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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Southwest Airlines Passenger Says Flight Crew Wouldn’t Let Her Make Emergency Call To Husband Before He Died

In what can only be described as a tragic turn of events, a Wisconsin woman says that after she received a troubling text from her husband while on board a Southwest Airlines flight about to take off, she was told she couldn’t call him. When she arrived home, police informed her that her husband had taken his own life.

The woman says the alarming text came moments before her flight from New Orleans to Milwaukee was set to take off, when he sent a message asking her for forgiveness for committing suicide, reportsWTMJ-4 News (warning: link contains video that auto-plays).

“I started shaking the minute I got the text and I was panicked, I didn’t know what to do,” she said, adding that she immediately replied “no,” and went to call him.

But a flight attendant making her final checks told her she had to turn her phone off or put it in airplane mode, and “slapped the phone down,” the passenger says.

When she explained the situation, the woman says the attendant told her it was “FAA regulations.”


Blue Buffalo Admits To Lying About Ingredients – Here is Why You Should Care…

As it often happens, a competition between companies had benefitted the consumer. Purina was bent on catching Blue Buffalo in an advertising lie – they claimed they never used poultry by-product meal in their foods.

However, Purina did some testing of Blue Buffalo product and found that was not the case and sued them for False Advertising. Just last week, a year after the case was filed, Blue Buffalo admitted to using by product meal in “a ‘substantial’ and ‘material’ portion of their pet food.”

Blue Buffalo asked the Court for additional time to file an Amended Complaint in the litigation, naming its ingredient suppliers as Defendants.

“Despite this admission, Blue Buffalo still has not informed consumers of the presence of poultry by-product meal in Blue Buffalo pet food, refuses to accept responsibility for the product it sold, and is instead blaming its suppliers,” said Keith Schopp, a spokesperson for Nestlé Purina Petcare.


Texas Man Makes Historical Find in the Secret Drawer of a Dresser He Bought for Less Than $100

A Texas man who bought a dresser at an estate sale Saturday found quite the surprise in a hidden drawer.

Emil Knodell, who lives in Bellville, Texas, was attending a sale in Missouri City, Texas, where he purchased a handcrafted walnut chest with a marble top for less than $100, KHQ-TV reported.

As Knodell and others were loading the dresser into his vehicle, they heard a noise coming from inside.

“It sounded like a metallic waterfall,” Knodell said. “And we opened it up and three of us looked in and it was like the ‘Hardy Boys.’ Holy smokes, jackpot!”



The Ocean City Fire/EMS were dispatched to 2409 Atlantic Ave to the Casa Blanca Motel for a 23 y/o male subject who fell off the 3rd floor balcony onto the alley in the rear of the motel.

The male patient has suffered severe head trauma and was found unconscious on the ground. EMS treated him and he was flown out by Trooper 4 to Shock Trauma. 

While en route he went into trauma arrest and Trooper 4 was diverted to PRMC. The patient did suffer injuries non compatible to survival. 

OCPD is still on the scene interviewing witnesses.

Big League Baseball

Hillary slams 20-week abortion ban

The Hillary Clinton campaign jabbed at House Republicans after they passed a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks on Wednesday.

"Politicians should not interfere with personal medical decisions, which should be left to a woman, her family and her faith, in consultation with her doctor or health care provider," Clinton's senior policy adviser Maya Harris said in a statement.

She added that the bill conflicts with Roe v. Wadethe Supreme Court decision that protects the right to an abortion. Court precedent has generally protected abortions up to the point of viability, at 24 weeks.


BLACK WOMAN: Calls Rioters ‘Little Black Bastards’, Slams Their Parents: WARNING, FOUL LANGUAGE

Amtrak funding cut approved a day after crash

Republicans in the House approved a funding cut for Amtrak on Wednesday over the objection of Democrats, who linked the proposed reduction to a deadly derailment near Philadelphia.

The cut — part of a $55 billion funding bill for the departments of Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development — was approved by the House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday.

The GOP-sponsored measure contains $1.13 billion for Amtrak, down from the roughly $1.4 billion Congress appropriated for 2015.


WBOC's Paul Butler Just Can't Say "Camden Yards"

I can't believe it. Last year we called out Paul Butler for calling Camden Yards, "Candem Yards". One would think by now, he gets it. NOPE! Tonight he was at it again. Come on Paul, CAMDEN, not CANDEM.

Black Lives Matter

Walter E. Williams is a professor economics 
at George Mason University. 

Before we examine the issue of police shootings of blacks, I would like to start the conversation with another question. Here it is: If a person chooses to stand on railroad tracks in the face of an oncoming train, who is responsible for his being run over? And if many people meet their maker this way, what would you recommend as the best way to reduce such deaths? Would you focus most of your efforts on train engineers, or would you counsel people not to stand on railroad tracks in the face of an oncoming train?

In principle, the answer to these questions might help with the issue of police shootings in general and particularly those of blacks. First, the Ferguson, Missouri, case: Having robbed a liquor store, the person is walking in the middle of the street and blocking traffic. A police officer tells the person to get out of the street. What would you suggest the person do? Would you suggest that he ignore the police officer's instructions, push the officer as he attempts to get out of his vehicle and afterward attempt to take the officer's pistol?

In the case of the New York City death of Eric Garner, what would you recommend? A person is illegally selling cigarettes. The police try to effect an arrest. What would you recommend that the person do? As the police try to take the person into custody, would you advise the person to swat away the arms of the arresting officer, to tell the officer "Don't touch me!" and to continue resisting arrest?

What about the shooting of Walter Scott by a North Charleston, South Carolina, police officer? If an officer makes a traffic stop, would you advise that the driver flee so as to avoid arrest?

Let me be clear: I am justifying neither the behavior of police officers nor the deadly outcomes of their confrontations with these three black men. Similarly, I would not justify the behavior of a train engineer or the outcome a person experiences standing on the train tracks in the face of an oncoming train. I would counsel a person not to stand on railroad tracks in the face of an oncoming train. Similarly, the advice that I would give to anyone of any race in dealing with police is: Follow the officer's instructions. Do not resist arrest or attempt to flee. Do not assault the police officer or try to disarm him. Had this advice been taken, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Walter Scott would be alive today.

Criminal activity is a major problem in many black communities. That means many black citizens will have some kind of contact with police officers, either as victims of crime or as criminals. One of the true tragedies is that black politicians, preachers and civil rights advocates give massive support to criminals such as Brown, Garner and Scott. How much support do we see for the overwhelmingly law-abiding members of the black community preyed upon by criminals?

The average American has no idea of the day-to-day threats and fears encountered by the law-abiding majority in black neighborhoods on account of thugs. In addition to giving threats and instilling fears, criminals have turned many black communities into economic wastelands where there is a lack of services that most Americans take for granted, such as supermarkets, other shops and even home delivery. Black residents must bear the expense of having to go out of their neighborhoods to shop or shop at high-cost mom and pop stores.

The protest chant that black lives matter appears to mean that black lives matter only if they are taken at the hands of white police officers.

Officials discuss Route 404 dualization

DENTON — Local elected officials met Wednesday, May 6, with the second-in-command of the Maryland Department of Transportation, to discuss the importance of completing the entire dualization of state Route 404 as soon as possible.

Ground was broken almost a year ago on the latest phase of dualization, which will widen the highway to four lanes from west of state Route 309 to east of Tuckahoe Creek. State money also has been dedicated to designing and engineering two future phases, which will widen sections between Route 480 and Hillsboro Road, and between Old Queen Anne Road and west of Route 309.

No plans are yet in the works to dualize the part of Route 404 that was the scene of the April 21 fatal accident, when a westbound tractor-trailer, driven by Brian Hutcheson, 38, of Ramer, Tenn., crossed the double center line, sideswiped an eastbound tractor-trailer driven by Michael Shovan, 52, of Waynesboro, Pa., and then ran head-on into a second eastbound tractor-trailer, driven by Terry Coward, 52, of Culpepper, Va. Coward’s tractor-trailer, which was hauling lumber, burst into flames.


Dems Push to Make Buying Ammo Harder

House Democrats introduced a bill which seeks to restrict online ammunition purchases as well as track large orders.

The Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2015, introduced by Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D., N.J.), would require people who purchase ammunition online to display a photo ID in-person in order to receive the order. It would also require ammunition sellers to report to the Attorney General’s office any time they sell 1,000 rounds or more over a 5 day period to the same buyer.

The bill allows for online sales of ammunition so long as the buyer picks up the order in person. However, since most online sales do not currently involve a face-to-face interaction, the bill would outlaw most online ammunition sales.


Baltimore Correctional Officers Accused Of Looting During Riots

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Accused of looting. Two Baltimore correctional officers face charges in connection to last month’s riots.

Tamika Cobb and Kendra Richard have been suspended without pay after being charged with theft and burglary.

The officers were caught on camera leaving a closed 7-Eleven store in the 300 block of W. Baltimore Street with merchandise.

Police say a tip led them to review video footage that allegedly showed looting.


Baltimore is awesome

BREAKING NEWS: House passes Iran nuke review bill

The US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passes bill giving Congress the right to review any Iran nuclear deal, sends measure to President Obama.


It’s Official Uber Service Available In Ocean City; Resort’s First Uber Driver Now Operating

OCEAN CITY — One week after the Town of Ocean City passed changes to its taxi cab ordinance, the resort’s very first official Uber driver hit the streets in town this week.

Ocean City officials have been wrestling with the potential for the car service, popular in metropolitan areas across the bridge and all over the country, to come to the resort. Last week, the Mayor and Council passed changes to its ordinance governing taxi cabs in the resort and continued the discussion about regulating Uber if and when it arrived in Ocean City.

This week, it’s no longer a question of if or when as local resident Mick Chester had his application with Uber approved by the growing company. Chester wears many hats around Ocean City, including firefighter, rescue swimmer and bartender, among others, and he is now Ocean City’s first official Uber driver.


These Cops were So Corrupt, that their Entire Department was Just Raided by Multiple Agencies

Brooklyn, Illinois – This week, the Brooklyn Police Department was raided by a number of other law enforcement agencies, including, the Illinois State Police, and the St. Clair County Sheriff.

On Wednesday, local news crews witnessed police from different agencies carrying equipment, computers, weapons and records out of the building and driving away with them.

Local News 4 reported that the raid was connected to corruption allegations, which relate to the theft of evidence, weapons, drugs and other items from the evidence room.

Outside the Police Department, Illinois State Police Capt. James Morrisey told reporters that the raid was “in reference to some allegations received by Illinois State Police and the State’s Attorney’s office. No further information is available at this time.”

One former officer, Chris Heatherly reportedly kept an AR-15 rifle in his car that had been stolen from the evidence room. He flaunted the rifle in a photo that was later used for a police department calendar. Other guns and drugs that were missing from Heatherly’s cases have yet to be found.

The St. Clair County’s State’s Attorney is now refusing to prosecute any cases that Heatherly was involved in because his actions prove that he cannot be trusted as a witness. Heatherly was forced to resign after the accusations surfaced, but he is not currently facing any charges.


Nancy Gordeuk: Georgia school principal who delivered racist outburst is fired

The Georgia principal who caused national outrage for a racist outburst she made during a graduation ceremony has been fired less than a week after footage her comments went viral.

Dr Heidi Anderson, chair of the board of directors at TNT Academy, said it voted to dismiss principal Nancy Gordeuk after a racist outburst at the school’s graduation, WXIA reported. The board sent a letter sent to the Gwinnett County NAACP.

“In light of recent events, the board of directors of TNT Academy has moved to dismiss Nancy Gordeuk as principal,” it said.


More Than 40 Percent of Bee Hives Died in Past Year

More than two out of five American honeybee colonies died in the past year, and surprisingly the worst die-off was in the summer, according to a federal survey.

Since April 2014, beekeepers lost 42.1 percent of their colonies, the second highest loss rate in nine years, according to an annual survey conducted by a bee partnership that includes the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

"What we're seeing with this bee problem is just a loud signal that there's some bad things happening with our agro-ecosystems," said study co-author Keith Delaplane at the University of Georgia. "We just happen to notice it with the honeybee because they are so easy to count."

But it's not quite as dire as it sounds. That's because after a colony dies, beekeepers then split their surviving colonies, start new ones, and the numbers go back up again, said Delaplane and study co-author Dennis vanEngelsdorp of the University of Maryland.

Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Maine and Wisconsin all saw more than 60 percent of their hives die since April 2014, according to the survey.

"Most of the major commercial beekeepers get a dark panicked look in their eyes when they discuss these losses and what it means to their businesses," said Pennsylvania State University entomology professor Diana Cox-Foster. She wasn't part of the study, but praised it.

Delaplane and vanEngelsdorp said a combination of mites, poor nutrition and pesticides are to blame for the bee deaths. USDA bee scientist Jeff Pettis said last summer's large die-off included unusual queen loss and seemed worse in colonies that moved more.


Salisbury City Council Work Session Agenda And Packet For Monday 5-18-15

DHS Caught Busing In Illegal Somalis From Mexican Border

The U.S. is bringing in 100,000 Muslims every year through legal channels such as the United Nations refugee program and various visa programs, but new reports indicate a pipeline has been established through the southern border with the help of the federal agency whose job it is to protect the homeland.

They are coming from Somalia and other African nations, according to a Homeland Security official who was caught recently transporting a busload of Africans to a detention center near Victorville, California.

Somalia is the home base of al-Shabab, a designated foreign terrorist organization that slaughtered 147 Christians at a university in Kenya just last month. It executed another 67 at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2013, and has put out warnings that it will target malls in Canada and the U.S. Dozens of Somali refugees in the U.S. have been arrested, charged and convicted of providing support to overseas terrorist organizations over the past few years.

Libya is also awash in Islamist terror following the death of Moammar Gadhafi in 2011. ISIS beheaded 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt on a Libyan beach in March.

So when Anita Fuentes of posted a video of a U.S. Department of Homeland Security bus pulling into a Shell station in Victorville, on the night of May 7, admitting he had a busload of Somalis and other Africans who had crossed the southern border, it raised more than a few eyebrows among those concerned with illegal immigration and national security.

A man who appeared to be a Customs and Border Patrol agent was filmed at the gas station at 10:30 p.m. When questioned by Fuentes, he informed her that his large touring bus was full of Somalis and other Africans being transported to a nearby detention center.

The tour bus had the U.S. Homeland Security logo, and the agent appeared calm and professional.

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$30 Fun PUBLIC ART pARTy’s This Saturday and Sunday

Fruitland PD Proclamation

Young Americans Going Gaga For Socialism

Ask youth and Democrats in America what they think of socialism and a growing number will answer in the positive, pointing to Norway, Sweden and self-declared socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders as their examples, a new survey showed.

YouGov conducted a survey of how Americans these days are viewing socialism, and the perception has greatly changed since Moscow Red Square military-parade days.

In general, 52 percent of Americans say they have a favorable view of capitalism and 26 percent, a favorable perception of socialism. But those numbers change dramatically with the younger set.

For those in the under-30 range, “36 percent have a positive view of socialism, while 30 percent have a positive view of capitalism.”

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Top House Republican Unveils Obamacare Replacement

House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., on Wednesday unveiled a plan to repeal President Obama's healthcare law and replace it with an alternative.

The move is the latest effort by Republicans to show that they have a vision for reforming the healthcare system beyond merely undoing Obamacare. With Republicans taking over the Senate, a looming Supreme Court decision, and the 2016 campaign heating up, there has been increased pressure on the GOP to offer alternatives.

Price, an orthopedic surgeon who in January took over the budget panel from Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has been one of the leading voices on healthcare policy among Republicans.

His plan, an updated version of his "Empowering Patients First Act" released in the previous Congress, relies on a combination of tax credits and regulatory reforms meant to broaden access to health insurance and bring down costs without Obamacare. Its release is likely to reignite a debate on the right over whether such an approach goes far enough toward ushering in a market-based healthcare system.

The Price plan would start by fully repealing the text of Obamacare.

To assist individuals with the purchase of insurance in the absence of Obamacare's subsidies, it would provide refundable tax credits. In a change from Price's previous proposal, which adjusted the value of the credits based on the income level of the recipient, the new Price plan would adjust the value of the credits based on age. The credits would range from $1,200 for those between 18 to 35 and $3,000 for those over 50 – with an additional $900 credit per child up to age 18.

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Study: 'Impossible' for GOP to Win Black Voter

A new study of blacks and their voting patterns finds that nothing the Republican Party does, even nominating African-American GOP candidates, works to win them over.

"Historical legacies provide deeply rooted ties between blacks and the Democratic Party," said the study in the authoritative journal Political Research Quarterly. "These ties may simply render it impossible for Republicans — black or otherwise — to move public opinion or mobilize among blacks," it added.

The study, provided to Secrets, searched through the demographic details of 3,300 African-American voters in the 2010 election, when the GOP had nearly three dozen black House candidates running, part of the Republican Party's push to attract minority voters.

But the authors, political scientists from Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Chicago, found it didn't help. "Republican efforts in recruiting black candidates were ultimately unsuccessful at mobilizing black voters," said the study titled, "Candidate Race, Partisanship, and Political Participation: When Do Black Candidates Increase Black Turnout?"

Since 1981, the GOP has focused on expanding the black vote beyond single digits — and mostly failed. But not always.

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Obama Disapproves: 'Kids Start Going to Private Schools...Private Clubs'

(CNSNews) - President Barack Obama told a gathering at Georgetown University on Tuesday that the problem isn't racial segregation, it's wealth segregation, manifested by "elites" who "are able to live together, away from folks who are not as wealthy."

"Kids start going to private schools," he said. (Just as he did and his own kids do.)

Once upon a time, the president noted, a banker lived in "reasonable proximity" to the school janitor; the janitor's daughter may have dated the banker's son; they may have attended the same church, rotary club, and public parks -- "all the things that stitch them together...contributing to social mobility and to a sense of possibility and opportunity for all kids in that community."

But now "concentrations of wealth" have left some people less committed to investing in programs that benefit the poor.

"And what's happened in our economy is that those who are doing better and better -- more skilled, more educated, luckier, having greater advantages -- are withdrawing from sort of the commons -- kids start going to private schools; kids start working out at private clubs instead of the public parks. An anti-government ideology then dis-invests from those common goods and those things that draw us together. And that, in part, contributes to the fact that there's less opportunity for our kids, all of our kids."

President Obama's two daughters attend an elite private school in Washington where tuition runs $37,750 ("includes hot lunch," the school's website notes). His wife and children ski at Aspen, an elite resort in Colorado. President Obama frequently golfs at exclusive private clubs. And the entire family takes summer vacations in a borrowed mansion in ritzy Martha's Vineyard or Hawaii.

But the president wasn't talking about himself or his family at Tuesday's Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit on Overcoming Poverty.

He was talking about hedge fund managers and corporate CEOS who now earn "thousands" of times more than the people who work for them. "Now, that's not because they're bad people," Obama said. "It's just that they have been freed from a certain set of social constraints."

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BREAKING NEWS: Death toll from Amtrak derailment rises to 8

The death toll has been raised to 8 in Tuesday's derailment of an Amtrak train in Philadelphia after a body was found at the crash site, authorities say.


Brandon Bostian, Amtrak engineer, can't remember crash details, lets attorney speak for him

PHILADELPHIA (ABC News) -- Brandon Bostian, the engineer driving the Amtrak train that derailed in Philadelphia Tuesday night, has no recollection of the crash itself and "no explanation" for what happened, his attorney told ABC News.

The attorney for Bostian, 32, a Queens, New York, resident, confirmed his identity to ABC News, and added that Bostian voluntarily turned over a blood sample and his cell phone and is cooperating with authorities.

Bostian was "very distraught" to learn of the loss of life in the crash, the attorney said, adding Bostian only remembers driving the train to the crash area generally, then later getting tossed around, coming to, finding his bag and his cell phone, and dialing 911.

Bostian suffered a concussion and head wound that required 14 staples, as well as injuries to both of his legs in the crash, the attorney said -- but Bostian told the attorney he had "no health issues to speak of" before the crash and was on no medications.


Obama: ‘We’re Going to Have to Change How the Media Reports’

For going on seven years we have learned three things about President Obama: 1) He loves the poor so much he continues to create more of them. 2) He loves the poor so much he does everything in his power to keep them poor. 3) He doesn’t see the opposition as loyal, but as bad players — his enemy. This is especially true of Fox News, which Obama ripped as anti-poor bigots during a Wednesday afternoon summit on poverty.

We’re used to this Obama, the forever-partisan who has never seen himself as president of all the people but only of those who worship him.

What was most revealing about the president’s comments was his expressed desire to “change how the media reports.”

Speaking of Fox News, the poor, and the way GOP leaders think, Obama said, [W]e’re going to have to change how our body politic thinks, which means we’re going to have to change how the media reports on these issues.”

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Birds of a Feather

Canada to Fight BDS Movement with Hate Crime Laws

Canada, one of Israel's staunchest allies, appears primed to use its new hate crime laws against groups advocating for the virulently anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

According to a Canadian Broadcasting Company report on Monday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government made its intentions clear by sending a list of the country's hate crime laws in response to CBC's inquiry on its stance on BDS.

Over the past few months, several cabinet ministers have made statements pledging vigilance against the country's many BDS groups, which are primarily associated with universities, labor unions and churches.

In January, then foreign minister John Baird swore to fight the movement, which calls for boycotts of the Jewish state, and which Baird named "the new face of anti-Semitism."

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Somerset Planning

WCSO Most Wanted 5-14-15

Daryl Anthony Turner
• Black Male, 5’08” 165 lbs
• DOB 08/03/1989 25 years of age
• Black hair, Brown eyes
• Turner’s last known address was Salisbury MD
• Turner is wanted by the Sheriff's Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued in December 2014 for Violation of Probation on the charge of Assault 2nd
• The preset bond is $25,000

Ashley Nicole Thomas
• White Female, 4’11” 125 lbs
• DOB09/05/1985 29 years of age
• Red hair, Blue eyes
• Thomas’ last known addresses were Salisbury MD and Belle Haven VA
• Thomas is wanted by the Sheriff's Office on three District Court Bench Warrants issued in March and April 2015 for Violation of Pretrial Conditions on CDS Possession Not Marijuana; Violation of Probation on CDS charges; and for Failure to Appear on Traffic charges
• There is no preset bond, she must be brought before the court
• The state will extradite her from DE and VA
• Thomas has history of DRUG ABUSE

Justin Brett Kelly
• White Male, 5’04” 115 lbs
• DOB 08/14/1989 25 years of age
• Brown hair, Brown eyes
• Kelly’s last known address was Temperanceville VA
• Kelly is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a District Court Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear in February 2015 on charges of Theft, Trespassing on Posted Property, and Malicious Destruction
• The preset bond is $10,000
• The state will extradite him from DE and VA

Daronte Lamonte Jones
• Black Male 6’00” 150 lbs
• DOB 06/02/1990 24 years of age
• Black hair, Brown eyes
• Jones’ last known address was Salisbury MD
• Jones is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued in February 2015 for Violation of Probation on the charge of CDS Possess Not Marijuana
• The preset bond is $15000
• Jones is a known GANG MEMBER and has history of DRUG ABUSE

Larry Gene Hurley Jr.
• White Male, 5’04” 170 lbs
• DOB 01/29/1963 52 years of age
• Brown hair, Brown eyes
• Hurley’s last known address was Salisbury MD
• Hurley also uses the name Buddy
• Hurley is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Child Support Body Attachment issued in April 2011 as Unable to locate
• The preset bond is $12,000 cash 

Darryl Lavaughn West Sr.
• Black Male, 5’10” 175 lbs
• DOB 02/10/1963 52 years of age
• Brown hair, Brown eyes
• West’s last known address was Salisbury MD
• West is wanted by the Sheriff's Office on a Child Support Body Attachment issued in June 2011
• The preset bond is $5000 cash


O's part-timers to be paid for lost hours

The Orioles have stepped to the plate to assure that none of their part-time employees are hurt financially from the civil unrest in Baltimore that recently affected six games that were scheduled to be played at Camden Yards.

The team will pay the hourly employees who lost work hours during the week of April 27 due to the rioting.

"Due to the extraordinary circumstances that led to several cancelled or rescheduled games, the Orioles organization will compensate all hourly employees for hours that would have been ordinarily worked the week of April 27. This adjustment will be added to your 5/29 paycheck," the Orioles said in a Tuesday letter to employees.


‘We the People’ Need to Circle the Wagons: The Government Is on the Warpath

How many Americans have actually bothered to read the Constitution?

“The government is merely a servant―merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn’t. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them.”
― Mark Twain

How many Americans have actually bothered to read the Constitution, let alone the first ten amendments to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights (a quick read at 462 words)?

Take a few minutes and read those words for yourself—rather than having some court or politician translate them for you—and you will be under no illusion about where to draw the line when it comes to speaking your mind, criticizing your government, defending what is yours, doing whatever you want on your own property, and keeping the government’s nose out of your private affairs


Snakeheads Found in Two Eastern Shore Ponds

In early April, anglers caught several northern snakehead fish from private ponds in Wicomico and Queen Anne’s counties. While surveying the pond in Wicomico County, Maryland Department of Natural Resources biologists found three more adult snakeheads. A DNR survey of the Queen Anne’s County pond turned up seven more, including subadult fish, which suggests that snakeheads are reproducing there.

“Thanks to these anglers, who appropriately killed the invasive fish and reported their catches to DNR’s Fisheries Service, we can use this data to determine where they came from and update our management strategies accordingly,” said Joe Love, DNR fisheries biologist. “We suspect that the fish may have been illegally introduced to at least one of these sites because it’s a neighborhood pond normally disconnected from Wicomico River.”

It is illegal in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware to move, possess or release live snakeheads because these jurisdictions, along with the federal government, consider them an invasive or nuisance species. The penalty for possessing a live snakehead or introducing one into Maryland waters can reach $25,000 and 30 days in jail. Transporting invasive fish across state lines without a federal permit is a Lacey Act violation, and the penalty can reach $250,000 and up to five years in jail.



Economy continues to crumble as feds say otherwise

The number of jobs in manufacturing has declined by 7,231,000–or 37 percent–since employment in manufacturing peaked in the United States in 1979,according to data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The real median household income of Americans who have completed high school–but have not attained a higher degree–also peaked in the 1970s and has declined since then.

In fact, according to the Census Bureau (Tables H-13 and H-14), the real median household income of an American householder who has completed four years of high school peaked in 1973 at $56,395 in constant 2013 dollars. By 2013, it was down to $40,701. That is a drop of $15,694–or 27.8 percent. (The Census Bureau’s Table H-14 publishes the annual median household income from 1960 through 1990 of householders who have “completed” four years of high school. Table H-13 publishes the annual median household income of householders who have ‘graduated” from high school or its equivalency from 1991 through 2013.)

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Netanyahu Tells Returning Nepal Rescuers: If Needed We'll Send You Back

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the returning IDF delegation from Nepal on Tuesday, congratulating them on their successes after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated the region on April 25.

"Israel is a small country with a big heart," he began. "UN data shows that we sent the second largest delegation to Nepal, in the number of personnel, of all countries."

"Members of the delegation – we are proud of you!"

"You rescued people from the ruins, treated 1,600 injured and sick people, and brought new life into the world, at least eight births. You showed the true face of the State of Israel – a state that loves life and saves life."

Netanyahu then highlighted the difference between Israel and Iran in addressing the disaster.

"Did anyone see the Iranian delegation in Nepal?" he asked. "The Iranians send delegations to countries in the region and around the world not to save lives, but to sow death, ruin and terror, and this is the difference between enlightened democracies and dark regimes based on fanaticism and terror."

"I am certain that you are already prepared for the next mission wherever you are needed; and according to the news such a mission is already at hand."

"A few minutes ago I told the Nepalese Ambassador that we are prepared to the best of our abilities to help them even now," he noted. "Should it be necessary, you know – and the world is learning – that you can be counted on."


Jimmy Carter Trying to Strong-Arm PA and Hamas into Reconciling

Former US President Jimmy Carter is reportedly pushing for the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas to reconcile, against the wishes of both organizations.

According to AI Monitor, two weeks ago Carter visited PA President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah; during their talks, Carter encouraged Abbas to return to the Beach Refugee Camp Agreement from last year, in which the PA and Hamas agreed to combine into one unified government.

He was unable to visit Gaza due to security restrictions, but managed to communicate a similar message to Hamas leaders.

Both Hamas and the PA representatives said that they were uninterested in Carter's plan.

Abbas's political adviser, Nimer Hammad, said that the PA is uninterested in a deal unless Hamas agreed to give up its control of Gaza. Abbas reportedly requested that Carter "persuade Hamas to hold presidential and legislative elections under international supervision and guarantees, and that [Carter] should get a written consent from the movement."

Ziad al-Zaza, the deputy prime minister of Hamas, told Carter that the PA is to blame for the lack of elections. "The [PA] government should also create an adequate atmosphere for the elections by releasing detainees and [respecting] freedoms, and Abbas is preventing this through the security services,” he said.


45% Of US Voters Are Worried The Government Will Use Military Training Exercises For Power Grab

As usual, recent mainstream media reporting on the controversy over the Jade Helm 15 military exercises, set to take place over eight weeks across several U.S. states, completely missed the point. Mainstream media focus was primarily about characterizing and demonizing Texans concerned about the exercises as backwater, paranoid rednecks with wild fantasies about an imminent government takeover. While exercises like these will always cause the imagination of some to run amok, the key point here is this:concerns that U.S. military exercises will be used to exert more power over states is not a fringe view.

In a bizarre contradiction, a new Rasmussen Poll shows that while 65% of U.S. voters favor the U.S. military conducting training exercises in their state, “45% of voters are concerned that the government will use U.S. military training operations to impose greater control over some states, with 19% who are Very Concerned.” Those are very big numbers.

Even if you ignore the 45% number, 19% are very concerned. That’s tens of millions of Americans who are so distrustful of government they think the U.S. military could be used to subdue states’ rights.



Uniformed officers arrived and "laughed and joked" with attacker

An elderly couple in St. Louis County found out what happens when you honk your horn at a cop this past weekend, when the officer drew his gun and pistol whipped the man in the face, while wrestling with the woman as she attempted to defend her husband.

Describing the harrowing incident to local reporters, Janet and Donald Akers noted that they were unable to pay their respects to Janet’s deceased mother on Mother’s day, as they were beaten up by the cop before they could get to the graveyard.

Mrs Akers was driving the car, when she was suddenly rushed upon by a large unmarked black truck. Fearing that the truck was going to collide with their vehicle, she honked her horn.

“To let him know, hey, you’re coming over to hit us, and then he backed down, got behind us, and honked and honked and honked, all the way through the intersection,” said Janet.

Not knowing that the driver of the truck was a cop, Mrs Akers pulled over to attempt to diffuse the situation, and suddenly found herself and her husband under attack at gunpoint.

“I didn’t know if he was going to shoot us or what,” said Donald, who admits he was in fear for both their lives.

However, the off duty cop used the butt of the gun to pistol whip Mr Akers in the face.



Danish scientist says the use of most antidepressants and dementia drugs could be halted without inflicting harm on patients

Psychiatric drugs lead to the deaths of over 500,000 people aged 65 and over annually in the West, a Danish scientist says. He warns the benefits of these drugs are “minimal,” and have been vastly overstated.

Research director at Denmark’s Nordic Cochrane Centre, Professor Peter Gøtzsche, says the use of most antidepressants and dementia drugs could be halted without inflicting harm on patients. The Danish scientist’s views were published in the British Medical Journal on Tuesday.

His scathing analysis will likely prove controversial among traditional medics. However, concern is mounting among doctors and scientists worldwide that psychiatric medication is doing more harm than good. In particular, they say antipsychotic drugs have been overprescribed to many dementia patients in a bid to calm agitated behavior.

Gøtzsche warns psychiatric drugs kill patients year in year out, and hold few positive benefits. He says in excess of half a million citizens across the Western world aged 65 and over die annually as a result of taking these drugs.


Some Things Just Can't Be Explained

After doing this Blog thing for the past 10 years now, one thing that always blows our minds is, why do some articles get more hits then others?

Just when you think you've got a finger on what article will get more traffic, out of nowhere comes an article you NEVER expected to get any real traffic and it blows the rest of them away.

I say this because I want you to think back over the past week and try to guess which article you think got the most hits. I'll give you a hint. It received more than 482,568 hits on that one article alone. Have fun!

Salisbury City Council PUBLIC NOTICES


(Pikesville,MD) Members of the Maryland State Police Computer Crimes Section and the Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) arrested a Calvert County man today on child pornography charges.

The suspect is identified as Brian Thomas Jackson, 30, of the 300 block of Bannister Court in Lusby, Maryland. He was arrested without incident and charged on a criminal indictment for the distribution of child pornography.

As a result of the investigation a search and seizure warrant was executed at Jackson’s residence during December 2014 by a Maryland State Police Computer Crimes investigator and agents from the Department of Homeland Security, Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, and the Calvert County State’s Attorney’s Office. Investigators identified Jackson as the focus of the investigation. Execution of the search warrant resulted in the seizure of Jackon's computer which contained images of child pornography.

At approximately 12:30 p.m. today, Jackson was arrested by state troopers assigned to the Prince Frederick Barrack on an outstanding criminal indictment. He was transported to the Calvert County Detention Center and is awaiting a bond hearing.

The Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is comprised of police agencies from around the state. It's primary mission is to protect children from computer-facilitated sexual exploitation. The Task Force works cooperatively with law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to provide resources to combat these crimes. Additionally, the Task Force provides community awareness campaigns helping to prevent the spread of these crimes through education.

Cybersecurity class

Board of Public Works Approves Funding for Clean Water and the Chesapeake Bay

Grants and loans will reduce pollution, improve water quality, improve wastewater infrastructure

Baltimore, MD– The Maryland Board of Public Works approved more than $80 million in funding today to upgrade two wastewater treatment plants and improve sewage infrastructure. The Board is composed of Governor Larry Hogan, Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp and Comptroller Peter Franchot.

“These are smart investments and great news for Maryland communities and citizens of the Chesapeake Bay region. The Maryland Department of the Environment thanks Governor Hogan for his leadership on this environmental priority,” said MDE Secretary Ben Grumbles. “Enhanced clean water infrastructure at the Salisbury and Leonardtown wastewater treatment plants and in the Town of Snow Hill will help us to green and grow the state’s economy and lead in the race to reduce nutrient pollution to protect and restore Chesapeake Bay watersheds.”
The following projects were approved today:

Salisbury Wastewater Treatment Plant Biological Nutrient Removal and Enhanced Nutrient Removal Upgrade – Wicomico County

Funding of $60,776,970 – a $34,548,000 Water Quality State Revolving Loan Fund loan, a $1.5 million grant in the form of loan forgiveness from the Water Quality State Revolving Loan Fund, a $13,237,890 Bay Restoration Fund grant and an $11,491,080 Chesapeake Bay Water Quality projects grant to the City of Salisbury — will help fund the design and construction of Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) and Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) upgrades at the 8.5 million gallons per day Salisbury Wastewater Treatment Plant. After these and other upgrades, the facility will reduce its nitrogen discharge by 83.3 percent and its phosphorus discharge by 85 percent, significantly reducing the amount of nutrients discharged to the Wicomico River and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. Excessive amounts of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus lead to lowered levels of oxygen needed to support aquatic life in waterways, including the Chesapeake Bay. Enhanced Nutrient Removal upgrades of the state’s major wastewater treatment plants are a critical component of Maryland’s Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan. This project is part of the Corrective Action Plan to achieve ENR discharge levels required under an amended consent order between MDE and the City of Salisbury.


Exclusive: Marine Vet Hired For Riot Security Spends 2 Weeks In Baltimore Prison

Rex Petrey, a Marine veteran, former Air Marshal, former Department of Homeland Security agent, and father of two young boys, was released from Baltimore city jail on Wednesday, more than two weeks after he was arrested on misdemeanor charges and inexplicably denied bail by a district judge.

Petrey, who began working in the private security sector after retiring from Immigration and Customs Enforcement in March, was arrested April 28 on two handgun charges and another for impersonating an officer.

The handgun charges carry a maximum three-year jail sentence.

But the 50-year-old Petrey is no violent felon, and he wasn’t roaming the streets of Baltimore wearing a fake cop uniform.


Governor Larry Hogan Attends Ribbon Cutting For AstraZeneca’s Expanded Biologics Manufacturing Center

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today joined with Frederick County and City officials and executives from AstraZeneca at a ribbon cutting ceremony for a $200 million expansion of the company’s biologics manufacturing center in Frederick. Just recently, McCormick & Company, Inc., announced their plan to keep its headquarters in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

“I am excited to participate in this groundbreaking, and to see an important company like AstraZeneca, whose work makes a meaningful difference to patients across the nation, expand its footprint here in our state,” said Governor Hogan. “Companies like AstraZeneca and McCormick are shining examples of where our state is headed with respect to job creation and economic development.”

Announced in late 2014, the project is expected to create 300 new jobs and increase production capacity to support AstraZeneca’s maturing pipeline. Additionally, the expansion will position the company to keep pace with a growing demand for the development and use of biologics, which currently represent nearly 50 percent of AstraZeneca’s overall pipeline.

Expected to be complete in mid-2017, the expansion will add approximately 40,000 additional square feet of manufacturing, laboratory and administrative space to the existing building.

The Frederick site is AstraZeneca’s largest biologics manufacturing facility within the company’s global network and portfolio of assets, and a worldwide industry leader in cell culture manufacturing. The site currently produces a pediatric medication, as well as other investigational biologic products.

Statement From Governor Larry Hogan Regarding Amtrak Train Derailment

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan released the following statement in response to the Amtrak train derailment:

"I was deeply saddened to learn of the tragic Amtrak crash that occurred in Pennsylvania last night. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, as well as the first responders who are working hard to save and care for survivors. The news that a Naval Academy midshipmen was among those killed is heartbreaking, and my deepest sympathies go out to his family.

"I have been in touch with Governor Tom Wolf and assured him that Maryland will offer our full support in helping Pennsylvania deal with the aftermath of this tragic accident. Our administration is also in contact with the authorities on the ground and is working to confirm information about any potential Marylanders who may be affected."

House Appropriations Committee Proposes $251 Million Cut to Amtrak Funding, Hours After Deadly Amtrak Train Crash

The overall GOP bill would slash Amtrak's budget by $251 million, to $1.1 billion, for the next fiscal year.

The move by Democratic Rep. Chaka Fattah failed on a party-line vote as the Appropriations Committee debated a $55 billion measure funding transportation and housing programs. The overall GOP bill would slash Amtrak's budget by $251 million, to $1.1 billion, for the next fiscal year.

"Every day, tens of thousands of passengers travel our nation's railways on Amtrak — a majority of those along the Northeast Corridor where yesterday's tragic accident occurred," said Fattah, who represents Philadelphia. "These riders deserve safe, secure, and modern infrastructure."

President Barack Obama asked for almost $2.5 billion for Amtrak in his February budget, much more than he'd requested in previous years. Obama's proposed boost is mostly dedicated to capital investment in track, tunnels and bridges and includes $400 million in grants for capital construction along Amtrak's Northeast corridor.


It's About Time

The House unanimously passes a bill to make police death benefits tax-free. Families of fallen law enforcement officers wouldn't have to pay federal income tax on federal or state benefits. Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-Minn.) introduced the bill. The House passed it on a vote of 413-0. Several organizations and unions support the bill, including the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association and the National Association of Police Organizations. Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) sponsored a similar bill that has bipartisan support.

SeaWorld Lawsuit: “Shamu Show” Was A Sham That Masked “Ugly Truth” About Lives Of Whales At The Park

Despite attempting to reassure the public that all is well under its artificial seas, SeaWorld continues to face criticism from the general public: A new class-action lawsuit against SeaWorld claims that the park made hundreds of millions of dollars from its “Shamu Show,” all while hiding the truth of how its killer whales were treated.

In a class action lawsuit filed in the United States District Court Southern District of California [PDF], the lead plaintiff says that she would never have paid SeaWorld Entertainment for tickets or membership if she had known about alleged orca abuse.

While the park claimed that whales and humans there lived in harmony and played together for public entertainment, the lawsuit claims there’s a side to the park visitors don’t know about — and if they did, the park wouldn’t be raking in the dough.

“This illusion masks the ugly truth about the unhealthy and despairing lives of these whales. This is a truth that, if known to the purchasing public at the time families make the decision to visit SeaWorld, buy a membership, or pay for an ‘exclusive park experience,’ would lead them to seek entertainment elsewhere,” according to the May 7 lawsuit.


Prices For Eggs, Turkey Meat Starting To Rise As Bird Flu Outbreak Continues

We’ve heard warnings that Thanksgiving turkey supplies could suffer a hit this season amid a severe outbreak of avian flu in the Midwest that began in April, and now it appears consumers will begin to see effects in their wallets. The prices for eggs and turkey meat are going up as more chickens and turkeys fall to the disease.

As the flu has hopped from flock to flock in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota, farmers have been forced to kill large numbers of birds to try and contain its spread.

That’s led to wholesalers and grocery stores rushing to stock up on eggs, while the cost of a carton of large eggs in the Midwest has risen almost 17% from $1.19 to $1.39 a dozen since just mid-April, at the start of the outbreak, reports the Associated Press.


Gay Rights Supporters Find Dan Savage Comments 'Hateful'