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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

U.S. approves UN use of force to protect civilians in conflict

UNITED NATIONS — The United States has announced its support for a set of principles that give a green light for U.N. peacekeeping troops and police to use force to protect civilians in armed conflicts.

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power told a high-level U.N. meeting Wednesday focusing on the responsibility to protect civilians that the United States was "proud" and "humbled" to join 28 other countries that have pledged to abide by the 18 pledges.

U.N. peacekeepers from these 29 countries are now required to act in cases where civilians are in danger.

"The Kigali Principles are designed to make sure that civilians are not abandoned by the international community again," she said, recalling how U.N. peacekeepers left Rwanda before the 1994 genocide and Srebrenica before the 1995 massacre.


4-time deported Mexican man sentenced in Wisconsin to nearly 4 years in federal prison for illegally re-entering US

MADISON, Wis. — A convicted felon who was previously deported to Mexico four time was sentenced Wednesday to 46 months in federal prison for illegally re-entering the United States after having been deported.

This sentence was announced by U.S. Attorney John W. Vaudreuil, Western District of Wisconsin. The case was investigated by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO).

Rolando Reyes-Cruz, 49, a Mexico national who was residing in New Lisbon, Wisconsin, was sentenced July 6 by U.S. District Judge James Peterson to 46 months in federal prison for illegally re-entering the United States after having been deported, which is a felony. Reyes-Cruz pleaded guilty to the charge May 5.

Reyes-Cruz first entered the United States illegally when he was about 14 years old. Despite having been deported to Mexico four times, he continued to re-enter the United States and return to Wisconsin. While in Wisconsin, he was convicted of the following crimes: burglary, domestic battery while armed, hit-and-run, felon in possession of a firearm, possessing cocaine, resisting an officer, identity theft, and substantial battery. He was also previously convicted of illegal re-entry after deportation in the Eastern District of Wisconsin in 2007.

While recognizing that Reyes-Cruz returned to Wisconsin to see his children, Judge Peterson noted that he had a duty to protect the public from the defendant’s criminal activity.

Reyes-Cruz will again be deported from the United States to Mexico after he completes his prison sentence.

FBI Director Comey Says Hillary Committed Perjury But Loretta Lynch Won’t Charge Her

James Comey agrees with Trey Gowdy about Hillary’s guilt and intent
Why are there no charges against Crooked Hillary? She put our national security at risk and committed treason. Intent is what Comey and Lynch want you to focus on. But Clinton also lied under oath. That is known as perjury in the court of law; a felony charge. Still no charges…


Green Roof Installed at SU

From a makeshift Quidditch arena; to the location of fundraisers and festivals; to a place to study, chat or just hangout, Salisbury University’s campus lawns serve thousands of students daily during the semester.

A new “lawn” recently planted in connection with SU’s Patricia R. Guerrieri Academic Commons (GAC) will benefit students, as well — though most will never see it, and even fewer will ever set foot on it.

Crews from Green Roof Outfitters of Charleston, SC, recently spent a week at SU to install the GAC’s green roof, a 20,000-square-foot “lawn” atop the building, comprised of a regional blend of plants.

Sitting on a rubber liner in thousands of one-foot-by-two-foot plastic trays, the plants cover a majority of the roof. While rooftop gardens are not new at SU — University Dining Services unveiled an herb garden atop the Commons dining hall in 2013 — the functionality of the GAC’s green roof is unique among SU buildings.


By The Numbers III

Montgomery Co. 911 system out for 2 hours; 2 die in emergencies reported during that time

ROCKVILLE, Md. (ABC7) — For approximately two hours Sunday night people who called 911 got busy signals at the Montgomery County 911 center.

Two people died in emergencies reported during that time, a 91-year-old woman from Olney and a 40-year-old man from Twinbrook, according to a statement from County Executive Ike Leggett's office. But neither death was considered suspicious by police, and investigators are trying to determine if the 911 outage played a role.

"I am calling for an immediate investigation into the outage and what impact it may have had on the County's response times to emergencies - as well as any consequences," Leggett said.

"I also want a thorough evaluation of the systems that support 911 to make sure that the systems have the stability to withstand whatever power surges or blips that could cascade into even a partial system outage. County residents must be able to count on a prompt response to emergencies."


Troopers Investigate Camera Found in Restaurant Bathroom

Wilmington, DE - Delaware State Police Major Crimes Unit detectives have arrested a 29 year old Wilmington man and charged him in connection with an incident in which a digital camera was placed in a women’s bathroom at an area restaurant in March.

After an extensive investigation, which included multiple interviews and the examination of evidence, detectives were able to positively identify Luis Eduardo Lopez, 29, of Wilmington, as the subject who placed a digital camera in the women’s bathroom of the Moe’s Southwest Grill located at 4717 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington, in March of this year. The camera was subsequently discovered by an employee of Moe’s and was turned over to troopers.

Detectives arrested Luis Lopez, a former employee of Moe's, at his residence this morning, Tuesday, July 12, 2016, without incident. He was then transported to Troop 2, Glasgow, where he was charged with five counts of Invasion of Privacy. Lopez was arraigned at JP Court 11 and released on $10,000.00 unsecured bail.

By The Numbers II

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Billboard reading 'Addiction is preventable. Parenting is prevention' stirs controversy

FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (ABC7) — A billboard in Frederick, Maryland was attracting a lot of attention for its controversial message.

"Addiction is preventable. Parenting is prevention," the billboard read.

Gina Carbaugh says heroin killed her son, Richard, but she could not prevent it.

"I think this billboard is a shame," Carbaugh said.

Carbaugh helped to start a petition over the weekend getting more than 2,500 signatures in less than a day.

"I was the type of parent who would ask where are you at, what are you doing, who are you going to be with, what time are you going to be home. I was that type of parent. I didn't raise my son to become an addict," said Carbaugh.


Prayer Vigil Earlier Tonight In Salisbury

 Click the link and use the play button. You shouldn't need to download the app.

You Won’t Believe This OUTRAGEOUS Claim By The State Dept

This just really proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Clinton is not now nor will she ever be qualified to be president of these United States.

Daily Caller:

A senior Department of State official claimed there is no documentation showing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ever received training in the proper handling of classified materials, according to a June 30 Department of Justice filing in U.S. District Court.

The disclosure could buttress FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before a congressional committee that Clinton was perhaps not “sophisticated enough” to understand that the marking “C” on an email meant it was a classified document.

“It’s an interesting question whether she was sophisticated enough to understand what a C in parens means,” Comey said before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Wednesday. “It’s possible—possible—she didn’t understand what a (C) meant when she saw it in the body of the email like that.”

In the Freedom of Information lawsuit brought by The Daily Caller News Foundation, the department to date has failed to deliver any documents showing that Clinton ever enrolled and passed mandatory State Department courses that instructed officials in the proper handling of classified material. 

Cutest Fight

Good Job SFD!

 More photos can be found by clicking HERE

Poll Shows Majority Disagree With Not Charging Hillary Clinton

Of course this poll shows that most American’s disagree because Comey said himself if it would have been any other employee they would have been reprimanded.


A majority of Americans say they disagree with the FBI’s decision not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, according to a new poll.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll, released Monday, found that 56% of American adults disapprove of the FBI’s decision, while 35% said they approved. But a majority — 58% — also said the issue would not affect their vote in the 2016 presidential election.

Opinions on the FBI’s decision were sharply divided along partisan lines. According to the poll, nearly 90% of Republicans said Clinton should have been charged, while only about 30% of Democrats said the same.


Ocean Pine Police Press Releases 7-12-16

Man Arrested for Possession of Suspected Heroin

As the result of a check the Welfare call for service, Ocean Pines Police charged a 40 year old Ocean Pines man with several criminal charges. Police charged:

Jack Haynes Poore, W/M, 40 yrs of age, of Ocean Pines, with:

- One (1) count of Possession of a controlled Dangerous Substance (suspected Heroin)
- One (1) count of CDS Paraphernalia
- One (1) count of Giving a False Name to a Police Officer

Mr. Poore was taken before a District Court Commissioner and was transported to the Worcester County Jail, being held on $5,000 bond.

Man Arrested for Burglary and Malicious Destruction

A 40 year old Ocean Pines man was arrested for 4th Degree Burglary and Malicious Destruction as the result of an incident which occurred in Ocean Pines. Police charged:

Ricky Alan Parker, W/M, 40 years of age, of Ocean Pines, with:

- One (1) Count of Malicious Destruction
- One (1) Count of 4th Degree Burglary
- One (1) Count of Resisting Arrest

Mr. Parker was taken before a District Court Commissioner, and was released on personal recognizance, pending trial.

Juvenile charged with Domestic Assault

A 14 year old female was charged with Domestic Assault as a result of an incident which occurred in Ocean Pines. The juvenile brandished a knife and assaulted two (2) adults. Minor injuries resulted from the incident, and the juvenile was taken into custody and referred to the Department of Juvenile Justice Services, on the following offenses:

- Two (2) counts of Assaulting in the 1st Degree
- Two (2) counts of Assault in the 2nd Degree
- Two (2) counts of Reckless Endangerment

Arrest(s) for Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

The Ocean Pines Police Department made the following arrest(s) for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) on the following dates:

- James Kevin Muck, W/M, 54 years of age, of Rockville, MD arrested June 25
- David Carl Clazey, W/M, 50 years of age, of OCean Pines, arrested June 27
- Thomas Ray Milford, W/M, 56 years of age, of Westover, MD, arrested July 1
- Joseph Lee Adams, W/M, 62 years of age, of New Carrolton, MD, arrested July 1
- John David Kaier, W/M, 47 years of age, of Sykesville, MD, arrested July 3

Al Sharpton Says NRA Believes Second Amendment Is For White People

During his weekly rally in Harlem on Saturday, Al Sharpton called out the NRA for remaining silent about the police shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, two black men who he said were both legally carrying guns when they were killed.

“Both of them were killed by police based on, ‘They had [a]gun,'” Sharpton said. “Now, I missed the NRA coming out and defending the gun rights they legally had. Where is the NRA now? Where is [NRA president] Wayne LaPierre now? Do you have a Second Amendment right, or did you not get down, Mr. Pierre, to the 14th, 15th and 16th Amendments? Maybe you mean the Second Amendment [is]for whites only.”

On “Fox and Friends” this morning, David Webb said that the NRA is concerned about the Second Amendment rights of all Americans, pointing out that he’s a card-carrying member of the organization and an African-American.


New policy: Maryland driver's license renewal goes online

PARKVILLE, Md. —Monday marked the start of a new era for trips to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

For months, MVA officials have been preparing the public for new driver's licenses and identification cards that are part of an effort to reduce the number of times people have to go into MVA branch offices.

The hope is that wait times for other services will go down if getting a new license means going online. The new licenses and identification cards have new features that officials think makes one of the most secure IDs in the country.

Maryland residents say the stigma about going to an MVA branch is that it takes an all-day visit to get transactions done. It's a stigma the MVA is well aware of.



After 5 police officers were killed and another 8 people injured in Dallas, Texas, all attention seems to be focused on just that. Unfortunately, another mass shooting just took place – and there’s only one reason you didn’t hear about this one.

It all started during a fight between 37-year-old Lakeem Keon Scott and a white man in Bristol, Tennessee. Unhappy with the outcome of the ordeal, Scott later decided to get revenge, so he armed himself and headed out.

According to police, Scott brought a rifle, pistol, and a large amount of ammunition to the local Days Inn motel where he immediately began firing. Deborah Watts, the clerk at the front door, was hit first – butthis is where things took a turn.

For reasons unknown, Scott ditched his plans to shoot up the motel and turned his attention on a nearby highway.


UPDATED: BREAKING: U.S. Capitol and Visitors Center reportedly on lockdown

WASHINGTON (AP/ABC7) -- The US Capitol and visitors center are on lockdown with police investigating.

DC police are saying they received a call for a man with a gun at 1st and C Street, NW.

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -Two people were arrested on Capitol Hill Tuesday following a lockdown at the U.S. Capitol and visitors center, according to police.

ABC7's Sam Ford reports police say a machine gun was located at the scene.


Black Lives Matter Mob Threatens Fox News Reporter

A mob of Black Lives Matter demonstrators berated and threatened a Fox News reporter in St. Paul, Minn., when the reporter asked the protestors why they were blocking a highway on July 9.

“Get the f… out of here,” the lead organizer frantically chanted into the face of the stunned reporter, who politely defended himself by saying, “I asked you… [to] tell me why you are here.”

The demonstrators pushed up against the reporter, forcing him backwards towards the protection of police, while another person seems to say “we’re going to knock his ass out.”


Sheriff Mike Lewis On OC104 This Morning

BREAKING: Trump's VP Pick Confirmed By Insiders

Could this be the moment the GOP has been waiting for? Has Donald Trump actually chosen a running mate? According to the Washington Times, he's close. Times reporter Ralph Z. Hallow reports:

Constitutional lawyer James Bopp, an Indiana delegate to the Republican National Convention who is close the governor, told The Washington Times that Indiana House Speaker Brian C. Bosma, 58, a conservative Republican, had sought advice from him on running for governor.

“He wanted my counsel on what he needed to do to set himself up to run for governor, because he expects Pence to step down as governor in order to be Trump’s running mate,” Mr. Bopp said in an interview.

The Trump election team boosted the Pence speculation Sunday by suddenly adding a campaign rally in Indianapolis to a fundraiser planned for Tuesday featuring Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence.

Several Republicans close to the campaign and to the governor have told The Times over the last 24 hours that they are now convinced it’ll be Mr. Pence.

The 57 year old Pence has served as Governor of Indiana since 2013. Before that, Pence spent over a decade in Congress, where he was widely regarded as a principled social and fiscal conservative.

Source: AAN

A Welcome Addition To WBOC

Jacqueline Karli

Jacqueline Karli spent more than 25 years covering stories affecting Southern California. Now she and her husband/co-anchor, Todd Karli, are excited to report on the issues important to the people of Delmarva while enjoying a change in lifestyle.

An award-winning journalist, she is the recipient of numerous industry honors including multiple Emmy and Golden Mike Awards. She also received the prestigious regional Edward R. Murrow award for her coverage of a homeless teen and his mother who were victims of the recession. Jacqueline is passionate about highlighting the plight of young people who are determined to succeed despite facing overwhelming circumstances. She sees local news as the perfect opportunity to showcase people who lead and inspire.


Publishers Notes: Jacqueline recently joined WBOC and I have to say, WHAT A RELIEF! It's been a lot of years since I've seen someone I can actually believe. WBOC hired a VETERAN and not some kid who speaks in Ebonics. Jacqueline speaks clearly and her news flows flawlessly. Craig, great move! 

Settlement scam cost Maryland woman $164K

BALTIMORE —A growing settlement scam cost one Maryland woman hundreds of thousands of dollars

Christine Nocar can't get it out of her head: How could something go so wrong? When her 92-year-old mother, Dorothy Hart, died in January, Nocar handled everything, including the sale of her mother's home in Rosedale.

"At this point, I lost my mother's house and I lost the money," Nocar said.

Nocar received a $164,000 check, but a few days after depositing it, her bank stopped payment because of an order coming from Karas and Bradford, the law firm handling the settlement. The funds were redirected to someone else's account.

Nocar contacted the settlement company.

"They basically didn't tell me anything. They said they were going to try and stop the money from going into this account that they put it into, and they were too late. The money had already cleared, and whoever did it got the money," Nocar said.


George W Bush Dallas Memorial Service 7/12/16 FULL SPEECH

By The Numbers

Natural Resources Police nets five arrests at Wolfe Neck parking area

Ongoing anti-public lewdness campaign by  
DNREC Parks & Recreation

LEWES – DNREC Division of Parks & Recreation Natural Resources Police have arrested five men this month in an ongoing anti-lewdness campaign operating out of the Wolfe Neck parking area near an intersection with the Junction & Breakwater Trail. The men – three from Delaware, two from Maryland and all over 59 years of age – were charged with lewdness-related offenses ranging from offensive touching; criminal solicitation; lewdness and indecent exposure; and loitering to engage in or solicit sex.

Parks Police Chief Wayne Kline said that in spite of crackdowns there by Natural Resources Police over the last year, DNREC continues to receive complaints from the neighboring public about such illicit activity in the Wolfe Neck area. “Thus we are continuing operations against a serious and longstanding problem with lewd and indecent public behavior there,” Chief Kline said. “Such behavior will not be tolerated in a public area within a Delaware State Park. Every arrest that we’ve made and may make as this enforcement operation continues reiterates that we are committed to eliminating this problem in a public area.”

DNREC has deployed incremental enforcement tactics over the last 15 months to rid the area of such behavior, including posting of “No Loitering” signs and increased patrol activity. Chief Kline said DNREC’s campaign to prevent public lewdness in the Wolfe Neck area has made use of both uniformed and plainclothes officers, and will continue to do so.

One of the men arrested there this month was taken to Justice of the Peace Court 3 on charges that included disregarding a police officer’s signal, a felony, and an assortment of moving vehicle violations. He was released on $4,900 bond pending arraignment in Superior Court. The other four men were released on a criminal summons with pending court appearances at Justice of the Peace Court 2. They face punishment ranging from a year in jail and fines up to $2,300 for Class A misdemeanor; of up to six months in jail and fine of $1,150 for Class B misdemeanor; up to 30 days in jail and a $575 fine for unclassified misdemeanor, and up to one-year probation and a $345 fine for a violation.

The Government Can - Obama Version


Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds, the woman who broadcast on Facebook LIVE the aftermath of her boyfriend being shot by a police officer in Minnesota, appeared today on ABC’s daytime show THE VIEW. Reynolds cleaned up nicely for the daytime hit, and her emotional commentary about the unfortunate incident was in line with everything she has said since the events took place last week. Whoopie Goldberg and the other hosts of the show made Reynolds out to be heroic. But Dennis Michael Lynch didn’t feel right about what he was seeing on The View. He hasn’t felt right about Reynolds or Castile since the events took place — and so DML investigated.

As Lynch said on his show this evening, Reynolds appeared “too calm” during her filming of the situation as it unfolded in real time. And the fact that her daughter was in the backseat troubled Lynch even more. Plus, what really disturbed him was the press conferences and the way in which she spoke about the situation — it just didn’t match with what the cop said on her video.

Reynolds’ video and what happened in MN has sparked outrage in the black community. And since then, Black Lives Matters has taken to the streets across America. One of the events left a number of Dallas police officers dead.


George Bush Bails Out President Obama On Same Day Bernie Sanders Bails Out Hillary Clinton…

There is only one party in Washington DC, the UniParty. The professional political class support themselves beyond all other ideological factors. These are modern realities.

President Obama is in a very tenuous position this week as a nation has been stunned by the targeting of police officers. Indeed, there is a solid argument to be made that President Obama created the antagonism toward law enforcement with various speeches and cursory accusations of unequal treatment.

As a modern social justice president who embraces radical extremist groups like Black Lives Matter, and as an executive community activist who has used the cabinet offices of his administration to leverage social change, President Obama has embraced many divisive entities and expressed ideological alignment with their cause.

The gunman in Dallas who targeted white police officers, specifically because of the color of their skin, is just one visible consequence from a President who rails against a system of law and order. Obama’s ideology is more comfortable amid the chaos.



LOWELL, MA – A 22-year-old Syrian refugee is behind bars after only two months in the United States after he was accused Thursday night of inappropriately touching a 13-year-old girl at a state-run swimming pool in Lowell.

In Lowell District Court on Friday, Emad Hasso, of Lowell, was ordered held on $25,000 cash bail after pleading not guilty via an interpreter to one count of indecent assault and battery on someone under 16.

Judge Stacy Fortes set the bail over the defense attorney’s objections, because Hasso’s only ties to this country are his family members with whom he lives.

Prosecutor Sam Miller said that around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, the 13-year-old Lowell girl was at the Raymond Lord Memorial Pool at the North Common Park in Lowell when she said a man approached her, touched her upper thigh and asked her age.


Black Lives Matter To Be Recognized As Terrorist Group?

An official petition to the White House asking the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement to be formally recognised as a terrorist entity has garnered 85,000 plus signatures at time of writing, meaning it will almost certainly have to be addressed by the Obama administration.

The petition, hosted on the website, was created one day before the attack on police in Dallas, but has picked up steam in its wake.

The blurb of the petition states:

Terrorism is defined as “the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims”. This definition is the same definition used to declare ISIS and other groups, as terrorist organizations. Black Lives Matter has earned this title due to its actions in Ferguson, Baltimore, and even at a Bernie Sanders rally, as well as all over the United States and Canada. It is time for the pentagon to be consistent in its actions – and just as they rightfully declared ISIS a terror group, they must declare Black Lives Matter a terror group – on the grounds of principle, integrity, morality, and safety.

Petitions on the White House website need to reach 100,000 signatures in order to receive an official response. Consequently, at time of writing, only around 13,000 more are needed for this to happen.

Of course, it is patently obvious that the Obama administration will not even consider publicly labeling any self described member of ‘Black Lives Matter’ as a terrorist or radical. Hell, the President will not even acknowledge ISIS as a Muslim extremist group.


HEADS UP! BLM Leader Hacked, Plans Reveal Martial Law by Chaos at Both Conventions Low, 240p

Detroit cop demoted; called black activists 'terrorists'

DETROIT (AP) — A white Detroit police detective who called the Black Lives Matter movement "racists" and "terrorists" has been demoted, the police chief said Monday.

Nate Weekley is also the brother of a Detroit officer who was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the accidental shooting of a black girl during a raid years ago.

Weekley was disciplined after posting remarks on Facebook in response to the fatal shooting of five officers in Dallas last week. He wrote that he had considered taking a day off after the "outrageous act perpetrated against my brothers."

"The only racists here are the ... Black Lives Matter terrorists and their supporters," said Weekley, who also used a crude word to describe the group as excrement.


#BlackLivesMatter kills cops, Fort Worth police group claims in viral post

The Fort Worth Police Officers Association called Black Lives Matter "an organization that chooses to MURDER American law enforcement officers" over the weekend.

The police group, which represents more than 1,500 police officers and officialsserving Dallas' largest neighbor, later deleted the language from its Facebook post -- but not before thousands read and shared the message.

The Fort Worth association first condemned Black Lives Matter-- a loosely organized black liberation movement that opposes police violence -- on Sunday afternoon, as it launched a boycott of Pandora Radio for embracing the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag after last week's massacre of police in downtown Dallas.

"We urge law enforcement supporters around the world to DELETE the Pandora Radio app from their devices," the officers group posted to its official Facebook page. "Pandora Radio openly supports an organization that chooses to kill American law enforcement officers."


Assault Charge Dismissed At Lt. Rice Trial

After two days of prosecution testimony which included all witnesses who have testified at other trials and said the same thing on the stand here, there was plenty of new evidence introduced Monday as the state wrapped up its case, at the trial of Baltimore City Police Lt. Brian Rice, the highest ranking officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

After the state rested, Judge Barry Williams, acting on a defense motion, announced he would dismiss one of the four charges remaining against Rice,

The judge said that the state did not present enough evidence for him to even infer that Rice's failure to put Freddie Gray in a seat belt in a police van, led to injuries which make up the legal definition of an assault.

The judge also ruled there is no evidence to show that Rice worked with any other officer that led to an assault.


Baby Balboa' imitates 'Rocky II' training montage

Police In AACo. Find $150K of Marijuana Plants In Pasadena Home

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Officers found 536 marijuana plants and 11.44 pounds of harvested marijuana ready to be packaged while executing a search warrant in Pasadena Friday, according to Anne Arundel County Police.

They say the estimated street value of the marijuana recovered was $159,880.

About 30 grams of cocaine packaged for distribution, an estimated street value of $3,064, plus Oxycodone pills and various other prescription pills with an estimated street value of $5,600 were also found, police say.


Donald Trump Speech on Veterans' Reform (skip to 12 minutes)

Black Republican Group Gathers And Demands Obama Impeachment

The National Black Republican Association, a Florida-based organization of black Republicans, is demanding Obama’s impeachment and is charging the President with “egregious acts of despotism” that “constitute high crimes and misdemeanors.”

On the association’s website, they claim that they are dedicated to “enlightening black Americans about how historically Republicans have fought for their rights and freedom”. Their goal is to get them to return to their “Republican Party roots.”

Now, Watchdog Wire has published 10 articles that give insight into the Benghazi investigation, the deliberate targeting of conservative groups, the Fast and Furious scandal, and much more.

Here are some key excerpts from the articles:

“When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”


The Strange Gaps In Hillary Clinton's Email Traffic

The past few weeks have brought a myriad of revelations about the private server Hillary Clinton used while she was secretary of state. First, there was the State Department inspector general’s devastating critique of the former secretary’s email practices. Then came sworn testimony of two key Clinton aides about how the server was set up and how the system worked (or didn’t). Just this weekend, Clinton met with the FBI to discuss her email arrangements. And on Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey announced that the agency would not recommend criminal charges over the handling of these emails, while at the same time offering a brutal assessment of how poorly Team Clinton handled classified information.

But, when it comes to Clinton’s correspondence, the most basic and troubling questions still remain unanswered: Why are there gaps in Clinton’s email history? Did she or her team delete emails that she should have made public?

The State Department has released what is said to represent all of the work-related, or “official,” emails Clinton sent during her tenure as secretary—a number totaling about 30,000. According to Clinton and her campaign, when they were choosing what correspondence to turn over to State for public release, they deleted 31,830 other emails deemed “personal and private.” But a numeric analysis of the emails that have been made public, focusing on conspicuous lapses in email activity, raises troubling concerns that Clinton or her team might have deleted a number of work-related emails.

We already know that the trove of Clinton’s work-related emails is incomplete. In his comments on Tuesday, Comey declared,“The FBI … discovered several thousand work-related e-mails that were not in the group of 30,000 that were returned by Secretary Clinton to State in 2014.” We also already know that some of those work-related emails could be permanently deleted. Indeed, according to Comey, “It is also likely that there are other work-related e-mails that [Clinton and her team] did not produce to State and that we did not find elsewhere, and that are now gone because they deleted all emails they did not return to State, and the lawyers cleaned their devices in such a way as to preclude complete forensic recovery.”


Fugitive Wanted On Drug Charge Located In Delaware

(LAUREL, DE) – A multi-jurisdiction fugitive team located a fugitive last night in Delaware who was wanted for failing to appear for sentencing in Wicomico County, Md., following his conviction of heroin importation into the state.

The fugitive is identified as Keith E. Sivels, 24. A warrant had been issued for Sivels from the Circuit Court in Wicomico County for failure to appear for a sentencing hearing on a conviction of drug (heroin) importation into Maryland.

Yesterday, an investigation by the Maryland State Apprehension Team/Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force, a multi-jurisdiction team of state, federal and local police, led them to a residence in the 7000-block of Sharptown Road in Laurel, Delaware. Investigators believed Sivels hiding out at that home and observed vehicles he was believed to be driving.

Investigators surrounded the home and ultimately located Sivels inside. He was arrested without incident. Sivels waived extradition and was transported to the Wicomico County Detention Center.

OC Police Stressing Smoking Education, But Also Now Issuing Citations For Violations On Boardwalk

OCEAN CITY — As promised, the Ocean City Police Department has been writing more citations for violations of the smoking ban on the Boardwalk, but education and outreach remain the enforcement technique of choice for the most part.

The Police Commission on Monday got an update on the enforcement efforts of the smoking ban on the beach and Boardwalk implemented last year. During the first year of the smoking ban, town officials and the OCPD instituted a grace period of sorts during which the public would be educated about the changes. For the most part, officers would point to the smoking prohibition signs and instruct smokers to snub out their cigarettes and move on in an attempt to slowly indoctrinate the changes in the ordinance.

This year, however, the Mayor and Council instructed the OCPD to step up enforcement and begin to write citations and the department has complied for the most part. Just three smoking citations were issued in June and July on the Boardwalk last year. This year, 12 citations were issued for smoking on the Boardwalk in June and four more have been issued thus far in July.


Report: Holder Blocked HSBC Trial On Cartel Laundering

Former Attorney General Eric Holder overruled Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyers who said British banking giant HSBC should be prosecuted for missing hundreds of millions of dollars in money laundering by drug cartels, a congressional committee report said Monday.

The report also stated the overruled DOJ lawyers recommended that charges be filed against HSBC Bank for allowing financial transactions with Cuba, Iran, Libya, Sudan and Burma, countries then-under U.S. sanctions

Then-Attorney General Eric Holder and his senior staff allowed HSBC to settle over the bank’s money laundering oversight failures rather than face criminal charges. They then “misled” Congress as to why the DOJ failed to prosecute HSBC, according to the majority staff of the House Committee on Financial Services.

The report was titled “Too Big To Jail: Inside the Obama Justice Department’s Decision Not to Hold Wall Street Accountable.”


Feds Stumped By 158 Tax Expenditures Worth $1.2 Trillion

Federal agencies can’t identify 158 tax expenditures worth a whopping $1.20 trillion in forgone revenue for Fiscal Year 2015, according to a recent report released by the Government Accountability Office.

The findings show the Office of Management and Budget nor the federal agencies have made significant strides to show how the expenditures’ are being utilized toward agency goals.

The nonpartisan government watchdog said while discretionary and mandatory spending programs receive an annual overview while the president is compiling information for his budget, tax expenditures lack the same amount of oversight as those that are not expiring are not subject to annual congressional budget processes.

The report said revenue losses from tax expenditures has reached levels comparable to discretionary spending. While discretionary spending has gone down since 2010, tax expenditures have continued to skyrocket.


Loretta Lynch Before Congress - Live Feed

State mental hospital that turns away patients has vacant ward

Even as the state's Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center has been turning away patients despite court orders to admit them, citing a lack of beds, one of the facility's wards remains vacant.

Dr. Barbara Bazron, head of the state's Behavioral Health Administration, testified that a ward remains empty at the psychiatric facility during a contempt-of-court hearing last week involving her and other high-ranking officials of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Baltimore Circuit Judge Gale Rasin held the hearing to make state officials say on the record why the department had disregarded several recent court orders to admit defendants to Perkins, the state facility that cares for the most dangerous offenders with mental disorders. The individuals involved have been admitted since, after delays of several weeks, but Rasin still demanded an explanation why her orders were not initially honored.


House GOP Ask US Attorney to Investigate Clinton for Perjury

The Republican chairmen of two U.S. House of Representatives committees asked the Justice Department on Monday to launch an investigation into whether Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton committed perjury during testimony to Congress about her use of a private email server. 

"The evidence collected by the FBI during its investigation of Secretary Clinton's use of a personal email system appears to directly contradict several aspects of her sworn testimony" to Congress, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte said in a letter to U.S. Attorney Channing Phillips requesting the probe.



No racial bias in police shootings, study by Harvard professor shows

A study by a Harvard professor released this month found no evidence of racial bias in police shootings even though officers were more likely to interact physically with non-whites than whites.

The paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research, which examined thousands of incidents at 10 large police departments in California, Florida and Texas, concluded that police were no more likely to shoot non-whites than whites after factoring in extenuating circumstances.

“On the most extreme use of force — officer-involved shootings — we find no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual factors are taken into account,” said Harvard economics professor Roland G. Fryer Jr. in the abstract of the July 2016 paper.

Mr. Fryer, who is black, told The New York Times that the finding of no racial discrimination in police shootings was “the most surprising result of my career.”


Nine-Year-Old Sets New Maryland Fishing Record

94.6-pound Cobia Caught by 65-pound Emma Zajdel

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has confirmed that Emma Zajdel, 9, of Ocean City, has set a new state fishing record with a 94.6-pound cobia.

Here is Emma’s story:
Emma Zajdel and her father, Ed, were fishing with Robert Clark and Emma’s best fishing friend, Ashton Clark, near Little Gull Shoals about a mile and a half east of Assateague Island on June 30, hoping to catch some bluefish.

They were trolling two lines off their boat near what appeared to be breaking blues when a line went tight. Robert took the rod from the rail and handed it to Emma, who had a fighting belt on, just in case. No sooner had she set the rod in place than the fish took off, and Emma set the hook.

“At first, we thought it was a shark, and the line was going out.” Emma said. “I could hear the reel and the drag and I thought I could go over the side.”

The battle lasted about 20 minutes.

Dallas Police Chief and Family Received Death Threats Immediately After Mass Shootings

Dallas Police Chief David Brown told reporters Monday he and his family received death threats “almost immediately” after the mass shooting by a Black Power activist on Thursday night.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said that he and his family received death threats “almost immediately after” a gunman fatally shot five police officers and wounded nine others at a Black Lives Matter rally last week.

“We’re taking them all as credible, whether they can be confirmed or not,” Brown told reporters at a Monday press conference, noting that other officers in the department have received anonymous threats as well.

The police chief said the language of the threats was disturbing enough that the department is taking them all “very seriously,” “for the sake of our families.”

During negotiations with police officers on Friday, suspected gunman Micah Johnson, an Army veteran, allegedly said that he wanted to kill white people, particularly cops. Johnson was killed by a bomb-toting robot after conversations with hostage negotiators broke down.


Baltimore City Schools Officials Expect Mckesson Back At Work Today

Baltimore schools officials say DeRay Mckesson is expected back at work Tuesday.

Mckesson, the noted activist in movements like Black Lives Matter and Campaign Zero who recently made an unsuccessful run for the mayor's office, was arrested over the weekend in Baton Rouge.Mckesson was recently hired as the interim chief human capital officer under new city schools CEO Sonja Santelises.

"In the brief period since his June 28 appointment as City Schools' interim chief human capital officer, Mr. Mckesson has brought his expertise, professionalism, and commitment to supporting City Schools' employees and to the critical work of ensuring that all district schools are fully staffed when the school year begins on August 29," reads a statement from school system officials. "We expect that work to continue under Mr. Mckesson's leadership and anticipate his return to the district office on July 12.”

Santelises told The Baltimore Sun over the weekend she has no problem with Mckesson's activism that it "is part of who he is, it's part of what drives him, and it's part of what drives him to move the work for kids."

Booking documents provided by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office say Mckesson was arrested on a charge of obstructing a highway. A police affidavit of probable cause says Mckesson "intentionally" placed himself in the road after protesters were repeatedly warned by loudspeaker to remain on private property or the curb.


BREAKING: Barricaded Thugs Fire on DC Cops

Moments ago, this headline appeared on the Drudge Report. Fox News has the details:
Police arrested five people for allegedly shooting at officers in Washington, D.C., early Tuesday, officials said. No injuries were reported.

The group allegedly fired at police to avoid arrest, not as part of a targeted attack on cops, a police official told The Washington Post.

Officers in marked police cruisers were responding to reports of gunshots just after midnight in southeast Washington, D.C., near Martin Luther King Elementary School when the cops were shot at by people inside an SUV, police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck said.

Police returned fire at the suspects, who barricaded themselves in the vehicle, Sternbeck said. Officers ordered the group to come out, but they refused.
We will update this story as more information becomes available.
Source: AAN

Black Lives Matter Co-founder DEMANDS “White Folks” Stop Saying “All Lives Matter”…It’s Racist!

Marissa Jenae Johnson is a cofounder of Black Lives Matter and now insists saying “all lives matter” is a “new racial slur,”

In a Fox News interview she said, “White Americans have created the conditions that require a phrase like ‘Black Likes Matter’. Do you know how horrific it is to grow up as a child in a world that so hates you? While you’re literally being gunned down in the street, while you’re being rounded up and mass incarcerated and forced into prison slavery.”

“Black Lives Matter is not a strong enough statement for me,” Johnson said.

You probably remember Marissa Jenae Johnson from the summer of 2015. She was the lady who stormed the stage at a Bernie Sanders rally and took the mic, then Bernie ran for the hills.

When pointing out that Bernie is the far-left candidate, Johnson was asked why she would protest Bernie.

Johnson said he is “Left for white folks. He’s left for the needs and concerns of mainstream white America.”


First Black Miss Alabama: Dallas Shooter Is A 'Martyr'

Alabama’s first-ever black Miss Alabama winner posted a video Sunday, tearfully admitting she views Dallas shooter Micah Johnson as a “martyr” and isn’t upset about the five police he murdered.

In 1994, Kalyn Chapman James became the first, and so far only, black woman to be crowned Miss Alabama, before going on to a top-10 finish in the Miss America pageant. Today, she works as a TV host in Miami, and awards an annual scholarship to the top black finisher at each year’s Miss Alabama.

In a video recorded in her car after leaving church Sunday, James says that, as much as she wished otherwise, she didn’t feel bad about the murder of five police in Dallas and views shooter Micah Johnson as a martyr. Johnson hated white people and wanted to kill police in revenge for the deaths of black men like Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, according to police.


Maryland’s Eastern Shore Preps for Return of the USSSA Eastern World Series

Salisbury, MD – Nearly 5,000 softball players will soon be on the Lower Eastern Shore for the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) Eastern World Series. 

This year’s event will be held from July 13-30. The USSSA Eastern World Series draws more than 350 teams from 14 states and Canada to the region over three weeks. The event generates an estimated economic impact of nearly $18 million and a hotel room night demand in excess of 10,000.

This is Wicomico County’s tenth year hosting USSSA events, but growth in the size and scope of the World Series has sparked its expansion beyond County borders.

The 2016 event will again be billed under the Mid-Atlantic Amateur Sports Alliance (MAASA), which was formed by the Town of Ocean City and Wicomico and Worcester Counties in 2014. The formal sports marketing partnership is the first of its kind in the nation, and it leverages the combined assets of each jurisdiction in order to attract, retain and build sports marketing events. 

2016 USSSA World Series Dates:
Week 1: July 13-17 - 10U Open, 12U Open
Week 2: July 19-24 - 14U A, B
Week 3: July 25-30 - 16U Open & 18U Open, 18U B
*’U’ abbreviation for under.

The Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex in Salisbury provides the main fields of play for the series. Other fields tentatively scheduled for use in Wicomico County include the East Wicomico Little League, Eastside Youth Sports Complex, Fruitland Recreational Area, WinterPlace Park and Mason-Dixon Sports Complex. In Worcester County, games are scheduled for John Walter Smith Park, North Worcester Athletic Complex, Showell Recreation Complex, Stephen Decatur High School/Middle School. In the Town of Ocean City, games will be played at Northside Park.

Tournament games are open to the public with no admission fee charged. For additional information on the USSSA World Series, please visit In accordance with USSSA national guidelines, schedules are not released until the start of the tournament. As they become available, information will be posted to the USSSA website.


This Is Getting Crazy

Baltimore PRIVATELY Citizens Protect Police

How We Got to the Brink of Civil War, and How to Stop It

My wife related a disturbing story to me about a ride with an Uber driver late last week. The gentleman behind the wheel was black, and a Navy veteran, so he and my wife had at least two things in common.

They discussed current events, and as he drove the late-model luxury sedan to my wife’s office he told her that he shared the anger of young black men in the streets, because the white Republicans, driven by the racist Tea Party, had never given our black president the chance to govern.

What my wife found disturbing is that this man, whose circumstances were so different from some of the people rioting in the streets, and who had lived through the integrating, uplifting experience of service in the armed forces, could believe that his countrymen were racist.

It compounded the frustration she feels when she opens Facebook and sees the chest-beatings of her fellow Harvard alumni, pouring out white guilt or fulminating against The Man. As if they had any real reason to believe it.

I’ve learned to ignore a lot of that, because I’m used to the idea that people often arrive at their deeply held political beliefs for purely psychological reasons.

It is very unlikely that an educated black person, for example, will encounter the virulent racism many believe, or assume, happens all the time. Ta-Nehisi Coates, who writes about the persistence of racism in America, admitted in an interview with Playboy that he personally has never been called the N-word — by a white person — in his life.

But as the late Benedict Anderson explained, national identity is often forged by shared imagination and shared media, and what is being imagined today, in common, can have very real consequences.

The people facing off against police on highways in Atlanta and Oakland may never have had any kind of negative experience with police — indeed, they share an implicit trust that the police will let them protest, even illegally — and yet they are forging a new political identity that can create its own reality.

How did we get here?

Officer Patrick Zamarripa survived three tours in Iraq before being killed in Dallas

It had been 12 hours since he’d lost his son to one of the country’s worst mass police shootings, and he still couldn’t understand why.

Dallas police officer Patrick Zamarripa, 32, had survived three tours in Iraq, one of the world’s most dangerous places, his father, Rick Zamarripa, said Friday. And then this.

“He comes to the United States to protect people here,” his dad said. “And they take his life.”

Rick was watching television Thursday night when news broke that someone had opened fire in downtown Dallas around 9 p.m. at the end of a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in the city. He knew that his son had recently begun working as a bike officer in the downtown area, an assignment he enjoyed.


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This Is How We Start To Heal America

Mother Shot in Dallas: The Police ‘Were Really Heroes for Us’

A mother shot during the attack on police officers in Dallas said of the officers, “They were really heroes for us.” Shetamia Taylor said during an emotional press conference that the officers saved her life and the lives of her sons.

Taylor was surrounded by her sons and other members of her family during the presser at the Baylor University Medical Center on Sunday.

She started her address to the media and others gathered, “First and foremost, I want to say my prayers to the family members of the officers who passed. I want to say thank you to the officers who were there for me and my sons, who watched over us during that time."

They were about to go back to where her car was parked when they heard the shots. She was obviously emotionally affected while she recapped what happened that night. She said she remembered seeing a “tall” “hefty” “white guy” “bald” officer. She heard a second shot, “and as he was going down,” the officer told her, “He has a gun, Run.” Ms. Taylor had to stop while she was telling the story to compose herself. This happens at about the 21-minute mark in the video.

“My kids started running,” she said. Ms. Taylor wanted to make sure her sons were all in front of her. She was running behind them when she felt the bullet hit her in the back of the leg. She grabbed her son Andrew and got on top of him. Police officers started coming up the block.

“That officer jumped on top of me, and covered me, and my son,” she tearfully relayed. “There was another one at our feet, and there was another one over our head. And there were several of them lined against the wall over there and they just stayed there with us.”

More here with video..

UPDATE: State Police Investigates Fatal Fall From Helicopter

Georgetown - Delaware State Police has released the name of the volunteer firefighter who fell during training at the Delaware Coastal Airport located at 21553 Rudder Lane, Georgetown, as Tim McClanahan, 46 of Lewes.

The investigation is in the early stages and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will be the lead investigative agency with the assistance of the Delaware State Police.

Arkansas Officer Tommy Norman gaining attention for all the right reasons

An Arkansas police officer was praised by an Atlanta-based rapper and activist during an interview with CNN's Brooke Baldwin in May 2015.

Since then, Officer Tommy Norman has been hailed as a "good cop" and a police officer who is "doing it right."

Killer Mike, whom Baldwin said got his name "'cause he likes to kill (it on the) microphone,'" issued a plea for people to get involved in their communities and challenged people to mentor children unlike themselves -- "not of their color, not of their class, not of their religion."

During the interview, Mike, whose father was a former Atlanta police officer, referenced Norman, whom he said he found on social media."I want (people) ... to get involved like a policeman in North Little Rock. He doesn't know I follow him. He doesn't know I know him, but ... if you follow him on Instagram ... this man is out of his patrol car every single day," Killer Mike, also known as Michael Render, said. "He is taking pictures with other peoples' families that are black (and) with white kids in the community. He's in the community. And North Little Rock is no easy place to police. He puts pictures of him and his own children up, and there's nothing more accountable than saying, 'I'm transparent ... ' I would encourage more police and more people to look at what this officer is doing in particular because he's doing something right."


Even if you don't have a Facebook account you can  still view his posts and videos.  You may get a popup when you try to view if you are not on facebook, just click 'not now'.

Nothing Has Changed, Just The Faces

Detroit Police Detective Demoted for Criticizing BLM on Facebook

As cities across America suffered disruption, property destruction, and even the shooting and murders of police, a Detroit Police Department detective jumped to Facebook to criticize the Black Lives Matter protesters responsible for the mayhem. Now the detective has been demoted for his post.

On Monday Detroit Police Chief James Craig announced that the DPD has launched an investigation into Detective Nathan Weekley after his social media post went viral drawing over 40,000 views and a number of complaints.

The officer’s post was highlighted by the left-wing Michigan National Action Network revealing to liberal supporters of Black Lives Matter that the officer called the BLM movement “terrorists” and said that the only way the people would understand how important police are is to stop going to work.


Restorative Justice Programs for Young Offenders Begin in Maryland

Restorative Justice Programs for Young Offenders Begin in Maryland
More Than $800,000 in Funding Awarded to Diversion Programs for Low-Level Juvenile Offenders

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today announced programs that provide individualized treatment for juvenile offenders and their families will now be available in 11 jurisdictions across the state. Some of these will be restorative justice programs, which are based on the premise that the offender harmed not only the victim, but the community as a whole, and that justice involves not only accountability on the offender’s part, but an effort to make amends and to earn the community’s trust.

“Crime has a significant impact on our communities as a whole,” said Governor Hogan. “By providing these type of restorative programs, it not only holds young people accountable for their actions, it gives them access to resources that provide the treatment and services they need to become stable, productive members of our communities.”

“Diverting low-level juvenile offenders to supervision programs in their communities helps them avoid deeper involvement in the juvenile justice system, and increases their opportunities for success by providing access to support from their schools, families, and community resources,” said Glenn Fueston, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention. “At the same time, we reserve expensive detention resources for juvenile offenders who must be held in order to protect the community.”

The federal funding for these programs is from the Title II Formula Grant, a grant program administered by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, part of the U.S. Department of Justice. In addition, Crime Control & Prevention awarded more than $300,000 in state funding to implement similar juvenile justice programs and initiatives. These programs are listed below.