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Friday, January 30, 2015

Martin O’Malley To Speak At SC Issues Conference

Columbia, SC – The South Carolina Democratic Party announced today that former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley will be speaking at the 2015 John Spratt Issues Conference. Governor O’Malley will address party activists and leaders as part of the National Speaker Series.

“We are very proud that Governor O’Malley will be addressing our Party at the 2015 Issues Conference,” said Jaime Harrison, Chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party. “This is an exciting opportunity for our party to continue the dialogue on important issues that matter to our state, and to hear from national leaders about how we move our state forward.”


These Photos Of Food As Famous Paintings Will Blow Your Mind

As kids, we were often reprimanded for messing with our food. We were told dinner is meant to be eaten, not played with. But, these amazing calendar images of edibles styled as famous works of art are proof that our stickler parents were maybe just stifling our potential for creative genius.Russian photographer and food stylist Tatiana Shkondina has created an ingenious tribute to the paintings of masters including Van Gogh, Klimt and Dalí. The collection is impressive not only for its uncanny resemblance to the originals, but for its meticulous construction process, too. The artwork is first outlined into basic silhouettes, and then Shkondina painstakingly handpicks the ingredient palette with coloring that can be incorporated seamlessly into the shapes. Utilizing salmon, grains and a variety of greens, the results wouldn't look out of place in a gallery. Click through for some of her best work — and for a look at what your childhood artwork might have yielded if you were only allowed to push your potatoes around a little bit longer.


Outrage Over Public Defender’s Arrest Caught on Video: ‘This Is Not Guantanamo Bay’

San Francisco Deputy Public Defender Jami Tillotson was in a courtroom in the city’s Hall of Justice when she got the word: Police were interviewing and taking photographs of a client of hers elsewhere in the building.

So Tillotson left the courtroom, got to her client, and told him he didn’t have to answer any questions from police; she added to the inspector present that he had no right to take photos of her client or her client’s friend, who was also there, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

Soon someone started recording Tuesday’s incident on a cellphone camera.


I Wonder If Labinal Will Be A Part Of This?

Some future president is going to get one heck of an airplane to ferry him — or her — around. The Air Force has settled on the Boeing 747-8 as the next Air Force One. The decision was made by Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James and the Pentagon's top buyer, Frank Kendall. The only other plane considered capable of the presidential mission is the Airbus 380, which is assembled in France. The decision isn't a procurement, but it authorizes a sole-source buy from Boeing. The Air Force will have a long list of modifications to the planes it will eventually buy. It wants to be able to handle the maintenance itself for the plane's planned 30-year lifecycle. The current pair of Air Force Ones are older 747s, delivered during the term of President George H.W. Bush.

CFES Awards Salisbury Substance Abuse Community Center, Inc. With $5,000 Community Needs Grant

Posted on 01/29/2015 by DispatchAdmin

The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore (CFES) awarded a $5,000 Community Needs Grant to the Salisbury Substance Abuse Community Center, Inc. (SSACC) to provide support for the outreach and marketing to local Spanish speaking populations. Pictured, from left, are Beth Ohlsson, executive director, SSACC and Heather Towers, Program Officer, Community Foundation. Submitted Photos

This article was written by DispatchAdmin, The Dispatch Staff.

Wait Until You Read This!

The Justice Department has pushed back the court dates for thousands of immigrants who are waiting for hearings — way back. 

The Wall Street Journal reports Justice has set a new court date of Nov. 29, 2019 That's the day after Thanksgiving. The notices are going to low priority cases, people living freely without the threat of deportation. The five year delay is evidence of how crowded immigration court dockets have become. 

A surge of unaccompanied minors crossed the border last summer. Those cases have become a high priority.

Longest Sentence Ever Given In Sex Trafficking Case In MD

Prosecutors say it is a first in the state. A Baltimore man has been sentenced to the maximum for the human trafficking of a 16-year-old girl in Baltimore County.

Abudallah Oakley was convicted this week of prostituting the girl who was reported missing by her family.

Baltimore County Assistant State's Attorney Jared Green who also handles human trafficking cases in the county says Oakley and the victim met through a friend back in June. He then had the girl move in with him. Green says Oakley started posting ads of the teenager on in the escort section.

According to investigators, Oakley would take the teenager to meet the Johns throughout the Baltimore metro area. The forced prostitution continued for two weeks before police operating an undercover sting were able to rescue the victim.


2 D.C. Fire employees charged with thousands of dollars in city gas thefts

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- There is a massive pot of taxpayer dollars that federal agents are doing their best to protect.

And two D.C. Fire and EMS employees face a felony fraud charge for allegedly dipping into that pot.

The federal government’s fleet of vehicles numbers around 200,000. The cars need fuel, a lot of fuel. In fact, the Government Services Administration says last year those cars used $514 million in gas.

The GSA leases 41 of those vehicles to DCFEMS.


Common Over-the-Counter Medicines Linked to Dementia in New Study

Common over-the-counter drugs such as Benadryl may be linked to dementia, according to a new study published this week in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Researchers at University of Washington and a nonprofit called Group Health followed 3,434 adults over age 65 for more than seven years. None of them had dementia or Alzheimer's disease when the study started, and they kept careful records about the drugs they took. The researchers found that people who took more anticholinergic drugs -- which affect the nervous system and are in antihistamines and some bladder control medications -- were more likely to develop dementia.

The link has been studied before but this is an especially good study, said Dr. James Leverenz, a neurologist who directs the Cleveland Center for Brain Health at the Cleveland Clinic and was not party of the new study.

"People want to be very careful about what kind of medicines they taking or if they already have some issues with their thinking skills," Leverenz said. "I knew when I first start taking [antihistamines] for allergies, I feel a little clouded and sleepy. Some of that is the anticholinergic effect in the brain."


Texas state rep. wants 'Muslim Day' attendees to pledge allegiance to America

A Texas lawmaker is calling on Muslim constituents attending the "Texas Muslim Capitol Day" event to "publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws."

The event, held when the Texas legislature is in session, is an opportunity for the state's Islamic community to speak with their representatives. It is organized by the local chapter of the Council on American–Islamic Relations.

But Freshman state Rep. Molly White (R) said in a message on her Facebook page that she wouldn't be in her Capitol office because the legislature was on break."I did leave an Israeli flag on the reception desk in my office with instructions to staff to ask representatives from the Muslim community to renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws," she wrote.


MetLife: National Anthem with Peanuts

You can earn $13,000 a year selling your poop

You can donate blood, plasma, eggs, and sperm. Why not poop? Yes, your feces are perhaps your greatest untapped monetary resource. Thanks to a nonprofit organization called OpenBiome, you can cash in to the tune of $13,000 a year -- and save lives while you're at it.

Since 2013, OpenBiome has been processing and shipping loads of it all over the country. The frozen stool is administered to patients who are very sick with infections of a bacteria called C. difficile. The bacteria can cause extreme gastrointestinal distress, leaving some sufferers housebound. Antibiotics often help, but sometimes the bacteria rears back as soon as treatment stops. That leads to a miserable, continuous course of antibiotics.

By introducing healthy fecal matter into the gut of a patient (by way of endoscopy, nasal tubes, or swallowed capsules) doctors can abolish C. difficile for good. Finding a donor is tough business, and some patients grow so desperate that they treat themselves with fecal matter from friends and family. That's what happened to a friend of OpenBiome's founders, inspiring them to open up the first nationwide bank. So far they've shipped about 2,000 treatments to 185 hospitals around the country.


Palin for Prez

County sting nets 21 potential sex offenders

(Jan. 30, 2015) Twenty-one suspected sex offenders have been rounded up in Worcester County and neighboring areas, following a campaign by the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office that began more than a year ago.

In revealing the existence and the results of the office’s “Operation Worcester Safety Net” last Thursday in Snow Hill, Detective Cpl. Alex Kagan said it proved “that predators are here and hunting in Worcester County. They are hunting our children.”

The operation began in December 2013 after the Worcester County Commissioners agreed to allow the sheriff’s office to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Maryland State Police.

That made the sheriff’s office an affiliate of the federally managed Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force and part of a national network of local law enforcement agencies dedicated to catching sexual crimes committed by internet users.


Michelle Obama Unveiled

Obama to seek to bust spending limits by $74 billion

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House says President Barack Obama’s budget will propose spending $74 billion more than current spending caps. That would be an increase of about 7 percent.

Obama plans to release his budget for the next fiscal year on Monday. The White House says Obama will propose $530 billion for domestic programs, which is $37 billion more than the limits established by so-called sequestration.

Obama will also propose $561 billion for defense spending. That’s an increase of $38 billion over the spending limits.


Want To Shovel Snow For Money? There’s A Permit For That

A few entrepreneurial teens in Bound Brook, NJ, learned in a valuable lesson in government dominance

School was closed for the blizzard that wasn’t, but there was still enough snow on the ground that two Bridgewater-Raritan Regional High School seniors thought they could make a few extra bucks.

In the process, Matt Molinari and Eric Schnepf, both 18, also learned a valuable lesson about one of the costs of doing business: government regulations.

The two friends were canvasing a neighborhood near this borough’s border with Bridgewater early Monday evening, handing out fliers promoting their service, when they were pulled over by police and told to stop.

Bound Brook, like many municipalities in the state and country, has a law against unlicensed solicitors and peddlers.

Despite the rule, however, Police Chief Michael Jannone said the two young businessmen were not arrested or issued a ticket, and that the police’s concern was about them being outside during dangerous conditions, not that they were unlicensed.


Family: Lack of discharge plan likely a factor in man's death

DENTON — The family of a man found dead Monday, Jan. 19, under a Denton bridge believes lack of communication and lack of a discharge plan at the Caroline County jail contributed to his death.

Scott Michael deNagy, 49, was found dead under the bridge on Legion Road crossing Watts Creek, a week after he had been released from the Caroline County Detention Center. He is listed as being of no fixed address.

His older brother, John deNagy of California, and older sister, Tracy Lea of Taneytown, Md., are among those family members who believe their brother’s death was caused in part by a failure of the detention center to provide adequate notification to outside entities upon his release.


Missing Person In Salisbury

UPDATE: April Arnett has been located and is safe

SPD Press Release 1-30-15 (Armed Robbery Arrest)

Baby Tortoises Found On Galapagos Island For First Time In Over 100 Years

After more than a century without a single baby tortoise sighting on the Galapagos island of Pinzón, a small group of the tiny, shelled youngsters have been spotted again.

The recent births are helping to pull the critically endangered animals back from the brink of extinction after they were nearly laid to waste as a result of human activity.

"I'm amazed that the tortoises gave us the opportunity to make up for our mistakes after so long," researcherJames Gibbs who was among the first to see the hatchlings in December, told The Dodo.


General’s Kitchen Finds New Home In Former Galaxy 66 Space

OCEAN CITY – General’s Kitchen tradition will stay alive in the former Galaxy 66 beneath the Skye Bar

General’s Kitchen had been operating out of Beachmark Motel on 74th Street and Coastal Hwy. since the early 1980’s. In August, the property owner informed owner Robert Noll his lease, which expired on Dec. 31, was not going to be renewed. It has since been announced the Coach’s Corner, which was previously located on 60th Street, will take its place.

Noll had been in talks with several sites, including J/R’s Ribs, Hall’s Restaurant, 67th Street Town Center, among a few others, but none of the agreements made it to the end until Noll met up with Roger Cebula of Galaxy 66.

“He was interested in operating a joint venture there that we have been working on together since before Christmas in getting the paperwork and terms drawn up. We just got all that finally approved and signed, so Galaxy 66 will be the home of the new General’s Kitchen,” Noll said.


5 Things You Need To Know About Governor Hogan's FY 2016 Budget Solutions

SFD Calls For Service 1-29-15

  • Thursday January, 29 2015 @ 23:50Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday January, 29 2015 @ 20:50Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday January, 29 2015 @ 20:22Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday January, 29 2015 @ 19:17 Nature: Citizen AssistAddress: 125 N Division St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday January, 29 2015 @ 15:41Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

Buried cat, presumed dead, rises from the grave in Florida

TAMPA -- Bart the cat should be renamed zombie cat after he was hit by a car, buried and then crawled out of his grave five days later, CBS Miami reports.

According to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, they've seen many cases at their clinic but "this situation may take the cake."

They are now caring for a 2-3 year old black and white cat named Bart who was found by his owner after being hit by a car. The cat appeared to be lifeless and his owner, Ellis Hutson, buried him in a shallow grave. Five days later, the cat showed up in a neighbor's yard alive.

Bart was matted, injured, dehydrated and meowing for food.


Hero dog

Heroic Dog Takes Matters Into His Own Paws When His Owner Is Underwater a Bit Too Long

Vice President Joe Biden Asks For More Money Again

FromJoe Biden
ToJoe Albero

Joe, I'm proud to call myself a card-carrying Democrat, and if you pitch in to the Democratic National Committee today, they'll send you an official membership card so you can be one too. 

A lot has changed -- about Democrats and our country as a whole -- since I first picked a party, but one thing has always been true for as long as I've been a Democrat: We're the party that never stops working to make sure that every single person in this great nation has a shot at the American dream. 

That's been the guiding force behind everything we've done together to build up the middle class over the past six years. It rang true in what the President said at the State of the Union last week (and if you didn't have a chance to watch last Tuesday night, I hope you'll take a few minutes today -- this one was pretty special). And I know it will be the mission of the next Democratic president we elect in 2016. 

Help Democrats keep fighting for every American by making a donation of $10 or more, and when you get your membership card in the mail, make sure you carry it with pride.

Oklahoma worries over swarm of earthquakes and connection to oil industry

GUTHRIE, Okla. – The earthquakes come nearly every day now, cracking drywall, popping floor tiles and rattling kitchen cabinets. On Monday, three quakes hit this historic land-rush town in 24 hours, booming and rumbling like the end of the world.

“After a while, you can’t even tell what’s a pre-shock or an after-shock. The ground just keeps moving,” said Jason Murphey, 37, a Web developer who represents Guthrie in the state legislature. “People are so frustrated and scared. They want to know the state is doing something.”

What to do about the plague of earthquakes is, however, very much an open question in Oklahoma. Last year, 567 quakes of at least 3.0 magnitude rocked a swath of counties from the state capital to the Kansas line, alarming a populace long accustomed to fewer than two quakes a year.


Hotel Marks 120 Years As Berlin’s Centerpiece; Friday Benefit To Honor Original Founders

BERLIN – Boarded up windows. Vacant storefronts. Empty sidewalks.

Berlin in the 1970s could have been any struggling small town in America. Business was slow. Many buildings were run-down. And at the center of it all was the Atlantic Hotel. The 19th Century landmark appeared, like the rest of the town, to be headed for obscurity.

In the ensuing decade, the foresight of 10 local families changed all that. The group of like-minded citizens decided to pool their resources and purchase the aging hotel. The revitalization that came next triggered a complete renaissance in Berlin.

“There is no doubt, whatsoever, in my mind that the renewal and pride that is now central to the Town of Berlin’s identity today is a direct result of the restoration of the Atlantic Hotel,” Berlin Mayor Gee Williams said. “The inspiration provided by those visionary investors in the 1980s was the catalyst for so many other property owners to join in an ongoing effort of renewal that we continue to enjoy throughout our community.”

Today, the stalwart hotel at the center of Berlin celebrates its 120th anniversary. The historic inn looks much as it did in 1895.


1 in 5 American Kids rely on Food Stamps

America is a global leader on a number of fronts, including having the largest economy in the world. But here is one area where the U.S., given its general affluence, would rather not distinguish itself: It has one of the highest rates of child poverty in the industrialized world.

Even as the economy continues to recover from the Great Recession, 1 in 5 children are on food stamps, the U.S. Census said on Wednesday. Before the housing crash, 1 in 8 received federal food assistance.

This dismal statistic reflects how the recovery is failing to reach families at the lower end of the economic spectrum. While the stock market has reached record highs and the richest 1 percent are on a path to own most of the world's wealth by 2016, many American families continue to struggle to put food on the table. The U.S. now has the second-highest rate of child poverty among 35 industrialized nations, according to the Children's Defense Fund, a child advocacy group.


California announces campaign to combat use of e-cigarettes

LOS ANGELES — Arguing that the rising popularity of electronic cigarettes soon would undermine California's leadership in reducing tobacco use, state health officials Wednesday called for tighter regulation of the devices and announced an educational campaign to combat their use.

Addressing "vaping" by minors and young adults, the fastest-growing group of users in the state, will be a key focus, California's Department of Public Health said in a 21-page report. E-cigarette use among young adults ages 18 to 29 in California tripled between 2012 and 2013, according to the agency.

"I'm advising Californians, including those who currently use tobacco, to avoid using e-cigarettes," state health officer Dr. Ron Chapman said during a conference call following the document's release. "E-cigarettes ... re-normalize smoking behavior and introduce a new generation to nicotine addiction."



Ford 4Q Profit Slumps 98%

(Bloomberg) -- Ford Motor Co. beat analysts’ estimates for the fourth quarter and said assembly of the aluminum-bodied F-150 is going “extremely well,” even as the second-biggest U.S. automaker grapples with losses in Europe and South America.

Ford reported net income of $52 million, or 1 cent a share, down from $3.04 billion, or 74 cents, a year earlier. Excluding one-time costs, such as a charge in Venezuela, the profit was 26 cents a share, beating the 22-cent average estimate of 18 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg. For the full year, Ford posted pretax profit of $6.3 billion, better than the $6 billion it forecast as it cut financial goals in September.


The Boom in Food Stamps (Chlidren's Edition)

Md. teacher receives ‘Oscar of teaching’ award

A Maryland teacher is the latest winner of the prestigious Milken Educator Award and the $25,000 prize that comes with it.

Maggie Hawk is a teacher at Yellow Springs Elementary School in Frederick. It is the same school where Hawk was a student when she was in elementary school.

"She struggled in school. She had a first-grade teacher that told her she can make it, that she can be successful," said Mike Milken, co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation.

Hawk said it was her first-grade teacher who inspired her to get into the profession. She said she struggled with dyslexia as a child, but her family and teachers helped her succeed.


This Just In: West Salisbury Elementary Under Lock Down? UPDATE: IT'S A DRILL

West Salisbury elementary school is reportedly on lock down right now with teachers/students locked in classrooms, bathrooms, etc. Reason unknown.

Rehoboth Man Arrested for Fitness Center Car Break-Ins

Rehoboth Beach - The Delaware State Police have arrested a Rehoboth man after he was linked to several car break-ins from local fitness centers.

Troopers assigned to Troop 7 in Lewes have recently been taking several theft reports from cars dating back to January 11, 2015. All of these thefts have occurred in the parking lots of local fitness clubs along the Coastal Highway corridor, such as, the YMCA, Club Fitness, and Rehoboth Cross Fit. On Wednesday January 28, 2015, detectives assigned to Troop 4 Property Crimes Unit as well as troopers from Troop 7 conducted surveillance in the parking lots of the three fitness centers. While doing so, a silver Dodge Status was observed in the early morning hours of the parking lot of Club Fitness on Oyster Road and then two hours later at the YMCA on Church Road with the same operator. A computer inquiry on the registration of the car revealed the tags were expired and as the driver exited onto the highway from the YMCA, a traffic stop was conducted.

Kenneth W. Tolodziecki, 38 of Rehoboth, was contacted and was unable to provide his driver's license, insurance, or registration on the car. An ensuing search of the car prior to it being towed revealed two spark plugs in the drivers' side door that were altered in order to make an improvised device commonly used to break automobile windows. In all of the reported incidents, a side window was smashed out. Tolodziecki was transported back to Troop 7 while detectives continued to investigate and later learned that he was staying at Sea Esta IV on Coastal Highway. Detectives confirmed with the management that he was residing there and while searching the area of the garbage dumpster near Tolodziecki's room, located a purse that was reported stolen from a vehicle in the Club Fitness parking lot earlier that morning before detectives began surveillance.

Kenneth Tolodziecki was subsequently charged with seven counts of Burglary 3rd, Possession of Burglary Tools, six counts of Theft, seven counts of Criminal Mischief, and various traffic offenses. He was arraigned at JP2 and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $23,400.00 cash bond.

You Can Earn $13,000 a Year Selling Your Poop

You can donate blood, plasma, eggs, and sperm. Why not poop? Yes, your feces are perhaps your greatest untapped monetary resource. Thanks to a nonprofit organization called OpenBiome, you can cash in to the tune of $13,000 a year -- and save lives while you're at it.

Since 2013, OpenBiome has been processing and shipping loads of it all over the country. The frozen stool is administered to patients who are very sick with infections of a bacteria called C. difficile. The bacteria can cause extreme gastrointestinal distress, leaving some sufferers housebound. Antibiotics often help, but sometimes the bacteria rears back as soon as treatment stops. That leads to a miserable, continuous course of antibiotics.

By introducing healthy fecal matter into the gut of a patient (by way of endoscopy, nasal tubes, or swallowed capsules) doctors can abolish C. difficile for good. Finding a donor is tough business, and some patients grow so desperate that they treat themselves with fecal matter from friends and family. That's what happened to a friend of OpenBiome's founders, inspiring them to open up the first nationwide bank. So far they've shipped about 2,000 treatments to 185 hospitals around the country.

And yes, they pay for healthy poop: $40 a sample, with a $50 bonus if you come in five days a week. That's $250 for a week of donations, or $13,000 a year.


Raw food diet for pets: Trendy, but is it safe?

An increasing number of pet owners are ditching the packaged dry and wet foods and putting their furry family members on raw-food diets.

New Yorker Bobby Fintor says his cats have more energy since switching to raw meats like lamb for their meals.

"My cats are 10 and 11 years old and they act like they're five," he told CBS News. "They poop less. They shed less. They seem to be full of more energy."

Raw pet food is a fast-growing slice of the pet food market. According to a report from, packaged raw pet foods -- including frozen, freeze-dried, and dehydrated varieties -- generated approximately $114 million in sales in 2012, representing a 17-percent-per-year growth since 2008. But that's still just a tiny percentage of U.S. pet food sales, estimated at $20 billion a year by the Pet Food Institute.


U.S. Retail Sector Begins Massive Collapse

The quick-and-easy way to categorize the retail sector of the U.S. economy would be to use the metaphor of “falling off a cliff”. However, such a characterization would be overly simplistic. A more accurate analogy would be to consider someone sliding halfway down the side of a mountain – and then falling off a cliff. This represents the retail sector of the largest “consumer economy” the world has ever seen.

As explained previously; a “consumer economy” is (by definition) a dying economy. Consumption is not an activity which contributes to the productivity of any nation. Rather, “consumption” is our means of harvesting the fruits of previous labours. As a matter of elementary logic; such “harvesting” cannot continue over any extended period, or one will simply run out of anything to harvest.

At that point; the consumer economy becomes a debtor economy, meaning a Deadbeat Economy, since it now lacks the productive capacity to pay for what it consumes. Our economies have become a cartoon, and our governments have become a Cartoon Character, specifically Wimpy, from the old “Popeye” cartoons.

“I’ll pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

Children laugh at the cartoon, because everyone knows that Wimpy can never pay for the hamburger on “Tuesday”, but rather when it comes time to pay for his consumption he will simply seek to do more mooching. That is the “consumer economy”. That is the U.S. economy.


Thanks Obamacare: This Is What Americans Spent The Most Money On In Q4

If readers need clarification on what was the primary source of spending-based "growth" for the US economy in the fourth quarter, the same source that bumped up final Q3 GDP from 3.9% to 5.0%, please ping us: we will gladly explain the chart below. And just in case it is still unclear what Americans are spending their "gas sasvings" on, here it is one more time.

Opportunity Shop Makes Incredible Donation To The Main Street Gym

Main St Gym has received a $1,000.00 of a donation that was presented by Billie Cooley of the Opportunity Shop in Salisbury.

The donation will be used to keep the Main St Gym facility open and doing the job of working with at risk youths from Salisbury and around the Eastern Shore. The opportunity shop has been a long time supporter of the Main St Gym. 

Pictured is Coach Hal Chernoff, head coach of Main St Gym and Billie Cooley of the Opportunity shop in Salisbury.

Business Pulse: Insights on Maryland’s new leadership

Secretary Mike Gill leads the Maryland Department 
of Business and Economic Development.

It was just about three weeks ago that Governor Larry Hogan announced that I was his pick for Secretary of the Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED). I cannot express how truly excited I am to lead the effort to get Maryland’s economic development efforts back on track.

Our mission is clear—to make Maryland a place where businesses can grow, where companies want to relocate and where we have an entrepreneurial culture second to none. It’s much more than just that, but it starts with “Maryland is Open for Business.”

I envision DBED to be an agency where “we make it happen.” My team will embody the qualities of many successful organizations—high energy, a sense of urgency, integrity in all that we do, positive attitudes, tremendous spirit and camaraderie. That’s us, that’s DBED.


9th Annual Firearm & Men’s Night Out 2 Day Auction – 1/30/15 TONIGHT

8000 Esham Road, Parsonsburg, MD 21849

Thursday January 29th at 5 PM & Friday January 30th at 5:00 PM

Selling from Estate of Sam Chamberlain of Princess Anne, Maryland and several Local Eastern Shore Estates & Consigners! We are accepting quality consignments at this time!
A nice selection of 515 Rifles, Shotguns & Handguns.  (116 Sold Thursday Night, 399 sold Friday Night. Over 900 lots in the Auction). Shooting Accessories, Winchester 23 Gun safe, Ammunition, 3 ATV’s & more will be sold! SPECIAL ADDITIONS: 1984 Ford F250 w/ 34k Orig Miles, 2002 Haulmark 24ft trailer, 2000 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 4×4 w/95K miles, Kubota F 2560 Mower,2011 Honda TRX 250TMB Recon,  2007 Honda Rancher TRX350, 2005 Kawasaki Bayou 250. Firearms to Include: 8 M1 Garands, 9 M1 Carbines Including an Inland M1A1 Paratrooper, Seven 1903’s, 4 Krag’s, 7 Luger’s, 15 Arisaka’s, Several Mausers, Spencer Rifle, Winchester 1876 Lever Action, Winchester 1894 (Made in 1918), Colt SA Army (1884), Lemat Revolver, 1808 Contract Fintlock rifle, Armalite AR10. Colt Ar-15 HBAR, Johnson Automatics Mdl 1941, Perazzi/Ithaca TM1 Trap Shotgun & much more! Last year’s auction yielded 525 Onsite Bidders and 765 Online Bidders from 49 different states and 8 countries. We had winning firearm buyers from 36 states. Online bidding will be available for the Auction. Don’t miss the opportunity to sell your firearms in the MID ATLANTIC’S LARGEST ANNUAL FIREARM SALE.

Comcast apologizes for changing customer's billing name to profanity

You know they may be thinking it about you, when you're arguing with a customer service representative.

But it's a stretch when you actually see it in writing: "A**hole".

That's what happened to a Spokane, Washington couple after they sparred about their bill with a customer service representative from Comcast. When Ricardo and Lisa Brown got their monthly service bill, the husband's name had been changed from Ricardo Brown to "A**hole Brown."


Six in 10 Americans Unhappy With Immigration Level

Dissatisfaction with the current level of immigration has risen six percentage points since 2014.

Six in 10 American adults — or 60 percent — say they are dissatisfied with the level of immigration, and a majority of those want fewer people coming in the United States, according to a new Gallup poll. Dissatisfaction is even spiking among Democrats.

This spike in unhappiness about immigration — up from 54 percent in 2014, but considerably lower than the high of 72 percent in 2008 — comes on the heels of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration but before congressional Republicans flubbed efforts to tighten border controls. The poll was conducted in the first full week of January. Leaders in the GOP-controlled House Monday failed to put a border security bill up for a vote.

Gallup's finding indicate a mere 33 percent of U.S. adults are satisfied with immigration levels.

More here

Media Coverage Called ‘Despicable’; Race Not An Issue, School Says

BERLIN – Decatur Strong.

That’s the message on the Stephen Decatur High School marquee following two student fights that led to a local newspaper’s report of racial tension at the Berlin school.

Tom Zimmer, principal at Decatur, says the students, parents and staff are trying to move forward.

“I have students that are embarrassed,” Zimmer said. “I have students that are bothered by the fact that the entire student body’s being painted by the same brush. A couple incidents occurred with small numbers of people and the student body is bothered by that. They feel like their reputation’s being soiled and they feel like the community’s looking at them in a different light.”

On Wednesday, The Daily Times published a story about two student fights that occurred last week and a racial social media post purported to relate to them. The newspaper also shared videos of the fights and a 911 recording of a call.


Meet the tiny Colibri, Germany's one-seat wonder

The impossible dream of scoring the perfect city parking spot is about to get somewhat more possible – at least in Germany, where the tiny Colibri, a single-seat electric car from upstart Innovative Mobility Automobile (IMA), is headed for production.

Set to become available for test-drives and pre-orders this year, and scheduled to enter series production during 2016, the Colibri is aimed squarely at businesses that operate fleets of service vehicles in densely populated urban areas, where parking is at a premium. But that doesn’t mean IMA isn’t also trying to woo everyday drivers, says Thomas delos Santos, IMA’s founder and chief executive officer.

In fact, the company has already received more than 1,200 orders from private customers. Another indication of the car’s early popularity: More than 150 dealers from around the world (mostly in Europe, but also including Israel, Brazil, the United States and Australia) have applied for licenses to sell the Colibri. And collectively, those dealers estimate there’s enough consumer interest to sell another 5,000 cars, says delos Santos.



College students in Arizona can now take a class on “Hating Whitey.”

In a sign that America’s institutions of higher learning may be lost forever to the radical left, college students in Arizona can now take a class on “Hating Whitey.”

In line with the extreme academic discipline called critical race theory, which is prevalent on campuses across America, Arizona State University is now offering a course on “the problem of whiteness,” according to Campus Reform.

Critical race theory is a belief that relies heavily on the myth of institutional racism, the opinion that racism is inherent in America, brought on by white privilege and white supremacy.

And if that’s not bad enough, the class — ENG 401: “Studies in American Literature/Culture: U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness” — is being taught by a white man.


A Viewer Writes: Equipment Videos


I don't know if it'll do any good, but I have created an online petition to stop the weekend work in the city limits. Would you be so awesome as to post it for any of your interested readers to sign?
Im so appreciative that you brought this problem to the public spotlight. Maybe your influence as a member of the media will help the "leaders" of this city get their heads out of their arses. 

Meet the People Who Want Obama to Repeal the Bill of Rights

Ebola outbreak: Virus mutating, scientists warn

Scientists tracking the Ebola outbreak in Guinea say the virus has mutated.

Researchers at the Institut Pasteur in France, which first identified the outbreak last March, are investigating whether it could have become more contagious.

More than 22,000 people have been infected with Ebola and 8,795 have died in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Scientists are starting to analyse hundreds of blood samples from Ebola patients in Guinea.

They are tracking how the virus is changing and trying to establish whether it's able to jump more easily from person to person

"We know the virus is changing quite a lot," said human geneticist Dr Anavaj Sakuntabhai.



The signs of the times are everywhere – all you have to do is open up your eyes and look at them

The signs of the times are everywhere – all you have to do is open up your eyes and look at them. When a pregnant woman first goes into labor, the birth pangs are usually fairly moderate and are not that close together. But as the time for delivery approaches, they become much more frequent and much more intense. Economically, what we are experiencing right now are birth pangs of the coming Great Depression. As we get closer to the crisis that is looming on the horizon, they will become even more powerful. This week, we learned that the Baltic Dry Index has fallen to the lowest level that we have seen in 29 years. The Baltic Dry Index also crashed during the financial collapse of 2008, but right now it is already lower than it was at any point during the last financial crisis. In addition, “Dr. Copper” and other industrial commodities continue to plunge. This almost always happens before we enter an economic downturn. Meanwhile, as I mentioned the other day, orders for durable goods are declining. This is also a traditional indicator that a recession is approaching. The warning signs are there – we just have to be open to what they are telling us.

And of course there are so many more parallels between past economic downturns and what is happening right now.

For example, volatility has returned to the markets in a big way. On Tuesday the Dow was down about 300 points, on Wednesday it was down another couple hundred points, and then on Thursday it was up a couple hundred points.

This is precisely how markets behave just before they crash. When markets are calm, they tend to go up. When markets get really choppy and start behaving erratically, that tells us that a big move down is usually coming.

At the same time, almost every major global currency is imploding. For much more on this, see the amazing charts in this article.

In particular, I am greatly concerned about the collapse of the euro. The Swiss would not have decoupled their currency from the euro if it was healthy. And political events in Greece are certainly not going to help things either. Economic conditions across Europe just continue to get worse, and the future of the eurozone itself is very much in doubt at this point. And if the eurozone does break up, a European economic depression is almost virtually assured – at least in the short term.

And I haven’t even mentioned the oil crash yet.


Does Mayor Ireton's Response Make Any Sense To You?

James Ireton; Tom Stevenson; William Holland; Susan Phillips
Subject: Re: Saturday Construction/City Noise Ordinance

All of you has been challenged PUBLICLY to show the community the Supreme Court case that shows Saturday as a weekday. A sizable donation to the charity of your choice if you can provide that information. You can send your information to Joseph Albero at SBYNEWS. 


Prove me wrong and I'll shut my mouth and let it be. Until then, try as you wish, but the community will prevail here, and you all know it.

Have a fabulous day !!! Mine will be great just waiting around for your replies !!!

Mayor Ireton Responds:

Subject: RE: Saturday Construction/City Noise Ordinance

"My best to you and Mr. Albero in this endeavor". Mayor Ireton

DO OVER, DO OVER, I thought Ireton wasn't going to directly respond any more.

At least Council President Jake Day is professional and truly interested in resolving this issue:

A common sense fix would simply be re-defining "weekday" to be Monday-Friday and then strongly enforcing it. I'm all in favor of that fix. 

It's an ordinance so the absolute fastest legally is 3 council meetings (1 work session, 2 readings). If we get a draft together in the next day or two I can get it on the next open work session agenda (2/16). If we have no issues/pushback and rush the implementation we could go to legislative session the very next week (2/23) for first reading and then get second reading the very next legislative session (3/9). Usually it takes quite a bit longer with research from the administration, but this seems to be a really simple issue.

Someone Is Impersonating Me

See, this doesn't look like me, right? Well, someone has been making phone calls telling people they are Joe Albero and they are following up on a story. Because this person never figured we'd find out, law enforcement is now involved tracking down phone records and a civil case will follow. 

So the next time you get a phone call and someone claims they are Joe Albero, tell them you'd like their phone number. Compare it to the one at the top of the page and call that number. I will answer the phone and we'll get to the bottom of it right away.

BREAKING NEWS: Rap Mogul ‘Suge’ Knight charged with murder

Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, co-founder of Death Row Records, is charged with murder stemming from a deadly hit-and-run reportedly after an altercation Thursday in Los Angeles.


Maryland healthcare innovation shows at Arab Health 2015

Maryland companies are on the forefront of healthcare innovation, and the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED) is helping them share their technology with the world.

DBED led a delegation to Arab Health 2015, the world’s second largest healthcare exhibition, held this week in Dubia, United Arab Emirates. The conference marked DBED’s second year in attendance.

“The Arab Health show is truly a unique opportunity to reach the decision makers of many of the world’s largest healthcare companies and let them know that Maryland is open for business,” said DBED Secretary Mike Gill. “With more than 4,000 exhibitors from around the globe, this show is also critical to any Maryland healthcare company looking to market their products and services to new overseas customers.”


A&E Herb Heilbrun & John Leahr

$1 Trillion for Infrastructure: Where’s the Money?

Two high-powered senators have upped the ante in the drive to boost spending for highways, bridges, power grids and other job-generating infrastructure. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, and former Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Barbara A. Mikulski (D-MD) jointly introduced legislation that would provide $1 trillion of infrastructure spending over the next five years.

Sanders did not specify sources of funding for his proposal on Tuesday, but said he hoped to prompt discussion on it. “He did say some modest changes in the tax code for corporations and upper income earners could be an easy place to start,” said Vincent Morris, a spokesperson.


Thank God Its Friday 1-30-15

What will you be doing this weekend?

Trey Gowdy Won't Back Down on Benghazi

House Benghazi committee Chairman Trey Gowdy said Wednesday he won’t bow to Democrats' demands in a bitter dispute over access to witnesses and information.

Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the panel’s top Democrat, has accused Gowdy of operating a “partisan investigation” over the past eight months by holding secret meetings with witnesses and then withholding or downplaying information from those interviews “that undermines allegations the committee is investigating.”

In Wednesday letter to Gowdy, the committee’s five Democrats objected to his plan to go forward with 22 “unilateral and unnecessary” subpoenas to State Department officials without any committee debate or vote.

But Gowdy said that Democrats have refused multiple times to accept a negotiated rules package over demands for veto power over subpoenas. He added he's tried to work out a compromise but that Democrats have refused.

“I am unwilling to let the minority party veto subpoenas when it is clear they have prejudged the outcome of the investigation," Gowdy said. “The minority has repeatedly indicated it is unwilling to issue any subpoenas. If subpoenas are necessary for the committee to talk to relevant witnesses or access relevant documents, they will be issued.”

Read more here

Governor Larry Hogan Names Benjamin H. Wu DBED Deputy Secretary

Among first Cabinet deputies named; satisfies Governor’s intention to include talented and qualified professionals at every level of the Administration

Governor Larry Hogan and DBED Secretary Mike Gill today announced that Benjamin H. Wu, an internationally recognized technology policy expert with more than 25 years of experience and management leadership, has been named Deputy Secretary of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED). In his new role, Wu will act as the Chief Operating Officer, responsible for overseeing the Department’s charge of attracting companies to the State, working with in-state companies to help them expand and add jobs, connecting companies with resources and partners and driving tourism, film and the arts.

“I’m very excited to have Ben help lead the transformation of our state’s business climate and drive home the message that Maryland is open for business,” said Governor Hogan. “Creating jobs and strengthening our economy is one of my top Administration priorities. Ben brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to make Maryland more competitive and is highly respected in and around the business community. I thank Ben for his willingness to serve our citizens and help us build a better Maryland.”

“As a native Marylander and resident of Montgomery County, it’s a privilege to work with Governor Hogan and DBED Secretary Mike Gill in advancing the Administration’s priority of championing our critical industry sectors,” said Wu. “Governor Hogan has declared that economic development will be a hallmark for his Administration. I thank Governor Hogan for this exciting opportunity to help change Maryland for the better. “

Wu has worked on behalf of the State of Maryland at the highest levels of federal and state government, as well as in the U.S. Congress, on issues related to innovation, competition, technology commercialization, international trade and economic development. A former U.S. Department of Commerce and DBED executive, Wu has developed several strategic plans to promote Maryland’s innovation economy, including the state’s current roadmap for the life sciences and cybersecurity industries. He has a substantive record of forging successful public-private partnerships to drive scientific research and development in the state and has collaborated successfully with Maryland’s industry, academia and federal, state and local governments to accelerate technology-led economic development and solidify its high-tech preeminence.

Wu previously served as the Maryland Assistant Secretary of Business and Economic Development and Senior Technology Policy Advisor, as well as the U.S. Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for Technology and the U.S. Assistant Secretary for Technology Policy. At the U.S. Department of Commerce, Wu served as the Chief Operating Officer for the more than 3,000 employee, $500 million bureau that included the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg. In addition, Wu was Counsel for former Maryland Congresswoman Connie Morella and the Technology Subcommittee of the House Science Committee.


The Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development stimulates private investment and creates jobs by attracting new businesses, encouraging the expansion and retention of existing companies, and providing workforce training and financial assistance to Maryland companies. The Department promotes the State's many economic advantages and markets local products and services at home and abroad to spur economic development and international investment, trade and tourism. Because they are major economic generators, the Department also supports the Arts, film production, sports and other special events. For more information, visit

Wind Advisory

350 AM EST FRI JAN 30 2015

350 AM EST FRI JAN 30 2015










Caption This Photo 1-25-15

Registration Open for Wicomico County’s Adult Softball Leagues

Salisbury, MD – Softball season is right around the corner, and Wicomico County’s Recreation & Parks Division will host four different leagues, accommodating the recreational to competitive player.

Coed Slow Pitch
Season: April 12 - July Entry: Team or individual registrations accepted Ages: 16+

The Coed Slow Pitch league offers 10 regular season games with two different divisions, accommodating both the recreational and competitive player. Games are held at the Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex on Sunday afternoons. This league is sanctioned by the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA).

Men’s Slow Pitch
Season: April – June Entry: Team or individual registrations accepted Ages: 16+

The Men’s Slow Pitch league typically plays two games per week, followed by a double elimination playoff tournament. Most games are held at the Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex on weekday evenings. This league is sanctioned by the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA).

Men’s Slow Pitch (Short Season)
Season: Mid-March – May Entry: Individual registrations accepted Ages: 16+

The Men’s Slow Pitch Short Season league offers a condensed season for players, consisting of 10 regular season games with a double elimination playoff.

Women’s Slow Pitch
Season: April 15 – Mid-July Entry: Individual registrations accepted Ages: 15+

The Women’s Slow Pitch league includes 12 regular season games followed by an all-inclusive double elimination playoff tournament. Play takes place Wednesday evenings at the Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex and other surrounding Wicomico County fields.

Participants in all leagues must provide their own equipment, including bats, gloves, balls, etc. Registration is available now at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center Box Office (500 Glen Avenue, Salisbury; M-F, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.) or online at For more information, contact Ken Tustin at 410-548-4900 x105 or


Wicomico County, MD - In 2013, 858 individuals died of an overdose in Maryland. Of these, 59% had at least one or more hospital visits, for an overdose, up to one year prior to the overdose. To provide youth and adults with a way to save a life, the Wicomico County Health Department and The Life Crisis Center are sponsoring a 211 Overdose Hotline for youth and adults. The Hotline will begin on January 29, 2015. Free 211 Cards and posters are available in English and Spanish. The 211 Cards provide three phone numbers (211, 410-749-HELP or 800 422-0009) that can be utilized to obtain assistance, overdose symptoms, responsiveness tips, and what to do if the person is unresponsive.

Overdose symptoms include the following: slow, shallow breathing; sleepy, unable to talk; skin color is blue or grayish, dark lips and fingernails, and snoring or gurgling sounds. You can lightly tap, shake or shout to get a response; if no pulse, perform CPR (if trained); if not breathing, perform rescue breathing to the best of your ability; if person responds, keep awake and call 211. If you receive no response, place the person in the recovery position on their side, hand supporting the head, mouth facing downwards, and knee keeps the person from rolling onto their belly.

People do not always report overdoses or get assistance for fear of getting in trouble with the law. For that reason, the Hotline will provide callers with an opportunity to get help anonymously and save lives.

If you are interested in free 211 cards and/or posters, please call 410-219-7544.

Congressman Harris Focuses on Improving the National Institutes of Health

-Energy and Commerce Committee Releases “21st Century Cures Discussion Draft”-

WASHINGTON, DC:  Yesterday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee released their “21st Century Cures Discussion Draft,” which includes several provisions advocated for by Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. (MD-01).  The “21st Century Cures Discussion Draft” proposes bold action to accelerate the discovery, development, and delivery of promising new treatments and cures for patients, as well as maintains our nation’s standing as the biomedical innovation capital of the world.  Congressman Harris’ provisions focus on more funding for young scientists during their peak age of discovery, increasing investments in high-risk high-reward projects, and increasing efficiency at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

“As a physician who also conducted research, I have seen the tremendous benefits that medical innovations can bring to patients,” said Harris. “I also saw firsthand how the most innovative thinking frequently came from younger scientists, which is why we need to prioritize funding for young researchers.”

The Energy and Commerce Committee requested feedback on the provisions added by Congressman Harris.  “My hope is that individuals who are passionate about seeing NIH-funded research foster quicker cures for diseases will embrace the changes and offer constructive feedback to the discussion draft that Chairmen Upton and Pitts have worked hard to put together,” Harris added. “I welcome discussion with any stakeholders who want to better understand the reasoning behind my provisions.”

Congressman Harris, the only member of Congress to have conducted NIH-funded research, sits on the Appropriations subcommittee that oversees NIH funding.  He is also the only member not part of the Energy and Commerce Committee to have multiple provisions included in the discussion draft. As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, he has advocated for funding more young scientists during their peak age of discovery and improving the efficiency of NIH-funding.  

The following provisions were supported by Congressman Harris and are included in the discussion draft:

These sections (2261-2262), authored by Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD), would establish a program at NIH to help young emerging scientists.
This provision (Section 2281), led by Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD), would require NIH to support projects that pursue innovative approaches to major challenges in biomedical research that are high-risk, but have the potential to lead to breakthroughs.

Section 4001 – NIH research strategic investment plan
Section 4001, based on the work of Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD), would require NIH to issue a strategic plan.
Section 4002 – Biomedical research working group to reduce administrative burden on researchers
Section 4002, led by Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD), would establish a working group composed of NIH and stakeholders to provide recommendations on how to streamline the grant process for researchers.
Section 4004 – Increasing accountability at the National Institutes of Health
Section 4004, based on the work of Chairman Emeritus Joe Barton (R-TX) and Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD), would
provide the NIH Director with more authority over the institutes and centers at NIH.

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