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Monday, September 05, 2016

Black Church Gives Trump Standing Ovation

Trump talks economy to hundreds of black leaders

Donald Trump received a standing ovation from the congregation of an African-American church after delivering a speech to the packed crowd.

The GOP nominee spoke with hundreds of black church leaders in attendance at the Great Faith Ministries Church in Detroit, Mich., on Saturday.



Anonymous said...

Not a mention of that on media. How surprising.

Anonymous said...

actually this can be seen elsewhere where the reuters producers can be heard telling the cameraman to cut the feed when the crowd starts applauding trump! The camerman kept filming and said he didnt care if he was demoted for it! lovely how they support the idiot liberals pos clintons/bummer.

Anonymous said...

He's the best thing to happen to minorities in 30 years. God Bless him!

Anonymous said...

Thank the minorities for Donald Trump! What a guy! Hillary can't even comprehend this concept!

Anonymous said...

Media cut it off air.

Anonymous said...

Save the video before the progressives scrub it from the internet.