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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Hillary Should be Prosecuted Over Destroyed Evidence: Judge Napolitano

“I think it’s a terrible decision not to prosecute”

In an interview with FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, Judge Andrew Napolitano said the Justice Department “should prosecute Mrs. Clinton because there’s ample evidence of her guilt…”

Maryland Is Number One At All Of These Things

We’re number one! … at least when it comes to the following items. Maryland has been ranked the best of the best when it comes to these things…

1. Blue Crabs


Germany: The Rise Of Islam

Turkey controls 900 mosques in Germany and feels free to say that a "liberal mosque" in Germany is "incompatible" with Islam.
Can you imagine Germany offering Iraq, Syria and Egypt to build "200 new churches" to reconstruct the derelict and dispossessed Christian communities there? No, because in the Middle East, Christians have been eradicated in a forced de-Christianization.
Christians in Germany will become a minority in the next 20 years, according to Die Welt.
We risk losing not only our churches, but more importantly, our cultural strength and even confidence in the values of our own civilization.

Jan Fleischhauer, a journalist of the weekly magazine Der Spiegel, coined an expression to define the free fall of German Christianity:Selbstsäkularisierung ("self-secularization"). Is the Church being liquidated?

The German Bishops' Conference just released the data on the decline of Catholicism in Germany for 2016. In one year, the German Catholic Church lost 162,093 faithful and closed 537 parishes. From 1996 to today, one quarter of the Catholic communities have been closed. "The faith has evaporated," said Cardinal Friedrich Wetter, the Archbishop of Munich and Freising from 1982 to 2007.

Christians in Germany will become a minority in the next 20 years, according to Die Welt. Around 60% of the country is currently Christian, with 24 million Catholics and 23 million Protestants. But that number is falling by 500,000 a year through deaths alone. "Those statistics are embodied by what visitors observe in German cities on Sunday: largely empty churches", the Catholic theologian George Weigel wrote.

German Protestantism is facing the same crisis. Die Zeit revealed that in 2016, 340,000 Protestants passed away, and there were just 180,000 baptisms. Some 190,000 people left the church and just 25,000 people chose to join it.


U.S. Air Force Heritage of America Band Performs Thursday, October 12

SALISBURY, MD---From Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman to Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn, the Rhythm in Blue Jazz Ensemble of the U.S. Air Force Heritage of America Band features a repertoire custom-made for the big band era … with a little modern fusion thrown in for good measure.

Salisbury University presents a concert by the venerable ensemble 7 p.m. Thursday, October 12, in Holloway Hall Auditorium.

Led by MSgt. Jason Foster, Rhythm in Blue features the diverse talents of 13 professional musicians whose commitment to excellence has earned worldwide acclaim and military distinction. The ensemble has performed at ceremonies for U.S. presidents and foreign heads of state, including the queen of England and president of France.

Sponsored by SU’s Cultural Affairs Office, The Daily Times and Delmarva Public Radio, admission is free, but tickets are required. Advance tickets are available at the Information Desk of the Guerrieri Student Union, with a limit of four per person, beginning Thursday, September 14.

For more information call 410-543-6271 or visit the SU Web site at

Parents, Coaches Brawl On Football Field Following Youth Game

JURUPA VALLEY (CBSLA) — It’s not unusual for violence to break out between teams during a football game.

In the heat of battle, punches land and water bottles are thrown. There’s often pushing and shoving.

It all happened at a youth football game recently in Jurupa Valley. But as CBS2’s Tina Patel reports — this time the fight was between parents and coaches.

It’s a story that is Only On 2.

The high school already told the youth league they don’t want any more games on their property due to the damage to the field and equipment. Moreover, at least one student was hospitalized and a parent suffered a broken eye socket.

“It was just awful. people were socking each other, choking each other,” said Marleen Smith.


Multi-Agency Operation Nets Sixty-Nine Arrests

Wilmington- A two-day multi-agency operation conducted early this week along the Maryland Avenue corridor, west of Wilmington, has resulted in the arrest of 69 individuals.

The initiative, which was a joint partnership comprised of the Delaware State Police, the New Castle County Police Department, the Wilmington Police Department, the Newport Police Department, and the Department of Probation and Parole, with the assistance of and the Department of Corrections and the Justice of the Police Courts, took place on Monday, September 11th, 2017 and Tuesday, September 12th, 2017. The operation targeted the Maryland Avenue corridor in response to numerous citizen complaints of prostitution and other quality of life crimes that have been occurring in the area.

During the two-day operation, 69 individuals were arrested and charged with 43 criminal or pedestrian offenses including prostitution, drug, and weapons charges. Some were also found to be wanted by various Delaware courts. The operation also seized 8 grams of powder cocaine, 1.9 grams of heroin. 5.7 grams of marijuana, .74 grams of crack cocaine, $2672.00 in suspected drug sale proceeds, a .22 caliber handgun, and a pellet gun.

Delaware State Police Superintendent Colonel Nathaniel McQueen, Jr., said "This operation is just another example of how the cooperation of multiple law enforcement agencies can go a long way in combating crime which will only increase the quality of life for the communities we serve. These results would not have been achieved without the cooperation of numerous agencies including the New Castle County Police, Wilmington Police, Newport Police, Department of Corrections and the Justice of the Peace Courts."

Antidepressants raise the risk of an early death by 33%

Taking antidepressants could increase the risk of an early death, a major study suggests.

Experts found depressed people without heart disease were 33 per cent more likely to die over any set period, for any reason, if they took antidepressants compared to those who did not.

The authors of the controversial paper said antidepressants do more harm than good - and their use should be severely curtailed.

But psychiatrists disputed the findings, arguing antidepressants have been safely used for years and offer a vital lifeline for people with no other options.

Antidepressants are one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the UK, with one in 11 of all British adults thought to have recently used the pills.

Their use is dramatically increasing, with 64.7million prescriptions given out in England last year, double the number of a decade ago.


Coca-Cola regains title as ‘official drink of Ocean City’

The ink is dry on Coca-Cola’s beverage contract with the resort and the soft drink titan is looking for future marketing possibilities now that it’s “the official soft drink of Ocean City.”

Cocoa-Cola, a resort sponsor since 2012, offered to renew a five-year contract in April. The contract mandates Coke will donate approximately $19,000 in products per year.

The company would also provide $15,000 in marketing support each year, including Coke-branded umbrellas for the Beach Patrol and volleyball nets.

Recreation and Parks Director Susan Petito said Coke would continue to support events with $15,000 annual sponsorships each year for the Swing for Youth Golf Open, the Christmas Parade and Winterfest New Year Eve party, as well as trying out some fresh ideas.


Janet Reno, American Saint

When former Attorney General Janet Reno died last November, the media heaped praise on her as if she had been justice incarnate. Reno had long enjoyed sainthood inside the Beltway; the Women’s Bar Association of the District of Columbia even created a Janet Reno Torchbearer Award. But Reno’s record of deceit, brutality, and power grabs should not be forgotten by any American who cares about freedom.

Shortly after Reno became attorney general in 1993, she approved the FBI final assault on the Branch Davidians holed up in a rickety building outside of Waco, Texas. She went on Nightline the evening after 80 people died in a conflagration and announced, “I made the decision. I’m accountable. The buck stops with me.” Reno then asserted that the fiery end was all somebody else’s fault: “I don’t think anybody has ever dealt with a David Koresh, who would purposely set people afire in that number.” Nightline host Ted Koppel asked Reno why the feds used “tanks to ram the compound down.” Reno replied, “I think that what we were trying to do was to give everybody an opportunity to come out in the most unobtrusive way possible, not with a frontal assault.”

Reno masterminded a cover-up of the federal role at Waco. Americans did not learn until 1999 that the FBI had fired pyrotechnic grenades into the Davidians’ home, which could have started the fire that left 80 people dead. She also muzzled federal officials who had been involved at Waco. When she traveled to Oklahoma to hype Clinton’s crime bill in a speech in April 1994, FBI agent Bob Ricks, who had been the agency’s daily spokesman during the 51-day siege, told Reno that many people were still agitated by Waco and asked that the gag order be lifted on himself and other officials. Reno replied, “I don’t think the American people care about Waco anymore.”


Officer in Va. shoots, kills boy, 15, who allegedly had a bomb strapped to his chest

HAYMARKET, Va. (ABC7) — A 15-year-old boy was shot and killed by an officer with the Prince William County Police Department Friday morning, officials report.

According to police, a 911 call came from inside a house saying that the boy was holding a hostage and had a bomb strapped to his chest.

Police say the boy was outside the house when they arrived. They say he was holding a crowbar and came toward police in a threatening manner.

When he refused to follow multiple commands to drop the crowbar, an officer shot him. Multiple shots were fired, police say.


Subject: Democratic Missouri State Senator Censured, Not Expelled Following Assassination Post

Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D.) has been censured by the state government after she posted in the wake of the Charlottesville, Va. violence, "I hope Trump is Assassinated!" on Facebook.

The Missouri Senate censured Chappelle-Nadal by a 28-2 vote, The Washington Postreported. Following the August social media post, the senator apologized to President Donald Trump and his family, but said she would not resign.

"President Trump, I apologize to you and your family. I also apologize to all of the people in Missouri," She said. "I also apologize to my colleagues in the Missouri legislature for the mistake that I made. I will continue to fight for issues that are really, really important to me."

Chappelle-Nadal's refusal to resign stood in opposition to many of her colleagues on both sides of the aisle who called for her resignation. High-ranking officials including U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D.), U.S. Rep. William Lacy Clay (D.), and Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens (R.) were among those who called for the senator to resign.

Missouri's largest newspaper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, also called for her resignation shortly after the Facebook post.


Hogan cuts off funding for state criminal justice council

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WBFF) - Gov. Larry Hogan has just announced he is cutting off funding for the state's criminal justice coordinating council.

It follows his criticism of three judges for failing to attend a recent meeting with the governor to focus on Baltimore crime.

Fox45's John Rydell explains this is a panel of judges, prosecutors, police and public officials that meets on a regular basis to discuss criminal justice issues.

But speaking to reports this afternoon, the governor says he is fed up with what he believes is a lack of urgency in how the council is addressing the violent crime in Baltimore City.

He has therefore decided to cut off funding to the state panel.


Abedin's mom made sure Clinton's Saudi speech omitted 'freedom' and 'driving for women,' emails show

Huma Abedin’s mother helped to water down a speech then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave at a Saudi women’s college, warning not to mention “political” terms like “freedom” and “driving for women,” new emails show.

Abedin’s mother, Saleha Abedin, is a sociology lecturer at Dar Al Hekma, a women’s college in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where Clinton spoke to students on Feb. 16, 2010.

And according to new emails obtained by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch as part of their Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, a Clinton speechwriter for the event sought advice and guidance from Abedin’s mother in advance.

“Talk to my mom for sure,” Abedin, a top Clinton aide, wrote to speechwriter Case Button on Feb. 12, 2010. “She will have good points for you…”

Abedin’s mother responded with a list of “IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER.”


Jeffrey Sandusky, son of Jerry Sandusky, pleads guilty in child sex abuse case

Jeffrey Sandusky, son of Jerry Sandusky, pleaded guilty to child sex abuse charges on Friday, exactly one week before his trial was set to begin.

Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller announced Friday night that Sandusky, 41, of State College, had pleaded guilty to "all charges," which includes 12 felonies.

Jeff Sandusky is one of the notorious former Penn State football assistant's adopted children.

He was accused of soliciting two girls, ages 15 and 16, for oral sex and nude photos.


Gowdy: 'I've Seen With My Own Eyes' Comey Decided On Clinton Exoneration Before Interviewing Her

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R., S.C.) slammed former FBI director James Comey on Thursday for "making up his mind" not to charge Hillary Clinton before the investigation into her handling of classified information was complete.

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) and Judiciary subcommittee chairman Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) sent a letter to current FBI director Chris Wray in late August in order to address Comey's actions and collect additional information. The Senate Judiciary Committee had learned, through transcripts of interviews with top Comey aides, that the FBI director drafted a memo exonerating the former secretary of state before the FBI interviewed Clinton and other key witnesses as part of the investigation. The senators called Comey's actions "no way to run an investigation."

Fox News host Bill Hemmer asked Gowdy Thursday whether he agreed with White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Tuesday comments, where she said Comey's actions "were improper and likely could have been illegal."


Why Democrats are scared to death of voter fraud investigations

As President Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity met on Tuesday in New Hampshire to discuss voter fraud, the usual liberal suspects cried wolf.

During last year’s election, the president voiced what we know — that voter fraud exists. The only question is to what degree, and that’s the mission of the commission.

For anyone who dismisses concerns about voter fraud, the unhinged reaction by the left at investigating it should, at the very least, make a logical person wonder what they’re so concerned about.

After all, if you believe the issue is false, or at the most an irrelevant factor in end results, you should welcome confirmation of that fact. Unless, of course, one fears the actual outcome may prove how voter fraud impacts local and state races to the point of shifting the balance of power in Washington, D.C.


Virginia Police Announce Strict Arrest Policy For Second Confederate Rally

Richmond police are going to arrest first and ask questions later at Virginia’s second recent Confederate rally around a Robert E. Lee statue Saturday.

Police will arrest anyone wearing a mask at the “Protect The General Robert E. Lee Monument Rally,” Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham said, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The New Confederate States of America, the organization hosting the rally, created a Facebook page for the event that has fewer than 100 confirmed attendees, but more than 600 people indicate interest in going.

Police are in a “code red” situation for the event because of the deadly violence at a Charlottesville rally in August between factions of white supremacists and Antifa radicals. While police said they expect Saturday’s rally to be far smaller than Charlottesville’s, they aren’t taking any chances.


Cops’ massive salaries are robbing taxpayers blind

Knocking over banks is for amateurs.

Local cops in towns and counties around New York state are robbing taxpayers blind with astronomical yearly salaries — including one officer who pulled down $442,000, a new report shows.

Tom Donnelly, who retired as a Ramapo school safety officer in August, earned the investment-banker-sized paycheck over a 12-month period ending in March — making him the highest paid local cop anywhere outside New York City, according to a report from the Empire Center.

By contrast, Gov. Cuomo made $179,000 last year.

The study showed that local cops like Donnelly are the highest-paid group of government employes in municipalities excluding the five boroughs.

“Personnel costs are the biggest part of most local government budgets, and thereby the biggest driver behind our high property taxes,” Empire Center Executive Director Tim Hoefer said.

A 27-year-veteran, Donnelly earned a base salary of $151,000. In 2015, he took home $156,000 with overtime.


Cops And Courts – September 15, 2017

No More Wedding For Bridesmaid?
OCEAN CITY — A would-be bridesmaid was arrested on assault charges after allegedly punching the bride-to-be in the nose during a fight outside a Boardwalk bar last weekend.

Smashed Hotel Door
OCEAN CITY — A Connecticut man was arrested on malicious destruction of property charges last weekend after allegedly smashing the front glass door at a midtown hotel.

Traffic Dasher Busted
OCEAN CITY — A Pennsylvania man was arrested for intoxicated endangerment and obstructing free passage last weekend after allegedly running from police and dashing through traffic before being found hiding behind a trashcan.

Alleged Graffiti Artists Busted
OCEAN CITY — Two men were arrested on malicious destruction of property charges this week after allegedly spray painting graffiti on a box truck at a downtown parking lot.

Man Arrested After Threatening To Attack School, ‘Kill All White People’

A Gretna, Louisiana man has been jailed after allegedly making threats against white people at a school Tuesday.

According to, Jacob Watson, a 22-year-old African-American male, “approached a woman and her grandchildren and threatened to kill all white people and then go to a nearby school and kill children.”

The man was caught by police later that evening and is being charged with two counts of “terrorizing.”

Apparently, this also wasn’t the first time Watson had made threats against white people. The Advocate reports that he had previously talked about killing white people so he could get on the news.

Watson admitted to making the threats but told police only did it to provoke the woman.It is unclear if he was actually going to carry out the threats.


Durham bar hit with 'racism' boycott after refusing to serve Confederate statue protesters with invalid IDs

The activists accused the "white owned" Central Park Tavern of racism.

A group who recently toppled a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina has accused a “white owned bar” of racism and bombarded it with negative reviews after it refused to serve them alcohol with invalid IDs.

At least 11 members of the activist group calling itself “Defend Durham” were arrested last month after they removed a Confederate soldier monument near local government offices during a protest.

Among those arrested was Takiyah Thompson – a member of the communist Workers World Party and student at North Carolina Central University – who admitted to tying the rope on the Confederate monument that was used to pull it down.


Lashawn Marten who promised to knock out white men jailed

A career criminal who promised to knock out the first white man he saw has been jailed for 25 years after throwing a punch that killed a 62-year-old man.

Lashawn Marten, 44, went on a racist rampage in New York back in September 2013 when he started randomly attacking innocent bystanders around Union Square.

When he punched retired train engineer Jeffrey Babbitt, knocking him out, the impact of his head hitting the pavement killed him.


Black Students Threaten Taxpayer-Funded School With Federal Lawsuit Unless Statue Is Removed

Attorneys representing both the Black Law Students Association and a law professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have promised to sue the taxpayer-funded school in federal court unless officials remove a century-old statue of a Confederate Civil War soldier from campus.

The statue under legal threat is “Silent Sam,” a 1913 memorial commissioned by the North Carolina branch of the United Daughters of the Confederacy to honor UNC Chapel Hill alumni who “answered the call of duty” during the Civil War.

The threatened lawsuit will rely on Title IV and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, reports The Daily Tar Heel, the campus newspaper.

Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 fosters desegregation in public schools.

Title VI of the 1964 law bans racial discrimination at institutions receiving federal money.


Former city employee sues after ‘intimidated’ out of job

A former Ocean City Police Department employee alleges the city perpetuated a hostile work environment that involved her being “ridiculed, intimidated and mocked” into resignation after she filed a complaint for workplace bullying.

Sandra D’Alessandro, a former records technician, filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court earlier this month against the Town of Ocean City, years after she reported discriminatory acts with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). D’Alessandro filed the complaint roughly 90 days after the EEOC issued her two “right to sue” letters earlier this summer.

The core of D’Alessandro’s complaint claims that a former coworker repeatedly harassed her and two African-American employees when she started a seasonal job in May 2014. D’Alessandro is Caucasian.

This coworker made several racially and sexually charged comments, according to the lawsuit. During an argument, the coworker allegedly told D’Alessandro to leave him alone and to “do nothing … act black like your friends,” according to court documents.


Democrats’ latest bid to rig election rules

If you can’t win, change the rules. That’s the Democratic Party’s new playbook. Democrats areurging the US Supreme Court to redraw Wisconsin’s electoral map, claiming Republican lawmakers drew it unfairly.

If the justices toss Wisconsin’s map and dictate new rules for election mapmaking, it could turn winners into losers and vice versa in many states. Republicans have been on a winning streak and now control both legislative houses in 33 states, including Wisconsin. They rightly oppose this judicial interference. The justices will hear the case, Gill v. Whitford, on Oct. 3.

Democrats claim Wisconsin’s election map puts them at a disadvantage by packing their voters into too few election districts, “wasting” their votes and allowing Republicans to win the majority of districts.

But the real problem isn’t an unfair map. It’s that Wisconsin Democrats are concentrated in cities. In many states, Democrats tend to win urban voters and do less well with suburban and rural voters. Wisconsin Democrats want the lines redrawn so their urban voters can capture a majority of the state’s legislative seats — and they’re asking the Supreme Court to help them.

It’s a brazen political gambit disguised as fairness. They claim to be victims of gerrymandering — drawing election districts to favor one party. But they’re not opposed to gerrymandering. They just want it to favor them.


Wicomico County's 150th Anniversary Celebration

Democrats want to cancel the health policies of 180 million Americans

ObamaCare falsely promised Americans they could keep their health plans, but whatDemocrats really had in mind is now clear: They want everyone to lose their insurance and take what government gives them instead.

That’s obvious from Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All scheme, rolled out Wednesday with the support of the party’s chief 2020 presidential hopefuls.

ObamaCare kicked some 7 million people off their plans. But Bernie’s bill would outlaw both employer-paid health care and private insurance for individuals.

That is, more than half the country — 180 million people — would have to say good-bye to their current plans (which they’re mostly happy with) and switch to BernieCare. (Most of the other half is already on some form of government health plan.)

Think of it as medical care run by, say, Motor Vehicles. Or the Veterans Administration: Long lines. Dangerously long waits for treatment. Shoddy service. Scarce resources. Fewer choices . . .

And monster bills. Sanders & Co. won’t talk about the costs. But independent estimates put it at $1.4 trillion or more a year.


Donald Trump: End Chain Migration

President Donald Trump zagged back towards his 2016 election-winning immigration platform Friday morning, tweeting out a demand that Congress reduce low-skill chain migration.

CHAIN MIGRATION cannot be allowed to be part of any legislation on Immigration!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 15, 2017

The demand, if maintained, would kill Trump’s late-night DACA amnesty deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who strongly supports chain migration.

Trump’s aides, however, also announced Friday that the President would issue a consistent immigration policy in a week or 10 days, according to Bloomberg.

Trump’s revived demand for an end to chain-migration is a reversion to his August support for the popular RAISE Act, which would end the “chain migration” rules which allow recent immigrants to get citizenship for their unskilled and government-dependent relatives.

More here

Four officers injured and 13 arrested in St. Louis protest

An estimated 1,000 protesters angry over the acquittal of a white police officer in the shooting death of a black suspect surrounded the home of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, broke two windows, and threw red paint at the residence before some 200 riot police arrived and dispersed the crowd, it was reported late Friday.

It was not known if Krewson, a Democrat, was home at the time of the protest, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

At one point, protesters were able to walk up to the front door of the house and knock on it, according to the Post-Dispatch.

The protesters then gathered on the lawn and began shouting toward the home before police forced them back.


College Park’s measure to let noncitizens vote did not actually pass

WASHINGTON — Noncitizens will still not be able to vote in local elections in College Park, Maryland, after city officials said Friday it did not have the required number of votes to adopt a much-debated measure. The announcement came several days after city council seemingly passed the measure Tuesday.

The measure, known as Charter Amendment 17-CR-02, would have allowed noncitizens to vote in local elections. But according to the statement from College Park officials released Friday night, there were not enough votes.

Most council actions require a simple majority, but changes to the charter require affirmative votes from six elected officials. That requirement came after the city charter was amended in June.

On Tuesday, when the measure was thought to have passed, the city council voted 4-3, with one abstention. That was actually not enough to pass the charter amendment.


The CIA, Contras, and Drugs

The CIA-coke connection was detailed long before Dark Alliance — and the evidence keeps coming

“The CIA continued to work with about two dozen Nicaraguan rebels and their supporters during the 1980s despite allegations they were trafficking in drugs…. [T]he agency’s decision to keep those paid agents, or to continue dealing with them in some less formal relationship, was made by top officials at headquarters in Langley, Va.”

In other words, top officials at the CIA knew the agency was working with Contra drug traffickers and didn’t do anything about it. But the story, even with that shocking headline, quickly disappeared. None of the other major papers, news magazines, or TV networks reported the NEW YORK TIMES’ findings.

How did it come to this? The paper of record running a story, perhaps leaked purposely by the CIA itself, that admits what many have charged for years…and then the story disappears as quickly as it came.

A look at the twisted history of the CIA/Contra/cocaine story:

If you’ve heard about the CIA/Contra/crack allegations, it’s probably because of Gary Webb, who in August 1996 authored several stories for the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS. Titled “Dark Alliance,” the series linked drug smuggling by CIA-trained Contras to the crack epidemic that has ravaged America. It never actually said the CIA knew about the drugs, but it did strongly imply it (the logo for the series — yes, it had a logo — showed a person smoking crack, superimposed over the CIA seal.)

The series ignited a firestorm of controversy. And the major papers, specifically the NEW YORK TIMES, LOS ANGELES TIMES, and WASHINGTON POST, all ran lengthy pieces questioning the accuracy of Webb’s reporting. (These stories were themselves criticized for being hell-bent on proving Gary Webb wrong, rather than attempting to follow up on his stories.) Even Webb’s own editor retreated from the story’s conclusions.

But the story of the CIA-funded Contras trafficking coke isn’t new. And neither is the surprising lack of media interest in getting to the bottom of it:


Judge: Sessions Can't Deny Grant Money For Sanctuary Cities

Attorney General Jeff Sessions can’t follow through — at least for now — with his threat to withhold public safety grant money to Chicago and other so-called sanctuary cities for refusing to impose new tough immigration policies, a judge ruled Friday in a legal defeat for the Trump administration. The ruling has consequences for Baltimore.

In what is at least a temporary victory for cities that have defied Sessions, U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber ruled that the Justice Department could not impose the requirements.

He said the city had shown a “likelihood of success” in arguing that Sessions exceeded his authority with the new conditions. Among them are requirements that cities notify immigration agents when someone in the country illegally is about to be released from local jails and to allow agents access to the jails.

The city had asked the judge for a “nationwide” temporary injunction this week, asking the judge not to allow the Justice Department to impose the requirements until the city’s lawsuit against the department plays out in court.


Report: DACA Amnesty May Trigger Flood of 4-6 Million Foreign Nationals

Should President Trump follow through on a deal where nearly 800,000 illegal aliens are allowed to remain in the United States and eventually obtain U.S. citizenship, research shows it would create a flood of four to six million chain migrants coming to the United States.

Trump, who adamantly opposed the amnesty for illegal aliens protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, is now defending the recipients of the program, as well as leveraging a deal where the foreign nationals could seek a pathway to citizenship through legal status, as Breitbart News reported.

Today, Trump signaled to his supporters that he opposed any sort of chain migration that would follow a DACA amnesty deal, though the deals the White House and Congress are reviewing would all cause such an immigration crisis:


South Korea Creates ‘Decapitation Unit,’ Possibly to Kill Kim Jong-Un

South Korea is setting up a “decapitation unit” to deal with the threat from North Korea—a unit tasked with conducting cross-border raids into North Korea, possibly with the intention of killing North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

According to the New York Times, South Korean defense minister Song Young-moo announced that the unit would be established by the end of the year, as part of a strategy to keep the rogue regime on its toes and as a way to get them to sit down at the negotiating table.

“The best deterrence we can have, next to having our own nukes, is to make Kim Jong-un fear for his life,” Shin Won-sik, a retired three-star general, told the Times.

“The idea is how we can instill the kind of fear a nuclear weapon would—but do so without a nuke. In the medieval system like North Korea, Kim Jong-un’s life is as valuable as hundreds of thousands of ordinary people whose lives would be threatened in a nuclear attack,” he added.


Pennsylvania Will Run Out Of Cash Tonight, Leaving $860MM Of Bills Unpaid

As equity markets spike to all new highs with each passing day, the number of fiscal crises springing up within local and state governments around the country are reaching somewhat alarming levels, even if they're being completely ignored by investors. As Reutersnotes this morning, the state of Pennsylvania may become the latest example government failure when it runs out of cash later tonight leaving some $860 million worth of bills unpaid.

Pennsylvania could run out of cash on Friday, leaving $860 million of bill payments up in the air as lawmakers continue to argue over a revenue package that is more than two months overdue.

The state legislature passed a $32.5 billion spending plan on June 30, the end of the fiscal year and the deadline for the current year’s budget.

But it failed to agree on a revenue package to pay for those expenses, and the state has been borrowing money from its own short-term investment pool.

Treasurer Joe Torsella has said he will not issue more such loans and that the state’s general fund will likely run down to zero on Friday.

While Pennsylvania will be able to make some payments - including nearly $102 million of debt service costs due on Friday - it will not be able to pay all the bills that are due, said Treasury spokesman Mike Connolly.

An estimated $860 million of payments for various items, possibly including schools and Medicaid, could be delayed until the legislature fully funds the budget.


Trump is making tons of progress while the media ignore it

The Trump presidency has been eventful so far, to say the least. The new president's modus operandi is truly unique – guaranteed to ruffle the Washington establishment's feathers for as long as he is around. Accordingly, every day is chock-full of Twitter blasts, personnel changes, resistance-inspired demonstrations, and, of course, everything and anything to do with investigations into Russian President Vladimir Putin's election-hacking ways.

But "frustrating" may best define the new president. To wit, the same man who garnered Reaganesque comparisons during high-profile foreign trips to the Middle East and Europe can also be his own worst enemy.


Republican State Legislators Ask Frosh To Exit DACA Suit

A Carroll County Republican is again taking issue with a suit by state Attorney General Brian Frosh against the Trump administration.

In a letter drafted by Del. Haven Shoemaker and several Republican colleagues, he asks Frosh to withdrawn from a California-led suit challenging President Donald Trump's plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

The letter implies that Marylanders who have been granted protection by DACA drove down the wages and employment of American citizens and legal residents in Maryland.

The General Assembly earlier this year gave Frosh broad power to sue the administration without the case-by-case approval of lawmakers or the governor. The Republican lawmakers requested that Frosh "cease further abusing your new unchecked powers... and reconsider your participation in the referenced action against the Trump Administration on behalf of the citizens of Maryland regarding the repeal of DACA."


Know Who To Give To

Enrollment drops at schools known for 'social justice warfare'

Universities known for being hotbeds of campus protest and liberal activism are struggling with declining enrollments and budget shortfalls, and higher education analysts say that’s no coincidence.

Take Oberlin College. According to a document leaked to The Oberlin Review, the school’s student newspaper, the small liberal arts college famous for social justice hoaxes has had trouble attracting and retaining students, missing this year’s enrollment mark by 80 and racking up a $5 million budget deficit in the process.

William A. Jacobson, a professor at Cornell Law School who runs the Legal Insurrection blog, said the “most obvious culprit” in Oberlin’s dwindling admissions is “relentless social justice warfare.”

“Social justice warfare at Oberlin has been more intense and sustained over a longer period of time than at most schools, and has come to define Oberlin in the media,” Mr. Jacobson said. “The resulting mockery and derision, even in liberal publications, has damaged the Oberlin brand.”


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Here is link to new Medicare card design. dates when start and end date to have all cards fazed in.


The Bounty of the Land

It seems as if everybody has an opinion these days about hunting and fishing. Things sure have changed over the years in regards to how the catch is utilized. I remember my grandmother telling me that the depression didn’t really affect things around here much because there was always something to eat courtesy of the land and sea. She had her garden, as did most people, and grew most of what she needed. My grandfather was always ready to race down to Roaring Point and bring home a bushel of rock fish (striped bass). What they didn’t eat or give to the cats, they froze. He could catch the bushel in about a half hour. He still did this up until the 1960’s, by which time he was past 70 and slowing down to the point where he needed more time to get his usual full day of work done.
I never saw crabs growing up but I have heard of a lot of people who “chicken necked”. This entailed using a piece of string with a chicken neck tied to it and dipping it in the water until a crab grabbed it. You would then bring it up real quick with the crab still clinging to it with all his might. Picking it up and putting it in a basket was sometimes rather tricky but the people who did it seemed to enjoy the thrill of the hunt.
Speaking of hunting, I worked down in Nanticoke for thirty years and knew many men who hunted deer both in and out of season. I never had a problem with someone hunting any time of the year if they were hunting to put food on the table. I would much quicker condone this than I would someone shooting a deer and just leaving it out in the woods. It kind of reminds me of how things used to be. The game and fish are there and man needed them to survive. It seems like such a simple solution except that modern laws have complicated everything.
Duck and goose hunting was used as a supplement to the food supplies, but was more of a sporting venture than anything else. Hunters came from everywhere to hunt on the Shore.
During WWII, the government urged everyone to grow a “victory garden”. Most everyone grew something and usually enough of that one thing that they could share their production with someone else and receive something different in return. That way everybody benefited. How many gardens do you see today? Usually, it is just tomatoes and it doesn’t take too many plants to produce a whole lot of tomatoes. Although I’ll have to admit that they are a lot tastier than the kind purchased in the grocery store.
Back “before the bridge”, the Eastern Shore had nearly everything it needed and didn’t have to rely on trucking things in to sustain itself. People shared what they had and it seemed as if nobody wanted for anything. How times change!

Stop What You're Doing and Look at This Photo of an 11-Year-Old Mowing the WH Lawn With Trump

Some dreams do come true.

This summer, the White House began a new tradition of reading aloud some of the letters President Donald Trump received from children. One of those letters had to do with a little boy named 'Pickle.' Another had to do with the young man wanting to cut the White House lawn.


Antimicrobial scrubs do not protect ICU nurses from contamination

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Scrubs with antimicrobial properties worn by nurses caring for patients in the ICU do not reduce contamination of the garments by bacteria transmitted from patients or from contaminated surfaces such as bed rails, new research suggests.

The study also confirms that nurses and others who care for patients “regularly become contaminated by important organisms during work,” first author Dr. Deverick J. Anderson, of the Duke Center for Antimicrobial Stewardship and Infection Prevention at Duke University, in Durham, North Carolina, told Reuters Health by email.

The findings were published online August 29 in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.

Although preclinical data had indicated that textiles with antimicrobial properties have activity against pathogens, data to support their use in clinical practice are limited.


WCSO CID Press Release - Sept. 15, 2017

Incident: Possession with the intent to distribute CDS, Firearms offenses
Date of Incident: September 15, 2017
Location: 1100 block of Nokomis Ave Salisbury, MD

Herbert and Brooks
Zachary Marcellus Herbert, 23 years old, Salisbury, MD
Lebraun Anthony Brooks, 32 years old, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On September 15, 2017, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team (CAT) concluded an investigation into controlled dangerous substances by executing a search and seizure warrant. The Sheriff’s Office Emergency Response Team (SERT), along with CAT and members of the Criminal Investigative Division (CID) executed the warrant in the 1100 block of Nokomis Ave Salisbury, Maryland. One occupant of the residence, Zachary Herbert, attempted to flee during the execution of the warrant, but was apprehended by Deputies. Another subject, identified as Lebraun Brooks, was taking into custody inside of the residence. Deputies conducted a detailed search of the residence in accordance with the Search and Seizure Warrant revealed the following:

- (2) handguns
- (1) shotgun
- Ammunition
- 74 grams of cocaine in (56) individually wrapped bags
- 67 Oxycodone pills in (8) individual bags
- 6.9 grams of crack cocaine
- (2) digital scales
- Packaging materials

Charges: Possession of narcotics with the intent to distribute, Possession of firearms by person prohibited, Possession of firearms during a drug trafficking crime, Possession of CDS, and related charges

KASSAM: POTUS Signs ‘Anti-Hate’ Resolution, a Major Assault on America’s First Amendment

DACA wasn’t the biggest win for the swamp-left this week.

Blink and you’ll have missed it. In amongst the furore over immigration, news coverage of Hurricane fallout, and North Korea’s latest tub thumping, President Trump signed that anti-free speech resolution I warned about just a few days ago.

The Associated Press reports:

President Donald Trump has signed a resolution condemning white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other hate groups following a white-nationalist rally in Virginia that descended into deadly violence.

The resolution also urged Trump and his administration to speak out against hate groups that espouse racism, anti-Semitism and white supremacy.

That’s not entirely accurate. In fact it’s a pretty thoughtless and likely intentional misinterpretation of the breadth of this resolution and its real world implications.


James Comey's Testimony Comes Back to Haunt Him as Senator Threatens Subpoena

Former FBI Director James Comey may have perjured himself when he told lawmakers last September that he made his decision not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton after he interviewed her.

Asked by Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) during that hearing if he made the decision “before or after” she was interviewed by the FBI on July 2nd, Comey responded, “After.” Here’s the exchange:

RATCLIFFE: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Director, did you make the decision not to recommend criminal charges relating to classified information before or after Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the FBI on July the 2nd?

COMEY: After.


2017 Delmar Heritage Day Schedule

2017 Delmar Heritage Day Schedule
September 16, 2017
Downtown Business District
  • 9:00-9:30 Opening Ceremonies - Renovate Church
  • 9:00-4:00 CPR Demonstrations & Equipment - Delmar Fire Department
  • 9:00-4:00 Arts, Crafts, Exhibitors, and Food Vendors
  • 9:30-10:00 Bi-State Tug of War (Md vs DE) Sign up at Town of Delmar Headquarters Booth
  • 10:00-10:30 D'Ann Danse Studios (N. Penn Ave., East Side)
  • 10:00-3:00 FREE Face Painting (N. Penn Ave., West Side)
  • 10:00-3:00 FREE Photo Booth (N. Penn Ave., West Side)
  • 10:00-3:00 FREE Challenger Play Area & Basketball Toss (N. Penn Ave. & Grove)
  • 10:00-3:00 Zoo To You - Salisbury Zoo
  • 10:30-11:00 K-9 Demonstration with K9 Attila - Delmar Police Department (S. Penn Ave. Delmar PD Parking Lot)
  • 11:00-1:00 Double Nickels - Band #1 (Town Hall Parking Lot)
  • 12:00-3:00 FREE Carriage Rides - R&B Ranch (N. Penn Ave. & Grove)
  • 1:10-1:50 MerMan's Magic Circus Show (Town Hall Parking Lot)
  • 2:00-4:00 Kaotik - Band #2 (Town Hall Parking Lot)
  • 4:00 Winner of $50.00 Visa Gift Card Announced (FREE Entry at Town of Delmar Headquarters Booth)
  • 3:00-7:00 Skateboard & Basketball Tournament with DJ - 3CUSA FREE Hot Dogs & Water Available (Gordy Park - S. Penn Ave.)
  • 8:30 Fireworks - Zambelli Fireworks (Mason Dixon Park - S. Penn Ave. & Foskey Lane)

NSAIDs increase heart risk: Now what for osteoarthritis pain?

It was recently revealed that use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs—over the counter products like Advil, Motrin, ibuprofen, and Aleve, and prescription meds like Celebrex, Voltaren, Indocin, Naprosyn, Feldene, Daypro and Anaprox—can increase the risk of cardiovascular events (heart attacks and strokes) after as little as 7 days of continuous use. Experts now urge that patients use them sparingly.

This adds to concerns about these popular pain relievers which in the past have been implicated in high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, and kidney failure. It’s particularly problematic, since the very same people who need relief from painful joints due to osteoarthritis are often older, and inherently susceptible to circulatory problems.

This is not surprising. Recall the Vioxx and Bextra debacles of several years ago, when those highly-touted pain relievers were yanked from the marketplace after they were found to dramatically increase the risk of cardiovascular events. It was estimated that Vioxx alone was responsible for 60,000 excess deaths.

So what are the alternatives? In a remarkable confluence of events, a recent study revealed that chondroitin sulfate—often teamed with glucosamine—can offer a safe alternative to NSAIDs for osteoarthritis pain, with equivalent benefits.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that new research challenges the notion that osteoarthritis is merely a “wear and tear” disease, the inevitable consequence of aging. Except in instances of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), osteoarthritis is now coming to be recognized as a metabolic disorder.

I get it that excess pounds put additional gravitational stress on the knees, hips, and feet. But how does mere poundage account for the fact that overweight individuals experience more osteoarthritis of the fingers and wrists? Surely they don’t walk on their knuckles like gorillas!

The answer lies in the close relationship between insulin resistance and inflammation..

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Special Weather Statement

Event: Special Weather Statement

Areas of fog, some locally dense, have developed across portions
of the Virginia and Maryland eastern shore early this morning.
Motorists should be alert for sudden changes in visibility due to
the areas of fog. Drive at reduced speeds and use low beam headlights

Target Areas:
Inland Worcester
Maryland Beaches

Caption This Photo 9-16-17

Hillary: Abolish Electoral College

Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that the Electoral College should be abolished after Republican Donald Trump won the electoral vote, while she garnered the popular vote.

"I said that in 2000 after what happened with Al Gore," Clinton told Anderson Cooper on CNN.