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Monday, April 20, 2020

Trump says ‘dumb’ Nancy Pelosi will be ‘overthrown’ as House speaker

President Trump predicted that “Nervous Nancy” will be “overthrown” after the House speaker appeared on a Fox News show and criticized his “weak” leadership during the coronavirus crisis.

“Nervous Nancy is an inherently ‘dumb’ person. She wasted all of her time on the Impeachment Hoax. She will be overthrown, either by inside or out, just like her last time as ‘Speaker,'” the president tweeted on Sunday. “Wallace &@FoxNews are on a bad path, watch!”

He linked to a tweet from the Republican Party that accused Pelosi of playing politics by holding uprefunding a loan program for small businesses, while noting her appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”

“When the #PaycheckProtectionProgram ran out of funding, she decided playing politics was more important than saving #SmallBiz. It is time for the Democrats to be held accountable for putting millions in financial limbo,” the GOP tweet said.


The WHO Has the Audacity to Call for 'Solidarity' During Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic

On Friday, artists from around the globe came together to hold an eight-hour-long, live-streamed concert called "Together at Home." The concert was a collaboration between the World Health Organization and Global Citizen. The funds raised from the concert, however, benefit the WHO.

"One World: Together At Home is a campaign rallying funds for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization," the Global Citizen website stated. "The WHO's mission for COVID-19 is to prevent, detect, and respond to the pandemic. This Fund, powered by the UN Foundation, goes directly to WHO's rapid response to COVID-19 around the world."

To promote the concert, the WHO took to Twitter to ask people to put aside differences and come together to support the organization's "life-saving work."

"Today, we come together as one to express our common humanity, to mourn those we have lost, to salute the health workers who serve us and to say, with one voice, 'We shall not be defeated,'" WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu said in a video. "COVID-19 has taken so much from us but it has also given us [a] unique opportunity to put aside our differences, to break down barriers and seek the best in each other and to lift our voices for health for all and to ensure this never happens again. Never again."

"The World Health Organization is proud to be part of this historic show of solidarity," he said.


Ilhan Omar introduces bill to cancel rent, mortgage payments during coronavirus pandemic

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., introduced legislation last Friday that would cancel rent and mortgage payments for Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

The option would be available to all Americans regardless of income or employment status. It also would create a fund for landlords and mortgage holders to cover losses from the canceled payments.

Other progressive members of the so-called “Squad” of House Democrats supported the bill, including Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts. Still, it would fly in the face of calls from some conservative lawmakers to rein in spending; Congress’ recent phase 3 stimulus bill was valued at roughly $2 trillion.

“The coronavirus crisis is more than just a public health crisis—it’s an economic crisis. Minnesotans are losing jobs, getting their hours reduced and struggling just to put food on the table,” Omar said in a statement. “We must take major action to protect the health and economic security of the most vulnerable, including the millions of Americans currently at risk of housing instability and homelessness.”


MSNBC's Hot Take: 'If You Want the Government to Open, Then You Want More Black and Brown People to Die'

A panel of CNN guests accused Americans who want to see their country reopen of hating certain minority groups and wanting "more black and brown people to die." The ignorant and hateful comments were spewed on Joy Reid's Sunday episode of "AM Joy."

Renee Graham, an opinion writer for the Boston Globe, believes the protestors aren't really upset about losing their jobs and businesses or being told they no longer have the freedom to associate, buy certain products, watch sports, receive certain medical treatments (don't worry, abortion is safe), send their kids to school, attend churches, or even enjoy certain outdoor activities. What Graham thinks when she sees "a bunch of white people" protesting is that surely they must want more black and brown people to die.

"One thing I think is really interesting is how these protests have started after all the headlines last week or so about the disproportionate effect the virus is having in communities of color, and so when I look at these protests what I see are a bunch of white people essentially saying 'oh, it's affecting those people, so why do I have to change my life for them,'" said Graham.

Senior writer for The Root, Michael Harriot, then told Joy Reid that the protestors are saying "quite clearly" that they "want more black and brown people to die."


'You know, during World War II, you know, Roosevelt came up with a thing:' Joe Biden rambles and struggles for words during interview on coronavirus response

Joe Biden rambled and struggled for words during a CNN interview on Thursday about the coronavirus response, seemingly suggesting the White House should use WWII policies to deal with the pandemic.

Speaking to Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Biden stumbled his way through the evening interview, after being asked his thoughts about President Trump's three-phase plan to reopen the country.

After a long-winded reply about a lack of testing, Biden said: 'You know, there's a uh, during World War II, uh, you know, where Roosevelt came up with a thing uh, that uh, you know, was totally different than a, than the, the, it's called, he called it the, you know, the World War II, he had the war the War Production Board.

'I don't know why we don't set up something like a pandemic production board.'


U.S. lawmakers make push to assist local newspapers, broadcasters

A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers called on Sunday for expanding payroll assistance to struggling local newspapers and broadcast stations that have seen advertising revenue plummet during the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrat Senators Maria Cantwell and Amy Klobuchar and Republicans John Kennedy and John Boozman urged Senate leaders to revise the rules to make thousands of local newspapers, TV and radio stations eligible for assistance under the Paycheck Protection Program.

Many local outlets are ineligible because they are owned by parent companies too large to qualify.

"Ensuring that local news outlets remain viable at this critical time is not only a matter of fairness, but is essential to public health," the senators wrote in a letter.

On Sunday, officials said U.S. lawmakers were close to an agreement on approving extra money to help small businesses hurt by the coronavirus pandemic and could seal a deal soon.

The four senators said local newspapers had lost as much as 50% of advertising revenue, while the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) says some local broadcasters have reported as much as a 90% loss in advertising revenues.


Nunes: GOP investigators 'laser-focused' on information CIA gave to FBI in 2016

House Intelligence Committee Republicans are "laser-focused" on investigating information the CIA gave to the FBI in 2016, according to ranking member Devin Nunes.

For the first time, the California congressman described in great detail the next steps of a broad congressional inquiry into possible misconduct during the Russia investigation, which he said includes scrutiny of three "dossiers" and questions about three Russian Americans. All of this follows the declassification of key documents over the past couple weeks, including footnotes showing the FBI was warned British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump dossier was likely influenced by Russian disinformation and yet continued to use it, and Nunes's pledge to send more criminal referrals to the Justice Department.

During a Fox News interview on Sunday, Nunes brought up the CIA at the end of a list of issues he and his colleagues are examining and credited the investigative work of his former Republican colleague, South Carolina's Trey Gowdy, with providing a road map for that facet of the effort.


Sweden sees jump in coronavirus deaths with less restrictive guidelines under scrutiny

Sweden is seeing an unsettling rise in coronavirus deaths, as comparatively lax restrictions across the country are coming under scrutiny.

The Nordic country had reported 1,540 deaths tied to the coronavirus pandemic, an increase of 29 from Saturday. Last week, the Public Health Agency of Sweden said1,333 people had died of COVID-19.

Sweden’s figures are considerably more than in the rest of Scandinavia. While its population of over 10 million nearly doubles those of Denmark, Norway and Finland individually, its COVID-19 death toll was up to 17 times higher than those countries, according to reports.


WOW! Chris Wallace CALLS OUT a Stunned Pelosi for Pushing Tourism to Chinatown in Late February

Back in late February, 4 weeks after President Trump banned flights from China from entering the US, Speaker Pelosi was out urging tourists to hit San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Jan 31 — President Trump banned flights from China.
Feb. 5 — Democrats blasted President Trump for his China travel ban.
Feb 24 — Pelosi was pushing tourism to Chinatown.
March 13 — NY Mayor DeBlasio encourages New Yorkers to go about their daily lives as usual.

Last week Pelosi deleted a video of herself on Twitter walking around in Chinatown on February 24 downplaying the Coronavirus and urging people to “come to Chinatown.”

On Sunday Chris Wallace gave Nancy Pelosi the first difficult question she has faced in years. Wallace called out Pelosi for pushing tourism in Chinatown — WEEKS AFTER President Trump’s travel ban.


Trump to CBS Reporter Weijia Jiang as She Argues, Lectures and Repeatedly Interrupts Him at Coronavirus Briefing: “Keep Your Voice Down”

CBS White House reporter Weijia Jiang argued, lectured and repeatedly interrupted President Trump at Sunday’s White House coronavirus task force briefing during an over two-minute back and forth about Jiang’s accusation that Trump failed to warn Americans about the virus durung the month of February. Jiang falsely claimed the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus was “spreading like wildfire” in the country in February.

A check shows there 15 cases in the U.S. on February 15 and 60 cases on February 27. Only 20 cases as of March 1 were by domestic spread. The rest were from those repatriated and Diamond Princess passengers. The virus was not spreading like wildfire in February. During February leading Democrats like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (CA) were encouraging people to stop being racists and visit Chinatown and dine at Chinese restaurants.

Jiang argued with and corrected Trump throughout. Toward the end a fed up Trump told her to “keep your voice down” and demanded of her how many Americans had died from the virus at the time he issued the China travel ban at the end of January. She could not answer when Trump turned the tables on her and repeatedly demanded an answer from her. Trump asked Jiang about eight times how many cases and how many deaths and she could not answer. There seven cases of domestic spread on January 31 when Trump issued the China travel ban. The first death was reported on February 29.


First responder opens up on emotional toll of coronavirus from front lines: 'It hasn't gotten easier'

A spokesman for the International Association of EMTs and Paramedics warned Sunday that it's been tough for first responders to adjust to their new way of life on the front lines of the battle against the coronavirus crisis.

"It hasn't really gotten easier yet," the group's national representative Frank Wagner told Fox News' Arthel Neville on "America's News HQ." "The call volume is up 200, 300 percent. You have to assume that everyone has it. You go to a facility or nursing home, you to take extra precautions in addition to what we are normally doing."

Asked whether he had the necessary protective equipment to treat the influx of highly contagious patients, Wagner said his supply was "dwindling" slowly.

"I just don't understand why we don't have a six-month or a year-supply stockpile for an emergency like this," he said. "We are conserving, we're rationing the equipment. Everyone does have equipment but it's not what we should have, and once again, we got caught with our pants down."


Peter Navarro: China 'cornered' the personal protective equipment market and 'is profiteering' during coronavirus outbreak

White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro said during an exclusive interview on “Sunday Morning Futures” that China "cornered" the personal protective equipment (PPE) market during the coronavirus outbreak and “is profiteering.”

Navarro, who is also the National Defense Production Act policy coordinator, made the comment on Sunday reacting to a recent Fox News report, which cited multiple sources, that there is increasing confidence that the COVID-19 outbreak likely originated in a Wuhan laboratory, though not as a bioweapon but as part of China's attempt to demonstrate that its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal to or greater than the capabilities of the United States.

Navarro, who was one of the first to warn about the novel coronavirus, noted “China did [several things] over the course of this thing,” which, he said, “led to the deaths of many people worldwide.”

“First of all, the virus was spawned in China. Second of all, they hid the virus behind the shield of the World Health Organization. The third thing they did was basically hoardpersonal protective equipment and now they’re profiteering from it,” Navarro told hostMaria Bartiromo, referencing the fact that many states have been dealing with a shortage of PPE for health care workers during the coronavirus crisis.


Guest on Chinese-produced Arabic-language program claimed US may be to blame for coronavirus pandemic

A newly uncovered claim, from a Chinese-produced program broadcast to the Arab world last month, suggested the U.S. may be responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a transcript released Friday from a media research group.

The debunked charges were made by a “Ms. V,” a Chinese vlogger, during an episode of “China View,” broadcast on CGTN Arabic TV, a subsidiary of a state-owned media organization in China. The channel has had at least 14 million viewers.

On the March 17 episode, Ms. V told Arab audiences that COVID-19, which has infected more than 2.4 million and killed at least 165,000 globally, did not come from a seafood market in Wuhan as originally thought.

“Chinese researchers reported in a new research that the transmission of the new coronavirus had started since last December outside this market,” she said, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which has monitored TV and social media throughout the Arab world.


Port business owner facing charges for Sunday crowds

PORT DEPOSIT — Maryland State Police from the North East barrack have sent information to the Cecil County State's Attorney's Office for possible prosecution of Lee's Landing Dock Bar for alleged violation of the Maryland COVID-19 regulations.

However the owner of the business, Dave Carey, said he was following Gov. Larry Hogan's regulations for social distancing and crowd size "to the letter of the law" and is troubled that 15 uniformed officers from 4 different law enforcement agencies responded to Lee's Landing Sunday.

Greg Shipley, spokesman for MSP, said police were at Lee's Landing at Rowland Drive in Port Deposit Sunday around 2:30.

"Responding troopers estimated the crowd upon their arrival to be about 70 people who were on the ‘boardwalk’ portion of the business. Individuals were seen eating and drinking," Shipley said via email.


OC Air Show will be rescheduled for later this summer

The OC Air Show will be rescheduled for later this summer. OC Air Show officials are currently working with representatives from the military to identify a date. Once event officials receive guidance on this, a new date for the event will be announced.

“The OC Air Show is one of the top annual economic impact generating events in Ocean City” said Bryan Lilley, chairman of the OC Air Show. With the distress that COVID-19 is causing to the local economy we are making a tremendous effort to reschedule the event and do our part to help all the local businesses that prosper every year on air show weekend.”

Tickets that have already been purchased for the VIP Penthouse, Skybox, Flight Line Club and Drop Zone Beach will be honored on the rescheduled date.


Navarro: China Went from a Net Exporter of PPE to a Large Net Importer

During an interview with Fox News Channel’s Maria Bartiromo that aired on Sunday, White House economic adviser Peter Navarro laid out reasons as to why he saw China’s role in the coronavirus pandemic as a bad actor.

Navarro noted communist nation went from being a net exporter of personal protective equipment, as it is the largest producer in the world, to a net importer. According to Navarro, that suggested something went awry.

“My focus here at the White House is making sure that the people of America are safe from this virus and getting things like personal protective equipment, masks, ventilators and things like that,” Navarro said. “But here is what I can tell you about China. If you think about what China did over the course of this thing, they did four things that led to the deaths of many people worldwide. I mean, first of all, the virus was spawned in China. Second of all, they hid the virus behind the shield of the World Health Organization. The third thing they did was basically hoard personal protective equipment, and now they are profiteering from it. And if you walk through that, you were one of the first in the media to raise the question of whether that P4 lab was involved. That’s an interesting issue.”

“What we know is that the ground zero for this virus was within a few miles of that lab,” he continued.

U.S. Oil Prices Fall To $11 Per Barrel In Historic Crash

The front-month WTI crude contract crashed by 37 percent early on Monday as the May contract expires on Tuesday and the market fears there is not much storage left in the United States amid collapsing demand in the coronavirus pandemic.

At 8:54 a.m. EDT on Monday, the front-month WTI Crude price was plummeting by 37.22 percent at $11.47. The Brent Crude front-month contract was also under pressure, trading down 6.02 percent at $26.39.

The U.S. oil prices are now at their lowest levels since early 1999. Analysts warn that investors and speculators have already moved to the June contract with the May contract expiring on Tuesday, but they are also cautioning that the weakness in the May contract is indicative of the shrinking storage across the U.S. threatening to be filled up within weeks.

“The expiring contract is now mostly in the hands of physical oil traders and the behavior of the contract confirms what we already feared: That the U.S. is running out of storage at Cushing, Oklahoma, the delivery hub for WTI crude oil futures traded in New York,” saidOle Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy at Saxo Bank.

“Speculators having bought the June contract now risks that it could get pulled lower over the coming weeks towards where the May is currently trading. Only a major change in the fundamental outlook through lower production, due to producers being forced out of business or leave wells idle, or improved demand for fuel can prevent,” Hansen noted.

The new OPEC+ production cut deal is not expected to alleviate the glut in the coming weeks, as global demand is falling by 30 million bpd these days—down 30 percent from the typical consumption of oil in the world.


WTI Crude-35.000-291.57%
Brent Crude26.21-6.66%
Natural Gas1.951+11.29%
Mars US •22 hours19.67-5.30%
Opec Basket17.73+1.26%

Dover cancels Fourth of July Celebration due to COVID-19

DOVER – Boom! Goes yet another event by the wayside due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The city of Dover’s Fourth of July celebration has been postponed for this summer due to concerns with social distancing to help to stem the spread of COVID -19, along with difficulties in being able to generate donations and sponsors for the fireworks themselves with so many small businesses closed and employees out of work.

However, Dover Mayor Robinson Christiansen, who also chairs the Dover Fourth of July Celebration Committee, said there will eventually be a celebration – one that will celebrate not only the country, but the many other heroes who have risen to the healthcare challenges of 2020.

“Well, as can be expected, I’m really disappointed, because I’m sort of a Yankee Doodle guy,” Mayor Christiansen said. “Having said that, as mayor I promise when this is all over and we can gather safely we are going to have one hell of a celebration honoring all of our heroes that have brought us through this nightmare.

“We will honor doctors, nurses, medical support staff, police officers, firefighters, EMS personnel, paramedics, store clerks, teachers, daycare personnel, city workers, pastors, and anyone else I may have forgotten … and lastly, but by no means the least, we will celebrate the American spirit of our citizens young and old for the bravery and commitment to keep our country strong.”


Coronavirus Could Be The End Of China As A Global Manufacturing Hub

The new coronavirus Covid-19 will end up being the final curtain on China’s nearly 30 year role as the world’s leading manufacturer.

“Using China as a hub...that model died this week, I think,” says Vladimir Signorelli, head of Bretton Woods Research, a macro investment research firm.

China’s economy is getting hit much harder by the coronavirus outbreak than markets currently recognize. Wall Street appeared to be the last to realize this last week. The S&P 500 fell over 8%, the worst performing market of all the big coronavirus infected nations. Even Italy, which has over a thousand cases now, did better last week than the U.S.


Gov. Carney continues to weigh closing schools for rest of academic year

While admitting Thursday that Delaware schools will likely stay closed for the remainder of the academic year, Gov. JohnCarney says it’s not an easy call to make.

Right now, all Delaware schools are closed until May 15 and students are learning remotely from home.

Should that continue through June, Carney says there will be consequences.

"We're going to need to think about what kind of activities, what kind of instructional programs they can activate over the summer,' said Carney. "What are they going to do at the beginning of next year with respect to the need for remediation in some of their math curriculum that they didn't get to or they're going to have to help the children and students catch up."

And Carney acknowledges considering how to plan for such things is one argument for making the decision sooner rather than later.


From Wicomico County Health Department 4-20-20

Wicomico County has 21 new confirmed positive cases of COVID-19. Wicomico County has a total of 166 total cases. 30 have recovered, 3 discharged from hospital, 95 home recovering, 35 hospitalized, 3 deaths.

State concerned about increase in cases among Sussex County Hispanic communities

State public health officials are bracing for what could be an outbreak of coronavirus cases in certain Sussex County communities. Public health officials say they are ramping up outreach efforts there.

Lab-confirmed cases in Sussex County have more than doubled in the past week. Cases there stood at 336 April 9, and as of Friday, had passed 800.

Gov. John Carney says the state is concerned about what seems to be an increase in cases particularly in Sussex County’s Hispanic community.

A Division of Public Health map shows that as of April 17 the zip code that includes Georgetown has the most cases of any in Sussex County, and is tied with the zip code including New Castle. The map also shows many cases in Millsboro and Milford.

“I’m always concerned about underrepresented communities,”said Gov. John Carney, “And communities that we know start with certain health disparities in terms of a greater burden of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, which put anyone at greater risk to a virus like this, as well as communities that have relative to other communities limited access to transportation.”


COVID-19 Update - April 20, 2020

BOOM! Fauci Sweating Bullets! Trump Investigating His $3.7 Million Obama Era Grant to Wuhan Lab!!!

Coronavirus Authoritarianism Is Getting Out of Hand

It’s reasonable to assume that the vast majority of Americans process news and data, and calculate that self-quarantining, wearing masks, and social distancing make sense for themselves, their families, and the country.

Free people act out of self-preservation, but they shouldn’t be coerced to act through the authoritarian whims of the state. Yet this is exactly what’s happening.

There has been lots of pounding of keyboards over the power grabs of authoritarians in Central and Eastern Europe, and rightly so.

Yet right here, politicians act as though a health crisis gives them license to lord over the most private activities of the American people in ways that are wholly inconsistent with the spirit and letter of the Constitution.


A Viewer Writes: I knew California was holding back there #s

Tracking coronavirus in California

confirmed cases
The coronavirus pandemic has spread rapidly across California. Experts say the true number of people infected is unknown and likely much higher than official tallies.
To better understand the spread of the virus, The Times is conducting anindependent, continual survey of dozens of local health agencies across the state.

"I think they were holding their numbers back to prolong this. Now it's blowing up in California, get outta here. I call bullsh!t."

Hey Len Foxwell, You Need To Be Fired!

Big Brother in the Sky: Police Use Chinese Drones to Enforce Social Distancing

Police in Elizabethtown, N.J., are using drones to spy on citizens in areas patrol cars cannot reach. Authorities claim the drones are not taking pictures or collecting evidence, but failure to comply with their orders could lead to a summons or $1,000 fine. Even worse, the drones come from a Chinese company that sent similar drones across the country — and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has warned that data collected on these Chinese-owned drones could be compromised and sent back to Beijing.

"The drones make it easier for police to see into certain areas where access by patrol cars is more difficult. That includes tight spaces between buildings, behind schools, and backyards," an MSNBC anchor explained in a segment on Friday. "Failure to comply could lead to a summons or a thousand dollar fine."

"It’s just an invasion of your privacy," a local man told MSNBC.

J. Christian Bollwage, the city's mayor, responded to the criticism by insisting that the drones could save lives.

"My answer to those people is, 'If these drones save one life, it is clearly worth the activity and the information that the drones are sending,'" Bollwage said.

"The drones, donated by DJI, a Chinese company, have gone to 43 agencies in 22 states, all to help enforce social distancing rules," MSNBC reported. "Authorities say the drones aren’t taking pictures or collecting evidence. It’s a high-tech warning against a daily virus."


Maryland Republican Party Chairman Calls For Peter Franchot’s Chief Of Staff Len Foxwell To Resign

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — The chairman of the Maryland Republican Party is calling for the chief of staff of the state’s comptroller to be fired over controversial comments he made on social media.

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot’s chief of staff Len Foxwell Saturday responded to criticism of the controversial Facebook post in which he wrote that members of a right-wing group opposed to stay-at-home orders and other coronavirus-related restrictions should be put in a warehouse “and then let Darwin work his magic.”

Foxwell, who joined Franchot’s office in 2007, according to his biography with the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum where he’s a board member, shared a link to an article on Monday about a group called “The Patriot Movement” calling on people to defy coronavirus-related orders. In the post, he wrote:

“Let’s lure them into a big, big warehouse (we’ll call it something real classy to suit their refined sensibilities, like “America MAGA Platinum Palace”) with the promise of all the unfiltered Camels they can smoke, all the Salisbury steak and banana moonpies they can eat, washed down by all the Old Crow and Icehouse they can drink.

“Plus, autographs from Scott Baio and pics with Tawny Kitean, posing all sexy and everything on a sportscar, just like in that old Whitesnake video! Get them in, bar the door and then let Darwin work his magic.”


Here is more from Len Foxwell, people are pissed and Franchot is covering for him. If he is so innocent why did he delete them. He's as arrogant as Jakeass

Here’s How Much Downstate New York Is Skewing the United States’ Coronavirus Numbers

I live in New York State. But I live in Western New York—not New York City or downstate. If you ask anyone from downstate, they are New Yorkers. I am not. And quite honestly, I’m okay with that. I have no problem with not being lumped in with the downstaters.

Except I still am. New York is a hotspot when it comes to coronavirus cases and deaths, but that’s only because of downstate. Upstate New York’s coronavirus situation pales in comparison to downstate. New York City, in particular, was doomed due to the incompetence of local leaders, as well as other factors, such as population density and its subway system aiding in the spread of the virus.

Personally, I’ve thought for weeks we should be counting downstate New York separately from the rest of the country. So I looked at the numbers to see what happens when you separate downstate New York from the rest of the country.


Peter Franchot Never Liked You

We’ve been chronicling the faux conservatism and true left-wing nature of Comptroller Peter Franchot for years. And there has been no better time to illustrate that than the last 24 hours.

Yesterday it was revealed that Franchot’s Chief of Staff, Len Foxwell, made very off-color remarks about Trump supporters:

Maryland Republican Party Chairman Dirk Haire sent a letter yesterday to Franchotdemanding Foxwell’s resignation:

Latest: Peter Franchot Never Liked You

“I hope you agree with me that Mr. Foxwell’s statements suggesting the genocide of President Trump’s supporters are extraordinarily inappropriate and representative of a base and destructive mindset. A review of Mr. Foxwell’s Facebook page shows many similar posts by Mr. Foxwell.”

I won’t go so far as to say that Foxwell was calling for a genocide of Trump supporters and those hoping to “re-open Maryland.” But it does paint a picture that is not all too flattering of Foxwell, of Franchot, or their apologists.

Foxwell’s remarks show a persistent and always present smug elitism about them. A smug elitism that he is better than others, that liberals are better than conservatives, that he is better than any Trump voter, and that Democrats are better than Republicans every single time. Foxwell assumes the worst in people that he disagrees with. He assumes that anybody who disagrees with his warped, left-wing view of politics and the world is some sort of troglodyte, some sort of less than, some sort of undesirable, or some sort of….deplorable. Even when Foxwell joins his boss in their attacks against “The Annapolis Machine” (hilarious since both Foxwell and Franchot are themselves long-time members of the “Annapolis Machine”) it shows a smug sense of superiority.


Matt Gaetz: Rescind Refugee Resettlement Funding to Bolster ICE

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced the NO PORK Act on Friday, which would strip the $350 million in refugee funding in the CARES Act and redistribute it to the U.S. Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Breitbart News has learned exclusively.

Gaetz introduced the Negating Outlandish Pork in Our Reinvestment Kit Act, or NO PORK Act, to rescind a Democrat provision that the Florida conservative contends would radically reshape America to fit their leftist agenda.

Congressman Gaetz said in a statement on Friday:

It is unacceptable that Democrats have chosen to use the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to socially re-engineer our country to conform to their agenda. We should be coming together as a country and working to advance policies that put America and the American people first. I’m proud to introduce the ‘No Pork Act,’ which revokes the $350 million set aside for illegal immigrants in the CARES Act and sends it to ICE and Border Patrol, who are working tirelessly each day on the front lines of the pandemic to keep America safe.


After lawsuits, uproar over $500 tickets for church members listening to radio sermon in church parking lot, mayor has come-to-Jesus moment

'The actions taken by an over-burdensome government actually put more people at risk'

"Psalm 100 demands us to make a joyful noise unto the Lord," Simmons said, according to his page on the city's website. "On the fifth Sunday of every month, residents and citizens come and worship at the water on our levee front to make a joyful noise together in corporate worship. Folks are not restricted by the color of their skin nor confined by their churches' addresses. We come to exalt God as one community."

But these days the noise around Simmons has been anything but joyful.

Church attendance restrictions

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Simmons issued an executive order last week closing all Greenville church buildings for both in-person and drive-in services.

"It's all about trying to save lives," the mayor told the Delta Democrat-Times. "If people continue to gather, it's going to spread."


Wicomico County Homicide Under Investigation

(SALISBURY, MD) – A search is underway for a suspect as Maryland State Police continue their investigation into the murder of a Wicomico County man who was shot late last night in Salisbury, Md.

The victim is identified as Dondre Wilson, 33, of Salisbury. His body has been transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore for an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death.

Shortly before 11:oo p.m. last night, officers from the Salisbury Police Department responded to 911 calls reporting shots fired in an apartment complex in the 1000 block of Adams Avenue in Salisbury. Responding officers found the victim inside a Hyundai Sonata that appeared to have crashed into a parked car before coming to rest in a wooded area a short distance from the roadway. The victim, later identified as Wilson, appeared to have sustained a gunshot wound. Emergency medical service personnel pronounced Wilson deceased at the scene.

The Maryland State Police Homicide Unit was requested to respond and take the lead on this investigation. Assistance is being provided by officers and investigators from the Salisbury Police Department. The Wicomico County State’s Attorney also responded to the scene. State Police crime scene technicians processed the shooting scene.

The preliminary investigation indicates Wilson was traveling in the vehicle to the apartment complex to bring food to a resident, of whom police believe is a family member. Police believe there were multiple people in the vehicle at the time of the shooting. A suspect description is not known at this time.

Investigators have been interviewing witnesses and residents in the area throughout the night. Crime scene evidence has been transported to the State Police Forensic Sciences Division crime laboratory for analysis.

Anyone with information about this murder is urged to contact Maryland State Police at the Salisbury Barrack at 410-749-3101, or Crime Solvers of the Lower Eastern Shore at 410-548-1776. Callers may remain anonymous.

Maryland COVID-19 Data 4-20-2020


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NYT Says Immigrants ‘Mourn’ Loss of Deadly, Low-Wage Meatpacking Jobs

Immigrants are “mourning” the loss of low-wage jobs in a Chinese-owned, crowded slaughterhouse run by Smithfield Foods in Sioux Falls, SD, according to an article in the New York Times.

The main character in the story is an immigrant from Sudan who has worked “11-hour days at Smithfield, six times a week for nearly seven years,” says the April 15 article:

“I can’t wait to go back to work for the simple reason that this is the only thing that supports my family,” said Achut Deng, a Sudanese refugee who in six years worked her way up from a “wizard knife” operator paid $12.75 an hour to a shift lead making $18.70. “I do feel sorry for everyone who is going through this [disease], I feel sorry for myself, but it’s like, I feel better now so I’d rather go back to work.”

The Chinese-owned hog disassembly plant has been shut down indefinitely after 600 workers caught the Chinese coronavirus while working alongside each other.

“Why would lefties be supporting this?” asked Mark Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies. “The immigrants are working for low wages in terrible jobs!” The answer is that progressives prefer to pose as the defenders of migrants against claimed threats from ordinary Americans, he said, not from the real economic exploitation by employers.

The article portrays the migrants as suffering heroes, like martyrs, said Ann Corcoran, founder of Refugee Resettlement Watch. “They would never say these things about blacks [who work in slaughterhouses], and they never would say this about white lower-skilled people,” she added.

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CORONAVIRUSPublished 17 hours ago California secures over 15,000 hotel rooms for homeless during coronavirus pandemic, Newsom says

California has acquired over 15,000 hotel rooms to shelter homeless people during thecoronavirus pandemic, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Saturday.

Newsom said a new agreement with the Motel 6 hotel chain will provide an additional 5,025 hotel rooms at 47 locations in 19 counties.

“Today marks an important milestone for our efforts to protect very vulnerable homeless individuals from COVID-19, and to protect our hospitals more broadly from surges that challenge our capacity and stress our system,” the governor said.


Dear Nancy Pelosi, You Don’t Need To Pay $13 A Pint For Good Ice Cream

Bad optics and lacking leadership during this time of crisis aside, someone needs to tell the House speaker there are better, cheaper options to stock her freezer with.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was slammed by lawmakers and media alike this week after she simultaneously blocked funds for America’s suffering small businesses, and showed off her gourmet ice cream stockpile.

House Republicans have attempted for over a week to pass a clean funding bill to replenish funds for the Paycheck Protection Program, of which all $349 billion available was officially depleted on Thursday. Democrats blocked the assistance, offering a counter-proposal with a wish-list of progressive propositions. As Republicans and even some Democrats begged for Congress to bail out more small businesses, Pelosi called it a “stunt” and claimed there’s “no data as to why we need it.”


China Says No to Writing Off Africa’s 'Belt and Road' Debts

A Chinese commerce ministry official asserted on Thursday that writing off onerous African debts to Beijing under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic would be “not simple nor effective.”

The article, appearing in the Communist Party newspaper the Global Times, appeared to be a response to calls this week for wealthy nations to suspend Africa’s debt payments until the end of the year, as the world faces a possible financial recession due to economic shutdowns caused by the Wuhan coronavirus.

Indebted African countries have been hit especially hard by the current economic slowdown “due to plummeting oil and commodity prices and weaker currencies, which ramp up external debt servicing costs,” according to a Reuters report on Monday. Some African nations may see as many as 20 million jobs lost as a result of the pandemic. On Wednesday, the Group of 20 (G20) economies, including China, the United States, India, and others, offered to suspend Africa’s debt payments until the end of 2020.

However, on Thursday, Ministry of Commerce official Song Wei – identified officially as “deputy director at the Ministry of Commerce’s Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation” – wrote that China should not write off African nations’ debt as international financial institutions have recommended, claiming such measures were “not effective.”

“The whole world is facing mounting pressure on pandemic prevention and consequent economic contraction as the novel [Wuhan] coronavirus ripples across the planet,” Song said. “China, as a creditor of some African countries, has been called upon to offer debt relief which actually is not simple nor effective.”

China is not just a creditor to “some” African countries; it is the single largest creditor to the African continent.


Judge Blocks Democrat Kansas Governor’s Order Limiting Church Gatherings to 10 People

A Kansas federal court judge issued a temporary restraining order Saturday against a Democrat Kansas governor’s executive order limiting church gatherings to ten people at a time, according to a report.

The ruling came a week after the Supreme Court of Kansas sided with Democrat Gov. Laura Kelly, who saw her executive order get overruled by a Republican-led state legislature.

“We are in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic,” the governor said, according to the Associated Press. “This is not about religion. This is about a public health crisis.” She added that the ruling was “preliminary” and said she would be “proactive” about protecting the public during a public health crisis.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, on the other hand, supported the court’s decision.

“Today’s judicial ruling is a much-needed reminder that the Constitution is not under a stay-home order and the Bill of Rights cannot be quarantined,” he said. “The Constitution protects our liberties especially during times of crisis, when history reveals governments too quick to sacrifice rights of the few to calm fears of the many.”


As U.S. coronavirus deaths top 40,000, governors tell Trump it’s too soon to reopen America

(Reuters) - Protests flared in U.S. states on Sunday over stay-at-home orders while governors disputed President Donald Trump’s claims they have enough tests for the novel coronavirus and should quickly reopen their economies.

An estimated 2,500 people rallied at the Washington state capitol in Olympia to protest Democratic Governor Jay Inslee’s stay-at-home order, defying a ban on gatherings of 50 or more people.

Despite pleas from rally organizers to wear face coverings or masks as public health authorities recommend, many did not.

“Shutting down businesses by picking winners and losers in which there are essential and non-essential are violations of the state and federal constitution,” rally organizer Tyler Miller, 39, an engineer from Bremerton, Washington, told Reuters.

In Denver, hundreds of people gathered at the state capitol to demand the end to Colorado’s shutdown. As protesters clogged streets with cars, healthcare workers in scrubs and face masks stood at intersections in counterprotest.


Director of Wuhan Laboratory: Allegations ‘Malicious, Impossible’

Increasing claims a maximum security laboratory in China’s coronavirus ground-zero city of Wuhan is the source of the deadly global pandemic were rejected outright Saturday by the institute’s director.

Yuan Zhiming, vice director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, called the accusations a “conspiracy theory” in an interview with Chinese state broadcaster CGTN Saturday.

“We have a strict regulatory regime and code of conduct of research, so we are confident.”

Beijing has come under increasing pressure over the lack of transparency in its handling of the pandemic, with the U.S. leading calls for an open and honest investigation into the matter.


McCaughey: Homemade Masks Only 2 Percent Effective

Denouncing homemade masks as only 2% effective, Dr. Betsy McCaughey, chair of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths, says "career officials at Health and Human Services knowingly allowed the nation to be under-supplied" as they focused on global initiatives.

"Don't blame any president, Democratic or Republican, for this oversight," McCaughey, former Lt. Governor of New York, wrote in a Fox News opinion piece Sunday, headlined "Coronavirus masks – what works, new rules and explaining the shortage." "The career officials at Health and Human Services knowingly allowed the nation to be undersupplied.

"They never requested enough money to adequately stock the Strategic National Stockpile. Their agenda was global, tracking down polio in Pakistan, pouring nearly $5 billion in the fight against Ebola overseas, and funding a Global Health Security Agenda serving 49 countries. But no masks for Americans."

McCaughey added the warning a homemade mask is just 2-3% effective against stopping airborne virus particles, as woven cloth masks allow in 97% of viral particles,

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has bungled the handling of recommendations on Americans wearing masks, too, she wrote.

"When the coronavirus struck here, the CDC offered only mask double talk," according to McCaughey. "The agency said on the one hand masks are vital to protect healthcare workers, and on the other hand, masks won't make the public safer. It defies common sense.


China falsely telling Arab world U.S. behind coronavirus

A media research group on Friday released the transcript of a China-produced Arabic-language news report to show how Beijing’s propaganda machine is blaming the coronavirus on America.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which monitors TV and social media in the Arab world, focused on a March 17 broadcast of “China View” on Beijing’s Global Television Network Arabic (CGTN), which overall has 14 million viewers.

The TV show host, “Ms. V,” takes the Arab world through a number of unproven conspiracy theories that all point to the United States as the source of COVID-19, the disease that has infected and killed thousands global.

The Middle East is an increasingly ripe target for China’s trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative to build ports, highways and even cities to gain inroads into the oil-rich region and to compete with the U.S.


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Poll: Half of All US Small Businesses on Verge of 'Closing Forever'

The president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Sunday said its latest poll shows a "terrifying" fact that one out of 10 members say they’re less than a month away from permanently going out of business.

In an interview on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” chamber head Suzanne Clark said the poll also showed “something like 50% of small businesses say that they were eight weeks away from closing forever.”

“It's really terrifying these numbers,” she said.

“And so that's why these bridge programs are so important. But also why it's so important that we start to think about reopening in a gradual, phased-in way.”


Dr. David Katz: Coronavirus vaccine or herd immunity are only ways life can fully return to normal

Dr. David Katz, the founding director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center in Connecticut, has warned that while social distancing is helping to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, it is also preventing the development of the "herd immunity" needed by the public to resume their normal lives before a vaccine is developed.

Katz cited the case of some Asian nations who appeared to stop the spread with lockdown-style mitigation strategies, only to see an increase in cases once restrictions were relaxed.

"That's what will happen if you lock everybody away from everybody else and kind of wait until things get better and then let everybody out into the world," Katz told "Life, Liberty & Levin" in an interview airing Sunday.



What to do About China

Much the same way that the Nazis invasion of Poland in the 20th century, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) assaulted the world with a biological agent. Instead of Panzer divisions rolling down the streets of Warsaw, Communist China’s invisible biological warfare has stricken the world with economic and human misery, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and forcing millions into unemployment lines globally.

Expansionist China is clearly a military, economic, and health threat to the world. But it’s reckoning time for the Chinese communist dictatorship. Washington should exert diplomatic, economic, and military pressure on Beijing that will put China’s dictator Xi Jingping, and the evil and corrupt CCP under enormous strain.

Here are four suggestions to counter China’s biological, military and economic threats:

Economic Distancing: Seize China’s U.S. Treasury Notes

For America, the China virus attack was a 21st century medical Pearl Harbor, inflicting tens of thousands of casualties and placing our healthcare system under enormous strain. To counterattack China’s criminal negligence and mishandling of the coronavirus epidemic, the U.S. needs to hit our communist comrades where it hurts the most -- their pocketbooks.


Report: US Crude Falls to $15 a Barrel

U.S. crude oil May futures fell to $15.54 a barrel on Sunday, the Financial Times reported.

Oil futures were last that low in 1999.

Caution gripped Asian share markets on Monday on expectations a busy week of corporate earnings reports and economic data will drive home the damage done by the global virus lockdown, while a glut of supply sent U.S. crude spiraling to 20-year lows.

Japan reported its exports fell almost 12% in March from a year earlier, with shipments to the United States down over 16%. Early readings on April manufacturing globally are due on Thursday and are expected to show recession-like readings.


COVID-19 Deaths Have More Than Doubled In The Past Week Across D.C., Maryland, And Virginia

In total, D.C. has reported five fatalities and another 190 positive cases; Maryland has seen 463 deaths and 12,308 cases; and Virginia has registered 258 deaths and 8,053 cases.

The deaths have not occurred evenly across racial groups in D.C., with black residents composing a disproportionate share of fatalities. The deaths in D.C. also include five Washingtonians experiencing homelessness, four patients at the St. Elizabeths psychiatric hospital, and one inmate and one correctional officer at the D.C. Jail.

In Virginia, Henrico and Fairfax counties have seen the highest number of fatalities. Prince George’s and Montgomery counties have seen the highest death tolls in Maryland. The state is also reporting 71 additional “probable” deaths, which would bring the region’s total to nearly 900 fatalities.

Across the three jurisdictions, the number of new cases has consistently risen by between 6 and 8 percent each day this week, reaching a total of more than 23,000 confirmed cases by Saturday morning.

There are some bright spots. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said Wednesday that hospitalization rates are showing signs of stabilizing in the state and that surge capacity and testing capability have increased. “There are some very real reasons for hope and optimism right now and there is clearly a light at the end of this tunnel,” Hogan said, “but exactly how and when we will get to that light is going to be up to each and every one of us.”