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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

QAnon - "You Are Watching A Movie"

Schiff Caught Lying Again..

In a letter to House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler of New York, lead House impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff likely 'mis-characterized' evidence from former Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas.

Schiff, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, sent a letter to Nadler last week summarizing evidence put forward by Parnas, who has been indicted for fraud, claiming that Parnas “continued to try to arrange a meeting with President Zelensky.” The text message from Parnas to Giuliani reads “trying to get us Mr. Z…” with the rest of the text contained in Schiff’s letter redacted.

Documents reviewed by Politico show that “Mr. Z,” however, probably referred to Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, on whose board Hunter Biden once served while raking in $50,000 a month despite no prior experience in the industry.

Politico reports that “an unredacted version of the exchange shows that several days later, Parnas sent Giuliani a word document that appears to show notes from an interview with Mykola Zlochevsky… followed by a text message to Giuliani that states ‘mr Z answers my brother.’” Therefore, Parnas was likely referring to Zlechevsky, not Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in the exchange.


Donald Trump launches new attacks on 2020 Dems saying Joe Biden 'can't put together a sentence' while claiming Hillary Clinton was 'playing' Michael Bloomberg by promising to make him secretary of state

President Trump launched new attacks on a trio of 2020 Democrats during an interview on CNBC filmed on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Trump had some not-so-nice things to say about about Sen. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, saying of the former veep, 'He can't put together a sentence.'

But the president put most of his focus on former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has been climbing in the polls as he pursues an unorthodox strategy to advertise heavily but skip the early primary states.


Chinese Coronavirus ‘Really Serious Business,’ Says Texas Research Physician

A physician tasked with developing a vaccine for the prevention of coronavirus-type illnesses says this latest virus is the third variant since 2002. The doctor expressed concern about the frequency of new coronavirus contagions.

“This is the third new coronavirus since the turn of the century,” Dr. Peter Hotez, Dean of the Molecular, Virology, and Microbiology Department at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston told Breitbart Texas in a phone interview. “This is serious business.”

The doctor referenced the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) discovery in 2002, the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) discovery in 2012, and the Wuhan coronavirus in 2020.

“It is still very early,” Dr. Hotez said in reference to a question about what we know about the Wuhan coronavirus. “What we don’t know is much more than what we do know.”

He does not believe the virus will be as deadly as SARS, which had about a 10 percent mortality rate.

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Black Guns Matter Founder: ‘Governor Blackface’ Is Pushing ‘Tyrannical’ and ‘Racist’ Gun Control Policies

Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, told Breitbart News on Monday that Gov. Ralph Northam’s (D-VA) “gun control” proposals — including gun confiscation orders, criminalization of private gun sales, and an “assault weapons” ban — are tyrannical, offering his remarks in an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight.

“We’re a firearm safety training [and] conflict resolution organization,” said Toure of Black Guns Matter, “and what we’re doing in urban centers across the country is informing a demographic that has been left out of the Second Amendment conversation, and that’s what created the spaces where that false narrative of ‘the Second Amendment is only for old white dudes’ [has] been able to persist, and so, we’ve pushed back against that narrative with actual work. That’s what we do all across the nation.”

“The history of gun control in America has been very — extremely — racist from the beginning,” remarked Toure. “It was designed — in Virginia, ironically — and created to make sure [people] do not have the means to defend themselves. That’s what gun control is designed to do. It doesn’t make us safer. It doesn’t make us more responsible. It doesn’t make us more informed.”

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Maryland Man accused of terror plot may be mentally unfit for trial

A psychologist who examined a man accused of planning an attack inspired by the Islamic State-group at a shopping and entertainment complex near Washington, D.C., found “ample evidence” that he is mentally unfit to assist in his defense, a court filing says.

Neither prosecutors nor a defense attorney for Rondell Henry plan to dispute the opinion that a court-appointed forensic psychologist from the Federal Bureau of Prisons detailed in a Dec. 20 report, according to Saturday’s court filing. The lawyers agree that Henry should be hospitalized at a Bureau of Prisons facility for up to four months to determine if it’s likely he will “attain the capacity to permit the proceedings to go forward,” the filing says.

A federal judge in Maryland didn’t immediately schedule a hearing on the matter.


Taking his defense of Trump to the bank: Devin Nunes raising astronomical sums of money

The Devin Nunes fundraising juggernaut pressed forward during the final three months of last year, with the California congressman accumulating $2.1 million to finish with $7.2 million on hand to spend on his 2020 reelection bid.

As the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, Nunes has been at the center of his party’s effort to defend President Trump against impeachment. It is hardly a new role. Nunes has aggressively defended Trump against Democratic charges of impropriety since the president was inaugurated three years ago, and grassroots Republicans have rewarded him by contributing tens of millions of dollars in small donations.

Nunes’s fourth-quarter 2019 fundraising was confirmed by sources closed to the congressman’s political operation. The Federal Election Commission reporting deadline is Jan. 31.


Project Veritas: Another Bernie Organizer Dreams of GOP in ‘Re-Education Camps’

An undercover video released by Project Veritas on Tuesday shows a second organizer for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) campaign whitewashing the Soviet Union’s gulags and fantasizing about Republicans being sent to “re-education camps.”

“I’m ready to start tearing bricks up,” says a man identified as Martin Weissgerber, a Sanders field organizer in South Carolina, according to hidden camera footage. “I’m no cap bro, I’ll straight up get armed. I want to learn how to shoot and go train. I’m ready for the revolution, bro.”

Next, Weissgerber is seen musing about whether Sanders should take over the legislative and judicial branches’ decision-making abilities on the issue of climate change.

“Do we just cease — do we just dissolve the Senate, House of Representatives, the judicial branch, and have someone like Bernie Sanders and a cabinet of people make all the decision on climate? I mean, I’m serious,” he says.

In another part of the video, Weissgerber suggests imprisoning Republicans in re-education camps will help the country.

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Man stabs, kills pro-Trump boss, drapes American flag over him

ORLANDO, Fla. – A construction worker with anti-government beliefs is accused of fatally stabbing his boss, who was a “proud and outspoken American and pro-Donald Trump,” according to an Orange County sheriff’s arrest affidavit.

Mason Trever Toney, 28, was arrested Monday on murder charges in the death of his boss, William Knight, 28.

The fatal stabbing was reported at 10:45 a.m. at a construction site at Exit 254 of Florida’s Turnpike near State Road 528.

According to the arrest affidavit, a 911 caller reported that his coworker, identified as Toney, stabbed and killed their boss.

Deputies said they found Knight dead next to an excavator with a brand new American flag over the side of his body. Witnesses said Toney was spotted carrying a backpack, which likely was carrying the flag, according to the affidavit.


Trump approval ‘the best of his presidency': Gallup

The approval rating gap for President Trump between Democrats and Republicans has hit an all-time high, the latest sign that political bipartisanship is dead.

The gulf between how partisans view the Republican president has reached 82 points, easily overtaking the 77-point gap when former President Barack Obama left office.

But according to the latest Gallup survey, the historic divide isn’t hurting Trump’s overall approval rating, which is now at its average highest, 42%, and is sitting at his highest quarterly Gallup rating, 43.3%.


Greensboro Police Chief Pleads Guilty to Misconduct in Office

Maryland State Prosecutor Charlton Howard announced today that Michael Petyo, former Police Chief of the Greensboro Police Department in Caroline County, Maryland, pleaded guilty on January 17, 2020, to one count of misconduct in office for making factual misrepresentations in an Application for Certification, which he filed on behalf of one of his police officers.

An Application for Certification is filed with the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission to certify police officers throughout the State of Maryland. Officers must be certified to be allowed to carry out their duties.

According to the Statement of Facts read at the guilty plea, Petyo, while serving as Greensboro Police Chief, submitted an Application of Certification on behalf of Thomas Webster to the Commission for certification as a Greensboro police officer. In his submission, Petyo made several intentional misrepresentations and factual omissions to the Commission.

Petyo was sentenced to a period of two years’ incarceration, all suspended, with three years’ supervised probation by The Honorable Paul M. Bowman.

“Honest and thorough reporting to the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission is an essential responsibility of Police Chiefs throughout the State of Maryland to ensure that individuals who apply for certification, and are consequently employed as law enforcement officers, are properly screened and evaluated,” said Howard. “I commend the investigators and attorneys at the Office of the State Prosecutor for their outstanding work on this case.”

The Office of State Prosecutor would like to thank the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission and the Delaware Department of Justice with their assistance in this investigation.

Fox's Bill Hemmer sees increased viewers in former Shepard Smith time slot

Fox News's Bill Hemmer had more viewers for the debut of Bill Hemmer Reports over the time slot's previous show, which was hosted by Shepard Smith.

Monday's premiere of Bill Hemmer Reports had 1.8 million viewers, which was up 37% from the 2019 average of Smith's old show, Shepard Smith Reporting, the Hill reported, citing Nielsen Media Research. Hemmer also topped the competing programs on other cable networks.

In the key 25-54 age demographic, Hemmer had 269,000 viewers, which was good for a 34% increase from Smith's average last year. Smith abruptly left the network in October, and Fox had a litany of fill-in hosts until it announced Hemmer as the full-time replacement in December.


A Year Ago, the Media Mangled the Covington Catholic Story. What Happened Next Was Even Worse.

On the weekend of January 18, 2019, a short video appeared on Twitter that purported to show a group of Catholic high school boys—one young man, Nicholas Sandmann, in particular—harassing a Native American elder named Nathan Phillips on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

One year later, the media's reckless mishandling of the story stands as an important warning against the kind of agenda-driven, outrage-mongering clickbait that unfortunately thrives in the world of online journalism.

But no less noteworthy was the news cycle that followed the initial flawed coverage, which featured a host of ideologically-motivated partisans doubling down on their initial assumption, digging for new information to justify it, and reassuring themselves that they were right all along. Sandmann and his MAGA hat-wearing friends had identified themselves as members of Team Trump, and thus the national shaming they endured was deserved, this thinking went. Indeed, those who had defended the boys by disputing some aspects of the encounter—including me, in an article for Reason that changed many people's minds about what had happened—were engaged in "gaslighting": trying to make people think that something they saw hadn't really happened.

Sandmann's subsequent lawsuits have kept the Covington-sympathetic public focused on several of the outlets that misreported the initial story: CNN, The Washington Post, and others. Indeed, these publications certainly deserve criticism, independent of the merits of the individual lawsuits. But these outlets' Covington-related sins pale in comparison to those who continued to malign the teens long after the additional video footage was available.


Michael Avenatti being held in jail cell once occupied by El Chapo, lawyer says

A lawyer for Michael Avenatti claimed the disgraced attorney is being held in a New York jail cell that once housed Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

Avenatti’s attorney, Scott Srebnick, said his client has been kept in his cell for 24 hours a day in solitary confinement, aside from attorney visits and medical exams, and the “current conditions of his confinement” at the Metropolitan Correctional Center are preventing Avenatti and his legal team from properly preparing for the case.

“He is in a cell reportedly once occupied by El Chapo, on a floor that houses individuals charged with terrorism offenses,” Srebnick wrote in a letter to New York District Judge Paul G. Gardephe on Monday.


Audie Neilson Knott of Willards, Maryland | 1962 - 2020 | Obituary

Audie Neilson Knott, age 57, died on Sunday, January 19, 2020. Born in Waynesboro, PA he was the son of Mary Harrison Knott of PA, and the late Paul Knott. He is survived by his wife, Lynn White, and daughter Tammy Zeback of Belair, MD. Also surviving, are his brother Dana Knott and his wife Meghan, and sister Carla Bumbaugh and her husband Mike all from PA, many grandchildren, nieces, nephews and a host of friends. He was preceded in death by his daughter Wendy Adams.

Audie moved to Ocean City in the late 70’s. He worked for the Phillips Family and Dumsers for a combined 16 years, and knew at this point he wanted to stay in the restaurant business. He opened Whiskers Bar and Grill in 1999, and has been serving the Ocean Pines and surrounding communities ever since. Audie lived every day to the fullest through simple pleasures, talking to his many friends, telling his silly jokes, playing the lottery hoping to win big, and his favorite thing, gardening with the love of his life Lynn. He will be remembered for many things by everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him, working with him, and those who truly knew him. He had a natural ability to befriend everyone and reach people in a positive way.

A celebration of life will be held at Whiskers Bar and Grill, 11070 Cathell Rd. Berlin, MD 21811 on Saturday, February 15th from 1:00- 3:00 PM. Letters of condolence may be sent via: . Arrangements are in the care of the Burbage Funeral Home in Berlin.

Facial Recognition and the Danger of Automated Authoritarianism

Hundreds of police departments are using facial recognition technology without oversight.

Clearview AI, a tech startup, has created an app that enables law enforcement agencies to match photographs to its database of over 3 billion photos scraped from millions of public websites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Venmo. For comparison, the FBI's photo database contains only 640 million images. According to The New York Times, some 600 law-enforcement departments, including federal, state, and local agencies, have already used Clearview AI's technology. "You take a picture of a person, upload it and get to see public photos of that person, along with links to where those photos appeared," explained the Times.

Moreover, Clearview AI's technology doesn't need straight-ahead mugshots to work effectively. "With Clearview, you can use photos that aren't perfect," Detective Sgt. Nick Ferrara of the Gainesville, Florida, police department told the Times. "A person can be wearing a hat or glasses, or it can be a profile shot or partial view of their face." No outside tests for the app's accuracy have been publicly reported, but the company claims in a 2019 FAQ to users that it:

" …has the most accurate facial identification software in the world, with a 98.6% accuracy rate. "


Feds: University of Florida Faculty Members Fed Research to China

Four researchers were forced to resign from their positions at the University of Florida after a federal investigation revealed that foreign countries including China had exploited medical research at the university with the researchers’ help.

According to a report by the Tampa Bay Times, the University of Florida was the target of foreign manipulation. Federal investigators concluded that professors employed by universities around the United States that receive public funding are funneling research data to other countries, including communist China.

The four researchers left the university after the National Institutes of Health penned a letter that suggested that some researchers were exploiting the university’s research and sharing it with other countries.


Trump administration to add seven countries to its travel ban list

The White House will add seven new countries to its travel ban, including Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan, and Tanzania.

The announcement could arrive as soon as Monday, the three-year anniversary of the original order, according to administration officials with knowledge of the list, a report by the Wall Street Journal said. Some countries will only face a ban on certain visa categories and the rule would not ban citizens outright from entering the U.S. The list of countries is not final.

On the Davos sidelines early Tuesday, President Trump confirmed in an interview with the Wall Street Journal his administration's plans to name additional countries. He declined to name them, however.


Joe Biden Again Dismisses China Threat

Former Vice President Joe Biden once again ridiculed the notion that the United States should take a tougher stance against China amid fresh revelations that the 2020 Democrat’s youngest son, Hunter Biden, forged lucrative business agreements with mysterious Chinese firms.

“We talk about China as our competitor, we should be helping and benefiting ourselves by doing that,” Biden told supporters during a Tuesday campaign event in Ames, Iowa. “But the idea that China is going to eat our lunch — It’s like I remember the debates in the late nineties — remember Japan was going to own us?"

"Give me a break.”


‘Nobody likes him’: Hillary Clinton won’t commit to Sanders endorsement if he wins nomination

The wounds of the 2016 Democratic primary have not healed for Hillary Clinton.

The former Democratic presidential nominee was highly critical of her one-time rival Bernie Sanders in an interview published Tuesday and wouldn’t say whether she would publicly back him if he wins the 2020 primary.

“I’m not going to go there yet,” she told the Hollywood Reporter while discussing a new documentary about her.

In the four-part series, which premieres in March on Hulu, the former secretary of state argued that “nobody likes” the Vermont senator.


CDC Confirms First U.S. Case of Deadly China Virus

An individual traveling from China has been diagnosed in Seattle with the coronavirus, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) spokesman confirmed on Tuesday.

The CDC is expected to make an announcement on the matter later today.

The development comes after Chinese health officials announced that the virus has killed at least 6 people and sickened over 300. Four cases were confirmed in South Korea, Japan, and Thailand. Additionally, a Taiwanese national who recently visited Wuhan, tested positive for the virus.


Photos Reveal Chaos as Rock-Throwing Caravan Migrants Push into Mexico

A group of mostly Honduran caravan migrants began throwing rocks at Mexican security forces as they attempted to illegally cross the border from Guatemala on Monday.

After crossing the Suchiate River, some of the migrants making their way from Honduras to the United States began throwing rocks at Mexican National Guard troops assigned to stop the illegal border crossings, according to a report by the Associated Press. The apparent assaults came as Mexican authorities attempted to control the flow of migrants.

“You have two options: You go back to Guatemalan territory or you come with us,” Mexican guardsmen told the migrants who illegally crossed the river. Authorities told the migrants they could become “regularized” if they came with the guardsmen to processing centers.

Mexico told the migrant they were free to enter Mexico as long as they registered and applied for work in southern Mexico. The Mexican government repeated its position that the migrants would not be given free passage to the United States.


Senate blocks Democrats' pretrial demand for Trump documents

President Trump’s impeachment trial opened with a vote to block a subpoena for White House documents related to Democratic allegations the president abused the power of his office by withholding security aid from Ukraine.

The Senate Republican majority defeated a measure 47-53 offered by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer demanding the White House turn over a trove of documents stemming from Trump’s conversations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Republicans stayed unified in opposition to the move by Schumer, a New York Democrat.


Standoff: U.S. troops block Russian forces from capturing Syrian oil field

U.S. troops last weekend reportedly found themselves in a standoff with Russian forces trying to gain access to key oil fields in northeastern Syria.

The Saturday standoff — first reported by Turkish media outlets, citing unnamed local officials in the Turkey-Syria border region — seems to have ended without any shots being fired or any real risk of violence between the two sides. American military personnel reportedly stopped a Russian convoy near the town of Rmelan, and the Russian forces then apparently turned back and returned to their home base.


Republicans change trial rules to avoid 'dark of night' proceedings

Senate Republicans have altered planned rules for the presidential impeachment trial to allow House evidence to be included and to avoid late-night proceedings.

McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, was criticized by Democrats for drafting trial rules that would require both the impeachment managers and President Trump’s defense attorneys to each present arguments over 24 hours spread over two days.

McConnell has extended that rule to 24 hours spread over three days, which will make it less likely that the managers or lawyers will have to extend their arguments late into the night.


US Military Jams GPS Across East Coast As FBI Seizes Night-Vision Devices

In case you didn’t fully realize that something big is about to take place in America, file these two facts:

#1: The U.S. military, Carrier Strike Group Four (CSG4), is jamming GPS signals from Jan 16th – 24th

...which may overlap the planned deep state false flag event in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is just at the margins of the range of the GPS jamming exercise map released by the military (see below). The epicenter of the so-called “exercise” is off the coast of Georgia. The official FAA announcement claims no jamming will take place on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week, but we don’t trust the FAA, so your mileage may vary. Remember, too, that 90% of the American population below the age of 30 has never read a paper map and can’t use a compass.

The GPS jamming exercise continues through Jan. 24th and effects South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Eastern Tennessee, Alabama and all of Florida. The AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) has posted details of the warning here.

The FAA has also issued a flight advisory warning aircraft pilots that GPS will fail for “several hours each day” during this military jamming exercise


Hallmark Media CEO Exits After Same-Sex Ad Furor

The head of Hallmark's media business is leaving the company after 11 years, just a month after its flagship Hallmark Channel faced an outcry over a decision to pull an ad with a lesbian couple kissing.

No reason was given for Bill Abbott's departure, and no replacement was immediately named.

Abbott was CEO of Crown Media Family Networks, a company controlled by Hallmark Cards. Crown Media's flagship cable channel is The Hallmark Channel, known for family-friendly programming, particularly made-for-TV Christmas-themed movies.

In December, the Hallmark Channel's decision to pull an ad featuring the same-sex couple led to an outcry online. The company later reversed the decision.


Elizabeth Warren’s Son-in-Law Produced Film Funded by Iranian Government

Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) son-in-law, with whom she is close, has troubling ties to the Iranian regime, according to a new book by Peter Schweizer.

The book, Profiles in Corruption, reveals progressive leaders’ little-known ties to corrupt businesses and governments and discusses the Massachusetts senator in a chapter.

The chapter details the business deals of Warren’s son-in-law, Sushil Tyagi, who is married to her daughter, Amelia. Tyagi was born in India but moved to the United States, where he met Amelia while they were both pursuing MBAs at Wharton Business School.

Warren and Tyagi are close. She attended his brother’s wedding in India, recounting it in her memoir. She and her husband Bruce Mann in December 2009 served as witnesses for a power of attorney corporate document he filed in India.

Since his marriage into the Warren family, Tyagi “has been involved in a series of curious—even troubling—business ventures around the world,” Schweizer writes.


'Like listening to an arsonist talk about fire prevention': Graham slams Schiff during impeachment proceedings

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham slammed Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff for lecturing the Senate about "fairness" during the trial over President Trump’s impeachment.

The trial began on Tuesday afternoon with senators haggling over the rules that would govern the process. Schiff, one of the House managers tapped by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to prosecute the case, slammed White House counsel Pat Cipollone after he accused House Democrats of holding unfair impeachment hearings.

"Quite frankly, having Adam Schiff lecture the Senate about fairness and due process is like listening to an arsonist talk about fire prevention," Graham tweeted during Schiff’s speech.


Civil War II: Gun control could push Virginia counties to join West Virginia

West Virginia lawmakers are scrambling to let rural Virginia counties join the Mountain State amid conservative voter anger with the new Democratic majority in Richmond and its push for gun control and other liberal initiatives.

In a building fight that echoes the Civil War-era split of the Old Dominion that created West Virginia in 1863, 40 of 100 West Virginia House delegates have signed on to legislation that would accept revolting Virginia counties and towns.

The effort began after the November elections when urban and suburban voters put the Virginia General Assembly into Democratic hands. Many of those Democrats ran on a platform of restricting and banning guns.


WE CAUGHT HIM! Rep. Adam Schiff Caught Leaking Classified Information from House Committee in Effort to Damage President Trump

Democrat Adam Schiff leaked sensitive and classified House Committee materials in his obsession to politically damage President Trump.

In an exclusive report, we provide the evidence below.

On July 12, 2018, Democrat Representative Adam Schiff sent John Szobocsan a letter on official letterhead requesting that Mr. Szobocsan participate in an interview in front of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI):


Iranian lawmaker offers $3M reward for anyone who assassinates Trump

An Iranian lawmaker announced he would give $3 million to any person who is able to assassinate President Trump.

"On behalf of the people of Kerman province, we will pay a $3 million reward in cash to whoever kills Trump," lawmaker Ahmad Hamzeh told the nation's Parliament, Reuters reported Tuesday. It is unclear if the reward is also supported by Iran's top leaders.

Hamzeh went on to urge Iran to continue developing nuclear weapons along with long-range missiles.

"If we had nuclear weapons today, we would be protected from threats," he stated. "We should put the production of long-range missiles capable of carrying unconventional warheads on our agenda. This is our natural right."


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