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Sunday, October 19, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: US airdrops arms to Kurds in Kobani

The U.S. military says it has airdropped weapons, ammunition and medical supplies to Kurdish forces defending the Syrian city of Kobani against Islamic State militants.

From Fox News

Worcester County Sheriff's Office Needs Help Identifying Two People

Worcester County Sheriff's Office

Please share and take a look at the below posted pictures.

On August 17, 2014, the above pictured subjects utilized a stolen credit card to make several purchases at the Berlin Wal-Mart. Surveillance video was obtained and showed the suspects using the card and the vehicle that they were operating. 

The Worcester County Bureau of Investigation is attempting to identify the above pictured suspects. Anyone with information regarding their identities is requested to contact the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation (410-632-1111).

Anthony Brown’s Gaffe: Refers to “Frederickstown” not Frederick

In Saturday’s gubernatorial debate, Lt. Governor Anthony Brown contributed to the perception that he’s out of touch, especially when it comes to the western part of Maryland.

Near the end of the 10/18 debate, Brown was talking about his travels around the state and recited a number of cities, including “Frederickstown.”

As a response, the campaign of Larry Hogan changed the name of their Frederick page on Facebook to Frederickstown for Hogan-Rutherford.


Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, people leave early

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama made a rare appearance on the campaign trail on Sunday with a rally to support the Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland, but early departures of crowd members while he spoke underscored his continuing unpopularity.

With approval levels hovering around record lows, Obama has spent most of his campaign-related efforts this year raising money for struggling Democrats, who risk losing control of the U.S. Senate in the Nov. 4 midterm election.

Most candidates from his party have been wary of appearing with him during their election races because of his sagging popularity.


Body buried in creek behind abandoned home 'IS Hannah Graham'

Tragic discovery of shallow grave site in woods just a few miles from where accused killer Jesse Matthews grew up is 'confirmed'

Human remains dug up by rescuers in a dried-up creek belong to missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, local media has reported.

Searchers found the body behind an abandoned house in Albermarle County, around ten minutes south of Charlottesville, Virginia, where Hannah was last seen on September 13 with suspect Jesse Matthew.

Matthew has now been arrested and charged with abducting Hannah with intent to defile, and police say new forensic evidence links him to the death of another missing girl.

It also emerged that Matthew, 32, grew up around Albermarle County and is familiar with the area.


Car Vs Building In Salisbury Today

Salisbury Fire Department

Salisbury Fire Department responded to a reported car vs building on the 200 block of Onley Road at about 1800 hours. No one was injured. SFD, SPD, NSCC, and the Property Manager on scene.

Tomorrow Will Be Loaded With Articles

Tomorrow at 9:00 AM we'll deliver an incredible and very informative article about endorsements.

Our Poll last week proves certain endorsements have no influence whatsoever anyway. 

Starting at 7:00 AM we'll have articles every 15 minutes, (and many more during the 9:00 and 12:00 hour). 

As mentioned earlier today, this week we WILL provide the "Smoking Gun" article about Laura Mitchell, just before early voting. We expect this particular article to deliver the most comments we've ever experienced. 

Democrats Get Blown Away In Wicomico County

Not only did their campaign tent get blown away, Republicans are expecting a sweep in the upcoming elections. 

Ladies & Gentlemen, expect the SMOKING GUN Post on Laura Mitchell we've been promising, this week. 

The Great Father’s Ebola Solution

You knew it was coming, right? No, not the further spread of Ebola. That’ll happen later. What’s happened is the outbreak of another infectious disease: The creation of more government and more government corruption. When the federal government’s incompetence and stupidity is revealed to the public, the Great Father then rolls out his usual solution. More government and more corruption. I am speaking of Great Father Obama’s response to EbolaGate, which is to appoint, you guessed it, an “Ebola Czar”. Oh, I feel so much better now! Now, you would think that Obama would find a skilled medical professional with an extensive background in infectious diseases. You would think that perhaps he found a university professor who has studied the Ebola virus for years, perhaps even written books and papers on the subject. Or perhaps he found a virologist or even a evolutionary biologist who might be able to discover patterns in the virus and warn if it is mutating into an airborne strain. Indeed, you might think he has found such a person, of which there are many in the United States. And you would be wrong. This is the federal government we’re talking about here, remember? No, Obama has not made any medically qualified person the “Ebola Czar”. Instead, what we got was a guy with obvious political connections to the Obama Administration and the Democrats. He has no medical or infectious disease experience whatsoever. In fact, anyone who went through the Nuclear, Biological, Chemical warfare training during U.S. Army basic training during the Cold War knows quite a bit more about handling infectious diseases than does this “Ebola Czar”. Who is this man? His name is Ron Klain and we shall review his rather qualifying credentials below.


Anthony Brown Tax Hikes Will Cost Marylanders An Additional $10 Billion By 2018

ANNAPOLIS, MD – The 40 consecutive tax hikes levied by Anthony Brown and Martin O'Malley would cost Marylanders nearly $10 billion more by the end of 2018, in addition to the $10 billion taxpayers have already been saddled with in their first two terms in office.

"Anthony Brown and the current administration have taxed Maryland's economy into the ground," charged Larry Hogan. "Many of these taxes, such as the gas tax and others, hit working- and middle-class Marylanders the hardest. Anthony Brown has promised that he would not raise taxes as governor, but his record shows otherwise."

"If Anthony Brown was really concerned about providing relief for Marylanders, he wouldn’t be talking about another blue-ribbon commission with vague promises of examining the tax code. If he were serious about easing our tax burden, he would pledge to roll back these regressive taxes. It is becoming increasingly clear that the Brown-Ulman administration would be a third term of the O'Malley-Brown administration: more focused on political pet projects than providing relief in working Marylanders pocketbooks," Hogan continued. "In the last few weeks, Brown has tried to change his tone because he knows Marylanders are fed-up with the tax and spend mentality of the Lt. Governor and his allies in Annapolis."


SFD Calls For Service 10-18-14

  • Saturday October, 18 2014 @ 23:45Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday October, 18 2014 @ 21:18Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday October, 18 2014 @ 21:17Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday October, 18 2014 @ 19:50Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday October, 18 2014 @ 18:55Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

Salisbury News Delivers Investigative Reporting On HOW YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE SPENT: Part 27

In the past six months this SBYNews has presented food expenditures from the County Executive’s Office and the Wicomico County BOE. No doubt, many agree that these two government departments are out of control when it comes to spending taxpayers’ dollars. This post will expose again the spending habits of the Wicomico County Executive’s Office.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if when you went to Ocean City, you could whip out the County credit card and pay for your ice cream cone? Or, how about this morning on the way to work - you could just stop by Wawa or Starbucks and do the same. Let’s say you wanted to stop after work, you could invite your friends out for a nice dinner or at lunch say, “come on guys eat up! I’ve got the County credit card.” Oh,but hold on, things are tight in Wicomico County. But not to worry, we’ll just raise taxes again.

If you were making over $80,000 per year with good health insurance benefits, retirement package, sick leave, etc. and then you get to add in perks like a car to drive & fuel to put in it plus a free cell phone…. Would you be willing to buy your own coffee and lunch each day? Well, take a look at this list that is comprised of some, BUT NOT ALL, of the food purchases for a period of 22 months and see if you feel perhaps someone is taking advantage of a you by liberally spending your tax dollars to feed themselves. Let’s hear from you - Shouldn’t Rick Pollitt’s office be put on a diet? Please keep your comments civil.

July 2012
Uno’s Chicago Grill $20.53
Wawa $7.76
Starbucks $6.34
Starbucks $6.42
Viva Espresso $8.17
RT 12 Pizza $26.56
Goin Nuts Café $41.98
Back Street Grill $42.44
Goin Nuts Café $38.10
Market Street Inn $32.70

Aug. 2012
Dumpster’s Dairyland $4.75
Market Street Inn $104.50
Evolution Craft Brewing $33.03
Brew River $44.47
Market Street Inn $101.04

Sept. 2012
Market Street Inn $104.50
Market Street Inn $94.33
Market Street Inn $38.86
Wawa $9.26
Back Street Grill $31.87

Oct 2012
Wawa $5.94
Wawa $5.64
Wawa $3.12
Starbucks $7.85
McDonald’s $8.86
Mojo’s $35.70
Red Door Subs $23.32

Nov. 2012
Back Street Grill $12.52
Dairy Queen $10-89
Wawa $11.98
Market Street $80.30
Brew River $42.48

Dec. 2012
Wawa $5.65
Wawa $6.45
Rt 12 Pizza $12.18
Wawa $10.95
Lombardi’s $55.33
Wawa $6.69
Arby’s $8.40
Market Street Inn $50.50
Market Street Inn $75.72

Coastal Association of Realtors Representative Sarah Lake Rayne Assaults 9-11 HERO At Last Nights Forum

While Mr. Adams respectfully stood outside the forum and held up his signs, Coastal Association of Realtor representatives got in Mr. Adam's face and harassed and intimidated him. 

Mr. Adams stood his ground and let me tell you why. GO HERE first. Once you've seen that article you've come to realize that Paul Adams IS a true American Hero who rescued numerous people from the Twin Towers in New York City on 9-11. 

Mr. Adams, way beyond what ANY of YOU have offered this Country deserves EVERY RIGHT to express his 1st Amendment Right!

Mr. Adams chose to serve his country proudly as an EMT in New York City. Get this, he WAS a hard core LIBERAL in the UNION in New York and left his party to become a REPUBLICAN because he saw the light. 

That being said, last night Sarah confronted Mr. Adams and started grabbing his signs in the attempt to rip them out of his hands in front of the whole crowd. One can only hope PAC 14 will show it, but you know how that works. 

Sarah should have been arrested last night and almost was. The LIBERALS are becoming that aggressive and it needs to STOP. I personally watched several Coastal Association of Realtor representatives swarm in the foyer wanting to know, WHO IS THAT MAN, CALL SECURITY. As if THEY were being attacked.

Now, considering you and I pay 50% of the TUITION for ALL college students, Mr. Adams has EVERY RIGHT to be in that PUBLICLY OWNED BUILDING in a PUBLIC FORUM to express his 1st Amendment Right. 

This HERO should NOT have to take the LIBERAL ABUSE he received last night and your damn right I'm going to expose the Coastal Association of Realtors for their poor judgment, actions and demands. 

Shame on ALL of you. When YOU step up to the plate and run back into the TWIN TOWERS THREE TIMES TO RESCUE AMERICANS FROM TERRORISM, THEN YOU CAN SPEAK. Until then, you ALL owe this man an apology. 

Bob Culver's Fundraiser Draws Over 300 Paying Contributors

 You raised how many thousands?
 Excuse me, pardon me.

 Where's my gun.
 Bob, with all sincerity...
 Joe, the bathroom is on the other side of the building.
 Now that's a party!
Old Friends

Please forgive me for the delay in this Post. It's been a VERY busy morning/day for me so far.

Last night, well, what can anyone say, it was absolutely INCREDIBLE! Between local well known citizens, business people, politicians and just plain all around "good people" Bob Culver enjoyed some 300+ people attending and supporting his run for County Executive.

The tide has certainly turned in his favor as many of the people mentioned above truly feel a desperate need for Bob to move Wicomico County in the right direction.

So what did I personally gather the most from last night. Well, many people are sick and tired of the way the Executive's Office is being run, especially the LIES. 

It was amazing to see so many Sheriff's Deputies in attendance, including the one and only Sheriff Lewis. As I stated in my pre-post on this topic, let the pictures speak for themselves.  

Bob was extremely humbled by so many in attendance. 

Today's Survey Question 10-14-14

Do endorsements like the FOP, 
BOE or Daily Times sway your vote?

New Wicomico County Road Maintenance Process A Big Money Saver

Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt and the Department of Public Works announce Roads Division crews have saved the county $10,000 per day using the department’s new Chip Spreader to apply bituminous surface treatment, also known as tar and chip, to county roads.

Recently, approximately 7.5 miles of road were resurfaced by crew members who received training on the proper use of the computer-controlled Chip Spreader purchased in August 2013. The additional pieces needed for the process were acquired this summer.

“Having this type of operation at our disposal allows Public Works to service our road network at a level we have not seen in years. By doing this type of work with county staff and equipment, we can do a complete road treatment in a timely manner and improved quality control with fewer dollars spent. This is a real win-win for Public Works and the citizens of Wicomico County,” said Lee Beauchamp, Department of Public Works Director.

The Department of Public Works – Road Division resurfaced the following roads:
• Spearin Road
• Layfield Road
• Mt. Olive Road
• Long Ridge Road, and
• Seymore Road

The first part of the tar and chip process, the application of liquid tar, was outsourced. However, the department took over from there, applying crushed chip stone using the spreader box attached to the dump truck transporting the gravel. The stone adheres to the hot liquid tar and finally a roller is used to embed the stone into the tar. In a few weeks, once the application is cured, a crew will come back and sweep away the excess stone.

County Executive Rick Pollitt stated, “Many of the nearly 100 miles of roads resurfaced this year were on the list back in 2008 when we lost our State Highway User Revenue. In light of the county’s loss of that revenue, we have had to be creative and come up with smarter, more effective ways to maintain our roads system, relying more on local resources. Our strategy is to build a Department of Public Works that can do more with less while maintaining safe roads for travelers. This is a big step in that direction.”

Beauchamp notes that by taking over the chip application portion of the process, the department was able to save the county $.44 per sq yd per day – a total savings of $40,000 versus contracting out services. Beauchamp is currently investigating the purchase of a tar distributor truck to render the Department truly self-sufficient, with all work performed in-house by county employees.

Delegate Norm Conway Proves He Has NO RESPECT For The Handicapped

Delegate Norm Conway couldn't park his fat A$$ is a normal parking space at tonight's Debate at WorWic Community College.

No, in typical form, Norm pulled into a Handicap Parking Space because as always, Norm is above the law.

He continues to prove he is completely OUT OF TOUCH with the voters and Salisbury News is delivering photo evidence.

Tomorrow I will go over just how Carl Anderton absolutely smoked him in tonight's debate but YOU need to see with your own eyes just how disrespectful and out of touch this man is. 

Pollitt Using Wicomico County Personnel and Property for Partisan Political Purposes?

On October 17, the County’s public information officer, using her official County internet address, send an announcement by the Anthony Brown campaign that she said she “was asked to forward.” The announcement was for a media event to be held by Brown, Pollitt and Jim Ireton for the purpose of publicly maligning Larry Hogan. The meeting, we understand, was held at the location stated in the announcement – “outside of Bennett Middle School.”

This episode reeks of impropriety: using an employee of the County who is under the supervision of the County Executive, Mr. Pollitt, who happens to be Brown’s campaign chairperson for Wicomico County. Then, there’s the matter of using County property for the Hogan bashing.

If that conduct is not a crime, it ought to be. What say you Matt Maciarello?

Setting Wicomico's Employment Record Straight - 19 Consecutive Monthly Declines in Labor Force

As most of SBYnews readers know - our news organization continues to publish the jobs statistics for Wicomico County.  We have done so for many years.  For the record - Wicomico County began to experience significant reductions in our areas workforce in January 2011.  Since then - Wicomico County has experienced 19 consecutive monthly declines in our local area workforce, and, the County has experienced a decline in 26 of the past 32 months.  Folks - we are not making this stuff up - these numbers have been provided by the US Bureau of Labor statistics.  Moreover, our organization has researched the filings of our local State income tax returns and noticed that there was a significant increase in the number   
non taxable returns - due to a decline in our residents wages. 
You see - one is not even required to file a State income tax return if his or her wages fall below certain income thresholds established by our legislature.  Bottom line - these numbers indicate a deterioration in our local economy.  When one factors in Wicomico's population growth - estimated to be about 1% per year - it indicates that there is a severe economic problem.  Yet the Democratic party in power alludes to a much 'rosier' economic condition. 

Therefore - our staff implores you to investigate the numbers yourself, including, researching of the number of factory closings, foreclosures, poverty rate, and, increases in fees and taxes.  

As Ronald Reagan said just 1 week before the election to ask yourself;

'Are you better off than you were 4 years ago, is it easier for you to go and buy things in the store than it was 4 years ago, is there more or less unemployment in the Country than there was 4 years ago . . . . ' 

If the answers to those questions are no - then November 4th will be the time to send a -'shot across the bow' - for you to decide an alternative.  We hope that you the voters will make the right decision in trying to restore some sanity to insane system.
(Click onto link to review Wicomico's employment numbers)

‘I’ll F***ing Kill You!’: Teacher Put on Leave After Getting Caught on Video Fighting a Student — But Wait Until You See What Led to It

A Baltimore teacher is on administrative leave after getting caught on cellphone video fighting a female student in a school hallway — but it’s apparently what was captured on camera prior to the altercation that shows the student was the instigator.

The main video opened with a chair on wheels getting tossed toward a female teacher talking on a cellphone in a hallway at Carver Vocational-Technical High School last Friday. The student, reportedly a 17-year-old senior, then came into frame and walked past the teacher. Sources told WBAL-TV that the teacher, who was wearing a white top, was calling for assistance regarding the student’s behavior.

The student, wearing a gray sweatshirt, then turned around and walked past the teacher again and into a classroom. After she reemerged in the hallway, the student threw what appeared to be a book at the teacher — and that’s when the teacher exploded, charging at the student saying what sounded like, ”I’ll f***ing kill you in here, bitch! What the f*** you think this is, bitch? I’m not f***ing playing with you!”


I Say Its Time To Impeach Obama

Considering the government could pinpoint exactly where certain beef came from, (mad cow disease) the farm and the cow, considering they could pinpoint immediately each farm avian tb came from, considering they were SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY and quarantined, why in the hell has OUR Federal Government and President Obama allowed ANYONE to travel to the United States with the risk of ebola.

Ebola is now spreading across America and quite frankly it is prime time to demand Obama's resignation. Many American's are questioning if this is on purpose at this time. These LIBERALS are NOT fit for Office. 



We Believe Tamara Lee Brooks Violated The "Hatch Act"

Tamara Lee Brooke recently released a press release from the Brown campaign and has done this on the county's time, it is campaigning.

"Anthony Brown, Rick Pollitt, Jim Ireton to Hold Press Conference on Harm Larry Hogan’s $450 Million Cut to School Construction Would Cause to the Eastern Shore"


Tamara Lee-Brooks
Public Information Officer
Wicomico County, MD


Between today's Daily Times letter to the editor and now this campaign release, Pollitt has overstepped his legal rights and is using taxpayer money to run his campaign. 

The above bold letter information is only part of the entire press release. It's high time the citizens contact the attorney general's office as well as the election board. 

Laura Mitchell: Cut Your “Accountant” BS

Ms Mitchell, who is telling Wicomico County voters that she’s an “accountant”, is the second Democrat candidate for the Wicomico County Council to pose as an accomplished professional – Ron Pagano being the first. However, she tells them nothing about her actual experience as a bean counter, which we understand is slim to none.

If Ms. Mitchell is really trained in that field and has practiced as an accountant, she should divulge the details, including where and when she was certified as a CPA and her experience.

We expect that she will remain silent, so we ask those in the know to speak up by sending comments. The voters deserve to have the whole truth before early voting begins next week.

At least Pagano was a practicing attorney for several years.

Tesla recharge station under construction behind Centre at Salisbury

Attn. Salisbury Police: DUI Alert

Let's hope Mayor Jim Ireton has a designated driver this evening as he is extremely loud and obnoxious playing Corn Hole at Roadie Joe's. Trying to fire up the Drone now. We'll have to see how the night vision camera works. 

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 10-16-14

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Coastal Association of Realtors Representative Sar...":

The guy is a nut case and was causing a public disturbance. He should have been thrown in jail. If you felt differently last night, why didn't you stand up for him tough guy?

I did stand up for this guy last night. I see how you LIBERALS are. A man sits quietly and peacefully with a sign in his hand expressing his OPINION. Because YOU disagree with his opinion, he's a "nut case"? 

A NUT CASE is a guy like Chuck Cook who throws on chicken outfits and runs through an Andy Harris for Congress fundraiser and disrupts the entire event. That was NOT the case here. 

A NUT CASE is a woman who goes up to this man peacefully protesting and yelling in his face to put them away and then starts ripping them from his hands, assaulting him and his property. 

As for the "tough guy", I did stand up to each and every one of them. I even explained in my earlier Posts that I also confronted Greg Bassett about this mans 1st Amendment Right, Greg agreed. 

So my guess would be that this comment comes from the very woman who started this whole mess and SPOOFS us with an anonymous comment. The only public disturbance was YOU.

Obama May Send National Guard to Liberia to Fight Ebola

President Barack Obama is expected to issue an executive order Thursday paving the way for the deployment of National Guard forces to Liberia to help contain the Ebola outbreak there, sources told NBC News.

The sources said that eight engineers and logistical specialists from the Guard, both active-duty and reservists, would probably be included in the first deployment. They are expected to help build 17 Ebola treatment centers, with 100 beds apiece. The sources said that no decision had been made.

Defense Department officials said that the executive order was necessary to speed the deployments, and would allow the president to send additional forces as needed. Health officials have recorded more than 2,400 Ebola deaths in Liberia, the highest of any country.


I've Been Your Delegate Since The 1970's

Last night TWO things really caught my attention. One, Norm Conway stated he is all about the community and represents the people. 

Carl Anderton came back and said, REALLY NORM, seriously? You see, I've been on the Town Council and the Mayor of Delmar for the past NINE years and one thing I can tell you for a fact, you have NEVER ONCE set foot on the Council Floor in Delmar so I highly doubt you represent the people.

At one point Carl expressed and receipted his cell phone number giving everyone the opportunity as your state delegate to make contact with him, any time, day or night. This seemed to really bother Norm as he came back later on in the forum and said, by the way, you can have my cell phone number too. Carl immediately followed up by turning around to face Norm and look him in the eyes while saying, really Norm? Because IF I had your PHONE NUMBER I probably wouldn't be up here CHALLENGING you today. 

Getting back to the title, Norm Conway has been your Delegate since the early 1970's. Guess what's CHANGED since then! That's right, just like newspapers, it's time for new blood. 

By the way, in closing, I personally showed Greg Bassett Salisbury News Hits last night. His jaw just about hit the ground. He was extremely kind and congratulatory. He was impressed. 

CORRECTION: Norm has been an elected official since the 1970's and a Delegate since the 1980's. 

County Executive Rick Pollitt Was Sweating In His Own Boots Last Night: UPDATE

When Bob Culver was asked the question, what is the most important thing concerning the County right now, his immediate response was, JOBS. He went on to express how he would concentrate on economic development as a top priority and firmly expressed how he strongly believe the County was not headed in the right direction. 

Rick Pollitt then stood up and mirrored Bob's statement that JOBS was the #1 concern in the County.

OH REEEEEEEALY? Well Mr. Pollitt, you stated EIGHT YEARS AGO that jobs was the most important issue. Guess what, you stated the very same thing FOUR YEARS AGO and GO FIGURE, JOBS is still the main problem. Seems to me, YOU can't do your job.

Well, perhaps I'm wrong. Perhaps Rick Pollitt HAS improved the job numbers in Wicomico County as he hired THREE lawyers to work directly for the Executives Office. He has increased his staff three fold and he has raised YOUR taxes each and every year to fulfill his goal of growing government at taxpayers expense. 

Go Figure. I guess I've had his building bridges thing wrong all these years. 

UPDATE: I've been so busy this morning with articles I forgot to mention something VERY important. Last night, (without any exaggeration) there were several of us TRULY concerned that Rick Pollitt was going to faint or have a heart attack. 

He was sweating so bad it wasn't funny. Then, as you'll CLEARLY see on PAC 14, he couldn't catch his breath and was grasping for air after only speaking about three words in a sentence. His voice was shaking, it was not good at all. For a guy who claims he is trying to get healthier, with all due respect, the man is a heart attack in the making. ANY pressure whatsoever clearly puts his health at risk and last night was very scary. 

Carl Anderton Apologizes Face To Face To Norm Conway Before Last Nights Forum

In a very candid moment, Carl Anderton pulled Norm Conway aside to express his sincere regrets for the mailer sent out on behalf of the republican party.

As you can clearly see from Norm's expression at this moment he simply blew Carl off. 

Then Carl, (as mentioned in my earlier Post) publicly apologized and again, let me assure you, Norm barely recognized his apology as you will see for yourself when PAC 14 shows the forum on TV. 

I personally think Carl showed first and foremost the kind of man that he is.

Taxpayers Show They Are Fed Up With County Executive Rick Pollitt

Clearly shaken up by the signs displayed at last nights forum, Rick Pollitt stuttered, misspoke and lost track of his thoughts while signs of disgust were held up.

Moderator Greg Bassett made a statement saying NO ONE is to hold up any more signs, yet this is a man who has been in the news business pretty much all his adult life and HE was demanding citizens be denied their 1st Amendment Rights. 
The sign stated no campaign material. As I had expressed to Mr. Bassett, this was NOT campaign material. Now let me explain a little something to all of you. It seems A-OK for LIBERALS to not get a permit and protest a U.S. Congressman's Office but it's NOT OK for a PRIVATE CITIZEN to express his 1st Amendment Right?
There were no outbursts. The man holding the sign never spoke a word. He simply held up his sign and expressed his opinion. So clearly when you step into Salisbury and Wicomico County you are now under GOVERNMENT CONTROL and your local MEDIA/MODERATOR will tell you what you can or can't say or do. 

Come on now Folks, really, it's time for some new leadership. Stay tuned, I have lots more to show you about this matter.