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Monday, September 05, 2016

The most epic pin drop speech destroying Black Lives Matter


Anonymous said...

All people are fed up. Vote Trump!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

AMEN! And most black people who have any kind of sense, feel the exact same way!

lmclain said...

I think he publicly smacked her ace with the God's honest truth.
She was stunned!
I surprised that the media were allowed to film that.
He'll be killed in a "robbery" in the next week or so.....nothing will be taken of, course, but her and her fellow excuse makers and liars will swear that his killers will be "brought to Justice".
Hillary and all the other deomcrats will NEVER go to jail.
Hang from a tree, maybe, but never see jail.
The jails are reserved for the serfs.
Keep chering.