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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Baltimore in July of 2015: 45 homicides in 31 Days

Baltimore in July of 2015: 45 homicides in 31 Days44 of the homicides had a black suspect 43 of the homicides had a...

Posted by White Girl Bleed A lot on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Professors Threaten Bad Grades For Saying ‘Illegal Alien,’ ‘Male,’ ‘Female’

"Students will come to recognize how white privilege functions in everyday social structures and institutions.”

Multiple professors at Washington State University have explicitly told students their grades will suffer if they use terms such as “illegal alien,” "male," and “female,” or if they fail to “defer” to non-white students.

According to the syllabus for Selena Lester Breikss’ “Women & Popular Culture” class, students risk a failing grade if they use any common descriptors that Breikss considers “oppressive and hateful language.”

The punishment for repeatedly using the banned words, Breikss warns, includes “but [is] not limited to removal from the class without attendance or participation points, failure of the assignment, and— in extreme cases— failure for the semester.”

Much like in Selena Breikss’s classroom, students taking Professor Rebecca Fowler’s “ Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies” course will see their grades suffer if they use the term “illegal alien” in their assigned writing.

According to her syllabus, students will lose one point every time they use the words “illegal alien” or “illegals” rather than the preferred terms of “‘undocumented’ migrants/immigrants/persons.” Throughout the course, Fowler says, students will “come to recognize how white privilege functions in everyday social structures and institutions.”

White students in Professor John Streamas’s “ Introduction to Multicultural Literature” class, are expected to “defer” to non-white students, among other community guidelines, if they want “to do well in this class.”

In the guidelines in his syllabus, Streamas elaborates that he requires students to “reflect” on their grasp of history and social relations “by respecting shy and quiet classmates and by deferring to the experiences of people of color.”

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Missouri High School students stage walkout in dispute over transgender student

( – More than 150 students walked out of Hillsboro High School over a dispute about the use of the girl’s locker room by a transgender student.

The walkout lasted for about two hours. Roughly 30-40 people showed support for senior Lila Perry, who wants to use the girls’ locker room during gym class. Perry was born a male but said she has identified as a female since 13.

“There’s a lot of ignorance, they are claiming that they’re uncomfortable. I don’t believe for a second that they are. I think this is pure and simple bigotry,” said Perry.

A short distance away, a counter protest was being held by people claiming they have relatives at the high school.


Woman Tries to Sell Diploma to Pay Off $50,000 Student Loan

Frustrated Stephanie Ritter, recently posted a sarcastic, yet very real eBay listing which described her diploma as being in “Mint condition” and “Never been used to get a job.”

“I thought this piece of paper has so much worth to so many people, but for a theater major, it couldn’t mean less,” she said.

“I’m doing the exact same things and probably getting paid the exact same amount as people that dropped out halfway through freshman year, except I’m still $40,000 in debt and they’re, well, not,” Ritter added.

Ritter’s sarcasm grew in the item description on the website, as she wrote “Why waste four years of your life going to a state school for a piece of paper when you can just buy mine?”

She is not the only one who has had trouble finding major-related work after graduation.

According to a recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, only 27% of college graduates have jobs that are closely related to their major.

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These High School Students Are Really Mad That Their New Principal Wants To Edit Their Newspaper

Students who run the Beacon newspaper at Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, D.C. learned they would be getting a new editor at the beginning of this school year — their principal — and they are not happy.

Kimberly Martin, who came on as principal of the school at the beginning of the academic year informed the Beacon’s staff she will review the paper prior to its release each month, which the students took exception to.

“Not only does prior review take away our freedom to criticize, it creates an atmosphere of censorship that will make students more reluctant to tell their stories,” the paper’s staff wrote in an editorial. “We love how so many students get excited when they’re quoted or see their own names in a byline. We don’t want that to change because people are afraid to express their authentic opinions.”

Update On Jimmy Hoppa's Surgery Today

Time for me to hit the hay - I check into the hospital tomorrow morning at 6:00 and roll into the O.R. around 7:30. For those who've asked, I'm getting a replacement of the ascending aorta, and a repair or replacement of the aortic valve. That's the "garden hose" I'm always referring to - I'll let you Google on your own what all that means.

I'd like to thank Bill Sammons at 88.7 TheBridge for taking over my Facebook page while I'm there. As Bill gets the information regarding the progress, he'll post it here until I can get back on the keyboard (thank you again, Bill).

Please understand that for Carol's (my wife) sanity, I will not be listed on the hospital census - they will tell you "We have no one here by that name." While I love and appreciate the fact that you'd like to visit, that's more than I can ask her to try to manage.

I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the prayers and support I've received from you. It's beyond my wildest expectations or imaginings. "Thank you" just doesn't cover it. I have no fear - God has known this was coming all along, and has already blessed and anointed the surgical team and everyone in the O.R. with exactly what I'll need while I'm there!

I look forward to laughing again with you soon, just like Jesus designed for us to!

"And now, to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever, amen." (Eph. 3:20-21)

Today 9-1-15
Our friend Jimmy Hoppa went into surgery a few minutes before 8:00 this morning. Please pray as you think of him this morning, and pray for Carol too. I will update this page when he is in recovery.

10:06 am. Carol says they are almost midway through the surgery and the OR reports Jimmy is doing well. Thank you for the prayers. Keep them coming!

12:54 pm. Jimmy is out of surgery and it went "remarkably smooth". He is on his way to the ICU. Thank you for praying!

7:25 pm. Jimmy is doing well. The hospital was able to take him off the ventilator around 4pm, 3 hours before they anticipated. He is awake and talking! They have given him some meds to help him sleep, but he was alert enough to tell Carol he wanted her to go home and get some rest because he was worried about her. Glad to see the heart surgery didn't affect our friends real heart. I know he appreciates your concern and your prayers.

And The Most Judgmental People On Earth Are …

Progressives in America need to realize that when they point a finger at conservatives for “judging” various identity groups, there are three other fingers pointing back at them, journalist and author Jack Cashill says.

“The irony is that the left has prided itself historically on being anti-judgmental,” Cashill said in a recent interview on Phyllis Schlafly’s “Eagle Forum Live” radio show. “I mean, they have introduced that word ‘judgmental’ as though it were bad, and yet they are the most judgmental people on the planet.”

The things on which progressives pass judgment change from day to day, Cashill noted. He pointed to the recent controversy over use of the term “anchor baby” to describe the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants.

It was a term used by Senate Minority leader Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., on the Senate floor in 1993. His conclusion was that “no sane country” would allow illegal immigrants to so easily gain a foothold.

But when Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Jeb Bush uttered “anchor babies” last week, ABC reporter Tom Llamas charged the term was offensive. He suggested calling an anchor baby an “American child of undocumented immigrants.” Bush’s use of the term is now being treated as a gaffe by the media.

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DPSCS dogs die from heat exhaustion

BALTIMORE —Two K-9s died last week from heat exhaustion after the air conditioner in the vehicle they were in malfunctioned, Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services spokesman Gerry Shields told 11 News.

The dogs, a bloodhound, Kojack, and Dingo, a Dutch shepherd, were in a DPSCS vehicle Tuesday at the Baltimore City Detention Center, taking part in the transfer of prisoners from the facility closed by the governor.

Shields said one of the dogs died Tuesday, while the other died Wednesday. It was not known how long the dogs had been inside the vehicle.


Immigration Shift Shows India, China Outpacing Mexico

Siddharth Jaganath wanted to return to India after earning his master's degree at Texas' Southern Methodist University. Instead, he built a new life in the U.S. over a decade, becoming a manager at a communications technology company and starting a family in the Dallas suburb of Plano.

"You start growing your roots and eventually end up staying here," the 37-year-old said.

His path is an increasingly common one: Immigrants from China and India, many with student or work visas, have overtaken Mexicans as the largest groups coming into the U.S., according to U.S. Census Bureau research released in May. The shift has been building for more than a decade.

Mexicans still dominate the overall composition of immigrants in the U.S., accounting for more than a quarter of the foreign-born people. But of the 1.2 million newly arrived immigrants here legally and illegally counted in 2013 numbers, China led with 147,000, followed by India with 129,000 and Mexico with 125,000. It's a sharp contrast to 2000, when there were 402,000 from Mexico and no more than 84,000 each from India and China.

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New Poll Shows Ben Carson Tied With Donald Trump Among GOP Voters

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ben Carson’s campaign for president appears to be gaining momentum. A new poll released Monday has Carson tied for first place with Donald Trump, who has been running ahead of the pack all summer.

Pat Warren has more on what this might mean for Carson’s campaign.

Politicians are fond of saying a poll is just a snapshot in time, but any time you’re winning, it’s a picture worth framing.

Ben Carson is gaining ground in Iowa.


Hypocritical Hillary Clinton

It is no secret that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is spiraling out of control. With controversy after controversy and an ongoing investigation into her secret email server by the FBI, she is truly unraveling.

New polls show that 61% of Americans do not trust Mrs. Clinton and the top word associated with her name is “liar”. Not good optics for a campaign that is in complete disarray and falling apart at the seams.

Even supporters of Mrs. Clinton as well as top Democrats acknowledge her failings as a candidate and are horrified and perplexed by her inability to explain the email scandal. Instead Mrs. Clinton continues to make less than humorous jokes regarding her possibly criminal behavior. She has proven time and time again that she cannot be trusted with the highest office.

But it’s not all fun and games on the campaign trail; Mrs. Clinton came out swinging against Republicans. She charged that Republicans could be likened to terrorists regarding their pro-life views and their attempts to defund Planned Parenthood in light of unnerving and disturbing videos. Maybe if Mrs. Clinton watched the horrific videos herself she would see just how anti-woman Planned Parenthood is using innocent dead babies as their bottom line.

Not only was Mrs. Clinton out of line to make these comments but has she forgotten that the Clinton Foundation accepted large donations from countries such as Qatar, Kuwait and Oman—places that have serious human rights abuses against women? There is a true and violent war being waged against women in these countries and her faux outrage for political gain is downright despicable. She needs to be held accountable for her own anti-woman record.


244 undocumented immigrants arrested in L.A. sweep, most had a criminal record

More than 240 undocumented immigrants from 21 countries were arrested by federal officials during a four-day sweep by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the Los Angeles area.

Officials announced Monday that the sweep ended Thursday with the arrest of 244 people — with the majority having at least one criminal conviction to their name.

ICE officials said 56 percent had criminal records that included felony convictions such as child sex crimes, weapons charges and drug violations. The rest had “significant or multiple misdemeanors.”

“This operation exemplifies ICE’s ongoing commitment to prioritizing convicted criminals and public safety threats for apprehension and removal,” said David Jennings, field office director for Enforcement and Removal Operations in a press release. “By taking these individuals off our streets and removing them from the country, we are making our communities safer for everyone.”


Green Berets have growing doubts of duties with skittish political leadership

They were the first troops to hit the ground in Afghanistan while al Qaeda’s dirty work still smoldered back in the United States.

On foot, helicopter and horseback, ArmySpecial Forces showed that if the U.S. was to win a long counterinsurgency war against Islamic extremists, the special skills of Green Berets would be fundamental.

Nearly 14 years later, these soldiers, some of the military’s smartest and best trained, are still creating lots of headlines, but not necessarily for heroics.

In recent months, the Army has disciplined, admonished and ended the careers of a number of Green Berets for actions that the soldiers themselves believe were part of combating an evil enemy. Pristine standards for fighting the Taliban and al Qaeda are not achievable, some in the community say.

“There is certainly a belief that upper echelons of leadership have morphed into political positions, and leaders are a lot less willing to risk their own career to support their soldiers,” Danny Quinn, a formerGreen Beret team leader and West Point graduate, told The Washington Times.

Examples abound:

Army Secretary John McHugh stripped a Green Beret of his Silver Star for summarily killing a Taliban bomb maker.

• A military investigation blamed two Green Berets for the worst U.S. friendly-fire incident in Afghanistan, when critical errors were made by the Air Force crew that dropped the bombs onto their soldiers.


As His Term Wanes, Obama Restores Workers’ Rights

WASHINGTON — With little fanfare, the Obama administration has been pursuing an aggressive campaign to restore protections for workers that have been eroded by business activism, conservative governance and the evolution of the economy in recent decades.

In the last two months alone, the administration has introduced a series of regulatory changes. Among them: a rule that would make millions more Americans eligible for extra overtime pay, and guidelines suggesting that many employers are misclassifying workers as contractors and therefore depriving them of basic workplace protections. That is an issue central to the growth of so-called gig economy companies like Uber.

A little more than a week ago, a federal appeals panel affirmed an earlier regulation granting nearly 2 million previously exempted home care workers minimum wage and overtime protections. And on Thursday, President Obama’s appointees to the National Labor Relations Board pushed through an important ruling that makes it easier for employees of contractors and franchises to bargain collectively with the corporations that have sway over their operations.


BREAKING NEWS: Dow closes down 470 points amid China worries

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes down 470 points -- or 2.84 percent -- as China growth worries slam global markets yet again.


Wal-Mart cutting back on hours for workers at some stores

NEW YORK (AP) — Wal-Mart says it is asking some stores to schedule workers for fewer hours, although it says the directive is only being given to stores that are assigning more hours than they were expected to.

The world’s largest retailer said the instructions apply only to a small number of its 4,500 U.S. locations that are scheduling workers for more hours than expected.

Wal-Mart said Monday it spoke to store managers about controlling costs earlier this month at a holiday-season planning meeting. Managers who have been scheduling workers for too many hours were reminded to schedule closer to their allotted hours.

“Managing hours is a routine part of running a sustainable operation, and in select number of stores, it requires keeping those hours to what was originally budgeted,” Wal-Mart said.

Wal-Mart’s second-quarter profit fell 15 percent, partly because of pay raises, efforts to overhaul its stores, and investments in its online operations. The changes did help its sales, however.

The Bentonville, Arkansas-based company raised its minimum wage to $9 an hour in April and plans to raise it to $10 an hour by February.


Houston teen dies from brain-eating amoeba illness

The teenager who fell ill after a swimming outing earlier this month with his high school track teammates has died.

The family of Michael John Riley Jr. announced that the 14-year-old died after contracting a lethal disease caused by a brain-eating amoeba after swimming in the warm waters at Sam Houston State Park.

"It is with a heavy heart that we tell you, Michael John Riley Jr. lost his battle on this earth but won a victory for his place in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ," according to the family's Facebook post. "Michael fought a courageous fight over the past week, allowing him to move on to be with the Lord for future heavenly tasks, a beautiful set of wings, and a pair of gold running shoes."


Hudson Trail Outfitters closing all stores

Gaithersburg-based Hudson Trail Outfitters Ltd., one of Washington’s oldest retailers, is calling it quits, blaming the changing retail landscape.

Hudson Trail Outfitters Ltd. opened its first store in Washington in 1971, with stores now on Wisconsin Avenue and in Pentagon Row, Fairfax and Rockville.

“It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that after nearly 50 years in business, HTO will be closing its remaining four stores and shutting down the business,” CEO Sandy Cohan said in a statement.


The Financial Times Joins the "Ban Physical Cash" Chorus

Over the weekend, The Financial Times published an article calling for a ban on physical cash.

This is just the latest in a series of articles being promoted by the financial media proposing this concept. The arguments presented in these articles are always the same:

1) The Central Banks are wonderful institutions that are trying to save the world.

2) The reason Central Banks have failed to create another economic boom (despite spending $11 trillion) is NOT because they are incompetent, corrupt, and following financial models that have no connection to reality.

3) The reason Central Banks cannot create growth is because of consumers’ unwillingness to spend money.


Kathleen Willey: Hillary ‘wrote the book on terrorizing women’

'She has been calling me a bimbo for 18 years'

Kathleen Willey, one of the women caught in the crossfire of alleged sexual harassment by former President Bill Clinton and what she characterizes as acts of intimidation to silence her, has taken issue with Hillary Clinton’s remarks last week comparing terrorists to Republicans engaged in a so-called war on women.

“This woman wrote the book on terrorizing women, on terrorism,” exclaimed Willey during an interview Sunday on Aaron Klein’s Investigative Radio program.

Continued Willey: “Her tactics and the things that she set in motion against all the women like me, the ones you have heard of and the ones you haven’t heard of, and the ones who are so scared that fled the country, are terrorist tactics like I’ve never seen before.”

“I went through them. I lived through them. And I know exactly what I am talking about. She is the war on women. I don’t care what anybody says.”

Listen to Kathleen Willey talk with Aaron Klein:


BREAKING NEWS: Police officer shot just north of Chicago has died, Fox News confirms

A manhunt is underway north of Chicago for 3 armed suspects in the killing of a Fox Lake, Ill., police officer during a traffic stop this morning.


Governor Hogan Praises New Cargo Records Set at the Port of Baltimore

Monthly and Fiscal Year Marks Set for General Cargo  
and TEU Containers
ANNAPOLIS, MD - Governor Larry Hogan today praised the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore and all its employees for moving more cargo from the public marine terminals than in any other time in its history, demonstrating the strength of this economic engine for Maryland. The Port moved more than 9.7 million tons of general cargo and more than 808,000 20-foot containers in Fiscal Year 2015 and continues to set additional major benchmarks. The new record marks include:
  • Most General Cargo Tons in a Fiscal Year—9,742,050 tons. General cargo includes containers, autos, roll on/roll off (farm and construction machinery), forest products, and break bulk cargo.
  • Most General Cargo Tons in the first six months of a calendar year—4,881,105 tons.
  • Most TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) containers in a single month---79,644 units set in June 2015.
  • Most TEU containers in a 12-month period—808,500 units in the 12-month period ending in June 2015.
“This administration is committed to changing Maryland for the better and ensuring our state is open for business and nowhere is that more true than at the Port of Baltimore,” Governor Larry Hogan said. “Our Port continues to prove why it is one of the top-producing ports in the nation and one of Maryland’s leading economic engines. In my first six months as governor, the Port of Baltimore has thrived, moving 4.88 million tons of general cargo to and from our state’s shores – the most in any other first six months in history.”

Recently the Port of Baltimore was named as the top U.S. port for container berth productivity by a leading industry media company. The Seagirt Marine Terminal, the Port of Baltimore’s primary container facility, includes 11 cranes, four of which are Super Post-Panamax capable of handling the biggest ships in the world.

The Port of Baltimore’s public marine terminals had a record year in 2014 and overall the Port saw 29.5 million tons of international cargo cross its docks at a value of nearly $53 billion. Baltimore is ranked as the top port among all U.S. ports for handling autos and light trucks, farm and construction machinery, imported forest products, imported sugar, and imported aluminum. Overall, Baltimore is ranked ninth for the total dollar value of cargo and 13th for cargo tonnage for all U.S. ports.

Business at the Port of Baltimore generates about 14,630 direct jobs, while about 108,000 jobs in Maryland are linked to port activities. The Port is responsible for $3 billion in personal wages and salary and more than $300 million in state and local tax revenues.

Say Goodbye To Normal - We're Going Medieval

The tremors rattling markets are not exactly what they seem to be. A meme prevails that these movements represent a kind of financial peristalsis - regular wavelike workings of eternal progress toward an epic more of everything, especially profits! You can forget the supposedly “normal” cycles of the techno-industrial arrangement, which means, in particular, the business cycle of the standard economics textbooks. Those cycle are dying.

They’re dying because there really are Limits to Growth and we are now solidly in grips of those limits. Only we can’t recognize the way it is expressing itself, especially in political terms. What’s afoot is a not “recession” but a permanent contraction of what has been normal for a little over two hundred years. There is not going to be more of everything, especially profits, and the stock buyback orgy that has animated the corporate executive suites will be recognized shortly for what it is: an assest-stripping operation.

What’s happening now is a permanent contraction. Well, of course, nothing lasts forever, and the contraction is one phase of a greater transition. The cornucopians and techno-narcissists would like to think that we are transitioning into an even more lavish era of techno-wonderama — life in a padded recliner tapping on a tablet for everything! I don’t think so. Rather, we’re going medieval, and we’re doing it the hard way because there’s just not enough to go around and the swollen populations of the world are going to be fighting over what’s left.


Dick Cheney Jabs at Hillary Clinton’s Emails and Urges Joe Biden to Run

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has not been shy about sharing opinions about his successors since leaving office, and he is not holding back on trying to meddle in the Democratic nominating contest.

In a preview of an interview with CNN that was shown on Monday, Mr. Cheney suggested that Hillary Rodham Clinton should have known better than to use a private email account and server as secretary of state. The situation, he warned, could be disqualifying.

“I think it was sloppy and unprofessional, that it reflects a lack of understanding about how easy it is for adversaries to tap into communications,” Mr. Cheney said. “She’s an intelligent woman. She spent a lot of time in the White House. You should not operate in the way she did.”

Mr. Cheney said it was likely that Chinese or Russian hackers had access to Mrs. Clinton’s work emails and that her actions were not in keeping with how classified information should be handled.


BREAKING NEWS: Manhunt for suspects in Chicago-area cop killing

A manhunt is underway just north of Chicago for two -- possibly three -- suspects wanted in the shooting death this morning of a Fox Lake, Ill., police officer.


Will Mitt Romney Jump In?

As Jeb Bush struggles to carry the establishment mantle, some wonder whether the time is right for Mitt.

So as the “establishment” candidate, Mr. Bush, is suddenly being viewed as circling the drain, the frantic call goes out to Mr. Romney to enter and save the day.

But Mr. Romney is not now and has never been exactly an “Eastern Establishment” candidate, to which Jeb Bush and his famous political family form and fulfill the archetype. He brings a somewhat different political ethic and conservative moral base to the Republican party, in my opinion, a heightened, seasoned and more mature sensibility and Republicans should be delighted to have him.

For it is the current conservative standard that is killing Jeb; a standard advanced to the apogee of provincial incompetence by brother W., sure to be fully outlined in Dick Cheney’s new book, “Exceptional: Why the world needs a powerful America.”

The rise of Mr. Trump brings a full repudiation of the Republican standard since the rise of the Brothers Bush. The provincialism and political cultism of this era withheld support for two runs to the presidency by Mr. Romney. While establishment conservatives were being exceptional to one another, Mr. Romney advanced by hook or by crook at a cost to himself of a rather large fortune. What a contrast to the day of Dwight Eisenhower and the post war conservatives. Mr. Eisenhower considered Romney patriarch, his father George Romney, Governor of Michigan, to be among the rare few qualified to seek the Presidency.

More here

Former Governor Marvin Mandel to Lie in State at Maryland State House

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Former Governor Marvin Mandel will lie in state for a public viewing at the Maryland State House on Wednesday, September 2, from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
Governor Larry Hogan, along with other dignitaries and elected officials, will receive Governor Mandel’s family at the State House at approximately 10:00 AM.
The viewing is open to the public.
Maryland State House, Maryland State House, 100 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401

Man Walks Across Country To Spread Word of Jesus

Steve Epp knew what he needed to do.

“The Lord said, take the cross to the street,” Epp said. “This is my church.”

With that message, Epp went to the street, carrying a cross. In the past several weeks, he has trekked through the Carolinas and Georgia.

“I’m enjoying it,” Epp said. “I’m 63, I was a very sick man five years ago, and I said, ‘God, I have to make a mark. I want to change my country.’ We blame our president, and we blame everybody else, but it’s really our fault. The church needs to be out there, and so if nobody else will do it, I will, and it’s been an amazing journey. I can’t even describe it. I thought it’s going to be hard, but it’s been amazing.”

Epp said he is amazed by the charity and hospitality of those in the states he has visited in the past eight weeks.

“I don’t think anywhere in the United States is like the Carolinas and Georgia,” Epp said.

“I’ve received 200 to 300 bottles of water, 50 bottles of Gatorade. I’ve got gifts I couldn’t turn down. Food, cupcakes, the people are so gracious.”

Epp said his trip has just started, and he will go across the country to spread the word.

“I’ve done the bottom part of North Carolina, then I went through South Carolina, I’m going through Georgia, and I’ll be in Alabama sometime a week after next,” Epp said. “I’m going from coast to coast."


There's A New Sheriff In Town

Kinda short, isn't he?

Are 'Value Studies' The Cure For High Drug Prices?

Researchers say they have found a prescription for rising prices for cancer drugs, but drug regulators must decide if they want to take it.

A new study examined the value of a cancer drug up for approval and found that its price should be linked to the effectiveness of the product. But the federal drug approval process does not evaluate a product's value, which researchers say needs to change to address high prices.

"Essentially the industry is able to put any price that they like on a drug," said Dr. Daniel Goldstein, lead author of the study and a fellow in hematology and oncology at Emory University.

The finding comes amid growing concern among Americans about high drug prices, as indicated by several polls.

While the debate at times has centered on the high cost of specialty drugs such as a cure for hepatitis C, cancer drugs also have been heavily scrutinized.

Cancer drugs that keep a patient alive for a short amount of time more than current therapies can sometimes run past $100,000 a year in cost, according to a letter from more than 100 cancer experts issued earlier this year.

More here

Alaska-bound, Obama faces backlash on Mt. McKinley renaming

WASHINGTON (AP) — Shrinking glaciers, Arctic temperatures and a mix of messy energy politics await President Barack Obama as he begins his historic trip to Alaska. Meanwhile, his decision to rename Mount McKinley faced a backlash from Ohio politicians protective a native son from the state, former President William McKinley.

Obama departs on Monday morning for a three-day tour of the nation's largest state, closely choreographed to call attention to the ways Obama says climate change is already damaging Alaska's stunning scenery. By showcasing thawing permafrost, melting sea ice and eroding shorelines, Obama hopes to raise the sense of urgency to deal quickly to slow climate change in the U.S. and overseas.

His excursion north of the Arctic Circle will make Obama the first sitting president to step foot in the Alaska Arctic, home to Alaska Natives who have received less attention amid Obama's recent efforts to improve conditions for Native Americans. In a major show of solidarity, Obama announced on the eve of his trip that his administration is changing the name of North America's tallest peak, Mount McKinley, to Denali, its traditional Athabascan name.


SPD Needs Help Identifying Suspect

Softball Fathers Get Probation After Bloody Fight

SALISBURY, Md. (AP) — Two New Jersey fathers accused of engaging in a bloody fight after a Maryland youth softball dispute have each been sentenced to a year of probation and fined $100.

Forty-eight-year-old Michael Barbella of Ventnor, New Jersey and 45-year-old Michael John Duffy of Mays Landing, New Jersey pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct on Monday in Wicomico County District Court. The two other charges filed against them, affray and second-degree assault, were dropped.

The men were arrested in Salisbury on July 16 after engaging in a fight captured on a cellphone camera. The footage ends with Barbella on the ground with blood streaming from his face.


Alison Michiko SHUEMAKE

SHUEMAKE, Alison Michiko Age 18, of Middletown, OH passed away Wednesday, August 26, 2015 of a heroin overdose. She was born December 21, 1996 in Middletown. Alison was a funny, smart, gregarious, tenacious and strong-willed teenager with gusto. Her favorite color was "sparkle" which matched her personality. When she was younger, Alison was in the Girl Scouts as both a Daisy and Brownie. She played basketball, softball, and soccer. She played the clarinet in the marching band and the violin in the orchestra. She was in the Spanish and Sign Language Clubs. Alison had a beautiful singing voice and was artistic. She attended Central Academy K-8, Middletown H.S. and was a 2014 graduate of Marshall H.S. in Middletown. She was currently employed with Touch of Elegance and Comfort & Care Home Health.

Alison would light up a room. She will be dearly missed by her family and friends.


Worcester County Sheriff's Office News Release 9-1-15

This Is Why The Daily Times Has Lost So Much Business

All the veterans are gone 
they can't afford spell check.

Quinnipiac: Most Americans Unhappy With How Things Are Going in the U.S.

Most Americans are are not happy with how things are going in the United States, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released Monday, and almost nobody trusts the government all the time.

Out of the poll of 1,563 registered voters conducted Aug. 20-25, a full 71 percent said they are dissatisfied with how matters are in the country, and 41 percent said they are "very dissatisfied," reports Politico.

Only two percent of the voters said they are "very satisfied, and 26 percent said they are "somewhat satisfied."

Congressional Republicans drew a 12 percent job approval rating, compared with 81 percent disapproval and 31 percent approve of the party as a whole.

27 percent said they approved of the job Democrats in Congress are doing, compared with 66 percent who disapproved. The party overall drew 40 percent approval and 50 percent disapproval.


8th Annual Salisbury Extreme Boat Dockin' Competition - 9.12.15

A-10 vs. F-35: Combat Jets In Head-to-head Showdown

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter stands to be the most sophisticated jet in the Air Force’s arsenal once ready for combat — but the Pentagon wants to first see how the state-of-the-art aircraft performs against its old standby, the A-10 “Warthog.”

Top brass in the Department of Defense said they’re preparing for exercises that will compare the capabilities of the F-35, its fifth-generation fighter still in the final stages of development, with those of the A-10, a close-air support jet that’s been used since the first Gulf War.

“The comparison tests on the close-air support mission will reveal how well the F-35 performs and whether there are gaps, or improvements in capability, compared to the A-10,” J. Michael Gilmore, the Pentagon’s director of operational test and evaluation, told reporters last week.

There will “absolutely” be differences between how the F-35 and the A-10 conduct close air support missions, Mr. Gilmore said, and comparison tests will help the Air Force understand the strengths and weaknesses of either aircraft before the Joint Strike Fighter is officially entered into combat.

The F-35 program is slated to ultimately cost the U.S. military $1.5 trillion, but the Air Force doesn’t expect the jet to be ready until 2021. A series of setbacks have already created obstacles for the program along the way, and Defense Department officials aren’t certain that the aircraft will be able to replace the A-10 in every aspect of air-to-ground combat.


2,000 Cases May be Dismissed Over Baltimore PD’s Secret Use of Stingrays

Sheriff defends department's use of Stingrays

Defense attorneys in Baltimore are reviewing nearly 2,000 cases in which police secretly used controversial cell-phone tracking devices known as “stingrays.”

Baltimore police have commonly used stingrays to investigate even minor crimes, USA Todayreported earlier this week. Police concealed the surveillance from suspects and their lawyers, even though Maryland law generally requires that such surveillance be disclosed in court.

“This is a crisis, and to me it needs to be addressed very quickly. No stone is going to be left unturned at this point,” said Baltimore’s deputy public defender, Natalie Finegar, who is coordinating the review.

The public defender’s office is reviewing a surveillance log that lists more than 1,900 cases in which the police indicated they had used a stingray, USA Today reported. It includes at least 200 public defender clients who were ultimately convicted of a crime.


The TRUMP Fight Song [unofficial]

Donald Trump Wanted Last Republican President IMPEACHED For Foreign Policy ‘Lies’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump enthusiastically supported the impeachment of former President George W. Bush in 2008 because Trump disagreed with Bush on the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Trump expressed surprise that then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, did not attempt to impeach Bush over the foreign policy decision made after Congress authorized the use of force in Iraq with a joint resolution.

“I was surprised that she didn’t do more in terms of Bush and going after Bush,” Trump told Wolf Blitzer in a CNN interview.
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“It just seemed like she was going to really look to impeach Bush and get him out of office, which, personally, I think would have been a wonderful thing,” the 2016 Republican presidential candidate explained.


State Dept Violating Law By Not Investigating Hillary

Fox News’ chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge said by not following proper investigation protocol in investigating Hillary Clinton’s email server, the State Department is in “clear violation of the law and the regulations, and critics would say another example of the double standard.”

HERRIDGE: Look, it’s clear that once a possible compromise of national security defense information — it doesn’t even have to be classified information — is made, it has to be reported. In this case, the State Department would do a damage assessment… Fox News checked with the State Department independently, and there was no confirmation that a damage assessment is being done. On its face, this is a clear violation of the law and the regulations, and critics would say another example of the double standard, Martha, that’s at play here.


NYPD Undercover Cop Fires at Suspect Armed with Fake Gun, Fatally Shoots Bystander

The bystander, identified as Felix Kumi, died of two torso wounds on Saturday, police said. The gunman had attempted to rob the undercover officer just as he was about to buy a gun from a suspected illegal arms dealer in a vehicle as part of the Friday operation. The robber was reportedly hit three times as he was running away.

The number of hits, however, was a far cry from the total number of shots fired by the cop from NYPD’s Firearms Investigations Unit. According to witness reports and police statements cited by the New York Daily News, the officer fired at the fleeing robber anywhere between 11 and 21 shots.

As it turned out, the gunman, Alvin Smothers, 37, had threatened the cop with an “imitation pistol.” Smothers hopped into the back seat of his car, putting the fake gun to the officer’s head and demanding money as the undercover cop was waiting to make his weapons purchase. Smothers escaped the scene with the whole sum – reportedly $2,400 – intended for the gun dealer, but was later arrested. He is now in hospital with serious injuries.

The innocent victim’s family was in a state of shock following the shooting. Kumi was a deeply spiritual man who “touched everyone he met,” according to family members quoted by NY Daily News. The man, described as a devout Jehovah’s Witness, was walking along Beekman Ave to pick up his car from a repair shop when he was twice struck by police bullets.

The officer, who has not been named, is described as a 10-year veteran of the NYPD, and had reportedly bought 25 guns from the same gun dealer, 28-year-old Jeffrey Aristy, in 10 previous encounters. The extensive firearm shopping was explained as necessary to identify Aristy’s supplier, as part of a “long-terms firearms investigation.”


DNC Chair Refuses To Budge On Debate Schedule

Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s own party leaders have accused her of being “undemocratic” and rigging the presidential primary debate schedule to help Hillary Rodham Clinton, but she is standing firm on her decision to strictly limit the number of presidential debates.

The rift between Mrs. Wasserman Schultz and the state party leaders who make up the committee, as well as with Democratic presidential candidates, made for an uncomfortable DNC summer meeting at the weekend.

During the event at the Hilton Minneapolis, Mrs. Wasserman Schultz was confronted privately and publicly but refused to reconsider her decision to allow only six debates.

“My staff and I made this decision and we are not going to change it. No matter what we decided, there would be individuals who would be unhappy,” Mrs. Wasserman Schultz said when confronted privately at the hotel by New Hampshire state Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, vice chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

“I knew there were people who would be unhappy and I’m not going to change the schedule,” said Mrs. Wasserman Schultz.

Mrs. Clark recounted the exchange, describing it as an “intense conversation.”


WOCO Sheriff's Office Speed Enforcement Initiative

Speed Enforcement Initiative! The Sheriffs Office will begin another round of Speed Enforcement Initiatives in the following locations in the county.

Public Landing Road from Route 113 to the Bay. Speed Limit posted is 50mph unless otherwise noted via sign.

Route 113 and Bishopville Road to Route 113 and Route 589. Speed limit is posted at 55mph.

Stevens Road and Meadow bridge Road, Pocomoke Forest area. Speed limit is 50 mph unless noted otherwise by speed limit sign.

The Hunting Lodge 9-19-15

Located in Dorchester County, Maryland on the Nanticoke River. Taxmap 0110 Parcel 0001
Auction Date: September 19th, 2015 at 1 PM – Being sold Offsite!
Auction Location: 3795 Ocean Gateway, Trappe, MD 21673 @ the Allen & Marshall Trappe Maryland Facility
 63 +/- Waterfront Acre Island/Peninsula on the Nanticoke River
Outstanding Hunting Lodge with Deep Water, Extensive marsh w/6,000 +/- feet of River Frontage, Pier System, Beautiful Lodge
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Dog killed, officer critically wounded after police respond to wrong house

It started with police going to the wrong house. It ended with a homeowner, an officer and a dog shot.

DeKalb County police were responding to a 911 call about a suspicious person Monday night, the Atlanta-area police department said.

But the caller didn't give an address for the house where the suspicious person was seen, county public safety director Cedric Alexander said. Instead, the caller described it as a gray-and-brick home.

So three officers went to a house that matched that description near the same intersection, Alexander said. He said they went to the back of a home where they thought a burglary might be occurring.


Wyoming farmer sues after facing $16 million in fines for building stock pond

Farmer Andy Johnson hasn’t sent millions of gallons of gold-mine wastewater down any rivers, but he’s facing more than $16 million in fines from the Environmental Protection Agency for running afoul the Clean Water Act.

His violation? In 2012, Mr. Johnson built a stock pond for his horses and cattle on his 8-acre property in Fort Bridger, Wyoming.

Even though the Clean Water Act exempts stock ponds, and Mr. Johnson had obtained the necessary state permits, the EPA ordered him in January 2014 to restore the area to its original condition or accumulate fines of $37,500 a day. Instead, Mr. Johnson hired a lawyer.


8 Officers & 6 Detainees Injured In Baltimore Incident

BALTIMORE COUNTY (WJZ) — Eight correctional officers and six detainees were injured Sunday night at the Baltimore Pre-Trial Complex.

Officials say the incident occurred at 10 p.m. Sunday when detainees refused to be locked into their dorms after an argument between an officer and detainee.

The detainees reportedly attacked the officers and some fellow detainees before barricading themselves in the dorms.



O’Malley blasts Wasserman Schultz in front of DNC meeting

A feud within the Democratic Party spilled into the open Friday at the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting in Minneapolis, as presidential candidate and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley used his speech to the convention to publicly chide DNC leaders for limiting the number of presidential debates.

Mr. O'Malley said that DNC officials had not only silenced debate among Democratic candidates but silenced the party’s ability to respond to Republican presidential candidates, whose recent TV debate reached more than 20 million Americans.

“They malign our president’s record of achievement, they denigrate women and immigrant families. They doubled down, on trickle down, and they tell their false stories,” he said. “And, we respond — with crickets, tumbleweeds, a cynical move to delay and limit our own party debates.”

He questioned what was becoming of the Democratic Party and the way it selects its presidential nominee.

Mr. O'Malley’s criticism of his party officials was greeted with applause and cheers from the crowd of state party chairman in the ballroom of the Hilton Minneapolis.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has suffered a fierce backlash from the state party leaders who make up the DNC membership over her imposing strict limits on the number of debates. But Mr. O'Malley’s speech in front of the DNC membership was the most public rebuke yet.

Ms. Wasserman Schultz, who has allowed for only six debates with the first one postponed until October, has been accused of trying to benefit Hillary Rodham Clinton, the front-runner for the nomination who would have the most to lose on a debate stage.

Ms. Wasserman Schultz also has threatened that any candidate or media outlet that participates in debates outside the official schedule will be banned from the remainder of the party-sanctioned debates in 2016.

Some state party officials privately confronted Ms. Wasserman Schultzearlier at the meeting, but she refused to consider making changes, saying her decision was final, according to sources familiar with the exchange.

“Four debates. Four debates?” Mr. O'Malley asked with incredulity. “Four debates, and four debates only we are told, not asked before the voters in our earliest states make their decision. This is totally unprecedented in our party history. This sort of rigged process this has never been attempted before.”

The diatribe was punctuated by enthusiastic applause from DNCmembers.

He continued: “Who’s decree is this exactly? Where did it come from? To what end? For what purpose? What national or party interest does this decree does this serve? How does this tell the story of the last eight years of Democratic progress? How does this promote our Democratic ideas for making wages go up and household incomes go up again, instead of down?”


US Navy Band does Jersey Boys


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Emails show top Clinton aide discussed work for foundation, consulting firm while at State Dept.

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee raised questions Thursday about how a top Hillary Clinton aide's fundraising for the Clinton Foundation and job at a corporate advisory firm intersected with her work at the State Department.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, questioned whether Huma Abedin's status as a Special Government Employee (SGE), which enabled her to hold four positions simultaneously, created conflicts of interest.

"How can the taxpayer know who exactly SGEs are working for at any given moment?" Grassley asked in a letter to Abedin and Secretary of State John Kerry. "How can the ethics officer at the State Department know?"

Grassley's letter was prompted by emails from Abedin's official State Department account obtained by Fox News that include messages sent ahead of a December 2012 visit to Dublin and Belfast by Clinton, who was then secretary of state. In those emails and others, Abedin discusses diplomatic matters as well as issues related to her work for both the Clinton Foundation and Teneo, a firm co-founded by a longtime aide to former president Bill Clinton.