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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Gov. Hogan: Md. National Guard resources removed from border until family separation stops

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (ABC7) — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan says he will not deploy any of the state's National Guard resources to the border until the policy of separating undocumented immigrants from their children ends.

Hogan sent out a statement Tuesday saying that he recalled the Maryland National Guard crew members and helicopter from New Mexico amid growing public aversion to the policy.

"Immigration enforcement efforts should focus on criminals, not separating innocent children from their families," Hogan said Monday.

Until this policy of separating children from their families has been rescinded, Maryland will not deploy any National Guard resources to the border. Earlier this morning, I ordered our 4 crewmembers & helicopter to immediately return from where they were stationed in New Mexico.

Washington has failed again & again to deliver needed immigration reform - Congress and the
administration must step up and work together to fix our broken system. Immigration enforcement efforts should focus on criminals, not separating innocent children from their families.

Watch Out Worcester County, Liberal Attorney Joel Todd Is Back

Worcester County Residents experienced enough problems with Joel Todd in the past and in fact voted him out, (very rare) as States Attorney. Joel then ultimately went to Wicomico County which was also short lived. 

Now Kris Heiser is running for Worcester States Attorney and allegedly wants Joel Todd as her Deputy, (2nd in command). 

I'd say this is the kiss of death for her campaign. Remember, Todd was the one who mishandled the multiple baby death case  and the woman walked scott free. 

You better be careful what you wish for Worcester County, unless you do in fact want history to repeat itself. 

BREAKING NEWS: Worcester County Sheriff Reggie Mason Retaliates Against Sheriff Deputies

This just came out from fellow deputies: 

The FOP knew it was just a matter of time before there was retaliatory action from Sheriff Mason for not endorsing his candidate. 

Today Sheriff Mason announced that all secondary employment would cease. Now while this doesn't sound like a big deal to most it results in thousands of dollars in lost income to deputies who rely on that money to make ends meet for their families. When these deputies were recruited from other agencies they were told they could supplement their base salary with overtime through secondary employment. This offsets the loss of income from their previous employers to come to the Worcester County Sheriff's Office. 

This is also being done as retaliation against Leighton Moore the owner of Seacrets who supports Mike McDermott and hosted a fundraiser for him at his business. Mr. Moore is the largest employer of off duty Worcester County deputies. 

So people understand this is also a money-making adventure for the county. Every hour that is worked as secondary employment the business pays the county a flat rate which is far higher than the overtime rate and the county banks the surplus as an administrative fee. 

Strong work Sheriff. Glad you reinforced the fact that the FOP made the right choice. It's time to end the insanity.

Gay Democratic lawmaker flips Mike Pence the bird: 'Get bent, then get out'

An openly gay Pennsylvania lawmaker has drawn backlash after he “welcomed” Vice President Mike Pence toPhiladelphia with a picture of himself flipping the bird.

“Get bent, then get out!” state Rep. Brian Sims, of Philadelphia, wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday ahead of Mr. Pence’s visit to a fundraiser for Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner.

“Vice President Mike Pence, let me be the first person to officially welcome you to the City of Brotherly Love, and to my District in the State House!” Mr. Sims wrote. “To be clear, we’re a City of soaring diversity. We believe in the power of all people to live and to contribute: Black, Brown, Queer, Trans, Atheist, Immigrant, we want you and we’ll respect you.”

“So keep that in mind while you’re here raising money to attack more families, spread more lies, blaspheme with your bible, and maybe even talk to a woman without your wife in the room,” he added. “We have plenty of them, and they’re pretty much all more powerful and more real than you have ever been.”


Md. Sen. Chris Van Hollen visits Mexican border on Father's Day

He is investigating the Trump Administration's policy of separating children from their families at the Mexican border.

“Everything that I saw today confirmed my worst fears,” Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen told WUSA 9 via FaceTime Sunday evening.

Instead of spending this Father’s Day with his own children, Van Hollen was one of eight lawmakers to tour a processing center in McAllen, Texas. He also visited a site near Brownsville, TX and tells WUSA 9 he spoke with an emotional mother currently separated from her child.

Why Van Hollen?

The Maryland Senator told WUSA 9 he had enough and wanted to investigate this policy of separating children for himself. Cameras were not allowed inside the facilities he toured, so he describes it for us.

“In that center, you had people sort-of huddled in these very large pens with chain-linked fence, including a lot of kids, masses of kids huddled together,” he said. The Senator says this facility had over 100 separated kids inside.

Van Hollen tells WUSA9 what he saw is the result of the Trump Administration’s “Zero Tolerance Policy.”

It’s a practice put in place last month to deter illegal border crossings.

The Administration is now criminally prosecuting the people caught crossing the border illegally, which means detention for the adults until they get a trial.

The result: separations.


They're All Over The Place In Salisbury, This Isn't Litter?

Honestly, Is The Salisbury Festival Prepared...

TRENTON — Krystal Knapp was 15 minutes from the end of her shift as a volunteer at the entrance to the Art All Night festival in Trenton when she heard some scuffling.

Peering into the long and narrow former factory building where the festival was being held, she saw paintings being knocked to the floor. She heard screams and gunshots as people hurtled toward the exit and she was pushed to the ground and trampled.

Ms. Knapp sought shelter behind a car. Then, 15 feet away, one of the gunmen was shot and killed.

The authorities said the shooting appeared to be gang-related and that 22 people were injured; 17 were shot and the others hurt by being trampled. It happened just before 3 a.m. Sunday at a 24-hour art festival cherished by Trenton residents as a testament to the New Jersey capital’s artistic revitalization.

Tensions were rising shortly before the event descended into violent chaos.

“There was a report that the mood inside the venue had been changing,”


Publishers Notes: What Jake Day is bringing to Salisbury is no joking matter. You can't just act like a little kid and throw a big adult party and not be prepared. I know for a fact that Jake is not willing to pay for security, certainly not to a level of hundreds of thousands of people showing up. My guess, responsible parents and adults will stay far away from what some might think is a disaster just waiting to happen. After all, we are talking about Salisbury, Maryland. 

Breaking News: Senate Republicans vowed to pass a bill ending child separations at the border as President Trump continued to defend his "zero tolerance" policy

Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, said that “all of the members of the Republican conference support a plan that keeps families together.”

A Viewer Writes: ECI

Joe, just saw this on FB. I personally cannot confirm, but it is from a good friend.
Please share: ECI has all the signs of a pending disturbance. MCE only had 15 show up to work, normally 50+. Annex had 10 for yard. Normally 100+. Inmates are checking in a cell @ a time. Please share and tag. This is a Public Post. When, not if, the riot happens, let's not let the politicians and people in charge proclaim ignorance of the situation.

Car into the River in Salisbury near Market Street Inn

At approximately 1130 hours today, the Salisbury Fire Department was alerted for a reported vehicle in the river by Market St Inn. Units arrived to find a single vehicle in the river with confirmed occupant still inside. Divers were able to quickly attach a winch cable from Rescue 16 to keep the vehicle close to shore and from sinking any further. It took crews approximately 15 minutes to remove the combative patient from the vehicle with assistance from Salisbury PD. Patient was then transported to PRMC for further treatment.

This driver was going too slow in the left lane. So this officer pulled her over

An Indiana State Police officer is going viral on social media after posting that he had pulled over a woman for going too slow in the left lane.

Sgt. Stephen Wheeles tweeted that the driver had approximately 20 cars slowed behind her because she would not move back to the right lane.

"Again...if there are vehicles behind you, you must move to the right lane to allow them to pass," Wheeles tweeted.


Republican Gov. Larry Hogan 'stronger than ever' in re-election bid in deep-blue Maryland

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is lapping the Democratic field at the close of the fundraising books ahead of the June 26 primaries, as he is sitting on close to $10 million in cash for his re-election bid compared with about $600,000 for his nearest potential competitors.

Since winning in a stunning upset in 2014, Mr. Hogan has consistently championed themes tied to jobs and economic growth, along with lower taxes and less government regulation after years of one-party Democratic rule in Maryland, to score eye-popping approval ratings that would be the envy of just about any other governor in the country.

Despite national anti-Republican headwinds and a crowded field of Democratic contenders eager to take him on after their primary contest next week, political handicappers are forecasting another Hogan win in the fall. That would make Mr. Hogan the first Republican governor in Maryland to win re-election in about 60 years.

He has the money to do it — at least so far — after raising about $1 million in the May 16 to June 10 period.


President Trump should remove ALL funding given to the National Guard in Delaware, Maryland & Virginia

Carney issues firm no to request to deploy National Guard members in border area

Delaware Gov. John Carney rejected a request to send National Guard members to the Mexican border area, citing the controversial policy of separating children from detained parents.

“I take my job as Commander-in-Chief of theDelaware National Guard. extremely seriously. In the last year, we’ve sent Guardsmen and women to Texas, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico to help our fellow citizens cope with natural disasters. We’ve sent Delaware Guardsmen and women overseas to keep us safe. I’m extremely proud of Delaware’s soldiers and airmen and women. Today, we received a request to send Delaware National Guard troops to the southwest border. Under normal circumstances,we wouldn’t hesitate to answer the call. But given what we know about the policies currently in effect at the border, I can’t in good conscience send Delawareans to help with that mission,” Carney stated.

Carney continued, “If President Trump revokes the current inhumane policy of separating children from their parents, Delaware will be first in line to assist our sister states in securing the border. I served in Congress, and I watched for six years as that body failed to pass a comprehensive immigration policy that would secure our borders in a way that upholds the values of this great country. Congress and the President need to step up and fix the mess that our immigration system has become.”


A Viewer Called: Two Men With A Gun On Playground At Prince Street Elementary: UPDATE

UPDATE: It turns out two black males were apprehended at the scene brandishing pistol BB-guns. The school was in lockdown and from what I understand the Teachers were scared to death. I mean, WHO in their right mind today would actually go on school grounds and do such a thing. Complete Idiots! 

Fake or real, (guns) two men are at the Prince Street Elementary School Playground where several Sheriff's Deputies are currently on the scene. Thank God the kids are out of school but the Teachers are there. 

Giant plant that causes third-degree burns, painful blisters and permanent blindness is spotted in Virginia

A horror plant that causes third-degree burns and permanent blindness has been spotted in Northern Virginia.

Officials are warning people to stay clear of the Giant Hogweed plant, which has never before been reported in the state.

The sap of the plant makes the skin so sensitive to sunlight that normal exposure can cause severe burns - a process called phytophotodermatitis.

A brush against the plant can result in painful blisters, permanent scarring and the skin can remain sensitive to sunlight for years after being exposed.

If the sap gets into the eyes, there is potential for blindness.


Seaford Police Press Release

Date & Time:June 19, 2018. 12:08 p.m.

Location:Restaurant in the 23000 Block of Sussex Highway, Seaford, DE

Defendant:Kevin Gardenhour, 63 YOA, Salisbury, MD

Charges:Promoting Prostitution (Felony)
Criminal Solicitation
Conspiracy 3rd Degree

Bail:$3,500.00 unsecured

Defendant:Brittany Starns, 28 YOA, Salisbury, MD

Criminal Solicitation
Conspiracy 3rd Degree

Bail:$1,250.00 unsecured

On Tuesday, 06/19/2018, a Police Officer received a Facebook Message from a female that they did not know, identified as Brittany Starns, 28 YOA from Salisbury Maryland. Starns immediately offered this officer sexual favors in return for money. This officer immediately notified the Seaford Police Criminal Investigations Division, who was able to continue a conversation with Brittany Starns. Brittany Starns agreed to come to Seaford and meet in the parking lot of a local restaurant on Sussex Highway. Detectives and officers set surveillance up on the restaurant and also maintained contact with Starns. When Starns arrived to the restaurant, she was immediately taken into custody. A male, identified as Kevin Gardenhour, 63 YOA from Salisbury Maryland, who was operating the suspect vehicle, was also taken into custody. During the investigation it was learned that Starns would engage in prostitution activities in which both she and Gardenhour would be benefiting from with the proceeds.
Starns was charged with prostitution, criminal solicitation and conspiracy 3rd degree.
Gardenhour was charged with promoting prostitution (felony), criminal solicitation and conspiracy 3rd degree.


The Office of the First Lady has notified the Secret Service after actor Peter Fonda called for kidnapping Melania and Donald Trump’s son, Barron, The Daily Caller has learned exclusively.

In a tweet sent Wednesday, the actor called for Barron to be “ripped” from Melania’s arms and put in a cage “with pedophiles.”


DUI Conviction Rate

OCEAN CITY - On June 18, 2018, State’s Attorney’s Offices from every county in Maryland came together at the Clarion Hotel for the annual Maryland State’s Attorney’s Conference. In the presence of Governor Hogan, Worcester County was honored for having the highest DUI conviction rate in Maryland. Of the prior six years on record, five have been awarded to the Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office. Furthermore, Worcester County exceeded the statewide average of 78% by achieving a 91.1% successful DUI conviction rate. 

“This is an incredible achievement for Worcester County,” Interim State’s Attorney Bill McDermott stated. “This award is a reflection of the diligent efforts of not only our devoted attorneys, but also the law enforcement involved in each one of these cases. Our officers tirelessly patrol the streets of this county and are thorough in their reports, which in turn provide our prosecutors with the tools they need to successfully convict drunk drivers.” 

He continued saying, “Earning the award for the highest DUI conviction rate not only this year but five out of the last six years is a testament to how seriously our office and law enforcement take the protection and security of our county. This award is not only an accomplishment for our office and law enforcement, it’s a win for Worcester County.” 

Interim State’s Attorney McDermott then offered his sincere congratulations to the district court prosecutors who handle the majority of DUI cases, as well as every law enforcement agency in Worcester County.

PROOF: Rachel Maddow is a LIAR!

An Update About ECI

Word from ECI...all staff are safe. Secure from incident. Please do not let us forget the cause. Staffing is at an abhorrent level. The inmates gave a warning today. By the Grace of God and courage of our Correctional Officers, everyone will go home. Gov. Hogan, Senators, Delegates, fix the staffing problem. Public Post...Please Share...It Will Help Save A Life

Nolte: Six Reasons Establishment Media Fabricated a ‘Border Crisis’

As you watch our fake news media desperately try to keep this hoax alive about a “crisis” on the border, never forget that this so-called crisis is fabricated. Never forget that this entire “crisis” was invented, created from whole cloth, ginned up, and is a naked act of fake news.

Oh, sure, the policy is real. Illegal alien children and adults were being separated into different detention centers. But this was not only being done for good and humane reasons; it has been government policy for two decades.

Barack Obama separated adults and children; Rachel Maddow never cried, Joe Scarborough never called him a Nazi, Jake Tapper never uttered a single word…

So why did this norm (if you’ll pardon the expression), why did this humane policy that immigration officials have been practicing for two decades suddenly become Auschwitz, the moral crisis of our time?

There are six reasons…