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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic 4-12-20

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

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BREAKING: AG Barr Taking ‘Action’ Against Gov Officials Who Regulate Religious Services

Attorney General William Barr will reportedly take “action” against government officials who “single out religious” organizations with social distancing enforcement measures as the country continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, which originated in China.

Barr spokeswoman Kerry Kupec made the announcement on Twitter, writing, “During this sacred week for many Americans, AG Barr is monitoring govt regulation of religious services. While social distancing policies are appropriate during this emergency, they must be applied evenhandedly & not single out religious orgs. Expect action from DOJ next week!”


Wicomico Co. Man Threatening Suicide Fatally Wounded By Troopers During Standoff

(SALISBURY, MD) — Maryland State Police are investigating a trooper-involved shooting that occurred this morning after troopers were called to the home of an armed man allegedly threatening suicide in Wicomico County.

The man is identified as Rick Howell, 59, of the 27000-block of Sunbury Court, Salisbury, Md. He was pronounced deceased at the scene by emergency medical services personnel.

The investigation is ongoing and complete details are not known at this time. Information is preliminary and could change as the investigation progresses.

Shortly after 10:00 a.m. today, Maryland state troopers from the Salisbury Barrack were dispatched to the above address after an emergency call was received reporting a suicidal person. The preliminary investigation indicates three uniformed Maryland state troopers found Howell in the back yard of his home and saw he was armed with a handgun.

According to the investigation, troopers repeatedly ordered the man to drop his weapon. They attempted to engage him in a dialogue and told him he did not have to do this. The preliminary investigation indicates that during the confrontation, three troopers fired their weapons.

Medical response was immediately called for and care was provided to the man. Paramedics who arrived on the scene pronounced the man deceased.

State Police investigators have interviewed two family members at the home who said they had contact with the man before troopers were called and he was threatening suicide. Neither those individuals or a child inside the home were injured. No troopers were injured in the incident.

Members of the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit are conducting a criminal investigation, as is procedure in a trooper-involved shooting. Investigators are currently obtaining a search warrant for the residence and will be processing the scene throughout the afternoon with the assistance of State Police crime scene technicians.

Upon completion of the investigation, it will be provided to the Wicomico County State’s Attorney’s Office for review. The Wicomico County State’s Attorney responded to the scene today and was briefed by investigators.

Investigators from the Maryland State Police Internal Affairs Division responded to the scene. As is procedure in a trooper-involved shooting, an investigation will be conducted by the Internal Affairs Division.

The three troopers involved have been placed on administrative leave as the investigation continues. This is procedure whenever a trooper is involved in a shooting.

Additional assistance is being provided by the Maryland State Police Crisis Intervention Team, troopers from the Salisbury Barrack and the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division and investigators from the Criminal Enforcement Division. The investigation is continuing.

A Viewer Writes: This is BS! They even had state police and the Sheriff's office involved. So much for staying HOME!

Will Visitors Flock To The Beach For Easter Weekend?

For what it's worth, I spoke to someone yesterday who said a bunch of people from the Annapolis area will be heading to the beach for Easter weekend. 

BREAKING NEWS: Chicken Plants On Delmarva Starting To Kill Off Chickens Based On Lack Of Staff

We're sharing with you, as a DPI member, this message about one way the COVID-19 crisis is affecting Delmarva's chicken companies, so that you know important facts about your chicken community.
  • The health and safety of people within our chicken community, including processing plant employees, is of the utmost importance. Chicken producers and processors are making significant efforts to protect employees from coronavirus (COVID-19), while continuing to replenish the food supply our nation depends on.
  • However, the impact of COVID-19 on the U.S. chicken industry is becoming more apparent as the disease continues to spread throughout the United States. Additional cases of COVID-19, additional testing, and people practicing the “stay home if you’re sick” social distancing guidance from public health officials has led to reduced employee attendance at every chicken company processing plant on Delmarva.
  • With reduced staffing, many plants are not able to harvest chickens at the pace they planned for when placing those chicks in chicken houses several weeks ago, before any COVID-19 quarantine and social distancing measures took effect. In some cases, this leads to more birds waiting on chicken farms to be harvested than plants have capacity to harvest and process. If no action were taken, the birds would outgrow the capacity of the chicken house to hold them.
  • A difficult but necessary decision a company facing this situation can make is to humanely depopulate birds in chicken houses on farms instead of transporting the birds to a processing plant. Currently, there is one company on Delmarva practicing this last-resort option.
  • Before taking this step, the company exhausted the study of other alternatives, including allowing another chicken company to transport and process the chickens and taking a partially processed product to rendering facilities to utilize for other animal feed.
  • The company will depopulate nearly 2 million chickens on several farms in both Delaware and Maryland using approved, humane methods – the same methods approved for depopulation in cases of infectious avian disease. The methods used are accepted by the American Veterinary Medical Association and all state and local guidelines.
  • The company is continuing to operate its processing lines to produce safe, healthy chicken. It is not closing any processing plant.
  • The company will compensate the affected chicken growers for their contracted work in raising the chickens.
  • The company has adjusted their processes, hatchery and capacity to be able to continue with business as quickly as possible to meet the market demands while reducing the oversupply of chickens to be harvested.
  • The company will continue to use all possible methods to encouragehealthy employees to continue working, as they are deemed as essential employees, to maintain processing capacity to the greatest degree possible.
  • Nationally, efforts are being made to make sure that essential employees in food production receive additional benefits and support in economic stimulus and recovery legislation.
These are extraordinary times, and everyone in the chicken community is doing all that we can to stop the spread of COVID-19 while maintaining a safe food supply. We are grateful for, and proud of, every member of the chicken community for stepping up to the challenges this situation presents. If you have questions about this, or if friends and neighbors have questions, DPI is here as a resource; send us a note. And we'll continue to advocate for you at the federal, state and local level.
Holly Porter
Executive Director

Yes, Even A Jock Strap Will Do. (humor)

AS Viewer Writes: The raping Will Continue until all are Satisfied


I just got back from ACME in Salisbury because now there’s a line outside Wal Mart, as they only allow a certain number in the store at a time. Yesterday I heard someone waited 45 minutes before just giving up.

Anyway, I needed milk & eggs and a few perishables I ran out of, and when I got to the eggs, there was a sign apologizing for the high prices giving the reason that the SUPPLIERS raised their prices. A dozen of the regular Lucern brand was $3.59, and another brand was over $4. Now, I’ve missed in the news, I guess, that chickens have died off from whatever reason? This is NOT the Avian flue, is it? Why have egg prices doubled???

Now, ACME has always been higher than WM, but most cereal boxes are brand names, Post, General Mills & Kelloggs, and all small boxes near $4, I found the store brand cherries in a big box @$3.59. A liter of Coke is $2.39, milk is $3.59 to $4.29 a gallon.

Welcome to “everything’s $3.59” world!

Tree Hugging Democrats Tear Out Mature Trees On The Downtown Plaza, I Can't Breathe!

Are Businesses Taking Salisbury Maryland Mayor Jake Day Seriously?

Having been a witness to stores being packed and parking lots looking like "Black Friday," clearly no one is taking this BS order seriously. Oh well, he got his LOOK AT MEEEE, LOOK AT MEEEE moment so he can look important. Funny, when a KID tries to tell ADULTS what to do with their lives it's no wonder people are laughing at this fool.

Welcome Illegally To The Berlin Maryland WalMart

Need I say more?

Almost 800 New Positive Virus Cases In A Day In Maryland

Of course there's almost 800 new cases in the past 24 hours in Maryland. Out Idiot Governor refuses to take this pandemic seriously by stopping people from states like New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania coming to their secondary homes on the Shore, including outsiders coming to the Delaware beaches as well. 

Conspiracy Theorists are now trying to claim this whole thing is a hoax, (fools). Keep in mind Folks, the mainstream media is recommending if you have symptoms do not go to the hospital, quarantine yourself in your home instead for 14 days. You can see today's numbers HERE.

Here's my suggestion to ALL of the people who believe this virus is a hoax. PLEASE, all of you, go volunteer at a local hospital and put your money where your mouth is. What say you now?

U.S. Postal Service could shut down by June without more funding, Democratic lawmakers warn

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, postal workers have been on the front lines, considered "essential workers" who must continue to do their jobs as usual while others stay home. But some lawmakers are warning that without more support, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) could completely shut down in the next few months, threatening the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Last week, Representatives Carolyn B. Maloney, the chair of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, and Gerry Connolly, chair of the Subcommittee on Government Operations, said in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that the COVID-19 crisis is threatening the future of mail service in the U.S.

"The Postal Service is in need of urgent help as a direct result of the coronavirus crisis," they said. "Based on a number of briefings and warnings this week about a critical fall-off in mail across the country, it has become clear that the Postal Service will not survive the summer without immediate help from Congress and the White House. Every community in America relies on the Postal Service to deliver vital goods and services, including life-saving medications."


Maryland State Police Fined The Living Crap Out Of New Yorker

God Bless Our State Police! Today I learned from a local West Ocean City store manager that a guy from New York pulled into a local parking lot and the trooper asked for the guy's drivers license. He had a New York license and tags. He told the driver he was writing him a ticket with a fine for $5,000.00 as New York is under quarantine AND Maryland wasn't allowing anyone from out of state to quarantine for 14 days. The guy told the Officer he owned a home here and had every right to be here. The Officer then checked to see if the guy actually owned a home here and learned he lied to the Officer. The Officer then allegedly wrote him another fine for $1,500.00 for lying to an Officer and the man could also face a year in jail. 

It's about time Maryland started putting its foot down. Keep up the good work Law Enforcement!

I can tell you, this event happened in the very same parking lot in which a Food Lion Employee tested positive for Coronavirus. Way to go OUTSIDERS! Go back to your state and hunker down like you've been told. 

Salisbury Fire Department Shops In Berlin Now?

Our Hope in Christ's Victory Over Death

Many things about Christianity are counterintuitive but none more than this: God the perfect Father sent Jesus the perfect Son to Earth as a human being to suffer and die for the sins of imperfect human beings so that those who believe in the Son would receive the perfect Holy Spirit and live in eternal love with God.

Scripture makes all this clear.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16).

"In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death -- even death on a cross!" (Philippians 2:5-8).

"And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you" (Romans 8:11).

While we properly emphasize Christ's deity, we sometimes underappreciate His full humanity. It's distasteful for lowly humans to imagine that the God of the universe could or would take on human form, let alone do so to save us. Shouldn't that be beneath Him?