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Sunday, March 22, 2015


Maryland State Police Press Release

(ANNAPOLIS, MD) – Two teenagers, injured yesterday when the car they were sitting in behind stopped traffic on Rt. 50 was struck, were both pronounced dead today as a result of injuries sustained in the Anne Arundel County crash.

The deceased are identified as Susannah Badders, 19, of Manchester, Md., and her friend, Jason Simpkins, 19, of Ellicott City, Md. Both were pronounced dead today at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center, where they had been flown yesterday following the crash in which they were injured. Susannah Badders’ father, Raymond Badders, 63, of Manchester, died at the scene of the crash yesterday.

The crash occurred at about 2:45 p.m. yesterday on eastbound Rt. 50 at the Rt. 665 overpass. Details issued yesterday about the crash can be found in the previous news release at:

The investigation into the crash is continuing. No charges have been filed at this time. The completed investigation will be forwarded to the Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney’s Office for review regarding charges.


The US Bureau of Labor just released the employment statistics for our nations counties and cities.  According to their latest release just a few hours ago - it shows that Wicomico's unemployment rate increased by a whopping 1.6% to 8.8% unemployment rate.  But what is even more alarming is Wicomico's dwindling workforce number.  January's monthly workforce reduction number reveals that Wicomico lost a record setting 4,063 jobs.  That's right - Wicomico set an all time record for lost jobs in January 2015 diminishing to 46,950 verses January 2014 jobs number of 51013

What do these jobs numbers mean for Wicomico County residents?  First off - it is a very bad economic indicator.  While our Counties debt continues to rise - our ability to repay is being severely hampered by these record setting job losses as income tax revenues are our second largest revenue generator.  Fact is - by any measuring standard - we are in severe financial trouble.

The County Council Is Right, The Executive's Office Should Have Been More On The Ball

As I have stated many times, and something my critics refuse to recognize is, I call it like I see it. Everyone knows I am a supporter of Bob Culver and the mandate for change he received in the last election. However, what occurred in the Council meeting this morning should never have happened.

Mr. Culver's intent was extremely honorable on behalf of the taxpayers and the saving of millions of dollars. That is exactly what he was overwhelmingly elected to do. During the discussion by the Council on the Bennett Middle School issue, some members cited that Mr. Culver provided insufficient information in the CIP and his request for a 60 day delay so the renovation of Bennett Middle could receive further study by his office was too late. Let's not forget Mr. Culver has only been in office for just over 3 months. What is important to remember, HIS STAFF HAS NOT!

The Director of Administration has been in office over three years and the Assistant Director of Administration has worked for the County for more than 20 years, the last 8 or so in her current position. How things work and what is expected from the County Executive's office to present and to provide to the Council should be old hat to them. Process and procedure are what they get paid to do for the County Executive!

Bob chose to hold on to Wayne and Sharon, and my guess would be that he needed these professionals who are paid around $200,000.00 a year between them plus benefits, to help him more or less fit into the groove, so to speak.

However, today proved that Wayne and Sharon have been doing the complete opposite. Professionals would have held meetings well in advance with not only Council Members, but they would have also done so with the Board of Education. Everyone would have been well-briefed on Mr. Culver's plan.

However, my guess, (and it is only a guess) is that Wayne and Sharon knew well in advance what the outcome was going to be on this and while some of you may come back here and say Wayne tried to have Bob's back in today's Council Meeting, I'd argue that it was nothing more than a show. I believe Wayne and Sharon are still working to further the goals of the former administration and in my honest opinion I firmly believe Mr. Culver should fire the two of them TODAY and move on to greener pastures.

Look, these people are paid huge salaries to make sure things like what happened today NEVER happen. Not in a Council Meeting OR in the Press. Bob certainly got smacked in the face, (as some might imply) but the reality of it is, the taxpayers were simply screwed today and YOU are the people who got smacked. That doesn't leave Mr. Culver without any responsibility though. He needs to make the tough decision; does he want to continue being played a fool or does he want to fulfill his platform and agenda by doing what he proposed to do when he ran for Office in the first place?

I'm sure the act of removing some people doesn't look very good on Bob, but guess what, Bob is our new County Executive and he has every right to hire people who will fulfill his vision, the one the taxpayers' supported with their votes I might add. He should be surrounded by people who will work just as hard as he does for the taxpayers and do it passionately.

Today was a HUGE learning curve for Mr. Culver. He can either continue down the same path he's been on since he took Office or he can make the necessary and difficult changes to get rid of the cancer in his Office and do what he set out to do, serve the people under HIS platform and move the County forward.

And let me say this. What kind of person did YOU elect when that person comes back and says, you know Bob, I'd support you if you had the support of the Council but I don't see that at this point! WHAT? Another Council Member couldn't understand how saving the building would save the taxpayers money! WHAT? Another Council Member doesn't think things should be revisited once they are in place. WHAT? Really? Your family owns several businesses. Do your businesses stay on the same path for years if the economy has changed and you can't afford to move forward? I doubt it! Finally, another Council Member stated that the economy hasn't changed up or down for the past 10 years. WHAT? That one is really nuts!

So, what have we learned? We learned that the seasoned Executive Staff - Wayne and Sharon - who know the kinds of information the Council needs to make decisions, the kinds of information that needs to be in the CIP narrative and the time frame that the Council wants to receive this information DID NOT HELP BOB CULVER with any of it. THEY FAILED HIM.

We learned that despite the fact Davis and Kilmer are new, Cannon and Dodd have served before, and Matt Holloway, Joe Holloway and John Hall are returning members - the MAJORITY of the Council was not convinced that giving Mr. Culver another 60 days was in the best interest of the TAXPAYERS who elected the MAJORITY REPUBLICAN COUNCIL TO SUPPORT THE REPUBLICAN COUNTY EXECUTIVE.

The handwriting is on the wall folks. Mr. Culver needs to do some more house cleaning.

I want to add, West Salisbury Elementary has NEVER been on the County Council CIP. Are you ready... The BOE had it on theirs, READY, FIFTEEN YEARS from now! The BOE has made this a RACIST thing. Rick Pollitt was DESPERATE towards the end of his election and promised that community a new school. It JUST came onto the radar screen and should NOT even be considered. 

An Amazing and Extremely Informative Law Enforcement Story

Back in 2010 we delivered a story about a black biker group that had planned to infiltrate Ocean City with a very bad history from Virginia Beach.

The history of the story was that these people planned to come to Ocean City, (like they did in Virginia Beach) and pretty much tear things up. 

Aside from their intent, wait until you hear of how and why it never happened.

Earlier today I did a story about License Plate Readers. Well, the technology goes well beyond what you had ever thought. In fact, so far beyond it would even surpass your wildest Hollywood dreams. 

You see, there are certain settings now for this equipment. You can set it low for things as simple as expired tags. Then you can go all the way up to a fugitive level. In this particular case it was set to look out for the leader of this Bike Groups tag number.  

Wouldn't you know it, the equipment went off letting the Police know the man they were looking for, (not wanted) was in fact in Ocean City. They were able to track him and then he made the mistake, (get this) of using his cell phone. 
Once he got on his cell phone they were not only able to listen in to every conversation he had, they were able to GPS him wherever he went. Oh, it gets even better. Then ANY time someone else called him they were able to GPS that number and pretty much follow ALL of them wherever they went. 

Now mind you, because of this technology Law Enforcement was able to curb any and all formerly known activities this group had been known for in Virginia Beach and things were much safer. The fact that there was Police presence pretty much everywhere the entire group went, nothing ever happened. 

When I did my earlier article today I title it with the question, "Is this an invasion of privacy". Now, I'll ask again. Is this an invasion of privacy, since the people involved were not wanted suspects of any kind?

For me personally, I do believe this is an invasion of privacy. I could see if this person was under probation and or violating probation of some sort. However, there are cameras just about everywhere in Ocean City and from what I learned today, the Town Council has requested even more. 

Even the innocent are being tracked almost everywhere you go in Ocean City. You have no right of privacy there, NONE. Some people are choosing to go north to the Delaware Beaches where they don't have such surveillance. 

It certainly is scary now knowing what opportunities Law Enforcement has to follow ANYONE they so choose, either on the ground or cellular. Can they hear our every conversation even when we're not on a call? Better yet, DO THEY? Can they turn on our cell phone cameras without a warrant, DO THEY? 

Is it one of those, I know it's wrong but better to ask for forgiveness later, right? 

This article SHOULD make for one hell of a debate. 

Today's Survey Question 3-19-15

Should the decision of an elected school board
be brought to referendum?

Rick Pollitt Applies For Town Manager of Crisfield

Many have wondered, what happened to Rick Pollitt. Well, he's applied for the Town Manager position in Crisfield, a job that pays around $75,000.00 a year. Inside sources tell me they're scared to death of Rick based on his tax and spend history. We should know soon if he did or didn't get the job. 

Council Likely To Shoot Down Culver's Proposal On Bennett

It would seem the County Council will shoot down the proposal on Bennett Middle School. Culver is simply asking for 60 days and the Council is refusing to SAVE MONEY.

Culver simply stated to each Council Member, you don't need to answer to me. You need to answer to refusing to save the County money to all the people who voted for you. 

John Hall flat out stated that the economy has NOT changed in the past 10 years. Look, I'm going to be very nice here and keep my mouth shut. 

All in all, Bob tried to save the County money and I'm talking MILLIONS of dollars. Can you say RINO's?

Wayne Strausburg turned to John Hall and said, to say the economy hasn't changed in such a deep recession is quite a stretch!

Wayne went on to say the ball fields would be built. NOTHING would be held back time wise. They simply want to research IF a portion and or portions of the current structure can be saved and repurposed while saving the taxpayers money. 

It's a shame the Council shot down saving taxpayers millions of dollars. 

Is This An Invasion Of Privacy?

Millions of people flock to Ocean City to enjoy a vacation here on the Shore. Some of the people coming here are greeted by the Police out of nowhere. That's because along the way the Maryland State Police and the Ocean City Police scan your license plates along the way and know if your tag is expired, if you have a warrant or even a stolen vehicle, they are going to catch you.

While some may claim this is an invasion of privacy, others will say driving a vehicle is a privilege and Law Enforcement has every right to do so. 

There's even a camera on the Rt. 50 & Rt. 90 Bridges that the Police randomly scan and run tag numbers to see if everything is kosher. 

You can GO HERE to see what Law Enforcement is calling success stories on these license plate readers.

Like it or not, you better be legal or the State Police will catch you well before you reach Ocean City or they'll find you in Ocean City. 

How do YOU feel about all of this?

Daily Times Is Still Shilling For Wind Power Investors

First, let's review the record. In the local media, the only real scrutiny of wind power has appeared in this blog and the best newspaper on the lower Shore – that's the Crisfield-Somerset County Times – which exposed the scam being perpetrated there as well as related ethics shortcomings of certain County officials. We have examined the broader aspects in periodic posts that address the nonsense being promulgated by the wind power industry and its largely Democrat pals, led by Obama and O'Malley, which include “Liberal Jim” Mathais.

Meanwhile, the Daily Times has falsely portrayed wind power as a perfect source of energy. The latest installment is a free ad that it provided by publishing a letter statement by a spokesman for "Big Wind" named James Walker, who was identified as one of the "pioneers of wind power" and former chair of the American Wind Industry Association. He pleads for reinstituting the federal tax credit subsidy for investors in windfarms of that Congress wisely allowed to expire after 2014. Mr. Walker correctly argues that the subsidy – initially enacted more than 20 years ago as a temporary stimulus for the then fledgling wind power industry – is responsible for the subsequent growth in wind energy since then. None other than Warren Buffet has placed much money into the wind power pot because the subsidy makes it profitable to do so – and solely for that reason as Mr. Buffett admits.

Wind power is not an efficient source of power and but for the subsidy it would be forgotten. But that largess has spawned an industry that is now faced with reality as well as the growing public opposition because of the high cost, both in electric bills and harm to health and the environment that result from windfarms. Since the federal gravy train makes it possible for wind power to survive, and the recent election has diminished the power of the industry in Congress, it has become desperate. So, it has turned to liberal rags like the Daily Times for free advocacy.

Wicomico County Residents: Now Hear This – Ireton and Ashanti Trashing You In Annapolis!

The Daily Times has already begun an effort to kill the bill that would allow Wicomico County residents to establish a partially elected school board. Since the hearing in Annapolis on March 18, it has twice given much more than lip service to the opposing testimony by Ireton, Ms. Ashanti and Kevin Johnson, who portrayed the County as a haven for redneck racists that don’t want to educate the minority residents’ and thus underfund the school system.

Here’s their testimony at the hearing and that by Addie Eckardt and Marc Kilmer in support of the bill.

Unfortunately, the opponents were much better speakers that the proponents, who were not forceful or impressive. This is very apparent in the response by Eckardt and Kilmer to questions by members of the Committee.

Where were all those folks who have pushed for an elected school board? They were “no shows” at the hearing, so it appeared that the bill lacks public support. Has the Republican organization in Wicomico County has dropped the ball once again? Does Jim Mathias support the bill?

As we noted earlier, the bill and an elected school board of any kind could be unsuccessful this year and possibly for the foreseeable future there is little or no support by the public in Annapolis. Ireton and the other opponents are trying to convince the General Assembly that there is no support except by those they portray as a small Caucasian elite who control the County and brought about the revenue tax cap single-handedly. According to them, the bill came about without any public discussion and input, so must be stopped in its tracks, now, to paraphrase Ireton.So, folks, you better get going if you want to make a showing.






Response To Questions

First Responders To Get A 2% Pay Increase

The Ocean City Police will see a 2% COLA, (Cost Of Living Adjustment) pay increase very soon. The F.O.P. has negotiated the increase and the Firefighters will more then likely see the very same. 

The Town of Ocean City did a Pay Study back in December to see if the employees are in line with the proper pay, being paid too much or even too little. However, the Town refuses to state the findings of the study until AFTER their negotiations with the F.O.P. were complete. That being said, we should be hearing of their findings very soon.

Many have commented in the past on the incredible salaries already being paid out to each department. It is the GO TO place to get a job, that's for sure.

There is some restructuring going on but for those already on the job it certainly is paying off. 

Salisbury News will provide these new salaries in the near future. 

WARNING: Will this be coming to a town near YOU?

Comment From Marc Kilmer, Wicomico County Council

Today, I voted with five other council colleagues against delaying Phase 3 of the Bennett Middle School project. It was a difficult vote, because I agree with the concept of re-purposing buildings. However, good ideas do not always work in specific circumstances. That's the case here. Contracts have already been signed to complete Phase 3. We were facing uncertain legal issues, had no idea whether any cost savings would result, and were presented with no plan on how to accomplish re-purposing. I commend the county executive for bringing this idea up. If this vote had been held a year ago, I would have agreed to the delay. But it was too late in the process to do it for this project. My desire to save taxpayer money is clear. In this case, though, I did not think what was being proposed was a workable way of doing it. Anyone who has questions about my vote or the BMS project can reply here, message me, or e-mail me at I'll be happy to discuss it further with anyone.

Open Letter to Marc Kilmer

Hello Marc, 

I will be signing this letter when I am done because I don't hide behind Anonymous. I am glad that you had the courage to come forward on this website to address the people. I want to thank Joe Albero for taking the effort to provide this service to the citizens of Wicomico County. It is the only true news media in Wicomico County.

I am extremely disappointed in what happened at the County Council meeting on Tuesday. My biggest disappointment was that everyone involved lost track of the Big Picture. I consider the Big Picture to be doing what everyone said they would do when they were running for office. You all said that economic recovery and jobs was your primary concern if you got into office. Well, you're there and what has happened? I haven't seen any of you come up with any plans for addressing this situation. Yet you all sat there and belittled the new county executive because he didn't have an exact, neat little plan for you. You all became side tracked with the Board of Education. You have got to realize that everything is not going to come to you in a pretty neat little package that all you have to do is sit in council chambers and vote. 

As a citizen of Wicomico County you have to realize after numerous years that all the BOE cares about is the BOE. They don't care where the funds come from as long as they get exactly what they want when they want it. They can't see that if we don't have decent businesses and jobs in our county then families with their children will not be coming here. 

If you want to do something, go to the BOE and demand the TRUE student population for the last ten years. Why do you think they've come up with all this redistricting plans and suddenly there are two (and probably there are more) schools that could be used for the BOE. And did you notice they specificity said," used to relocate the BOE". 

NOTHING was said about RE-PURPOSING the building that was to rehouse the BOE. Nothing was said about bringing all the other county entities under one roof to save the TAXPAYERS millions in rent money over the next twenty years. Bob Culver was thinking about the ENTIRE county and not just the BOE. With the exception of one person, you all have been pulled into that BOE spiderweb and don't realize it.

Marc, I couldn't believe you said and believed that the contracts for Phase Three have been signed and that there was no way of changing what was going to happen. First, if you had listened closely you would have heard Mr. Foret fumble around for words when that specific questions was asked if the contract for tearing down the building was already signed. He said that the drawings were done, well at least 95% of the drawings were done and that an A&E firm had already signed to a contract. (Can anybody out there guess who that firm might be?). He also said a mechanical had been hired for the job also. Then he did state that no contract had actually been signed for the actual demolition of the building. Did any of you, not just you Marc, on the council actually read the bond language and see what could have been done? That's what I mean when I say everything is not going to come to you in a neat little package. You might just have to get up off your council chairs and do something like trying to work outside the box and let the taxpayers know what you CAN do for them and not just tell them this is all the county executives fault and that if this was a year ago then maybe something could have been done. Be real. Where were we a year ago?

I'm not just criticizing you Marc. The county executive's side had some real problems. First of all Bob's staff should have known how much the demolition of the building would be. This should have all been laid out when they borrowed the money for Phase Three. Do you really believe that the taxpayers don't know what a bond actually is (MORTGAGE) and that a bank would lend them millions without knowing where the money was going? Now here's where it really gets interesting. Bob's staff couldn't give an estimate on approximately how much could be saved by bringing all the county funded rentals for office spaces under one roof. And this is extremely odd. How can an audit company give an accurate audit when the county doesn't know where their money is going? Better yet, does the bonding companies know that the county doesn't know how much of the taxpayers money is spent on these rentals and who it is paid to. 

I have been before the council many times over the years asking for a list of how much we spend in rent and who it's paid to. What I received was little more than a note saying they rented four spaces for the Liquor Board. Remember the fiasco a while back about how many spaces the county was renting at the Adkins's Building. 

Before the county moves on we need answers to these questions. Bob's staff does not appear to be serving his needs. The taxpayers shouldn't have to suffer because of that.

So as you can see Marc, there are plenty of challenges to over come. The question is are you up to tackling them? There are those on this council that "goes along to get along" and though Mr. Canon might not like those words all you have to do is look at yourselves on PAC-14. The people voted for change during the last election. Make it happen.

John Palmer, Delmar, Md.

BREAKING NEWS: Salisbury Is Now Almost The Highest Taxed Town In Maryland – It’s Official!IrePol

Data published by the State for current fiscal year, FY 2015, shows that Salisbury is second highest of the major Maryland towns, with a combined (city and county) property tax rate of $1.8886 per $100 assessed value. What that data does not show is the change that has occurred during the years when Pollitt and Ireton were both in office, in which the tax rate has soared in comparison to the other towns.

In FY 2011, according to other data published by the State, Salisbury was in the middle of the pack, with a total tax rate of $1.578. Since then, the total rate has jumped, with the County rate being the greater – a 25% increase in that 4 year period. And, since Pollitt flatly refused to allow any relief (differential) for property in the city because of its duplicate services, those owners have been hit hard.

But these comparative data sets disprove the song that has been sung during that period by Pollitt and Ireton that they had to raise the tax rate, because of the decreasing value if the assessable tax base, in order to have more money to spend. The tax base value has also decreased in the other towns and counties, but few have increased their rates as much as here. That can be seen by looking at the towns with a total rate in excess of $1.75: four in FY 2011 (not including Salisbury) and just one more (including Salisbury) in FY 2015.

So, what’s being done to stop the bleeding in the future? Wicomico County now looks promising under Bob Culver, who is doing and proposing things that Pollitt refused to do in order to reduce spending. But, Salisbury is about to impose a new “rain” tax, sponsored by Ireton and Jake Day, and the city charter has just been amended to enable them to borrow in excess of the debt limit, which they are in the process of doing to fix the new sewage treatment plant. It looks like things will become worse, and may never get better for City property owners and other residents as well.

Here Comes The Rain Tax Salisbury

Last Monday the Salisbury City Council unanimously approved the new Rain Tax, (or whatever the local Liberals want to call it) in which each resident will pay $20.00 a year, unless you have a big property, then it's more. 

As for commercial property, well, it starts at $40.00 a year and goes all the way up to $12,000.00 a year, per property. 

The interesting part about it is, no one really knows what to expect. Like what business will be paying what?

What we do know is, many local elected legislators seem to be slamming these increases down our throats and then packing their bags and moving to Florida and or out of state. Even some who are still living here are considering moving. Look at the business people who are a part of the Chamber of Commerce. They were smart enough to BUY property here in a depressed market and LIVE outside the City/County. That's why I always said, why the hell do they have forums with the Chamber when none of them LIVE in the City? THEY CAN'T VOTE!

I can tell you I spoke with a very large commercial property owner today and they assure me, NO MORE SALISBURY! They are now looking at Delmar, DE. So is Danny Burt, who is being forced to take down his addition to his commercial property. 

As if it isn't bad enough that we have legislators testifying on the record in Annapolis that the Eastern Shore has never recovered from the great recession, why would anyone stay, especially businesses?

So Ireton and Day will continue to shove poop in our faces, businesses will pack up and move their business elsewhere, unemployment will continue to rise, property values and even interest in Salisbury will diminish, yet Ireton and Day will sell parking lots and build affordable housing because they are totally CLUELESS on how to rebuild the local economy the right way. 

Leave it to the Liberals to tax your way out of a bad economy. That might work just outside Washington, D.C., but it won't work here.

OK, as if that news isn't bad enough, let's look at more reality in Salisbury. 

Student Who Bullied Bus Monitor In 2012 Is Now Accused Of Forcing A Special-Needs Classmate To Drink Urine

A high school student in Greece, N.Y. who allegedly forced a special-needs classmate to drink urine out of a toilet was also involved in the bullying of an elderly bus monitor in 2012 which went viral.

Upon hearing news of the tormented special-needs student, the bullied bus monitor, Karen Klein, told WHEC, “I don’t believe this is happening again.”

Earlier this week it was reported that three students at Greece Athena High School in upstate New York confronted the special-needs student in the bathroom and forced him to hold his crotch while drinking urine from the toilet. The students filmed the incident and posted video of it Snapchat, a social media site.


Islamic Suicide Bomber Trainer Accidentally Blows Up His Entire Class

In Baghdad, a terrorist who was in the middle of conducting a training for future militants, accidentally blew up an entire class, killing 21 of his students, and himself. The group was part of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the terror group that has been participating in a string of attacks in the United States.

The report stated that the incident may be viewed as a metaphor for the many lives lost in the wake of foreign and domestic terrorists’ relentless attempts to convert the nation into an extreme-religious state. In this turn of events, it appears that many innocent lives may have actually been spared. In fact, in one recent attack alone, 7 innocent people were killed.


Statement From Governor Larry Hogan On Senate Passage Of Rain Tax Repeal

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today issued the following statement in response to the Maryland Senate passing SB 863, a bill that repeals the Rain Tax mandate:

"The unanimous, 46-0 vote to repeal the Rain Tax mandate is a tremendous victory for the taxpayers of Maryland. As I have said over and over, forcing counties to raise taxes on their citizens – against their will – is wrong and it has to end. I want to thank Senate President Miller and the leaders of the Senate for their hard work and congratulate them for their recognition that the Rain Tax is opposed by the vast majority of Marylanders and that it needs to be repealed. I look forward to working with Speaker Busch and the House leaders over the next few weeks to ensure their support as well."

Originally Posted at 1:00 PM.

Delmarva's News Leader??


This is what "Delmarva's News Leader" feel is newsworthy on their Facebook today.

Wicomico County Board Of Education Replacing Cafeteria Staff

After Salisbury News exposed the expired food information, (along with photos/evidence) we've learned that at least two employees have been replaced at one school. 

When we asked if they are still serving expired food they replied, "I don't know because now I pack my lunch". Smart Kid!

Wicomico County - Elected Board of Education May Be Doomed In Annapolis!

At a recent hearing in the Senate committee handling the bill to allow some members to be elected, there was significant opposition both by certain key members of the committee and also by witnesses who testified, including Jim Ireton and Mary Ashanti. They attempted to derail the bill by pointing out that the County Council has only one member who is black and just one Demoocat, namely Councilman Davis in each instance. Mr. Davis has actually endorsed the legislation.

Ireton argued that the same persons who want to have an elected school board also brought about the County's tax revenue cap and are a small elite who run things in Wicomico County. He contends that the cap has crippled the school system.

The committee is controlled by Democrats, one of who was shocked that so little money for the school system came from county tax revenue.

County Councilman Marc Kilmer argued in support of the change and bill, along with Senator Addie Eckardt.

In our opinion, this could be the beginning of the end of the pending bill.

Bring It To Referendum,
let the voters decide.

Do You Agree Or Disagree?

When a Teacher’s Job Depends on a Child’s Test

If it’s March, it must be test-prep season: next month, New York students in grades three through eight will take the state’s standardized English Language Arts and Mathematics tests: three days of exams devoted to both subjects, lasting for upward of seventy minutes a day. These are often referred to as high-stakes tests because of the impact that the results can have on student promotion, teacher evaluation, and school funding—and the stakes of the tests in New York this year may be pushed higher still. In his State of the State address, delivered at the end of January, Governor Andrew Cuomo pledged to make education reform a centerpiece of his agenda. “Everyone will tell you, nationwide, the key to education reform is a teacher evaluation system,” the governor said. He noted that while only thirty-eight per cent of New York State high-school students are deemed to be “college ready,” according to their scores on standardized tests, 98.7 per cent of teachers in New York’s schools are rated “effective.” “How can that be?” Cuomo asked. “Who are we kidding, my friends? The problem is clear and the solution is clear. We need real, accurate, fair teacher evaluations.”
That teachers should be evaluated is an assertion with which no reasonable person involved with education—from a policy-maker to a parent—is likely to disagree. But how teachers might best be evaluated remains a contested science. In New York City, a system that incorporates a range of metrics, called Advance, was adopted in 2013. Students’ results in state tests account for twenty per cent of a teacher’s rating, but the teacher’s curriculum materials are also evaluated, as is his or her classroom practice, which is observed on multiple visits throughout the year by the school principal or another observer.


EPA Wants to Monitor How Long Hotel Guests Spend in the Shower

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants hotels to monitor how much time its guests spend in the shower.

The agency is spending $15,000 to create a wireless system that will track how much water a hotel guest uses to get them to “modify their behavior.”

“Hotels consume a significant amount of water in the U.S. and around the world,” an EPA grant to the University of Tulsa reads. “Most hotels do not monitor individual guest water usage and as a result, millions of gallons of potable water are wasted every year by hotel guests.”

“The proposed work aims to develop a novel low cost wireless device for monitoring water use from hotel guest room showers,” it said. “This device will be designed to fit most new and existing hotel shower fixtures and will wirelessly transmit hotel guest water usage data to a central hotel accounting system.”

The funding is going toward creating a prototype and market analysis for the device. The goal of the project is to change the behavior of Americans when they stay at hotels.

More here

Problems At Dove Pointe In Salisbury Keep Adding Up

Car 943.

We know you are supposed to TRUST organizations to take care of the special needs clientele. However, this particular employee should not be considered for employee of the month. 

Driving one of their clients down the road while talking and yes even texting while driving just doesn't cut it. Pictures do NOT lie. 

WCSO Press Release 3-18-15

Incident: Harassment / Repeated Calls

Date of Incident:  11 March 2015

Location:  400 block of Hearn Lane, Salisbury, MD

Suspect: Dwayne Lee Miles, 27, Salisbury, MD

Dwayne MilesDwayne Miles
Narrative: On 11 March 2015 at 11:20 PM a deputy arrested Dwayne Miles following a complaint that he made repeated threatening phone calls. In these calls, Miles threatened to kill another person after being told to cease making contact with her, according to the complaint.

Upon arrest Miles was transported to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Miles in the Detention Center on a bond of $10,000.00.

Charges:  Harass: A Course of Conduct
                Telephone Misuse – Repeated Calls


Incident: Possession of CDS

Date of Incident:  15 March 2015

Location:  Naylor Mill Road at West Road, Salisbury, MD

Suspect: 1. Tony Darrell Tawes Jr., 34, Deal Island, MD (No Photo Available)
               2. Alison R. Abbott, 35, Deal Island, MD

Alison AbbottAlison Abbott
Narrative: On 15 March 2015 at 5:14PM a deputy stopped a vehicle operated by Tony Tawes for a registration violation. During the stop, a WCSO K9 team arrived and scanned the vehicle for the presence of the odor of illegal drugs. Following a positive alert, a search was conducted which lead to the seizure of what was identified as Percocet and Heroin.

The deputy arrested both Tawes and his passenger Alison Abbott. Following their initial appearances in front of the District Court Commissioner, both were released on Personal Recognizance.

Charges:  Possession of CDS
                Possession of Drug Paraphernalia


Incident: Theft

Date of Incident:  15 March 2015

Location:  10000 block of Norris Twilley Road, Mardela Springs, MD

Suspect: Emily Jean Derbyshire, 32, Hebron, MD

 Emily DerbyshireEmily Derbyshire
Narrative: On 15 March 2015 a deputy arrested Emily Derbyshire following an allegation that she removed over $20,000.00 worth of items from a residence she was staying at while the homeowner was out of town and selling them. During the investigation, the victim identified the missing items as everything from tools, guns, sporting goods, collectible toys, glassware, silverware and jewelry. Some of the items were traced to local pawn shops and were discovered to have been brought in by Derbyshire.

Following her arrest, the deputy transported Derbyshire to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Derbyshire in the Detention Center in lieu of $15,000.00 bond.

Charges:  Theft $10,000.00 to $100,000.00

Releasing Authority: Lt. Tim Robinson        Date:  17 March 2015

More Expired Food In Wicomico County Schools

After asking parents to get their kids to take pictures of EXPIRED food in local schools, I received the above image. The expiration date, JANUARY 8, 2015! 

Cultured Sour Cream, REALLY FREDERICKSEN???

Wicomico County Liberals On Attack

This morning at the Wicomico County Council meeting the left wing liberals will show up in force. 

Lead by John Fredricksen and boo hoo guy Ron Willy, they will again go after the Council to return the Bennett Middle Project to the CIP. What they should know is that it is a done deal. John Hall, John Cannon, Matt Holloway and Ernie Davis will give them what they want. 

The liberal members of the council are marching lockstep with the old Rick Pollitt, John Fredrickson regime. it will be interesting to see who on the council joins the ranks of the liberals and forgets who elected them. 

On another note the Westside gang will show up about their school. Question is, why didn't they raise hell when Pollitt and his band of liberals were building two 70 million dollar schools on the other side of town?

Let me add this. What Executive Culver is proposing is nothing more then a study. He has never stated what he has proposed would be set in stone. He simply wants the TIME to review this as an OPTION and see what the cost of remodeling would be, IF it is even possible to do so. It amazes me how the rest of the press has simply run with this as if Bob Culver is the Anti Christ. More Liberal BS. 

Senator Inhofe: Speak English

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., has brought forward legislation that would declare English the official language of America.

The bill is aimed at unifying, not dividing, he said, in a written statement.

“The United States’ culturally diverse population is what makes our nation great, and what helps us move forward together as a society is the ability to communicate to one another,” Inhofe said. “The [bill] … will help set legal immigrants on a path to success as they integrate and work towards becoming citizens.”

He also said “this legislation will strengthen the cords of unity that comes from sharing one vision and one official language.”

The bill, if passed into law, would mandate the federal government use English for official business, including swearing-in ceremonies for citizen naturalization events.

Co-sponsors, all Republicans, include Sens. Jeff Sessions, John Boozman, David Vitter and David Perdue.

But the legislation has its detractors.

Read more

A Viewer Writes: Something the public should know About WMDTs Buzzmark App

Hi Joe,

Recently WMDT has been showing a commercial that is advertising an App called Buzzmark. It's supposed to help people get discounts on various items and services. Being an IT person something just seemed suspicious about this app so I decided to look into what type of access this App would have on your smartphone.

Well it turns out this App which WDMT claims is "Powered By WMDT" has access to your smart phone's microphone, Location, all device activity such as what apps you have running, browser history and bookmarks. It also is able to determine your phone number, device ID, whether a call is active and what number your talking to.

Basically you are giving up a lot of privacy just for a few discounts. What is really scary is that the device has access to the microphone on your phone. This could potentially allow the App developers to listen in on your conversations even if your not on your phone by just turning it on and listening in on whats being said. This is sort of the issue with Samsung Smart TVs being able to spy on you from their integrated camera's and microphones.

I know WMDT did not develop the app but by them claiming that the App is "powered by WMDT" they are basically owning this App and in my opinion are trying to trick people into downloading a data mining tool to that is capable of spying on the general public.

I have attached a picture showing the access the App will require from your device once its installed. Most people do not ever read the disclaimer before they install such Apps and would never realize just how much personal information they will be giving to the App or WMDT.

Germania Circle Flood Relief $1,075,000.00


There are six houses that have a property line on Germania Circle. Here are five of them. The CIP has $1,075,000.00 budgeted to buy these houses and tear them down for a park that will still flood. 

That's $180k EACH! 

I have a house for sale not in a flood zone in a nice neighborhood that can be lived in! I'll sell it for $180k any day! 

Btw, the posted CIP got shortened to 27 pages out of the 294. Was that you, or someone else? 

Here's the link to the copy on the City's site.

Kids Challenge Wicomico County Schools For Out Of Date, (expired) Food

Salisbury News has been informed that kids in two different schools, (so far) have noticed the food they are being served is expired. You should ask your children to look at the dates and bring ANY packaging home that has an expired date on it.

So far we've learned they're serving apple slices, juices, MILK, chips and mostly pre packaged food and drinks.

From elementary to middle schools, (so far) kids questioning the dates have been told, they're still good. It seems they simply serve what's on hand.

Now that this has been EXPOSED, I'm confident they'll throw everything away that is out dated. However, have your kids keep a close eye on this and IF they happen to bring something home out of date, take a picture and send it to us right away. 

For The Record: MDE Permits, Licenses, Certifications Applications and Issuances

The following are partial lists by county of permit, license, and certification applications and issuances as well as other permitting activity at the Maryland Department of the Environment. For more information on these permits, please contact Amanda Degen at (410) 537-4120.

Applications Received 02/16/2015 – 03/15/2015


  • POLYONE DESIGNED STRUCTURES AND SOLUTIONS, LLC – 601 Marvel Rd, Salisbury, MD 21801. Application received for 2015 24-045-0082 Ren. Part 70 for Plastic film mfg plant
  • WICOMICO COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION – 101 Long Avenue, Salisbury, MD 21804. (15-1029) Sewerage permit to construct force main and wastewater pumping station at 31611 Old Ocean City Road