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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Utility Removed Stolen Electric Meter Before 8 Were Poisoned

Delmarva Power said Tuesday that it did not cut off power to a family of eight who died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning because they were behind on their utility bills.

The utility discovered a stolen electric meter had been illegally connected to the rental home where the family was living since November. The meter was disconnected for safety reasons on March 25, spokesman Matt Likovich said.

Rodney Todd and his two sons and five daughters then used a generator for power. They were last seen alive on March 28.

Todd, a 36-year-old divorced kitchen worker, were accidentally poisoned by carbon monoxide from the gas-powered generator they were using to keep warm after their electricity was cut off, Princess Anne Police Chief Scott Keller Tuesday.


I Have A Question For ALL Of You...

If I told you that I know of a student who will graduate from School this year who has missed almost EIGHTY days, John Fredericksen is well aware of it but has chosen to PASS this person because he doesn't want his numbers to go down, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY?

Ladies & Gentlemen, I know this to be a fact. 



While I have been very busy lately, I have taken the time, (twice) in the past week to watch WBOC and each time Alice Bavis was on and in my opinion exposing too much cleavage. Come on, mother of two, show some class and stop acting and looking like a boob. Your lack of enthusiasm is quite depressing as well. COVER UP!

Now THIS is the Alice Bavis we all know and enjoy. The image above was taken just seconds ago, 5:03 PM. 

A Viewer Writes: Crime In Salisbury

Dear Joe,

Everyone who lives in the Camden Avenue/North and Middle Blvds area should be aware that serious crimes are being committed and they should be very careful at night. Tonight I received a text message from a close friend who told me to be careful at night because her sister's boyfriend was held up at gunpoint almost across the street from my house. Not long after he met a young guy who had been beaten and robbed at gunpoint just 20 minutes before her boyfriend was held up. The criminals were hiding in the bushes and jumped him. 

This is so concerning as a resident of the area. No one wants to fear for their safety in their own neighborhood. I just thought I would pass the information on so residents are aware. Tonight, for the first time I put my handgun next to my bed. 

The crime in Salisbury is out of control and it is a damn shame what Salisbury is turning into. There are good people and good families in this area of Camden and the citizen's deserve a safe, crime free way of life especially for what we pay to live in this once nice historic area of the city.

Dash cam shows moments before shooting of Walter Scott

Maryland mom who lost seven kids: ‘When they told me, I felt like I died.’

DENTON, Md. — On April 4, the day her baby girl was to turn 6, Tyisha Chambers texted her ex-husband.

She asked to speak with her youngest daughter, Tybreyia Todd. Chambers hadn’t lived with her children in three years, but on their birthdays, she always talked to them.

Her text went unanswered. Two days later, Chambers got the news about seven of her children, including Tybreyia.

“I don’t know if she made 6,” Chambers said Wednesday.

Along with her ex-husband, Rodney Todd, 36, the five girls and two boys had all been found dead in their tiny rented ranch house in Princess Anne, about 60 miles from her own home in Denton, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.


Wicomico County’s 2016 Operational Budget Hearing

Thursday night, April 9th, will be the annual public hearing for Wicomico’s 2016 Operational Budget.  A public hearing will be held at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center – at 6 PM.  From a journalistic perspective – it marks a historic juncture in our County’s destiny whereby our elected representatives will decide to abide by the general rule on self-reliance – verses – borrowing through deficit spending.  The latter resulting in  passing-on the financial responsibility onto the next generation.  Wicomico’s past is blotted with massive private sector job losses as a result of a manufacturing exodus.  Although the major manufacturing transition which began to occur across this nation more than a decade ago – there are few areas that have been hit harder than Wicomico County.   Loss of major companies like Dresser/Haliburton, Crown Cork & Seal, Campbell’s Soup, Standard Register, Comtek, and Grumman – the list is endless.

Almost simultaneous to the manufacturing exodus, massive governmental regulations were imposed upon private property – stymieing private sector employment growth.  Such extremes as MD Department of Planning - Tier Maps, Agricultural Preservation set-a-sides, Critical Areas, wetlands delineations, developmental impact fees.  One only has to take a glance at our nations retracting workforce numbers to realize that we are a nation in decline. 

Latest GDP Numbers – US Growth Forecast Chopped to Zero
The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has reported that its forecast for U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) growth dropped to zero on April 1 and ticked back up to 0.1% on April 2. The bank uses a unique model called GDPNow to prepare its forecasts, and the model typically estimates growth well below the rate projected by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).  This does not bode well for college graduates whose upward mobility is virtually severed with such small incremental gains in industrial outputs. 

Feds Long Term Interest Rate Policy – No Tools Left In Their Arsenal
The economy looks good . . . . but not that good.
Fed Chair Janet Yellen won’t say when interest rates will rise because she doesn’t know.  Her recent speech provided details to how Yellen sees the current economic landscape. And while it seemed to give conflicting messages, that's sort of the point.   

Wicomico’s Unemployment Rate – January’s USBLS jobs numbers report shows that the unemployment rate dramatically increased from December, 2014 - 7.2% to January, 2015 - 8.8%
But what is even more alarming is the local decline in our areas workforce.  This seems to mirror what is transpiring all across the Country.  The latest report shows that there are 93 million Americans that are currently out of work. Be cognizant that there are approximately 321 million people living in America so the staggering workforce decline represents nearly one in every 3.5 people are currently not working.  Not since the Great Depression has this nation experienced these kinds of numbers of people not working.

Perfect Storm Scenario
What if the 2nd Quarter jobs and GDP numbers come in weak – could this be a further indication that our nation may be sliding into yet another recession?   What will the Feds do then?  Lowering interest rates any further won’t have much impact as they are already near zero.  What if they start another round of quantitative easing – QE4?  If QE 1, 2, and 3 – didn’t help to pull us out – then why would the FEDs believe that another round of stimulus will make any difference.

Financial Highlights
  • Wicomico County net per capita personal income – at a lower level than in 2004 – 10 years ago.  Evidence that our lifestyles have drastically diminished.
  • Wicomico County labor workforce continues to decline - even as the county population increases.   Area’s unemployment rate increased in January to 8.8%.
  • Private sector business properties have been gobbled up by Government entities – prime examples - (i.e. Former Dresser site absorbed by SU, former Comtek property purchased by the Tri – County Council,  Old Salisbury Mall property taken over by Wicomico County, former Noland site and Purity Bacon properties purchased by Salisbury University)
  • State & Local regulations have severely hampered private development – (i.e. Tier Maps, Agriculture Preservation Act, Critical Areas, Wetlands delineation, Smart Growth initiatives – all legislated efforts that seek to force the general population back into the abandoned Cities. 
  • 17% of Wicomico’s citizens are currently living below the Poverty level or (nearly 1 in every 5) – while the MD statewide averages 9.8%.
  • Nationally – 93 million Americans are no longer working.
  • US National debt – 18+ trillion dollars

BREAKING NEWS: 7 Juveniles, 1 Adult Found Dead in Princess Anne Home

BREAKING: 7 Juveniles, 1 Adult Found Dead in Princess Anne HomeDETAILS:
Posted by WRDE on Monday, April 6, 2015

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 4-9-15

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " Maryland mom who lost seven kids: ‘When they told ...":

"Anonymous said...
Clearly she was deemed an "unfit" mother for a father in this state to be awarded full custody. This tragedy started long before that generator was started up.

I am not even going to go on about the mother...I blame the lame media for even giving her a platform. They are lower than whale mung.

April 9, 2015 at 6:26 PM"

She deserted those children. She didn't want them. While alive they meant nothing to her. That's why the father had custody. That much is as clear as a bell and those in the media that are falling for her sudden concern are the fools and can't be considered anything close to a journalist because a real journalist does their homework and would know they were being taken by this woman.

Here’s Why Geraldo Doesn’t Think the South Carolina Officer Will Be Found Guilty of Murder

Geraldo Rivera doesn’t believe officer Michael Slager will be found guilty of murder in the controversial shooting of an unarmed black man in the back that happened last Saturday in South Carolina.

Speaking on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning, Rivera believes that the facts paint a different story, especially because they don’t show premeditation, which is one of the important factors for a murder charge.

“I’m extremely glad they released the dash cam video because it gives context to the event, however horrific, tragic and outrageous the shooting in the back is,” he began. “It shows that it started as a righteous traffic stop. There was a light out. The driver was acting hanky, very edgy. He got out of the car, was told to get back in the car. Clearly the officer involved was checking to see whether there were outstanding warrants. The victim knew there was the outstanding warrant for him for child support. He bolts. The taser comes out.


Mother doused her 7-yer-old daughter in gas then set her on fire

A California mother has been accused of setting her seven-year-old daughter on fire this weekend.

Porche Wright, 27, was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday afternoon on attempted murder charges.

According to a news release from the Sacramento Police Department, Porche was arrested on Saturday after the suspect's friend and neighbors reported seeing Wright pour gasoline on her daughter then light her with a match.

When paramedics arrived at the Sacramento home, the seven-year-old girl was covered in serious burns.

The girl is expected to survive but she is suffering from severe wounds.


'Women on 20s' to ask president Obama to put one of these 4 women on $20 bill

A woman could soon be the new face of the U.S. $20 bill.

The nonprofit campaign "Women on 20s" allowed voters to choose three of 15 women candidates for the $20 bill, and now it's down to the "Final Four," and you can vote for the ultimate winner. The candidates are Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and Wilma Mankiller.

"In the past 48 hours since the final round started, we’ve had 60,000 people cast votes already," the group's executive director, Susan Ades Stone. told ABC News today. "Though all these women and many more deserve to be honored, the winner will be a symbol of what we hope are greater things to come."


Breaking News: Home Invasion In Salisbury

Police are searching for 4 number 1 males that were involved in a home invasion on Carrollton Ave In Salisbury. The 4 suspects were wearing blue surgical masks. Police are in the area searching for these 4 subjects

Press Conference on Police Shooting Caught on Video Gets So Testy That Mayor Threatens to Shut It Down

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (TheBlaze/AP) — A white South Carolina police officer who claimed he killed a black man in self-defense has been fired and faces murder charges after a bystander’s video recorded him firing eight shots at the man’s back as he ran away. The city’s mayor also said he’s ordered body cameras to be worn by every single officer on the force.

The officer, Michael Thomas Slager, has been fired, but the town will continue to pay for his health insurance because his wife is eight-month’s pregnant, said North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey, who called it a tragedy for two families.

Police Chief Eddie Diggers said he was “sickened” by what he saw on the video, but his explanations were repeatedly interrupted by shouts of “no justice, no peace!” and other hard questions during the testy press conference on Wednesday. He said he couldn’t answer several of the questions.


First lady: Secret Service agents taught Malia how to drive

WASHINGTON (AP) — Some teenagers get driving lessons from their parents. Other teens are taught by licensed instructors.

But Malia Obama isn’t your average 16-year-old: Her driving lessons were provided by the U.S. Secret Service.

Asked who taught Malia how to drive, first lady Michelle Obama told celebrity chef and daytime talk-show host Rachael Ray in an interview that it was the armed agents who provide around-the-clock security for the family.


BREAKING NEWS: Jury Finds Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Guilty On All 30 Counts

There are a total of  30 charges. Once they are all released we will update this post.

COUNT 1: Conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. GUILTY

  • COUNT 1a. Did conspiracy result in the death of Krystle Campbell? yes 
  • COUNT 1b. Did conspiracy result in death of Officer Sean Collier? yes 
  • COUNT 1c. Did conspiracy result in the death of Lingzi Lu? yes COUNT 1d. Did conspiracy result in the death of Martin Richard? yes

White SC officer charged with murder in black man's death

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Dramatic video that shows a white South Carolina police officer shooting a fleeing black man after a traffic stop has led authorities to file a murder charge against the officer amid public outrage over a series of deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of law enforcement agents.

Protests were planned Wednesday in North Charleston, led by a group formed after the fatal shooting of another black man in Ferguson, Missouri.

The video, provided to the dead man's family and lawyer by an unidentified person who shot the footage, shows North Charleston Patrolman Michael Thomas Slager firing eight shots at the back of Walter Lamer Scott as he runs away. The 50-year-old man falls after the eighth shot, fired after a brief pause.

Scott's parents appeared separately on TV shows Wednesday morning, a day after the officer was charged.

Walter Scott Sr. told the NBC "Today Show" that his son may have run because he owed child support and didn't want to go back to jail.

Scott Sr. said that in the video, the officer "looked like he was trying to kill a deer running through the woods."


Wicomico County Council Confirms The Following Department Heads

1. Resolution 58-2015- Confirming the reappointment of Michele C. Ennis, Ph.D. as the Director of Human Resources 

2. Resolution 59-2015- Confirming the reappointment of John F. Lenox, AICP as Director of Planning, Zoning and Community Development 

3. Resolution 60-2015- Confirming the reappointment of George Kaloroumakis as the Director of Corrections 

4. Resolution 61-2015- Confirming the reappointment of Raymond J. Micciche as Director for the Department of Information Technology. 

5. Resolution 62-2015- Confirming the reappointment of David G. Shipley as the Director of Emergency Services 

6. Resolution 63-2015- Confirming the reappointment of Diana R. Parnell as the Director for the Wicomico Partnerships for Families and Children 

7. Resolution 64-2015- Confirming the reappointment of Edgar A. Baker, Jr., as County Attorney for the Department of Law 

8. Resolution 65-2015- Confirming the reappointment of Mary E. Schwartz as the Director for the Wicomico Nursing Home 

9. Resolution 66-2015- Confirming the reappointment of Robert L. Bryant, A.A.E., as the General Manager for the Salisbury-Ocean City: Wicomico Regional Airport 

10. Resolution 67-2015- Confirming the appointment of Weston S. Young, P.E. as Director for the Department of Public Works

Bruce Jenner breaks his silence to Diane Sawyer

Bruce Jenner will break his silence in a two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer later this month.

The former Olympian and reality TV star, 65, will speak in a 'far-ranging' interview with Sawyer for a special edition of '20/20' on Friday April 24, ABC News announced on Monday.

The interview comes amid growing speculation about the father-of-six's transition to a woman, and follows closely behind his involvement in a deadly car crash in California in February.

And while the Kardashian women are known for enjoying center stage, they will not be stealing Bruce's spotlight because they will be in Armenia when the interview airs, according to TMZ.


Donations For Rodney Todd And Family

Karen Wells and Stephanie Wells (Supervisor) have created this page to help the family of Rodney Todd. Rodney Todd and his 7 children lost their lives. We as a community, state and country need to come together and help this family. Please I'm asking for your help. All donations will be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you all in advance. Please keep the family in prayer, during this tragic time.

Water Shutoffs

Beginning this week, Baltimore, Maryland will be shutting off the water to 25,000 households who owe $250 or more in back water bills. 

Although city officials blame residents for delinquencies totaling more than $40 million, the vast majority of that balance actually comes from businesses, nonprofits and even government offices. 
Yet, just like Detroit, Baltimore is targeting residents instead of going after corporate accounts. 

According to the United Nations, having access to clean water is a human right. But, apparently Detroit and Baltimore don't think of their residents as human beings. 

It wasn't right when water was shut off to the residents of Detroit, and it's just as shameful that Baltimore is planning on doing this to its people.

South Carolina officer faces murder charge after video shows him shooting man in back

A North Charleston police officer was arrested on a murder charge Tuesday after video surfaced of the lawman shooting eight times at 50-year-old Walter Scott as he ran away.

Scott died Saturday after Patrolman 1st Class Michael Slager, 33, shot him in the back.

The State Law Enforcement Division, which looked into whether the shooting was justified, confirmed that the officer had been booked into Charleston County’s jail late Tuesday afternoon on a murder charge.

Mayor Keith Summey said during a news conference that Slager’s “bad decision” had prompted his arrest.


Should the Gov’t Force a Gay Print Shop Owner to Make ‘God Hates F**s’ Signs for Westboro Baptist Church?

Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum and possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate dove deep into the topic on most everyone’s lips this week, telling “Face the Nation” on Sunday that when it comes to religious freedom and discrimination, “tolerance is a two-way street.”

Indiana, particularly its governor, has been under fire over the passage of a religious freedom law written primarily to protect businesses from being forced to participate in activities they find objectionable. After a deluge of criticism saying that the law could allow discrimination against gays, the legislation’s language was quickly clarified.

In his interview Santorum distinguished between discriminating against a person and declining to take part or contribute directly to an activity that one’s faith indicates is wrong.

“No business should discriminate … because of who you are,” Santorum said. “But it should have the ability to say, ‘We’re not going to participate in certain activities that we disagree with on a religious point of view.’”

Then Santorum offered a hypothetical situation.

“If you’re a print shop and you are a gay man, should you be forced to print ‘God Hates F**s’ for the Westboro Baptist Church because they hold those signs up?” he asked. “Should the government force you to do that? And that’s what these cases are all about. This is about the government coming in and saying, ‘No, we’re going to make you do this.’ And his is where I think we just need some space to say, ‘Let’s have some tolerance (and) be a two-way street.”


Missouri Lawmaker’s Plan To Deny Seafood For Food Stamp Users Smells Fishy

A bill proposed by Missouri Rep. Rick Brattin (R-55) to prohibit Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients from using their benefits to purchase seafood is part of a longstanding effort by conservative politicians to stigmatize the poor. Brattin’s proposed Missouri House Bill 813, would prohibit SNAP beneficiaries from using their EBT card to purchase “cookies, chips, energy drinks, soft drinks, seafood, or steak”.

While it may be understandable that lawmakers might want to ban taxpayer dollars being spent on food that has no nutritional value like soda, energy drinks, and cookies, the justification for banning seafood is far more dubious. Furthermore, the rationale for banning specific types of food is based more in right-wing mythology about the poor people eating lavishly off of SNAP (more commonly referred to by critics as “food stamps”) benefits than it is based on any objective reality.

The reality is that, on average, SNAP recipients actually make healthier grocery decisions than most American with higher incomes. This, however, has not stopped Republicans from making outlandish claims about spotting EBT card users making lavish purchases in the checkout aisle.



Gay Mafia Tries to Quash Indiana Pizza Uprising

The GoFundMe account set up for the owners of a small-town Indiana pizza shop, forced to close because of death threats, zoomed to $842,387 Friday evening before coming to a close in an outpouring of support from Christians and non-Christians alike.

But the barrage of online attacks continued against the pizzeria owners who stood firm in their faith and said they would not cater a same-sex wedding., a leftist site which promotes itself as the “go-to site for Web uprisings,” started a petition drive to have the account shut down, while a bastion of the progressive media, Salon, issued a statement on Twitter lampooning the owners.

Dana Loesch, an on-air media personality for the Blaze and host of her own radio show, helped launch the GoFundMe campaign April 1 when she interviewed Crystal O’Connor, who told Loesch she had gone into hiding out of fear for her family’s safety. She said she also had been suspended from a second job as a result of her comment to the reporter.

An employee of CBS News 6 in Richmond, Virginia, named Alix Bryan tweeted: “Indiana pizzeria raises $17K in an hour by being bigoted?”

Bryan then tweeted that she was reporting the GoFundMe account for fraud “just in case.”

One woman, who describes herself as a lesbian from Iowa, posted the following video on YouTube condemning the verbal attacks and issued an apology to the O’Connor family from the “gay community.”

But the threats just kept coming. Not only against the O’Connors but against those who set up the GoFundMe account — Loesch and one of her colleagues.

On Thursday, Lawrence B. Jones III, a contributor to the Blaze TV and who came up with the idea to start the GoFundMe page for Memories Pizza, said on Twitter that pro-gay progressives began targeting his family, the reported.



Kansas goes to "Vermont carry"

Kansans can soon carry concealed weapons without permits or training under a bill signed by Gov. Sam Brownback on Thursday.



Maryland State Police Press Release

(RHODESDALE, MD) -- A man is dead and his wife is in the hospital after an apparent violent domestic situation ended in a homicide overnight in Dorchester County.

The deceased is identified as Eugene W. Tolley, 59, of the 5700-block of Galestown Reliance Rd., Rhodesdale, Md. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The injured person is identified as Nancy J. Tolley, 57, the deceased’s wife, of the same address. She is undergoing treatment at Dorchester General Hospital for an injury to her head and other complications.

No charges have been filed at this time. The Dorchester County state’s attorney has been briefed on the preliminary investigation and is expected to present evidence in this case to a Grand Jury for consideration of charges.

Just before 3:00 a.m. today, Maryland State Police at the Easton Barrack received a 911 call from a female at the victim’s address reporting a shooting. The caller identified herself as the victim’s wife.

Arriving troopers found a man, later identified as Eugene Tolley, lying in the driveway. He appeared to have sustained at least one gunshot wound. A handgun was found on the ground not far from the body. EMS personnel responded and pronounced the victim deceased.

Maryland State Police Homicide Unit investigators responded to conduct the investigation. They were assisted by personnel from the State Police Criminal Enforcement Division, the Crime Scene Unit and Easton Barrack personnel.

The preliminary investigation indicates the victim and his wife became involved in a domestic argument early this morning in the garage of their home. Investigators developed information indicating the victim may have been assaulting his wife, which included inflicting the injury to her head. While he was continuing to threaten her, preliminary evidence indicates Mrs. Tolley retrieved a gun from the house and shot her husband as he approached her.

Investigators are looking into a history of domestic violence involving the victim. Further information is being obtained from scene evidence and ongoing interviews.

Kerry Nobel Prize