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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Dianne Feinstein’s Husband Wins Near-Billion Dollar California ‘High Speed Rail’ Contract

To the surprise of absolutely no one familiar with the ways of Corruptifornia, the one-party state completely in the hands of the Democrats, a consortium whose lead firm is controlled by Richard Blum, husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, was awarded a nearly billion-dollar contract for the construction of the first phase of the so-called high-speed rail line to link San Francisco and Los Angeles. Those paying attention to the project call it the “half-fast” rail line because it will share trackage with conventional commuter rail trains in the sprawling Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, lowering its average speed to levels achieved by American railways a century ago.

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Editors note: This was originally posted in January of 2017. For some reason this post has received over 60 comments this week. 

A Comment Worthy Of A Post: Julie Brewington

Anonymous said...

Oh to be a fly on the wall tonight at the Wicomico Central Committee meeting where Julie Brewington showed up so drunk and belligerent! She yelled at everyone about how they ruined her campaign and did not support her, slurred her words while literally pointing fingers in everyone's face. She was soooo drunk they took her keys from her. At least 4 members commented on the booze she reeked of and her blood shot eyes. Even Mark McIver took a stand and said that anyone giving her the keys to car would be held liable. She told the committee to shut up and listen to her because all of our taxes would go up because we didn't write her checks and support her. When she was being sworn i she could not even "repeat after me".She excused herself from the meeting after being told she would be escorted out if she kept it up. She went and sat in Councilman Larry Dodds truck and tried to convince him to go in and get her keys. This was a public meeting with members of the public and one delegate present for the entire show! Julie needs an intervention. Stop listening to her hype. She is not innocent. If she is still drinking and driving and acting out unprofessionally she needs to resign.

People Can't Flee These US Cities Fast Enough

Why suffer when you could be happy elsewhere?

Americans have always moved to big cities to try to get ahead -- but maybe not so much anymore.

As many of the largest metro areas in the U.S. become too expensive, homeowners and potential homebuyers are ready to go elsewhere for lower taxes, good jobs and affordable homes.

Follow along as we count down the 20 metro areas that people most want to leave, according to Redfin. Residents of these places are ready to get outta town and are inclined to search for homes in other areas.

12. Salisbury, Maryland

Salisbury, on Maryland's Eastern Shore, is making a name for itself in the microbrewery scene — but the city’s already got a reputation, and not a good one.

Violent and property crime rates are twice the national average. Public schools are terrible, the real estate market is stagnant, incomes are low and good jobs are hard to find.

Although Salisbury’s unemployment and crime numbers are slowly improving, many people have apparently decided the wait just isn’t worth it.


Great Job WCSO

This loaded firearm was recovered by a Sheriff's Deputy on a traffic stop Tuesday evening in the 600 block of South Salisbury Boulevard. The individual who had it was found to be a prohibited felon who was in possession of crack cocaine.

Applebee's In West Ocean City To Close Their Doors For Good Tuesday

Michelle Obama says she stopped ‘trying to smile’ during 'misogynist' Trump’s inauguration

Michele Obama, the former first lady, said in an interview that aired Sunday that she "stopped even trying to smile" during President Trump inauguration and wondered in her new book why so many women rejected "an exceptionally qualified female candidate and instead choose a misogynist as their president."

Obama spoke with ABC News in a wide-ranging interview.

She recalled in her book, "Becoming," watching her husband step aside for Trump on Jan. 20, 2017.

She wrote in the book that "the vibrant diversity of the two previous inaugurations was gone…Someone from Barack’s administration might have said that the optics were bad—that what the public saw didn’t reflect the president’s reality or ideals. But in this case, maybe it did. Realizing it, I made my own optic adjustment. I stopped even trying to smile."

In her memoir, "Becoming," Obama reportedly derides the so-called "birther" conspiracy as thinly-veiled racism.

"The whole thing was crazy and mean-spirited, of course, its underlying bigotry and xenophobia hardly concealed," reads an excerpt, according to the report. 'But it was also dangerous, deliberately meant to stir up the wingnuts and kooks."


Razor wire now covers border wall where 'vanguard' of migrant caravan taunted U.S.

Hours after images of migrants climbing a border wall in San Diego went viral, the Homeland Security Department deployed razor wire Wednesday to prevent a repeat.

The immigrants, who said they were the vanguard of the caravans streaming north through Mexico, ascended the fence Tuesday in a display of defiance. Video and photos showed them cheering and jeering atop the slat-style fence.

Although no arrests or confrontations were reported, Homeland Security took immediate steps to try to keep others from climbing by deploying concertina wire, which coils over itself, creating a thorough barrier.

“As we have said repeatedly, being a member of a caravan doesn’t give you any special rights to enter the country,” said Katie Waldman, Homeland Security spokeswoman.

Homeland Security released photos that show the concertina wire at the top and base of the fence on the U.S. side, as well as a second layer on the sandy beach further inside the U.S.


Trump: I Can Ban Any Journalist From The White House

"No journalist has a First Amendment right to enter the White House"

In answer to a lawsuit filed by CNN after the White House revoked one of the network reporter's press passes, the White House on Wednesday asserted that it can decide which journalists are given passes and which ones aren't.

According to a court filing by the Justice Department on Wednesday, White House lawyers say the president and his aides are the sole arbiters of who gets into the White House.

"The President and White House possess the same broad discretion to regulate access to the White House for journalists (and other members of the public) that they possess to select which journalists receive interviews, or which journalists they acknowledge at press conferences," lawyers say in the filing.


A Viewer Writes: Mark Figgs

Just wondering what the requirements are to run for mayor. Mark Figgs (Who is a waste of air) runs Wicomico First Response (Which I was blocked from because I laughed at one of his random posts) is talking about running for Mayor of Salisbury. He also has a Facebook page dedicated to this. Not only is he creepy he has a extensive list on the case search website. Is there anyway he can be stopped from running?

A Viewer Writes: Salisbury

"I keep seeing commercials on tv for big things happening in Salisbury. Do you know what and when this going on".

Salisbury News Is Still Delmarva's News Leader

First of all, Thank You! The biggest compliment I can receive on a daily basis is proven by the traffic I receive. Trust me, if I wasn't growing each and every day I'd completely shut this Site down. 

Does it not blow your mind as well how this site has proven the Conservative view far outweighs the Liberal view here on the Shore, yet all of your local MSM continues to bash our President and refrain from telling you the truth. 

Stay dry today Folks. 

You Make The Call

Here's a wooly caterpillar from a few days ago...  What kind of winter are we going to have?

And The List Goes On...

I Told You Not To Say Pull My Finger!

Marcia Fudge Considers Bid for House Speaker, Says Pelosi Hasn't Sufficiently Supported African Americans in Congress

Rep. Marcia L. Fudge (D., Ohio) is being floated by several Democrats as a potential contender to face off against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) to determine who will be the speaker of the House when Democrats retake the majority in January.

Fudge, a former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, sat down for an interview with the Washington Post on Thursday, telling them she has been "overwhelmed" by all the support she's received from some of her Democratic colleagues, including Reps. Tim Ryan (D., Ohio) and Seth Moulton (D., Mass.). She told them there are "probably closer to 30" Democrats who have privately told her they would be willing to vote against Pelosi.

Moulton publicly praised Fudge Wednesday night and Thursday morning on CNN, saying she is "the kind of new leader that we need in this party."

"She’s in touch with middle America. She understands what the American people want," he said on Thursday. "She’s a next generation leader that people will look to and say, ‘That’s the future of our party, that’s the future of our country, and that’s exactly the kind of leader that I want to see as our next speaker.’"