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Saturday, December 28, 2019

New Year's Day Bingo

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FBI investigating Jeffrey Epstein 'facilitator' Ghislaine Maxwell

The FBI is investigating Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite and longtime associate of dead financier Jeffrey Epstein, as part of its investigation into the sex offender and his enablers.

The bureau has focused on Maxwell and unnamed others who may have “facilitated” Epstein in his alleged scheme to exploit underage girls, according to Reuters. Epstein was accused of raping dozens of underage girls over the years, and Maxwell has been accused of helping groom some of Epstein’s victims. Maxwell has denied these claims, and the FBI has not accused her of committing any crimes.

The whereabouts of Maxwell, 57, are unknown. The youngest daughter of British publisher and fraudster Robert Maxwell, she moved to New York after her father’s death in 1991 and became Epstein’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, eventually becoming his alleged right-hand woman. Prosecutors described Epstein’s yearslong efforts to “entice and recruit minor girls to engage in sex acts with him” and to build a “vast network of underage victims” when they arrested him in July.


Donald Trump Cameos

Mexican police chief arrested for Mormon family killings

Mexican officials have arrested a police chief in the northern municipality of Janos that borders the state of Sonora where a Mormon family was murdered in November.

Mexican media confirmed that police chief Fidel Alejandro Villegas was arrested Friday in connection with the massacre that left six American children and three adults dead.

The family's car was found riddled with bullets and set aflame after the group found themselves in the middle of a gang dispute between La Linea and Los Salazar drug cartels along the United States-Mexico border.


WATCH: Employees fight back against shoplifters attempting to steal $16,000 in jackets

Employees of a men's clothing store retaliated against a handful of shoplifters after they thought they could casually walk into the store and take thousands of dollars' worth of winter coats.

"They marched into the store in single file, dancing and making light of what they were going to do," Alan Gibeley, the owner of the store Giblees, told the Boston Globe on Friday. "Like, 'we’re going to take your coats, and there’s nothing you can do.'"

Footage shows a group of people walking single file to the back of the store to swipe 16 Canada Goose jackets worth an estimated $16,000 collectively. "These jackets are 80 feet from the door," Gibeley said. "They were brazen enough to walk through the entire store."


Disgraceful! IG Report Reveals John McCain Was a Mule Funneling Junk Trump-Russia Documents from Chris Steele to the Comey FBI

In March 2016 The Gateway Pundit revealed that the late Senator John McCain and his longtime associate David Kramer pushed the fake Trump – Russia dossier to the FBI and also to over a dozen left-wing journalists.

John McCain and his associate David Kramer pushed the fake Russia dossier to the FBI and Buzzfeed News.

Additional court filings were released that revealed that Kramer provided the fake dossier to multiple individuals in the media.

Now this…
The Inspector General’s report revealed that John McCain funneled several junk Trump-Russia documents to the FBI after Steele’s termination from the elite spy agency.


Virginia gun ‘sanctuary' leaders urge resistance to gun laws, compare to American Revolution

The clash in Virginia over gun control has reached a new level, with proponents of a gun “sanctuary” movement urging active resistance to Democratic proposals in Richmond, citing the arguments that led to the American Revolution.

“Resistance to illegal and unauthorized government acts is not new,” said two leaders of the movement in noting the decisions by the Founding Fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence that challenged Great Britain and King George III.

“This doctrine is, in fact, foundational to our form of government. Indeed, the Declaration of Independence is a document of interposition, between the American colonists and a tyrannical King George III. Its signatories — the people’s representatives — pledged to one another ‘our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor,’ believing that they most likely would be tried and executed for treason against the crown,” said the new memo from the Virginia Citizens Defense League and the Virginia-based Gun Owners of America Inc.


Funny or Scary?


Reporters Without Borders demands immediate release of Julian Assange

Reporters Without Borders is "alarmed" by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's health and demanded his immediate release.

The international nonprofit organization, previously known as Reporters Sans Frontieres, also said the United States "should cease" its plans to charge Assange under the Espionage Act in a statement published Friday.

"We are alarmed by the current state of Julian Assange’s health, and call for his immediate release on humanitarian grounds," said RSF secretary-general Christophe Deloire. "Assange is being targeted by the US for his journalistic-like activities, which sets a dangerous precedent for press freedom. The US should cease its persecution of Assange and drop the charges under the Espionage Act without further delay.”


Islamic State Films Gruesome Beheadings In "Message To Christians All Over The World"

The Islamic State has released a video which purportedly shows the brutal execution of 11 blindfolded Christians in Nigeria, the day after Christmas, in revenge for the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and IS spokesman Abdul-Hasan al-Muhajir, accordign to Ahmad Salkida - a journalist who was first sent the video.

"This is a message to Christians all over the world," says a masked man from the Islamic State West African Province (ISWAP), in the 56-second clip released the Amaq news agency, a platform for Islamic State propaganda.

"We killed them as revenge for the killing of our leaders, including Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and [IS spokesman] Abul-Hasan al-Muhajir."

The footage, filmed in an unidentified outdoor area, shows one captive who is shot dead while the other 10 are pushed to the ground and beheaded, according to the BBC.


One of the nation's biggest school districts is letting pupils take a day off every year to PROTEST in response to rising student activism

Students in a Virginia school district will soon be allowed to take a day off in order to participate in protests in a novel new policy.

The school board of Fairfax County has confirmed it will formerly allow the children to skip a day of class in order to exercise their civil rights.

It comes amid a wave of student activism across the country which has seen thousands of young people take to the streets to call for change, from stricter gun laws to action on climate change.


UPDATED: A Viewer Writes......Dr Dinardo


In regards to the viewer post about the death of Dr Dinardo, here is the link to his obituary:

Please pass this along to your viewers/readers.


I recently learned Doctor Dinardo of Huddleston and Dinardo passed away Christmas eve on a flight.

My sources stated he suffered a heart attack in flight.

Thought I'd pass this on for a number of folks, and some SBYNEWS.COM readers know of him.

May we keep immediate family and friends in prayers.

your faithful readers

These are the best states for the middle class

If you’re considering a move somewhere that’s better for the middle class, you should probably look to the Midwest, according to one report.

Last month, SmartAsset published a report that found which states are the best for the middle class.

The financial technology company found that of the top 10 best states, six are in the Midwest. However, the top two states on the list were a bit farther West.

For its report, SmartAsset defined the middle class as being “households earning between $35,000 and $100,000,” the study said.

Liberal PAC features 'regretful Trump voter' who didn't vote in 2016

An allegedly 'regretful' Trump voter in Pennsylvania, highlighted in videos by a Democrat political action committee and by The New York Times, never actually voted in 2016.

News organization JET 24, an ABC affiliate, found after checking county voting records that Mark Graham of Erie County, Pennsylvania, did not vote in the presidential election three years ago.

Mr. Graham is featured in videos funded by America Bridge, a Democrat PAC, as part of a $5 million advertising campaign in the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

In an ad, Mr. Graham states, “I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 because I thought he would make a change.” But he laments the change was “not for the good,” and complains that the president “plays favorites for people like himself … he doesn’t understand life around here.”

He was also featured in two New York Times articles about dissatisfied Trump voters and swing voters.


Teenager, 19, kills 'paedophile priest who abused him'

A 19-year-old man has been arrested for killing a suspected paedophile priest by ramming a crucifix down his throat and suffocating him.

Alexandre V., who is alleged to have been abused by the priest, attacked the 91-year-old Catholic Roger Matassoli while working at the holy figure's home in Agnetz, Oise, northern France.

Alexandre, whose full name has not been published, was arrested while he tried to escape in the father's car and charged with torture, murder and resisting arrest.

Matassoli had been accused of sexually abusing at least four boys, including Alexandre and Alexandre's father, between 1960 and 2000.


Alex Marlow: ‘Fake Indian’ Elizabeth Warren’s Ancestors Actually Fought Indians

Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow spoke to young conservatives at Turning Point USA’s fifth Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida on Sunday, where he called out Democrat presidential primary candidates and their disastrous policy proposals.

Among those included was Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and her proposals regarding healthcare, as well as lying about her own ancestry for decades.

“Not only is she a fake Indian, her ancestors rounded up Cherokees for the Trail of Tears,” said Marlow. “She’s a direct descendant of militia Indian fighters who fought the Seminole tribe.”

As previously reported, Warren’s great-great-great grandfather is said to be Jonathan Crawford, who had apparently “rounded up Cherokees from their family homes” and “herded them into government-built stockades” in what is now Chattanooga, Tennessee — the point of origin for the Trail of Tears.


Understanding Why There's No FBI Whistleblowers Outlining Institutional Corruption

To understand why there’s no-one in the administrative mid-tier of the FBI acting in a whistle-blowing capacity requires a background perspective looking at the totality of corruption. The institutions are protecting themselves; and yes, that protection applies to the internal dynamics.

Former DAG Rod Rosenstein was dirty. He might not have started out dirty, but his actions in office created a dirty mess. Rosenstein facilitated the McCabe operation against Trump during the May 16th, 2017, White House FBI sting against Trump with Mueller. Rosenstein also facilitated the special counsel (writ large), and provided three scope memos to expand the corrupt investigation of President Trump. According to the inaction of AG Bill Barr, we’re not allowed to see those authorizing scope memos.

Additionally, despite knowing the Trump investigation held a false predicate, Rosenstein signed the 3rd renewal of a fraudulent FISA application. Worse yet, even if Rosenstein was caught up by corruption around him, he did nothing to stop the fraud once identified.

Why is Rosenstein a key inflection point? Because Rod Rosenstein recommended current FBI Director Christopher Wray to President Trump. POTUS then allowed Wray, as he does all department heads, to select his deputy – Wray chose David Bowditch.


Service dog’s future uncertain after attack at Christiana Mall

Frank Bicking was looking to celebrate his daughter’s perfect semester with a shopping trip that included an attack that might end up changing his life.

The Thorofare, New Jersey, resident crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge on Sunday, December 22, 2019, to head to the Christiana Mall to give his daughter Samantha a chance to shop, tax-free, at a mall that's got more than the closer mall in South Jersey.

Bicking, who suffers from a condition that brings about common bouts of seizures, has a service dog named Beauty, who has been with him for about a-year-and-a-half.

Samantha and her mother had just exited the Williams Sonoma store in the mall, and the family was on the way out of the mall for the day, when they passed by a kiosk selling Prédiré Paris products.

Bicking said three small dogs were being kept near the operators when a reaction happened.


Acceptance rate for US asylum seekers at historic low under Trump

Judge Rules Against Stacey Abrams' Group, Allows Georgia to Clean Voter Rolls

When it comes to elections, Democrats like to cheat. That's why Democrats oppose any reasonable measure that might make it more difficult for Democrats to steal an election. Recently, the state of Georgia announced that it would be removing from its voting rolls around 309,000 inactive voters who have moved out of state, whose addresses were undeliverable or who haven't voted since 2012.

Democrat Stacey Abrams -- who ran for governor of Georgia, lost and still hasn't conceded -- founded an advocacy group called Fair Fight Action that opposes such reasonable measures aimed at protecting the integrity of our elections. The same people convinced that Russia is meddling in our elections want to secure the ballot box with nothing more than the honor system. Fair Fight Action filed an emergency motion in an attempt to stop Georgia from cleaning up its voter rolls.

In a ruling on Friday, a judge decided that Abrams' group was improperly asking the judge to interpret state law and said the group failed to prove anyone's constitutional rights would be violated as a result; and that any voter registration erroneously canceled could simply be restored within 24 to 48 hours, according to the defense.


Deplorables Versus The Ruling Class: A Global Struggle

Consider the age of monarchs. Squabbling barons select a supreme ruler – a king or an emperor -- to suppress the squabbling. Peace and prosperity return to the land. The king makes policy but he can’t do everything. His minions take care of the details.

Minions mean bureaucracy. The bureaucracy grows. The king grows old and dies. The dynasty continues. The bureaucracy continues – always continues, and always grows. The bureaucracy becomes an establishment kingdom unto itself. The bureaucracy grows in power and serves its own interests. The king diminishes in power. The land grows restless under the increasing regulatory tyranny and taxes. Legitimacy – what the Chinese called the “mandate of heaven” - is lost and so is the dynasty.

Change the names and we are at the end of a similar cycle – a cycle that began with the guillotine. This time it is a world-wide cycle. The modern king is a modern tyrant – Stalin, Hitler, Mao were the worst.

The socialist idea had been kicking around since the 18th century. This seemingly plausible notion shaped the various Marxist evils of the 20th century. The Soviet Union, Mao’s China, Nazism, Fascism, and today’s imperious European Union, are all socialist tyrannies of one degree or another.


Baltimore Breaks City Record for Killings Per Capita in 2019

Baltimore broke its annual per capita homicide record after reaching 342 killings Friday.

With just over 600,000 residents, the city hit a historically high homicide rate of about 57 per 100,000 people after recent relentless gunfire saw eight people shot — three fatally — in one day and nine others — one fatally — another day.

The new rate eclipses that of 1993, when the city had a record 353 killings but was much more populous before years of population exodus.

By contrast, New York City, with more than 8 million residents, had 306 homicides through Dec. 15.

The total is up from 309 in 2018 and matches the 342 killings tallied in 2017 and 2015, the year when the city’s homicide rate suddenly spiked.

A statement from Baltimore police said officers were dispatched late Thursday night to a location on Pratt Street, where they found a man with gunshot wounds. A police spokesman said the man died from his wounds at a local hospital early Friday.


Donald Trump Jr. Tells Story of Woman Yelling at Him in NYC Restaurant

Donald Trump Jr. spoke at Turning Point USA’s annual Student Action Summit on Sunday in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he told the young conservative attendees a story of a woman who approached him in a New York City restaurant and began yelling.

But what happened next was not at all what Trump Jr. had been expecting.

“I’m at this restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan,” explained Trump Jr., “and I’m sitting there for 90 minutes being like, ‘Okay, who’s it going to be?’ Meaning, which jerk is going to go for their Instagram moment to try to do something ridiculous or insulting — and so, being a fighter, you sort of anticipate it.”

“So I’m sitting there, and I’m thinking that literally every human being in this room is giving me side-eye,” he continued. “We pay our bill. We’re walking out, and this older lady gets up, and she goes, ‘You!’ and I mean loud. The whole restaurant looks over.”

“This old lady gets up, right in my face,” said Trump Jr. “The whole restaurant is now looking, and I’m thinking, ‘Great, now I just gotta take it.'”

Trump Jr. went on to tell what the woman said next:

(You gotta read this!)

US Judge to Halt Latest NC Voter ID Mandate

Republican attempts to require photo identification to vote in North Carolina are being thwarted again by judges hearing arguments that the mandate is tainted by bias that would deter black and Latino residents.

A federal court announced that next week U.S. District Judge Loretta Biggs will formally block a photo ID requirement scheduled to begin in 2020. Unless the upcoming preliminary injunction is successfully appealed, the requirement will be halted until a lawsuit filed by the state NAACP and others is resolved.

The actual reasons for Biggs issuing the injunction — and whether the legislature could pass a law altering the rules to resolve her concerns — won't be known until the formal order is released.


GOP Rep: Democrats Still Withholding Secret Impeachment Transcripts

Appearing Friday on the Fox News Channel, Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) revealed House Democrats are still withholding transcripts of depositions conducted by the House Intelligence Committee inside Congress’s Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) as part of their impeachment inquiry.

REP. BURGESS: Look, they had all the tools at their disposal on the House side, they made it secret. They had armed guards outside the doors. They still haven’t made all of the transcripts available to members of Congress. And according to House rules, any committee hearing, the transcript is supposed to be available to other House members. But they have not done so, and no one has asserted that these are classified briefings...


Millions of Americans with Obamacare - including men - will get a separate bill for abortion coverage alongside the rest of their health insurance starting in June

Millions of Americans - including men - covered by Obamacare are now set to receive a separate bill for abortion coverage alongside the rest of their health insurance.

The new rule, which was finalized by the Department of Health and Human Services last week, will come into effect on June 27, 2020.

It will mean that the three million Americans who purchased health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) state exchange will receive two separate bills through the door each month.


Hobby Lobby Celebrates ‘Christ the Lord’ in Full-Page Christmas Ads

Arts-and-crafts retailer Hobby Lobby celebrated the birth of Jesus in full-page newspaper ads during Christmas week.

Hobby Lobby’s ad features a simple star in the sky and the words, “It’s a boy,” followed by a quote from the gospel of Luke 2:11: “Today in the town of David a savior has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord.”

“This ad serves as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas and celebrates what millions of people around the world and for centuries have considered a turning point in human history—the birth of Jesus Christ,” states the largest privately-owned arts-and-crafts retailer in the world in a press statement.


9 Iowans Suspected of Double Voting Face Prosecution

Iowa state officials have referred nine people to county attorneys, saying the nine voted twice in the November election last year.

The Iowa secretary of state's office said in a news release Friday that the nine are suspected of voting in Iowa after casting ballots in other states. There were 27 suspected instances of people voting first in Iowa and then other states during the same election.

The 27 other instances of suspected double voting have been shared with voting officials in the respective states.

The information was discovered through Iowa’s partnership with several states in the Electronic Registration Information Center. The states share data to improve the accuracy of voter rolls and enhance voter confidence.


Two Possibilities in Trump Wiretapping, and Neither Is Good

The report of the I.G.'s findings on the use of FISA in the FBI Crossfire Hurricane investigation is an outrage. As a 22 year FBI Agent, I have personally conducted multiple investigations using both Title III "wiretaps" and FISA-authorized intercepts. From this perspective, I can only see two possible interpretations of the actions of the FBI and DOJ. Either scenario should anger and frighten every fair minded citizen who takes the time to read the report and understand its implications.

To comprehend the magnitude of the wrongdoing, consider the following:

First, an American citizen, Carter Page, was targeted by our government for electronic surveillance under FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act). Per the Act, his Fourth Amendment guarantee of privacy was judicially "suspended" to allow law enforcement to intercept and monitor his private communications. Ostensibly, the FISA court would allow this intrusion based on presented facts that indicated that Page was participating in an activity that was reasonably considered to be a threat to national security and was, in effect, the agent of a foreign power.

According to the I.G., the determination to surveil Page was based on second hand information provided by a member of a friendly foreign government and bolstered by reporting in the "Steele dossier". Accepting the subjective judgement that the investigation was adequately predicated does not mitigate the disaster that followed.


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