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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

An Interview With Tucker Carlson on Trump's Unintentional Political Genius

Tucker Carlson, host of the popular Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” spoke to Daily Signal Editor-in-Chief Rob Bluey at The Heritage Foundation’s 41st annual Resource Bank meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Carlson received the prestigious Salvatori Prize, recognizing his work to uphold and advance the principles of America’s founding. The full video, plus an edited transcript of the interview, is below.

Rob Bluey: It is a true honor to celebrate the work that you’ve done, and I want to begin with the advice that you left this audience on how conservatives can take back the culture. You had two pieces of advice. Tell us about them.

Tucker Carlson: Well, have more children. I grew up in a world where it was considered embarrassing to have more than two children. I don’t think that’s the case now among middle-class, upper middle-class people, but it was.


North Korea agrees to ‘complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula' after Trump-Kim summit

President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed a document on Tuesday stating that Pyongyang would work toward "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula"— a historic concession, which was one of the requirements the U.S. sought at the summit in Singapore.

The historic agreement came after the two leaders held several meetings throughout the day. Trump was asked by a reporter if Kim agreed to denuclearize and he said, “We are starting that process very quickly.”

Trump did not refer to the document as a treaty or agreement.

Trump said at a press conference that he will be ending joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea.
He also said Kim agreed to destroy a 'major' missile testing site, but did not offer specific details.

The joint declaration states that the U.S. has committed to providing "security guarantees" to Pyongyang.


Weeping Dennis Rodman praises Trump's meeting with friend Kim Jong Un, blasts Obama for ignoring him

Dennis Rodman, the former NBA star and longtime friend of Kim Jong Un who has visited North Korea several times, broke down in tears during a televised interview early Tuesday as President Trump and Kim held a historic meeting in a hotel on Singapore's Sentosa Island.

In a dramatic interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo that quickly became emotionally charged, Rodman, wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat, blasted former President Barack Obama for not taking the North Korean leader seriously.

Five years ago, Rodman said, Kim told Rodman "certain things" to relay to Obama concerning potential negotiations, but the former president "didn't even give me the time of day -- he just brushed me off, but that didn't deter me."

Rodman, who admitted he was "naive" when he first visited the rogue regime, then started weeping and repeatedly dabbed away tears from his eyes as he recounted the blowback he received in the U.S. for visiting Kim.


Obamacare Threatens to Drive Insurance Rates Higher for Individuals

Health insurers in multiple states could increase rates sharply on the Obamacare exchanges for 2019, with premiums in Maryland’s individual market set to jump as much as 91 percent.

Insurers seek to charge higher Obamacare insurance premiums, proposing average increases in the individual market of 30 percent in Maryland, 24 percent in New York, and 19 percent in Washington state.

By comparison, the average rate hike of nearly 5 percent sought in Pennsylvania’s individual market under the Affordable Care Act would be peanuts.


Kanye West Among Many Black Americans Who Support Trump

Kanye West surprised the American music scene by dropping a single, “Ye vs. The People,” in which he and fellow rapper T.I. go back and forth about their political views.

Some are calling his vocal support of President Donald Trump nothing more than a publicity stunt. But even if that’s true, West is bringing attention to some very important issues.

At what point did Trump become such a villain and the blame for everything and everyone’s problem?

An article from Revolt TV points to over 35 positive rap references to Trump, including Jay Z, Ice Cube, Fat Joe, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, and Meek Mill. You get my point.


Sessions vows action to cut bogus asylum cases

Most people attempting to claim asylum in the U.S. have invalid claims, and many of them are abusing the system, trying to use their claim as a substitute for illegal immigration, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday.

Mr. Sessions, in a speech to immigration judges, said he would impose new rules that will give them more clarity in being able to sort out those invalid claims.

He said too many people are using the generous U.S. asylum process to claim escape from generally grim conditions back home, rather than because they were persecuted for their race or religion or some other reason particular to themselves.

“Asylum was never meant to alleviate all problems — even all serious problems — that people face every day all over the world,” he said in his prepared remarks.

The government has said it will prosecute those who jump the border, even if they are making asylum claims, to try to push people to use the orderly method.


Breaking News: AT&T's blockbuster $85.4 billion takeover of Time Warner was approved by a judge who ruled against the Justice Dept. A wave of mergers may follow.

A federal judge on Tuesday approved the blockbuster merger between AT&T and Time Warner, rebuffing the government’s effort to block the $85.4 billion deal, in a decision that is expected to unleash a wave of takeovers in corporate America.

The merger would create a media and telecommunications powerhouse, reshaping the landscape of those industries.

Migrants Remain at Sea After Italy Shuts Ports

Italy and Malta dug in for a second day Monday and refused to let a rescue ship with 629 people aboard dock in their ports, leaving the migrants at sea as a diplomatic standoff escalated under Italy's new anti-immigrant government.

"Enough!" said Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. "Saving lives is a duty, but transforming Italy into an enormous refugee camp isn't."

He tweeted: #Chiudiamoiporti. "We're closing the ports."

Maltese Premier Joseph Muscat also refused to take in the Aquarius ship of the humanitarian group SOS Mediterranee. He accused Italy, which coordinated the rescue, of violating international norms governing sea rescues.

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Shola Olatoye’s long goodbye

Why the chairwoman of the scandal-plagued NYCHA resigned when she did.

The tenure of the city’s most embattled bureaucrat came to merciful end Tuesday, when New York City Housing Authority Chairwoman Shola Olatoye announced she would quit her job after months of turmoil.

Her departure was politically inevitable after scandals involving falsely certified lead paint inspections and faulty boilers that left thousands without heat, her allies conceded.

“She saw an opening where the conversation wasn’t centered around her personally, narrative had shifted to the institution, so maybe that was a good time for her to gracefully bow out,” said National Action Network’s Kirsten Foy, a friend who supported Olatoye’s hiring. “The administration did not want her to leave. The mayor has invested heavily in supporting her.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio hired Olatoye four years ago to right the beleaguered agency that was running a $77 million budget deficit and needed $18 billion to fix its crumbling complexes when she started.

But two errors proved insurmountable and her dismissal was inevitable, political observers say.

First, Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark Peters bore down on NYCHA’s failure to conduct mandatory lead paint inspections in apartments despite assuring federal housing officials the work had been done. The investigations had sprung from a 2016 federal inquiry into lead inspections, and several staffers have resigned in response.

City Council members excoriated Olatoye in a December Council hearing for approving the federal paperwork while she blamed underlings for passing along incorrect information.


Liberals, Anti-Trump Figures Fume at De Niro for Profane Tony Awards Stunt: 'He Strengthened Trump's Hand'

Liberal and anti-White House media figures castigated actor Robert De Niro's profane outburst directed toward President Donald Trump at the Tony Awards, with many of them fuming he was only helping Trump's cause.

Before introducing Bruce Springsteen at Sunday night's awards show, De Niro said, "I’m going to say this. F— Trump!" He received a standing ovation as he added, "It’s no longer ‘down with trump,’ it’s f—k Trump!"

MSNBC commentator Steve Schmidt, who recently called Trump a "stone cold racist," lamented on Twitter that "the greatest actor of his generation" chose not to say something important or stand for "decency."

"Instead he strengthened Trump's hand by mirroring his debasement of our culture. Be better," he wrote.


The Big Secret The Mainstream Media Doesn't Want To Tell You About Americas Soaring Suicide Rates

This week two celebrity suicides rocked the nation, and neither of them seemed to make any sense. Kate Spade’s handbag designs had taken the fashion world by storm, and she was supposedly living the kind of lifestyle that millions of Americans can only dream about. And Anthony Bourdain was one of those rare journalists that was greatly loved by both the left and the right. His “Kitchen Confidential” book is currently the #1 best seller on Amazon, and his “Parts Unknown” series was one of CNN’s most popular shows.

Why would people that seemingly have everything going for them decide to kill themselves?

Well, by the end of this article you will learn some things about suicide and depression in the United States that the mainstream media definitely does not want to talk about. And all you have to do is to follow the money to discover the very disturbing reason why the mainstream media does not want to talk about them.


"I've Tarnished the Badge": Leader of Rogue Baltimore Police Unit Gets 25 Years in Prison

Editor’s Note: Two other cops involved in the corrupt Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task force – Evodio Hendrix and Maurice Ward – were sentenced today. Each received seven years in prison. Last month, Thomas Allers, who pleaded guilty to nine robberies carried out while on duty between 2014 and 2016, was sentenced to 15 years behind bars.

Former police sergeant Wayne Earl Jenkins was sentenced to 25 years in prison Thursday for leading the rogue Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF) of the Baltimore Police Department.

The investigation has forced the department and city prosecutors to throw out more than 1,700 criminal cases that the officers corrupted with their involvement, BBC reported Thursday. Jenkins pleaded guilty participating in 10 robberies of citizens as well as planting drugs on crime scenes and selling confiscated drugs back onto the streets. He will serve and additional three years of supervised release following the 25 years sentence.

“I’m wrong, God knows I’m wrong,” Jenkins said. “I’m so sorry to the citizens of Baltimore.”


Man Claims He Was Asked to Leave Restaurant for Wearing Large Cross

A restaurant based in Indianapolis, Indiana, allegedly asked one of its customers to leave for wearing a necklace containing a large cross.

Jerry Bond, who patronized Kilroy’s Bar N’ Grill with his minister and a few friends, claims a bouncer asked him to remove his cross necklace or leave the restaurant.

“The bouncer comes back over, really bad attitude, [and says] ‘We’re going to ask you to either tuck your necklace, remove it or you have to leave,” Bond told WRAL. “I’m not going to tuck my cross in because of my beliefs. I believe in wearing this cross and what it represents.”

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30 Phone Calls to 911 That Sheriff Joseph Lombardo Doesn't Want You to Hear From the Night of 1 October

Intellihub editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas tediously went through 518 different 911 calls from the night of the 1 October massacre in which the online sleuth located a cornucopia of information which further paints a picture of how Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Joseph Lombardo lied to the general public about events which occurred on the night of the shooting.

However, it’s also important to point out that the sheriff did not lie by choice but rather lied due to the fact that the Department of Homeland Security deemed the terror attack a ‘matter of national security’ just one day after the shooting which is why FBI Special Agent Aaron Rouse was subsequently assigned to Lombardo as his handler.

The following calls to 911 took place between the hours of 10:00 pm and 11:59 pm on October 1, 2017, and absolutely eviscerate LVMPD’s narrative of a single lone wolf shooter.

You can read over 250 other detailed reports on the Las Vegas Shooting here.

10:16 pm

When a 911 operator asked the caller if she saw the shooter, the woman who was inside the Route 91 venue at the time replied: “I think we saw the guy flying in a helicopter. […] You guys need officers in the sky because he’s flying in a helicopter.” (Keep in mind the LVMPD helicopter did not show up anywhere near the vicinity until 10:25 pm) You can learn more about the helicopters here.

Listen to call 48

10:33 pm

A LVMPD 911 call operator who was taking real-time caller info in the background can be heard saying: “We have three shooters on the 32nd-floor of the Mandalay Bay.”

Listen to call 159


Is Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis A "Failure Of The State"?

The rape and murder of a 14-year-old Jewish girl by a failed Iraqi asylum seeker has cast a renewed spotlight on Germany's migrant rape crisis, which has continued unabated for years amid official complicity and public apathy.

Thousands of women and children have been raped or sexually assaulted in Germany since Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed into the country more than one million mostly male migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The latest crime, entirely preventable, is uniquely reprehensible in that it highlights in one act the many insidious consequences of Germany's open-door migration policy — including the failure to vet those allowed into the country and the practice of releasing migrant criminals back onto German streets instead of incarcerating or deporting them.

The crime also exposes the gross negligence of Germany's political class, which appears to be more concerned with preserving multiculturalism and the rights of predatory migrants than protecting German women and children from them.

Police say that Ali Bashar, a 20-year-old Iraqi Kurd, raped Susanna Maria Feldman, strangled her and then dumped her body in a wooded area alongside railroad tracks on the outskirts of Wiesbaden. Bashar then fled to Iraq on false identity papers.

Feldman had been missing from her home in Mainz since May 22. Her mother filed a missing person report on May 23. Police, however,did not even begin to search for the girl until more than a week later, when an unnamed 13-year-old boy, a migrant living in the same refugee shelter as Bashar, contacted the police. Feldman's body was finally recovered on June 6.


Drug Investigation Leads to Arrest of Multiple Suspects-Greenwood

Greenwood- The Sussex County Drug Unit concluded a month long drug investigation that led to the arrest of multiple suspects on several drug and other related charges.

On Monday, June 11, 2018 at approximately 6:04 a.m., the Sussex County Drug Unit responded to the 10900 block of Webb Farm Road in reference to a drug investigation. Through investigative measures, it was discovered that cocaine and heroin were being distributed from the residence. With the assistance of the Sussex Governor’s Task Force (GTF) and the Special Operations Response Team (SORT), a search warrant was executed at the residence.

Upon entry, multiple subjects were located inside and detained. During a search of the residence, detectives seized 21.01 grams of crack cocaine, 5.2 grams of powder cocaine, 66 bags of heroin (approximately .462 grams), $3,367.00 in suspected drug proceeds, a loaded .25 Caliber Boa semi-auto handgun, and various drug paraphernalia including pipes and syringes used to consume narcotics.


ICE arrests 91 in New Jersey operation targeting criminal aliens

NEWARK, N.J. — An Salvadoran national in the country illegally, who has an Interpol warrant for being a member of MS-13 and trafficking in firearms and narcotics, is among 91 foreign nationals taken into custody during a five-day operation conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) last week in New Jersey, targeting at-large criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants and other immigration violators. The operation was supported by ICE's Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection's (CBP) New Jersey Field Office.

Of those arrested during the operation, which was spearheaded by ICE's Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), 77 percent were convicted criminals and 70 percent of them had prior felony convictions.
"The remarkable results of our officers and law enforcement partners highlight ICE's ongoing commitment to public safety," said John Tsoukaris, Field Office Director of ERO Newark. "This operation focuses on the arrest of individuals convicted of serious crimes and are a threat to public safety. Because of the targeted efforts of these professional officers, there are 91 fewer criminals in our communities."

These individuals will go through removal proceedings before an Immigration Judge or for those under a final order of removal, arrangements will be made to remove them from the U.S.

"U.S. Customs and Border Protection is extremely proud to have assisted in this operation," said Frank Russo, Acting Director New York Field Office. "It is through collaborative efforts that law enforcement agencies can combat illegal acts and apprehend criminals who pose a threat to the Homeland."


Bill Clinton Notes Cultural Shift In "What You Can Do To Somebody Against Their Will"

Bill Clinton just can't seem to promote his new book without questions over sexual misconduct coming up!

In a Thursday interview with PBS Newshour, Clinton, 71, suggested that "norms have changed" regarding "what you can do to somebody against their will" after host Judy Woodruff asked the former president for his thoughts on the changing standards that drove Democrat Al Franken to step down.

I think the norms have really changed in terms of, what you can do to somebody against their will, how much you can crowd their space, make them miserable at work." -Bill Clinton

"You don’t have to physically assault somebody to make them, you know, uncomfortable at work or at home or in their other — just walking around. That, I think, is good," Clinton continued.


Leaker Crackdown Begins: Top Senate Staffer Arrested In Leak Probe; NYT Journo's Records Seized

Longtime former director of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee, James A. Wolfe, was indicted and arrested Thursday night on charges of giving false statements to FBI agents in 2017 about repeated contacts with three reporters, according to the Washington Examiner.

Jim Wolfe, a longtime former director of security at the Senate Intelligence Committee, was indicted and arrested Thursday night for giving false statements to F.B.I. agents during their investigation into leaks of classified information to the media.

According to the Department of Justice, Wolfe lied to F.B.I. agents back in 2017 “about his repeated contacts with three reporters, including through his use of encrypted messaging applications.”

Wolfe is also accused of making false statements about providing “non-public information related to matters occurring before the [Senate Intelligence Committee]” to two additional reporters. –Washington Examiner


FOIA Request Reveals FEMA's Egregious Million Dollar Spending On A Floating Hotel … As Hurricane Victims Suffered

A FOIA request tipped off to Activist Post revealed a $74.7 million contract with Carnival Corporation, a cruise liner to host aid workers and first responders in the U.S. Virgin Islands on a “floatable hotel” after hurricanes Irma and Maria last year. Meanwhile, reported in the same week, a Harvard study revealed the death toll after hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico was almost 5,000 people.

The company failed to host less than half the workers it agreed to and was paid far more money during the contract than the victims of the storm were given to rebuild their houses.

According to a report from WLRN:

As outlined in the contract, the company was to house 2,056 FEMA workers and other first responders for the length of the contract. The average number of nightly passengers for the contract window was only 799.5.

Taxpayers footed the cruise ship bill to a tune of $834 per person per night, equal to a rate of $5,959 per person per week, according to a spreadsheet of the daily passenger count and the contract itself, obtained from Freedom of Information Act requests.

Further, the ship only hosted the contracted number of people for a single day over the 112-day span of the agreement. That date was October 29, 2017, when the ship hosted 2,078 guests, according to WLRN.


Democrat Donor Partnered With Foreign Fund Accused of Embezzling Billions

A major Democratic donor who partnered with a Malaysian fund that allegedly embezzled billions of dollars and is under investigation by the Department of Justice has maxed out contributions to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) this year, filings show.

Frank White Jr., the cofounder and CEO of DuSable Capital Management, a D.C.-based renewable energy and infrastructure firm, has been a deep-pocketed funder of Democratic candidates for years.

White acted as the national vice-chair for President Obama's 2012 reelection campaign and was a top bundler for the campaign. White later served as a member of Hillary Clinton's National Finance Committee and bundled more than $100,000 for the 2016 campaign, while adding between $10,000 and $25,000 in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

White, who has given hundreds of thousands to Democrats over the years, on March 22 sent a maxed out contribution of $33,900 to the DCCC, the Democrats fundraising arm for congressional candidates, according to filings.

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Joe Biden's glamorous niece appears in court sporting a pair of funky $1,450 Givenchy booties as she faces charges for a $100,000 credit card scam

Former Vice President Joe Biden's niece, Caroline, was back in Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday to have her felony conviction thrown out stemming from a $100,000 credit card scam.

A year ago, Ms Biden took a plea deal admitting to using a borrowed credit card to make purchases totaling more than $110,000 at the high-end Bigelow Pharmacy in Greenwich Village.

Had the case gone to trial, Caroline could have faced up to a year in jail, if convicted.


This Explains that Deep Bow to the King=> Saudis Gave the Obama Team Suitcases of Jewels Before Muslim Apology Tour

Former US President Obama bowed to the waist when he met Saudi King Abdullah o the sidelines of the London Conferece in 2009.

The White House later insisted this was not a bow in another lie.

Now we know one reason why Obama bowed to the Saudi monarch.
The Saudi Kingdom gave the Obama team suitcases of jewels during their infamous Apology Tour.

Saudi Arabia gave White House aides jewellery worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in large suitcases, according to Ben Rhodes, former speechwriter and deputy national security adviser in the Obama administration.

In his memoir The World As It Is, published on Tuesday, Rhodes recounts a trip to Saudi Arabia in June 2009 soon after Barack Obama became president.

He says on arrival he and other US officials were taken to housing units in a compound owned by the monarchy in the desert.

“When I opened the door to my unit, I found a large suitcase,” Rhodes recounts.

“Inside were jewels.”

The trip to Saudi Arabia was the beginning of Obama’s first tour of the Middle East as president, and preceded his famous Cairo speech which he intended as a message to the Muslim world.

Rhodes says at first he thought the bagged treasure was a bribe, to influence him as he wrote Obama’s speech.

However, he soon learned he was not the only member of the delegation to be lavished with such expense.


Indiana Teacher Forced to Resign After Refusing to Kowtow to Transgender Policies

An Indiana high school teacher alleges that he was forced to resign because he wouldn’t ascribe to the school’s policy of calling transgender students by their chosen names and pronouns.

“I’m being compelled to encourage students in what I believe is something that’s a dangerous lifestyle,” former Brownsburg High School orchestra teacher John Kluge told NBC News. He alleges that compelling him to address students with pronouns that do not accord to their biological sex violates his religious beliefs as well as his constitutional right to free speech.


As Storms Worsen, Many Coastal States Aren't Prepared

Lax building codes and poor enforcement are a big problem in some places.

June is the start of the Atlantic hurricane season. And according to researchers at Colorado State University, it’s going to be a busy one. They have predicted there will be 14 tropical storms; seven of which are expected to become hurricanes. But not every community is prepared for another active season -- at least not when it comes to the resilience of their buildings.

Eight out of the 18 hurricane-prone coastal states along the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Coast are highly vulnerable, according to a new report from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS). The report,Rating the States: 2018, is the institute’s third in six years. It evaluates the states on 47 factors that include whether residential building codes are mandated statewide, whether states and localities enforce those codes, and whether licensing and education are required of building officials, contractors and subcontractors.

Overall, the institute found “a concerning lack of progress” in the adoption and enforcement of updated residential building code systems across most of the states examined. “There’s not been much movement from [the first report] in 2012 to today,” says Julie Rochman, who stepped down as CEO and president of IBHS in April. “There’s some inertia.”


Al Qaeda in North Africa Threatens Attacks on Western Companies

Somalia terrorists attack US group, kill one Special Forces commando

The al Qaeda terrorist group in North Africa last month issued a threat to attack Western companies, and U.S. security officials are taking the threat seriously.

The May 8 statement by the group al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb indicated that attack planning against French and other Western companies is advanced and that strikes could be carried out during the Islamic holiday month of Ramadan that ends June 14.

The warning of pending terrorist attacks comes as the world's attention largely is focused on Singapore and the upcoming summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Meanwhile, al Qaeda terrorists in Somalia conducted a second attack on a military base in the southern part of the country, detonating a car bomb outside the base late Saturday.


Jack Dorsey Apologizes for Eating Chick-fil-A After Twitter Mob Attacks

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was attacked by a large number of users, including Soledad O’Brien, after he decided to eat at Chick-fil-A during “Pride Month.” He apologized, explaining that he “completely forgot about their background.”

After posting a screenshot showing that he had received a discount from Chick-fil-A, Dorsey was immediately attacked by liberal Twitter users.

This is an interesting company to boost during Pride month,” complained Soledad O’Brien, prompting Dorsey to apologize by responding, “You’re right. Completely forgot about their background.”

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‘A ticking time bomb in Maryland’: MS-13 threatens a middle school, warn teachers, parents, students

The boys had once been friends before MS-13 began recruiting one of them. Now, as other students streamed to class one April morning at William Wirt Middle School in Riverdale, Md., the two teens squared off in the third-story bathroom — a fight captured by another student on his cellphone.

The MS-13 recruit threw a punch at his former friend’s head. His opponent ducked and tackled the 15-year-old, their sneakers squealing as they tumbled to the green tile floor.

“I like that,” someone shouted off-camera as the recruit tried to cover his head.

“That look like it hurt,” someone wrote under the video, which was uploaded to Instagram on April 19 and has been viewed more than 400 times.

Gang-related fights are now a near-daily occurrence at Wirt, where a small group of suspected MS-13 members at the overwhelmingly Hispanic school in Prince George’s County throw gang signs, sell drugs, draw gang graffiti and aggressively recruit students recently arrived from Central America, according to more than two dozen teachers, parents and students. Most of those interviewed asked not to be identified for fear of losing their jobs or being targeted by MS-13.


Dennis Rodman gets emotional after Trump-Kim summit

GOP Sags in Generic Poll as GOP Donors, Ryan Push Amnesty

The GOP’s deficit in the generic-ballot poll score has spiked from just 3.2 points to 7.6 points in the last week as business donors and House Speaker Paul Ryan push for a wage-cutting amnesty.

The new polls show all of the GOP’s gradual gains since mid-March were suddenly wiped out starting June 1, when the Democrats held a mere 3.2 point advantage in the generic ballot, which records voters’ partisan preference. One week late, on June 8, the gap had jumped to 7.6 percent as the establishment media extensively and favorably covered the discharge-petition push and Ryan’s June 6 public support for an amnesty.

The GOP’s score dropped 1.4 points, from 39.8 percent, during the week in comparison to prior polls by the same companies.


Supreme Court approves Ohio’s method of purging voter rolls

A sharply divided US Supreme Court on Monday approved the practice by the state of Ohio of purging infrequent voters from their registration lists — a move civil rights groups claim disproportionately affects minorities and the poor.

In a 5-4 decision, the nation’s highest court overturned a ruling by a lower court that the practice was a violation of the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

The five justices who typically make up the conservative majority on the court backed the decision while the four liberal justices dissented.

Ohio sends a notice to registered voters who fail to cast a ballot over a two-year period.

If they do not respond to the notice or do not vote over the next four years, they are dropped from the registration rolls.


Israelis Debate Future of U.S. Military Aid

For most people, American aid to Israel is the measure of the "special relationship" between the two countries. AIPAC, the major pro-Israel lobby in the United States, considers its efforts to secure this aid its No. 1 priority. It was therefore surprising to hear senior Israeli officials in late May complain about American assistance, with one describing it as a drug addiction.

Their outburst centers around two innovations introduced into the 10-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the official name for the American aid agreement, which was negotiated between the Obama and Netanyahu administrations in 2016. The deal, which pledges an unprecedented $38 billion to Israel over a 10-year period, insists on two Israeli concessions: 1. That Israel spend 100 percent of the aid in the United States (Israel had been allowed to spend roughly 26 percent of U.S. aid on its own defense industry); and 2. Israel can't go to Congress to ask for additional funds while the MOU is in effect.

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Amnesty Dispute Exposes Fight Over Labor, Immigration Numbers

Fundamental disputes over the scale of legal immigration and border security are stalling the push by GOP leaders for a quick amnesty deal that could allow some form of legal status to at least 1.8 million young illegals.

“We’re focused on doing what we told the American people we were going to do, what they elected us to do, and we promised them we would do,” said Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, co-chair of the House Freedom Caucus, who is facing the pro-amnesty GOP leaders in the closed-door negotiations. Americans’ goals, he said, are to:

build the border security wall, end chain migration, stop the crazy lottery system, reform our asylum laws, and deal with sanctuary city law. And when we do all those things — the President has been very clear — we can address the DACA situation.

Pro-amnesty advocates declared last week that a deal was close — but only because they were eager to sideline the many disagreements about civic security, wages and the economy which surround the promised amnesty. For example, GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo, a leader in the discharge-petition amnesty group, declared June 8 that an amnesty deal was 80 percent complete:

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Trump Rocks

You Don't Get to Rewrite the Constitution Because You Dislike Donald Trump

If your contention is that President Donald Trump has the propensity to sound like a bully and an authoritarian, I’m with you. If you’re arguing that Trump’s rhetoric is sometimes coarse and unpresidential, I can’t disagree.

I’m often turned off by the aesthetic and tonal quality of his presidency. And, yes, Trump has an unhealthy tendency to push theories that exaggerate and embellish small truths to galvanize his fans for political gain. Those are all legitimate political concerns.

Yet the ubiquitous claim that Trump acts in a way that uniquely undermines the rule of law is, to this point, simply untrue.

At National Review, Victor Davis Hanson has it right when he argues that “elites” often seem more concerned about the “mellifluous” tone of leaders rather than their abuse of power. “Obama defies the Constitution but sounds ‘presidential,'” he writes. “Trump follows it but sounds like a loudmouth from Queens.”


Obama Secretly Meeting With Potential 2020 Candidates

Former President Barack Obama has been secretly holding meetings with multiple potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

Obama has so far met with at least nine possible candidates at his office in the World Wildlife Fund building in Washington, D.C.,Politico reports.

All the meetings were arranged quietly, without even some close advisers to the people involved being told of the conversations, in part because of how much Obama bristles at his private meetings becoming public knowledge. All have been confirmed to POLITICO by multiple people who have been briefed on the secretive sit-downs.

The meetings have been at Obama’s personal office on the third floor of the World Wildlife Fund building in D.C.’s West End neighborhood, and they show how a stream of ambitious, searching politicians are looking for guidance and support from the man who has remained the reluctant leader of the Democratic Party, eager to be involved, though not directly. He's not making any promises of support, though, and is not expected to endorse in the 2020 race until after a nominee has emerged.


Three Virginia Republicans running for Senate use different tactics to chase Trump base

The three Virginia Republicans vying to square off against Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine have taken three distinct approaches to mobilizing the state’s pro-Trump Republican base ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart has billed himself as the only true pro-Trump candidate, saying people want a “Republican with balls” and launching attention-grabbing stunts such as waving toilet paper outside the state Capitol to criticize fellow Republicans.

State Delegate Nick Freitas has been more muted, saying he supports key aspects of the president’s agenda but that senators don’t sign a “loyalty oath,” and that he is the candidate who can be trusted to advocate for reducing the size and scope of government.

Chesapeake Bishop E.W. Jackson, the only black candidate in the race, said his background can pull together the broad coalition that will be needed to deliver Republicans their first statewide election win in an increasingly diverse Virginia in nearly a decade.

Polling has shown a good number of voters are still undecided, but Mr. Stewart — who nearly won the Republican nomination for governor last year over Republican nominee Ed Gillespie — has led Mr. Freitas and Mr. Jackson in terms of name identification, which could be critical in a potentially low-turnout primary contest Tuesday.

“As they showed in 2016, people are looking for a fighter — they want people to stand up and fight,” Mr. Stewart said.


Wait, Really?

Real racism isn't in Trump's Twitter feed, it's in America's elite universities

There is real racism in America. It resides at elite institutions like Harvard, not President Trump’s twitter feed.

It has become commonplace for the mainstream media and Trump haters to accuse the president of being racist. Just recently, they found more fodder when President Trump commented on the firing of ABC star Roseanne Barr without condemning Barr’s racist tweet that started the controversy.

Instead, the president griped about ABC’s biased media coverage against him. Trump haters wasted no time to work up their outrage, accusing the president of stooping to a new low, and normalizing racism.


President Trump said the U.S. would suspend military exercises on the Korean Peninsula, an apparent concession to the North

President Trump said Tuesday that he was suspending military exercises on the Korean Peninsula and that he expected the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, to move “very quickly” to dismantle his nuclear arsenal after a day of discussions in Singapore.

But Mr. Trump said economic sanctions against North Korea would remain in place.

Kim Jong Un commits to 'complete denuclearization' of North Korea

President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed what Trump says is a “very important” and “pretty comprehensive” document after their Tuesday Summit in Singapore.

Trump and Kim refused to immediately tell reporters what the declaration said, saying it would be handed out later.

However, after signing it, Trump held up the papers for photographers – and the agreement was briefly visible.

“President Trump committed to provide security guarantees to the DPRK and Chairman Kim Jong Un reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” according to a preamble of the document.

The document appeared to include a loose, four-point agreement between the nations:


Higher minimum wages increase poverty in poor neighborhoods, study finds

A new study from a prominent researcher finds that higher minimum wages have increased poverty in poor neighborhoods, a finding that could shake up the debate over the federal wage floor and slow the liberal push for a $15-an-hour minimum.

The study, led by the University of California, Irvine economist David Neumark and published by the business-backed Employment Policies Institute, finds that, over the course of decades, higher minimum wages don’t reduce poverty in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Rather, the analysis finds that a $1 increase in the minimum wage raises poverty rates and government dependency by about 3 percent.

The report also finds evidence that cash welfare fails to lower poverty.


DOJ refusing to give Grassley access to agent who interviewed Flynn

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley isn't backing down as the Justice Department rebuffs his repeated attempts to speak with the FBI agent whose interview with Michael Flynn was used to indict the ex-national security adviser in the Russia probe.

“This is no ordinary criminal case,” Grassley, R-Iowa, wrote in a June 6 letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. “Congress has a right to know the full story and to know it now.”

Grassley is pressing his request anew after the DOJ once again rejected his bid to speak with FBI Agent Joe Pientka and to obtain the FBI’s records of the interview.

Flynn pleaded guilty in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe to making false statements to the FBI in that interview. He also lost his job at the White House after he was said to have misled Vice President Pence about a discussion with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Washington Post: ‘Why Can’t We Hate Men?’

The Washington Post published a column last week by Northeastern professor Suzanna Danuta Walters that argued for a universal hatred of all men.

The column, which was appropriately titled “Why Can’t We Hate Men?” asks readers to consider adopting a hatred of men as a group. Walters asks readers to consider various gender-based social issues such as the rates of sexual violence experienced by women. She also includes disputed issues such as the gaps in earnings and in access to education. With regards to the latter, it certainly clear that women are earning degrees at a significantly higher rate than men (but that’s a column for another time.)

So what is Professor Walters’ point? Seemingly, Walters argues that hatred of men, as a group, should be more mainstream. She closes her column by asking men to stop seeking leadership positions in society.


Trump Shakes Up G7, Demands Fair 'Reciprocal' Trade

With all the mainstream media hoopla surrounding the G7 summit this past weekend in Quebec, Canada, one thing is clear: President Donald Trump, as always, dominated the narrative. And he proved once again that he relishes being the anti-establishment guy, this time sending the heads of Europe’s globalist leaders spinning. The G7 summit usually amounts to little more than a couple days of Western allies and Japan hobnobbing for photo ops while proposing various jointly agreed upon socioeconomic agendas and then jetting back home again. It’s more pageantry than policy. But this time Trump saw an opportunity to press his case that the U.S. has long been getting a raw deal from its closest allies when it comes to trade (not to mention NATO). He declared in advance, “Looking forward to straightening out unfair trade deals with the G7 countries.” But he offered the caveat, “If it doesn’t happen, we come out even better!”

Trump caught everyone off guard by throwing out an unexpected proposal — “unexpected” in light of his recent implementation of tariffs on steel and aluminum. Trump suggested, “No tariffs, no barriers — that’s the way it should be. And no subsides. I even said no tariffs.” He added, “Ultimately that’s what you want. You want tariff-free, no barriers, and you want no subsides because you have some countries subsidizing industries and that’s not fair. So, you go tariff free, you go barrier free, you go subsidy free.”

The G7 leaders were seemingly stunned, but it became increasingly obvious that this was not a direction they wished to go...

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Caption This Photo 6-13-18

Heroes Haven Crab Feast

A Viewer Writes: Buried to the axles

I do recall my father or grandfather saying, "You're going to bury it to the axles if you go there!" Well, it's happened to this poor farmer off of Rd 516 just east of Seaford today. With the beating of storms we have had, this is the last thing any farmer would want. Appears he was running a subsoiler to try to get the water to drain away somewhere. .Would be interesting to see how he's going to get the tractor out...and when....

MAC & Jolly Rogers Special Event

Saturday, July 14, 2018
10 am to 6 pm
Tickets $25 each

Benefits MAC, Inc. Health & Wellness Programs

This treasure of fun includes:

Amusement Rides 2– 6 pm

Limit-2 rides on roller coaster-Speedworld and

Zipline Rides are Excluded

Splash Mountain Water Park 10 am – 6 pm

Children under two are free to water park only

Unlimited Golf - 10 am - 6 pm

Water basketball and volleyball for adults

Sundecks with lounge chairs

Food and ice cream stands

Full bath and locker room facilities

For further information call 410-742-0505 Ext. 113

This is a rain or shine activity.

MAC Inc, the Area Agency on Aging, is a United Way Agency &
a Community Foundation of the LES Member

Governor Larry Hogan Tours Chesapeake Shipbuilding

ANNAPOLIS, MD - Governor Larry Hogan today visited Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Salisbury, Md. Led by Charles A. Robertson, President and CEO of the company, the governor and local elected officials toured a cruise ship projected to be completed in August of 2018.

Chesapeake Shipbuilding has filed a Notice of Intent to participate in the Hogan administration's More Jobs for Marylanders program, which incentivizes manufacturers to create jobs in the areas of the state that need them the most. Wicomico County was recently elevated to a Tier I County thanks to the administration's initiative to expand the program during the 2018 legislative session.


SUV INTO 7-11 in OC

When, Where, And How Will The Empire Strike Back?

In any analysis of contemporary international politics it pays to be cautiously pessimistic. As the default mode one can generally expect that any way in which things can go wrong to threaten the peace and security of the planet, they will. Anticipation of improvement is a chump’s bet.

That’s why the analyst’s gut instinct rebels at any indication that things overall may be moving in a positive direction, however haltingly or indirectly. But consider:

Trump-Putin summit: President Donald Trump has again indicated his interest in finally holding a formal summit with President Vladimir Putin. Austria has offered Vienna as a venue.