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Friday, March 27, 2020

Fauci Ignores WHO Boss Crimes Against Humanity

Dr. Deborah Birx Shreds Media For Salacious Claims

Dr. Deborah Birx, who serves as the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, unloaded on the mainstream media during a press conference on Thursday for their COVID-19 reporting that is not backed up by factual realities.

Birx began by highlighting the study in the U.K. that dramatically revised its projections of the total number of deaths projected in the U.K. from “half a million to 20,000.”

“So, when people start talking about 20% of a population getting infected,” Birx later added. “It’s very scary, but we don’t have data that matches that based on the experience.”

Birx then unloaded on the media for its claims that there were few, if any, ventilators in New York and that doctors may have to soon make decisions about who lives and who dies.

“We were reassured after meeting with colleagues in New York there are still ICU beds remaining and there’s still significant, over a thousand or 2,000 ventilators that have not been used yet,” Birx said. “Please, for the reassurance of people around the world, to wake up this morning and look at people talking about creating DNR situations, do not resuscitate situations for patients, there is no situation in the United States right now that warrants that kind of discussion.”

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Maryland Reports 194 New Cases of COVID-19; Cases In National Capital Region More Than Quadruple Over The Last Week

ANNAPOLIS, MD—The State of Maryland now has 774 confirmed cases of COVID-19—an increase of 425 cases over the last three days. There are now more than 1,500 confirmed cases in the National Capital Region—in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia—4.5 times more than there were just one week ago.

Governor Larry Hogan today issued the following statement:

“Over the last three days, the number of COVID-19 cases in Maryland has more than doubled. Cases in the National Capital Region have more than quadrupled over the last week alone. There is no timetable and no model that can tell us exactly how long this will last or how bad this is going to get.

“The federal administration’s swift approval of our request for a Major Disaster Declaration will drive more resources to our coordinated response. As chairman of the National Governors Association, I will continue to press for additional federal resources, including a Title 32 designation for Maryland and all the states to fund National Guard missions.

“Later today, I will convene conference calls with my full Cabinet and our Coronavirus Response Team of Maryland’s top doctors and public health experts to continue to address this crisis. I cannot stress this enough: Marylanders need to stay in place at home to help slow the spread of this deadly virus.

“Our state has already faced and overcome daunting challenges before, and we will do so again.”


As scientists around the world battle for a cure or vaccine to Covid-19, a new case of human-to-animal transmission has arisen in Belgium, where health experts say a cat contracted the disease from its coronavirus-stricken owner.

Just one week after the pet owner in Liege, Belgium was diagnosed with Covid-19, their cat also started showing symptoms of the disease, including respiratory problems and diarrhea.

As panic over the outbreak keeps gaining ground, spokesman for Belgium’s coronavirus crisis center, Emmanuel Andre, tried to reassure the public that the infected animal was an “isolated case.”


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'I've coughed until my throat bled': Nashville woman, 21, who bragged about not taking coronavirus seriously and scoffed at social distancing now regrets it after testing positive

A 21-year-old woman from Tennessee who bragged online about not taking seriously social distancing advice surrounding Covid-19 has contracted the deadly virus herself.

Ireland Tate, from Nashville, joked on social media about how she thought she would not contract the virus and ventured outside with a group of friends - despite strict instructions to stay at home amid the global pandemic.

However, days after posting the video Tate tested positive for the deadly illness, according to WZTV.


Coronavirus: U.S. Reliant on Malaysia, Thailand for Nearly All Rubber Gloves

The United States is relying on rubber glove imports from mostly Malaysia and Thailand in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus, with no clear path for manufacturing the critical medical supply in the U.S.

About three-in-five, or 60 percent, of rubber gloves today are made in Malaysia, while the U.S. is making close to none, according to industry insiders who spoke to Breitbart News.

The coronavirus has hit Malaysia’s supply chains, making it increasingly difficult for foreign factories to keep up with the demand – an issue for the U.S. as rubber gloves are vital to protecting healthcare workers and patients from infection.

Data from 2017 shows the U.S. imports about 91 percent of its rubber gloves from Malaysia and Thailand. The U.S. exports less than 0.4 percent of rubber gloves to other countries.


Pompeo: Chinese Communist Party Denying World Vital Coronavirus Information

The Chinese Communist Party is willfully denying the world vital information it needs to stem the coronavirus pandemic, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo charged on Tuesday night.

Speaking during an exchange with the Washington Watch radio program, Pompeo repeated previous charges Beijing’s delay in sharing information about the virus had created risks to the global community and this had “truly put thousands of lives at risk.”

He said China’s handling of the crisis exemplified the single-party Communist state’s authoritarian and nationalist tendencies.

“My concern is that this cover-up, this disinformation that the Chinese Communist Party is engaged in, is still denying the world the information it needs so that we can prevent further cases or something like this from recurring again,” he added, according to Reuters.


More than $35,000 of groceries tossed after woman allegedly coughed on them, saying she had coronavirus

A 35-year-old Pennsylvania woman is facing multiple charges after police said she purposely coughed on food at a grocery store.

Employees had to sanitize everything and throw away thousands of dollars worth of food.

“Your bail is $50,000 straight. This is a copy of your criminal complaint, arrest warrant affidavit,” District Judge Joseph Halesey told Margaret Cirko, inside a police vehicle.

Police said Cirko went into Gerrity’s Supermarket on Wednesday afternoon and deliberately and violently coughed and spit on food throughout the store before trying to steal a case of beer.

Employees of the store attempted to stop her while she continued to cough and spit on produce and meat, but she kept yelling, “I have the virus. You’re all going to get sick.”


Global condom shortage looking likely after world's biggest producer shuts down over coronavirus

The world's biggest condom producer said a global shortage is looking likely since the coronavirus forced a halt in production, Reuters reported.

Malaysia's Karex Bhd makes one in every five condoms globally — and hasn't produced a single condom in its three Malaysian factories over the past 10 days since the country's government imposed a lockdown to slow the spread of the pandemic, the outlet noted.

That's already a shortfall of 100 million condoms supplied to state health care systems such as Britain's NHS or distributed by aid programs such as the UN Population Fund, Reuters added.


Bloomberg Philanthropies, State of Maryland to Fund Johns Hopkins University-led COVID-19 Treatment Research

Joint Public-Private Initiative Will Provide $4 Million in Funding to a Johns Hopkins University-led Research Team Exploring Therapeutic Uses of Blood Plasma From Recovered COVID-19 Patients

ANNAPOLIS, Md.– Bloomberg Philanthropies, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and Johns Hopkins University announced today a joint effort to fund research into the potential therapeutic uses of COVID-19 convalescent plasma, led by Arturo Casadevall, an infectious disease expert and Bloomberg Distinguished Professor who holds joint appointments in the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

In recent weeks, Casadevall has led a team of physicians and scientists from around the United States to establish a network of hospitals and blood banks that can begin collecting, isolating, and processing blood plasma from COVID-19 survivors. Researchers hope to use the technique to treat critically ill COVID-19 patients and boost the immune systems of health care providers and first responders. Currently there are no proven drug therapies or effective vaccines for treating COVID-19. Casadevall and his team believe that using plasma from recovered viral positive patients could provide immediate immunity to the most at-risk individuals. The strategy of isolating plasma is a long-established technology, and recent advances make it as safe as a blood transfusion.

The funding consists of a $3 million gift from Bloomberg Philanthropies, in addition to $1 million in backing from the state of Maryland.

“Taking on the greatest public health challenge of our generation requires urgent and innovative collaboration. As scientists work to develop a vaccine, plasma treatment has the potential to save many lives – including the lives of doctors and healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic,” said Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies and three-term Mayor of New York City. “I want to thank Governor Hogan, Dr. Casadevall, and Johns Hopkins University for their leadership and partnership, which will help ensure we can study and explore potential treatments as quickly as possible.”

At Johns Hopkins, the research team plans to measure the effectiveness of COVID-19 convalescent plasma and monitor the safety of this potentially lifesaving therapy in a randomized clinical trial for both treatment of COVID-19 positive patients at all stages of disease progression as well as prevention of infection after high-risk exposure.

"We are very fortunate that Maryland has some of the top health research facilities in the world, and I am confident in our state's ability to be a leader in developing treatments and perhaps even a vaccine for COVID-19," said Gov. Hogan. "I want to sincerely thank Bloomberg Philanthropies and Johns Hopkins University for working with our state to form this exciting public-private partnership, which will protect the health and well-being of our citizens and has the potential to save thousands of lives."

Johns Hopkins is coordinating on the research initiative with other medical centers and doctors from nearly two dozen hospitals and research centers, including researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, the Stanford University Medical Center in California, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. Infectious disease physicians and other providers will identify recovered COVID-19 patients as potential donors. After it is confirmed that certain COVID-19 antibodies exist in their blood, plasma will be harvested from these donors at a local Red Cross or the New York Blood Bank, which is collaborating in this effort. The study will also recruit COVID-19 patients and individuals who have not been infected with the virus, as well as healthcare workers or close contacts classified as high-risk exposures – for measurement of improved outcomes or stopping transmission.

The Food and Drug Administration announced on March 24 that it is making it easier for doctors to use the experimental treatment for COVID-19 patients. Currently, there are nearly 93,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States, with more than 566,000 across the globe.

“Johns Hopkins is committed to marshaling our clinical and research expertise to stem the tide of this devastating pandemic worldwide,” said President Ronald J. Daniels. “Dr. Casadevall, like so many other Hopkins researchers, is joining with partners across the globe in a race against the clock, and his work embodies to the fullest our university’s mission to serve humanity through discovery. Thanks to the support and leadership of Michael Bloomberg, Governor Hogan and the state of Maryland, we will be able to move forward with Dr. Casadevall’s promising work and bring hope to so many.”

Johns Hopkins experts and doctors have been on the forefront of the international response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, leading on efforts ranging from mapping the progression of the outbreak, to advising governments on public health and emergency preparedness, to advancing the public and scientific community’s understanding of the virus and how to protect against its spread. For more information, visit

Government is mauled over coronavirus testing failures as the disease strikes down Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and Chris Whitty - the three men leading the country's response to the killer virus. Now all of Westminster is wondering - who is next?

The government faced a mauling this afternoon after it failed to stop senior figures in the UK's fight against coronavirus from catching the deadly disease as Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock both tested positive.

The Prime Minister and Health Secretary are now in self-isolation while Professor Chris Whitty, the UK's Chief Medical Officer, is working from home after he developed symptoms.

Michael Gove, the Minister for the Cabinet Office, was forced to defend the government's approach to the crisis after it hit hard at the heart of Westminster as he took part in the now daily Number 10 coronavirus press conference.

It was suggested to Mr Gove that ministers had at best been 'careless' and at worst 'negligent' by allowing the killer bug to infect Mr Johnson and Mr Hancock amid criticism of the government's testing efforts.


America's five largest banks agree to defer mortgage payments for homeowners affected by the coronavirus outbreak

America's five largest banks have agreed to defer mortgage payments for homeowners impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

JP Morgan Chase, US Bank, Wells Fargo and Citibank will postpone foreclosures and offer forbearance on mortgage payments for 90 days, California Governor Gavin Newsome announced Wednesday.

He stated that Bank of America had 'unfortunately' only committed to 30 days of protections, before a spokesperson later clarified that that the bank 'will work with customers on a monthly basis until the end of the crisis' which 'could end up being longer than 90 days.'

Two hundred state-chartered banks and credit unions in California have also agreed to the mortgage relief, at the behest of Newsom and other officials.


Maryland Reports 194 New Cases of COVID-19; Cases In National Capital Region More Than Quadruple Over The Last Week

ANNAPOLIS, MD—The State of Maryland now has 774 confirmed cases of COVID-19—an increase of 425 cases over the last three days. There are now more than 1,500 confirmed cases in the National Capital Region—in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia—4.5 times more than there were just one week ago.

Governor Larry Hogan today issued the following statement:

“Over the last three days, the number of COVID-19 cases in Maryland has more than doubled. Cases in the National Capital Region have more than quadrupled over the last week alone. There is no timetable and no model that can tell us exactly how long this will last or how bad this is going to get.

“The federal administration’s swift approval of our request for a Major Disaster Declaration will drive more resources to our coordinated response. As chairman of the National Governors Association, I will continue to press for additional federal resources, including a Title 32 designation for Maryland and all the states to fund National Guard missions.

“Later today, I will convene conference calls with my full Cabinet and our Coronavirus Response Team of Maryland’s top doctors and public health experts to continue to address this crisis. I cannot stress this enough: Marylanders need to stay in place at home to help slow the spread of this deadly virus.

“Our state has already faced and overcome daunting challenges before, and we will do so again.”

EXECUTIVE ORDER #1: Closure of Visitor Accomodations on Chincoteague.


March 26 call/email to Wicomico school families and staff:

Good evening, Wicomico school families and staff. This is Donna Hanlin, Superintendent of Schools, with an update. By now, you are probably already aware that the state extended the closure of Maryland Public Schools through April 24th as part of addressing the public health crisis of coronavirus, COVID-19. But while school buildings continue to be closed, instruction will resume next week. Flexibility and understanding are going to be key words as we work together to ensure that students are engaged in meaningful instruction moving forward. It’s also important to note that weekday distribution of meal bundles for children will continue for now at numerous school and community locations. Please check our website for exact locations in the community.

There are many questions that need to be answered with this extended closure of our schools. One question is about the calendar and whether or not the days missed these last two weeks will be waived. That question has not yet been answered. We are awaiting that decision from leaders at the state level and will announce that decision as soon as we know.

In the meanwhile, I encourage you to take care of two tasks before this week is over to support your student. First, if you have not already done so, please complete the student access to technology survey using the link emailed by the school or schools in which you have students. And second, students in grades 1-12 and their parents should check Family Portal to see where the student’s grades stand for the 3rd term.

Effective Monday, March 30th, all of our staff will be working again, even though they will be doing so from remote locations. The focus throughout next week will be on teachers and students working together to quickly wrap up work for the 3rd marking term. Students will have the chance to complete previous assignments as needed to finish the term with the best grade that they can earn. Our students will have the chance to improve their grade if they wish, but no student will see their grade fall from where it was on March 13th, when classes were suspended. Again, check the Family Portal for the status of 3rd-term grades.

Instruction for the 4th marking term will begin on Monday, April 6th. The structure of instruction will look different from anything any of us has probably ever experienced, but we are committed to ensuring that key standards and essential skills are being delivered for every student. We will initially target the core content areas of math and reading in elementary school, and math, English Language Arts or English, science and social studies for middle and high school. Instructional resources that we have been working hard to create these past two weeks will be available online and in printed form beginning with the week of April 6th, and for every week thereafter during this extended closure.

Teachers, you can expect to hear from your principals before the week is over about your role in the continuity of learning. Parents and guardians can expect to continue to hear from principals and will begin to hear from your student’s teachers next week about how to access both online and hard copy learning materials.

I know you have many questions that we have not yet addressed. Please know that we are focused first and foremost on resuming instruction for our students. Answers about other aspects of our school system and instruction are in the works and will be coming soon. Please stay home if you can, keep social distancing, and be part of helping all of us get safely through this difficult time. Thank you.

PSA Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic

LA County Sheriff’s Effort to Close Gun Stores Gets Shut Down

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s efforts to close all gun stores in the county have been suspended pending Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) reconsideration of what constitutes an “essential business.”

On March 24, 2020, Fox 11 reported Villanueva’s order to close gun stores.

The sheriff attempted to justify the store closures by intimating that all the first-time gun buyers emerging amid the coronavirus crisis create a perilous situation: “I’m a supporter of the 2nd amendment, I’m a gun owner myself, but now you have the mixture of people that are not formerly gun owners and you have a lot more people at home and anytime you introduce a firearm in a home, from what I understand from CDC studies, it increases fourfold the chance that someone is gonna get shot.”


MyPillow shifting 75% of production to make face masks for hospitals

CHASKA, Minn. (FOX 9) - Minnesota-based company MyPillow is joining the effort to supply health care workers with the protective gear they need amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

CEO Mike Lindell says about 75% of MyPillow's production will now be making cotton face masks for health care workers. He says about 90% of the company's sewers will be working on the masks.

"We have capacity to make a lot of things at big rates and we’re going to be going hopefully from 10,000 units a day to 50,000 units a day in a very short period of time," said Lindell.


'You can see the destruction': Virtual reality video reveals how coronavirus damaged the lungs a critically ill American patient in his 50s - just a few days after he had NO symptoms

Eerie virtual reality video reveals how coronavirus rapidly spreads through the lungs, causing widespread and potentially long-term damage.

Doctors at George Washington University 360-degree virtual reality technology to visualize the lungs of a COVID-19 patient who was transferred to their hospital.

Just days before the images were taken, the patient, a man in his late-50s, had no symptoms whatsoever, according to CNN.

But by the time he was in the care of Dr Keith Mortman, chief of thoracic surgery at the hospital, disease had wreaked havoc in his lungs, clearly visible in the images as swaths of cloudy, green swaths of damaged tissue.  



(March 27, 2020, Salisbury, MDIn an effort to keep the public informed, the Wicomico County Health Department will issue status updates on Mondays and Fridays each week. Currently, Wicomico County has 6 confirmed COVID-19 cases. This 6th case is a man in his 50s. The health department continues to do in-depth contact tracing for those who have been in contact with the confirmed cases. If someone has been in contact with a confirmed case, they will be notified.
                State officials announced this week that:
·         All non-essential businesses must close. Essential or critical industries as defined by the federal government’s Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce may remain open.

·         All Maryland Public Schools will remain closed through April 24, 2020.

·         All child care providers (except those serving essential personnel) are to close by the end of the day on March 27, 2020. Child care centers open for essential personnel only can be found .
The Wicomico County Health Department, in partnership with Peninsula Regional Medical Center and the Somerset County Health Department, continues to operate the COVID-19 Call Center. Residents can contact the call center at (410) 912-6889, Monday through Sunday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Although the call center cannot share any additional details about confirmed cases, they can help answer residents’ questions.
The health department strongly urges the public to take all possible precautions to help prevent the spread of this virus.  Take these everyday steps to help protect yourself and the community:
·         Wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds
·         Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available
·         Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue, your sleeve or your elbow
·         Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
·         Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using standard cleaning practices
·         Avoid close contact with people who are sick
·         If you are sick, stay home and self isolate, except when seeking medical care
·         Avoid gatherings of more than 10 people
                For information on COVID-19, visit the Maryland Department of Health at or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at .  Local updates will be shared daily through the Wicomico County Health Department’s website at or through social media on Facebook, Instagram (WicomicoHealth) or Twitter (@WicomicoHealth).  

Hmm… SEIU Union in California Suddenly Finds Mysterious Stash of 39 Million Face Masks — 3 Days After AG Bill Barr Announces They’re Going After Hoarders

The President was joined by Vice President Mike Pence, US Attorney General Bill Barr and others.

Trump signed a second executive order to providing authority to address hoarding and price gouging that threatens the supply of medical supplies.

Attorney General Bill Barr put hoarders on notice and said they will get a knock on the door if they are sitting on a large amount of supplies.

“We have started to see some evidence of potential hoarding and price gouging,” said Barr. “So, earlier today the president signed a second executive order providing the authority to address…hoarding that threatens the supply of those necessary health and medical resources.”


BREAKING NEWS: Maryland Is Not Giving You The Proper Death & Positive Coronavirus Test Results

So here's the deal. Maryland is only telling you the results/statistics from in sate residents. If you happen to have a NY, NJ, DE, or any other state license and you test positive, Maryland does not record you as a statistic. Not deaths, not positive results. 

Lord only knows what/where they're recording for illegals in Montgomery County and so forth. So if you die or test positive here I'm told that person gets recorded in the state they RESIDE in instead. I wondered why the numbers were so screwed up on a local level, now we know. The games people play. 

I have confirmed this FACT through the Health Department. There are tons of people who have left their state and relocated to their secondary homes here on the Shore. So we have no clue what our TRUE numbers are here in Maryland.

British Government Lowered Its Estimate Of Severity Of Coronavirus LAST WEEK

Last Thursday, the British government quietly revealed they had lowered their estimate of the severity of the coronavirus, changing its status from a “high consequence infectious disease,” which it had assigned the disease in January, to acknowledging it no longer viewed the disease as such, and admitting “more information is available about mortality rates (low overall).”

The British government wrote:
As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.

The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on consideration of the UK HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak. Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 against the UK HCID criteria. They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) is also of the opinion that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID.

The need to have a national, coordinated response remains, but this is being met by the government’s COVID-19 response.


One of the two Eastern Shore men who tested positive for Covid-19 encouraged others to heed warnings in an interview Tuesday night, saying, “This is a hefty virus.”

“People do need to listen to what is being said,” said Russell Vreeland, who lives in Craddockville and allowed himself to be identified in this report.

“I’m not sure what I can tell people that will ease fears,” said Vreeland, who feels he came into contact with the coronavirus in the Charlotte, N.C., airport several weeks ago.

“A person sat down behind us and started hacking and coughing like crazy,” he said, adding, “Despite everything we did maintaining our ‘social distancing,’ one person kind of messed it up.”


Online Learning Efforts To Begin For Worcester County Schools During Extended Closure

SNOW HILL – While the coronavirus school closure has been extended through April 24, local students will be expected to take part in digital learning during the coming weeks.

In the wake of the announcement that the statewide school closure would extend through April 24, Superintendent Lou Taylor briefly addressed plans for digital learning in Worcester County in a video message Wednesday evening.

“We know that this news is disappointing to our students, staff and faculty who have been anxious to get back to the normalcy of everyday life, but we wholeheartedly agree that keeping our students, staff and the families of Worcester County safe and healthy must be the priority at this time,” Taylor said.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Upset Cash Relief Does Not Extend to Noncitizens

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) expressed outrage on Thursday that the cash payment portion of the economic relief package, which the Senate unanimously passed Wednesday night, does not extend to noncitizens.

The Senate unanimously approved of the historic coronavirus emergency relief measure on Wednesday evening after days of partisan battles. As many Republican leaders have stated, the passed bill remains virtually the same as the original bill Democrats rejected on Sunday. It provides aid for small businesses, creates a lending aid program, and delivers cash assistance directly into the pockets of American citizens.

The bill will provide most American adults with $1,200, $500 of which is for most children. Ocasio-Cortez, however, is taking issue with the stipulations — specifically, the requirement of a Social Security number.


Wicomico Approves Youth Commission

SALISBURY – Officials in Wicomico County agreed to establish a commission on local youth.

Last week, the Wicomico County Council voted unanimously to establish a Wicomico County Youth Advisory Commission and to adopt bylaws for the organization.

In November, the council held a work session on the proposed commission and sent a letter to the county executive with the legislative body’s favorable recommendation.

“The county executive has now submitted his endorsement,” Council Administrator Laura Hurley told the council, “and before you is the resolution to approve the bylaws and establish that commission.”


Maryland Officials Recommend Primary Voting by Mail

The Maryland Board of Elections is recommending that no in-person voting be permitted for the June 2 primary because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Instead, ballots would be sent to all of the state's more than 4 million voters, who would then have to mail them in or drop them off, according to The Baltimore Sun.

In making their recommendation, board members said they could not guarantee poll workers would get protective equipment. Under the new plan, voters would receive ballots by mail before June 2. The voters would then cast their ballots by mail using an included postage-paid envelope. Voters would also have the option of placing their ballots in drop boxes, according to the newspaper.


States Begin Prep for Mail-In Voting in Presidential Election

States have begun reshaping election policies to expand access to mail-in voting.

Election officials in states with restrictive absentee requirements are looking for ways to allow as many voters as possible to use absentee ballots, a safer alternative to in-person voting in a global pandemic. If this crisis continues into November, however, some experts warn that a pivot to voting by mail could strain state resources and disenfranchise certain voters if not handled properly.

U.S. elections have been in flux since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland and Ohio all delayed their Democratic primaries. New York officials also are considering delaying that state’s April 28 primary.

But many states are taking their responses to COVID-19 further.

Voting by mail looks different in each state. While most states allow all voters to cast a mail-in ballot, 17 states restrict absentee voting to people who have disabilities, who are ill or who would be out of town on Election Day.

Several states have begun lifting restrictions on mail-in voting, opening the process to people who may have fears of exposure to the highly infectious virus.

More here

Kathy Griffin Hospitalized with “UNBEARABLY PAINFUL” Symptoms, Blames President Trump

Kathy Griffin was hospitalized Wednesday with what she described as “unbearably painful” symptoms, and she blamed President Trump.

The washed up ‘comedian’ posted a photo of herself in the hospital wearing a face mask and accused President Trump of lying about the Coronavirus pandemic.

“He’s lying. I was sent to the #COVID19 isolation ward room in a major hospital ER from a separate urgent care facility after showing UNBEARABLY PAINFUL symptoms. The hospital couldn’t test me for #coronavirus because of CDC (Pence task force) restrictions,” Kathy Griffin said in a tweet.


New Test Could Determine If People Were Already Infected With Coronavirus And Are Now Immune

A microbiology lab has announced the development of a new test – the first in the U.S. – to detect if someone has already been infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and are thus immune and can return to work.

The lab at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, led by Dr. Florian Krammer, says it is now rushing to distribute key ingredients for the tests to other organizations and share the testing procedure.

“Ultimately, this [antibody test] might help us figure out who can get the country back to normal,” Florian Krammer, a professor in vaccinology at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine, told Reuters. “People who are immune could be the first people to go back to normal life and start everything up again.”


Maryland COVID-19 Confirmed Cases (3-27-2020)

COVID-19 Statistics in Maryland

Number of Confirmed Cases: 774
Number of Deaths: 5
Hospitalizations: 173 ever hospitalized
Released From Isolation: 25

Cases by County:
Anne Arundel 63
Baltimore City 88
Baltimore County 103
Calvert 9
Caroline 1
Carroll 9
Cecil 9
Charles 17
Frederick 15
Garrett 3
Harford 18
Howard 62
Kent 2
Montgomery 208
Prince George's 148
Queen Anne's 1
St. Mary's 4
Somerset 1
Talbot 1
Washington 5
Wicomico 5
Worcester 2

Cases by Age Range and Gender:

0-9: 4
10-19: 11
20-29: 107
30-39: 136

40-49: 161
50-59: 149
60-69: 110
70-79: 75
80+ 21

Female: 382, Male: 392

3-22-2020 244 cases

3-23-2020 288 cases 

3-24-2020 340 cases 

3-25-2020 423 cases 

3-26-2020 580 cases

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier sentinels won't abandon post for virus: 'We are always here'

The ever-vigilant eyes of 3rd U.S. infantry troops before the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier will not blink before the coronavirus pandemic.

The U.S. Army troops told a local CBS affiliate that rain, sleet, snow — or deadly viruses — cannot stop their watch over Arlington National Cemetery’s iconic memorial.

“For us, it doesn’t matter if it’s a hurricane, or if it’s the coronavirus.” Capt. Harold Earls said Monday. “We are always here, we are always guarding.”


Disease Prevention Expert: We Must ‘Pivot’ On Our Lockdown Policies

In a lengthy post on social media Wednesday, Dr. David L. Katz, a disease prevention research scientist and founding director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, informed his followers that he has just been tested for COVID-19 due to experiencing what appear to be symptoms of the virus. Whether he ends up testing positive or not, Dr. Katz explains, his current situation highlights a warning he has made all along about the widespread measures the U.S. is taking in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus.

In the post, published on LinkedIn Wednesday, Katz reveals that he is “just back from being tested for COVID19” and likely will not know the results of the test for 3 to 5 days, though he “very much” suspects that he does because he feels “moderately sick,” like many who contract coronavirus.

“If I do have COVID19, it is for the very reasons I have been writing about since before the pandemic reached our shores: lack of advance preparation, lack of risk stratification, and lack of policies predicated on risk differentials,” he writes. “What I mean is this: my most likely exposure is from my adult children sent back to the family home when (A) universities closed down, and (B) businesses closed down and laid people off.”

“I am not saying these things didn’t need to happen — but they needed to happen with some careful consideration of risk tiers,” he adds.


Pompeo: World Will Hold China Responsible For What Has Happened

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters that the other member nations of the G7 fully understood that China was launching a categorically false propaganda campaign claiming that the U.S. Military was responsible for bringing the coronavirus to China.

“We’ve wanted to work with the Chinese Communist Party throughout this crisis – this crisis that began in Wuhan, China,” Pompeo said. “We tried – you’ll remember – from the opening days to get our scientists, our experts on the ground there so that we could begin to assist in the global response to what began there in China, but we weren’t able to do that. The Chinese Communist Party wouldn’t permit that to happen.”

“You’ll recall, too, at the beginning of this, when it was clear that this was an issue, China knew about it, they were the first country to know about the risk to the world from this virus, and they repeatedly delayed sharing that information with the globe,” Pompeo continued, later adding, “There was a lot of discussion today amongst the G7 about the intentional disinformation campaign that China has been and continues to be engaged in.


Dr. Deborah Birx: Media Have ‘Frightened The American People’ With Salacious Coronavirus Numbers

Dr. Deborah Birx, who serves as the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, said during a press conference on Wednesday that the media have “frightened the American people” with salacious reporting surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.

Birx’s remarks come after leftist talking heads like MSNBC’s Chris Hayes have claimed that the coronavirus could kill 1% of the U.S. population, which is over 3.2 million people.

“We have done some things that are horizontal across the country, but we are collecting data now in a county by county granular way. So, it’s like any epidemic, it’s not equal everywhere,” Birx said. “There are places that are very spared and places where there is more. We have a very vast country with a lot of capacity and a lot of infrastructure.”

“If you do these projections, when you got to those projections that said like in Germany and others that implied that 60% or 50% of the population would get infected, I want to be very clear, the only way that happens is that this virus remains continuously moving through populations in this cycle, in the fall cycle, and another cycle,” Birx continued. “That’s through three cycles with nothing being done.”


A Viewer Writes: PRMC screening for Covid 19 at Henson Cancer Center in Salisbury


Went to the Henson Cancer Center at 9 am this morning for blood work for my appointment next week with my Oncologist.

I wore a mask when I entered the facility.

Three masked employees greeted me at the entrance and one asked me questions about my travels etc and let me enter the facility.

All PRMC employees were wearing masks in the reception area. I registered and was told to take a seat and would be called for my blood work.

Sat in a rocking chair and waited to be called.

Enter an elderly lady with no mask and was coughing.

Then a lady with no mask enters with no mask and go to the restroom then leaves a few minutes later.

Then enters two more people with no masks and went to register.

I was called for my blood work and then left with my mask on.

On my way out two elderly people exited the elevators from the upper floors of the Cancer Center,both without masks.

Looks to me the PRMC employees are protected but not the cancer patients entering the facility.

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A Coronavirus Great Awakening?

Could a plague of biblical proportions be America’s best hope for religious revival? As the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II approaches, there is reason to think so.

Three-quarters of a century has dimmed the memory of that gruesome conflict and its terrible consequences: tens of millions killed, great cities bombed to rubble, Europe and Asia stricken by hunger and poverty. Those who survived the war had to grapple with the kinds of profound questions that only arise in the aftermath of calamity. Gazing at the ruins from his window at Cambridge University, British historian Herbert Butterfield chose to make sense of it by turning to the Hebrew Bible.

“The power of the Old Testament teaching on history—perhaps the point at which the ancient Jews were most original, breaking away from the religious thought of the other peoples around them—lay precisely in the region of truths which sprang from a reflection on catastrophe and cataclysm,” Butterfield wrote in “Christianity and History” (1949). “It is almost impossible properly to appreciate the higher developments in the historical reflection of the Old Testament except in another age which has experienced (or has found itself confronted with) colossal cataclysm.”

Americans, chastened by the horrors of war, turned to faith in search of truth and meaning. In the late 1940s, Gallup surveys showed more than three-quarters of Americans were members of a house of worship, compared with about half today. Congress added the words “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954. Some would later call this a Third Great Awakening.


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