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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Letter To The Editor 5-12-12

I sent this letter to the Governor, Senate President, Comptroller, State Delegate N. Conway., Sheila Hickson and 64 other people who have anything remotely connected to budget issues, supposedly working for the citizens of Md. this past week when I read the budge would be reviewed again the 14th. I had sent a similar letter to over 86 persons when months ago I read the not so well known proposals in the "Budget Reconciliation Act." I received NO replys. I am asking you the reader to please read the entire letter before "assuming state employees" have created this mess with teachers pensions, etc. When I read the SBY story this AM about Ms Hickson trying to exclude tax on homes owned by teachers, then police, fire fighters... I was enraged, I thank the person who commented what about the plumbers, etelctricians etc.

This is the letter I sent over the past week when the May 14 review was announced. Thank you readers for continuing to read this letter:

Subject: Most AGING retirees are unable to keep up with the cost of living due to the Governors changes in our benefit package.

May 14 THE DAY to review the budget! The Governor and his constituents have once again thrown aging State retirees under the bus! Most retirees are AFRAID OF THE OUTCOME!

Md. jobs and tax dollars were also ditched when Catalyst RX (the current state RX provider) based in Rockville were ousted as the Md provider when the Governor signed a $4.5 BILLION dollar four year deal with Express Scrips based in St. Louis Mo.

After the bud ged failed to pass an article stated "costs are still rising particularly for health care coverage and other state employee benefits which leads to a need for DRASTIC cuts"

WHOA! I BEG YOU change the rules for new hires or recent hires but remember those 65 to 85 year old retirees who already worked for 30 to 40 years for less as they were led to believe that after 30 or 40 years would have a small pension and affordable health care.

Retirees do PAY monthly for insurance it is NOT FREE! In two years our RX and Health coverage deductibles are costing us $4500 a year more than three years ago. And we did not get a raise!

That deductible is the SAME FOR CEOS at DHMH DMV STATE ROADS etc and other agency department heads who made THE BIG BUCKS and BIGGER PENSIONS than the lady who sweated out 30 to 40 years in a laundry without AC providing clean linens for 1000s of Eastern Shoremen cared for at Deers Head Center Hospital.

From the Ocean City Trimpers, to the Ward Brothers, To Mayor Martins family, and all the wonderful Shore farmers and watermen ALL WERE TREATED equally and well!

That is NOT how the Governor is treating those care givers in THEIR TIME OF NEED! We as citizens are also paying for services such as septic, gas as every other Md citizen as well.

PLEASE at least put the deductible on a sliding scale! As an Rn I taught patients never stop taking their cholesterol meds thus hopefully avoiding more costly medical care. The copay on Vytorin is $50. now many will have to choose between meds or gas for the car.

A few months ago I sent 80 similar emails to every email address in the Annapolis House and Senate and NO ON replied. This is my last shot at getting SOMEONE to take another look at what has hit those already retired.

I didn't even get a ROBO call from Dr Andy Harris who if you remember during orientation week complained his family had to wait 28 days to be insured. WHAT ARE HIS BENEFITS compared to ours?

Salisbury Experiences Incredible Growth Expansion

Depending on how you look at growth, the following could be great news, or not. I personally think it's fantastic but your not hearing about this news anywhere else.

Get this. You know where PASCO is located on Rt. 13. They're packing up and moving to the 84 Lumber in Fruitland and a Chick-Fil-A will be moving into PASCO's old location.

Grants Texico will be relocating to the old Car Care on Rt. 13 and Goose Creek will be moving into Grants.

You know the old Safeway building that was the Jobs Center, Walgreens will be moving into that location.

Then there's the old Highs store on Main Street where Mt. Hermon Road starts. Believe it or not a 7-11 will be going into that location.

They broke ground on the old Hearne Farm. You'll soon see what they are calling the Orchard Student Housing where they'll have around 500 beds for students.

Remember the Sun Room place on Rt. 13 near Staples. There's going to be a 17,000 sq. ft. Office Complex going in that location.

There are a few more projects in the works but not set in stone like the ones I've mentioned above so we'll hold off a little while until things look more secure. So you might say Salisbury is experiencing a mini boom.

Who's The Clown Here?

My vote goes to the Salisbury City Council for being No. 1 in the clown department.

They have overspent their budget for attorneys' fees, refuse to cooperate with the mayor on anything and appear to need legal advice on even mundane issues.

The clowns in Ocean City don't come close.

I guess you get what you vote for, but looking at the numbers, not many in the city bother going to the polls -- which is exactly what this Council wants to maintain; hence, the fight over redistricting.

City Attorney Mark Tilghman seems to have discovered a never-ending need for his services -- the main reason this council needs more money for their legal fees.

Ain't life grand?

Joan B. Seiler
Eden, MD.

Is Walker Trying To Bribe Voters?

Desperate to keep his job in Wisconsin – recalled Governor Scott Walker is now trying to use tax dollars to bribe voters. With Wisconsin having the worst record of job creation in the entire country – and Walker losing in the polls to his recall opponent – Democrat Tom Barrett – Walker announced a $100 million investment in economic development in Milwaukee's poorest areas. That money will be used to reoccupy foreclosed homes and gives loans to small businesses. It's an initiative pushed by President Obama and championed by Democrats in the state – but opposed by Walker back when his job was safe and he claimed the state didn't have enough money for job-creating investments. Barrett responded to the timing of Walker's investment – saying, "I question the sincerity of that, when it comes 36 days before the recall raises the question of whether this is about creating jobs in Milwaukee, or this is about saving Scott Walker's job." Since $25 million in campaign contributions from oil barons and banksters isn't enough so far to keep Walker's job safe – maybe $100 million in taxpayer money will be.

House Republicans Pass Measure Supporting The Discriminatory Defense Of Marriage Act

On the same day that President Obama and the nation took a major step forward toward marriage equality – Republicans in the House of Representatives tried to drag the nation backward. Hours after the President's endorsement of marriage equality – House Republicans passed a measure in support of the discriminatory Defense Against Marriage Act – known as DOMA – which is a federal ban against same-sex marriage.

The Republican measure also forbids the Department of Justice from using taxpayer funds to oppose DOMA. Even though Wednesday was a historic day for the nation – with the President of the United States coming out in support of marriage equality for this first time in history – it's clear that this will be a long battle before the LGBT community finally gets full civil rights. And we'll need the President's leadership – and grassroots pressure on all lawmakers until victory is achieved.

Maryland Is Too Reliant On Income Taxes, One Group Says

While the governor has touted Maryland’s comparatively low tax burden on its high income populace, some groups are concerned that the income tax hikes proposed for next week’s special session will harm Maryland’s national rankings on taxes and business climate.

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Why Private Student Loans Are A Dangerous Game

Co-signing a younger relative's private student loans doesn't seem like such a reckless idea. After all, it's an investment in their education and careers, they'll certainly be able to pay it all back once they're educated, and they're going to outlive you, anyway. That's not always the case, and the risks can be substantial. Jessica's best friend had her grandfather, now 80 years old, co-sign her private loans with Citibank. After her sudden and shocking death, now he's on the hook for $70,000.

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Family Pulled From JetBlue Flight Because 18-Month-Old Daughter Is On "No-Fly List"

As we've already seen from the hug-happy 4-year-old, the 7-year-old on crutches, and the baby who caused the evacuation of an entire airport terminal, terror threats are getting younger and younger. The latest: An 18-month-old little girl who somehow allegedly ended up on a no-fly list.

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FDIC Announces Plan For How To Handle Failed Banks

Nearly four years on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and a number of other large financial institutions, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is announcing its plan for what will happen the next time a too-big-to-fail bank goes kaput.

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Man Steals His Bike Back From The Guy Who Stole It From Him

A vigilant vigilante went after his property with a vengeance in Washington, D.C., after a thief made off with his bike. Police couldn't respond fast enough, so this guy did what any bicycle-loving property owner would do — he tracked his bike down and took back what was his. Turnabout is fair play, right?

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Somerset County Sheriff's Office Press Releases 5-12-12

William Kenneth Grupp Jr. of Princess Anne, arrested 5-3-12 on a fugitive warrant. Grupp was held without bond.

Juvenile arrested at the Somerset County Vo-tech School. On 5-4-12 Deputies were called to the Vo-Tech School for a disorderly student. Deputies later arrested the juvenile, and charged him with disturbing school functions, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. The juvenile was processed and later released to parents pending juvenile court actions.

Dionte Lavar Cottman of Princess Anne, arrested 5-5-12 on a warrant regarding malicious destruction of property. Cottman was held on a $3,000 bond.

Juvenile arrested for malicious destruction of property. Deputies were called to the Hope Creek School in Marion regarding damage to a bus exit window. Deputies learned that a male juvenile had become agitated and on the bus, and kicked out the rear exit door glass. The juvenile was arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property. The juvenile was processed, and released to parents pending juvenile court actions.

Lynita Yvette Carter of Princess Anne, arrested 5-5-12 on a body attachment warrant. Carter was later released on personal recognizance pending trial.

Lakiesha Renee Collins of Princess Anne, arrested 5-5-12 on a warrant regarding failing to appear in court. Collins was held on a $250.00 bond.

Dwight Lamont Shivers Jr. of Sharptown, arrested 5-5-12 on warrants regarding violation of probation, and failing to appear in court. Shivers was held on a $10,500 bond.

Dionte Lavar Cottman of Princess Anne, arrested 5-5-12 on a warrant regarding malicious destruction of property. Cottman was held on a $3,000 bond.

Reginald Edward Quailes Jr. of Salisbury, arrested 5-5-12 on a warrant regarding failing to appear in court. Quailes was held on a $500.00 bond.

Byron Maurtice Johnson of Princess Anne, arrested 5-7-12 on a warrant regarding violation of probation. Johnson was held on a $50,000 bond.

Brian Anthony Williams of Windsor Mill Maryland, arrested 5-7-12 on a warrant regarding theft less than $1,000. Williams was later released on personal recognizance.

Crystal Lynette Fields of Crisfield, arrested 5-7-12 on warrants regarding child neglect, minor, and confine unattended child. Fields was later released on personal recognizance.

Henry Lee Fitchett Jr. of Crisfield, arrested 5-7-12 on a warrants regarding theft less than $1,000. Forgery of private documents, and uttering. Fitchett was later released on personal recognizance.

Brian Nathaniel Horsey of Crisfield, arrested 5-7-12 on a warrant regarding failing to appear in court. Horsey was held without bond.

William Bruce Johnson Jr. of Princess Anne, arrested 5-8-12 on a body attachment warrant. Johnson was later released on personal recognizance.

Deshawn Maurice Taylor of Salisbury, arrested 5-9-12 on a warrant regarding failing to appear in court. Taylor was later released on personal recognizance.

John Christopher Randono of Los Angeles California, arrested 5-9-12 on warrants regarding possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Randono was later released on personal recognizance.

Calvin Mitchell Sterling of Crisfield, arrested 5-10-12 on warrants regarding second and fourth degree burglary, theft less than $1,000, theft less than $100.00, forgery for money or goods, uttering a false document, and malicious destruction of property. Sterling was later held on a $40,000 bond.

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Mother's Day Specials

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Runaway Bay Special

How Strict Should Stores Be About Employees-Only Bathrooms?

While retail stores all need someplace for employees to wash up and occasionally relieve themselves, many stores have a "staff only" policy for access to the toilet. But are there situations where the store staffers should make an exception in the name of saving a customer from embarrassment?

More »

USPS Loses $3.2 Billion In Second Quarter Of 2012

The Postal Service lost $3.2 billion in the second quarter of the fiscal year. While that was no surprise, the agency was hoping the bad news would persuade Congress to help it. The Postal Service blamed most of the losses on a requirement to prepay retirees' health benefits and asked Congress to repeal the law. Without lawmakers' help, officials said they would default on payments of about $11 billion this year. The news came a day after the Postal Service announced it had backed off a plan to close thousands of post offices. The proposal angered many rural lawmakers.

Melson Power Show TODAY

ALL Events; Mud Bog,

Sand Drag,

Truck/Tractor Pull and

Garden Tractor Pull will

be held on Saturday!!!

**Rain dates will be made up on the following Saturday.**

Saturday, May 12th is the first event

of the season! Registration at 3pm

and event starts at 5pm!!

Openly Gay Service Members Haven't Hurt The Military

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said having openly gay service members has not hurt the military a bit. He said it was now "part and parcel" of what is accepted. The military services and combatant commands have sent Panetta monthly updates since Don't Ask Don't Tell was repealed nine months ago. The Associated Press said: No leader has reported problems with military order or discipline because of the change. Officials said they were worried beforehand simply because they did not know the impact it would have.

Lost Dog: UPDATE

My dog went missing yesterday on east line rd in delmar. Accross from guy ward rd. Her name is puppay. She is only a year old. She was not wearing her collar. We miss her so much.

A Happy Drunk

Former Federal Aviation Administration Administrator Randy Babbit lost his job after being arrested for drunk driving, but now a judge has dismissed charges against him. The judge ruled that the police officer had no legitimate reason to stop Babbit, who resigned after the arrest last fall. He said he was "thrilled" at this outcome, but he didn't regret stepping down. He said he plans to work in aviation consulting.

Trooper Involved Shooting Being Investigated In Claymont


· 4th Avenue and Brandywine Avenue (Overlook Colony), Claymont, DE

Date of Occurrence:

· Saturday, May 12, 2012 at 3:00 a.m.

Defendant/Charges/Bond Information:

· Leo J. Pierce-36 of Bear, DE (photo not available at time of release)

· Below Charges are from previous incident that occurred 051012

· Reckless Endangering First Degree

· Receiving Stolen Property

· Resisting Arrest

· Disregarding a Police Officer Signal

· Criminal Mischief

· Other related traffic offenses

· Bond Information pending arraignment


Claymont-The Delaware State Police continue to investigate a Trooper involved shooting that occurred early this morning in Claymont, DE

The following information outlines the initial investigation into a Trooper involved shooting that occurred early this morning. The incident occurred on Saturday, May 12, 2012 at approximately 3:00 a.m. as Troopers were in the area of Overlook Colony searching for Leo J. Pierce-36 who was wanted on the above charges that were the result of a pursuit of a stolen vehicle involving the Wilmington Police Department, Delaware State Police, and the Newport Police Department, which occurred on Thursday, May 10, 2012. The pursuit ended on Washington Avenue near Elsmere, where the suspect rammed a Newport Police Department patrol vehicle. The operator of the stolen vehicle, later identified as Pierce, abandoned the car and fled on foot into a wooded area and was not located. There were no injuries as a result of this incident.

On Saturday, May 12, 2012 at approximately 3:00 a.m. Troopers received information that Pierce was in the Overlook Colony area in Claymont. Troopers searching the area observed Pierce walking in the area of 4th Avenue and Brandywine Avenue, where he got into the driver’s seat of a 2005 Lincoln LS Sedan that was parked facing eastbound on 4th Avenue. As Troopers approached the Lincoln they gave Pierce verbal commands to exit the vehicle and he did not comply. A Trooper located on the driver’s side of the Lincoln broke out the driver’s side window as Pierce began to move forward. The Trooper deployed his Divisional issued Taser device on Pierce with no effect. Pierce accelerated forward at a high rate of speed with the front of the Lincoln striking and pushing forward a parked vehicle that was located to the front. Pierce accelerated and swerved to the left onto a grass strip and onto the sidewalk, directly towards a Trooper that was positioned on the sidewalk. The Trooper discharged several rounds from his Divisional issued weapon striking the front and windshield of the Lincoln. The Lincoln continued forward with the Trooper able to jump out of its path. The vehicle continued approximately 20’ in an eastbound direction traveling down the sidewalk, coming to rest straddling the sidewalk and roadway on the northwest corner of Brandywine Avenue. Pierce was removed from the vehicle and taken into custody.

The Lincoln LS sedan that Pierce was operating was reported stolen from the Sheridan Nissan dealership on Thursday, May 10, 2012.

Troopers involved in this incident were not injured.

Leo Pierce was not struck by the Trooper’s discharged rounds but was transported to Wilmington Hospital Emergency Room for medical evaluation, treated and released into the custody of Troopers.

Pierce was charged with the above crimes which are related to the incident that occurred on Thursday, May 10, 2012. He was awaiting arraignment at the time of this release. Charges for this morning’s incident are pending the conclusion of the ongoing investigation. Pierce is also an active probationer and was also wanted by the Delaware State Police on active warrants for two separate shoplifting charges that occurred within the last week.

The Trooper involved in this incident is a 14 year veteran of the Delaware State Police assigned to Troop 2. He has been placed on administrative leave as per Divisional policy, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Detectives from the Delaware State Police Homicide Unit responded to the scene and are conducting the investigation. This is an active investigation with detectives continuing their investigation, evidence processing, and interviews.

Panetta To Congress: Thanks But No Thanks

Hours after a key House committee voted to give the Pentagon more money than it asked for in next year's budget, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned passing the increase would set a showdown with the Senate and force sequestration to happen. Overall, the House bill would authorize $3 billion more for national defense programs in DoD and other agencies than the administration's budget proposed.


Bummer: “GOP Leaders On Gay Marriage: Sound Of Silence”

The Politico’s CARRIE BUDOFF BROWN and SEUNG MIN KIM have a breathless piece up featuring that headline, minus the “bummer.” They opine

President Barack Obama’s embrace of same-sex marriage was viewed for so long as such a risky move that operatives in both parties expected it to drop like a bomb, handing Republicans a powerful wedge issue in an election year.

Instead, it’s landed like a feather.

Top Republican officeholders went out of their way Thursday to try to shift the conversation back to the economy. The GOP’s House and Senate campaign committees practically ignored it. And prominent Republican strategists are warning the party to steer clear of it.

The early calculation by Republicans is that it’s not worth diverting attention from the economy, which remains Obama’s biggest weakness, and that an intense focus on gay marriage may actually further alienate women and younger voters who were turned off by the GOP’s focus earlier this year on limiting access to birth control.

“This election is all about jobs, the economy, spending and the debt,” said Whit Ayres, a Republican pollster who advised former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman’s presidential campaign. “The president’s decision is not going to change that fundamental foundation. It might make a difference at the margins, especially in culturally conservative states and among cultural conservatives. But it just is not where voters are.”

In other words, the GOP just doesn’t care about the issue. Like Obama, they probably feel like it is a State’s rights issue. And they plan on focusing on the economy. Gay marriage will not take this country off a cliff ala Greece. But, they economic policies of the Obama admin. will.


United States Budget Dilemma

Beaumont Pepper-Spray Case: Woman Speaks Out About Blindness

BEAUMONT, Calif. (KABC) -- A woman, who says she was blinded when a police officer used pepper-spray at close range, is speaking out for the first time.

Monique Hernandez has been blind since the Feb. 21 incident and doctors say she'll probably never see again.

She was undergoing a field sobriety test in her Beaumont neighborhood when there was a dispute, and Beaumont Officer Enoch Clark allegedly fired his pepper-spray gun in her face at close range. Hernandez says her deepest regret is that she can't see her 10-year-old daughter.


Obama Bullied And Shoved A Little Black Girl

GO HERE to see video.


Fed Foe Ron Paul Breakfasts With Bernanke at Central Bank
By Kristina Peterson

Republican presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul certainly wants to end the Federal Reserve. But he also has to eat breakfast.

One day after chairing a hearing on proposals to abolish or overhaul the central bank, the Texan congressman sat down for the first meal of the day Wednesday with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, the lawmaker confirmed in a brief interview at the Capitol. The decision to meet for breakfast at the Fed was “mutual,” said Mr. Paul, who last year introduced a bill to eliminate the central bank.

The Fed chief and lawmaker had “sort of an open discussion,” Mr. Paul said, while declining to provide any details of the conversation. “It was off the record,” he said. The Fed declined to comment on the meeting.

Wednesday’s visit to the Fed’s Washington headquarters was not the first for Mr. Paul, who has said previously he dined at the central bank with former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker.


Time For Republicans To Take The Offensive

Two very important things happened in politics this week. First, the elections underscored just how fed up mainstream America is with extreme liberalism. Second, President Obama, with his formal endorsement of same-sex marriage, is openly casting his lot with his extremist base.

The question is: How will putative GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney interpret and respond to these events? Will he fall into the usual Republican trap of thinking he has to follow his Democratic opponent leftward to appear more moderate? Or will he show his confidence in the reasonableness of conservatism and in the American people to embrace him if he clearly articulates it?

To some extent, we are all products of our environments. We get our sense of what is “normal” from those with whom we most frequently associate, which at least partially explains liberal media figures believing that their minority views are mainstream.

They uniformly ridicule traditional American values on national TV as if they are held only by flyover throwbacks who haven’t yet been exposed to the enlightened wisdom of the coasts. How else do you explain Chris Matthews’ brazen characterization of the GOP as the “grand wizard” party and as flat-earthers and those who don’t believe in science? Or candidate Obama’s derisive portrayal of small-town Americans as bitter clingers, apparently clueless that the statement would reveal him, not those he described, as extreme?


The Whole Truth


The Yo-yo Craze.

Another toy you never see anymore is the yo-yo. Back in my youth, every boy carried a yo-yo. It was the ultimate toy. It was something you could do by yourself or have a friendly two man competition with one of your friends. Tricks such as walk-the-dog, rock the cradle, around the world or loop-the-loop were standards in the yo-yo world.

Broken strings were commonplace but it only cost ten cents to get a new one – if you didn’t do serious damage to your yo-yo when it broke. A standard piece of equipment for every boy was a band-aid around his yo-yo finger to keep the string from cutting into his finger. Boys wore their band-aid like a badge, showing everyone that he was an aficionado of the art of the yo-yo.

The old Wicomico Theater on South Division Street near the river used to bring in professionals for shows for the children. They were usually Phillipino and were far superior to what we thought was above average. Every time the show would come to town, it generated a flurry of yo-yo activity in the local youth.

When WBOC first started on the air in 1954, they had a yo-yo competition at the station that aired live on television. Now, 48 years later, the winner of that competition told me the true story. The winner was Alan Davis of Subside Deli and he was decidedly coming in second when the lead competitor’s string broke while they were in fierce competition over who could do the most loop-the-loops. He still has the trophy he won after all these years. There are never any more treasured mementos from our past than a visible reminder of a much simpler way of life when just winning a yo-yo competition could keep you riding on a cloud for weeks. The adulation of your peers could never be topped by any achievement in school. Now, they would give everybody in the tournament a “participation” trophy and everyone thought they had done something. Children today don’t know the joy of winning. It just meant if you didn’t win, you practiced until you got better, sometimes achieving the thrill of getting that winning trophy.


White House Lied, Jobs Died

While the White House and its media water-carriers try to distract the American public with gay-marriage talk and half-century-old tales of Mitt Romney’s prep school pranks, the inconvenient truth remains: President Obama is responsible for perpetrating jaw-dropping, job-killing scientific fraud. And his minions are still trying to cover it up.

New internal e-mails disclosed by the House Natural Resources Committee this week show that a supposedly exculpatory report on the administration’s doctored drilling moratorium analysis — issued by the Department of Interior’s Inspector General’s office — was itself incomplete, misleading and unsubstantiated. Even more damning, the documents reveal that the White House actively blocked investigators and refuses to comply with subpoenas.

Now, as one senior IG agent warned his bosses, “the chickens may be coming home to roost.” A quick refresher: After the BP oil spill in 2010, the White House imposed a radical six-month moratorium on America’s entire deepwater drilling industry. The overbroad ban — inserted into a technical safety document in the middle of the night by Obama’s green extremists — cost an estimated 19,000 jobs and $1.1 billion in lost wages.


Bike And Pedestrian Trail Projects Featured At Upcoming Workshops

Starting tonight in Dover, public workshops held in each county will show details of the Delaware Trails and Pathways Initiative

-- DelDOT and DNREC, along with partner agencies, will hold a series of forums over the next two weeks in all three counties, to present information and maps of proposed projects that are part of Governor Jack Markell's First State Trails and Pathways Initiative.

The goal is to create a statewide network of pathways and trails for non-motorized travel and recreation for Delaware's citizens and visitors. The initiative was announced last October 13 by Governor Markell at "Sussex Outdoors." The following day at the annual Delaware Bicycle Summit, Department of Transportation Secretary Shailen Bhatt and Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary Collin O'Mara, signed an agreement to implement the plan connecting existing trails and communities throughout the state.

Transportation Secretary Shailen Bhatt said, "We encourage walkers, runners, bicyclists, parents, grandparents, students, educators, and health care workers to attend the public workshop that will be held in their county, so they can become more familiar with Trails and Pathways Plan. Our goal is make everyone an advocate for a system that will create new connections to communities throughout our state."

"Implementing Governor Markell's vision for a bikable and walkable Delaware will improve air quality, provide transportation alternatives, expand recreational opportunities, spur local businesses, and promote healthier lifestyles--all of which will help make Delaware the First State in Trails," said Secretary O'Mara. "Through these public workshops, we will gain additional valuable input as we work to make the Governor's Trails and Pathways Plan a reality."

The workshops are scheduled as follows:

The Kent County workshop will be held Thursday, May 10, from 4 to 7 p.m., at the Dover City Hall, Council Chambers, 15 Loockerman Plaza, Dover.
Projects that will be highlighted:
* Court Street Gateway Pathway
* Legislative Hall Pathway
* Killens Pond State Park - Pondside Trail connector along Killens Pond Road

The New Castle County workshop will be held Monday, May 14, from 4 to 7 p.m., at the WILMAPCO offices, 850 Library Avenue, Suite 100, Newark.
Projects that will be highlighted are:
* New Castle Industrial Track Trail
* Newark to Wilmington Pathway
* Pomeroy Trail
* C & D Canal Trail
* C & D Branch Canal Trail
* Southern NCCo Pathways
* Talley Road Pathway
* City of Wilmington - Brandywine to Christina Trail
* Auburn Heights Preserve
* White Clay Creek State Park - Tri-Valley Trail
* White Clay Creek State Park - Hopkins Road connector at the Pomeroy Trail
* Brandywine Park - Northern Delaware Greenway Trail
* Lums Pond State Park trail improvements
* Delaware City - gateway to the C&D Canal Trail

The Sussex County Workshop will be held Thursday, May 17, from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Lewes City Hall, located at 114 East 3rd Street, Lewes.
Projects that will be highlighted are:
* Georgetown to Lewes Rail to Trail
* Junction & Breakwater Trail - Showfield Extension
* Fred Hudson Road Pathway
* Delaware Seashore State Park Fresh Pond Area - trail connector between Route 1 and Fred Hudson Road
* Delaware Seashore State Park Thompson Island Preserve - Thompson Island Trail
* Cape Henlopen State Park - Gordons Pond Trail
* Assawoman Canal Trail
* Trap Pond State Park - Loblolly Trail connector along Wootten Road

Public comment on the proposed trails and pathways will be accepted at the workshops or by e-mail to or

WCSO Press Releases 5-12-12

Incident: Attempted Murder
Date of Incident: 9 May 2012
Location: 31000 block of Ward Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Craig S. Jones, 50, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 9 May 2012
at 6:59 AM, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office responded to a reported altercation in the 31000 block of Ward Road. Upon arrival, the deputy learned that Craig Jones, a resident of that area, allegedly became enraged when a jogger attempted to pepper spray Jones’ dog after the dog chased the jogger. According to the jogger, Jones jumped into a pickup truck and began chasing the jogger while threatening to kill the jogger. The jogger left the roadway in an attempt to run away from Jones, who followed him and ended up colliding with a tree. Jones managed to dislodge his vehicle from the tree and continued chasing the jogger again. During this subsequent chase, Jones ran over and damaged a tombstone in a private cemetery.

The jogger believed that Jones was trying to run him over and was in fear for his life. The deputy observed damage to the tree that coincided with serious front end damage to the truck of Jones. That, along with lengthy tire marks left when the truck of Jones went off-road corroborated the account of the jogger.

The deputy placed Jones under arrest for attempted murder and transported him to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Jones in the Detention Center without bond.

Charges: Attempted Murder
Reckless Endangerment

Incident: Extradition
Date of Incident: 4 May 2012
Location: Accomack County, Virginia
Suspect: Kevon L. Smith, 26, Parksley, VA

Narrative: On 4 May 2012
at 5:20 PM, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Accomack County Jail for the purpose of extraditing Kevon Smith back to Wicomico County. Once transported back to Wicomico County, the deputy served a District Court Bench Warrant on him that had been issued in January 2012 after Smith violated his probation in a CDS possession case.

Smith was detained in the Wicomico County Detention Center on $10,000.00 bond.
Charges: Violation of Probation

Incident: Fugitive Arrest
Date of Incident: 4 May 2012
Location: 400 block of Venton Place, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Florene Virginia McLean, 20, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 4 May 2012
at 10:47 AM, a deputy located Florene McLean in the 400 block of Venton Place. McLean was wanted on an outstanding District Court bench warrant that was issued on 19 March 2012 after McLean violated her probation in an Assault 2nd Degree case.

The deputy took McLean into custody and transported her to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Mclean in the Detention Center in lieu of $10,000.00 bond.

Charges: Violation of Probation

Incident: Fugitive Arrest
Date of Incident: 5 May 2012
Location: Eastern Shore Drive, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Tyronne J. Richards, 22, Seaford, DE

Narrative: On 5 May 2012
at 2:26 AM, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office stopped a car operated by Tyronne Richards on Eastern Shore Drive in Salisbury and discovered an open warrant for the arrest of Richards. A District Court bench warrant had been issued on 13 February 2012 when Richards failed to appear for a CDS Possession case.

The deputy transported Richards to the Detention Center where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Richards in the Detention Center in lieu of $10,000.00 bond.

Charges: Failure to Appear

Incident: Theft
Date of Incident: 7 May 2012
Location: 1200 block of Walnut Street, Delmar, MD
Suspect: Tara Ann Noel, 19, Laurel, DE

Narrative: On 2 February 2012
, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation onto the theft of scrap metal from the Woodlawn Campground on Walnut Street in Delmar.

The deputy learned that a subject absconded with four old tire rims that were being used as fire rings. The deputy learned that the rims were sold as scrap at a recycling center in Delmar, DE and the deputy was able to identify the person who sold them as Tara Ann Noel of Laurel, DE. Subsequent interviews with Noel linked her to the theft at the campground.

The deputy obtained a warrant for the arrest of Noel and that warrant was served on 7 May 2012. Upon arrest, Noel was transported to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner released Noel on Personal Recognizance.

Charges: Theft under $100