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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Harris Announces Local Grant for Alzheimer’s Treatment

WASHINGTON, DC: Rep. Andy Harris, M.D. (MD-01) announced the award of a $1,000,000 federal grant to Maintaining Active Citizens (MAC) Incorporated in the City of Salisbury. The grant was awarded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the funds will be dispersed through the Alzheimer’s Disease Program Initiative.

The Alzheimer's Disease Programs Initiative provides grants to support the development and expansion of dementia-capable home and community-based service (HCBS) systems in states and communities. According to MAC, their mission “is to provide programs and services that preserve dignity, health and independence for an aging population.”

Rep. Andy Harris made the following statement:

“As a physician, I am particularly aware of the devastating conditions caused by Alzheimer’s, and I applaud the award of this grant to MAC in Salisbury, which I visited recently and which is doing a great job helping our seniors. Alzheimer’s and dementia afflict too many people in our community, as well as their families and caregivers. This is a national crisis, and I am glad that this Administration is providing funds to our local community to help people in need.”

Harris Statement on Trump Transcript and Impeachment Inquiry

WASHINGTON, DC: Rep. Andy Harris, M.D. (MD-01) commented on the White House release of documentation of the phone conversation between President Trump and President Zelenskyy of Ukraine. The link to the document is:

Rep. Andy Harris made the following statement:

“None of the allegations that Speaker Pelosi made yesterday are proven by the transcript of the conversation between President Trump and President Zelenskyy of Ukraine, and the White House is also preparing to release to Congress the whistleblower complaint based on this same telephone conversation. The transcript of the call is clear, and everyone should read it for themselves. Once again, no collusion.

In fact, for similar transparency, former Vice President Biden should release the transcripts of his conversations pressuring the Ukrainian government to fire its top prosecutor who led an investigation into a Ukrainian company that employed Biden’s son as an extremely highly paid consultant. Speaker Pelosi should also either stop this partisan impeachment inquiry because of the lack of evidence, or bring it before the full House of Representatives for a vote.

The Democrats shepherding Pelosi’s drug pricing bill have taken plenty of campaign cash from pharma

WASHINGTON — The fate of Nancy Pelosi’s sweeping drug pricing bill rests in the hands of lawmakers who received more campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry than almost all other Democrats, according to a STAT review of campaign finance records.

Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.), who chairs the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, received $111,500 in contributions from pharmaceutical industry political action committees in the 2018 election cycle — fifth-most of any lawmaker, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, received $98,500, good for ninth-most.

Pallone and Neal are two of the Pelosi bill’s three co-sponsors. It is their committees that focused most heavily on health care issues and will likely consider amendments to the legislation before it is brought up for a vote on the House floor.


Salisbury MSP: Motor Vehicle Collision/DUI

Type of Incident: Motor Vehicle Collision/DUI

Date and Time: 09/25/19 @ 1810 Hours

Location: Mt Hermon Rd @ Carey Ave

Driver/Arrestee: Shushen Joshi 5/M of Salisbury, Md.

Vehicle 1: 2017 Cadillac XTX MD Registration 6CY2027

Vehicle 2: 2013 Honda Odyssey MD Registration 4AK5147

On 09/25/19 at approximately 1810 hours Troopers from the Salisbury Barrack were dispatched to the area of Mt. Hermon Rd and Carey Ave for a report of a motor vehicle collision with injuries. Upon arrival Troopers found two vehicles to be involved in the collision. The driver of Vehicle 1 was identified as Shushen Joshi. Joshi was not injured, but had been drinking. Joshi was driving a 2017 Cadillac, and failed to stop at the stop sign on Carey Ave, striking another vehicle traveling east on Mt. Hermon Rd. The driver of V-2 was operating a 2013 Honda Odyssey Md Registration 4AK514, she was transported to PRMC with minor injuries. Joshi the driver of V-1 was placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI/DWI and transported to the barrack. Joshi refused chemical test and was released on citations from the State Police Barracks.

Tennessee mother, 30, 'helped her daughter, 13, pin down and beat up the girl's classmate at a bus stop'

A Tennessee mother has been accused of helping her teenage daughter beat up her classmate at a school bus stop as payback for a past incident.

Kalina Gaines, 30, from Nashville, was arrested on Monday on a charge of assault after police say she and her juvenile daughter attacked the other girl at the bus stop at the corner of Murfreesboro Pike and Borowood Drive.

The Nashville Metro Police told both the suspect and the victim are 13 years old.

According to a police affidavit cited by The Tennessean, Gaines ordered her daughter to attack the victim because of a clash between the two girl last week.


Trump turns tables on Biden amid impeachment push, claims Dems threatened Ukraine

A defiant President Trump said during a press conference in New York Wednesday that he wants "full transparency" not only over the "so-called whistleblower" allegations leveled against him, but also "from Joe Biden and his son Hunter on the millions of dollars that have been quickly and easily taken out of Ukraine and China."

Trump additionally demanded "transparency from Democrats who went to Ukraine and attempted to force the new president ... to do things that they wanted under the form of political threat. They threatened him if he didn't do things -- now that's what they're accusing me of, but I didn't do it."

The aggressive move signaled that the White House would seek to turn the tables against Democrats who have initiated an impeachment inquiry, following the whistleblower's complaint that Trump had improperly pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Biden. Zelensky, speaking across from Trump just an hour earlier, told reporters he did not feel "pushed" at all in his conversations with the president.

More here

Anything But That!

Attorney General Frosh Joins Lawsuit Challenging Trump Administration’s Rollback of Endangered Species Act Regulations

Twenty-One Animals and Plants Listed as Endangered or Threatened in Maryland  

BALTIMORE, MD (September 25, 2019) - Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh today joined a coalition of 18 attorneys general and the City of New York in filing a lawsuit challenging the Trump Administration’s rollback of the Endangered Species Act (ESA).  The attorneys general of Maryland, California, and Massachusetts lead the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.  The challenge argues that the decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service to finalize three rules that undermine the key requirements and purpose of the Endangered Species Act is unlawful.

“The Trump Administration is waging war on the ESA’s decades of success, undoing protections that have saved many kinds of wildlife and preserved millions of acres of critical habitat,” said Attorney General Frosh.  “Deciding whether to protect endangered species is not an economic question. These decisions must be guided by science, not by profits and political influence.”

 For more than 45 years, the ESA has protected thousands of iconic and threatened species, including the bald eagle, California condor, grizzly bear, and humpback whale.  Enacted under the Nixon Administration in 1973, the ESA is intended “to halt and reverse the trend toward species extinction, whatever the cost.”  The Trump Administration’s rules would dramatically weaken current protections and reduce federal ESA enforcement and consultation, putting these endangered species and their habitats at risk of extinction.

Currently, the ESA protects more than 1,600 plant and animal species in the United States and its territories, and millions of acres of land have been designated as critical habitat to allow for species conservation.  Ninety-nine percent of species protected by the ESA have avoided extinction.  In Maryland, there are 13 animals and 8 plants listed as endangered or threatened under the Act.

In the lawsuit, the coalition challenges the rules as arbitrary and capricious under the Administrative Procedure Act, unauthorized under the Endangered Species Act, and unlawful under the National Environmental Policy Act.  Of specific concern are the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service actions to:
  • Inject economic considerations into the Endangered Species Act’s science-driven, species focused analyses;
  • Restrict the circumstances under which species can be listed as threatened;
  • Expand the Act’s narrow exemptions for designating critical habitats and limit the circumstances under which a habitat would be designated, especially where climate changes poses a threat;
  • Reduce consultation and analyses required before federal agency action;
  • Radically depart from the longstanding, conservation-based agency policy and practice of providing the same level of protection to threatened species afforded to endangered species, which is necessary to prevent a species from becoming endangered;
  • Push the responsibility for protecting imperiled species and habitats onto the states, detracting from the states’ efforts to carry out their own programs and imposing significant costs; and,
  • Exclude analysis of and public input on the rules' significant environmental impacts.

In addition to Maryland, the suit was joined by the attorneys general of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, the District of Columbia and the City of New York.

Man shot, killed by homeowner during Oklahoma home invasion

LEFLORE COUNTY, Okla. – A man shot and killed by a 62-year-old woman after he broke into her home has been identified.

On Sunday, at approximately 5:30 p.m., the LeFlore County Sheriff’s Office responded to a home invasion on Jenson Road in Rock Island.

According to the sheriff’s office, a man, identified as 31-year-old Matthew Harvey, of Huntington, Arkansas, entered the woman’s home.

The woman, who is hearing impaired, saw Harvey in her home and yelled at him to leave.

Harvey then went into the kitchen and the woman ran to her bedroom where she picked up a shotgun.


The Disturbing Cult Of Greta Thunberg

The Cult of Greta Thunberg is an extremely disturbing one, and one which marks a new low in the drain-circling that Western civilisation seems bent on. Even if I happened to believe that the naturally occurring gas that each of us breathes out many thousands of times per day, and which plants use for photosynthesis, is going to end up being the death of us, I would still be profoundly disturbed by the use of this girl - who is very clearly mentally unstable - as the poster-child for the agenda.

This video of her speaking at the UN is a case in point, as is her statement to the Davos crowd earlier this year, in which she decided to spread her own brand of hopeless misery to all:

“Adults keep saying we owe it to the young people, to give them hope. But I don’t want your hope. I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. I want you to act. I want you to act as you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is.”
Causes which are backed up by incontrovertible facts do not need the aid of slightly unnerving and emotive teenage girls to lead the charge. On the contrary, slightly unnerving and emotive teenage girls might be thought by a rational society to be somewhat of a hindrance to the facts, since they are likely to detract from them and move the issues from the realm of reason and rational discourse to emotion and feelings.


The Truth About Systemic Racism in America | The Larry Elder Show

Pelosi’s Impeachment Surrender Proves Dems Still Can’t Get Beyond 2016

“For months, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned itchy Democrats against the perils of impeachment. She should have stuck to her guns . . . Her surrender proved again that her party can’t quit 2016,” Michael Goodwin writes in the New York Post.
“Dems apparently assume the country hates Trump as much as they do . . . They also are demonstrating they didn’t learn the lessons of the Robert Mueller probe.”
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At the United Nations, President Trump showed that he “is never afraid to stand up for popular self-government and the greatest guarantor self-government has ever had: the nation-state,” the Washington Examiner editorial board writes. “Trump did very well in his Tuesday speech to the U.N. General Assembly to reassert, once again, that the nation-state is a good thing; speaking as he was in an institution with misguided supranational ambitions. This was something U.N. bureaucrats and diplomats needed to hear from the leader of the free world.”
“The leaders of the United States, Mexico and Canada have already signed the most important trade deal in a generation. Mexico and Canada, not China, are currently our two largest trading partners. For the sake of America’s economy and workers, this deal needs to get done,” former CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder writes in Fox News. “The only obstacle is political obstruction by congressional Democrats more intent on depriving President Trump of a win than bestowing one on the American people. This is politics at its worst, and that’s saying something.”
Yesterday, the Trump Administration made it easier for hardworking Americans to qualify for overtime pay, Acting Labor Secretary Patrick Pizzella writes in The Wall Street Journal. “The Labor Department is publishing a final rule to raise the salary threshold under which all employees, regardless of occupation, are eligible for overtime pay.” This is the first successful update to overtime regulations since 2004, and the main beneficiaries “will be people who did not go to college, rural Americans and older workers.”

Search Warrant Leads to Drug Arrest-Seaford

Seaford- The Delaware State Police have arrested 31-year-old Damarius T. Turnage after a search warrant led to the discovery of drugs.
On September 24, 2019 at approximately 7:23 p.m., the Sussex Governor’s Task Force (GTF) and the Sussex Drug Unit (SDU) concluded a month long drug investigation into the matter of Damarius Turnage.  With the assistance of SDU, members of GTF obtained a search warrant for Turnage’s residence located in the 9000 block of Concord Road, Seaford.  Turnage is currently on probation and serving a home confinement sentence.  Upon arrival to the residence, Turnage was contacted by detectives and Probation Officers on the front porch of his residence.  Turnage attempted to flee into the residence and was subsequently taken into custody.
The search warrant was executed at the residence and the following was seized:
  • Approximately 585 bags of heroin
  • Approximately 45.56 grams of marijuana
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Over $5000 in suspected drug proceeds
Turnage was transported back to Troop 4 where he was charged with the following:
  •  Possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance in a Tier 4 quantity
  •  Possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Turnage was arraigned before the Justice of the Peace Court and committed to the Sussex Correctional Institution on $216,600.00 cash only bond.

Morris Mill Dam Update:

2020 Capital Improvement Plan for Salisbury - Budget/Revenue/Projects

A Writer Says.....

For the people that are too lazy to research things themselves. I will do it for you.

Click on Link:

Millions of dollars are missing. The sheriff is dead. A small Virginia town wants answers.

FRONT ROYAL, Va. —Before the $21 million allegedly went missing, before the sheriff put his gun in his mouth and fired, before Tuesday’s announcement that the entire top tier of the Warren County government had been indicted, there was the dream.

It was a dream of renewal for this town 70 miles from Washington, which fell on hard times after a rayon manufacturing plant closed in 1989, leaving 1,300 people jobless and 440 acres full of toxic waste.

Twenty-five years later, with the land cleaned up and Front Royal increasingly attractive to tourists and former city dwellers, officials announced plans for a data center and retail complex that would bring 600 jobs and act as a catalyst for other projects.



Drag Queen Story Hour for Young Children Celebrated as Part of LGBTQ ‘Big Read’ Event

The Hartford Public Library in Connecticut will host two Drag Queen Story Hour events Saturday as part of the library’s celebration of its LGBTQ “Big Read” campaign.

The controversial drag queen events have stirred tensions in many cities throughout the country, such as Chula Vista, California, where an LGBT-activist city official said groups protesting the event were people who hold “white supremacist beliefs.”

Hartford Library CEO Bridget Quinn told the Hartford Courant she is prepared for any protests against the event.

“I don’t anticipate a major response,” she said. “Hartford is pretty open-minded.”

“We have had a few people express concern, but we tell them that this is a way to engage kids in reading,” Quinn added. “It’s fun. It’s a way to expose them to different cultures and lifestyles.”

More here

Sheila Jackson Lee is the dumbest person in America

Michigan official, once honored by Dems, now facing election fraud charges

A Michigan official who earlier this year received an award from the state’s Democrat Party is now facing six felony charges for allegedly forging records and falsely marking absentee ballots as invalid during the 2018 election.

Sherikia Hawkins, 38, city clerk for the city of Southfield, was arrested Monday after the Oakland County Clerk’s office noticed discrepancies in voter counts while certifying absentee ballots from Southfield. State police investigated and found that records had been altered so that nearly 200 voter files were improperly listed as invalid.

According to court documents, Michigan police found that 193 absentee voter files were changed in the city’s computer system to say they either had no signature or no return date, when they had both valid signatures and return dates. Police stated that after Oakland County Election Director Joseph Rozell found that Hawkins had submitted altered reports, his staff found the original ones in a trash can at the election division office.


The real reason the dems want to impeach Trump

Rashida Tlaib smeared a conservative witness as a conspiracy theorist, but she came off looking like the nut

Here is a tip: If you want to paint your opponent as a conspiratorial nut, it is best not to come across as a conspiratorial nut yourself.

In other words, do the opposite of what Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan did Tuesday during a congressional hearing on e-cigarettes. The moment occurred after a witness, vaping advocate Vicki Porter, smiled and winked at Wisconsin Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman as he formally introduced her during the hearing's opening moments.

Tlaib found the show of familiarity disturbing.

“It is so important that you all continue to speak truth about this because long-term effects [are] very dangerous, especially because they have been targeted towards youth,” the congresswoman said.


Attorney For Anti-Trump ‘Whistleblower’ Worked For Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer

The anonymous person who filed a formal, uncorroborated complaint against President Donald Trump for allegedly asking a foreign leader to investigate corruption related to Joe Biden now has a legal team that includes a Democratic operative who worked for Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.).

Andrew Bakaj, now a managing partner at the Compass Rose Legal Group, interned for Schumer in the spring of 2001 and for Clinton in the fall of the same year, according to Bakaj’s LinkedIn page. More recently, Bakaj has worked as an official in the CIA and Pentagon and specializes in whistleblower and security clearances in his legal practice.

Bakaj’s anonymous client has filed complaint based on rumors accusing Trump of requesting that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky investigate 2020 Democratic frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, for their business dealings with a Ukrainian energy company. The intelligence inspector general decided the complaint is “credible” and “urgent,” but officials at the Department of National Intelligence say otherwise due to the lack of evidence undergirding the complaint and have refused to release it to Congress. The anonymous whistleblower has also admitted to not having firsthand knowledge of the conversations between the president and Zelensky.


EPA threatens California over backlog of 100-plus air quality plans

The Environmental Protection Agency is threatening to withhold highway funds and permitting approvals from California until the state agrees to redo more than 100 air quality plans.

California "has failed to carry out its most basic tasks under the Clean Air Act," EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler wrote in a Sept. 24 letter to the state's top air regulator, Mary Nichols. Wheeler said in the letter that California represents about a third of the air quality plans the EPA has in a backlog, neither approved nor denied, and some of those plans date back to pollution limits from the 1970s.

States are required to submit plans outlining how they'll meet federal air quality standards for pollutants such as ozone and particulate matter that contribute to smog and soot. The EPA then is supposed to approve or disapprove those plans.


'Parade in search of a rationale': Mitch McConnell blasts impeachment inquiry

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blasted House Democrats for moving forward on an impeachment inquiry against President Trump, and chastised the party for their unwillingness to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election.

“Washington Democrats have been searching for ways to reverse their 2016 election defeat since before President Trump was even inaugurated," McConnell said in a Tuesday press release. Drawing on the "breathless accusations" of Russian collusion that ultimately fell flat, he claimed the Democratic Party "has been a two-and-a-half-year impeachment parade in search of a rationale."

“Speaker Pelosi’s much-publicized efforts to restrain her far-left conference have finally crumbled," the Kentucky Republican continued. "House Democrats cannot help themselves. Instead of working together across party lines on legislation to help American families and strengthen our nation, they will descend even deeper into their obsession with relitigating 2016."


Power Outage

Hi, just wondering if you know why the power is out off Dagsboro Rd. Haven't ventured into Salisbury yet. It's been off for almost 2 hours.

Editor's Note:  Does anyone know why the power is out? 

Berlin Indefinitely Closes Park Over Spill Cleanup Costs

BERLIN – Town officials agreed to close Heron Park indefinitely rather than spend $55,000 more on cleanup costs.

At Monday’s meeting of the Berlin Town Council, officials voted 3-1, with Councilman Dean Burrell opposed and Councilman Troy Purnell absent, to close the park. Though the cleanup of the chemical spill that occurred at the property has been completed, debris from the remaining buildings at the former poultry processing plant still needs to be removed.

“It seems like there’s a lot of obstacles there that could cause some harm,” Councilman Zack Tyndall said.

According to Mayor Gee Williams, roughly $75,000 in demolition work had been completed at the park when June’s chemical spill occurred. Since then, the town has spent $260,578 on spill cleanup and Williams expects final costs to reach $283,000. Nevertheless, he asked the council Monday to consider spending an additional $55,000 with Goody Hill Groundworks to have the various piles of debris and dilapidated small buildings on the site removed. He said the town had gotten pricing from Goody Hill because the company had a good history of working with the town.


Cohabiting Partners Older, More Racially Diverse, More Educated, Higher Earners

The number of unmarried partners living together in the United States nearly tripled in two decades from 6 million to 17 million, 7% of the total adult population (xls).

As more unmarried couples opted to live together, their profile changed significantly, according to a new study from the U.S. Census Bureau: “Cohabitation over the Last 20 Years: Measuring and Understanding the Changing Demographics of Unmarried Partners, 1996-2017.”

The latest estimates from the Current Population Survey’s Annual Social and Economic Supplement (CPS ASEC) show unmarried partners are now older, more racially diverse, more educated and more likely to earn higher wages.


Hungary PM: 'We Reject Migrant Quotas, But Accept Deportation Quotas With Pleasure'

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced that his government rejects any migrant resettlement quotas imposed by the European Union, but will gladly participate in deporting masses of illegal aliens.

Speaking at an event in Rome organized by the nationalist-conservative party Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy), PM Orbán urged Italian leadership to protect its citizens and borders, vowing to support in the effort if they do, while acknowledging that the new government seems to be realigning itself with the globalist agenda.

"Hungary is ready to help Italy in whatever way we can, but there are areas where we cannot help," Orbán said. "We cannot help with the transport and settlement of any migrants in Hungary. That is impossible."


Judge: Students Can Sue Wayne State for Forcing Non-Christian Leaders in Christian Group

A United States District Court judge handed down a decision this week in favor of a group of Christian students that are suing Wayne State University over a policy that requires them to accept non-Christian students as leaders for their Christian student organization.

According to a report by The College Fix, a federal judge has ruled that Christian students at Wayne State University can move forward with their lawsuit against the university over its policy that requires them to allow non-Christian students to hold leadership positions in their Christian group.

The organization, the Wayne State chapter of InterVarsity, was shut down by the public Wayne State University over allegations that the organization’s policies on non-Christian student leaders were discriminatory.

In the fall of 2017, the university revoked the chapter’s official recognition and canceled all of its scheduled meetings. The penalty was imposed upon the group as a punishment for the group’s internal policy that non-Christians could not serve in leadership positions.


[InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA is an inter-denominational, evangelical Christian campus ministry founded in 1941, working with students and faculty on U.S. university campuses. --Editor]

Trump Ruins Democrats "Witch Hunt Garbage" - Will Release Transcript, Complaint, & IG Report By End Of Week

In what is likely to spoil the Democrats' week, President Trump - having already authorized the release of the "complete, unredacted" transcript of his call with Ukraine's president - is now set to release both the whistleblower complaint and the Inspector General report that are at the center of the impeachment inquiry by the end of the week.

Politico reports, according to a senior administration officials, The White House is preparing to release the documents to Congress over the next few days. The president has agreed to this move, the official added.

Additionally, the so-called whistleblower has sought legal advice and has released a statement:


Word Of The Day...

Wicomico Executive Denies Sabotage Claim On Folk Festival

Editor's Note: This article gives a little more detail than the press release.

SALISBURY – Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver shared his intentions last week for sending a letter to Maryland Senate President Mike Miller outlining his concerns that wine and beer licenses approved by Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot for the National Folk Festival were “illegal” after the comptroller’s chief of staff penned a response lambasting the county leader of “economic sabatoge.”

Last Friday, Comptroller Peter Franchot’s Chief of Staff Len Foxwell sent a letter to Culver denouncing the county leader’s “private correspondence” with Miller two weeks before the National Folk Festival was slated to begin in downtown Salisbury.

Culver’s letter to Miller, dated Aug. 27, highlighted his concerns that alcohol licenses granted by the comptroller to the City of Salisbury for the festival were in violation of state Article 2B.

“The event that the licenses are approved for is neither a Non-Profit Wine Festival nor a Non-Profit Beer Festival,” he wrote. “Furthermore, the licenses that have been issued primary purpose is to promote Maryland Wine and Beer. The approved licenses are for the Folk Festival which had no relevance to a Wine Festival or a Beer Festival.”

Culver told Miller the comptroller was aware that the folk festival was not a nonprofit beer or wine festival.


VA settles with Navy vet for $150G in malpractice lawsuit

A Navy vet who was allegedly turned away by a Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in South Carolina because it claimed he had cocaine in his system has been awarded a $150,000 settlement in his medical malpractice lawsuit, according to a report.

Eric Walker, 49, sued the VA after the Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center allegedly refused to treat him when he arrived with excruciating abdominal pain in 2015, according to The State.

Walker alleged that the hospital mixed up his urine sample with that of a cocaine addict. A doctor refused to treat him and told him to go home and quit drugs, he said.

“I said, ‘I don’t do cocaine,’ and he said, ‘I hear that all the time -- but your urinalysis says otherwise,’” Walker told The State.

“Dorn Emergency Room personnel informed (Walker) that his stomach pains were a direct result of ingesting multiple illegal drugs, in particular, excessive cocaine,” his lawsuit claimed, The State reported in January 2018.

Walker later went to the Lexington Medical Center. He learned he had gallstones and gallbladder and pancreatic disease, and received surgery.

The VA issued a statement to the publication on Monday, saying: “There is no evidence this veteran’s lab results were handled improperly. VA settled this case to avoid further litigation."


Schweizer: Hunter Biden Made a Deal with China that ‘Nobody Else Has’

Appearing Monday on the Fox News Channel with Sean Hannity, Breitbart News senior contributor and Secret Empires author Peter Schweizer elaborated on the troubling circumstances surrounding Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China and Ukraine, noting that his $1.5 billion private equity deal with the Bank of China remains unprecedented in the investment world.

A transcript is as follows:

JOHN SOLOMON: While talking to senior U.S. diplomats today, overseas in Europe, I learned that on April 22, 2014, less than three weeks before the Burisma Holdings announced that Hunter Biden was joining their board, Vice President Joe Biden met with the prime minister of Ukraine. And in that meeting, according to a transcript, which I obtained tonight, Joe Biden specifically encouraged the Ukrainians to expand natural gas production with the help of Americans coming to the country. He set up the exact scenario that Hunter Biden just a few weeks earlier cashed in on.

SEAN HANNITY: Whoa, this now takes things to a whole new level, because now, he’s basically doing the bidding for his own son’s wealth creation. Maybe even his son would share with his father.

SOLOMON: Those are the questions that Ukrainians are trying to answer back in 2016 before the prosecutor was fired, Sean. And they never got to the bottom of that. But I do think the evidence that the Ukrainians possess and would like to give to the U.S. Justice Department, it’s sitting there to be hand over. Someone from the Justice Department could pick it up tomorrow.


Meet and Greet Mayoral Candidate Wayne King

Introducing the Democrats Newest Idea: The Music Tax

The party that brought you the rain tax is now bringing you something just as absurd.

Baltimore County Democrats have been happier than in pig in slop ever since Democratic County Executive Johnny Olszewski, Jr. was elected. They knew that they finally found a Democrat that would raise taxes far above and beyond where they were needed.

Democrats on the Baltimore County Council have taken the ball and run with it, as Baltimore County Councilman Tom Quirk has come up with something brand new: The Music Tax.


Trump Campaign Celebrates Impeachment: Thank You Democrats, You Just Re-elected POTUS With a Landslide

The Trump campaign is celebrating House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's announcement Tuesday evening to open an "impeachment inquiry" into President Trump. 
"Democrats can't beat President Trump on his policies or his stellar record of accomplishment, so they're trying to turn a Joe Biden scandal into a Trump problem. The misguided Democrat impeachment strategy is meant to appease their rabid, extreme, leftist base, but will only serve to embolden and energize President Trump's supporters and create a landslide victory for the President," the Trump campaign released in a statement. 
And they've already released this ad


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