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Monday, September 29, 2014

NFL Intros | Saturday Night Live

Five Reasons Why You’re Too Dumb to Vote

Reason 1: You get your politics from Lena Dunham.

If you would like to be filled with despair for the prospects of democracy, spend a few minutes attempting to decipher the psephological musings of Lena Dunham, the distinctly unappealing actress commissioned by Planned Parenthood to share with her presumably illiterate following “5 Reasons Why I Vote (and You Should, Too).” That’s 21st-centuryU.S. politics in miniature: a half-assed listicle penned by a half-bright celebrity and published by a gang of abortion profiteers.

It is an excellent fit, if you think about it: Our national commitment to permanent, asinine, incontinent juvenility, which results in, among other things, a million or so abortions a year, is not entirely unrelated to the cultural debasement that is the only possible explanation for the career of Lena Dunham. A people mature enough to manage the relationship between procreative input and procreative output without recourse to the surgical dismemberment of living human organisms probably would not find much of interest in the work of Miss Dunham. But we are a nation of adult children so horrified by the prospect of actual children that we put one in five of them to death for such excellent reasons as the desire to fit nicely into a prom dress.

It’s not for nothing that, on the precipice of 30, Miss Dunham is famous for a television series called Girls rather than one called Women. She might have gone one better and called it Thumbsuckers. (The more appropriate title Diapers would terrify her demographic.)


Local Pastor Arming People With Better Ways To Communicate With Officers

More violence overnight in Ferguson, Missouri, where protests continue over the death of an unarmed teenager shot by a police officer. Late Saturday night, shots were fired at two Ferguson police officers–one received non-life threatening injuries. Police say the shootings are not connected to the protests.

In the meantime, the parents of Michael Brown paid a visit to Baltimore.

Rochelle Ritchie has more on a local pastor’s effort to protect citizens from unwarranted police attacks.

Michael Brown’s parents did not speak Sunday at the Empowerment Temple, but Pastor Jamal Bryant says incidents like this play out too often in the black community. He is looking at ways to arm people with better ways of communicating with police officers.


DNC losing women in droves

Exclusive: Gina Loudon reveals why party's popularity with ladies has done an about-face

Debbie Wasserman Schultz must have seen the attention that the Ray Rice story was receiving and decided she wanted that attention for herself. She took to the airwaves to assert that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has “given women the back of his hand.”

It isn’t the first time. A video emerged showing Wasserman Schultz making the same remark about Gov. Rick Scott just last month.


Dad Of 2 Missing Md. Toddlers Pleads For Amber Alert

The father of two suburban Maryland children missing for more than three weeks is appealing to Gov. Martin O’Malley for help.

Troy Turner of Clarksburg sent a letter to O’Malley on Monday morning saying he’s seen no evidence ruling out that his children may be alive and believes an Amber Alert would help find them. He asks the governor to intercede with Maryland State Police and have the agency issue an Amber Alert for 3-year-old Sarah Hoggle and 2-year-old Jacob Hoggle.

Montgomery County police have said they believe the children are dead and were pursuing a homicide case against their mother, 27-year-old Catherine Hoggle.



If everything falls into place tomorrow I expect to break yet another major story that will rock Salisbury once again.

Actually, we might have a couple of big stories tomorrow. All I'll say at this point is, well, just imagine Jim Ireton's foot very deep in his mouth. 

Another American exposed to Ebola

The latest American exposed to Ebola has arrived at the National Institutes of Health. The patient, who remains unnamed, is a physician who volunteered in an Ebola treatment unit in Sierra Leone. The agency is taking precautionary measures. The patient has been admitted to the NIH Clinical Center's special clinical studies unit. It is specifically designed to provide high-level isolation capabilities, and is staffed by infectious disease and critical care specialists.

Huh? New White House Barrier For ‘Construction,’ Secret Service Cop Says

The Secret Service needs to get its story straight.

Asked Monday about the new waist-high barriers outside the White House, a uniformed Secret Service officer outside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. told The Daily Caller that the temporary fencing was placed there for an unspecified construction project.

“The extra fence was there as a safety precaution because of construction,” the officer told TheDC near the White House’s northern fence.

It’s not because of previous security concerns, like the White House intruder?

“No, it is a safety precaution,” the officer replied.


Rand Paul’s NSA lawsuit put on hold

Paul (R-Ky.) and the conservative group Freedomworks filed the suit in February

Sen. Rand Paul’s lawsuit over National Security Agency surveillance was put on hold Monday, pending an appeals court ruling on a parallel case brought before the senator’s.

Judge Richard Leon did not explain the rationale for his ruling but granted a Justice Department motion to halt the case while the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit considers the NSA surveillance issue in separate lawsuits brought by conservative activist Larry Klayman.

Paul (R-Ky.) and the conservative group Freedomworks filed the suit in February. Some critics derided the move as a publicity stunt, since Leon already ruled the surveillance likely unconstitutional in the other suits.

Read more

What if All the Illegal Aliens Left the U.S.?

There are an estimated 20 million illegals living here in the U.S. This is a fact that we are going to have to live with for some time to come. But what if the illegals all left and went back across the border?

Here are some statistics for you:
In the original 2012 post by someone named Tommy Ester, the following statistics were revealed:

In California, there are an estimated 3.5 million illegal aliens. If they were all to leave, it would leave an extra $10.2 billion to spend on overloaded school systems, bankrupt hospitals and overrun prisons.

In Colorado, 500,000 illegal migrants, plus their 300,000 kids and grand children would move back across the border. That would save Colorado an estimated $2 to $7 billion annually in taxes that pay for schooling, medical, social-services and incarceration costs. 12,000 gang members would vanish out of Denver alone. Colorado would save more than $20 million in prison costs, and the terror that those 7,300 alien criminals set upon local citizens.


Some Useful FACTS About Global Warming and Climate Change

Thanks to Sunday’s Climate March in New York and Tuesday’s Climate Summit at the United Nations, Americans and others will have been deluged with the lies that have been told to sustain this greatest of all hoaxes.

Here are the known facts. Use them to protect yourself against the Green assault the truth:

Both the Earth and the Sun pass through natural cycles. The Sun is currently in a cycle of lower radiation as signaled by fewer sunspots representing magnetic storms.

There is currently no global warming. The Earth has been in a cooling cycle for 19 years. No child who has passed through K-12 classes in school has experienced a single day of “global warming.”
Not one computer model that predicted increased warming has been accurate.

Carbon dioxide, (CO2) blamed for global warming, is not a “pollutant” despite a Supreme Court decision stating this. Our exhaled breath contains about 4% of CO2.

How can carbon dioxide be called a “pollutant” when it is directly responsible for the growth of all vegetation on the planet? Without CO2 there would not be a single blade of grass or a redwood tree. Or the animal life that depends on vegetation; wheat and rice, for example, as food.

There is zero evidence that carbon dioxide generated by human activities is causing catastrophic climate change. Climate is measured in centuries or shorter periods of many decades in order to determine its cycles. The weather is what is occurring where you reside and it changes every day.

At 78% nitrogen is the most abundant gas in the Earth’s atmosphere. It is an essential building block of amino acids present in all proteins. It is a very stable, unreactive gas. Oxygen is the second most abundant gas-of-life in the atmosphere at 21%. Water vapor is the third most abundant gas-of-life in the atmosphere; it varies up to 5%, It reduces incoming solar radiation by day and reduces surface cooling at night. Carbon dioxide is the least abundant gas in the atmosphere at 0.04%.

The assertion that 97% of scientists believe that climate change is man-made and an urgent problem is a fiction. In May Joseph Bast, president of The Heartland Institute, cited the Zimmerman/Doran survey in which, out of 3,146 respondents, only 79 listed climate science as an area of expertise. Hardly 97%. “Surveys of meteorologists repeatedly find a majority oppose the alleged consensus,” noted Bast.

Ben Carson: 2016 election may not happen

All that talk about the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton’s innuendoes, Rand Paul’s ideas, Chris Christie’s suggestions – may be all for naught.

There may not even be a 2016 president election, according to one man who is a likely contender.

“I hope that that is not going to be the case. But certainly there is the potential,” said Dr. Ben Carson, who was director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital and became famous for his groundbreaking work in separating conjoined twins. He is now firmly established as a superstar among conservatives across America.

Rand Paul: 'Constitution Requires' Congressional Authorization for Obama to Attack ISIS

(Breitbart) – Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said in a statement Tuesday that he supports military actions against ISIS—like the airstrikes President Obama just launched—but that the Constitution requires Obama to obtain congressional approval for such action.

“I support military action against ISIS but continue to believe the Constitution requires the President to receive Congressional authorization,” Paul said in a statement provided to Breitbart News.

President Obama did not seek congressional authorization for the strikes, which launched late Monday evening, a fact especially significant since he had sought — and obtained — authorization to arm Syrian rebels. Fox News’ Wendell Goler reported that in addition to the Middle East nations already involved in the strikes, Obama is heading to the United Nations on Tuesday to seek to add to the coalition.



Maryland State Police and Department of Transportation to close out month-long effort encouraging Marylanders to donate food

Representatives from the Maryland State Police and the Maryland Department of Transportation will assemble Tuesday at Maryland Food Bank sites across the state to officially weigh food donations collected statewide throughout Hunger Action Month.

During September, all Maryland State Police barracks as well as select State Highway Administration buildings, Motor Vehicle Administration offices and inspection stations, Maryland Transportation Authority toll plazas, and sites including BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport and the Port of Baltimore, all participated in the statewide food drive. In addition to these locations, Marylanders were able to donate food through the food bank’s new virtual food drive platform at

Maryland State Troopers and other allied law enforcement agencies, assisted by personnel from the State Highway Administration, will caravan the food donations to one of three regional food bank locations on Tuesday. Representatives from the organizations will be on site for photos while donations are unloaded and officially weighed. Results are expected to be announced later in the afternoon.

Hunger Action Month 2014 Final Food Donation Weigh-In

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 – 2:00 p.m.

& WHO:
Maryland Food Bank – 2200 Halethorpe Farms Road, Baltimore, MD 21227
- Colonel Marcus L. Brown, Superintendent, Maryland State Police
- Melinda B. Peters, Administrator, State Highway Administration
- John May, Senior Vice President of Operations, Maryland Food Bank

Eastern Shore:
Maryland Food Bank – Eastern Shore: 28500 Owens Branch Road, Salisbury, MD 21801
- Captain Ron Lewis, Eastern Troop Commander, Maryland State Police
- Donnie Drewer, State Highway Administration, District Engineer
- Jennifer Small, Managing Director, Maryland Food Bank

Western Maryland:
Maryland Food Bank – Western Branch: 220 McRand Court, Hagerstown, MD 21740
- Captain Ira Click, Western Troop Commander, Maryland State Police
- Anthony Crawford & Mark Crampton, State Highway Administration, District Engineers
- Matt Thompson, Managing Director, Maryland Food Bank

Top Things To Know About New Laws In Maryland

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Some of the high-profile new laws approved in Maryland this year will take effect on Wednesday. Here are some of the most prominent.


The possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana will be a civil offense rather than a criminal one. Civil penalties include $100 for a first offense, $250 for a second offense and $500 for a third offense. The law requires teen offenders to be evaluated for treatment.


Transgender residents will have protection against discrimination on matters relating to housing, employment, credit and use of public accommodations. The law defines gender identity as the gender-related identity, appearance, expression or behavior of a person, regardless of the person’s assigned sex at birth. The law says gender identity is demonstrated as “consistent and uniform assertion of the person’s gender identity or any other evidence that the gender identity is sincerely held as part of the person’s core identity.”


5 U.S. Banks Each Have More Than 40 Trillion Dollars In Exposure To Derivatives

When is the U.S. banking system going to crash? I can sum it up in three words. Watch the derivatives.

When is the U.S. banking system going to crash? I can sum it up in three words. Watch the derivatives. It used to be only four, but now there are five “too big to fail” banks in the United States that each have more than 40 trillion dollars in exposure to derivatives. Today, the U.S. national debt is sitting at a grand total of about 17.7 trillion dollars, so when we are talking about 40 trillion dollars we are talking about an amount of money that is almost unimaginable. And unlike stocks and bonds, these derivatives do not represent “investments” in anything. They can be incredibly complex, but essentially they are just paper wagers about what will happen in the future. The truth is that derivatives trading is not too different from betting on baseball or football games. Trading in derivatives is basically just a form of legalized gambling, and the “too big to fail” banks have transformed Wall Street into the largest casino in the history of the planet. When this derivatives bubble bursts (and as surely as I am writing this it will), the pain that it will cause the global economy will be greater than words can describe.

If derivatives trading is so risky, then why do our big banks do it?

The answer to that question comes down to just one thing.



Halloween 5K Dash for United Way!

Salisbury University
Student United Way Presents ...
 The Halloween 5K Dash!  

Are you ready to brave the "ZOMBIE-INFESTED"
5K Course at Salisbury University?
Open to the entire community: 
A competitive, officially-timed 5K, 1 Mile Walk, Costume Contest,        DJ, door prizes, and spooky fun for all!  
(Not too spooky, families, kids, & strollers are welcome!)

Best Part ...100% of proceeds benefit United Way!   

REGISTER TODAY! - Run to Live...United!   

Newark Historical Society Hosts Humanities Talk on History of Railroads in Delaware Sept. 30

by The Newark Historical Society is hosting a Delaware Humanities Forum talk, “Rails of Delaware.” Railroads were once an important link to the outside world for many Delawareans and the local depot was the center of the community, a place to catch a train and learn the news of the day. As tracks spread throughout the state, growth followed the lines. In this slide illustrated talk historian Mike Dixon traces the social history of trains in the First State, from the beginning of the railroad age to the present. .

When: Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Where: Newark Municipal Building, 220 S. Main Street, Newark, DE 19711

Cost: Free


What $100,000.00 Buys You Today

Peter Morici: Zeke Emanuel Echoes Nazis With Life-Cutoff Talk

Obamacare architect Dr. Zeke Emanuel's jolting proclamation that 75 years is long enough for a person to live smacks of the twisted ideology of Nazi Germany, economist Peter Morici believes.

"I can think of other figures in history that had similar views of human life," Morici, a professor at the University of Maryland, told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.

"To talk about the optimal age to die, it's basically saying once you're past 75, you're costing too much to keep around and maybe you should just let go.

"The next step from that's going to be we'll help you let go. This sounds like Germany in the 1930s."

During an appearance Monday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Emanuel explained why he believed 75 years was long enough for a person to live, saying that's about the time health began to decline.

"I picked 75, when you think about the combination of physical decline, the rise of Alzheimer's, the loss of creativity. And I really say you need to think about what you're going to leave your children, your family, your community, the country," Emanuel said.

Morici is appalled.


SFD Calls For Service 9-28-14

  • Sunday September, 28 2014 @ 23:25Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday September, 28 2014 @ 21:35Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday September, 28 2014 @ 20:49Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday September, 28 2014 @ 20:12Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday September, 28 2014 @ 19:53Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

Oktoberfest - 10/25/14

Celebrate GREAT BEER at EVO's Oktoberfest!
Saturday, October 25th 12:00pm-5:00pm
Tickets Available ONLINE... $40/advance
Purchase tickets at the door - $45

TICKET INCLUDES:  EVO Beer & Souvenir Glass 
Oktoberfest Buffet: Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Roast Pork,
German Potato Salad, Hot Mustard Dip & House Pretzels!

Participants sign up by 12:30pm.


Bad luck, Chuck! Groundhog dropped by NY Mayor Bill de Blasio ‘dies of its internal injuries’

Since he took a chunk out of Michael Bloomberg's finger in 2009, clairvoyant groundhog Chuck has never had the smoothest relationships with New York mayors.

But now mayor-groundhog tensions appear to have taken an even more sinister turn, after it was revealed that Bill de Blasio could well be responsible for the animal's death.

In February this year, current mayor Mr de Blasio dropped the Staten Island groundhog in front of a crowd of spectators after the animal predicted six more miserable weeks of winter.


Hannah Graham's abductor Jesse Matthews 'expelled from University over rape claims'

Jesse 'LJ' Matthew, the man charged with the abduction of missing UVA student Hannah Graham, was accused of rape when he studied at Liberty University, MailOnline can exclusively reveal.

Matthew was expelled from the Christian university founded by Jerry Falwell in Lynchburg, Virginia, in 2002, following the alleged sex attack on a female student but was not charged with any crime, former teammates said.

Police announced last night that Matthew was arrested in Galveston, Texas, after going on the run. He appeared in court there this morning charged with Hannah's abduction 'with intent to defile' and is awaiting extradition to Virginia.

As a gifted football player, 'LJ' - as he likes to be known - won a sports scholarship to Liberty University after he was named Charlottesville's 'Athlete of the Year' in 1999.


ISIS kill women's right activist for 'apostasy' when she criticised them on Facebook for being religious bigots

ISIS terrorists have publicly executed a human rights lawyer in the Iraqi city of Mosul after she criticised the group on Facebook for destroying religious monuments.

Samira Salih al-Nuaimi was seized from her home on September 17 shortly after she allegedly posted messages on Facebook that were critical of the militants' destruction of religious sites in the city.

According to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq, al-Nuaimi was tried in a Sharia law court for apostasy, before being tortured for five days and eventually being sentenced to public execution.

News of al-Nuaimi's shocking death emerged after a coalition of American and Arab forces carried out a third night of deadly airstrikes against ISIS targets which have already killed scores of militants.

Al-Nuaimi was killed on Monday, according to a statement released by the UN mission today. Her Facebook page appears to have been deleted since her death.


The Real Story About What Ended the Great Depression (Hint: It Wasn’t the New Deal)

My seventh-grade son recently wrote a U.S. History paper extolling the virtues of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. “It ended the Great Depression,” he wrote with great certainty. He’s only 12 and parroting what the history texts and his teachers told him.

That’s his excuse. What’s Ken Burns’?

Mr. Burns’ docudrama on the Roosevelts—for those who weren’t bored to tears—repeats nearly all the worn-out fairy tales of the FDR presidency, including what I call the most enduring myth of the 20th century, which is that FDR’s avalanche of alphabet-soup government programs ended the Great Depression. Shouldn’t there be a statute of limitations on such lies?

Ask nearly anyone over the age of 80, and they will say that FDR cared about the working man and “gave the country hope,” a point that Mr. Burns emphasizes. Roosevelt exuded empathy, which isn’t a bad thing—remember Bill Clinton’s memorable line “I feel your pain”?—but caring doesn’t create jobs or lift gross domestic product.


A Basket of Snakes

"Once war is forced upon us, there is no other alternative than to apply every available means to bring it to a swift end. War's very object is victory, not prolonged indecision."

So said Gen. MacArthur in some of the wisest counsel the old soldier ever gave his countrymen.

Yet, "prolonged indecision" would seem the essence of the war the president has begun to "degrade and ultimately destroy" the Islamic State.

For, following only one night of bombing in Syria, Gen. Bill Mayville, director of operations for the Joint Chiefs, asked to estimate how long this new war would last, replied: "I would think of it in terms of years."

"Years," the general said.

Yet, though we are already heavily into bombing, the president has no congressional authorization for this war in Syria.


‘Organic Ready’ Corn to Replace Monsanto’s GMO Corn, Cross-Pollination

Here’s some of the best news all year for non-GMO supporters. 

Frank Kutka is working to save our heirloom corn from cross-breeding with genetically modified corn. He’s been diligently at work for over 15 years now developing what he calls “Organic Ready” corn varieties that have the ability to block cross-pollination, thus eliminating Monsanto’s prevalently grown GMO corn from infesting organic farmer’s crops.

Kutka says:

“We need corn that organic farmers can grow without fear of GMO contamination,” says Kutka, who is in the fourth year of a five-year breeding project funded by the Organic Farming Research Foundation.”

Needless to say, Kutka, like all farmers growing organic crops, faces an enormous challenge. U.S. farmers currently plant millions of acres of GMO corn, among other GMO crops. Around 93% of the year’s corn crop was genetically modified.


Why the Power Elite Loves Equality

The Alleged Self-Evidence of Equality

One of the great glories of mankind is that, in contrast to other species, each individual is unique, and hence irreplaceable; whatever the similarities and common attributes among men, it is their differences that lead us to honor, or celebrate, or deplore the qualities or actions of any particular person. It is the diversity, the heterogeneity, of human beings that is one of the most striking attributes of mankind.

This fundamental heterogeneity makes all the more curious the pervasive modern ideal of “equality.” For “equality” means “sameness”—two entities are “equal” if and only if they are the same thing. X = y only if they are either identical, or they are two entities that are the same in some attribute. If x, y, and z are “equal in length,” it means that each one of them is identical in length, say 3 feet. People, then, can only be “equal” to the extent that they are identical in some attribute: thus, if Smith, Jones and Robinson are each 5 feet, 11 inches in height, then they are “equal” in height. But except for these special cases, people are heterogeneous, and diverse, that is, they are “unequal.” Diversity, and hence “inequality,” is therefore a fundamental fact of the human race. So how do we account for the almost universal contemporary worship at the shrine of “equality,” so much so that it has virtually blotted out other goals or principles of ethics? And taking the lead in this worship have been philosophers, academics, and other leaders and members of the intellectual elites, followed by the entire troop of opinion-molders in modern society, including pundits, journalists, ministers, public school teachers, counselors, human relations consultants and “therapists.” And yet, it should be almost evidently clear that a drive to pursue “equality” starkly violates the essential nature of mankind, and therefore can only be pursued, let alone attempt to succeed, by the use of extreme coercion.


Official: 70% of families from the immigration surge never showed up for follow-up appointments

WASHINGTON (AP) – Tens of thousands of young families caught crossing the border illegally earlier this year subsequently failed to meet with federal immigration agents, as they were instructed, the Homeland Security Department has acknowledged privately.

An official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed that about 70 percent of immigrant families the Obama administration had released into the U.S. never showed up weeks later for follow up appointments.

The ICE official made the disclosure in a confidential meeting at its Washington headquarters with immigration advocates participating in a federal working group on detention and enforcement policies. The Associated Press obtained an audio recording of Wednesday's meeting and separately interviewed participants.


WCSO Press Release 9-29-14

Keith Allan Dale Jr.
• Black Male, 5’10” 145 lbs
• DOB 12/06/1984 29 years of age
• Black hair, Brown eyes
• Dale’s last known address was Salisbury MD
• Dale also uses the name Keith Deal
• Dale is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued in July 2014 for Violation of Probation on the charge of CDS Possess with Intent to Distribute
• There is no preset bond, he must be brought before the court
• Dale has history of DRUG ABUSE
• The state will extradite him from DE and VA

Jerry Lee Gully Jr.
• White Male, 5’09” 170 lbs
• DOB 09/19/1986 27 years of age
• Brown hair, Brown eyes
• Gully’s last known address was Pittsville MD
• Gully is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Criminal Indictment issued in September 2011 for Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine and Marijuana
• There is no preset bond, he must be brought before the court
• Gully should be APPROACHED WITH CAUTION and has a history of DRUG ABUSE
• The State will extradite from states surrounding MD 

Danny Louis Ashmore
• Black Male, 5’10” 150 lbs
• DOB 09/28/1971 42 years of age
• Brown hair, Brown eyes
• Ashmore’s last known address was Salisbury MD
• Ashmore is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a District Court Bench Warrant issued for Violation of Probation in April 2011 on the charge of CDS Possess Marijuana, and Theft less $100
• The preset bond is $10,000
• Ashmore has history of DRUG ABUSE

 Shane Leonard Hanson
• White Male, 5’09” 165 lbs
• DOB 10/28/1981 32 years of age
• Brown hair, Brown eyes
• Hanson’s last known address was Owings Mills MD but he is believed to be back in the Salisbury area
• Hanson is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued in August for Violation of Probation on Burglary charges
• There is no preset bond, he must be brought before the court
• Hanson should be APPROACHED WITH CAUTION and has history of DRUG ABUSE

 Jordan Stephon Dupont
• Black Male, 6’00” 185 lbs
• DOB 11/15/1991 22 years of age
• Black hair, Brown eyes
• Dupont’s last known address was Salisbury MD
• Dupont is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear in July 2014 on the charge of Assault 2nd
• There is no preset bond, he must be brought before the court
• The state will extradite him from DE and VA

 April Geraldine Thornton
• Black Female, 4’11” 140 lbs
• DOB 04/04/1987 27 years of age
• Black hair, Brown eyes
• Thornton’s last known address was Georgetown DE
• She also uses the name April Johnson
• Thornton is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear in September 2013 for a VOP hearing on the charge of Burglary 1st degree
• The preset bond is $500
• The state will extradite her from the states surrounding MD

 Danny O. Shea
• White Male 5’07” 160 lbs
• DOB 11/28/1963 50 years of age
• Blonde hair, Hazel eyes
• Shea’s last known address was Fruitland MD
• He also uses the names David or William Shea
• Shea is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued for Violation of Probation in August 2014 on the charge of CDS Obtain by Make Forgery
• The preset bond is $25,000
• Shea has history of DRUG ABUSE and should be APPROACHED WITH CAUTION
• The state will extradite him from DE and VA

 Melody Rae Lord
• White Female, 5’04” 125 lbs
• DOB 02/22/1973 41 years of age
• Brown hair, Brown eyes
• Lord’s last known address was Salisbury MD
• She also uses the name Melody Rae Eastridge
• Lord is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear in August 2014 for a VOP hearing on the charge of Burglary 1st degree
• The preset bond is $2500
• Lord has history of DRUG ABUSE
• The state will extradite her from DE and VA

 Richard Darrell Custis Jr.
• Black Male 5’10” 270 lbs
• DOB 07/29/1991 23 years of age
• Black hair, Brown eyes
• Custis’ last known address was Parksley VA but he is known to have left there
• Custis is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued in August 2014 for Violation of Probation on the charge of Possession of Deadly Weapon
• There is no preset bond, he must be brought before the court
• Custis has history of being ARMED
• The state will extradite him from DE and VA

Markel Lamar Barkley
• Black Male, 5’07” 140 lbs
• DOB 11/23/1991 22 years of age
• Black hair, Brown eyes
• Barkley’s last known address was Quantico MD
• Barkley is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear in July 2014 for a VOP Hearing on the charge of CDS Distribute near School
• There is no preset bond, he must be brought before the court
• Barkley has history of DRUG ABUSE
• The state will extradite him from DE and VA

 Kenneth Hunter Marvel
• White Male, 5’08” 180 lbs
• DOB 08/25/1970 44 years of age
• Brown hair, Brown eyes
• Marvel’s last known address was Pittsville MD
• Marvel is wanted by the Sheriff's Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear in August 2014 for a VOP Hearing on the charge of CDS Possession Marijuana
• And on a District Court Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear in September 2014 on the charges of Alcohol Beverage in a Prohibited Place, and Littering
• Marvel has history of DRUG ABUSE
• The state will extradite him from DE and VA

New FEMA Flood Maps May Mean Insurance Changes For Coastal Marylanders

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — A long line of anxious property owners snaked through the cafeteria, past a sign-in table and down the hall—each of them waiting to be told whether they were in or out.

Floodplain maps have been redrawn by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware, a change that could shift properties into or out of a flood risk zone.

The updated maps are used to calculate flood insurance rates, so for homeowners whose properties moved into FEMAs designated flood risk areas, the map change could mean paying more for flood insurance.


SPD Press Release 9-29-14 (Shoplifting)

Bacteria in wine may bring health benefits

There are bacteria in wine that may be beneficial for people's health, new research finds.

In the study, researchers in Spain isolated 11 strains of bacteria from wine, including strains of Lactobacillus, which are also found in yogurt, as well asOenococcus and Pediococcus bacteria, which are associated with the wine-making process.

"Up to now, many studies have reported that the best [foods] to deliver probiotics aredairy fermented products, so that the probiotic properties of wine-related [Lactobacillus] were hardly studied," said study author Dolores González de Llano of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain.

But "nowadays, there is a need for novel and nondairy probiotics, from the increasing number of lactose-intolerance cases occurring in the world population, coupled with the unfavorable effect of cholesterol contained in fermented dairy products," González de Llano told Live Science. [Don't Be Fooled: 5 Probiotics Myths]


More Ferguson Footage (Extreme Language)


Want elections by smart phone 'just a click away'
The AFL-CIO union has teamed up with an online voter advocacy group funded by Internet giants and left-wing billionaire George Soros in a new online voter registration drive, WND has found.

The People’s World, a news website associated with the Communist Party USA, reported last week that the “voter registration” plan is “just a click away.”

Reports the magazine: “The AFL-CIO has teamed up with TurboVote to make voting easy for you and for your friends and family. Not only can you register or update your registration, but TurboVote will help you with absentee ballots, vote-by-mail information, finding your polling place and even sending reminders by email and text so you won’t forget to vote.”

TurboVote, based in Brooklyn, New York, defines itself as “an application that makes voting easy.”


Syria, Neo-Cons, And The Attempted Infiltration Of The Liberty Movement

There is nothing worse than a die-hard neoconservative. Of all the socialist horrors wrought against the American public by the Obama administration and its small but impressively insane group of followers, the neoliberals are at least relatively open about their disdain for the Constitution as well as their intentions to reduce our country to a Third World communist enclave. Neoconservatives, on the other hand, have the audacity to pretend as if they adore the Bill of Rights, posing as freedom fighters and champions of liberty while working intently to administer the same exact despotic policies and socialist infrastructure.

As most readers are aware, the false left/right paradigm has been the primary control mechanism used against the American people for decades. The idea being that in order for establishment elites to maintain control of a population with a heritage of independence, a facade of choice must be created to placate the dim-witted masses while the system itself is dominated from behind the scenes. The people of a republic must be conned into participating in the process of their own enslavement, at least until the oligarchs are ready to unleash full-blown totalitarianism. The concept of free elections becomes a grand theatrical display when most candidates, regardless of party affiliation, are bought, bribed, blackmailed or philosophically allied with the elite. The actions of these candidates speak far louder than their rhetoric for those with the sense to pay attention. But for many people, the attachment to the sports team mentality of politics is just too much to resist. For them, the circus is reality.


BREAKING NEWS: Afghan president to sign Bilateral Security Agreement with US

Obama administration confirms Afghanistan's new president, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, will sign the Bilateral Security Agreement, calling for 9,800 U.S. troops to remain in Afghanistan beyond 2014.


Wishing for Dollars & Stealing Pennies

by Delegate Mike McDermott

If your approach to budgeting is based upon “wishful thinking” as opposed to economic realities, you might be a liberal legislator; and the Maryland General Assembly is full of wishful thinkers. In the case of this year’s bloated spending (bringing the total increases to over $10 billion in 8 years), the wheels are coming off the Maryland bus.

Income tax and related revenues are down over $400 million so far this year according to the Comptroller, but that is just the beginning of woes. In spite of being warned by the General Accounting Division and the conservatives in the House and Senate, liberal legislators signed onto the O’Malley-Brown budget and simply agreed to spend money they did not possess.

Their projections were based upon election year politics and not the stark truth that our state has an economy that ranks #50. There are 13 states that are not getting it done and we are at the bottom of the proverbial barrel.

It is very peculiar how we are not seeing this in the local media. It is a big deal and the Daily Times has been silent.

Liberals have raided billions of dollars from multiple trust funds.They have stolen hundreds of millions from our teacher’s pension funds, and have increased our income taxes so that we are now the 46th worst state in the union. The “Annapolis Gone Wild” bunch even tax the rain that falls from heaven. Yet all of this was not enough.

The conservative maxims: “You cannot spend your way out of a recession, and you cannot tax your way to prosperity” are absolutely true and on full display in Maryland.

The very men and women who have consistently voted to increase our spending every year are responsible for this and should be held accountable in November.

Our state government needs help, not more of your family’s money, if it is to get better. Let’s join prosperous states with growing economies by:

Increasing our “business friendliness” by reducing Income and Corporate Tax rates;

Decrease our regulatory burdens and make it easier to start or expand a business;

Eliminate crony capitalism and extend benefits to all businesses;

Become a “retirement friendly” state by cutting: Income/Inheritance/Estate Taxes;

Reduce the size and scope of government;

Protect local autonomy and decision making authority.

Eliminate automatic spending increases within the budget.

Develop a comprehensive approach to energy that includes natural gas extraction.

Conservative budgets and legislative efforts offered and rejected every year by the liberals in the General Assembly would have our state prospering, not reeling in debt. Holding those responsible for this debacle is the duty of every voter in Maryland. Let’s make sure we do our part this November 4th.

Police describe bloody scene of Alabama shooting that left three dead as accused murder's attorneys claim he was acting in self-defense

Police say they walked into a bloody, chaotic scene the night two former Auburn University football players and another man were shot to death at a party.

The officers testified Friday as the trial opened for the man charged in the killings, 24-year-old Desmonte Leonard.

Prosecutors are after a death sentence.


Woman beheaded in Oklahoma attack was grandmother who just lost her home in tornado as it emerges attacker was let out of jail early

The woman beheaded by a Muslim convert was a grandmother who had lost her home in a tornado, it emerged today.

Alton Alexander Nolen, 30, is accused of killing Colleen Hufford, 54, and stabbing Traci Johnson, 43, who apparently were attacked randomly at the Vaughan Foods facility in Moore on Thursday, after he was fired from his job

Hufford, who had been married for 25 years, had lost her family home in the Moore tornado.


AAA: Md. Drivers Paying $3.32 Per Gallon

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Motorists in Maryland are paying an average of $3.32 per gallon of regular unleaded gas, the same as a week ago.

AAA Mid-Atlantic said Friday in a weekly report that the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gas remained unchanged.

The price of gas in the state is 2 cents less than the national average of $3.34.

The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gas in cities around the state includes $3.31 in Baltimore, $3.35 in Cumberland, $3.33 in Hagerstown and $3.28 in Salisbury.


Editors Note: Gas in Salisbury was $3.16 a gallon on Sunday 

Police officer shot in the arm in Ferguson as gunman remains on the loose and controversial police chief calls for calm among protestors

The Ferguson police officer who was shot in the arm was released from the hospital as the search for the shooter continues, police say.

The officer was shot during a routine patrol near the new Ferguson Community Center and away from the protests related to the death of Michael Brown.

The body camera worn by the officer was off at the time, though officials do not know why.

Officials say that the officer saw the suspect standing behind the community center and gave chase after he fled. The suspect turned and fired at the officer, striking him in the left arm.


Farmers and watermen turn out in force for Hogan-Rutherford; 1,500 attend Harvesters for Hogan event in Cambridge​

CAMBRIDGE, MD – The Hogan for Governor campaign hosted over 1,500 farmers, watermen, and their families at a "Harvesters for Hogan" rally at Sailwinds Park in Cambridge on Sunday. The event featured chicken, crabs, and produce from local farmers and watermen. The rally came on the heels of the endorsement of Larry Hogan by the Maryland Farm Bureau.

Larry Hogan said, "We are incredibly overwhelmed and thrilled by the support we saw here in Dorchester County today. For the last eight years, there has been a war on rural Maryland and our farmers and watermen by the O'Malley-Brown administration. In the Hogan-Rutherford administration, we are going to bring farmers and watermen to the table and come up with comprehensive, common-sense solutions to our state's problems without threatening our two most historic and important industries."

NOAA: 1695 Low Max Records Broken or Tied From Sept 11 to Sept 20. One record broken by 25F

NOAA – 1695 Low Max Records Broken or Tied From Sept 11 to Sept 20. One record broken by 25F


Wow. One record was broken by 25F!!!! 1695 Low Max Records Broken or Tied From Sept 11 to Sept 20 according to the NOAA. A “Low Max” means that the maximum temperatures for the day was the lowest it has ever been. This indicates daytime cooling. Below is a screenshot showing location and the biggest difference between old record and new record. The list is just the ones I could capture in a screenshot.


Infant Mortality Rates in Maryland Show Downward Trends Over Last Decade; Small Increase in 2013

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Martin O’Malley and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene announced today that the average infant mortality rate has been driven down by 15 percent in Maryland in the past decade, with a 20 percent decline in the average rate among white infants and a 14 percent decline among black infants. Both the neonatal mortality rate (deaths among infants younger than 28 days per 1,000 live births) and post neonatal mortality rate (deaths among infants between 28 days and 11 months old) have been driven down substantially, when comparing 2004-2008 to 2009-2013.

As a result of declines in infant mortality since 2007, 457 more babies in Maryland have survived.

“Our goal to reduce infant mortality is about more than just numbers — its about creating common platforms to save more of our children,” said Gov. O’Malley. “There is no such thing as a spare Marylander, and together, we will continue to build on this critical progress so we can support more Maryland families and protect young lives.”


Autumn Beer Dinner

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SPD Press Release 9-29-14 (Stabbing Arrest)

Case# 201400036608

A Viewer Writes: How dumb is the State of Maryland?


About 3 months ago the State Highway Administration deployed a Ford Escape equipped with a speed camera package at the construction zone near the Pocomoke River Bridge. This was probably justified.

Apparently some local residents were not amused and the camera car was vandalized by paintball guns, bags over the lens and other worthy citizen endeavors. In reaction, and not willing to give up, the State now deploys the camera car 16 hours on weekdays only, but the car is manned by paid employees whenever it is deployed. The State is basically paying for two employees, eight hours each, five days per week just to sit in the car and watch for vandals.

Assuming an average salary of $20 per hour that's $1,600 per week spent for people to just sit on their butts.

Is this the happiest mugshot ever?

Man beams as he poses for camera after being arrested and charged with robbing a bank

He has been arrested and charged with robbing a bank.

But Michael Whitington seemed in fine spirits as he posed for his mugshot.

The 45-year-old stands accused of raiding a bank in Denver then escaping on to a light railway train.



Crazy Idea


Giving Chickens Bacteria ... To Keep Them Antibiotic-Free

You know those foods and pills that promise to supply your body with "good bacteria?"

They may or may not make you healthier, but some of these "probiotics" do, in fact, appear to be effective in chickens. Poultry companies are turning to probiotics as an alternative to antibiotics, which have become increasingly controversial.

"As we took antibiotics out of the feed, we put some other things in, such as probiotics," says Bruce Stewart-Brown, an executive at Perdue Farms. "We've increased the amount of probiotics by five times over the past five years. It's a significant part of our program."

Poultry companies have fed antibiotics to their chickens to fight off disease, and also to make them grow faster. Public health advocates have been pushing for an end to this practice, saying that it can lead to the emergence of more antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


Blood Type