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Saturday, July 04, 2020

It's Obvious Why the Media Is Silent Over a Lefty Mob Assaulting a Reporter in DC Last Weekend

Our own Julio Rosas has been in the thick of it. He covered the riots in Minneapolis, the far-left seizing portions of Seattle, and the DC protests over statues. He saw the chaos on the ground. He’s also covered Antifa rallies before and he knows that reporting on these violent left-wing goons could lead to some very serious situations, especially if they recognize you. For One America News’ Jack Posobiec he quickly learned about the dangers of reporting on the far left. He was streaming the protest near Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park, covering it when the lefty mob descended upon him about 40 minutes into his broadcast on Periscope. Water was hurled at him and a very tense situation looked like it was going to boil over. This incident occurred over the weekend (via Washington Times):

We are not cancelling American history— Jack Posobiec ???? (@JackPosobiec) June 30, 2020

Mr. Posobiec, who has caught President Trump’s attention several times, was at the scene of a protest taking place on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., when the incident unfolded.

Protesters were rallying near the Emancipation Monument, a controversial statue depicting Abraham Lincoln standing over a former slave, prior to confronting the OAN correspondent.


Video of the encounter caught Mr. Posobiec being shoved and soaked with the contents of a water bottle prior to being essentially run out of the park. A plainclothes security guard escorted him while several people followed them to a nearby street where the confrontation continued.


The incident ended roughly 13 minutes after escalating with Mr. Posobiec being escorted away from the protesters in a police vehicle.

Mr. Posobiec, 34, blamed the incident on Antifa, or anti-fascist activists, and alleged that he was assaulted and would accordingly be filing reports with the police.

“I peacefully attended the protest to cover the event, and a mob of violent Antifa tried to push me down the Lincoln Park stairs onto the concrete,” he told Mediaite.


Why Rioters Will Eventually Turn Their Rage On Christianity If Not Stopped

The outrage over statues and the 'white' depictions of Christ is meant to detract us from the real endgame: the 'canceling' of Christianity itself.

Towards the end of his reign, Tuthmosis III of Egypt ordered the destruction of all the public monuments to his aunt, Hatshepsut, the former leader of Egypt. It wasn’t the first instance of iconoclasm that the world had seen, but it has become one of the most memorable.

Iconoclasm — the deliberate destruction of images — has existed almost as long as man has walked the earth. When it took place, there were usually deep and profound reasons for these planned destructions. Rulers sought to erase the memory of their rivals.


Four Toledo City Council members, all Democrats, arrested by FBI on bribery charges

The FBI has been investigating for two years

Four members of the Toledo City Council, all Democrats, were arrestedand charged in a bribery scheme by federal law enforcement authorities on Tuesday.

Federal prosecutors alleged that Tyrone Riley, Yvonne Harper, Larry Sykes, and Garrick Johnson, were involved in a scheme that extorted money from business owners in the Ohio city in exchange for favorable council votes. The FBI began its investigation into the council members in early 2018.

Each of the accused members could face up to 10 years in prison for the bribery charges, and up to 20 years on the extortion charges.

Also charged in the scheme was an attorney who is accused of helping orchestrate the crimes.


Newt Gingrich | The Propaganda Media’s Polling Offensive

If you have noticed all the recent polls showing Vice President Joe Biden winning the 2020 election, you should know two things. First, the election is not this month. Second, this is a standard propaganda media polling offensive.

I have had long experience of the left’s efforts to depress, disorient, and defeat Republican campaigns. Part of its goal is to simply lower the energy level, diminish campaign contributions, and get the campaigns fighting internally over what is going wrong (even when there is nothing to be concerned about).

One of my earliest experiences of this propaganda media approach was the 1978 Minnesota US Senate race between incumbent Democratic-Farmer-Labor Sen. Wendell Andersonand Republican challenger Rudy Boschwitz. On the day before the election, the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, a notoriously leftwing propaganda system, reported on page one that Anderson was going to win with a poll that showed him beating Boschwitz by a small margin. The Boschwitz campaign had internal polling for several weeks showing them ahead by double digits. The following day Boschwitz beat Anderson 57-40. The leftwing propaganda had failed.

In mid-1980, Gov. Ronald Reagan was apparently going to lose to a resurgent President Jimmy Carter who had just decisively defeated Sen. Teddy Kennedy for the Democratic nomination. A few months later, Reagan shocked the media by winning in a landslide.

In 1988, Vice President George H. W. Bush was behind by 19 points in May. Just five months later, he beat Gov. Michael Dukakis by eight points. In those five months, as Americans learned how truly liberal Dukakis was, one-in-four of his supporters switched to Vice President Bush.

In 1990, on the Saturday before the election, Detroit’s liberal newspaper had John Engler losing to incumbent.Gov. James Blanchard by 19 points. Three days later, Engler won by more than 17,000 votes.


Trump Slams De Blasio's Call To Paint "Symbol Of Hate" BLM Sign On NYC's 5th Avenue

We suspect this will turn up the outrage mob to '11' on the Spinal Tap amplifier of "see, he is hitler"-ism.

In two tweets this morning, President Trump slammed New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to paint a Black Lives Matter mural on the street outside Trump Tower, saying the effort will antagonize police and will be “denigrating this luxury Avenue.”

“Maybe our GREAT Police, who have been neutralized and scorned by a mayor who hates & disrespects them,won’t let this symbol of hate be affixed to New York’s greatest street,” Trump tweeted.

“Spend this money fighting crime instead!”

The New York City mayor discussed his plan Tuesday morning during an appearance on MSNBC, saying that he plans to paint the area along 5th Avenue between 56th and 57th streets.


Storm Warning

The USA has gone so crazy in these months of the coronavirus freak-out that an orgy of looting, arson, and murder, on top of epic job loss and business failure, propelled the stock markets up-up-and-away back to near-record highs.

Makes sense, right?

The market came down a bit towards the end of the week, but don’t worry. The Fed will make another announcement that it’s going to do something or other and presto, the market will be off to the races again.

In the background of these weeks of protests, riots, looting, and arson is the disintegrating economy, which signifies that pretty much everybody in this land will not be able to keep on keeping on in the ways we’re used to.


Biden Says He Will Reverse Trump’s Tax Cuts

Joe Biden told Wall Street donors to his campaign that he planned to reverse most of President Donald Trump’s tax cuts.

“I’m going to get rid of the bulk of Trump’s $2 trillion tax cut,” Biden said during a fundraising conference call, Fox Business Network reported. “And a lot of you may not like that but I’m going to close loopholes like capital gains and stepped-up basis.”

The former vice president said he would raise the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent, which he estimated would raise taxes by $1.3 trillion over the next decade, FBN reported.

Biden said the tax cuts were “irresponsible, sugar-high tax cuts.” He claimed, without evidence, that cutting taxes made it “harder to foot the bill” for pandemic relief. In fact, interest rates have declined while government spending on pandemic relief programs has skyrocketed.

“We have to think as big as the challenge we face. But this is America, there is nothing we cannot do if we do it together,” Biden said, according to CNBC. “But I think the country is ready.”

The event raised at least $2 million, CNBC reported.


OUTRAGEOUS: Last Week Judge Emmet Sullivan Was Ordered to Dismiss General Flynn Case – What the Hell is this Corrupt Judge Waiting For?!?!!

A week ago today the DC Appeals Court dropped all charges against General Michael Flynn Case!

The Appeals Court ordered:

—Sullivan to dismiss the case

—Gleeson’s appointment as “amicus” immediately “vacated”.



Banks' New Dilemma: They Cannot Tell Who Is A Good Risk

Are people paying their bills on time? Thanks to Covid regulations, there is no way to tell.

Banks Are Flying Blind

Businesses are not allowed to report to the credit agencies who is in mortgage, credit card, or auto loan forbearance plans.

So how do banks decide who is a good credit risk when they are Flying Blind?

“Without accurate information, their only option is to pull back on credit,” said Michael Abbott, head of banking for North America at consulting firm Accenture PLC. “Banks don’t know who is going to pay and who isn’t. It’s like flying blind into a credit storm.”

Banks started tightening their underwriting standards in March, when the first wave of coronavirus layoffs began.

By early April, 33% of banks that responded to the Federal Reserve’s senior loan officer survey said they had increased their minimum credit-score requirements for credit cards over the previous three months, up from 14% in January. Bank respondents tightened lending standards for all consumer-loan categories tracked by the survey.

Loan originations have fallen, a result both of the tightening and a decline in consumer demand. An estimated 79,000 personal loans were extended in the week ended May 10, compared with 226,000 in the week ended March 22, according to Equifax Inc. Auto loan and lease originations fell to 266,000 from 390,000 during the same period. General-purpose credit-card originations totaled 483,000, down from 856,000. In 2019, weekly card originations rarely fell below 1.2 million.

Some lenders pay for phone data to see who is calling the unemployment office. Other lenders are using natural disaster codes instead of late payment codes.

TransUnion is selling data on deferrals but supposedly it is against the law for lenders to use it.

Fair Isaac is rolling out a new index to inform lenders how likely the applicant is to withstand financial difficulties during the downturn.


WaPo Admits 'Russian Bounties' Info "Deemed Sketchy" After Pentagon Says "No Corroborating Evidence"

Congressional leaders have demanded answers, and those answers have come in the form of multiple US intelligence agencies and chiefs essentially throwing cold water on the NY Times Russian bounties to kill American troops in Afghanistan story, aswe've detailed.

We expect this "bombshell" will be very short-lived, perhaps being memory holed by the weekend, akin to the fate of other Russiagate-related 'anonymous sources say' type stories.

The Pentagon is the latest to say that DOD-wide there is currently "no corroborating evidence at this time to validate the recent allegations regarding malight activity by Russian personnel against US forces in Afghanistan," according to a late Tuesday evening statement by Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

I want to assure all of our service members that we take seriously any and all potential threats against U.S. military personnel.— @EsperDoD (@EsperDoD) July 1, 2020

And yet the Times is busy publishing photos of slain Marines to help bolster what's increasingly looking like a propaganda hit piece ahead of the November election, for which there's already been considerable backlash from the public.

As of Wednesday it's been revealed that a highly respected career intelligence officer previously made the decision to not brief President Trump on what the Washington Post now belatedly admits was widely "deemed sketchy" information the CIA had obtained in 2019 through either a foreign source or report.


Howard Kurtz: Media showing 'absolute double standard' with Biden coverage

Kurtz says the mainstream media has failed to demand access to the former vice president

The mainstream media's "absolute double standard" has been exposed in coverage of presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden over the months since the coronavirus pandemic gripped the nation, "Media Buzz" host Howard Kurtz asserted Wednesday.

Appearing on "America's Newsroom" with host Trace Gallagher, Kurtz said that while it was good the former vice president held a news conference on Tuesday, he hadn't taken any questions from his press corps in a month.

"He did five interviews in June compared to 21 interviews for President Trump. And, the media – [who] usually are demanding access: ‘we have to hold these candidatesaccountable' – basically did stories saying, ‘Well, the Biden basement strategy is working because he’s going up in the polls’ rather than demanding access," he pointed out.

That said, polls have been tilting in Biden's favor ever since he made the decision to "stay at home" in his basement.


“This Is Not a Victory. The Fight to Defund Policing Continues” – Idiot AOC Blasts NY City Officials After They Fail to Disband Police

This is your future under Democrat control — No cops.

Democrat Party leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasted the New York City Council after they failed to abolish the police.
AOC is the thought leader in the party.

Democrats have gone from being elitist idiots to dangerous lunatics.

The Indy Star reported:

As calls to defund the police grow louder around the country, New York City officials agreed on a budget that shifts roughly $1 billion from the police department, but advocates and lawmakers say the change doesn’t go far enough.

The city council said in a statement Tuesday that the city’s 2021 budget, totaling more than $88 billion, “reduces police spending and shrinks NYPD’s footprint.” The cuts came as the city is grappling with losing $9 billion in revenue amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Virginia’s new gun control laws will cause firearms sales to plummet, stores say

Pro-Second Amendment groups have contested the new laws

Virginia's new gun control laws passed by the Democrat-controlled state legislature go into effect Wednesday.

The measures includes background checks on all gun sales in the state, a civil penalty for failing to report a lost or stolen gun within 48 hours and a limit on handgun purchases to one per month.

That last measure may take away business from gun stores, Steve Garriss, who has worked as a sales clerk at Clark Brother Gun Shop in Warrenton, Virginia, since 2008, he told FOX Business. Virginia Democrats brought back a law limiting gun buyers to one handgun a month that was repealed in 2012.

"The one handgun a month thing, they had that when I first started working here. They discontinued it. ... You do lose sales from it," Garriss said. "Some people come in, they bought one two weeks ago. Two weeks later, they may not be interested."


San Francisco ends mug shots release in bid to stem racial bias

San Francisco police will stop releasing the mug shots of people who have been arrested unless they pose a threat to the public, as part of an effort to stop perpetuating racial stereotypes, the city's police chief announced Wednesday.

Bill Scott, chief of San Francisco police, said the policy - which goes into effect immediately - means the department will no longer release booking photos of suspects to the media or allow officers to post them online.

Booking photos are taken when someone is arrested.

They are often made public whether or not the person is prosecuted for the alleged crime, which undermines the presumption of innocence and helps perpetuate stereotypes.


The last surviving 'Gone With the Wind' cast member is turning 104

Olivia de Havilland is one of the last remaining icons from Hollywood's golden age.

Olivia de Havilland, who played Melanie Wilkes in the beloved film "Gone With the Wind," is turning 104 today.

Acting alongside Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable, Olivia is the last surviving principal cast member of the classic movie.

HBO pulled the film from its new streaming service in June in the wake of national protests against racism and deaths of African Americans at the hands of police. At the time, HBO said it needed to add "historical context."

Although it's considered by many as a classic, the film's portrayal of slavery, African Americans and the Civil War South has been received much more critically in the decades since its release.


Firearms Background Checks Hit All Time High In June

A record 3.93 million firearms background checks were run in June, the highest volume since the inception of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) in 1988, and over one million more than June, 2019.

Last month's figure eclipses the previous record of 3.31 million in December, 2015, according to Bloomberg, citing FBI data. And according to The Trace, "all four weeks of June rank among the six busiest weeks NICS has ever recorded."

The record jump comes amid national chaos, as BLM protests over the killing of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white police officer knelt on his neck for over eight minutes, has frequently featured looting and riots. It also comes as former Vice President Joe Biden has experienced a jump in polling against President Trump.

The only time when gun background checks rose at a faster pace was when President Obama started his second term.— Bespoke (@bespokeinvest) July 1, 2020

During June, Smith & Wesson Brands shares soared 82%, Vista Outdoor climbed 49% and Sturm Ruger rose 22%; all three stocks were adding to their gains Wednesday. -Bloomberg

That said, while background checks are the best approximation of how many guns have been sold in a given month, it may be an inaccurate indicator - as a single check can cover multiple guns, and there are non-purchase reasons for running one - such as permit applications, according to


Larry C. Johnson: Start Spreading the News, New York City’s Death Rattle

When the history of New York City’s collapse is written, the star protagonists and executioners are two Italians–Cuomo and DeBlasio. The bulk of the blame is on the failed Marxist, Bill DeBlasio, who has led the charge in eliminating bail requirements for criminals and opened the city to legions of homeless. As result, the city is descending into a grim version of hell not even envisioned by a genuine Italian luminary, Dante Alighieri. .

It is not just the trash. The city is becoming more dangerous by day. Anyone arrested for theft or assault is not going to spend anytime in jail. Laws signed by the idiot Governor Cuomo ensures that no one arrested must post bail before being sprung from the hoosegow. The result should not surprise any sentient being with half a brain–the City is being transformed into a free fire zone.

The bureaucratic and administration castration of the police is the icing on the top of this pile of festering feces. The men and women in blue who dare walk the streets and try to patrol or enforce order now realize they are on their own. They are Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves except the Indians are hostile and vicious. New York’s finest are not stupid. The realize there is no upside to going to the streets and trying to impose an order that is resisted by the political powers that are supposed to back them. At this point, human nature takes over and the police back away and do nothing.


As This Taliban-Russia Story Used to Bash Trump Suffered More Stab Wounds, Hillary Should’ve Kept Quiet

We’re dealing with another nonsensical Taliban-Russia story. Apparently, we have some liberal media outlets and Democrats trying to make bountygate: Afghanistan edition a thing. The story that The New York Times peddled is that some a Russian intelligence unit was paying the Taliban to kill Americans as if radical Islamic terrorists need financial incentives. There are no details. None. It was an intelligence leak and it’s becoming quite clear that it’s trash.

Democrats and the media are trying to bash Trump by saying he knew and did nothing. Well, he didn’t know. He wasn’t briefed because nothing could be corroborated. I know this may be news to some people, but not all classified information is accurate. And of course, sore loser Hillary had to jump in, with this tweet which lacks self-awareness. Sister Toldjah at RedState hopped on it first:

Either he knew and chose to do nothing, or he didn't know because he couldn't be bothered to do his job.— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) June 30, 2020

Yeah, she had the stones to say, “Either he knew and chose to do nothing, or he didn't know because he couldn't be bothered to do his job.” Uh, is that because she did a bang-up job with the Benghazi terrorist attack in 2012?

And to boot, she looks even dumber given that CBS News’ Catherine Herridge delivered another stab wound into this shoddy tale reporting that National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien said that a "'career intel officer' made [the] call not to verbally brief President Donald Trump on alleged Russian bounty plot 'the person who decided early on whether the president should be briefed on this in the Oval, in the Oval intelligence briefing was his career, a career senior servant, a CIA officer + she made that decision because she didn’t have the confidence in the intelligence that came up,” Herridge said in a tweet. “She made that call + you know what she made the right call. And knowing the facts I know now; I stand behind that call.”


Nuts: Virginia Democrats Mull Reducing Criminal Penalties for Assaulting Police Officers

To appease black voters in the upcoming election, Democrats are doing everything they can to spit in the face of police officers. Seattle is mayhem. New York City now has a CHAZ zone of its own; our own Julio Rosas is there right now. Minneapolis is making a blitzkrieg push to abolish their police department. And now in Virginia, state Democrats are moving to downgrade the legal fallout for assaulting a police officer (via Fox News):

Virginia Democrats are proposing a long list of criminal justice reforms in response to the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others, but while some of them – such as banning chokeholds – are aimed at protecting citizens, at least one measure could reduce protection for officers.

According to a document shared by multiple local reporters and retweeted by the Virginia Senate Democrats, the proposals include downgrading the charge of assault on a police officer from a felony to a misdemeanor.

“The Senate Democratic Caucus has led and is continuing to conduct a series of community conversations to discuss these issues and we have heard from the public that now is not the time for studies or delay and that changes must be made during our Special Session,” says the document, which is titled, "Senate Democratic Caucus Police Reform and Criminal Justice Equity Plan."

It goes on to say, “We will continue to take public input and work with stakeholders, the House of Delegates, state agencies, and Governor Northam to refine these measures over the next 60 days.”

Currently, assaulting an officer is a Class 6 felony with a minimum penalty of six months in jail and a maximum of five years. Misdemeanors carry a one-year maximum and no minimum.

They also included de-escalation protocols regarding the use of lethal force. Democrats hate cops. They’re trying to hamstring them. And they obviously want to incentivize their mob minions to attack law enforcement. I suggest everyone try out a police simulator. While I get that de-escalation protocols are a debate topic, the experience you get with these simulations does a good job giving you an on-the-ground feeling of what officers experience and how you have seconds to react in deadly situations. When someone pulls out a gun or a knife and is acting belligerently, you don’t reason with that person who is a threat to the officer and the wider public. You shoot that person.


Central Banks Driving Gold

Gold as an asset class is confusing to most investors. Even sophisticated investors are accustomed to hearing gold ridiculed as a “shiny rock” and hearing serious gold analysts mocked as “gold bugs,” “gold nuts” or worse.

As a gold analyst, I grew used to this a long time ago. But, it’s still disconcerting when one realizes the extent to which gold is simply not taken seriously or is treated as a mere commodity no different than soy beans or wheat.

The reasons for this disparaging approach to gold are not difficult to discern. Economic elites and academic economists control the central banks. The central banks control what we now consider “money” (dollars, euros, yen and other major currencies).

Those who control the money supply can indirectly control economies and the destiny of nations simply by deciding when and how much to ease or tighten credit conditions, and when to favor (or disfavor) certain types of lending.

When you ease credit conditions in a difficult environment, you help favored institutions (mainly banks) to survive. If you tighten credit conditions in a difficult environment, you can more or less guarantee that certain companies, banks or even nations will fail.

This power is based on money and the money is controlled by central banks, primarily the Federal Reserve System. However, the money-based power depends on a monopoly on money creation.

As long as investors and institutions are forced into a dollar-based system, then control of the dollar equates to control of those institutions. The minute another form of money competes with the dollar (or euro, etc.) as a store of value and medium of exchange, then the control of the power elites is broken.

This is why the elites disparage and marginalize gold. It’s easy to show why gold is a better form of money, why it’s more reliable than central bank money for preserving wealth, and why it’s a threat to the money-monopoly that the elites depend upon to maintain power.


Andrew McCarthy: The rule of law is collapsing

Innocent cops will be indicted and sentenced, not due to evidence, but jury intimidation

The campaign to erase iconic symbols of American society, culture and history is working, contends a former U.S. prosecutor, because it is "destroying the rule of law that makes possible a civilization worth having."

"Its replacement is the rule of the mob," writes Andrew C. McCarthy, a former assistant U.S. attorney, for the American Spectator.

He points to the capital murder charge against Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe in the shooting death of a violent felon who attacked and was still pointing a weapon when he opened fire.

McCarthy acknowledged the case of Rayshard Brooks is tragic but insists that, legally, it is straightforward.


Lyrics For The Black National Anthem

Lift Every Voice and Sing
James Weldon Johnson, J. Rosamond Johnson

Lift ev'ry voice and sing
'Til earth and heaven ring
Ring with the harmonies of Liberty
Let our rejoicing rise
High as the list'ning skies
Let it resound loud as the rolling sea
Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us
Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us
Facing the rising sun of our new day begun
Let us march on 'til victory is won
Stony the road we trod
Bitter the chastening rod
Felt in the days when hope unborn had died
Yet with a steady beat
Have not our weary feet
Come to the place for which our fathers sighed?
We have come over a way that with tears has been watered
We have come, treading our path through the blood of the slaughtered
Out from the gloomy past
'Til now we stand at last
Where the white gleam of our bright star is cast
God of our weary years
God of our silent tears
Thou who has brought us thus far on the way
Thou who has by Thy might
Led us into the light
Keep us forever in the path, we pray
Lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where we met Thee
Lest, our hearts drunk with the wine of the world, we forget Thee
Shadowed beneath Thy hand
May we forever stand
True to our God
True to our native land

U.S. tech chief executives expected to testify before House panel

The chief executives of the four US tech giants -, Facebook, Alphabet's Google and Apple - whose companies are worth a combined $5.5trillion, will testify before Congress in late July as part of an ongoing antitrust probe into the companies, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai of Google and Apple's Tim Cook will appear as part of an antitrust probe being done by the House Judiciary Committee's antitrust panel, the sources said.

The companies did not immediately comment when asked to respond by

The four men, whose personal net worth is estimated to be a combined $240billion, will appear together before lawmakers for the first time ever in what is expected to be a highly anticipated event.


Trump Vindicated? New Peer-Reviewed Hydroxychloroquine Study Shows Reduced COVID-19 Mortality

A new large-scale study conducted by the Henry Ford Health System concluded that hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug touted by Trump as a potentially game-changing treatment for the coronavirus, successfully lowered mortality rates for hospitalized coronavirus patients. The results were published Thursday in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

Just The News reported on its findings:

The study examined 2,541 patients who had been hospitalized in six hospitals between March 10 and May 2, 2020.

More than twenty-six percent (26.4%) of patients who did not receive hydroxychloroquine died.

But among those who received hydroxychloroquine, fewer than half that number — 13% — died.

More than 90% of the patients received hydroxychloroquine within 48 hours of admission to the hospital. Scientists say giving the drug early during illness may be a key to success.

The study also determined that there were no adverse effects on the heart, despite previous reports.

Will the mainstream media give this study the attention it deserves? I bet they won’t.

Hydroxychloroquine had several success stories ignored by the mainstream media

Tucker Carlson, now officially the king of cable news, delivers historic challenge to GOP

Tucker Carlson now has the highest ratings of any program in cable news history, adding extra weight to his historic program last night, in which he laid out the peril ahead if Biden wins and a clear strategy for the clueless GOP to follow in order to prevent that from happening.

If you missed Carlson's opening monologue last night, it is embedded below in full, all 10 minutes and 48 seconds of it.

I don't agree with every single point he made, but I still hope the mush-heads who keep the GOP acting like a whipped puppy, pathetically accepting the premises of the Democrats and trying to be accepted as by them and their media adjuncts, take heed.

Here is the peril Carlson sees if Biden wins (transcript via Fox News):


Black civil rights attorney Leo Terrell announces his support for the re-election of Donald Trump

This is a big deal.

Many of us who have listened to or watched Fox News over the years are familiar with civil rights attorney Leo Terrell. I always dismissed him as an annoying blowhard whose spouting of Democrat talking points was used by the hosts as a foil and for entertainment value.

Last Sunday, I was surprised to find that Mark Levin did not share that view and, in fact, holds Mr. Terrell in high regard. Who knew?

I had heard Mr. Terrell (perhaps on Tucker Carlson's show) talking sense, for a change, on Democrats, race, and Black Lives Matter, but I gave it little heed or credit.

So I was intrigued when I saw that he would be appearing on Mr. Levin's show, Life, Liberty & Levin, this past weekend. What I viewed (part 2 here) and listened to was shocking:


Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested, May Be Sent To Same Jail Where Epstein 'Killed Himself'

Update (1455ET): MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin reports that multiple federal law enforcement officials say that depending on what the judge overseeing today’s detention & removal hearing & the Bureau of Prisons determine, Ghislaine Maxwell could be housed at MCC in New York – the same jail where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.

“We will be seeking detention,” Acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss in Manhattan said in a press conference announcing charges. Prosecutors said Maxwell helped Epstein entice girls as young as 14 into sex from 1994 through 1997, then lied about it under oath in 2016.

As Bloomberg adds, unless the judge in New Hampshire releases her on bail, "Maxwell will either be held overnight in a local jail there or transported immediately back to New York, said Jack Donson, a consultant who formerly worked for the federal Bureau of Prisons. In New York, she would likely be transferred to one of two federal lockups, the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan or the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn."

Of course, Manhattan’s MCC is where Epstein was found dead in his cell in August after committing "suicide" by hanging himself using his bed sheets. How he was permitted to do so remains a mystery. Two MCC guards are facing charges for falsifying records and failing to check on inmates in the hours before Epstein’s death. Both have pleaded not guilty. In May, the Manhattan jail also faced criticism after a judge-ordered inspection found it was failing to adequately protect inmates from the coronavirus.

Asked if any special precautions will be taken to ensure Maxwell’s safety in custody, Strauss said: "As you know, we are sensitive to that concern and certainly we’ll be in dialogue with the Bureau of Prisons about it."

Which probably means that Ghislaine has days left, if not hours, left to live.

Donson added it was possible federal officials might choose to hold Maxwell elsewhere to avoid press attention. “Maybe they’ll want to get her out of New York entirely,” he said. Wherever she ends up, Maxwell will be evaluated for suicide or other risks, he added.


Ocean City Maryland Dead On 4th Of July Weekend

OC Inlet parking lot and Boardwalk at 10 pm on Friday. Here's what's interesting. Caribbean Joe's had the best Friday we've ever had, (aside from Bike Week). Just watching the lack of traffic coming into OC all day and night on Friday told us it was not going to be good for Ocean City. We knew West OC would do well though because of three factors. 1, No fireworks. 2, COVID-19. 3, Crime in OC over the past few weeks. While rooms have been available in OC, there's been no vacancy in all of West OC over the past 3 weeks. 

It Was Only a Matter of Time… Angry DC Black Lives Matter Protesters March Down Street Chanting Blood Libel Against Jews

You just knew this was going to happen.
It always does with the far left.

On Wednesday Black Lives Matter mob marched down the streets of Washington DC chanting against Jews.

It was only a matter of time before the DC protests turned

— Nic Rowan (@NicXTempore) July 1, 2020

They were chanting, “Jews kill children too.”

And this group is getting millions and full support from US corporations?


MUST READ: Joe Biden to Ramp Up Barack Obama’s Plan to Abolish and Transform America’s Suburb

Author Stanley Kurtz argued in his book Spreading The Wealth: How Obama Is Robbing The Suburbs To Pay For the Cites that Barack Obama’s grand socialist plan included redistributing wealth from American suburbs to the inner city.

Obama passed regulations in 2013 to force suburban neighborhoods with no record of housing discrimination to build more public housing targeted to ethnic and racial minorities.

According to Kurtz, the underlying thrust of the rule change was to force racial and ethnic diversity on the suburbs:

The new HUD rule is really about changing the way Americans live. It is part of a broader suite of initiatives designed to block suburban development, press Americans into hyper-dense cities, and force us out of our cars. Government-mandated ethnic and racial diversification plays a role in this scheme, yet the broader goal is forced “economic integration.”

The ultimate vision is to make all neighborhoods more or less alike, turning traditional cities into ultra-dense Manhattans, while making suburbs look more like cities do now. In this centrally-planned utopia, steadily increasing numbers will live cheek-by-jowl in “stack and pack” high-rises close to public transportation, while automobiles fall into relative disuse.

In June of 2015 the Obama administration moved forward with regulations designed to help diversify America’s wealthier neighborhoods. The regulations would force communities to build affordable housing in more affluent areas in order to receive federal grant money.


"If the president is removed from office..." - Vito Antinarella

Harvard Grad Fired By Deloitte After Violent Rant, Blames "Trump Supporters" For Her Plight

It's a familiar trope: some privileged white or non-black BLM "ally" says or posts some shocking denouncement of 'white people', goes viral, faces a huge backlash, then whines about how they're being "victimized" by the evil, corrupt "white supremacist" system.

In the latest almost laughably egregious example of this trend, a Harvard graduate who grew up in a wealthy Connecticut enclave is blaming "Trump supporters" for being fired from a high-paying job at Deloitte, where she was set to begin work after graduating from Harvard.

In a video published yesterday, a teary-eyed Claira Janover whines that she lost her job for "standing up for Black Lives". In reality, Janover posted an unhinged video where she threatened to assault any white person who dared say "all lives matter" in her presence.

"I’ma stab you,” she said. “I’ma stab you, and while you’re struggling and bleeding out, I’ma show you my paper cut and say, ‘My cut matters, too.'"

While everyone has skeletons in their past they wish could be wiped from the Internet, Ms. Janover, an adult who was educated at Harvard, posted this just the other day. To claim that the post was somehow "standing up for black lives" borders on delusional. But nevertheless, Janover claims her video "put me a place online to be seen by millions of people", as if she was compelled to post it by some otherworldly force, not via her own free will.

Janover’s LinkedIn account reportedly listed her as an "incoming government and public business service analyst" at Deloitte, per the NYPost.



China Never Reported Existence of Coronavirus to World Health Organization

WHO backtracks on original claim that China self-reported, admits this never happened

Contrary to claims from both Chinese officials and the World Health Organization, China did not report the existence of the coronavirus in late 2019, according to a WHO timeline tracking the spread of the virus. Rather, international health officials discovered the virus through information posted to a U.S. website.

The quiet admission from the international health organization, which posted an "updated" timeline to its website this week, flies in the face of claims from some of its top officials, including WHO director general Tedros Adhanom, who maintained for months that China had informed his organization about the emerging sickness.

China and its allies at the WHO insisted in multiple interviews and press conferences that China came to the health organization with information about the virus. This is now known to be false. The WHO’s backtracking lends credibility to a recent congressional investigation that determined China concealed information about the virus and did not initially inform the WHO, as it was required to do.

The WHO’s updated timeline, posted online this week, now states that officials first learned about the virus on Dec. 31, 2019, through information posted on a U.S. website by doctors working in Wuhan, where the virus first emerged. This contradicts the agency’s initial timeline, which saidthat China first presented this information at that date.

That initial timeline stated that the "Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, China, reported a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei Province" on Dec. 31.


Business Owner Trashing Trump’s COVID Response In Biden Ad Received $27K From POTUS’s PPP Loans

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign rolled out an advertisement Wednesday featuring a business owner railing against President Donald Trump for supposedly not doing enough to help American businesses.

But the ad neglected to note that the owner benefited from the Paycheck Protection Program that Trump signed into law.

Tiffany Easley received $27,000 in loans from the Paycheck Protection Program in April when the economic lockdowns impacted her business, NV My Eyewear. Easley disclosed her loan during a June 11 roundtable with the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, but she did not mention the forgivable loan in the ad while thrashing Trump for “making everything worse.”

“I had to permanently close one location and furlough my employees,” Easley says in the ad. “Donald Trump and his administration left the American people behind, the people he is supposed to protect and serve. Small businesses—they need a partner in the White House, and that’s why I’m with Joe.”


Statement From The Washington Redskins

Adam Schiff Knew About 'Russian Bounty' Intel Months Ago, Did Nothing

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was briefed on unverified intelligence that Russia was offering the Taliban to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan - yet did nothing with that information, according to The Federalist.

Schiff, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, was a key player in the attempt to remove Trump from office - first claiming he had evidence of collusion with Russia, before pivoting to the Ukraine saga where he spearheaded the House's impeachment of Trump over his request that Ukraine's new president investigate Joe and Hunter Biden over allegations of corruption.

And yet, somehow Schiff failed to weaponize the 'Taliban bounty' story for months after his staff was briefed on the rumor during a February congressional delegation (CODEL) trip to Afghanistan.

The Federalist points out Schiff's hypocrisy:

Schiff’s recent complaints that Trump took no action against Russia in response to rumors of Russian bounties are curious given that Schiff himself took no action after his top staff were briefed by intelligence officials.

As chairman of the intelligence committee, Schiff had the authority to immediately brief the full committee and convene hearings on the matter. Schiff, however, did nothing. He did not brief his committee on the matter, nor did he brief the gang of 8, which consists of top congressional leadership in both chambers.

Schiff is demanding that the Trump administration brief all of Congress about the unverified allegations, yet he himself did not ask for a briefing of the Intelligence Committee following the February briefing of his own staff.