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Monday, October 17, 2016

WATCH THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN: Rigging the Election - Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

Maryland Man Indicted With Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIL

A federal grand jury charged Nelash Mohamed Das, 24, a citizen of Bangladesh residing in Landover Hills, Maryland, with attempting to provide material support and resources to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a designated foreign terrorist organization.

The announcement was made by Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security Mary B. McCord, U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein for the District of Maryland and Special Agent in Charge Gordon B. Johnson of the FBI’s Baltimore Field Office.

The indictment alleges that from October 2015 to Sept. 30, 2016, Das knowingly attempted to provide material support and resources to a foreign terrorist organization, namely ISIL. Further, the indictment alleges that Das knew that ISIL is a designated foreign terrorist organization and engages in terrorist activity.

According to court documents ISIL members and supporters have posted identifying information about U.S. military personnel in hopes that those inspired by ISIL would carry out attacks against them. Das allegedly planned to kill a U.S. military member in support of ISIL.

If convicted, Das faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

An indictment is not a finding of guilt. An individual charged by indictment is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at some later criminal proceedings.

U.S. Attorney Rosenstein and Acting Assistant Attorney General McCord commended the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force for its work on the investigation and thanked the prosecutors that are handling the matter.

FBI Agents Furious at Top Brass for Letting Clinton Off the Hook

Long-rumored dissent in the FBI ranks over Director James Comey’s refusal to refer indictments against Hillary Clinton to Attorney General Loretta Lynch is finally boiling over, according to a Fox News report.

The decision to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for mishandling classified information has roiled the FBI and Department of Justice, with one person closely involved in the year-long probe telling that career agents and attorneys on the case unanimously believed the Democratic presidential nominee should have been charged.

The source, who spoke to on the condition of anonymity, said FBI Director James Comey’s dramatic July 5 announcement that he would not recommend to the Attorney General’s office that the former secretary of state be charged left members of the investigative team dismayed and disgusted. More than 100 FBI agents and analysts worked around the clock with six attorneys from the DOJ’s National Security Division, Counter Espionage Section, to investigate the case.

“No trial level attorney agreed, no agent working the case agreed, with the decision not to prosecute — it was a top-down decision,” said the source, whose identity and role in the case has been verified by

A high-ranking FBI official told Fox News that while it might not have been a unanimous decision, “It was unanimous that we all wanted her [Clinton’s] security clearance yanked.”

“It is safe to say the vast majority felt she should be prosecuted,” the senior FBI official told Fox News. “We were floored while listening to the FBI briefing because Comey laid it all out, and then said ‘but we are doing nothing,’ which made no sense to us.”


State Police Join National Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Effort

(PIKESVILLE, MD) – Maryland State Police troopers and truck inspectors are joining a national effort this week as part of a safety alliance committed to increasing safety and reducing traffic crashes involving commercial vehicles.

The Maryland State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division is increasing enforcement efforts during “Operation Safety Driver Week,” sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, in cooperation with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This initiative is aimed at unsafe driving behaviors exhibited by both commercial and passenger vehicle drivers, both of whom can contribute to traffic crashes.

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division troopers, truck inspectors and cadets are increasing their vigilance this week and focusing specifically on moving violations committed by commercial drivers. The majority of enforcement efforts will occur along corridors with the highest frequency of serious injury or fatal crashes involving commercial vehicle operators. Those areas include I-95, I-70, I-83, and US Rt. 301.

Report: State Dept Wanted 'Quid Pro Quo' with FBI to Change Hillary's Classification Markings

Top State Department official Patrick Kennedy sought a “quid pro quo” with the FBI that would have allowed him to change the classification markings on Clinton’s emails.

Kennedy led a widely-mocked internal State Department investigation into the Clinton email scandal. Breitbart News reported that Kennedy exchanged emails with Clinton Foundation staff during his tenure working for Secretary Clinton.

Kennedy reportedly tried to change some of the classification markings on Clinton emails in the FBI’s possession.


Man sentenced in road rage shooting involving George Zimmerman

The man convicted of shooting at George Zimmerman in a road rage incident has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, Florida authorities said.

Matthew Apperson was convicted of attempted second-degree murder in September. In addition to the 20-year sentence, he was also given a 15-year concurrent sentence for aggravated assault stemming from the same incident, Seminole County State Attorney spokeswoman Lynne Bumpus-Hooper said.

The road rage incident happened in Lake Mary, Florida, in May 2015.

Zimmerman testified that Apperson followed him, flashing his lights and honking his horn. Apperson pulled up beside Zimmerman and shot at him, but the bullet missed, Zimmerman said. He was cut by glass from a shattered window.

Leaked emails reveal Hillary Clinton’s life of deceit

Among the many telling kernels of truth dappling the spoor of the Hillary Clinton campaign’s internal e-mails released by WikiLeaks this past week, this one immediately leaped out:

“Politics is like sausage being made. It is unsavory, and it always has been that way, but we usually end up where we need to be. But if everybody’s watching . . . then people get a little nervous, to say the least. So, you need both a public and a private position.”

The sausage maker was Mrs. Clinton, giving one of her $225,000 speeches that she’s so long sought to conceal from the public, in this instance to the National Multi-Housing Council in April 2013. It came at a time when the just-retired secretary of state was coyly gearing up for a White House run, little tin cup at the ready, raking in nearly a million dollars that month alone.


Maryland prosecutor hopes to expand use of interlock devices in DUIs

A Maryland prosecutor said he hopes to expand the use of interlock devices to cover gaps in a new law that expanded their use.

John McCarthy, the Montgomery County state’s attorney, said this week that prosecutors in the Washington suburb will be asking judges to order the use of interlocks even in cases in which first-time offenders can avoid a conviction by agreeing to a term of probation.

What’s more, McCarthy said his prosecutors might go further — perhaps asking that judges order their use in cases where alcohol has not led to a DUI but has fueled criminal behavior, such as domestic violence.


Wall Street Journal Finally Lashes Out "The Press Is Burying Hillary Clinton's Sins"

Even the Wall Street Journal is now fed up with the biased media coverage of the 2016 Presidential election as revealed by a scathing article written by Kimberly Strassel, a member of their editorial board. As Strassel points out, it's almost impossible to turn on the TV without hearing about Trump's "lewd" comments while coverage of Hillary "uniformly ignores the flurry of bombshells" inherent in the various WikiLeaks, FOIA releases and FBI interviews.

If average voters turned on the TV for five minutes this week, chances are they know that Donald Trump made lewd remarks a decade ago and now stands accused of groping women.

But even if average voters had the TV on 24/7, they still probably haven’t heard the news about Hillary Clinton: That the nation now has proof of pretty much everything she has been accused of.

It comes from hacked emails dumped by WikiLeaks, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, and accounts from FBI insiders. The media has almost uniformly ignored the flurry of bombshells, preferring to devote its front pages to the Trump story. So let’s review what amounts to a devastating case against a Clinton presidency.

Of course, the list of Hillary scandals is becoming way to long to remember though one of the biggest has been her establishment of the now infamous private email server and the subsequent intentional destruction of federal records despite the existence of a Congressional subpoena.


Family Eyes Winery For Farm Property

BERLIN – A local family is hoping to turn a historic farm near Route 589 into a winery and special event venue.

Berlin resident Brittany Mariner has partnered with her parents, Barry and Jeannie Mariner, to develop Windmill Creek Winery at the family’s longtime property on Old Worcester Highway. The facility will feature a vineyard, tasting room and special event venue.

“We’d like to be up and running in three years,” Jeannie Mariner said this week.

The Mariners have just started working with county officials to get the project off the ground. They’re working with the Worcester County Department of Development Review and permitting on a text amendment that would permit special events at vineyards. They met with the county’s technical review committee Wednesday to discuss logistics of the site itself. Though there is only a sketch plan of the project at this point, committee members pointed out parking requirements, forestry mandates and access issues.


Watch Live Now! Orbital ATK Launching Antares Rocket @ 7:40 pm ET

Tonight (Oct. 17), Orbital ATK will launch its first Antares rocket since an Oct. 28, 2014 explosion to deliver a Cygnus spacecraft carrying 5,100 lbs. of NASA cargo to the International Space Station. NASA's webcast will begin at6:45 p.m. EDT (2045 GMT), with liftoff is set for 7:40 p.m. EDT (2340 GMT)from Pad-0A of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia, and may be visible to a wide swath of the U.S. East Coast. Watch it in the window below, courtesy of NASA. Read Our Preview Story Viewing Guide: Nighttime Launch of Private Cargo Ship Visible Along US East Coast on Monday

First Responders Eat Free Tomorrow!!!

Lead Lewinsky Scandal Reporter Says NBC Is Sitting On 'Devastating Tape' With Juanita Broaddrick

The NBC subsidiary of Comcast is reportedly combing its archives for material damaging to Donald Trump but ignoring requests to air the full interview with Juanita Broaddrick by Lisa Myers 17 years ago.

According to Brent Schur of the Free Beacon:

The reporter that first learned about Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky said on Thursday that NBC is sitting on the full tape of its initial interview with Bill Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick and should release it before the election.

Michael Isikoff, who was a leading reporter during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, said in a Thursday discussion that NBC should release a 17-year-old tape of an interview that it conducted with Broaddrick. Broaddrick has long claimed that the interview that NBC aired edited out her claim that Hillary Clinton was involved in quashing Broaddrick’s rape claims.

“NBC has the full tape of the original Lisa Myers interview,” Isikoff said during an online discussion “NBC ought to check its archive and run the full interview. (AS long as they’re now culling their archives!)”


FBI director: Stats don't back up claims about police shootings

SAN DIEGO (CNN) —FBI Director James Comey told a gathering of police chiefs that people who think there's an epidemic of police shootings of black people aren't well-informed.

He touched on a theme he has pursued for more than a year: trying to get police to embrace the need to report statistics on officer-involved shootings. Better numbers, Comey argues, would help the nation understand whether there is a real epidemic of police killings of black men or if the advent of viral videos shared in social media are giving the impression that there are more lethal confrontations between police and minorities.

"A small group of videos serve as an epidemic" Comey argued Sunday.


Be Here Tomorrow Morning at 7 AM For Yet Another Exclusive Breaking News Story

One local elected official 
is about to get a reality check. 


RICHMOND, VA – Today the Donald Trump campaign announced its plan to win the state of Virginia by kicking off a more than $2 million statewide television buy in key markets beginning Tuesday and running through the rest of the election. Additionally, the campaign has announced a statewide leadership team comprised of 19 distinguished Virginia leaders, who, alongside RPV Chairman John Whitbeck and Virginia Senior Advisor Mike Rubino, will utilize their diverse political experience in the state to deliver a Trump victory on November 8th.

“The members of the Trump Virginia team are highly respected and accomplished leaders from all across the Commonwealth. Republicans have unified for a Trump victory this November. With the expertise of these leaders Mr. Trump will win Virginia,” said Mike Rubino, Virginia Senior Advisor, Donald J. Trump for President.

The statewide list includes Republicans from every corner of the Commonwealth and members range from former and current elected officials, business leaders, attorneys and notable citizens.

Virginia statewide leadership committee members include:
Rob Bell – Delegate, 58th District
Dave Brat – Congressman, 7th District
Kay Coles James – Former OPM Director
Glenn Davis – Delegate, 84th District
Jeannemarie Davis – Former State Senator
J. Randy Forbes – Congressman, 4th District
John Fredericks – Radio Host
John Hager – Former Lieutenant Governor
Jerry Kilgore – Former Attorney General
Terry Kilgore – Delegate, 1st District
Jeff McWaters – Former State Senator
Mike Murray – Northern Virginia Business Leaders
Mark Obenshain - State Senator, 26th District
Suzanne Obenshain – Conservative Activist
Bryce Reeves – State Senator, 17th District
Jill Vogel - State Senator, 27th District
Frank Wagner – State Senator, 7th District
Rob Wittman – Congressman, 1st District
Kerry Woolard – General Manager, Trump Winery

Restuarant Industry In Gloom As Number Of Americans Eating Out Tumbles

While the latest government retail spending data shows that while it is slowing down, consumer spending on "eating out" or retail and food service sales, hasn't posted a sharp deterioration, secondary tracking sources beg to differ. A far more accurate tracker of real-time US Restaurant sales, that of the National Restaurant Association's Restaurant performance index, paints a far more disturbing picture.

As the Natl Restaurant Association reports for its latest data, August restaurant sales tumbled in August, sliding to the lowest level since the financial crisis. As the restaurant association reports, due in large part to declines in both same-store sales and customer traffic, the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Performance Index (RPI) fell below 100 in August. The RPI – a monthly composite index that tracks the health of and outlook for the U.S. restaurant industry – stood at 99.6 in August, down 1.0 percent from a level of 100.6 in July.


Donald J Trump Slams Hillary Clinton Today


Worcester County Recreation & Parks invites you to join them for a safe Trick or Treating event! Track or Treat will take place at the Worcester County Recreation Center in Snow Hill on Friday, October 28, from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
This family-fun event is open to youth ages 12 and under. Local vendors will hand out goodies to the kids, and kid-friendly games will be offered. Children should come dressed in their Halloween costumes, and don't forget to bring a bag to collect goodies.
There is no admission fee for this event, but children must be accompanied by an adult. 

For more information on this event or to become a vendor, contact Lea Cataggio at 410-632-2144 ext.2509 or Visit our website at to sign up for email announcements.

The Most Explosive WikiLeaks Clinton Revelations (So Far)

Here is a rundown of some of the biggest bombshells dropped by WikiLeaks’ disclosure of Hillary Clinton’s speeches and emails, and why each is so important.

1. Clinton dreams of a world with “open trade and open borders”: Every American should understand that Democrats, and plenty of Republicans, are fighting an all-out war against national sovereignty. Sure, Democrats want new voters, and Republican interests want cheap labor, but they also share a mutual desire to increase the distance between the Ruling Class and voters. In the globalist future, political and business titans will stand atop the world, without having to worry about fulfilling annoying duties to grubby little voters with nostalgic memories of the days when American politicians served America’s interests. Globalism means you’ll never be able to vote against anything.

2. Clinton courted business elites to support liberal agenda to beat back populism: Clinton’s speeches include numerous examples of something that’s hardly new, or unique to her, but a very important harbinger of things to come if she gets into the White House. Democrats serve their voters a steady stream of anti-business, anti-wealth rhetoric, but they’re keenly interested in using Big Business to promote the agenda of Big Government. Some of the examples in the leaked speeches, such as Clinton urging business interests to beat back the Tea Party and support open-borders immigration, are points of common interest with the GOP Establishment.


State Official Stresses Tourism’s Economic Importance

OCEAN CITY – Officials with the state’s Tourism Development Office spoke with members of the Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association at an economic development committee meeting this month about the importance of tourism dollars.

Within the presentation, members were able to see the impact of Ocean City’s tourism on economic development.

Liz Fitzsimmons, managing director of Tourism, Film and the Arts, encouraged attendees to seek support of tourism from the state’s politicians.

Fitzsimmons told members that Ocean City is one of the top two destinations in Maryland, behind Baltimore, and has influence over the state’s tourism and economic development.

Residents from the surrounding states, such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, were frequent visitors to the area last summer, but Fitzsimmons says the state could afford to place more efforts into attracting more individuals from Pittsburgh, a growing demographic of tourists.


Republican Party Leaders Plot Purge, Civil War

Just when you think Republican Party leaders can’t possibly get more cynical, more hypocritical or more suicidal, they surprise you.

Over the past week, a few dozen prominent Republicans, led by 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain and joined by Utah’s Senator Mike Lee and Colorado’s Cory Gardner, dropped their support for Donald Trump and called on Republican voters to vote for other, “down ticket” candidates but not Trump.

The New York Times on October 9 published a list of “160 Republican Leaders who do not support Trump,” and newspapers everywhere trumpeted the newest addition to the list.

That chorus was joined briefly by House Speaker Paul Ryan, who said he would vote for Trump but would not campaign for him or with him. Ryan also advised the entire Republican congressional delegation to do the same.

This betrayal of the party’s presidential nominee by top echelons of party leadership can only be called overt sabotage. Whether successful or not in denying Trump a victory on November 8, it undoubtedly is the opening shot in a civil war that will erupt full scale on November 9.


HERE IT IS=> List of Debunked Groper Allegations by Corrupt Media Against Donald Trump

The Democrat-media complex carpet bombed Donald Trump with several alleged groping stories this week from several women.

The media clearly did not fact check these stories. They ran the stories no matter how farfetched they were. It is clear from the number of stories dropped in the last week that this was a coordinated effort, probably from inside the Hillary Clinton campaign. The goal was not to present facts to the public. Their goal was to destroy Donald Trump.

In 2008 the Democrat media hit Republican John McCain with similar allegations. Vicki Iseman, the woman named in the hit piece, settled with The New York Times after the election.

So, it is clear that this is a commonly used tactic by Democrats – use the media to slander and destroy their opposition before the election.

Thankfully, today the conservative media is much stronger than it was eight years ago.

Here are a few of the alleged “groping” incidents against Donald Trump that have now been debunked.

1.) Jessica Leeds


Vote Trump 2016; Make America Great Again

Trooper Seek Public’s Assistance in Locating a Wanted Subject

Millsboro - State Police are requesting assistance in locating Ryan P. Gray, 20 of Millsboro, who is wanted for Burglary and Theft related charges as well as a capias out of Sussex Superior Court for Violation of Probation.

Detectives have linked Gray to two separate burglaries that were committed in the Selbyville and Millsboro areas. In one of the incidents, Gray entered a seasonal home and removed electronic gaming devices as well as a flat screen television.

If anyone has any information in reference to his whereabouts, they are asked to contact Detective T. Boyce at 302-752-3807. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

Lost Dog 10-17-16: UPDATE

We lost our sweet baby Jessie yesterday 10/16/16 between 4-5 on on west Main Street in Fruitland something spooked her and she ran off she does not have her tags on but does have her collar which is purple and green and she still has her leash attached to her. She is very sweet but I know is scared. She has severe allergies and has a hard scab on her right knee cap that is being treated. She is a solid black lab. We miss her very much if you see her she is very friendly , please call Dawn or Chris Bishop 410-251-0976 , she lives off Riverside Dr so she could be trying to get home.

NOI 10/16/16 Wicomico Vehicle Fire Glass Hill Road

Media monitors to NBC: Let’s see Broaddrick tape

Demanding network release unedited interview with alleged Clinton victim

NBC is suppressing footage of Bill Clinton rape-accuser Juanita Broaddrick’s claim in a 1999 interview that Hillary Clinton tried to intimidate her into silence, contends the head of a media watchdog.

Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, noted that last week, NBC released a long-held video of Donald Trump making vulgar remarks, which has taken center-stage in the campaign “just in time to exert maximum damage against him.”

“Now, shockingly, we learn that NBC is suppressing a damning 1999 video interview with Juanita Broaddrick. This interview purportedly shows Hillary Clinton trying to intimidate Broaddrick to not talk about her rape allegations against Bill Clinton,” he said.

Former NBC journalist Michael Isikoff, known for breaking the Monica Lewinsky story, initiated the call for the network to release the raw footage of the Lisa Myers interview with Broaddrick, which was broadcast on “Dateline.”

SPD Weekly Shoplifting Arrests 10-17-16

SPD Press Release (Armed Robbery Investigation)

Delayed post:  This was released Friday but due to a computer issues we were unable to post it.

Hillary Clinton will finish economic redistribution Obama started

The political firestorms of the past week — the 2005 tape of Donald Trump uttering crass statements about women, WikiLeaks’ disclosure of thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails revealing her two-faced hypocrisy, the appearance at the second presidential debate of several women who have accused Bill Clinton of rape and sexual assault, Mr. Trump’s comeback debate performance — have obscured one critically important truth.

Hillary Clinton is seeking the Democrats’ third term in the presidency. It’s not, however, her husband’s third term. It’s President Obama’s.

She routinely praises Mr. Obama and his economic stewardship while embracing his radical, far-left approach that drives the party she now seeks to lead.

Mr. Trump offered a refresher on Mr. Obama’s ideology, the policies it wrought and the devastating results they produced. Mrs. Clinton, he said, would make an already ruinous economy worse.


Wikileaks: Hillary sent intel info to Podesta’s hacked account

Sent lengthy Middle East breakdown based on intelligence sources

(Daily Caller)
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sent a lengthy Middle East intelligence breakdown in an email to longtime ally and lobbyist John Podesta while he was working in the White House.

“With all of its tragic aspects, the advance of ISIL through Iraq gives the U.S. Government an opportunity to change the way it deals with the chaotic security situation in North Africa and the Middle East,” Clinton wrote to Podesta in an August 2014 email obtained by WikiLeaks.

Clinton’s email, sent from a private account she began using after leaving the Department of State, gives Podesta a breakdown of the political situation in the Middle East following the rise of the Islamic State. Clinton says her email and advice is based on various intelligence sources.

WSJ: 'Nation Now Has Proof' of Hillary Scandals, But Leftist Media 'Devote Its Front Pages to the Trump Story'

The Wall Street Journal’s Potomac Watch columnist Kimberley Strassel details the “devastating case against a Clinton presidency” that can be made by reviewing the WikiLeaks documents combined with what is already known in the public record. Strassel notes that although “the nation now has proof of pretty much everything [Hillary Clinton] has been accused of,” the media “has almost uniformly ignored the flurry of bombshells, preferring to devote its front pages” to the story that Donald Trump “made lewd remarks a decade ago and now stands accused of groping women.”

From Strassel in the Wall Street Journal:

The Obama administration—the federal government, supported by tax dollars—was working as an extension of the Clinton campaign. The State Department coordinated with her staff in responding to the email scandal, and the Justice Department kept her team informed about developments in the court case.

Worse, Mrs. Clinton’s State Department, as documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show, took special care of donors to the Clinton Foundation. In a series of 2010 emails, a senior aide to Mrs. Clinton asked a foundation official to let her know which groups offering assistance with the Haitian earthquake relief were “FOB” (Friends of Bill) or “WJC VIPs” (William Jefferson Clinton VIPs). Those who made the cut appear to have been teed up for contracts. Those who weren’t? Routed to a standard government website.

The leaks show that the foundation was indeed the nexus of influence and money. The head of the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Ira Magaziner, suggested in a 2011 email that Bill Clinton call Sheikh Mohammed of Saudi Arabia to thank him for offering the use of a plane. In response, a top Clinton Foundation official wrote: “Unless Sheikh Mo has sent us a $6 million check, this sounds crazy to do.”


Top Liberal Warns: Hillary Wants to Start WW3


Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta used a term known to reference assassination in an email sent to a lobbyist days before Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s mysterious death.

The email, an exchange between Podesta and D.C. lobbyist Steve Elmendorf, appeared in a trove of documents dumped by the organization WikiLeaks Wednesday.

“Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard,” Podesta says in the February 9 email under the subject line “Thanks”.

“I’m all in,” gay lobbyist and Hillary delegate Steve Elmendorf replies. “Sounds like it will be a bad nite, we all need to buckle up and double down.”


Communist Party USA pushes landslide for Hillary

Calls on 'comrades on the ground' to defeat Trump resoundingly

Hillary Clinton is getting a boost in her bid for the presidency from an enthusiastic group she doesn’t mention in campaign speeches – the Communist Party USA.

Long gone are the days when the party ran its own candidates for president and vice president. In 2016, it’s all in for the Democrats and Clinton.

The party is not just pushing for a win, though, it’s looking for a landslide over Donald Trump that will permit the Democrats to take the House and Senate, too, according to the latest reports at the CPUSA website.

“The polls are frightening in light of the white supremacist forces in top leadership of the Trump campaign,” says one report on the site. “How to move voters? The biggest challenge is making voters aware of where the candidates stand on issues that affect their lives like jobs, wages, Social Security, pay equity, immigration reform, voting rights, student debt, indeed, all democratic rights at stake, and then turning out a massive vote. Now is the time to put everything we’ve got into this election struggle in a way that carries on after it’s over.”

The report added: “It will be important to hear from the comrades on the ground talking to voters. Clearly if Trump and the Republicans are to be defeated, it will take a continued massive education effort and a real explosion of voter turnout.”


Obama political aides get preference over veterans for gov’t jobs

Agencies did not follow lawful procedures in hiring 25% of president's appointees

(Daily Signal)
A disabled veteran didn’t get a job he sought in a federal agency, although he was qualified for the position and was supposed to receive preference. The job went instead to a political appointee of the Obama administration.

This was just one instance in which a nonpartisan government investigation found agencies didn’t follow the rules in hiring one-fourth of all the President Barack Obama political appointees who will be settled in career posts after a new president is sworn in Jan. 20.

One Senate committee chairman said the Obama administration’s failure to follow procedures is “troubling,” while another said the administration “should ensure fairness and competition” in filling jobs.

10 Democrats Who Brushed Off Bill Clinton's Sexual Assault Allegations

Democrats have worked themselves into a furor of faux outrage over the recent sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump, but of course they're also massive hypocrites for brushing off the numerous allegations against Bill Clinton. The claims about Trump's actions are serious and worthy of further investigation, but to admit that also requires admitting that the even more severe and numerous accusations against Clinton are as well.

Here are 10 Democrats who have dismissed the serious accusations involving Clinton.

1. Joe Biden. The outgoing vice president said in a recent interview that Clinton's allegations "shouldn’t matter."

"I can’t make any excuse for Bill Clinton’s conduct," Biden said. "...And I wouldn’t attempt to make any excuses for the conduct. But he paid a price for it. He paid a price. He was impeached. And he was– he expressed his deep sorrow and acknowledged what he did."

But as the Daily Wire's James Barrett noted, the Clinton hasn't taken responsibility for the allegations, only having apologized for incidents in which he was caught red-handed after having lied to the American people. He and his wife have spent years attacking the other women who came forward with the allegations.


Donald Trump: 'This Whole Election Is Being Rigged'

Donald Trump spent the majority of his campaign rally in Greensboro, North Carolina combatting what he calls “phony accusers” — referencing several women who have accused him of groping and sexually assaulting them.

“It’s a phony deal,” Trump said, referencing the multiple news stories that have surfaced with women accusing him of the misconduct. “I have no idea who these women are.”
“The stories are total fiction,” he responded, during the rally at the White Oak Amphitheater, adding, “100 percent made up.”

Two new women surface: One to WP, which Trump just denied, and a former Apprentice contestant w/ Gloria Allred. Trump rips media for reports

Clinton Foundation May Be In Ethics Breach With Bill's $1 Million "Present" From State Sponsor Of Terrorism

Much has been said about an April 2012 email disclosed by WikiLeaks, in which Amitabh Desai, the Clinton Foundation’s director of foreign policy, writes to senior Clinton Foundation officials explaining the “summary of key points” from his meetings with the “Ambassadors from Qatar, Brazil, Peru, Malawi, and Rwanda, in Washington, DC.”

Describing his meeting with the ambassador of Qatar, Desai wrote, “Would like to see WJC [William Jefferson Clinton] ‘for five minutes’ in NYC, to present $1 million check that Qatar promised for WJC’s birthday in 2011.”

“Qatar would welcome our suggestions for investments in Haiti – particularly on education and health,” Desai wrote in the email. “They have allocated most of their $20 million but are happy to consider projects we suggest. I’m collecting input from CF Haiti team.”

While this has been seen by critics of the Clinton Foundation as yet another instance of influence pandering and "pay-to-play", this time there may actually be consequences for the Clinton Foundation: according to the State Department, the previously undisclosed donation suggests there may be an ethics violation by the foundation, even though the State of Qatar is shown on the foundation's website as having given at least that amount. There is no date listed for the donation. A spokesman for the foundation declined to confirm the donation to Reuters.


Pence, ISP: Voter suppression allegations 'completely false'

Gov. Mike Pence and the Indiana State Police are calling allegations that they are trying to rig the 2016 election by suppressing voters in Indiana "completely false."

Patriot Majority USA, a voter registration agency in Indianapolis, started the accusations against Pence and ISP after police raided an Indianapolis voting agency Oct. 6.

The State Police were looking into a voter fraud case that spans 56 counties, according to a release. Police have been investigating the case since late August, when police learned of fraudulent voter registration forms filed in Marion and Hendricks counties.

Craig Varoga, president of Patriot Majority USA, accused Pence of using the State Police to suppress Indiana voters and violate their constitutional rights in a news release Oct. 6.

"This is not only voter suppression at its worst, it is an insult to all of the honest troopers in the State Police, and to law-enforcement officials across the country, who disapprove of wasting precious crime-fighting resources on partisan witch hunts that further harm relations between police officers and minority communities," Varoga said in the release.


Black Panther leader, Quanell X, had something to say about Donald J. Trump.

A Message To Americans, From Brussels

Rigged Debates: Wikileaks Confirms Media in Clinton’s Pocket

Clinton's people asked for all sorts of special treatment from the DNC and the press—and they got it

On October 12, WikiLeaks released part four and five of Clinton campaign Chair John Podesta’s emails, with part six to be released on October 13, and part seven to follow on October 14.

“As soon as the nomination is wrapped up, I will be your biggest surrogate,” current Interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Donna Brazile, wrote to Podesta in a January 2016 email. As a Vice Chair of the DNC, Brazile was bound to neutrality per the charter, but as shown in several emails released so far, that was not the case.

“I pushed back hard on this, and Axe. So weird to attack the kids the night before the first primary,” Brazile wrote in an email she forwarded to Podesta about what CNN was doing while she served as a CNN contributor.


Media Hail ‘Drunken, Debauched’ Ted Kennedy as ‘Lion of the Senate,’ While Demonizing Trump

While acknowledging the seriousness of sexual abuse, the Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Matt Boyle on Friday about the media hypocrisy behind some recent reports of allegedly inappropriate behavior by Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Gainor said, “What bothers me here is how the media became seventeenth-century Puritans overnight..

"The same people who promote debauched sex, S&M, threesomes, foursomes, look at the latest episode of Westworld. They have a bi-sexual foursome in it. The same media that thinks that’s great and doesn’t do anything to tear down the morality of our country, then turn around and say, ‘Oh, what this guy did was bad.'”

“They’re not going to talk about the Kennedys,” he went on, “who they think were great, when John F. Kennedy was using interns like they were party favors, Teddy Kennedy results in the death of somebody, and then he screws his way through Washington in a drunken, debauched state, and he’s the ‘Lion of the Senate.'”


Canaries 'In Extremis'

Nobody “important” will admit it until after the election, but the resumption of the depression is at hand.

Most people’s strongest memory of the last financial crisis was the September 2008 bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. However, thirteen months prior to that, August 2007, two Bear Stearns’ mortgage hedge funds went bankrupt. That was the bell tolling for the housing market, the mortgage securities market, and—because of the leverage and the interconnections—the global financial system itself. The Dow Jones Industrial Average would not make its high for another couple of months, but for those who knew what they were looking for, the Bear Stearns’ bankruptcies signaled the impending reversal in financial markets and the economy.

Sometimes one has to see the big picture, and sometimes looking at a host of smaller pictures is more worthwhile. While housing and mortgage finance were the epicenters of the last crisis, there will probably be no single identifiable catalyst for the next one. Not because there are no central-bank sponsored debt-driven bubbles out there, but because there are so many of them, all over the world. Multiple coal mine canaries are in extremis and they’re sending the same message as the Bear Stearns’ bankruptcies did.

If the US real economy is not already in a recession, it’s on the verge.



Wikileaks Reveals Long List of Media Canoodling with Hillary Clinton

There is a reason that the establishment media is devoting so little airtime to the Wikileaks revelations: the hacked emails show how many establishment media people are working with Clinton family to rig the election.

Here is a list of some of media actions that have been exposed, so far. 



Media’s phony groper allegations falling like dominoes

Common Democrat tactic used to slander, destroy opponents unravels

(Gateway Pundit) The Democrat-media complex carpet bombed Donald Trump with several alleged groping stories this week from several women.

The media clearly did not fact check these stories. They ran the stories no matter how farfetched they were. It is clear from the number of stories dropped in the last week that this was a coordinated effort, probably from inside the Hillary Clinton campaign. The goal was not to present facts to the public. Their goal was to destroy Donald Trump.

In 2008 the Democrat media hit Republican John McCain with similar allegations. Vicki Iseman, the woman named in the hit piece, settled with The New York Times after the election.

So, it is clear that this is a commonly used tactic by Democrats – use the media to slander and destroy their opposition before the election.

Are Junk Foods Making You Depressed?

Inflammation is the catch word in medical circles as the cause of many of our dreaded diseases. But the latest research shows an undeniable connection between inflammation and mental health, particularly depression.

“We gone light years beyond the notion that certain foods like carbohydrates create a good mood,” Dr. James M. Greenblatt, a Boston-based psychiatrist and author of “Breakthrough Depression Solution: Mastering Your Mood with Nutrition, Diet and Supplementation,” tells Newsmax Health.

“We know from many research studies that a poor diet causes a variety of mental disorders including depression.”

Greenblatt says that the recent Center for Disease Control and Prevention study citing that suicide rates leaped by 24 percent over the past 15 years is partially a reflection of our junk-food society.

“Particularly at risk, in my personal experience, [are] adolescents with eating disorders,” he says. “The most dramatic increase in suicide rates was seen among girls between the ages of 10 to 14. Since 1999, the suicide rate for this group has exploded by an incredible 200 percent.

“Part of this is due to social media, but a large part is due to malnutrition. The adolescent diet is characterized by increased intake of refined grains and processed sugars, and devoid of essential nutrients.”

Greenblatt explains that your brain consumes a whopping 25 percent of our metabolic energy and therefore needs the correct food sources of protein, vitamins, and minerals along with omega-3 fatty acids to ensure optimum functioning.

“Research has shown that low levels of vitamins D, B-12, magnesium, and particularly omega-3 essential fatty acids have been linked to depression and increased risk of suicide,” he says.

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The Wall Street Fraud That Can Change The Outcome Of The Election

Wall Street issues $70 billion dollars in fraudulent bonds. The rating agencies issued unjustified credit ratings for these bonds and the banks knowingly sold these faulty bonds to the American people in all 50 states. The bonds defaulted and American’s lost tens of billions.

What American’s don’t know is that both the Congress and the Senate were fully aware of all this fraud. Instead of prosecuting those responsible, Congress passed legislation (PROMESA) stripping all innocent bond holders of their legal rights while prohibiting any lawsuits against the parties who issued these bonds.

According to one of the millions of victims, Commercial Solar Power the FBI and the SEC attended their press conference listing all of these acts of fraud and now have active investigations exploring these allegations.

The list of participating banks looks like Hillary Clinton’s paid speech list while Paul Ryan reversed course after receiving $213,000 from Wall Street firms and voted for the PROMESA legislation. There are no innocent politicians on this one.


New FBI files contain allegations of 'quid pro quo' in Clinton's emails

FBI interview summaries and notes, provided late Friday to the House Government Oversight and Intelligence Committees, contain allegations of a "quid pro quo" between a senior State Department executive and FBI agents during the Hillary Clinton email investigation, two congressional sources told Fox News.

"This is a flashing red light of potential criminality," Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, who has been briefed on the FBI interviews, told Fox News.

He said "there was an alleged quid pro quo” involving Undersecretary for Management Patrick Kennedy and the FBI “over at least one classified email.”

“In return for altering the classification, the possibility of additional slots for the FBI at missions overseas was discussed,” Chaffetz said.

As Fox News previously reported, interviews released earlier this month, known as 302s, reveal the serious allegation that Kennedy applied pressure to subordinates to change classified email codes so they would be shielded from Congress and the public. Fox News was told as far back as August 2015 that Kennedy was running interference on Capitol Hill. But Kennedy, in his FBI interview on Dec. 21, 2015, “categorically rejected” allegations of classified code tampering.


Rigged Debates, Wikileaks Email Blackout Confirm Media in Clinton’s Pocket

On October 12, WikiLeaks released part four and five of Clinton campaign Chair John Podesta’s emails, with part six to be released on October 13, and part seven to follow on October 14.

“As soon as the nomination is wrapped up, I will be your biggest surrogate,” current Interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Donna Brazile, wrote to Podesta in a January 2016 email. As a Vice Chair of the DNC, Brazile was bound to neutrality per the charter, but as shown in several emails released so far, that was not the case.

“I pushed back hard on this, and Axe. So weird to attack the kids the night before the first primary,” Brazile wrote in an email she forwarded to Podesta about what CNN was doing while she served as a CNN contributor.

On October 10, an email was released that showed Brazile tipping off the Clinton campaign to an outreach campaign being conducted by the Sanders campaign. Brazile defended herself on Twitter claiming she also sent the Sanders campaign “advice,” but did not release or cite any examples.

Trump Donates to North Carolina Flood Victims

Why do women’s groups treat Bill Clinton and Donald Trump differently?

Groups that advocate for women’s rights are lashing out at Donald Trump for allegations of groping women and bragging about sexual assaults.

But some of those same groups did not think former President Bill Clinton’s allegations of sexual misconduct nearly two decades ago were disqualifying in the same way.

At least three women – Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey – accused Clinton of unwanted sexual advances. Another five, including White House intern Monica Lewinsky, said they had had consensual affairs with him. Clinton was impeached on charges of lying about the Lewinsky affair before a grand jury and of obstruction of justice, but was acquitted and served his full presidential term.

Women’s groups largely stayed supportive.

“Feminists have, all along, muffled, disguised, excused and denied the worst aspects of the president’s behavior with women,” said a lengthy Vanity Fair article from 1998.

“Feminism sort of died in that period,” New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd told Yahoo recently. “Because the feminists had to come along with Bill Clinton’s retrogressive behavior with women in order to protect the progressive policies for women that Bill Clinton had as president.”

Clinton’s female supporters stood by him, especially as he denied allegations of misconduct, as has Trump. Later, after Clinton admitted to some of the allegations of consensual sex, they did criticize him but still supported him.

They were called hypocrites at the time, particularly when they were among the first to blast conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and former Sen. Bob Packwood, R-Ore., for allegations of sexual misconduct.


A Scorned Woman's Revenge?

Two more women accused Republican nominee Donald Trump of sexual assault Friday, with a relative of one of them saying that the allegation was "an attempt to regain the spotlight."

Summer Zervos, a former contestant on Trump's NBC reality show "The Apprentice," said the real estate mogul kissed her and groped her after meeting at a Beverly Hills hotel in 2007 to discuss a potential job. Zervos, accompanied at a Los Angeles press conference by attorney Gloria Allred, said she was later offered a lower-paying job at a Trump golf course.

“You do not have the right to treat women as sexual objects just because you are a star,” Zervos said at the press conference, addressing Trump.

Late Friday, the Trump campaign released a statement purporting to be from statement in which a cousin of Zervos said he was "shocked and bewildered" by her account.

John Barry of Mission Viejo, Calif., said in the statement that Zervos spoke glowingly of Trump until the real estate mogul rebuffed an invitation to visit her restaurant during the primary campaign.

"I think Summer wishes she could still be on reality TV, and in an effort to get that back she’s saying all of these negative things about Mr. Trump," Barry said. "That’s not how she talked about him before.."

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UPDATE: Image Added.

Gloria Allred Conspired with Clinton Campaign

See below Wikileaks Email where Gloria Allred conspired with Clinton campaign to gin up sexual harassment claims. Interesting thing is, she is now supposedly representing one of the Fake Victims.

Questions: Isn't this an ethics violation with the California Bar Association? Is it an ethics violation of the American Bar Association? 

Anytime in the past when Allred has been involved in 'political' smears (Herman Cain) the charges have been falsely claimed to inch out competitors. In 2012, it was effective in getting Cain to drop his bid as the Republican Nominee. (How could we claim racism against Obama for not supporting him if the Republican is also black?)

Dare any local attorney to answer the above questions! Ethical attorneys know this is true but depending on their political bend, the answers will probably conflict.

Full email chain here on WikiLeaks.

Use your noodles!

As Deadly Superbugs Rise, Big Pharma Pushes Farm Antibiotics

The U.S. wants to fight superbugs by targeting one of the world’s biggest markets for antibiotics: farms.

Big pharma has other ideas.

Even as the industry prepares to comply with new U.S. Food and Drug Administration efforts to limit antibiotic use in American livestock, it is marketing the drugs to U.S. veterinarians while continuing to expand sales elsewhere around the world. Bacteria resistant to antibiotic drugs, or superbugs, are a growing problem particularly in hospitals and claim an estimated 700,000 lives annually. Scientists say there is an intimate link between the health of the planet’s livestock and that of the human population.

“If some of the biggest responsible parties -– namely the companies making the products -– are still selling the antibiotics in other countries, it just underscores that this has to be a change that happens across the entire world,” said David Wallinga, senior health official and physician at the National Resources Defense Council. “And the companies bear a big responsibility for that approach.”

Companies, farmers and food processors contend that antibiotic drugs remain an essential tool for providing consumers with healthy, plentiful meat and poultry at affordable prices. Even so, they support using alternatives to antibiotics that contribute to superbugs, and some are working on vaccines to do the job antibiotics now perform.


Kaine was VP Pick in July 2015!

Yes, 2015 not 2016! Read the WikiLeak Email regarding this.

Busted: Trump Sex Allegations Full of Holes

Evidence points to political motivation behind claims

Details surrounding the sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump are raising doubts that the claims are credible.

Accuser Jessica Leeds claimed Trump molested her in the first-class section of a Braniff 707 flying from Dallas to New York in 1979, but Braniff didn’t use 707s on that route.

A Braniff flight table shows that the airline only operated 727s between the two cities, which is expected: the 727 was developed for domestic flights.

New WikiLeaks emails show influence of Univision Chairman in Clinton Campaign

WASHINGTON: The clashes between candidate Donald Trump and the Spanish-language Univision television network began within days of Trump's announcement last year that he was seeking the Republican nomination.

Now, a series of emails pirated from the Democratic National Committee and published the past week by the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks shows that within days of Trump's June 16, 2015 announcement of his candidacy, Univision's chairman, Haim Saban, was urging the Clinton campaign to take a tougher stance on Trump's anti-immigrant agenda.

"Haim thinks we are underrating to Trump/Hispanics. Thinks we can get something by standing up for Latinos or attacking Rs (Republicans) for not condemning," Clinton campaign Chairman John Pedestal wrote July 3, 2015, is an email to other Clinton staffers.

The email drew an immediate response from Jennifer Palmieri, a former White House spokeswoman who is communications director for the Clinton campaign: "Haim is right -- we should be jamming this all the time."


Emails Reveal Clintons' Relationship With Chemical Maker

Emails recently released by the Obama administration expose just how intertwined was Clinton’s State Department, her family’s non-profit, and a controversial consulting firm called Teneo Holdings.

All three entities had close ties to Dow Chemical, the multinational chemical manufacturer headquartered in Midland, Mich.

Emails released by the State Department — some of which were provided to the watchdog group Citizens United — show that Dow’s CEO, Andrew Liveris, had such access to Hillary Clinton that he was able to personally pass the then-secretary of state a letter in 2010 that he hoped would help his company as it faced a political firestorm in India.

The emails also show that Doug Band, Bill Clinton’s former body man and a Clinton Foundation adviser, reached out to Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, to inquire on Liveris’ behalf about the letter, which was intended for Manmohan Singh, India’s prime minister at the time.


Drudge Warns: Impending Hillary Sex Scandal

Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report has warned Hillary Clinton that he’s about to drop a bombshell about her “sex stuff” Saturday morning.

“Oh, on the sex stuff. Hillary is about to get hers…,” Drudge said in a tweet.

drudge hillary abt to get hers tweet
Drudge tweeted a picture of Clinton on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she appeared Friday in her first interview following the second presidential debate with Donald Trump.

The “sex stuff” Drudge is referring to concerns Clinton’s sexuality, which the London Times and several other foreign newspapers brought into question back in 2007 when Clinton was accused of having an affair with her aide Huma Abedin.

The Clinton campaign responded to these reports, saying that the reports were “ridiculous” and not to be taken seriously.

“This does not even qualify as tabloid trash… it’s ridiculous and reckless,” a Clinton aide said to The Week.

A rumor circulated in the 1990s saying that Clinton was secretly okay with her husband’s extramarital affairs because she was secretly a lesbian, but there has been no truth to the rumor.