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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Maryland State Police Investigating Small Plane Crash In Prince George’s County

(NEW CARROLLTON, MD) – Maryland State Police are on the scene of a small plane crash that occurred this afternoon in Prince George’s County.

At about 3:10 p.m. today, troopers from the Maryland State Police College Park Barrack responded to 6300 block of Chestnut Avenue in New Carrollton, Maryland on a report of a single-engine plane crash. According to a preliminary investigation, the plane had departed the College Park Airport just minutes prior to crashing. The plane crashed into a carport of a single-family home, then struck a vehicle with both the plane and the vehicle catching on fire.

The pilot, whose identification is being withheld pending notification of next of kin, is the one confirmed fatality at this time. No one was occupied in the home at the time of the crash, according to a preliminary investigation. At least 18 homes lost power in the area as a result of the crash.

The Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department arrived on the scene to handle the fire associated with the crash. The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board have been notified. The Prince George’s County Police Department is assisting in this investigation. The New Carrollton Police Department also assisted at the scene.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Mayor Jake Day Says Crime Is Down In Salisbury Maryland 12-23-19

Salisbury: Lighting in honor of Kwanzaa 12-27-19

Mayor Jacob Day's Christmas message for 2019

Question Of The Day 12-24-19

What would you like for Christmas?

Jackson Lee: ‘The President Will Always Have on His Legacy That He Was Impeached’

During an appearance on CNN on Saturday, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) dismissed the notion that impeachment was still pending given House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had yet to transfer the two articles of impeachment last to the Senate.

Jackson Lee also emphasized that regardless of the transfer, President Donald Trump will “always have on his legacy” impeachment.

“I believe the vote of impeachment means that the President will always have on his legacy that he was impeached, yes,” she said.


As Chesapeake Bay Oyster Population Declines, Debate Continues Over How To Help Species Rebound

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The oyster population in the Chesapeake Bay is in sharp decline, prompting state leaders to try multiple tactics to improve the species’ numbers.

A state assessment shows the number of oysters in the bay is down significantly — cut in half over the past two decades.

“Between 1999 and 2017, oyster populations declined from 600 million to 300 million adult oysters,” said Allison Colden with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

The morning brings hope for Robert Brown with the Maryland Watermen’s Association. As he pulls a fresh pile of oysters from the bay’s floor, he keeps some while others are tossed back into the water.


A Viewer Writes......Purse Snatcher In Salisbury

SPD pursues a purse snatcher who robbed a woman at the Acme Grocery Store in Salisbury successfully apprehending him in the neighborhood behind FedEx. SPD recovered the stolen purse and the ski-type mask discarded by the suspect during the pursuit.

Question Of The Day 12-27-19

What percentage of your Christmas Shopping did you do online this year versus local stores?

Upside-Down World: Kanye West Preaches The Gospel As Pope Francis Tells People Not To Evangelize

Pope Francis has certainly said a lot of controversial things over the years, but what he just told a group of Christian high school students is the most controversial of all. I know that may be hard to believe, because some of the statements that Pope Francis has made in recent years have definitely been extremely bizarre. For example, he has said that “Muslim terrorism does not exist”, he told a gay man that “God made you that way”, and he has referred to Christian fundamentalists as “a scourge”. But what he has just said tops all of those previous statements.

According to Breitbart, Pope Francis told a group of high school students that he was visiting with that they should never try to convert others to Christianity…

  • Pope Francis told Christian high school students this weekend they should respect people of other faiths and not attempt to convert them to Christianity, insisting “we are not living in the times of the crusades.”
  • Asked by one of the students Friday how a Christian should treat people of other faiths or no faith, the pope said that “we are all the same, all children of God” and that true disciples of Jesus do not proselytize.
In fact, the Pope went on to say that if someone comes to you and is trying to share the gospel, that individual “is not a disciple of Jesus”
“But listen, the gospel is never, ever advanced through proselytism,” he continued. “If someone says he is a disciple of Jesus and comes to you with proselytism, he is not a disciple of Jesus. Proselytism is not the way; the Church does not grow by proselytism.”


A Viewer Writes.....Urns Stolen From Cemetery

Urns are being stolen from Spring Hill Cemetery I have three members of my family buried their all three urns were stolen flowers were scattered all around the graves it is a shame that people have to rob from the dead they can't even rest in peace I went to the office and did not get any satisfaction something needs to be done about that because I am not the only one looking around the cemetery you can see many grave sites that have been violated

Virginia Governor Northam Increases Corrections Budget In Anticipation Of Jailing Gun Owners

As if Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s wholesale attack on law-abiding gun owners wasn’t enough, the disgraced public official and his Michael Bloomberg-bought allies in the General Assembly now want the state’s hard-working taxpayers to foot the bill for their unconstitutional schemes. The budget bill (HB30) includes an appropriation of a quarter million dollars to carry out a host of gun control measures that Northam and his anti-gun allies hope to enact.

The $250,000 is appropriated to the Corrections Special Reserve Fund in order to provide for the “increase in the operating cost of adult correctional facilities resulting from the enactment” of Northam’s gun control measures. Among the enumerated laws that this allocation is meant to fund is a ban on commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, the criminalization of private firearms transfers, and gun confiscation orders issued without due process.

Aside from the insult of forcing law-abiding Virginia taxpayers to pay for the diminution of their rights, the gun control allocation is a severe waste of resources. Northam’s Bloomberg-backed gun control measures will not make Virginia safer.


AG Bill Barr Calls Out George Soros For Subverting Legal System and Causing “Increase in Violent Crime and More Victims”

Far left billionaire George Soros has been systematically targeting district attorney races throughout the United States. Many of his backed candidates have won their races and are causing havoc across the country.

This week US Attorney General Bill Barr spoke with Martha MacCallum on FOX News. Bill Barr called out George Soros for subverting the legal system in the US and creating more crime and violence.

Attorney Bill Barr is right!
Soros-backed District Attorneys are causing mayhem across the US:


Virginia Billboards Warn: Northam-Bloomberg Gun Confiscation in 2 Weeks

Billboards are popping up around Virginia suggesting gun confiscation pushed by Gov. Ralph Northam (D) and backed by Michael Bloomberg is about to take place.

The billboards are warning of the leftist turn of Virginia’s legislature. which Democrat’s take over in January 2020.

The Daily Wire posted a photo of one of the billboards.


Colleges Are Lowering Standards to ‘Improve Diversity’

Colleges nationwide are lowering their standards for testing and curriculum requirements in order to boost “diversity” on campus.

The implication of their efforts is that students from certain racial and economic groups would not be able to get in on their own merits.

A report from Campus Reform explained that Stanford is pushing an entirely separate physics course for minority students to ensure “retention” by those students. The new, segregated, course they offered is a modified version of the standard one — but with more time, “learning assistants” and extra help with coursework.


Iowa Principal Removes Pizza from Class Party to Promote ‘Fairness’

A middle school principal in Des Moines, Iowa, has come under fire for his decision to end one classroom’s holiday pizza party because it would not be “fair” to students in other classes.

According to a report by the Des Moines Register, Brody Middle School Principal Thomas Hoffman is facing intense criticism after he personally removed pizzas from a classroom that was preparing to have a holiday party.

The students had been told at the beginning of the school year that they could earn a pizza party if they met certain requirements. After the students earned their reward, the teacher order pizzas for her classroom. Upon hearing of the pizza party, Principal Thomas Hoffman stormed into the classroom and took the pizzas back to his office. Before he left the room, Hoffman told the students that he never approves pizza parties.

In a Facebook post, parent Neil Erickson, whose son was in the classroom, explained what happened on the day of the party.

"My son attends Brody Middle School here in Des Moines. His class earned a pizza party that I believe the teacher paid for. He has been excited for this for days…telling me about it and how they earned it. Well today was the day. The pizzas were delivered to the class…the teacher paid and signed the receipt. Principal walks into the classroom and says “I never approve pizza parties” or something to that affect. He took the pizzas from the kids and let them sit in the office for the teacher to pick up after school.

"Now my son and his classmates lost the party they worked hard to earn and the pizza I’m sure is wasted now…and the teacher was left in tears. I just cant believe it!"

More here

Hallmark bullied and threatened in name of tolerance

The Hallmark Channel controversy is only the tip of a far-left iceberg over the bullying tactics of radical homosexual activists.

The family-friendly channel, which is especially known this time of year for its sappy Christmas movies, at first apologized for airing an ad that featured two lesbians kissing only to apologize for its apology when homosexual activists bombarded it with complaints.

Anne Paulk of Restored Hope Network says Hallmark wisely listened to their core audience but then Big Gay pounced.

“What they did in consenting to the audience's needs angered the gay community,” she says, “and GLAAD, of course, was going to stand against that.”

Paulk says the bullying is a direct result of the Obergefell ruling, the Supreme Court decision in 2015 that redefined marriage across the country.

“The result of that decision is having the impact that it's meant to have,” she says, “which is forcing people to go along with endorsing homosexual marriage or they will be shunned, banned, persecuted in some way.”


US on high alert for possible ‘Christmas gift’ missile from North Korea

U.S. officials are on high alert for signs of a possible missile launch from North Korea in the coming days that officials have referred to as a “Christmas gift.”

A significant launch or nuclear test would raise the end of North Korea's self-imposed moratorium on missile launches and tests. It would also be a major blow to one of President Trump’s major foreign policy goals to get North Korea back to the negotiating table to eliminate its nuclear weapons.

Earlier this month, the North conducted what U.S. officials say was an engine test. Experts believe it may have involved an engine for a long-range missile.

Two Reasons Pelosi Will Probably Delay Impeachment Until After the Election

Honestly, before I thought this through, I figured the idea that Pelosi would actually hold articles of impeachment indefinitely was farfetched. In fact, it's possibly unconstitutional, but until the courts determine that, let's assume for the moment she can do whatever she wants. As much as I’m sure she wants to get it over with and move on to other things, like trying to take credit for the USMCA, it’s become clearer to me that Pelosi has primary political motives to do this.

She’s hoping Democrats win back the Senate and is pulling a Merrick Garland

Democrats are still sour about Mitch McConnell not taking up Barack Obama’s third Supreme Court pick after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. That strategy was a huge gamble on the outcome of the 2016 election. Is Pelosi thinking she can hold on to the articles of impeachment indefinitely, waiting for the possibility that Democrats could, at the very least, take back the Senate? They won’t likely get the 67 seats required to throw Trump out of office, but, if Trump is reelected but loses the Senate, they would be able hold a Senate trial with rules set by Chuck Schumer, and probably get a majority of votes to remove Trump from office. A simple majority won’t change the result, but to say Trump was impeached and had a majority of senators voting to remove him would be something attractive to their base to point to and damage Trump’s political capital in the event of reelection. Having a majority of senators voting to remove doesn’t sound much like an acquittal, does it?


Troopers Arrest Wilmington Woman for Domestic Related Assault – Georgetown 12-26-19

Georgetown, Delaware – The Delaware State Police have arrested 47-year-old, Tammy L. White of Wilmington, on multiple felony charges stemming from a domestic-related assault that occurred Tuesday afternoon.

The preliminary investigation has determined the incident occurred at approximately 2:28 p.m., Tuesday, December 24, 2019, as troopers were dispatched to County Seat Highway (SR 9) west of Georgetown for a possible stabbing. The suspect, Tammy White and her 49-year-old boyfriend were in a vehicle traveling westbound on SR 9 when the two became engaged in a verbal altercation that escalated when Tammy began punching her boyfriend while he was driving. This nearly caused him to crash their vehicle so he subsequently stopped in the middle of the roadway. He continued to drive and Tammy started punching him again and then stabbed him with a pen in his neck. The victim stopped the vehicle and was able to contact another driver traveling on SR 9 to call 9-1-1.

The victim was removed from the scene by EMS and transported to a local area hospital for his injuries.

A search of the vehicle revealed the suspect had prescription drugs without the proper prescription as well as drug paraphernalia.

Troopers took Tammy L. White into custody without incident. She was transported to Troop 4 where she was charged with the following:

  • Assault 2nd Degree (Felony)
  • Reckless Endangering 1st Degree (Felony)
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Possession of Prescription Drugs without a Prescription
She was arraigned before the Justice of the Peace Court and then committed to the Sussex Correctional Institution in lieu of $1,100.00 secured bail.

If you or someone you know is a victim or witness of crime or have lost a loved one to a sudden death and are in need of assistance, the Delaware State Police Victim Services Unit/Delaware Victim Center is available to offer you support and resources 24 hours a day through a toll free hotline 1800 VICTIM-1. (1800 842-8461). You may also email the unit Director at