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Sunday, October 26, 2014

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I can tell you that we were receiving HUNDREDS of spam comments per day and I'm sure the more popular Blogs out there were experiencing the same.

That being said, (this is what I believe) Blogger has automatically turned on the word verification for ALL comments and it is out of our control, for the time being. 

What you are seeing whenever you try and comment is NOT something WE decided to do and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I'm sure, (soon enough) they will return to normal. 

SPD Calls For Service 10-25-14

  • Saturday October, 25 2014 @ 23:52Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday October, 25 2014 @ 23:40 Nature: Automatic AlarmAddress: 301 E Naylor Mill Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Saturday October, 25 2014 @ 21:33 Nature: Trash FireAddress: Seminole Blvd & Mineola Ave Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Saturday October, 25 2014 @ 21:26Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday October, 25 2014 @ 20:49Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

Countdown To Laura Mitchell's Smoking Gun Post

Countdown Clock

Did The Mayor Mistakenly Give Out A Key To The Police Evidence Locker Instead Of The City?

Council Vice President Laura Mitchell suggested multiple times that I illegally obtained a pill bottle to the media. 

That means one of two things. One, the Mayor gave me a key and Two, Chief Barbara Duncan allowed me into that lock box to obtain the pill bottle in evidence. 

Now, this is what the Daily Times, WBOC and WMDT are suggesting, DO YOU BELIEVE THAT?

What does it say about a Council Member who suggests illegal activities were performed by law enforcement. 

I will tell you, just like I will tell a Judge, I did NOT obtain the pill bottle evidence from ANYONE in law enforcement, nor did it come from anyone involved in any way, shape or form within law enforcement. 

Now, let's talk about your local media. What does it say about WMDT not calling me at all to discuss this matter. Funny how Salisbury News was always called "The Blog" or "The Blogger" as if it were a curse. Yet over the years we have grown so large, they can no longer compete. At the same time, everything the local media accused BLOGGERS of, they are now doing exactly what they accused ME of doing all these years.

The difference, Salisbury News has delivered EVIDENCE, DOCUMENTS, PHOTOS. Does WBOC, WMDT or the Daily Times have ANY evidence backing up Laura Mitchell's accusations? Did ANY of them ask Mitchell, what was her son doing with HER pill bottle in the first place? How long ago was your son pulled over and this alleged evidence taken in? 

There are some standards in journalism protocol YOU should be challenging. Not that I did anything wrong by exposing this pill bottle. I can absolutely GUARANTEE that IF Joe Albero had dropped a similar prescription bottle during the Mayoral Campaign, THEY WOULD HAVE PUBLISHED IT LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW. Now, would you disagree with that?

Their problem is, Joe Albero delivered the biggest STORY OF THE YEAR, (perhaps decade) and they're pissed. Joe Albero sells more newspapers then any other person on the Shore. Do you see people dressing up as Greg Bassett, Craig Jahelka and the like for Halloween? Hey, it is what it is. Love me or hate me, we are influential and we openly admit, we are right wing and extremely proud of it. 

The Liberal party can go around, (like former Mayor Tilghman) and take down names and addresses of those people attending Council Meetings in order to intimidate them. They can physically attack a 9-11 Hero at a Candidate Form like we saw last week by Sarah Lake Rayne at a public forum at WorWic. Now we have your local Media trying to intimidate me and bully me into not exposing the TRUTH. Well, unlike many, I DO NOT FOLD. I FIGHT.

The only injustice out there right now is your local media trying to twist a factual story in order to attempt to make some sheeple feel sorry for Laura Mitchell. The Facts and Truth hurt.

Today's Survey Question 10-22-14

Do you believe Council Vice President Laura Mitchell is telling the truth about her use of Methadone for migraine headaches?

Daily Times Hypocrisy

On May 23, 2014, the Daily Times’ above the fold, front page article by Brian Shane featured a story about Wicomico County spending. In this article, it was revealed that County Executive Rick Politt not only had a habit of dining out on the taxpayers dime while supposedly working, but that he bought family groceries at Wal-Mart with the County credit card because, by his own admission, his personal card would not work. He also “mistakenly” used the County credit card at Food Lion and at the Cleveland Park Bar. He did not give reasons for the other usage. Were these honest mistakes as some would say, or was it mistakes Pollitt knew he was making?

Now here’s where it gets interesting. This past week the Daily Times reported about a Salisbury volunteer firefighter who said his wife used a Fire Department credit card by mistake and now he is being prosecuted for it. Is this an unfair situation? Are there different rules in place for different people? Should not Pollitt be prosecuted since he admits he broke the same law the firefighter is being charged with breaking? A little hypocrisy here? Or, just different rules for different folk?

By Mr. Shane’s own admission, The Daily Times went to great lengths to acquire the information on Mr. Pollitt’s “mistake.” The Daily Times only got the information after filing a “Freedom of Information Act” request to obtain info on Mr. Pollitt’s spending habits. Yet the Daily Times, in last week’s editorial, endorsed Mr. Pollitt for County Executive. Does this mean the Daily Times now condones Mr. Pollitt’s spending habits and the County Executive’s lack of cooperation in obtaining such information? Does the Daily Times’ parent company, Gannett operate in the same fashion? Does Ms. Parker and her Editorial Review Board condone the action of misusing County credit cards for one person and condemn it for another? Is this fair or is the Daily Times’ liberal bias so strong that they “overlook” these “little mistakes” for one guilty party so that they may endorse the most liberal candidate?

Granted, misusing the County credit card may not rank as “high crime.” But this certainly feels like a blatant lack of respect for our taxpayers and shows a sense of entitlement by our County Executive.

Would the Daily Times like to explain why one person gets prosecuted for credit card misuse and the other gets endorsed for the highest County position?

Double Dipping at Taxpayers Expense

Delegate Norman Conway has been known to two hold two offices - a position on the Board of Education - while simultaneously holding an office as an elected State Delegate. 

Fact is - he should have recused himself from voting and promulgation on issues that would ordinarily in the private sector be deemed a conflict of interest.

So you be the judge for yourself - and see what he has collected while serving for the Wicomico County Board of Education.  Then ask yourself the question - what were his specific job duties while drawing a salary from the Board of Education.  It is long overdue for the citizens to speak out!

Article Published by SBYnews editorial staff

Investigative Reporting SCOOPED, Explosive No More!


For the past almost four years, I have been proud to serve as an at-large member of the County Council.  I do not take that privilege lightly.  I have done my best to travel the County, meeting with concerned citizens and attending various functions including town hall meetings, County fire department meetings and more throughout the year.  There have many times when I have been the only Council member or one of the few Council members present.

In addition, for the last three years I have served as the alternate and then primary representative for Wicomico County to the Maryland Association of Counties which meets weekly in Annapolis. In my first year, I attended with our representatives to learn more about County government and to meet our counterparts from across the state.  I have honored my commitment to Wicomico County by making attending these weekly meetings a priority.

There are those who are trying to make an issue of the travel expenses I have submitted for each year.  Each council person makes their own decision on how actively engaged they want to be with the citizens of the County, whether they attend meetings outside of the area and whether they use a County vehicle for travel.  What they chose to submit or not submit is up to them.

The bulk of the travel expenses I have submitted reflect the weekly trips to Annapolis to represent our County.  I chose to drive my own vehicle and submit for mileage reimbursement.  If I had used a County vehicle, as others have done, the report would look entirely different.

This is a poor attempt to deflect from the real issues that face this County.  It is disappointing that someone within the County government felt that something like this warranted attention. 

Today's Survey Question 10-24-14

With campaign signs just about everywhere, 
do signs influence you when you go to vote?


WBOC just broke the news that I did NOT break into the Police Department and STEAL the METHADONE pill bottle from the evidence locker.

This begs the question of just how many bottles are out there. Mitchell admits the original bottle was confiscated in a traffic stop involving her son and placed in an evidence locker. 

Mitchell stated, I'm moving on. It doesn't matter where it came from at this point. 

Perhaps Chief Duncan had a little Pow Wow with Mitchell explaining how damaging her original statement was towards the integrity of the Salisbury Police Department. 

BREAKING NEWS: Absolutely Unbelievable! Fire Department Gone WILD

This is the most unbelievable story of disgrace to the Fire Service I have ever seen. Check out their Website, THEY DEFENDED IT TODAY! Also a "local" (Delaware) Company.

This will send shockwave's through the other Departments with audits everywhere.

I Know You Pay Us BIG BUCKS But Do Tell Us How We Should Do Our Job

Tonight at 6 PM there will be a round table meeting at the GOB where Chief Duncan admits she cannot handle her job and is asking the citizens to please come in and tell her how to make Salisbury safer.

Considering Councilwoman Laura Mitchell claims I obtained a pill bottle illegally from an evidence locker in the SPD, wow, things are really out of control.

Perhaps you can go there tonight and tell them to stop giving out the key to those lockers and releasing such vital evidence. Perhaps you can tell them to TELL THE TRUTH about a law enforcement officer who was in town for VERY questionable reasons and shot off his on duty service weapon for no reason. Or will Duncan cover up the TRUTH again. 

As if attending this round table will actually accomplish true relief from the massive crime in Salisbury. NO, the public isn't your answer. The answer is, start reporting ALL crime so the public can actually realize THEY ARE IN SERIOUS DANGER living in Salisbury and need to get the hell out of here. 

When you have Police Officers getting drunk and shooting off weapons and the Police cover up the truth, THINGS ARE REALLY BAD LADIES & GENTLEMEN. 

Top 100 Communities, FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS!!!


Sorry, we only had so much room for pictures and ran out of space. Believe me, there are HUNDREDS more just like the ones above. 

Don't Tread On Me

I think it's time to respond to Jeremy Cox article in yesterday's Daily Times. 

When Jeremy interviewed me he was furious that I didn't write an article along with the picture of the Laura Mitchell pill bottle. In fact, he INSISTED I add to the Post that I didn't think she was a heroin addict. In fact, he said, you're implying that she is a heroin addict. I immediately got very angry with Jeremy and I firmly said, how dare you put words in my mouth. I NEVER made any such statement or suggestion.

Jeremy responded, well that's what's being implied in comments. I said, SO WHAT. I then said, ARE YOU SUGGESTING I CENSOR COMMENTS JEREMY? I then told him the PICTURE was the story. I told him, I don't know what the prescription is for, so HOW can YOU expect me to go on the Site and LIE to people. 

OK, all that being said, he was clearly upset that the Daily Times didn't actually have me on anything. HOWEVER, let's turn things back around Ladies & Gentlemen.


I mean, wouldn't THAT be a well balanced story? Or is it, do as I say, not as I do, in a typical LIBERAL MEDIA format. The same goes for WMDT. Look, they, (WMDT) didn't even call me for the original story. Mind you, they called me yesterday and I immediately slammed the Reporter for breaking their own Journalistic Protocol by NOT getting the other side of the story. She informed me that this is what the upper brass instructed them to do. She then said, can I ask you one question, because we're doing a follow up story tonight at 6:00. I said, sure. "Did you obtain the pill bottle illegally"? I responded, absolutely not. Well, guess what. They NEVER aired MY response.

Mr. Cox needs to practice what he preaches. Be fair to your PAYING CUSTOMERS and publish the image of the pill bottle. After all, I did give you permission to do so as long as you also published on the image. Believe me Jeremy, YOU DO NOT HAVE MORE TRAFFIC THEN WE DO. 

Now we all know who sucks, Cox and WMDT. Thank You WBOC for a well balanced story. 

A Letter To The Editor: Too Many Local Cops On Facebook


I have been seeing a lot of sheriff's deputies on Facebook rallying for the collective bargaining and blasting the aclu calling them the American criminal liars union. All this while on duty. The F.O.P president Martin fisher is currently on Facebook and has posted three items today alone. I feel the deputies need not be on social media sites for personal agendas on the clock. Their wants not needs should be dealt with on their own time and dime not ours.

Want To Know Who To Vote For...

Larry Hogan came to Salisbury yesterday for like the 40th time since he started running for Governor. Brown has been here maybe two times.

In my honest opinion, I do not think Wicomico County has ever had a better opportunity to elect new blood to represent us here on the Shore. Believe me when I tell you, if I honestly felt there was a single democrat worthy of your vote I would tell you. There are NONE. 

It's time to get rid of Rick Pollitt, Jim Mathias and Norm Conway. The democrats are now SO DESPERATE, (especially Mathias) they are now calling REPUBLICANS and asking them to commit to voting for Mathias. It was hilarious how stumped Mathias' people were when they were challenged by EDUCATED Republicans in which Mathias' people ultimately hung up. 

If you do go to the polls today, vote Republican across the board and we'll be well on our way to recovery, unlike what the Democrats have delivered for at least the past eight years. 

If you are happy with your increased taxes, fees, toll increases, rain tax, loss of jobs, neighbors relocating to neighboring states, foreclosures on almost every other home, (reducing YOUR property value) then vote the Democrat ticket. 

We hope you enjoyed a phone call from Larry Hogan yesterday. 

WBOC Still Needs Language Help

This morning Cleo Green from WBOC said in a piece, "Janasium". 

For the rest of us that would be, Gymnasium. 


Is there a ONE of you out there that would prescribe ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT METHADONE PILLS to someone experiencing migraine headaches?

Remember Folks, being a narcotic, they can only prescribe each prescription for 30 days. That's more than FIVE pills per day. 

Just Asking.

From Salisbury To Ocean City, WBOC Goes Crazy Over Mitchell Story

Be here TONIGHT after the WBOC broadcast because we've got some VERY serious questions as to WHY the local news media is trying to turn this story around. Hopefully WBOC gives fair coverage.

Jonathan Taylor Is A Common Thief

Last month we did an article about how Blogger Jonathan Taylor was flat out stealing articles from other news agencies and acting as if he had written them. Once the local media found out he was doing so they threatened to sue him and WGMD for copyright infringement and he immediately started pulling all of their articles.

For months now, one of our contributors had noticed Jonathan Taylor was actually stealing articles from Salisbury News. It may have been as simple as press releases but this contributor was changing the images from these releases and they just knew he was stealing them.

At that point I told them to start putting in a CODE in white, something JT wouldn't see. Low and behold, they caught him copying and stealing our information and images today. Heck, he was even so lazy that when he copied our information he didn't even change the file name. 

You know, we work our rear ends off each and every day and we will not accept some fat lazy ass blogger stealing our hard work. I have the images saved and documented and tomorrow we will discuss this further with my attorney. 

I have no problem with other bloggers out there disseminating whatever information they so choose and I've said that for many years. However, STEALING and getting CAUGHT time and time again, this has to end. Either get off your ass and do your own thing or I/We will shut you down.  

Here's one example...
If you notice in the black boxes to the right of 2014 there is a slight smear. That was put there by me.You will also notice another dot/smear to the right of the name Lee in the black box.  Also put there by me. 

Jonathan Taylor, get a lawyer, you've been blogged. 


Are you aware that there are around 600 employees in Wicomico County.

That being said, did you know the County has distributed 254 CREDIT CARDS to County Employees?

You need to vote for Bob Culver and end this BS right here and now.

Major Supermarket Chains Changed How They Label Meat, Surprising Customers And USDA

Retired doctor Louis Offen and his wife have been shopping at the same Giant supermarket in Bethesda, Md., for nearly 40 years. Offen is in charge of buying the steak, which normally means combing the meat section for New York strip sirloins with the label “USDA grade choice,” the mid-level grade for meat. The cut is ubiquitous.

But one day last month, Offen was stumped. He couldn’t find any packages with a “choice” label. He couldn’t find lower-quality beef, called “select,” either. All he found was an unfamiliar blue crest that read “USDA graded” on every package of beef. “Isn’t all beef sold in stores USDA graded, making that label useless?” he asked.

In recent weeks, Giant stores nationwide changed their labeling procedures, making it difficult for customers to know the quality of meat. Rather than providing different options, the company labeled meat simply as “USDA graded” — a description that applies to all but a tiny amount of meat approved for sale in the United States.