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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Cuomo trying to explain away ventilator stockpile

Coronavirus May Persist 8 Days After Symptoms Disappear

Understanding and treating a new viral strain takes time, and scientists the world over continue to make new discoveries about the novel coronavirus on a daily basis. Now, a new study out of Beijing reveals more about just how much the disease impacts the human body: many patients will still be contagious and house coronavirus in their bodies for up to eight days — even after their individual symptoms disappear.

In all, 16 patients treated for mild coronavirus symptoms at a hospital in Beijing were analyzed for this research. They were treated and released relatively early during the initial outbreak in China (January 28th to February 9th). Their median age was about 36 years old.

Of the 16 patients, half still had coronavirus and were contagious after their outward signs of the virus retreated.

“The most significant finding from our study is that half of the patients kept shedding the virus even after resolution of their symptoms,” says co-lead author Dr. Lokesh Sharma, instructor of medicine, Section of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine, Department of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine, in a release. “More severe infections may have even longer shedding times.”


The Ballad of China Joe

After a series of disastrous video conferences demonstrating that what he lacks in brains, he makes up for with dementia, the presumptive Democrat nominee is already facing stiff competition from a guy who's not even a candidate for the presidency. That's right. There are all kinds of rumors that Andy Cuomo, the second Fredo of the Cuomo crime family, is emerging to give Old Joe a run for his ill gotten money.

Imagine "D'oh!" Joe's utter confusion right now. He's walking around his Wilmington, Delaware mansion (which a lifetime of "public service" has somehow afforded him) without pants, wondering where he is and why his staff keep having him talk to the funny flat screen with Democrat-operative news anchors whose names he can't remember staring back at him, and he's being told that Mario Cuomo's kid is now second in the betting odds for the nomination.

Like most stories that end with a search for Biden's pants, the Democrats' current predicament stems from Barack Obama's choice to surround himself with a collection of corruptocrats and idiots. The former camp were there to do his bidding, while the latter camp existed to provide him cover when times got rough. (You can decide which staff members fell into each category. I know he chose a director of National Intelligence who makes Woe Joe look like a Mensa savant, a wacky inflatable tube dancer to Inspector Clouseau the heck out of his FBI, and a cartoonish stompy-foot buffoon who always looks like somebody is yanking his pigtails to head the CIA.) Obama liked to say he chose Biden to be his V.P. because he knew that Biden could step into the big job on day one should something unforeseen happen, but that was always laughable. We all knew that Biden was there to sweep up blue-collar whites across the Rust Belt into the Democrats' intersectionality netting while guaranteeing to power-hungry party players with future designs on the White House once Obama was gone that there was no natural successor to inherit his mantle. Obama saw Biden as too stupid to know when he was being stabbed in the back; Hillary saw Biden as too stupid to know when she was gutting him to his face.


Hydroxychloroquine Prescriptions Triple Overnight Following FDA Approval

The Food and Drug Administration gave emergency-use authorization to hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the coronavirus pandemic on Sunday. But demand for the drug backed by President Donald Trump that is typically used to treat malaria soared prior to the move, according to data from Symphony Health.

Weekly prescriptions soared from 100k to 300k over the past week, since President Trump first mentioned the drug as one of two commons drugs that produced potentially wondrous results if administered together (the other drug, azythromycin, better known as a Z-pak) to COVID-19 patients.

Given the market's desperation for anything that might cure a disease that is killing 1 in 10 people it infects in certain areas, it would seem that concerns of those who took these medications regularly before the crisis might be struggling to source their medication for the first time.


New York City doctor, 63, is in critical condition with coronavirus after an infected elderly patient coughed on him

A New York City doctor is fighting for his life after he fell ill with coronavirus and was taken to the intensive care unit.

Dr. Arnold Weg, a 63-year-old primary care physician and gastroenterologist who has treated more than 30,000 patients during his career, was examining an elderly patient when they coughed on him a month ago.

The cough was caused by coronavirus - which has infected 36,000 city residents and killed at least 790 - and 10 days later Weg tested positive.

'He is on the brink of being intubated and is struggling for every breath. He is scared for his life and we are scared for him as well,' his son Dr. Russell Weg told Pix 11.


Mainstream Media Is No Longer News

Pennsylvania schools and business will remain closed 'indefinitely,' Gov. Wolf says

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced on Monday that schools statewide would remain shut "until further notice" and the stay-at-home orders intact until April 30 to deal with the growingcoronavirus crisis.

The extension comes one day after President Trump announced extended quarantine efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S., which is struggling to deal with the 153,246 cases and counting.

In Pennsylvania, 26 additional counties were added to the statewide mandate, which strongly advises all nonessential workers to stay at home and work from home where possible. Residents are being told to only leave their houses for necessities such as groceries or medical supplies and to practice social distancing.

Shortly after Wolf's announcement, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) announced it had received approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to waive certain criteria and allow all schools in the state to offer free meals to children


New Measures to Fight COVID-19 Include Lodging Restrictions on Hotels & Short-Term Rentals

Ocean City, Maryland – (March 31, 2020): The Ocean City Mayor and City Council continue to take drastic actions to stop the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The latest steps, outlined in a new emergency declaration, restricts short term accommodations for hotels and rentals to essential lodgers only through April 30, 2020. This includes but is not limited to hotels, motels, condo-hotels, rental properties, inclusive of private renters or management companies and HOAs, Airbnb, VRBO style lodging and other overnight accommodations.
“These are unprecedented actions because these are unprecedented times,” commented Mayor Rick Meehan. “This is incredibly difficult time for everyone, but the only way we can stop the spread of this virus is to work together. Visitors should NOT visit Ocean City at this time, but are encouraged to reschedule or plan for future visits when this health crisis passes.”
According to the declaration, hotels, motels and other lodging establishments or rental properties shall not accept new reservations for persons other than essential lodgers. Essential Lodgers as defined by the emergency declaration include: healthcare professionals and/or first responders, law enforcement, national guard members, State or federal government employees, journalists, others responding to COVID-19, full-time residents of the Town of Ocean City, who, for any reason, are temporarily unable to reside in their primary residential home; or persons who must vacate their homes due to exigent circumstances, such as fire or flood, persons sheltering in hotels due to domestic violence or hotel employees, service providers, and contractors. For a full list, visit:
“These exceptions are meant to ensure that we have a place for individuals who must be in Ocean City because they are helping in this emergency, or those who have nowhere else to go, such as domestic-violence victims or those who had to vacate their homes unexpectedly,” Mayor Meehan said. “Voluntary compliance is our goal, but we will enforce this to the full extent if it’s not obeyed. This health crisis is deadly and the only way for all of us to stay healthy is to stay home.”
The Town of Ocean City is currently working with the Hotel Motel Restaurant Association and Chamber of Commerce to ensure that everyone is complying with the various State and local travel restrictions. Along with the emergency declaration restricting short-term accommodations, the State of Maryland has issued several travel restrictions, including a Stay-At-Home directive. For additional on the State of Maryland’s response, visit
Further updates from the Town of Ocean can be found at:
If you are experiencing possible COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) contact your primary care doctor for further screening to determine if you should be tested. Unless you are suffering a medical emergency, please do not show up unannounced at an emergency room or other medical facility. You should speak with your healthcare provider, who can alert an emergency room so that its staff is ready with proper protective gear. To protect yourselves and others, wash your hands often, cover cough/sneezes, clean and disinfect surfaces, and stay home if sick. For more information on Coronavirus and prevention tips, visit or call 410-632-1100 option #8 to connect to our call center (Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm). For COVID-19 information in the State of Maryland, please dial 211.

How Did You Survive The First Day Of Stay In Place?

Army researchers at Fort Detrick who helped discover Ebola treatment seek coronavirus vaccine

FORT DETRICK, Md. -- Army researchers at Fort Detrick are fast at work growing batches of COVID-19 to help test treatment options and eventually find a coronavirus vaccine.

"They take some of the virus and put it onto cells," Dr. Kathleen Gibson, a core laboratory services division chief at the U.S. Army's Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases [USAMRIID], explained through a triple-glass window as Army researchers wearing protective gear worked with the deadly virus. "They look for the virus that will actually kill portions of the cells and they'll count those killed portions."

These are the same army scientists who helped develop vaccines for anthrax, the plague and Ebola. Now, they have been working double shifts growing large amounts of the COVID-19 virus at this sprawling lab complex.

"We have more capacity to run more studies at the same time," Col. E. Darrin Cox, the commander of USAMRIID, explained. "We can be running things in parallel rather than having to do things sequentially, and that's helped speed up the process of the science."

Fort Detrick has one of the country's few labs with biosafety level 4-specialized equipment, allowing researchers to work on the most deadly viruses.

It's taken two weeks to grow a lot of COVID-19. Fort Detrick received its first vial of the virus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] a month ago. Its scientists have started the genetic sequencing of the virus, using machines capable of fast, large-scale drug testing as well.

"We have a large capacity to be able to test a very large number of products. Most other places don't have that infrastructure to be able to develop or test as many products at a time," according to Dr. John Dye, the USAMRIID viral immunology chief. "There are at least eight different companies that are developing vaccines that all can be assessed looking for safety in humans... Having multiple shots on goal is our best chance of being able to basically battle this virus."


Global Pandemic Preparedness - Which Country Is The Most (And Least) Ready For COVID-19?

The world has experienced many pandemics throughout its history, but not every era has had the benefit of modern medicine and hindsight.

However, as Visual Capitalist's Nichaolas LePan notes, even with the readily available medical expertise and equipment that exists today, it is still unevenly distributed throughout the globe. Combine this with a highly interconnected global economy, and large populations are still at risk from infection.

Today’s chart pulls data from the 2019 Global Health Security Index, which ranks 195 countries on health security. It reveals that while there were top performers, healthcare systems around the world on average are fundamentally weak - and not prepared for new disease outbreaks.


The Wicomico County Executive FY 2021 Budget Hearing // March 27, 2020

Delaware Pulling Over Cars With Out of State Plates.

Operations at fire station temporarily suspended after possible exposure to coronavirus

BALTIMORE — The Baltimore City Fire Department announced Friday that operations at a fire station are temporarily suspended as a precaution, after employees may have been exposed to an EMS provider who received a positive coronavirus test result on Thursday.

According to fire officials, the fire station is located in the 400 block of McMechen Street in the Madison Park neighborhood.

“I commend Fire Chief Niles R. Ford’s decision to suspend operations at this time. Doing so protects the health of our firefighters and EMS providers, while continuing to provide essential services," said Mayor Jack Young.

Officials said the temporary suspension of the fire station protects the health of the residents served by the station, as well as the members of the fire department. Once the department was made aware of the positive coronavirus result by the provider at the station, steps were immediately taken to reduce both members and the community’s exposure, officials said.

“Temporarily suspending operations from this fire station is a precautionary measure for the agency. We are taking strides to protect our members and the community,” said Chief Ford.

Members of the station who were exposed are self-quarantining, officials said.

“I am confident that Chief Ford and his team are taking every precaution to avoid the possible spread of this virus,” Young said. “All of our residents need to remain vigilant, and can help our first responders by engaging in behaviors that limit the risks of exposure.”


Northam issues stay-at-home order for Virginia residents

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam on Monday issued a stay-at-home order for Virginia residents, effective immediately, in an attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Northam’s order will allow people to leave their homes to seek essential services such as medical attention, food and supplies, to care for family members, to work or to get fresh air and exercise. But he emphasized during a news conference in Richmond that social distancing must still be practiced in those circumstances.

Northam said that parties and social gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited, whether held indoors or outdoors, and that the state's beaches will be closed to any activity except exercise or fishing. Campgrounds will also be closed to short-term stays. Individuals involved in any gathering of more than 10 people could be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor, he added.


National Guard, FEMA set up field hospital at Baltimore Convention Center for coronavirus response

BALTIMORE — The Maryland National Guard and the Federal Emergency Management Agency are getting a field hospital up and running at the Baltimore Convention Center.

There will be 250 beds to treat coronavirus patients. Gov. Larry Hogan said, so far, the state is weeks ahead of schedule in the hospital surge plan.

"This is the National Guard doing what we do best. Whether it's a federal emergency, a natural disaster or serving overseas, we're here doing what we do best. Whether it's fighting or planning, right now, we're fighting covid, that's our adversary. We plan to fight and win," Maryland Army National Guard commander Brig. Gen. Janeen Birckhead said.

Besides what's happening at the Baltimore Convention Center, the neighboring Hilton hotel will also be transformed into a field hospital.


Wicomico County parks will close to the public Monday at dusk

SALISBURY, Md. – Pursuant to Gov. Larry Hogan’s stay-at-home order, Wicomico County parks will close at dusk Monday, March 30, until further notice.

The closure includes all park property: day use areas, trails, playgrounds, pavilions, sport courts and beaches.

Decisions made by officials are fluid and can be changed at any time.

The Wicomico Recreation, Parks, Tourism and Civic Center department will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation through regular updates from the Wicomico County Health Department and the Department of Emergency Services. Updates will be shared with the press, as well as posted to department websites and social media outlets.

COVID-19 Awareness Johns Hopkins University

* The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat), which, when absorbed by the cells of the ocular, nasal or buccal mucosa, changes their genetic code. (mutation) and convert them into aggressor and multiplier cells.
* Since the virus is not a living organism but a protein molecule, it is not killed, but decays on its own. The disintegration time depends on the temperature, humidity and type of material where it lies.
* The virus is very fragile; the only thing that protects it is a thin outer layer of fat. That is why any soap or detergent is the best remedy, because the foam CUTS the FAT (that is why you have to rub so much: for 20 seconds or more, to make a lot of foam).
By dissolving the fat layer, the protein molecule disperses and breaks down on its own.
* HEAT melts fat; this is why it is so good to use water above 77 degrees Fahrenheit for washing hands, clothes and everything. In addition, hot water makes more foam and that makes it even more useful.
* Alcohol or any mixture with alcohol over 65% DISSOLVES ANY FAT, especially the external lipid layer of the virus.
* Any mix with 1 part bleach and 5 parts water directly dissolves the protein, breaks it down from the inside.
* Oxygenated water helps long after soap, alcohol and chlorine, because peroxide dissolves the virus protein, but you have to use it pure and it hurts your skin.
* NO BACTERICIDE OR ANTIBIOTIC SERVES. The virus is not a living organism like bacteria; antibodies cannot kill what is not alive.
* NEVER shake used or unused clothing, sheets or cloth. While it is glued to a porous surface, it is very inert and disintegrates only
-between 3 hours (fabric and porous),
-4 hours (copper and wood)
-24 hours (cardboard),
- 42 hours (metal) and
-72 hours (plastic).
But if you shake it or use a feather duster, the virus molecules float in the air for up to 3 hours, and can lodge in your nose.
* The virus molecules remain very stable in external cold, or artificial as air conditioners in houses and cars.
They also need moisture to stay stable, and especially darkness. Therefore, dehumidified, dry, warm and bright environments will degrade it faster.
* UV LIGHT on any object that may contain it breaks down the virus protein. For example, to disinfect and reuse a mask is perfect. Be careful, it also breaks down collagen (which is protein) in the skin.
* The virus CANNOT go through healthy skin.
* Vinegar is NOT useful because it does not break down the protective layer of fat.
* NO SPIRITS, NOR VODKA, serve. The strongest vodka is 40% alcohol, and you need 65%.
* LISTERINE IF IT SERVES! It is 65% alcohol.
* The more confined the space, the more concentration of the virus there can be. The more open or naturally ventilated, the less.
* You have to wash your hands before and after touching mucosa, food, locks, knobs, switches, remote control, cell phone, watches, computers, desks, TV, etc. And when using the bathroom.
* You have to Moisturize dry hands from so much washing them, because the molecules can hide in the micro cracks. The thicker the moisturizer, the better.
* Also keep your NAILS SHORT so that the virus does not hide there.

HOMENEWS WORLD Chinese researchers isolated deadly bat coronaviruses near Wuhan animal market

Chinese government researchers isolated more than 2,000 animal viruses, including deadly bat coronaviruses, and carried out scientific work on them just three miles from a wild animal market identified as the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several Chinese state media outlets in recent months touted the virus research and lionized in particular a key researcher in Wuhan, Tian Junhua, as a leader in bat virus work.

The coronavirus strain now infecting hundreds of thousands of people globally mutated from bats believed to have infected animals and people at a wild animal market in Wuhan. The exact origin of the virus, however, remains a mystery.

Reports of the extensive Chinese research on bat viruses likely will fuel more calls for Beijing to make public what it knows about such work.

Chinese officials refused to provide samples of its coronavirus strains to U.S. researchers shortly after the outbreak became public and did not allow international disease specialists to visit Wuhan for weeks.

More details on the research here

Covid_19_Protecting_Your_Family_Dr_Dave_Price; WATCH THIS VIDEO!

Practical info from a NY ER Doctor

I had to share this link.

This is a clear, practical and earnest discussion by a critical care physician in NYC of what you can do to protect yourself and your family from COVID 19.

Please watch it. You will be well informed, less scared and more capable of dealing with the current situation. Your children can watch it too without feeling frightened.

It lasts 60 minutes; every minute imparts valuable information.

Please share with your family and friends.

Joe Biden Torn Apart After ‘The View’ Appearance: He “Reminded Everyone Why He’s Been in Hiding”

Joe Biden may have been met with a warm welcome from The View‘s co-hosts this morning, but the reception on social media was much more chilly. On Tuesday, Biden appeared on The View via satellite, and he laid out his “plan” for combatting coronavirus. Viewers at home were quick to point out that despite speaking primarily in platitudes, the former vice president still managed to bungle the appearance when he cautioned that “the cure” for COVID-19 “will make the problem worse, no matter what.” Come again?

While Biden spent much of his Tuesday View appearance stressing the importance of social distancing policies, he flubbed the point when asked about President Trump’s insistence that businesses should reopen “very soon” to boost the economy. “Are you at all concerned, as Trump said, that we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself?” asked guest co-host Sara Haines.

Biden clearly mixed up “the cure” and “the problem” in his answer, but he didn’t seem to notice, and he continued on as normal. “We know what has to be done … We’ve got to flatten that curve. And we’ve got to make sure that once, in fact, we have this under control, it doesn’t come back,” he said, effectively contradicting his earlier point. “So we should be focusing on getting all the help necessary in terms of testing, in terms of access to the gear that our first responders, our doctors, our nurses need in treating people.”


Governor Larry Hogan: Stay Home, Maryland

Dear Marylanders:
We have reached a critical turning point in our fight to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic here in Maryland.
A few minutes ago, an executive order took effect which institutes a Stay at Home directive. Under this order, no Maryland resident should be leaving their home unless it is for an essential job or for an essential reason, such as obtaining food or medicine, seeking urgent medical attention, or for other necessary purposes.
In addition, only essential businesses are allowed to remain open in Maryland, and those businesses must make every effort to scale down their operations in order to reduce the number of required staff, to limit interactions with customers, and to institute telework for as much of the workforce as is practical.
As we have previously stated, no Marylander should be traveling outside of the state unless such travel is absolutely necessary. If you have traveled outside of the state, you should self-quarantine for 14 days.
We are encouraging not just businesses, but families and friends, to make every effort to use remote forms of communication to limit person-to-person contact. Marylanders should reschedule all non-essential appointments of any kind. No one should be using any mode of public transportation unless they are essential personnel or unless that travel is absolutely necessary. 
Each and every one of us has a chance right now to do something to help our neighbors. Every single Marylander can be a hero just by staying home and by practicing social distancing. This will not only keep you and your family safe, but it could also save the lives of thousands of others.
In the days to come, we are going to need to depend on each other, to look out for each other, and to take care of each other, because we are all in this together. 
Signature: Larry Hogan

After Receiving $25 Million Coronavirus Bailout, JFK Center Stops Paying Musicians

After receiving a controversial $25 million bailout (which would pay for a lot of respirators), the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts notified nearly 100 musicians with the National Symphony Orchestra that they won't receive paychecks after April 3rd, according to the orchestra's COVID-19 Advisory Committee obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

"The Covid-19 Advisory Committee was broadsided today during our conversation with [Kennedy Center President] Deborah Rutter," reads the email. "Ms. Rutter abruptly informed us today that the last paycheck for all musicians and librarians will be April 3 and that we will not be paid again until the Center reopens."

The email went out to members on Friday evening, shortly after President Trump signed the $2 trillion CARES Act, a stimulus package intended to provide relief to people left unemployed by the coronavirus pandemic. Congress included $25 million in taxpayer funding for the Kennedy Center, a provision that raised eyebrows from both Democrats and Republicans, but ultimately won support from President Trump. The bailout was designed to "cover operating expenses required to ensure the continuity of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and its affiliates, including for employee compensation and benefits, grants, contracts, payments for rent or utilities, fees for artists or performers," according to the law's text. The arts organization decided that the relief did not extend to members of the National Symphony Orchestra, its house orchestra. -Washington Free Beacon

"Everyone should proceed as if their last paycheck will be April 3," the email continues. "We understand this will come [as a] shock to all of you, as it did to us."

One veteran member of the orchestra (who we suspect forwarded the email to the Beacon) told the outlet that the decision has "blindsided" musicians.

"It's very disappointing [that] they're going to get that money and then drop us afterward," the musician said. "The Kennedy Center blindsided us."

The cente, which received $41 million from taxpayers in 2019, just completed a $250 million renovation - however it faced insurmountable deficits after shuttering its doors on March 12 due to COVID-19.


How Long Will America's COVID-19 Lockdown Last? Here's What The Patterns Suggest

From the moment lockdowns and serious social distancing efforts began in the United States, the question on everyone’s mind was, “How long will these lockdowns last?”

And it’s not simple impatience. The cost of Covid-19 continues to come as a brutal assault to families across the country.First, there was the money spent preparing for the likelihood of quarantine, and this was followed, for many, by a loss of income. A shocking 3.3 million people had filed for unemployment by last Thursday, something projected less than a week ago and laughed off by many as fear-mongering. The economic ramifications of this virus are not just short-term – they’re long-term too.

It’s psychological, too. Right now, we’re in this strange period of purgatory in which the situation isn’t that bad for a lot of people – outside of a few hotspots, we aren’t seeing the virus in our own backyards. But the inability to plan for something next summer, next month – even next week – is tough on people who are accustomed to being able to map out things like vacations, summer activities for the kids, heck, even a night at the movies with our partners. There’s a sense of overall discomfort which can only be described as grief as we miss out on goals, milestones, and the day to day lives we enjoyed just a couple of short weeks ago.

We want this to end. Now.

And if we can’t have that, we want to know when. When will this limbo known as lockdown be over?
Unfortunately, we’re just getting started.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about when the lockdowns and shelter in place orders would be handed down in the United States, based on the patterns we were seeing in China and in Italy. It turned out to be extremely accurate, so we can use the same general idea of using patterns to attempt to predict what happens next.

Now, keep in mind, there are all sorts of variables. I hate making “predictions because of this. These aren’t “predictions” in a crystal ball kind of way. This is just an analysis of what has already happened and how a pattern is developing. So, my disclaimer is, given the vast array of variables, some of which we’ve probably never even considered, these dates may be entirely wrong. But right now, patterns are all we have to give us an idea of what to expect.


47 ABC News Employee Being Tested For Coronavirus

While most TV stations across the country are having staff work from home, 47 ABC News continues to have their staff work from the office. 

One of their employees came down with symptoms of the virus and has been tested but it will be several days before they get their results back. 

That being said, many employees there are now very concerned that they too might contract the virus and management will not let them work from home. 

So much for being a LEADER and practicing exactly what they've been preaching to their viewers. 47 ABC News in Salisbury needs to quarantine all employees and allow them to work from home until the final results come in. 

China coronavirus cases could be '40 times higher' as UK calls for Beijing 'reckoning'

Senior government figures are demanding a rethink in relations with China as anger mounts over the coronavirus pandemic, which has now killed more than 1,000 in the UK

China should face a “reckoning” over the coronavirus crisis, senior government figures have said.

Allies of Prime Minister Boris Johnson are calling for an urgent rethink in the UK’s relationship with the Communist state as anger mounts over misinformation around the pandemic, the Mail on Sunday reports.

There is also said to be fury at the top of government over problems sourcing personal protective equipment for medics and animal rights abuses, which have been blamed for causing the outbreak.

The Prime Minister has been warned by scientists that official statistics from China - where Covid-19 first emerged in the city of Wuhan - may have been downplayed “by a factor of 15 to 40 times”.

The flu-like virus has now killed 30,879 people, including more than 1,000 in the UK, and is causing a global health emergency.


France Sanctions Chloroquine After 78 Of 80 Patients COMPLETELY Recover From COVID-19 Within Five Days

The French government has officially sanctioned the malaria drug chloroquine to fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus,France 24 English reported Saturday.

“This ensures continued treatment of patients who have been treated for several years for a chronic condition with this drug, but also allows a temporary authorization to allow certain patients with coronavirus to benefit from this therapeutic route,” France’s Director General of Health Jérôme Salomon said.

The French move came after Didier Raoult, an infectious diseases specialist, reported that clinical results show 78 of 80 patients treated with chloroquine recovered within five days,.

This was Dr. Raoult’s second successful treatment against the coronavirus.

HUGE! Second French Study by Dr. Raoult finds Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin Helped EVERY PATIENT in Study Group of 80 Minus One (VIDEO)

According to Trustnodes.



(PIKESVILLE, MD) -- Maryland State Police Superintendent Colonel Woodrow Jones III has directed troopers to continue their public education and enforcement efforts regarding the Governor's Executive Orders and last night issued specific instructions regarding the stay-at-home order. 

Those instructions are as follows: 

 Enforcement of the expanded Governor's Executive Order will be conducted by Maryland state troopers. However, troopers will not make traffic stops simply to ask drivers where they are going to determine if their travel is essential or not. 

 If, in the course of the regular performance of his/her duties, such as during a crash investigation or a traffic stop, the trooper develops information indicating the individual was engaged in non-essential travel, enforcement action can be taken, in consultation with the state's attorney's office in that jurisdiction. 

 While it is not necessary for drivers in Maryland to have documentation about the purpose of travel, having such documentation may help resolve questions. 

 Troopers will continue to initiate enforcement action when a business or group of more than 10 people is observed in violation of the Governor's Executive Order. 

 The Order does not prohibit people from going to the store to get groceries or prescriptions, seeking medical attention at an urgent care facility, getting cleaning or laundry supplies. In addition, the Order does not prevent people from going out to get necessities for pets or other livestock. 

 The Order allows for travel to care for a family member, friend, pets, etc. Citizens are also permitted to travel for transporting family, friends, pet or livestock for essential health and safety activities. 

 The Order also allows for travel to and from an educational institution to receive meals or instructional materials for distance learning. 

 The Order allows for outdoor exercise activities (done in accordance to with social distancing guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and crowd gatherings of 10 people or less. However, such actives may not be done at a park that has been closed by state or local government. 

 Restaurants can be visited if obtaining food for carry-out or drive-thru only

STUNNING! Pelosi Blames Trump for Coronavirus: After She Pushed Tourists to Visit Chinatown in Late February Weeks After Trump Bans China Flights

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Sunday accused President Donald Trump of ‘fiddling while people are dying’ of the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus.

During the height of the pandemic this monster wants to start a new impeachment investigation!.

This was quite the interview considering 4 weeks after President Trump banned flights from China from entering the US, Speaker Pelosi was out urging tourtists to hit San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Jan 31 — President Trump banned flights from China.
Feb. 5 — Democrats blasted President Trump for his China travel ban.
Feb 24 — Pelosi was pushing tourism to Chinatown.
March 13 — NY Mayor DeBlasio encourages New Yorkers to go about their daily lives as usual.

Pelosi was pushing her sham impeachment in early February.

Chuck Schumer called President Trump a zenophobe for his China ban.


My statement to the Israeli health ministry

Dr. Birx: 'No State, No Metro Area Will be Spared'

Doctor Deborah Birx, the response coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force, is encouraging leaders in every state and metro area to prepare for a coronavirus outbreak like the one currently taking place in New York.

"No state, no metro area will be spared," Dr. Birx told NBC's Chuck Todd during an interview on "Meet the Press" on Sunday, "and the sooner we react and the sooner the states and the metro areas react and ensure they put in full mitigation at the same time understanding exactly what their hospitals need, then we'll be able to move forward together and protect the most Americans."

"If they mitigate now before they start seeing cases in the emergency room and in the hospital," Dr. Birx continued, "once you see those, the virus has been spreading for days and weeks, so this is really my call on every mayor to prepare now."

The NBC host asked Dr. Birx if she thought domestic air travel should be restricted as a further measure to contain the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus. Dr. Birx said she was heartened to see communities practicing self-isolation and self-quarantining without any restrictions on domestic air travel imposed by the federal government.


Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has now treated 699 coronavirus patients with 100% success using Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate, Zinc and Z-Pak

Last Wednesday, we published the success story from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a board-certified family practitioner in New York, after he successfully treated 350 coronavirus patients with 100 percent success using a cocktail of drugs: hydroxychloroquine, in combination with azithromycin (Z-Pak), an antibiotic to treat secondary infections, and zinc sulfate. Dr. Zelenko said he saw the symptom of shortness of breath resolved within four to six hours after treatment.

Now, Dr. Zelenko provides updates on the treatment after he successfully treated 699 COVID-19 patients in New York. In an exclusive interview with former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, Dr. Vladmir Zelenko shares the results of his latest study, which showed that out of his 699 patients treated, zero patients died, zero patients intubated, and four hospitalizations.

Dr. Zelenko said the whole treatment costs only $20 over a period of 5 days with 100% success. He defines success as “Not to die.” Dr. Zelenko first posted his Facebook video message last week calling on President Trump to “advise the country that they should be taking this medication.”



A post shared on Facebook claims Americans must fill out the 2020 Census to receive coronavirus stimulus payments.

Verdict: False

Eligibility for government benefits, including any coronavirus stimulus payments, is not tied to completing the 2020 Census.

Fact Check:

President Donald Trump signed into law on Friday a bipartisan $2 trillion stimulus package aimed at helping relieve financial burdens to Americans affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The bill provides $250 billion for direct payments to individuals and families, including a $1,200 payment to single Americans who make less than $75,000 a year, $2,400 payments to families than make under $150,000 and $500 payments for each qualifying child under the age of 17. One post on Facebook claims U.S. citizens must “go to and fill out this census form so you can get your stimulus check.”


White House Coronavirus Task Force Has a Request for Hospitals Across the Nation

Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday sent a letter to hospital administrators requesting they provide any Wuhan coronavirus testing data available to the Trump administration. The goal is to arm the White House Coronavirus Task Force with data so they can make informed decisions about how to best protect the American people from the Wuhan coronavirus.

The administration is asking every hospital with testing information to update the spreadsheet they were sent every day by 5 p.m. ET.

The full letter is below:


Royal Plus- RPCAT / Karri Daley - COV-19 - Wash Your Hands, Don’t Touch your Face

Royal Plus, (shown in this video) is DONATING PPE, (gloves and masks) to First Responders. (Police, Paramedics and Fire Departments) in Worcester County.

Majority of Maryland's coronavirus patients are younger than 60

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Friday was another record-breaking day in terms of the number of new coronavirus cases in Maryland.

There were 194 additional positive patients identified in Maryland in the last 24 hours, according to the Maryland Department of Health.

Gov. Larry Hogan led a teleconference meetings with his full cabinet and the coronavirus task force. With a vaccine at least a year away and possible treatments still being tested, health experts said social distancing and data remain some of the best weapons we currently have to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

As of 10 a.m. Friday, there were 774 confirmed coronavirus cases in Maryland -- a 33% surge in new cases in one day. There were 41 new hospitalizations reported, and 22% of all cases have been hospitalized so far, according to MDH.

MDH also began posting the age breakdown for confirmed coronavirus cases in Maryland, and the majority of people testing positive in Maryland are young.

"There are some theories about why the numbers look different in the U.S. versus other parts of the world," said former Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen. "Many people in the U.S. do have chronic medical conditions, including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, who are not elderly and who might have these conditions at an earlier age. There are some theories linking, perhaps, younger people who are infected to things like vaping and e-cigarettes, but these are just theories at the moment."


Jane Goodall on Coronavirus

WATCH: This Video From A Doctor On The Frontline Of The Coronavirus

Dr. David Price, a critical care pulmonologist caring for COVID-19 patients in New York City at Weill Cornell Medical Center, lays out exactly what people need to do to prevent catching the virus, how to know if they have it, and what to do if they get it, in a must-see video posted to social media.

“You may hear a little inflection in my voice like I’m emotional. It’s not because I’m scared. It’s actually the opposite. For the first time in a while, I’m actually not scared,” Price said in the video, now going viral.

“I work at probably the premier hospital in New York City. Our hospital is almost exclusively a COVID-19 hospital, but we’re learning and we know a lot. And what I want you guys to know is that every single day we’re getting better, we know more. And I am confident that the stuff I can tell you today should make you guys feel like when this comes to your community that you don’t have to be scared and that you can protect your family.”

More here

Mayor Issues New Declaration Extending Beach & Boardwalk Closure until April 30

Link to New Declaration

Ocean City, Maryland – (March 30, 2020): The Town of Ocean City continues to take extreme measures to protect residents and employees from the rapid spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). On Sunday, March 29, the Mayor and City Council met in closed session and outlined several new emergency actions which increase the restrictions previously implemented in our resort community.

The first action, which was outlined in a new emergency declaration by Mayor Rick Meehan, extends the closure of the beach and Boardwalk through April 30, 2020 and closes the Inlet Parking Lot. In addition, the declaration supported actions taken by the State of Maryland requiring anyone who has traveled to or from New York, New Jersey or Connecticut to self-quarantine for 14 days. This order applies to the Town of Ocean City and will be enforced. Further, to echo the new STAY AT HOME order issued today by Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, officials are no longer asking visitors and non-resident property owners to stay home, they are directing them not to travel to Ocean City.

“The council has been proactive and we believe our actions are working,” commented Mayor Meehan. “We have far less people in Ocean City than we normally would this time of year. However, while the vast majority of people are listening to our warnings, we still have some who are not complying with our requests to stay home. If this continues, additional actions will be taken to prevent the spread of the virus.”

The Town of Ocean City is currently working with the Hotel Motel Restaurant Association and Chamber of Commerce to ensure that everyone is complying with the Governor’s executive orders. In addition, property owners should cancel any and all short-term rentals through April 30. This includes real estate companies and third-party rentals, including but not limited to Airbnb, Home Away and VRBO.

“We are all in this together and need to work together to fight this common enemy,” Mayor Meehan continued. “The virus is spreading rapidly and we have reached a critical turning point to stop the spread. It is in the best interest of everyone for visitors and property owners to stay home and stay healthy.”

Further updates from the Town of Ocean can be found at:

If you are experiencing possible COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) contact your primary care doctor for further screening to determine if you should be tested. Unless you are suffering a medical emergency, please do not show up unannounced at an emergency room or other medical facility. You should speak with your healthcare provider, who can alert an emergency room so that its staff is ready with proper protective gear. To protect yourselves and others, wash your hands often, cover cough/sneezes, clean and disinfect surfaces, and stay home if sick. For more information on Coronavirus and prevention tips, visit or call 410-632-1100 option #8 to connect to our call center (Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm). For COVID-19 information in the State of Maryland, please dial 211.