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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Session Week #6

Session Week #6

Week number six of the 436th General Assembly of Maryland saw committee hearings and policy discussions covering several areas and is now in the books. The legislative session moves fast and we are expected to entertain over 3,000 bills this year. Leave it to Annapolis to think of 3,000 ways to change your life!

During the hectic session we have found that a mix of social media and traditional media has been effective in reporting back to you. We update the facebook page often and encourage you to like it. Typically, we post any interviews that we have had with media outlets as soon as they become available. This week I was interviewed by both a radio and television station on different issues.

(Chicken Day in Annapolis! I was joined by Del. Steve Arentz and Sen. Addie Eckhardt, who again donned the chicken suit)
On Tuesday morning, I was interviewed by Mike Bradley of 92.7. The discussion covered a wide range of topics including the “Poultry Litter Management Act” and efforts to stimulate manufacturing growth. Tuesday afternoon I spoke to Chris Weimer from WBOC about a transportation bill that could have bad consequences for local projects. If you'd like to listen to both interviews, here are the links: 92.7, WBOC.

I’ve been asked a few times about the Poultry Litter Management Act. There are a number of reasons that the bill should not go forward. Our office has not heard an outcry from poultry farmers asking the state to intervene in their contracts with poultry integrators. Given that there is no issue being raised by farmers, this looks like an Annapolis solution looking for a problem to solve. However, even if we were to look beyond that, the bill is essentially a tax on poultry integrators. The bill, if it were ever needed (and I have my doubts), is entirely premature.

After years of working on the phosphorous management tool (PMT), it was finally implemented in 2015. Instead of waiting for any results from the PMT, this bill seeks to create a law that we’re not even sure is needed- again at the expense of the poultry integrators. These kinds of bills are not helpful and create incentives for poultry companies to re-locate to Delaware from Maryland. Every river north of the Wicomico on the peninsula originates in Delaware. By pushing poultry companies from Maryland to Delaware, not only would we lose an essential component of our economic region, but our state would also lose the ability to have a seat at the table with the poultry companies to work together to solve issues.

(Four and a half hours into hearings and we had just begun the speed camera repeal bill. See the large stack of petitions on the witness desk?)

In the interview with Mike Bradley, we briefly discussed one of Governor Hogan’s bills that would improve our efforts to create more manufacturing jobs in Maryland- including on the Lower Eastern Shore. The bill will be heard this coming Tuesday in the House Ways and Means Committee and I am a proud co-sponsor of the bill.

The “Manufacturing Empowerment Zones” bill (HB450) will:
Eliminate the state corporate income tax for a period of 10 years on new manufacturers in areas designated as Empowerment Zones, or areas where unemployment is highest.
Empowerment Zones will include Western Maryland, the lower Eastern Shore, and Baltimore City.
Individuals who earn less than $65,000 per year and are employed by new manufacturers in Empowerment Zones will pay no state income taxes.

On Monday, the Wicomico County Delegation that I chair will be presenting a bill that would allow distilleries to open in Wicomico County (HB1359). Right now there are companies that have expressed interest in opening distilleries in our area. If this bill passes it will allow local people to start a distillery as well as outside investors to look at our county as a good place to open up shop.

I am also co-sponsoring a transportation funding bill (HB723) that will be heard by my committee (Environment and Transportation) on Thursday. HB273 would give local governments stability in funding for roads.

Since 2008, when the previous administration severely cut funding for roads to local governments, our towns, cities, and counties have struggled to keep up with road projects. The unstable funding has also made it difficult for them to budget for the projects, as the formula that gave budget stability has been largely abandoned. This bill would reinstate the formula and give the state a five year phase in period to reach full funding. The stable, incremental increases of the phase-in period would allow the state to continue to recover from the recession, while addressing the structural deficit. This is a bi-partisan bill and I am joined as a co-sponsor with several colleagues from both parties.

Thank you for your support. I appreciate that you have taken the time you have taken to read our newsletter. Please contact our office with any ideas, issues, or concerns that you have. We’re here to work for you.

Blessed to be your voice in Annapolis,


Salisbury Man Killed In Tractor-Trailer Crash On Rt. 50

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)—A Salisbury man is dead after the tractor-trailer he was driving overturned on RT. 50 near Cape St. Claire.

Police say it happened early Sunday morning on eastbound Rt. 50 when the driver of a tractor-trailer carrying Cloverleaf Milk products lost control and overturned on top of a guardrail.

The driver was identified as George Marvel Fooks, of Salisbury. He was pronounced dead at the scene.


At Least 6 Killed In Series Of Shootings In Kalamazoo; Suspect Arrested

At least six people are dead after multiple shootings in three different locations in the Kalamazoo, Mich., area on Saturday night. Police have arrested a 45-year-old man for the crime. Three additional people were shot, two of whom are listed in critical condition.

At a news conference Sunday morning, Kalamazoo County Prosecutor Jeffrey Getting said officials believe the attacks were random, with bullets striking people who happened to be in the wrong place when the rampage started.

When asked whether he viewed the violence as an act of terrorism, Getting said no.

The victims range from four women who were shot in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel restaurant to a father and son who were at a car dealership, according to local news TV WWMT.


Election Results

SC Republican Primary

Donald Trump33%
Ted Cruz22.3%
Marco Rubio22.9%
John Kasich7.6%
Jeb Bush7.8%
Ben Carson7.2%

Donald Trump Wins South Carolina Primary as Jeb Bush Quits Race

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump rolled to victory on Saturday in South Carolina in a contest that saw former Florida Governor Jeb Bush drop out, while Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton beat back a strong challenge from Bernie Sanders in Nevada.

The victories by Trump, who is running as an anti-establishment outsider, and Clinton, a preeminent political insider, solidified their positions as the front-runners to win their parties' respective nominations ahead of the Nov. 8 presidential election.

The night's most prominent casualty, Bush suffered a distant fourth place finish in the Republican contest and announced he had suspended his campaign, ending his dream of becoming a third Bush president after his father and brother.

"The people of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina have spoken, and I really respect their decision," an emotional Bush said in Columbia. He finished far out of the running in each of the first three states.


Troopers Arrest Female for Robbery - Georgetown

Georgetown, DE - The Delaware State Police have arrested a Maryland female in connection with a robbery west of Georgetown.

The preliminary investigation revealed the incident occurred on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at approximately 5:10 p.m. as Troopers responded to Hastings Farm Road west of Gravelly Branch Road, Georgetown for a report of a robbery. The male victim, 54 of Seaford, while intoxicated advised a friend, Autumn Hitchens, drove him to a restaurant in Laurel in his vehicle. While on their way to the restaurant the victim advised Hitchens stopped and picked up an unknown male subject who stayed in the vehicle while they entered the restaurant.

After leaving the restaurant Hitchens drove the victim with the other male subject to Hastings Farm Road and pulled over. At this time another vehicle pulled in behind the victim’s vehicle. The victim was pulled from the vehicle by the unknown suspects and thrown to the ground. The victim’s cellular phone and money were removed from his pocket. Hitchens and the other unknown suspects then drove away in his vehicle leaving the victim alongside the road. The victim was not injured.

On Friday, February 19, 2016 Troopers observed the victim’s stolen vehicle traveling eastbound on Newton Road (SR 404A) east of Adams Road, Bridgeville. After a vehicle stop, Autumn Hitchens was located in the vehicle and taken into custody along with two other female occupants. After obtaining evidence from the scene, conducting interviews, and utilizing other investigative measures, detectives were able to link Autumn M. Hitchens to the robbery.

Detectives arrested Autumn M. Hitchens, 27, of Salisbury, MD without incident on February 19, 2016. She was then charged with Robbery 2nd Degree, Theft of a Motor Vehicle and two counts of Conspiracy 2nd degree. Hitchens was transported to Troop 4, Georgetown, where she was processed. She was arraigned at the Justice of the Peace Court #2 and committed to the Delores J. Baylor Correctional Institute for lack of $7,000.00 secured bond. (see attached mug shot)

The Delaware State Police continue to investigate and search for the remaining suspects. If anyone has any information in reference to this incident, they are asked to call Detective J. Jones, Troop 4 Major Crimes at 302-752-3795. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

MSP Easton -State Police-Press Release

Case Information 
Date and Time: February 20, 2016 @ 2043 
Case Number: 16-MSP-006981 
Location: 200 Delaware Ave, Hurlock, Dorchester County, Maryland 21643 

Type of Collision: Pedestrian collision 

Vehicle #1: Maryland State Police Cruiser Operator #1: Tfc Brooks, Maryland State Police, Easton Barrack Vehicle #2: Operator #2: Pedestrian – Joseph Michael Frambes, 30 yrs of Brooklyn, Maryland Veh #2 passenger Veh #2 passenger Brief Synopsis

On February 20, 2016, a collision occurred involving a Maryland State Police cruiser when a pedestrian dressed in all black ran into the roadway. The pedestrian was struck by the cruiser causing minor damage to the vehicle. The pedestrian, identified as Joseph Michael Frambes, 30 yrs of Brooklyn, Maryland, suffered a broken leg. Frambes was intoxicated and was combative with EMT’s. Frambes was flown to Shock Trauma due to his injuries. Charges None at this time, investigation continues Investigating Trooper: Cpl Emerick Commander: Lieutenant R. Connolly Assistant Commander: First Sergeant S. Gappert Criminal Investigation Supervisor: Detective Sergeant M. Parke

Pope Puts Foot In Mouth

It never ceases to amaze me just how screwed up the Main Stream media is. 

Tonight we are seeing, (yes, even on WBOC FOX channel) the MSM going after Donald Trump, yet they once again don't show the OTHER SIDE. 

Google Vatican wall and then click on images and you'll see NUMEROUS images of the walls surrounding the Pope. 

Oh, for what it's worth, I didn't see any bridges either. 

Two Comments Worthy Of A Post

Part I

I just wanted to tell you about a major Cluster F*** the Salisbury Fire Department has been dispatched to in the area of Northwood Drive and Gordy Road. The call was dispatched by Wicomico 911 or Wicomico Emergency Services(Whatever the like to call themselves). The call was for a burn patient and Central said he had burns on his legs and arms but the fire was out so I don't know why they needed a fire engine. They said the male patient was conscious and breathing fine. 

Truck 2 responded with 5 on board and then Paramedic 2 responded. The guy riding the front seat of the engine goes by the name of Brad Sparrow decides to tell Central to put the paid assistant chief on the call(If you are riding the officers seat of the engine and you need an assistant chief for a burn patient then you don't need to be riding that front seat. Did I mention his name was Sparrow.) Central told them they already contacted Trooper 4 and they were available if needed. They get to the scene and said they are 50 ft. into the woods and the campfire is out. At some point someone called for the State Fire Marshall. Then "Command" Sparrow told Central to tell the Fire Marshall to meet the patient at the Hospital. Wrong move, it is not the job of the unqualified "commander" to tell a Fire Marshal from the Office of the State Fire Marshal where to meet the patient. Part of the Fire Marshal's job is to investigate the cause of the burn and the cause can be found at the initial call. Where the campfire is at the homeless camp on Norhtwood Drive. 

Then after a good 10 or 15 minutes Paramedic 2 gets on the radio and requests Trooper 4 and tells them the landing zone will be at the Salvation Army(Paramedic 2 got on the radio and made the request, not "Command" as in protocol. Did I mention Sparrow.) Then "Command" gets on the radio and tells Central to send paid fire crew on Engine 16 to stand by at the Landing Zone. Then Central tells them that Troopr 4 has a 15 minute ETA(Did I mention they had already been on the scene for a good 10 or 15 minutes). Did you notice the Landing Zone will be at the Salvation Army? If you are paying attention the Salvation Army is directly across the street from the hospital.(PRMC is a Trauma Center). Oh Wait! What happened to the State Fire Marshal meeting the patient at PRMC? I wonder if the Fire Marshal ever got the chance to meet with the patient.

Engine 16 gets on the scene of the Landing Zone and establishes "Command." Now we have two "Commands" for the same call, the same patient. Paramedic 2 now decides to respond to the Landing Zone with the patient which is close to 39-45 minutes on scene time. The patient has yet to get definitive care. After that the first "Command" says "Situation under Control, Truck 2 is enroute to the landing zone." Trooper 4 gets on the radio and asks command if there are any hazards. Command(Brad Sparrow) says go to command at the Salvation Army. After Trooper 4 is confident there are no hazards at the landing zone which is the football field, then the ask Paramedic 2 about the patient. Then the paramedic on the ambulance precedes to basically tell the world that the patient is drunk on alcohol.

SFD Burn Pt. Part 2

Many minutes later "Salvation Army Command" places the situation "under control" and now the the patient is being transported to Baltimore by "Trooper 4. The Helicopter ride is a good 30 minutes to any hospital in Baltimore. Now they are a good hour into the call and the patient was just a mere 5 minutes to PRMC and the patient has yet to see a doctor at the hospital. Did you know that PRMC has a landing zone of any helicopter. The paramedic on the ambulance or the paramedic on Trooper 4 can not do anything to treat and comport that patient like the professionals at the Trauma Center which was lest than 5 miles from where he initially got burnt. Now the patient is suffering severely and you can see the emergency room from the Salvation Army landing zone. I don't know about you, but as close as the patient was to the hospital I would say the entire Salisbury Fire Department was negligent on this call. This patient suffered a good hour and a half before he reached an appropriate lever of care. The Paramedics were very negligent and they should have known better.

Units on the scene include: Paramedic 2, Truck 2, Engine 16 and Assistant Chief 1. For fire and EMS vehicles for one patient that could have easily been handled by one Ambulance. Part of the blame can go to the dispatchers at Wicomico Central. They had no business prompting them to use the helicopter, Trooper 4, because the Salisbury Fire District is way to close to the hospital. It is a waste of tax dollars and a waste of valuable resources that could have been used elsewhere. That helicopter ride is costing tax payers approximated $60,000 and do you think the patient has insurance? Probably not and guess who has to pay for that bill? We the tax payers are. I think the Salisbury Fire Department and Wicomico Central needs to pay the state for that helicopter ride.

I hope someone reports this incident to MIEMSS, the governing body of emergency care in Maryland. This call needs to be investigated by the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems. Each one of those participants in this call need to have their EMT and Paramedic certifications suspended. No patient needs to suffer like this burn patient did. If you have ever been burnt you know that it is one of the most agonizing pains you will ever feel.

What Did You Think Of The Grammy's Last Night?

While it's be a lot of years since I actually watched the Grammy's, I learned last night I hadn't missed anything.

Most of these so called "Artists" can't sing, they SCREAM. WORDS, what are they? You can't understand most of what these people say/sing, yet the entire group/audience gives standing ovations for hibba bobba nowamba shama lamma huh. 
Even Adele sucked, screaming at the top of her lungs and failed to hit most of the notes in her song. That was very disappointing.

So do tell me, did that show suck, or was it just me?

A Viewer Wants To Know...

FYI - Trooper Dize's DUI arrest is not showing up in the "Maryland
Judiciary Case Search". Wonder why????

Salisbury, Maryland Public Brand Presentation

Your Not Revitalizing, You're RELOCATING

Acorn Market who is currently on East Main Street will be relocating to the old Feldman's Building. A gift shop on the Plaza will also be relocating to the newly renovated building.

Just more competition to hurt Market Street Inn, aside from all of the new parking meters. 

Oh, that's right, Gilkerson is also involved in buying up ALL of the surrounding parking lots, how convenient. 

No one is revitalizing and clearly the largest local developer cannot garnish enough interest, (doesn't surprise me one bit) to bring in an ANCHOR business and instead is just relocating businesses to feed their never ending bank accounts at taxpayers expense. 

Gillis Gilkerson paid $5,000.00 for the old Feldman's Building. No, that is NOT a typo. 

For what it's worth, in my most honest opinion, because they did not bring in an outside business I am not confidently convinced Downtown Salisbury will never be revitalized. Your former Mayor's created their own kind of BAILOUTS for special interests and just like the Liberal Federal Government Bailouts, Salisbury will fail as well. 

A Viewer Writes..Let's talk about the corruption that goes on with the Wicomico County Department of Corrections

Let's talk about the corruption that goes on with the Wicomico County Department of Corrections. They have a director who is always in pain who comes to work high on prescription medications and can barely function. Deputy director Tyler everything is her way or she will take your position or have you fired. Then there is Kimble he has his picks and they are all ECI rejects. They keep the women by tier locked down for 26 hours at a time with no phone or shower access which is not legal I'm waiting on them to be sued. If you don't kiss their butt they want nothing to do with you. They fired a guy for seeking to better himself for his family by looking for work at the Pocomoke Police Department he was hired but before he was they fired him for looking for new employment. Then all of Kimble's picks when they whine and complain they make what they call a "lateral" move so they can't be sued. They have written polices for a reason but according to Tyler and all her butt kissers everything is now a unwritten policy cause she will try and run that place her way or the highway. Then when they make these lateral moves it cost the counties and tax payers more money for example when they have a officer set to take the inmates at the landfill and they move them cause they are not an ECI reject or butt kisser then the boss man at the landfill has to train someone else who can take up to 3 months to train instead of taking care of business as normal. Now this is not even the tip of the iceberg of what all goes on inside of that facility but we continue to waste tax payers dollars on them to continue to do this. They need to have a surprise investigation before the county gets sued and our taxes goes up even more. The cells that have many violations inside the facility is because the officers are lazy and the bosses don't wait to deal with having a hearing for the inmates because then they have to work so this is what the county is teaching them sure break the law and when you come here you don't have any rules either do as you please there is no lesson to be taught here.

Missing Child Found

Thankfully the child was found after he hid inside Target overnight, according to one source. However, people are extremely pissed off at law enforcement and the lack of how they handled this situation. I think the below comment pretty much spells it out.

They have really let the public down on this one. They never posted a picture and people wanted to help search for him. Nothing at all posted on their facebook page or twitter account. Are those accounts (facebook and twitter) ONLY used when they want to pat their self on the backs?

More look at me look at me. Look what we did. People get freaked out when a helicopter is flying above their house. At least alert people as to WHY. Either......lock your doors or be on the look out for a child.

Kanye West drops album, says he's $53 million in debt

Oh, Kanye West. Wow. Even by your attention-grabbing standards, this was a night to remember. Or maybe to forget.

Let's see -- where do we start?

The talented but polarizing hip-hop artist released his long-delayed album, "The Life of Pablo," Saturday night after performing two of its songs on "Saturday Night Live." After wrapping the song "Ultralight Beam," West announced that the album was available on his website and on Tidal, the streaming service.

His wife, Kim Kardashian, chimed in helpfully on Twitter, saying, "Everyone Go get #TheLifeOfPablo."

But many fans complained on Twitter about not wanting to having to buy a Tidal subscription to hear the album, while those who went to West's site were greeted only with an audio message from Yasiin Bey, a stage name for rapper Mos Def.



Donald J. Trump

Ted Cruz is a totally unstable individual. He is the single biggest liar I’ve ever come across, in politics or otherwise, and I have seen some of the best of them. His statements are totally untrue and completely outrageous. It is hard to believe a person who proclaims to be a Christian could be so dishonest and lie so much.

Cruz said I would be appointing a liberal judge when in fact I will appoint a great conservative and I am the only candidate who has gone so far, at the debate, as to suggest two individuals I feel would best represent the conservative values we need to protect: William “Bill” Pryor Jr. and Diane Sykes.

Cruz says I am pro-choice, when in fact I am staunchly pro-life and have been for a long time. Like Ronald Reagan, on many issues, I have evolved.

Cruz says I am in favor of ObamaCare, when in fact I have spoken about repealing and replacing this disaster of a system at every speech throughout my campaign and since it’s inception. Meanwhile, Cruz was responsible for getting Bush to put in the judge that failed to vote against ObamaCare twice.

Cruz says I will try to take away your second amendment rights, when I am one of the strongest proponents of the right to bear arms and I say so in every speech that I have made for years. I am a proud member of the NRA and so are my sons.

Cruz has become unhinged and is lying with the hopes that his statements will go unchecked until after the election and he will save his failing campaign.

In Iowa, Cruz told thousands of Ben Carson voters that Dr. Carson had left the race and to instead vote for Ted Cruz. He apologized when the race was over. Likewise, his fraudulent voter violation form sent to Iowa voters. If Ted is going to continue to lie with such desperation, I have no choice but to fight back.

One of the ways I can fight back is to bring a lawsuit against him relative to the fact that he was born in Canada and therefore cannot be President. If he doesn’t take down his false ads and retract his lies, I will do so immediately. Additionally, the RNC should intervene and if they don’t they are in default of their pledge to me.

I am the strongest on the borders and I will build a wall, and it will be a real wall. I am strongest on illegal immigration, strongest on ISIS, strongest on the military and I will take care of our Vets. I will end common core and preserve the second amendment. I will renegotiate our trade deals and bring our jobs back to our country. I am the only person who will Make America Great Again.

Jodi Arias loses visitation privileges after crude remark

PHOENIX -- Convicted murder Jodi Arias will not be receiving visitors anytime soon.

KNXV-TV in Phoenix says Arias has lost visitation privileges for roughly 200 days as punishment for calling a female correctional officer a vulgar name.

According to an Arizona Department of Corrections report, Arias referred to the officer on Feb. 3 in a crude fashion while talking with another officer. The report says Arias was upset because the officer denied her request for a haircut.

When confronted, Arias acknowledged the name-calling.


Elderly Woman Tasered, Her Arm Broken, for Not Removing Her Earrings Fast Enough

When 60-year-old Nancy Mason was in the process of being booked into the Hamilton County, Tennessee, jail on theft charges she refused to remove her earrings quickly enough setting off a violent chain of events.

For not complying fast enough, Sheriff’s Sergeant Rodney Terrell tased her — sending the woman crashing to the ground, landing on and breaking her arm in the fall.

Before being booked, Mason is ordered to remove her jewelry but refuses to do so. “I will report you,” she says to Terrell. Terrell, can be heard saying, “Report all you want, I will not keep telling you.”

Then he fires his taser.

“You broke my arm,” Mason says in video footage, clutching her wrist in disbelief, after recovering from the fall.

“I didn’t break your arm, you broke it,” the officer retorts.

Meanwhile, despite Mason’s complaints of pain, a group of officers stands around and makes no move even to offer medical assistance.


SCOTUS Analyst: Loretta Lynch 'Most Likely Candidate' to Replace Scalia

A leading Supreme Court analyst thinks Attorney General Loretta Lynch is the "most likely candidate" to replace the late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.

Tom Goldstein, who runs the influential SCOTUSblog, had earlier predicted Ninth Circuit Judge Paul Watford would make the top of President Obama's shortlist. But in a revised blog post, Goldstein said he now believes Lynch is the leading contender.

Lynch is a "very serious possibility," Goldstein wrote. "The fact that Lynch was vetted so recently for attorney general also makes it practical for the president to nominate her in relatively short order."


Sniper kills ISIS executioner during beheading class

An Islamic State executioner’s head exploded during a class on beheading after a well-aimed shot by a British Special Air Service sniper.

Military sources told the Express that a recent mission into northern Syria involved killing an ISIS recruiter with a Dan.338 rifle as the terrorist was instructing 21 new recruits.

“One minute he was standing there and the next his head had exploded. The commander remained standing upright for a couple of seconds before collapsing and that’s when panic set in,” a source told the newspaper on Monday. “We later heard most of the recruits deserted. We got rid of 21 terrorists with one bullet. He was an extremely sadistic and ruthless individual, feared by the locals and the jihadis alike.”


Black Lives Matter Protester Warns of Coming 'Race War'

First Muslim Woman Judge

The first Muslim woman judge — Carolyn Walker — was hand-picked by President Obama and sworn in as judge of the 7th Municipal District, Brooklyn, choosing to swear her oath of office holding the HOLY QURAN at the Brooklyn Boro Hall on December 10, 2015. It was a historic day! Oddly enough, there was almost no media coverage of this event . . . .

Since the Quran forbids all law but Sharia Law, isn't it reasonable to assume that Her Honor will head the first federally sanctioned SHARIA COURT.

Makes one proud, doesn’t it? "Gives me chills up my legs", as once said by Chris Mathews.

Another little chink in the armor? A small, quiet erosion here and there. No one cares, until it's too late. Step by step by step....this is how American culture will end.

Rejoice Obama supporters! Your dream of destroying America is coming true.

Obama Won't Attend Scalia Funeral

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will not attend the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Saturday, The Hill reports.

The Obamas do plan to pay their respects Friday when Scalia's body will lie in repose in the Great Hall of the Supreme Court building, but the funeral on Saturday at Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception will be attended by Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, according to White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

Earnest did not give a reason the Obama's would not be attending the funeral for the Reagan appointee who died Saturday at the age of 79.


Today's Poll Question 2-18-16

Do you support Apple's decision not to hack 
San Bernardino killer's iPhone

Race Baiting Rapper Complains About Debt on Twitter… Gets a BRUTAL Response!

Kanye is $53 Million in debt. Are you sad for him? Are you jubilant? CHECK OUT these responses to his pitiful plea on twitter…. ENJOY! Oh yeah and “Pray for Kanye”

Luckily for Kanye, the good samaritans of the world have come to his rescue.

Jeremy Piatt has set up a ‘Get Kanye Out of Debt’ fundraising page. In the description Piatt writes,

As Kanye West has told us time and time again he is the “greatest living artist and greatest artist of all time”. Great artists need to be supported financially to achieve their full potential.
It seems that there are people who genuinely believe in Kanye’s cause. Take Olga…


Hearing Scheduled To Raise Maryland Tobacco Tax

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland lawmakers will be discussing a proposal to raise the state’s tobacco tax on a pack of cigarettes by $1.

A hearing has been scheduled in the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday.

The measure would raise the tax from $2 to $3. The bill also increases taxes on other tobacco products.


John Cannon Ticked Off Today After Attempting To Legislate Poultry, County Executive Shut Him Down

Executive Culver Stated:

“We have a process that we want to complete by gathering accurate facts that experts from the State Departments of Health and Mental Hygiene, Environment, and Agriculture can share.

We are working with the Governor’s office to have the appropriate representatives from the state departments available for a public forum, at which time they can present factual information and address concerns expressed by our citizens. The public will be invited to attend this open forum.”

“This situation is of a high priority and I am working diligently on it. We firmly believe that all information needs to be gathered and analyzed before regulation or legislation is considered.

We have confirmed today with Governor Hogan’s office that the Secretaries of Environment, Agriculture, and Department of Health and Mental Hygiene have agreed to participate in the public forum that we are proposing and we will be working on scheduling a date over the course of the next several days.”

Letter of opposition to Poultry Bill Wicomico County

The letter states:

Delegate Carl Anderton House Office Building, Room 317
6 Bladen Street Annapolis, MD 21401

RE: Senate Bill 496/House Bill 599 - Poultry Litter Management Act

Dear Delegate Anderton:

This letter is to respectfully express the opposition of the Wicomico County Executive and Wicomico County Council to the passage of Senate Bill 496/House Bill 599 titled “Poultry Litter Management Act.” If enacted, this bill will impose a financial burden on chicken farmers on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

We think the passing of the PMT regulation last year, combined with its full implementation by 2022 will accomplish the same goals as Senate Bill 496/House Bill 599. It will be necessary for the poultry integrators to help out with the manure issues so their independent growers can continue to raise chickens. Additionally, we do not see where Senate Bill 496/House Bill 599 contributes to increased water quality, therefore making Senate Bill 496/House Bill 599 redundant to the PMT regulation. We suggest that before legislatively piling more regulations on an over regulated industry, the PMT regulation be given the time needed for full implementation.

The poultry industry is one of the largest components of Maryland’s largest industry, agriculture, which is largely concentrated on the Eastern Shore. The loss of that key industry would be devastating to the Eastern Shore and to Maryland as a whole.

Your opposition of Senate Bill 496/House Bill 599 would be greatly appreciated.




Government-appointed monitors to assess upbringing of children

The federal government is seeking to create a new bureaucracy that would intervene in family life and could even see state-appointed monitors conduct routine home visits to assess a child’s well-being.

The U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has published a draft document which outlines a plan that will treat families as “equal partners” in the raising of children, opening the door for government intrusion at all levels.

The paper describes how government employees will intervene to provide, “monitoring goals for the children at home and the classroom,” and that if parents are failing to meet the standards set, “evidence-based parenting interventions” will be made to, “ensure that children’s social-emotional and behavioral needs are met.”


Rapper Kendrick Lamar’s Politically Charged Performance Is What Everyone Is Going to Be Talking About Day After Grammys

President Barack Obama’s favorite rapper Kendrick Lamar delivered a very politically-charged performance during Monday night’s Grammy Awards ceremony.

Walking out as part of a chain gang with his back-up singers while his band members were locked inside jail cells all in front of a prison back-drop, Lamar performed his song “The Blacker the Berry,” an exhibition that event host LL Cool J said would be “very controversial.”

He was right.

The performance, which highlighted racism and police treatment, drew a strong response — some positive and some negative — on social media and in the Nokia Theatre. Lamar received a standing ovation from the live audience.

“I’m African-American, I’m African,” Lamar rapped in handcuffs and a prison jumpsuit. “I’m black as the moon, heritage of a small village/Pardon my residence/Came from the bottom of mankind/My hair is nappy, my d*** is big, my nose is round and wide/You hate me don’t you?”

The song goes on to say, “You hate my people, your plan is to terminate my culture/You’re f*****’ evil, I want you to recognize that I’m a proud monkey.”

“You sabotage my community, makin’ a killin’/You made me a killer, emancipation of a real n****’.”

In addition, the song references the death of Trayvon Martin.


It Just Keeps Getting Better!

The Cost of War: Latest DoD Figures Show Suicide Kills Almost 5 Times as Many Troops as Combat

As bureaucratic fatcats sit back from their lush taxpayer-funded offices in giant marble buildings debating on whether or not to send more troops to the Middle East, a crisis is being ignored.

Last week, the Department of Defense (DoD) released its 2014 calendar year Suicide Event Report (DoDSER), which details the number of suicide attempts and deaths for U.S. service members.

The numbers are startling.

In all of 2014, a total of 55 US troops, in both hostile and non-hostile situations, lost their lives in foreign occupations. The number of soldiers who killed themselves is nearly 5 times that amount.

According to the DoD report, in 2014, there were 269 deaths by suicide among active component service members (compared to 259 deaths by suicide in 2013).

The leading cause of death for active duty military is not the foreign troops, it’s themselves.

It's Time To Settle Rumors About The Pocomoke River Bridge

For the past two years one section of the Pocomoke River Bridge has been closed. A contractor was hired to resurface the bridge and was very close to completion. However, one phase of the job was to also go under the bridge and sand blast the iron structure below. 

Once they started sand blasting they immediately noticed they were blowing right through the steel and the project came to an immediate halt. 

At this point you can expect the bridge to be closed for almost another two years. I was told they expect to reopen it in October of 2017. 

While I have received numerous calls and e-mail messages about this bridge, what I am telling you is factual and all other rumors need to stop. The contractor did nothing wrong, (as most people had stated). They did the job they were contracted to do. 

All that being said, it's no wonder the state is desperately working to come up with the funds along Rt. 13. Blasting holes right through the steel proves past Governors ignored maintaining infrastructures. 

Greater Cleveland CopBlock Founder Sentenced to 240 DAYS in Jail For Filming the Police

(Language warning)

Deo Odolecki, founder of Greater Cleveland CopBlock, host of CopBlock Radio and CounterCurrent News editor, was on trial the last two days at the Parma (OH) Justice Center regarding two cases where he was arrested while CopBlocking (also known as filming the police). Both cases involved First Amendment rights (like protesting unconstitutional government actions and filming the police) but instead of upholding those rights, Judge Deanna O’Donnell denied them when she sentenced him to 240 days in jail. Before discussing how Odolecki was railroaded let’s take a look at the cases that brought him to court.

The first case stems from a June 13th, 2014 (yes, over 1.5 years ago) interaction where Odolecki was “CopBlocking” a checkpoint in Parma (read the original post here). Odolecki was at the last intersection before the police checkpoint with a sign warning drivers about the upcoming police restrictions, or trap, on free travel. Parma Police officer, James Manzo, approached Odolecki and stated that informing motorist to “turn now” was obstructing police business. Of course Odolecki disagreed and refused to stop warning drivers of the checkpoint. For his refusal he was issued a charge of obstructing justice and the police confiscated his sign.

The second arrest was on July 29th, 2015 when Odolecki stumbled across several Parma Police officers at an intersection while on his way home. Curious as to what so many police officers were up too, he started to record. Once Odolecki crossed the street, and officers noticed his presence, he was verbally and physically attacked by them. Even though Odolecki complied with their commands – sure after a few choice words – to leave the immediate area they still choose to arrest him and charge him with disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice and interfering with a medical emergency. 


Hillary Clinton Literally Starts Barking Like a Dog During Campaign Rally

In yet another unusual moment on the campaign trail, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton literally started barking like a dog during a stump speech in Reno, Nevada.

Clinton, while discussing her disbelief at the idea that Republicans would like to repeal Wall Street legislation known as Dodd-Frank because “they say the great recession was caused by too much regulation on Wall Street,” said she was reminded of a radio ad that ran in Arkansas during one of Bill Clinton’s races.

“One of my favorite, favorite political ads of all time was a radio ad in rural Arkansas where the announcer said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if somebody running for office said something we could have an immediate reaction to whether it was true or not? Well, we have trained this dog and the dog, if it is not true, he is going to bark,’” Clinton recalled. “And the dog was barking on the radio, and so you know people were barking at each other for days after that.”

Clinton said she wants to do that to the Republicans.


**Update** Troopers Investigating Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash- Georgetown

Georgetown, DE - Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit are currently investigating a fatal motor vehicle crash which occurred late this afternoon north of Georgetown.

The preliminary investigation has determined the crash occurred this afternoon, Saturday, February 20, 2016, at approximately 3:58 p.m., on West Robbins Road (CR 579) at the intersection of Redden Road (CR 40) northwest of Georgetown. A 2013 Hyundai Sonata operated by Samantha Potter, 23 of Marydel, DE. was traveling north bound on West Robbins Road approaching the intersection with Redden Road. A 1995 Ford F350 Box Truck operated by Miguel W. Hernandez-Alberti, 28 of Easton, MD. was traveling west bound on Redden Road approaching the intersection of West Robbins Road. For unknown reasons, the Hyundai Sonata failed to stop for a stop sign and entered the intersection in the path of Ford F350. As a result the front of the Ford struck the right side of the Hyundai within the intersection which caused the Hyundai to be redirected off the northwest corner of the intersection. The Hyundai continued westbound along a drainage ditch and stopped facing in a westerly direction. The Ford was also forced off the north-west corner of the intersection where the front struck a tree and caught on fire which was quickly extinguished by a neighbor. The occupants were able to exit the cab of the truck before it caught fire.

Samantha C. Potter, 23 of Marydel, DE. succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene. The right front passenger, Daniel B. Bashelor, 32 of Georgetown, was properly secured at the time of the collision. He was flown to the Christiana Hospital by a Maryland State Police Aviation Unit, where he is listed in critical condition.

Miguel W. Hernandez-Alberti, 28 of Easton, MD. sustained minor non-life threatening injuries and refused treatment at the scene. The right front passenger, Gerardo M. Alberto, 35 of Easton MD. was properly secured at the time of the collision. He sustained minor non-life threatening injuries for which he refused treatment at the scene.

The Delaware State Police continue to investigate this collision. Redden Road (CR 40) in the area of the crash was closed for approximately four and half hours while the crash was investigated and cleared.

It should be noted that a second unrelated fatal collision occurred on Redden Road near Check road today at 4:10 p.m.

Two Dozen Guns Walked Out Of A DC Police Evidence Locker, Half To Be Used In Other Crimes

More than two dozen firearms that were supposed to be in the custody of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) somehow made their way back to the streets and were used in other crimes, documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation appear to show.

An internal memo from the D.C. Department of Forensic Sciences (DFS) reveals 24 guns police confiscated between 2005 and 2012 vanished from the MPD evidence locker and were later confiscated yet again in other crimes. One of the weapons reappeared in a murder, while several others were used to commit violent crimes

The issue with missing guns rose to the surface after a reporter requested information regarding the firearms recovered during homicides that occurred in 2014.