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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bed Bugs

A friend attending the Salisbury Kennel Club Dog Show this weekend stayed at this Hotel on Rt. 13 this weekend and was loaded with bed bug bites.

The really bad part about this is that they'll probably go home with the bed bugs in their luggage and have the same problem at home.

Their arms were just loaded with bites. You've been warned. "Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite".

G.I. Joe & Lillie

Dog Found: UPDATE

Hey Joe, we found this little guy on Jackson St. and have no luck locating his owner.  Could you post him up on your site?  I'm sure someone is missing him. :)  He's really friendly and looks maybe like a chihuahua mix?

They can contact me at 443.523.6971.

Do You See The Double Standards?

218 comments yet I couldn't find anyone that said something about Williams James Webb and his racist comment.

Take a look at this story from our partner station WXIA in Atlanta: A woman has been fired after calling President Obama the 'N-word' on Facebook. Full story here:



Perhaps you’ve heard of Madison Rising – you know, the conservative, rock group that regularly touts patriotic lyrics, while also churning out entertaining and musically-stellar tunes. In June, the band, which embraces conservative values, ran a successful effort called the “One Million Star-Spangled Banner Challenge.” The goal? To convince 1 million people to watch the music video for the group’s rock version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” by Nov. 6 (election day).
The response, though, was so fierce that the band reached its goal seven weeks early, transcending the one million view marker two months ago. And in a fascinating bit of irony, in addition to hitting the benchmark early, Madison Rising surpassed its goal on September 14 — the 198th anniversary of the date Francis Scott Key wrote the original poem.

Lost Dog 11-11-12: UPDATE

Unfortunately we found out about an hour ago that she was hit by a car and killed SEVEN miles from our house trying to find her way home.  Thank you so much for your help!

My collie ran into the woods on Coulbourn Mill Road near FoxChase neighborhood at approximately 7:00 this morning. She was seen by a hunter chasing a deer headed towards Nassawango Church Road. She is a white and brown collie with short hair. Her name is Caramel and she is VERY friendly! Please call 410-749-1963 or respond to email  <> Thanks! 


President Barack Obama once promised, as a U.S. Senator, to honor veterans of the Cold War, who have never received official recognition and are therefore prevented from full participation in many Veterans Day celebrations. But he never fulfilled that promise--neither in the Senate nor the White House--leaving Cold War veterans in the cold.

This weekend, the Wall Street Journal documented the promise, made in 2006 to Frank Almquist, an Illinois constituent who had served in the Army in the 1980s. A medal for Cold War veterans seemed "appropriate," Obama wrote, and wrote that he hoped "this impasse can be broken soon." He never took up the task.


Taxpayers in San Francisco, California will now pay for "gender-switching," transgender surgeries to "help ease the mental anguish of people who feel they are trapped in bodies of the wrong gender." These operations will be covered under San Francisco's universal health care program for the uninsured. 

The San Francisco Health Commission on Tuesday approved of these controversial operations; public health officials in the city and transgender rights advocates discussed how they could get procedures such as mastectomies and genital reconstruction surgery covered under San Francisco's universal health care system for individuals who consider themselves transgender.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Plea Deal

A resignation from Congress and jail time are reportedly part of a tentative plea deal U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) is currently considering.
CBS Chicago reported Saturday that veteran criminal defense attorney and former U.S. Attorney Dan Webb is negotiating a deal that tentatively includes the congressman pleading guilty to misusing campaign funds, resigning for health reasons, repaying any campaign contributions that went toward personal expenditures and -- almost inevitably -- some jail time.
The negotiations are expected to be wrapped up by the year's end, according to CBS.



ANNAPOLIS, MD (November 11, 2012) – Governor O’Malley and Lt. Governor Brown today released the following statement in honor of Veterans Day:
“We have no greater strength as a country than our men and women who give of themselves to defend their families, their neighbors, and their communities. Today, and every day, we thank them and their families for their most noble sacrifice for our nation.

“On behalf of the people of our State, we are forever grateful for their courage in exercising the greatest of freedom’s privileges, and for their service to make this world a safer and better place for generations to come.”

Bless You

Explosion Levels Homes in Indianapolis; 2 Dead

 A massive explosion sparked a huge fire and killed two people in an Indianapolis neighborhood where about three dozen homes were damaged or destroyed, authorities said Sunday. The powerful nighttime blast shattered windows, crumpled walls and could be felt at least three miles away.

Seven people were taken to a hospital with injuries after the explosion and fire, Deputy Fire Chief Kenny Bacon said.

Fire Lt. Bonnie Hensley said firefighters put out the flames and then went through the rubble and damaged homes one at a time in case people had been left behind. She said they used search lights until dawn as they peered into the damaged and ruined homes. Two bodies were recovered.


Why Hispanics Don’t Vote For Republicans

The call for Republicans to discard their opposition to immigration amnesty will grow deafening in the wake of President Obama’s victory. Hispanics supported Obama by a margin of nearly 75 percent to 25 percent, and may have provided important margins in some swing states. If only Republicans relented on their Neanderthal views regarding the immigration rule of law, the message will run, they would release the inner Republican waiting to emerge in the Hispanic population. 

If Republicans want to change their stance on immigration, they should do so on the merits, not out of a belief that only immigration policy stands between them and a Republican Hispanic majority. It is not immigration policy that creates the strong bond between Hispanics and the Democratic party, but the core Democratic principles of a more generous safety net, strong government intervention in the economy, and progressive taxation. Hispanics will prove to be even more decisive in the victory of Governor Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30, which raised upper-income taxes and the sales tax, than in the Obama election. 

Millennials Burning Out At Work By Age 30

They seem to have it all, but look closer, and many hard-working Millennials are burning out at work by age 30.

Several marketing experts tell Forbes that burning out is becoming almost natural, especially among women nearing age 30.

After years of working hard in high school, college and even graduate school, many Millenials who want to stand out at work - or hang onto their job - don't take the time to relax.


FBI Whistle Blower Spoke To Eric Cantor Two Weeks Ago Regarding Petraeus

Starting off, Politico offers 6 lingering questions regarding the resignation of David Petraeus, which includes
1. Why resign now?
The Obama administration’s first sex scandal exploded just three days after the president was reelected at the end of a hard-fought campaign and just days before Petraeus was scheduled to appear at a congressional hearing about the attacks in Benghazi.

OCPD Annual Christmas Food And Toy Drive

The Ocean City Police Department is asking for toy donations, as well as monetary donations, in order to provide gifts and food baskets to local families. Unwrapped, new toys may be dropped off at the Public Safety Building, located at 65th Street and Coastal Highway.
For those who wish to contribute monetary donations, an account for food baskets has been set up at the Bank of Ocean City (the account name isTown of Ocean City, Ocean City Police Department DBA-Holiday Food and Toy Drive). While you may contribute donations to any Bank of Ocean City branch, we ask you not to bring food to the Department or the bank. You may also send your donations to “OCPD Christmas Toy Drive” at 6501 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, Maryland, 21842.
The Ocean City Police Department is accepting referrals of children or families that are in need of assistance. In order to participate, families must be Ocean City residents or individuals who work in Ocean City
“This communities generosity is always remarkable, it is one of the things I will truly miss when I leave,” said OCPD Chief Bernadette A. DiPino. “the economy continues to be challenging for most Americans including a lot of our residents, the businesses and citizens of the Ocean City community continue to pull together to provide for those ocean city families who are struggling this year. This is what Christmas is all about.”  This has been my family tradition that Chief DiPino has carried on from her father and grandfather, who were both Baltimore City police officers. 
In addition to monetary donations, the Ocean City Police Department is looking for volunteers. Those who volunteer will be assisting other participants with the collection of toys and food on the day of the distribution. The Ocean City Police Department asks that all donations be made by Friday, December 21. Distribution will take place on Saturday, December 22, promptly at 8 a.m.
The OCPD Public Affairs Office will begin taking names of volunteers and those in need on November 13. To submit a donation, volunteer, or refer a family in need, please contact Public Affairs Officer Michael Levy or at 410.723.6665, or call the OCPD Records Section Supervisor Michelle Monico at: 410-723-6631 or Records Technician Tim Coyle: at 410-520-5105.

The Voters Who Stayed Home

They need better choices.

The key to understanding the 2012 election is simple: A huge slice of the electorate stayed home.

The punditocracy — which is more of the ruling class than an eye on the ruling class — has naturally decided that this is because Republicans are not enough like Democrats: They need to play more identity politics (in particular, adopt the Left’s embrace of illegal immigration) in order to be viable. But the story is not about who voted; it is about who didn’t vote. In truth, millions of Americans have decided that Republicans are not a viable alternative because they are already too much like Democrats. They are Washington. With no hope that a Romney administration or more Republicans in Congress would change this sad state of affairs, these voters shrugged their shoulders and became non-voters.

“This is the most important election of our lifetime.” That was the ubiquitous rally cry of Republican leaders. The country yawned. About 11 million fewer Americans voted for the two major-party candidates in 2012 — 119 million, down from 130 million in 2008. In fact, even though our population has steadily increased in the last eight years (adding 16 million to the 2004 estimate of 293 million Americans), about 2 million fewer Americans pulled the lever for Obama and Romney than for George W. Bush and John Kerry.

Second Terms: Always A Disaster!

PETA Thanksgiving Billboard Asks Kids: Would You Eat Your Dog?

A billboard that will be placed outside Nevada public schools is sure to make for interesting Thanksgiving dinner conversation, that is, if kids let the turkey make it to the table.
PETA plans to place a billboard that reads, "KIDS: If you wouldn't eat your dog, why eat a turkey? Go vegan," with a picture of a dog head on a turkey body, near Reno public schools.
Similar ads will be run outside public schools in California, and were placed in Canada in September.

Delaware State Police Issues Gold Alert: UPDATE/LOCATED

Gold Alert Subject:
  • Kenneth W. Helstern, 83, Selbyville, DE (Photo Attached)
  • 6’04” tall, 184 lbs., grey hair, blue eyes
Location Last Seen:
  • Brandywine Senior Care, 21111 Arrington Drive, Selbyville, DE
Date and Time Last Seen:
  • Sunday November 11, 2012 at approximately 8:30 a.m.
Selbyville, DE- The Delaware State Police has issued a Gold Alert for a missing Selbyville man.
The Delaware State Police are currently searching for Kenneth W. Helstern, 83 of Selbyville, DE. Helstern was last leaving the Brandywine Senior Care located at 21111 Arrington Drive in Selbyville around 8:30 a.m. this morning to go for his daily walk and has not returned.  He is described as a white male, 6’04” tall and 184 lbs. with grey hair and blue eyes.  He was last seen wearing a navy blue windbreaker jacket, tan pants, and a black knit cap.
Kenneth Helstern’s medical condition is such that there is a real concern for his safety.
Troopers are asking anyone who may have any information as to the whereabouts of Kenneth Helstern to contact Troop 4 at 302-856-5850. Citizens may also provide a tip by texting keyword “DSP” plus your message to 274637 (CRIMES).  Tipsters may also provide information through lines maintained by Delaware Crime Stoppers at (800) TIP-3333. Callers can also submit information via the internet at


The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic civil rights organization, found in its 2012 presidential exit poll that more than 85% of American Muslims voted for President Barack Obama.

In 2008, 89% of Muslims voted for Obama.
CAIR surveyed 650 American Muslims, and the states with the highest number of respondents were: California, New York, Texas, Virginia, Illinois, Florida, Michigan, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio.


Outgoing CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus’ resignation over an extramarital affair was reportedly held until after Tuesday’s election to avoid “potential embarrassment” for President Barack Obama, according to Newsmax.
FBI agents learned of the affair while monitoring Petraeus’ emails out of concern that the woman, Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell, may have had access to his personal account, the Associated Press reported.
But an FBI source told Ronald Kessler, the author and journalist who broke the Secret Service prostitution scandal, that rather than having Petraeus resign immediately, the decision was made to hold it until after the election for political purposes:

Question Of The Day 11-11-12

Some want President Obama to forgo a lavish 
inauguration ball in 2013. Should he? 

Record 70.4 Million Enrolled in Medicaid in 2011: 1 Out of Every 5 Americans

A record 70.4 million people were enrolled in the Medicaid health care program for the poor in fiscal year 2011, according to government figures provided to
That figure equals about 22 percent of the population, which means there was one person on Medicaid for every 5 Americans in 2011.
The record number of Medicaid enrollees in 2011 – the most recent year for which figures are available – is a count of all persons enrolled in Medicaid for any part of that year, providing the fullest and most accurate count of the size of the entitlement program. (The federal fiscal year in 2011 ran from Oct. 1, 2010 to Sept. 30, 2011.)


After a decade of defeats and dozens of rejections by voters across the United States, campaigns for same-sex marriage have found friendly voters in Maine, Maryland and apparently in Washington state, according to early returns.
What now?
There likely will be lawsuits against churches. Justices of the peace or other officials could have a bull’s-eye on their backs. Small businesses, such as photographers, venue operators and cake bakers will be hit with claims under anti-discrimination laws. And more.
That’s according to Frank Schubert, who has worked on campaigns to defend the traditional definition of marriage.

Judge Who Beat Daughter Is Back On The Bench

Aransas County Court-at-Law Judge William Adams has been in and out of the courthouse in Rockport preparing for next week's docket, while his daughter made another national television appearance Friday.
Adams was reinstated by the Texas Supreme Court after a yearlong paid suspension resulting from a judicial conduct inquiry.
The State Commission on Judicial Conduct investigated after his daughter posted a video on YouTube that she secretly recorded seven years earlier, showing the judge whipping her with a belt and dishing out a verbally abusive, threatening and obscenity-laced tirade when she was 16.

Ruling On Bradley Class-Action Suit Set For Nov. 13

Tuesday, Nov. 13, is expected to be a landmark day in the class-action civil case against pedophile pediatrican Earl Bradley
Superior Court Judge Joseph Slights III is expected to approve a settlement in the case, designed to compensate Bradley's many victims for the crimes they suffered while at the same time allowing Beebe Medical Center to avoid bankruptcy.
John Culhane, director of Widener University's Health Law Institute, said the Bradley case is highly unusual in that it is a sexual-abuse case that will be settled through class action. Culhane also said the mechanism by which victims will be compensated and the establishment of a victims' fund are unprecedented.

Florida Vote Twist: More Ballots Than Voters

Republican Congressman Allen West’s campaign is ready to “go to war” to get a recount in the Florida 18th Congressional District race. The latest twist to emerge from the ongoing vote count – in some precincts there are more ballots than voters.
Preliminary, unofficial vote totals were filed today in the neck and neck race between Mr. West and Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy. The Murphy campaign has already declared victory, but the numbers have not been officially certified and the count goes on. The West campaign believes that they are close to the .5% vote margin that will trigger an automatic recount under Florida election law.
The vote count has been marked by controversy. Poll watchers accuse local election officials of incompetence, intimidation and possible fraud. The latest twist is that in some precincts of St. Lucie County there appear to be dozens more ballots being counted than the number of voters. The West campaign is demanding St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker release the voter poll books that show how many voters actually showed up on Election Day to validate the count. “What we are saying is, open your books!” a source close to the West campaign toldThe Washington Times.

Programmer Under Oath Admits Computers Rig Elections

Unemployment Rate Soars For Younger Female Veterans

For many of our newest veterans, the one thing they really want this Veterans Day is a job.

Overall, the current unemployment rate for veterans of all ages is 6.3 percent - well below the national average.

But for the youngest veterans - those who enlisted after the September 11 terror attacks - the rate is just under 10 percent.

The Department of Veterans Affairs says that number - 9.7 percent - must be taken in a broader context. The VA says the unemployment rate for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans used to be much worse and over the course of the last year has begun a slow but definite decline. 

Thank You To All Veterans