complaints by lawmakers from both parties about his record on immigration, race, women’s equality and LGBTQ rights.

Steven Menashi, an associate White House counsel, was confirmed by a 51-41 vote for a seat on the New York-based 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer of New York called Menashi a “disgrace” and ”one of the most contemptible nominees to come before the Senate” in more than 20 years.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., called Menashi an “impressive nominee,” citing his degrees from Dartmouth College and Stanford Law School, clerkships for federal judges including Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, and experience teaching and practicing law.


House Ethics Committee examining alleged Rep. Rashida Tlaib campaign finance irregularities

The House Ethics Committee said it is gathering facts in a review of potential campaign finance violations by Michigan Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

Federal Election Commission filings show that after Tlaib's election in 2018, to her first term, she paid herself a total of $17,500 from her campaign chest. Although congressional candidates can pay themselves during their election cycle, they are restricted from drawing a salary after they are elected.

In a statement Thursday, the ethics committee's members said the review is not the same as an investigation of Tlaib, 43, who represents a Detroit district.


‼️ Attention Fruitland Residents ‼️

Thank God It's Friday

What will you be doing this weekend?

22,000 drivers receive erroneous notices threatening suspension of E-ZPass accounts

PERRYVILLE, Md. — Cashless tolling at the Hatem Bridge is going through a bumpy start.

The state erroneously sent 22,000 drivers notices that they were speeding. The notices threatened drivers that, if it happened again, they'd lose their E-ZPass accounts.

It turns out, the notices were sent because of an equipment malfunction.

The notices are largely being met with anger and disbelief. Drivers claim they know they weren't speeding, and they're upset and anxious that their E-ZPass accounts could be suspended.

"I don't recall signing up for speed enforcement when I signed up for E-ZPass," said William Murr, an E-ZPass user.


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