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Monday, September 05, 2016

Backdoor Disarmament? Feds Propose "Banning Sale Of Firearms To Medical Marijuana Card Holders"

I have often wondered if/when the softening on the War on Drugs would be used as a weapon of disarmament. This is an interesting ploy by the feds to use the move towards decriminalizing marijuana as a means of barring Second Amendment lovers from purchasing guns – since it will be argued that marijuana introduces a dangerous or ‘irrational and unpredictable’ element. Of course, they don’t ban alcoholics or prescription pill poppers from purchasing weapons, but I’m sure that many people would be interested in doing so if they could.

The rise of Obamacare has also institutionalized medical snitching on patients. Whereas their data and personal information were once held sacred, today they are precious fragments in the age of data analysis, and federal reporting. If/when mental health patients confess to certain trigger words (i.e. feeling angry, violent, suicidal, anti-government, depressed, etc), doctors will flag patients as potentially dangerous. Felons are barred from purchasing, and that category is likely to expand – in the name of Sandy Hook, the Pulse nightclub and whatever else they roll out on the table.

Doctors have been encouraged by executive order to ask patients about guns… and no doubt keep records on this special category of patients. Likewise, admitting to drug use (as one does by signing up for a medical marijuana list-database) will be used to flag patients as potentially unstable, dangerous and/or otherwise unfit for owning a gun.

Put those altogether, and there is some pretty ripe potential for abuse, and broad platform to keep a wide gulf between the 2nd Amendment and the world that the U.S. population lives in – one that government sees as sick and needy, and in need of stern supervision and social intervention. This is the beginning of the bureaucratic end of our freedoms.



Anonymous said...

The Feds always have an angle, nothing they do is a surprise any more. Sorry Treasonous Bas!*rds

Anonymous said...

The US government is evil.
People everywhere on the planet realize this fact.
Only stupid Americans still volunteer to help murder for this evil government.

Anonymous said...

Always keep five rounds in the cyl to have one left for a joint to be hidden.

lmclain said...

Bit by bit, little by little these Nazi wanna-be's keep adding to the list of reasons why citizens can't EVER possess a gun. Ever.
Misdemeanors? Check.
False accusations? Check.
Anonymous citizen complaints? Check.
A 35 year old criminal complaint that was never prosecuted? Check.
Said something mean to a neighbor? Check.
Been treated for depression 25 years ago? Check.
On a secret list of people that the police just don't like? Check.
Think the government might be AGAINST the enforcement of the Constitution? Check.
"...shall not be infringed". Pretty clear to Joe citizen. Absolutely meaningless to the Masters.
The list is long and grows every day.
Sooner or later, they will get to something YOU'VE done.
It will be too late to whine at that point.
But that is thinking waaaaay too much for the averaage Bozo in America.
Keep cheering.